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Internet People #2

Last posted Aug 30, 2009 at 01:56PM EDT. Added Aug 26, 2009 at 05:44PM EDT
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ahhh, cute with chris.

reminds me of when i used to follow that sight religiously

I wonder if any of the mini-memes on there would qualify as full-blown memes, probably not though

maybe just a CWC article?

Quite a few of those are in the MemeDB already. The only things that weren’t were mostly series like Totally Rad Show and the Guild. Don’t get me wrong, I watch the both of them, but I don’t like the idea of considering web series as memes. They’re apples and oranges.

I also enjoyed Cute with Chris when it was on, but I don’t think he’s made a new episode in months. If there was anything memetic about the show, I’d say you could start by seeing how much fan art there is of Pervy the horse. I’m not sure, but I bet there are CWC related things on Deviant Art. It might not be enough to constitute a meme, but to be honest, it all depends on how deep you dig.

At this point, a lot of new entries come in that I’ve never hear of, but as soon as I start to look, you start to just find memetic mutations. I’ll actually look around and see what I find.

Turns out, there are only these two.“colty+and+pervy”

I’m sure there are probably more that have been sent directly to their show. But I’m starting to think that when a series with an established audience asks for audience participation, that’s not quite the same thing as being memetic.

The whole Meme approach is to analyze something from the perspective that it is a self-propagating idea. The meme survives, gets passed on, and mutates based on its own qualities. When a series and an existing audience come into play, it becomes less about the memes and more about the general fandom of the show. This is related to the reason why a viral video isn’t always memetic. But if you want to get an idea about general popularity of a video, is a good place to start.

Thanks for posting my video. Just so everyone knows though, this video isn’t supposed to be about internet memes. It does include a lot of them, but it’s about internet people. People who have became memes, been in a viral video, have a popular show or podcast online, etc… If you read the comments on the video a lot of people have complained about certain people not being included. I picked everyone in the video because I am a fan of theirs, or that particular meme made me laugh. A couple were thrown in as a tribute to the first video by Dan. For instance the Dramatic Lemur (Dramatic Chipmunk), 2 Girls 1 Cup (Goatse) & David After Dentist (I Like Turtles).

If anyone has any questions just ask, or comment on the video. Me, brentalfloss or SharkeyeJones will probably answer. Unless of course you ask, “Why didn’t you include Fred?”

The first link is a direct link to Brent’s upload on YouTube. The second is my blog about the video. You can get the lyrics, links to all the mentioned people, other versions of the video and more there. Hope that helps.


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