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Nasal Irrigation Videos

Last posted Sep 06, 2009 at 08:43AM EDT. Added Sep 06, 2009 at 07:25AM EDT
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Here’s a phenomenon that started in the 12 Century, faded into the fringe, and then had a resurgence in popularity in 2007, and again in 2008.

The neti pot or “nose bidet” is essentially a kettle used for flushing saline water through one’s nose to clean and sanitize the nasal passages; typically to fight sinus infection.

The main cause for the boost in popularity is apparently due to an endorsement by Oprah, as can be seen here:

Now it’s no secret that Oprah weilds an exceptional amount of influence over her audience (mostly women 35-50+) so I wouldn’t call Oprah’s endorsement of a commerically available product a meme.

But due to the comic nature of someone using a Neti Pot, Oprah (or possibly the loyal women who watch her show) inspired many to post videos to Youtube of themselves using Neti Pots to comic effect. Many of those who created videos are already popular Youtube personalities, so it’s possible that the decision to make neti pot videos was an educated assessment of the possible traffic flow generated.

And my favorite: Drew (creator of toothpaste for dinner webcomic)

Now, being that the populariy of the Neti Pot is due to Oprah (she could probably endorse bamboo shoots under the fingernails and people would try it) I wouldn’t call this an internet meme.

So I’m not going to make an entry for this, but I figured I would share it anyway, here in the forums, to illustrate how a group of videos can be funny but be influenced by factors outside of the internet.

PS: Don’t put things in your nose

Oh yeah. The Over 9000 article was pretty bare on information since it was one of the first ones created when we started the site, but I revised it yesterday and included that.

The thing that makes that specific Oprah instance notable is because it was Anonymous that influenced Oprah, which is far less expected than Oprah influencing anyone else.


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