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Meme Halloween costumes!

Last posted Oct 17, 2009 at 02:28AM EDT. Added Oct 13, 2009 at 07:07PM EDT
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Hey all, we just put together a section of the site for organizing components from to make some fun “Hallow-meme” costumes!

If you guys have ideas for costumes we’re all ears! (preferably with links to the products on Amazon)

And make sure to order stuff soon to account for shipping time… but if all else fails you can go always go with Sleeveface :D

the costumes were assembled by staff scientist Andrea and the store was built & designed by Greg!

I’m trying to figure out what goes into a Weegee Costume:

Blue overalls.
Green shirt.
Puffy Luigi Hat.
Handlebar moustache.

Is that it?

Brown shoes?

And Gentlemen… Hmmm….

Grey suit.
Red tie.
Black ski mask.
Three(?) packs of cigarettes.

david hasselhof costume:
-take off your shirt
- greasy burger
-cut some of your hair and glue it in your chest( maybe take some hair from grandpa’s whig)
-lie on the floor, looking ridiculous and letting parts of your burger fall on the ground and then eating them.

I like the idea for a Peekaru Bruce Lee costume for guys. You’d need:

-a Peekaru

-a severed leg

-short black wig

-something to secure the leg to your body

Since most of the fake severed legs are made of latex and hollow you can cut the leg to sit flush against your body with the foot coming out the hole of the Peekaru and cut holes in the leg to attach straps. If the leg comes with pants you can color the pants black or cut up a pair of black scrub pants and attach it to the severed leg. Put on your Peekaru and your black wig and you’re set.

You can also do any of the other variations of the Peekaru meme depending on what you can find or what’s available to you.


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