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New members introduce yourself

Last posted Mar 19, 2015 at 11:49PM EDT. Added Aug 20, 2010 at 11:28AM EDT
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Frank Zappa Lover
Flower Child Forever
Writer. Gamer. Everything in Between.
Check out my other compositions on other forums like :)

A big fan of LOLdogs!!!

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‏‏‏‏‏‏ wrote:

Hi guys! I’m a fan of the best war-themed hat simulator in existence, old school nintendo and am a brony. Also, Usernames are overrated.

This one is alright by me.


Greetings, scientific genius Dr. Ivo Eggbotnik here. I’ve been around for 4 months, but only recently started getting active on the site again. I’ve never properly introduced myself to Know Your Meme, so here I am. I mostly comment on entries. I greatly enjoy N64 era games (Sonic Adventure, Super Mario 64, etc.) and I am also a fan of some of the older 8-bit and 16-bit games (Super Metroid FTW). I am a major fan of the older Sonic games (SA2 was the last really good Sonic game to date in my opinion, and Sonic Adventure is my favorite Sonic game). I am a fan of the Avengers. I like cartoons in general.

Oh, and I am also fond of My Little Pony.

ifeellikejeff here. I’ve been hanging around and I like you people, so yeah.

I work in retail and like molesting interesting fabric (see Exhibit A).

(Exhibit A. Ignore my shitty goggles. Focus instead on the dusty brim, or the stray hair, or that pimple on my chin.)

I abandoned my game design degree a while back because I’m a coward. How does a game design degree even exist? 2 years of my life, man.

Aside from stroking corduroy the wrong way, I write and draw graphic novels. I did one in a week but was hallucinating that I was a bear for a lot of the time. Totally worth it.

I was twice disqualified from stand-up competitions for saying “cunt”. When I was younger, I was asked not to sing the Irish national anthem. I’m allergic to toothpaste. There is no justice in this world.


I’m Bear, check this out funniest 30 seconds ever

I’ve been thrown out of a boat five times in the last two years in two different countries by the same Canadian guy, I’m a Freeman of Wales, I have developed conclusions in potato science, have got acid burns and my most prized possessions are a Japanese towel and a Mexican hat plant called Generalissimo Santana di Santa Maria.
So yes, I’m quite normal.

hi my name is daniel
my interest are chemistry, history, rap, and video games. hate politics but i seem to always find myself engrossed in them meh. working on an electronics engineering major and pass the time reading books or fooling around on the internet.

I’m SketchyDoodle!
I been visiting this site for almost a year now but I just only now made a account,so……….Hi :p

About me,I’m a girl living in Asia that is a Brony,Homestucker and also a fan Adventure Time and a lot of other things

…..and I ran out of things to say,I would post a gif but I have no idea how to yet .
So,thanks for reading/not reading

i am gas mask man or M1-A1.

I’m from a unknown location. i hate MOST bronys. i love Gorillaz and Radiohead AND WAAAY more. (visit my page for more.) I’m a secret homestuck and i love the smell of napalm in the morning
pic of me (not actually)

Um… hi? I am new here, and I haven’t properly introduced myself… I’m sorry. I am markhaox14, and I am a proud Brony… but… I don’t go hating on everyone else if they’re not. I have MPD (multiple personality disorder), so I may literally say I am one of the characters I post… so… yeah. I enjoy the little things in life, like video games and television (anime and cartoons especially). I hope to see some friendly users on here, and I thank you for welcoming me. Here’s a GIF expressing my gratitude.

Again, thanks for welcoming me!

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Hi there, my name Mark, I enjoy all the fun i can get.
BTW, for those who likes to make it fast, I just found an instant LOL picture maker! Called Pic Text Mania
That’s for iphone, I don’t know if they make it for android:
[link redacted]

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Hello. I’ve recently created a KnowYourMeme account after much lurking on entry pages over a period of about a year, but it did not strike me to visit the forums until more recently. The name “Leo Caesius” comes from Catullus 45: “solus in Libya Indiaque tosta / caesio ueniam obuius leoni.”

I don’t post much in forums, but I still regard myself as being well-educated in forum etiquette. As for my Internet-related interests, I’m primarily a fan of Homestuck, ponies, Pokémon, some anime 若干, and Team Fortress 2 among other video games. In real life, I’m still a student, age 17, though I’ll be turning 18 in June.

Hello. Guten Tag.
I’m Daniel, I’ve been and known Know your Meme for 3 years already. However I only bothered to create an account last year. This account remained inactive for the past year and am only using it today, and am currently making it active and doing some progress for the lost time I had. I like making friends and wish to make some here.

My hobbies would include music listening and playing video games. My tastes of music would be anything that is not mainstream music made and mass produced like everything.

I am a brony, I personally like My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic because with all honesty it is quite a good show, the storyline is well made and you’d expect by the end of each episode to learn something. Know your Meme actually is the reason why I learned more about them, and I thank this site for making me a brony.

Aside from that, I like memes such as Polandball, it’s a series of satire comics about these balls that represent a country or a nation.

That’s just about it for me.

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I’m angry.
Angry because I found this thread.
Must now I post in it?
Because I have to and it is informal to be a new person in this site that is full of ponies and shit-memes advice animal spinoffs.
Both of which I hate.
I’m angry.
Yet I’m here.
So there.
I introduced myself.
Now give me honor.

Herro, herro there fellow members of KYM. I am TheMarmot99. You may know me from Minecraft or something other thing on the interwebs. Anyway, I joined a few weeks back. Anyway, write on my wall or somethin’.

PS. My name originates from the “nice marmot” line in the Big Lebowski. After he says it, the criminals weasel latches onto Lebowski’s balls in the bathtub. Ouch.

Hey Guys, Carno here

Hi! Name’s carnotaureditor. I’ve been on for about 3 months now. I’ve made a submission on a Creepypasta, and have lurked around on a few forums like this one.
Why Carnotaur?
Well, when I was a kid, I loved the movie Dinosaur (you know, the one Disney made? Check out the ride in Animal Kingdom in Walt Disney World.) and the antagonist was a Dinosaur named the Carnotaurus. It looked looked totally badass, so I saved a image of it in my mind and then shoved it into the backseat. As I was making accounts for different stuff I decided it was time to bring Carnotaurus back, under the cover of Carnotaur a more slangy version of his title. The hub of names began with Carnotaur4 (4 due to that I was on the school basketball team and I was number 4)
So far there have been a balance of 4 carnotaurs.
1. carnotaurcreatr (Minecraft)
2. carnotaureditor (cheezburger and KYM)
3. carnotaurchallenger (Steam)
4. carnotaurcameo (YouTube)

About me.
I won’t say much here for my safety, but I can tell you this.
1. Born a New Yorker, as in the city.
2. Now lives in Tampa Bay and loves it.
3. If I were to choose between world peace and portal guns/pokémon my starter would probably be a either a Snivy or a Turtwig.
4. IM NOT A BRONY, but I don’t hate them either.
5. I love Minecraft
6. I also love the Legend of Zelda series.
7. I liked talking to you guys

hi guys, i joined this site just to talk about animation in a thread about animation. i am also an aspiring animator and thus i am studying animation at a school that has a good animation program.

uh, i probably don’t have much to contribute, though

Hi, memes are the most funniest thing ever created. I can hope to be as an leetpwnzer like you people on this website. My favorite meme is Bros Icing Bros.

So um, not a new member ‘here’ (the site) per se, but new to the forums. Honestly not sure why I’ve taken so long to get on here, seems like a cool place.
You can call me Brent, though, I’d rather prefer my online name--Kyntak (it’s from a book I read, weird name yada yada). Just your average internet dweller, love cats, pokemon, anime, and all sorts of messed up humor.
Atheist/Agnostic. Humanist. Gay. Science lover. Politically Independent. Amateur cook. Blah blah. I prefer to be direct, sometimes uncouthly, so if you ever want to ask me something there’s no need to be coy. I love to debate (different from just plain arguing or fighting) since I know it’s the only way we can refine ideas, and not just others, but my own (it’s not so much about winning but searching for the truth, I can be wrong just as anyone else, probably even more so.)
Anyways. Nice to meet you, I hope you won’t hate me too much and look forward to engaging with you all :)

I guess I’m kind of an oldfag in terms of lurking, and age (2 years) this account is also. I remember the really early years of this site…like REALLY really early – probably close to launch if I could remember a year.

Alas, though, I’ve not really posted anything (just a few comments 2 years ago, a s’more just recently), and NEVER used these forums either.

So, without further ado, I say hello.
And welcome to anyone else new!

Hi, noob here, and human. Well, sort of.
Still trying to figure out what really separates KYM from cheezburger.
Not English mother tongue, so probably you might laugh just from the way I write things.
For instance, I don’t think you can say newfag for a girl, m i rite?

Oh, and one more thing: I’d like to keep the no-avatar image as my avatar, so can you all please choose an avatar so that my no-avatar will be unique? _

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