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New members introduce yourself

Last posted Feb 28, 2015 at 03:25AM EST. Added Aug 20, 2010 at 11:28AM EDT
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hey, everyone, I’m back..
i’ve been posting for a couple days now, and didn’t realize that this was here. anyway, I’ve been gone for two years, and sadly have come back to find many of my friends have been inactive for quite some time. anyway, If you randomly see me on your friend’s list, its probably because two years ago we were friends.

I guess it’s about time I made a post on this forum.

Hey, I’m Nitrochu. I’m being this site’s Meowstic (Male), and I’m a pretty silly person. Nintendo’s my favorite because it’s all about playing with your friends. I HATE Y.O.L.O and anyone who says it is dead to me (but if you use it to troll me, I won’t care).

I helped with Don to make the “Gaia Online” entry, something we needed, and I’m a nice guy who likes to goof around the Pokemon and Reaction Faces image galleries. I have some good friends here, and I really like this place, and I’d be happy if you guys are welcome with me being here.

Hello. Long time lurker, figured I should introduce myself. I’m Alfista. Farker, petrolhead, fascinated with memes. I lack teh funniez but hope to make up for it with snark and pop culture references. That’s about it.

Hello, everyone. This is Sabreviper, I used to lurk a lot on this site. As you can guess I am a aviation (helicopters included) enthusiast, Half Life nerd, Dieselpunk liker, Alien Swarm player, Gaben hater, RTS player, “artist” (sort of), Well… hopefully we can get along… or else.

(dakara) Hi hi hi! My name is Melonlord, and I am not Toph!

I’ve been lurking since 2010, but I’ve only joined this October or something!

Talk to me about history!

ps: Here’s something that will summarize me well

I’ve been here for a while, however all I really did was lurk the entry comments. I think it’s best to properly introduce myself because I decided I hang out in the forums more often. I’m MegaX, however, I love changing into different personas from time to time so expect me to change into different characters I love.

Dammit, cops are at my door again. Excuse me while I leave the premises

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Hello, I usually go with the name Vanni on the internet, but since very often that name is taken, I choose a different one for this place.
Anyway, I’ve been on KYM for a couple of years already, but decided to join the community only now.

well, i been in this comunity for, at least, 1 year, but i still feel a little new, so let me introduce myself

Well you guys can call me Dr. Flames, and im here to help in anything you need, so, if ya all need something, just give me a call….also, merry late christmas.

‘ello PuppeteerX here. Like some others I lurked around on the site for a while before joining a month ago. Some of you might have seen me around commenting or such.
I thought to drop by and introduce myself.
As my profile says I “accept” a wide spectrum of music and anime. I have humor (somewhat dark at times), I’m mostly open-minded, I’m lazy aand I’m a man of few words.
I had a great time here so far, and I hope it won’t change in the future.

Hello somebody. I to have been here for awhile, but have only just gained my persona.

Im the Sister Complex Kingpin of Steel. (replace sister with niece, replace kingpin with deity, replace steel with lolicon)

I have a princess to save, she is guarded by an evil wizard… my hate for this wizard is consuming my very soul, changing me into someone else.

My time in the realm of light is over, now i walk this dark city looking for my time to strike.

I’m not exactly new to the website, having been registered for a few months now. But this is the first time I’ve really lurked the forum section, so….yeah. I’m not that interesting. But I’m an overall cool and nice dude as long as you don’t insult Espurr.

I’m sorry, I am extremely late to post here. :V

Anyway, I decided to get active here a few months ago, after having lurked (as noob) for a very long time. Mostly I’ve been commenting on stuff. Right now I am also willing to get into the community though. ;P

Hai guise. My name is to the left there. I’ve been lurking the site for about six months and just now registered. I promise not to do an entry until I know the rules backward and forward.
Something else we need to get out of the way is that I spent my entire childhood with Lego, and as a result I don’t know jack about Pokemon. I’m also not a bring or a fan of anime, though I do enjoy myself a good manga (can thank Exo-force for that)

Sorry if this is a late post, senpai~
The always-changing name is right to the left, but know that I will always be your watchful underclassman.

Now to resume lurking behind that electric post…

Oh, damn. I should’ve come here first.
…my name is on the left. I mean well but eventually I might slip up and say something ignorant or stupid without meaning to, so apologies in advance.

I’ll never make an entry unless I really REALLY know what to write about (I know what happens to bad entries or people who create memes instead of documenting them). I will, however, contribute to things as best I can.

I used to be a brony but left the fandom after (but not because) Discord got reformed, but I occasionally come back to see what’s been happening (only like once a week though).

Anything else you can find on my “about me” thing, but it may bore you.

Well I’ve been here for exactly 6 months (joined on the 23rd of August), and I’m sure you’ve seen me at least once on the forums or comments. Enjoying Know Your Meme and its community, and I plan on uploading images soon too.

*On a side note, 100th forum post!

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Anon oumus wrote:

Who else will hate this man named Andre?

Don’t advertise your entry here. This is a thread to introduce yourself, not a meme. And from the looks of it, you didn’t follow the guidelines either.

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