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New members introduce yourself

Last posted Mar 19, 2015 at 11:49PM EDT. Added Aug 20, 2010 at 11:28AM EDT
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Greetings newfreinds! Welcome to Know Your Meme! Standard issue lab coat is located in the lockers to your left! If you have any questions feel free to come and ask me or any of the Mods and Staff Members! Enjoy your stay!

Hi I’m S. Man, I’ve been here for about 14-15 days now.
Can I create a meme about this shoe?

I wanna call it shoe meme
LOL I’m not actually new

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I can’t believe i missed this thread when it came out several months ago…oh well better late than never. Ahem I am seal clubba, It is my job to club all the baby seals that come onto the threads without a pass. Also I’m a black spy. And even though Ive only been here for about 3-4 months i consider myself fairly new.

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Hello, I am very new! Each year since 1999 I write a new Christmas carol for my friends, and my girlfriend said I should post my 2011 one here, since it relates to internet memes.

Le Internet Memetics Carol

Le derping with my bronies
On Christmas eve
And we LOL cos Santa’s status is ‘away’.
And though I herd my girl lieks mudkips
I bought her a Wiifit
Because I like to watch her dance and sway.

Surfing ALL the websites
On Christmas eve
We have eggnog, but it’s two girls to a cup
When the drink turns Woll Smoth nasty
You can call Rick Astley
Cos he is never gonna give you up.

This carol is as long
As longcat is long
But Y u no sing it with me?
And the tinsel feels so good
Running through my salad fingers
But don’t open the window
You’ll get uppercut by ninjas
Come on and do the hampster dance
And leave Britney alone
Cheezburger? Me gusta. Nom nom.

Charlie bit my finger
On Christmas eve
As we wait for zombie jesus yet again
And I baked Santa a biscuit
But I accidentally eated it
And Oolong has a pudding on his head

Running out of mulled wine
On Christmas eve
So I’d better start drinking my own pee
I was about to start a flamewar
By walking into Mordor
Until I took an arrow in the knee

This carol is as long
As longcat is long
But Y u no sing it with me?
The trolls are going door to door
Trying to add you as a friend
Roasting up a turkey
Just to see if it will blend
And suddenly, O, facepalm! fail!
Your base belong to them
O RLY? True story. No wai!

Le opening our presents
On Christmas day
And Maru’s inside every single one
As santa claus mimes ‘numa numa’
Elves sing ‘badger, badger, badger’
On his sleigh that runs on phlebotinium

You just lost the game
On Christmas day
And in Soviet Russia you are drunk by beer
To deliver all those presents
Santa must be omnipresent
Unless it’s just Chuck Norris in a beard

This carol is as long
As longcat is long
But Y u no sing it with me?
And Santa’s in ur chimney
Eating ur mince pies
And maybe just this one time
The cake is not a lie.
And I wonder if old Mrs. Claus
Follows Rule 34
Pics, or GTFO.


Hey there, I’m Penz0id! You might know Wsxdas, my brother. I’ve been signed up for a while now, but today Wsxdas motivated me to post!

Throwing his hat into the ring, the poor fool who decided to use his own sodding name makes a first appearance

Hi, all. nervous wave My name should be fairly obvious, so I won’t bother with that bit. I’ve been checking out KYM as a means to better understand the Internet and all it’s craziness for a few months now. The articles and image board (is it an image board? Whatever, that list under the ‘images’ button on the home screen) have helped me to learn the ‘language’ of cyberspace a lot faster.

At first KYM was just a resource, but recently I’ve been coming here for the lolz and actually reading peoples’ comments on things. Now I’ve finally decided to jump into the forum because, well, why not? I’ve only ever been a member of one other forum, and that died a death some years ago, so please bear with me a little.

Aside from the gory details, hello, this is me… waves again

Hello, I’m Bad Wolf.
Well, technically seen, I’m not Bad Wolf, except for the fact that I am, it depends on how you look at it.
(Hint: user Bad Wolf: yep. Doctor Who in-universe Bad Wolf entity: [TF2 Spy voice] “I’m afraid not.”)

I’m a Whovian (YOU DON’T SAY?), I like Internet humor and memes (YOU DON’T SAY?), and I just registered an account at Know Your Meme (Yo dawg, we heard you like contour drawings of Nicolas Cage, so we put a contour drawing of Nicolas Cage inside your contour drawing of Nicolas Cage, so you can’t say while you can’t say!)

*le useless line

‘Ello thread.
Don’t mind me. I’m just posting here because I was recommended to do so and I probably should be. I’ve pretty much been lurking around here for a while, seemed to be about a month or something, decided to finally make an account and now I’m writing this.
But I stopped writing it.

Yo people of the thread! I’ve been checking out lots ‘o meme’s for a while and decided to make an account…which was the best thing to happen EVER!!!1!1!! And.. I know I will have a nice stay here at Know Your Meme. Thx all in the future.

Oh hello everyone!
2 year lurker, half hour ago registered user.
And I’m here to keep the internets funny, and KYM lame-free
I’m here to keep my fellow man self conscious, and their egos fully checked
I’m here to keep my brain entertained, and my productivity wasted.

one flaw about me is that I don’t like it when other people feel overly good about themselves….admit it, you don’t either :)

Evening, programs.

I am Astrosimi. I’ll spare you all the usual crap, but do not worry, I’ve been around for a bit – I’m not about to give Mr. Deadpool a run for his money. My main mission is to keep sensibility alive – by any means necessary (would you prefer Control, Destruction, or Synthesis?).

Hey, name’s dy1an known far and wide for my astounding creativity, used to lurk around this place for ages and loved the collections of images and videos that I’m too lazy to find myself but finally decided to sign up after this site showed up on my most visited list.

Hey everyone, I’m Captain Maple. I’ve been lurking around here for ago six months now and decided its about time I sign up. To you know… comment… and stuff. Anyways, I’ve been enjoying myself here and appreciate those who write these articles, so many thanks. Oh BTW don’t worry about me making a thousand deadpoolable entries, and if I find anything interesting I’ll post it in the forums first.
Nice… meeting you all!

Hi. Just made an account on here because my friend told me I should. I’ll probably lurk around here for awhile before I make any actual posts. And those who are fellow Farlanders will get the reference in my Avatar.

Hello everyone, after so much deliberation, I finally decided to click the “Sign Up” button, and here I am now. Feels better now that I’ve got that part done with.

I’ve known KYM for a relatively long time now. I can’t remember exactly how I found this site nor how I even got here the first time months ago. Perhaps it was when I was searching for images of older well-known memes with Google Chrome that I discovered it, but I’ll never be able to recall, given the time elapsed.

Chances are, I may not be able to contribute much to the growing list of on-site content, given the also-growing list of members that come with it. But I’m content with being a commentator for most of my time here.

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