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Last posted Apr 08, 2015 at 09:55AM EDT. Added Aug 20, 2010 at 11:28AM EDT
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Name’s Free Cake. Please don’t eat me.
I’m here to kick a** and make friends and I’m all out of bubblegum. Would someone pass me a stick, if you’d be so kind? Everyone knows how tough it is to either kick a** or make friends with out bubblegum! Preferably Trident Layers. That’s the stuff. Not those rip-off 9 piece packs that somehow cost as much as the 15 piece ones. I’m also here to make references, though that’s lower down on the list.
Again, don’t eat me.

Hello all.
Some of you may know me, some may not.
Here is a brief history of me:
Sporums. I was a fairly annoying spammer and troll.
I was hacked and banned.

I moved to the Minecraft Forums, and became rather popular, I stopped trolling, and spamming, and have been requested to be a moderator multiple times, and I am currently in consideration by the administrators whether I should be a moderator or not.

Aliases I have gone by:
luhjgh (my OLD main username, I wish I could change my name)
TIEM2DIE (duh!)
fgycv (youtube and PSN)

I also am a video game designer, I run an indie development team (FlashFire Games)
( the co owner is on here too – PanTheMentosFan)

Well I hope you enjoyed reading about me, please contact me if you wish to know more,

Hello :)

Trying to think of a caption for this!



hello, it’s valoreins, just your usual brony artist in deviantart since KYM has a good archive of keeping pony related things in the MLP page, i made an account here then… (my DA link is in my profile if you want to visit here…)

Hi to everyone. I’m lurking this site for several months now and today I spontaneously decided to join and maybe contribute something to the community…

But I will most likely just continue lurking.

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“We will work miracles!” Promised over and over again in their hearts they say.
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“Victory is certain!” Promised in their heart says.

Herro everyone.
I am ThatsNotCanon
I has a Graphics cat for a Avatar
I is also a Proffessional Brony Hater
I work as an Animal Manager.
Never heard of an ‘Animal Manager’?
Thats OK, because I invented it Myself

Hello kym. It is your beloved General back from the grave. If you know who I am and wish to keep in contact with me, please PM me, so many name changes and avatar changes I’ve lost tract of who is who.
for those who do remember me wonder why I left, I moved on to bigger and better things. This place changed and I felt real uncomfortable with how it was going and ultimately, I disapeared
Also, holy hell, I’ve been gone a long time…
To my old friends, please keep in contact with me, I miss you guys where ever yall are

The name’s Onion Syrup. I’ve been lurking for months, but I only keep a close eye on this site once ponies were all over the place. I told myself I’ll only make an account if there was something else other than ponies on this site that will keep me occupied… and something did pop up (The Legend of Korra FTW.)

hello everypony my name is gamer_ry as u can tell i am a huge brony (as you can tell) i discovered this site almost a year ago but i just now decided to make an account i cant wait to upvote and hopefully not downvote every image :). and btw how do i change my profile pic and how do i “subscribe” to memes?

shyly stemps out into thread….just got here…found this site about 2 weeks ago and have been killing way too much time and braincells ever since. :) I hope i can make at least one good meme for the world to enjoy or at least be offended by.

LMFAOtakethat wrote:

shyly stemps out into thread….just got here…found this site about 2 weeks ago and have been killing way too much time and braincells ever since. :) I hope i can make at least one good meme for the world to enjoy or at least be offended by.

this is not where you make memes

and just because you think you can make memes, discontinue all attempts to do so, please

LMFAOtakethat wrote:

riddle me this…if no one makes them then how do they get made?/:)

They make it in a other website. If it spreads or has an impact, someone will make an entry about it. Simple as that.

LMFAOtakethat wrote:

many thanx to you mexican android for ur patience w/ me and the answering of my question.

It’s cool. Just don’t make it a forced meme, though. Chance of forced meme being liked is very slim.

Last edited Jun 28, 2012 at 04:10PM EDT

LMFAOtakethat wrote:

ahh good to know… have found some awesome butthurt memes on here :)

Your welcome.
But if you’re here to make forced memes and irritate the entire community, I recommend you leave now.
If you’re here to help and archive memes and understand and tolerate the community as it is, you’re more then welcome to stay.

Mexx Android wrote:

Your welcome.
But if you’re here to make forced memes and irritate the entire community, I recommend you leave now.
If you’re here to help and archive memes and understand and tolerate the community as it is, you’re more then welcome to stay.


Gnoj Mik wrote:

then….after losing your ipod….
you will truly become…


Funny story about iPods
I found a brand new one on the ground one day.
I didn’t want it.
Gave it to the first black guy I saw

Ann Hiro wrote:

I like how long these users last.
It’s only a matter of time where even I will fade away.

alas all things fade away with time…life itself is not meant to be forever.

And to Mexican Android- I can assure you that I will do the best that i can to contribute to the proper usage of KYM.

and thanks for not being one of those critical self important douche bags that has to shit all over someone to make themselves feel more important or make the other person feel like shit.

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