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Last posted Feb 28, 2015 at 03:25AM EST. Added Aug 20, 2010 at 11:28AM EDT
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Yello, im Kikko and i have purrfect gremmar. I’m from eFinland, though I’m currently located in eRomania for as long as eEstonia’s occupying eFinland.

I like pokemon gold version and ponies.

Btw, I don’t believe in magic.

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Hey, Algernon here. Been lurking the site for ages, mostly using the MLP article as an easy source of pony goodness. I recently decided I couldn’t lurk forever and it was about time I joined the community.

‘Ello old chaps, me name is senor peligro. I gots me 2 completely failed meme entries under me belt an’ another one bein’ researched an’ evaluated. Would one of ya fine gents be so kind as to impart some information regarding how to post pictures on this jolly interweb site? I’d be rather grateful.

I’ve been checking out the main pony page here every day this summer and I figured I might as well sign up.

My other interests include Pokemon, Advance Wars and drawing silly things.

Well, I is no new anymoar but uh. Well I saw this little box to post in and I was leik: “Well I guess dis would be okay to talk into.”

So chances are you have seen me around by now and I have gotten more (awesome) friends on this site then I could already ever imagine. Which for the sake of your guy’s image is really good. I love this site and I remember going on to it once or twice either in late 2009 or early 2010. My favorite article is probably the Jejemon page because I’m half Filipino. Anyways I think I have fallen in love with the community here, and I adore what you all do here. I’m glad to see what people are submitting, and I plan on contributing to the site a lot in time. The internet has a huge affect on me and this site means a lot to me. Its like a huge photo album of memories. Oh and here are my interests:

Classic Video Games, Retro Video Games, Old Video Games, (did I mention I like the older video games?) Indie Video Games, Homebrew Video Games, anything by Rockstar Games, MLP★, Classical Music, Chiptune, Electronica -specifically Trance, Philosophy, Politics/Political Science, Youtube, [is my life] and playing video games that either make you want to cut your own eyes out or puke.

★Admittingly this is the reason why I joined the site. Not very ashamed of it, but lets just say it just a subject that has ‘backlash’. Derp★★

★★Added for save measure. BTW I used ‘★s’ so I don’t make anything bold/

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I am the Anti-troll. I like doing anything that is not trolling or something equally bad. Check my info if you want to read more about me.

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Seven months.

Seven months ago I posted a basic “oh hai KYM this is Sparty here”. I hadn’t done any work on my account, and I didn’t stay.

Wellp, I’m back, and I’m srs about staying this time.

Interests include memes (why else would I be here), video games (racers and shooters, and Mass Effect), South Park, firearms, the military in general, ponies, aaaaaaaaaaaaand that seems to be it.

I look forward to every moment of my stay here. Mainly because, since I’m a time-traveller, I’ll be able to re-see over and over again. I swear, my DeLorean’s like some sort of interdimensional TVR.

Aside from that, oh hai KYM.

Zaar here, already knew and visited KYM, but only decided to sign up now.

You guys can call me ZR for short.

Oh, yes, and i also love Ponies, Minecraft and RPGs.

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Hey, I’m Vankai. I like memes, Minecraft, and long walks on the beach.
My hobbies include laughing at memes, being a hypocrite and being awesome.

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