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The Revival of the revival of KYM-Tan

Last posted Nov 17, 2010 at 08:35AM EST. Added Sep 22, 2010 at 07:53AM EDT
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Haha! I have to agree with Lanthus, karnella. That is pretty creepy.

Though, I made one picture a long time ago that I meant to be “Deadpool-tan” but it was beaten ultimately with your version so I didn’t bother to post it anymore. Though, I guess it would be okay now to use her picture for one of the tans. It’s really old so the drawing is pretty meh.

I’ll post the pic later on when I have the time after school.

oh lookit

he’s not actually moe or a kid thou. >:(
but you can redraw him in a more moe style if you want to!

forget the tan, chan, kun whatevers!
senpais are sexy!

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I love the smexy design and the incorporation of Cool Dog as the designated pet.


Well, as for that old drawing, I found it. I realized I didn’t give her a special tie but it’s old so naturally the tie theme was still unknown to me.

If someone was able to make a digital version of this and maybe change it into some other non-taken role, that would be lovely.

Since it’s rather blurry-ish I’ve taken a snap of the base drawing as well:

But, then again, that’s blurry too… Oh well. Here’s a close-up of the head ornament. Bonus points if you know what that is.

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Obligatory save.
Captain, I love you man. You’re the best story-teller I’ve ever seen.
But, is it possible to have everything in a single long page ?


I’m somewhat conflicted with that idea. Though I would love to read a webcomic by Blubber because it will be undoubtedly awesome, I fear that if he continues that string of comics too frequently, he’ll run out of jokes to tell around on the site or on the comic per se which would be horrible.

@the webcomic idea

It’s unlikely that I would run out of jokes if I only post say, a comic a week.

The problem is, I’m so computer illiterate, that website design is out of the question.

Also, I’m not a big fan of sites that makes websites for you.

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alright, alright blubber is awesome, back on subject!
now I do like Takesu’s submission-senpai, but we are gonna have to see other’s interpretation of Submission-whatever before it’s Final.
That’s how we did it with Kym-tan that’s how we’ll do it with all of them.

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Fair enough.

Though, since I still love Takesu’s Submission-senpai idea, I built around that and decided on a whim to change the clothing format from lab coats to dress shirts and created this stud of a dude in a couple o’ minutes and, badabing badaboom, here’s my design:

Though, if you guys feel that he should still have a lab coat, that can be easily fixed by, I don’t know, giving him a lab coat.

how have a male and female counterpart for the sumbission series.
my original design was the boss of kym tan, but she doesent listen.
and the oldr brother of deadpool kun but she is terrified of him.

I wanted to draw KYM-tan too D:
The only way I would be able to scan it is if I bring it to school, and I didn’t want to wait n_n

Here’s my crappy picture.

Introducing FEATURED-MAN!

Who needs -san or -tan? Go home, anime morans! Were called MAN or SIR or MISTER here!

He embodies everything awesome, while also embodying Featured Memes.

(Yeah, I know. The Picture sucks. DEAL WITH IT.)

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LOL! That is great. It’s not bad art neither, so don’t beat yourself for it.

I actually love how you drew the FGM frog there in the corner. That is skill.


This is just a rough quick sketch of Deadpool-kun I did in a couple of minutes coz I was bored. I didn’t know how to draw his hair when his head was tilted back so this was the end result. I don’t really like it but it’s accurate-ish.

BTW, if you can’t read my funky handwriting on the side, it says:

You wish you were as sexy as this -----► [Drawing of Deadpool-kun]

EDIT: D’oh! I just realized I forgot the NSFW tag on his lab coat. You would still be able to see it even from that angle. Bah, oh well.

Last edited Oct 03, 2010 at 10:57PM EDT

I can’t draw at all but if I can get my head around blender I’ll try something IN 3D gasp
and an Orthos of her as a reference would be nice… but I’ll manage.

Last edited Oct 04, 2010 at 03:28PM EDT

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