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CALL FOR ART! Looking for Artwork and Icons for Site

Last posted Nov 21, 2010 at 01:35PM EST. Added Oct 15, 2010 at 03:35PM EDT
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Hey guise,

We want to let you help us make the site look pretty. There are parts of the site we want to feature photos and icons, and want YOU to help us create the artwork!

For example, we’re looking for a few photos to place next to the login form:

There are also places we want to add some LOLsy icons, such as (but not necessarily) the mudkip on the logged-in homepage, as well as little easter eggs in the site.

Post or send us your art and we’ll try to add it into the site!


:D :D :D :D

Something like this?

I was thinking of making interchangeable collages like this, so it wouldn’t always have the same images, and maybe make the grid larger or smaller to show more or less meme-related images. Yes/No?

It’s stuff like this why I love this site, lots of little things which give it that extra awesome. For instance, have you ever noticed that, after making a post, a :D shows up besides the post button?

Anyways, a cycling/random thing could be pretty epic.

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