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KYM Episode: Creepypasta (with copypasta'd creepypastas)

Last posted Oct 30, 2010 at 01:41PM EDT. Added Oct 29, 2010 at 09:25PM EDT
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I know that Chrismen has already submitted a thread about the meme party + episode. I wanted to start a new thread so that I could post the creepypastas from the episode…


After returning from a long stressful day of work, a single mother went to the bathroom to take a hot bath. After relaxing for some time while reading The Secret, she drained the tub when suddenly she heard a terrifying scream! Her kids were actually the soap suds and she had washed them down the drain. At least her cat was ok because it had just turned into the tooth brush and she figured this out before brushing her teeth.

The Tale of The Hairless Horror

This one time in this small town, a little girl saw a big, hairless Guinea pig in the window of the pet shop. She loved it so much and thought it was so cute that she saved up her lemonade stand money to buy it. She brought it home and took care of it and fed it but it kept growing, bigger and bigger. And it would make these awful crying sounds like a shrieking baby because that’s what it was. A baby.

The Tale of The Fluffy Bunnies

It was the first day of spring and a little boy stumbled upon a group of fluffy bunnies. He ran over to them, but then they started multiplying! “So many cute bunnies!” he thought, but then they began to swarm around him. Luckily he had bunny spray and was able to neutralize the threat. He then noticed he had made a big mistake. The bunnies were actually the entire Czech republic, and he had just committed the largest act of genocide of the 21rst century.

The Tale of The Midnight Watchperson Murderer

It was a dark and stormy night and Caroline was just leaving her shift as the midnight watchperson at the cemetary. She got into her car and started on her long drive home through the downpour. As she pulled onto the highway she heard a KA-THUNK! come from under her car. Had the stories been true? Was the Midnight Watchperson Murderer for real? KA-THUNK, the sound came again as another late night driver flashed their lights through Caroline’s back window. KA-THUNK! again with the sound! KA-THUNK! Flashing their lights repeatedly, the other driver pulled up alongside caroline. With a deranged look in his eye, the motorist shouted “PLEASE EXCUSE MY DERANGED LOOK, IM ACTUALLY PERFECTLY HELPFUL. IT APPEARS AS THOUGH YOUR MUFFLER IS COMING LOOSE.” Caroline proceeded to Midas for a muffler repair and oil change.

Last edited Oct 29, 2010 at 09:30PM EDT

Great episode really!
I’m just a bit disappointed of it not featuring any actual really scary creepypasta, such as the ones featured in the entry itself, like Ramses/Goddess Bunny pointed it out in the other thread.

“Who was phone” doesn’t count here.


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