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Most unfunny Meme

Last posted Jul 01, 2009 at 01:17PM EDT. Added Apr 24, 2009 at 08:29PM EDT
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Actually, I’m gonna go out on a limb and say “Newfags can’t Triforce” is probably the least funny I’ve ever seen.

It was funny for about .2 seconds the first time I saw newfags get frustrated over trying to Triforce. After that, it just got old and extremely stale. 4chan doesn’t even hardly do it anymore, except to nostalgia ppl.

there are newfags in the comments section of just about every picture saying that fat ben has crapped on (insert subject of picture) and that it is causing a “poop panic”

not really sure if it counts as a meme but it is kinda like boxxi. only I (and at least 3/4 of the people there) have no idea who fat ben is

Regarding Chocolate Rain forced status -- was it being forced on 4chan? I know that the YouTube editorial dept made a concerted effort to push the video later too, featuring 14 chocorain vids in one day. A second round of forcedness…!

I think Girugamesh is a “meh” one. The “newfags can’t triforce” is pretty stale too. I think both are forced memes…I don’t think Girugamesh fits into any context that will make it funny, although saying it out loud IRL is kinda fun.

“Girugamesh itself is lame, but Girugameshing /x/ or some other board/site is quite amusing.”
^ ^ ^
I agree. I thought the meme was boring, but I lol’d when I saw a Girugamesh avvy on

Also, any advice dog spinoff EXCEPT courage wolf. Courage wolf is win.

Rick rolls have always been more of a nuisance to me, but can actually be pretty funny if pulled off right. Like when I tried to look up the hardest song on Audiosurf, and somebody played Never Gonna Give You Up. Unfortunately, most Rick rolls aren’t as funny.

here’s a question that’s sorta related to unfunny memes:

1) is “humor” a necessary element of an internet meme?
2) if it is, can we make distinctions between “memes” and “lulz”?

-“here’s a question that’s sorta related to unfunny memes:
-1) is “humor” a necessary element of an internet meme?
-2) if it is, can we make distinctions between memes and lulz?”

While a lot of memes are meant to be funny, some just aren’t as funny as others. I don’t think distinctions between them are necessary.

Now, I actually like the Zalgo meme, with my being a huge fan of Lovecraft and all.

I don’t really have a least favorite meme, but I always found Advice Dog to be rather lame. I like Courage Wolf, however, so that balances things out.

Advice Dog officially fails /to me/ now. Too many spin offs, but then again, isn’t that what a meme is? On the Advice Dog thing, I’m obsessing over Advice Kamina, but that’s aside the point. And Girugamesh is getting annoying, too.

Worst meme --> Chocolate Rain. Totally forced now ’cause Dr Pepper used it in a commercial. Some newfag/4chan kids must of forced it into little hole and space possible, and it started oozing out of the internet. And Tay Zonday scares me.


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