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Mulberry handbags

Last posted Dec 07, 2010 at 10:21PM EST. Added Dec 07, 2010 at 10:21PM EST
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Don’t remember how many times crouching in the corner, one containing rerelease asleep. Don’t remember how many times myself crying is nightmare awakened, holding the shoulders, and looking at both familiar and unfamiliar everything, tears shed Mulberry bags rustling, couldn’t sleep.
During the day, I pretended smiling. Evening, remove mask, listening to the music, the timeless sit by the window, on paper with a pen write down our story.
Finally understand, the furthest distance in the world, not me beside you, don’t you know I love you, Nor when undoubtedly knowing the love from both yet cannot be together. But, know I love you, yet you chose, turning from.
You go after, I learned will mood Mulberry handbags readjusted, make oneself become busy, in an unmanned touch corner, I have sent you deeply hidden well, never let anyone asked you about my past!
Always think: if return we met the starting point, slowly, then slowly, our original? How would daub
Walking in the tree-lined paths, total felling you by my side. But, no matter how I find, but never your sigh.
Blossom, meet mutually leave.
The sunset again beautifully, that also is only dusk,
Fall mark again, that also is only colourful once..
Sight or mountain flower shining, but I already is of tears.
Du, his love chrysanthemum, she Mulberry crude, total love desk place a bundle, with salt bottle keeps, general several days to lose. Impression, du, his love with a sun chrysanthemum, we haven’t seen flowers are the son, the shop some wild chrysanthemum, when dried carefully wrapped. Then, we don’t know, hometown ma chrysanthemum, can make tea, and medicinal value. Then the little boy doesn’t love flowers, but to chickens renal skin changing frozen MiTang interested. Du, his chrysanthemum, mostly by girl on the Mulberry outlet way to school completion.
Five years old, dad put are fond of me, drive to du, his presence. With dad’s words, I five-year-old stature, than seven children even higher, read book early must be better. When I answered for his own name, du, his father stumbled toward a smile, say this guy’s not stupid, age small just received little dots, say again. Dad is delighted to bother, and promised thanked this boy no return. Thereupon, the general with mom kind girl in Shanghai, it became my enlightening teacher. From that on, I will remember the plunge into two big – this du, his son girl, frontal divides between vertical purging a wisp of smooth hair, right eye nose in a single unaware tiancheng beauty hemorrhoid, Neck circumference LanGong alternate with, edge sank tassel legerity silk scarves, Pale yellow AnHua floating line cloth coat, Horizontal buckle black BuDeXie, speak, speak words of rawness place between double-fold eyelid bloom, under the eyes, smart, confident, like a chrysanthemum budding flower structured and fragrant surging.

Dec 07, 2010 at 10:21PM EST

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