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The KnowYourMeme RPG

Last posted Oct 22, 2011 at 01:27AM EDT. Added Jun 12, 2011 at 09:18PM EDT
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Natsuru Springfield wrote:

@ Philip J: I don’t see the problem with exe… Or you need to configure your computer to allow them.
@ Cpt. Badass: Lol, I knew full well the escape the map glitch… xD. Perhaps next demo, I can allow you to reach the front gate…
@ Suiseiseki: Thanks! Expect more to come!

I have a Mac. Macs can’t open .exe’s.

@Natsuru I looked at the Battle Tech Demo again and it looks there is a small sprite error like whenever KYM Tan moves to the right. Her right pupil will suddenly get huge for a single frame. This does not occur when moving to the left for some reason.

@ Ardent: Ok, see you tomorrow night then.
@ Dr.Thundercritic: Don’t get full of yourself.
@ Suiseiseki: I checked through the sprites and nothing like that occured.
@ Captain Badass: Ok, I understand.

Tonights meeting I am also inviteing Russian Fedora in to start on his character, so it looks like progress on the main script may be a bit slow.

See you all in 4 hours!

I have seen this thread for a long time, and I would like to play the fiddle somewhere (Like at a ranch, or snowy area) or be riding one of these:

But I feel like I’m too new on KYM to join in the game… (even though I want to be in it) But you guys do what ever you want. If you do put me in though, it would be cool if there was a quest to help me fix my bike. But thats all just wishing and you guys don’t have too, but I have hope so I try anyways.

@Natsuru The third one from the right. It doesn’t look bad here but I went back to the battle tech demo and it’s definitely bigger there. I don’t know how but the battle tech demo’s refresh rate seems to merge that part of the sprite with the next one, making it look bigger.

Is anyone seeing anything like this so I know I’m not entirely crazy yet?

Ok, after testing it a few more times I found the sprite glitch. It’s activated sometimes when the game boots up, and for now I can’t really do anything about it until I can find a debuger later in the project.

Also, if we are lucky, I might finish the next demo by tonight.

Mister J wrote:

Natsuru, unrelated question, but how do you make sprites?

It’s like drawing. Really really small.

Usually you can use MS Paint and zoom in a ton to make them the correct size. However, some programs (like mugen) will limit you to 360 (or something) generic colors so you will have to use that pallet.

There are more detailed instructions online somewhere, so I suggest consulting those or watching a speed paint video.

The meeting has started.

EDIT: I also have the new demo! :D


The wall glitch is fixed, and you can no longer escape the map, and Jumping Animations have been added too.
It was alot of work considering I had to reprogram the code twice to get it all to work! ;A;

Next Goal:
-Basic attack animations.
-Maybe something to smack around.

Last edited Aug 27, 2011 at 08:43PM EDT

Sorry for my disappearance from the board, but my wired connection cut out.

After getting minimal work done this meeting, we had an uninvited guest, Tumblrbot. Fortunately, he didn’t do any damage (thus I thank him and he will still appear in the game), but to ensure better workflow with minimal distractions next meeting, we changed boards.

I also feel that may be something we will have to do regularly (monthly, perhaps) from now on.

Ardent Gamer is sending out new links, so production members expect him.

Right, that should be everyone. If I’ve forgotten someone just tell me. Remember, we’ll be meeting again tomorrow. This time I should be around for the majority of it.

Oh, and whoever is doing this, just stop letting people in. I mean really, not that hard to just not tell anyone.

Last edited Aug 28, 2011 at 12:35AM EDT

Time for damage control. The first wave of links I sent can be disregarded, as our leak was among them. I’ve sent a new link to a few people I think are not particularly likely to be our culprit. Sorry to the inconvenienced. Oh, and if you have received a link from me, I’d prefer you let nobody know that that is the case. We need to keep things secure.

Update: Got very little work done tonight, and where still unable to find our leak. Likely chance is, if we figure out who did it they won’t be booted from the team, we will just put them on “probation.”

For lack of anything else, here is a screenshot of the code to make KYM-tan walk and jump.

Tech Demo Update and other things:
The next tech demo is ready for release, but since it only took me 30 minutes to finish it I am going to hold onto it untill I can make a bigger update.

Next, I am going to be out of state this weekend due to a convention I am attending. This of course means I won’t be able to attend the meetings. Untill I get back I am leaveing full management of the meetings to Ardent Gamer (who I will be sending a small list of tasks I wouled like to get done). Also, if I don’t have a new update ready by the time I leave I will release the current tech demo.

Lastly, to Dev team members, if you have suggestions of “stages” or music you wouled like to see in the future tech demos, send me a link to the sprites/song and I might put one of them in.

If you have any questions ask me before Thursday night. Thanks!

Okay, seeing as the meeting should be starting in just a moment I’ll point out real quick that if I’m not on the pad, you’ve got the wrong link, if this is the case for you, contact me in a PM and I’ll get you the right one.

Alright, since it has come to my attention that a lot of people don’t really know how the battle system that is being used will work, I’ve decided to put up a post explaining it here. Note that there may be changes and differences and so on throughout the production cycle, and not all of the information I have may be correct.

The battle system will be very similar to the linear motion battle system used in the Tales series, especially the ones pre Symphonia insofar as the dimensions are concerned. It acts like a blend between a 2d fighter, with characters having a few basic combos and a list of special moves and a traditional RPG where moves need to be unlocked and cost points from a character specific pool and how much damage can be dealt is based off of stats that are increased by leveling and which items are equipped. Five characters will be on the player’s side and be active at a time, but only one will be controlled beyond basic orders such as “Use only these skills, stay back, and target whoever has the most HP” Items can be used in or out of battle to apply effects to a target, but often equipment cannot be changed mid battle. It is possible to run away from non plot critical encounters. When all characters on the players side are knocked out, if the player has a secondary or tertiary party, they will sub in and continue the fight, but characters from one team cannot affect the characters of another using buffs or healing or anything of that sort. By the end of the game the player will have at least one full five member secondary party. Encounters will occur randomly within dangerous areas, but the longer the player goes without encountering a foe, the more likely it will be that their next step will trigger one. It is also possible that there will be mobile representations of encounters that can be avoided entirely or sought out. Enemies can appear at either side of the field when encountered, and sometimes will appear on both sides. If there are any further questions about the battle system either Natsuru or I should be able to provide some form of answer, even if it is “I don’t know yet”

Videos for extra credit:

Montage time

A one on two battle that better showcases the system

A four person boss battle that better shows off how a more typical battle would go

There will be a test on this later (No there won’t)

Natsuru Springfield wrote:

Don’t worry. When the time comes, we will open to NPC sign ups. (We have to populate a entire town of KYM-ers you know!)

I hope I will finally be of use.
appears as a bathroom janitor at release

Flimsy wrote:

I hope I will finally be of use.
appears as a bathroom janitor at release

Now where were those bathroom janitor sprites I had…

Suiseiseki     wrote:

I suppose for a lot of noncombatant characters all one would need is to make a single sprite and then simply make copies and stretch them in photoshop to make it look like it’s breathing or something.

Then can I be in? As an NPC? What should I do? Breathing and interaction sprites?

angrypwnzer wrote:

I’m still recruitable, right?

Unless you no longer want to be, you are.

For any given NPC approximately twelve sprites would be needed if they are going to be ambulatory, otherwise only four would be needed, one for each direction they can face.

Sorry for my extended absence, my home network has had a virus for the past week and a half and nothing was internet capable (Im suffering bad withdrawals right now…). I won’t be able to attend tonights meeting, however from the looks of it my dad will have fixed everything by tomorrow so you can expect me then (I hope).

Also, once I get my connection working again I will upload not one, but 2 demos! Along with a list of things I need to move foward with the programming.

I have more I want to say but I will wait untill I have an actual keyboard to type with. Hopefully I will talk to you guys tomorrow!

(Sent from 3DS at a McDonalds)

Quickly before I am out of wi-fi range:

@Pwnzer: This is at least the 5th time you have asked that, so let me make this clear; You are the founder, thus you are in no way getting booted. Ok?

@Ardent: Thanks for explaining everything to them. Maybe we shouled get a mod to add all the details to post number 1?

@Sprites: I am soon going to hit a sprite based roadblock, so I will be needing Enemy, NPC, HUD, and tilesets soon. I will post what I need tomorrow.

Allright, like I promised here are the two demos! :D

New Battle Tech Demo with the abilaty to slash the sword.
And the redone version of the Overworld Tech Demo made so many months back.

Even though the new battle tech demo may not seem like too much, alot of behind the scenes work whent into that that will make it easier for me to make new demos. As for the overworld tech demo I basically rewrote the code entirely to get it to work. And don’t worry about the talking system, I plan on overhauling it ASAP.

Looks fantastic! The only problem that I can see with the battle tech demo is that you can’t really jump if you run against the left wall.

The overworld tech demo looks good! Those characters sure are sexy. I am dissapoint that you left out the “wtf boom” part though.

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