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TF2 Help?

Last posted Jun 02, 2012 at 11:42PM EDT. Added May 31, 2012 at 04:14PM EDT
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I suppose I need to focus a bit more on stealth and objectives. I know people can run circles around heavies, but I can’t do that quite so well, so I guess I should take a less offensive role in favor of a more supportive one. Also, you forgot Crit-a-cola. One of my personal favorites. The increased damage makes you a bit more effective across distances. I used it with the shortstop to counter a sticky spammer on Nucleus earlier.

I got to play TF2 for the first time in a while, and I somehow managed to stop being good as my best classes, and start doing better as my worst classes. So, I actually did terrible as spy, yet good as scout before getting any tips. What’s up with that? ¯\(°_o)/¯

No. Pocket Medic is what bad medics do. Heal EVERYONE. If a heavy can’t keep himself alive long enough for you to heal someone else, he’s terrible and deserves to lose. A full team with overheal beats a heavy with overheal any day. Give demo or soldier an uber if you need to take out sentries. Give Heavy or pyro uber if you need to clear out huge crowds quickly,heavy in open areas, pyro in close corridors. if you have a kritzkrieg, take note of your teammates loadouts. PROTIP: Sniper may not seem like the guy to uber, but his SMG is fast, accurate, and does about 45 damage with crits. I don’t know if sniper bodyshots are affected by Kritzkrieg though, but if they are, all the more reason to krtz uber them. Other than that, kritz uber heavies, demos, soldiers, maybe even a scout if you find one that’s a good team player (but that’s rare, so don’t count on a scout unless you are 100% sure he’s awesome). Pyro, generally just okay with the kritz. Most of ‘em will W+M1, thinking nothing can defeat them with their massive damage. Which usually works in very, very close quarters, but these jackasses will usually get you killed by bum-rushing if you’re in an open area.

Also, Heavy/Medic beats Pyro/Medic due to Heavy’s range and the minigun’s pushback. Pyro only wins if he catches heavy off guard. In addition, double Ubersaw medics is annoying. Only do it if you don’t care if people like you. If you ever fight this duo, pick pyro and airblast them away until their uber is gone. Then, kill them with your primary or secondary weapon. Do NOT try to axtinguish them! The Ubersaw crits SO DAMN OFTEN, YOU WOULD NOT BELIEVE IT. They will one-hit you in a melee fight, so axtinguishing is gambling on who will hit first.

One last medic tip: Despite what many think, Quick Fix is NOT useless. Just situational. Use it when a LOT of your teammates are clumped together, taking on the enemy as a group. The quick-fix allows you to heal one person very quickly, so they can get back out in the fight quicker, making it suitable for healing large crowds because of its speed. Also, the speed makes it the best medigun for battle medics, especially with the overdose due to the fact that the uber is not that useful.

Jun 02, 2012 at 07:21PM EDT

Note that when I say “running circles”, you don’t literally run circles around your target. Anyone can still hit you easily if you just do that.

Rather its more like “dancing on heads”. What you do is you jump over the top of your target repeatedly and use double jump to change your polarity in a different direction with each jump so your target cannot guess where you will land. When this is happening right above your head, it becomes very hard to aim and the scout can evade damage doing that.

Note that you can only do this to isolated targets with no backup and only if your target doesn’t have good aim. Furthermore, it never, ever works on Soldiers, Demomen or Pyro’s

Also I agree wholeheartedly on your medic tips, especially the first. Heal the whole team, don’t focus solely on one dude. I’ve won some games using the Quickfix to rapidly keep my entire team patched up

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Jun 02, 2012 at 11:42PM EDT

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