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Alternative Universe: KYM Edition. The Story RP!(Beta Testing)

Last posted Jul 28, 2012 at 06:52PM EDT. Added Jul 16, 2012 at 02:01AM EDT
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“Teridax is already far gone. We can look for him again tomorrow.”
As mega walks outside, he sees a note fly past him from the wind. he snatches the note.
It reads,

“I’m having one of those fancy parties tonight. Dress your best.”

“-Love 404”

“This must be a party for villains,” Mega thought
“I love parties… Alex, Wrench, wanna sneak into this party? We can disguise ourselves as villains…”

Jul 19, 2012 at 06:19PM EDT

“Well…i was wondering if i could come. Back in woodmont i was frequently arrested because the cops thought i was a bad guy even though I’m with the Scarlet saviors.”

Jul 19, 2012 at 06:36PM EDT

Ann Hiro wrote:

And a lot of NPC’s fall prey to Teridax’s Sword…
I don’t even harm them.

((Thanks, Ann. Teridax, if you are reading this, please take it easy with the NPC. There people too. People who might not have a conscience but still, there people.))

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Jul 19, 2012 at 08:21PM EDT

Both Alex and Wrench heard the Mega’s request.

“…NAH!” They both say.

“I’m heading to the bar. Later.” Alex leaves.

“Yeah, I’m gonna go see Oclaf. I didn’t thank him yet for helping to calm down.” Wrench leaves.

Mega is left alone….

Jul 19, 2012 at 08:24PM EDT

Mega gets ready to go to the party dressed up in villainous looking armor.
“It’s missing something,” he says.
He quickly draws a plain white mask (the ones that look like the V for Vendetta masks, except without the pink blush and the mustache) and it appears infront of him. He places the mask on his face and heads to the 404 mansion. Security gaurds halt him infront of the door.

“Only villains allowed in,” one gaurd says.
“I’m clearly a villain aren’t I? The name’s…”
He looks around and see’s a huge building. A mega sized building.
“Oh shit,” he thinks to himself.
The gaurds check the list.
“Ah yes, you’re right here. Come on in.”
Mega walks in with a confused face.
“Why did 404 put me on the guest list…” he thinks.

Jul 19, 2012 at 08:54PM EDT

((Okay Mex. I’ll keep in mind not to kill as many people.))

Jul 19, 2012 at 09:15PM EDT

(wait….what happened to me? I lost were i was in the story. Am i still in the mall or did i leave or what?)

Jul 19, 2012 at 09:20PM EDT

Eventually, Teridax arrives at the massive mansion owned by 404. He gets off of his motorcycle, and leans it up against a nearby tree. Teridax walks up to the front door, standing about 6 inches taller than the other guards. “Teridax. I should be on the list. I’m one of the Sinister four.” He says. “Oh yes, here you are. V.I.P. Come on in.” The guard says. He then opens the large door, and enters the manor house. Teridax sees something that catches his eye. “Who’s that guy in the cloak?” He goes over to the man in the cloak, and stands beside him.

“Well you’re early. Ann and I are usually the ones that are early to these parties.” He says, looking around to see that no one else is there. “What’s your name kid? I don’t think I’ve seen you around here before.”

Jul 19, 2012 at 09:21PM EDT

Vincent(Verbose) finally wakes up from his small nap. He stretches his back and scratches his head. HE looks around to see if everything is okay. He checks on furnace, it’s still warm and the heat emitting through the house. He was gonna check on some until he heard a knock on the door.

((Who should be the person knocking on the door?))

Jul 19, 2012 at 09:33PM EDT

((How about the police mistaking him for the murderer?))

Last edited Jul 19, 2012 at 09:48PM EDT
Jul 19, 2012 at 09:39PM EDT

“I’m a… new villain,” Mega says.
“You can call me “The Unknown”. I had to escape from the prison, been in for about a year. I got in for fighting off a ton of gaurds by city hall. Since I’ve escaped, I’ve been trying to take City Hall for a while now, and they haven’t caught me yet. Though I still lose… this is my first invite to 404’s party."

Jul 19, 2012 at 09:49PM EDT

“Nice to have a new guy around for once. Usually it’s just 404, Ann, Muffins, and me. We usually just sit around and watch T.V.” He sighs. “I’m glad someone takes the evil path. Most people in this town are goody two shoes, except for those brain dead mobsters.” Teridax smirks. “404’s most likely getting stuff ready for the party. It won’t start for a while, so you can come make yourself comfy.” He says as he points over to a couch. “Oh, but whatever you do, don’t go snoopin’ around by yourself. You could get lost in this place.”

Jul 19, 2012 at 10:50PM EDT

Mega goes over to the couch and sits down. He sees the T.V. is off, but awaits for the others to arrive.

“I’m just in for the party, but I still wonder why 404 had me on the guest list,” Mega thinks.
He sees the door open to find Ann walking in.

Jul 19, 2012 at 11:28PM EDT

Temata wrote:

Jumps into pool of no return. Returns in a minute.

Uh…. Did you read the rules?

Jul 19, 2012 at 11:31PM EDT

((don’t do anything with my character until I finish my party attire picture.))

Jul 20, 2012 at 11:04AM EDT

(Mex i have no idea where i am in the story. I need to know where i should show up.)

Jul 20, 2012 at 11:22AM EDT

This drawing took 15 minutes
Ann will be wearing this.
He will leave behind his hat and two guns.
His eye patch is to cover the black eye Wrench gave him, it has a skull, and cross bones over it.
His wooden sword has a strong metal pole inside of it, so it won’t break.

Jul 20, 2012 at 12:31PM EDT

((Seal you left and went to the bar…))
Ann steps into view from a balcony thats in the main hall.
People look up.
Mega got a warning from Newt.
“Its the hypnotist, great thing your wearing that mask! Just stay calm”
404 sits in the throne like chair at the wall of the main hall.
“Acting so high, and mighty, as if looks down upon us all as if he was actually God.”404 says.
Ann spots Mega, but doesent recognize him.
He jumps from the balcony.
As villains are some take this chance to try to skewer him with spears, and other pointy things.
He thwacks them all to the side using his blow as a cushion, rolls on the ground getting up swinging his wooden sword in front of Mega, coming only a centimeter from Mega’s throat.
“I don’t recognize this peasant. Who are you!”

Jul 20, 2012 at 03:39PM EDT

“If you must know, I’m “The Unknown”. I’m a new villain around here, this is my first invite to 404’s party," Mega says.
He looks around.
“So are there anymore people coming? When does the party start?”

Jul 20, 2012 at 03:48PM EDT

“Let me check the list!”
Ann walks over to the entrance, and asks to see the list.
“Ah yes Master Hiro” like the rest of the servants say to him.
Ann mumbles to himself while looking at the list
‘I thwacked them, disposed of those two, brought in that one for bounty…etc,etc’
He see’s Mega’s name on there
He hands back the list back to the ushers.
“You are that one peasant with the black eye recieved from that large oaf!”
Teridax chimes in
“you? We also have a score to settle.”
“We will settle this later. As for you!” He looks at Mega, and rips off the mask. “Why do you have an invite!”
“I invited him” 404 interupted.

Jul 20, 2012 at 04:07PM EDT

((This is the BGM for 404 is. It plays whenever he does anything. Yeah, I know. It’s pony. Sue me.))

Last edited Jul 20, 2012 at 04:14PM EDT
Jul 20, 2012 at 04:13PM EDT

As soon as 404 speaks, they both go silent.
“Why did you invite this kid, 404?” Teridax asks intently.
“Because I’m 404, bitch. I do what I want.”
Ann and Teridax are both dumbfounded that 404 would invite this person.
“But he’s not even evil!” They both yell.
“Or is he?” 404 said.
“Now now, let’s see what makes you tick.” 404 says as he starts to move towards Mega.

Jul 20, 2012 at 07:13PM EDT

Ann stoped paying attention and went over to the bar.
He orders some wine. Just so he can hold a wine glass in his hands.
He comes back to where he was previously and sips a little time to time

Jul 21, 2012 at 02:25PM EDT

Meanwhile at the dinner party all the villains are just enjoying each others company, getting drunk and planning out future attacks on things like banks and shit like that. When DOCTOR MOTHER FUCKING HOBO. DOCTOR MOTHER FUCKING HOBO OUTTA NOWHERE. He crashed right through one of the windows and lands on a table breaking it. He gets up and sees all the villains looking at him with disgust.

Teridax turns around and see’s hobo rambling on drunkenly. He then barks at him saying “You conceited wretched human! You have ruined this party with your antics and because of you this is more fucking work i have to deal with!”

“Oh yea? Wel screw you dikwhole i gotta thinggy 2 do n it’s like…more important that yur lief son…and if yur so confurdent that u can kil me den why dontchu biiiiiiiitch?” He said while laughing and sipping his booze.

“OH so do you do wanna die today? After this i think im gonna burn your corpse in my back yard until your nothing but smoldering remains of ash and soot!” Said Teridax wutg a very enraged look on his face.

“Oh yeah well bring it son i…” Before hobo could even finish his sentence he threw up on the buffet table next to him. After that he wiped his mouth and looked Teridax in the eye and continued saying-“I’ve taken down worse than you back in woodmont city punk and you wont think your so hot shit when I’m done smacking your demonic ass.” Hobo said. After that he drank the rest of his drink and smashed his glass bottle on the side of the table he threw up on so it’d be sharp. He then yelled

“Secret techniqe DRUNKEN FIST” And got into a fighting stance.

Jul 21, 2012 at 08:06PM EDT

Teridax, feeling more frustrated than ever, unsheathed Soul Splitter and readied his shield. The Abyssal mercenary charges at the hobo miscreant with blinding rage. Teridax swings Soul Splitter at the former doctor, and it cuts him across his chest. While the mercenary is still recovering from the swing, Hobo hurls a punch at Teridax and hits him square in the jaw.
“You’re nuffin’ more dan’ a stupid ass demon who don’t do nuffin’ but fight and kill. I’ma put you down!” Hobo says.

The drunken hobo then rushes at Teridax with a sloppy run and kicks Teridax in his chest, right through his armor. After the initial blow, Teridax smacks the hobo aside with his shield, and sends him about 20 feet off to the far right. The staggered mercenary regains his stature and rushes over to the hobo on the ground. While the hobo is lying there, Teridax stomps on his chest with force, making him cough up blood. The mercenary plunges his sword through, but not all the way through, the hobo’s chest while he’s on the ground.
“This is one fight you could possibly not have won.” Teridax snarls.
Teridax grabs the hobo from the ground by the neck and tosses him into the wall, cracking the bricks behind it. The mercenary grabs the hobo again and throws him through the front door, into the outside world.

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Jul 21, 2012 at 08:42PM EDT

((I’ll be posting later tonight, guys. Sorry for not RPing))

Jul 21, 2012 at 09:15PM EDT

Hobo gets up realizing he has a broken arm and is suffering from a stab wound and blood loss. After that hobo gets back up and realizes he has a broken arm as well but he ignores it for the time being and climbs back up the hill with the mansion. Hobo bursts through back window with a flip and lands on a table. He has patched up his arm and wounds for the time being. He took a few painkillers and cleaned his wounds and he’s ready to fight again. He see’s Teridax being healed by one of 404’s servants. Teridax looks at him with eyes filled with disgust and say’s “What the hell are you still doing alive? YOU SHOULD BE DEAD.” Hobo gets a bit of a grin and say’s “Well it’z gonna tak a lot moar than that to put me asleep boyo. But enough of that i’m redy…FOR ROUND 2!” Teridax gets up and 404’s servant stops healing him. Teridax say’s “Alright worm..maybe you might be worthy fighter after all.” Hobo dashes at him ducking his diagonal slash and kicks him in the chest. Teridax felt it rattle through his armor. As he was about to ready his sword to stab Hobo with it but Hobo grabs his arm and say’s “Maybe if you try new atturkk u might actualy geurt me.”

He grabs the bottle he had from earlier and he smashes it against Teridax’es head getting bits of glass stuck in it. He yells at Hobo saying “SON OF A BITCH YOU GOT GLASS IN MY FUCKING FACE. I AM GOING TO BEAT THE LIVING SHIT OUT OF YOU!” with his left eye closed slightly. Hobo rushes of toward Teridax ready to give him his “Jack Uppercut”, but Teridax readies his shield waiting for the attack. Hobo then kicks his shield making him stagger a bit and he gives him his “Jack uppercut”. knocking Teridax to the ground.

“And that is how you whoop ass son.” He looks down at his body and notices another scratch across his chest from Teridax’es blade. It’s not as deep as his other wounds but it does look bad. Hobo realizes he need to leave so he rushes toward the nearest unbroken window. Some guards get in his way and say "Your not getting out of her alive for what you did!

So Hobo trip kicks the nearest guard to him, picks him up and throws him at the others. He jumps out the window breaking it and saying “SEE YOU ASSWIPES LATER.” while sliding down the hill.
He sees Alex’s car pull up by the hill and a door opens up. He jumps off the hill and lands in the car hitting the closed side of it by rolling into it. the door slams shut and hobo yells at Alex as he see’s Teridax get up and ready to chase them. He yells at Alex to “FLOOR IT” at the top of his lungs. The car flies outta there and Teridax jumps out the side of the mansion ready to chase the car. He’s laughing at the top of his lungs while jumping and running after it.

(Can’t have a chase scene without music right?)

Eventually Teridax realizes that he can get his revenge on Hobo later. When the time comes.

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Jul 21, 2012 at 09:32PM EDT

Teridax eventually stops in the middle of the road.
“That hobo will pay for what he did to me.”
He then rushed up the hill, back to 404’s mansion. When he got to the doors, he stepped over the fallen guards, and into the main room. “YOU! SERVANT! Get over here and heal me!” Teridax said with fury. The servant hurried over to the mercenary, and started to heal his wounds with a spell. While he was allowing the servant to heal him, he heard Ann yell at him. “You just got your ass kicked by a hobo!” Ann laughed. Upon hearing the words, Teridax stomped over to where Ann was, just as the servant pulled out the last piece of glass from the side of his head.
“Listen here you! That hobo will pay for what he has done to me! I’ll bring his head back on a silver platter!”
“That still doesn’t redeem you from getting beat up by a hobo.”
As he heard Ann say that, he knocked the wine glass out of Ann’s hand onto the floor. He then stomped back over to the healer to continue mending his internal and external wounds.
“He’ll pay for what he did to me. He’ll pay with his life.”

Jul 21, 2012 at 09:50PM EDT

Ann turns to Mega.
“So the first match goes to your team. Wanna try me?” Ann does not sound as serious as he was before. He had plenty of wine to drink, and seems more comfortable around.
“Umm, no thank you.”
“Too late.”
Ann swings his wooden sword at Mega, and he starts laughing.
He beckons another servant to bring him another wine glass.
“Woah your drunk! I don’t wanna hurt you!”
“Please I am not like that hobo! I’m much more dangerous.”
Ann feinted about 30 hits, pulling back right before it touches Mega.
“See even when drunk I have more control than most!”
He starts laughing. Then he grabs a gun throwing it over to Mega
“I bet I can hit you, before you can shoot me with that gun. "
He laughs again.

Jul 22, 2012 at 01:59PM EDT

((Ann is not awesome when he is drunk, He’s just plain scary.))

Jul 23, 2012 at 12:39PM EDT

((Just a heads up. I won’t be here from 1 P.M CST to around 3 P.M CST.))

Jul 23, 2012 at 12:51PM EDT

Mega says, “Ann, I don’t think this is a good id-”
Ann charges at Mega, catching him off gaurd, and he pulls the trigger, shooting his foot, while at the same time Ann Hits mega on the head with the wooden sword.

They both now have a sharp pain in the head and foot.

“Why do I have a pain in the head when I wasn’t even hit there…” Ann states.
“I’m still trying to figure that out… apparently we share the same pain.”
Ann has wine withdrawal.
Mega quickly pours a small glass of wine into Ann’s mouth.
He jumps up and says" Wine chugging contest. Now."

Jul 23, 2012 at 01:00PM EDT

“Servants Wine barrels NOW!”
The sevants bring in wine barrels.
“Sir, that is too heavy for you.”
“No it’s not.”
Ann lifts the barrel and starts chugging.
He puts it down.
“Are you gonna drink yours? No okay.”
Ann opens up the barrel thats for Mega, gets in, and puts his barrel on top.

Jul 23, 2012 at 02:45PM EDT

Vincent finally opened the door… Nothing.He looked outside to see if there was anyone… Nothing. “Huh…” He didn’t exactly know if he was being pranked by a bunch of kids or it could have been some kind of tree branch tapping the door but Vincent just ignored the thought and went back inside.

‘Weird…’ he thought ‘Why does it feel cool all of a sudden?’ The house quickly fills itself with a thick fog. The teal dressed man then started to hear a faint voice.


The man drew out his weapon.

“Who are you!?”


The voice sounded louder.

“Please go away.”


“Please, sir. I don’t want to hurt you.”


The voice finally reached up to him. The man was scared shitless. He turned his head around to see who it was.



Wrench heard a scream coming from the forest. “…Probably just some kids playing in there.” He continued to walk his way to his home. He never really was going to visit Oclaf, he just needed an excuse to leave.

Jul 23, 2012 at 02:50PM EDT

Teridax was sitting on the couch, watching the two drunken men chug barrels of wine. He got up from the couch and put his hood back on, since the servant was done healing him.

“Now… Let’s go see if I can go find that hobo.”

The mercenary leaves the 404 manor, and looks around for the motorcycle he parked near the side of the house. He eventually spots the motorcycle sitting in the hot, afternoon sun. It’s spokes were still reflecting off the sunlight, and the leather seat had absorbed the warmth of the sun. Teridax positioned himself on the vehicle and rode off, down the rocky, twisting and turning mountain.

Jul 23, 2012 at 04:25PM EDT

As Hobo fell unconscious in the car he was in due to blood loss he woke up and was greeted by a friendly doctor. “uh….what happened?” Said the former doctor. “Well you got in quite a bit of trouble the last few day’s. You caused quite a stir a few day’s ago.” Wait….what are you talking about? I don’t recall anything that happened a few day’s ago." Said the bum. "Oh my…well then you must’ve been drunk then because amnesia generally tends to make you forget everything. It was in the papers on how you busted in through a party with so called Villians. Apparently you got into a fight with one of the people on security there. He hurt you pretty badly with that sword of his. He gave you a mild stab wound and a slash across your chest. Not only that but he did manage to break your right arm with ease. Said the doctor. “Wait…if he did that much damage then how am i still alive and breathing?”

“Well we were about to loose you but right in the nick of time we got lucky and a good friend of ours who goes by the name of Vincent came by and healed you. I’ve heard of these types of people that are blessed with abnormal powers but, to see it with my own eye’s, it was amazing. He healed your arm and your wounds. Okay you are going to be sore for the next couple of day’s but you’ll be fine in a jiffy. Said the doctor.

“Well i guess….that’s pretty nice of him. Vincent was always nicer than a lot of people around here. But if i may can i ask you something? Said the homeless man. “Shoot.” said the doctor. Well i think i know who i got in a fight with. All i know is that he’s going to hunt me down and try and kill me. But i plan on sneaking out the back. And a little security just to guarantee my safety."

The doctor smiled and said “Anything for a fellow doctor.”

Later that night hobo and a trained team of security guard officers snuck out the back of the clinic at midnight. “Alright boy’s the place were i currently live is just about 7 blocks away from here. It’s not very long but I’m afraid we’ll get caught by you know who so this is why we need to sneak out right here and right now.” Said the former doctor.

“Got it sir. My men will protect with our lives. Said the security chief. “Nice to know that i have someone finally watching my back. Now lets move people!” Yelled the former doctor.

Jul 26, 2012 at 11:30AM EDT

((I gotta talk to you soon Seal. Get on Steam when you can.))

Jul 28, 2012 at 01:50PM EDT

After the party Ann leaves the mansion grounds. He takes a walk, but a drunk one.
“Oh look a pack of hobo’s”
Ann readies his wooden sword for some random violence.
“Gathered by camp fire,eh?” as his words were sloshed.
The hobo’s were looking at him.
“Why don’t you take a rest here by the fire, your drunk” One of the hobo’s approaced Ann
Ann smiled, then swung his wooden sword breaking the hobo’s neck. Ann started to attack all the hobo’s in that one area. Their screams can be heard through out town.

Jul 28, 2012 at 04:10PM EDT

After a long day of riding, Teridax eventually gets down to the city. “Now, I wrecked that hobo pretty bad. I think he should be at the hospital.” He leans his cycle up against a nearby tree and walks towards the hospital. Sooner or later he gets to the clear, automatic doors of the hospital. Teridax steps through the sliding doors and over to the reception desk.

“May I help you?” The lady at the desk offered.
The Abyssal reached over the counter and grabbed the young lady by the neck with his right hand.. His short, sharp claws started to sink into her skin.
“Give me the location of the man with the stab wound in his chest!” Teridax growled.
“I have no idea what you’re talking about.” The woman said as she started to lose circulation.
“Give me the damn room number!” He yelled. He was gritting his teeth in anger.
“R-Room 413.” She coughed out due to lack of air.
“Thank you.” He said in a sinister voice.

Teridax flung the receptionist into the nearby wall, leaving a print of the woman’s body in the wall. She then fell on the ground with a loud smack. He then unsheathed his sword and impaled her through the chest. She fell over into a pool of her own blood as the demon walked through the hallway, looking for the room. Teridax looked at the room numbers on the doors. He came to the area where he should be, but the door was open and no one was inside. That hobo is smarter than I though." But then he noticed the back door to the hospital was wide open. “Perfect.”

Teridax ran for the back door and walked through it. He saw nothing except for a few dumpsters next to the building and a dense forest. I bet that damn hobo’s in the forest. He won’t know what hit him. But I also wouldn’t put it past him to bring some friends…" He thought as he ran into the forest in pursuit.

Last edited Jul 28, 2012 at 05:42PM EDT
Jul 28, 2012 at 05:40PM EDT

As Teridax crept slowly through the underbrush he heard a group of men talking. He walked slowly toward the source of the noise and he saw them. He saw a group of men. In the middle of the group was Hobo. Teridax grinned while he was hiding in the darkness of the forest and said to himself quietly “I’ve got you now you homless son of a bitch”. The guards and Hobo decided it was time to go to sleep so 7 of the men decided to rest in the grass while the other decided to guard the rest of them while they were sleeping.

He heard a noise in the bushes and walked toward it to see what it is so he looked inside the bush and Teridax popped out from it, grabbed the guard by his neck and he slit it with his sword. The other got woken up my a muffled scream and the chief of security ordered the rest of his men to split up and find the man who killed the guard watching over them. One by on Teridax got the guards and killed them silently in the forest with ease until there were only three left. Himself, the chief guard and Hobo. Teridax then kills the chief as he got up to go find him.

Teridax and Hobo looked at each other. Teridax barks at Hobo “I’ve been hunting you and your men down, by the time i’m done with you your head will be on a silver platter.” Hobo swallows his fear and yells at Teridax saying “You really wanna rumble with me then pretty boy? Ok fine but remember that I’m not your average run of the mil hobo her pal!” Hobo rushes off into the forest with saying another word and Teridax follows. Teridax loses Hobo and soon afterward tree branches and acorns keep hitting him in his face. Teridax yells at the tree saying “I KNOW IT’S YOU HOBO. YOU CANNOT HIDE FROM ME!” Soon afterward Teridax realizes that he wasting his time with this and head back to his motorcycle.

Eventually Hobo realizes that he is being no longer chased by him and finally gets out of the forest cheering saying “HAHAHAHA IN YOUR FACE YOU UGLY ASS DEMON. I guess i get to live another day!” He said in happiness.

Jul 28, 2012 at 06:31PM EDT

As Mega was about to leave the party, he opened the door and 404 somehow used a force to push him across the large room. Mega’s head hit the wall, knocking him unconscious. While he was unconscious, 404 took Mega and ripped him into two different Mega’s. One was completely nude, the other still had his fancy clothes on. He put some ragged clothing on the nude Mega and threw him into a trash can on the side of the street. 404 walked inside the mansion and the Fancy dressed Mega awoke.

“Greetings, Giga,” 404 said.
Giga looked up at 404. “Who are you?”
“I am your master. You are my servant, who will be assisting me in my future plans, with the help of this little enchanted pencil of yours.”
“As you wish, master…”
“Call me 404.”
“As you wish, master 404.”

(( 404 split Mega into a good side and a bad side, he saw the power of Mega’s pencil, but Mega’s the only one who knows how to use it. So he decided to make sure Mega found the note to the party and fall into his trap. The white mask is fused to Giga, so Mega won’t be able to recognize it’s a villain version of himself.))

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Jul 28, 2012 at 06:52PM EDT

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