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KYM Zombie Apocalypse 3

Last posted Nov 02, 2012 at 04:18PM EDT. Added Oct 20, 2012 at 03:46PM EDT
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Player: Jeff the Killer
Gear: duel knives.
Teamed with Slender Man.
insanity: over nine thousand
chances of betrayal: 150%
stealth: 10
range: -5

Oct 25, 2012 at 11:04PM EDT

NEWCOMER! (Not really)

A flying TV with propellers flies in front of HolyCrapItsBob, currently turned off, when it suddenly turns on

“Hello?! Any one there? Oh! A survivor! Am I late? You could use another teammate, right? I got the gadgets that can exterminate any living being! I hope you’re still lasting there, cause I’m dealing with a f*ckery in here!!”
Player Name: Sammy
Bio: A crazy cat with a big heart, he loves teamwork as he does catnip and never lets someone down, but hides this personality until you gain his trust, this lil’ fella knows bout’ technology, designing the deadliest weapons known to humanity. He is not made for direct combat, rather for supporting his teammates with crazy gadgets. Although his complete trust is not earned so easily.

Main Weapon: Satellite Shot (Activates a satellite far away from Earth, making it shoot a devestating laser beam to the location the trigger was shot, the trigger is shot from a Pistol-Sized bazooka).

Status: Currently fighting off hordes of monsters, Check my profile to see my location.
Agility: ★★★
Wit: ★★★
Intelligence: ★★★★★
Combat: ★★

Level: 9 (I already witnessed a lot of things here…)

Oct 26, 2012 at 03:40PM EDT

Marco: S: 1 A: 1 W: 1 I: 1 C: 1 O: 0
Gear: Tire Iron, .45 Magazine, 5 .45 ACP Rounds, 2 Unknown Keys, 2x Foodstuffs
Higgins: S: 2 A: 2 W: 0 I: 0 C: 1 O: 0
Gear: Sharp Pipe

Reminded of his previous obstacle of the locked gate, Higgins mentions a short trip back to help him with an issue. “Sure, What the hell.” Marco says in his most off-hand manner, remembering the man-hole he had seen on the way. The both of them make their way quietly across the station-lot and into the maze of vehicles, sneaking between hulks and passed the toll booth. Seeing that they’re in the clear, they move over to the man-hole, and after pulling off the cap and looking in, Higgins assures Marco that this is the place, and slips in with no hesitation. Reassured by his companion, Marco too drops in. It proves to be the same place indeed, as there remains the path leading towards the gate, and the tunnel leading out to the reservoir.

Penz: S: 0 A: 0 W: 2 I: 2 C: 0 O: 1
Gear: None

The steel door has a small plaque bolted the front reading “Authorized Personnel Only”. You ignore this as you twist the handle and move down the first few steps of a stairwell. Below, you can see that they continue to the ground floor, a pair of doors on the left and right sides at each stop at a new floor, all of them marked with numbers, descending from 30.

Oct 26, 2012 at 07:59PM EDT

>enter through the topmost door.
>make sure it’s propped open for escape purposes.
>explore. knock at each door, do not enter if there is noise in response.
>if there is no response, enter, search for items.
>repeat for each room on the floor.

Oct 26, 2012 at 09:40PM EDT

Paco: S: 0 A: 2 W: 1 I: 1 C: 1 O: 0
Gear: Ugly Hoe, Nails/Screws

Deciding that rotten corn is just your taste, you mosey on over to the patch and start picking the choice bits of oh fuck look at shit its all black and rotten why are you picking this oh fuck the smell Jesus Christ the shit is falling apart and cracking open why oh holy fucking god there’s little bug shits inside the corn and they’re everywhere oh fuck fuck fuck they’re crawling down your arm there’s so many of them oh shit oh god ah they’re everywhere.

Marco: S: 1 A: 1 W: 1 I: 1 C: 1 O: 0
Gear: Tire Iron, .45 Magazine, 5 .45 ACP Rounds, 2 Unknown Keys, 2x Foodstuffs
Higgins: S: 2 A: 2 W: 0 I: 0 C: 1 O: 0
Gear: Sharp Pipe

The gate, as it stands, seems to be in much the same condition: The thick Iron bars remain in their familiar place, the lock, still slightly rusted, with darkness beyond. Though there is no visible end, the same crate sits beyond.

Penz: S: 0 A: 0 W: 2 I: 2 C: 0 O: 1
Gear: None

Quickly formulating your plan, you take a small piece of stone from the stairs and place it in the crook of the stairwell doorway, ensuring your escape. After pocketing a few more as makeshift props, you begin to patter your way to each door. However, your first attempt finds the door locked tight, and as you move to the next one, it too, is locked. You knock cautiously to see if anyone is on the other-side. Your response: A combination of guttural growls, gargles, and whines.

Oct 29, 2012 at 09:17PM EDT

>Move the fuck on, there’s zombies up in that shit.
>Continue looking for unlocked room, using the same procedure to avoid confrontation: knock.

(Yay this isn’t dead yet!)

Oct 29, 2012 at 10:15PM EDT

George: S: 0 A: 1 W: 1 I: 1 C: 0 O: 2
Gear: A Chair Leg (warning- low integrity); Peanut Sack; Ammo- 12GA: x8

Stepping into the store, you’re hit with the smell of cheap plastic, cleaning chemicals, and death. Granted, everything smells like death nowadays, but you’re still a little on edge. You creep around the shop looking for anything of use. Whilst perusing the wares of the shop, you come across a display for, of all things, energy drinks stacked neatly into a pyramid. You shove several (12) into your bag and move on. You find a cardboard box, filled with cables, and start rummaging through them as you hear a CLICK CLICK behind you.

You freeze in place.

“You. You ain’t a walker, are ya?” says an almost timid southern drawl to your 5 o’ clock.

“No sir.” you reply cooly.

“Thank the Lord… I only have one slug left for this here shotty, and I can’t waste it now.” he sighs in relief.

You turn around to see an elderly old man with a cashier’s nametag with big friendly letters that read “Leif”.

“That wouldn’t happen to be a 12 gauge, now would it?” you ask, looking at the weathered pump-action inquisitively.

“Yessir. She’s my last best friend. All th’others died before the shit hit the fan, praise the Almighty.”

You reach into your bag and retrieve the 8 shells you found across the street. You hand them to the old man, who stares at you with a sort of reverence and appreciation, you’d have sworn he just watched you pull a dozen orphans from a burning building.

“I don’t believe it- were’d you even find these?” he asks, increduously.

“Right across the street,” you answer, “there was ammo, but no gun. The only weapon I could get was this.” here you gesture at your pathetic looking chair leg. He nodded and smiled.

“Well then…” he chuckles, “Have I got a present fer you!”

Reaching into the back of his pants, the man pulls out a chrome handgun and brandishes it, proudly. “Found this here peashooter a few doors down, in the hands of a man who, uh… Wasn’t needing it anymore.” he tosses the gun to you, recklessly. You catch it and hit the magazine ejector. You ask if he knows the caliber.

“Yep. Nine millimeter. Not the strongest round in the world, but when ammunitions are scarce like they is now… It’s nice to have such a universal round. Everyone and their dog uses nine mil, so you should be able to find more rounds. You know how to shoot, boy?”

In truth, you had never fired a gun before, but action movies and shooter games make it look like a cakewalk, so you’re not to worried. Regardless, you decide to let the geezer walk you through the proper handling of firearms.

After a short lesson, the man tells you that you’ll be fine. He sticks his hand out to shake yours and you reciprocate. You ask if he’d be willing to team up with you, but he only laughs and shakes his head.

“The way I see it all…,” Lief began, “I’m dead already. The slugs you gave me, which I still thank you for, are only me delayin’ the inevitable… Big, strong guy like you, well, you might make it out of this hell alive. With me at your side, I’d only slow you down, and I ain’t willing to have you risk your life for someone who doesn’t even mind dying. Just promise me something, boy.” here he dropped his head and stopped talking.

“W-what?” you venture, uneasy at the sudden change in demeanor.

“If’n you ever, you know… See me… And it ain’t me… Please, kill me. These, these… Things; zombies, walkers, the undead, whatever you wanna call em… They’re not human. To be one of these things seems like a worse fate than being eaten by them. Just promise me you would shoot me.” he said with his voice filled with a deep anguish that arrested you on the spot.

“Yeah… I promise. And the same goes for me, Leif.”

“Then it’s a deal?”

“It is.” you say, smiling despite the macabre nature of the present conversation.

The man nodded gravely. He insisted you stay with him for the night because he had found a large amount of unransacked food at a nearby grocer, and it was going to spoil without refridgeration. You agree to stay and have dinner, but you tell him you must be moving on afterwards. Lief smiles, content to finally have found a friend here in the wasteland he once called a hometown, no matter how pressing his schedule was.

You eat and drink to your fill, and ask for a quarter of the nonperishable items, which Lief granted with gusto. He stows a canned ham and some vienna sausages into your bag, and once he hands it to you, you inform him you must be off. You once more shake hands and before you leave, he calls out to you, “Please take care of yourself, friend!” and you reply warmly telling him to do the same in so many words. You’re going to miss the old man… You equip the pistol he gave you, and… What’s that…?

Whilst reaching into your peanut sack, you find an old hunting knife, sharpened to a razor edge. You realize that while he was putting in foodstuffs, he must of put in his knife as well. You equip it as a secondary and turn back to the store to see him locking the door and winking.

“I met a BAMF today…” you chuckle to yourself as you head out into the middle of the street. You see lights at what you assume to be townhall on one side, a now semi-lit street to the other, and the ice cream shop you started off this adventure right in front of you. There are also small shops littering the way on either side, but most seem boarded up.

Which way?

Vash: S: 0 A: 2 W: 0 I: 0 C: 2 O: 1
Gear: Tac-Knife w/ (empty) Revolver; Messenger Bag; Teamed with NPC Ashleigh

You feel the need to comfort her more, but she tells you she’s fine. She does, however, hold your hand as you walk towards the gun store, carefully and quietly (all the while eating a banana). You creep up on the storefront, and tell your companion to stick close. (She does so, but a little too closely.) You prop open the door to find it’s pitchblack inside. Not letting down your guard, you move in. Feeling for the lights, Ashleigh caught hold of the switch. Turning on the lights, you become incredibly depressed.

“Completely… Empty…?” slips out of your lips, showcasing your knack for stating the obvious.

“No, there’s something here. I can feel it.” Ashleigh says, suddenly at your side. She walks over to a glass display and pulls the glass back. “See?”


You look to where she was pointing to find 18 rounds of ammunition for your revolver. Overjoyed, you run to her and sweep her off her feet with a hug, only to regain your senses halfway through, put her down, and apologize. She only laughs a little and tells you it’s ok, collecting the rounds and handing them to you. You load your pistol with a satisfying click, and ask Ashleigh if she’s ready to go.

Mega: S: 0 A: 2 W: 0 I: 1 C: 1 O: 1
Gear: Monkeywrench; Kevin the Plunger; Schoolbag; Teamed with Jeff

Jeff Winger: S: 1 A: 0 W: 1 I: 1 C: 0 O: 2
Gear: Crowbar; Mannequin Arm; Fashionable Handbag; Teamed With Mega

Walking into the store, you’re greeted with two zombies, both of which are quite agro, and for no apparent reason no less. You engage them, lunging at the one on your respective sides. As Mega struck, he felt another rush of experience as the zombie simply fell to its knees, dead. Jeff took longer, finally shoving his crowbar into the eyesocket of the undead one with the alacrity of a puma. As he drew the weapon out of its skull, he too felt the rush of experience run through him from head to toe. Looking through the store, they find human remains around where they first saw the walkers, and nothing much of use as this is a haberdashery, and neither of you see a hat that you’d wear. As you look outside, the 10 zombies you saw on the street are simply standing in front of the shop, waiting. You could wait for them to leave, or walk into the next shop through a small door towards the back of the haberdashery. Wat do?

Oct 30, 2012 at 02:06AM EDT

Paco: S: 0 A: 2 W: 1 I: 1 C: 1 O: 0
Gear: Ugly Hoe, Nails/Screws

You spend the next ten minutes desperately flicking off the horde of ravenous little beetles, one at a time, until you stand proud over a mound a partially smashed insects. So brave.
Deciding to head north, you check the way the sun is falling, and to your dismay, you see that it has fallen low just over the horizon. Utilizing your Boy Scout training, you realize that north leads close to the building you saw, and make your way out.
The journey itself is uneventful, as you pass through a maze of untamed growth and woodland, few animals or other creatures alive to greet you in any manner. Eventually, you reach the edge of the woods, and and see the sub-urban outskirts of a city, the building still a fair distance into the far more urban districts. There are many small homes and crashed or ruined vehicles about, as well as a main road leading into the city.

Marco: S: 1 A: 1 W: 1 I: 1 C: 1 O: 0
Gear: Tire Iron, .45 Magazine, 5 .45 ACP Rounds, 2 Unknown Keys, 2x Foodstuffs
Higgins: S: 2 A: 2 W: 0 I: 0 C: 1 O: 0
Gear: Sharp Pipe

The crate takes Marco’s interest immediately, as he quickly smashes the lock into pieces with a few good swings of his iron, before kicking the gate ajar and moving to the wooden wonder. It is unmarked, save for a single large blue sticker reading “P/AfCS”. Together, you bash open the thing and let spill a collection of packing peanuts and foam containers. You open one that catches your eye, and you find smooth, dark plastic, with a flat screen. Opening more, you realize this crate holds computer parts, as well as some unusual batteries.

Penz: S: 0 A: 0 W: 2 I: 2 C: 0 O: 1
Gear: None

You quickly descend the stairwell, checking every door as you go. Whoever locked up here did a fine job, as the only open door you find is at the very bottom of the well. After trying the handle just enough to see it isn’t locked, you knock three times. You hear a few growls from far above, but nothing directly beyond.

Oct 30, 2012 at 07:53AM EDT

>Wear one of the hats anyway because let’s face it man I look good in everything

Oct 30, 2012 at 04:02PM EDT

>investigate surroundings

(not really much I can do this turn, sorry)

(Also Patrick, you haven’t written a turn for madcat in a while, did you forget about him?)

Oct 30, 2012 at 04:09PM EDT

>enters quietly, bracing one of the collected doorstops to use as a weapon, just in case.

Oct 30, 2012 at 04:50PM EDT

>look for motorcycles, just cause. If I find one, get some some gas for that sunbitch and ride it out of town, into the rolling hills of the country surrounding wherever we are, with ashleigh at my back and the wind in my hair.
>if the search is unsuccesful, look for more survivors, revolver in hand.

Nov 01, 2012 at 01:45AM EDT

First off, you’re right, I have abandoned madcat for a little bit, and I’m sorry and I meant nothing by it… It’s just I needed to force you three into a team because where you are right now, you won’t find any NPCs to increase your chances of survival. So, again… Sorry, madcat :/

Barry Bonds: S: 2 A: 2 W: 0 I: 0 C: 1 O: 0
Gear:junior sized metal bat

Fumbling with the keys, you shove each of them into the lock, desperately yanking each incorrect key out and trying the next. After 8 tries, you hear a click.

You gasp.

Turning your wrist, the lock can now be opened. Shaking, you slowly open the case when you hear the door behind you creak open. You snatch the bat and cradle it as you turn around to find

Mega: S: 0 A: 2 W: 0 I: 1 C: 1 O: 1
Gear: Monkeywrench; Kevin the Plunger; Schoolbag; Teamed with Jeff

Jeff Winger: S: 1 A: 0 W: 1 I: 1 C: 0 O: 2
Gear: Crowbar; Mannequin Arm; Fashionable Handbag (and hat); Teamed With Mega

You walk in to find a man holding on to a rather impressive bat for dear life and are greeted with the sound of breaking glass.

Suffice to say, the zombies that were previously outside are now inside. You can run, or you can engage them. I’d suggest choosing one of these quickly.

Last edited Nov 01, 2012 at 02:00AM EDT
Nov 01, 2012 at 01:57AM EDT

>equip golden bat
>team up with Jeff and Mega
>tell them I’m fine with fighting or running

Nov 01, 2012 at 06:58AM EDT

>Equip bat
>Fuck some shit up while looking damn good

Nov 02, 2012 at 04:18PM EDT

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