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Please… We know the magic can destroy your toys like paper. If one simple hedgehog could defeat you, why not a demi-god with dark magic who can destroy a planet?

Jul 17, 2013 at 06:09PM EDT



natsu dragneel flying on top of atlas flame, a hell flame dragon with a body completely made of the fires of hell. and that dragon is his uncle.

would you like it extra crispy?

and now i am ending this because this is a roleplay thread, not a mecha vs magic thread and i want this to end now before it escalates. PLEASE. EVERYONE JUST CONTINUE WITH THE STORY.

Jul 17, 2013 at 06:10PM EDT

Zarathh wrote:



MasterBurner doesn’t usually post until late at night… so it’ll be a while before we get there.


Quoting this so it isn’t overlooked. Just take control of Burner’s character and have her teleport us to LOCAF.

Jul 17, 2013 at 06:11PM EDT



Yeah, I agree. GET ON WITH IT.

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Jul 17, 2013 at 06:11PM EDT

Medic wrote:


I know… I am really confuse.

NM : Archdemon? Yes, I am a High Rank demon like you Malcom… But a question, why are you doing here? Are you here to help us? Or what?

Maledict: We shed that Human name and body long ago. We am but ourselves, A demon. Or, should we say… Devil.
we were sent to this backwater universe, as punishment for klutzing up the invasion of earth.
However, we quickly rose through the ranks, through an automation of the demon making process, which various other universes already have, And, eventually, I killed the leader and usurped his position.

Demons like you Always need “Help”, so you say.
You need no help at all. we are merely here to test my new… “Armor” As we shall call it.

And I must ask: Why are you here without your legions of followers? Once that body deteriorates, you’ll need a new one. Or have you solved that problem?

But it really doesn’t matter if we die. Another demon shall take my place. That’s the way it all goes. Sad, isn’t it? Nothing lasts forever.

Oh, but it IS magic!
An entirely new suit reforms
All it takes is simple parlor tricks to fool somebody.
In truth, he hed not expected THAT much raw power. He had, instead, created a newer, stronger, set of armor that could stand up that that kind of raw magical energy.
heh, heh, we have no true need for you two. However, If you could assist us in our conquest of earth, that would be helpful. Would make it a lot easier.

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Jul 17, 2013 at 06:13PM EDT

Actually OOC:

I know, I know, I was just messing around. Sorry ’bout that.

Anyways, Captain Spark, would it be feasible that a separate party from outside of Robotropolis come to my rescue if they were piloting an air vehicle? Because that’s kind of what I had in mind.

Jul 17, 2013 at 06:21PM EDT


General Barker stands defiantly facing Renegade, the Tengu’s still at the ready

General Barker: Heh…
And with that the nanomachines within Renegades body go into a rapid state and begin stabbing away at his nervous systems, crippling him to the floor, on top of this his mind is flooded with emotion suppression which completely removes all aggression. The pain is incredible and simply can’t be resisted against, its just that intense
General Barker: Im done ‘ere, get him off the ship and lets be done with it..
Tengu: Sir!
The Tengu units move in and apprehend Renegade
General Barker: We don’t strike up defensive pacts with people we don’t even know buddy…


Crow: The Crow knows that you do not fully understand the true expanses of its capabilities. Nothing can be hid from it as it knows all, this conversation has already been held infinite times each instance bearing the same result, the crow moves like a slider upon the hoop of the rails of time at every point, experiencing all moments at every moment.

Crow: The Crow cannot die for it is already dead, dying and alive, every spectrum of every state of existence, the crow exists upon. The Crow is the true law that all must heed.
The god has a peck at its wings, just like any other bird would
Crow: The Crow treats all those who submit to it to lives of peace and order. Those who do not submit seek only to topple the order and cause unrest to the crows craftsmanship, the lives of the many greatly outweigh the lives of the few…..they are all given the choice, this choice. Have faith in the crow and join the omniversal society of Loyalists or do not and become the hindrance, a heretic.

Meanwhile Sam gives his goodbye to Flandre and the others and makes his way out of the mess hall and to the tram station

Seeing all of those faces has bought back some real old memories.. and feelings

He gets into a tram and punches in a few buttons, it moves off down the line

Time for a bit of reminiscing, just me by myself for once, a little alone time….

Sam makes his way to the massive Heaven cargo deck via the tram by himself…


“Relius: Thank you, program. How much longer until we arrive at our destination?”

Superintendent: I am unsure Commander, however it should not be much longer now

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Jul 17, 2013 at 06:32PM EDT

@everyone going to guild hall

ASSUMING DIRECT CONTROL!!! (just for this)

meredith takes everyone back to the guild hall. the people there are happy to see everyone back there in one piece. although theres something off about the members here. the people that went to fight eggman didnt know that their home town was raided by balloon masters forces.


lisanna walks up to natsu and hugs him, with mixed feelings

Lisanna: natsu, were so glad you guys are alright. but…

Natsu: whats wrong? what happened here.

Makarov: mavis, did something hapen while we were gone?

mavis flies from the stage and in front of everybody.

Mavis: infortunately makarov, yes. everyone is a bit surprised

Lucy: well, what happened?

Mavis: while you were on your mission inside eggmans ark. the town was under attacked by a group of advanced soldiers wielding katanas. they were trying to capture our citizens and cut down anyone who tried to escape.

everyone is stunned by this

mavis: i intervened and defeated the intruders before they escaped. but not after already causing enough harm to the town. and a demon also tried to destroy the town as well, but it managed to wreak enough damage to the city before it was banished. im sorry everyone, i wish that i could have done more to save those people that were killed. i wish i did more.

there is a mix of ssadness and anger amongst the wizards.

Makarov: completely outraged that damn balloon master. hes responsible for this attack. it has to be.

Erza: i swear were going to make him pay for even stepping foot on our lands. i will make him suffer for his insolence.

Gajeel: hes fucking dead, him and his entire damn army.

Gray: were gonna get revenge for not just our people, but all the others that bastard had killed. hes gonna regret ever being born.

Natsu: wraps one arm around lisanna i promise you all, im going to make sure that there is not even a trace of his memory left on our planet, let alone our home. im going to make sure that his damn empire fears us. i will burn it all down, down to the very core. ILL MAKE SURE THAT THERES NOT EVEN ASHES LEFt OVER FROM HIM. HES GONNA PAY FOR THIS!!!!

Asura: im impressed, though im still more than capable with dealing with such a nuisance. and dont think about comparing me to yourself. im the demon god of madness, the very manifestation of fear and insanity. these are the things that dwell within every single being that exists. so my existence is eternal. and with the black blood that flows through me, my physical capabilities are far beyond than that of any normal demon. and do as you wish with that planet. we are only here for the emeralds. nothing more. so now get out of my site.

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Jul 17, 2013 at 06:44PM EDT

Maledict:…Our defeats are inevitable, however.
We are… Villains, as we shall put it. In fantasy, the villian is more often than not, defeated, like this story.
How about this offer, You help us conquer the planet, WE’LL help you get the emeralds.
But, if you don’t want this magnificent deal, We have no problem just… leaving.

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Jul 17, 2013 at 06:50PM EDT

Renegade can no longer act… nanomachines have literally cut off all movement. He falls to the floor, conscious and feeling every agonizing moment of the machines. He hears the general’s words, and sighs to himself.
Renegade: I have failed, Lyra…
He is dragged by the guards, being carried away. To where is unknown, but he knows wherever it is, was perhaps designed to “finish” him.

Jul 17, 2013 at 06:53PM EDT

Tsunarmin: Who’s this guy you’re talking about?

…Must try to calm down a bit…)

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Jul 17, 2013 at 07:02PM EDT


Asura: i simply dont have the time nor the patience to take over a planet which has less value to me than the chaos emeralds. if you wish to help us in obtaining them than your more than welcome. other than that i will not bother with that planet. so its your call. im fine with either choice you make.

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Jul 17, 2013 at 07:03PM EDT


NM : Punishment?
NM give Maledict a little laught.
NM : Heh… Yes, I remember the plan for invasion of earth… Was a total failure because of you… Being defeated by a mortal with no name with his stupid toys.

… That was… pathetic.

NM : But everyone learns from their mistakes… And my “followers” are in the other side of the portal. They are in the nwe ship that I gonna use later. And I resolve the problem with the deterioration long ago. My body can be destroyed, but can be regenerated instantly. That bothers me a bit, the inability to die, you know? Wandering in the universe forever…

It would be appreciated that you help us in our mission… Get the Chaos emeralds. The planet… We don’t want the planet, is dead, full of machines.

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Jul 17, 2013 at 07:17PM EDT


Relius: Ah, yes. Very well then.
He snaps his fingers again, and Ignis disappears from the room.
Relius: Now, if you will excuse me, I need to get back to my work… Shoo.


AM: I do not know. I can only recollect an instant hatred from my creator

Bang: Tell me, AM, what is currently going on with the Novus Orbis Librarium and their evil “Loyalists”.

Kokonoe’s lab actually didn’t teleport all that far away from Magnolia. She should be in walking distance of it.

@Fairy Tail,

Hakumen steps forward.
Hakumen: This is a travesty indeed. However, justice shall always triumph over the likes of darkness and corruption. You shall all get your vengeance on the Balloon Master later. My blade shall return all to nothing.
He then crosses his arms and goes back to being silent.

Jul 17, 2013 at 07:17PM EDT

Maledict: we are… A nice being, at the very least nicer than our colleagues. If you don’t want to help, so be it. goodbye.
Ahh, that’s good. But still, THE FUCKER COULD RUN AT 90 MILES PER HOUR! HOW THE HELL WERE WE SUPPOSED TO HIT THAT? I bid you good day.
And with that, Maledict disappears

Suddenly, Maledict shoots the guards carrying Renegade, using his armor.
Maledict: we’re not done with you.
He grabs Renegade, and teleports back to the OFC, or wherever the hell Renegade’s allies are at

…You’re Welcome.

Maledict: Aww, Just leaving without us, what a shame!
Maledict poofs out

suddenly, Maledict teleports right in front of Mavis
Maledict: Who said we were gone? And, we are DREADFULLY sorry for that attack. we actually WANTED that corrupted heart gone. Is was a… soul jar, shell we say. I’d be glad to refurbish the damages and bring back all those who were killed.

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Jul 17, 2013 at 07:20PM EDT


Jul 17, 2013 at 07:24PM EDT



Um… You do realize that Hakumen is standing right there. You know, the white knight that will stop at nothing to purge evil and corruption from existence… with the unbreakable sword that can actually destroy immortals/things that can regenerate really fast, and render them useless… It’s just a warning.

Jul 17, 2013 at 07:27PM EDT

OOC: Not exactly possible right now. Besides, it would be literally impossible for me to transfer everything. And need I repeat it’s worked PERFECTLY FINE up until now?
…F**k it. Might as well just go offline for now. It’s probably the damn connection that’s CAUSING the BSoDs, anyway.

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Jul 17, 2013 at 07:28PM EDT


Hakumen senses Maledict’s demonic presence standing in front of Mavis. He unsheathes his sword.

Hakumen: Hmph.
Hakumen puts up a pure white aura around himself. It’s like he is literally glowing to everyone who can see it.
Hakumen: It appears that you are foolish, Dark One. You stand in front of me here and now! This is a death-wish!
He points the massive nodachi at Maledict.

Hakumen: This will be your end!

Maledict can feel his knees starting to lock up, and his legs begin to tremble from Hakumen’s presence… He also begins feeling rather sick as well.

Hakumen jumps forward and delivers a massive downward slash at Maledict’s back, leaving a gaping wound that cannot be healed on his back. The properties of his sword allow him to negate all the effects of an enemy, whether it be immortality, regeneration, or the likes… That wound can never be healed abnormally. The cut also burns with great intensity, like nothing he has ever felt before.

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Jul 17, 2013 at 07:53PM EDT




The Superintendent hologram vanishes out of sight


AM: You must understand that I do not have any connections therefore I can not give you certainties on happenings, all of my answers are based off of extremely accurate long term predictions. The NOL are currently resting and training in their camps, the Loyalists are doing the same.

OOC: Im done for tonight, I cant stay awake any longer, g’night all

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Jul 17, 2013 at 07:59PM EDT

Zarathh wrote:


Hakumen senses Maledict’s demonic presence standing in front of Mavis. He unsheathes his sword.

Hakumen: Hmph.
Hakumen puts up a pure white aura around himself. It’s like he is literally glowing to everyone who can see it.
Hakumen: It appears that you are foolish, Dark One. You stand in front of me here and now! This is a death-wish!
He points the massive nodachi at Maledict.

Hakumen: This will be your end!

Maledict can feel his knees starting to lock up, and his legs begin to tremble from Hakumen’s presence… He also begins feeling rather sick as well.

Hakumen jumps forward and delivers a massive downward slash at Maledict’s back, leaving a gaping wound that cannot be healed on his back. The properties of his sword allow him to negate all the effects of an enemy, whether it be immortality, regeneration, or the likes… That wound can never be healed abnormally. The cut also burns with great intensity, like nothing he has ever felt before.

Maledict: You greatly disappoint us.
Looking closer, there seems to be… nothing inside. Maledict is just a shell, this just being a projection.
we SHOULD kill you right here, and now, but we will not. Scum like you, who fight for some sort of “Morality” deserve death. You have displeased us, and shall be dealt with eventually. Have fun trying to kill the balloon master, because WE sure as hell are not helping.
Maledict suddenly disappears. He thinks to himself.
Maledict: Ugh. EVERYONE wants to kill us, JUST for being the devil. Geez, man. We NEED some job security.

OOC: He AINT dying yet.

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Jul 17, 2013 at 08:09PM EDT


Hakumen: Coward! Reveal yourself!
Upon further inspection, Hakumen cannot locate Maledict’s presence anymore since he is no longer here…
Hakumen: Such tactics are used by the weak…
The Silver Knight sheathes the sword on his back, and crosses his arms again.
Hakumen: A pity. A corrupted soul that does not deserve to belong in this universe…


I was just doing what Hakumen would do if a demon was standing right there in the same room as him.

Jul 17, 2013 at 08:19PM EDT

Suddenly, Maledict’s voice pops into Hakumen’s head
Maledict: HEY! IT’S NOT OUR FAULT WE WERE BORN A DEMON! AND IT WASN’T OUR FAU-oh, yeah that WAS our fault that we screwed up the invasion of Doomguy’s earth, and we got sent to THIS backwater universe. We don’t think we were supposed to say that. Anyways, why do people have to be so insensitive of other people feelings? Asshole.
He disconnects from hakumen, and pops into Mavis
Maledict; The offer’s still on the table, despite hakumen being a jackass.

In the style of the walking dead game:
Maledict will remember that

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Jul 17, 2013 at 08:26PM EDT

@everyone in the guild hall

Hakumen: thank you hakumen: that demon was the one responsible for destroying part of the town before i banished it. you are truly a noble warrior. im happy that your here with us.

Makarov: indeed. now, if youll excuse me, i need to report all this to the magic council.

Mirajane: your leaving so soon?

Makarov: not yet. ill leave tommorow morning, i just need to prepare what to tell them. theres so much going on for just me to explain. but im sure judging by our history, theyle believe what i have to say. now everyone, HIT THE DAMN SHOWERS.

makarov leaves and enters his office nearby

Erza: okay listen up everyone. men, the hot spring baths are there to your left side. points to the other end of the hall. women, with us in here * she opens a door that leads to their hot springs nearby.* inside there is a room to leave your clothes to be washed and cleaned. than pick up a towel and continue on into the hot spring room.

Mirajane: there are rows of stools with sinks and mirrors on each side of the room with a bath with the spring in the middle. make sure you rinse off all the soap before entering the springs.

and with that being said, the fairy tail team head to their spring rooms. when you go in, there is a small hallway that leads to a changing room with towels, blue robes for after the baths, ther and a clothing bin to put dirty clothes in. then after that you enter another door that leads to an outdoor hotspring, looking exacty like a regular japanese hot spring surrounded by bamboo walls, rocks and patches of tall grass. on opposite sides of the springs there are spots to scrub and wash yourselves with various soaps and shampoos that are there before entering the springs

Mavis: we do not sully ourselves with the likes of demons such as yourselves. now leave us.

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Jul 17, 2013 at 08:29PM EDT

Maledict: You know what? Fuck it, we’re going to do it anyways.
Maledict magically repairs all of the damage caused by him.
He cuts contact with everyone in the LOCAF, but still observes.
Geez, SOME people just don’t like demons. Racist fucks.

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Jul 17, 2013 at 08:35PM EDT

OOC: your a demon from hell, were the good guys. what do you expect? and just havev the damages repaired. the whole revival business in this thread is really restricted. especially in that scale.

@everyone in the hot springs in the guild hall.


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Jul 17, 2013 at 08:38PM EDT

@Maledict A demon from the hell… being good… Malcom you really dissappoint me

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Jul 17, 2013 at 08:43PM EDT

So since Asura is about to show some HOT PLOT ACTION.
If you thought the Reimu’ mom syndrome would be over, I give you..

Jul 17, 2013 at 08:48PM EDT

Medic wrote:

@Maledict A demon from the hell… being good… Malcom you really dissappoint me

suddenly, Maledict contacts NM
As you can plainly tell, We are having a bit of a bad day here. But things will change, soon. We swear on it.

Beautiful. Just… Beautiful.

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Jul 17, 2013 at 08:50PM EDT

OOC: im waiting on responses. so until then, prepare your bodies for a whole day of hot spring plot.

Jul 17, 2013 at 09:04PM EDT

Reimu and Marisa follow the girls into the girl’s hot spring…

Yukari: “Oh but there are things that can be hidden from you~”

To the crow, Yukari’s mind is blank. He can’t read it, and she seems to have sealed off that ability to do that to her… in fact she has become an alien force he can’t control or see past at all.

“Cause really a girl has to exercise her boundaries, don’t you agree?”

She puts away her umbrella…

“Anyways, I am well aware that the system you are trying to establish wouldn’t have ever needed to be established if you actually created the world I was born in, so I am fully aware that you didn’t wake up until recently. Sorry, but you can keep your black and white loyalist system to yourself. Enjoy your false choruses of praise while you can~”

And with that she is gone, Yuyuko waving a few times before vanishing as well…

Ooc: And yeah. Figured that’s the only way something would be allowed to go down if anything could go down. If you have a complaint you can submit it into that trash can complaint box over there.


Asura hears a familiar buzzing, and a very large rip appears, dumping out Yukari, Yuyuko, and Youmu

Yukari: “Ah, where are we now? Space Ship of sorts? Great, this will come in handy for oxygen breathing types later. Anyways, gathered a mini army. This is Yuyuko, Mistress of the Netherworld and her Servant Youmu Konpaku.”

Yuyuko: “Pleased to meet you all~”

Yukari: “I have also convinced my prisoners to assist in our operations. But I will wait to introduce them until later~”

Jul 17, 2013 at 09:12PM EDT

Asura, The Anti-Fun. wrote:

OOC: im waiting on responses. so until then, prepare your bodies for a whole day of hot spring plot.

Doomguy and ken walk towards the male hot springs.

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Jul 17, 2013 at 09:23PM EDT


Before Fairy Tail leaves for the spa.

Hakumen: There is no need to thank me. It is my duty to purge the evil and corruption that plagues this world. This is what I have dedicated my life to.
He looks over back to the group with the eyes in the back of his armor.

The group then leave for the hot springs without Hakumen and Tager following them…

The Silver Knight continues to look at Mavis with the eyes adorned on his armor.
Hakumen: It seems that they are leaving us… Hmph.

Tager walks over to Hakumen, shaking the floor with each step. The Red Devil has stayed behind because water and machinery do not mix very well. He then taps Hakumen on the shoulder.
Tager: Hakumen, your armor…

Hakumen: Ah, yes. This is what I needed to ask you. Do you have anywhere that I can polish my armor at? It has been dirtied from the time I have been here.
The armor does look a tad dirty. Not as shiny as it usually is.

Kokonoe then bursts through the front doors of the guild hall, having walked all the way here. This is only the second time she has appeared in person. Also note that all of the other screens have disappeared into thin air since she is around.
Kokonoe: Not a bad place you have here.
She walks over to Hakumen, Tager, and Mavis.

Hakumen turns his head to Kokonoe.
Hakumen: What are you doing here, Grimalkin?

He looks a bit confused as to why Kokonoe would come out of her lab, seeing as she NEVER DOES.
Tager: Kokonoe? Is something wrong?

Kokonoe: Cut me a break. Even though I spend all my time in there doesn’t mean that I want to get out once and a while. There sure as shit isn’t anything better to do around there.
She then looks around, looking for the group.
Kokonoe: Where the hell did they run off to?

@Fairy Tail.

Flandre enters the female hotspring with Juvia with a smile on her face.

Meanwhile Nu and Ragna are in the hallway arguing.

Nu: But Nu wants to go with you, Ragna!

Ragna: For the last time, these things are separated by genders! You can’t be with me all the time!
Ragna then begins to think to himself.
Ragna: She hasn’t tried to kill me yet… Just what the hell has gotten into her? Do they not have control over her anymore…? Whatever.

Nu: Do you not love Nu?
She looks at him a bit sad.

Ragna stays quiet in response to this…
Ragna: Look, just don’t follow me in there. Got that?

She looks down at the floor.
Nu: Okay…

Ragna walks off to the male hotsprings area.

Nu floats above the ground and into the girls area..

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Jul 17, 2013 at 09:28PM EDT

@hakumen, tager, and kokonoe

Mavis: ah, its nice to finally see you kokonoe. if you want to go were the girls are, they are there getting ready to hit the hot springs. she points to the door to the girls springs. you can join them if you want. its quite refreshing to have a nice hot soak like that. do go ahead.

turns to hakumen and tager

mavis: theres a back area of the guild hall. it leads to a nice view of the lake. if you want anyone to assist you. we can help. lisanna walks up to tager and hakumen

lisanna: i would be more than happy to help in polishing your armours if you want. i can get the polishing oils and scrubs to get you sparkling again.

Mavis: thank you lisanna. she can assist with you two if you need.
@ the females springs
all of the girls are led to a changing room. inside are towels, blue robes and a clothing bin for dirty clothes.

Erza: alright, for those new here, put your clothes in the bin. theyll be washed by morning. take a towel and a blue robe and then go outside. when your outside scrubbing, make sure you wash yourselves up and rinse off the soap before entering the actual springs to relax. now that that all of thats taken care of.

*she activates her requip magic and is completely naked in front of the girls. she takes a towel and blue robe and hand carries them all as she heads out the door to the spring outside.

one of the other guild members is there as well. she has short blue hair, smaller than most of the other girls there, but same as reimus hight.

her name is Levy Mcgarden

Levy: okay girls you her her. also after were done in the hot springs. you can follow us to the back of the guild hall were we can meet up with the others after and keep eachother company.

mirajane: we also have refreshments there for everyone as well.

Lucy: well, than lets. what are we waiting for?

all the girls there proceed to remove all of their clothes and throwing them in the bin.

juvia helps flandre out a bit while also removing her own as well.

Juvia: JuVia wash your clothes myself so that way you can go back to sam right after were done okay?
@the mens room
Gray: okay like was said before so we dont have to repeat ourselves again got it? clothes in the bin and theyll be washed by morning. youll be crashing at a nearby in that the others have already made for you. luckily were not being charged for it so its all good.

Natsu: okay okay, we get it, lets just hit the springs man.

everyone begins to strip down and throw their clothes in the bin before taking their towels and robes outside.
@yukari and friends
Asura: ah, welcome. right now we are currently on the ship of the forces of darkness. led by medic. ive descided to have him join us in our grand plan. he can be very useful to us.

asura can feel something from yuyuko. but ultimately, her soul taking powers have no effect at all on him.

Asura: well, nice to meet you two. im sure you can be most useful. turns to yukari so, what is it exactly that these two can do and how will they assist us in our endeavours?

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Jul 17, 2013 at 10:11PM EDT

Surprisingly enough, Doomguy still has his helmet on.
Doomguy: I just really don’t like showing my face, okay? Also, I’m not sure, but they MIGHT have a bit of a rough time cleaning all the blood and guts off my armor. God knows how many demons I killed while wearing that.
Kenshiro is just meditating, taking the time to catch up and return to the peak of his training.

Jul 17, 2013 at 10:59PM EDT

@Mavis and Lisanna,

Kokonoe: A hot spring, eh? It’s been years since I’ve seen one of those… Eh, sure. Why the hell not.
She turns to look up at Tager.
Kokonoe: Tager, I want you to stay here with this girl and get polished up. ’Kay?
The Neko walks off towards the female hot springs area.

Tager raises an eyebrow at Kokonoe.
Tager: Roger that.
He then turns his attention towards Lisanna.
Tager: I do thank you for the offer. My gauntlets do need to be polished again… Just please be very careful with them. They’re made up of extremely complex machinery.

Hakumen’s eyes look towards Lisanna.
Hakumen: Thank you for the offer, young one. I accept your offer. Lead on so we can get back into pique conditions.


Flandre happily lets Juvia help her out here.
She doesn’t even seem to mind what is currently happening…

Nu looks around a bit shyly at everything, not really knowing what to do without Ragna. She has something similar in relation to Erza’s requip ability, so she just teleports her outfit off of her. However the BlazBlue she has for an eyepatch she leaves on. She never takes it off. Nu then quietly makes her way to get the robes, and follows Erza without saying a word.

Kokonoe opens the door to the female changing rooms, and is immediately overwhelmed by what she sees before her. She then begins to think to herself.
Kokonoe: My god… I feel like the smallest one here.
She looks around a bit distressed before undergoing the same procedure as all the girls before her.


Ragna: Alright then.
He tosses his battle jacket off into a bin, which makes a very loud “THUD!” sound when it hits the bottom of the bin. He then lays Blood Scythe up against a nearby wall. After that he takes off his other black jacket, and the traditional black hakama (pants) of his, along with the shoes and everything else. He then unwraps the BlazBlue arm of his. Everyone can see that it is completely black with glowing red lines going all the way up it and to his shoulder, some getting on his chest. In fact, it doesn’t even look like a hand. It looks more like a claw of sorts.
Ragna: … Damn this thing.
Ragna then makes his way to go grab a robe and follow all the other guys.

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OOC: Alright, rewinding to the point where Robotnik makes his way past the Hunters.


Robotnik continues after his encounter, having just walked past a group of Hunters which paid him no mind.

Robotnik: I’ve got to find a way to the surface. According to my calculations, I’m now just beneath the surface, but I’ve yet to find a way to access it.

Robotnik contacts his SWATbot group.

Robotnik: Well? Have you begun your assault?

SWATbot: No, sir. We have yet to locate an exit to the surface.

Robotnik: Then make a way, you idiots! Blow a blasted hole in the tunnel and get up there!

SWATbot: … We do not possess any explosive weaponry.

Robotnik: THEN FIND SOME!!!

SWATbot: Yes, sir.

Robotnik: Stupid SWATbot models. Good for absolutely nothing…

… ah, well! Time to figure out how I’m going to be getting out of here!

Jul 17, 2013 at 11:17PM EDT

She snaps out of whatever was controlling her for a second, and rubs her head. She then realizes that whaerver was controlling her for that brief second had her teleport everyone to LOCAF. She turns and looks in a random direction, but if it was a TV show, she would be looking directly at the camera.

That wasn’t cool whichever one you “puppeteers” decided to control me for that second. But, I’ll let it slide.
She turns and continues to look at the planet. Due to the height Fiore is at, if anyone looked up, they would see the room she is in. She throws her hands up for a second in a sort of “forget it” manner, and places the planet on the table, as it floats there, she makes sure that it can’t be moved or altered in any way as she teleports herself to her tower.

Now, let’s clean up, and choose that “Reality” for me to borrow powers from.
She quickly showers, and moves into a large room with a single book in it. The book is nothing special, just large, brown, and has the word “Realities” written on the cover. She turns to a page and presses her finger on to the word “Pokemon”, and it turns bold. She smiles as she feels the various moves being added to her roster. She does all of this in about ten minutes.

Maybe I’ll head over to Fairy Tail now since I put all of those safety measures for this planet in place. But I’m sure not joining them in those hot springs.
She does just that, teleporting herself into the main room of the guild hall.

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Jul 17, 2013 at 11:27PM EDT

She sighs, a bit

Well, I was kind of told to do this by forces outside our powers. So, here goes. Also, sorry for this.
She teleports Lyra and her “crew” to the guild hall

Someone wants a word with you, not sure who, but it involves the “Orbital Friendship Cannon”. If you need me, I’m going to be playing Animal Crossing until this “intermission” is done or I’m otherwise needed.
She pulls out her 3DS and begins playing New Leaf.

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Jul 18, 2013 at 12:18AM EDT

Renegade was transported by Maledict out of the Heaven, numbed and beaten heavily. He is returned to the OFC, and Maledict speaks to him.
Renegade: Demon… I never thought I would be saying this… but thank you.
He breathes raspily, but still cannot move. The demon is satisfied, and poofs out. Lyra and the others witness the entire exchange, and rush to Renegade.
Lyra: Renegade! Oh God… you’re paralyzed.
She places her claw on his back, and uses sensors to analyze him. She detects the nanobots inside, and smirks.
Lyra: Shadow Moses Incident era? Bitch, please…
She uses her cannon now, and changes the weapon switch to the Sonic Disruptor.
Lyra: This’ll be quick Renegade… I’m going to shut off the bots permanently…
She charges the cannon, removes the clothing blocking his spine, and finds he has a long, black tail. She seems surprised, almost shocked that he does. She aims the cannon and fires it directly onto the tip of his tail, sending a pulse directly into him. He convulses for a moment, and he stops as his tail swings slowly.
Lyra: You can thank me later…
She laughs a bit, and picks him up.
Lyra: You never told me you had a cat’s tail!
She seems amused at this. Renegade slowly but surely gains his balance, but stands unsteadily.
Renegade: Had it since I could remember.
Suddenly, Meredith appears in the OFC, and without any other warning, teleports the entire OFC crew somewhere…
Meredith: Someone wants a word with you, not sure who, but it involves the “Orbital Friendship Cannon”. If you need me, I’m going to be playing Animal Crossing until this “intermission” is done or I’m otherwise needed.
She pulls out a 3DS. The crew, not even realizing she appeared, let alone teleported them, look around in confusion at where they’re at.
Renegade: Always into something…
Lyra checks the scenery, analyzing it…
Lyra: Huh… we aren’t on the OFC anymore…
Ash: So where are we?
Lyra: The Land of Color and Frogs… this is a planet. Not the one Nightmare had planned to go to… but still…
Discord: What’s on here?
Lyra: If you would let me finish! Had you listened to our… “pale” friend here…
She points to Meredith, who only grunts in response as she plays the 3DS…
Lyra: Someone invited us here. I’m skeptical… but if they really are seeking to help end this conflict, we should take them up on their offer. Besides, it’s not like the reception you got was warm, Renegade. Got any better ideas?
He shakes his head.
Lyra: Then we’re off. Where do we go, mysterious stranger?
She asks Meredith.

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Jul 18, 2013 at 12:47AM EDT

She simply shrugs a bit

Look Lyra and crew, you’re just going to have to wait a bit for our… “puppeteers” to return. Also, basically everyone except for those you see in the room with you are in the hot springs. I truly suggest waiting. If you want to watch a movie or something just tell me. We’re in a sort of “intermission” right now, so we have time for that.

Also, I’m not a “mysterious stranger” if you knew the name of my session planet, then you should know mine. It’s Meredith, in case you didn’t know. Also referred to as “MasterBurner” and “The Soul of Space”. But seriously, sit back and wait.

(That’s it for me for tonight.)
Jul 18, 2013 at 01:02AM EDT


Hakumen turns around, now sensing Renegade’s and Discord’s presence in the Guild Hall. He then turns to face the new group.
Hakumen: What is this presence I sense?
The eyes on Hakumen’s armor all look to examine the OFC crew that had just appeared here. They are moving noticeably, and it looks rather bizarre.
Hakumen: What is it you seek, angel?
Even though Hakumen knew nothing about Renegade, he was still able to tell by his aura.
Hakumen: Why have you come here?

Renegade and Discord can sense something strange about Hakumen… His aura is powerful, but also rather intimidating. Not to mention his blank white mask is very bizarre to say the least. He seems like the kind that you would not want to mess with…

Jul 18, 2013 at 01:04AM EDT

Hakumen approaches the OFC crew now, and as he nears, Renegade has to look up at this gargantuan. Discord senses the coldblooded nature of this swordsman, and he immediately leans over to Renegade.

Discord: I’m not the only one who’s scared shitless, am I?
Renegade shakes his head slowly, still looking upwards. Discord nods a bit, and backs away.

Renegade: Could you hold that thought for a moment?
Renegade climbs a nearby coffee table so that he won’t have to look up to Hakumen as though he were puny.

Renegade: Much better. Um… hello. We don’t know how we got here… but… we were hoping to seek aid in destroying an evil… no… two evils. Yes, I am an Archangel…

He spreads his arms, though no wings pop out. He seems disappointed in the fact, but continues.
Renegade: And I only wish to see those evils be brought down.
He notices the blade sheathed on Hakumen’s waist.
Renegade: Ah… I see you practice the art of the blade as well. Um…
“I’d really hate to get in a fight with this… giant…” Renegade thinks to himself. He calms himself, knowing his cowardice would ruin things, and he speaks in a serious tone now.
Renegade: I can sense that you are powerful, and undoubtedly your allies are as well. That is why we’ve come to ask for your assistance. Not only do I want to win this conflict… I want the last few survivors I’m with to be guaranteed safety. I’ve tried once… and… it didn’t end well.
He mutters “General Dickweed…” to himself, and continues.
Renegade: I, as well as the group, are not helpless… we have abilities that can perhaps help. But so it remains… will you help us.

Renegade: OK… I’m out for the night! If ya need me, I’ll be relaxin’ in my house like a boss.
Renegade moves his arms, showing the characters his huge manor.

Renegade: I’m out… peace!
He leaves the thread for the night.

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Reimu and Marisa undress, revealing a large amount of bruises all over their bodies and even a few scars from encounters that predate this adventure. Marisa also has two vertical black scars on her back over her shoulder blades, one for each blade…

It’s also revealed that the two of them wear Sarashi’s rather than regular bras, and their breasts are at least a size larger than they originally appeared to be.

We look a wreck…

“I know right? Now hurry up and get into the shower before you accidentally trip and start accumulating dirt like an out of control snowball.”

Both of their hair undone, Marisa leads Reimu into the stall/whatever

Jul 18, 2013 at 03:54AM EDT

The 5 mages of the Order, being clean due to being fresh from the HQ, debate what to do.

Solarian: I think we should go in anyway, and see what information we could gather.
Tsunarmin: Only two of us need to really go in – and obviously I must be one of them.
Tsunarmin proceeds to enter the female’s springs

Noctan: I’ll go. You 3 just wait here.

Noctan proceeds to enter the male’s springs

In the female springs…

Tsunarmin just stands around where the others can see her, wondering whether to just enter the spring itself or not.

In the male springs…

Noctan merely stands where the others can see him

(OOC: By others, I mean others in the springs, of course.)

Outside the springs….

The other 3 Order mages just decide to head over to where the others are waiting

Jul 18, 2013 at 06:08AM EDT

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