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Ragna listens to what he has to say…
Ragna: You say you need to find your cargo?
Thinking to himself, he remembers seeing a load of cargo on his way here…
Ragna: I remember seeing a bunch of containers strewn everywhere on the way here. They were back that way.
He nods his head in the direction of the cargo.

Tao: Tao will take New Guy back there if he wants to go right neow!
She sort of dances around, excited to meet a new person.

@Cargo area,

Before the ogre makes the door for himself…

Tager is not able to get the container open using his brute strength.
Tager: Strange…
He begins to analyze the metal with his eye piece.
Tager: It’s not made out of any metal that I’ve seen before.
The Red Devil then turns his attention to Gajeel.
Tager: I’m afraid not. I can’t seem to even open it.

And then the ogre magi does his thing…

Tager is nearly hit by the Ogre’s projectile.
Tager: Hey!
He turns to look at the Ogre Magi, somewhat surprised that he didn’t see him before.
Tager: Just what do you think you’re doing?


Makoto has taken a liking to Amaterasu. Continuing to pet her and just acting like an infatuated person.
Makoto: aww… Who’s a cute little wolf? You are. Yes you are.
More petting is received for Amaterasu.

Meanwhile in Saya’s bedroom…

A deathly black mist begins to swirl around in front of Saya’s foot board. After a few moments, the mist dissipates and reveals a blurry, black, feminine-shaped figure that floats there menacingly…
???: …
Without any words spoken, the space around the body of the girl lying in bed begins to get distorted. She is whisked away as quickly as the figure came… The blurred shadow also dissipates, leaving nothing but an empty bed behind.


Since she is somewhere nearby Litchi in the middle of town, she will see the next events happening.

Thanks for all your help. Estelle, was it?
She is wearing her normal doctor’s garb now.

She bows her head at Estelle.
Litchi: Thank you once again.

Estelle feels something creep up her spine… A sort of chilly feeling blankets her entire person immediately.

This causes Litchi to look around nervously.
Litchi: I’m sorry, but I need to be going…
Her entire workplace begins to compact in on itself and makes a little box that it’s all stored in. She picks up the box and briskly walks into the distance…

If Estelle has good eyesight, she can see the following: Litchi going into an alleyway, and whispering something to figure that is wearing a purple cloak with a high collar with red blood zig zag almost like zipper, and two long, white scarves ending in red rags that resemble flames. The figure also wears a large, pointed hat that conceals her face.

After a brief discussion, with no noise coming from the new arrival, the two vanish instantly without a single trace left behind.


The figure materializes high above the city. The only one who could possibly see it up that high is Archer. Not even Mavis would be able to detect her.
Phantom: …
Nary even lifting a finger, a simple spell circle appears on the forest floor somewhere in a thick and dense part of the woods where no one has ever been before.

The circle and the runes glow. Fire begins to burst up from the circle, and forms into a cone shape. This immediately clears any of the surrounding forestry with intense flames as a tornado of fire bursts through the leaves and rockets up high so that everyone can see.

Phantom: …
After this, the Phantom vanishes into thin air and leaves the heroes to attend to the tornado.

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@Ragna & Tao,

He gives a quick nod at hearing this.
Laika: Few words, he sounds enthusiastic, raised tone
Just so you know, the voices he hears are automatically translated via his device and then relayed through the headphones built into his EVA helmet
Laika’s device: Containers many times more important than the ship…..but I still do not know….where am I? I….
He’s still quite shook up from the crash…he puts his hand on his helmets visor and shakes his head
Laika: Errrghh…
…Resuming tapping away…
Laika’s device: I would be very happy if you could show me to my cargo….
…He pauses, looks up at Tao and then back down at the little screen on his wrist before continuing to translate
Laika’s device: What is your name?…..and….I am sorry for this crash….I was unable…to prevent this…I also need to find my Navigator, he cannot be dead…
And then he catches eye of the flame tornado that Phantom has caused, the light from the intense fire burns his eyes so he flips down the golden coloured, sun filter visor on his helmet
Laika: A few words he sounds shocked
Tapping away again…
Laika’s device:…My ships engines do not hold enough fuel to cause explosion that big…does not look like explosion…..What is happening here? war?…
He looks towards the group as a whole waiting for answers


Concerning the armoured closed container…

I only just read the bit about the Ogre breaking the container open aswell as Tager and then was confused by Zars OOC afterwards….

I tried my best to exaggerate how incredibly hard it would be to open “very very heavily armoured” “Right now getting into this thing will be impossibly difficult” ….but still people managed to crack it…I’d honestly just let this slip and considered it still closed up….

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How about sending me a message like..“Spark, for plot reasons, I can’t let you break the container?” Instead, you allowed me to fuck up everything and look like a gigantic imbecile. Dude, if you don’t want something like that to happen, just send me message or leave a small OOC. Reminds me of that time where I allowed something to happen and everything I planned went down the sewers…I should just follow the “way of the Crow” and make Magi go inside the container anyways.

Confused and unable to guess what the hell just happened, this particular ogre known as Ogre Magi just stares at the container’ hull, waiting for the spell to work, poking his nose, sniffing da air..Suddenly, red man out of thin air talks to the Magi but the ogre just keeps staring at the wall.

Ogre 1: Any second now?
Ogre 2: Yep.
Ogre 1: It worked right?
Ogre 2: Duh, it was my idea.
Ogre 1: Liar, it was mine.


Ogre 2: Hey, tomato big thing man with things on his things.
Ogre 1: Those are arms you dummy, arms with things.
Ogre 2: Oh!
Ogre 1: Oh hi red thing!
Ogre 2: Is he a ogre too?
Ogre 1: Nah he has glasses, ogres don’t wear glasses.
Ogre 2: Oh, hi non-ogre thing!
Ogre 1: Maybe he is one of those human things.

The ogre just turns around as he stares at the damn unbreakable contair. His scratches his butt before raising his mace-wand again.

Ogre 1: I think we should buff red man so he can help.
Ogre 2: Help to what?
Ogre 1: To break big thing.
Ogre 2: Oh! I just had an idea!
Ogre 1: What now?
Ogre 2: I think we should buff red man so he can help.
Ogre 1: Good thinkin’..hold on a sec are you trying to cheat me..I say he should smash thing.
Ogre 2: Agreed


Ogre 1: I think we should buff red man so he can help.
Ogre 2: Nah we are fine. Keep the smashin’ up.

Normandi is forced to use a gigantic freezing ray due to the amount of fire in the area. This freezing ray will not make a snowman out of your ass, Its just cold enough to extinguish the fire, nothing more, nothing else. Medical assistance arriving to the crash site with jetpacks courtesy of the Assault’ squad. Soldiers are still trying to control the creeps with the help of the heroes running around the place. A golden helmet is found, It has some sort of spear in the middle. Blood stains, footsteps going to the dephts of the forest, some poor guy was being hunted by someone.

OOC: Speaking of gods..

Spirit Breaker is still travelling between dimensions. Sooner or later, the plane walker shall arrive but why? Normally, Breaker acts like a outworld “interference”, putting an end to those abominations that dare to break the universal law that keeps the balance of the universe and the existance itself. This reality, this damn cosmos, was completly torn apart twice and, as a beast who feeds on the energy of a “shadow” planet that depends on the original planet’ situation, Breaker’ being is slowly dissapearing. The beast of the outworlds is running out of time before he is forced to return to the cold darkness of his home earth. The plane charge, his most powerful attack, allows him to charge at a single target. Most of the time, this target has some sort of exceptional ability that could be dangerous for the balance of the cosmos. The real question would be..who is he charging at?

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Terry looks confused, and then terrified. Machop jumps in front of Terry. It looks back and me gives me a stare that it wants to fight it.

Okay Machop! Lets show this thing what you can do.
Machop! Use Cross Chop!

Machops Arms glow with as it crosses it’s arms to Strike at the Thunderhide

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Nov 07, 2013 at 07:30PM EST

OOC: Ann you dissapoint me son, you were supposed to post this:

Anyways, back to the battle..

The Thunderhide stumbles a bit after being hit by Machop’ attack. The Thunderhide then uses his mammoth body and he slams himself against the ground, creating a small but powerful showwave around him. The shock might be powerful enough to leave Machop’ confused if he is hit.

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@ The Thunderhide

Holds up Machops Pokeball
I’m not risking anything, Return Machop!
With a red light Machop returns
The confusion goes away when a pokemon is returned

Since Cross Chop seemed effective, it must be rock type…
Totodile! Totodile comes running where Machop used to be

Give that thing a good strong Water Gun!

Nov 07, 2013 at 08:23PM EST


(Just going to speed up the introductions and were he is.)

The members of Fairy Tail introduce themselves to the pilot as best as they could for him to simply understand. They tell him that they are sorry for what happened, the planet of charity that they are on and a little bit about their home.

After that stuff.

Erza: So, I hope this gives you some sort of an idea of where you are.

Lucy: Well do whatever we can to help you with all of this.

Gray: But can i ask one thing? What was it that you and your people transporting on your ship? It must be really important to be transported in such a large ship.

Natsu: And what the hell do we do with all of this ships junk? We cant just leave it lying round here.

Happy: Maybe gajeel could eat it all.

Natsu: Hah, that would be a good idea happy.

Carla: Get serious you two. We need to find out how to clean this all up.

Wendy: Maybe Meredith here could collect all of the remains of it and try and make it into something else with the help of Kokonoe. Her being the high-tech person and all, and Meredith can make it all happen with her powers.

Erza: That is quite a good idea, seeing as we cant really do much about this giant ship ourselves. Turns to the pilot once more. We may have people here who could help you with all of this, maybe even get you back home if you can remember. But we need to know, what was it that you were carrying in your ship?

@Cargo containers.

Gajeel even tries to use his iron dragon sword tecnique to open the door.

The teeth on the sword begin to spin like a chainsaw and he brings it down upon the hull of the door.

Gajeel: Let me try big guy.

The sword begins to carve into the cargo doors and tries to cut deeper into it. Its making some progress, but it s taking a very long time to move it a few inches.

Gajeel: Damn what the hell is this kind of metal, I should be able to cut through this no problem with my sword.

He stops and pulls away from the door. He didn’t even cut all the way through the door. All that is shown is a giant gouge on the surface of the door that is a foot long and only an inch deep.

Gajeel: Sorry, not much else I can do. I keep going and ill break my arm. That shits too tough.

Pntherlilly: To besurprised to see something that could actually hold up against Gajeels sword makes me worry about what is actually inside that the ship was carrying.
@the giant fire tornado.

Everyone sees the giant tornado of fire shoot up from the forest. Panicking and trying to stay clear of it. The citizens are all frightened to see it as the other members of the guild try and help them calm down.

@inside the forest.

The other members of the forest scramble to try and put out the fires around them that the tornado caused, but unable to get close to the actual source of it. However, only one person is able to do so.

It is none other than Gildarts, who is resonating with extremely high magical energy that seems to break down the fires around him into little particles before disappearing.

For those who can see him, he is enshrouded by a white field of magic energy. He makes his way close to the source of the fire while left unharmed by the intense heat.

Gildarts: This is the work of someone from the outside. I sensed is power multiple times here, and it seems that it is up to something. However….

He reaches his hand out towards the fire tornado that had shrunk a bit thanks to spark and his ship.

Gildarts: Whatever they are planning, it wont succeed.

Then he suddenly shoots out a glowing white net that seems to grow as it travels towards the heart of the tornado of fire. It hits the tornado and within seconds, it seems to slow down in motion before coming to a stop, almost as if it is slowly freezing in time. Then it begins to break down into large cubicles of itself and separate from each other, they then break down even more before the entire tornado is gone without any further harm brought to the forest.

The other members are relieved that he managed to stop it before it does any more damage to the forest as they continue to douse the remaining flames in the forest.

Everyone is relieved to see the tornado gone and try and continue to help the others in the city.

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The Thunderhide works himself into a frenzy, increasing his attack speed. His skull is emitting a shiny light as his attack speed drastically increases. His next attack will deal double damage if not eat the entire Totodile’ health bar.

Nov 07, 2013 at 09:45PM EST

Oh, yikes, is something going on? I’m far too… Cowardly to do anything right now.
Red peeks slightly and immediately returns to hiding.
{color:red)Yeah, you get this. I’ll just stay… here.

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Before Phantom and after Fairy Tail…

Everyone introduces themselves and all that good stuff. We’ve done this a billion times before. No difference.

@Cargo bay,

Tager just stands back as the Ogre Magi and Gajeel do their thing. The mighty container is too strong for the twos strength.
Tager: This is troubling…
Once they finish with this, he contacts Kokonoe.
Tager: This is Tager. Come in, Kokonoe.

Kokonoe: Kokonoe here. What’s your sitrep?

Tager: There appears to be a container here made of an unidentifiable metal… Extremely heavy and nigh-impenetrable.

Kokonoe: Say no more.
Some laughter in the background.
Kokonoe: And… click!
A clicking noise can be heard by Tager as the container falls through the portal and into the storage area of Sector Seven.
Kokonoe: I’ll have scans run on it later. Kokonoe out.

And then the fire tornado hits… Everyone who was over by where it was begins to rush over there. The others try and help out as much as they can… And then it gets put out by Gildarts…


While everyone was distracted by the fire tornado in the forest, Phantom teleported back to above Magnolia…

The Phantom sees that there is a single lone ember floating in the atmosphere. She does nothing, except keeping it alive with miniscule amounts of magic… Upon reaching a sufficient state, Phantom teleports the stray ember into the middle of a patch of houses, unnoticed by anyone.
Phantom: …
Without even saying a word, Phantom invokes the power of raw air magic all around Magnolia. This being done, the ember immediately sparks into a massive burst of flame around the huddled area of houses that have fires in them.

The fire begins to quickly spread due to the increased amounts of oxygen all around Magnolia, and soon…
Phantom: …
It teleports out once again once the job has been accomplished… Everyone should be in panic. The fire and smoke is noticeable from where the heroes are at right now.

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@The Thunderhide

Tch…. Lets Take a chance!
Returns Totodile, and sends out Machop


Machop starts concentrating it’s energy into it’s fist


Machop charges at Thunderhide…..

Nov 07, 2013 at 10:22PM EST

World@Local Area:

It’s going to happen any minute now… the sun is almost completely blotted out.

Sealing Club@Phantom First Appearance:

Archer: “What the…?”

Maribel: “What is it?”

Archer: “Somebody in a very steriotypical witch trench coat. Who is…”

Renko: “I can’t see anything!”

Archer: “I can see several miles without assistance.”

Sealing Club@Phantom burning the whole place:

Archer see’s the Oxygen Spell coming, wraps the two girls hips under either arm, and jumps the hell away before he can get hit by the fire. It only takes him a few seconds to make it to the oceanside.

Renko: “What the Hell!?!”

Archer: “… Caster!? It was too far to tell…”


Estelle: “No problem! I am always free to help!”

She then watches Lichi talk to the witch… gasping as she vanishes with Lichi

Estelle: “I have to get back to Yuri…!”

She takes off towards the docs


Rita is getting tired of this shit and is about ready to burn the whole forest down before any more can catch on fire. She of course doesn’t do this.

Repede growls harshly in the direction of where the Phantom went… back into town.

As soon as they see the town burning, they make a mad dash back for the place.

Touhou’s@Laika Group:

Reimu: “Van can’t already have arrived had he?”

Marisa: “No… Oxygen Increase? Not his style.”

Reimu: “We got to hurry back before-”

They see the entire town start to smoke up

Reimu: “Oh no…”

She takes off into the sky full speed back towards town.

Mairsa: “One of you guys take care of him!”

She goes flying after Reimu. Laika’s blaster in her pocket.


Yuri: “What in the world!?”

Raven: “What the hell is this!?”

Judith: “If Rita where here to elaborate we would know exactly what caused this…”

Flynn: “Quick Gawking and help put out the ship!”

The group begins desperately trying to put the boat out.


Kiritsugu: “Saber! Get to the Cars! We can’t have a Gas Explosion here!”

Saber: “On it!”

Kiritsugu: “Maiya! Get the equitment out of the wherehouse! Irisveil! Heal the Wounded! Go!”

Maiya: “What about you!?”

Kiritsugu: “I am going to evacuate the Guild Hall!”

He goes running that way…

Kiritsugu@Guild Hall:

He fires a blank into the ceiling of the guild hall

Kiritsugu: “Everyone out! Head for the River! Now!”


Amaterasu gladly takes the petting. Now that it’s getting darker out, it seems she is glowing ever so slightly…

Ammy ignores the fires… it will all be put out soon.

Nov 07, 2013 at 10:43PM EST


Thunderhide massive size allows him to hit Machop and send him flying to the air. The creature stumbles since the roar and the shockwave required a lot of energy. He is starting to get a bit tired.

@The Forest
Finally, the soldiers manage to control the creeps long enough so the heroes can rescue the pilot. Suddenly, hell itself appears in Magnolia as the city burns into ashes. Spark quickly teleports in, back to Normandi. The ship slowly heads to the city while spreading the force of its freeze ray in the burning houses. The situation is getting out of control as a horde of creeps appear from the forest. Hellbears, giant demon creatures that have a personal hate for humans, centaurs, half human half horse mythological beasts, Alpha Wolf, giant rage-filled monsters, and more atrocities that start to come out from the bushes near the crash site. However, there is something that should catch everyone’s attention. Centaurs and wolves are not crushing the living daylights of each other. Its particulary strange since centaurs are known for their deep hate for the Alpha wolf’ behavior but right now, they are literally working togheter. The creeps that invaded the woods, the creeps that started to be a huge problem for outsiders, these bizarre beasts are now picking up the scorched trunks scattered around the area, grabbing with their enourmous hands (In the wolf’ case, his mouth) every leaf lying on the floor, as if Its a task they really adore! Charmed and sent by Nature’s guide, helping the trees who saddly died. Fire, fire, deadly fire. You show no mercy, no regard, a writhing army uncontrolled. At least you don’t discriminate, selecting to exterminate..All dealt with equal pain untold.

TL; DR: Creeps from the forest are now cleaning the place for some reason. Small shiny wisps can be seen, following them and “healing” the trees. Its as if nature herself wants to help the heroes for some reason.

Spark arrives with Normandi. He lets Cheston control the gigantic ship as he calls Assassin and John Coffey to the main deck. Since we arrived from space, Coffey spent the entire week, training with his “personal” friend who lives deep inside him and, becouse of the memories he has from his days as an Anti S, this unfriendly person likes to rip Coffey in half, reaching and taking control of his mind if Coffey shows the smallest sign of rage. Venom is still a dangerous creature to have around but something is slowly changing in the monster behavior. Despite being nothing but a brainless brute with enourmous muscles, Venom realized that his life doesn’t have a single point anymore. With Sam, the man he blames for everything that happens to him and the person he would want to catch with his hands and crush until nothing is left, the monster is lost. Normally, his “master” would give him an order to follow but now…he can’t see the point of smashing and crushing anymore. As the beast’ rage slowly dissapeared, Coffey started to gain control over his “powers”. The showdown is here: A city burning, building about to fall into pieces, several citizens trapped…

A giant black thing jumps out of Normandi, leaving a crater in the place that used to be a plaza. From the distance, the heroes (and specially Tager) are able to hear:

Nov 07, 2013 at 10:59PM EST


Makarov approaches you, he seems a bit upset about all of this happening, but he is not as afraid as everyone else. He then lets out a smile at him.

Makarov: Under normal circumstances, now would be the best time to evacuate, but these are problems can be handed easily. follow me for a sec.

Makarov takes Kitsurugi back to the front gate of the Guild hall were they have a view of the city slowly catching fire.

Makarov: Never underestimate a Fairy Tail wizard. Just look up there.

Makarov points to someone who is flying just above the city. Under closer inspection, it is Natsu and Happy flying just above the blazing city.

@Everyone in the city and people who can see it from around.

Natsu has flown back to the city after noticing the Fire tornado and the sudden explosion of fire that had started in the city at random.

Natsu: I smell something fishy going on here. These fires just appeared out of nowhere even after they were finished off. Somebodies playing dirty.

Happy: Are there people who are causing these fires on purpose, and if so why would they?

Natsu: I dont know, but I’m going to put an end to this before it gets worse.

Natsu makes it to the largest area in the city were the most fire is.

Everyone is relieved to see natsu, the fire dragon slayer of Fairy Tail, who has come to put out the fires.


With that being said, natsu breathes out once, than he begins to take in a deep breath. As he does this, the fires around the city begin to flicker around and begin to shoot out into the air and collect into Natsus mouth. Natsu is consuming the flames that are destroying the city.

Everyone can see the flames slowly disappearing from the city as Natsu continues to consume the fires. All the flames in the city quickly shooting out of the building and trees and collecting into Natsus Stomach.

For those who have never seen such a thing, they should most likely shit their pants.

Natsu continues to consume the flames for a good minute or two until it is all gone.

Natsu: Damn, now that was a hefty meal.

Happy: Thank goodnes you were here just in time otherwise there would be so much fire that not even you could have handled it all.

Natsu: Who do you think I am Happy?

Happy: Sorry.

Natsu: Its okay, well at least the city is saved, but still…

The city still is roughed up by the flames, but could be fixed without too much problems.

The people in the city begin to cheer as Natsu and the other members of Fairy Tail and their allies had helped to put out the fires that would have leveled their entire home.


The people inside of the forest look at what is going around just shortly after the fires have vanished. They notice various creatures that are using some unknown powers to help restore the forest. They are quite astonished to see this.

Juvia: These creatures. Ive never seen them before.

Levy: Well, we are on a new planet, should see some new lifeforms around. Though still, its quite amazing what they are doing.

Cana: They’re helping to restore the forest. Quite a sight.

Juvia: Should we do something?

Levy: I gues wh should help as well. Just hope they are not hostile.

Levy goes to a burned patch of grass that had been scorthed by flames.

Levy: Solid script magic: GRASS!

The word Grass apears in the ground and shortly after, the area is completely covered in fresh grass.

Cana: That should do. Cana pulls out various cards of hers and combines them to help restore some of the damaged trees and plants in the area while Juvia waters them down and fills up any dried up ponds in the area, working with the creeps in the forest while staying cautious of them, just in case.

@Carl, bang and others with them

Mirajane manages to find you guys in the other side of the forest, she is still in her satan soul form.

Mirajane: Are you guys alright? Are any of you injured? She speaks with a slightly deeper tone than she does, but the fact is that they may not recognize her right away. They may not at all anyways.


The thunder God tribe happen to be there, since it is the most concentrated area of the fires.

They see venom landing in it after falling off of the ship.

Evergreen: EW, what on earth is that?

Freed: Its hideous.

Laxus: Don’t worry, apparently its a friend of Captain Spark, but he has some issues that he needs to deal with.

Bickslow: Should we help you out with this guy?

Laxus: No, just make sure the people are at a safe distance from this guy. Get them away from danger. I will try and hold him down long enough for you guys to come back.

Evergreen: Your the boss.

Freed: Just be careful.

Evergreen, Bickslow, and Freed Rally some people who are still around and begin to tell them to get away from the main plaza and to a safe distance.

Laxus begins to crackle with lightning and faces Venom to get his full attention.

Laxus: You really want to do this again there buddy? I don’t want to hurt you, but if your going to cause trouble than I’m gonna have to stop you.

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Machop! go for one more Cross Chop!
Machop Jumps arms crossed once more to strike at Thunderhide in the air.

Nov 08, 2013 at 12:04AM EST

For the first time, Venom had an actual purpose. Instead of being a sentient creature that smashes everything he sees, he had the chance to show what he was capable of. He managed to lift a whole building by himself but before he was able to rescue a single citizen, some poster kid form the Fairy Tail shows up. The only chance he had to prove that he was more than muscle, wasted, down the sewers, all becouse some hot head kid and his ability to control fire. Venom starts to chase the kid as he consumes the fire around the city. Natsu should be able to hear Assassin’ screams coming from Normandi but with the fire and the whole chaos around, he is unable to hear Assassin’ words: “RUN, FOR GOD’S SAKE RUN!”. Left in the shadows by someone who looks more human than him, Venom’ rage grows. The citizens around him don’t even dare to stare at his horrendous’ eyes.
Laxus is pushed away as Venom chases this kid. He is too fast, he is too angry, no one could stop him, nobody expected him to do that.
Behind Natsu, a behemoth, a tank, a monster with force to punch a building into space, a large black shadow appears behind him, breathing, filling the air with a disgusting smell, the smell of a dead man. As Natsu turns around..


With a loud KRUNCH sound, Natsu is sent to the air, flying through the city and leaving the Fairy Guild behind. Venom’ strenght is enough to break the strongest contrapositions, Tager and Veteran had to face him togheter, his fist can literally break a submarine in half. The monster punched Natsu in his ribs and , with the strenght of a godamn whale, Natsu’ ribs should be broken into pieces. After such a merciless attack from behind, the beast just looks extremelly confused. He looks around the place as the citizens run away from him and the Fairy Tail just stares at him, with their eyes full of revenge. Not wanting to cause more problems, the creature takes a big jump and leaves the city. The moment Venom leaves, Assassin slowly starts to follow him while Normandi and Spark are still helping the citizens around. God only knows where Natsu landed…Poor guy shall be blessed..and enchanted..


A distant part of the forest, unknown, dark, god knows where Natsu landed..Suddenly, out of nowhere, a small squirrel lands on his broken chest. Painful but yet cute..still bloody painful. It should be enough to make Natsu spit blood. Small and adorable friends from the shiniest parts of the forest gather around this strange man. Bushes move, leaves fall, Natsu’ eyes shine with the cuteness overload of a swarm of the most fluffy squirrels coming out from nearby trees just to greet the intruder, running in circles, staring with their cute innocent eyes at this strange man that just landed on this distant part of the woods. Birds fly around the place as the squirrels are endlessly begging for attention, birds that call out in rejoice, to bathe the heavens with their voice. Rabbits hop out from their burrows to meet the sunshine, with their fluffy tails they are a small pair of nine. The nine fluffy creatures join their brothers from the forest in their endless circle around the stranger until the bushes behind them start to move once again and footsteps are heard. In the bright, haze of sunlight, she is dispersed in a whisper, tangled black branches overhead, clutch at her wild hair. An innocent, carefree creature of the woods, guardian and listener of all the living beings in the green land; sharing, hearing and carrying stories from land to land without a sign of hesitation or discrimination. A fawn centaur slowly approaches Natsu as small wisps are seen around her. A whole squad of animals follow her, from squirrels, to rats, even the man eating birds that Chen controlled.

She slowly kneels in front of Natsu as the wisps around her start to heal the poor kid’s ribs. In a matter of seconds, Natsu should feel fresh as a flower.
*"You okay?"
Says the fawn centaur as she shows her shiniest smile at stranger. Something is out of place, not her presence, her appearance or her powers..but the spear she is holding. Why would anyone that looks “innocent” run around with a spear? As she waits for Natsu response, she starts to pats the head of the first squirrel that arrived to the place.
“You have met a terrible fate haven’t you?”

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Nov 08, 2013 at 12:07AM EST

The beast charges at Machop again, hoping to stomp him with his enourmous feet.

Nov 08, 2013 at 12:43PM EST

How about sending me a message like..“Spark, for plot reasons, I can’t let you break the container?” Instead, you allowed me to fuck up everything and look like a gigantic imbecile. Dude, if you don’t want something like that to happen, just send me message or leave a small OOC. Reminds me of that time where I allowed something to happen and everything I planned went down the sewers…I should just follow the “way of the Crow” and make Magi go inside the container anyways.

Outstanding. I mean what a big surprise, I’m being slated through OOC and no doubt in PM too once again…but this time it’s over something as small as a door being opened….

I would have sent you a message but by the looks of it it doesn’t seem like we are on talking terms, no idea why that is exactly. I just feel like I’m constantly having to justify everything I do and besides, does “*Right now* getting into this thing will be impossibly difficult” really need an OCC saying..well “right now getting into this thing will be impossibly difficult”?….

You haven’t fucked up anything and you haven’t exactly made yourself look like and imbecile because of this, don’t be so paranoid man and relax…it’s nothing big

…but if you’re just gonna argue with me further over this though I wont bother with defending my side anymore, go ahead, open it. Inside is….absolutely nothing…..and no, it wont be empty because I want to spite you, it’s empty because I haven’t decided exactly on what is inside, I have a few good plans but none I’m certain on yet. It’s main purpose is to give my new guy a bit of depth and the “He’s got something to hide” attribute…I’d just prefer it stay closed, I’m not asking for much…

Sometimes I find it more entertaining making shit up plot as I go along…

I would have thought you’d let this slide…you know..seeing as I let slide you denying Ornstein and Smough onto Mobius a few pages back….and I know exactly how it feels to have plans go down the drain too, like multiple times…you just need to make work-arounds

Anyway I’m bored of this tit for tat and would prefer if we could just all have some fun instead and lose this tension….to brighten the mood, I find this pretty relative…

@Erza, Lucy, Gray, Natsu & Carla,

Laika listen intently to everything they tell him about the planet and their introductions then he turns to look at the destruction in the background and the darkening sky
Laika’s device: This planet seems unnaturally chaotic..but thankyou for the information
When he hears the question about what is inside the containers he freezes up…
Laika’s device:….I do not know….but one of them holds a very important person….I need to check on the status of the cargo first….I apologize for the debris…
When hearing the question about the cargo contents again he turns defensive
Laika: A small amount of muttered words of frustration
Laika’s device: They they hold….antiques, I cannot leave without them….
Turning away from the group he begins walking off
Laika’s device: I would be happy if you could show me the way…

He then stops dead in his tracks, walking towards him and looking half alive is his Navigator… he is wearing an identical space suit although his seems to have taken some damage, Laika runs over…
Laika: He shouts and seems very surprised

IMPORTANT: Unfortunately for anyone listening in they can’t understand a word. They speak in their home language to one another….
Laika: Tim?! I strapped you into your seat, where have you been? are you hurt?
He lets out a few coughs, Laika puts his hand on his shoulder to steady him
Tim: S-sir….I….I think I am okay….I woke up not long ago….been walkin’ for a while now…
Laika: These people, they are magic types and one of them posses the ability to heal your wounds…but first, where have you been?
Tim: Sir..cough….could do with some medical attention….
Laika:…Not yet. Have you seen the cargo? what condition is it in? the prisoner? quickly!
Tim: No I haven’t seen it yet sir…cough we’ve lost this, Laika….look at this planet, it’s in total chaos and the prisoner has no doubt escaped…..I think we should hail for a pick up and get off world as fast as we can…
Laika: No! do you not realize how badly we will be punished if they hear about this? the least we can do is try and pick up the pieces and get as far away from all this as possible!
Tim looks down at his communication device mounted on his wrist, its been smashed to pieces and in no way can be used
Tim: ….Please sir I dont want to do this….just hail for anyone, we will escape…If you want to stay, then sure…but I’m leavin’…I have to…
Laika: They will find us if we try to run which will lead to use being killed. Look, right now we are off the grid, the delivery isn’t expected until a long time yet, I need your help with this….the prisoner is most likely still in containment….
Tim:…It doesn’t look like you are giving me a choice in this sir…
Laika: We are all responsible for this, the Captain is the only lucky one…..
Tim takes a moment to collect his thoughts, knowing that he is trapped in this situation he decides to cooperate
Tim:…..I need that medical attention now sir…then I’ll be in a better condition….
Laika: I am glad that we are in this together, Tim…but there is one problem…
Laika looks towards the Fairy Tail group…
Laika:…They all speak some strange language, I’ve been using my translator to communicate….
Pushing a button on his translator device…
Laika’s device: Hello my name is….
Tim: I think that’s English sir….
Laika: English?
Tim: You should have taken those language classes sir….hehehe…
Laika: They were optional and I hadn’t the time for it, I was too busy weasling the Captain into getting you on the crew….
Tim: They are gonna come in handy anyway…

The 2 spacemen approach Fairy Tail
Laika’s device: This is my Navigator….Tim…he requires medical help…wounded…
Tim: Err…. hi there, my name’s Tim Caufman, sorry for dropping this ship on you guys…
He is surprisingly fluent
Laika: He speaks a few words under his breath, no doubt jealously slandering Tims language skills
Tim: We ran through a comets tail and were forced down here, we tried our best to get out but we didn’t stand a chance… Pilot said that you could tend to wounds…
Laika: A few more words, “Just hurry, Tim, we need to get to the container”
Tim: I can’t say much about who we are or what we do, but it would be a lot of help if we get to the cargo as fast as possible….
Laika’s device: Cargo…top priority….
Tim: I’m real sorry about this…

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Nov 08, 2013 at 01:11PM EST

@all the fire

The Order mages in the forest… Well, everyone else reacted too quickly for them to really do anything meaningful.

@blotted out sun

Noctan: Something doesn’t seem right, here…

At the ship, Solarian has come to the same conclusion. He quickly introduces himself and the 3 female archmages to Laika and the navigator. Athena then arrives at the ship at this point.

Athena: What an unusual object. It looks like something Hephaestus would work with…

Solarian: Look at this as much as you want, we have more pressing matters to attend to… But first…

The 4 archmages proceed to all cast either Heal or Healing Wind on the navigator and after this quickly run into the forest, and then meet up with the other 5. All they can do at this point is watch and wait…

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Nov 08, 2013 at 01:17PM EST

Just a note.
When speech is “quoted” and bold it means they are talking in their home language and are therefore impossible to understand.


Tim is healed right back up into working order.
Tim: Oh thanks, I’m starting to feel a lot better already. We have to be mighty lucky to land on a planet with such helpful people…
He turns around to see Laika running after the archmages
Tim: S-sir?! hold on a sec!
He takes off after the pilot, following the mages into the forest in hope of finding the cargo. They come to a stop when they notice all the chaos

Laika stops running, Tim catches up breathing heavily.
Tim: “It doesn’t look very safe around here sir”
Laika: “Do you have your blaster? I lost mine during the crash..”
Tim panics a little and checks his pistol holster, he does still have his gun
Tim: “Errr… y-yes sir I’ve still got it"
Laika: " Have it at the ready, I’m picking up a lot of movement on my sensors and I want to have you shooting when it hops out at us. It would be a good to stay aside these mages why we are here too"
With plenty of care, they continue on through the forest, heading in the general direction of the freight whilst also sticking within calling distance of the mages…
Tim: “We….we s-sure have been thrown into it sir…”
Just crashed and already back up and on their feet, it is a incredible turnout
Laika: “It’s the Oxygen tanks that are keeping me going Tim, combined with a few stimulant packs I’ve loaded into this suit”
Tim: “The last thing I can remember from the crash is the sight of the EVA suit container….then..well…that’s it all”
Laika: “We stalled and span, you were thrown across the cockpit from the centrifugal forces and into your own workstation"
Tim: “…I’m sorry sir I-”
Laika: Shh!
They hear some sounds coming from the darkness, Tim commences the crapping of his suit
Tim: “S-s-s-s-ss…siiiir?"
Laika: “It was only a act, I was checking your reactions"
Tim: “Oh…er, I see…hehe.."
Laika: “Anyway yes I was saying. You were sent unconscious so I outfitted you in your suit and strapped you into your seat….but somehow you fell from it during the final part of our crash”
Tim: “One thing I don’t understand sir…”
Laika: “Yes?"
Tim: “When did you find the time to load stimulant packs into your suit?”
Laika: “I always have them loaded and ready, why?"
Tim: “I was only curious"

Nov 08, 2013 at 02:13PM EST

OOC: Bhahaha, now you asshole, thats not how you “bright the mood”..Bhahaha, fancy words for such a stupid mouth…
So I got kinda tired of bloody Garry Mod and posing stuff nobody will ever give two flying fu[CENSORED] about so instead of wasting 7 hours to pose a damn hero, check me now fellas…I’m bloody HD! My agent says a lot of things: “Mickey, you can’t fire a man in a wheelchair. Mickey, you need to stop interrupting people. Mickey, why the hell do I keep working here only to win 2 dollars per month?” but last he told me something really "shocking: “Mickey, we can’t go full HD.”

Jokes on him becouse now, after signing like 8 different contracts with Valve, you will have the pleasure to see the full body of Mickey Cantor in high resolution! Unethical questions and Erza’ boob pictures now with your host with full HD!
Guy next to me is Chip Valvano. Chip just arrived from his mother’s funeral, some old wizard nobody will ever miss but him, so he is kinda sad and lonely over here. Becouse I’m such a good person, I looked at him while holding both of his hands and then I told him: “Chip, stop being such a cry baby or I will end up kicking your ass out of this damn building.”
Hang in there baby, next episode we will talk about Erza’ bewbs that are all over the damn internet and have a special folder in my computer. If you are watching this Erza, I would love to see those..I mean, you, I would love to interview ya later. Wascot is talking with the Crow tonight but who the hell cares about Wascot? This is Mickey Cantor’s Happy Kids questioning CORNER TIME about FUTILE reality existance, the kind of show only I get to enjoy! Chip stop crying already, you are ruining this damn advertisement. See ya later folks after a short comercial break!
EDIT: The Wascot episode MUST happen tonight.
EDIT2: I bet nobody remembers Wascot.
EDIT3 I don’t.

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Nov 08, 2013 at 04:56PM EST

Hello again everyone… It’s been a looooooong time since I post here. Why? Well… I was run out of ideas of what I going to post, and the university, and the work, and my ex……………..


I have see your post, and I don’t what is happening. There is another bad guy? You are still in battle with BM? Is the crow death already? And well…. I going to be honest…. Some post are to long and I am to lazy to read 10 pages with the most longest post in the page.


And after I become a brony… And leave the fandom two weeks later (long story), I come here to see what’s happening in this page and see you guys…

I missed you guys, so I was planning to return is this thread, but I need to be in current with the storyline, so can you guys help me?. Thanks.

Nov 08, 2013 at 05:46PM EST

OOC: Okay, SO… What has happened: Crow is dealt with, Transcendence is gone, Yukari is also gone, Ragna turned into the Black Beast during the fight with Yukari, Mobius was destroyed, Eggman has returned to the thread, The Balloon Master escaped during the chaos, Mobius was reformed and made into a planet called Charity, Hazama was revived and is working with Medusa, Asura was sealed away into non-existence….

I took the liberty of having Nightmare Medic tag along with the villains, along with Blitz, NMM, and his army of vampires.

What is going on currently: People are introducing new characters and retiring some old ones. A fire was just put out in Magnolia. Everyone is back on Charity now (villains are in a different place, of course. They can be wherever. Your ship, Relius’s subspace, it doesn’t matter.) After shit gets dealt with, the heroes are going to go after the BM and beat him for good.

We’ve also missed you too, Medic. We’re glad to have you back.

Nov 08, 2013 at 06:04PM EST

@Natsu and Enchantress,

Mere moments after Natsu devours all the flames from the city, he starts feeling extremely sick. His skin begins to turn pale as his eyes go completely black… These are just a few symptoms of seithr poisoning. Yes. The fires were also fueled by concentrated seithr, along with increased oxygen and the flames themselves. Enchantress should be able to tell that her healing magics aren’t working right away on him, as on top of him having all of his ribs broken he is poisoned by the seithr and will require near-immediate medical attention if Echantress cannot get ailment fixed in time.

Right after the fire that Phantom caused on the entire city…

Hakumen’s eyes may have deceived him… However, he still mutters the next words in shock.
Hakumen: Magic?!
He felt the increase of oxygen over Magnolia, and immediately begins to run towards the city without a second thought in his mind.

Ragna quickly spins around to see the fires, and one thing immediately comes to his mind…
Ragna: SAYA!
He remembers that the Thunder God tribe told her that he was sleeping in her room before the fire had started. Ragna immediately makes his way back towards the city to see if his sister is okay.

Tao also sees the fire… She then thinks about the kittens and the Elder who will most likely need her help to evacuate the area.
Tao: Don’t worry, Tiny Ones! Tao will come to rescue you, meow!
She begins to sprint off through the forest, jumping between trees like a monkey and twoards the direction of Magnolia…


Varied reactions come from the group that you approach…

Bang gets into a fighting position upon seeing Mirajane.

Bang: A-A demon!? What is it that you want from us?! Speak, she-devil! SPEEEEAAAAAAK!

Carl looks at Mirajane as she speaks to them… He’s a bit taken off by her appearance, but sees that she’s not trying to attack. He looks between Bang and Mira once again… And then finally speaks up.
Carl: Master Bang, I do believe that this is the woman who was the waitress at the party… Mirajane, was it? She’s not here to hurt us.

And then Bang actually looks at Mirajane… He notices the similarities between the Mirajane he saw, and the Mirajane in her Satan Soul form… He slowly lowers his fists and looks a little embarrassed.
Bang: My apologies a thousand times over, Miss Mirajane! It was a misunderstanding by me… I sincerely apologize.

Platinum’s personality switches over to Luna…
Luna: Yeah, but we don’t need help from another Rackula! Luna thinks we’re just fine on our own.
She pouts some, stabbing the staff in the ground and crossing her arms.

The personality switches back to Sena. Sena sounds like a polite young boy, while Luna sounds like an obnoxious little girl.
Sena: I’m sorry, miss. It’s just that your outfit is making Luna a bit mad… Because of…

Luna: Your gigantic boobies! You don’t need to show them off to the-!

Platinum’s mouth is covered by Nirvana’s giant robotic hand.

Carl: Thank you, Sis.
The young boy looks up at Mirajane.
Carl: I think that we have everything covered here, thank you. No one is injured right now… But we saw smoke coming from the city. Is everything alright? What happened?

@Cargo bay area,

Tager notices the increase of oxygen and the fires with his sensors…
Tager: An oxygen increase?
He looks up to the sky and sees the smoke rising from the area above the city. He also notices the extremely dark clouds above him that were formed by Amaterasu.
Tager: …
He tries to get a birds eye view with his telescopic eye. He catches a blur in the air, vanishing. Taking a step back, he tries to contact Kokonoe…
Tager: Come in, Kokonoe. This is Tager.
No response. Just static.
Tager: Damn it…


Makoto notices that Amaterasu is beginning to glow some… She pets her a bit more and then looks at the darkened sky.
Makoto: Is that…?
Her nose begins to work, and she smells the smoke from Magnolia.
Makoto: Smoke?! Who the hell keeps setting these fires?!
She looks back down at Amaterasu.
Makoto: Sorry little wolfy. I’m gonna have to go now.
She stands up and sprints off for Tager, grabbing Red from behind the cargo.
Makoto: Come on! The bottom is about to drop!

Upon Makoto’s arrival, Tager immediately skips to the conclusion.
Tager: The city was just set ablaze. I can’t seem to get into contact with Kokonoe… Too much interference.
He looks up at the sky again.
Tager: We can leave the cargo behind. I need to find a place with better reception… Come on.

And so the three run off back to the city…


To clarify one thing: Saya is not kidnapped. I decided against it, because of the plot seemingly moving at light speed right now. Too many characters being introduced, along with too much stuff happening right now to have a meaningful impact. For now she is still asleep in her room.

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Nov 08, 2013 at 10:07PM EST


Laxus is shocked to seehim turn on natsu like that and watches him flying. Happy is with Laxus because he was off of him when he attacked.

Happy: NATSUUU!!

Laxus: Dammit! Come Happy, we need to get those two.

Happy: I’ll look for Natsu, you look for that big guy who attacked him.

Laxus: Right!

Happy quickly takes off in the air to Natsus general direction. Laxus is enshrouded by his lighting and bolts off into the air like a lightning bolt, skipping from rooftop to rooftop to catch up with venom.

@Bang and crew.

Mirajane is surprised a bit to see some hostility with Bang, but shortly realizes her form makes her look completely different.

Mirajane: Oh, my bad. I forgot how scary my Satan Soul takeover magic is to strangers. here….

She then transforms back into her regular form to make it easy for them to recognize her.

Mirajane: Much better. So yeah, I practice takeover magic, allowing me to change my appearance. But I use a more rare version of it, but don’t worry, I’m completely friendly.

When carl asks bout the town.

Mirajane: Shortly after the fires, much larger fires appeared out of nowhere. I sensed a great presence when it happened, almost as if someone or something might have caused it. Luckily our friend Natsu put it out before it spread, but I don’t know were he is now. Could you help me find him?

@pilot and Kokonoe.

They begin to show them the way back to the general direction of the guild hall.

Meanwhile, Erza contacts kokonoe by codec.

Erza: Kokonoe, first thing, sorry about the slap. second, what is the current situation so far i the city and the others. Also, we found two survivors in the crash, they only communicate with translator devices, but they are inquiring about their cargo. What is their current statuses?


Shortly after the healing, Natsu begins to feel like he is choking, clenching his neck and coughing out a lot of blood. The fires were infected with something and had caused an interference with her healing.


Natsu is coughing a lot of blood that stains his face and his hands, the fact that his ribs are still broken makes it even harder for him to breathe and each coughs feels like a punch to his lungs.

Natsu: coughcough Help…. cough Help me….. twisting and turning as his veins start to pop out as his muscles flex out due to all of the pain Fires…… were.Cough. Poison…

Natsu does all he can to resist the poison, but in his current phsical state, he can hardly breathe.

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Nov 08, 2013 at 10:44PM EST

@Cargo containers, Ogre & Amaterasu,

Laika and Tim arrive at the containers after sneaking through the forest. When they spot the Ogre and Wolf they take up hiding behind one of the containers out of sight
Tim: “…what the hell is that thing sir??..”
Laika: “I do not know, do you have your blaster ready?”
(Nat defined their weapons as blasters in a previous post, I found it funny so I’m rolling happily with it)
Tim: “Er…yes ofcourse I do”
Laika: “This creature looks pre-occupied, I believe we should be able to safely pass"
Tim: “But s-sir what about the wolf?”
Laika: “It looks placid…..”
He takes a peek round the corner of the container for another look
Laika: “Strange white wolf…… Pass me that blaster”
He hands Laika the gun
Tim: “What if they attack?”
Laika: “Then I will be given no choice but to shoot them. I don’t want to get involved in this war they’re having, especially since it does not conflict with our own issues. Follow me”
Tim: “Wait sir….did you see the markings? the red markings?”
He stops and turns to Tim
Laika: “Red markings? where?”
Having forgot to do it earlier, Laika flips the sun visor up on his EVA helmet
Tim: “On that wolf over there”
Laika peeks round the corner again at the wolf. He turns back to Tim and gives a shrug
Laika: “You must have good eyes, Tim, I only see a white coat”
Tim: “Huh..strange…I-I swear I’m feeling ok I-”
Laika: “Do not worry, many peculiar things will no doubt happen why we are here, the shock from the crash does not help. I understand if you are feeling slightly disillusioned”
Tim: Ergghhh….
Laika: “Follow me.”
Laika disappears around the corner and Tim quickly follows behind, the two try and stay as inconspicuous as possible as they check the cargo, both trying to dodge the attention of Ammy and the two headed Ogre
Tim: “These three are burnt clean out sir and the ration container is damaged pretty bad"
They continue to investigate…

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Nov 08, 2013 at 11:22PM EST

[Mickey Cantor’s happy kids questioning corner time about futile reality EXISTAAAAAAAAANCEEEEE]
[Pimpin, stylish, greatest mascot that saved America from the reign of terror of MTV and Disney. He is our host, our favourite announcer, commentator and guy we like to see in television. From California in the newly created Hollywood..he is random, he is fast, he will annoy the living daylights of you until you start to think in nothing but suicide..Its..MICKEY CANTOR]
[Heroic veteran who used to be known as the “Watcher”. One of the first super heroes the world ever had, with enough balls to put himself between a death ray and a puppy. Retired and now giving the best advices that only a man of his age and experience is able to know, guy who hangs around with Mickey and saves him from the great amount of assassins waiting outside of his office every morning, professional stamps collector and great narrator..CHIP..VALVANO!]

Mickey Cantor: And Mickey Cantor’s happy kids questioning corner time about futile reality existance is back. Last episode we had a group of internet stalkers and I had the pleasure to troll the hell out of each and everyone of them. Some of them were funny, some of them were FAT, some of them were plain boring such as that cyborg kiddo. Tsk, just becouse you have a sword doesn’t mean you are cool! If swords made you cool, I would be putting a giant blade up my ass right now!
Chip Valvano: Hold, hold on, hold on a second Mickey..Weren’t you the one who was desperatly asking for that cyborg autograph like a female teenager in the middle of a Justin Bieber concert?
Mickey Cantor: No! He was the one asking for the autographs!
Chip: We better move on and stop talking about the crazy fanboy living inside of you.
Mickey: Keep talking Chip and I might become a samurai just to punch some chinese symbols all over your damn buttcheeks. I will make a full kawaii out of you. Oh well, lets see what we have for today, so many things to talk about and so little time.
Chip: Are we seriously going to spend another hour talking about breasts?
Mickey: What? You prefer to talk about shirtless men instead? There is this swimming anime-
Chip: No! What I mean is that we have spent like 5 episodes talking abouts boobs! There is also a whole season that is nothing but parts of the female anatomy! Heck, I love me a good pair of squishy melons but I think we had enough.
Mickey: You do realize that your wife could be hearing us right now right? HAHA WOW! Someone is going to sleep on the couch today! Chip you don’t seem to realize that these boobs are different that the others we talked about. These are CANON boobs! Introduced in the thread, by the thread, for the thread!
Chip: I guess that changes a thing or two but I can’t talk about something with that Erza pillow between your legs.
Mickey: Just imagine Chip, what would happen if she appears in front of us right now? [In a high pitched voice] “Why hello there brave old hero! What if you come up to my tent and dispel a few myths, about men of your stature?”
Chip: Okay Mickey, this is really creeping me out. I’m done here
Mickey: Hold on, let me put on the mask for effect!
Chip: Haha…No….Seriously…get some help..
Mickey: So let’s just show the boobs already alright?

Chip: Who posted these pictures all over the internet Mickey? I never do something with my explorer apart from searching for stamps and old fashioned clocks.
Mickey: Some guy called “Mr F” and his partner “K-K”. I don’t know who these guys are, how did they manage to get these pictures or what kind of methods did they employed. Bless you guys, I, Mickey Cantor, send my heart and soul to these faceless users.
Chip: Is it true that you have a folder of photoshopped pictures with you in the middle of these melons?
Mickey: Stop messing with my private life already. Speaking of my private life, If you guys have been watching Tv this last week, you might have heard about the whole legal argument between me and my ex-wife. To clarify a few things, I will dedicate the next message to her..THIS IS FOR YOU SHELLYBUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUURRRRRRRRHHHHHP!!! HA HA HA, THERE IS NO WAY I’M DEDICATING A SINGLE MESSAGE TO THAT BI[CENSORED]. But she won’t quit, she has been sending me almost 999 cellphone messages every day, 55 phone calls and 12 smoke signals. My dear Shelly, our relantionship was impossible since the very beginning. You are a woman, I am a mascot, and you are so annoying that living with you is basically getting my balls kicked right into my skull everyday. I have a new lady in my life also.
Chip: That inflatable doll you still keep in your office?
Mickey: If you are so proud about your marriage then how about you go to a honey moon instead of wasting time with me huh?
Chip: Becouse you need me Mickey.
Mickey: What I need right now is the BULLSEYE CAMERA!” Lets see what the Bullseye camera has for us today.

Chip: Comercial break!


There…there..calm down and relax! Everything will be fine!
Says Enchantress as she slowly plays with Natsu’ hair, picking up small leaves that Natsu caught and twirling it while she mumbles a song. The trees around them are quickly covered by wisps, small Whimsical spirits of the woods with a relatively weak healing power that increases its strenght in numbers. Slowly, the Dragon Slayer’ veins are cleaned, his broken ribs regenerate, every small and big wound is completely healed by these wips, who fly around Natsu, spreading their mystical healing power and leaving fairy dust all over the place.
What brought you here? The shady lanes? The sunny glades? My name is Aiushtha but for my friends who enjoy the smell of the green air and the cover of a leafy canopy, Enchantress. Who did this to you? A ogre perhaps? A little Alpha wolf?


Ogre 1: Waiting is not fun as smashing.
Ogre 2: Not one bit fun. I’m sleeping right here!
Ogre 1: I think red man and his funny wearing pets said something to you.
Ogre 2: No, I believe they said something to you!
Ogre 1: You think so?
Ogre 2: Yep.
Ogre 1: Aha.
Ogre 2: Totally…
Ogre 1: I say we should igasvate the black thing.
Ogre 2: Igasvate?
Ogre 1: Imgrasstigate
Ogre 2: Infestigate?
Ogre 1: Huhhhh…
Ogre 2: Hurm.
Ogre 1: I go first.
Ogre 2: No! I GO first!

Ogres start to walk around the containers searching for a possible entrance. With such a low IQ, they wouldn’t be able to notice small doors and such, so they would probably find nothing but a giant piece of a useless rock.

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Nov 08, 2013 at 11:52PM EST


Machop! Take that hit!

Machop braces itself to take that hit, and is hurt quite a bit

Nov 09, 2013 at 12:02AM EST


When Erza tries to connect to Kokonoe’s codec she gets static for the first few moments… But then the static clears up some. She is still audible, but the transmission is a bit fuzzy.
Kokonoe: Don’t worry about the slap kid…
Erza can hear the sound of potato chips being crunched in her ear. Kokonoe’s just about finishing analyzing the circle used to create the oxygen spell.
Kokonoe: Status on the others… Everyone’s fine. They’re regrouping all in the city. The damage isn’t too bad. It will require some renovation though… That ninja was shouting about it earlier.
And then she gets asked about the cargo and the pilots.
Kokonoe: The cargo from the crash is being put into storage. We’re running tests on the metal as we speak. Tell ‘em that they can pick up the cargo once we’re done analyzing it. Oh, and if they’re using translators, I could upgrade ‘em if they’re not working all that well.


Bang: You need assistance in finding your friend, Miss Mirajane?! Fear not, for I, BANG SHISHIGAMI, shall help you in your task!
With a grin, he begins to lead everyone through the forest in search of Natsu.

Nov 09, 2013 at 12:41AM EST

[And now, Its time to talk my friends. Its time to realize who the real victims are. Its time to realize that our society hides these painful souls and forces us to see a different reality. Its time to see beyond the criminal intent..]

Keyboard typing sounds in the background
Producer: Yo man, I don’t like to sound like a douche but this is going nowhere. We don’t even have the welcome message ready, not even the proper equipment…Can I see my family now?
Wascot: Please Jerry, you are the only friend I have!
Producer: But I don’t even like you, I’m tied to a chair right now, where’s my family..
Wascot: Jerry you need to stop denying our growing friendship. Its a special bond between a kidnapped cameraman and a sociopath.

Wascot: Contrary to what Jerry believes, we have the right equipment to make this show work. Heeeeeeelloooooooooo there, people from Earth, hello doctor Green, hello Alcatraz guards..All of you said: “You are going nowhere, you have no future, get a life.” But guess who has his own channel now hurm? Aha, thats to the first episode of Wascot’ charming villian talking time..of epic proportions…No my friends, this is not a rip off, its completly original…Mickey, if you are watching this, last day I sneaked into your house and stole a few things from your fridge. I think I left a small note pad on your bathroom that says which items are missing. I like to watch you sleep sometimes…Its kinda cute.
Producer: Its creepy as fuck.
Wascot: YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND US JERRY, YOU WILL NEVER UNDERSTAND. Our next guest is just like me. A missunderstood man living in a world that hates him for no reason. Many of us know who am I talking about. At first, he refused but luckily, I convinced him. He should arrive in any second now.

Snoop Crow: My dear Wascot, tis a blessing to see you again my old friend. (His face is covered in tears) I can’t fit anywhere..people don’t appreciate me..I..I…I..
Wascot: There, there, my fellow villian. I welcome you to this little show I started. Wascot’ charming villian talking time..of epic proportions. Its not a good name but I couldn’t think of something else. Tell the audience Crow, tell the audience why are you here.
Snoop Crow: People hate me, but I hate them too. I don’t know what to do with my life anymore. What’s the point of being a omnipotent character is nobody loves you? And when they love you, they have a gigantic ship forcing them to! Why is life so difficult for us the villians?
Wascot:* I understand your pain my good friend but Its not your fault, Its society fault. Why the black wearing man must be always the bad guy? Why the stereotype of “Bad villian , Bad person” is still present in nowadays society? When are we going to understand that villians are people too? That will probably never chance my friend. What you have to keep in mind is that being a bad guy doesn’t mean you are..bad..guy. Our intentions might be evil for them but maybe, inside of us, a little puppy waits for the chance to come out.
Snoop Crow: Tis true, tis nothing but the pure true. I want to show the world that inside this god and powerful body, I can be as charming as any hero. I’m taking origami lessons, I’m starting to create poems in my free time, and I also like to play tennis.
Wascot: See you are not such a bad person! What do you think about the thread itself? About the user that controls you and his friends?
Crow: Novák? He can keep changing his name until the end of the days but he will be forever known as Samuel Rodriguez. I must thank him, I went from a average god to something more than just a being with omnipotent powers, a being beyond this place, leader of the worlds, punisher of the heretics. From a small unimportant ant to a merciless sun of death and despair. God knows what kind of inhumans thoughts were going through his head but thanks to those thoughts, I could conquer the entire thread..twice..Villians such as the Balloon Master are incredibly plain and boring to me. I’m unable to understand the logic behind these users Wascot..when did they started to hate me so much?
Wascot: Well, the thing are omniponent.
Crow: And?
Wascot: Imagine a party. The kid and his friends are about to hit a piñata when his brother, who is a behemoth of a man, just picks up the piñata and quickly runs away to his room. The kids don’t have a single change to block the path of a strong adult. I think thats why people hated you in the thread. Your omnipotence left no room to hide or to resist.
I see..
Wascot: We have a special guest about to arrive right now.
Crow: Who?
Wascot: Do you remember when that known goddess showed up? Since that day, the two of you have been trying to ignore each other as much as possible, denying the powerful love that appeared at first sight. I invited her too and she should arrive..any second now..

???: Oh Crow-sama…
Crow: Oh Yukari..Aww…La Petite Chou-Fleur…


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Nov 09, 2013 at 01:12AM EST


Ooc: Will make an actual post tomorrow. Not home at the moment.

Nov 09, 2013 at 02:46AM EST

OOC: I wasn’t stating that the Order mages were heading to the city, but sure, I’ll work with it…

The Order mages arrive at the city, though they are prepared for combat. After all, SOMETHING is clearly going to happen soon.

Also, since there’s villain talk…

[The commercial is interrupted by static. I have no idea how, but Iblan has SOMEHOW managed to break through into the signal. Maybe it’s something to do with Suwako’s experience of technology, who knows? Anyway, the static clears to show him, Immolan, and Loki.]

Iblan: I really don’t feel this is appro-

from offscreen
Suwako: The camera’s on.


[Iblan actually shows his weapon at this point. It is a strange thing, which actually changes shape depending on the gods he has summoned – this is in itself a property picked up from Loki. Right now it looks like a spear except the point is replaced with an iron ring, which crackles with electricity. The weapon is basically a combination of Arkantos’ speak and Suwako’s iron rings. The inside of the ring is actually watery, because of Chaos.]

Immolan: I just have a message for the guys we interrupted. We don’t really know you but I gather you damn near killed one of our opponents. I don’t hate you, because from what I see you have made things easier for us.

Loki: There’s also things we have not revealed, yet…

from offscreen
???: Are any of those so-called heroes even, what was the term?

from offscreen
Suwako:Watching I hope they are watching this because otherwise the message is wasted.

Immolan: Now we will prepare to bypass the gate, hahahahahahaha…..

[As Immolan says this the image fades into static again, as regular progrimming will resume.]

(OOC: The point of this was basically to state that you have NOT seen everything the heroes will be facing in that particular arc yet, and also to reveal Iblan’s weapon. Who is the mystery voice? What is their motive? You’ll find out in the arc!)

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Nov 09, 2013 at 05:31AM EST

Red eyes the smoke in the sky
Awww SHIT! Well that does not look good at all. Better get back, I have a few Ice spells that can help with the fire.
Red dashes off, tripping on a stray piece of metal and falling on his face
WAAAAHHHHHHHHH! That Sniff That really hurt…
Red gets up and limps back to Magnolia, sobbing all the way.

Nov 09, 2013 at 11:04AM EST

OOC: Red was escorted back to Magnolia by Makoto and Tager, Crona.

Nov 09, 2013 at 11:36AM EST


That turned out to be a fair interview, right down to the Crow/Yukari ship….errr..hmm…

The two make it to the prisoner container and find the door open, they stop and nervously glance at one another before peering into the darkness…
Tim: “I-I don’t think I can see it sir…”
Laika: “Wait here”
Laika walks into the container with the blaster ready, he carefully approaches the prisoner pod to find that its empty. A flood of despair washes over him as the situation escalates within an instant
Laika: “The prisoner has escaped and is far away by now, we can not leave until he is back in this pod….”
Tim: “Dammit…how are we gonna find this guy?…he evaded capture for years…”
Laika: “The prisoner will not have travelled far and will stay within the general vicinity hiding out, it is trapped here too”
Tim: “So the only thing we can do is sit around??”
Laika: “Yes, and wait for it to appear. It will be impossible to track….other than that there is nothing more to be said on the matter.”
Tim: “I understand sir”
Laika: “Anyway, We need to check on the armoured container too…”
They exit the prisoner container and look around for the heavily armoured one outside, after several minutes of searching for the huge thing they arrive at the conclusion that it is gone. They stop to catch a break…
Tim: “It should be around here…it’s within the design of the decoupling system that all freight should land in the same rough area…”
Laika: “Do not worry about it, it is built to be impenetrable so it can wait for now…maybe it has been taken somewhere by the natives of this world”
Tim: “So where to next sir?”
Laika: “We require weapons and equipment for defence and shelter from this chaos, I was told about a city earlier by those people I met at the crash”
Tim: “A-are you sure sir??? it looks like the most dangerous place to be right now…”
Laika: “Everywhere is under danger, except the city is a place we can work around and take up defence in. We can also stock up on food and stimulant packs.”
Tim: “How many packs have you gotten through now sir? do you even think they use them?”
Laika: “3 packs Tim…”
You could say Laika is running off of drip fed diluted Morhpine, hilarity possible.
Laika: “I am sure that even magical worlds have use for stim packs…enough talk, the longer we stand here the higher the chances of attack…”

The two set off running towards Magnolia…


During the infestigation of the shipment containers they come across something of interest lying on the forest floor…

Around the size of (l4d) propane tank It is none other than the ships equally as dumb, prehistoric AI core. Thankfully this machine is built to last and operates as the ships Black Box recorder so destroying it will be a hard task.


Its loud electronic voice can’t help but attract the attention of the Ogre…

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Nov 09, 2013 at 11:54AM EST

@spark and novak

OOC: GRRRR Fuck you guys, I ship YukAsura all day. They are true OTP. YuCrowi can go to hell, they don’t even like each other, how can they be shipped?

Just joking guys. dont’ take this serious.

Nov 09, 2013 at 12:18PM EST

Mickey Cantor: Oh man, Tardhan akwardness, Natsu getting healed, this is so boring..where are the hot brazilian chicks when you need them?
Chip Valvano: We are not repeating the show of the last week if that’s what you mean!
Mickey Cantor: Then lets make a short “Q & A: questions and answers thing” shall we Chip?
Chip Valvano: Provided we don’t get stuck in an endless wave of questions about the size of your-
Mickey Cantor: Woah woah woah! I had to pay one hundred dollars after saying that word! We are not repeating that mistake again.
Chip Valvano: Then I’m with ya, Mickey. Lets see what kind of questions the fans have for us!
Mickey Cantor: Have for ME, becouse you are not that important! Zarathh and Asura say you have potential but to me, you are just another boring lifeless NPC!
Chip Valvano: Tsk…Feel free to ask us whatever you want guys. Send the questions in PM, unless you want to have a conga of OOC messages!

@Tank thing with tanky stuff

Ogre 1: Is that a squirrel?
Ogre 2: C’mon! Its not a squirrel its a..err..a
Ogre 1: Oh! Hello there Crash! Nice to meet ya.
Ogre 2: Nah I think his name is Pull Up Alert.
Ogre 1: PUA?
Ogre 2: Pua the crash!
Both ogres: Childish retarded laughter as they clap.
Ogre 1: See if we can smash it?
Ogre 2: Guess we better.
The ogre just approaches the prehistoric AI core. Then he tries to bite it, lick it, eat it, scratch it. Head 1 would love to smash the core but Head 2 thinks that the voice is funny to hear. The ogre just picks up the AI and shakes it around, hoping to hear another line from the machine.

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Nov 09, 2013 at 12:23PM EST


Know your place heretic.
Crow can get any chick (pun intended) he wants, anyday.

Nov 09, 2013 at 12:26PM EST


After getting the broadcast interrupted on one of the screens of her computer, she watches as the broadcast of your villains play out on the screen… She was recording the whole Mickey cantor episode, commercials and all. She got this recorded so she can show it to the group of heroes.
Kokonoe: What a load of bullshit.

After munching on some more chips, she begins to track the location of the signal that was being transmitted by the broadcast. This shouldn’t take all that long for her to track…

Meanwhile in Magnolia…

Ragna rushes through the streets of Magnolia. Saya is being his top priority right now. He runs faster than anyone has seen him run before, bolting towards the hotel… Getting across the town in mere moments, he barges the doors open of the hotel.
Ragna: Saya?!
He looks around, seeing no one in the receptionist lobby… Ragna then makes his way for the stairs. Climbing up the stairs to the next floor, he rushes to their room and opens the door… Finding…
Ragna: Saya!

His sister is sleeping upon her bed, still in the room… She slept through all the chaos that had just happened. Her eye is closed as she just lays there without sheets covering her or anything, just using her cape.
Saya: Ugh…
She groggily opens an eye up…

Ragna: I thought I lost you again…
He walks over to Saya’s bedside and extends his right arm to her.

Saya takes his assistance and gets up off the bed, immediately hugging her brother.
Saya: It’s okay, Ragna. I’m still here right by your side…

Ragna sighs a sigh of relief and cuts straight to the chase.
Ragna: A flash-fire happened while you were asleep. The whole damn city was put up in flames. I’m just glad you’re okay…
He breaks away from the hug.
Ragna: Come on. They need us out there now.

She nods and follows her big brother out of the hotel and to the city where everyone is needed…

Hakumen leaps up onto a nearby building as one of his eyes spot Jubei sitting atop it.
Hakumen: Have you seen anything, Cat?

Jubei turns his head towards Hakumen.
Jubei: I was startin’ ta wonder where ya went off to, Hakumen.
He looks down at the ground, clearly shaken by something.
Jubei: She came… Ah couldn’t catch ’er, but I felt ’er.

Hakumen clenches his right fist.
Hakumen: Damn it…
The eyes in his armor look all around, trying to find a trace of her.
Hakumen: Be on your guard, Cat…
He jumps down off the building, and is followed by Jubei.

Tao reaches the place where the kittens are being kept rather quickly as well. It is her job to protect them, after all…
Tao: One tiny one, two tiny ones…
She begins counting all the kittens, but stops at around 17 kittens because her head starts to hurt.
Tao: You’re all here, meow!
Cue fanfare.

Meanwhile with the Sector Operatives…

They all arrive back at the city of Magnolia along with Red, who is being carried by Makoto so that they could get out of the forest faster.

Makoto drops Red down on his feet near the entrance of the guild hall.
Makoto: And we’re here!
She looks up at the sky, seeing that it is still really dark.
Makoto: Come on, let’s get back to the Guild Hall. Kokonoe’s too far away right now.

Tager looks at the Sector Seven base in the far distance… He then looks back up at the sky.
Red: Tager: Right. Let’s get going before the bottom falls on us.

The three make their way back to the guild hall…

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As Natsus body is being healed by the wisps. He can actually feel the poisons of the seithr slowly disappearing from his body as his ribs heal. He slowly calms down as his body is restored and breathes much easier than he did before. He lets go of his throat and goes into a more relaxed state as he is finally finished being healed. He just lays there on the ground for a bit, just breathing in and out before jumping back onto his two feet, feeling like a brand new person once more.


Natsu runs around a bit, doing a few somersaults and back flips before stopping next to her.

Natsu: Thanks a lot miss… uuuhh Aiush.. uhhh… I’ll just stick to Enchantress for now, okay?

Natsu looks around at where he is, he is in a much more secluded part od the East forest of Magnolia.

Natsu: Damn, that guy hit me really far away, I don’t recognize this are. Hew turns to face Enchantress. He isn’t bothered by her being a Fawn centaur, there are mythical creatures of all forms in Fiore, but is glad to meet her nonetheless.

Natsu: Some giant brute took me by surprise and hit me really hard, sending me flying here. My home city was attacked by someone or something and caused fires around the city and forest. I managed to eat all of the flames of the city using my fire dragonslayer magic, but turned out after coming here that they were somehow poisonous. I Really owe you a lot for saving me, thanks.

Natsu suddenly hears the calling of his name multiple times in the distance.

Natsu: Hey, I recognize that voice, and that one too. HEY GUYS, I’M RIGHT HERE!!!

Mirajane and bangs group can hear his voice and are also joined by happy too.


Laxus continues to track down Vemom. Using his his heightened sense of smell to track down Venom. He jumps from tree to tree like a bolt of lightning, quickly catching up to him.


continues to chase him down. Assassin should also hear or see him if she is around.

@Everyone else.

The rest of my characters make their way back towards the guild hall shortly after finishing helping the citizens in recovering and fixing some damages. Erza and the others with her continue to escort the pilot and navigator back to Magnolia.


Gajeel who is with his black cat Pantherlilly notices you sobbing after hitting your face on the ground as they make their way back to Magnolia.

Gajeel: jeesh, who is this guy?

Pantherlilly: I saw him talking to Makarov and Mirajane earlier. I think he may be a new member.

Gajeel: Seriously? This wimp? Hey kid, what the hells your name? and where did you come from?

Nov 09, 2013 at 01:11PM EST

So the Pilot and Navigator arrive at Magnolia and find themselves pacing the streets. 2 fully suited space men really stand out amongst the surroundings…
Tim: “Looks like a very inviting place sir…this city”
Laika: “People are heading towards that building”
He points over towards the Guild Hall
Laika: “We shall find weapons there and I will inquire about the lost container”
Tim: “Simple enough plan sir”
They begin walking towards the hall, Tim just keeps staring up at the dark sky
Tim: “It s-sure would be interesting to know what is causing all of this, what do you think”
Laika: “I am just a pilot Tim…”
Tim: “Heh I see…well this certainly isn’t natural…and…I’m getting this feeling that something big is going to happen sometime soon too”
Laika: “Do not lose focus on the objective, last time you did that you nearly sent the crash landing awry”
Tim: “Sorry. It was just the shock from the captain and-”
Laika: “Eyes forward, we are here…”
They have arrived at the doorway to the Guild Hall
Laika: “Tim”
Tim: “Sir…”
Tim pushes the door open and the pair walk on in to confront the people inside….


The Ogre tries to eat the core…
Then the Ogre licks the thing…
And then the core is shaken about

Nov 09, 2013 at 02:35PM EST

The Order mages also head to the guild hall. If something’s happening soon then this may be the last time all 6 archmages participate in the same battle…

After stepping inside…

Pitchurn: I think we should make some preparations. Before arriving I had asked some of the lesser mages to go and gather various materials, and I have quite a lot to work with now… Is there anyone around here familiar with creating items?

She has a number of rubies, sapphires, emeralds, topazes, moonstones and onyxes – these are what the Order mages put into their weapons to amplify elemental damage. She also has some essences of the 6 elements she knows of, and some more… miscellaneous… stuff. An example would be things like wasp stingers or fish scales. She doesn’t have any miscellaneous stuff for light, however.

Tsunarmin: Oh, right, there’s one thing I should do myself.

She gets the ether essence out of her inventory and hands it to Tahrdan. Remember that the inventory is not any physical storage, this is why the ether essence is intact.

(OOC: In summary, there are quite a lot of items to make elemental equipment with in Pitchurn’s hands and she’s looking for anyone familiar with it. The benefits of this do not have to be limited to my own characters, for that matter.)

Nov 09, 2013 at 03:15PM EST

A city? Oh dear! Haven’t seen a city of humans for ages! May I help you in your quest to save the city from the raging fire growing in my sweet and poor little forest? The pleas of the small creatures such as the squirrels around us are increasing and someone out there is heartless enough to ignore them…
Enchantress’ left ear twitches as Bang’s voice is heard: “NAAAAAATSU??” is heard in the background as Enchantress lets out a jolly laugh. She quickly stands up as the wisps start to emit a really shiny golden light. A huge flock of birds arrives to the place and they start to fly above the trees, spinning in circles over and over again and trying to catch the attention of Mirajane and Bang group. This flock of birds can be seen from Magnolia. Pidgeons, doves, parrots and even Wildwings are working togheter to help Natsu. Wildwings’ weight doesn’t allow them to fly just like his smaller brothers, which would lead them to fall to the ground once in awhile. Loud impact sounds as the Wildwings land on the floor, only to quickly stand up and take the skies again. Enchantress’ left hear keeps twitches as she turns around and points to the left.
Ha! There they are! They are coming from the left! Your name is Natsu right? Then follow me my new friend! Let us run togheter before the sun hides and the fire arrives!

And with a “Sproink!”, Enchantress grabs Nats’ right hand and guides him towards Bang group’ direction. Should be noted that she is not running but hopping instead, gracefully skipping as the flock of birds and the animals from the woods follow her. It would be extremelly easy for anyone to know where Natsu is since the place where he landed is now filled with birds and shiny wisps. Bang and his group should be able to see a golden light coming out from the darkest branches of the forest…along with a endless flock of birds that is almost nothing but a huge signal that says: “Obviously, your lost kid landed here”.

Venom keeps jumping and jumping until he arrives to a waterfall. The creature looks around him, lost, unable to decide, unable to think clearly. He starts to crush and destroy every rock in the place, making the ground shake as he punches furiously these lifeless objects. As rock pieces fly everywhere, Laxus notices nothing hiding in the bushes near the beast. 3 floating red eyes. Must be Assassin. As Venom proceeds to kill the marine life found in this small river, Assassin slowly pulls out a syringe and she throws a single shuriken at Laxus that has a attached paper: That syringe holds the only serum capable of controlling Venom. Assassin dissapears in the bushes as Venom catches the scent of a fucking intruder, some fucking guy who is pretty much a fucking corpse right now, some fucking fucker who doesn’t understand the meaning of “Leave me the fuck alone”. Venom turns around..

The Ogre curiosity finally increased dangerous levels. The creature who has the IQ of a smashed potato is laughing at the AI’ monotome voice as the poor machine gets licked and smashed. Amusement and joy as both heads laugh like children in a park, currently watching a clown punching himself, but in the ogre’ case, Its an AI being shaken.

Ogre 1: Hehehehe! My turn! What if I bite it?
Ogre 2: Your saliva is all over it already, let me smash it!
Ogre 1: But its going to break! I want to keep it!
Ogre 2: Out of my way, that thing is getting smashed right naow!
Ogre 1: HEY!
Ogre 2: HEY!
Ogre fighting happends. This is so sad, he is literally fighting himself. Finally..
Ogre 1: See if you can put it in wand.
Ogre 2: Why do we need a talkin’ wand?
Ogre 1: Becouse things are funny when they talk.
Ogre 2: Oh really.
Ogre 1: Really
Ogre 2: Oh really.
Ogre 1: Really
Ogre 2: I think we were about to do something.
Ogre 1: Oh look a black small thing on the ground!

The Ogre Magi grabs once again the poor AI. Then, he is lost in the complex process of thinking, staring at his mace-wand and the newly found talking thing. 15 minutes of depht thoughts related to squirrels and smashing trees. The Ogre finally grabs his wand and, using his ridiculous sharo teeth, he makes a big hole in the middle, enough to fit the AI’ size. Then, he is lost once again in the complex process of putting the machine inside said wand. Finally, the “Wand-mace-talking-thing” is born. God knows what kind of stupi- err, interesting spells the Magi is capable of now.

Nov 09, 2013 at 03:46PM EST

Ann Hiro wrote:


Machop! Take that hit!

Machop braces itself to take that hit, and is hurt quite a bit

I’m assuming I won since I wrote this yesterday, and got no reply.

Nov 09, 2013 at 11:31PM EST

OOC: Lets just say you won. The following week is nothing but studying so I’m afraid I won’t be able to post anything for now. See ya later guys, I will try to leave a small message or two so you don’t get stuck! Bye!

Nov 10, 2013 at 12:27AM EST


And in that single defining lightning crack, the 8 day downpour begins. Ammy really did go wild on this one.

Kiritsugu@Fire Eat:

Kiritsugu: “… amazing! Nothing ever like it has been done where I am from!”

Though he regains his composure…

Kiritsugu: “Though of the shows that have happened thus far… there is still three things I know I have yet to have seen outclassed…”

He re-lights his cigarette and goes to check on Maiya

Vesperia@Fire Eat:

Flynn: “What in the world!?”

Repede barks a ton.

Yuri: “Eating Fire…? How can his lungs even support that!?”

Rita: “I have a feeling if I dissect one of them I might find out.”

Estelle: “A-at least ask permission first.”


Yuri: “This is going to get ugly…”

Karol: “Wh-what do we do Yuri!?”

Yuri: “Alright, same split up as before. Tokunaga, Judith, Raven, and Karol get Ba’ul to carry the ship away, and the other 5 of us will stay here to get news on that attack!”

the original five I set out exit the boat and head back to the guild hall… fighting the wind as they do.

Sealing Club and Touhou’s@Guild Hall:

Archer, Maribel, and Renko had arrived back in the hall for several minutes allready. The girls huddled next to the brand new fire in the fireplace. And Archer huddled over a peice of paper and a pen.

Archer: “Alright… I saw this.”

He shows off the finished drawing. Pretty much this without color.

Archer: “I presume some of you know who that is?”

Reimu: “How… stereotypical.”

Marisa just gives this uncomfortable look

Saber@Sealing Club and by extension the Guild Hall:

Saber and Irisveil re-enter the Guild Hall… and in a flash is carrying her sword and pointing it straight at Archer

Saber: “Archer!”

Archer: “… blast, I was distracted.”

Suddenly they are both back in their battle uniforms, ready to attack…

Maribel: “Wh-what are you two doing!?”


Ammy quietly just sits in the rain… waiting for a few minutes before running off into that castle she noticed a bit ago.

*She looks at the now ice cold foyer… thinking for a bit before sweeping her tail again.

With the powers of rejuvenation, she seems to spontaneously fix the foyer. Somehow… her powers had turned the central heating back on as well. She shakes herself off and goes to sit next to one of the vents as it starts pumping out hot air…

A few minutes later she goes exploring, fixing the holes in the wall to keep the heat from escaping this now nice and warm castle.

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@Guild Hall,

For the past while, Laika and Tim have been happily sat resting at the bar, generally taking the time to rest up and regain some energy whilst looking at the other members of Fairy Tail and giving comment to one another…
Tim: “W-whats with that red demon looking thing?”
Laika: “A creature of that size will take many shots to bring to its knees. Problematic in a confrontation, we shall keep our relations neutral”

And then the mages turn up
Laika: “This is such a strange collection of people. The planet we are upon is either vast and contains multiple different societies at different technological levels or they are here from other worlds”
Tim: “Or…maybe there are different places here where people opt in for lifestyles….a place for mages..a place for swordsmen….a place for the advanced…”
Laika: “That is also possible but keeping the different zones segregated and preventing mixing would be difficult, in the end it will form into one group consisting of all those qualities”
Tim: “Magical--flying-cyborg-wizard-swordsmen sir?”
Laika: “Hm probably.”

And then the heavy rain can be heard tapping on the windows along with the thunder rolling in…
Tim: “It looks like we got in just on time”
Laika: “It wasn’t long ago that my eyes were burning from the sun and now we are in the midst of a fully fledged storm….”
Tim: “At least we found our shelter…I doubt these suits are built to handle the rain, are they?”
Laika: “To a certain extent, but due to the cost of each one you would have to be a mad man to test it”
Tim: “…er.hmm why are we still wearing these sir? we have our flight overalls underneath and we seem to be within a Oxygen rich atmosphere”
Laika takes a few moments before responding
Laika: “….because it’s warm and comfortable….”
Tim: “And the stim packs right?”
Laika: “Yes that too, including the devices and equipment I have attached to this suit will prove to be useful…..I am keeping my suit sealed and filtered because I don’t want to contract any strange diseases”

And then the fight breaks out in the hall and there is a stand off…
Tim: “Woah! what is happening!”
Laika: “Focus, into cover!”
The duo jump over the bar and take up refuge behind it
Tim: “We gonna just wait this one out?”
Laika: “We have no reason to get involved so until we are forced otherwise I have my blaster ready”
Humorously, the pair peek over the bar, waiting for the fight to start up…


The AI is crammed into the wand…
AI “Crash”: Firmware upgrade successful, new AI chassis fitted. Rebooting….Rebooting….
After a few seconds
AI “Crash”: Ready and on standby

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