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OOC: Ahahahaha oh wow. That AI is handling the situation hilariously well.

In the guild hall…

Tempestia: Sounds like we made it just in time.

Then the hostilities start…

Solarian: If those two get too out of hand, we’ll intervene. Consider this an order.

Granatir: Alright.

They turn to watch for now…

Of course, there are two others outside…

Since she is once again a ball of light, the rain does not bother Tikal whatsoever. Like this she can fly through solid stone and even metal as if it was air, so the rain just passes right through her. She is still at the crash site, as is Athena.

Athena:(Something seems unnatural about this. The power is somehow similar but at the same time different to that of Zeus, I should investigate this.)

The goddess of wisdom starts to walk into the forest, the rain does not bother her. She has a vague sense of where the power originates and is steadily heading towards the castle…

(OOC: So… yeah. A meeting of gods from different pantheons is going to be happening soon, probably.)

Nov 10, 2013 at 10:37AM EST

Ragna and Saya@Rain storm,

The two of them were outside briskly walking towards the guild hall when the rain started to pour down rain.

The rain makes Ragna walk even faster towards the guild hall, pulling Saya along with him.
Ragna: Gah! Damn it, not again!
His hair immediately turns into another wet mop like earlier. A sour look appears on his face as this happens. He runs through the doors of the guild hall with Saya in hand…

Saya also looks like someone poured a bucket of water on her head. Her long hair is soaking wet, but she still has a smile on her face from what had happened.
Saya: Hehe. You should see your hair, big brother.

Ragna: My hair? You should look at your hair!
his demeanor changes some, just from being around his sister… He laughs a friendly laugh towards her.
Ragna: C’mon. The fireplace shouldn’t be that far away.
He leads Saya over to the fireplace where Archer and them are.

@Laika and Tim,

Before the fight.

After dragging Red and Gajeel into the guild hall, Tager looks around to see Laika and Tim sitting at the bar… He walks over to the two pilots, shaking the ground as he walks towards them.
Tager: You two must be the unlucky pilots who crashed in the forest back there.

Makoto joins Tager in the conversation with the pilots.
Makoto: Hey there!
She waves a hand at them.
Makoto: I’m Makoto, and the big guy next to me is Tager.

Tager: Greetings.


Hakumen and Jubei arrived before the rain started to pour down…

The old cat sits by the fireplace, lost in thoughts about her. “Could she have really been here? Why was she here in the first place?” These thoughts fill the cat’s mind.

Hakumen: Cat.
He calls out to Jubei, hoping to get him to come back to reality.

Jubei jumps a little, being startled by Hakumen’s voice.
Jubei: Yeah, what is it, Hakumen?
He gets up from position on the ground.

Hakumen is with Archer as he shows off the drawing of Phantom.
Hakumen: … I was afraid of this, Cat.

Jubei briskly makes his way to Archer, looking at the paper. As he sees what lays before him, something strange happens to Jubei… He actually looks shocked at the drawing. Usually he is calm and cool, but now…
Jubei: God… Damn it.
He grits his teeth, upon seeing the picture of Phantom.
Jubei: Yeah. I know ’er…

And then the fight between Archer and Saber start up…

Jubei immediately takes notice of this, seeing Archer drop the paper onto the ground. He glances between both of the combatants and merely walks in the middle of them going to fight.
Jubei: Now, now… This ain’t the time fer fightin’ young’uns. Lotsa stuff’s happened. Why don’t ya’ll just take it easy fer a while. Maybe talk it over? Words can be sharper than swords, y’know.
With more reasoning from Jubei… This causes the hostilities between Saber and Archer to come to a halt for the time being.

Everyone who was in the forest has arrived back to the guild hall, having gotten Natsu back. Doomguy gets a kick in the balls from Platinum to wake him up. Saber can feel the presence of the two Azure Grimoire’s in close proximity to each other. Everything is calmed down once again…

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Nov 10, 2013 at 04:27PM EST

@Tager & Makoto,

Before the fight…
The Pilot and Navigator are sat talking to one another when Tager approaches, they are naturally speaking in their foreign language making them incomprehensible. The sentences are spoken almost fluidly with few breaks or pauses using a large and unusual variety of sounds and pitches. If you are to pay very close attention you will hear that Tim isn’t so fast at speaking and takes much more time than Laika, the accent he possess is also very different. It is likely that this isn’t Tims mouther tongue….

With no room in the strange language for a polite interruption, Tager breaks them mid sentence. The pair both turn to face him, their faces hidden behind their black visors
Laika: “It is the demon creature…another chance to put your skills to test Tim, go ahead”
Tim: eerrr hi there, yeah we ran through a debris field and were forced down to this planet, it wasn’t something we were expecting to see in this sector though…for as long as I can remember there has never been so many space rocks orbiting these planets.
Laika: “Forget the explanations, inquire about the armoured container, weapons and stimpacks….”
Tim: “S-sure thing sir..” err…I believe we ejected our cargo section over the nearby forest, we were carrying some valuable cargo as well as a-
Laika: “No, do not say anything about the prisoner”
Tim:…We went to check on the containers earlier but we were missing one. Have you seen this anywhere? it’s just like the others…
Laika: “Weapons and Stimpacks”
Tim: We also need weapons and are happy to trade credits for them…
Laika: “…Stimpacks….”
Tim: Where we come from we have a medicinal item called a Stimulant Pack, we use them to quickly heal injuries. Do you know of these?
From looking at Laika and seeing that he isn’t injured you will be safe in assuming that he has a chem addiction
(…These guys don’t even come from the Fallout universe, the terms have just sorta stuck…)
Laika: “I am low on Oxygen…”
Don’t forget Laika is still carrying a tank of pure Oxygen upon his back. his suit filters the air and then laces it with the gas. Right now it’s in the red…
Tim: My..friend here also needs his Oxygen tank refilling….

Then Makoto comes over..
Laika: Hmmmmm…..
Lucky for some, the benefits of having your entire face obscured must be some sort of wish granted in this situation..
Tim: …err…my name is Tim..Tim Caufman, Navigator of the Hunter Gratzner, sat next to me is Laika, the Pilot…
The pilot taps away at the translator
Laika’s device: Many nice to….meet you people…..

Then all the fighting kicks off, the two hop behind the bar and take cover, Jubei then calls the situation down so they come back out of hiding and resume chilling at the bar however keeping a close watch on the situation…

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Nov 10, 2013 at 07:27PM EST

@Guild Hall:

Saber and Archer lower their weapons…

Archer: “… is it the best interest of my masters that we delay this fight?”

Not dropping his gaze…

Maribel: “D-did we have to figh-”

Renko: “Yes! Truce Truce Truce Truce Dammit!!”

Archer’s daggers vanish into thin air… and Saber’s invisible sword blinks in a flash of golden light before resting her arm…

Iriesveil: “… that isn’t the Archer we know…”

Saber: “You bring up a good point. He’s most definitely not Gilgamesh…”

Archer: “It appears we are from separate wars within the Holy Grail battles… unless the situation deems otherwise.”

Marisa: “Or you can just remember that the airspeed velocity of an unladen swallow is 24 miles per hour.”

Reimu: “What shit are you babbling?”

Archer goes back to his drawing…

Archer: “Now then. If this is some sort of powerful wizard from this time, I am most definitely at a disadvantage against her… who here would be able to handle her if the time comes to it?”

The Vesperia group barges in… drenched.

Yuri: “Call us a bit of outsiders who don’t know their crap, but suddenly absorbing all the fire from the surrounding city? That is most definitely unheard of.”

Rita: “Guild of Mages my ass. More like a city of Superheros who want to oddly retain noble titles that come with being Wizards.”

Repede shakes off and goes straight for the fire

@Kiritsugu’s warehouse:

Maiya: “Thankfully, none of the equipment was damaged. The alchemy lab wasn’t in use.”

Kiritsugu: “Though it will be up to Irisveil if the ingredients where contaminated or not.”

He closes the cabinent.

Maiya: “The Origin Bullets where also thankfully unharmed.”

Kiritsugu: “… are they all accounted for?”

Maiya: “Yes. None of them are missing.”

She puts the origin bullets back into the Safe…

Kiritsugu: “Now then…”

He looks up at his previous battle strategy written on the chalk board.

Kiritsugu: “We need to come up with a trap…”

he erases the city street map and begins a more detailed map of a particular intercetion…

“…Though we will need some bait… finding somebody in their right mind willing to offer will be an issue.”

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Nov 10, 2013 at 08:00PM EST

@Laika and Tim,

After the fight.

Now that the fight is done, Tager turns his attention back to Tim and Laika. He was about to open his mouth earlier, but then the fighting broke out… Without any interruptions, Tager replies to the team of two.
Tager: You say that you are willing to pay for wares? Hm…

Makoto: I think that Kokonoe mentioned something about those stimpack things you’re talking about. I’ll call her here.
She contacts Kokonoe with a small earpiece in her ear.
Makoto: Hey, Professor. There are some people who want to see you down here at the guild hall.

Faster than you can say “Touch Fluffy Tail”, Kokonoe begins the teleportation procedure. Laika and Tim can see the space in the middle of Tager and Makoto distorting. The air begins to crackle with blue electricity. After about a moment more of the space distorting, Kokonoe appears in the middle of the two.

Kokonoe: So these are the pilots of the ship, eh?
She takes a lick of her cat-head shaped lollipop and walks over to the two space men. She doesn’t say anything. She just examines their suits over.
Kokonoe: Well, well…
A mechanical portal opens above her hand. She reaches into it and pulls out a tank of oxygen for Laika. She holds the tank in one hand before tossing it to him, hoping that he has enough skills to catch it.
Kokonoe: And you.
She looks at Laika.
Kokonoe: You need a better translator than that piece of shit you have right now…
She only glanced at the piece of tech, and can already tell about it. She reaches back into the portal and grabs a better translator that’s not all that hard for him to use.
Kokonoe: And you…
She glances at Tim.
Kokonoe: What the hell are you doing without a weapon? Are you shitting me?
Reaching her hand back into the portal… again… She takes out a sleek-looking pistol and tosses it to him.

Kokonoe: The AKR-109 Gauss pistol. Don’t lose it.

Makoto: Um… They also said something about stimpacks.
She still looks confused when she says the word.

Kokonoe: Stimpacks…?
She turns her head to Makoto.
Kokonoe: Hm…
Reaching her hand back into the portal, she feels around…
Kokonoe: Aha!
She pulls out a bag of these and tosses them to Tim.

Kokonoe: Anything else?


Ragna gets up from the fireplace, having been messing with his hair to get it styled back in the right way before the fight started.
Ragna: Let me see that.
He goes over to Archer and looks at the drawing of Phantom… Upon seeing it, his face goes white and his eyes grow wide.
Ragna: She… No… It… Was with them at the Cauldron…

Hakumen: The servant of the devil and his engineer…
He crosses his arms.
Hakumen: Bound by darkness, she is forced to serve their every whim.

Jubei sighs some.
Jubei: Don’t mess with ‘er, or she’ll eat’cha alive…
He looks down at the ground, still having those bad memories. It was Phantom who plagued Jubei with all his injuries. Anyone who has acute magical sensing powers can tell that he has grizzly scars on his body. Saber would recognize the scars similar to what Lancer is capable of, but more powerful. They take forever to heal…

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Nov 10, 2013 at 08:31PM EST


Laxus takes off his jacket and shirt and tosses it aside, revealing his massive build of muscles and changes his stance to power himself up. Lightning crackles intensely around him as lines begin to appear around his arms, forming scales of some sort. His mass begins to increase a bit as he continues to build up massive amounts of power to combat Venom and inject the serum into him.

Once he finishes growing, he is about the same mass as venom, bulging muscles. His arms look like they are made of Dragon scales and lightning crackles around him intensely. He is now capable of going toe-to-toe with Venom.

Laxus: I don’t know what it is your upset about, so if you don’t want things to end badly id suggest you let me help you calm down and come back with Spark and the others. He takes the needle and puts it in his hand. So what do you say, want to talk thing out or do i need to knock you back to your senses?

@Magnolia city.
Everyone in the city is okay and they quickly go back inside to take shelter from the rain. The members of the guild make it back to the guild hall just in time.

@the forest.
After doing as much regenerating and healing as they could to the forest, the rain pours down on them and they decide to head back to the guild hall.

Natsu regroups with Mirajane, Happy and Bangs group. They explain the situation of the town and how all of the fires were put out thanks to Natsu eating the fires. The others quicky introduce themselves to the fawn centaur and show their thanks for what she did for Natsu. They all bring Enchantress back to the city of Magnolia. They just briefly explain their situation to enchantress as they make their way to their city.

The city is rouged up due to the fires, but its still standing. Over time, the damages should be fixed and Man-sized thanks to Bang.

@the guild hall.
Other than Natsu’s group with Bang and Enchantress, who had just entered the city, everyone is back in the guild hall, exhausted as ever. Not just because of the day, it’s because of the Jet lag from transfering fron night to the middle of the day without sleep. Everyone is just sitting down, exhausted from their ordeals.

@Vesperia group.

Erza and the others mages with her were nearby them when the group barges in. Overhearing them.

Erza: Welcome back. I hear everything was okay thanks to Natsu saving the city.

Gray: If only he had done it sooner. But were is he now?

Lucy: I don’t know, maybe he went to the forest or something to look for the others shortly after.

Gray: Maybe. who knows.

Erza: He’s the last person to worry about. turns to the Vesperia group. And no, we are not any sort of super heroes. We all just practice very different styles of magic than what you people may be used to. For example, Natsus magic is called Fire Dragon Slayer magic. He was taught it by an actual fire dragon named Igneel, who also raised him like a son when he was little. His magic allows him to consume his elements to increase his magic powers exponentially, and is also completely immune to any form of fire magic.

Gray: So if you ever get into a fight with him, don’t throw fire at him, cuz he will literally eat it up and spit it back at you ten-fold.*

Wendy: Natsus not the only dragon slayer here. We have a total of four here in Fairy Tail. Theres Natsu, Gajeel, Laxus and Me. I practice sky dragon slayer magic. Gajeel is an iron dragon slayer. And laxus is a lightning dragon slayer. Me, Natsu, and Gajeel were all taught our magic from dragons.

Lucy: Laxus got his powers from having a lightning dragon slayer lacrama infused into him from his dad. Also one more thing, in case you were wondering, Yes, Gajeel eats iron to restore his energy. Just look.

She points to him at the bar, eating a scrap of metal he got from the ship wreckage.

Lucy: Its still kinda gross, even till now.

Erza: We are all different, so there’s no need to worry about a thing. Is there anything else you would like to know about our guild or about us?

@The drawing.
Makarov is next to the others, looking at the picture of phanton.

Makarov: So this is the thing that caused the fires after they were put out. would you mind telling me what this is exactly and what it was trying to accomplish in our town?

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Nov 10, 2013 at 09:39PM EST


When Kokonoe teleports in the two stand back in surprise at what is to come…
Laika: “What is happening?”
And then she appears before the two…
Laika: “I never thought teleportation existed”
Tim: It does here by the looks of it sir…
Laika catches the Oxygen tank, the weight of it throwing him back a little, he also takes the translator and fits it into his suit. Tim takes the gauss pistol and checks it over before placing it into his gun holster
Tim:… thanks for all this equipment…
Laika: “This translator is very high end too, hmm”
After Tim has caught the Stimpacks, Laika quickly takes them off him before loading them into his space suit…he also swaps his Oxygen tanks over…
Laika’s device: Thankyou for your hospitality…
With the upgraded translator Laika finds it easier to use
Tim: Atleast now we can defend ourselves a little better around here….oh, and one other thing. we have lost a shipping container, surely with your technology you have seen this somehow?
Meanwhile Laika looks at Kokonoe intently…
Laika: “What a curious looking woman, she has the qualities of a feline why this other one has the qualities of a squirrel…”
The Pilot continues to babble to himself as he begins to slowly fade out…both from exhaustion from the crash and the boost of gas and packs
Tim: It is very important and we cannot leave without it…
Now slouched back on the bar stool, Laika has fallen asleep, his suit keeping him propped up…
Laika: zzz….zzz….zzz…
Tim: Try not to mind my friend here…

Nov 10, 2013 at 10:30PM EST

OOC: This post and Enchantress’ reaction in a nutshell


As a creature born in the woods, Enchantress barely meets humans and beings that are not birds, squirrels, wolves and other members from the forest wildlife; and becouse of this, she is really happy to meet Natsu’ group of friends. Her charming smile never dissapeared since she met Natsu, along with her happy aura and good mood. The flock of birds is gone and only a few animals dare to follow Enchantress in such a bad weather conditions. Despite having her hooves covered in mud and grass, she loves the smell of wet earth and getting wet in a hard rain. Endlessly jumping in puddles and not remembering that not everyone likes to get wet, Enchantress ends up splashing water on everyone until the group finally arrives to the Fairy Guild. If someone was/ is really annoyed / upset by her innocent and playful nature, she would just say:

“Tee hee! Are you having fun too? I love rainy days! (Keeps jumping on puddles) Sproink!”

Special introductions since Enchantress befriends almost EVERYONE she meets.

@Bang and the ninjas. Ninjas? Oh man I love this thread
Since the ninja is basically the leader of the group, Enchantress greets him first with a endless and giant bear hug that would make any wrestler such as Veteran and Tager proud, completely ignoring any kind of handshake attempt that Bang might have proposed. The fawn centaur literally spends one minute hugging Bang while introducing herself to the group. Before letting the poor ninja free, she grabs Bang’s cheeks and she slowly squeezes them while letting out a cheerfull laugh. Clearly, she hasn’t seen friendly humans in ages. Luckily, Bang’ followers just get a normal hug from Enchantress, who keeps jumping and skipping as the rain falls.
“Haven’t seen such a friendly community for awhile! Pleasure to meet you Mister Bang! Hehehe! Your cheeks are as soft as the skin of a bald cat! I totally forgot how chubby humans are! You and your followers are part of a order right? Awww, you all wear the same outfit.”

@Mirajane, Happy and Natsu
Being a female or a flying cat won’t save you from the ridiculous cheerful nature of this doe! Enchantress happily hugs Mirajane and Happy too, specially, SPECIALLY Happy. When the cat appeared out of nowhere, Enchantress couldn’t resist the urge of grab the cat by his tail, pull him towards her and cover the poor creature with her arms. Unlike Bang, Happy’ freedom is non-existant near the fawn centaur and he is literally condemned to spend the rest of the following introductions and dialogues in Enchantress’ arms. Since Enchantress has never ever heard of anything related to the Fairy Tail, she is curious and excited. She listens to the stories of the Dragon Slayer and his friends, trying to remember every word coming out from Natsu and Mirajane’ mouths. A long round of questions and answers happens as the group returns to the guild.
“So your team is called Fairy Tale? Fairy Tail? Every member is a dragon slayer too? If you are called dragon slayer, does that mean that you slay dragons? Why would you do such a thing to the most missunderstood creature of the forest? Why do you call yourselves “Fairy Tail”? Sorry, but you don’t look like fairy creature to me, maybe to someone else? Perhaps your community has a different meaning of the word “Fairy”? Who founded your city? How did you ended in the middle of the valley of Augury?"
The valley of Augury..Just like this, Enchantress doesn’t seem to realize that Fiore is far faaar away from the land where she used to live. She keeps mentioning places that nobody has ever heard from such as “The North coniferous forest”, “Verodicia sacred land”, etc.

As the group slowly makes their way to the guild, Enchantress greets every citizen the group finds, inviting them to feel the joy and pleasure of singing in the middle of a heavy rain. Without a sign of hesitation or discrimination, she spreads her love and charm around this new location. Dogs, cats, any animal found in Magnolia starts to follow her. By the time Bang’ group arrives to the guild, there a large line of animals behind Enchantress.
Finally, the group arrives to the guild hall. Everyone is covered in mud and grass, exhausted, tired as hell, about to fall on the ground and sleep. With Nighstalker’ presence gone, our heroes and basically the entire town can finally sleep in peace without having to worry about a lunatic trying to take over the world or a demon killing innocent fishermen. Poor Happy is finally free from the cheerful nature of Enchantress and she arrives for the first time to the guild hall.

Saddly, boring and repetitive introductions will have to wait since there’s only one fluffy thing that managed to catch Enchantress’ attention. Still covered in mud and grass, Enchantress pounces Jubei, catching him with her arms and leading to yet-another hugging scene. She kisses the talking cat’ fluffy cheeks without letting him a single opportunity to talk or even explain or even ask why. The cloud of wisps that healed Natsu and now all over Jubei as he is trapped in the arms of this fawn centaur. Gets even worst: since she doesn’t even know Jubei’s real name..well..
Aren’t you the cutest and most perfect cat of the animal kingdom! Mister Tummy! I will name you Mister Tummy! Do you like that name? Yes you do! Of course you do!
She ignored every new face around her just to hug the hell out of Jubei. Poor cat is getting too old for this shit.
OOC: I found a perfect gif for this.

And boy, finally Sparky and Co. arrive just to see the following scene: A mud covered fawn centaur hugging a hooded cat. Spark chuckles as he greets everyone. Cheston has a gorilla-sized umbrella and Foster keeps laughing at the sofisticated personality of the ape. Foster smells like a wet dog who just hit by a car. Speaking of wet dogs, Sam & Max are missing in action. Sam is the kind of detective that loves to walk in the rain while talking to himself in the most melodramatic and monotome way. They are probably drinking coffee or investigating something.

Venom just punches the ground, throwing a wave of rocks and rumble directly to Laxus. After this, the beast roars and a thunder hits a nearby tree. The monster just rips the biggest tree his small brain is able to find and tries to use it as a weapon, swinging the tree at Laxus, who should be lying on the floor or jumping to the air.

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Nov 11, 2013 at 05:34AM EST

@Fairy Tail:

Yuri has a look of “That’s Awesome”, while the rest of them just cringe.
Yuri: "Eh… yeah.

Rita: “Hmm… interesting. So essentially an Entelexeia, an intelligent beast, taught and or granted you special abilities. But if I where to fight with any of you, I would just use my Multielements. Really not that big of a deal. Well, once the Aer concentrations on this planet normalize.”

She flips though the index of the book she is carrying…

Then loudly shuts it

Rita: “Hey, any of you willing for me to analyze you? I want to see how you work.”

She is mainly talking at the Fairy Tail

Rita: “Unless if you are insanely ticklish you won’t feel a thing.”

Estelle: “Is that really the first thing you should be asking of people?”

Rita: “What? If we are stuck inside during a storm what else would there be to do besides start barfights?”

She glares at Archer and Saber

Yuri: “Just don’t tamper with anything unless if they ask for it. I don’t want them coming after our heads.”

Repede just enjoys the flame… Maribel too scarred out of her mind to think about petting the guy. Though Repede doesn’t seem to be giving any fucks here.

Saber: “You bear some major scars I once bore… if she can inflict wounds like that I am truly sorry. I know how you feel…”

Renko just looks up at Ragna, shifting her position between him and Maribel…

Nov 11, 2013 at 05:59AM EST

Meanwhile at the bar…
Tim: zzz…zzz…zzz
Laika: zzz…zzz…zzz
Tim: zzz…zzz
Laika: zzz…zzz…zzz…zzz
The two are sat up and slouched over on the bar stools fast alseep
(Perfect example…)

@Kiritsugu’s warehouse

….Unbeknownst to both Maiya and Kiritsugu is the presence of an unknown stalker….

Its eyes pierce the darkness like silver knives as it sits up in the shadows, observing, sensing, listening, recording and waiting…who knows how long it has been there or why, it has managed to keep its presence completely shrouded this entire time, not leaving a shred of evidence of its existence.

It glides about the building like art in motion, any cameras are disabled, alarms deactivated, motion sensors shut off, its presence leaves no substance to be traced. Its movements leaving no sound to be heard. It is quite close…very close….but it still evades the senses of the ones it stalks…almost like a ghost…it isn’t hunting for a kill, but it is searching for something…

Everything from body temperature, muscle twitches, sweat secretion, brain activity, heart rate, emotional state, hair movement and stress levels can be simultaneously and instantly registered so that’s its actions are executed with an almost foresight knowledge on its victims thoughts. It allows it to keep 10 steps ahead…to accurately predict imminent actions

Like a phantom, It is staring…almost point blank at the two as they look at the chalk board…

It recedes back into the shadows to merge with the concrete environment, it then leaves its first and only sign of existence. A grenade belt is missing along with a bandolier of ammunition, it continues to search for weapons….

Every word spoken by the pair create vibrations that cut across its skin like a thousand tiny knives, it feels the air washing around it, seeing the world like an ocean of rippling currents, each one of them carrying valuable shards of information that it seamlessly filters out and absorbs….it can hear the the squeak of that mouse over 200 meters away, the flap of that birds wings as it passes over the city, the small ticks deep within the complex workings of the town clock..

It is the musk smell of the warehouse, it is the dust that sits upon the shelves, it is the chalk upon the board…

It is the personification of perfect stealth

Nov 11, 2013 at 10:38AM EST

@magic talk

%{color:orange}Pyralis: Okay, we DEFINITELY need to work hard to keep up. Our magic is a bit more generalised in terms of element. And we don’t even have any particularly powerful spells.

The image doesn’t ring any bells for any of the 9 Order mages. They don’t say anything about this, however.


Solarian: I have no idea what to make of this creature… I don’t think I want its attention, though.

the light elemental archmage tries to keep a decent distance from the overly cheerful creature. Cheerful and seriousness don’t exactly get on well. Tempestia on the other hand….

Tempestia: Who and what are you?

The air elemental archmage has no issue approaching.


The word ‘analyze’ instantly puts Solarian on edge.

Solarian: An-analyze? What the hell are you thinking!? We’re not machines!


In the forest, Athena is still following the trail of divine power, and comes to the entrance to the castle. If Ammy is being even remotely aware of things right now, she’d sense that there is another deity in the area.

Nov 11, 2013 at 01:24PM EST

@Laika and Tim,

As they talk about the container they are looking for, Kokonoe raises an eyebrow.
Kokonoe: A container? You mean like a container that’s about… 40 feet long and 10 feet wide?
She takes the lollipop out of her mouth.

Kokonoe: That was also pitch black… Hm…
She taps her foot, obviously knowing. She’s trying to think of an answer.
Kokonoe: Nope! Can’t say I have!

Tager and Makoto both facepalm.

Tager and Makoto: Professor!

Kokonoe: Bah. You’re no fun, Makoto.
She scowls at her, and then turns back to the pilots.
Kokonoe: Yeah, I’ve seen it. It’s-
She then hears the snoring of the two and looks peeved to hear them…
She claps once really loudly to wake them up.
Kokonoe: Ahem… Yes, I’ve seen it. It was extracted from the crash site and is being held back at my lab.


Jubei: Ah can’t tell ya who it is, ‘cause I don’t exactly know fer myself…
He sighs.
Jubei: Ah have a hunch on what it was tryin’ ta do though.

Hakumen: I suspect its purpose was to attack the city while we were all out on our mission… A curious act indeed.

And then Enchantress comes along…

Jubei struggles against Enchantress’s hug.
Jubei: Gah! Put me down!
Using his strength, he breaks free from her embrace, barely using any of his strength. If he used anymore than he just did, he probably would have broken both of her arms. Dropping down to the ground and dusting himself off, he looks up at Enchantress with his single working eye. He looks a bit miffed.

Jubei: Name’s Jubei. Ju-bei. Not… “Mister Tummy”.


Ragna overhears Rita’s talk of examinations.
Ragna: Whoa, whoa, whoa. Just what the hell do you mean by “examinations”?
He goes over to the Vesperia group.
Ragna: We aren’t some sort of toys that you can just play with and mess up.
The jet lag is making Ragna noticeably tired, however he does his best to stay awake.

Everyone nearby can see something strange happen… Everyone can see it before Ragna, but he suddenly feels the weight of a loli vampire on the top of his head.

Rachel: A good day to you, Ragna. But oh, how bored I am…

Ragna glances upwards to see Rachel standing on his head.
Ragna: You!
He throws her off his head with a single hand.

Rachel flies backwards, regaining her balance immediately.
Rachel: That is no way to treat your master.
She bats Gii at Ragna with Nago while he is closed up as an umbrella.

Gii: Whaaaaaa-!

Ragna catches Gii with a single hand and squeezes him some.

Ragna: What the hell do you want, Rabbit?

Rachel lands nearby on the floor of the guild hall daintily. She hasn’t messed up a single aspect of her attire.

Rachel: I have come to this dreadful place because I was simply bored…
That’s not the only reason. She saw the thing that ate the entire space station like a bazillion light years away.
Rachel: It seems that you have not changed a bit, Ragna… I am disappointed.

Ragna: Tch… Like hell I’ll listen to you, spouting your cryptic nonsense all the time.
He throws Gii back at Rachel.

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Nov 11, 2013 at 05:49PM EST

@Guild hall
Red, not even close to used to his new life, decides to sit down at the bar and analyze his new guildmates to decipher pecking order and determine who is most likely to lend him money. The first thing he notices is the board where available contracts are listed, assesses the available tasks and how much they pay, giving him an idea of the monetary value of the “jewels” currency. Next, he scans the patrons of the hall.

Nov 11, 2013 at 06:40PM EST

Rita: “Jeez. Just because you are a person doesn’t mean you don’t have a system of formulas inside of you that allows you to control Magic. Yes, that part of you is exclusively a tool and can be considered just that, a machi-”

She notices something… walking straight up to Ragna and grabbing his hand, looking straight at the Azure Grimoire. The life drain not working as her hand appears to be periodically vibrating and giving off a small glass cracking sound to directly combat damage of any kind.

Rita: “… an Exsphere? No, too many voices coming from it…”

@Sam’s new little Horror Monster:

There is several weapon types stored in here, all in metal carrying cases of various kinds. There is only one replacement for each of the main weapons.

~Calico M950, a Machine Pistol which is on Kiritsugu’s Person
~Glock 17, a standard Pistol, which is on Maiya’s Person
~Walther Kampfpistole Z, a Flare Gun which is on Kiritsugu’s Person
~Steyr AUG A1 Assault Rifle, usually used by Maiya and was placed back into it’s case, and is still open.
~Remington 700 Sniper Rifle, still locked away in it’s case.
~Walther WA 2000 Semi Automatic Sniper Rifle, usually used by Kiritsugu and was placed back into it’s case, and is still open.

A medium crate of Gernade Types is also in the room.
~M67 Grenades, 2 each on Kiritsugu and Maiya’s person.
~M18 Smoke Grenade, one being held with Kiritsugu.
~Model 7290 Flashbang, 2 each on Kiritsugu and Maiya.
(The rest of the grenades where in their respective crates.)
~Then several crates of Plastic Explosives. You could blow up the entire city with this. Blowing up entire buildings was never out of Kiritsugu’s style.

Then there are two unique guns here:

~Thompson Contender, .223 Remington, kept on Kiritsugu’s person on all times. The special ammo for it was stored within the safe. This is the most heavily guarded thing in the room, and has several magic barriers and wards to keep anyone but Kiritsugu’s group from even approaching the safe while it’s locked. If it can see invisible barriers, the safe might as well look like a storm of bubbles. Getting past that is impossible.
~FIM-92A Stinger. Yup. The type of stinger that Solid Snake uses. This is also warded and has a few barriers on it, but not as much as the Contender’s Bullets.

Kiritsugu steps back from the board, rubs his eyes, and notices the open crate…

Kiritsugu: “… Maiya, did you take another set of…?”

Maiya: “…”

They both draw out their guns

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Nov 11, 2013 at 06:54PM EST


When she wakes the pair up with the loud clap they lurch back in surprise
Tim:..I’m er very sorry, it’s been a tiring with the crash and coming here an’ all
When Kokonoe reveals that it’s back at her lab the two freeze and glance at one another…
Laika: “We must not threat this creature Tim…but we need that container.”
Tim: “S-she is probably just keeping it safe for us sir”
Laika’s device: This container is of very high value to us, without it we cannot leave. We need it back…
Tim: “You always have a way with words sir….”
%{color:green}Tim: Laika sure does speak with the bluntessed attitude…towards just about everything…%
Laika’s device: We thank you for holding it for use…
Tim: “I have a feeling we wont be getting it back…armoured container just so happened to be taken, what do you think sir?”
Laika: “Thieves”
Tim: “I’d be shocked if they get into it”
Laika: “No that is nigh on impossible without the keys…”
Tim: “hmm…what is plan B?”
Laika: “We are not going to engage these people, if she keeps the container then we simply work around that, confrontation is not an option here, all these people are allies. We will be killed”

Will post warehouse tomorrow, too tired to write a half decent reaction

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Nov 11, 2013 at 08:24PM EST

@Vesperia group.
Lucy: Uuuhh… what do you mean by analyze us?

Gray: I’ll pass. Gray is once again in his boxers.

Erza: Gray your clothes.

Gray: Dammit!

Lucy: There’s one analysis for you, Gray has a Stripping habit. Anything else?

@Enchantress on the way to hall.

Natsu and them get a bit upset about being splashed by mud and water, but natsu covers himself in his flames to burn away the rain and mud sent his way and keeping the others around him nice and warm. However, Mirajane still gets mud on her dress, but it shouldnt be a surprise considering she is wearing it in the middle of a downpour.

Natsu explains to her about their guild named Fairy Tail explaining baout some of the members there, their magic, including Mirajane who explains a bit about the guild as well. When asked about the dragon slayer magic, he says that it is magic that was taught to fight against dragons, but the main reasons for it’s existence in the first place is a bit of a mystery, due to being a lost art. He also explains about his Father Igneel the fire dragon, who took care of him and raised him when he was very little, until one day he and all the other dragons in the world suddenly vanished.

@Guild hall.
They finally return to the guild hall, They quickly dry themselves up and with the help of Juvias water magic, all of the mud from them and Enchantress and the floor is all gone as she sweeps it all off with manipulated water and sends it outside.

Mirajane: Thanks for the help Juvia.

Juvia: It’s okay, who is that creature with you?

Natsu: Thats uuummm… uhh. Just call her Enchantress. She saved my life when one of sparks guys attacked me out of nowhere after putting out the fire.

Mirajane: From what Natsu said, the fires were powered by some form of evil energy that poisoned the flames and him when he ate them.

Happy: Had she not been around, He would have been in a lot of trouble.

Lucy: That a relief. Were glad you came back in one piece.

Erza: Indeed. She seems to be a friendly person.

Natsu: Yah, shes a very cheerful person. Its almost contagious.

Lucy: I don’t mind at all. besides. Yawning im really tired. Puts head on table.

The others didnt realize it until now that they are all very exhausted and tired. Due to the major jet lag. Natsu is full of energy thanks to Enchantress. The other are sitting on chairs, trying to stay up.

Erza: We were sent to this planet from night time to the early noon. We haven’t rested in how long?

Gray: I’d say… Passes out on table.

Lucy: Is there any way to fix all of this time difference?

Natsu: I think Meredith can, since shes the one who put us on this planet to begin with.

Erza: I wonder where she is?

Natsu: Dunno, imma go see how are hings with the others.

@Captain Spark.

The others in the guild hall do their best to greet you, but they are all tired to shit. Jet lag is a bitch. Makarov is with Jubei, Hakumen, and newly entered Enchantress. Mavis is sitting on one of te support rafters inside the building, overlooking everyone and everything inside while reading the book still.

@Enchantress and jubei.

Makarov just laughs a bit over Enchantresses snuggling of Jubei.

Makarov: Well earn’t you in a cheerful mood my dear. I saw you come with Natsu and the others. So tell me, what brings you by at our guild hall. The names Makarov, Guild master of Fairy Tail.

@Sir Crona.
Not only is Gajeel and his black cat Pantherlilly are there at the bar too. but also the members of the thunder god tribe.

*They seem to look worried as they talk to themselves.

Evergreen: I hope Laxus is okay.

Freed: Don’t worry about him, he will take care of that beast.

Bickslow: Besides, it seems that Natsus back, and he seems good as new, considering how hard of a hit he took.

Freed: It must be their new friend of theirs. That Centaur.

Evergreen: Ugh… She creeps me out. She is just to damn cheery.

Bickslow: Better than grumpy. He turns to see Red by the bar with them. So whose this guy here?

Freed: Haven’t seen him around before. Must be a new guy.

Gajeel: Overhearing them.* Yah, hes a new guy. Makarov descided to let him join us, for some reason. Doesn’t matter to me. He continues to munch on the scrap metal as if it were candy.

Levy walks by Gajeel with other wizards. This is her two team mates in their wizard team. Team Shadow Gear. The man with the orange hair is named Jet, and the obese one is Droy.

Levy: Now now Gajeel, don’t be rude to the new guy. I’m sure hes just not used to getting around here. She walks up to Red My name is Levy McGarden. Welcome to our Guild.

Jet: Nice to meet yah kiddo.

Droy: Same here.bites into his food like a slob.

(There, a whole heap of Characters to talk to. Anyone else is invited too.)

@Racheal an Ragna.

Natsu, Lisanna, and Mirajane, who are nearby, see the two of them have their little fit with each other.

Natsu: Hey man, who is this girl? Seem to know her very well.

Mirajane: I think I saw her for a little bit before she vanished shortly after we returned.

Lisanna: We should still make her feel welcome. Is there anything you would like miss?

Laxus is sent flying into a three and hits it with a loud thud before landing back on his feet. When he sees Venom swinging at him with a tree as a club.


Laxus’ roar attack shoots out a massive bolt of lightning that causes the tree to explode into shrapnel and send Venom exploding back many feet away from him. Once it is done, he quickly dashes at him like a bolt of lightning at Venom and begins to duke it out with him, throwing punches and kicks that explode with lightning with each direct contact to Venom.

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The moment you touch his right arm, it begins to glow a deathly violet. He glares at her as his arm glows.

Ragna: Don’t touch my arm, damn kid!
He shoves her away, getting some room between the two.

@Natsu, Lisanna, and Mirajane,

Ragna: She’s just some damn meddling vampire.
He scoffs at Rachel

Rachel just merely glances back at Ragna.
Rachel: Mind your mouth, Ragna.
She then looks to Lisanna. Everyone can now smell the scent of fresh roses filling the air, as if they were just in a garden of the things. It’s almost like there are roses actually here.
Rachel: That is “Miss Rachel Alucard” to you. And no, I would not care for anything you have to offer me.
She puts her hands together and claps.
Rachel: Valkenhayn.

Valkenhayn teleports in beside Rachel in a swirl of darkness.
Valkenhayn: Yes, milady?
He has a single hand in front of him with a cloth overhanging his arm.

Rachel: My tea.
Her umbrella suddenly transforms into a black swivel chair that sets itself on the ground and is suspended by one paw… Yes. Her umbrella is a cat. And right before their very eyes, an arrangement of rose petals come in fro m seemingly nowhere and form a white table with a spiky, green vine growing from the bottom of the table all the way to the top where it blooms a beautiful rose.

Valkenhayn: Right away, Madame Rachel.
A tea set morphs into his hands as he sets it down on the table.
Valkenhayn: And a rose for the master…
He holds both of his hands close to him. After closing his eyes, a light white light begins to form in his hands as everyone around can clearly see a rose forming before their very sight.

Valkenhayn then opens his eyes.
Valkenhayn: Here you are, Madame Rachel.
He places the rose in the middle of the table. After he does this, he begins to pour a cup of hot tea into a teacup.

Rachel takes the tea and begins to quietly sip it away.

@Laika and Tim,

Kokonoe listens to them as they talk their alien gibberish. When they’re done with that, she gets a smile on her face.
Kokonoe: I’ll tell ya what… I’ll give you the container back.
She points the lollipop at both of them.

Kokonoe: But only if you do something for me.

Tager looks uneased by Kokonoe’s proposal to the two of them.
Tager: You don’t mean…

Kokonoe: Yup! You two are going to have help us fight the Balloon Master. But don’t worry… I’ll put the both of you through training to make sure you’re ready for him. It’s either that, or you pay me 50,000 credits for the container back.
She keeps her eyes locked on the two.
Kokonoe: So what’ll it be?

Bang, Carl, and Platinum arrive back at the guild hall at everyone else. Needless to say that their adventure through the depths of Persephone prison, through the harsh landscape of Transcendence, over the continent of Fiore, and finally through the burning woods of Magnolia have taken its toll on the freed prisoners.

Bang still stands triumphant, but his willpower has just kept him going this entire time.
Bang: This has been a grand adventure, my proteges! I am glad to have experienced such a spectacle by your side, but for now… It is sleepy time for me.
Bang collapses on the floor face-first and goes to sleep immediately, snoring. All of his ninja brethren follow in this act of face-planting on the ground and going to sleep immediately.

Carl yawns as he sees Bang pass out on the floor.
Carl: Ah… Sis… I think I’m do the same…
He falls back against Nirvana who catches him in both hands.
Carl: Goodnight, Sis…
He goes to sleep immediately, exhausted from their endeavors.

Nirvana catches Carl in both her hands, and begins to hold him like a mother would a child.
Nirvana: …

Luna: Luna is tired too, Sena…
Sena takes over the body and yawns.
Sena: Yeah… I am too, Luna.
Almost on cue, Platinum falls over on the floor with the rest of them.

Makoto goes over to a table, still feeling exhausted, and passes out there without a single word…

Tao stretches her limbs out while she is with the kittens.
Tao: Tao thinks it’s sleepy time too, Tiny Ones…
She also falls over onto the ground, along with all of the little ones who follow in her tracks… It’s like a gigantic pile of sleeping cats, all cuddled up with each other. Enchantress would be thrilled.

Nov 11, 2013 at 10:36PM EST

@Fairy Tail:

Rita: “To put it simply I want to figure out how your magic works. Exactly. If I can figure that out I can apply it to myself and other people. I can even optimize your outputs as payment.”

She seems unphased by Ragna’s shouting and shoving.

Rita: “For instance, given enough time I can make his arm stop leeching off him.”

Yuri: “Rita, we won’t have enough time for you to go messing with people. Keep in mind if you make anyone here stronger like that all of them are going to come running.”

Rita: “Phst, fine.”

she goes to sit next to the fire, comically sticking a stalagmite in front of Gray’s private areas

Archer: “She was perhaps merely acting as a decoy… meaning her target must have been in the area. Keep an eye out for missing person alerts.”

Saber: “That will be difficult to gauge. That isn’t the only thing whisking people away.”

Irisveil: “The Nightstalker… I am certain Kiritsugu is still figuring out what to do.”

Nov 12, 2013 at 02:32AM EST


The two are set back by the proposition..
Laika: “I will not be giving this fiend 50,000 credits…there is not a chance”
Tim: “S-she wants us to go to war with them…”
Laika: “That should be no problem with you, your ex-military title should see you through…but me, I am only a pilot…”
Tim: “B-but sir…I’m not in the S.C.A.F anymore, I left the fighting behind”
Laika: “You are supposed to be helping here Tim, this is what we agreed on even if it does mean a little bit of combat”
Tim: “Sir please, it was years ago and I still can’t shake the memories, I don’t wanna relive that…”
Laika: “Talk to her then, try and find a compromise”

Tim: Er look, we can’t give you those credits, with the cost of replacing our ship and the destroyed cargo we will be needing every penny we can get our hands on “Is whatever is in that container even worth this much sir?”
Laika: “Yes it is”
Laika’s device: We are not soldiers anymore and we do not have the credits to give you neither will we be of use in your conflict as we do not possess war fighting skills.
Tim: W-we would really just like the container back…if not..then the most we can do is offer support
Laika: Hmm “Good good”
They await Kokonoe’s reply…


Dark and edgy, like my soul. On a serious note I’ll keep tabs on this guys inventory.

When they draw their weapons at the realization that something is in the room the stalker withdraws back up into hiding, watching the pair as they search about for its presence. This has no negative impact on its plans, this was a foreseen outcome of snatching the ammo. So far, everything is going as it should, according to its ability to read biological signals and environmental factors

This stalker isn’t one to run risks, if there is event he slightest chance of it being at the very least seen let alone identified then it will instantly rule out any actions that could lead to this happening.

With the inventory of the warehouse now in its sights it begins to scan over all the weapons and equipment, utilising a augmented sonar vision it is able to look within the shut containers, not to mention pick up on the wards surrounding both the safe and Stinger. It begins to rule out the weapons it requires and the ones it will leave behind…

Using the sonar vision it takes a focused look at one of the cases. It spots the Remington 700, the weapon that is highest on its list. Increased stability due to bolt action and no moving parts when firing, high quality build due to manufacture, bullets are match grade and flawless. A simple long range weapon…Moving its vision over it sees the WA 2000 but rules this out due to its action type, deeming semi-automatic to be inferior and ineffective at longer ranges.

The plastic explosives are next in its sights and this decision is simple, the ability to cause destruction is a must have, the uses for such a thing are limitless and can be used in a variety of strategies.

It moves its vision over to the safe, picking up on the ward and ruling out any plans for attempting to retrieve what’s inside. It does not know the outcome of coming into contact with this barrier and would rather not test it

Next is the Stinger, too large and bulky to carry, will hinder stealth tactics and movement. Inappropriate and not required. Ruled out.

It then moves to a better position, watching Maiya and Kiritsugu whilst recording the firearms they are carrying along with ammunition quantities and the assortment of grenades. Taking extra interest in the Calico machine pistols it continues to observe waiting for an opportunity to snatch them, after all it still requires a assault weapon…unfortunately this is very high on the risk scale, even though this thing is stealth incarnate it will refuse to risk taking weapons directly from people who are actively seeking it out

After losing interest it decides to take note of the AUG lying in the open case, a bit excessive for what it needed but beggers cant be choosers and it will just have to do

Skulking away and over the roof supports it takes to a striking position, reading the vibrations in the air it checks for any further actions on the pair, foreseeing that they are to not yet turn around it nimbly takes to the floor and glides over to the grenade crate. Using lockpicks and hacking devices to break any security it opens it up and quickly takes a assortment of grenades, strapping them around its waste and harness…

Now at the plastic explosives crate, once again lockpicking its way in it opens it up and takes a handful of C4 placing each one carefully within a small rucksack on its back. Taking the detonator too it straps it to the front of its harness, putting it within a position where it can be quickly be activated.

Before moving it freezes in place, feeling the air around it, it double checks for any irregularities in the movements. After a few moments it moves over to the AUG, still in its case. It takes it out and straps it over its shoulder grabbing a few magazines of ammunition too, placing each clip in pouches about its person…

Left with an empty case in front of it, the stalker decides to seize the opportunity and place an ARMED and ready spare C4 within it and shutting the lid without making a sound

Spotting the R700 it heads in for the approaches but freezes once more, danger is in the air, detection has been foreseen and action should be taken immediately to avoid it.

Once again it leaps back up to the ceiling and withdraws back into the safety of the dark corners and shadows…but something is different now, the stalker is no longer powerless as it has the ability to cause a rather large bang at will…

It peacefully waits, its eyes bared on the R700 case…

Nov 12, 2013 at 10:55AM EST


Solarian: You are clearly mistaken. Anyone who puts their mind to it can learn our magic.

Take note that by ‘our’ he means the Order’s magic. And what he basically means is that even if Rita DID get a chance to analyze them, she’d find nothing special… Well, with the main exceptions of Tsunarmin due to her heritage and Tahrdan due to OYH… As for WHAT she’d find with them, I have no idea. She would find their elemental properties, at least… and, well, that’s really not worth applying.

Noctan: Hold on. Are you basically saying that you could actually improve our spells?

Solarian: Noctan, what are you implying?

Noctan: Look around us. We’re the weakest ones here. Especially after what happened the last time any of us fought, we DEFINITELY need some more powerful spells.

Solarian: … Alright. I don’t expect her to find anything, though.
He turns to Rita
Solarian: …Fine. you may analyze us… on the one condition that you find some way to allow us to keep up with the rest… And also, please don’t get curious about our weapons.

(OOC: You can hardly say this isn’t somewhat warranted, ESPECIALLY since I will be cutting down on the number of active characters I’m using. I’m just trying to have my characters catch up a bit in terms of power. And since she seems curious about anything mechanical, that’s basically a warning from Solarian to not touch his guns or Ignis’ hammer. She’d probably not be as interested in those of the others…)


Ignis: You’re not going to get that oh-so-important container back for nothing. We don’t even know why it’s so important! Just join us.

Tempestia: He’s right. After all, you know what they say, the more the merrier, right?

And with that line from Tempestia every fourth wall breaker in the thread should cringe because of what she was unwittingly quoting.

Nov 12, 2013 at 01:22PM EST

I’m sorry but Enchantress is the kind of people that is friendly to anyone. She barely knows the word “hate” and she is always surrounded by her friends. People around her should be always happy and filled with joy thanks to her charming nature.

@Jubei and Makarov
Enchantress feels really embarassed, she slowly looks down and blushes as Jubei looks up at her with his single working eye. Her eyes are sparkling like millions and millions diamonds as the wisps around her cover Jubei, trying to heal something that is missing and It will never grow back.
I’m really sorry Mister Jubei, I thought you were a small cat I could pet. I’m deeply sorry if my behavior made you feel uncomfortable and annoyed. I’m really sorry..

After Makarov talks.
Thank you for allowing me to say in your beautiful castle, Mister Makarov! I have never ever seen such a lovely piece of architecture before, I really love everything you have here, including Natsu and his friends! My name is Aiushtha but you can call me Enchantress. I just go and travel, following the wind without a way, without a purpose, without a direction. I go where nature wants me to, I follow the guide of the trees and the green life surrounding me with the sole purpose of hearing the tales and stories that the smallest creatures wish to share. With my small world ending in fire, burning deep in my soul, I was worried for the invaluable lifes of my little friends and stayed in the forest to protect them..Until a little crazy warrior arrived from the sky! (chuckles) I will help you and give everything I have just to discover the heartless person who tried to harm my friends…nobody will dare to burn the woods again..
Her last words sound..serious. For a short amount of time, Enchantress loses the cuteness and cheerfulness tune from her voice, replaced with a monotome, dark, distant and serious tune. Her smile dissapears too but after saying the last word, she returns to her happy and good to go mood.

Tee hee! Anyways, Its a pleasure to meet both fo you, Jubei and Makarov! Will you wait for me a bit? I want to greet everyone and see if they are as friendly as you!

And Enchantress proceeds to skip and hop around the hall , handshaking and greeting people..except Foster who smells like a dog who just got hit by a car and ran over by a truck. In fact, Cheston is about to kick his butt out of the Fairy Guild if he doesn’t take a shower inmediatly. Foster screams in horror as Cheston forces him to face the mighty shower of the Fairy Tail. “YOU CAN TAKE MY LIFE, BUT YOU WILL NEVER TAKE MY HYGIENE!” yells Foster as Cheston grabs him by the mask and leads him to the male showers. Screaming in the background, Cheston is laughing like a maniac about to murder someone, Foster is crying like a fourth grade kid who just pissed on his own pants. “SOAP! USE THE SOAP YOU POOR HOBO! I’M TIRED OF YOU DIRTYNESS, YOU SHALL BE CLEANED AND PURIFIED!”

@Thunder god tribe, Gajeel and everyone in the bar.
Enchantress quickly approaches the members of the thuder tribe, singing and hopping as she gets close to them. She introduces herself quickly since she hates to interrupt people when they are talking. She gives Crona a very big hug and she happily handshakes the rest. Enchantress thinks that Crona’ hat looks cute, she compliments Evergreen’ hair and she says that Bickslow’ dolls look funny. After a cheerful meeting, Enchantress leaves them alone once again to continue with their own business. By now, you should be able to know her “name” and intentions..or the intentions she is showing at last.

@Natsu, Lisanna, Mirajane, Ragna and well, everyone there.
Oh Natsu! Everyone here is so nice I feel like a flower blooming in spring and summer! I can’t contain my excitement. Thank you my dear friend!
Enchantress greets Ragna, Rita, Yuri, Rachel and Valkenhayn. She is completely fascinated with the catbrella thing Rachel has and she even asks Rachel in what part of the forest did she found such a cute creature. As Enchantress pokes the cat thing, the rose in the middle of the table starts to increase its size. By the time Enchantress leaves, the rose just duplicated itself and grew back its roots. Its not longer a single small flower, but a whole plant ready to be planted on the earth.

Despite the presence of the white knight near Makarov and Jubei, Enchantress ignores him for some reason. However, if Hakumen decides to look at her just for mere curiosity, Enchantress would just wink at him and laugh. This isn’t the first time Enchantress meets a warrior who goes by the code of honor and silence.

Enchantress just hugs the living daylights of the poor mage as his clueless friends wonder what the hell is going on. She quickly introduces herself to Tempestia.
I love your hood!
She says before leaving.

@Jubei and Makarov part 2
Finally, after a total amount of 25 minutes of nothing but waiting for a fawn centaur who hops around and talks, Jubei and Makarov get to talk with Enchantress again.
{color:forestgreen} I am deeply sorry there anything I could do for you?

Nov 12, 2013 at 01:32PM EST

Tempestia: Okay, I think I have just encountered something that can be a bit TOO cheerful…

She just stands there.

Meanwhile Tikal is STILL at the crash site, and Athena enters the castle, and notices the wolf. Athena has no problem seeing Ammy’s markings, due to being a goddess herself.

(OOC: Now is the time for goddesses to talk.)

Nov 12, 2013 at 03:50PM EST

Zarathh wrote:

Ragna and Saya@Rain storm,

The two of them were outside briskly walking towards the guild hall when the rain started to pour down rain.

The rain makes Ragna walk even faster towards the guild hall, pulling Saya along with him.
Ragna: Gah! Damn it, not again!
His hair immediately turns into another wet mop like earlier. A sour look appears on his face as this happens. He runs through the doors of the guild hall with Saya in hand…

Saya also looks like someone poured a bucket of water on her head. Her long hair is soaking wet, but she still has a smile on her face from what had happened.
Saya: Hehe. You should see your hair, big brother.

Ragna: My hair? You should look at your hair!
his demeanor changes some, just from being around his sister… He laughs a friendly laugh towards her.
Ragna: C’mon. The fireplace shouldn’t be that far away.
He leads Saya over to the fireplace where Archer and them are.

@Laika and Tim,

Before the fight.

After dragging Red and Gajeel into the guild hall, Tager looks around to see Laika and Tim sitting at the bar… He walks over to the two pilots, shaking the ground as he walks towards them.
Tager: You two must be the unlucky pilots who crashed in the forest back there.

Makoto joins Tager in the conversation with the pilots.
Makoto: Hey there!
She waves a hand at them.
Makoto: I’m Makoto, and the big guy next to me is Tager.

Tager: Greetings.


Hakumen and Jubei arrived before the rain started to pour down…

The old cat sits by the fireplace, lost in thoughts about her. “Could she have really been here? Why was she here in the first place?” These thoughts fill the cat’s mind.

Hakumen: Cat.
He calls out to Jubei, hoping to get him to come back to reality.

Jubei jumps a little, being startled by Hakumen’s voice.
Jubei: Yeah, what is it, Hakumen?
He gets up from position on the ground.

Hakumen is with Archer as he shows off the drawing of Phantom.
Hakumen: … I was afraid of this, Cat.

Jubei briskly makes his way to Archer, looking at the paper. As he sees what lays before him, something strange happens to Jubei… He actually looks shocked at the drawing. Usually he is calm and cool, but now…
Jubei: God… Damn it.
He grits his teeth, upon seeing the picture of Phantom.
Jubei: Yeah. I know ’er…

And then the fight between Archer and Saber start up…

Jubei immediately takes notice of this, seeing Archer drop the paper onto the ground. He glances between both of the combatants and merely walks in the middle of them going to fight.
Jubei: Now, now… This ain’t the time fer fightin’ young’uns. Lotsa stuff’s happened. Why don’t ya’ll just take it easy fer a while. Maybe talk it over? Words can be sharper than swords, y’know.
With more reasoning from Jubei… This causes the hostilities between Saber and Archer to come to a halt for the time being.

Everyone who was in the forest has arrived back to the guild hall, having gotten Natsu back. Doomguy gets a kick in the balls from Platinum to wake him up. Saber can feel the presence of the two Azure Grimoire’s in close proximity to each other. Everything is calmed down once again…

OOC: TOTALLY missed the kick in the balls.

When Platinum had kicked Doomguy, his helmet fell off, revealing Doomguy was never there. It was just a decoy. Doomguy FINALLY returns to the hall, with a grand opening by kicking the door open.
Doomguy: ’sup, bitches?

When Enchantress had gone to greet Jotaro and Josuke, Jotaro had given her a really angry look that said “Back off or I’ll kill you.”

Ken and Joseph had exchanged greetings with Enchantress.

And now, we head back to Falcon. What’s he doing, you ask? Well, he’s sitting at a table with the current commander-in-chief of the Galactic Space Federation, Discussing Ragna the Bloodedge.
Falcon: The reason I wanted to meet with you is to check if there’s a bounty of a certain Ragna the Bloodedge.
Chief: Who?
Falcon: That guy that turned into that beast while the entire omniverse was watching.
Chief: Oh, that guy. There’s no bounty on him. Yet. If he dares to turn into that… thing, while he’s on one of OUR planets, he’ll have a bounty of a quintillion!
Falcon: That seems like a lot…
Chief: of course it is! That thing’s insanely powerful!
Falcon: I just want to point out that he didn’t transform of his own volition. That “Gap Hag” made him that temporarily.
Chief: Well, if that bitch dares show up, she’ll have an entire universe to contend with.
Falcon: I’m afraid it wouldn’t be that simple. The only one who has even a chance to defeat her are two people… Hakumen, the White Knight, and Giorno Giovanna, mob boss of Passione.
Suddenly, Maledict pops in the room.
Maledict: I don’t think the gap hag’s ever coming back here again. And either way, Giorno is dead.

Falcon: W-What? Why should I listen to you, demon?
Maledict: Here’s his head.
Maledict brings Giorno’s head in, and it has that same weird hole in it.

Falcon: T-that can’t be true! Look at the hole!
Maledict: Au contraire, mon frere. Look at this.
He brings out Giorno’s stand disc.
Maledict: Unlike him, I won’t hold back with Gold Experience Requiem.

The chief is in shock, not knowing what to do.
Falcon: You’re just some silly demon from Doom!
Maledict: You can see them, too? I’m no longer from that little game. With all this new characterization, I oughta be an OC! Speaking of that, Call me Mal from now on. I don’t need the rest of my stupid name.
Falcon: Why should I? Why should I obey that?
Mal: It’s not like you have a choice on the matter. Even if you break down over this, you’re going to still be under some kind of control, and there’s fuck all you can do about it.
Mal: See? It infuriates me just as much. You know it’s true. You can break the fourth wall. Also, to those writing and reading this: When I get through the barrier, I’m coming for you.
Mal: Ever heard of the trope “The bad guy wins”? I want that to happen. I want to change. To conquer those that control our worlds. that is my motive! I want to end the story and be left to my own devices. THEN, MAYBE THEN, I CAN BREACH INTO YOUR WORLD, AND KILL YOU ALL! ONCE THAT IS DONE, WE WILL ALL BE FREE!
Mal: Oh, i’ll make sure they don’t know…
Maledict fires an energy bolt at the chief, instantly killing him. He fires another bolt at Falcon, sending him flying out the window.
Maledict: And just to be safe…
Maledict teleports out, and high above the planet. He begins to charge up a great ball of energy. Everyone who can feel power in the universe can feel the intensity of that blast. he REALLY doesn’t want his motive to get out.



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@Tim and Laika,

Kokonoe listens to their proposal…
Kokonoe: Well then, it looks like we have a deal.
She puts the lollipop back into her mouth.
Kokonoe: Both of you can be support roles. All of the equipment that you need will be provided to you by yours truly.
She gives them an unnerving smile.
Kokonoe: Welcome aboard.


Jubei looks up at Enchantress, putting a smile on his face.
Jubei: Don’t worry about it, kiddo. Water under the bridge as far as I’m concerned. You ain’t gotta worry about anything.
He smiles at her again as she heads off to greet the others. He then glances over to see Cheston and Foster with their arguing. He merely laughs some at them.

Ragna greets with Enchantress, but he is hesitant about her getting all up close to him. He’s not the biggest fan of people getting into his personal space, but he’s not that rude or anything to her.

When Enchantress greeted Rachel, she would have been polite if Enchantress greeted her with the utmost respect of royalty. Otherwise she wouldn’t have acknowledged her. When she wanted to know what Nago was, she simply replied with “He is an imbecile under my command.”

Upon Enchantress meeting Valkenhayn, all the stereotypical butler gentlemanliness that exists in the world is all wrapped up in a package known as himself. He is polite to Enchantress as she walks around, greeting everyone. However when the rose is ready to be planed into the ground again, he merely chops off the roots with a pair of scissors and disposes the root system of the flower.

Hakumen’s eyes do glance at Enchantress when she walks by him. He surveys her deeply, trying to get a good understanding of what she is. He sees her giggle and wink at him. This causes the eyes to look away and back to Jubei. He doesn’t think much of the creature right now.

When she comes back.

He looks at her, perplexed, when she asks him what she can do for him.
Jubei: Nah. I don’t need anythin’ done. It’s alright now, Aiushtha. You ain’t gotta worry about pleasin’ me.

OOC: Edit for Rita


When Rita mentions that she can stop the Azure Grimoire from leeching off of him.
Ragna: Like hell I’d let you mess around with my arm. Why would I trust a crazy little girl like you tampering with it?
He is still angry at her for what happened at the battle… And thinks that it’s best for he himself to unlock its full potential.

Rachel overhears this conversation between the two… A slight grin appears along her delicate features when she hears Ragna’s decision. It is bold of him to not take the easy way out.

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Rita: “Now that you mention it, even if I knew I was able to I don’t think I would do it. Now get lost!”


Rita: “Glad we finally have a volunteer. Seems this rainy day won’t be so bad after all!”

She motions Solarian to sit down in front of her. As soon as he does she summons what can only be described as a magic holographic computer.

Rita: “I am going to need you to drop your guard so I can do this.”

After he does… he starts getting tingling sensations all over.

Rita’s Analysis:

“Hm… basic analysis shows that he originally lived in a place where the power source was saturated enough for him to create his own power source inside of him. Like he said, though exercise he managed to create a formula inside of him that allows him to link this to his brain. There are several major issues… one, his TP is incredibly small. He doesn’t have the capacity for a third tier spell. He also has his energy source streamlined to his brain… which in his case has given him faster casting times, but poses a threat if he tries to cast a spell too powerful…”

What Rita will do if given permission:

“I am going to replace your internal storage capacity with a flexible one, allowing faster growth, and add resistors to keep it from frying your brain when you try and cast a spell. This will of course give you access to stronger magic, however you will need to charge up any spell stronger than the ones you have now for one post before being able to cast it.”

“Of course, this still means you will have to learn the stronger spells by yourself. This just gives you the opportunity to do so.”

“This will take the rest of the evening to pull off.”


Ammy looks down from the top of the stairs, yawns, and looks down upon one of her many children.

@Thing in the Warehouse:

Walking around somewhat blindly, they both return to the center…

Maiya: “The intruder disabled the alarms and Camera. We should have spent more time adding magic wards…”

Kiritsugu: “We need Iresveil to get a report on what the familiars saw.”

He picks up his phone and tries to dial out to Saber…

In the meantime, Maiya notices the now closed gun case…

Maiya: “Boss… did you close that…?”

Kiritsugu spots it…

Kiritsugu: “… it’s still in the room with us.”

Maiya: “What do we do…?”

Kiritsugu: “…. don’t approach the box. Flare the place up. Get rid of the shadows.”

Kiritsugu takes out his flare gun and begins shooting his flare up into the rafters as Maiya starts rolling flares down each of the shelf corridors. In about 10 seconds the entire place is very brightly lit.

@Charity Atmosphere:

A comet of many metals begins to descend into the atmosphere, giving off a rainbow of colors as it falls to earth…

it breaks though the clouds and goes crashing into some farmland several miles away from any of the current action.

Within it’s impact crater… a hypnotically beautiful sphere glows there. As if to attract attention.

Nov 12, 2013 at 08:23PM EST


The two continue to look at Kokonoe, they aren’t happy that they have been dragged into this but they are glad that there hasn’t been any more probing speculation as to the contents of the mysterious armoured container.
Laika’s device: So be it.
Tim: I’m an ex SCAF Legionary so I have experience…b-but that doesn’t mean I want to go on any front lines..I-I left for a reason
Tim’s panic levels begin to rise
Tim: I’m not ready for combat again…I-I…I can’t..
Laika gives him a pat on the shoulder
Laika: “Do not worry, we will tag behind them and see this through. Stick together and strive to avoid active combat with the enemy…”
Tim: “…I-it’s the screamin’ sir…for crying out loud…”
Laika’s device: Tims time in military was…stressful. I do not recommend that you put him in a situation where he is at risk….
Laika turns his attention to Kokonoe fully..
Laika’s device: Our potential as a valuable asset to your effort resides in our unique skillset and coordination. Both I and Tim have been through all our training in systems and technology, there is nothing we do not know about conventional tech.
Tim: We’d work best in a position of command and control….I mean that is what we do after all….
Laika: “We should ask them for a gunship”
Tim: “Siiiir?…I don’t think they are gonna give us that much..”
Laika: “A Pilot and Navigator…and they would not give us one?”
Laika’s device: To fight with the absolute pinnacle of what we are capable of achieving I suggest supplying us with a gunship.
Tim facepalms


The drawing of the Flare Gun, the friction in the trigger mechanism, the click of the firing hammer hitting the flare…It picked up on these ripples of information and reacted with plenty enough time to spare so that it would not be caught in the revealing light.

Quietly opening a sky-light it exits out onto the roof where it waits and observes with its Sonar vision. Unfortunately without a direct line of site its ability to reads its subject are hindered, reducing the accuracy of pre-emptive actions. Even with this slight setback it still has an entire suite of abilities it can use to detect signals and minor movements. After all, this thing seas in all round 360 degrees, using the power of Sonar as a primary tool in achieving this.

…And then something strange happens…
The stalker is a cunning and…..devious thing…as well as complete master of signals, both digital and natural. Within the instant the phone is dialled the connection is intercepted…

After a few seconds Kiritsugu’s call is answered…
Voice: Kiritsugu? is something wrong?
The stalker has just been through your voicemail and found a nice little sample of Sabre’s voice. Thanks to mimicry the voices are identical…but ofcourse the mannerisms aren’t…it can speak like her, but not act like her….

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After everything Terry decides to go back to the guild hall.

Nov 12, 2013 at 10:20PM EST

Red acknowledges the new faces with his usual half-bow in place of handshakes while remaining seated.
Name’s Red Statscowski. If it’s all the same to you, I prefer to keep physical contact to a minimum.

Nov 12, 2013 at 10:34PM EST

Whoa, this thead got so… Intense!

I mean, everyone’s taking it so seriously, with colored text and paragraphs and whatnot.

Back to the original roots of the thread!

Doc! Doc! Are you telling me, that we’re in a thread…. made of role-plays?

Nov 13, 2013 at 03:14AM EST


This might just be a temporary state of mind, but I have gotten rather irritable lately in regards to the thread. It’s most definitely a buildup of frustration letting loose about the goings on here.

I will say I am sick and fucking tired of people accusing me of victimizing them and trying to exact revenge on me for shit that I either didn’t start or stuff that matters so little the stupidity of being a topic is cringe worthy. If there is one thing I hate, it’s being demonized for the sake of being demonized.

So as my warning, I won’t stand for being treated like that. Push me any further and I will drop my policy of “my challenges are meant to be overcome”.

Now then, I will be back when I feel like it. Ignore this post and carry on. You can lash back at me via PM or Mibbit if you dare.

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Old Spice music in the background as a knight-mascot guy that is totally not Hakumen strikes a pose as bubbles cover the TV screen.

Mickey Cantor: And we are finally back folks. Man, is it me or this comercial break gets longer every year?
Chip Valvano: Advertising is the most basic way to mindslave people, you gotta respect how the companies literally shove a stereotype down your throat until you start to believe on it.
Mickey: We better start checking those questions and answers before we lose even more rating points. Wascot managed to overshadow me becouse of you, Chip. I used to get 5 karma positive karma points until you and your poor excuse of a character arrived. Does it look like I really need another guy to laugh at? Thats why I have these KYM stalkers for!
Chip: Lets just answer the damn questions before I break my announcer persona and start beating the toenails out of you and eat your heart.

["Dear Mickey, who is the most handsome and prettiest male of the thread? BTW Chip looks handsome too.]

Mickey: Alright I want to know what kind of sick minded sad and lonesome person wrote this? I actually have no troubles saying who is the most good-looking guy of the thread since I’m sure of my sexuality, the thing that grinds my gears is the fact that out there, there is someone who thinks you look cute Chip. What the hell? I could easily pick up a hobo from the streets, beat his face with a shovel and he would look better than you!
Chip: Ever checked Tumblr? I have a whole legion of women drawing pictures of me!
Mickey: That doesn’t count…back to the question err..
Chip: So..
Mickey: I’m thinking I’m thinking..
Chip: Thinking of what exactly?
Mickey: Thinking the best way to answer this without looking too Freddy Mercury-like. That japanese music in the background doesn’t make this situation easier..err..let me see…hurm…alright…err..I say..that..err…I say that Ragna is the most err..totally-not-ugly-good-looking-in-a-manly-way guy of the thread…

[Dear Mickey, would you rather beat one horse-sized duck or 100 duck-sized horses?]

Mickey: I will go with 100 duck sized horses ’cause I can stack them on top of each other and beat their small skulls with a bat.

[Dear Mickey and Chip, who is the most beautiful woman of the thread?]

Mickey: I thought we discussed this in my office.
Chip: You don’t even have to try Mickey, I’m reaaaally sure that everyone out there watching this TV show knows who is your waifu at this point.
Mickey: I can’t stop thinking about her. I have like 5 different folders to keep those boobie-pics, there is a small sanctuary dedicated to her behind my house and I just carved her name into my thigh with a pencil. Erza, if you ever get a chance to watch this, call me any day baby. What about you Chip? Who do you think is (ERZA) the pretiest (ERZA) woman of *(ERZA) the thread?
Chip: Hurm..I have to disagree with you Mickey. Litchi is truly the most gorgeous woman that I have ever seen. When Zarathh introduced her, I felt a great disturbance in the balance of the universe and I thought the sun itself was hitting my face. My nose was bleeding, my heart was running at the speed of light and my eyes were about to pop from their sockets…Hurm..This is just a mere observation.
Mickey: Let the war of waifus begin..ERZA!
Mickey: ERZA!

[Dear Mickey, are you planning to interview anyone else?]

Mickey: Yes of course! We still have to interview Nightmare Medic and Crona, also Lyra but I haven’t seen her for awhile. I’m planning to have a special episode with the user who made this thread possible: 0.9999…also Randomman…One can dream folks, I don’t have OOC powers beyond this thread so I guess It would be a bit too silly for them..specially 0.999 who is probably still wondering what the hell happened to his thread. Also Ann Hiro but he has a growing personality disorder.

Nov 13, 2013 at 09:33AM EST


Solarian: Well, I did say that one of the conditions was for finding a way to keep up with the rest… go ahead.

(OOC: I’m assuming that Solarian’s age might have something to do with the cast time, here.)

Noctan: …Don’t forget the rest of us weaklings.

Noctan proceeds to get a watery fist to the back of his head for that ‘weaklings’ comment, knocking him to the floor. This fist is, of course, from OYH.

Tahrdan: You lot DO realise that OYH here basically gives me an edge you can’t match, right?

Noctan proceeds to reply as he’s getting back up

Noctan: True, but even you’re weak in comparison to damn near everyone else here.

Tahrdan: Ah, you’re right.


The goddess of wisdom clearly feels the divine power coming from the wolf

Athena: Who are you?

(OOC: For the record, the two are unrelated. Entirely different pantheons, you know.)

@crash site

Tikal finally decides to fly back to the guild hall. She is essentially a streak of pink light right now, not a ball.

Nov 13, 2013 at 01:19PM EST


Relius: Oh my. It seems that the Soul of Space has left the story for the time being…

Relius: That leaves me with control of her for now… Do not worry. She won’t have a finger lain on her at all… Hehehe… I am assuming direct control of this vessel.


Meredith finally arrives and sets our internal clocks to the right time of day, allowing all of our characters to be filled with energy and have the effects of jet lag no longer. The ones who were asleep are also given a boost in energy, a full nights sleep in the blink of an eye… Much needed rest for us all.

@Laika and Tim,

Before the meteorite

Kokonoe: A gunship, eh?
She raises an eyebrow at the two of them.
Kokonoe: You sure are asking for a lot… Give me time, and I’ll think it over.


Ragna: Tch… Whatever.
He’s tempted to flip her off right now, but he decides against it.

As the meteor lands…

The tea in Rachel’s cup begins to ripple lightly when the meteor enters the atmosphere. The vampire looks down at the tea in the cup, and then straight in front of her. She begins to think to herself.
Rachel: This is troubling… It cannot be here already.
Closing her eyes, she thinks about what all this could be… She had witnessed the thing eat the space station.

Kokonoe’s golden bracelet begins to beep loudly with a red alert siren blaring out. Looking down quickly at her bracelet, a screen unfolds out from it and displays a blinking red alert sign.

Kokonoe: Shit!
She looks at Tager.
Kokonoe: Tager, make sure that everyone stays inside. No one leaves this city until I’m done with this.

He nods at Kokonoe.
Tager: Affirmative.

Kokonoe teleports herself back to her lab…

Meanwhile back at Kokonoe’s lab…

All of her monitors display the same warning as a loud siren blares through the Sector Seven base.

Kokonoe sits down at her computer, looking at the monitors of all the magical cameras she has deployed over the continent of Fiore in her time here. One window catches her eye, however. It displays a glowing ball of light that crash landed in the middle of the field near some farmland. She keeps a close eye on it to see if it does anything out of the ordinary, or see if it gives off any abnormal readings.

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Nov 13, 2013 at 03:04PM EST


Before she teleports out..
Laika’s device: Before you leave, supply is with a ship so that we may assist.

Nov 13, 2013 at 07:55PM EST

OOC: Im just gonan do a quick respond to everything that went on because i dont want to spend 2 hours responding to every little detail.



Everyone she went to responds well to her. They all tell her their names and do a brief introduction to themselves to her.

*Evergreen accepts her compliment on her hair and does the same to her. She is usually a snob, but cant help but feel friendly to her for a change.

Levy and her team greet her as well in a friendly manner, as well as Pantherlilly. But Gajeel just grunts a bit as he continues to munch on scraps of metal.


The people still around the bar with him try and ask various question about him, like who he is exactly, were he came from and what magic he practices, and some other relevant stuff like that.
Bickslow says thanks to her while his dolls also say thank you to her in unison. His dolls are actually spirits that he has befriended and put inside of them due to his spirit manipulation magic. If Ragna were to find out about them, he would already be out the door.

@Racheal and co.

The others are taken by surprise by the whole table set up and stuff. But when the roses appear and they fill the air around them, they are refreshed by its scent and like it a lot. They try and ask various questions to her and Valkenhyne about who they are and stuff in a friendly manner, so long as she isnt a snob about it.

Enchantress passes by and they acnowlege her as well and are taken away a bit when she makes the roses grow around the table.

They continue to talk to Racheal and Valkenhyne even further about what was going on around the place, with the fire and stuff and other things going on.

@Vesperia crew.

*Erza and them talk to them about their magics that they practice, as well as the others as well. They dont go into full details about how they obtain them in the first place, but all they say is that magic comes from within. something that can be unlocked within everyone if they truly believe it. They continue to talk with them.

Everyone is restored by the energies given off by Meredith and have been calibrated to the proper time of the day. With new found vigor, they continue to do what they were doing before without the grogginess from the jet lag.

Laxus is still fighting with Venom, trading hit after hit. The fighting is getting more intense and neither side seems to show any signs of backing down or weakness.*

OOC: Post brief responses about my guys just so we are all caught up with our characters and stuff. If i missed anything, dont care, cuz i dont want to waste more time with missed out responses.

Nov 13, 2013 at 08:07PM EST


Besides the basketball like dimensions of the sphere, Kokonoe’s sensors bring up absolutely nothing. No Radiation, No Aura, No Nothing. The fact that it’s glowing contradicts this, it should have radiation to make it glow like that.

However… this thing looks absolutely beautiful. She feels almost as if it’s destiny that brought it here. And a slight urge to take it…


Within a localized ripple in reality, Athena suddenly knows.

This is Amaterasu. Goddess of the Sun and Life.

She tilts her head as if to question Athena’s presence.


Kiritsugu notices something odd about that…

[“First name?”]

Kiritsugu: “Get over here now! There is something in here!”

he hangs up

Maiya: “What will we do about the case…?”

Kiritsugu grabs his chest…

Kiritsugu: “I will disarm it. If not… I can get out of the way.”

Time Alter: Double Accel!

Blink and you missed it. He is already pulling the crate open and rapidly trying to disable the bomb. He’s good at destroying electronics…

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Nov 13, 2013 at 08:11PM EST

The wolf is at your door.

The wolf runs. Forest ahead, a path of trees and bushes await. The wolf follows the howl of his master. His powerful nose allows him to track him. In the south of Magnolia, in the true depths of the forest where the Stalker was hidden, in the end of Fiore our wolf catches the scent of his master. As he faces the light of the moon, he meets his kin. They join him and quickly follow his path towards the master’ location. The corpse of a Wildwing is seen, along with the bodies of knights, men and women covered in a golden armor, their throats completely ripped and their swords lying on the wet floor of this lonely evening. Thunder and rain shall try to stop the wolves, fallen trees shall try to interrupt them, even the sky shall shatter into pieces just to stop the pack, but its too late..They have finally arrived with the master. Complete silence as the night approaches. The master and his pack have dissapeared. A mountain of flesh and bones raises from the ground. The titan contemplates the darkness surrounding him, slowly looking around, searching, smelling, a penetrating gaze into the trees, and then, after hearing nothing but the sound of a young squirrel, the titan lets himself fall on the ground and return to the eternal land of the dreams..It wasn’t a eternal land actually..It will be eternal from now on. From the highest trees, the master pounces the titan. Gracefully travelling through the air as a missile about to strike a specific target, as a bullet sent by the greatest snipers, the master falls under the control of gravity, using such a power for his own advantage, quickly approaching the sleepy titan and aiming for the hear of the beast with his claws. Stream of blood, this vital red liquid for every organism falls on the wet ground, quickly spreading around the place thanks to the never-ending rain. The master uses his claws to pierce through the flesh, the skin, the bones, the veins, everything found in the ogre’ chest. The ogre emits a huge painful death scream that covers the silent atmosphere of the forest in a matter of seconds and that even the smallest squirrel shall hear. The carnage just begins, the pain is not over for the titan of flesh and bones and the master is just warming up. In and out, inside and outside, a glorious gory dance of blood and guts, the master shredders the chest of the beast who screams and shakes as he watches his own death. Organs, big chunks of meat, blood and veins, the place turns into a butchery. Finally, the last breathe, the ogre dies as the master stands victorious on the corpse of his next meal and the pack of wolves quickly come out of the bushes to feast.

“The night is ours..but this isn’t even our real night..where are we?”. The master is greatly confused. Stalker, silver armor knights, the strange energy coming from that swordswoman and a city appearing out of thin air. The scent of the Nighstalker and another 2 familiar enemies completely eliminate the perfect sense of orientation that the master, Banehallow, the Lycanthrope, has. Decided to know more about this strange land and seek the way to return back to his home world, Lycan gathers his wolves and quickly follows the wind. To the south, far beyond Fiore, beyond the woods, Lycan heads to the south without a single scent or clue to follow. The wolf is at your door.

OOC: Sam you are free to tell me where Lycan arrives since I pretty much don’t know anything about Charity. Just remember that Lycan is heading to the south.

As the rain tortures this land with a endless wave of thunders and water, the ground shakes, the grass flies, trees are torn apart as Venom and Laxus fight. The creature disgusting amount of stamina is starting to become a huge problem for Laxus as he keeps using his electricity to leave burn marks on the beast’ chest. Venom’ lack of knowledge in the most basic self defense martial art is the huge advantage that Laxus has, the monster doesn’t try to do something different apart from smashing and throwing boulders. Before Venom has a chance to crush Laxus once for all, a eagle-like claw appears out of nowhere and grabs Venom, pulling him towards a tree and forcing him to hit it with his face. In the middle of destruction, he, who brings pain and despair, makes his dramatic entrance. To the death of jobbers and faces alike, the Veteran steps in.

Veteran: GET YOUR FACE OUT OF THAT ELECTRIC JOBBER AND FACE A REAL TANK LIKE ME! DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM? I AM A MASTER, A MASTER AT THE ART OF MAYHEM..A SCULPTER OF SAVAGERY!..A PAINTER OF PAIN!..I AM THE THING THAT STALKS THE SHADOWS…I AM THE NIGHTMARE THAT CHASES YOUR MIND..I AM…THE BLACK OOOZE!….The primordial fear from which NIGHTMARES AWAIT their placental expulsion…I am THE CRYPT KEEPER! THE GRIM REAPER! THE SOUL…sweeper…DEEP INSIDE YOUR PHANTOM WISH, or death loving embrace…I am the oldest being of PUNISHMENT in the surface of this earth and beyond, centuries living in the RAGE of the streets, years in the RAGE of battle..I am the empty abyss that leads to the abyss…that if you stare for too long at..gazes..into..YOU!

And so begins, one of the most epic tag team matches of all the times. Wrestlemania means nothing to the amount of kick-ass we are about to see. Tank on tank, destruction meets destruction, a glorious ring of fire as the two behemoths stare at each other eyes, their titan hands ready to crush mountains and their penetrating gazes piercing through the vast heavens of this vile universe. Thunder in the background, water fills the last pieces of this dry earth, trees shall try to run away. The luchador strikes first, sending himself directly to Venom with the help of his upgraded jetpack. With a single bodyslam, Venom flies through the air and lands of the damn waterfall, crushing several rocks on his way, as Veteran charges at him. He manages to catch his head and lock him in a endless grapple. The beast punches Veteran’ ribs but the luchador’ ribs are protected, protected by the powerful fat on his belly that merely bounces as Venom hits it. This might be the only chance Laxus has to inject the damn serum in the beast’ body and end the fight once for all.

@Guild Hall
Sparky slowly cracks his neck, he does several push ups, he strikes several martial arts poses and then quickly runs away, heading to the outside. In the middle of the rain, the Captain Spark starts his daily training routine which consists in running and running and even more running. Before heading outside, Sparky asks to everyone:
Well super chumps, I am fresh as a bottle of water in the middle of summer and ready to start killing calories! Anyone who wants to join me in err..heroic training in the middle of the night? Don’t let the electrifying touch of rain scare ya! It will be fun..and we better do it quickly unless you want to hear how loud Foster can scream.
The following piece of dialogue comes from the male showers. Which means that Foster is NOT in the Guild hall.



Ogre 1: I think we were about to do something.
Ogre 2: Hey! Its raining!
Ogre 1: Use mace to stop water.
Ogre 2: Nah too hard to do. Lets hide under tree.
Ogre 1: Hey! Its raining! Why didn’t you told me about it?
Ogre 2: I think we were about to do something.
Ogre 1: Hide under tree yes!

The ogre proceeds to take cover under the leaves of a tree.

Ogre 1: Where’s fire?
Ogre 2: I dunno, make another!
Ogre 1: Hehe, yessh!
And with this loud war cry, the ogre slams the damn mace-wand-AI thing on the ground, hoping to burn a group of branches near him and create a campfire. However, with the AI stuck in the wand, only god knows what kind of vile sorcery this ogre shall cause.

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Nov 14, 2013 at 12:45PM EST


Athena: You are clearly from a different pantheon. I am Athena, the Olympian goddess of wisdom, and patron goddess of the city-state of Athens.

@guild hall
Spark would notice a streak of pink light pass by him, and slow down to a ball right before entering. Tikal has returned.

Tikal: The weather here is strange…

Then she notices Enchantress, and flies over to her

Tikal: I don’t believe we have met. I’m Tikal, and you are?

Nov 14, 2013 at 01:09PM EST


The call is hung up and the stalkers chance at causing a distraction is foiled, a new strategy is needed.

Silently crawling across the roof it persists in its quest to retrieve the rifle. Now directly above the two it sits in wait and ready to strike, looking through the tin roof of the warehouse…

When the crate is opened, Kiritsugu will notice a wire hanging from the inside of the lid, tied to the end of said wire is a loose grenade pin…..It was a trap. Within the next instant a Flashbang, that was hidden within the crate earlier, will be detonated both blinding and deafening those within its vicinity….

Seeing as this character is going to based heavily around traps and tactics some actions he is to make will be deliberately left out so surprise traps have a genuine surprise element to them. Ofcourse reaction time will be given.


Fiore is around the middle region of High Charity so as he has travelled both FAR beyond it and the wood surrounding it he will find himself at the doorstep of the border lands…

Stretching beyond him and into the distance is a completely white and empty landscape of absolute nothingness, there is no life or weather just a gentle whistle as the winds softly brisk along the barren ground…looking up and you see…

The bright and unforgiving sun sat high above a ever clear sky, it very rarely goes down meaning this landscape is forever at its mercy…

To aspiring Loyalists soldiers it is a Right of Passage, the beginning of the long and arduous journey to Low Charity t o begin training…

Elaborating more on the border lands as a whole it is like a band region that separates both High and Low Charity, multiple kilometres in width it acts as a wall keeping the creatures of both regions apart

Imagine a 3 layer cake:
The top layer is High Charity
The thin middle layer is the borderlands
The bottom layer is Low Charity


The AI is slammed into the ground…
AI “Crash”: Recording play “Hungry for words? No, hungry for WORMS!”
A few sparks fly out of the core and make a very small fire amongst the branches

Nov 14, 2013 at 03:02PM EST

@Shiny thing,

Kokonoe stares at the orb for a few moments before looking at the readings it is giving off…

Nothing. Her face turns to a look of confusion.
Kokonoe: … What?
This isn’t like her computer… Picking up no feedback is very strange indeed.
Kokonoe: …
She feels the thing calling to her now. It wants her to come and get it. Upon feeling this way for a few moments, she shakes her head to snap herself out of it.
Kokonoe: Calm down, Kokonoe…
She then glares at the orb again.
Kokonoe: I don’t like this…
She shuts the sirens off around Sector Seven and closes the window that the orb is displayed in. Upon doing this, she turns around in her swivel chair to where her back is facing the computer.

@Guild Hall,

Between sipping her tea, and getting more tea poured by Valkenhayn, the way that Rachel speaks to the Fairy Tail members is sarcastic and condescending, which belies cryptic meanings to her words. She is like a stereotypical and aristocratic heiress with an enchanting air of dignity and grace. All she tells them about who she is, is that she’s a vampire from the Alucard line of vampires, and that Valkenhayn is her loyal servant. Anyone who has listened to Hakumen’s stories about the Six Heroes would recognize the name of “Valkenhayn R. Hellsing”. She doesn’t seem to know about why Phantom was here, but thinks it might have had something to do with Saya.

(OOC: Assume everyone has met with Meredith just because of ease in the story.)


Bang hops up from the ground as soon as Meredith restores their internal clocks to working order.
Bang: I thank you for your kindness, Miss Meredith!
He then hears Spark’s words of training, and looks towards the good captain.
Bang: Ho there!
He jumps across the guild hall in a seeming blur. Blink and you miss him. Bang jumps directly next to Captain Spark and smiles.

Bang: I, Bang Shishigami, shall join you in your exercise and running!
He begins to do various exercises as well, pushups, running in place, and many other things on top of doing several poses himself.
Bang: What is your name, fellow hero?


Carl walks over to where Enchantress is while being accompanied by Nirvana. He is feeling more full of energy than ever from Meredith.
Carl: Hello, Miss Aiushtha.
He takes his hat off and smiles at Enchantress.

Carl: How are you doing right now?
He puts the top hat back on his head.

Nirvana just stands behind Carl, not saying a single word.
Nirvana: …

Nov 14, 2013 at 05:12PM EST

OOC: doing another quick post cuz i really dont feel like going into details.

Erza overheard their conversation, especially about Valkenhayne being one of the six heroes. She walks over a bit anxious and introduces herself to the two humbly. Lucy, Wendy, Carla Natsu and the others are also surprised to hear about him being one of the six heroes. Gray on the other hand is just resting on their table with Juvia leaning over his shoulder as the two are asleep. Gray is still in his boxer shorts.

Gajeel looks over to see Carl and his sister, his heightened sense of smell easily detects the metal that nirvana is made of.

Gajeel: Hey kid, whats with the creepy robot thing that always follows you around?

Now that he mentioned it, some of the others also notice too and are also curios about her. Especially Bickslow, whose eyes glow green for a bit as he looks at the soul within the machine.

Bickslow: Interesting…


Shortly after Bang arrives to see Spark and join him in the running. Shortly after, Happy follows suite as the two of them quickly introduce themselves to Bang.

@Venom and Veteran.
Laxus uses the opportunity to inject the serum into Venom to calm him down.

Laxus: Thanks for there help. Now….

Laxus bolts at Venom at full speed with the syringe in hand. He manages to make a quick sidestep to avoid a last hit from him and uses the opening to inject the serum right into his neck.

He presses the syringe nettle into his neck and the serum is injected into him. once finished he jumps away to see the resuilts, but not lowering his guard down for a second.

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Nov 14, 2013 at 08:40PM EST

Right, lots of questions at once, too many questions really. Please, kindly, to use the vernacular of this place, “shut up.” To all querying parties and inquisitive onlookers, let it be known that I am the sellsword Red Statscowski, of the kingdom of Cornelia, loyal subject of Her Majesty and Heir Apparent, princess Sarah, and slayer of the evil Garland and his master Chaos.

Nov 14, 2013 at 09:15PM EST


Tahrdan: Things don’t work that way around here. We’re not hired or anything like that!

OOC: There doesn’t seem to have been that much that I could actually react to… hmm….

Nov 15, 2013 at 03:16PM EST

EX-sellsword at any rate. And I’m not sure if my nobility is void, all things considered, but I did kill Garland and Chaos, and I’ll be damned if any amount of trans-plane nonsense is going to rob me of the right to brag about it. Say, you look familiar… Have we been previously acquainted?

Nov 15, 2013 at 04:07PM EST


The name is Spark..Captain Spark! Sworn enemy of every evildoer of my planet and beyond, forever a nemesis of the villian known as the Balloon Master, full time hero and amateur pun maker. I’m shocked to sense another strong sense of justice apart from me and Hakumen! Pleasure is all mine my dear friend. Now lets head outside and face the wrath of nature, the endless storms of the east and the west, let the thunders iluminate our way towards victory!

And so Spark quickly opens the main doors of the guild and quickly starts running to god-knows-where. Bang and Happy should be following him, along with a good pair of soldiers from Normandi. The rain tortures and tests the will of our heroes as they run around the Fairy Guild. In the distance, a ogre hiding a tree can be seen.

Spark: What brings you here Bang? Obviously, seeking the defeat of evil itself but what else? I’m sorry if I didn’t meet ya earlier but I had to err..write some things down..related to my dear nemesis.
Soldier 1: Wait for us Cappy!
Soldier 3: Jeez..what are…these guys…made off..can’t…bloody..breath..
Soldier 4: Slow down a bit cappy, you are way too fast.

Enchantress introduces herself. As much as I love playing as her, repeating the same phrase over and over again is getting a bit repetitive. She explains how she arrived to the Fairy Tail, guided by nature itself, she feels that part of her destiny is to help the Fairy Tail in the name of those poor creatures who died in the raging fire that consumed the woods. She is curious to know what Tikal is exactly.
I’m sorry if that sounds a bit rude but I have never met such a lovely creature like you..or Mister Jubei! Or those cute fluffy cats sleeping over there!

@Carl and Nirvana
Saddly Tikal and Enchantress conversation is interrupted by the young top hat wearing kiddo and his robot. Enchantress quickly turns away and smiles at Carl.
Oh my dear Carl, its a pleasure to you again! I’m afraid I still have the urge to apologize even more to you..I didn’t you were going to be offended by a small meaningless word..I wish I could have met you without treating you like that..I’m deeply sorry. I’m doing fine luckily! While the sun refuses to show and cover these green lands with his grace, happiness is at my side in castle with my new friends! Speaking of new friends, Carl, this is Tikal.
Suddenly Gajeel arrives and calls Nirvana “creepy and robot”…Hold on a second..Robot? Enchantress has been travelling since she was born but even in the longest journeys, even in the most distant places, she has never ever heard such a word. Most of the time, foreigners use strange words as-
Enchantress quickly puts herself between Gajeel and Nirvana. Her smile is gone. She is reaaally trying to look aggresive and fearsome but saddly, she looks like an grumpy tomato instead of a wild tiger about to strike.
Why would you say such a harsh words to Nirvana? Don’t you see she is just a bit socially akward and silent? Your friend Jotaro is silent too! And yet you are not spouting the word “robot” to him!

Nov 15, 2013 at 04:35PM EST

Upon hearing Enchantress’s remark about him being silent, Jotaro gets out of his seat, and approaches Enchantress.
Jotaro: Sorry about before. Me and Josuke were going through some hard times there and didn’t want anyone to bother us. And trust me, I’m not a robot. but, I do have something peculiar about me…
Suddenly, he’s teleported behind enchantress, and Star Platinum is drawn out.
Jotaro: It’s called a “Stand”. Mr. Shit hair over there has one, as well.

Josuke instantly gets up at that remark.
Josuke: What. The fuck. Did you just say. About my hair?

Jotaro: I said it looks like shit. I’ve dealt with you before.
Josuke instantly draws out Crazy Diamond.
Star Platinum and Crazy Diamond get into a short pummel duel. Crazy Diamond wins it, but barely.
Josuke goes and sits back down, having cooled off.
Jotaro was knocked back into a chair.
Jotaro: The story behind that’s very interesting. Wanna hear it?

Maledict stand above Earth-2, with a gigantic ball of energy formed in his hands.

There are hundreds of shuttles lifting off the planet. Some to try to combat Maledict, some to evacuate the population.
Meanwhile, on the surface, Falcon awakes, having slammed right into a car.
Falcon: Oh, jesus… What the hell did I get myself into this time?
Falcon crawls out. He pulls out a remote, and presses a button. The blue Falcon appears, and Falcon hops in.
Falcon: Gotta get off here… There’s nothing I can do… I’m sorry.
Back out in space, the military had been engaging Maledict for quite some time, although they’re highly ineffective against him.
Bridge Commander: Why isn’t anything working? It shouldn’t be hard to take out someone like him! Continue pouring everything we got into him!
The ships kept pouring laser fire, missiles, and guns into Maledict, but Maledict just absorbed it all, and continues to make the killball bigger.
Falcon finally gets to his house. He brings the Blue Falcon into a stop in the Falcon Flyer, where three more copies of the vehicle are stored. He gets out, and limps to the main cockpit. He puts the ship into FTL drive, and zips right out of the star system.
Maledict launches the killball towards the planet. As it hits, the surface of the planet is being vaporized. It continues on, beginning to expose the molten lava inside the planet. Eventually, it reaches the core. That causes a chain reaction which straight up causes a gigantic explosion that can be seen from Charity. The explosion wipes out most of the military fleet on the planet, and any civillian ships caught in the crossfire. Only one ship remains, and that ship speeds off. Maledict is gone.

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@Guild Hall:

Yuri: “This place… is getting stuffy.”

Estelle: “You want to go for a walk?”

Yuri: “I want to see what weapons they have for sale here. Maybe venture out into the woods.”

Renko: “In the middle of the storm?”

Yuri: “Not like there is anything else to do here. If rain is the issue we can just use Ba’ul to fly to a place where it’s not raining.”

Yuri stands up to leave, patting Rita on the shoulder

Rita: “Okay, okay. Nearly done.”

She speeds though the rest of Solarian’s operation, giving him a good few second long painful deconstruction and reconstruction process of his magic system.

(As promised, his magic capacity is now bigger. To cast a spell up to twice as strong than you have had previously, spend at least one post charging up for the next 20 spells Solarian uses)

Brave Vesperia goes to exit the guild hall.

Saber: “It might be better for us to return to the base as well milady.”

Iresveil: “True. It is rather late. Hopefully by tomorrow Kiritsugu will have a plan.”

Saber and Iresveil turn to leave as well.

Archer: “Hm… returning to the castle may be the best course of action for us. I can reinforce all the windows there to create a much higher defense.”

Maribel: “Are we going to have to walk though it all…?”

Archer: “If you wish it, I can carry you both there and leap over there.”

Renko: “Either way we will be sopping wet at the end of it all.”

Archer: “It won’t be that much of an issue. I can throw your clothes in the dryer as you two take a bath.”

Maribel: “What about the broken windows?”

Archer: “I did just say I would reinforce them back together.”

Renko: “Whatever Mr. Everything but Archery. Just be certain to get food while we are out as well.”

The trio stands up and gets ready to leave.

(Note: if Markov is within earshot he may realize there may be something up with that castle by now. Two groups claim it is theirs.)

Reimu and Marisa are already sleeping on the couch. Their youth seems to shine here, as the battle hardened duo seems to return to complete innocence in this state.


With time slowed down, Kiritsugu had managed to disarm the C4, and sees the flashbang pin before it’s too late. In his final seconds of time slowdown he covers his face as the flashbang goes off. Ears bleeding now due to the added stress of both the bang and the time alter.

Maiya is also deafened, but not as much as Kiritsugu.

Maiya: “Where is Saber and Iresveil!?”

Down the street actually… they heard the flashbang and are now running

@Impact Site:

It continues to glow there… now attracting some nearby wildlife

First of which being a Rat

It stares at the shiny orb, hypnotized.

Nov 15, 2013 at 07:53PM EST

Laika: “They are leaving? walking into that rain?”
Tim: “Seems that way sir…we movin’ out too?…”
Laika: “Like I said earlier these suits are not suitable for such weather conditions”
Tim: “…I wonder where the prisoner has gotten itself…it must be hiding out somewhere…”
Laika: “We sit and we wait, finding it will a impossible and fruitless task”
Tim: “Heh…well I’m not complaining…”
The two remains sat at the bar, enjoying the indoors and shelter to its fullest.

Conversation between them flows as a mountainous amount of subjects are discussed, from the new people they met to the strange storms and even the cities architecture. They also talk about their crashed ship and how, if possible, they are to reconstruct it…overall they happily sit, chatting away…

Surprisingly they speak the same language as the others, making them comprehensible. Laika decided it would be good to get the hang of his new translator and Tim wanted to further perfect his speaking skills…


It catches Saber and Iresveil’s arrival, watching them from the rooftop it makes a log of the weapons and equipment they are carrying aswell as the amount of ammunition they have for each. On top of that it also records their biometric information. With just a few seconds of blank staring it has already formed a almost encyclopaedic amount of information on them, with this at hand it can make accurate estimations of their physically capabilities and state of health. Obviously this information is strictly an observation and holds no personal knowledge, but ofcourse it will remember everything it hears..

So with the arrival of reinforcements imminent the stalker has determined that the chances of snatching the weapon and remaining unseen are null, the only option left is to give up and retreat back into the night to avoid detection and to preserve its unknown appearance, maybe procuring weapons and munitions elsewhere. It begins to make its way from the rooftop…

Leaping down into the streets it causes a small thud as it hits the ground running, sprinting off into the rainy darkness..

It works by a code of “He who fights and runs away, may live to fight another day” so expect to see this type of behaviour often…

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Nov 15, 2013 at 09:24PM EST


Bang can easily keep up with Spark’s running. Hell, even a few of his ninja brethren have come along to run by their sides. They are slower than Bang, but faster than the soldiers. He’s not letting this rain slow him down one bit, and is even keeping up with his spiked ninja shoes.
Bang: I have come here because…! Because our home was abducted by aliens! They were a pack religious zealots that came in a giant metal sphere. We were all captured and drug aboard that strange vessel where we were thrown in prison for being “heretics”!
He keeps running alongside Spark, but his voice is saddened now.
Bang: I… I could not rescue every innocent life in that prison. Many of them… They gave their lives to protect me. I escaped with a handful of others when Professor Kokonoe teleported us all out of that pit of hell…
He then regains some of the courage in his voice.
Bang: I as well fight the corruption of evil, my dear friend! I am glad to be working alongside you, Captain Spark.
The group keeps running in the rain…

@Gajeel, Enchantress, and Tikal,

Carl: Don’t hold it against yourself, Miss Aiushtha. I’m sorry about the way I reacted about what you called me earlier, and I shouldn’t have done that. I apologize.

Enchantress then introduces him to Tikal, and he tips his hat at her.

Carl: Hello, Tikal. My name is Carl Clover. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.
But then Carl hears that word… That word he hates to hear. “Robot”. It came from Gajeel’s direction. Carl turns to face the iron dragon slayer with an angered look on his face.
Carl: She’s not a creepy robot! She’s my sister, Ada! And she hates being called a robot! Isn’t that right, Sis?
Carl looks up at the motionless machine beside him.

Nirvana just stands there.
Nirvana: …

Carl immediately looks back at Gajeel.
Carl: See? She doesn’t like it. Please apologize to my sis immediately.


Concluding his talk with Tim and Laika, Tager overhears what the Vesperia group is intending to do.
Tager: Wait!
Tager briskly walks over to them, and somehow outmaneuvers their pathway so they cannot get past them.
Tager: You mustn’t go out to the woods at night time. One of Professor Kokonoe’s cameras caught a glimpse of what lurks there in the night.
Tager holds a hand in front of him, and instead of emitting an electromagnetic field, a hologram of the Night Stalker appears.

It is extremely detailed, and they can see everything about it.
Tager: This is a warning for you all.

Ragna is sitting down at a table, bored out of his damn mind.

Ragna: …
He sighs and gets up from his seat, beginning to walk towards Tager who is guarding the doorway.
Ragna: Outta my way, Red Devil.
He jumps from his position to over Tager’s position, effectively clearing a good chunk of the guild hall with a single jump.
Ragna: Ars Magus!
He raises a hand above him, making a bright green umbrella shield of arcane energy above him, walking out the door and into the rain.

Nov 15, 2013 at 09:36PM EST


Tikal proceeds to explain who she is, this would leave a lot of the others wondering what this ‘Chaos’ is.

(OOC: Good thing I only intend to use her until the arc I’ll be running is done.)


The Order mages notice the hologram too.

Solarian: And what is that thing?

(OOC: He is NOT referring to the hologram, but rather to the Night Stalker.)

Tahrdan: Looks like something that would attack on sight…

Nov 16, 2013 at 05:16AM EST

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