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The Conductor looks down with a grin as Bang hits his gut with his fists, its like punching a brick wall made of meat, He remains stood there taking the hits…
Conductor: Hehehe!
However he wasn’t expecting the sudden upward kick and is knocked off balance, a loud crack can be heard as his jaw is dislocated

The Conductor was too dazed to see the downward smash follow up and is sent into a concussed state altogether

The wall slam couldn’t be countered and causes more damage to the Conductors back as well as making him drops his Vulcan minigun, for a slight moment in time the whole car actually leaned off of one set of wheels and was balancing on just two

The Conductor comes back round and starts blocking the punches Bang is throwing at him, he rapidly see’s one of his kicks coming and grabs his leg before swinging him off and away for a moment, the Conductor cricks his back into place and snaps his jaw back up, after which he charges back over and seeing as he no longer has his weapon, picks Bang up with his hands around the waist
Conductor: I!
He slams him into the ground, shaking the car
Conductor: Have!!
He then charges him into a wall with massive force causing another hole
Conductor: Wrestled!!!
He quickly follows up by sliding him along the wall, smashing off lights and fixtures
Conductor: BEARS!!!!!
And finally he hoists Bang high above his head before slamming him down head first into the ground, he takes a few steps back…
Conductor:….A fist fight! it truly has been too long! but it is time to bring this to a close!
Suddenly multiple beeping sounds can be heard coming from around the room…
Conductor: Mwuahahahaaa! the savvy combatant uses all his resources!!
The Conductor then runs to the nearby wall and climbs up the ladder, he opens the ceiling hatch
Conductor:….To the ultimate battleground Bang!!!
He then climbs up and into the storm outside, leaving the hatch open. Meanwhile the beeps are getting louder and louder before…

A massive explosion takes place all around Bang, which utterly destroys the room itself, he can feel the carriage violently buckle up as it begins falling apart on the spot, he has only a few moments before the whole car falls apart from underneath his feet and leaves him in a fireball of twisted metal and shrapnel

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@The Conductor,

Even though the attack that the Conuctor did was brutal, Bang gets up off the ground and dizzily looks around. He makes out a ladder, and shakes his head to regain his full senses. Bang jumps to the ladder that the Conductor used and makes his way up to the top of the carriage the Conductor is on. He stares the Conductor straight in the eye, and the Conductor can feel his eyes blazing with righteous fury.
Bang: The hero versus the evildoer!
Bang removes the scarf and Nox Nyctores on his back, and slams it into the carriage rooftop. The red scarf is blowing in the harsh winds.
Bang places his hands together.
Bang begins to float up off the ground of the train. He is somehow still keeping his spot on it though.

His body glows gold repeatedly. The symbols burst out from around Bang as he says each one, along with magical fire bursting up from behind him. The Conductor can see now that Bang is glowing completely golden now.
Bang: Justice shall triumph!
The Conductor can also feel that Bang got a big boost in power, and that his aura got bigger.

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As Renegade sprays a range of orange flame, a white aurea surrounds Blitz and dodge the attack. Before that, Blitz pulled out from his pocket a cigarette and lights it with the flaming attack of Renegade.

Blitz : Why everyone has an obsession with the fire?

Blitz puts his cigarette in his mouth

Blitz : Aww… My little pony playing the babysitter…

Them he exhales a cloud of smoke.

Blitz : You don’t even know who you’re defending, she is like us, so again, give me the little brat or I’ll have to take her away from your… hoofs? I have not much time!

Meawhile outside Canterlot

Draconecord launches his tail as though it were a spear. Herzog looks the lethal tail projected towards him.

Herzog : Oh, Scheiße!

Of the several helicopters that were still follow his commander from the fall, some helis realize the proyectile was addressed to Herzog.

Ghoul Pilot : Everyone! A mysterious projectile approaches to the Commander!

Another Ghoul Pilot : Use defensive maneuvers!

Then several helicopters began unloading bullets into the tail of Discord. Some passed very close to Herzog.

Herzog : Idioten! Sie hat mich fast umgebracht!

Fortunately, a missile destroys the tail.

Another Ghoul Pilot : YESS! We save the commander!

But that did not stop the fall of Herzog, falling in a forest, disappearing in a undergrowth of trees.

Ghoul Pilot : AHHH! The Boss will gonna kill us!

Another Ghoul Pilot : WHAT ARE YOU WAITING IDIOT! Find if the commander is alive while we load with this thing!

A helicopter descends to the forest while others fight against Draconecord


Morph injuries fade as vampires and ghouls are approaching.

Morph : The stupid human’s toy does nothing to Morph! Morph will crush little human like a doll!

With his monstrous strength, Morph grabs one Decepticon with his hands and elevates over his head. Morph yells and destroys the machine, splitting it in half.

Morph : And Morph will use these toy robots as trophies!

Morph rapidly throws the remains of the Decepticon to Ash.

Vampire Soldier : Battalion III, attack the humans!

Several vampires moved toward the Skull Riders and started shooting them.

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Bang just about escapes the carriage as it is blown apart entirely which in turn separates all carriages from #86 to #100 from the main train

The two are now stood atop train carriage #85 amidst the fury of the lightning storm, it is night time now so the only thing lighting the sky currently being the artificial moon on the shield-world ceiling and the incredibly regular strikes

Visibility is clear but it is raining very heavily, from looking around the landscape it can be seen that this storm stretches on for miles, in both the background and foreground lighting strikes can be seen stabbing away at the barren ground as well as the train in front whilst arcs of light can be seen jumping from cloud to cloud above

The rain is relentless and pounds away at the metal hulls of the train carriages, just from looking on in front past the Conductor, Bang gets a good idea of just how long the train is and how fast it is moving, the speed of locomotive is incredible and is easily travelling at around 500 mph, making forward movement very difficult due to the strong wind resistance, its so hefty that Bang is actually slowly sliding backwards on his feet. The train carriages go on for nearly a mile into the distance, the engine itself can’t be seen but its loud whistle can be heard every now and then as they scream through the storm

The whole sight is unnerving, lighting blasts jab away at the train and surroundings whilst the high travelling speed means that if you fell off you would be blended upon hitting the ground…

The Conductor is stood a few meters opposite Bang
Conductor: A true warrior can survive any element
He holds his arms out to the sides and looks up into the stormy skies
Conductor: aaaaaaahhhhh…..kuwabara, kuwabara…..
He drops his arms and snaps his head back down to Bang
Conductor: Strike, Bang!!

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@zarathh and falcon
mirajane continues fighting the shadowbots

meanwhile with juvia and gray

Gray: feeling any better?

Juvia: whenever your around, juvia always is gray-sama. she hugs grays arm

gray gets up from the ground. he reaches his hand out to juvia to help her up.

Gray: lets finish all of this, together juvia. its time we ended all of this once and for all. were gonna stop this ark, then the balloon master, everyone that threatens our home and our guild is gonna regret they ever made fairy tail their enemies.

juvia grabs his hand and is helped up.

Juvia: thats right, as long as we all have each other, there is nothing that can stop us. now, lets go help the others, everyone is counting on us to stop the generator. snively, stay close to us.

gray and juvia start heading towards were the others are, with their hands held and their magic slowly flowing around them. geting stronger and stronger as grays water and juvias water magic merge.

Gray: its time we end this. EVERYONE GET OUT OF THE WAY. NOW!

mirajane notices them and warns the others.
Mirajane: everyone, clear the way. theyre gonna preform a unison raid. she says as she flies away and blasts a group of bots trying to follow her.
@everyone inside equestria.

asura is only a few miles away from were everyone is. the madness that blankets the sky is now starting to cover over everybody. the area is darkened in a shade with a smal red hue to it.

those of the forces of the nightmare medic feel a bit of the madness scratching away at their sanity. causing their already twisted minds to feel the sensations of madness.

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I think I can handle it.
He looks at Gray and Juvia, and performs a double take at their raw power.
Fuck that, I’m out.
Doomguy runs off back to his original group.
Ken looks at Gray and Juvia.
Muso Tensei should protect me from that attack, as it has done with countless lasers fired by these machines.

Jun 29, 2013 at 09:08PM EDT

@The Conductor,

Bang dashes over to the Conductor, using his enhanced speed to move surprisingly quickly even with the harsh winds blowing against him. Once in front of the Conductor, Bang does a spinning kick with his clawed foot-wear straight at the Conductor’s face. After that, he follows up with an overhead slam with both fists. Bang’s gauntlets then glow green as he sends an upward flaming punch at the Conductor.

@Juvia and Gray,

Ragna looks back at Gray, and then to Nu who is busy slaughtering bots with energy swords. He then looks back at Gray and Juvia.
Ragna: Alright! We’ll let you two handle this if you can really do it!
Ragna runs over and grabs Nu’s hand as she finishes destroying the last bot she was fighting.

Nu screams out in happiness as Ragna grabs her hand.
Nu: Ragna just took Nu’s hand!
She smiles.

Ragna just grimaces as he runs with her back to behind Juvia and Gray, waiting for them to finish their attack.

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The Conductors is too slow in reacting to the dash attack, the spinning kick cuts across his head leaving deep cuts on his face, this attack incites a frenzy within the Conductor turning him into a animalistic predator.

He see’s Bangs overhead slam and head butts it straight on, countering it in an instant

The upward punch is successful and cracks him straight in the jaw however it only annoys him even more, he grabs both of Bangs fists and flips him up into the air and then brings him slamming down behind him, he then turns around and delivers a bunch of heavy handed and anger filled punches, afterwards he gives a kick to his side sending him flying further down the train

The Conductor is injured but not out yet…

Conductor: You earn the title of my greatest adversary, congratulations!! but now It is time for me to finish the hunt!!
He charges down the carriage roof straight at Bang, fiery eyed and in a state of rage, the wind resistance not slowing him down one bit

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mirajane manages to take off. she grabs sam and max who were nearby. she also flies by kenshiro and picks him up by his hand as she flies behind gray and juvia.

Mirajane: being immortal while encased in an iceberg is not any fun at all ken.

gray and juvias magic energy slowly begins to flow around their hands as they hold each other.
the magic presence around them begins to increase dramatically as they preform a unison raid.

a very rare technique that combines the powers of different magic users with magic that is compatable with each other. their spells strength and magic powers are increased to un imaginable levels. Grays ice magic and Juvias water magic is a perfect example of this.

Grau and Juvia: UNISON RAID!

with one final gathering of magic, they both push their hand out in front of them. in that moment. a tsunami of water and ice magic shoot out on front of them. the sheer magnitude of the spell that completely fills the hallway in front of them.

the spell spirals all over the hallway, sweeping away all the remaining robos as they fill up with arctic cold water that freezes them all from the inside. it reaches all the way down to the very end of the hallway, blocking of all other hallways and completely freezing them all in ice as the waters scatter them on all sides of the halls. When the spell finally is finished. the entire hallway is turned into a giant ice cavern. ice crystals formed all over the area. the shadowbots decorate all sides of the hallway, completely frozen from the inside out. and there is blankets of snow that conseals the ground, a side effect of the spell after the casting. the entire cavern actully has a beautiful look to it, minus the robos.

gray and juvia are breathing a bit heavily after casting such a grand spell. however, they are still happy that it is over and the way to the generator room is clear of all hostiles.

Gray: we… did it. good job juvia.

Juvia: thanks, you to gray-sama.

they both pull each other in for a kiss.

mirajane transforms back to her normal form after putting down ken, sam and max back onto the ground. then picks up snively in her arms.

Mirajane: you two are definitely made for each other. good job everyone. we can now reach the generator without running into anymore of eggmans shadowbots.

gray and juvia, still holding each others hands, turns back to the group once they finished their kiss.

Gray: thanks, okay everyone. lets move on ahead. watch your step around here though. he notices her hat next to her dont forget your hat as well juvia.

gray puts juvias hat back onto her head from the ground. gray and juvia then start walking down the hallway, juvias happily wraps her arm around grays arm as they step on the snow covered ground. mirajane and the others follow suite.

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@The Conductor,

Bang gets back to his feet, and sees the Conductor running straight at him. When the hulking pile of muscle is close to Bang, he gets low to the ground, and performs a sweep-kick that sends the Conductor fumbling over his own feet and falling flat on his face. Bang can’t help but chuckle a bit. He turns to face the Conductor. After this, Bang raises his hands above his head, and his crest appears behind him once again.

Bang: Ougi!
He slams both his fists down onto the ground, and it sends up a pillar of fire under the Counductor, sending him up in the air and up a few cars. While he is suspended in the air, Two clones of Bang appear on opposite sides of him.
Bang: I am! No, WE ARE! Over here!
The two clones dash at the Conductor, and damage him a good amount. When he falls back to the ground, Bang is standing there waiting for him…

@Team C,

Ragna looks at the ice tunnel, he does look a bit impressed until…
Nu: Nu likes this a lot! What does Ragna think?
The girl has attached herself to Ragna’s BlazBlue arm and is holding on tight.

Ragna: It’s nice… I guess?
Nu: Nu thinks it’s nice too… Nu also thinks it’s a lot nicer with Ragna next to Nu.
Her voice sounds… childish as she talks. She is no longer talking like an emotionless machine.

Ragna: Heh…
He turns his attention to Gray.
Ragna: Hey, Gray! How long is this tunnel? I can’t really pick up the stone’s presence anymore due to this aura the tunnel is radiating.

Nu just happily floats along beside Ragna, clinging to his arm.

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Gray: i dunno, honestly, mira?

mirajane has the holo map displayed in front of her thanks to the codec.

Mirajane: yup. just down the end of this hallway it seems thanks to kokonoes information she gave us. it leads to a very large room, but the interference im getting inside of it makes it imposible to see what it looks like inside. its just a blur in the room. sorry, thats all i can get.

Gray: thanks anyway. gray looks back at ragna and nu. nu seems to be very happy alongside ragna as she holds him. he lets out a smile. hm, she seems to like you alot.

juvia turns around and sees them. she also cant help but smile as well

Juvia: you two actually look very cute together. kinda reminds me of us huh gray?

Gray: he blushes a bit as he scratches his head a bit in embarrassment hehe, i guess you can say that.

Mirajane: so ragna, how long have you two known each other for? how did you meet up? just out of curiousity.

they continue to walk down the cavern as their feet press down on the snow covered ground.

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After releasing the bugs, the Balloon Master just waits and watches how his insects start to destroy entire buildings, slowly cleaning Mobius and quickly heading to the places where Haven was last seen such as Paris. Meanwhile, inside the Hellium Fortress, four villians profiles appear in front of the Medic as he checks the long rogue’s gallery of the Captain Spark.
Sun’s profile was deleted for some reason but the rest of the villians information is okay.

Name: Rocket Man/ Bulldozer
Real Name: Arnold Walsh
Abilities: Super Strength, “unable to move” due to his body weight, sport strategist.
Bio: After centuries of fighting between rugby and american football enthusiasts, “RoughBall” was born: A wild violent sport that managed to combine stategy, quickness and violence, full of controversy and generally bad seen. Arnold “The Rocket” Walsh was once the leader of “The Enforcers”. Every year, the Enforcers would dominate the competition, curbstomping every team and leaving no room to fight back. Roughball was everything for Arnold, who, for the first time, felt like he achieved something in life. This achievement quickly dissapeared when Roughball was banned by the European Convention on Human Rights. Walsh stopped to live in the sport and the sport started to live inside him. Leaving the pleasures of the rich to keep Roughball alive, the Rocket Man stepped into the field ladies and gentlemen! The crowd is going wild and the cops are flying around while trying to stop the behemoth’s winning streak! Walsh’s mind is forever stuck in a endless game.

Name: Pretty Poison.
Real Name: Andrea Rizal.
Abilities: Pheromone manipulation. She can affect the behavior or physiology of anyone who touches these particles.
Bio: Andrea was just another employee working for a famous fragrance company called “Fresh Air”. She loved to work with scent substances, the way people are attracted by small particles inside their noses and how their decisions and thoughts are changed with the touch of a good perfume. To end with the rival companies, “Fresh Air” executives gathered their best scientists and then, they gave them the order to create the ultimate scent formula. Years of experimenting were ready to culminate in the world but something happened: A small group of scientists was analyzing and testing the perfume when the main container tubes exploded, flooding the labs with toxic particles and forcing everyone to put on sealed suits and ran away. The lab doors were sealed to prevent the spread of these particles but Andrea was lying unconscious. Her body absorbed these scent particles around the air, gaining the ability to control the pheromones, abilities that she would use to organize a mass suicide, killing every businessman of the Fresh Air reign with a pretty and delightful poison.

Name: Jeerlock Holmes
Real Name: John Roe
Abilities: The Power of logic over everything else. Detective skills, advanced tracking techniques, evidence cleaning, vast knowledge of everything related to the underworld.
Bio: Roe was one the laziest policemen ever but everything changed when he got himself lost in the land of the Adventures of Sherlock Holmes. The detective’ brilliant method of deduction was flawless and unbelievable. The books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle were the perfect inspiration for this miserable poor excuse of a cop who never had father figure. He started to use everything he learned from Holmes in his field of work: He figured out the location of several gangsters around the city, the identity of thousands of murderers and he even managed to discover a rapist inside the Police Department..AFTER HEARING A SINGLE LINE COMING FROM THE MAN’S MOUTH! The Police Department had to do something with this detective before he could discover the growing business between mobsters and cops. Roe was shot and left for dead in a scrapyard, but the power of logic is unkillable: John already knew about these corrupt policemen intentions and he faked his own death to start a new life. The Adventures of Jeerlock Holmes: Silent Watchman of the streets, responsible for the deaths of several cops and those he considers “suspicious looking”.

Name: Supreme Garnisher
Real Name: Martin Antoin
Abilities: Creative gadgeteer, he often builds small contrapositions, deadly weapons such as spinning blades or flamethrowers disguised as food items.
Bio: Martin had the life of a toymaker inside a factory, always filled with happiness and endless hours of work to spread this happiness to the hearts of the kids with silly but impressive toys. The boss was happy, the sales were happy but deep inside his heart, Martin felt empty until a sharp Cupid’s arrow filled this empty space when the factory’ doors opened to reveal a gorgeous looking babe walking around the place. Weeks of endless stalking revealed that cooking was her favourite thing ever, but she wasn’t very good at. Love makes you stupid, and Martin was brainless enough to study and memorize every recipe from a countless amounts of books. One day, he decided to invite her to dinner and she accepted. Perfect opportunity: her boyfriend just broke up with her, leaving room for someone else! The night was great and at the end, Martin revealed everything he did just for her..But for what purpose? The next day, that douchebag proposed to her, and she accepte.? All those hours wasted for what? To get rejected? The emptiness sucked every kind of happy memory he once had, leaving nothing, nothing but pain covered in a blind revenge, revenge on everything and everyone for draining his hapiness without getting nothing in return. Cooking skills and toymaker years, the Supreme Garnisher’ first victims were a male and female. Their skulls were pierced by knives, shot from a small device hidden inside the meat. And from that day, when the Garnisher is in the streets…Don’t……that…pie…

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Asura, The Anti-Fun. wrote:

Gray: i dunno, honestly, mira?

mirajane has the holo map displayed in front of her thanks to the codec.

Mirajane: yup. just down the end of this hallway it seems thanks to kokonoes information she gave us. it leads to a very large room, but the interference im getting inside of it makes it imposible to see what it looks like inside. its just a blur in the room. sorry, thats all i can get.

Gray: thanks anyway. gray looks back at ragna and nu. nu seems to be very happy alongside ragna as she holds him. he lets out a smile. hm, she seems to like you alot.

juvia turns around and sees them. she also cant help but smile as well

Juvia: you two actually look very cute together. kinda reminds me of us huh gray?

Gray: he blushes a bit as he scratches his head a bit in embarrassment hehe, i guess you can say that.

Mirajane: so ragna, how long have you two known each other for? how did you meet up? just out of curiousity.

they continue to walk down the cavern as their feet press down on the snow covered ground.

@Juvia and Gray,

Ragna gets a bit nervous at all the sudden asking of questions about Nu.
Ragna: Well… That’s our business, and I would rather keep it that way.

Nu giggles a little bit to herself.
Ragna looks down at Nu, a little annoyed.
Ragna: What is it?

Nu: But, you know… Ragna… It felt good, didn’t it? Nu’s body so close… When we were together that time…
He suddenly lashes out at Nu.
Ragna: Shut up!

Nu: But, that last time, Ragna…
Ragna: I told you to shut up!
Nu only giggles at Ragna’s anger.
Nu: You smiled!

Ragna: You, damned!… Didn’t I tell you to shut up?!
Nu: But Nu thinks that Ragna is cute when he is like this!
Ragna just looks down at the ground, not realizing how much he lashed out at Nu. It’s not like she cares though. He then looks back at Gray.
Ragna: … I don’t want to talk about it.

Nu just giggles as she holds onto Ragna’s arm and floats along with him.

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@ragna and nu.
gray and juvias smiles slowly fade. a bit disappointed on his answer and how he responded to nu.

however, juvia recalls what nu said earlier about her and ragnas bodies being so close together that one time. she starts thinking that maybe they referring to a night of love and passion and begins to blush a lot and imagines herself with gray in such a night.


gray begins freaking out at that sudden outburst


Juvia: she calms down and is a little saddened, but back to her senses. Juvia is sorry gray-sama, i just thought that they shared something between each other and juvia got excited about us.

gray grabs his head and calms down about his panic attack

Gray: im sorry too, its just.. its just we should be focusing on the mission at hand for now. we shouldnt be distracted.

juvia pouts her lips a bit
Juvia: well.. if you say so gray. she turns her attention back to ragna and nu so ragna, if you dont want to tell us thats okay. but just to let you know. you shouldn’t turn down an opportunity to be happy. if there is a person in your life who can help you bring joy and happiness, you should strive to obtain it, you shouldn’t hold it back from you.

Gray: juvia has a good point. there is nothing wrong with being with someone. wether its a friend or somebody you love. everybody deserves to be happy if they want it that much. so answer me this if you can, what is it you want more than anything in this world that would make you happy? what is it that you would strive very far just to obtain a moment of happiness. be honest and look within yourself.

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@Gray and Juvia,

Ragna looks straight ahead and clenches his fist at Gray’s question.
Ragna: I want to see that bastard’s green-haired head on a silver platter that I cut off myself… He ruined my life! He took Saya away from me, cut off my arm, burned down our home, turned my brother into a psychopathic killer, and left me for fucking DEAD!
Ragna just goes quiet for a few moments after this. His mind is currently being plagued with flashbacks of what all Terumi did to him…
Ragna: Saya…

Nu: Nu just wants to be with Ragna forever and ever… Nu will be one in the same with Ragna soon. Hehe~
Her voice is actually very childish. It’s actually rather unsettling.

Ragna: … Let’s just talk about something else. What all do you people do in that guild of yours?

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The Conductor slowly gets back onto his feet, breathing heavily and off balance, blood is still dripping from his head wound
Conductor:….It….it seems like I have been bested young one….you fight well….
He is finding it hard to stay on his feet, the battle has drained all his energy and hampered his vision
Conductor:……when I was younger I never had the privilege of…..
He finds it difficult to talk with his shattered jaw
Conductor: The privilege of taking a Right Of Passage…..I read about the pride that true warriors feel, the freedom they have…..I envy it…….
He reaches into one of his pockets and pulls out a small object, at this time it cant be seen
Conductor:….I wish for freedom….I will make this my Right!! this train! this barren land!! will become my proving grounds!!!
He puts his arm out in front of him, in his hand he is holding…

A small hand held detonator so it seems…
Conductor: A true tribesman never denies the orders of the shaman!
He takes a step forward, lightning striking the ground near the train
Conductor: The locomotive is powered by a cold fusion reactor!!! This device is the match to ignite a great pyre! the final sacrifice! the most almighty burial, two great warriors transcending their bodies and becoming one with the mother planet, a repayment for all our harvests and hunts! join me Bang!
He now stands straight, his strength empowered by the imminent end
Conductor: I am rarely a man to use such blunt words Bang but the detonation will be!!......GLORIOUS!!!
He is resting his thumb on the detonator button, nothing physical will be fast enough to stop him pushing the button in time….

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Jun 30, 2013 at 04:02PM EDT

@The Conductor,

Bang looks at the Conductor, only standing a few feet away from him. He picked up the giant nail on his way over here. Bang looks surprisingly serious now. He has both of his arms crossed, and is staring straight at the Conductor.
Bang: You do not understand, do you? I am a protector… A hero… I have come to avenge my friends, my love, and the ones I cared for… They are all aboard this train in those machines. If you truly think that you are a warrior, you would fight. You would not back out by detonating the train and ourselves.
Bang continues to stare the Conductor straight in the eye. Lightning strikes nearby, and thunder echoes in the background.
Bang: People have told me before that I was an “idiot” or have told me that I was “annoying” for speaking of these things all the time. They tried to extinguish the flame that is my burning spirit… I will not allow that to happen. Do you wish to know why? Because I BELIEVE that these values are essential!
Bang continues to stare straight at him. His red scarf is billowing in the harsh wind behind him as the train blows its whistle again.
Bang: If you do detonate this train, I just want you to know this before you do… You are evil, and a coward for doing it. My spirit will still live on to conquer villainy. Make your decision.
Bang then reaches down to the roof of the train, and uses his normal strength combined with the Fu-Rin-Ka-Zan technique in order to tear up a large sheet of metal that will shield him from the blast if the Conductor decides to do so.

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The Conductor keeps the detonator firmly in his grip his thumb only a twitch away from pushing the button
Conductor: A protector?….only one prisoner is out, you, what of the countless others Bang? a true hero caters for the needs of all, not just his acquaintances….even The Most Tortured Heretic died helping you escape, his past unwritten and gone with him
The storm begins clearing up slightly
Conductor: Heretics Bang, are the true enemy! people who are too selfish to submit to even the most lightest of demands!! if they cannot respect the life they have been given then they are un-worthy to exist amongst the perfect intergalactic order that our god has spent multiple millennia carefully crafting
He then points at Bang, locking eyes
Conductor: You seek to topple the system!
He takes a few steps towards Bang

Conductor: You and your kind must understand this. The lives of the many greatly outweigh the lives of the few!!
He then lets out a small laugh
Conductor: A coward?
He then brings his arm out in front once more
Conductor: A coward would not make such a sacrifice as this….
His thumb slowly begins pressing down on the button….

First a blinding flash then a incredible eruption of pure incinerating heat as the locomotives cold fusion core is detonated, Bang shields against the blast with the metal plate and is launched into the distance…

The single mode of transport between the prison and the rest of Transcendence is completely atomized on its tracks aswell as the Conductor himself, the explosion truly is glorious and is so powerful that it evaporates the clouds and completely clears the storm from the skies above. the mushroom cloud stretches miles upwards and nearly touches the shield-world ceiling whilst the shock wave ripples throughout the desert. This act is the final and greatest protocol of the escapee containment procedure, if in doubt, destroy the escape vehicle, another one can be built to replace it, however a event such as this is a first meaning the news will no doubt reach the Imperator soon enough

Bang is luckily shielded from the heat with his metal plate but the blast has sent him miles into the distance, he travels through the skies for a minute or two before striking back into the ground like a comet, the impact knocks him unconscious….

He lies there on the ground facing up to the simulated sky, from this position the train cant be seen, nor the storm or the explosion, he has been flung miles out

Persephone Prison is built smack in the centre of the barren desert, a desert that is somewhat of a massive grey patch upon the shield-world, easily seen from space and with a diameter of 12,000km it is the last place you want to be, nobody treads this region, the prison patrols only cover the grounds around Persephone, the desert is too deadly to be civilised or scouted. The train was only 1 3rd into its journey meaning that Bang is trapped in the middle of absolutely no where and without a means of transport, maybe this is the Conductor giving Bang a Right of Passage or maybe his intention was to leave his death at the hands of the desert

Either way, Bang is completely on his own and around 5000km out, the gentle breeze rolling by and the rocky flats his only company, he is completely at the mercy of the endless dustbowl, one of the most dangerous yet blank regions of Transcendence….

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Jun 30, 2013 at 05:58PM EDT

@ragna and bu
Gray: i understand how much you want to kill that guy, and i think we all do as well after what he did to us back then. and what you say is true, than clearly he has no purpose in this world. well even help you in getting rid of him if you want.

Juvia: however, you cannot let your hatred and anger be your fuel in this. as we leaned the hard way, that is what that guy feeds off of. you musnt let your emotions get in the way of defeating such a foe. it will do more harm than good to yourself and the others around you. we all know how much pain you went through. everyone in our guild has experienced great forms of pain and sorrows in our pasts, but we never let our pasts hold us back from moving forward in life. instead of being driven by what he did to you in the past. you should be driven by what you want in the future. the kind of life that you want to live after all of this. these are all things that we all strive for. as painful as it sound, you have to let go of the past and think about the future for a change.the future that you want for yourself.

Mirajane: you all make very good points, thats what makes ur guild great ragna. we treat our guild mates more than just members of a guild. we are like a family. though we all come from different areas, and we have different magics and personalitites, in the end, we all look out for one another. one persons happiness is everyones happiness. one persons sorrow and anger is everyones as well. that is what our master makarov taught us for as long as we can all remember.

Gray: and about what you said about what we do in our guild. well, actually what all the guilds do in Fiore is sell our services in taking on various job requests that people all over the country are willing to pay us for. in the guild halls there are job request boards were people can select a variety of job requests that are rewarded with money for our efforts. you gan either do it solo, or you can work in a team and split the rewards however you want. some missions may range greatly in the reward based on the difficulty of the requests. there are even requests were only s-class wizards can only be allowed to take. but like i mentioned before. the higher the price, the harder the job is.

Juvia: to sum it up, we all pretty much make a living on helping others. and every job is different, so its never the same. we all get to travel to different areas, meet new people or familiar faces. its almost like an adventure each time if you think about it.

Mirajane: yep, and its my job and makarovs job to record down in our job request log to record down all the jobs we did in the past that have been completed by certain wizards or teams. though a lot has happened in the past few months before all of this started. were looking forward to getting back to our old lives before…..

shes a bit saddened all of a sudden. same goes with gray and juvia when they think about what happened those past months.

Jun 30, 2013 at 06:05PM EDT

And no..
Hurm..Sam & Max are not good at the “Rambo” style, they are detectives, basic logic and questioning are their best weapons. Sam has the aim of a stormtropper, he barely remembers to use his revolver as a weapon and not as a cosmetic item. Max ,on the other hand, is a crazy trigger happy Billy The Kid wanna-be. Once he pulls the trigger, bullets will be wasted as fast as the speed of sound. After running out of bullets and patience…SAM PULLS OUT HIS SECRET MAJESTIC WEAPON OF DOO…Oh wait nevermind, It’s just a banjo..

See the good side, nothing is better than banjo playing in the background as you kill some robots.

@Team 1 or A, or Alpha, or whatever.

Spark: Great pulsating…Hurm..More like..Hubba Honey Shocking Honeymoon in Space! I see everyone is getting hurm..Important and necessary emotional moments around..Probably ready to rev up that Harley..Ahem Hurm..A endless wave of bots, that must mean there is a main computer endlessly building these androids and if we are not quick enough to deactivate it, we will be fighting against them forever! Quick people, we will later have…enough time for THAT! Oh young people! You are all making me feel like a grandpa! C’mon! LIVE IN THE LIGHTINING!
Spark jumps in the air and quickly releases small electric proyectiles, shocking every bot around him and cleaning the room.


Cheston: So..

Mister Foster: Hurm?

Cheston: Did you notice how the Veteran and Tager work? Notice how they are like a perfect team. Their attacks are basically the same and both of them defend themselves. And now look how they patiently wait for the Pink girl to hack into Doctor’s network.

Mister Foster: Err..Are you having some sort of fangirl hit on them or what?

Cheston: What I want you to understand is that we look pretty unprofessional and childish compared to them.

Mister Foster: Wow…you are right…Man, you are so damn right..But hey, IF WE CAN’T BE PROFESSIONAL, LET’S MAKE SURE WE ARE CHILDISH AS HELL! YOU KNOW WHAT THEY SAY! WHEN IN DOUBTBOOM!
Since the Falcon Carrier landed and since the Team C’ mission started, Foster left C4s and explosives spread around the place. Without thinking something else than “middle finger to Eggman”, Foster quickly presses a detonator’s buttom, activating every explosive around the place. Bam Bam Bam Bang! Loud sounds are heard as walls are torn apart and bots’ pieces cover the place.

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Jun 30, 2013 at 07:01PM EDT

Luna peeks from her veil, only to find Blitz still standing

Luna: He won’t leave me alone, mister… don’t let him get me…
Renegade: Don’t worry… I won’t…
Renegade turns back to Blitz
Renegade: Hyacinthum ignis!
Renegade’s flames turn from orange to blue, and his eyes glow a bright sapphire
Renegade: You don’t leave now… and I burn you to a crisp. You know not what danger comes this way… especially to you, creature of darkness!
He knows of Asura’s presence, and can no doubt feel urgency at the situation.

Draconecord: I never knew pigs could fly…
He twitches his ear, and turns to view the horizon. He sees a cloud of red slowly approaching Ponyville
Draconecord: So… madness has invaded Equestria. No matter… I AM the creator of madness and insanity here.
He ignores the cloud, and turns to the last few helicopters charging him, and some heading into Everfree to save Herzog. It is then that Draconecord notices how many wounds he has.
Draconecord: Wow… I’m not used to seeing so much of my own blood… I can’t heal right now…
He spits out some of his blood, and turns to the helicopters.
Draconecord: Right… time to finish the job…
He stands up, and spits out his blood towards the helicopters, splattering them and blocking their view. One by one, they all crash into each other, and implode.
Draconecord: Now… to head to Everfree to finish the job…
He slowly drags himself towards the forest, ready to end Herzog

Ash: Oh, f*ck me…
He sees the incoming rubble flying towards him, and he fires at it quickly, destroying it.
Ash: Everyone! Take out the ghouls and the vampires first! Ignore the big guy!
As he says this, he fires upon the surrounding vampires while the Skull Riders fire upon the ghouls, both sides taking heavy fire and casualties.
Ash: As for these toys… maybe I can get someone else to handle them…

Lyra: There’s a vehicle coming towards you, Prime!
As she says this, Lyra uses her hand blades to dig a hole deep into the ground quickly, and she urges Prime to either fight or follow her
Lyra: Decide quickly, cyborg! There isn’t much time for what is to come soon!

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Optimus, as his hand is replaced by an ion axe, swings around and bats Megatron, who is in mid-transformation

Megatron: Give me the emeralds, and I will let you and these pathetic creatures live.

Optimus: Somehow, I don’t believe you, Megatron. I will protect these creatures with my life.


Optimus and Megatron begin to duke it out, lasers flying everywhere and glows of red and violet moving back and forth

Jun 30, 2013 at 07:20PM EDT


asura is flying in the middle of everything that is going on in equestria. madness blankets the lands for miles on out. he just floats there and watches what is going on around.

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Jun 30, 2013 at 07:24PM EDT


Bang was yelling all the way through the sky, but as soon as he hit the ground, he blacked out and lay there for who knows how long… After a while, the ninja begins to stir and slowly opens his eyes.
Bang: Ugh… Goddess, is that you…? Have you come to take me to your clinic and help me recover..? Now Miss Litchi, you shouldn’t do that here… Well, my muscles are very nice…
A stray tumbleweed blows over Bang, causing him to bolt straight up.
He then comes to his senses from the dream he was having, and looks around at his surroundings.
Bang: They… They are not just evil. They are insane as well.
Bang spots his Nox Nyctores not far from him, and he slowly gets up to make his way over to it. He takes the nail, and wraps it in the scarf again. He then places it on his back before taking a deep breath of air.
Bang: Guide me across this hellish wasteland, Master…
Bang begins walking off in the opposite direction of where he landed hoping to find something soon…

@Gray, Juvia, and Mirajane,

Ragna: I want to rid that bastard from this world more than anything else…
He has listened rather intently about how the three talk about their guild.
Ragna: Yeah, well… I still don’t think they would accept an S-Class criminal with this bounty on my head, or the fact that I have this thing as an arm.
He would raise up his BlazBlue hand, but Nu is still hugging it.
Ragna: The NOL isn’t around anyway, so I don’t have anyone who wants my head on a silver platter just yet.
Ragna takes a deep breath.
Ragna: I’ll… I’ll think on it.

Nu: If Ragna wants to join then, like, Nu will do whatever Ragna wants. Nu wants to be with Ragna forever…
She giggles again from just being with Ragna.

The Grim Reaper just stays silent for a bit, not responding to Nu.
Ragna: How close are we now? Can’t even see the end of this thing…

Jun 30, 2013 at 07:45PM EDT

Mirajane: were almost there, i can see the door at the end of the hall. but it looks like gray and juvia completely froze it.

Gray: yeah our bad.

juvia giggles a bit

Mirajane: but you would be surprised though ragna. your just like any one of us. a person who wants to find a place to belong in. you have nowhere to go and you have extraordinary powers. it would actually be worse if we left you on your own without a place to call home. our master is the kind of person who believes in giving people second chances in their lives. im sure you deserve one too.

Gray: besides, im pretty sure you cannot be any worse than natsu. hes always a pain in the ass and is ready to fight at even the slightest moment. and hes loud and obnoxious.

Juvia: but thats why we all like him though. i think we you would like it in our guild. at least you can have a pace to stay in for as long as you feel like.

Mirajane: thats right juvia. ragna, you and your friend can stay with us as long as you want if you have no were else to go. it wouldnt be any problem at all for us and the pice on you wouldnt matter to us, because what your doing right now is right. and theres nothing that can deny that. so whaddaya say?

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@Natsuru & Asura,

Cough….…who’s this Robotnick?….


Bang walks for about 5 miles however he come across nothing of interest, the landscape is mostly rocky hills, flats, and the odd mountain in the far distance, the planes are featureless and blank and the skies empty of clouds.

He is all by himself in the middle of this endless traverse

@Flying Fairy Castle,

The Great Whale keeps gaining height before reaching the edge of space, he then realises about the whole lack of oxygen issue and reduces his height

Great Whale: Hmmmmm, where are we to go? over there? or…over there?

The Whale is pretty strange, there isn’t actually any notable landmasses within sight so not a clue what he is talking about

Meanwhile at Heaven…

Everybody on the bridge, that’s all the CO’s and Winds, have fallen asleep. GW is currently standing on the table in his miniature 3D hologram form watching over them all, he is slightly annoyed at there lack of professionalism but also finds how Sam has fallen asleep with his face up the window quite humorous

The Loyalists, (excluding the Sligs), are resting in their camps and doing some target practice

The Sligs are mass producing auto-turrets in massive quantities

Persephone Prison has since returned to normal, the escape caused a disturbance but was quickly dealt with. The news of the trains destruction has yet to reach them

The Superintendent is pondering on idea for the ultimate defence weapon for Transcendence.

The god himself, Crow, is still playing snap….with clones of himself

Jun 30, 2013 at 08:13PM EDT

@Gray and Juvia,

Ragna: Your master is… come to think of it, if he were a talking cat he could be have been my master. Heh…
Ragna hears the talk of Natsu.
Ragna: You mean that pink haired kid that yells a lot? Reminds me of Kokonoe.
He actually smiles a bit, but that smile quickly fades.
Ragna: I’ve always worked on my own, trying to take down the scum that inhabit my dimension. The NOL… A ruthless dictatorship that wants my head for trying to take them down. I really don’t have anywhere to stay now that I think about it, not like I’ve had anywhere to stay before…

Nu: Nu knows that Ragna loves Nu too…
She pokes him a bit in the chest.

Ragna: Stop that. Do you have any idea how sharp those claws of yours are?
Nu smiles a bit, and stops. She goes back to hugging away at Ragna’s arm.

He scratches his head with his other hand.
Ragna: Anyways… I’ll decide after we’re finished with our mission first. How does that sound to you people?


Bang continues to endlessly wander through the desert of Transcendence.

OOC: Bleh, I forgot to say that Nu went back to her normal form after the fight was over.

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The Superintendent hologram appears in the Imperators private room

Superintendent: I have 1 critical report and 1 progress report, Imperator.


He walks 10 miles, weather conditions haven’t changed and the desert seems like its going on forever…maybe soon he will see something….then again maybe not….

Meanwhile news on the trains destruction has reached the prison, and as part of the “Reconnect Protocol” engineer crews have been sent out to clear up the wreckage as well as construct a new rail line. Progress on the construction of a new train has already begun within a factory built into the prison, legions of prisoners are organised into labour forces and are slave driven into constructing new parts and carriages

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Jun 30, 2013 at 09:02PM EDT

@Cheston and Foster (sorry for not including this in my last post),

As soon as the explosives go off, Kokonoe’s screen whizzes around and looks directly at Cheston and Foster.
She pulls up a map of the place she got and sees that there is a dangerous amount of hull breaches on the ARK scattered around the place. Her pupils become slit from the pure amount of rage that is going on inside her right now.

Tager doesn’t look away from the console he is currently working on.
Tager: She is right, you know. You could have endangered the lives of everyone on this vessel with the amount of explosives you have been putting down.

Kokonoe looks furious at Mr. Foster.
Her screen then turns to Cheston.
After this, Kokonoe’s screen flips back around in order to burn off the anger by hacking into the computer some more.

@The Superintendent,

Saya: What is it, program?

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erza is not surprised at all about the explosion. shes honestly quite bored right now

Erza: we at least thats the most exciting thing that has happened so far. there really nothing to do around here. those robots didnt even scratch my armour. let alone put up any challenge.


Erza: not to push you guys or anything, but how much is there left to do here. cuz honestly, this whole thing is starting to turn into a let down. all of his fighting and invading and such, and yet within a short time. were already working on disabling the weapon, nothing to do until this weapon is no longer a threat. guess eggmans just nothing but talk after all.

she starts playing around with her sword. lightly swinging it around trying to pass time. she is quite bored out of her mind right now

Mirajane: thats good to hear. i hope you do consider staying with us after all of this. *turns to the front. and here we are.

they are standing in front of a giant wall of ice at the end of the tunnel. the door is completely covered in a thick layer of ice

Juvia: so, the enterance is here mira-ni?

Mirajane: yep, by the looks of it here on the map. it on the other side of this wall. gray, will you do the honours.

Gray: no problem, leave this to me.
gray steps forward and releases juvias hand. he cracks his knuckles before placing one of his hands on the door.

when he places his hand on the door, his ice magic circle appears in front of the giant wall of ice. it glows brightly for a couple seconds before completely shattering into tiny bits, like diamonds almost. the little specs of ice glitter all around them it is a very beautiful sight

the door is completely revealed and clear of all ice that may prevent it from opening.

Juvia: wow gray-sama thats so beautiful.

the glitters of ice fly around everyone for a few seconds before disappearing.

Mirajane: good job gray, but i think the next step is the hardest one. we have no idea what to expect inside once we open those doors. i dont know how to turn off the generator safely.

Gray: me and juvia could use our unison raid to enchase the warpstone in a massive layer of ice, trapping its radiating effects on us. but i dont know if it will work on such a massive power source of that scale.

Juvia: there has to be a way.

Mirajane: she turns to snively snively, do you have any possibilities on how we can remove the power source without distrupting the balance of the ark? could grays idea of enchasing it in ice work to prevent it radiating effects?

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Jun 30, 2013 at 10:48PM EDT

Mister Foster: WELL EXCUSE ME FOR BRINGING ACTION! It’s easy to shout while technically being away from the battlefield and just pressing buttoms around, huh?

Cheston: Hurm, did you reaaaally have to detonate those explosives around the place?

Mister Foster: Is that some sort of rhetorical question? Duh! Telling me to not blow up stuff is like telling me to not breathe!

Cheston: Waiting is an option. How about detonating your stuff once my gorilla power manages to stop the evilness of this place?

Mister Foster: By gorilla power you mean your pew pew strategy with that tommy gun?

Cheston: Better than hiding with grenades.

Mister Foster: Better than screaming like a little girl.

Cheston: Better than having dreams with russian women. Juvia is american my friend!

Mister Foster: Better than eating mayonnaise filled bananas when no one is looking! Ha! You thought nobody knew your little secret!


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Blitz turns to the red clouds, then turns to Renegade.

Blitz : So, you felt it too? That aura? That… Power? That’s why I don’t have much time, and if you stick with that temper, then you earned it.

Again, the white aura surrounds Blitz, and disappears. His high speed causes the fire from the foundation to move in different directions. Suddenly, Blitz appears behind Renegade and provides him a strong roundhouse kick in his now pony face.

Blitz : Heh, seems to go up in flames is not helping you at all.

Then Blitz turns to the filly Luna.

Blitz : And I think I forgot about you?

Slowly, Blitz approaches to her and stretches an arm to catch it.


In the distance, a tree had broken branches, or simply not had. Below, had what seemed like a dismembered leg in the distance, a sign that was the commander. A few meters near the broken leg was a body with a broken arm and bent torzo.

Herzog : Ooh, mein Kopf

Herzog grabs his head in pain, but then stop worrying about his pain to see that the missile was not in his arms.

Herzog : Huh? Die XT-0! Wo ist die XT-0!

Herzog looked everywhere, he tried to stand but he realized he had the spine and his arm broken.

Herzog : Damned, nicht schon wieder…

Effortlessly, Herzog grabs her arm and reconstructs it, then turns around to his torse and returns to be as before. Missing only lost his leg.

Herzog : Okay, das ist besser, jetzt muss ich meine Waffe und mein Bein zu finden.

Herzog stands leaning on a tree, looking around trying to find the missile, ignoring his leg. After a few moments looking around, Herzog sees a gleam in a bush, was the XT-0, resting in the grass.

Herzog : Ooh, da bist du ja.

Herzog takes a big leap into the bush, only getting hit on earth. He looks up to see he is only a few centimeters into the bush

Herzog : Ein wenig mehr, ich bin fast da.

Suddenly, the wind begins to blow, causing the missile lying in the bush fell into his hands. Confused, Herzog turns to the sky.

Herzog : Ah? Was? Wie?… Heeeeey! Ich bin hier!

A helicopter appears and lands on the earth, raising some leaves. Herzog covers her face with a missile on his arm. From the helicopter out three soldiers and the pilot.

Ghoul Soldier : Sir, es ist gut, dass Sie in Ordnung sind!

Said the soldier while the other two being lifted Herzog from his shoulders.

Herzog : Natürlich habe ich Recht habe, ich bin ein Ghul, erinnerst du dich? Schauen Sie, ich finde die XT-0 und ist in einem guten Zustand!

Everyone looked at each other

Ghoul Soldier : Sir, dass entweder die Waffe ist in gutem Zustand, aber wir müssen von hier fliehen! Das Monster nur zerstören alle die zweite Flotte und kommt hierher!

Herzog give the team a smile.

Herzog : Also, er lebt noch, huh?

Ghoul Pilot : Sicher, Sir! Komm schon, in den Hubschrauber zu bekommen und verlassen die Region, schnell!

Herzog’s expression changed to anger.

Herzog : Das ist, warum wir den Krieg verloren, weil wir waren Feiglinge!

Ghoul Pilot : Es tut uns leid Sir?

The ghouls looked at each other.

Herzog : Coward, Sie mich nicht hören! Nur der Führer kämpfte noch für seine Nation, während Sie in der Schlacht wie ein Baby weinten.

The soldiers lowered their heads, but the pilot looked worried, watching the sky.

Ghoul Pilot : Vielen Dank für die Predigt, Sir … Aber wir müssen jetzt gehen!

Herzog : Und ich müde von der Flucht vor dem Kampf bin, bin ich gerade meine Truppen schießen in die Köpfe müde, nur für das Sehen der Feind naht.

Ghoul Pilot : Ok, das ist gut, Sir, aber wir müssen gehen!

Herzog : Nein… Nein… NEIN!… Ich glaube nicht, verlassen die Schlacht!

Ghoul Pilot : Aber Sir! Wir verloren den Krieg gegen das, das Ding! Wir können nicht mehr tun!

Herzog firmly grabs the missile and look to the group.

Herzog : Heh, gibt es noch.


The Skull Riders began firing at the Army

Ghoul Soldier : Shit! Troop Four, use the shields!

Several groups of Ghouls take out their shields on their backs and use them as a defense.

Ghoul Soldier : Troop Four and Five, Move it!

Of well as advanced, the Ghoul Army takes their rifles and start shooting at the discretion to Ash and the Skull Riders.

Ghoul Soldier : Do not let survivors!

OOC: Mark, don´t make Draconecord go to Everfree Forest yet, I’m missing some things to do and I need to think about the Herzog last goodbye to the Army of Darkness. And the Ghoul Army have bullet proof shields, so so they will be more difficult to kill.

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Jun 30, 2013 at 11:20PM EDT

Geez, what is going on with that egg-freak? Well, whatever. This is giving me some time to relax. Can’t go back to “Mobius” as long as that… whatever it is that the Balloon Master unleashed… is there.
She lets out a sigh
Maybe I’ll take a nap, I really need some sleep…
She contacts Mavis at Fairy Tail
Could you inform the groups that, should the spooky… Balloon-Master-thingies, I can’t recall what they’re called, his super-weapon thingy, not be gone by the time they are finished up with Eggman, to head to moon so I can teleport them to your current location.
You’re better at explaining things than I am, so could you tell them about the situation on Mobius? I’ll pull up an extra screen so that you can view the happenings there too if you so ask. Just, wake me up if you need me, okay?
She hangs up and starts napping

Jun 30, 2013 at 11:35PM EDT


Kokonoe’s screen doesn’t turn around to face Erza.
Kokonoe: I don’t know. It’s heavily encrypted, and I’m trying my hardest. Just give us time and we’ll get it done eventually.
She continues to hack away at the console, not knowing how much longer it will take.

@The Vet,

Tager: Don’t worry about it, friend. I have grown accustom to your outbursts actually. I don’t mind. Talk amongst yourselves if you would like. This will take a while…
Tager also continues to hack into the system.

@Gray and Juvia,

Nu’s eye sparkles, and she has a smile on her face as the ice shatters and becomes glitter. She lets go of Ragna’s arm with one hand, and tries to catch some of it in the air, it just melting as it touches her hand like a child would.
Nu: Nu thinks that was, like, really pretty! What does Ragna think?

Ragna: Yeah… It was kinda nice, actually.
Nu: Hehe~
Nu leans her head up against Ragna’s arm, and he doesn’t seem to care.

Ragna: Well… Can you tell us anything else about your guild before we make up our minds?

Jun 30, 2013 at 11:39PM EDT

Mavis: thank you, for everything you have done for us. i will let the others know once they are finished with eggman. i contact you if anything changes. but so far it seems like all is up to those inside.
asuras eyes begins to glow a very bright with madness. as he dies this, the madness that ripples inside the clouds sabove him begin to act up even more. almost like a thinderstorm of great proportions. as this happens, everyone can feel the effects of madnes slowly clawing away at their minds.

nightmare medics forces feel it even more because of their already twisted minds. it feels like a sensation is flowing through their minds as the madness begins ti intensify

dragoncord can also feel it as well, he starts feeling the insanity growing within him. letting loose his true self and slowly warping his mind into a true creature of chaos.

the forces of the decepticons and autobots dont feel it due to not being living creatures, but autonomous robots.

all the ponies inside and outside the barrier can feel something scratching away at their sanity. the powers of madness slowly creeping into their minds

Asura: its time to wake up children.

OOC: pretty much, everyone is slowly going insane with madness.
gray uses his ice magic to create chairs for every person in the group in front of the door. gray and juvia sit down to catch a break.

Gray: phew, much better. dont worry, they wont melt at all if you sit on them. so what is it you want to know exactly? we already told you what goes on in our guild.

Juvia: is there anything specific you would like to know about Fairy Tail? we’d be more than happy to answer any questions you may have. besides, not much else to do until mira-ni comes up with a plan to stop all of this.

Gray: so, shoot, ask us anything. he says as he leans his bare back on one of the ice chair he made.
@erza and her team
Erza: thanks for the update. she turns and walks to veteran, cheston and foster. So, any ideas on how we can kill some time. since eggman doesnt seem to be sending reinforcements. though we shouldnt lower our guard down for a second. but yet at the same time. its not like they can do much to stop us at this point. so what you guys wanna do in the meantime?

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OOC: OK… gonna have my characters going slightly insane. Medic, you need to do the same. If you haven’t seen Soul Eater, what Asura’s madness wavelengths do is make people and creatures, unless they are robotic or cybernetic like the Autobots, Decepticons, or Lyra, have hallucinations. Some make it appear that they are being attacked or even brutally killed by Asura, others make it appear they have done something… but actually having done something else entirely. They can recover after this hallucination, but it usually lasts for a short time before it begins again.

And Medic… make sure to notice the Nightmare Moon corpse that comes into play…

Renegade feels the blow of the kick, and is sent flying back… landing near Nightmare Moon
Renegade: Ah! F*ck…
He sees Blitz approaching Luna slowly, and he turns to Nightmare’s corpse.
Renegade: Only one shot at this…
He picks up the corpse, but it suddenly warps into a figure, a shadowy figure, with three eyes

Renegade: What the f*ck!?
The creature then pierces Renegade, opening his chest widely
Renegade: WHAT THE F*CK!?
He feels no pain, but the scene is extremely grotesque nonetheless
Renegade: Backwards… WHAT THE F*CK!?
He suddenly sees himself holding the corpse of Nightmare Moon, and his chest untouched
Renegade: What the…?
He turns to Blitz, who is still approaching Luna
Renegade: No… you… DON’T!!!
He tosses the body, horn first, towards Blitz, striking and piercing him in the leg. Renegade acts quickly, and moves so quickly as if a blur, appears in front of Blitz, and strikes him hard with a hind leg kick, sending him back. Renegade approaches Luna
Renegade: Luna… we have to go now… it’s not safe here, OK?
She suddenly screams, and covers her eyes, cowering away from him
Renegade: What’s wrong!?
Luna: Go away! Go away, monster! Don’t hurt me!

Renegade: Luna… snap out of it!
She slowly peeks from her eyes, and suddenly runs toward Renegade in tears
Luna: Mister Angel… you’re OK! I saw three mean eyes… and they hurt you!
Renegade: You have to imagine it’s not there… otherwise you’ll see that… OK?
She nods slowly, and climbs on his back again. He turns back to Blitz, who is currently trying to remove the horn from Nightmare Moon on his leg.
Luna: Mister Angel… I forgot to say… thank you for taking care of me…

Renegade: Don’t worry about it… I wonder when it will hit him…

Lyra notices the madness waves, but they seem to have no effect whatsoever on her or the other robots
Lyra: Excellent… so my robotification did work… I was hoping it would.
She climbs out of the hole, and sees Prime and Megatron fighting. She readies her cannon
Lyra: Prime! Get down!
She charges the cannon, and fires

Ash and the Skull Riders continue the fight against the ghouls, who have apparently pulled out shields
Ash: They seem to have forgotten… I have a f*cking cannon for a hand now!
He aims the cannon towards them, loading them with mercury canisters and high explosives
Ash: Bitches love cannons!
He fires the projectile, wiping out a huge portion of ghouls in the center

Ash: Cause bitches love cannons…
The Skull Riders and Ash continue to fire into the open center of the formation…

Draconecord: I don’t… I don’t know what I’m supposed to wait for… what the f*ck Mark!?

OOC: OK, I know that Hellsing pic wasn’t the cannon kill, but it was the closest I could find with the armored ghouls.

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Prime dodges out of the way, and the blast hits Megatron. A cloud of smoke lingers, then disappears.

Megatron: hahahahahahHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAAA! What made you think that would do ANYTHING, you pathetic excuse for a robot! With Dark Energon, I am UNSTOPPABLE!!!

Optimus, heavily damaged from the fight, looks at Lyra

Optimus: We need to retreat…. Autobots, return to base! Ratchet, open a Ground Bridge, now!

Megatron: What?! You aren’t going ANYWHERE, Prime! Not until I get what I want.

Optimus looks over at the portal, then at Lyra

Optimus: I will try to hold him off! Get Ratchet to hold open the portal for me to get in!

Optimus gathers all his strength, and continues to fight Megatron

Jul 01, 2013 at 02:36AM EDT

asura continues to spread madness at a much greater rate. as he does this, everyone, even the robots, begin to see the eyes of the kishin appear everywhere around them.
(this is what it looks like)

all of the ponies begin to freak out at the sight of all of the eyes appearing around them. however they cant do anything about it. the madness asura is emitting is too strong.

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@Gray and Juvia,

Ragna: Well…
He walks over to a chair. Ragna takes Blood Scythe off his back, and stabs it into the ground next to the chair he’s going to sit in. He then sits down in it.

Nu takes a chair and drags it next to Ragna, sitting down beside him.
Ragna: Well, since we have the time… Why don’t you tell us some more about yourselves, and the people at your guild? I haven’t really been paying attention up until recently to tell you the truth.
Nu: Yeah, like, Nu wants to know about your guild too~! Nu might even tell you all a super-neato story too!
Ragna looks over at Nu and smiles a bit.
Ragna: “A super neato-story”? Wow, you actually said “super-neato”.

Nu chuckles again.
Ragna turns his head back to Gray and Juvia.
Ragna: So, yeah. Can you answer me that?


Bang continues to wander the seemingly endless desert, talking to himself in his mind and trying to come up with names for his special attacks.

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Yukari: “Hellooooo, Okuu darling. Mind having a chat?”

Utsuho, a Hell Crow that had at one point consumed a Sun Crow and gained the power of Nuclear Fusion, stops and looks up at Yukari

Utsuho: “I’m busy Gap Hag. Go away.”
Yukari: “Oh, but I have something that maybe more worth your time than an every day project like this.”
Utsuho: “Look, Satori and even Reimu have always told me that you never just come to chat. You usually want something rather big. I’m Busy, Go Away.”
Yukari: “I already got permission from Satori. I just need to see if you are interested.”
This is quite clearly a lie, but Okuu is just stupid
Utsuho: “… okay, what is it?”
Yukari: “Somebody destroyed part of the Gensokyo Barrier with a black hole. When I went to retrieve the energy and collected it, it turned into a very large star and I need somebody to help me pilot it back home.”
Utsuho: “Wait? A Star?”
Yukari: “Yes, a star.”
Utsuho: “Um…”

She looks upon the work she had started today…

Sirens blair as Okuu points her third leg at the sun and fires it away, causing a hell shaking nuclear explosion

Utsuho: “Alright, take me too the star. I wanna see!”
Yukari: “I knew you would agree~!”

Yukari leads Utsuho into her gap and exits Hell…

Ooc: I do know this is usually Tardises Avatar, but I guess he can take her back if he wants to come back in.

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Meanwhile in the Imperators room
Superintendent: Progress report is as follows; the Sligs have begun mass-producing auto-turrets like you commanded, they already have stocks of thousands constructed and ready for deployment

Superintendent: Critical report; Transcendences mega-prison, Persephone, is recovering from a escape. One male, magical class, heretical prisoner has managed to break free from incarceration. Identified as prisoner #489432 Bang Shishigami, he managed to evade re-capture attempts and ultimately reached the surface, escaping the prison grounds via the inter-region train. The final containments protocol was authorised and the train was atomized via detonation of its on-board cold fusion core. The train was 5,342km from Persephone at time of the detonation, placing it near the centre of the surrounding desert. repair an clean up crews have been dispatched to clear any remaining wreckage and rebuild the rail line. A new train has already been commissioned and is currently under construction at the prisons on site slave factories

Damage report:
1. The train, all personnel on board, and the rail line including a entire shipment of Promethean knights were
destroyed, a commander unit, name, Yax Pax, was a highly skilled warrior who was the conductor aboard
the locomotive, he also perished.
2. Persephones chief Torturer was killed.
3. Multiple prison Guards dead.
4. The Most Tortured Prisoner, real name Winston Smith, was killed, he was found aiding the escapee,
Bang and was executed shortly after.
5. Multiple walls destroyed within the lower hallways, they were quickly rebuilt however.
6. Water pipelines damaged, incinerator room Z89 was consequentially flooded, this lead onto…
7. Corpse upward rail delivery system Z89 was used as a emergency drainage for the flood, all carts were
derailed, corpses dispersed throughout area, clean up is still under way.
8. Fan unit #8392 in ventilation duct #23 was destroyed, the debris from the unit went onto to be sucked
throughout the system causing the destruction of a additional 45 fan blades.

The Governor of the prison has given no comment on the matter…


Bang has travelled another 5 miles, still nothing of note or interest, the place is endless void..

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Gray: well i guess ill start with how most of us learned our magics. natsu learned his fire dragonslayer magic from an actual fire dragon named Igneel.

for as long as natsu can remember, Igneel was the only parent natsu can remember. he was like a father to natsu, despite being the king of fire dragons.

Same goes with Gajeel and wendy. they both learned their dragonslayer magic from an iron dragon named Metalicana and a sky dragon named Grandieeney

Juvia: quite scary to believe that those three were raised by actual dragons. Laxus, as it turns out, had a lightning dragon slayer Lacrama (a magic crystal) bestowed upon him by his father. giving him his lighning dragon powers without the need of a dragon. such a rare thing to see. by the way. how did you get your magic gray? Juvia never knew this whole time.

Gray: well now that you said it, I learned my ice maker magic from a woman names Ur. she lived by the mountains were it always was covered in ice and it snowed very often.
it was there as well did i meet lyon, another ice wizard like me. she took us in and raised us like her own, though at first her training was beyond insanity. making us strip to our underwear to get used to the cold.

af first it was horrible, but as months passed, we both got used to it and she began teaching us the basics of ice maker magic.

Gray: gray being embarrassed but also because of her i have this horrible stripping habit. always having to take off my clothes to train with her made me become some pervert.

Juvia: but juvia doesnt mind at all when you do that though.

Gray: well you can thank you teacher for that though. Lucy got her magic from her mother, who was a celestial wizard as well. and erza…. well…. erza was a different story all together. gray starts fo feel a bit depressed after mentioning erza and lucy. as well as juvia.

Juvia: erzas story is not something worth bringing up now. she thinks to herself for a bit. by the way gray, you also never mentioned what happened about your teacher and how you ended up in fairy tail….. Gray-sama?

she sees gray crying, trying to hold back after hearing juvia mention about his teacher

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Saya listens to the Superintendent list off the multiple reports, her eyes unwavering at all of the bad news. She waits for the Superintendent to finish before speaking. She then sighs.
Saya: Bang Shishigami has escaped, you say? The idiot ninja of Ikaruga has escaped… Have him captured and executed. He is more trouble than he is worth.
Saya closes her eyes.
Saya: The conductor can be replaced, along with the train and the torturer. There is no need to mourn for what can be replaced… Have them repair the prison and resume normal duties.


Bang just keeps on walking. Nothing’s gonna break his stride.

@Gray and Juvia,

Ragna: They were trained by dragons? Wow. I was just trained by a cat. It’s actually kinda cool that they all were trained by dragons.
Nu: What’s a… dragon?
Ragna: I’ll tell you later, Nu.
Nu: Okay!
They then begin talking about Gray’s life. Ragna laughs at the bit with Gray’s stripping fetish, but continues to listen on. They then mention Erza and not wanting to talk about her right now, and how everyone is getting depressed suddenly.
Nu: Did… Did something happen to this person?
Ragna then notices Gray on the verge of tears.
Ragna: Hey man, what’s wrong? Anything I can do to help?

Nu: Like, I think he’s sad.
Ragna: I can see that, Nu…
Nu: Like, maybe Nu should tell him that super-neato story to cheer him up~!
Ragna nearly facepalms at this, but keeps his cool.
Ragna: I don’t think that now is the best time for that…
He gets up from his chair, and goes to put his hand on Gray’s shoulder.
Ragna: Hey, what can I help you with? Anything I can do?

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Superintendent: He is believed to have been killed in the blast, if he survived then he is at the hands of the barren wastes, he will not escape the desert. All repairs are in progress Imperator, however travel between the mainland and the prison is at a stand still during this period. I am happy to report that only small numbers of Promethean Knights have currently been produced, however most if not all were destroyed in this shipment. I have been meaning to report that the weapons that the Promethean Knights are built with are inefficient and are not capable of handling long periods of usage. The train has a holding capacity within the thousands making the destruction of entire battalions possible if such a load was ever being carried


Bang has travelled yet more miles by this point, he has passed through a storm and over a mountain only to find that the planes stretch out further and further in front of him.

After hours more of walking he comes across something however, this finding is a complete and utter miracle within this unforgiving land, the chances 1 in a billion, some sort of object sitting upright in the sands not far from his position…..

….But what even is it? Bang is still a bit to0 far from it at this point in time to give it a accurate description….


The 5 Spartans are still in the command room with Eggman however they have been taking cover

S-004 “TacNuke” takes the HAVOC nuclear device from off the back of his waist and begins checking it over….

He types in a few buttons, the small screen interface mounted into the side of the tactical nuke lights up, it seems like S-004 is bringing the weapon out of dormancy and into a active state

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@ragna and the dragon slayers
gray gets up from his chair and walks away from ragna and faces a wall. gray tries his best to hold back.

Juvia: the thing is ragna, we all have a past thats too painful to bring up. gray, as it seems, his is too much for him right now.

juvia takes ragna away from gray and back to were nu is, giving him some space.

Juvia: ill tell you about what happened to the others and how they ended up in fairy tail. with natsu, gajeel, and wendy. when they were still young, their dragons left them. without even a trace or even a goodbye. the weird part its that it happened to all the dragons in the world, that just… disappeared. it all happened on the same day, 7/7/7, the 7th day of the 7th month of the 7th year. they all wandered around for the longest time. trying to find their dragons. you could imagine how they would have felt, having been left behind their parents just took off like that. we still dont know why they did that and were still trying to find out. maybe one day they will find them.

Natsu eventually made his way into fairy tail. gajeel went into the phantom lord guild, the same guild juvia went to when before we joined fairy tail after a rivalry between us caused it to get disbanded. wendy, like they told us, found somebody and took care of her for a little while. his name was jellal. but a different jellal than the one we know here. he was from a different dimention.

but like before, she had to be left behind by the boy. but he left her in the hands of a guild called cat shelter. they took her in and helped raise her. they treated each other like family like she told us. it is also were she found her cat Carla one day when she was outside of the guild.

mirajane walks up to them, overhearing their stories.
Mirajane: sorry, i cannot come up with anything just yet. but i can help explain about our pasts.

a few years passed since she joined that guild. makarov and the head masters of cat shelter and two other guild called blue pegasus and lambient scales made an aliance to take on a very powerful dark guild that was determined to find a dark artifact called nirvana. a powerful device that takes the form of giant walking city.

Mirajane: luckily, they were able to stop them and destroy it before it destroyed wendys guild. but after they went there, they discovered a terrible truth about the guild. it turned out that the guild master was only a spirit of the ancient people that built nirvana. and he was the last survivor of their race. he had used a powerful magic that created everything wendy believed to be her friends. they were no more than illusions, though his unbelievable powers made them have personalities of their own, almost making them seem real. wendy was devastated when it turned out that her entire time with them and her guild was only an illusion. heartbreak couldnt even describe how wendy felt.

but out of all of that, he felt happy that he got one final chance to help at least one person in his existence before he could leave the world behind after what his people did to it. so we all decided to take her in to fairy tail after. and since then she was a part of our family and she had loved it here since.

Erza scarlets past.

mirajane and juvia are nervous to speak about her past and about how she got her powers.

Juvia: erzas past is one that we dont think should be told to thers outside of fairy tail.

Mirajane: but if you wish to know, i would tell you. when erza was a kid, her city were she grew up in was attacked by an dark guild that had a cult following to a black wizard named zeref. they killed off all of the adults in he village, including her parents, and anyone who tried to stop them. they only took the children and the weaker adults who they knew didnt have the strength to fight back.

they took them all away to a far away island to construct a tower called the tower of heaven. a powerful structure that they intended to use to resurrect zeref. they used erza and countless innocent people as slaves to build it. it was a living hell for everyone their. tirelessly working without food or rest for hours on end.

Juvia: begins to shed tears THEY WERE ONLY CHILDREN FOR GODS SAKE. wheeps they were treated like animals. they even took out her right eye as punishment after being blamed her for trying to escape with her close friends form her town when it wasent her plan.

mirajane wraps her arm around juvia to comfort her.

Mirajane: however, one day they had enough and decided to take their lives back. after many months of slavery and torture, erza led a revolt with all the others, inspiring them to fight back against their so called masters.

at first it was going well until they responded with magic spirits they used to surpress any riots or revolts. everyone began to panic, only erza was holding her ground. they were about to attack her until her grandfather intercepted their attack, sacrificing his life to save her. hie told her that she was the inspiration that kept him alive as long as he did in the tower. he was erzas inspiration on wanting to become a wizard someday

her grandfathers sacrifice awoke the magic within her. it was her reasons for wanting magic that awoken it. she wanted the power to protect others so that they dont suffer like her and the countless others did.

her wanting to protect others and help them is what gave her the strength to fight.

after invoking her magic, she continued to lead the revolt after inspiring the others with newfound hope.

they eventually were freed and were heading to the docks to escape. erza went up to the tower to rescue jellal, the real jellal from our world and not the one wendy knew. however. when she tried to free him, his mind was corrupted and tainted by some outside force. he killed off the previous masters that enslaved them and he decided to continue the construction of the tower. he told erza that she can go if she doesnt say a word about the tower to anyone. when she did escape, he told them terrible lies and somehow manipulated them to stay and spend the next ten years of their lives to finish the tower. he promised them a better living conditions and other comforts if they did. but erza didnt know that. she was adrift in sea until arriving on a shore line. she had nothing on her but the clothes she had while imprisoned. he wandered off around the lands until she found fairy tail. around the time gray was there as well.

were the master took her in and helped raise her. makarov even had her receive a new eye thanks to the efforts of an old friend of his as a favour to her.

not long after, natsu arived there after loosing his dad. the three of them became close friends, even though natsu and gray fought a lot and erza had to keep them under control.

and if your wondering about what may have happened to the tower after. lets just say that the people there were freed, as well as jellal and erzas friends that were there. and the tower was destroyed. thats all that i could say about the incident.

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Saya: If they are inefficient, cease production on the Promethean Knights and make something better immediately. This is an army of a god, program. You must have them make something better and more suitable for such a high status. Gauss weaponry seems to be the… most effective for what I have in mind. They shall be using that kind of weaponry instead of Hardlight. Begin production immediately.

@The thing in the desert,

Bang quickly rushes over to the thing in the sands.
Bang: Thank you, master! My spirit shall keep blazing and burning away at the fires of evil!
Bang continues to run towards the object, not giving a single thought to it.

@Gray, Juvia, and Mirajane,

Ragna: Sounds like they’ve been through some tough shit… I can understand what it’s like to feel that way.
Ragna turns his head to Juvia.
Ragna: So, um… I don’t really want to push, ‘cause I can see he’s having a hard time just thinking about it… I’ll just ask later.

Jul 01, 2013 at 06:49PM EDT


Superintendent: I have sent the order to have all remaining Knight units recycled, imprisoned minds are being extracted and stored to the server until a new battle frame can be found, I am currently trawling my database for an adequate replacement Imperator


Bang approaches it…..
Embedded in the ground in front of him standing perfectly up right, is a 9 foot tall 4 foot in width 1 foot in depth cuboid with a solid black polished surface, from closer inspection not a single scratch or sign of damage or wear can be found upon its sides, its dimensions are also completely in perfection, it is so flawless that it almost looks like a quaint liquid. finding this object in the immense stretches of the desert is almost unbelievable, the hundreds of thousands of square miles…and yet this thing….

The surrounding landscape bares no other strange phenomenon and is all as should be

No matter how strong Bangs willpower may be he can not shake the great feeling of intimidation that this…..monolithic artefact gives off, it is taller and wider than himself and looms above him, its shadow engulfs the ground he stands on….

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Saya: Very well. That is all, continue on with your work and leave me be.

@The monolith,

Bang: What… feeling is this that is suddenly going through my body? Fear? I, BANG SHISHIGAMI, AM NOT FEARFUL OF A SLAB OF STONE!
His gut is telling him to be scared, but he ignores it and walks closer to it. Bang then reaches out a hand and touches the massive stone monolith.

Jul 01, 2013 at 08:18PM EDT

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