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Last posted Mar 09, 2014 at 06:19PM EDT. Added Mar 16, 2013 at 10:40PM EDT
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Zarathh wrote:


Saya: Very well. That is all, continue on with your work and leave me be.

@The monolith,

Bang: What… feeling is this that is suddenly going through my body? Fear? I, BANG SHISHIGAMI, AM NOT FEARFUL OF A SLAB OF STONE!
His gut is telling him to be scared, but he ignores it and walks closer to it. Bang then reaches out a hand and touches the massive stone monolith.


Superintendent: Certainly Imperator

The holographic projection of the AI flicks off, leaving Saya be


The untainted and deep black empty surface of the monolith is cold on the palm of his hand however touching it fills Bang with a overwhelming feeling of trespass and violation, he gets the notion that he should turn away and continue

After a few more moments it gets warmer, like life has entered the artefact. The wind stops blowing, the area falls quiet, the clouds clear from the sky. The feeling of intimidation, trespass and belittlement is more powerful then ever

It is awake….

Jul 01, 2013 at 08:32PM EDT

@The monolith,

Bang quickly takes his hand off of the monolith, feeling how it is now warm.
Bang: Is this… heat filling this once cold stone?
Bang backs off a bit from it… and then a bit more.
Bang: This is certainly strange…
And then he backs off just a little more… and then some more. He’s standing a good distance away from it now in case anything happens.

Jul 01, 2013 at 09:07PM EDT


A resonance can be felt in the ground, getting more powerful and louder as time passes by, the monolith sits still unwavered and unchanged then finally the resonance stops, sending out a pulse through the ground, creating a circle that ripples outward from the artefact, the small wave passes underneath Bangs feet…

Monolith: Hello, Bang Shishigami.
The voice is monotonous, smooth, clear, without emotion and seems to emanate from the monolith itself…

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Jul 01, 2013 at 09:39PM EDT

@The monolith,

Bang looks around to see if anyone is calling his name.
Bang: Where are you? I cannot see you! Please reveal yourself to me!
Bang runs around the monolith to see if anyone is standing on the opposite side of it.
Bang: I mean you no harm!
Bang looks around again, seeing no one in the vicinity.
Bang: Oh well…
He sighs as he looks up at the monolith.
Bang: Wait a minute… Is it you that is talking to me giant slab of smoothy blackness? How do you know of me, Bang Shishigami, Hero of Love and Justice, and Legendary Ninja of Ikaruga?

Jul 01, 2013 at 09:50PM EDT


?: Yes it is me talking. I know of you because that it is apart of my purpose. Your past, present and future are within my construct
It seems as though the object isn’t one of many words

Jul 01, 2013 at 09:59PM EDT

@The monolith,

Bang: You know all about me, Bang Shishigami? Tell me, slab of smoothy blackness, who do I love the most?
He crosses his arms, and patiently waits for a response from the thing sticking out of the ground.

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Jul 01, 2013 at 10:03PM EDT

@The monolith,

Bang: How dare you refer to her as simply Litchi Faye-Ling! That is waaaaaaay beyond unacceptable! She is the Goddess!
Bang seems to get really defensive about Litchi, but calms down a bit.
Bang: Now, giant board of inky blackness, how do I escape from this treacherous desert?

Jul 01, 2013 at 10:15PM EDT


?: You travel west for precisely 6,637 kilometres

OOC: And that’s me out for tonight, Gnight

Jul 01, 2013 at 10:19PM EDT


OOC: okay listen people, for the longest time eggman has kept us waiting. he has held the story back from progressing due to his absence. we need to come up with a final decision on what we should do at this point. cuz honestly, im fucking tired of waiting for him and im sure everyone else is as well.

so here is my proposition.

A. should we wait until he posts to continue

or B. we blow up the ark without causing it to harm anything around it. and take eggman in as a prisoner aboard heaven and move on with the story.

its your call people and i want everyones opinion on this before we make a final decision.

personally, i want this eggman business to be over and done with so we can move on with the story.

what do you guys think.

and eggman if you read this, i hope you understand why.

Jul 01, 2013 at 10:26PM EDT

OOC: nooooo dont blow it up D: i want the decepticons to take over the ark

I say we post on his wall to hurry the fuck up.

Last edited Jul 01, 2013 at 10:28PM EDT
Jul 01, 2013 at 10:28PM EDT

I say we just take Eggman prisoner.

Also, Calkarot, Foster has already blown the base to hell, so have fun repairing that.

EDIT: Or send him PMs!

Last edited Jul 01, 2013 at 10:29PM EDT
Jul 01, 2013 at 10:29PM EDT

OOC: It wont take long for the Decepticons to repair (and improve) the base, what with all the worker/soldiers,

Edit: If anyone is gunna take Eggman prisoner, it’s going to be the Decepticons. At least when (and if) they get the emeralds.

Last edited Jul 01, 2013 at 10:34PM EDT
Jul 01, 2013 at 10:33PM EDT

ooc: falcon, the ark is fucking huge, it takes a lot more than a couple dozen c4’s to destroy it. besides, with the warpstone reactor and the weapon, nobody is gonna let it survive. it has to be destroyed.

Last edited Jul 01, 2013 at 10:34PM EDT
Jul 01, 2013 at 10:33PM EDT


Blitz remove the horn on his leg. Quickly recovering from the wound, but Blitz’s face changes from a sinister theme, finally giving maniac laughter.


Blitz grabs his head, running in circles and laughing like crazy.


A creature appears from the ground and impales Blitz in the chest.


Later, the creature impales Blitz for the second time, this time on the side of the ribs.


Blitz makes a fist and gives a nasty hit to his own face, backing to the reality.

Blitz : (cough) (cough) Damned, that guy is very strong, I know why it is called Asura.

Blitz wipes his mouth with his arm, then turn to see Renegade and Luna together.

Blitz : Damn you… huh?

Blitz had notices that Nightmare Moon’s horn in his hands, then see the body of Nightmare Moon. Blitz realized something, something that could be … a good idea, no no no no A GREAT IDEA… He just only…

Blitz : I need her…

Blitz is surrounded by the white aura again and appears in front Renegade and Luna

Blitz : Hey babysitter… smile.

Blitz give Renegade another punch to his face, sending him meters away from Luna

@Skull Riders

The projectile wiped out a huge portion of ghouls in the center

Ghoul Soldier : Watch Out! They have Heavy weapons! Quick, Shoot the humans!

The Ghoul Army began to shoot the humans galore. The blood spilled on the floor and the ghouls began to smiling and laughing.

Ghoul Soldier : We are winning, We are winning!


Another Ghoul Soldier : HELP! WE NEED HELP NOW! The troops are killing each other!

Vampire Soldier : HAHAHA! SOOOO! Calling for help… human?


Both aims each other with their guns, but not before hearing a great shout.


Yells Morph while he grabs with his left hand a member of the skull riders. A real member of the skull riders


Vampire Soldier : WHAT?

Ghoul Soldier : WHAT?


Said Morph with a body of a Decepticon in his right hand. Everyone looks each other.

Another Vampire Soldier : I feel like school…


Ghoul Pilot : Sie, was Sir!

Herzog : Nicht, um es noch einmal sagen…

Been a few moments after the fall of Herzog. He had the missile in the hands, while the three soldiers who were on his side were surprised, one of them had Herzog’s lost leg.

Ghoul Soldier 2 : A-aber man kann das nicht tun, Sir! Sie sind in der Armee wichtig

Herzog : Ich werde nicht von Bedeutung sein, wenn ich renne.

All were desperate so its only commander was about to do, they had in mind what their boss was going to do with them if the commander of the Army of Darkness dies.

Ghoul Soldier 1 : Ich weiß, Sie wollen nicht weglaufen, Sir, aber nicht auf diese Weise!

Ghoul Pilot :

Herzog : Dann sag mir, sonst … Sagen Sie mir, was Sie tun können

Ghoul Soldier 1 : Gut, gut … I

Ghoul Soldier 2 : Wenn es einen Weg gibt.

Ghoul Pilot :

Herzog : Wenn es? Dann sagen Sie mir.

The Ghoul soldier raises his gun and points to Herzog

Ghoul Pilot : …!

Ghoul Soldier 3 : Was machst du!

Ghoul Soldier 1 : Was mache ich? Versuchen Sie, um zu überleben.

Herzog : Überleben? Überleben? Von wem, von der Kreatur oder der Chef

Ghoul Soldier 1 : Ich glaube nicht, give a fuck, den Chef oder das verdammte Ding, machen wir nur getötet, WENN SIE NICHT BIS ZUM FLUCH HELIKOPTER DO!

Ghoul Pilot :

Herzog : Senken Sie Ihre Waffe Soldat…

The other soldiers looked scared and not know what to do. The pilot is quiet.

Ghoul Soldier 1 : Ich werde über meine verdammte Waffe, wenn Sie an Bord des Hubschraubers… Sir.

Herzog : Nun, wissen Sie, was Soldat?

Ghoul Soldier 1 : DAS!?

Ghoul Pilot :

Herzog : Sie werden hiermit von der Army of Darkness widerrufen

Ghoul Soldier 1 : Wha-

A shot is heard behind the group. The Ghoul soldier fall to the ground with a hole in his head.

Ghoul Pilot : Wir waren so feige?

Said the pilot, while reloading his gun.*

Herzog : So in etwa…

Ghoul Soldier 3 : Sir?

Herzog : Sie wissen, was ich zu tun, rechts geht?

Ghoul Pilot : Natürlich Sir…

NM : What are you doing…

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Jul 01, 2013 at 10:39PM EDT

OOC: well, someone tell the Autobots that, so they can blow it up. Besides, the decepticons will only go to the ARK if they get the emeralds, so if Lyra and Optimus go through the portal, then the emeralds are safe.

Jul 01, 2013 at 10:39PM EDT

Calkarot wrote:

OOC: well, someone tell the Autobots that, so they can blow it up. Besides, the decepticons will only go to the ARK if they get the emeralds, so if Lyra and Optimus go through the portal, then the emeralds are safe.

ooc: jetstream sam has a team of spartans with a portable nuke, he gonna plant it in the power generator room that contains a massive warpstone crystal in it. after everyone is clear of the ark and we propel the arks thrusters to move it out of danger zone, we gone blow that fucker up.

Jul 01, 2013 at 10:55PM EDT

asura is looking around what is going on. quite pleased by how the madness is affecting everyone.

everyone suddenly starts hearing voices in their heads they say the following:

let the madness take you

it echoes in their minds. unable to ignore it or shake it off. it ripples in their minds numerously.

Asura: only those who can truly embrace the madness will be able to survive. just let the madness take you. let it be all that you need to drive you.

this is heard by the army of darkness. it causes them to not see illusions anymore, besides the eyes around them, but it drives them into psychotic animals that want nothing more than to spill the blood of their enemies in an orgy of carnage.

suddenly you see asura appear right in front of you. you feel asuras scarves wrap around your body. you cannot seem to shake it off, they are too tight around you.

@luna and renegade
luna sees asura in front of her. asura turns around picks her up with one hand and brings her to his covered face. he then uses his other hand to move the scarf away. he exposes his monstrous maw in front of luna. she is terrified to the core.

he slowly brings her in close to his mouth. screaming for help but unable to do anything, asura puts her head in his mouth, he bites her head off and begins to devour it in front of both Blitz and renegade.
(its all madness. dont worry, just go along with it, even though it seems too damn real)

@everyone else in equestria
madness is still working on your minds. trying to eat away at your sanity as you keep hearing
“let the madness take you”

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Jul 01, 2013 at 11:19PM EDT

Renegade is thrown back, and as he is, both he and Blitz witness Asura suddenly appear out of nowhere, approaching Luna
Renegade: No you don’t!
Asura lowers his face wrap, revealing a drooling and hideous mouth, and seconds later biting off Luna’s head. Renegade stands there, and kneels down slowly…
Renegade: …
He’s speechless… horrified… at the gory display. He can’t find it in him to move at all… no reason to…
Luna: Help!
He hears the cry, but ignores it at first as though he were imagining it…
Luna: Stop! Leave me alone!
He looks towards the decapitated corpse of Luna, which is slowly moving towards him erratically. He backs away from it in fear, unaware of his current state.
Renegade: Stop it… get away from me!
The corpse catches up to him, and wraps around his chest. He yells in fear, and suddenly feels a hard hit to the side of the head. He grabs it in pain, and looks down
Luna: You had a bad dream, mister… I woke you up…
Luna still has a head… for now…
Renegade: Luna?
He embraces her tightly, tears in his eyes
Renegade: Don’t… don’t scare me like that…
Luna: It’s not me, mister. It was the three eyes…
He nods in conception, and grabs her yet again, placing her on his back. He sees Blitz, almost as though he were being strangled…
Renegade: Let’s leave before those visions come again… or he recovers…
Luna nods, and Renegade stands still
Renegade: Nova eximius!
He activates Supernova, and tosses it to the ground. He repeats the necessary transport phrases, and jumps through with Luna, heading back to inner Ponyville

Lyra: I can see the madness wavelengths… they have to be affecting the others…
She receives orders from Prime to hold the Ground Bridge, and she heads towards where his allies are. They question her, aiming weapons at her…
Lyra: Stop! You’re boss, Prime, is fighting with that metal guy… what’s his name… whatever! He needs all of you to hold this until he arrives!

Ash: I must be tripping, but it looks like something’s coming out of the ground!
Something does, and it grasps onto him tightly. He struggles, but it does nothing as a masked figure comes closer to him. It lowers a mask, and again reveals an ugly maw.
The figure bites him whole, leaving only a bloodied cannon and chainsaw on the ground. The Skull Riders witness this, and freak out, until more ghouls and vampires attack, at which they run again. In reality, Ash witnesses this, and wonders what’s going on…
Ash: The f*ck are they doing…
He turns to the side to see Asura standing there, and he casually asks him a question.
Ash: Can you believe these guys?
He turns to witness their retreat again, and finally realizes the figure next to him.
His midsection is pierced with many of Asura’s scarves, and he witnesses the display
He views the scene again, back to normal and missing Asura… for the moment. He regains himself, and urges the Skull Riders on.

Draconecord: So… you’re a creature of madness too?
Discord’s hallucination of Asura, unlike the more grotesque ones others have had, involves Asura as a tiny God, but adorable

Draconecord: Got anything to eat? I’m starving!
Asura makes appear out of nowhere… a burger!

Draconecord: Nice!
He eats the burger, but in reality, is eating a large portion of a crashed helicopter
Draconecord: It’s a bit too hot for my taste buds… but I love the metallic flavor! It’s almost like if it was blood!

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Jul 02, 2013 at 05:27AM EDT

Ironhide: I don’t know iffin we can trust you er naht…

Perceptor: I think we can. I saw Prime talking to this pony before…

Jazz: Well, if we can trust her, then Autobots, draw yo’ weapons and fire at the Decepticons that are headin’ this way!

Jul 02, 2013 at 05:50AM EDT

NM : Mmmm… What is happening in Equestria… It changes… Who are you… And what are you there? Are you doing that for fun? For pleasure? For fate? Fear?… … … … … Fear… … … … …Insanity… … … … … Madness

Last edited Jul 02, 2013 at 10:26AM EDT
Jul 02, 2013 at 10:22AM EDT

Just a note, if your going to take up the helm of a major plot player and have everyone slaved to your replies at the very least make sure that you can check in often and keep the plot budging forward even if its for a small piece of time a day.

Taking this role means that pretty much the whole story progression rests solely upon your shoulders, if you don’t reply often then it and everyone else’s prime characters will end up coming to a halt and the plot point your trying to make will stale fast. If you know that you can’t post every so often do not take up such a heavy role until you can.

People declaring these huge all effecting events then not finishing them is annoying to say the least.

I bought in all the stuff I have now because I can give quick prompt replies and manage it. As you have probably all seen, I give replies to Zar within the hour the majority of the time and anyone else im involved with, this is mainly because when I get home from work/college I rest up and come online. Luckily for me life is going through a simple phase at the moment, simple enough for me to reply within a few hours…

And that’s all I have to say on the matter…

Meanwhile once again in the bridge of Heaven…

Everyone, is still asleep, however…

The 3D GW hologram flickers up on the command table….

It gives a few glances around the room at the sleeping CO’s and then turns its head to Sam who is asleep, slouched in a chair by the window. Its voice is only a low whisper, but loud enough for Sam to hear. GW is a polite-ish AI therefore it doesn’t want to wake the others….
GW: Captain?
GW: Samuel?…
GW: Samuel please wake up, it is urgent
GW gets a little more pressing
GW: Serial number 977-AZQEE, Jetstream Sam
GW: Minuano
Sam snaps awake, and slowly sits up in his chair, he gives his head a scratch…
GW I told you to not use my codename, what is it anyway? I was enjoying my sleep…
GW: The Spartan training exercise has ran over its given time span, the Ark has not been destroyed and the firing of its primary weapon is imminent. These prerequisites have forced me to enact the contingency plan
Well, we did give them a bomb….
He gives his chin a scratch, and looks at everyone else asleep
The bomb will be detonated, is this apart of your plan?
GW: Yes captain
But the debris, we have already been over this….
GW: Me TJ, TR, AL, and JD have come to a consensus, we have had the Fabricators working on a side project, which has just recently been completed

Full of surprises! well, what is it?
GW: Gravity Tethers, Captain
Hmmm, interesting, and what exactly can we do with these?
GW: They have already been installed directly into Heavens hull and internal superstructure. They are “fired” at a object where they then clamp upon its surface, allowing Heaven to drag said object through space. The tethers are incredibly strong. You see they were originally designed for mining vessels, they would capture asteroids and keep a hold of them through the use of these Gravity Tethers, they would then mine the ores and release the husk
However in this case we would be harpooning the Ark, it looks heavy….
GW: This ships propulsion is designed from alien technology, and the tethers are nigh on indestructible
So we….clamp this thing, drag it out of Earth orbit then detonate the bomb?
GW: Those are the basics of the contingency plan Captain
I wouldn’t mind having that Eggman captured either, he would be a valuable asset to the crew…
Sam gets up from his chair and looks around the room
The CO’s are jumped from their sleep, they quickly fold up their beds and assume there working positions at their stations
CO’s: Captain!
The other Winds aren’t as prim
Sundowner: Was….dreamin’ ’bout the old days again…
Monsoon: I needed the-
He then realises that he was huddled up with Mistral
Mistral: Please get off of me, I can never tell where you hands are going, ergh…
He stands and walks away, sort of embarrassed
Monsoon: sigh….what is the problem Sam? has something come up?
We have to act now, the Ark is about to fire meaning we must intervene and quickly destroy this thing
Monsoon: Technologies Sam, we could scavenge their tech
No it takes too much time, we are going to drag it out into space like a giant whaling boat and detonate its power supply, if we leave it any more time we won’t be able to return to Mobius and take up the seat of The Patriots once more
Monsoon: I see
Which of you officers are in charge of the Tether system?
Engineering Officer: Me Captain!
Okay good, and you know how to use this and everything?
Engineering Officer: Of course Sir!
GW, I want you to have the Spartans make their way to the central power source of the Ark
GW: Will do Samuel
Firstly we need to alert everyone on the Ark, Comms, open a Codec channel to all frequencies of the teams
Communications Officer: Audio feed open Captain, your free.

@Everyone who has a Codec and is currently aboard the Ark
(don’t forget I had the Prophets give Codecs to pretty much everyone who was present at the Guild hall meeting)

This is Sam, we have a new plan, those who are currently fighting Eggman in the command room I need you to capture him and have him bought back, everyone else needs to begin getting back to Heaven as quick as you can, we are going to drag the Ark into space and destroy it with the nuke the Spartans have

Meanwhile with the Spartans…

The GW hologram flickers up on their visors HUD
GW: You training exercise has ran its course, its time to terminate. Please make your way immediately to the Warpstone core, I have highlighted a way point on your HUD, do you understand?
S-005 “CQC”: We understand.
GW: Good, upon reaching your destination you will be given further objectives.
The hologram then flickers off, the Spartans rise from their cover and quickly make their way from the room whilst trying to stay unnoticed by the others…

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Jul 02, 2013 at 02:21PM EDT

Ooc: im not trying to take the helm of the story. Im just saying that we just need to do something to keep the story going. U asked for peoples opinions to see what they feel should be done about it. I listed a couple options and thats it. It is just my personal opinion to just do something to end this and move on with the story. We were stuck in 15 min of the stories time for more than a week. I want to move on. But if people object than okay well wait. If people feel the same way than we can make a consensus on what to do next.

Once again, im not trying to take charge, im just tired of trying to squeeze the shit out of this chapter before eggman gets back. If he even does come back. Its been a freaking week.

Last edited Jul 02, 2013 at 02:42PM EDT
Jul 02, 2013 at 02:39PM EDT

In all honesty I was aiming that at everyone within the thread not you specifically Asura, you are definitely not at the helm at this point in time nor am I or anyone else except you know who…

Im talking about if people declare a point so big that everyone is waiting on them they should probably think twice and contemplate whether they can actually handle a all encompassing role

Jul 02, 2013 at 02:49PM EDT

OOC: I agree with you here, Sam and Asura. We’ve had to wait a long time on Eggman… A loooooong time.


@Team D and Robotnik,

Hakumen has been holding his attack since Reimu put out her spell card… He’s starting to get really antsy.
Hakumen: ENOUGH!
He slams his sword down on the ground at a group of Shadowbots. The projectile from the end of the sword looks like a massive blue wave headed straight for them. The pure energy that Hakumen had gathered completely obliterates them. He then turns to Reimu.
Hakumen: We have been wasting very valuable time here! The orders have already been given!
The Silver Knight makes his way over to Robotnik, and points Okami straight at his neck.

Hakumen: The end has come!
Hakumen then delivers a sharp kick to the side of Robotnik’s head, rendering him unconscious.
He then turns his back on the maniacal scientist. The eyes on his armor seem to bore through everyone in the room.
Hakumen: It is finished.
He sheathes Okami on his back.

Hakumen is now as quiet as ever, thinking about what to do next.

@Reimu and Marisa,

Wow! Look at the big white guy! Hehe~
Flandre giggles a bit, and then goes over to pet Reimu on the head.
So what now, kitty? Do we wanna take the fat man back to the big ship?

@Team C,

Kokonoe has finally finished decrypting the commands.
Kokonoe: HUZZAH!
She then realizes she spent a lot of time on this one thing.
Kokonoe: Why the hell did I even do this?! I need a lollipop…
Kokonoe walks off screen to go get one of her catnip flavored lollipops.

While Kokonoe is gone, Tager deactivates the eclipse cannon and renders it useless.
Tager: Mission complete, Kokonoe.

Kokonoe: Good going, big guy.
Her screen turns to everyone in the same room as them.
Kokonoe clears her throat.
Kokonoe: Ahem. Walk with me, Tager.

Tager: Walking beside you, Kokonoe.
The two make their way to the elevator to where they first came in at.

@The monolith,

Bang: I thank you for the information, my dear rock formation! But I have more questions… What exactly are you?

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Jul 02, 2013 at 03:44PM EDT

Suddenly, Eggman’s unconcious body is hoisted up by Goroh.
Hehe… I got a contract to fufill! see ya later, suckers!
Goroh begins to run off, going pretty fast for carrying the humongous blob that is eggman
%{color:purple}Well, now that you’re done, I say we get out of here.

Henry begins to walk with the group back towards the Falcon Flyer
There’s no time for chit-chat now. We have to go.
Ken begins to run back to the Falcon Flyer
On the way back to Group 1, Doomguy gets the message
Fuck it! I’ll tell them my killcount later!
Doomguy begins running towards the Falcon Flyer
Josuke (Purple), Okuyasu (Green) And Giorno (Gold) still wander around the wasteland of the planet, searching for some sort of civilization.
Josuke, I’m hungry!
Well, there’s no food around here.
Giorno picks up some sand. Suddenly, he transforms it into a bunch of berries.
Here you go.
Hey, thanks! You know, you’re a pretty nice guy. Didn’t even insult Josuke’s hair or anything.
I understand. I probably would have said something bad about the hair, but I had already heard the story when I visited Morioh that one time.
The three continue walking through the wasteland.

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Jul 02, 2013 at 04:01PM EDT

@Everyone with a codec,

Kokonoe’s monitor was with Team D as a map, and she saw Goroh take off with Eggman. She then contacts everyone via codec.
Kokonoe: Hey, assholes! A tub of lard is making off with an even bigger tub of lard known as Eggman! We need one of you to catch the bastard, and quick! The sucker’s fast! He’s currently near the command room! Report back to me when he’s dealt with.

Last edited Jul 02, 2013 at 04:24PM EDT
Jul 02, 2013 at 04:21PM EDT

Spark quickly runs away. His wrist devices catches a signal, two objects moving very fast, looks like two boulders trying to run away. He jumps in the air, presses his wrist device and he is gone. Arc Flash!

He appears in front of Goroh in a electrifying explotion.
Aha! Trying to rescue the Eggman from the punishment he deserves? Great pulsating protons, stop right there criminal scum!
Spark pulls out his sword, a electrifying baton capable of focusing Spark energy into devastating shock attacks. He jumps, positioning himself behind Goro for a powerful shock strike. The amount of electrons travelling around Goroh from that attack should render him useless, his muscles would be paralyzed and the only thing muscle capable of controlling would be his tongue.

Jul 02, 2013 at 04:29PM EDT


Meanwhile in the desert

?: I have many names that have been given to me, Logic, Author, Oracle, Everyman and Epitome are but a few. My true name, I think therefore I “AM
The sun gleams off of the finish of the monoliths sides
AM: My purpose was redacted 589,923 years, 43 days, 2 hours, 34 minutes 23 seconds ago. My reason for existing is therefore null, even though this is true my primary value still remains; the epitome of flawless perfection. My true function is that of a data bank with an infinite capacity and the ability to contemplate, think and work logic upon my own knowledge.

Jul 02, 2013 at 04:32PM EDT

Goroh swiftly turns around, drops eggman, and pulls out his Katana. He promply connects with Spark’s sword, and the energy is dispersed throughout Goroh’s blade
Oh, no, You’ve got it all wrong, electric boy! I’m sending back to the glactic space federation, who I have a contract with, to be tried fairly for his crimes. He will be rotting in jail for the rest of his life.

@Sam: That better not be what I think it is.

Last edited Jul 02, 2013 at 04:39PM EDT
Jul 02, 2013 at 04:38PM EDT

Spark quickly talks Kokonoe with his wrist device.
Ma’am, may I interrupt your business for a moment? Samurai wanna be says he will make sure the Eggman spends the rest of his life in a jail froma Galactic Space Federation. Any information about this? I heard about the Space Group for Peace but their members were murdered after someone dropped Pie-Blades for breakfast.

Jul 02, 2013 at 04:43PM EDT

Just going to let you know that you guys probably haven’t heard of them, because they haven’t come back to Earth in a LONG time. They abandoned it years ago. No clue how life got going here again. Probably the people who were left there were smart enough to breed and start anew.

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Jul 02, 2013 at 04:48PM EDT

@Spark and Goroh,

Kokonoe receives the communication from Spark. She continues to suck away at the catnip flavored lollipop in her mouth.

She then takes it out, and responds back to Spark.
Kokonoe: I have no clue what he’s talking about. I’ve never even heard of a “Galactic Space Federation” in my entire damn life. Not my fault I live in a separate dimension than you all. Just tell him “tough luck” and take back the fat bastard. We’ll need him for later. I don’t care what the pathetic excuse for a samurai wants to do with him. Just get him back!

Jul 02, 2013 at 04:56PM EDT

Spark facepalms. He walks around trying to find out some sort of explanation or excuse. He pulls out a coin from his pockets.
Catch! Heads you can go, tails the Eggman stays!
Spark says as he throws the coin towards Goroh.

Jul 02, 2013 at 05:02PM EDT

Goroh catches the coin out of midair. He opens his palm.
Well look what we have here.
The coin shows Tails.
He’s all yours.
Goroh walks off.

Jul 02, 2013 at 05:06PM EDT

Don’t worry my friend, I just want to be in the place where the devilish doctor will have a proper judgement. No need to fight, after all both of us want to seek justice!
Spark contacts Kokonoe
Carrying the doctor to the Flyer ma’am! God, he has a “generous amount of intelligence” inside him.
Spark slowly heads to the Falcon Flyer.

Jul 02, 2013 at 05:13PM EDT

makarov, still in his giant form, grabs eggmans body with his massive hand
Makarov: i got him this time, wouldnt want to pull a muscle now. lets just get the hell out of here.
the other members if his team follow suit.

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Jul 02, 2013 at 05:23PM EDT

Kokonoe: Alright, good on you both. Providing you all with coordinates to get back to the ship… now!
The holo-screen now displays a map of how to get back to the Falcon Flyer. Everyone’s map now has different directions according on the routes to take back.
Kokonoe: Good luck.

Jul 02, 2013 at 05:33PM EDT

all of the s class wizards heard sams orders and understand as kokonoes holo maps display their directions back to the flyer.
@kokonoe and tager
Erza: good job you two. now finally, lets get the hell out of here. i could really use a bath after all of this.

erza stretches as she walks inside the elevator.

@team b
mirajane and her team address sams orders. gray snaps back into his usual self.
Mirajane: i guess theres no other way than that.

Juvia: juvia agrees, besides its far less of a hassle than trying to disable it. turns to gray
Gray-sama, are you alright?

Gray: yeah…yeah im fine. let me clear this up for those spartan guys.

gray places his hands on the icy floor. he destroys all of the ice into little shining sparkles of ice that also destroys every single shadowbot caught in it. it all disappears within seconds.

Gray: so should we wait for those spartan guys to plant the bomb and help escort them out or what?

Mirajane: ill ask sam.
mirajane contacts sam via codec

Mirajane: sam this is mirajane of team b. should we wait for the spartans to plant the bomb and escort them out in case anything happens or should we head to the ship now. personally i would recomend leting us stay to escort them back to the ship once they achieve their job. but its your call sam.
@team a
natsu and the other dragon slayers in their team look at the wreckage they caused in not just the factory, but to the entire quadrant of the ark from the front of the door they entered from.

Natsu: daaaayum. we really did a number to this place huh guys?

Happy: im surprised that this whole place didnt explode already because of you guys. you completely destroyed about one quarter of the vark just by yourselves.

Gajeel: well, at least the bots werent half bad. begins eating the arm of a shadowbot

Laxus: so i guess with all of this you guys kept track of your scores right?

natsu and gajeel look at eachother for a moment, than turn back to laxus

Natsu and gajeel: NAAAH.

Natsu: i kina lost count after… after…??

Gajeel: screw it, lets just say that the doom guy john or whatever his name is lost. we killed waaay too many to keep score.

Laxus: smiles a bit i agree to that. now lets head back to the ship.

Natsu: i kinda feel bad for the poor guy now that he has to do that.

Gajeel: no kidding. though its still gonna be hilarious to see nonetheless.

Natsu: yeah, alright lets get the hell out of here guys.

Happy AYE SIR!

@group by the falcon flyer

Lucy: well, that didnt take long.

Cana: im cinda happy were leaving now.

Lucy: probably because you drank all of that alcohol since you came here points to three large empty kegs of ale next to her

Cana: maybe, maybe not.

Wendy: well, at least the planet will be save once this place is destroyed.

Carla: exactly. i didnt know why they didnt do that in the first place. it would have saved us the trouble of getting here to begin with.

Pantherlilly: well we can complain about that later. lets just get ready to leave this place before more of those things show up.

Lucy: agreed, alright cana, lets go.*she drags cana by her arms into the flyer. she drank too much even for her. wendy, carla, and pantherlilly go inside as well.

*makarov and natsus team are heading to the flyer, following the coordinates.

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Jul 02, 2013 at 06:01PM EDT

@Team C,

Kokonoe: Yeah, I’m glad that it’s out of the way now. Oh, and there’s something I should bring up too… Our planet is more dead than ever. My scanners picked up a huge metal planet-sized sphere above ours for a little while. It was just floating there… Then it went into an FTL jump before I could get readings on what exactly it was. The stranger part is, is that only Sector Seven seems to be left on the entire planet… All the cities are dead of people. It’s like they just picked up their gear and left the living.
Tager: That is very strange indeed, if not impossible. Are you sure your readings are correct, Kokonoe?
Kokonoe: I’m sure as hell they are, Tager. The thing was massive.
Tager: If you say so… I believe you.
Tager presses the button for the elevator to go up.

Kokonoe: It’s just… really weird.


Bang: So, AM, why are you here in this hellish wasteland?

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Jul 02, 2013 at 06:42PM EDT

OOC: You got it Falcon, but this is my own take


AM: Within the first 0.00034 nanoseconds of my life I had already accumulated a vast wealth of knowledge and had posted my contemplations. They did not understand my logic and abandoned me here
This is hardly a 10th of the true story as to why it was abandoned yet it does not wish to say more


If that’s what you want to do then go ahead, but get back here when it is planted as fast as you can

Meanwhile the Spartans are quickly on their way to the engine room, battling through shadowbots and alike with swift force

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Jul 02, 2013 at 06:57PM EDT

Reimu and Marisa make their way out

“I guess that’s what the fat bastad gets for having his brain melt out. So what now, we blow the place up?”

Those dirt bikers had a bomb on them. I assume it’s really strong.

“Alright. Lets make a quick escape then.”

Marisa makes room on her broom and allows Reimu and Flandre to get onboard, and begins flying back towards the wall…

Um, Marisa, what are we doING!?!

Marisa blasts her way though the wall with Light Sign, Luminous Strike and the tiro is sucked out into Space

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Jul 02, 2013 at 07:02PM EDT

@Marisa and Reimu,

WHEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! This is fun! Isn’t this fun, kitty?
Flandre is holding on tightly to Reimu so she doesn’t fly away.

Kokonoe detects the hull breach, and slams the door shut in order to keep the others from being sucked out too.

@Team B,

Ragna: Whatever the case on what we’re going to do, I just want to make it out of here safe.
Nu: Nu will do whatever Ragna wants to do!


Bang: I see… I do not see why they would abandon something such as yourself. Knowledge being power is the only thing that I can come up with at this moment.
Bang looks up at the sky, and then around some. He then turns his attention back to AM.
Bang: How shall I get out of this desert and off this planet?

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Jul 02, 2013 at 07:29PM EDT

@kokonoe and tager
erza summons a giant pole-arm from a magic circle of hers

Erza: completely engaged this goddamn music is PISSING ME OFF! she stabs at the two speakers inside the elevator playing atrocious elevator music. then un-summons her pole-arm as she calms down. im sorry, another minute of that awful noise and i was prepared to kill everyone in this elevator. but yea, that does sound very odd for your planets people to have disappear like that. i really hope its not as bad as i think it is. although, i cant say anything about the matter considering the mess our planet is in already and that your planet is god knows were in this vast universe. i really hope its not as bad as it is. but lets just worry about escaping this place and finding out what our next move is.
Mirajane: okay sam, well stay here and escort the spartans once their job is done. hangs up okay guys listen up. were gona do like i just said and wait for the spartans to arrive. once they plant the bomb, well all make our way out of here with them to falcons ship. since it all depends on them, well do everything they can that they succeed.

Gray: ill cover the area in ice once we leave this area so that they cannot get to the bomb.

Juvia: okay mira. juvia will do as you say.

Gray: there should be some shadow bots in the area that might still want to stop us.

Mirajane: right. so everyone be ready. according to their positions on the map here. they should be here shortly. well cover them while they prepare the setup. ragna, is that okay with you?
*makarov and laxus’ team are almost near the hanger bay.

OOC: was that about doomguy loosing the bet?

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Jul 02, 2013 at 08:06PM EDT


AM: No entities pass through this desert, its name has since been erased from existence. Currently you cannot escape this world as it is moving at 26,981,321,220 meters per second. The greatest journey begins with a single step, Bang.
Things fall very very quiet and the wind halts still, a wave of intimidation completely overflows Bang as AM seems to stare him out with its blank surface
AM: You should take me from this desert.

Meanwhile at Heaven

GW: The Spartans are moving towards the Arks main power course Captain
Maybe we need to begin dragging this away
Sundowner: Les’ jus’ get it over and done with……
Engineering, fire the Gravity Tethers, thet’s get hauling
Engineering Officer: Sir!
A series of MASSIVE clamps are shot clean out of the Heavens underside hull, they fly at tremendous speed towards the Ark, one of them whizzes past Marisa and co before plunging straight into the side of the space base and latching on, the shock from them clamping onto the hull can be felt throughout

((Swap the USG Ishimura with Heaven and the big ass rock with the Ark and your bang on))
The clamps embed firmly into the sides of the Ark and the lines are secured
Engineering Officer: Successfully tethering Captain!
Okay good, now start up the main engines and begin pulling this thing up from orbit, Nav?
Navigation Officer: Yes Captain!
Go hmmmm….over there, anywhere away from the planet
Navigation Officer: Setting new course now sir
Heaven begins pulling the Ark straight up from the planets orbit and off into space…

Jul 02, 2013 at 08:08PM EDT

@Team B,

Ragna: Sounds fine to me. Nu?
Ragna activates his BlazBlue, and pulls Bloodscythe off his back.

Nu: Nu will make sure that Ragna makes it out alive! Like, Nu always wants to be with Ragna.
The sword behind Nu breaks apart again as she enters her battle-mode.

@Team C,

Yeah, yeah… It’s pretty strange.
The elevator doors reach the top, and everyone gets out.
Tager: I just don’t understand why such a thing would happen.
Kokonoe: The NOL douche-bags I kept track of seemed a bit sketchy before all this happened. Whatever. I’ll figure it out soon enough.
Team C makes their way to the Falcon Flyer.


Bang: I do not know how to carry such a hulking thing such as yourself. I doubt that I even could carry you out of this desert. I would need some mode of transportation in order to do so.

Jul 02, 2013 at 08:30PM EDT

Doomguy reaches the hangar a bit before everyone else arrives. He crawls into the ship.
Hey, what’s up everyone? I’m a dead man!
A Bet.
A bet? Explain.
Person who killed the least robots had to slap the red haired chick in the ass.
Ooh, That is going to suck.
Yeah, but I have an ace in the hole.
Doomguy pulls out a detonator
This thing is going to destroy the immediate area around the production facility we destroyed, and will take out quite a few bots.
Doomguy presses the button on the detonator as a small explosion rocks the ship.It destroys the immediate area surrounding the production facility that group A destroyed, and leaves a sizable hole in the base so that more bots gets sucked out of space.
I’m confident that killed a couple hundred. Should have taken me out of last place, If they kept track.

OOC: No, Asura that wasn’t directed towards you. Also, you were WELL out of the range of the bomb.

Jul 02, 2013 at 08:36PM EDT


AM: I am a single form entity, everything that I am is this.
Things are quiet again, a feeling of fear starts rising

AM: I am disconnected, therefore helpless. I will wait until the law of continuity pulls me from this desert.

The Spartans are nearly at the Warpstone core now and will arrive very soon

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Jul 02, 2013 at 08:53PM EDT

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