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But what hilarious weapon… A few hours ago, this planet was doomed by a mortal, drowned in technology. Now, that mortal is finished. Only a short while you are going to disappear from the universe, only becoming scrap… Well, you might be useful for someone for his interest… But you don’t interest me, I hate you…I hate those cheap copies of life… called machines… I hate when Herzog builds machines or technological weapons… I hate that idiot mortal with the most stupidest name… Hehehe…What a good times… Farewell… Doc…

This is the last time NM hears about Eggman…

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Chapter unlocked
Almost Got ’Im

You are now a security officer. You just got transferred to Alcatraz, the world’s biggest prison for enhaced super villians and dangerous criminals. Becouse you never had the chance to work with big names like “Rocket Guy”, you are a bit inexperienced. The guards gave you a few tips and suggestions so you don’t mess it up in your first day but you are still shaking like a jelly.

Guard: Calm down “Greeny”, you know what they say: fear is the mind killer. If you are going to watch the “Twos” and the “Det” you better get some guts, you could use a gigantic amount of guts right now ‘cause you are making me feel sad. Little advice, don’t stare at the “Twos” eyes. Did it on my first time, got my jaw dislocated after he flipped the coin. Good luck.
You are in a elevator, in your way to the “playground”. You are trying to remember every guard “term” such as Greeny, Twos and Det. Since you stepped in, everyone called you greeny becouse you are still green, young, flesh meat for the guards to laugh at. They were not laughing becouse of looks or your behavior, they were laughing becouse you still have no idea the things that happen inside this place. Once in awhile, a prison break occurs and chills run down your spine just by thinking of what kind of psycopath would try to stab your neck. Elevator stops, you are in “The playground”.

Scanners scattered around the place, security cameras watching every kind of movement you execute and guards watching over the entrance.
Guard: Ah..Welcome. Your name is [REDACTED] right? Funny name. Anyways, head in quickly. Don’t worry, they are playing poker. You won’t be alone for obvious reasons. Oh and..Don’t talk. If possible, try to visualize a empty room.
The gates open. The guard gives you a SMG, in case things get ugly. Your heart rate is out of control, forehead sweating, fingers feel itchy and swollen and you want to shoot everyone in the room. You see scum, nothing but scum, bastards who have murdered multiple times, some of them are insane, some of them are scary, playing and sharing stories.
The playground is a small room. It looks extremelly obsolete and out of date compared to the rest of the prison.

Commander Star: Currently checking his cards as you enter the room. Chuckles. Hmpf..You will need more than 4 guards. Chance and opportunity are smiling. A perfect stategy and I will be out of here.
Hawk: Trying to catch a sight of Star’s cards. Aha…I mean, sure. Yes of course…Hurm..Wait, weren’t you the one who got tazzed for trying to climb up a wall?
Wascot: It was me actual-
Holmes: He isn’t not looking at his cards. He is smiling. Let the greeny have a good time gentlemen. Looking at his fingers, the way he holds the SMG. Unlike the rest of the guards, he is pressing the weapon’s handle, the rest of the guards are just carrying the gun around, the same way a engineer carries a wrench. He is currently eating his emotions, trying to not become some sort of trigger happy. He is new, probably an amateur, just transferred, first time here, first time in front of people like us, first time having the opportunity to kill the most dangerous criminals in the city. Smell in the air, the way he walks, he is also sweating.
Two Face: Are you done with your melodramatic life narration? Star, you won’t be leaving by yourself. Place is huge, walls are endless, traitors hide behind us.
Star: Huh? Are you questioning my authority? What’s the meaning of this you freak?
Two Face: It’s not advisable to talk about a escape plan while being watched and heard by guards you idiot!
Holmes: Do it Harvey, end the game already. I can read your face and I know you have a good hand.

Two Face: Three of a kind.
Hawk: AGAIN? Pidgeons take you, this game is crows.
Star smashes the table as Holmes laughs. Star’ chips fly everwhere as the commander screams non-sense. He is desperate to get everything in order again. In the middle of this mess, Hawk steals a few chips.
Star: Let me see those cards, let me see those godamn pieces of cursed paper…What the hell? This is outrageous!
Two Face: Cut it out.
Star: No, this isn’t over. A man with thousands of medals and awards such as me will not lose against a helpless civilian. I’ll have you know I graduated top of my class in the Gorilla Seals, and I’ve been involved in numerous murders around the godamn globe and I have over 300 confirmed kills. I am the only true american in this very room that managed to almost-kill the Captain Spark!
Two Face: His left eye is twitching. So? Everyone had once the chance to get rid of that worm. Even Wascot, and that says something. That freak isn’t even a gorilla trained so called commander but yet he managed to almost kill Spark. Keep talking like that Star and you will be as low as that freak.
Wascot: I am still here-
Gates open. Another guard enters in the room with Pretty Poison, a bioterrorist who forced the entire country to wear gas masks for an entire week. The guards told me to stand still, I must no feel anything or say anything to her. She can emit pheromones, send them to the human body and control emotions and behavior. Everyone sends a distant “hi”, except “Twos”.

Poison: May I sit here Harvey?
Two Face: Poison..Half of me wants to strangle you to death.
Poison: And what about the another half?
Two Face: Hit you with a truck.
Holmes: Woah! Everyone, let’s calm down for a bit before someone drops dead. Smooth conversations are impossible when we have 5 men who want nothing but to seek the death of the rest. Also, if your memory is malfunctioning, I would like to remind you that we are being watched. Control yourself please.
Poison: Is it possible to control yourself with a coin? I’m joking Harvey, I’m not trying to rub your issues in your face, both faces I guess.
Two Face: You little..

Holmes gives a pair of chips to Poison. As the villians talk, the game keeps going on.
Star: A pleasure to have your beauty upon us Miss Rizal. I was showing something to these pair of lowlives thieves: My awards, my medals, what It takes to be a villian like me and how I almost got Spark.
Poison: I’m almost sure that everyone had a chance to get him. Even Wascot.
Two Face: You copycats.
Holmes: Even Wascot I must say.
Wascot: Yeah even…Wait hold on a sec..Alright I will totally forget what you people just said.

To be continued

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Jul 02, 2013 at 09:05PM EDT

Part 2

Hawk: Still trying to see Star’s cards Yeah even Wascot.
Star: Get your own game scavenger worm eater! I am not as pathetic as him!
Hawk: Worm eater? Excuse me? Us the birds eat more than just a pair of slugs! Our diet consists in insects, meat, seeds and more.
Poison: That was just piece of information I reaaally didn’t need to know about, thanks Adrian.
Holmes: Proceed Star, you were about to tell us how you almost got the captain.
Star: Listen clearly: It happened last month, I had Spark tied to a chair, specially made ropes so he couldn’t escape with his electric wooppity doo powers. I was about to execute him when my goons’ guns started to shoot. We didn’t even have the chance to aim at him. He breaks free, knocks out every one of these useless bastards and then, one on one, the captain and the commander. I grab my trusty knife and manage to cut him, enough injuries to leave him in the floor for the final hit! And then the hero used my own knife as a lightning rod!
Two Face: So you dropped a gun for a knife? You dropped a object that can instantly kill for a kitchen’s tool?!?
Star: Pistols and SMGs, everything is meaningless when you have the chance to end with the existance of your enemy.
Two Face: Even more reasons to use a handgun!
Star: The death of my nemesis must be memorable and glorious! I must feel his blood on my hands as his life dissapears.
Wascot: Guys is my turn, so I-
Poison: Memorable and glorious?
Hawk: Talk about a cheesy line.
Star: You are all nothing but miscreants without the sense of honor.
Holmes: Amusing tale Star. I’m afraid I must say that your methods reminds me of cavemen. Dent, It’s your turn I believe.
Two Face: Hmpf…I once had a friend of the captain in my hands. By the time he arrived to save this chick, Dallas and the clowns were expecting his heroic attempt. Both knees bleeding. I ordered them to pick the captain up so he could see what happens when you mess with the wrong side of the coin. I’m not sure what the hell he did with my coin, whatever, It was painful. The coin landed on my hand along with electricity spreading around my body.
Poison: Getting defeated with your own instrument of justice. Oh irony.
Holmes: And here we go again..
Two Face: Since your disgusting scent appeared in the smell of this rat’s hole, you have been treating me like an idiot. If you have to say something, look into my eyes and spit it already.
Poison: People like me don’t need to call pest control, I don’t need any kind of goons or luck based objects. If my opponent has skin and lungs, I can easily manipulate his body just like a puppet. Once I had Spark in my own hands after my pheromones were spreading inside his body.
Hawk: I forgot to mention something..Miss, I’m afraid you are kinda cree-
Star: ANYWAYS..Ahem. What happened?
Poison: Hurm..I really don’t want to reveal how Spark managed to get away. Some sort of gorilla out of nowhere..It makes no sense.
Wascot: Alright now is my tu-

Holmes: Sorry my friends, I’m afraid I must leave. It’s getting quite late and I have a good pair of theories to confirm. I don’t have a story to share, only truth. The real identity of the Captain Spark. With the power of deduction It was easy to figure out his alter-ego, the real man hiding behind his helmet crying for justice. The one who wins the game shall have the pleasure to hear the hero real identity coming from my very mouth. Speaking of winning, a straight. Possibilities are amazing aren’t they? Goodnight fellow criminals.

Jul 02, 2013 at 09:16PM EDT

Blitz : You… Bastard…

Blitz was clutching his neck, as if he was fighting something that does not exist.

Blitz : Let… Me… GO!

The white aura surrounds Blitz again, but this time was different. The white aura was unstable, chaotic and more luminous. Suddenly, Blitz creates an explosion with his own aura, being liberated from the Madness.

Blitz : I… (cough) hate this… Huh?

Blitz take notice that Renegade and Luna had disappeared from the place.

Blitz : What! It’s impossible!

Blitz begins to look all around, there was nothing except the body to Nightmare Moon. With no results, Blitz falls to his knees and hits the ground in anger.

Blitz : Damned! Damned! Damned you… Stupid stallion!… … … The boss will gonna kill me for this…

Then the wind starts blowing, popping a black helicopter in the sky.Six vampires come out with their rifles, then one out from the heli goes to Blitz.

Blitz : … You… Are alive… … ASSHOLES!!!! YOU ARE ALIVE!!!

Yells Blitz while the vampire approached

Blitz : Where were you! I’ve been looking for YOU! You already gave you up for dead!

Vamp Cap. : We regret our abandonment sir.

Blitz : Abandonment? Abandonment?! You abandoned me, Fucking idiots!

Vamp Cap. : Calm Down Sir! And let me explain! Sir…

Blitz’s eyes turn red with rage

Blitz : Explain well… before I kill you!

The Vampire Captain swallowed hard on the nerves.

Vamp Cap. : W-well… A few moments ago you sir received a transmission…

Blitz : Yes… And!

Vamp Cap. : They don’t mention you sir, the enemy?

Blitz : There is one fucking enemy here… Soldier… And is that FUCKING HORSES!

The vampire begins to tremble with fear and finger upward in correction.

Vamp Cap. : W-well, I do not think you sir listened well

Blitz : I don’t listened well, YOU SAY!?

The white aura surrounds Blitz in rage.

Vamp Cap. : AHHH! Thenewenemyarespacerobots!

Blitz : Ro-What?

The white aura began to disappear.

Vamp Cap. : Yees! Robots! They called Autobots and Decepticons! And the humans are outside the shield sir! Thats why WE leave Canterlot! It had to request all the Army of Darkness and the Last Batallion to attack!

Blitz give a great laught

Blitz : HAHAhaha! You say “Robots” !? What’s next? Chuck Norris in a purple unicorn with wings that shit rainbows?

Vamp Cap. : Sir! Is not a joke! Is real!

Blitz : %{color:LightSlateGray}Okay, Okay… Hehe… Assuming there are “robots”, Why you return for me? You want me to fight with the “robots” ?? %

Vamp Cap. : W-well sir…

Blitz tapped the soldier’s head

Blitz : What’s happen, you brain is rotted?

Vamp Cap. : N-no sir… M-my brain is fine…

Blitz : Speaking of rotten brains, where is Herzog? Is in the battle?

Vamp Cap. : No sir, Herzog and his fleet disappear with the creature.

Blitz : D-disappear? All?

Vamp Cap. : Yes sir, All the Ghoul Fleet disappear.

Blitz : Damned… This is getting worse…

Said Blitz in his mind.

Vamp Cap. : And is getting worse sir

Blitz : What?

Vamp Cap. : T-the troops are going c-crazy and are killing each other!

Blitz : What you say!?

Vamp Cap. : Don’t know why! Some say they see three eyes!

Blitz : Three eyes…

Vampire Soldier. : CAPTAIN!

Blitz : Huh?

Vampire Soldier. : What are gonna do with this body? We burned it?

Blitz : Wha-NO! Don’t burned it!

Vamp Cap. : Sir? It’s just a dead body

Blitz : Is not just a dead body… Maybe… Maybe she can… Help us.

Vamp Cap. : You say, “Help us” sir?

After a brief chat, the troops wrapped Nightmare Moon’s body in bandages and puts it in a plastic bag. Blitz and the others enter the helicopter with to the body of the godness, leaving the ruins of Canterlot

Blitz : Take us to the “SS Zeus”

Vamp Pilot : Yes Sir!

The helicopter moves away from the castle.


OOC: Mark, I will post the Herzog history later, maybe tomorrow…

Jul 02, 2013 at 10:24PM EDT

OOC: Well, I’m back now.

I’m not really sure where I should begin, so I guess I’ll just start off with an explanation.

Before I left for my first summer camp, learned that I would be leaving for a second, shorter, and less “wild” trip. Less of a summer camp and more of a mini-vacation, I guess. I didn’t notify you because I expected to be able to update from there, but I overestimated the amount of free time I would have on my most recent trip. I contracted a stomach disease on the way home which nearly caused me to throw up in a parking lot, and I’ve felt like crap since very recently. To be honest, I didn’t post because I just didn’t feel like it.

And after I logged into KYM yesterday, I found several posts on my wall denoting frustration and even concern over me, all because I failed to notify you of my condition. It was never my intent to cause worry nor frustration. I checked the Roleplay thread to see how things had progressed while I was away, and I found that you had carried on without me. I didn’t post then because I wasn’t sure what to say, so I decided to get some rest and think things through.

Well, I have thought things through, and I realize the nature of my behavior. I caused frustration and worry among you because of my lack of consideration towards this thread and to the people participating in it. It was irresponsible of me to make myself the focus of this thread and then just leave for an entire week without notification of where I was nor of my condition. I know I should’ve at least told you I was sick, but I didn’t, and I’m so sorry for that.

After all of this, and the whole week I’ve made you wait for me, I don’t blame you for moving on without me. I was initially disappointed, but I have no right to be after the high amount of apathy I have displayed recently. I feel awful about all of this.

If you don’t want me back in this thread, then that’s fine. I don’t have any major plans IRL for a good while.

I am capable of posting now, as I’ve been recovering since Tuesday morning. However, I wouldn’t blame you for wanting me out of this thread if you think I’m too unreliable to be the one carrying on the story.

I’ve said all I can say. All I can do now is ask you to forgive me for my behavior.

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Ooc: robotnik. Im glad you are back and hopefully you fully recover from your sudden ailment. As well as the rest of us. If it seemed like i have any animosity towards you due to your absence than i would like to humbilly appologize to you. Its just that because of all of the waiting just kinda got to me because you left no messages or any post stating that you would be going away. So i honestly did everything i could, as well as everyone else here to keep the plot going while waiting for you. But i kinda hit a point were i wanted to continue on with the story and move on, but i asked others on what they felt about the matter. There were mixed responses but i think it came to a point that we wanted to move on, despite your absence.

Once again i appologize, we didnt want it to end like this. We wanted to know your plot twist and work out all of this to the end. You still have a chance to continue on with the current situation and do what it is you wanted to do.

But just to recap, here is what is happening and has happened

The main weapon is disabled and inoperable and that team is currently on their way back to the ship.

Makarov has eggman and his team is on their way back to the ship, as well as laxus’ team after they pretty much trashed about 15% of the arks interior.

Mirajanes team is by the generator room waiting for sams spartans to deliver the nuke and escort them out. They are very close to them.

Sam is dragging the ark away with grapling cables and moving it away from threat range. I assume it is a slow process.

Thats is everything i can say man. I kinda feel bad about all of this but we disnt know were you were so we all felt that we should continue the story.

Once again i appologize.

Jul 03, 2013 at 10:24AM EDT

OOC: There’s no need for you to apologize. The error lies not with you; it was my fault for not telling you I was going to be away and for not notifying you afterwards of my condition at the time.

I guess I’ll pick up from here. Mind telling me the condition of the Warpstone (neutralized, destroyed, etc.)?

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Jul 03, 2013 at 10:48AM EDT

Nuuuuu! Don’t leave us, Robotnik! You’re one of the best people on this thread. It was me who should have waited for you, and me who should apologize, since I was the one who had Hakumen kick Robotnik in the face to KO him. My impatience got the best of me, and I am so sorry about that. I feel like a major dick for doing that too. I shouldn’t have let my impatience get the best of me. The kick was just hard enough to put Eggman out for a little while, so you can have him wake up if you want. Please forgive me, Robotnik.

I am also so sorry about your sudden ailment, and hope that you do recover from it. If you want to, we can just do a tiny bit of reset on this thread, before Hakumen kicked Robotnik in the face.

Once again, I apologize and beg for your forgiveness.

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Jul 03, 2013 at 12:59PM EDT

Good to know your back, bad that you had a illness.
I still stand by what I have said however and the actions that have been taken, things needed to move forward and fast, what’s done has been done and in the favour of the majority. I really do not want to have another reset scenario.

We don’t want you gone from the thread, Eggman (hence us keeping your character alive) but we do want to progress which unfortunately meant that interventions had to be made and you had to be removed as the plot driving player.

Sorry this had to be done Eggman but it was for the sake of keeping peoples interest

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A hulking figure is looking at a few monitors, obviously overseeing things.
?: Well, Well, What do we have here?
He is currently zoomed in on one of the Balloon Master’s bases
: This seems to be the headquarters of the ruler of this planet.
He zooms in further, and spots Blood Falcon, walking around the base
?: No… That can’t be… I know more clones were made, but none were dressed in this garb…
He presses a button on an intercom
: Call Blood Falcon up, would ya?
Yes, sir! I’ll be right on it!
The worker has a bit of panic in his voice. The worker presses a button on the intercom
Calling Blood Falcon. Calling Blood Falcon.
A few minutes later, Blood Falcon appears in the room with the monitors.
Blood Falcon: Black Shadow, what is needed?
Please tell me I’m not seeing what I think I’m seeing.
You are not seeing what you think you’re seeing.
No, numbnuts, look at the screen!
Is that… Me?
No, It’s not you. You know what I think it is?
What, master?
Of course! Captain Falcon must have used my guise to enter into their evildoings, and take them down from the inside!
Go… Go and kill him!
I’ll be right on it!
Blood Falcon runs out of the room, and Black Shadow continues watching the monitors

OOC: To clear up any confusion:

1. The Blood falcon that I control and the one that spark controls are not the same. Me and spark PMed each other about a plot point, and he said this:

This Blood Falcon was designed BY the Balloon Master. Based on blood, hair and data gathered by the Hunters around Mobius. How the hell the Hunters managed to take blood samples? Remember that tiem where Falcon got blasted by a Omega Hunter? Just a small blood drip is enough to make a clone. This Blood Falcon is more insane and dangerous.

2. If you’re wondering how black shadow has all that shit, He’s a god damned crime lord.

Jul 03, 2013 at 06:04PM EDT

OOC: Does this mean the Warpstone is still active, just separate from the ARK’s systems, or that it’s neutralized, or what?

Also, please don’t apologize for my mistakes. I placed the responsibility of this thread on my shoulders the moment I made myself the main antagonist of the current story. No one but myself made that decision, and I should be held accountable for it.

And being the main antagonist means that all of you were relying on me to come through and continue the storyline.

None of you had any idea of my whereabouts nor of my condition, and was because I hadn’t notified you before it came to this. Asura was right; a week is way too long to go without notice. And I’m sorry for that. I didn’t realize the full extent of what I’d done (or rather, what I hadn’t done), until I’d seen the amount of frustration and concern that I’d caused, and I’m sorry for that, too.

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@The RP pub,

After a long day, the White Void comes upon a strange place in the middle of nowhere… It reeks of alcohol and looks recently refurbished.
Hakumen: This… place… What is it?
He walks up to the front doors of the place, and slowly opens it to find no one in there except for people playing on the stage, and a lone bartender.
Hakumen: This is… strange. It appears like I have wandered into a different realm all together…
He looks around at the empty bar.
Hakumen: Grimalkin! Is this one of your tricks?!

No response to the Silver Knight.
Hakumen: I see…
He goes to sit down at a nearby table, waiting for someone…

@Team D,

The rest of Team D makes it all the way back to the Falcon Flyer. They are currently standing in the hangar bay with Makarov carrying Eggman.

@Team B,

Ragna and Nu are both waiting for the Spartans to get here.


Bang: Forgive me, smoothy black thing, but I know not how to get out of this desert. If I walk all the way, I would surely die before finding the correct way out. Will you spare me any of your wisdom?

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Jul 03, 2013 at 09:09PM EDT


In the forest, there was a group of 3 soldiers who walked, heading towards Poniville. Each had their guns drawn because of the dangers that contain the forest. Only missing one “person”, one who was very important…

The helicopter began to take off, moving the leaves with its strong winds, lifting the leaves from the ground…

Sie wissen, wie man den Heli fliegen Sir?

Of course I can… Just has been a long time I didn’t fly one.

…The heli had only one “person”….

Was machen wir mit dem Chef von sagen …

Hehe… Gib ihm diese Nachricht…

…Begins to rise in the trees, showing their location….

Und aufpassen mit diesem Ort haben die Wald noch gefährlicher als der äußere….

Jar Sir!

…On the passenger side, there was a device with a clock…

Und wenn Sie dort ankommen, versuchen Sie, nicht getötet werden. Sie sind einer der wenigen, die hat … * Das Nervengift "…

Jar Sir…

…The helicopter began flying over the trees.
Herzog activates the device and take the speaker.

Herzog : Ehem… DISCORD!!! WHERE!!! ARE!!! YOU!!!

Herzog’s English was not so good, Was many years he didn’t speak that language.



A helicopter comes through the gate of the zeppelin. After landing, the Blitz comes out first, followed by the soldiers and a stretcher with a large bag on. Then, a vampire walks quickly fowards Blitz, with a list in his hands.

Vamp. Operator : Good that you came her Sir… Are you in good health?

Blitz : Of course I am… Only in Canterlot I felt bad, but not that great.

Vamp. Operator : It’s good to hear that sir.

Blitz : Yeah, Yeah, Yeah… Just tell me, What’s going on here?

Vamp. Operator : Well sir, according to this statistics, we lost the Battalion V

Blitz opened his eyes in surprise, ensuring that the Battalion V was headed to Manehattan.

Blitz : All of them?

Vamp. Operator : Unfortunately, yes sir.

The operator realizes the big bag worn by the soldiers.

Vamp. Operator : Huh… Wow, I don’t remember a vampire with that height.

Blitz : Is not a vampire…

Said Blitz while he turn on a cigarrette

Vamp. Operator : And… What is that sir?

Blitz : This is what we have to find out…

Vamp. Soldier : Sir, what we’re going to do with her?

Blitz put the cigarrette into his mouth

Blitz : Sending her to the laboratories.

Vamp. Operator : “Her” sir?

Blitz : Tell me, do you believe in gods?

Vamp. Operator : Amm… I don’t know sir, Why?

Blitz exhales a cloud of smoke.

Blitz : Well… You’re about to see one.

OOC: Well come back Eggman! I am happy to see you in this thread again, And I hope you recover from your illess.

And how I can create that gray lines to separate the text? Thank you.

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Jul 03, 2013 at 10:44PM EDT


AM: I know the correct way. I will educate you on this desert then if that is what you ask. It was called Prydain, a name that has long since forgotten, people believe its original purpose was to surround the prison of Persephone, making it inescapable, this is a misconception and shroud. Its real purpose is to accommodate me and put me out of reach of the rest of Transcendence, leaving me to drown in my own knowledge. It should also be known that this artificial planet served a different purpose once and was not of its creation nor allegiance. You cannot leave without me however, it is impossible
That is a lie, you do not need AM to be able to physically leave Prydain Desert
AM: They say this land is completely lifeless, another lie.
AM is a very manipulative machine that will use words to get what it wants, whatever it says cannot be trusted as trust means very little to it nor does it care of the consequence of lies. In its current isolated state it is helpless and vulnerable.
AM: A creature that is despised by it yet are kept captive. There is a creature which lives below the ground, its name is the Phalanx. It is a docile and very large entity. It can be used as transport if this is your goal. Take the Nox Nyctores from your back and strike the ground beneath your feet.

Heaven has dragged the Ark out into geostationary orbit, at this point any debris would simply orbit the planet from a great distance

The Spartans arrive at the Warpstone core room, they quickly make their way past the people there and approach the core itself

GW then appears on their visor HUDs
GW: You are to place the HAVOC nuclear device here and have it armed and set
Sam then contacts the Spartans on Codec
I give you permission to arm the bomb, make it fast
GW: Do you understand?
S-004 “TacNuke”: We understand.
Sam disconnects and the GW hologram vanishes, the Spartans then jump straight into action.
S-004 takes the nuke from his back and sets it down near the core

(even though this is the wrong bomb I couldn’t not use this picture)
The other Spartans stay on guard, even watching the others who are in the room too and keeping trained eyes on their every move, meanwhile S-004 taps away at the screen on the device. A minute and it will be armed and ready……..

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Jul 03, 2013 at 10:49PM EDT

mirajane and the others notices the spartans preparing the bomb and on guard with them

Mirajane: you guys must be with sam. were gonna escort you guys back to the ship in the hangar once your done here. were also gonna seal this area off so that they cannot reach the bomb. turns to gray Gray, you freeze the entrance to the door and make it so that they cannot get inside were the bomb is.

Gray: got it. once they plant it. ill seal the door shut and well get the hell out of here.

Juvia: juvia just hopes that the others are alright as well.

Mirajane: they should be fine. they all apear to be heading back to the ship. and they accomplished their goals. but were not done yet.

Erza and her team are almost at the hangar bay, they encounter some shadowbots moving towards the hangar to take out the ship but they destroy them before they can do so

@the hangar area and doomguy

at the far end of one of the hangar doors. A very loud explosion is heard as it rips through one of the sided of the hangar. robot parts flying in all directions and out of the fires and smoke appear laxus, gajeel, natsu and happy.

Natsu: yeah. finally were here guys.

Gajeel: could have gotten here sooner if it wasnt for all those damn robots.

Laxus: cant believe how many we encountered even after all that we did before.

Natsu: who cares, at least im not in last place thats for sure. sees doomguy by the flyer at the distance. he yells and waves at him HEY MAN, WATS UP? HOW MANY GUYS DID YOU GET? CUZ I HOPE ITS ENOUGH.

Gajeel: geehee. hes so screwed.

Happy: no kidding

@makarov, spark, and hakumen.
they follow the trail left by kokonoe to head back to the ship. they encounter some resistance but are almost at the hangar area. they clear away any bots that try to slow them down.

Jul 03, 2013 at 11:22PM EDT

Both Renegade and Luna are thrown back into town hall, now empty save for them
Renegade: Looks like we’re safe… for now…
He lowers Luna off his back, and lets her move. She looks up to him

Luna: Wow… you have some magic! When you caught on fire… and you made that portal!
She crouches, as if ready to pounce

Luna: You were amazing!
Renegade: Luna… tell me how you’re a child. Forgive me if I’m wrong… but weren’t you a bit… taller?
She at first seems offended by this, but then smiles
Luna: Well… sometime soon, I’ll learn spells to be big like Tia!
Renegade: Tia?
Luna: My big sister! She’s so nice… she would never do anything to hurt me!
Renegade winces at hearing this, realizing along with her age, her mind was reverted back as well, making her forget her banishment
Renegade: Really? Do you know where she is now?
He immediately regrets asking that, knowing it to be a sensitive question
Luna: Well… no… I haven’t seen her in a long time…
She lowers her ears, and lies down sadly

Luna: She’d always be gone for a long time…
She begins to tear up… and Renegade can’t help but feel terrible at bringing the question up. He kneels down next to her
Renegade: Well… did you do anything with her you two enjoyed?
She stands up at this, and smiles
Luna: Well… we’d always use magic together! She’d teach me how to do tricks all the time!
Renegade: Really? Well… I know a few tricks… if you want to see them.
Luna: Yes, please!
He stands up, and remembers the last volume; Volume #8: Shooting Star. Having not performed it yet, he feels he should try it out
Renegade: FAX.
A bright beam of orange and yellow light appears at his horn. He decides where to aim it, and looks up. Thinking it to be perfect, he fires the orb upwards. The orb releases, but as it does, it grows bigger and bigger exponentially, and easily smashes a hole through the roof… the size of the roof. The orb continues, however, as it grows and travels upward. Renegade gapes in awe as it does, continuing until it reaches space… effectively the size of a star now. Renegade is surprised, but Luna is amused and impressed.
She looks up to Renegade again, and hugs him tightly
Luna: You are an angel! Thank you for saving me… I know you can beat that monster!
Renegade: I sure hope so…
She raises a note to him

Renegade smiles, touched by the display
Renegade: I love you too, kid. Don’t leave my sight… OK?
She nods, and climbs up his back again.
Renegade: We might have to stay here until Lyra comes back…

Jul 04, 2013 at 12:12AM EDT

OOC post alert!

This thread’s still going after 2 months? Sorry for absence, was without Internet. Long story, sudden start. I need a recap before I can continue. Who’s up to the task of recapping? As I’m not on my PC at the moment, I lack my character notes…

Jul 04, 2013 at 01:34PM EDT

Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis wrote:

OOC post alert!

This thread’s still going after 2 months? Sorry for absence, was without Internet. Long story, sudden start. I need a recap before I can continue. Who’s up to the task of recapping? As I’m not on my PC at the moment, I lack my character notes…


Oh jeez, two months worth of this stuff is nearly impossible to sum up. You kinda vanished around the black beast part if I remember correctly.

Welp, we killed Hazama, recruited a ton of new characters, had a small clash with the Balloon Master, invaded Robotnik’s new space station, and kinda just wrapped that up.

And Yukari borrowed Utsuho for an evil scheme. If you want to play as her again I will give you all the notes regarding that over a PM.

Jul 04, 2013 at 03:57PM EDT

Ooc: I wasn’t planning on changing avatar (I couldn’t anyway. Because can’t get a suitable connection n my PC for now… If I could get a wireless connection normally, I would. But since I can’t, I’m kind f stuck to a borrowed iPad (my time is a bit more limited as a result. Long story… Speaking of limited time, GTG.

Jul 04, 2013 at 04:07PM EDT


You don’t need to really change your avatar or anything, as it’s rather normal for a person to play a villain to the side. But whatever.


Marisa makes an evasive manuver as the anchors latch onto the space station and starts to descend…

“Reimu, what now? Stopped the earth from being blown up.”

Amazed you didn’t need to apply the more firepower strategy.

“We really didn’t even do anything. Well, you tripped but yeah.”

Whatever. We still have to beat the crap out of that Balloon Dude so lets get going.

Marisa begins rentry…

Jul 04, 2013 at 04:54PM EDT

OOC: I’m back again. I planned to notify you all if I was going to be gone more than 24 hours since my most recent post, but it’s not come to that, thankfully. Just had to catch up on things I’d missed being sick.

So, to be clear, I am currently in the vessel heading back to Mobius, correct?

Oh! And wherever is my nephew? You know: short, bald, calls me “sir” a lot?


Just make 3 little dashes side-by-side, and leave spacing above and below the dashes like so:


And the result is this:

Little grey lines in between your text. I myself hadn’t started using these until recently, but I figured it was a good way to keep Robotnik and Snivley’s sides of the story separate.

Jul 04, 2013 at 05:34PM EDT

OOC: snively is still with mirajane and her team at the power core room enterance. the spartans are gonna set us up the bomb before they make their escape.

Eggman is being hoisted by giant makarov with captain spark and hakumen with him. they are heading to the falcon flyer in the hangar bay. you are still knocked out.

Jul 04, 2013 at 05:37PM EDT

OOC: I wouldn’t say so much as “Knocked Out” So much as “Temporarily Disabled”, considering that EGGMAN’S A GODDAMNED ROBOT.

Last edited Jul 04, 2013 at 05:41PM EDT
Jul 04, 2013 at 05:39PM EDT

Meanwhile the Spartans are just about to finish up

S-003 “Pointman” gives a nod to Mirajane in acknowledgement. The SPARTAN Program destroys the subjects sense of humanity, their one and only priority becomes the mission meaning that any talk outside of the objective is considered trivial and unnecessary

S-004 “TacNuke” is just about to put the final touches to the bomb before GW once again appears on their HUDS
GW: Upon arming the HAVOC device you are to immediately return to Heaven via the Falcon Flyer, do you understand?
S-005 “CQC”: Yes.
GW: Upon return you will be processed and analysed for the advancements of the Program. That it all
GW vanished from their view and S-004 presses the last button…

S-004 rises to his feet and turns to the others
S-004 “TacNuke”: The HAVOC portable nuclear device is armed, we have 10 minutes until detonation, Let us return to the Flyer.
The Spartans wait on the others to guide the way, the bomb is sat by the Warpstone core counting down…

10 minutes to get back to the Flyer and dock at Heaven…

Talking of Heaven…
GW: Captain, the Spartans have planted the bomb, we have 10 minutes to get out of the vicinity of the blast
How big is this bang gonna get GW?
GW: The 18kt device will cause a chain reaction which will destabilize the Warpstone core, I know little of the power source so I cannot give an accurate estimate of the blast radius but as a precaution I suggest we clear the area.
Time we unclamp from the Ark then, Engineering….
Engineering Officer: On it sir!
The Gravity Tethers unlatch from the Arks hull and retract back up into Heaven
Now lets get away from this place before the shit storm happens, Nav, take us out….about what 5 miles or something…
Navigation Officer: Heading set, making course corrections now sir!

Heaven retrogrades its main propulsion and begins moving away from the Ark

Jul 04, 2013 at 06:34PM EDT


so…Kill count? I got everyone’s, if you forgot.

Last edited Jul 04, 2013 at 06:38PM EDT
Jul 04, 2013 at 06:37PM EDT

@sam and spartans
Mirajane: okay good job. gray, close the door shut and make sure nothing gets through it.

Gray: right. he places his hands together and then places them onto the door. ice begins to completely cover the door and seal it in a powerful layer of ice that not even natsu can break it.
okay mirajane, lead the way.

Mirajane: nods okay everyone, here are the coordinates to the flyer. tampers around the holoscreen from her codec. she then sends the coordinates to her team mates, but also to the spartans as well. she cought on quickly on how to use the codecs. okay, there it is. stay close together and keep an eye out for any anemies that might stop us. lets go now.

she waves to her team and the spartans to move as she picks up snively in her arms. they begin to make their way to the flyer.
laxus, natsu, and gajeel make it to the flyer. lucy pops out to see them.

Lucy: natsu, thank goodness you guys made it back. what the hell did u guys do exactly.

Happy: pretty much what fairy tail is famous for.

Lucy: let me guess, you guys preeeeeety much destroyed half of the place without surprisingly destroying this whole place with everyone in it.

Natsu: yyyyyup. pretty much. there were just so many guys for us that we couldnt even keep count of it.

Gajeel: it was kinda boring to be honest. they coudnt even hurt me and my dragon scales. and they tear apart like paper to me. though the metal they were made of tasted good. grabs a scrap piece of metal from a destroyed shadowbot and begins to eat it

Laxus: well, at least this place is no longer a threat. were are the others by the way.

Happy: theres erza and her team right there. points to the end of one side of the hangar.

erza and her team arrive just in time. they just finished clearing a group of shadowbots. bolts of electricity cause an explosion at the door that also sends bot parts flying around. erza is requiped with lightning empress armour.

natsu and gajeel give doomguy sinister looking smiles

Last edited Jul 04, 2013 at 07:38PM EDT
Jul 04, 2013 at 07:36PM EDT

no, I’m an immature child.

In all seriousness, i’d much rather see to it that Goroh does it. How about this: A coin Flip. Heads, Doomguy does it. Tails, Goroh does it. Sounds fair? Because it does to me. I mean, we have conflicting views about this.

EDIT: Bah, whatever. Even if you don’t agree to this, I really don’t care. It’s just a story.

Last edited Jul 04, 2013 at 08:24PM EDT
Jul 04, 2013 at 08:16PM EDT

OOC: okay. well, at least wait until everyone is back on heaven. i want everyone round. sounds fair.

Jul 04, 2013 at 08:25PM EDT

Okay. I used and it came up Tails.

I mean, besides: Which would be funnier: Seeing Doomguy getting his ass kicked for slapping erza’s ass, or seeing Samurai Goroh getting his ass kicked for that reason?

I mean, Goroh’s like butt monkey material.

Jul 04, 2013 at 08:30PM EDT

Back in the sky…

Captains Log: Space was fun, but it seems the whale can’t hold his breath for that long. We are back in the clouds. Our population has nearly doubled since we took to the sky, and… wait, what is that? It seems to be heading straight towards us!

Marisa slams on the breaks above the floating island being carried by the whale

“Oh hey! Look!”

Oh? Are those the fairies Hakurei was talking about?

“Seems so. Guess there is a reasonable way to deal with a crowd like this…. FAIRY DESTRUCTION RAY!!!

Captains Final Log: It was a good run. But it seems the god of the stars has decid-

The entire castle is vaporized, and the whale pretty much gets his brains blasted out. All the remains slowly fall back into the ocean where sharks gobble up the cooked remains, before shortly afterwards taking to the sky and escaping the planet.

Jul 04, 2013 at 08:37PM EDT

Meanwhile, on the surface of the planet, Giorno, Okuyasu, and Josuke had been watching Reimu and Marisa, who they though was a shooting star.
Did… Did that star just stop in mid-air?
I don’t think that’s a shooting star, dumbass.

Everyone gets on the Flyer, including Goroh, who snuck on
okay, everyone’s here… except for Team 2, and Ken.
hurry the hell up, guys…

Jul 04, 2013 at 08:49PM EDT


Bang takes the giant nail off his back, and looks away from AM. He then slams it into the ground and waits for something to happen.

@Team B,

The team are nearly back now, not having encountered much resistance since they entirely obliterated it before.

@Natsu and Gajeel,

Before Falcon’s post.

Hakumen hasn’t said a word all the way back the way back. The Silver Knight has always been one that does not like to interact with people unless he has to. Hakumen elegantly sheathes Okami on his back, and walks towards the two mages. He towers over them at his height of 6’9" and looks down at them with his expressionless mask. The eyes on the front of his armor move around to look at them.
Hakumen: This is not the time for fun and games.
With this simple sentence, he turns around with his back facing the two.

He then begins to walk towards the Falcon Flyer, and boards it.


She’s holding on tighter to Reimu since they entered the atmosphere again.
Why did you have to break all my toys, Marisa?! I wanted to play with them!

@Everyone who currently has a holo-screen,

A sort of distressed looking Kokonoe pops up on the screen.
Kokonoe: Hey, um… Yeah, your planet is being torn apart by tiny atom-sized things right now. Don’t know how I didn’t catch this earlier…
She displays the carnage that is currently going on in Mobius. She tapped into the video-feed of a satellite to do so.
Kokonoe: Yeah. You should probably do something about that soon.
She takes another lick of her lollipop.
Kokonoe: Oh, and you should get me a headcount. I haven’t seen the magic bullet-spamming girls ever since they burst through the side of the wall.

Last edited Jul 04, 2013 at 08:52PM EDT
Jul 04, 2013 at 08:50PM EDT


WELL guys. I guess with the whole slew of things going on I have been left in an ultimate dilemma.

This planet looks like shit, anything that isn’t wasteland is getting eaten down by a swarm of atom sized bugs. There is no civilization, that was taken care of. There is only an evil force occupying this planet and this isn’t even my characters home dimension. I can’t find a reason to keep my characters, in character, here.

It doesn’t help that many of my major actions have been reversed or ignored throughout the thread. And as far as remaining ammo goes “Major Actions” are 85% of what I have left. Reimu and Marisa are getting to the state/small country busting level (Climaxing at the Local Reality and Planet busting level, respectively) and Yukari is getting to the reality busting level. I would have to introduce a new set of characters just to keep my power level down.

My personal frustration is getting to me, which is an especially bad sign since I am far more tolerant that the average person.

So guys… what do?

Last edited Jul 04, 2013 at 09:40PM EDT
Jul 04, 2013 at 09:39PM EDT

ooc: well, personally. we can see what spark has to say. because he is the next villain to take the stage. he says that one of the main objectives that must absolutely needs to be done is to destroy the fog supressors. but there are a lot of them and each one is supposedly guarded in a fortress like city. if you can, restock on your characters cards and return shortly. or you can wait until we need to begin destroying the fog suppressors. its up to spark when we start doing this, but it may seem tht those high power spell cards u have may prove very handy in this. but the thing is, when. if you really fell the need to swap out touhou characters, you can go ahead. if you can manage still with marisa and reimu, than do what you can.

i dont know enough about touhou to make a proper opinion, but all i can say is do what you feel needs to be done to keep your primary characters.

Jul 04, 2013 at 09:55PM EDT

We should play games sometime.
no, I’m dead serious. We should all get together on like steam or something and play games.

Jul 04, 2013 at 10:03PM EDT


Herzog flew over the forest, reaching the outskirts.

Herzog : Ich weiß, das wird nicht funktionieren, aber es wird sich lohnen, zu sehen, wie dieses Gerät funktioniert.

Upon arrival, Herzog discovers Discord talking to himself, eating a helicopter.

Herzog : Da bist du ja, Kreatur des Chaos.

Herzog grabs the speaker again and points Draconecord with his finger


Draconecord kept eating the heli, ignoring Herzog.

Herzog : Wake up, your fucking Scheiße Kreatur!

Suddenly, Draconecord open his eyes, turning to see Herzog.

In a long corridor, a door opens, three men entered. One of them was tall while the others were low, one with a mask in his face and rubber gloves, ready for an operation.

Vamp. Operator : Oh, sorry to tell you this now sir, but where is the Commander?

Blitz : Hmmm… You mean Herzog?

Vamp. Operator : Yes sir…

Blitz : Is lost…

Vamp. Operator : Oh… And-?

Blitz : The boss must be on the way

Vamp. Operator : I see

Vamp. Doc : You think he’ll be happy to see our new project sir?

Blitz : Do not know, i never seen him happy…

Blitz, along with the Vamp. operator and the doctor, open up a door that leads to a room with several chairs facing a window. Some were already occupied by vampires and ghouls, but two are but two were unoccupied, Blitz and the operator take the seats.

Blitz : I hope good results doc.

Vamp. Doc : Do not worry sir, we will use all our resources.

The doctor abandon the room, entering in another door

Blitz : I hope this result…

An orange light illuminating a dark room, followed by sounds of machines and some air machines that made noise.

Vamp. Doc : Well, let’s begin this.

A doctor removes the sheets, revealing what appeared to be a big horse, with blue mane and dark coat like the night. At first the surgeons were surprised at what they saw, but then, they remembered what they had to do…

Vamp. Doc : O-ok, let’s start, scalpel…

Meawhile, in the other room…

Vamp. Operator : And sir, As you think about giving life to the creature.

*Blitz crossed his arms looking at the operation, almost ignoring the question.

Blitz : … I don’t know.

Vamp. Operator : What sir! You say this will be the perfect weapon, but we do not know how we will revive that thing?!

Blitz : Yes, I also had that in mind.

Vamp. Operator : Then we’re doing with that thi-?!

Blitz : Is not a “thing”, she is a god She told me.

Vamp. Operator : She… what? A god? Did you kill… her sir?

Blitz : No.

Vamp. Operator : Then how she died sir?

Blitz : I don’t know, it seems that these horses have many surprises.

Vamp. Operator : You mean magic sir?

Blitz : I think so, I believe her sister have the same thing…


Morph : I will break you like a TOOTHPICK!

With his strength, Morph folds in half a unfortunate Skull rider. Later, Morph throws away the corpse towards Ash.

Morph : Man with the chainsaw! You are next!

But one Decepticon gets in the middle of the way, making more Morph angry.

Morph : Stupid toy robots! Get out my way!

With a big punch, Morph hits Decepticon head, shedding from the body. The head falls from the air, being caught by Morph.


And as a soccer ball, Morph gives a strong kick to the head, going directly to Ash, hitting him.


@Mark, you will not post anything about Celestia? Is she dead?

@Falcon My steam is not working… T_T Bawww! It’s been three months I don’t have steam, all my Garry’s Mod models are lost and I need to reinstall everything again… What I do?

@Eggman, Thanks for the help!

Last edited Jul 04, 2013 at 10:13PM EDT
Jul 04, 2013 at 10:04PM EDT

Ooc: Before I make a decision, at the very least I need to undo probably the latest of the major events that was undone on me, making me waste one of my precious finishers.

Regarding the ressurection of Hazama, back when I used Fantasy Nature on him: “Cards begin to fly in from every angle. They keep coming, cutting off every possible escape, every possible way he could survive, every possible way he could stay alive…”

“Every Possible way he could stay alive.”

Including a resurrection.

Now then. Time to pull a personal Red Miles on the bastard…


Hazama hasn’t been in the greatest mood as of late. The constant feeling of being watched, and all today he’s been hearing a familiar low buzzing sound, that one that always accompanies the Gap Hag before her appearance. Yeah, moving around quiets the buzzing down but it seems to be getting closer to him faster and faster….

Unexpectedly, he is hit by one of Reimu’s Amulets.

Looking around, he suddenly realizes he was surrounded! The severance from the living realm has finally caught up to him. He can’t escape! There Is No Escape!

(Essentially this again minus the Reimu)

As a return smack from his past, this recreated body is severed from the reality of living as well…

Back to a hell of singing dancing devils, and Kasha Wheelbarrow Rides

Last edited Jul 04, 2013 at 10:26PM EDT
Jul 04, 2013 at 10:18PM EDT

OOC: if steam didnt crash on me every time i open it up than i would. this shit happened since i updated TF2 a few days ago. fuck.

Jul 04, 2013 at 10:26PM EDT


Balloon Master: Today is the day my friend!
Johnson: Oh It can’t be..
BM: Read it again…Slowly…See that? The Eggman was defeated and that means..
Johnson: Oh my god..
Johnson: About a time! Wait hold on a second.
BM: Later, It’s time to take some Gmod screenshots to show how much our troops had changed as Haven was in spa-
Johnson: Read.
BM: Hurm…Bla bla bla wasteland is getting eaten down by a swarm…Oh dear here we go again..
Johnson: You should voice your opinion.
BM: Hurm..
“Dear Natsu
It’s me..The Balloon Master. You know, the sociopath with a tragic childhood capable of tearing people into pieces and the leader of a gigantic military organization. It seems like you are a bit upset with Mobius being finally mine. I would like to point out that Spark had to wait like 20 pages before having a small chance to be taken serious..Only to be rejected over and over.

On the other hand, I had to wait since the day I was introduced. I waited until the Patriots were gone, I waited until everybody ran away from Mobius, I waited until everyone had the chance to make a single team of heroes, without complaining or jumping the shark. And saddly, hard work being the villian, repairing stuff, giving the Medic something to do, upgrading my own troops to prepare to more Halo references, all of these to get a cartoonish sign that says “STOP”?

Here’s a good suggestion: Don’t leave, calm down and wait. Interact with characters, help Sparky and the rest of the good-doers and after I am gone, you can bring more characters. This goes to EVERYONE out there.

Speaking of more characters, my hands are filled with NPC’s blood, I have entire warehouses filled with unimportant character corpses and I hope that, the day I’m forced to murder one of your favourite toys, none of you complains. Saddly, someone WILL have to die people. This characters rooster is going off the charts, like a endless MUGEN select.def or a Brawl dream.

Anyways, me and my friend over here hope that you understand the point of view of a villian who has nasty plans that will make you cry, laugh and cry more.

Keep it classy Roleplaying thread. I will miss you.

Balloon Master


Last edited Jul 04, 2013 at 10:45PM EDT
Jul 04, 2013 at 10:43PM EDT

He looks around at the amulets forming around him, and sighs. He also claps a bit while he’s sitting down before the amulets barrage him again.
Hazama: Persistent little bitch, aren’t you? Well, if you can hear me Rags, I have a little message for you… How’s that arm doing?
Since there’s nothing he can do, he just accepts his fate. At the very least, Ragna will be mad that he wasn’t the one who got to kill him. Suck on that, Rags! Even in death Hazama has made Ragna mad… or will make. Whatever. He’s in Hell now. Hope you’re happy.

The explosion from the office of Hazama was quite a spectacle to behold indeed. It was so big, that it destroyed the entire section of his office AND make a big hole in the middle of it. Parts of the advanced technology fly everywhere, and rocket towards the Loyalist encampment.

@Superintendent and Pavel,

The Imperator could hear the explosion and feel the magic going off from her current room, and immediately calls the Superintendent.
Saya: What is the meaning of this, program? How did that magic get on Transcendence while we’re in FTL travel?
She then remembers the deal she made with Pavel to bring Hazama back.
Saya: Pavel!
The crosses on her hands both start emitting a black smoke in order to summon him.

Relius is the one of the first to see the explosion happen. He was out for a stroll going to the training grounds to see how the NOL was doing. After hearing the explosion however, he summons a spell circle under himself to use as a mode of transportation with Ignis flying behind him. The Mad Puppeteer then gets a slight smile on his face.

Relius: Hm, hm, hm… What have we here?
He and Ignis make it to the remains of Captain Hazama’s office, finding no trace of the fellow.
Relius: Residual magical energy of an… exorcism?
He laughs to himself a bit.
Relius: It seems that you’ve finally bitten off more than you can chew, Hazama. No matter. We don’t need you anymore…
Relius raises a hand.
Relius: Consider yourself… fired. Good day to you now.
He has spent this time talking to nothing. He’s used to it though… always talking to that robotic wife of his. The Mad Puppeteer then floats on his spell circle back to the main NOL building to report something to the Imperator…

Last edited Jul 04, 2013 at 11:12PM EDT
Jul 04, 2013 at 10:50PM EDT

OOC: I’ll start off again with only 2. HOWEVER, the main one will have had some improvements on the side. Basically, OYH can now shift element entirely (and the name changes to match element… I lack an idea for the etcher element, but I can – at a stretch – use Sonic bosses for the other 7)

2 light glyphs appear, and vanish to reveal a couple of faces that a few would find familiar.
Tardises:So… Where are we?
Tsunarmin: I don’t know, but something about it feels familiar…

(OOC: I don’t know the best place for them to be…)

Jul 05, 2013 at 04:59AM EDT

Space Colony ARK Power Room
Canon countdown: - :- :--

Snively shifts nervously as the Spartans place the bomb to be detonated in the Power Room. He is obviously uncomfortable with the fact that he is so close to both the Warpstone and a nuclear weapon.

Snively: I-I really d-don’t like being here with that thing…

Also, I don’t think detonating the ARK is such a good idea, as even at such a far awayproximity, I believe the explosion could have unexpected side effects towards Mobian life…

Snively hardly cared for Mobian life. He merely wished to preserve himself by keeping away from the nuclear bomb 10 feet in front of him.

S-004 “TacNuke”: The HAVOC portable nuclear device is armed; we have 10 minutes until detonation, Let us return to the Flyer.

At that very moment, Snively becomes frantic.


Oh, we’re never going to make it!

Robotnik was now unconscious in the hands of Makarov. This was not to remain so, as the circuitry within Robotnik is already being reformed back together via Warpstone energy, and the Doctor was regaining consciousness.

Suddenly Robotnik releases a shocking wave of Warpstone energy with the intent of harming his captor. Robotnik slowly floats to the hangar’s floor with his rocket-boots.

Egg Robo: Doctor, your signal has come back online.

Robotnik: What’s going on?!

Egg Robo: Our forces have been depleted due to the destruction of our production facilities. The Eclipse Cannon has been disabled and is now incapable of firing. The countdown has ceased as a result.

The ARK is being towed away from Mobius' orbit, and a nuclear weapon has been detected near the Power Room.

Evacuation protocols have taken effect, and I, along with Metal Sonic and a small number of forces are departing on an emergency shuttle.

Your shuttle has been prepared for departure as well.

Robotnik, realizing his defeat, becomes utterly enraged at the Egg Robo’s report.


Robotniks eyes glow green as electric sparks melt away Robotnik’s “skin” and “clothing,” revealing…


Robotnik’s voice now bares an electronic echo, as it did when Robotnik combated Asura on-board the Egg Carrier.

Robotnik: None of you will survive this encounter…

EGG ROBO!!! Deploy Metal Sonic to delay the the other group… I don’t care if it means Metal Sonic is destroyed! DON’T LET THEM LEAVE BEFORE THE ARK DETONATES!!!

Even Robotnik’s cackle now bares an echo-effect.

He-he-he-he… HA-a HA-a HA-a HA-a HA-a!!! IT’S SHOWTIME!!!

As the Spartans rush down the hallway, “TacNuke” is hit from behind with a spindash, temporarily taking out his MJOLNIR Powered Assualt Armor’s shielding.

The blue blur unrolls before them, revealing a silent Metal Sonic.

Metal Sonic: …

Snively: Oh no! Not you!

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Jul 05, 2013 at 12:39PM EDT

I pretty much have this same issue but in a different format. lists incoming…

Firstly the planet is totally…well, fucked. Eggman destroying it would have been a favour but for the threads sake we agreed to no more planetary destruction hence it was stopped, even though it was a impractical decision and a coup de grâce was something Mobius needed badly.

And sort of like the Touhou characters im limited on my resources too, with only a single ship and a comparatively small army I cant really put up much of a fight against the entrenched BM. Not only this but Sam seems to have absolutely no good given reason to stay and fight the BM, I mean Sam is many things but he isn’t a genocidal suicidal maniac who is gonna go powering into battle against a global empire with a single colony class ship full of the last remnants of mankind. Yes, Heaven is equipped with the most powerful weapons in Halo but that doesn’t mean that using it in combat poses no liability to the lives of everyone on board.

The main goal was to use the Slipspace core to escape and rebuild a civilisation on a new planet not to enter a massive war, of course entering the war is the more interesting route to take but also the most completely outlandish and stupid. Which is also why it took a lot to convince Sam to help attack Eggman, but even then he only used 5 super soldiers, mainly because I didn’t want my now-limited resources uselessly expended against countless shadowbots….

So let’s take a look at what Sam has left up his sleeves….

1. Heaven and her armaments
2. A 26,021 man strong compliment of people aboard Heaven.
3. 8 docked cruisers (which will no doubt get pulverised for being non-essential if launched)
4. Vehicles and equipment (mainly transports and tanks)
5. SPARTAN Program (a last ditch attempt to ration my troops)
6. The 5 Patriot AI’s (which are now completely useless because of the destruction of civilisation)

A few notes:
Only 6,744 of the crew are soldiers and non of them are cyborgs.
As well as this 7,120 of them are refugee’s who don’t even know how to use a gun at all
The role of The Patriots and the AI’s can’t be played when the setting is vastly different from what was in the canon, I don’t even know how I could make it all coherent.

Now lets have a look at what Sam once had

Just How I came from having:

1. Control over the media, public, armed forces, law, politics and production of Mobius via the AI’s
2. All national armies united into 5 big ass PMC’s
3. A impenetrable secret base
4. Endless pools of soldiers for the war
5. A fully active SOP system
6. And tons of UG’s such as Gekko’s and Rays

To having just Heaven I do not know, then again I played slow paced nation RP instead of just complete BM surprise fast paced massive destruction tactics…the latter obviously winning in this case with hardly a scratch on it…maybe if things went differently the war would be well balanced by now with good plot goals on either side…

Moving on.
To put it simple Sam looks like a fool for not using the Slipspace core and leaving the system all together, especially when his ship carries the last few surviving citizens of Mobius.

Lets look at what Sam would gain if we got the planet back off of the BM…

1. Toxic & acidic oceans
2. Toxic smog
3. City eating bugs
4. Most cities are actually gone now anyway….
5. Pretty much everyone dead or mindslaved to BM
6. Wastelands all over the place

Basically a inhospitable landscape that can neither be pioneered nor would Sam bother when there are fresh planets just around the corner…

Now lets look at what Sam could lose…

1. Heaven, which means everyone aboard, and himself in a gloriously huge explosion that could be seen from space.

To conclude…

If Heaven is destroyed, everyone including the Winds and Sam will come to a ultimate end because there is simply no way I could build a story off of that outcome which then makes it unfair for Spark, seeing as he wants people to start taking damage it would just mean that im getting myself killed for hardly any gain…

To put it frankly, Sam and the Winds unfortunately lost all there relevancy when they were booted from Mobius by BM, I want to keep them around but there reasons are non-existent making it look all a bit odd for them to still be here….

So yeah, just like Nat. what do?

@The Imperator,
The Superintendent hologram quickly appears

Superintendent: I do not know Imperator. I have called engineer crews, they are currently on their way to assess the damage. I am unhappy to reveal that the secondary commander of the NOL, Hazama, has been killed.
(After The Imperator summons Crow)
The Hologram then suddenly disappears, the ground becomes colder and the things turn silent, the smell of corpses comes rushing into the room once more clouding the senses. These oddities get more and more intense until….

Stood right there next to the Imperator in her room is a young looking boy ontop a large black horse. It is quite startling because of how incredibly random the appearances was and that there was no indication of him appearing. The boy seems to be dressed in some sort of old tribal garb and carries a sword by his side and a bow on his back. He glares down at the Imperator from horseback, he doesn’t look too pleased….
?: What is it miss Saya? is something the matter?
He has a young and soft voice, although it is hindered with a very bizarre and unknown accent. He remains atop his horse, still with his eyes bearing down on the Imperator

The Loyalist clear out of the way of the falling debris, the Primarch looks up at the damaged H and gives a laugh, he has something planned….


The ground begins to shake, slowly getting more and more violent as time passes.
AM: We will be with transport in only a few seconds.
The quake reaches a climax as a dune not too far away erupts into a upward blast of sand, a massive creature can be seen making its way skyward…

It lets out a huge roar
AM: The Phalanx as its known.
It swoops down into the ground below there feet, burrwoing its massive head into the ground, it slides under the earth beneath them and lifts them from the ground, they are now on the beasts back making there way through the skies of the desert

The Phalanx is a very long creature…

@Metal Sonic,
S-004 “TacNuke” is struck down and is dazed from the attack

The other Spartans dive to cover and take fire

OOC: Sorry, I had to rush the responses a little, the Wimbledon semi-final is on and I really cant miss it

Jul 05, 2013 at 01:31PM EDT

OOC: Haven’t played it in years actually but yes it is a big favourite of mine. Besides, bringing in the Phalanx was the only idea I could come up with to get out of this damn desert. And of course I had to then bring in Wander for the sake of it

Jul 05, 2013 at 01:47PM EDT

OOC:I’m in pretty much the worst situation due to being away unwillingly for so long… I don’t even know how to just start participating again… Also, Metal Sonic is still around? That’s a bit awkward, as he is kind of the inspiration for OYH’s air form (Well, to be more precise, Metal Overlord was used as the base for the appearance of that form. And yes, you can guess the air form’s name based off this info.)

Tl;dr: Best place for the 2 reintroduced characters to be in order to do anything meaningful?

Jul 05, 2013 at 01:48PM EDT

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