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Kokonoe rubs her head from the sudden migraine, having somehow been infected by it too.
Kokonoe: What the shit was that about? I wouldn’t waste my precious nukes on this planet.

Hakumen displays no reaction to this, but he did feel the madness. He is far too busy focusing on Eggman right now. He has felt something similar when face to face with the Kishin on the submarine when the Black Beast was still around.
Tager has a hand on his head now, trying to sort out what just happened.
Tager: What just happened? Kokonoe? Did you do that?

Kokonoe: Nope. I didn’t have anything to do with it. They’re saying it’s a thing called an “Asura”.

Nu: Nu’s head hurts, Ragna…
Ragna: Yeah, I felt that too. Look, let’s just keep going.

The team continues to head towards the hangar area.

Jul 05, 2013 at 10:17PM EDT

Asura, The Anti-Fun. wrote:

@ lyra: okay

@spark and everyone. i have a sollution to all of this. MADNESS!!!


after the planet blew up. everybody around feels migrains all of a sudden. what turns out that asura has left small traces of madness on the planet that slowly infected everyone. they all shake their heads off when they realize that the planet of mobius is still there in space as they look out of the hangar of arks and see it still there in one piece.

gajeel: wait…. what the hell was that??

Laxus: my head is killing me for some reason.

Lucy: wipes tears from her face did we just wake up from a dream or something? cuz i honestly thought that the planet blew up in front of us.

Wendy: so… that was all in our heads?

Cana: i really need to cut back on my drinking. because that was just too much for me right there.

Carla: i dont know honestly. what could have caused all of this?

Pantherlilly: maybe the warpstone has caused us to go a bit crazy and imagine all of this.

Natsu: no… this had to be him.

Happy: who natsu?

Natsu: asura. somehow his madness got to us. he causes people to see thing and slowly infects us with insanity. however, i didnt know it was that powerful.

Happy: im just glad that it wasnt real natsu.

everyone in fairy tail is relieved. the planet blowing up was only an illusion caused by being exposed to asuras madness wavelength while he was on earth. it infects the planet very slowly the longer he remains on it.

gray and the others continue to head to the ship as mirajane fights robosonic.



im only quoting this because of page get. so you guys can see right away.

Jul 05, 2013 at 10:19PM EDT


Mister Foster:….

Cheston: A…Asu..Wait, probably we are about to face someone else RIGHT? It can’t be that mad man again I’m sure of it! Absolutly sure of it…Right Foster?

Mister Foster:….

Cheston: Foster..? Foster..? You there my friend..? No, he isn’t returning I’m sure of it. The Egg Carrier was torn into pieces. What happened was probably a ilussion from..


Gorilla rage and random window punching as the ape and the man go nuts in the Falcon Flyer. Sooner or later, they realize that there is not a single barrier covering them, the voice of Asura can’t be heard and everything looks pretty normal.
Meanwhile, Spark quickly gets out of the ship to help Hakumen and the rest of the goodoers in the final showdown with the doctor Ivo “Eggman” Robotnik who is now a robot.

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Jul 05, 2013 at 10:27PM EDT


Blitz out from the room. He was desperate because the problem with “the god” with no life. Blitz can not think of anything. He need a power supply, a very strong power supply, We need a…

Blitz : Damned, where are you…?

Then, another man come out from the room

Vamp Operator : Sir… Are you right? Is for the blood? Well, no one can-

Blitz : Is not the blood, you moron! Is… This battle! We are losing it!

Vamp Operator : What are you saying sir?!

Blitz : Ohh come on! Robots! And crazy soldier killing each another…! This is getting out of control

Vamp Operator : That includes the experiment NM-2, right sir?

Blitz : … Yes that includes the experiment.

Vamp Operator : Well sir, I was checking the Morph’s history yesterday.

Blitz : Yes, and?

Vamp Operator : Their told me that Morph was a normal person before his dead.

Blitz : Aaand?

Vamp Operator : His creator, Balloon Master, created him.

Blitz : Aaaaa-… Wait, are you saying we need to ask help to that lunatic?

Vamp Operator : Well…Sir, The Boss and Herzog are the only who knows about… the resurrection.

Blitz : Oh right… But just one question, soldier?

Vamp Operator : Huh?…

Blitz close to The operator face.

Blitz : How we are gonna communicate with that “Globe Master”?

Vamp Operator : … Well sir… Ahmmm….

Blitz : Nothing? Yeah because i can not THINK IN ANYTHING TOO! DUMBASS!

Vamp Operator :

Blitz : Also, the knowledge about
“the resurrection” in The Boss and Herzog are different. Herzo uses ciencie and The Boss uses his magic.

Blitz grabs one cigarrete and turns on.

Blitz : But there is a problem, Herzog disappeared and The Boss is in his “vacations”. WHO THE HELL TAKES VACATIONS IN THE MIDDLE OF A WAR!

Vamp Operator : Oh…Well-

Suddenly, the alarm goes on, emitting a red light. Then a voice comes out of the speakers.


Blitz : Ohh, WHAT NOW!

Vamp Operator : Sir, the experiment!

Blitz : Keep the surgery going!

Blitz runs to the main operation control room, leaving the vamp behind.

Blitz : What’s going on!?

Operator : Mysterious a ship came out of nowhere and heads towards us sir!

Blitz : From nowhere?

Operator : I don’t know sir…

Blitz : Dammit, Take evasive maneuvers!

Operator : It is impossible sir, the ship is approaching quickly!

Blitz : … Raises the resistance of the shields!

Operator : What sir?

Blitz : Just DO IT!

Blitz : Resistance of the shields to the maximun!

Blitz : Now everyone hold on!

The mysterious ship began to move in different directions, seemed out of control. Later, the ship, which seemed to have hit the SS Zeus, stops just a few feets from it. Then the ship rises, disappearing for a few seconds. Suddely, all the Zeppelin shakes for a moment. All the operation room is quiet.

Blitz : Oh Shit… That thing landed upon

OOC: Well, I think everythig is normal again…


Where is Draconecord! He is about to explode in rain of fire and destruction! And is eating a helicopter…

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Jul 05, 2013 at 10:59PM EDT

(OOC: Well I’m glad to see that problem sorted out. Remember Natsuru, my character could make more cards for you. Also: I’m going to be putting my posts in spoilers, to save space.)

Meredith wakes up, as though she somehow heard an explosion, she turns to look at Mobius destroyed, but quickly blinks and realizes it’s still there.

Ugh, geez Asura. You nearly gave me a heart attack…
Although no sound comes from her mouth as she speaks, it’s clear that she is talking to herself, as is her habit.
Although, it kind of seems like we just avoided… something…. perhaps the game ending too soon?Eh, whatever. It’s back to sleep for me.
She lays down, closes her eyes, and tries to return to sleep.
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Jul 05, 2013 at 11:32PM EDT

OOC: It’s hard to do something constructive if no one notices my characters are there… Someone please notice IC that there are new arrivals to the ARK… A few may even recognise them.

Jul 06, 2013 at 04:53AM EDT

I woke up this morning and couldnt help but think about how much things went to pot last night and to be honest I got a little peeved and down because for the first time I felt like I was pretty much gone from the thread. So I read through the posts and took in RandomMan’s post also.
Mainly this part:
“If people are leaving because you two are leaving, you both are clearly very important to both this thread and its participants, value and remember that.”

The truth is I have put a lot of time into this thread so much infact that I nearly failed my A-level college course because I was using most of my study time to mentally construct and write up posts instead of completing my end-of-year assignment work, I know this is bad, but its just a example of dedication and time I was putting into my side of the story and the amount of care I was giving. I mean my computer is pretty much cluttered up with notes about my stuff and stacks of image folders containing gifs ive made (not only for me but for Zar too) and pictures ive cut out and edited, the time i’ve put into this over the last few months is ludicrous and maybe a little excessive….borderline obsessive…but entirely entertaining to say the least, the most fun ive had on the internet so far…

Anyway I came to the conclusion that I cannot leave this thread, there is simply way too many ideas I have yet to put to paper and because If I did I would be leaving a massive hole in the plot (Heaven just vanishing and Transcendence along with the NOL too) not to mention the 6 week summer holiday evenings are going to get really boring when there is no more RP to be done….so this sorta thing won’t be happening again, I lost my patience last night and was getting fed up with the OOC outbursts so I apologize for my blunt message and for going off on one

So Zar if you wouldn’t mind replying to my people at Transcendence that would be ace

And everyone else, just get aboard Heaven and we can discuss this matter in character instead of OOC.

I mean that is what we are suppose to be doing here after all, our characters actions are meant to be given through our interpretation of their personalities not our own so lets get to it..

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Jul 06, 2013 at 08:48AM EDT

OOC: My characters literally have no idea what’s going on or where they are right now, so they quite simply cannot go there without prompting. Don’t forget that they are on board the ARK.

the 2 mages are still exploring…

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Jul 06, 2013 at 09:01AM EDT

OOC: So coincidence is needed.

The mages happen to find where everyone else is

%{color:blue}Tardises: Uhh, does anyone know where this place is?

Jul 06, 2013 at 11:15AM EDT

OOC: yay sam your back with us. i hope we can all settle our differences today and tomorrow we can resume. just to give people a break and to collect any thoughts on what to do next. so until then. free hugs for everyone.

Jul 06, 2013 at 11:47AM EDT

OOC: insert suitable loading screen here If I knew how to embed images using this iPad I would be posing the Sonic ’06 loading screen here.

Jul 06, 2013 at 12:05PM EDT

For the sake of getting you involved again ill do this


Currently the Spartans are gathered in the hanger bay with the others near the Falcon Flyer

They notice the two mages approaching and asking questions, S-005 “CQC” confronts them and holds out his hand, a 3D hologram of GW is projected straight up from the centre of his palm

GW: Hello, my name is GW, I am the handling AI of a nearby Colony-Class space ship called Heaven. You are currently inside of a very large space station called the Ark, at this moment in time it is orbiting Mobius from a geostationary orbit. These people before you have been sent to destroy this complex as it was previously threatening to destroy Mobius entirely, they have just succeeded in their mission and a nuclear device has recently been armed. You along with the others have about 7 minutes left to escape from this station and dock back at Heaven which is currently getting out of the range of the imminent blast.
GW stays in place waiting for any further questions…

Jul 06, 2013 at 12:19PM EDT

Tardises:That sounds bad…
Tsunarmin: Never mind sounding bad, how do we escape? mutters to Tardises ‘Without casing Warp, Tahrdan.’

Jul 06, 2013 at 12:26PM EDT


GW: We are to board the Falcon Flyer and depart this hanger

Jul 06, 2013 at 12:37PM EDT

GW: The craft about 20 meters to this Spartans left, is the Falcon Flyer

Jul 06, 2013 at 12:51PM EDT

Tsunarmin:I guess we just wait on board then.
Tardises: One thing first….OYH turns into water that surrounds Tardises’ now-sheathed sword…OK, ready.

The mages board the flyer

Jul 06, 2013 at 12:54PM EDT

Laika wrote:

I pretty much have this same issue but in a different format. lists incoming…

Firstly the planet is totally…well, fucked. Eggman destroying it would have been a favour but for the threads sake we agreed to no more planetary destruction hence it was stopped, even though it was a impractical decision and a coup de grâce was something Mobius needed badly.

And sort of like the Touhou characters im limited on my resources too, with only a single ship and a comparatively small army I cant really put up much of a fight against the entrenched BM. Not only this but Sam seems to have absolutely no good given reason to stay and fight the BM, I mean Sam is many things but he isn’t a genocidal suicidal maniac who is gonna go powering into battle against a global empire with a single colony class ship full of the last remnants of mankind. Yes, Heaven is equipped with the most powerful weapons in Halo but that doesn’t mean that using it in combat poses no liability to the lives of everyone on board.

The main goal was to use the Slipspace core to escape and rebuild a civilisation on a new planet not to enter a massive war, of course entering the war is the more interesting route to take but also the most completely outlandish and stupid. Which is also why it took a lot to convince Sam to help attack Eggman, but even then he only used 5 super soldiers, mainly because I didn’t want my now-limited resources uselessly expended against countless shadowbots….

So let’s take a look at what Sam has left up his sleeves….

1. Heaven and her armaments
2. A 26,021 man strong compliment of people aboard Heaven.
3. 8 docked cruisers (which will no doubt get pulverised for being non-essential if launched)
4. Vehicles and equipment (mainly transports and tanks)
5. SPARTAN Program (a last ditch attempt to ration my troops)
6. The 5 Patriot AI’s (which are now completely useless because of the destruction of civilisation)

A few notes:
Only 6,744 of the crew are soldiers and non of them are cyborgs.
As well as this 7,120 of them are refugee’s who don’t even know how to use a gun at all
The role of The Patriots and the AI’s can’t be played when the setting is vastly different from what was in the canon, I don’t even know how I could make it all coherent.

Now lets have a look at what Sam once had

Just How I came from having:

1. Control over the media, public, armed forces, law, politics and production of Mobius via the AI’s
2. All national armies united into 5 big ass PMC’s
3. A impenetrable secret base
4. Endless pools of soldiers for the war
5. A fully active SOP system
6. And tons of UG’s such as Gekko’s and Rays

To having just Heaven I do not know, then again I played slow paced nation RP instead of just complete BM surprise fast paced massive destruction tactics…the latter obviously winning in this case with hardly a scratch on it…maybe if things went differently the war would be well balanced by now with good plot goals on either side…

Moving on.
To put it simple Sam looks like a fool for not using the Slipspace core and leaving the system all together, especially when his ship carries the last few surviving citizens of Mobius.

Lets look at what Sam would gain if we got the planet back off of the BM…

1. Toxic & acidic oceans
2. Toxic smog
3. City eating bugs
4. Most cities are actually gone now anyway….
5. Pretty much everyone dead or mindslaved to BM
6. Wastelands all over the place

Basically a inhospitable landscape that can neither be pioneered nor would Sam bother when there are fresh planets just around the corner…

Now lets look at what Sam could lose…

1. Heaven, which means everyone aboard, and himself in a gloriously huge explosion that could be seen from space.

To conclude…

If Heaven is destroyed, everyone including the Winds and Sam will come to a ultimate end because there is simply no way I could build a story off of that outcome which then makes it unfair for Spark, seeing as he wants people to start taking damage it would just mean that im getting myself killed for hardly any gain…

To put it frankly, Sam and the Winds unfortunately lost all there relevancy when they were booted from Mobius by BM, I want to keep them around but there reasons are non-existent making it look all a bit odd for them to still be here….

So yeah, just like Nat. what do?

@The Imperator,
The Superintendent hologram quickly appears

Superintendent: I do not know Imperator. I have called engineer crews, they are currently on their way to assess the damage. I am unhappy to reveal that the secondary commander of the NOL, Hazama, has been killed.
(After The Imperator summons Crow)
The Hologram then suddenly disappears, the ground becomes colder and the things turn silent, the smell of corpses comes rushing into the room once more clouding the senses. These oddities get more and more intense until….

Stood right there next to the Imperator in her room is a young looking boy ontop a large black horse. It is quite startling because of how incredibly random the appearances was and that there was no indication of him appearing. The boy seems to be dressed in some sort of old tribal garb and carries a sword by his side and a bow on his back. He glares down at the Imperator from horseback, he doesn’t look too pleased….
?: What is it miss Saya? is something the matter?
He has a young and soft voice, although it is hindered with a very bizarre and unknown accent. He remains atop his horse, still with his eyes bearing down on the Imperator

The Loyalist clear out of the way of the falling debris, the Primarch looks up at the damaged H and gives a laugh, he has something planned….


The ground begins to shake, slowly getting more and more violent as time passes.
AM: We will be with transport in only a few seconds.
The quake reaches a climax as a dune not too far away erupts into a upward blast of sand, a massive creature can be seen making its way skyward…

It lets out a huge roar
AM: The Phalanx as its known.
It swoops down into the ground below there feet, burrwoing its massive head into the ground, it slides under the earth beneath them and lifts them from the ground, they are now on the beasts back making there way through the skies of the desert

The Phalanx is a very long creature…

@Metal Sonic,
S-004 “TacNuke” is struck down and is dazed from the attack

The other Spartans dive to cover and take fire

OOC: Sorry, I had to rush the responses a little, the Wimbledon semi-final is on and I really cant miss it


The Imperator Librarius does not look too happy either.
Saya: Yes, something is indeed wrong. Captain Hazama was killed by a burst of exorcism magic that targeted his base of existence. Again. You agreed that you would bring him back from non-existence, but did you know that this would happen?


He picked up the Nox before they left. Bang is in awe on the back of the Phalanx.
Bang: This is amazing! I have never seen such a mighty beast in my entire life!
He then turns his attention to AM.
Bang: So, where exactly is this creature taking us?

Jul 06, 2013 at 02:57PM EDT

@The Imperator,

The reincarnated Crow stares down on the Imperator, more annoyed by the second

Wander (Crow): Are you questioning my knowledge miss Saya?
The markings on her hands begin to feel like they are burning, the sensation isn’t too extreme but is mildly painful


The Phalanx flies through the sun blasted skies at a high speed, wind whistles around AM and Bang as they sit upon its back
AM: With my unlimited memory space I can make highly accurate predictions, it is a form of foresight. I am certain that it will leave this desert, I predict that you will seek out a shuttle depot and attempt a escape, however it will be in vain. If you take me with you and defend me, I will save your female companion Litchi Faye-Ling from Persphone

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Jul 06, 2013 at 03:57PM EDT


Saya: No, of course not.
She doesn’t display any reaction to the pain, and makes her mind and feelings go blank. She can do this due to her advanced focus.


Bang: The Goddess? I will finally be able to confess my love to her! Aha! Thank you very much!
Inside his mind
Bang: There is something strange about this individual…
He sits down on the back of the Phalanx.
Bang: Why would my escape attempt be in vain? Please do tell.

Jul 06, 2013 at 04:06PM EDT


He lightens up a little and gives a slight grin
Wander: Im happy you don’t but now unfortunately I must be going. Bye miss Saya!
He rears his horse and gallops at full pelt towards the balcony, he leaps clean over the railing and vanishes into a burst of crows

The Superintendent then reappears

Superintendent: Imperator I have a urgent report!! I must tell, it is top priority!
If the Superintendent could display emotion thn he would currently be bricking it. In the distance the echo’s of explosions and gunfire can be heard alongside shouting and war-cries, something big is happening…
Saya: Go ahead.
Superintendent: It is the Loyalist Imperator, the Primarch took the demise of Hazama as a opportunity to revolt! My sources indicate that he has been secretly instigating a uprising ever since!

All around the HQ and nearby training camps and barracks Loyalist soldiers are conflicting with the NOL leading to mass casualties on both sides. Fires are burning and buildings are being destroyed as the NOL defend themselves against the Loyalist who are systematically striking all surrounding NOL camps with both troops and tanks, it is a onslaught that seems to have no end in sight. The chaos is slowly growing and is extending out to further bases quickly, it won’t take long for this sort of outbreak to spread over the entire continent

The first attack was on a training camp, it was a surprise and completely unprovoked, Fallen struck first, slaughtering a good portion of troops before being shot down, back up arrived and the NOL found themselves bunkering down against entire divisions of Loyalists. The sudden rebellion has lead to a complete breakdown of communication on the NOL’s part and all out disaster.

From the Imperators room balcony high in the HQ she can get a clear view of the local battle, flame ridden battlefields, gunfire and explosions are happening all around, the battle zone stretches off into the distance….

Superintendent: The Primarch is no where to be found even after my numerous contact and seeking attempts, he has just disappeared! I suggest you act quickly Imperator and handle the situation with care as this could turn into a civil war!….
The revolt continues….


AM: You will be trapped inside the shell and shot down by anti-air, not only this but you do not possess the skill required to efficiently pilot one of their craft. You must first take me to civilisation where we must seek out a console, you are then to connect

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Jul 06, 2013 at 04:49PM EDT

@Superintendent and the Loyalists,

Saya’s eyes glow red, and purple lightning sparks from them as she hears that the Primarch was behind it all.
Saya: This is unacceptable.
She goes to get in her gravity throne, and puts a purple psycho-shield around herself. The shield sparks with chaotic energy, disintegrating whatever the sparks lurch out at.
Saya: I will deal with this myself. Dispatch Colonel Relius and Ignis. I shall be sending Phantom with them.
The chair levitates over to the balcony, and floats off it. Saya detects the aura of the Primarch, and begins heading that direction.

Relius floats over on his spell circle to a nearby skirmish going on currently.
Relius: This won’t do at all.
The puppeteer snaps his fingers and summons Ignis to his side.
Relius: Ignis, dispose of these Loyalists.
The robot stays silent, and flies down at a breakneck speed to the battlefield while Relius stays behind the cover of the NOL.

On the battlefield, Ignis crashes into a Cabal. Incoming bullets just seem to bounce off the mad machine like jelly beans thrown at a steel wall. It looks over to the Cabal that it crashed into, and digs its claws through the armor and into the skin. Then with one hand, it tosses the Cabal at a group of Fallen.

Phantom arrives at another battlefield, a lot bigger this time… She appears in a cloud of black mist overlooking everything. The cloth-like scarf attached to the golden ornament that ties her cloak together lifts up… Then, they gently float back down. Once they float back down, the earth begins to split open on the Loyalists side while black fire and dark magma with red eyes in it burst up from the ground and begin to eat away at the Loyalists.


Bang: I do not like the way he says his words…
He looks around at the vast desert beneath them, still thinking about if AM is trustworthy or not.

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Jul 06, 2013 at 05:58PM EDT


The Imperator can sense the Primarchs presence, it seems that he is inside one of the weapon warehouses…

@Relius & Ignis,

Being insectoid creatures the Fallen are capable of lifting weights almost double there own size, the group quickly hunch together and catch the savaged Cabal before quickly throwing it aside and opening fire on the Relius

Backup quickly arrives, a fresh group of Cabal veterans come smashing through the other Loyalists and stampede towards the Relius whilst letting out a loud roar, they are very well armoured, carry large calibre weapons as a standard and wield shields for defence. Basically walking tanks


A large battalion of Awoken species Loyalist turn up and begin healing the damage soldiers

They begin letting off plasma shots at the dark energies crawling from the ground, and afterwards turn their attention to the Phantom, firing shots from their pistols and additional energy rounds. Phantom is being swamped in the battle…

Overall, with the arrival of the top NOL brass the situation has gotten more intense, word has quickly spread about their arrival which has led to more Loyalist getting involved in the revolt…


AM: I feel as if you do not trust me Bang, why is this? please share with me all of your matters.

The Phalanx is fast flyer, the pair are getting close to the edge of the desert now, it won’t be long until they leave the region all together

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Jul 06, 2013 at 07:00PM EDT

Robo-Robotnik, who’s mind is now a series of complex circuits, remains unaffected by what seems to be affecting everyone else. He bears no mind, and instead, Robotnik focuses on Hakumen, who is charging at him with his sword.

Robo-Robotnik: Very noble of you. However…

Robo-Robotnik, with his speed, strength, and reflexes enhanced due to his own body now being robotic and due to the Warpstone’s power, merely swats Hakumen away.

Robo-Robotnik: I AM UNSTOPPABLE!!! HA-a HA-a HA-a HA-a!!!

Metal Sonic is forced to divert all power to his thrusters due to his increased weight, and thus is unable to defend himself from the strange orange swords, and is barely able to dodge the first few swords.

The blue blur attempts to fly towards the group, but due to his greater weight, is fairly slow and is struck by several of the swords. Now missing an arm and both of his legs, Sonic’s copy begins to fall towards the void. This is prevented as he is struck by a final sword, which causes him to explode, thus sending his severed head flying backwards.

Metal Sonic’s head rolls across the floor towards the door of the corridor, and is taken by an E-series robot, which transform to extend its propellers and flies towards a different hangar in which the Egg Robo’s escape shuttle is located.

Snively: I guess it’s over…

Snively suddenly remembers the countdown timer, and begins to panic.

Snively: OH NO!!! THE BOMB!!! WE HAVE TO GO, NOW!!!

Egg Robo: Dr. Robotnik, the Metal Sonic unit has been destroyed. Its head has been rescued. Calculations suggest that the nuclear warhead located in the Power Room is nearing detonation point. Calculations also suggest that the warhead's explosion would cause a chain reaction with the Warpstone which would decimate the Space Colony ARK. Calculations also suggest that the separate group of heroes is making its way towards the main hangar as we speak.

Robo-Robotnik ignores the Egg Robo as he continues to combat the “Freedom Fighters,” obviously not caring about anything other than destroying his foes.

Egg Robo: Protocol suggests that now would be an opportune time to begin takeoff.

Two objectives have been detected:
-escape from the Space Colony ARK before the nuclear warhead detonates
-rescue Dr. Robonik

Prioritizing objectives...

Priority one objective determined: Rescue Dr. Robotnik.

Beginning priority one objective now.

The shuttle the Egg Robo is in takes off from the hangar it is in and heads towards the main hangar in which the battle is taking place.

OOC: You guys can destroy me at any time. You have my permission. If you don’t, then I’ll likely destroy myself.

Either way works.

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Jul 06, 2013 at 07:56PM EDT

OOC: I’d prefer whoever does destroy me to deliver the killing blow, then allow me to post my final actions, if that’s no bother.

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Jul 06, 2013 at 08:08PM EDT


I would personally like to have Hakumen do it. I’m currently writing up a post too.

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Jul 06, 2013 at 08:09PM EDT

OOC: May I suggest a collaborative effort?

EDIT: It’s in your hands. I’ll allow you to decide; I’m not going to nitpick however you decide to do away with me.

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Jul 06, 2013 at 08:14PM EDT


Hakumen being swatted away like a toy is a great achievement for anyone. The Silver Knight crashes into the back of the Falcon Flyer, and falls down to the floor. He then slowly gets up with his sword in hand.

Hakumen: So you have become more powerful due to the stone’s interference. This is quite a travesty indeed.
Hakumen jumps right back in front of Robo-Robotnik with Okami pointing straight at him.

Hakumen: You have abandoned all hope and become evil. That makes you my enemy.
Hakumen’s crest of a nine-tailed fox appears behind him and glows red.

He then turns Okami sideways, and a massive ornate blue barrier appears in front of Hakumen. Once Robotnik tries to swat Hakumen away again, Hakumen takes his sword in one hand.

Hakumen becomes completely black, and there is a red after-image behind him. Time comes to a complete and utter stop as the background changes to a white void, either that or this is too fast to do anything about.
Hakumen: I am the White Void!
Hakumen takes a massive swipe with Okami at Robotnik straight at the middle. The cut is so fast and powerful that it seemingly cuts the air around Robotnik as well.
Hakumen: I am the Cold Steel!
He then makes several diagonal cuts on Robotnik with the massive nodachi of his, each leaving a black afterimage behind it.
Hakumen: I am the Just Sword!
Hakumen continues to slice away at Robotnik with more powerful and faster strikes.
Hakumen: With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world, and cleanse it in the fires of destruction!
They are beginning to get even more rapidly paced now. Hakumen then goes in for one final strike.
Hakumen: I am Hakumen!
He takes a the final strike as a slice to Robotnik’s middle yet again.

After this strike is done with, time seemingly resumes for everyone else. Hakumen is now back to his normal form, untainted.
Hakumen: The end has come!
He takes Okami and sheathes it on his back, looking away from Robotnik as his hair flows gently.



Saya follows the trail of his aura to his weapons storeroom, always on guard.


Relius puts a magical barrier around himself to block the incoming fire. He then summons a spell circle under him so he will be able to fly back to some cover.
Ignis begins to spin at a very fast speed, claws having transformed into guillotines now. She looks like a top from hell. Ignis then begins attacking some Fallen, shredding through them like a hot knife through butter.

One of the NOL snipers is positioned nearby. He takes a pin-point shot at the Cabals with an Organic sniper rifle, the bullet being a nest of hungry little bugs that will eat anything. The nest sticks to one of the shields, and a massive cloud of little critters come out to enjoy their meal of Cabal flesh and armor.

NOL Trooper #1: Man the cannon! Take these fuckers out!
The second trooper mans a Gauss energy cannon, and takes aim at the Cabal as well. The cannon begins to charge up…


Phantom dodges around the plasma blasts that are shot at her. While she is doing this, she releases massive pulses of energy that shake the ground, and send any troopers caught in the blast flying.


Bang: What do you mean?

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Jul 06, 2013 at 08:41PM EDT

@The Imperator,

She enters the warehouse, it is completely empty and void of life, it looks as if the place has been cleared out of all munitions, the Primarch is around here somewhere yet the exact point can’t be determined…

@Relius & Ignis,

The battle continues to get more intense more Cabals arrive to relace the ones being killed, Awoken also turn up at the scene, firing plasma weaponry at the creatures fired from the organic weapons. Behind these Exo troops arrive and begin entrenching and readying up for a long drawn out battle.

Meanwhile the heavy support has arrived, several overhead dropships swoop down dumping off Spider-Tanks…

They are dropped from about 20 meters. Upon landing they send a shudder through the ground and begin immediately advancing on the NOL front-line alongside the others, they take aim at the gun positions and begin firing their main cannons which tear apart the emplacements, they then spread out around the battle field, picking off NOL soldiers and causing yet more carnage…


The knocked down soldier scramble back onto their feet, in a concussed state they fall back and take cover whilst a new wave of back up takes point

Snipers take positions and begin taking pot shots at Phantom with their hand held railguns


AM: Nevermind friend, We should arrive at a abandoned outpost in approximately 9 minutes 34 seconds
The Phalanx loses altitude and begins to slow for a landing, they have finally gotten out of Prydain desert, bringing the whole prison chapter to a close

Meanwhile the Spartans board the Falcon Flyer, due to their incredibly heavy armour a notable weight gain is obvious and tilts the Flyer depending on where they are standing

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Jul 06, 2013 at 09:13PM EDT


The intruder alert sounded throughout the ship, soldiers opened booths with guns with in and parted them to all.

Blitz : Everyone, grab their weapons and join me! We have an intruder outside!

Blitz runs off, along with 6 soldiers behind him. They run in several corridors, until finally reaching a very heavy door.

Blitz : Okay, listen up everybody, there is a unidentified intruder outside, possibly this armed, so the two of you will come out first, then I go out and others will come out eventually. Right?!

Vamp Soldiers : Yes Sir!

Blitz : Ok…

Blitz opens the door, letting in air.

Blitz : Move!

The first two soldiers out of the hatch, after a few seconds out Blitz with their guns in their hands.


Everyone stayed petrified to see a tall man came out of the devilish ship, he wore a dark suit, blood red gloves and a helmet with holes, that were seen protruding eyes that glowed like fire.

NM : I’m back…

Blitz : HolyshitistheBOSS!!!!!!


Herzog was flying around the giant god of chaos, his hands tightened the knob, watching Draconecord stared at him with a helicopter in their jaws.

Herzog : Nun, endlich am Ende merkt man mir?

The time pump marker had only one minute, Herzog moves his head to the back of the ship, looking at the big bomb,hooked on a chain for the last time, and turns to Discord, giving a smile.

(The Bomb)

Herzog : Dies wird sehr laut…

Herzog presses a few buttons, creating the propeller rotate faster. Herzog grabs a cigarrete in his pocket and look it.

Herzog : Ich weiß nicht warum Blitz mag diese Dinge.

Herzog turns on the cigarrete and puts it in his mouth

Herzog : Auf jeden Fall wird die letzte sein.

And hard, Herzog move the control forward.

Herzog : Dieses … wird weh tun

Herzog turn on the radio.

Herzog : Oh…Es ist ein Liebling des Chefs… hehe

Zum lezten mal… vird num appell geblasen!

Zum kample steh’n… wir alle shon bereit!

The latest Herzog saw were the big eyes of madness that had Draconecord, their sharp teeth and his breath to death.

Jul 06, 2013 at 10:17PM EDT

Asura: you can hide in that barrier all you want. madness will eventually take you. but if you want me gone i can make you a deal.
@robotniks robo transport
mirajane, whos still in her satan soul halphas, bursts out from the ark and into space. she flies at high speed towards the carrier.
@the hangar.
after hakumens attack on eggman
Makarov: so, is it finally over. such a waste of power and resources. spending his whole life to try and control the world, instead of using his power for the worlds benefit. nothing can be obtained through such means of oppression and control over the people.

may this be a lesson to all of you. use the powers you have given for the benefit of others. nothing of value can be gained by using power for such things as ruling over the masses with an tyrannical fist or to claim dominance over a world. why do we need such trivial thing when theres so much to gain by earning the trust in others.

Erza: use power for the good of humanity. that is what our master is trying to say to you all. this is what we all believe in at our guild.

Natsu: thats right, but could i suggest we get off of this place so we can continue to believe that while were all still alive.

Makarov: yes, that true. everyone, lets get the hell out of here.

Gray: but mirajane still isnt here yet.

Erza: were is she anyway?

she recieves a codec call from mirajane. she sees her in her satan soul form in space

Mirajane: im going after a ship thats heading over to the hangar were you guys are. ill try and stop it.


everyone in the guild begins to head onboard falcons ship.

mirajane just caught up to the egg transporter.

Jul 07, 2013 at 12:04AM EDT

As everyone climbs on the falcon Flyer, Falcon prepares to launch.
The Falcon Flyer flies out of the docking bay, with everyone safely inside it.

Yeah, that’s more like it!

In Deep Space, on a spaceship

Blood Falcon, do you copy?
Yes, Master. I do copy.
Your goal is to take out the impostor of you, who is obviously Captain falcon in disguise.
Yes. There can only be one Falcon.
Good luck. Defeating Captain falcon will be one step further in Dark Million’s conquest of the universe!


Giorno: God, we’ve been wandering around for hours, and there’s still no signs of life.
Okuyasu: Hey, look over there! A temple! I think we should check it out.
Josuke: Yeah. like any sensible person would do.
Giorno: There might be useful items in there to help us get off of this planet.
Josuke: Fine.
The three near the temple. It’s beginning to become nightfall. As they enter, they spot a trapdoor.
I wonder what’s in there. These ancient ruins have gotten me curious.
Hey, look! a trap door!
Okuyasu opens the trap door, and peers down into it. He spots a figure in a corner.
Does anyone have a light?
Hold on a second.
Giorno pulls out a lighter.
Okuyasu climbs down into the trapdoor, and he spots the body of Dio. He’s still alive, of course, it’s just that he’s asleep.
Hey, you guys should take a look! There’s a guy down here!
Giorno and Josuke climb down
Huh. Looks familiar.

Jul 07, 2013 at 12:24AM EDT

Snively arrives in the hangar just in time to watch what has become of his uncle torn to shreds by Hakumen. He feels a sense of sadness for his uncle’s loss, but he realizes that this was not the Robotnik he once knew.

And there was the fact that the ARK was about to be blown to smithereans, which sort of sped up the emotional process.

However, as Snively boards the Falcon Flyer, he looks back towards the broken remains of the once-great Dr. Ivo Robotnik.

Snively: Good-bye… Julian…

And with this, Snively boards the Falcon Flyer.

The Egg Robo observes as its master is torn apart.

Egg Robo: Analyzing situation...

Priority one objective:
-rescue Dr. Robotnik

Status of priority one objective: failed

Calculations suggest that the nuclear warhead located in the Power Room is nearing its detonation point...

Secondary objective determined:
-escape from the Space Colony ARK before the nuclear warhead detonates

Beginning secondary objective now.

The shuttle which the Egg Robo was in changes directions from the main hangar, and flies discreetly towards Mobius… towards Robotropolis…

Hakumen’s attack was far too much for Robo-Robotnik to handle. His body now lays in pieces on the hangar floor, with his head severed from the rest of his robotic pieces.

Robo-Robotnik: I-I wi-ll n-n-not-t le-- l-let them w-win!!! I-I AM THE-e W-WORLD’S GREATES-- GEN-N-NIU--!

The half-dead scientist is forced to watch as the heroes flee the hangar in the Falcon Flyer.

Robo-Robotnik: N-NOOOOOOOOOO-ooo!!!

There was no possible way Robo-Robotnik could repair himself. Not now. It was too late for him. Of course, this doesn’t stop the genius from trying. He attempts to summon the Warpstone’s energy to fix himself, but this is to no avail. The only think which prevents Robo-Robotnik’s head from shutting off now is the Warpstone’s power and his own reserves, both of which are gradually fading away.

His thoughts clearing, Robo-Robotnik begins to feel remorse for what’s he’d planned on doing.

Kind of.

His last few thoughts are of the people he’d… acquainted on the way. Flandre, Jetstream…


And as he thinks of the ones he… disliked the least… Robotnik begins to feel… a strange sense of… sadness…

Alas, this does not last, as the nuclear warhead located within the Power Room nears detonation point, and the whole ARK is about to be blown into oblivion.

Robo-Robotnik: It was never… my intent to destroy…

And, oddly enough, Robotnik’s last thoughts shifted…

… towards him.

Robo-Robotnik: I… hate… that… hedgehog…

And with one last spec of energy left, Robotnik remembers… what he can do… and he smiles a diabolic smile…

And with this, Robo-Robotnik’s eyes go dark, and the he is engulfed in flames from the explosion of the ARK.

Jul 07, 2013 at 02:09AM EDT

OOC: OK… I haven’t posted anything to the story in a while, and that’s purely my fault. I’ve been busy at work, and when I do get home at night, I usually just want to rest and relax. Again, I’m sorry all, especially Calkarot, Asura, and Medic. I’ll make it up right now…

At the Ground Bridge, Lyra awaits for Prime still, feeling madness waves all around her. She is not affected… only a machine now, but just the presence of them alone makes her shudder at how the others must be doing. She hears a call from the outside of the barrier… and she turns.
Lyra: Do I want you gone? You can remain here, for all I care anymore. This place is no longer what it once was… all that remain are the ashes and cinders of a civilization. As for me… well… don’t you worry about that.
Knowing she has nothing to lose… nor gain from Asura, she ignores the calls, and awaits Prime

Draconecord hears the angry shouts from Herzog, but chooses to ignore them…
Draconecord: Let’s see how long his patience lasts…
He now sees the commander, finally through with him, preparing the bomb one last time…
Draconecord: Yes… do it… launch it…
The commander uses the control to veer the bomb straight towards him, and he closes his eyes…
Draconecord: These eyes… will be the last thing you see…
He then blurs, moving quickly towards the bomb
Draconecord: Let me show you how futile your efforts are…
He immediately stops in front of the bomb, and lets it directly impact him… the explosion is massive, the cloud of smoke lingering in the air… but Draconecord, now skinned to show only muscle, emerges, limping a bit…
Draconecord: Now… it’s my turn…
Again, he travels quickly towards Herzog, and snatches him with the remains of his talon…
Draconecord: If this form of mine is destroyed… I will only return in my original…
He lifts Herzog upwards, and smashes him down onto the ground, cracking it. He lifts Herzog again, and stares with blood red eyes towards him
Draconecord: You challenged a god… do not be surprised you will fail…
He smashes down again, an lifts him up again…
Draconecord: Any last words… flesh rotter?

Ash is hit with the remains of the robot, and he flies back and hits the barrier hard, gasping for breath…
Ash: Is… is this the end…?
He sees Morph slowly approach him, but distracted by both the remaining Decepticons and the last of the Skull Riders alike.
Ash: No… I didn’t die in the cabin… I didn’t die back in time… and I sure as hell won’t do it now!
He strains as he slowly lifts himself up, grinning like a maniac as he sees Morph…
Ash: Come get some…
He lifts up the cannon, and fires it… but not at Morph. He hits a Decepticon, who collapses onto some of the few ghouls remaining…
Ash: I recall you getting weaker without your friends… so let’s send them somewhere else!
He continues firing onto the last of the ghouls and vampires, hoping to weaken Morph quickly

Renegade slowly awakes from sleep, noticing Luna slumbering peacefully at his side…
Renegade: Poor kid… been through a lot… I can’t leave her now with God knows what outside…
He lifts his ears up, and hears something… he uses his magic to lift both the Jackal and his katana up…
Renegade: Who’s there?
Nothing… he still stands ready…
?: Very good… you’re already at the ready…
Renegade: Who are you!?
?: Who I am is not important… what I tell is. This land is doomed… no matter who stands as the victor of this war… what is left for them to claim? That is why… before you can leave here… you must head to your final destination here…
Renegade: What!? This land is not doomed! I can still save it… I CAN!!!
While I admire your determination… there are things more important than saving a doomed land… like that filly you have with you…
He turns to Luna… and knows it is important for her safety… He solemnly shakes his head…
Renegade: What did you say before? About leaving here?
?: Yes… before you do so, you must take her to her old castle in Everfree. She must be there before you leave this place… and never return.
Renegade: Why!? Why there!?
Silence… Renegade is more than furious at hearing the fate of Equestria. He turns to Luna, and calms a bit… realizing lives are more important than land…
Renegade: Where is this castle? Everfree? The godforsaken forest just outside the town? Perhaps she would know… it is her old castle…
He awaits for Luna to wake up, wondering why she needs to head there…

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OOC: Here’s a surprise post from a pay as you go connection – meaning this post is actually made on my own PC. I can’t do many posts like these until I’m back on a connection not limited by such things as money, mainly because you lot like to use images, which tend to run through my limited data allowance. (Due to circumstances, I won’t be able to use that borrowed iPad until later… Typing with a keyboard is so much easier.) I have updated my notes to reflect OYH’s new abilities… Though I need suggestions for the ether form. To help, I’ll describe that element. It’s basically the element of the spirit, so I need some sort of spiritual or ghostly inspiration. Obviously that aint gonna happen with Sonic stuff, so… I think I’ll expand it to 3 other major interests. If anyone can think of any suitable Doctor Who/Touhou/Homestuck characters, that would help. They need to have a theme with a distinct name, though.


Tardises: So…Who are you guys?

Jul 07, 2013 at 06:49AM EDT

Ooc: Guess I will rewind then.

…suiboM hcuot reve oykosneG lliw regnol on dna ,pu flesti gnihctap sehsinif pir eht fo redniamer ehT

.llew sa sehsinav ehs looplrihw llams a otni nioc diamrem a gniworhT .naeco eht fo elddim eht otni kcab snur neht dna ,rats gnitoohs gnitixe eht ta pu skool usaretamA

.dlrow eht morf gnihsinav dna pir eht hguoht gnissap yllautneve ,tenalp eht morf yawa deeps lluf gnigrahc dna ti ta moorb reh gnitniop ,pir eht fo redniamer eht sdrawot snrut asiraM

”.neht ythgirlA“

.kaerb a evah dna irakuY morf noisnaM liveD telracS eht fo srebmem eht eerf og stel ,no emoC .hcum ytterP .puY

”?ecalp tsrif eht ni ereh tuoba gnikcum erehw uoy yhw tuo erugif t’nac uoy ereh emit siht lla retfa nevE ?siht tuoba niatrec uoY“

.emoh teg ot taht esu nac uoY .ecaps ni pu emoh pir lanoisnemid a si erehT

”.tniop a toG .heM“

.drater a gnieb si esrevinu eht esuac tsuj esrevinu eht yortsed dna ffo og t’naC .mih htiw laed t’nac I taht eldnah em pleh ot ereh irakuY evah t’nod I dna dog tnetopinmO na si eh fI .revuenam evisnefed a gnimrofrep rof noom eht ot em dehsinab rekcuf emoS .gnihtyna ot detnuoma yllaer snoitca ym fo yna ekil ton s’ti tuB .tuo gnuh I .haey ,eruS


.derit m’I …won lleW


Cough. I’m back.

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Good to have you back. Now back to the main plot…If that plot exists…

Jul 07, 2013 at 03:21PM EDT

OOC: I can’t wait until I can browse the Internet for hours on end on my own PC again, because then I could actually keep things moving a little faster than they currently would… I suppose I could use the last 250 or so MB of that data allowance on this thread… Posting from the iPad when available (which is not even most of the day at times – when basically nothing happens anyway) OFC.

Jul 07, 2013 at 03:43PM EDT


Glad you’re back.


Phantom casts a spell that puts a purple personal shield around herself and all the NOL troopers and buildings that are currently alive all around Transcendence. These shields are extremely tough to break. She then casts that same shield spell for all of the Loyalists. This puts both sides at a massive stalemate. Both sides are unable to harm each other by any means necessary. The Phantom is the only one who can break this spell. This is beyond the Awoken’s magical comprehension, a very high form of sorcery.


Saya: Come out, Strelok.
The shield sparks, and zaps a few crates that leaves them instantly disintegrated and turns to ash.
Saya: You cannot hide from me. I will be civil with you if you reveal yourself.
She continues to search for his aura.


Flandre boarded the Flyer with everyone else, and when she sees Juvia she runs over to her and hugs her around the waist.
Does momma want to play a game with me later?
She just stares up at Juvia with her big red eyes.

Ragna: For a monster that kid is kinda cute, I have to admit.
Tager walks over to Ragna on the Flyer.
Tager: Please do not tell me you still have that fetish.

Ragna’s face turns to one of anger.

Kokonoe’s screen floats over to Ragna.
Kokonoe: ‘cause it’s true. I’ve seen you look at Rachel like a fat kid looking at a pile of candy.

Tager: I do not suggest pestering Ragna the Bloodedge anymore, Kokonoe.
Kokonoe’s screen turns to Tager.
Kokonoe: It’s not like I care or anything.

The Murakumo Unit overhears this.
Nu: Ragna doesn’t like Nu anymore?

All the Grim Reaper can do is sigh.
Ragna: Look just leave me alone, Kokonoe. I need to think.

Hakumen is standing against a wall by himself in the lounge of the Falcon Flyer where everyone else is. He doesn’t really seem to pay attention to anything that is going on right now.


Bang is actually keeping silent. He is just trying to figure out AM.

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Jul 07, 2013 at 03:51PM EDT

Tardises notices Flandre, due to actually being around for that part of the overall events

Tardises: She looks awfully familiar…

Jul 07, 2013 at 03:59PM EDT

@Relius, Ignis & Phantom,

The Loyalist legions are left confused and bewildered, and after a few more shots they cease fire altogether, after they quickly realize that their bullets are having no effect on the NOL and make a tactical retreat. The Spider-Tanks hunker down and halt firing whilst the troops back off.

The Loyalist take full advantage of invulnerability and begin entrenching, gun emplacements and defensive perimeters are set up and then littered with mines to provide maximum coverage on all fronts.

The soldiers quietly wait in there bunker and trenches, planning a next move and coordinating future strike plans….

This spell has forced a cease fire but has allowed the soldier to bunker up and rally, this temporary break is probably what they need to make the final push for the ultimate overthrow…

@The Imperator,

The warehouse is quite dark and relatively quiet now the battle has stopped outside, however the Primarch is still no where to be found….his voice then rattles out over the intercom and echoes around the empty hall…
Primarch Strelok: Did you really think I would submit to disgusting convert scum such as yourself?! I am the Primarch! you will regret the very day you forced me to my knee’s, filth!!
The feelings pretty un-easy and Streloks aura can still not be pinpointed…


Eventually they finally arrive at…somewhere new…

A massive facility that spans for a good few hundred meters on all sides, The Phalanx swoops down and comes to a landing, its large body taking up half a mile of land. The landscape is slightly different from the desert, in the distance arid mountains can be seen whilst the surroundings consist of small bushes and sparse plant life, the temperature is very high too which decorates the roadway ahead in mirages.
AM: This is Shuttle depot #34, it is currently inactive and in dormant state.
The building looks abandoned but truth is that it has just been left until it is needed so currently it is empty of all Loyalist and locked up
AM: You must take me inside Bang where you will then connect me to a console. This will allow me to summon a craft so that you can attempt your escape. Additionally I can disable Persephone’s security systems and release your friends.
AM taking full advantage of Bangs….vacant mind

They are both still upon the Phalanxes back which is parked up just outside the main entrance of the complex. 1 massive upward sliding door is currently shut down and locked, this is the main way in.

It should be noted that in AM’s current state he cannot do anything but communicate verbally. He is completely powerless

The Spartans are stood with one another in the Flyer, S-001 holds out his hand which once again projects GW

GW: Detonation in 7…6…5…4…3…2…1….

The 18kt HAVOC nuke detonates which immediately destabilizes the Warpstone core and amplifies the explosion 10 fold. The ARK and all the surrounding debris from the fleet is atomised in an instant in one of the biggest explosions yet seen.

Luckily the Falcon Flyer and Heaven were out of range and suffer only minor interruptions to computer equipment
GW: Spartans, you have completed your mission. You are now stripped of your specialisations (“TacNuke” “Pointman” etc) and are to return to the S deck upon arrival for immediate evaluation and combat data collection, You should be proud, your actions during this operation will go on to improve the Program dramatically.
The Spartans give a nod whilst GW then turns his attention to the others
GW: Upon docking at Heaven we are to head to the meeting room, the Captain and the Winds wish to discuss our next course of action

Meanwhile back at Heavens Bridge…

GW: They are returning now Captain
Very good, its been while since ive seen them so definitely a good time for a little chat…its a shame about Eggman though, he coulda been really helpfull, but oh well
GW: Indeed Sir
Anyway im getting aches from all this sitting, lets get down there already and have this meeting eh?
The Winds of Destruction make their way out of the bridge and over to the meeting room, ready for the return of the heroes…

The Prophets await the landing of the Falcon Flyer

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Jul 07, 2013 at 04:37PM EDT

OOC: Looks like there may be a bit of an unexpected reunion in-character, then. And then of course Tardises doesn’t realise that things are a bit different regarding OYH’s visibility, yet (because for Tsunarmin that change hasn’t happened yet, and she would point out such a change occuring.)

Tsunarmin:As someone who has only recently joined you, I would like to know what’s going on. What is this ‘Heaven’? And these ‘Winds’?

Jul 07, 2013 at 05:00PM EDT

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