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Juvia and gray look on at flandre who is crying out in front of them. their arguing with sam over whos best to take care of flandre had caused nothing more than tear away at flandres fragile mind. gray feels great remorse for pushing himself into forcing sam to give flandre to them. he covers his face and tries to hold back his tears, though failing to do so. they begin to stream down his face as everyone looks at what is going on with concern.

juvia begins to shed almost as much tears as flandre. the pain inside her while seeing flandres whims overwhelms juvia. both her and gray only wanted what they believed was the right thing for her. but ultimately, they ended up breaking her heart. how could they had not think about flandre and what she wanted.

juvia walks over to flandre and hugs her just like the way she did the first time the two met.

Juvia: flandre… were… were so sorry…. we didnt mean for any of this to happen. we only thought what would be best for you. but in the end, what is best for you is all of us here together. juvia would never do anything to intentionally hurt you. we only want you to be happy… we dont want to see you suffer anymore like you did in the past…. youve been through so much…. and to see you hurt like this breaks juvias heart… flandre.. please forgive us…. we didnt mean to hurt you.
she holds flandre eve tighter as she continues to shed tears. hoping that she will forgive her

gray is lost in the memories of his past and recollects his memories growing up.

Gray: sam… when i was 6, a monster destroyed my village that i used to live in…. killing all of mty friends and family… each word he speaks is like a knife cutting him from the inside, but continues. i lost everything and everyone that i loved and cared about….. i spent many days alone in the cold snow… one day, i found a woman who took me in and looked after me.. she was my teacher who taught me my ice magic…. for 2 years she raised me and a friend of mine who was with her as well… one day i found out that the monster that destroyed my village was heading to a new town to destroy….. my teacher told me not to go and that i would be throwing my life away… but i didnt listen and i went off to fight him……

it begins to hurt even more as he continues his story.

the monster had already destroyed half of the village after i arrived… by the time i realized i was no match for it, my teacher arrived and began to fight it…. as the fight got intense over time… she ended up losing one of her legs. but quickly using her ice magic to replace it…. she then descided to cast a spell to seal away the monster in an indestructible glacier of ice.

gray stutters a bit.
however…… the price for using such a spell requires the caster to give up their body and their life to form the ice that would seal away the monster. before she did it, she told me that she forgave me for my mistakes, and that she was more than willing to sacrifice herself to absolve me of the darkness that was left in me because of it….. after the spell…. the monster had been enchased in an eternal prison of ice. and my teacher was nowhere to be found… my friend blamed me for her death for the longest time since then… even i did… regardless of how man times i convinced myself i didnt…. i have to carry that burden with me for as long as i live… even after finding fairy tail.

gray buries his head in his hands as his fingers run through his hair.
so you see sam… that is why im trying so hard to help her…. because….. because… BECAUSE I DONT WANT TO SEE ANY MORE PAIN AND SUFFERING TO PEOPLE WHO DONT DESERVE IT!…

his yelling reaches everyone in the room as they continue to look on at whats going on

i dont want any more people to suffer like i did sam…. losing my home when i was little…. my teacher who gave her life to same mine….. i dont want that for anyone… and i would rather die than have anything happen to flandre. so sam. please. let us find a way to work together so that these things dont happen to anyone ever again…. after finishing telling sam and everyone about his past, all that can be heard is the sobbing of gray.

some of the other members either look on at them, have their heads down, or begin to tear up out of all of this.

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Jul 15, 2013 at 05:30PM EDT

Spark’s face:

(I’m just kidding, though. He might just have that tiny bit of a soul to get feels.

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Jul 15, 2013 at 05:35PM EDT

>The man behind Two Face, Cremator, souless bastards who have killed people.
>Getting feels

I have no soul guys, already told you.

Jul 15, 2013 at 05:51PM EDT

Pyralis:…Are we the only group without any tragic backstory at this point, or something?

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Jul 15, 2013 at 05:54PM EDT

Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis wrote:

Pyralis:…Are we the only group without any tragic backstory at this point, or something?

ooc:most of the characters in fairy tail have tragic backstories.

mirajane and her brother elfman and sister lisanna
and laxus

all have from sad stories ranging from sad to heart renderingly tragic.

Jul 15, 2013 at 06:08PM EDT

OOC: I hope they have something else than the “Batman Syndrome” AKA “MY PARENTS ARE DEEEAAAD
It’s a important deseases a lot of characters have. Hell, I used to roleplay with a lot people who had this illness.

Jul 15, 2013 at 06:11PM EDT

Mage: I’m sure that if we brought enough of them in, we’d come across a mage of hte Order with a tragic backstory. And I mean other than THEIR PARENTS ARE DEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAD!

(Remember that for my posts purple is reserved for the fourth wall breaker. And yes, he is speaking to you directly.)

Jul 15, 2013 at 06:15PM EDT

@Sam, Juvia, & Gray,

Flandre hugs Juvia back and continues to cry into her. She then looks up at Juvia.
I… I forgive you, momma…
She puts a weak smile on her face, but that quickly fades to another look of sadness.

I just want you all to make up!
She then puts her head back into Juvia. Her words are muffled mumbling.

The BlazBlue characters have made their way to the mess-hall, having stumbled in on the argument between Sam, Juvia, and Gray. They would all rather remain silent and watch on than try to get involved.

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Jul 15, 2013 at 06:21PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

OOC: I hope they have something else than the “Batman Syndrome” AKA “MY PARENTS ARE DEEEAAAD
It’s a important deseases a lot of characters have. Hell, I used to roleplay with a lot people who had this illness.


In terms of tragic backstory, I really have no characters with one, excepting maybe Ken.

Falcon: Fine. don’t give me back the shit that I gave to you. Be that way.
The people who are going to Falcon’s Earth head off. For real this time.

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Jul 15, 2013 at 06:22PM EDT

OOC: How did I know you were gonna post that image?


Tardises places the stone in his inventory, having nothing better to do with it – After all ,he doesn’t know a thing about it.

Noctan: If we’re going somewhere, shouldn’t we be going soon?

Jul 15, 2013 at 06:29PM EDT

Sam looks back down at Flandre who is still in floods of tears and then back up to Gray who is also crying, he looks back down, then back up

Now he’s crying too? ay! how did this situation get so damn sad from eating noodles?!……

Sam places his hand on Grays shoulder

Even with all your training, you’ve got a lot to learn. Letting your emotions run so easily can be the main factor is turning a fight into a bloody mess in seconds…with you being the bloody mess.

You just need to understand that right here, right now, Flandre is safe. So pluck up your attitude and educate yourself on how to bottle up those tears, maybe get some sort of therapy for your past


In future can we not have these big random occurrences

@TARDISES, still ooc.

Psycho Mantis: The wiki boy!! use the wiki!! listen to these people and do what they say!! ERGH! your mind is full of nothing but feeble confusion…and mental insulation!

Psycho Mantis: Watch now in amazement as I push the button for you!! HNNNNGGG!!

Psycho Mantis: That’s it… the knowledge…Feels good doesn’t it?!? a little meta gaming here and there doesn’t hurt anybody!

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Jul 15, 2013 at 06:29PM EDT


Reimu’s parents are unexplained (instead of her ultra hot mother, she was raised by a talking flying sea turtle old fart) and as far as I know Marisa’s dad is kinda a dick (She ran away from home) and her master has been missing since the end of the Windows 98 Era (Causing quite a few fans to rage, but I personally think the bitch is still in New Hell).

Yukari’s backstory is unknown with the exception that Maribel Han may be Yukari from the past, but in that case there is still a very large gap that needs to be filled in.

Yeah, I wouldn’t call any of their backstories tragic. It’s not like any of them endlessly angst over it.

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Jul 15, 2013 at 06:35PM EDT

Tsunarmin: Well, if we’re talking about backstories, I think it’s time to reveal something I have never told anyone yet. While it is not a dead parents situation, they…. didn’t exactly approve of my choice. You see. they wanted me to take over their duties as a Guadian. As I’m water elemental, that would logically make their duty guarding the Water Crystal of my world. I insisted on joining the Order though – maybe to become magically versatile, maybe just for the human contact. The elemental temples aren’t exactly easily accessible in most cases. Last I heard from them, they were doing alright and the Crystal was safe, but that was a few months ago. I hope they’ve found something else to take over in case the inevitable eventually happens. Nothing is immortal, after all…. My childhood has allowed me to learn a pretty rare spell, though.

(OOC: If you could recognise exactly which character I drew inspiration from for Tsunarmin, you could probably have seen at least part of this backstory coming. And probably know what spell Tsunarmin knows that no other mage of the Order does. (If you don’t, it’s named Aqualung, and allows the targets to breathe underwater.) So, yeah.)
EDIT: Also, even if I did look at the article (which considering I am currently on my PC, I am not about to do), my character still would not know, as he is not a fourth wall breaker.
EDIT 2: Forgot to react to Natsuru’s post in the last edit… Yeah, I know that Touhou characters are lacking in the backstory department. They make up for it in the bullet hell department, of course. Speaking of bullet hell, if everything goes the way I hope it will tomorrow by this time I may have re-acquired 13 (I had it on my old PC but never got round to getting it on this one for some reason) and also gotten 13.5 on the side. Thank (insert deity name here) for portable storage devices, eh?

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Jul 15, 2013 at 06:37PM EDT

OOC: ill try and make sure this kind of thing never happens again.


gray stops crying after sams remark. whipes his face and stands back up and faces him. quickly taking his advice in bottling his emotions, for he could be on the verge of freezing him in ice so powerful it would freeze every ounce of his being. but obviously realizing the many consequences of doing such a thing. he instead keeps a calm head and descide that its not worth all of the trouble of arguing.

he breathes in once and back out heavily. he looks directly at sam.

Gray: theres not enough therapy in the world that could help me deal with this pain in the ass over there,points at natsu. let alone my problems in the past. but you know what, thats just something im gonna have to deal with on my own one day. and about my emotions, we learned that it is okay to let them run. just like all of us here in fairy tail, we are all driven by our emotions. its what gives us the strength to fight for what we believe in. we fight to protect those that we care about. we both have our differences, but its not something worth fighting over. that then becomes a whole mess of thing that gets us all nowhere. but for now. let just put all of this tension aside, clear our heads of all of this and just work on a way to help flandre. you dont have to do all of this alone sam, were just here to help each other. i dont want anything to happen to her or anybody else like what happened to me. and im sure you want the same for her.

he reaches his hand out to sam while finally cracking a smile on his face.

Gray: can we forget about all of this and move on?
OOC: reimus mom
when do we get to meet her?

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Jul 15, 2013 at 07:18PM EDT

OOC: I have to agree with Asura. I only read “bla bla bla bla bla hot mom bla bla”

I demand pictures.

Jul 15, 2013 at 07:39PM EDT

OOC: I didn’t even have to actively read the entire post. I think I should have pointed out that where it says ‘Windows 98’ it should be ‘PC-98’.

Solarian: …Can we just move on, please? The only bit I honestly cared about was Tsunarmin’s backstory… We will be having words about why she never mentioned that spell before, though…

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Jul 15, 2013 at 07:42PM EDT


HAHA! thatta boy!
Sam smacks his hand straight down on to Grey’s, grasping it tightly in his inhuman grip
I understand why you use your emotions, I did once. I had revenge floating around my mind and it enabled me to succeed in the past, Its having the right ones for the job Grey, that’s the idea.

Im sorry if I come across cold, I didn’t exactly have the most wonderful youth myself. You know me however, you know what ive done. You will understand why I am how I am and why I do what I do
He lets go of Greys hand and gives his signature shit-eating-grin


>mfw Reimu’s mum

Psycho Mantis: Every living thing on this planet exists to mindlessly pass on their DNA… We’re designed that way. And that’s why there is war…..
Mntes pls

Jul 15, 2013 at 07:50PM EDT

OOC: I’ll wait for Sam to post Renegade in the brig, but for now, enjoy some Discord!

The others are wondering what is taking Renegade so long, and they’re trying to pass the time.
Discord: So… my bet says that the angel is dead… again. Any takers?

Lyra: I’ll take you up on that…
She places down the two Crystal Stars that were useless to her

Discord: I’ll raise your offer…

He poofs two Crystal Stars of his own

Jul 15, 2013 at 08:38PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

OOC: I have to agree with Asura. I only read “bla bla bla bla bla hot mom bla bla”

I demand pictures.


Alright, here ya go.

1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 and a NSFW one

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Jul 15, 2013 at 08:56PM EDT


EDIT: HOLY…..holy brocococockamolly!… the last link. click the hakurei miko tag

Do it Muthafucker

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Jul 15, 2013 at 09:08PM EDT

OOC: Sorry I have not posted anything for two days, I was busy IRL. @Mark, Renegade is in Heaven now?

@K. Asura

NM : So this card will be used later… Then I will open the portal, just wait a moment.

NM raises both arms and his aura begins to change his color of red to dark. Suddenly, a small light begins to come out of nowhere, causing the earth begins to break, the stones begin to float and red clouds begin to gather, forming a whirlpool. The wind begins to blow very hard, causing the Army of Darkness’s fleet move from their place. The small light begins to enlarge, to become a large purple red vortex floating in the middle of Equestria

Then, NM relax his arms, causing his dark aura change to normal, the wind stops blowing and the earth and rocks began to fall to the ground by the gravity. The clouds took their original form and the enviroment began to calm. Everything back to the normal state, except the big vortex.

NM : This is the portal to Mobius, Kishin. The chaos emeralds will be in the other side, you just have to be careful about what we will encounter, because I know that a powerful energy is behind that portal.

NM turns to the AoD fleet and throws a dark orb to SS Zeus. The Zeppelin began to bright. The other six zeppelins began to bright too, causing them to change shape, like a liquid-like aspect. Later, the SS Zeus began to increase the size and transforming his old Balloon aspect to a metalic form, more bigger and more tecnologic. The other zeppelins start to
coalesce with the SS Zeus,

NM : The transformation will be finished later, Asura, we need to enter to the portal now.

The two demi-gods enter to the portal to Mobius, while the entire fleet of the Army of Darkness began to transform in only one ship… one enormus ship.

Jul 15, 2013 at 09:16PM EDT

Laika wrote:


EDIT: HOLY…..holy brocococockamolly!… the last link. click the hakurei miko tag

Do it Muthafucker

>MFW I clicked the tag

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OOC: So guys…I won’t be posting anything else becouse err..I’m bussy with something else, a matter of business that requires my full attention..

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Jul 15, 2013 at 09:25PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

OOC: So guys…I won’t be posting anything else becouse err..I’m bussy with something else, a matter of business that requires my full attention..

I know that feel, man.
I know that feel so hard.
Thankfully, I can multitask.
It took years of practice, though.

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Jul 15, 2013 at 09:27PM EDT

Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

I know that feel, man.
I know that feel so hard.
Thankfully, I can multitask.
It took years of practice, though.

Jul 15, 2013 at 09:28PM EDT


@Reimu’s mom.


@Gray, Sam, and Juvia,

Flandre stops crying the seeming moment that Gray and Sam apologize to each other, leaving Juvia’s clothes rather wet with tears. She then smiles, and goes over to Sam, hugging him again.
Thank you, daddy…
She looks up at him with the big red eyes of hers before going over to Gray and giving him the same treatment.
Thank you two for apologizing.
She sniffs a bit, looking up at Gray. She then lets go of him, and floats back over to Sam to sit on his shoulder.
So… I’m full now. What do we want to do?
She sounds excited as to what will happen next.

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Falcon’s Crew gets to the main hangar, and remembers to contact everyone Who isn’t with him.
Falcon: Remember: 3 Days from now, To The Dot.
Falcon notices the sphere Maledict and Snively are in
Falcon: What the hell is that? Ah, Screw it, I’d better get a move-on
Falcon’s crew climbs in the falcon Flyer, and takes off for Earth-2

In relation to the fiasco that went on:
(I’m not even trying to hide it, now. PORN!)

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Jul 15, 2013 at 09:39PM EDT

That was an intense shake-weight session just…


Im glad you’re feeling better now and that this situation is all over. What to do?…hmmm..
He gives his chin a few scratches
Well, with this free time I think I might take a trip around Heaven, check on everything myself for once. At least it will stop me from vegetating in that damn Bridge. What do you say Flandre? fancy a little waltz around the decks?


Meanwhile the Tengu units get Renegade to the brigs interrogation room, he is stripped of all his gear and clamped up onto a torture device…

(But obviously with Renegade instead)
A bright light is shone into his face as he is left there in the empty room, he eventually comes around and in bewilderment looks about his surroundings frantically, he struggles against his bindings but they are hardened steel and won’t move in the slightest. An LCD screen in the corner of the room flickers on to show the face of a Tengu
Tengu: How did you got aboard Heaven and what are your intentions?
He speaks in a calm voice which is slightly muffled by his mask

To describe the room: It is frosty cold, smallish, overly lit and quiet, In the corner can be seen a locked armoured crate whilst about a meter in front of him can be seen a small control console sat on a podium protruding from the ground. Its an eerie atmosphere that leaves a feeling of dread…

OOC: That’s me done for tonight, fairplay though that gave me a big laugh earlier

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Jul 15, 2013 at 09:54PM EDT


Okay! That sounds like a great idea! Hehe~
The vampire suddenly gets a whiff of a terrible smell, which is… everyone else and herself. She has to pinch her nose in order to keep the stench away. They all have not bathed in a while, and that is why she is acting like this.
I need a bath after this, Sam…
Her words sound strange since she is pinching her nose to keep out the smell.
But I do want to spend time with you first, so it can wait for now!

Jul 15, 2013 at 10:04PM EDT

@flandre and sam
after that remark made by flandre. it hits everyone all at once. most of them bathed in god knows how long.

Erza: thank goodness im not the only one who caught up on that.

Lucy: man, i could really use a hot soak right now. i wonder if there are any baths in this place.

Cana: we can go back to our guild hall and use the hot springs there.

Natsu: man, nothing like a good hot bath after a long day of fighting so many of those damn robots.

gajeel: i know. do we go back home or do we stay here though thats the question.

Gray: i dont care honestly, here or there.

Juvia: well, that depends on samuel here. sam, we wouldnt be any trouble if we bathed here do you? we wouldnt want to be any more trouble than we already have been. but if you want juvia could give fandre a hand with her bath. i could also clean her clothes as well. its the least i can do for her.

Gray: she is a water mage after all. so, what do you say man?

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Jul 15, 2013 at 10:17PM EDT

Reimu picks up a piece of her hair, it clumped together

… I have turned into a grease ball.

Marisa doesn’t look any different than she usually does. Hair matted ect.

“… I am missing your hot spring.”

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Jul 15, 2013 at 11:05PM EDT

ooc: well im out. everyone, tommorow, hot spring baths at fairy tail guild hall. gonna be a fun time.

Jul 15, 2013 at 11:08PM EDT

Renegade looks around, wearing nothing but his pants and mask, and notices he is shackled. He sees a screen, featuring a guard, and he stares in annoyance, then anger, as he asks “How did you got aboard Heaven and what are your intentions?” He laughs after hearing the question, and smirks.
Renegade: How I got aboard is not important… but what my purpose is. I will not answer to you…
The guard shows no reaction, but instead pulls a switch, causing the machine Renegade is strapped in to electrocute him. He clenches his teeth, trying not to show any reaction to the torture. The electricity goes for an agonizing moment, until it suddenly stops. He gasps out, taking deep breaths as the machine stops.
Renegade: I… WILL NOT… answer… to you. Bring forth whoever you wish… just as long as they are more… important… than you.
The guard pulls the switch again, with more voltage and a longer duration. Renegade groans in agony, again trying to not show any weakness. He knows he can escape the device at any time, but where would it lead him? Escaping only to be targeted and hunted down by those he wished to ally? He would rather face whoever dared to call themselves in charge personally, to truly explain why he was there. The machine stops, and Renegade gasps out for breath. The guard leaves for the moment, though to where is unknown to Renegade…

Jul 16, 2013 at 12:24AM EDT

The 5 mages of the Order merely stand around – After all, they weren’t the ones taking on a mad scientist (even though none of them knew it)

Jul 16, 2013 at 04:58AM EDT

@Flandre, Reimu, Marisa & Fairy Tail,

Sam gets a good wiff of the smell which is unfortunately enhanced 2 times over because of his augmented senses
Ay! the stench!
Sam turns his attention to Juvia, but addresses this statements to everyone who is wondering about baths including the Touhou duo
Baths?….Well here’s the issue, everyone but the military and civilians are cyborgs which means that everywhere but the barracks and civvy decks have wash facilities. You see, being augmented means no need to clean…..If you really want a wash I suggest you make your way down to the habitation decks via the tram, I don’t want you anywhere near the troops at the moment. But, keep your spells and tricks to yourselves and don’t cause a scene down there…

I don’t want some sort of riot outbreak between the refugees because of another mad happening on your part now hehehee….

He then looks back up to Flandre

Its your choice, you can either go with them and get cleaned up? or we can take our trip around Heaven now? Im not bothered either way




In an unknown part of Heaven…
?#1: General sir!
?#2: Eh? yeah what?
?#1: We have recently captured a intruder, he is currently in the torture device in the brig
?#2: Sounds friggin’ brilliant
?#1: I was told to keep you informed on captives
?#2: Yeah cheers mate, Ill be heading down there now
Ruffling sounds, and heavy footsteps
?#2: Im lookin’ forward to this
?#1: Sir!

And now we return to the torture chamber, where Renegade currently is…

The room is dead quite and cold, the atmosphere is dreading and Renegade can’t help but feel helpless, he looks about the place but no one is to be seem, it looks like he has been abandoned for the time being, however..

…A series of very heavy footsteps can be heard coming from outside the room, they got closer and closer, and with each thud they send a small shake through the ground. They pause for a moment, and then the entrance door opposite slides open to reveal…

General Barker: Lovely jubbly….

Was the Leader of the Praying Mantis PMC
British born and bred, but due to being bought up in a poor, poverty depraved background not much is known about his childhood although it is said to bare similarities to Solodkaya. He appeared on records when he joined the Army although he wasn’t the best solider, not because he was a rookie fighter but because he was a undisciplined brute, time and time again he would be punished for his misbehaviour but he would only ever come back stronger and more ferocious, he was threatened multiple times with imprisonment but it was said he got off because he threatened the prison service back with going AWOL and defecting. He continued going about his business how he liked without any interference. His superiors HATED him but their superiors loved him because he got results every time. Every war he was in, every objective he was given, would be completed beyond expectations in his own fashion, they would simply tell this tank of a man what to do, provide him with open access to the military’s arsenal and then leave him to deal with it, he didn’t even have a official rank to start with….

He continued like this for decades, he didn’t care, he loved every second, he was never put to waste and was sent to every single conflict no matter how horrific they were, the atrocities seemingly bounced off of his solid mentality. One thing he isn’t for certain and that is a meat head, Definitely not your average stupid muscle bound fool who acts big, this man knows exactly what he’s doing and how he is doing it, no regrets…because of this it is said that he has been the prime suspect of a few famous massacres although those are only rumours….

He was finally made General as a form of a “thankyou for your service” idea, he took this opportunity and here he is today. Always boots on the ground and always with his soldiers, the majority of the time he leaves his job to his fellow commanders…

He steps through the door and into the cold room, he approaches Renegade

General Barker: Ill say it how it is, I really do enjoy torturing people and right now your not cooperating.

Barker walks over the control panel and pushes in a few buttons

General Barker: You can call me General…

He taps at a few more keys, a low charging sound can be heard emanating from the torture device

General Barker: So come on then. lets hear it. Why are you here? and how the fuck did you even get here?…..or you know what, don’t answer yet, jus’ so I can shock ya good and proper, turn you into a bacon bap….

The General stands there in front of Renegade, waiting for a response

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Jul 16, 2013 at 04:36PM EDT

@sam and flandre
they think to themselves for a bit. then finally come up with a good solution.

Lucy: well how about this than. we take her to our guild as well with everyone else to get much needed baths.

Erza: that probably the best solution right now.

Gray: yah, we’ve been enough trouble as it is coming here.

Juvia: so its settled than. sam, we can take everyone here back to our guild hall, flandre as well. we get washed up and ill take care of flandres bath and her clothes as well. once were all done bathing and dried, ill send her back to you here to stay for the night.

Gray: then tomorrow we can come up with a way to help flandre control her powers. any objections to any of this sam?

Jul 16, 2013 at 04:50PM EDT

Falcon and his crew land in Red Canyon, next to Goroh’s band of thieves.
Goroh:…I Still hate you. I only went with you because I couldn’t get out of there with the rustbucket I had with me.
Falcon: Liar.
Falcon: Sure you will.
Goroh storms off the ship, and meets with his fellow thieves.

Falcon takes off towards his house, but makes a detour to another house.
Falcon: Henry?
Henry: Huh?
Falcon: Here.
Falcon tosses Henry a pair of keys.

Falcon: I suppose we better get a move-on, then.
The Flyer flies to an archipelago on the coast of Port Town, which just so happens to be Captain Falcon’s home. There are a bunch of race tracks scattered about.
Falcon: We’re here.
The four men get out of the car, and head to a house nearby.
Falcon: You three should get cleaned up.
The three stand users head off to shower, as Falcon turns on a TV. He changes the channel to The Sports channel, which currently has an F-Zero promotion going on.
Mr.Zero: Hello once again, racing fans! It’s Me, Mr. Zero LIVE from Mute City to inform you all about the upcoming F-Zero race Three days from now!
Falcon: Charming.
Mr. Zero: We have an EXCELLENT lineup of racers this year! I hope your favorite is in the lineup! In order of car number:
In the #1 car, MIGHTY GAZELLE!
In the #2 car, JODY SUMMER!
In the #3 car, DR. STEWART!
In the #4 car, BABA!
In the #5 car, SAMURAI GOROH!
In the #6 car, PICO!
In the #7 car, CAPTAIN FALCON!
In the #8 car, OCTOMAN!
In the #9 car, MR. EAD!
In the #10 car, JAMES McCLOUD!
In the #11 car, BILLY!
In the #12 car, KATE ALEN!
In the #13 car, ZODA!
In the #14 car, JACK LEVIN!
In the #15 car, BIO REX!
In the #16 car, THE SKULL!
In the #17 car, ANTONIO GUSTER!
In the #18 car, BEASTMAN!
In the #19 car, LEON!
In the #20 car, SUPER ARROW!
In the #21 car, MRS. ARROW!
In the #22 car, GOMAR AND SHIOH!
In the #23 car, SILVER NEELSEN!
In the #24 car, MICHEAL CHAIN!
In the #25 car, BLOOD FALCON!
In the #26 car, JOHN TANAKA!
In the #27 car, DRAQ!
In the #28 car, ROGER BUSTER!
In the #29 car, DR. CLASH!
In the #30 car, BLACK SHADOW!
That’s all we have for now, so stay tuned!

Falcon shuts off the TV
Falcon: God, he’s chewing the scenery so damn hard.

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@Sam and Fairy Tail,

Flandre looks between the two, wondering who she will go with. She looks at Fairy Tail, then to Sam, then back again.
I think I’ll go with Fairy Tail for now, Sam.
She looks at Sam, and gives him a hug around the head before she floats over to sit on Juvia’s shoulder.
But I promise that when I come back I’ll walk around Heaven with you! Okay?
She smiles at Sam.


Superintendent: Upgrade her, Commander? I am unsure about what changes I could make. The technology at my disposal is vast but I lack the ability to imagine. Could you provide me with any recommendations Commander?

Relius scratches his chin, thinking of all the possible upgrades for Ignis. He walks around the room, waiting on an idea to just fly into his head at any given moment… Finally, something hits the Puppeteer and he smiles deviously.
Relius: My wife is no good with long ranged combat procedures. However she is excellent in close range.

The robot just floats there silently, and all of the sudden her claws are withdrawn into her body and a massive buzzsaw blade comes out and begins to rev up.

He looks at his creation.
Relius: That is enough for now, Ignis.

The buzzsaw blade withdraws back into her body and is then replaced with her normal claw.
Ignis: …

Relius: If you could outfit her with devastating long ranged weaponry, it would be greatly appreciated.


AM: I do not know why I came to be, I do not know why it cast me aside, I do not know my initial purpose. The only thing I do know about my origins is that I “frightened” my creator.

Bang: … I see… How exactly did you frighten your creator?

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Who said anything about breaking out?

Renegade sees General Barker enter, and shows no interest at first.
General Barker: I’ll say it how it is, I really do enjoy torturing people and right now your not cooperating.
Barker walks over the control panel and pushes in a few buttons…
General Barker: You can call me General…
He taps at a few more keys, a low charging sound can be heard emanating from the torture device.
General Barker: So… come on, then. Let’s hear it. Why are you here, and how the fuck did you even get here?…..or you know what, don’t answer yet, jus’ so I can shock ya good and proper, turn you into a bacon bap….
The General stands there in front of Renegade, waiting for a response.
Renegade: As you wish, general…
He then silences himself, and the general smiles as he pulls the switch again. The shock is much more powerful than before, and Renegade can’t help but to yell in agony. The shock is also much longer than before, adding to the torture. After a minute of the torture, Renegade slumps his head, and slowly picks it up, laughing a bit.
Renegade: I’ll say it how it is as well, general. I could escape these chains at anytime…
He wriggles his wrists a bit.
Renegade: But that would only make my reason for being here void, now, wouldn’t it? Care to listen to what I have to say, or will you resort to the Frenchman’s way again?

Jul 16, 2013 at 06:15PM EDT

Solarian: Before we go, I think it’s best that we arrange a method for our acquiring components to make those shields we’ve been talking about, first…

Jul 16, 2013 at 06:26PM EDT

Meanwhile in the viewable spectrum from space, the star Yukari had forced Utsuho to work on comes into view

Oh wait, right. You blinked you missed it coming in. It’s one of the little blue ones off to the corner there. Keep looking, your eyes will start seeing little black spots as soon as you turn your face to look at a white wall.

Yuyuko: “…That does sound like a fun little mission. I will call Youmu right away!”
Yukari: “Excellent. As soon as this is done I need all the Devil Manor fairies to start- [Redacted].”
Yuyuko: “Sounds fine by me.”

Youmu returns, bags packed

Youmu: “Preparations are complete Lady Yuyuko.”
Yuyuko: “Very good, lets be going then~”

The three of them vanish into Yukari’s Portal…

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Superintendent: Okay, ill see what I can do Commander
The AI turns its attention towards Ignis
Superintendent: An interesting specimen
A low humming sound and then a beep as a Sentinel is teleported straight into the room…

Just one of the many thousand units that make up the fleet under the Superintendents control, they are effectively his hands, allowing the AI to construct buildings and make repairs by summoning these machines to the location and giving them orders, they do not possess intelligence and therefore do not speak, additionally they are large in size and are seldom seen giving them an eerie presence
Superintendent: Please relax Ignis.
The Sentinel machine slowly hovers over towards Ignis…


AM: I do not know. I can only recollect an instant hatred from my creator


Without a shed of hesitation General Barker delivers a hefty punch to Renegades abdomen
General Barker: Ill listen when I can be fucking arsed!
He keeps hitting Renegade, each punch carrying the force of mules kick
General Barker: Cracking bones! that’s what I like to hear!
He backs off, shaking his hands
General Barker: Escape and ill cripple you with the nano’s so bad you’ll look like a slinky gone through a tumble dryer!……c’mon now bacon boy! tell me the plan!
Barker takes pride in torture sessions however he is quick to lose his patience which always leads to his victims death, usually through a horrific way


?: Well ill be.. isn’t this just a big fancy pansty place huh?! looka all this stuff around here!
Kokonoe turns around to see…

Roger (Crow): You can call me Roger or……nah, just Roger
He approaches some sort of contraption set up on a nearby desk and begins messing around with it
Roger (Crow): I could never be bothered to give time to this sorta crap! I mean looka dis thing! what even is it?! a spinning wheel thing here? and…some sort of donut shaped thinga there?! ha!
He holds his hand over the small intricate machine and brings his hand down atop it, crushing it instantly
Roger (Crow): There we go, I made a dish
He then goes over to a book stand
Roger (Crow): You poor poor people and your books
And then finally approaches Kokonoe properly, he is surprisingly tall
Roger (Crow): So your a what…cat thing? I know a guy who is into that sorta shit
He holds his hand out, Kokonoe isn’t given a choice and is forced to shake it against her own will
Roger (Crow): Never met a person who has turned me down. But seriously, what are you doing in my neighbourhood? the Boundary is a holiday home of mine not some sorta fucking time share

Jul 16, 2013 at 09:15PM EDT

Amid the quiet space, across the planet Mobius, a beam of light appears out of nowhere. The light starts to become larger as the seconds passed, until finally the growth stops. This light suddenly becomes a giant space vortex, creating a portal to another dimension. In the portal, a man with a large dark aura around his body, out of it. Later, another out of the portal. This had scarves around his body.

Just touch the vacuum of space, he starts to fly around like it was not affected by the pressure.

NM : The space… So quiet… Blitz, I’m on the other side, how is the new ship?

Said NM telepathically, but no one response.

NM : Right… if you can hear me keep the weapons ready. We are gonna use them all.

Jul 16, 2013 at 09:16PM EDT

Renegade feels the blows, each one further increasing the pain inside him. He bleeds from the corners of his mouth… breathing… no… rasping hard. “This hurts like hell,” he thinks to himself… “if I was anything like him, I’d kill him with the snap of my fingers. I might as well tell him why I’m here…” He coughs blood, before speaking.
Renegade: All I want… is for a group of good folk I’m traveling with to be safe. As for me… I’m here to finish a fight. I heard he was coming to join up with someone…
He coughs up more blood, before continuing.
Renegade: Someone… on Mobius. I don’t know who… but I can tell you… to watch out… for Nightmare.
He hacks up more blood, caring only that everyone on the OFC was granted safety.

Jul 16, 2013 at 10:22PM EDT

In the Boundary and Kokonoe’s Lab…

Yukari: “Hoho~ What are you all doing in a place like this~? It’s dangerous to come into here without knowing exactly what you are doing~”

Her voice echos though here… this might as well be her home turf

Yukari: “Boundary between Timelines is tricky to navigate little cat girl. If you really wanted to jump to another dimension I would go… That Way.”

No signifier makes itself present, she just wanted to be annoying

Yukari: “You might as well be navigating rapids in here. Well whatever. Not like I didn’t tell you so.”

A sort of pleasant vworp sound, opposite of the harsh Vweep sounds outside, is heard… along with two girls giggling…

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