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The 5 mages of the Order, being clean due to being fresh from the HQ, debate what to do.

Solarian: I think we should go in anyway, and see what information we could gather.
Tsunarmin: Only two of us need to really go in – and obviously I must be one of them.
Tsunarmin proceeds to enter the female’s springs

Noctan: I’ll go. You 3 just wait here.

Noctan proceeds to enter the male’s springs

In the female springs…

Tsunarmin just stands around where the others can see her, wondering whether to just enter the spring itself or not.

In the male springs…

Noctan merely stands where the others can see him

(OOC: By others, I mean others in the springs, of course.)

Outside the springs….

The other 3 Order mages just decide to head over to where the others are waiting

Jul 18, 2013 at 06:08AM EDT

The Autobots pass through the Ground Bridge

Jazz: Whoo! That’s always a rush.

Optimus: Wait… where’s Lyra?

Ironhide: I thought she was with us, Ah saw ’er go through the Ground Bridge.

Jul 18, 2013 at 08:11AM EDT

@Renegade and Discord,

Hakumen seems a bit agitated that Renegade got on the table just so he could feel a little bit superior. The eyes on the shoulders of his armor continue to examine him. The eyes in the back of his armor then look at Discord like they’re staring straight through him.
Hakumen: I see…

Renegade then mentions Hakumen’s sword.

Hakumen: Interested, eh?
The sheath itself appears to be attached to the back of his armor by some sort of mechanism, and it is as tall or taller than the already gargantuan knight is.
Hakumen: The Nox Nyctores Interfectum Malus: Ōkami. The demon slaying sword. I am the one who shall return all to nothing!
Hakumen laughs a bit after he says this.
Hakumen: Care for a demonstration?
The joke he just told was very out of place. Strange sense of humor? Maybe… The back eyes on Hakumen’s gauntlets now look at Discord, while Hakumen’s faceless mask looks at Renegade. This feature is also very bizarre and actually rather intimidating as well. Everything about this guy is just very cold.
Hakumen: I am only kidding you…

Renegade then mentions his goal.

Hakumen: So you wish to destroy two evils, Angel? … A noble cause. But tell me… Why have you brought a creature of corruption here with you?
Hakumen turns his head to look at Discord. That mask nearly paralyzes him in fear. He then walks a few steps towards the draconequus.

Hakumen: A creature of corruption and chaos. Why do you associate yourself with such things, Angel?
Hakumen keeps his hand off the hilt of his blade for now, knowing he could strike Discord down at any moment he sees fit. However, he waits to do so…

Discord can feel his knees start to tremble and lock up as Hakumen neared some, and he also feels rather sick just from the swordsman’s presence. His throat also feels sort of dry like he is sick.


After Ragna is done showering, he makes his way out to the male hot springs and proceeds to sit down in the water and near the edge. His Azure Grimoire arm lights the water up a bit, it glowing a mixture of black and red.
Ragna: Ah… It’s been so long since I’ve finally had time to relax…
It can also be mentioned that Ragna is very well-built under all of his garbs. However there are scars from all the battles he has been through. There are some rather nasty ones that were left by Hakumen, Jin, and Hazama that adorn him all over.
Ragna: I still wish I could feel the water with my hands though…
He looks a bit saddened, but that quickly turns to anger as he remembers that Terumi was the one who cut his right off arm in the first place, and that he sacrificed his left one in order to save a friend. However, Kokonoe built him a new left arm…
Ragna: Terumi…
His eyes get filled with a bit of anger as he thinks about him.


Juvia can see that Flandre also has a good bit of bruising and scarring from what all she has been through this adventure. There also appears to be a black scar on her side where she was struck by Hazama’s Ouroboros. The scarring and flesh around it actually looks black. This is due to the fact that she was poisoned by him there, along with the strike of the snake itself.

OOC: It should be noted that EVERYONE who was in the fight with Hazama has a similar marking to where one of the Ouroboros struck your character. Where it is is up to you, but it would mainly be on the sides, the front of the body, or the neck. It could be on the back, however.

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Jul 18, 2013 at 11:29AM EDT

OOC: Obviously there would be no such markings on any of my characters, then.

Tsunarmin decides to approach, and notices the marking on Flandre as a result

Tsunarmin: That doesn’t look right…


The 3 Order mages who did not enter the springs find the others…

Pyralis: points at Discord WHAT THE HELL IS THAT THING!?

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Jul 18, 2013 at 12:00PM EDT

Another OOC:

And I forgot to mention that the scars look like snake bites. I wasn’t able to edit that in until it was too late.

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Jul 18, 2013 at 12:10PM EDT

MEANWHILE..In the male’s springs! The horror..THE HORROR that Spark and the rest of the unlucky male members of the hero group have to face is a unspeakable monster, a creature from another dimension probably, a evil with no limits:
Anti-S are born to kill their respective target and then do nothing for the rest of their lives. We give you powers to murder a target and once you do it, you are done. We will teach you the basics, the stategy, the technique to kill this target but don’t expect anything else. We won’t teach you the meaning of “public offense”, common sense and decency.

After arriving to the male’s springs, Veteran quickly got rid of his clothes, revealing his gorgeous and horrorific muscularity mixed with a gigantic amount of fatness. Then, the luchador proceeded to head to the pool, where a calm Ragna tries to think clearly. His peaceful moment is brutally interrupted by a giant fat naked behemoth, who jumps into the water and ,just like a bomb hitting a ship, a enourmous wave hits the entire place as the luchador lands and rests. Small plugs can be found around Veteran’s arms and legs…and he smells like sweet and dirt.

Sam: For the last time miss, I’m not going to spend the next three hours talking with naked humans!
Says Sam to Levy as Max laughs. Before she was able to get inside the ladies’s springs, Levy was stopped by the dog. A few minutes of discussion involving Sam’s hair and Max’s hyperkinetic nature, both of them require a special treatment. Meanwhile, Cheston is seen rolling around the floor and screaming for help. He ran away from the male’s springs after looking at “DAT BOOTY”. He approaches the group, complaining about the service and demanding a special treatment too. “Gorilla hair is hard to wash madam and a power packed gorilla like me deserves the best of the best.”
Suddenly, a mysterious man out of nowhere.

???: Gentlemen! Calm down for a second! Communication is key!..But I must agree with you my friends, I bet nobody wants to be in the same room where that luchador is! Shocking experience ma’am, you will not believe how disgusting that was! I suggest a apple shampoo and thousands of sponges for the ape. Wish I could help but I’m afraid that I must train until the day I have the chance to face the merciless Balloon Master. Out!
Cheston: Spark is that you?
???: No.
Cheston: You have the same helmet. If you are going to trick me, do it right.
Sam: Agreed.

Captain Spark: Alright you got me! I just took a small shower, enough to smell like a new car and ready to shock some things up again!

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Jul 18, 2013 at 01:08PM EDT

Eh? no…I don’t have any complaints about that in the slightest…and even if I did im not one to come down on people like a crate of bricks anyway. So no worries man



Crow: And so the cycle is as should be

The Crow vanishes from the boundary and into inexistance

Meanwhile Sam arrives at one of Heavens cargo decks however this one isn’t anything like the others, it is a long term storage facility used to house pieces of equipment for very long extended periods of times making the place into a giant time capsule of sorts, housing old relics. He makes his way from the tram station and through a few halls before taking an elevator downward

Its been a while since ive looked at all this old crap…

The elevator comes to a stop and the doors slide open to reveal a very large, and open room ahead…

In front of him is one of many Ray storage warehouses, along each wall are 10 Ray Unmanned Gears, each one in a shut down and dormant state waiting for the day to shine once more…they’ve been down here for a very long time and pretty much forgotten about by the crew, however Sam, every now and then comes down here by himself to remember the old days when he was in the mercenary group.

This cargo deck contains the old shutdown relics of Sam’s and Desperado’s past, here can be found everything from UG’s to tilt-rotor helicopters and Stryker APC’s

Ahhh that smell…

He takes a big breath in through his nose

Its been a while my ol’ friends
He walks into the completely empty and quiet room and makes his way down the centre whilst looking up at the Rays as he passes by. He gets an inner peace from this, and for once in ages feels relaxed when being around the great war machines.

He remembers all the way back to when Flandre was the Black Beast, and when Asura destroyed a whole fleet of Rays in a single battle, he thinks about the pain and loss, the effort he put in to make it all possible that he could rise up and still save Flandre and rid Outer Haven of Asura.
Such expensive UG’s, the best in the world
He walks up to on of them and gives it a pat on the head, something catches his eye as he does….

An old Desperado Enforcement logo, heavily scratches and partially worn away from being unmaintained for so long, Sam stretches his hand out to it
This little emblem was on every piece of equipment we had, advertising our company with each deployment and incursion we went out on….I wonder if anyone remembers us by this…I wonder what people thought when they saw it…when they saw a APC rolling down the street with this painted up the side…
He makes his way back to the elevator, and pauses for a moment within it, looking back out at the lifeless room
You guys sure have helped in the past…maybe again sometime

He presses the button and heads down to another level of the cargo deck, after a few seconds it stops and he takes a step out into another large and empty storage room, this one is like a library however instead of bookshelves…

…There are Grad Unmanned Gears (UG’s) lined up in rows down the warehouse, each one of these are fairly large machines, easily about as tall as a bus standing on end and as wide as a small house. They are second best to the much MUCH more capable Ray but are still very potent in combat, not to mention plentiful in number and very apt at crowd handling and anti-tank duty. Due to there incredible armour plating they are able to take multiple AP rounds without a flinch and manipulate it about there body due to the plates being attached to fully moveable arms attached to the main unit

Sam makes his way into the place and begins pacing up and down the isles inbetween the UG’s, just like the Rays they are all shutdown and deactivated

Big, reliable, fast, packed fulla guns and missiles, everything you want jammed onto a two legged robotic chassis

He approaches the front of one and checks it over

Good design, I remember using a Grad once as a mobile shield, hiding behind these plates until I was close enough to strike…

He gives it a pat and continues on his journey of memories through the cargo deck…

Jul 18, 2013 at 01:39PM EDT

Renegade actually and sincerely laughs at Hakumen’s dark humor.
Renegade: While a demonstration sounds promising, fighting is the only thing I’ve done up to here. Need more variety…
There was very little that Renegade could not make amusing, just to keep his spirit up. He turns back to Discord, who has now transformed into a miniature version of himself, hiding in one of the pouches on Renegade’s armor.

Discord: Um… tell me when it’s safe to come out!
He quickly closes the flap for the pouch.
Renegade: To be honest… there is no evil in this one. Merely a God who causes harmless fun to entertain himself. Besides… unlike another creature of madness, this one has seen error and fault. I can fully trust him, and he’s proven that already.
Renegade turns to the others behind Hakumen.
Renegade: Your friends seem pretty…
He can’t find the word to describe them.

Jul 18, 2013 at 01:53PM EDT

In the male springs, Noctan… doesn’t find the one who just entered pleasant

Noctan: …I’m really tempted to leave this room right now…

Jul 18, 2013 at 04:00PM EDT


Ragna closes his eyes in order to try and stop thinking about Veteran… He then begins to think to himself.
Ragna: Just don’t acknowledge him and he’ll go away…
Ragna then catches a whiff of Veteran and nearly gags. He continues thinking to himself.
Ragna: My GOD! Did the fat bastard not take a shower? … Whatever. I’m going to enjoy this if it’s the last thing I do…
He uses the training that he was taught to block out all outside sources, and just rest…

OOC: Going to wait until Asura gets back until I post anything with the girls.


Hakumen sees that Discord went into Renegade’s pocket.
Hakumen: … Very well. However, if the creature does get out of control it is my duty to strike him down.

Renegade then mentions the people in the room.

One of the eyes on his armor keeps a close watch on Renegade’s pocket.
Hakumen: … Yes. They are quite interesting…

Tager notices Renegade, having been talking to Mavis. The hulking behemoth of a creature walks over to Renegade and Hakumen. Iron Tager stands at around 7’10" tall, and has on a pair of complex gauntlets made of machinery with 4 GIANT magnets attached to each of them. He has spiky black hair with a white streak in it, a pair of tinted glasses, a metal battle skirt and metal boots, along with a very strange looking zip-up lab coat. Tager is also extremely muscular. It looks like he could lift a building if he wanted to.

Tager: My apologies for not having noticed you until now… What is your name, along with the people in your group?
Tager speaks in a very calm, cool, and calculated voice. It’s quite the opposite from his appearance.
Tager: The others are currently at the hot springs.
He points towards the door that all the others in the group went through.
Tager: However, I don’t suggest you go to the male one as of now… It would be better if you would wait.
While Tager is saying this, he is examining Renegade and his crew with his special optics, getting all their readings, vitals, power levels… all that good jazz. After he is done, he straightens his glasses up a bit.
Tager: I am Tager, field scientist and helper of Professor Kokonoe.
He then motions to Hakumen with his gigantic hand.
Tager: This is Hakumen of the Six Heroes.

Hakumen: There is only one Hakumen, and I am he.
He crosses his arms.
Hakumen: So, tell us, what are your names?

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Jul 18, 2013 at 04:24PM EDT

Renegade: Greetings to you two. I’m Renegade, former Archangel of Equestria.
Renegade points back.

Renegade: You wanna know them?
He starts with Lyra, but she punches him in the gut as she introduces herself rather than him.
Lyra: Lyra Heartstrings… human.
He rubs his gut, and proceeds to Ash.
Renegade: This is Ash… the only mortal in our group. He is far from weak, however.
Ash: Demon hunter… also lack hands, but I don’t mind.
Renegade pulled out Discord next, still shrunken.
Renegade: The God’s name is Discord… though he may not look or act it, he is a benevolent and powerful one.

Discord: What can I say? I’m just like that.
He then ends with the two Alicorns.
Renegade: The little one is with me…
He turns to her, and converses in a childish manner with her.
Renegade: Wanna introduce yourself, Lu?
She looks up at the two gargantuans, and cowers. Renegade chuckles a bit, and turns back to them.

Renegade: She is Luna… Goddess of the Night. Though she is only a child, she has the ability to split apart from her current body. It’s how she ended up like this. So did her sister…
He motions to Celestia, who bows and stands up again.

Celestia: True. I am Celestia, Goddess of the Day. We’ve all come from Equestria… which has unfortunately been destroyed. We hope to be able to provide assistance with whatever you shall have us do!
Renegade: And that’s it. So… where was everyone else at?

Jul 18, 2013 at 05:14PM EDT

@Renegade and crew,

Tager: A pleasure to meet you all.
The Red Devil looks down at the two equines, intrigued that they can talk. However, there is a talking cat where they are from… so it’s not all out of the ordinary.
Tager: Talking equines? Interesting. I have never seen one before. However this is not out of the norm entirely. Professor Kokonoe is half-cat beastkin. A neko as some would call her.

Hakumen: Yes… The grimalkin is the daughter of two of my comrades, Jubei and Konoe Mercury. She has inherited the power of both of them as well… however she never uses it.

Renegade then asks where everyone else was at…

A pair of eyes on Hakumen’s gauntlets look down at Luna, and the other pair look at Celestia.
Hakumen: They are currently at the hot springs and showers through that doorway.
He points with a clawed hand at the correct set of doors.

Tager: And we were just about to go get our armor polished by this young lady.
He motions over to Lisanna with a giant hand.
Tager: However, I don’t believe that you would want to go to the male section of the hot springs for your own mental well-being and health.

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Jul 18, 2013 at 05:33PM EDT

Tardises: Well if you’re introducing yourselves, we might as well do the same. I’m-

Solarian: He’s Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis. He prefers to be called ‘Tardises’ for some reason, though. I am Solarian El-Sorceris.

Pyralis: And I am Pyralis Fa-Infernus.

Solarian: We are all from an order of mages. I am one of the 6 archmages who lead the whole thing – This means I have mastered earth, water, fire, air, light, and dark. Tahrdan is an aquamancer, meaning he’s only mastered water… though there is more to him than other aquamancers.

Pyralis: I am an elemancer, meaning I have mastered the 4 natural elements of earth, water, fire, and air.

At this point Noctan walks in, having decided to leave the springs of his own accord. It might not have been wise for the dark elemental guy to be in this room at this time…

Noctan: Who are they?

Tardises: The two humanoids are Renegade and Ash, the strange being is named Discord, and the… I don’t even know what to refer to them as… are Lyra, Luna, and Celestia.

Noctan: Alright then. I’m Noctan Du-Rumis, an equilibriumancer of the Order of Mages. That means I have mastered both light and dark magic.

(OOC: …You probably thought I was never gonna type some of those names, huh? I’ll try to put aside my aversion to that show for the purposes of the RP, don’t worry.)

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Jul 18, 2013 at 05:36PM EDT

As Veteran jumps in the Hot Springs, Kenshiro doesn’t react all that much, as he is in a trance. However, Doomguy just gives Veteran a “what the hell, man” look, although Veteran can’t see Doomguy’s face because of his helmet.
Doomguy: Does he smell like shit?
Judging by most of everyone’s presumably disgusted looks, he can make a good assumption that he’s very smelly.
Doomguy: Yep. he smells like shit.
Doomguy just relaxes, and tries to ignore Veteran
Take my helmet off, and you’re going to be in a world of hurt.
Or I’ll get slightly peeved at you and take the helmet back, whichever works for you.

At Falcon’s place

The three stand users finish up, and meet with Falcon again
Okuyasu: Now what do we do?
Falcon: Watch TV? I dunno. I’m gonna go train for the upcoming F-Zero. See you all.
Falcon leaves toe room to go sharpen his skills.
Josuke: Alright, let’s see…
He turns the channel, where there is a report on a live brodcast.
Reporter: This just in: Reknowned Criminal Black Shadow is terrorizing a local shopping mall.
Black Shadow: Come on out, Falcon! I know you’re around, somewhere!
Suddenly, Falcon runs into the room
Falcon: BLACK SHADOW!? Shit, He’s back!
Black Shadow: Just you wait, Falcon, I’m going to get you at the F-Zero Grand Prix!
Falcon: Shit, guys, I gotta go!
Falcon speeds out of the room, and climbs into an unmarked transport vehicle. He takes off, and heads for Black Shadow.

Jul 18, 2013 at 05:54PM EDT

ooc: guys. give me some time to catch up on everything happening. i need to adress all of this nd the newer posts. just wait.

Jul 18, 2013 at 06:17PM EDT

OOC: Alright then.

Mage: Wasn’t there this one game which had load times be one of the reasons it’s so infamous?

insert Sonic ’06 loading screen here

Jul 18, 2013 at 06:25PM EDT

Peaceful silence that only the touch of water can give to the luchador who finds himself slowly swimming backstroke in the male’s spring. He looks at the tiles in the walls of the place as he sings a single piece. The Balloon’s master favourite canzone, a opera piece he likes to interpret every night in the dead Mobius: “La Donna e Mobile” by Giuseppe Verdi.

Veteran: La donna è mobile! Qual piuma al vento….muta d’accento…E di pensiero….Sempre un a mabile…! (laughs) C’mon boys, the place is pretty big and there is a lot of space to join..(He laughs maniacally while splashing his hands in the water over and over again. Then, he proceeds to stay in a single place to wash his dirt-filled skin with a soap. As he cleans his “muscular” body, he whistles the italian opera again.)

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Jul 18, 2013 at 06:58PM EDT

OOC: Sorry guys, I will post until the night, I gonna invade something, so be prepared.

Jul 18, 2013 at 07:02PM EDT

ooc: okay, i have a lot to cover.


@sam and max before levy left to the spring.

you dont have to use the springs. you can just use the showers nearby it. theres an assortment of body cleansers and soaps that can be used there as well. also you should bring some combs as well in the changing room. just make sure you clean up any loose hairs before you go. okay. and also do something about you friend in the mask.

she then leaves for the events inside the change room
@people inside the main hall
after hearing renegades comment about the pretty people. Elfman, lisanna and mirajanes brother, walks up right next to lisanna, dwarfing her. he is about hakumens height, but more than twice the upper body mass.
(the photo is just a scale of his mass)

he has a strong, clear voice
Elfman: you hitting on my little sister little man?

Lisanna: relax, big bro. i dont think he means it like that, hes just curious on who we are. by the way. im lisanna strauss. this is my older brother elfman.

mavis: my name is mavis vermillion. i am the deceased founder and the first guild master of fairy tail. welcome to our home.

mirajane walks up to everyone there, she is carrying a bucket with cleaning supplies for hakumen and tagers armour. she has a nice, soft, voice as she notices the new people in the guild hall.

Mirajane: hello, im mirajane strauss, eldest sister of my younger brother and sister. hey mavis. i took care of the sleeping arrangements of our new guests. oh, and i brought the armour polish for you sis. ill help out as well.

Lisanna: thanks sis, your the best.

Mirajane: there are more mages in our guild. its just that some are out on jobs. the ones here in the hall are new recruits. (unimportant filler cast mages) and the others are in the hot springs in our guild. id suggest staying clear of the mens area, as you might now how reckless they can get.

then after the introduction of everyone in renegades party.

Mirajane: aw, look at the cute little one.

Lisanna: dont be frightened. were not going to hurt you. trust us. she says as she smiles at luna.

Elfman: thats werid for a guy to have weapons for hands. though i suppose thats still manly in a way. even though he is small.

Mavis: it is a pleasure to meet you all. if it is refuge you seek, your more than welcome to stay in our city. if you want we can continue this outside in the back of our guild hall. we have a lovely view of the lake. especially around night time.

OOC: just to clarify, it should be around 9 pm in the story.

Lisanna: we can get these two bug guys cleaned up while we talk.
erza just steps outside were a small path leads to the hot spring. she shortly after notices nu right behind her.

Erza: hey, i saw you with grays group with that ragna guy. i dont know how you found them, though still nice to see new people. My name is erza scarlet. whats yours?
@girls room
wendy notices reimu and marisas briuses

Wendy: wow, you people look really beat up. i can help treat your bruises if you want later.

kokonoe enters and everyone is a bit surprised to see her in person

Lucy: hey, so you actually made it here.

Wendy: nice to finally see you in person. thanks for all the help back there in that ark.

cana: so your not a house cat after all. help yourself out to our place.

Levy: you can leave your clothes in the bin here. theyll be cleaned by morning. till then, take a towel and a bath robe and come outside with us.

the ladies are just about done and are about to head outside.

juvia has also helped flandre out and just before they cover themselves in a towel. she is surprised to see .

Juvia: wait guys. flandre has some sort of bite mark on her body.

everyone turns and notices

Cana: hey, i think i also see them on you as well juvia. as well as wendy and erza earlier on.

Lucy: i hink it might have been from that snake guy with the green hair from the other day?

Wendy: could they be treated. because im not exactly sure?
@the mens room
laxus is already outside with a towel around his waist. he notices veteran jumping in before cleaning his body in the nearby showers were all the soaps are.

Laxus: irritated hey asshole. didnt you here. wash up before you actually jump in the hot spring and contaminated with your diseased body. got it?

natsu and the other guys head to the showers nearby were theres bamboo dividers between each stall. they begin cleaning themselves while enjoying the nice cool air.

Natsu: man this is the life.

Gray: now im not looking forward to getting in the spring after that fat ass just did.

Gajeel: yah, same here.

Natsu: i can just heat up the water to boiling levels and kill all the disease he put in it.

Happy: thats sound about right.

Pantherlilly: though about that ragna guy there. whats the deal with that guys arms. they seem to be prosthetics. he also has a lot of scars on him as well.

Laxus: speaking of scars, where did you guys get those snake bites from?

natsu, gray, and gajeel look around their bodies to were hazamas snakes bit them.

Gajeel: i think they were from that green haired punk from a while back.

Gray: yah, i think his name was terumi or hazama i think.

Natsu: ah who cares. i think wendy can heal these the next day.

Laxus: turns to veteran once more so are you going to get your ass in the shower or am i going to turn you into a light bulb. he sticks his toe into the water as lightning begins to coil around his foot.
@NM and yukari
asura suddenly notices that the emeralds have vanished out of his senses due to lyra and them going into merediths world.

Asura: thats strange, ive seen to have lost signal from the emeralds. quite a feat to be able to have that much power and have it disappear from my soul perception. maybe theyve gone and hide in an alternate dimention of some sort that we cannot enter. quite a turn of events indeed.

so now than yukari, what shall we do next in the meantime?

ooc: medic, dont just invade merediths world right away if thats what your planning. i just want that world to have a break from all the fighting and stuff.

im sure natsuru has other things that we can do.

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Jul 18, 2013 at 07:05PM EDT

Tsunarmin: Do you mind filling me in on what you are talking about?

(OOC: Remember that Tsunarmin did enter the springs, she just didn’t remove anything And yeah, invading here would go really badly. Especially since you’ve not seen anything of what OYH’s other forms can do, yet… And I’ve think I’ve got an idea for who to base the ether form off of, though some characters may not like it… I’ll give you a clue as to who that form will be based off – She’s recently appeared and is a ghost… this may be too obvious)

Last edited Jul 18, 2013 at 07:21PM EDT
Jul 18, 2013 at 07:11PM EDT

Sam continues on his way by himself through the deck all the time thinking about the past events

He arrives at the next cargo warehouse and enters to find that it stores thousands of Dwarf Gekko’s

He makes his way through quickly whilst on either side of his path there are hundreds of the UG’s held in small maintenance cradles, all shut off ofcourse like the other units

Mistral would be in her element down here, surrounded by all these tripods….and tearing them apart for fun…..but they aren’t useless, they have played their part as recon in the past and have done a good job at it……but that is probably about as useful as they get….

Sam does’t stop in this warehouse and instead continues straight through to the next…

This one is of equal size as the last but ofcourse contains something different, in this case normal Gekko’s, in folded down crate form and stacked atop one another down the sides of the room, the stacks rising right upto the ceiling. There must be easily over a hundred Gekko’s kept in this one room alone….

(For reference, I couldn’t find a pic of their boxed down form)

Haha! some of my favourite kinda robo’s!
His voice breaks through the empty coldness of the cargo warehouses

Sam approaches one of the Gekko’s and gives it a little inspection

Not even a scratch

He finds nothing wrong with them even though they have been stored for over a decade. Gekko’s were built to withstand extreme climate and remain dormant within them until activated. Like giant walking land mines

I will definitely be getting these ones out soon…you’ll be glad to stretch those athlete level legs huh? hehehe…

He gives its leg a soft boot and then carries on walking through the hall.

He remembers the time when he used them to assault the Black Beast, He remembers how he released the blueprints onto the PMC market and how they were renown the world over. He also goes as far back to remembering when he had one modified for communication only and sent it out to the desert that one time although it was so long ago that he can’t remember who for or why

Sam carries onto yet another new warehouse on his journey, upon entering he finds something different. Instead of the usual gears he finds full Mastiff units…

Each one kept inside a sealed container and stacked into rows. Just like everything else here they are deactivated, the only thing they are missing being a cybernetically encased brain in their heads to function

Very handy to have around for a bit of extra muscle…

He walks around this hall for a few minutes, looking at each Mastiff as he does however his lonesome inspection is interrupted when he turns a corner to find….

A lone Fenrir unit shut off and left lying on the ground
He approaches it and kneels down
The dog thinks its a Mastiff….how fitting…but what are you doing here pup?…
The UG remains lifeless, Sam gives it a nudge but there is still no reaction
C’mon now, lets get you home
He bends down and picks the 1 tons machine clean off the floor without any effort, he makes his way back round the corner and grabs an empty cradle
Here’s a new kennel..
He places it down into the harness, gives a sigh and turns his back
……there is something about you pup….
Just then Sam’s peace and quiet is interrupted as a 3D GW hologram appears in front of him
GW: Apologies for disturbing you Captain however I am happy to report that you private request has been fulfilled and that the Fabricators are awaiting your arrival upon their deck
I see….well im finished up here for now anyways….
Sam ends the holograms call himself and begins making his way back to the elevator

He has had a little project running on the side for a while now that has taken a lot of effort from both the Fabricators and the Overseer to achieve, just what exactly he has asked for only they know….

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Jul 18, 2013 at 07:24PM EDT

Tardises tries to see to what extent he can control what OYH does and what form it takes, rolling through all the forms. OYH to Live and Learn (fire) to What I’m Made Of (air) to Endless Possibiltiies (earth) to His World (light) to Reach for the Stars (dark) to Dreams of an Absolution (fig) to Bloom Nobly (ether)…. wait WHAT.

Tardises: Now why did you not show me this form earlier, hmm? And why do you look like some pink haired girl in this form? The spiky white humanoid for that other mysterious element was confusing enough, but this?

(OOC: The question is – can you identify the inspirations for each form based off the names alone? (and when I reveal the names of the weapon modes, you are gonna laugh at the air and fig modes… If you can figure out the inspiration for the latter you’d probably be able to guess what that weapon mode is named already…)

Jul 18, 2013 at 07:33PM EDT

@People in the main hall,

The Red Devil smiles a bit at the group.
Tager: Yes, that sounds like a splendid idea.

Hakumen: Yes… That sounds much appreciated.

Tager and Hakumen wait for the two to escort them out, and polish their armor.


Nu just kinda looks down at her feet before looking up at Erza with a sort of shy look on her face.
Nu: I am Nu-13. Subject number 13 of the Murakumo Project.
Her voice is now sort of mechanical, but organic sounding.
Nu: Scanning…
She begins to scan Erza with her optics, getting all the data she needs.
Nu: Complete.
However, something snaps her out of this state and she returns to her shy demeanor yet again.
Nu: I’m Nu…
She sorta covers her front with the robes and blushes a bit, looking down again.
Nu: Nu found Ragna because she wanted to be with him again… Nu got really lonely out in the Boundary.
She is still wearing her BlazBlue as an eyepatch, but doesn’t have the bathrobes on just yet. She also has a lot smaller chest than most of the Fairy Tail girls, coming in at around a C-size.

@Girls locker room,

Kokonoe laughs a bit and undoes her hair, letting it all fall down. She also has two noticeable pink cat tails that sorta swish around from time to time.
Kokonoe: Yeah, the trip was… eventful to say the least. Lost two of my crew to a ghost bitch, but they were rookies. Weird readings coming off of her.

Wendy then mentions Kokonoe’s help at the ARK.

Kokonoe: Yeah, it was no biggy. You don’t have to thank me too much. The tech he had was a bunch of dinosaurs compared to what I have back at my lab.
She smiles a bit at Wendy, and tosses her jacket off into the bin. She’s surprisingly not wearing anything at all under it. However she is rather short, only standing in at around 5 feet tall with no more than a B.

Cana then mentions her not being a house cat.

Kokonoe: Yeah, yeah. This kitty has a few surprises up her sleeve.
She laughs, and proceeds to throw off her other clothes into the bin.

And then everyone notices Flandre…

She looks down at the snake-bite scar on her side.
… That was where the green haired man bit me with one of the snakes…
She touches it with a hand, and it still sorta stings.
I couldn’t feel that side of my body when it bit me… I think it poisoned me too, but that was a long time ago… It’s gone now.

Kokonoe walks over to Flandre, having seen similar wounds like this on Tager from when he fought with Hazama once.
Kokonoe: That dickwad Terumi was here too… I’ll never forgive him for what he did…
She looks up at the rest of Fairy Tail.
Kokonoe: You’re glad you all survived. Tager was on his last circuit before Hakumen rescued him.
She then looks down at Flandre again.
Kokonoe: You’re lucky to be alive, kid.
She stands up once again, and goes to grab a bath robe…
Kokonoe: They can be treated, but those bites are nasty. It’ll take a while…

Flandre gulps a bit at what Kokonoe says, but keeps it to herself.

@Guys springs,

Ragna is visibly irritated. Not even his training prepared him for this…
Ragna: Just ignore him and he’ll go away… Just ignore him and he’ll go away, Ragna… Just… Ignore him…
He tries even harder to concentrate, but it obviously isn’t working…

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Luna begins to slowly emerge from Renegade, and approaches the two women slowly. Their soothing words reach Luna’s ears, and she looks up happily to the two.

Luna: OK, nice ladies! My name is Luna!
Renegade can’t help but to feel a warmhearted feeling at Luna, and he laughs to himself.
Renegade: Thank you… very much… it would be lovely to have somewhere lovely such as this to stay.
Renegade and the others, at the invitation of the two, wait as well.

Jul 18, 2013 at 08:22PM EDT

Even after searching for at least a quarter hour, Robotnik had yet to find an exit in the expanse of tunnels.

Robotnik: The blasted Balloon Master’s forces covered everything! Not even a meager staircase leading out of here!

Eggman’s wrist communicator beeps.

Robotnik: This had better be you telling me that you’ve finally found a way out of these tunnels!

SWATbot: No, sir. We’ve yet to locate explosive weaponry to make an exit with.

Robotnik was already in a bad mood being trapped in these tunnels; the SWATbot’s failure to locate a few simple explosives really… upset the doctor.


SWATbot: …

Robotnik is nearly ready to rip out his mustache when he suddenly stops and smiles.

Robotnik: Kindly self-destruct to allow your partners an escape route.

SWATbot: Yes, sir.

The sound of SWATbots moving out of the blast range of the SWATbot he was speaking with pleased the mad scientist. The beginning of an explosion can be heard thought the wrist communicator, and then silence.

Robotnik: … Well?

A separate yet identical-sounding SWATbot answers.

SWATbot: The objective was a success.

Robotnik: Excellent! Now move in to attack.

The SWATbots move onto the surface, and quickly contact Robotnik.

SWATbot: Error! Encountering extremely high levels of resistance! Probability of mission success--

The communicator goes offline, and Robotnik is nearly ready to explode. Again.

However, before this can come to pass, the mad scientist hears a few explosions from above.

Robotnik: What the…?

Suddenly the corridor in front of Robotnik explodes, and several Shadowbots drop down.

Shadowbot: Sir, we have arrived to provide an exit route.

Robotnik: Well, it’s about time you got here! Give me a boost!

Robotnik steps into the hands of a Shadowbots, which tosses the doctor up past the surface and to a green transportation hover-craft. Robotnik catches the bottom of the open hatch and hoists himself up. He immediately notices Metal Sonic’s severed head, which lie on a seat in the back of the rather small craft.

The Egg Robo is on-board as well.

Egg Robo: Welcome back, sir. We detected your signal and--

Robotnik: Not now! We’ve got to get out of here!

Egg Robo: Understood, sir. Calculations and analysis of the Balloon Master’s forces suggest that an aerial escape would be the most effective method of retreat.

Robotnik: I didn’t plan on flying this thing through the mud! Get us out of here!

Egg Robo: Yes, Doctor.

The Shadowbots lift up with their jetpacks and enter though the side hatch. The craft lifts off, and the Shadowbots fire a few shots at the Balloon Master’s forces before the hatch closes. The hover-craft makes its way out of the city, easily avoiding the BM’s forces.

Robotnik: Next stop: The Final Egg!

Snively was fairly frustrated that he’d been trapped in a barrier against his will. He was merely glad the encounter did not last as long as Robotnik’s encounter with Asura.

Snively: I can’t believe the nerve of that… whatever that was! Now my plans have been delayed! I have to get to the Final Egg before anything else tries to stop me!

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Jul 18, 2013 at 08:59PM EDT


NM realize that the energy of the emeralds were gone, along with the aura of Renegade.

NM : I know… I no longer feel the presence, that’s strange… It’s like, they dissappear. Another dimension? Now that’s a problem…

Later, Blitz contacts with NM.
Blitz : Boss! The new ship’s transformation is complete!
NM : Great… Bring it.

Later, thunders start to come through the portal, meaning that the ship is crossing the portal. Suddenly, the portal becomes more bigger and begin to change color to yellow… Only after a big ship began to out from the portal.

After a few minutes,the great ship outs completely from the portal. The ship’s form was strange, unlike the previous shape of a zeppelin, the ship had changed in a more technological, futuristic, larger with heavy armament, with more than 850 long and about 350 meters wide.

The new ship include a hyperspace jump generator. Their armament consists with 4 underbelly mounted petrusite beam cannons, for long range capital ship combat and Air-to-Ground bombardment that can penetrate heavy armored enemy ships. Along with the beam cannons, they have massive autocannons on the sides to attack the enemy with any side. Also is capable to lauch transport ships to board enemy vessels and carries up to six fully loaded dropships on its stern.

Sleek and quick, the Dropships employs a state-of-the-art rappelling system that allows AoD troopers to rappel safely down into a secure location while the twin mounted VnS-10 Scylla machine guns ensure a trouble-free landing zone. The craft is heavily armored and nearly impossible to shoot down without heavy firepower. The landing system appears to be comprised of two robust, forward facing landing struts with variable geometry pads which allow the craft to land on uneven terrain while a single, variable geometry strut located in its stern provides the final fulcrum.


When there is an invasion, the ship brings flying assault vehicles operated unmanned via remote control. The aircraft is a relatively small, fast, and extremely maneuverable attack vehicle that is armed with an awesome array of firepower. There are some more larger prototypes for a single pilot.

Ship name: SS ARC

NM is surprised by what he had created, knew that his powers were unlimited, but did not know that could get to do something like… like this.
NM : … Damn, I am very good with decoration.
NM teleports inside the SS ARC, to see his new creation, ignoring the SS ARC was so close to Heaven.

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@ the main hall
lisanna and mirajane are happy to see lunas face light up at the two of them.

Lisanna: glad to see you too. mira, you ready.

Mirajane: yep, got the cleaners right here.

Elfman: ah, what the hell. ill tag along too.

Mirajane: okay everyone follow us.

they proceed to go to a large door thats in the back of the hall that leads outside. it goes through a large pool in the back of the hall and leads to a very short cliffside like hill that overlooks the massive lake

Mavis: she flies to were meredith is. meredith. would you care to join us outside?
erzas eyes begin to widen as a few tears of joy run down them.

Erza: that is the most beautiful thing ive ever heard in my life. you wanted to see the person you love so much that you would travel beyond the stars just to be with him.

she goes up and hugs nu tightly as erzas chest presses on nu’s

dont worry. you dont have to be lonely anymore. you have us and ragna too, and your very pretty.

she pulls away from her.

now come. she holds on to her hand and leads her to the springs shower to get cleaned up.
@the girls room
Juvia: dont worry flandre. we can have wendy treat them shortly okay. she wraps a towel around her and herself.

Lucy: okay then lets join erza and that other girl….. wait… who is she anyway.

Juvia: that is nu. she appeared to us while on ark. we were on our way to the generator room, than she appeared. she seems to have great ffection for ragna. its very sweet really.

Cana: ah, so pretty boy has a lover as well. thats good news.

Levy: now now girls, im sure its not that serious.

Lucy: we can find out later. my feet are killing me. kokonoe, you comin?

she says as the others make their way to the spring and the showers outside.
@guys room
laxus gets pissed off and enters the spring and makes his way to veteran while trying not to suffocate. *
Laxus: i thought i told you TO GET. grabs his arm THE FUCK prepares to throw him* OUT!! he throws him out of the spring and he slams right next to the showers floor and the ground shakes a bit enough to drop a bottle of shampoo on his head

Laxus: goddamn it he stinks. he says as he moves to one side of the spring and sinks into it. damn this feels good. hey you two (doomguy and ragna) hows the water now?

gray is right next to veterans booth.

Gray: laxus hates to repeat himself man. wether you hear it the first time or not.

Natsu: because he makes sure that you hear it the second time. giggles a bit

Gajeel: geehee. welcome to fairy tail punk. he finishes showering and heads on to the springs with the others.

natsu and gray leave as well to join them after they finished. they both leave veteran alone while he cleans himself.

Natsu: ah man this is what i need. all that traveling really kills my feet.

Gray: yah, not a surprise considering that its because of your damn motion sickness that made us walk in the first place.

Gajeel: its not our fault that dragonslayers have motion sickness.

Natsu: accept for laxus and wendy. ITS NOT FAIR!!

Happy: dont worry, you always have me natsu.

Natsu: thanks pal.

Pantherlilly: he looks closely at ragnas arms. excuse me ragna, but you wouldnt mind telling us about your arms would you?

Gajeel: im actually curious about that as well? so whats the deal with them?

Laxus: leave him be you guys. if he doesnt want to say than so be it. everyone has things that they dont like to talk about. so get off of his back alright.

Natsu: well were just curious thats all.


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@ASURA: And is a death trap because…?

  • Nanomachines?
  • The soldiers?
  • Hakumen?
Jul 18, 2013 at 09:53PM EDT

Medic wrote:


@ASURA: And is a death trap because…?

  • Nanomachines?
  • The soldiers?
  • Hakumen?

only the fact that is is more than 5 X the size of your ship and it carries SUPER MAC CANNONS THAT FIRE 3000 TON SHELLS AT 15000 KM A SECOND. one shot destroys your ship like nothing. NOTHING. and no shield can stop a mac shot once fired. you will actually be killing yourself if u did attack him.

just play it safe and wait for a while. i really dont want to attack sam just yet.

Jul 18, 2013 at 09:57PM EDT

@Asura and Nightmare Medic:

Yuyuko: “I was told that I was needed to help gather souls from a recently decimated world, and perhaps do some guard duty.”

Yuyuko has the power to manipulate spirits for offensive means and induce death in humans. She can also resurrect things with enough effort, but usually this is limited to butterflies

Youmu: “I am just here to fight for my mistress.”

Youmu doesn’t really have a special ability, but she is half ghost and can’t die nor live. And because of that her sword skills and speed are insane for a girl her “age”

Yukari: “They are rather strong yes. That’s why I got them.”

She feels the presence of the crystals vanish…

Yukari: “Hm… not into any of the parallel universes… I will keep an eye out for them….”

In the Girls Room

“Yeah… Mostly from that snake guy fight, but thankfully I am pretty much immune to most things by now. "

She lives in a forest filled with toxic air without any negative effects on her. Still doesn’t explain the two black scars on her back, as these weren’t caused by Hazama.

I have been getting the crap beaten out of me left and right. My wounds heal up every time I invoke a spell, but misplaced blood well… remains misplaced.

The initial rinse leaves a very muddy trail of dirty water running down the drain. That will probably clog later, but whatever.

“I can make a potion for the infected bitemarks. Or I might already have a few….”

Marisa dries off her arms and goes back to her dress, dropping a large amount of potions, gernades, and gadgets into it’s own basket, and finally a doll she kept in her hat

“Here it is.”

about a water bottles amount of universal antidote

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Jul 18, 2013 at 10:04PM EDT

@Mirajane and co,

Tager and Hakumen follow along with the group.

Tager: This view is extraordinary. Even though the edges of Kagutsuchi have a nice view of the landscape, this is very nice.
Tager is able to see at night due to his optics that Kokonoe had installed into him.

Hakumen: Quite a view indeed…


Nu blushes as Erza calls her pretty, and she makes a cute little noise as she is dragged along by Erza to the showers. A slight smile can be seen on her face as she thinks to herself.
Nu: These humans are nice to Nu… Maybe some are different after all…

@Girls room,

Flandre floats above the ground, following behind Juvia towards the showers.

The neko smirks a little bit as they mention Nu and Ragna.
Kokonoe: Yeah, I’m coming!
She follows after the group, having grabbed a bath robe and towel…


Ragna opens his eyes, laughs, and smiles as Veteran was thrown out of the pool by Laxus.
Ragna: Good riddance.
He continues to smile as he closes his eyes back again.

And then Pantherlilly approaches him, asking about his arms. Natsu and Gajeel then question them as well…

Ragna’s face turns stoic as the questions about both his arms come into existence. It looks a bit painful to talk about. Ragna then sighs.
Ragna: If I’m going to be working with you… Then I guess you have a right to know.
He holds up his right arm from the water, his right arm being the Azure Grimoire. It looks more like a claw now than an actual hand. It is completely black, and has red lines running up and down it. The blackness seems to be creeping onto his shoulder, and just a few bits are getting onto his actual body.
Ragna: This is the Azure Grimoire. It is the most powerful grimoire in existence. The wielder of said artifact controls the power of the Azure, the power at the center of the Boundary. It’s very potent, but it requires power to function… That power is souls of humans. Their life force. But since I have the True Azure, that shouldn’t be too bothersome…
He then holds up his left arm. It looks like just any other arm, except for the fact it just looks kind of attached to his shoulder.
Ragna: I’m kinda surprised you can tell the difference. I had to save a friend… and it cost me this arm to do. Kokonoe made me another one though, so not all is lost. Guess that bitch can be useful after all…

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And so the Veteran is tossed around like a ragdoll. No skill or anything, just some pansy magic kiddo trying to mess with the big men. He slams the ground in anger and then he points at Laxus.
He breaks through the wall and heads to the another room as the rest talks with Ragna. He puts on his advanced equipment, starting with his gloves and the mask. He makes yet another hole in the springs as he laughs. The man designed to take on the Red Devil is anxious to get another round, even if the Tager isn’t present.

Veteran: Alright chump, do you know who I AM? I AM THE BLACK OOOZE!….The primordial fear from which NIGHTMARES AWAIT their placental expulsion…I am THE CRYPT KEEPER! THE GRIM REAPER! THE SOUL…sweeper…DEEP INSIDE YOUR PHANTOM WISH, or death loving embrace…I am the thing that keeps you awake at night, the evil that haunts every dark corner of your mind, I AM THE TANK MOLTEN IN TERROR AND HORROR, an empty abyss that if you stare for too long at..gazes..into..YOU!

Veteran steps back as his left arm starts to emit a blue energy. He isn’t dizzy, the target is easy to see, there’s no room for mistakes or flaws and he is fresh for a new round. Finally, he releases some sort of energy chain that looks like a gigantic eagle’s claw. This projectile is known as “Ka-Claw”, Veteran’s favourite technique for those who want to run away from him or when he wants to try a deadly grapple.

The claw quickly approaches Laxus.

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Jul 18, 2013 at 10:40PM EDT


Who say I going to use my shit against Heaven? I need to be crazy to attack Heaven now… The SS ARC has that size because that NM he wanted it. Have a ship with the size of a city like Heaven wouldn’t be necessary because the Last Batallion is a very small army (only 2501 soldiers), and the SS ARC is very small because, unlike Heaven who have bedrooms, dining rooms, entertainment centers. things like that are unecessary because my army doesn’t sleep, rarely they needs blood to drink and they can not get tired, be able to analyze the enemy all the time. The ship is only a temporal control base… addition to being surrounded by the same unpenetrable magic shield created by NM in Equestria,

And I have only spoken about the outside of the ship, not the interior yet.

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Jul 18, 2013 at 10:43PM EDT

Even though Heaven is an exploration ship it only has leisure centres on the Habitation and barracks deck, as Civilians and Military are the only non-cyborgs aboard

Meanwhile in Heavens Bridge…

Electronics Officer: Im picking up a unidentified vessel on LIDAR here
Sundowner: Any signs of an attack?
Electronics Officer: Im not receiving anything else over the sensors yet
Sundowner: Get der MAC’s readied up jus’ incase
Warfare Officer: Sir!

Meanwhile Sam has made his way back up out of the cargo bay and into the tram station from whence he came earlier, he punches in a secret passcode into the control panel aboard the train and it judders into movement down the line

GW appears once more
GW: Urgent report Captain from the electronics CO, we have de-
Sam manually ends the call again with an agitated look on his face
Not now, get someone else to handle it..
After a few more minutes the tram arrives at the hidden away and mysterious Fabricator deck, a place completed dedicated to their fringe science….

Sam steps into the facility, the whole place is just like going back in time to the horrific sea base era. The silence, the floor resonance, the extreme lighting are all throwbacks to that insidious time. Then again they call the Fabricators the legacy of the time-hole for a reason after all

Lloyd II, the leader of the Fabricators approaches Sam as he enters..

He is almost identical to his predecessor, and like all other Fabricators he is very heavily modified to a point where he is actually hard to describe as being human. As he stands there in front of Sam the wires hanging down from the back of his head rattle around and tap away at the ground beneath his feet, its almost like they are alive, searching for a port to latch into…
Lloyd II: Captain, I am glad that you have arrived so promptly
It better be perfect Lloyd…
Lloyd II: It is flawless. Now please, follow and I will show you…
*Lloyd II makes his way off and Sam follows behind, they travel through a multitude of operating rooms and research labs, each one containing crazy types of technology however Sam pays little attention even though the Fabricators are actually harbouring all this tech from him. But then against Sam doesn’t really care too much, he’s just happy knowing that if he needs it doing they will make a gadget to do it. To put it simply they make anything and everything and do a good job of it too.

After a while of walking past black hole generators, planet crafters, captured supernova’s and gender changing assault rifles they arrive at some sort of operating theatre, however due to him Sam being the Captain this one is outfitted with every luxury possible, a team of the very best Fabricators await nearby dressed in immaculate medical outfits

In front of Sam is cryo tube, however what is within is currently unknown as it is covered with a piece of cloth
Putting on a show now eh?
Lloyd II: We wanted it to be a surprise Captain as this project has taken many resources from both our department and the SPARTAN Program.
Just then the Overseer herself walks into the room behind Sam and Lloyd II. A very rare event seeing that she hardly ever leaves her office let alone the whole Program deck

Overseer: Hello Sam
Its good to see you out of that office
Overseer: After all the time and focus I have been putting into this little side project of yours I wanted to at least be here to receive your praise in person
So sure?
She gives a nod to Sam
Lloyd II: Are you ready Sam
Lloyd II pulls the cover from off the cryo tube to reveal what’s within…

Looks good to me…
Overseer: The very best of my research went towards this

Within the tube can be seen an EXACT human clone of Sam, it is identical to how he was pre time hole incident and seems to be lifeless

Lloyd II: We provide as to your request Captain
Well that’s good! that’s very good!
Sam, much to the Overseers annoyance pats her on the shoulder
Overseer: It is you in every way shape and form, but without a brain ofcourse Sam
It is perfect, thankyou Overseer
She walks back over the to exit
Overseer: Thankyou, however I have one question
Overseer: Why do you wish to cast away you custom built cyborg body for that of un-modified human one? it is most impractical, you are taking a evolutionary step back
Sam looks down at his hands and clenches is fists
There was a certain pride in being in battle against these people and knowing that you were just a man and nothing more, no advantages, no magic, no modifications, none of that, just skill and the blade as your weapon. This drove me in my fights, the thrill of kill when knowing that you are just human was greater than anything I could imagine, with every successful slash I made I knew I was superior, even with all their advantages and incredible power they could not overcome me and I thrived on it….the underdog defeating the master, it was a work of art.

Feelings of uninhibited pain and free to travel around my body provided me with the feeling of revenge needed to fight and carry on, knowing that I could die with one wrong move was just a part of life, it was something that improved me and made my fights a challenge……But right now all of that is gone, I am but a cold machine built only to kill and with it my humanity is slowly going too….that is why I wish to have a true human body back….

…so that I may go toe to toe with some of the greatest warriors I am soon to come across as nothing but flesh and bone…

…One man, one sword, and the skill to step up to the mark…

Overseer: Interesting, very interesting Sam
She makes her way from the deck and all the way back over to the office
Lloyd II: We can begin the transplant procedure immediately if you wish Captain, the clone is ready
Not just yet…I need some time to think
Lloyd II: I understand Captain, I will leave you until you are ready or have decided otherwise
Lloyd II and the other Fabs leave the room. Sam is left sat on his medical bed staring at his identical clone within the cryogenic tube

Sam enters a state of deep thought with himself….

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Jul 18, 2013 at 11:00PM EDT

She looks up from her game for a second and turns to Mavis. It’s clear the she is still extremely tired.

If you don’t mind, I think I’m going to head home for tonight. You know, that really big white tower off in the distance that you can see form practically everywhere on LOCAF? Yeah, there.
She yawns
You go have your fun “character development”, if I stay up any later… well, it wouldn’t be good for anyone involved. I might let some things loose that I’m not supposed to.
She then simply teleports to her bedroom back in her own home and falls asleep.

Jul 18, 2013 at 11:25PM EDT

Lyra and the others view the night sky. Luna looks upward, mesmerized by the night sky. Though she knows who she is, she had not gained the ability to control the moon at such a young age. Her greatest dream was to one day do so, just as her sister controlled the sun in Equestria. She snuggled close to Celestia now.

Luna: Tia… when we get back home… I wanna move the moon in the sky… just like you and the sun!
Renegade, Lyra, Discord, and Ash wince and act awkward as she says this, as they know she didn’t know of the fate of Equestria. Celestia lowers her head sadly, and smiles at Luna, tears in her eyes.
Celestia: Yes… that would be excellent, wouldn’t it?
She stands up, and nuzzles Luna affectionately, tears streaming from her eyes.

Celestia: Lu… I don’t want you leaving any of our sights, especially Renegade’s. I… I don’t want to lose you.
Luna: You mean like that one time you couldn’t find me when we played hide-and-seek?
Celestia stood for a moment, and nodded slowly.
Celestia: Yes… like that. Do you promise, Lu?
Luna nods seriously, and hugs Celestia.

Luna: I promise, Tia!
Luna climbs Celestia’s back, and the group follows Mavis.

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all of the girls are in the process of cleaning themselves down. using shampoos and soaps to scrub away at all of the dirt from all the previous battles.

juvia helps flandre using her water magic to manipulate soapy water to scrub around her body. almost tickling her at most.

levy is in the spring, not needing a shower.

Lucy: this is so nice.

wendy: like all the aches are washing away as well.

Cana: yep. nothing like this huh reimu.

Erza: i know we all have a lot to look forward to, but its always nice to relax every now and then.

Levy: i wonder how the others are enjoying themselves?
shocked about what ragna told them

Laxus: holy shit man.

Gajeel: that hand feeds off of the souls of humans?

Gray: such power, literally in the palm of your hand.

Natsu: how the hell did you get that arm? and why would you get it in the first place?

laxus notices veterans claw.

Laxus: what the?! the claw grabs him. but as he flies back towards veteran, he enshrouds himself in lightning. he raises his fist and once he reaches veteran. he punches veteran dead centre in the face with the force of a raging thunderstorm that he is sent flying through the bamboo wall and many metres away from the guild hall.


*he goes back inside and quicky puts his pants back on and belt. he then transforms into lightning and follows were veteran is headed.

Natsu: man, all that over a shower.

Happy: somehow, this guild is used to attracting idiots.

Gray: no kidding.

OOC: try and end this quickly. also. people ignore the laxus and veteran dispute if possible.

@ the cliffside

everyone from the guild hall earlier watches the view of the lake under the night sky. the cliff is only about one story high. at the bottom of it is a small beachhead. lisanna and mirajane prepare the cleaning tools and washes for cleaning hakumen first.

Lisanna: man, up close you look like youve been through a lot. some of it is actually hard to get off.

Mirajane: it wont be that much trouble at all for us.

Mavis: mavis floats on to tagers shoulder and sits on it. so, mr tager, hakumen, tell us about yourselves. howd you end up in our world and what you guys did in the past.

Elfman: turns to renegade: so, what happened to you guys that led you to come here?

they ask while mirajane and lisanna help hakumen clean his armour

OOC: and im done for the night.

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Jul 19, 2013 at 12:19AM EDT

@ Asura
Renegade turns to Celestia, and motions for her to lead Luna a but further away so as to not hear the horrors of what happened to the once colorful and beautiful world.
Renegade: Long story short… where we came from no longer exists. It was destroyed by the evil we’re trying to destroy.
Lyra: We also tried to seek refuge with another group of humans as well… we sent Renegade here to request their help.
Renegade: It didn’t work…
Discord: Yes… then that “ghost girl” or whatever the hell she is teleported our entire ship to this place.
Ash: And so we ended up here…
Renegade notices many tears in his combat armor, and he realizes he’ll need to change suits soon… Ash looks at his makeshift arms and realizes they are heavily worn, on the verge of breaking apart.
Renegade: It appears we could use a touch up…

Jul 19, 2013 at 12:57AM EDT


Kokonoe’s hair is actually rather long. Her pink hair goes down to below her waist. It takes her a while to wash off her hair and body. She’s been sitting in that lab of hers for days on end helping with everything around.
Kokonoe: Ah, yes… This is great… Kagutsuchi never had anything like this…
She actually begins to pur a bit as the water runs over her, and she scrubs herself down.

Flandre giggles as Juvia uses the water to wash her. She’s also ticklish, having just found this out. She just can’t help but laugh in a cute voice.

Nu has taken the stall next to Erza. Her hair actually reaches down to just a little bit above her feet in a braid. However if she wants to wash it… she will have to do something about that. Luckily for her, she undoes her grey hair rather easily, and it drops down to the floor nearly blocking her entire back. She keeps quiet about this for now, and begins to wash it and scrub her body down.


Ragna does his best to ignore what Veteran and Laxus are doing… He then turns his attention back to Gray, Natsu, and Gajeel.
Ragna: Well…
He sighs deeply. Such memories are difficult for him to bring back up.
Ragna: … When I was a kid, I lived at a church near the woods in Japan with my little brother Jin and little sister Saya. Cecilia was taking care of us… We never knew our parents. All we knew was her.
Ragna looks at his Azure Grimoire arm before sighing again and returning to his story.
Ragna: One day… Well… That was the day everything turned to shit for me.
He actually looks visibly saddened by having to bring this part up.
Ragna: … That was the day that Saya found the sword, Nox Nyctores: Yukianesa, and gave it to Jin… Jin hated Saya for some reason. I’m still not too sure why…

Ragna is almost choking up his words now.
Ragna: … That’s when he came… That bastard ruined everything!
He grips his right hand into a fist, and his eyes get filled with anger.
Ragna: Jin started acting really strange after he got the sword… Murderous and cold. He was cold to begin with, but there was something about this emotion that made me uneasy.
Ragna then goes quiet for a few moments.
Ragna: Then he showed up… That bastard… He killed Cecilia… the only one that was like a mother to us three… After that, the place burst into flames like a bonfire… and… he took over my brother.

Ragna: I could see him standing there. Smiling that shit eating grin at me as he stood behind my brother. And then…
Ragna then remembers the physical trauma of what comes next. His arm was cut off by the possessed Jin. Blood was beginning to pool up as he inhaled the smoke of flames… He can also remember those words that were said to him…

Terumi: Does it hurt, Rags? You bet your sweet ass it does! The first time ALWAYS hurts! Ahahahahaha!

Ragna cringes at these words and the pain of the sword slicing his arm off.
Ragna: … He laughed. He laughed at my misfortune. He took pride in doing it…
Ragna goes quiet again for a few moments.
Ragna: After that… He took Saya and Jin away from me… Leaving me for dead. I crawled out of that church, and onwards for what seemed like days… I couldn’t look back. I had to find my siblings!
The burning church and the smoke coming from it plague his mind again…

Ragna: … I eventually passed out from loss of blood, and woke up god knows how much later with a talking cat taking care of me. This thing was on my arm too. My master had given it to me. He thought I was the best bet for holding the Azure Grimoire… I was scared at first, but my master taught me well. There’s a lot more I could go on about, but I don’t want to bring it up now. I don’t want to spend all night talking.

@People on the deck,

Hakumen’s armor is actually rather dirty, having been through a lot. However, nothing is impossible to get off. It just takes time.

Mavis then asks her question…

Hakumen: I am the leader of the Six Heroes who defeated the Black Beast in the Dark War where I am from. My reason for being here was because the beast had awakened again in the child vampire. I sensed its presence and came to stop it. However… once that task was completed, I saw that this world needed the evils purged from it, having run into the Kishin of Madness and the Balloon Master… Life is a privilege which they do not deserve. Their corruption shall no longer plague this world once I am through with them.
He continues to stand there, letting them clean his armor more.

Tager looks up at Mavis.
Tager: Me? Well… I was originally the leader of an Ikaruga unit. I suffered a mortal wound during the Ikaruga Civil War and was forced to withdraw. I was on the verge of dying if it wasn’t for Kokonoe having built me a new body after the incident. Since then, I’ve vowed my life to her since she has saved mine. I am indebted to her. I now work as a field scientist for Sector Seven. As for my being here… Something strange happened that I cannot remember exactly… It had to do with a strange lady in purple hooking up the shrine maiden to a Cauldron. It felt like everything was crushing in on itself, like all of the universes were mixing and mashing together. I had ended up on Mobius with Hakumen after that.

Renegade and co say their parts…

Tager looks down at Renegade and Ash.
Tager: Your “arms” appear in bad condition, Ash… Along with your armor, Renegade. Kokonoe might be able to help you with both your predicaments when she is done with the others.
He looks at Ash.
Tager: She could get you a pair of actual arms with weaponry in them.
He then looks at Renegade.
Tager: And I believe she was working on a special armor before all of this happened. I’ll remember to consult her about this when she is with everyone else.

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Jul 19, 2013 at 01:44AM EDT

Ash and Renegade both turn to their worn items. Ash’s chainsaw sparks many times.

Ash: I guess they could use a tune up…
Renegade’s armor is heavily worn as well…

Renegade: Uh… yeah… I could use a new set of armor too.
Lyra: Not only that, but the Jackal you’re using should be used for Medic’s forces. If you want to use something against those assholes on Heaven or on Mobius, I could build you a weapon from the ground up.
Renegade: You can do that?
Lyra: Of course… I may require specifications on what you want exactly, but it will be done.
Renegade: Actually… I did have something in mind. If the Jackal is good for up close and personal… maybe something to keep my distance. Preferably semi-automatic. Something that can cause a lot of damage with only one bullet.
Lyra: I’ve got something in mind… I’ll head to the main hall and come back with it.
She leaves towards the main hall.
Renegade: Well… so how about that armor… and those arms?

Jul 19, 2013 at 02:52AM EDT

In the women’s springs, Tsunarmin has removed her robe – but not undergarments – and has entered the spring itself. The only particularly striking part of her appearance is her unusual eye colour, which is a dark cyan.
Tsunarmin: So…. what’s there to talk about?

Outside, the other 4 Order mages just follow the group

Pyralis: So, where are we going?

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Despite being crammed inside of a green transportation vehicle with a handful of Shadowbots, Eggman is in an optimistic mood.

Now that I’m free, I can finally get back to work!

Robotnik considers what he’s just said.

I’m free.

The more he pondered, the more he realized the truth to this statement. The last time he was truly free was right after he’d defeated Metal Madness ((see pages 27-28)). It’d been a time for celebration, and for Dr. Eggman’s forces to regroup and prepare to fight whoever dared to think they could challenge the great Dr. Ivo Robotnik and his Eggman Empire.

Of course, this victory was short-lived, as Asura, the Kishin of Madness, decided to “visit” the good doctor. This resulted in a prolonged conflict, as the Kishin had raised an inter-dimensional barrier around a small part of the Egg Carrier. Eventually, Asura gained the upper-hand, and supposedly “defeated” Eggman by tossing him up and finishing the mad scientist off with a laser blast.

Technically, the last time he could consider himself “free” was after that encounter, when Robotnik inhabited a new robotic body which closely resembled the way he used to look in his distant past. He remembers reorganizing his Empire and preparing it for the repelling the Balloon Master’s forces which had taken much of the Empire’s territory during Snively’s incompetent reign.

However, this freedom did not last. Robotnik could not remember much from that point forward. All he remembered was experimenting with the Warpstone and attempting to determine if the stone would prove valuable as an alternative energy source for the Space Colony ARK he was planning on rebuilding. He wanted to be sure, as the last time Robotnik attempted to use the Warpstone in a similar fashion as a power source for the Death Egg, the results proved to be rather disastrous, resulting in his Death Egg crashing back to the then-recently renamed Mobius.

Once he’d finished constructing the ARK, Robotnik planned to use its power to threaten the entire planet of Mobius with destruction unless its inhabitants surrendered completely to him. Dr. Eggman is unable to recollect the outcome of this scheme, as his memories of what had happened after his first experiment with the Warpstone became… blurry, to say the least.

In all reality, he had no idea he was actually going to utilize the ARK to blow up Mobius just for the sake of winning his “game,” nor that he had utterly betrayed the ones whom he’d once worked with by doing so.

All the genius scientist knows now is that he’d reawakened in a small station orbiting Mobius, and that he’d then sent his digital consciousness back to Robotropolis, to his new body. He realizes that it is likely his scheme failed, seeing as the city is still under the control of the Balloon Master, likely along with a lot of other territories.

In fact, it wouldn’t surprise Robotnik if he’d lost nearly all of his territory to the Balloon Master during his absences.

Which brought Robotnik back to the present. He needed to get to the Final Egg so he could revive his Empire and retake what rightfully belongs to him.

He might require some help, though. Even after he rebuilds his Empire, he won’t have any territory, and he’ll possess limited resources. He lacks possession of the Chaos Emeralds, and though Robotnik does not remember what he’d tried to do with the Warpstone, he is capable of piecing together that whatever happened to make him lose his memory, it was likely the result of the Warpstone, and he wasn’t sure he wanted to know what happened after that.

Robotnik: How much longer until we reach the Final Egg?

Egg Robo: Estimated Time of Arrival: 18 minutes.

Robotnik: Soon… very soon… I will take back what rightfully belongs to me.

Snively: Almost there… and then I’ll take the entire planet myself… just you wait… Julian

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Meanwhile Sam is still sat on the medical bed on the Fabricators deck….

He is at a crossroads. He wants to return to being a human again but he knows that he will be at a disadvantage and that the idea is pretty impractical.

It is a tough decision but I want to feel human again, even though doing this will give me no benefits it bothers me little….when the battles begin once more I will feel more ready than ever before…

After another 10 minutes of thinking it over he calls in Lloyd II, he enters the room with his medical team

Lloyd II: How are you Sam?
Im okay, jus’ a little conflicted with myself over this but I know it will pay off when I feel that thrill again…
Lloyd II: Are you sure Sam? when your brain is removed from its cybernetic casing you will be without the safety protocol procedures if you were mortally injured
I won’t be mortally injured
Lloyd II: What is your decision?
Make me the man I once was…
Lloyd II: The procedure will take some time
The Winds will handle things whilst im out
Lloyd II: I see, please lie down and we will begin
Sam feels completely ready to become a true samurai once more, he is without hesitation and is fully dedicated to becoming his old self. Even though ditching his cyborg body will leave him with no additional benefits such as strength, no pain etc he is sure in himself that he doesn’t need it and that he only needs his skill and will to survive.

Sam had this clone project started a long time ago, this isn’t all of the sudden, it is something he has been wanting for quite some time now, it was one of the reasons he didn’t attack the ARK personally…

He lies down flat on the bed and the other Fabs gather around him

The plug a series of cables into his body and pull a utensil trolley over from across the room
Lloyd II: Begin.
And just like that Sam is shut off and his brain isolated from his body
Fabricator: Time constraints brother?
Lloyd II: No, take your time
Sam has full trust in them that whilst he is in this state that they wont betray him, after all they owe their live to him for permitting them an entire deck and allowing them to continue their research. Because of this they treat him with the greatest of respect and loyalty, maybe more than anyone else board Heaven, even the Winds
Lloyd II: First step, brain removal, the easiest part
Lloyd II punches in a few keys on the console nearby the bed, Sams head opens right up to reveal his brain
Lloyd II: Careful now my brothers, utmost care
They VERY carefully removal his cybernetic brain from the cranium of his cyborg body…

Lloyd II: Status?
Fabricator: It is without flaws
Lloyd II: That is all we need, take away the body…
The surgeons close Sam’s head and load his old custom cyborg body onto a trolley, it is then taken from the room, leaving the surgeons nearby the medical bed with just Sam in the form of a brain
Lloyd II: Please, the clone…
Fabricator: Brother.
The cryogenic tube holding the clone is slowly drained and opened up, it is then also VERY carefully taken and placed upon the table. Like previously mentioned it is a perfect copy of Sam
Lloyd II: Next step, we are to remove the brain from the casing and transplant it into the head, a very delicate procedure indeed.

And so the difficult part begins….

Jul 19, 2013 at 01:58PM EDT

Nightmare Medic suddenly appears in some strange place, the atmosphere was… Different from what was the SS Zeus. The SS ARC had a cold environment, but only was the climate system that ran all over the place… *Climate System? Thinks NM. Behind him was what were the new aircraft.*

It had a futuristic style, with large metal wings with several cannons on its sides. What NM didn’t realize was that there was a man watching him over a platform, but NM ignored him and kept going, to a metal door, which was indicated by yellow arrows. That details.

When the door opened automatically, a stream of air strikes against his body. NM was in a long corridor, with lights in the side walls. As we crossed the corridor, these lights were lit, until NM reach another door.

(Just ignore the weapon and the blood.)

Upon reaching the other door, NM thought about for a while, imagining that he was in the other door. Without further ado, NM knocks on the door, opening automatically. Another air breeze bumped into her body, into believing that something was coming in the other room.

(And ignore the bodies and the weapon too.)

In this, the atmosphere was cold as above, except that unlike the other, was smaller, with a bluish tint, the walls were surrounded by lights, buttons, embedded computers that analyzed the functions of the ship. It was almost exactly like the BM laboratory. Only one phrase crossed from the dark mind of NM…

NM : …I hate the tecnology…

Said NM with in a calm tone, but inside, there was a rage of disgust who wanted to explode immediately, but NM contains it easily.

Jul 19, 2013 at 03:52PM EDT


Tager straightens his glasses by just pushing them with a single finger onto his face. He then looks at Renegade.
Tager: Like I said, I will ask Kokonoe to spare a few resources for the two of you if you’re going to help us. She has made Ragna the Bloodedge a fake arm before. I’m sure that she can make weaponized ones as well for your friend here. I believe she was also working on a suit of powered armor, and a weapon before all of this began… It was called the T.H.O.R. It stands for Thermal Opposing Radiomizer. It is very devastating… However, I am sure that she has the blueprints for more. It shouldn’t be too much of a problem to ask her.

Jul 19, 2013 at 04:16PM EDT

Tardises: You guys might be able to see in the dark, but I can’t well at all… I need some light.
Tardises draws his sword, and water energy flows along the grooves in the blade. He turns the blade to its side and uses it as a light source – the blade emits a cyan light due to the energy

Tardises: Before anyone tries to attack me for drawing my sword, I’m only using it as a light source.

Jul 19, 2013 at 05:02PM EDT

@girls spring
all of the girls finish rinsing themselves of before joining levy and tardises in the springs.

juvia uses her water magic to lift up flandre and drop her playfully into the spring.

the girls are as relaxed as ever. lucy just enters the spring.

Lucy: wow, this is so much better after all that traveling. my feet are killing me.

Erza: that i agree on. even after all of this, we need a break every now and then.

Wendy: been a while hasnt it carla.

Carla: yes it has been since we had a good soak.

Cana: turns to reimu and marisa. so ladies. hows the springs so far? relaxing huh.

Levy: levy turns to nu so, nu is it, tell us a bit about yourself.

@guys spring
Gajeel: damn man, thats pretty messed up.

Gray: sorry for making you tell. normally we wouldnt pressure people to tell us about their pasts.

Natsu: i think its okay man. weve all have our dark moments in the past. but we dont let them hold us back. what matters is that your here with us now.

Happy: though it is a bit sad what that green haired guy did to you.

pantherlilly: thats true. hes long gone now.

Gray: yah, we and the other girls in the springs with the card magic fought and beat hazama with us.

Gajeel: thats right, we kicked his ass. thattle teach him to fuck with us.

Natsu: yah and that reimu chick sent that bastard straight to hell. so looks like were not going to see his shit faced smirk ever again.

Gray: you said it man.

they all relax a bit more in the pool. while laxus is still dealing with veteran.
lisanna just finished cleaning off whats left of the dirt on hakumens armour and prepare to put a polishing coat to ad a bit of shine to his armour and protect it from any more dirt.

Lisanna: there, were almost done. this should make you look good as new.

Mirajane: once your done we can help that big guy out with his cleaning.

Mavis: by the way hakumen. im quite interested about your armour. how is it that you managed to get inside of it in the first place.

elfman: not like any armour ive seen erza wear before. an she has more than a hundred of them.

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