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Jotaro follows along, managing to keep up with the woman.

Doomguy: Calm down, everyone, I’ve brought a few drinks.
He pulls out, from seemingly nowhere, about 20 unmarked beer bottles.
Doomguy: It’s a special blend. Don’t go too crazy on it.
Ken takes doomguy off to the side
Ken: What is that stuff?
Doomguy: Strongest shit I have on me. I call it “Grandpa Jones’s Bathtub Potato Mash.” If any one of them manages to stomach down an entire bottle of that stuff before they pass out, they’re a Man. even if they’re female.
Ken: Honestly, I don’t know if the should be drinking that.
Honestly, they’re drunk. If they drink it, they’re asking for it.
Ken: I’m still not sure… I’ll just wait and see.
Ken and Doomguy head back to the room where everyone is.

OOC: Wow, 2 in a row.

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Jul 25, 2013 at 08:16PM EDT

erza charges at you and knocks you too the ground


she takes one of the bottles, opens it up with her bare hands and drinks it down.

before she even gets half way she stops, pulls the bottle away and hands it to lucy and kokonoe.

Erza: have this….. i think…. i think im done here. she collapses onto the floor and faceplants. completely knocked out cold.

Lucy: hey, this looks good. * she takes a few gulps of it. proceeds to drop the bottle on the ground just a second after drinking it and she is knocked out as well. this is some serious shit they have drank.*

Gajeel: holy shit…. it knocked out two people and not even half of the bottle is gone.

Natsu: thank god you came here doomguy with those. you might have saved all of our lives from erza.

Gray: still on the ground and quickly recovers from the bottle thrown at him no kidding. that freaking hurt. though we should probably. * suddenly he is tackled down again by an upset juvia who turns half of her body into water and continues sobbing*




natsu and gajeel turn away from gray.

levy descides to pick up the bottle off the ground


Gajeel: no way, youll go into a coma if you drink any more. let alone that stuff.


Gajeel: give me that bottle * picks one up. bites the bottle cap of and eats it and hands thr bottle to levy.* dont die on us now.*


she takes a sip of it, before she can even finish one gulp she is already KOd and gajeel catches her and the bottle in his hands.

Gajeel: whelp shes out. this stuffs some seious shit man. were did you get it from.

Natsu: we should keep these in stiock so that we can control them whenever they go crazy like this.

cana picks up one of the bottles.

Cana: damn, gotta try this stuff out first. she pounds down the entire bottle in just a few seconds. completely empty. well, that had some kick to it. but ive had a lot worse than this bud. nice try tho….. suddenly face plants into the ground. completely kod as well


Read right to left

@jin and ragna
makarov crushes them a bit more

Makarov: id love to see you try you little punk. try anything to hurt anyone here and ill pummel you into the next life. he opens his hand a bit more to free ragna and catch him in his other hand. ragna, hes your brother he says? tell me how did he get here?

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Jul 25, 2013 at 08:58PM EDT

Doomguy picks up a bottle of the Potato Mash, lifts up his helmet, and down the whole bottle. he sets it down.
Doomguy: I call it Grandpa Jones’s Bathtub Potato Mash. Not even the devil himself could handle this.
Doomguy proceeds to go into the short story on how this foul drink was created.
Doomguy: My Grandfather, Jones Stalvern, spent his ENTIRE life on making the perfect beer. This is the result. It’s the greatest beer you’ll ever taste, and you’ll accept no other. If you can stomach it, of course.
Ken: Wow, that’s a very interesting backstory.
Doomguy: So You’ll try it?
Ken: Uhh, I don’t know…
Doomguy shoves a bottle into Ken’s mouth, and pinches his nose, so Ken is forced to drink. A moment later, Ken is down on the ground, knocked out.
Doomguy: I don’t think he likes it.

Jul 25, 2013 at 09:17PM EDT


Kokonoe: Heeeey! Lemme have some!
Kokonoe drunkenly pounces on Doomguy, knocking him over and taking one of the bottles from him. She opens the bottle. She then begins drinking it down… Not even 5 sips in, she collapses to the side of Doomguy with the bottle in hand.

She uneasily levitates over and snatches the bottle from Gajeel’s hand that Levy was drinking from, and begins to drink… after 3 sips she’s done for, collapsing on the ground and taking the bottle with her.

Both of the girls are KO’d.

Tager contacts Kokonoe once again through the screen.
Tager: Kokonoe?

No response.

He raises his voice a bit more.
Tager: Kokonoe?!

Still no response from her.

Tager: Hell… I’ll be right there!
The Red Devil switches off the communication, and begins running towards the shed. His footsteps can be felt and heard by all inside the shack. The guy is actually rather fast for someone his size and weight.
Once he reaches the shack however, he realizes it is just wood. If he steps on it, the place would snap like a twig. He then begins to talk at the open door of the shed that everyone is in.
Tager: Bring me Kokonoe. I’ll take care of her.
He holds out a massive hand, waiting for someone to deliver Kokonoe to him.


Flandre looks kinda saddened by this.
Oh… Well.. I’m sorry to hear that. Why does he not like you?



Waiting on Sam to post for Jotaro.

@Makarov and Jin,

Ragna lands on his feet when Makarov drops him into his other hand. He then looks up at the giant.
Ragna: Yeah, he’s my brother. He says he got here from being teleported by Rachel… Rachel Alucard is an annoying as shit vampire that always spouts cryptic nonsense and always gets in my way. As I was saying… That’s the only possible way for him to have gotten here is by teleportation from that rabbit. Don’t know why the asshole is here, but he is.
He glares at his brother Jin.
Ragna: Tch… Wouldn’t doubt it if she sent him here just to annoy the ever-living shit out of me.

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Jul 25, 2013 at 09:26PM EDT


Suddenly, Blitz bounce back to the reality, in hands of Medusa

Blitz : AAAHH! Get off me you freak! You will operate me putting on my.. my body that black thing!!!, while you drink tea!

Upon hearing the offer to visit the castle of Medusa, Nightmare Moon’s eyes light up the joy, ignoring Blitz. Actually, she never left the ship, having awakened in an artificial world, from computers and power cables.

NMM : You say TEA! Father, we go! Please?

Said the goddess of night to NM, but the demi-god ignored her, he was facing the big window showing the planet Mobius.

NM : Yes… Whatever.

Blitz :

NMM : Yeees!! At last I can leave this place, I will finally breath natural air and without seeing or hearing annoying machine!

She said as she was heading to the portal. But But she stopped and turns to NM, who was watching Mobius in the window.

NM : Father, you coming?

NM : Yes… I will go later.

Moon was confused, but then, the idea about the tea ​make her to enter the portal, leaving NM i the ship.

NM : Later…

What Nightmare Moon ignored about NM was that he was seeing all the souls abandoning Mobius, all tha souls of people being murdered by Balloon Master. He was not surprised to see so many souls on the planet, he just saw how the souls began to disappear out of nowhere.

NM : All this souls… Are free… and somebody are stealing them! ALL THAT SOULS ARE MINE!

Instantly, NM teleports where the souls are disappearing at one point the universe, leaving in the ship without supervision.

NM appears in somewhere in the universe. The souls are in everywhere, making NM a great laught.

NM : All this souls, ARE MINE!

A green aura surrounds NM, invoking the powers of the underworld. NM says one single word and raises one hand, pointing a group of souls. Suddenly, one finger lits up and the souls begin to be attracted to NM, disintegrating to the touch of his body. Nightmare Medic was absorbing the souls.


Suddenly, in the distance, NM could see a big creature, and at his side, a woman? …NM could recognize the creature’s aura, but the aura of the lady was unknown, besides her aura was very powerful. NM could see to that the creature was using large demonic arms from the ground. But then, NM’s eyes become reddened with anger to see that arms grabbing the souls from the lady.

NM : … Oh, you don’t gonna steal MY souls!

NM levitates and takes impulse, with a dark chaotic aura surrounding his body, and with a high speed, charge in the direction towards the great creature, who was Maledict.

NM : Y̵̬̱̰͢Ǫ̟̳̜͚̲͎Ú̸̦̤͓̩̙̦͇͘ ̜̜̭̻̰̻̣̙̯̀͝W̴̡͕͙͎I̛̞̤͇̤̗̱̰L̖̕͟͢Ĺ̼̻̥͇̖̖̹̥͝ ͏͕͉̮͈̠̹͇Ņ̶̹̪̜̲̱Ǫ̤̼̤̜͘͜T͕̯̭̬̗̙ ͓̭͈̫̰͞S̤̠̜̠͇T̀́҉̹̩̘̳̝̞E̗̗̭̜͚͟A̼̰̮͖͎͓͓L̛̛̬̺̘̟̻͙̣͠ͅͅ ̮͉͔̹̦M̺̘̘̩͍̟̥͠Ý̸̷͇͔͖͇̰̹ ̞͈̜̟͟Ș̡͕̼̭͢O̤̯͍̥͈̳̠͓͕U̷̼̩̦̥͙̫̲L̪̳͟͞S̵͇͈̲̟͖̖̯͈͘ͅ!͔̣̭̞͉͍̰́͘

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Jul 25, 2013 at 09:45PM EDT

ooc: just to let you know. spark doesnt want anyone on mobius. he made that clear with the jojo crew and falcon.

Jul 25, 2013 at 09:49PM EDT

When NM reaches Maledict and starts attacking it, it disappears.
Maledict: I thought better of you.
Suddenly, what looks like Silver Chariot except crimson red appears. He slashes NM numerous times, and kicks him towards the planet.
Maledict: Is this not the natural balance? Are souls not supposed to be sent to hell?
On a closer inspection, it seems that some souls are not being grabbed. These are righteous souls, having followed the orders of God. Maledict disappears.
Maledict: I must request that you do not interrupt our little game of Tug-of-war. I’m quite enjoying it.
If you want to talk to me personally…
Go to hell.

OOC: It aint a problem dude.
these hands are… different. They are incorporeal forms. They are only manifestations of the force Maledict is using to pull the souls back to hell.
And besides, I never DID mention him having a corporeal form at the current moment.

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Jul 25, 2013 at 09:53PM EDT

NM recovers intantly because his dark magic and invokes Tenebris. His aura was unstable as if it were about to explode. NM points the Red Chariot and lit up his finger in a red dark aura.

NM : Y͠҉҉͚̗̘̞̤̱̼̥̲̯̰͇͓̗͖̬̙́O͘͡҉͏̨͕̜͓̙͈̣͎̜Ư̛̙̗̻̘͚͘͜͞ ̶̨͇̞̗̯̦̻̦͔W҉̘̫͉͖͞I̢͏̡̳̖͈̤̞̙̹͕͍̦͕̗͉͇͓̠̥̱͞ͅL̶̛̜̗̲̬̤̮̯̰̹̫͙̠͍̯̰̠̪͢͞ͅͅL͘͠͏̳̘̣̱̤͔̜̣ ͏̨̟̬͓̲͉͕̭̜̳͘ͅŅ̢̳̫͓̠͈̖͍̟̪̟̤̲͘͞Ò̷̦͉̗̝̹͟͞T̶̡̧̢̹͕̩̟͔͔̻̞̹͇̺̙͎̮̕ͅ ̴̢̨̞̗̙͍̺̩̬͠T̶̢͉̙͍̺̟̀O̴͖̪͓̹̗̬̙̻̺̯͎̰͇̻͟Ų̴̸̝͖̖̞̝͙̺̩̲̺̹͕̻ͅĆ̖͍̘͕̼̱͍͇̭̙̰̕H͈͇͈̫̗̝̖͈͈̹͘͡͠ͅͅ ̝̪̪̺̖̩͢͝ͅͅḾ̨̨̛͓̠̳̺̻̥͔̟͙͈̭ͅY̲͉̳͈̳̞̞̹̬͙͍̟̱͞͠ ̸̧̨̖̫͈̠̺̫͕̣̙͍̳̲͎̟́͝ͅS҉̧̦͚̞̣͔͇͈͈̙͕͔͓̹́ͅO̴̗̦̩̣̰̱̙̗̱̘͎̤̹̫̳͟͡U̕͢͏̰͈̹̗̟͚͇̘͍̫̤̻͇̺͓͢͞ͅĹ̴͉̺͔̖̭̬̳̭̞̼̙̟̟͍̜̕Ș̸̶̲͈̤͉͍̥̹̱͝!̵̸̴͇͎̯͙̬̗̣

Due to excessive souls, NM ignored what Maledict said, and continue to absorb the souls who were around him.

NM :

Yells NM. Suddenly, NM shoots a powerful beam from his finger towards the Red Chariot, destroying him in a instantly. Later NM turns to Maledict.

NM : P̸̷͚͕͈̯̗͖̹̻Ą̨̛̫͍̬̦̥͚͎͈̀T̫̬͎̀͞ͅH̪̬̙̰͙̣̗̱͇̱͘ͅE̸͏͔̰̥̻T̷̢̨̛̫͔̩̦͙͙͚̜̬͘I̛̛̛̻͎̻̙͉͘C̡̞͙̜͔̩̺̫̮͚̬͢͝͠ ̷̨̗͖͚̠̱̱̲͈͚̤̻̤͍͖͚̣͉͚͘D̨̀͡҉̢̠̘̤̹̳͚͉̗̝̹Ȩ̵̶̨̲̟̪̩͚M̰̮͖̞̻̗̦̩̝̜͕̹̦͟ͅO̷̻̭͙̦̝͖̯̤̳̹̠͓̥̙̝̬͈̥͝Ṇ̢̖̲̮̟̘͝!̸̸̨̦̻̩͕͉̕͠ ̸̨̡̱͚͓̞͔͈͚͈̘̜̣̩̀͝Í̴̶̡̬̝̖̻̮͉͓̖̜̟̯͇̙̘͍̰͘ ̡͍̰̘̞̞͉̻͉̹̦̮͕͜W̶̵͞҉͎̪̼͔Ḭ̸̗͖̤̟͍͖̺̰̫̝̺̘̟̺̺̗̣̕͜ͅḺ̨̗̼̰͕͉̜̝̭̬̟͔͞Ļ̨̪̻͙̮̠̜̠̣͈̙̼̕͢ ̵̢̛́͏̭͖̦͙͓̫͉̰̜͍̯̖̘S͏̡̙̘̗̭̱̼̺͇̣̗͎̝̟̱̯̻̹̠̹͠E̢̨̺͔̪͕̤͎̥̠̟͈̯͔͈̦͟͡͡E̷̩͚̪͖̞̯͔̗͉̯̯̗͢͡ ̸̡̠̻͉̟̯̬̟͇͔̬̺̮͙̫͍̗͚͟ͅͅY͘͢͡҉͈͕͈ͅO̵͕̣͍̬̟̙̬̤̲̯͎̜Ù̸͖̞͍̥͔̻͙̞̪̩̞͇͔̪̣͟͡ ̸̨͡͏̖̟̻͔̭͍͎̜̹̬̲Í̧͏̸̱̲͖͎͓͎̘̜ͅṊ̴͚̬̣͈̥̩̼̜̬̳͝ͅ ̝̖̪̤̩͉̯̞̣̕͠͞ͅͅH̵̢̛͚͚̺͉͓͜͝E̠̮͖̟̪͖̠͉̩̺̥̙̩̼̘̜̪͠ͅL̵̶͕̗̳̣̥͉̥̮̣͙̗͟͜L͏̧̨̮̩̝̝͚̗̼̪̤̮͇̣̣͘͜ͅ!͝҉̷̲̣̣͕̜̩̞̖͖̯͖!

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Maledict: Oh, good, you destroyed one of our weakest forms, while it was an avatar.
Also, who said they were YOUR souls? Was it that Kishin kid? Or that Youkai chick? It’s disrupting natural order.

Maledict takes time to reconsider things.
Maledict: Ah, it’s just one PLANET. and besides, we’ve already claimed a lot of souls from it. Have it. we don’t give two shits anymore. we already have an infinitely strong demonic army. Have all those souls AS LONG AS YOU DON’T BOTHER US
Maledict cuts contact.
Maledict: Maybe we weren’t the only ones who’ve changed over the years…

Jul 25, 2013 at 10:19PM EDT


*stops squirming, and glares at Makarov for a bit before I turn to Ragna*

My dear brother, we both know that witch never says things in plain english. Always cryptic, and always pissing me off.


Where am I, what is this place! Release me at once!

*Begins struggling again.*

Jul 25, 2013 at 10:27PM EDT

NM : S̶̡̛͓̺̖̳̪̪̲̮͝͝Ò̶̴̡͎̯̭̘̯͔̘̥̪͚̕U̷̹̠̣̙͔͉̱͕͞Ḻ̵͖͇̣̹̀͞͡͡S̛͚̤̬̰͍͓͜͠ͅ!̧̻̗̪̙̙̕͘
His great aura extends, creating whip-like tendrils who began to grab all the souls that he can. After consuming enough, his aura disappears, backing to the normal. NM makes a burp.
NM : Well… That’s what’s great… … Yes yes yes It’s just one Planet, I only was hungry. I have not touched any soul for centuries… … Infinitely strong demonic army? That army which was destroyed by a mortal? I pity you, you know?… … Whatever… Changes changes changes, you act like God.
NM teleports, leaving the place and cuts contact to Maledict.

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Jul 25, 2013 at 10:38PM EDT


Tager takes Kokonoe in one hand, and then holds his other hand as well in order to carry her horizontally.
Tager: Thank you…
He begins to walk off to go look for Mavis.


After a short walk, Tager comes to Mavis’ position holding Kokonoe in both of his hands, unconscious.
Tager: Mavis, correct? Kokonoe needs to retire. I don’t think that I can get her all the way back to the lab either. Can she stay here tonight? I need to stay with her as well…

@Makarov and Jin,

The Grim Reaper looks up at Jin before facepalming.
Ragna: You’re at a guild called Fairy Tail, you twat. You’re on a different planet or dimension or some shit called the Land of Colors and Frogs. Anything else you want to spew out of your idiotic mouth?

Jul 25, 2013 at 10:46PM EDT

Maledict: we meant infinte numbers, fuckhead. He teleported directly into our base. There were reinforcements coming.
He begins thinking
You know, We think we could invest in strengthening our troops…
Suddenly, a figure comes in.
???: I can entirely agree with you on that, sir.
Maledict: Wait, who the hell are you?
Larry: Uh… I’m larry. Sixth in command down here, sir.
Maledict sighs
Maledict; What do you want, Larry?
Larry: I just wanted to give some new designs for our troops that i’ve been working on in my spare time, sir. It’ll make them faster, stronger, and better in general.
Maledict: Give is the papers.
Larry hands Maledict a stack of paper, with improvements for each and every demon on there.
Maledict: Larry… When have I ever doubted you?
Larry: During the invasion of earth.
Maledict remembers. It wasn’t due to his own incompetence, the plan was perfect. It was larry’s incompetence that screwed it up.
Malecit: You know what? You’re head engineer now. In other words, Third in command.
Larry: YES! YES!
Maledict: now get to work on those improved demons, before we fry your ass!
Larry: Yes, sir!

Jul 25, 2013 at 10:51PM EDT

@ragna and gin
makarov releases gin from his grip and positions his hand open for gin to stand up on.

Makarov: thats right. this is our guild of fairy tail. im the guild master makarov. i will not allow any harm to come to my children here o long as i breathe. so now. what is that you came here for. or is it just your brother youve been seeking?
@girls and boys.

gray manages to carry juvia after passing out after releasing all of her energy being emotional

natsu picks up lucy. gajeel caries both levy, carla and wendy.

happy and pantherlilly both pick up nu who is passed out as well.

Natsu: man, thank doomguy for those drinks.

Gajeel: made our lives a lot easier.

Gray: what about erza? shes still there.

natsu turns to doomguy and kenshiro.

Natsu: hey ken, can you help us carry cana and erza with us back to the girls dorm room. its just a couple minutes walking from here.

Gray: doomguy, same thing with reimu and marisa. they need help as well. oh and tsunarmin chick. come with us as well. youl be staying in the girls dorm as well. or do you want to go with your other friends as well. its okay with us either way.

Gajeel: after you help us with them well show you to your hotel rooms as well. oh and its on us so dont worry.

everyone makes their way to the guild hall to meet up with everyone
@bck to ragna and jin
*happy and pantherlilly fly to ragna on makarovs hand with nu in their hands completely knocked out from drinking.

Happy: hey ragna. your girlfriend here went a bit overboard.

pantherlilly: she had a lot to drink and thought that drinking doomguys special beer was a good idea. it knocked her out badly.

Makarov: sign damn it cana. listen here you two. we have made arrangements for ragna and nu to stay in a single hotel room. but for you there mister jin. i want you gone from here. were not a resort. so go back to were you came. you can come back here if you want the next day to handle things with ragna. Happy, pantherlilly. take ragna and his friend here to the hotel they will be staying at.

Happy: aye sir. happy grabs onto ragnas back and flies them to their hotel
Mavis: hello there. if you want you can stay here for now. though i dont know about hakumen. im sure hes fine doing his own thing. though i dont think we have anything to cover kokonoe with since the others went upstairs. it is your call anyways. your free to stay werever you see fit to you and her needs.

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Jul 25, 2013 at 11:54PM EDT

Doomguy: Ken’s out cold.
Doomguy gathers the remaining bottles of Potato Mash, and grabs Cana, Erza, Ken, and Marisa. He carries them with relative ease, and follows Natsu, Gray, and Gajeel.

OOC: That’s me done. G’night.

Jul 26, 2013 at 12:00AM EDT

Sakuya’s spell completely blasts Arakune up and back. She clicks her pocketwatch again as all the bullets seem to re direct themselves into Arakune… and then Time Resumes as Arakune is held up in the air for a bit by the bullets alone before splashing back into the ground

“Did I get it?”

Gas only reaching her knees, but she starts to feel the effects

Yuyuko: “I was bringing them to the ship, but then again whatever. There is quite a few making their path back here.”

Yukari: “The castle will work quite well. Now then, let us be off!”

Yukari steps into the portal.

Reimu had been drinking the whole time. A LOT.

[Nonsensical Gibberish]

She has lost control over her Yin Yang orbs are they idley float around the place as she moans about bananas.

Marisa snores

Meanwhile, in Reimu Vision

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Jul 26, 2013 at 12:20AM EDT

@Happy and Pantherlilly,

Ragna mumbles something to himself about Happy’s remark.
Ragna: It’s not like that, idiot…
However this was said under his breath so that they couldn’t hear it. Ragna waits for them to get to their hotel room, him needing a good rest after what all has happened.

Nu just hangs there unconscious being carried by Pantherlilly. She’s knocked out good.


Tager looks a bit distressed about Kokonoe not being able to stay here for now.
Tager: Oh, well if that’s the case… It’s just that I don’t know where she put her lab. She said she dropped it off within walking distance… That lab is practically her home. She even has a cot set up there.
He then addresses what Mavis said about Hakumen.
Tager: Hakumen is a cold one indeed. It would be better off just to leave him be. I’m sure he doesn’t mind staying out here by himself.
He then looks down at Kokonoe in his hands, then back at Mavis.
Tager: Thank you for all you’ve done for us.
The Red Devil turns around and carries Kokonoe out of the guild hall, and activates his telescopic eye in order to look for the lab.
Tager: Kokonoe should have put a waypoint on the lab…
He searches for a few moments, before sensing the waypoint.
Tager: Ah, there it is.
He carries her for what seems like a good distance, and finally the two arrive at the lab. Once here, he goes to the room that Kokonoe had made into her sleeping quarters and lays her on a cot with a mattress on it.
Tager: Don’t do that again…
After this, he leaves the room for the night… proceeding to go work on a ship in a bottle in his own quarters.

Hakumen positions himself so that he is able to look out at the lake all night long. He stays unmoving and silent with his arms crossed.


Arakune splashes down to the ground, having been screaming a tormented scream as all of the stuff hits him. His mask is cracked and broken. Shattered, it falls to the ground as the pile of ooze just sits there for a few moments.
Arakune: Gug…gugugugugugu….
A new mask sorta pops out from inside the blob and comes to the surface. It looks at Sakuya, rotating around a bit….
Arakune: …You…ignorant…child…
The blob reforms itself to look like what it was before it was hit by everything. All of the bullets just seemed to be absorbed into it. It then rears back before sticking out more bony appendages and beginning to slash at Sakuya like sharp meat cleavers while the gas is working its effects on her.

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Jul 26, 2013 at 12:31AM EDT

Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

Maledict: we meant infinte numbers, fuckhead. He teleported directly into our base. There were reinforcements coming.
He begins thinking
You know, We think we could invest in strengthening our troops…
Suddenly, a figure comes in.
???: I can entirely agree with you on that, sir.
Maledict: Wait, who the hell are you?
Larry: Uh… I’m larry. Sixth in command down here, sir.
Maledict sighs
Maledict; What do you want, Larry?
Larry: I just wanted to give some new designs for our troops that i’ve been working on in my spare time, sir. It’ll make them faster, stronger, and better in general.
Maledict: Give is the papers.
Larry hands Maledict a stack of paper, with improvements for each and every demon on there.
Maledict: Larry… When have I ever doubted you?
Larry: During the invasion of earth.
Maledict remembers. It wasn’t due to his own incompetence, the plan was perfect. It was larry’s incompetence that screwed it up.
Malecit: You know what? You’re head engineer now. In other words, Third in command.
Larry: YES! YES!
Maledict: now get to work on those improved demons, before we fry your ass!
Larry: Yes, sir!

NM : I have an infinite number of demons in my army too, dickhead. Every high ranged demon can have its own army with millions of soldiers if he want. And… I can resurrect the dead, so that means I don’t care how many demons you kill, they will back from the dead, and again, and again. and again, and again. AND! I have my reinforcements ready for the war. They are more fast, more stronger with more reflexes than you pathetic army. Yes…Blame Larry for all…(sarcastic)

Jul 26, 2013 at 02:26AM EDT

Sakuya sees the thing regenerate, and hops back as the bones come slashing at her. Arakune in front of her, the AI in the back, Gas to the bottom…

With Knifes and the Pocketwatch of Blood in Hand. Conserving her breath, she silently invokes… whatever the hell these circles are.

The force of the knifes are fast enough to start pushing Arakune back. Mostly going though him and bouncing off the far wall and clattering across the room.

Sakuya: “How much can you take before I pin you there?”

Her Health is being sapped now, rather slowly but steadily.

Jul 26, 2013 at 02:37AM EDT

The 5 Order mages follow the others. Tsunarmin has left the bottle behind, deciding she doesn’t want it.

Pyralis: to DoomguyWhat the hell was that stuff.

Tsunarmin: More importantly, what happened to all of them?

(OOC: Thee Order mages have no idea what alcohol is, let alone its effects :p)

Jul 26, 2013 at 03:44AM EDT

Doomguy: It’s a… special blend of Alcohol. Only the manliest men can drink it without instantly passing out. Other than that, it’ll be the smoothest shit you’ve ever tasted.

Jul 26, 2013 at 01:55PM EDT


Arakune drops down and forms a puddle on the ground, ultimately avoiding the knives. The gas doesn’t seem to have much of an effect on him either. He basically is toxic acid goop stuff. Anyways…
The man-turned-monster charges at Sakuya from below, being hunkered down to the ground. Sakuya can also notice a lot of strange-looking bugs coming out of the blobby mass. These things consist of giant white centipedes, a swarm of purple and poisonous bees, and man eating black things with sharp teeth and large mouths among other things. They’re headed straight at her.

Jul 26, 2013 at 02:03PM EDT

Solarian:I am not impressed with that response. Magic and technology generally do not mix, you know.
(OOC:He is a rare exception, hence his using a gun as his weapon of choice)

Jul 26, 2013 at 02:14PM EDT

Doomguy: To be honest… I can’t tell you exactly what “Alcohol” is in the scientific sense, but Alcoholic drinks? That I know. Beer, while giving the side effect of making you drunk off your ass, which basically makes you insanely stupid, tastes good. to me, anyways. However, drink a strong enough blend, or drink too much, and you’re out. Like those guys.

Jul 26, 2013 at 02:33PM EDT

Tsunarmin:So this ‘alcohol’ stuff is what they offered me?
Tardises:You were offered that stuff?
Tsunarmin:I didn’t drink any.

Jul 26, 2013 at 02:47PM EDT


“Flandre: Oh… Well.. I’m sorry to hear that. Why does he not like you?”

Hmmm…Im not too sure….I can’t remember what I did to get him so worked up

Sam ponders for a moment, trying to remember exactly what he did to Dingo however his memory has suffered damage over the recent events making it unstable and lacking

But I know one thing for sure, he really doesn’t like me…


(Okay, sorta put zero to shit effort into the city post last time, so here’s a slight re-vamp with a metric ton of (meaningless?) fiction (still fun to write though, even if it is))

Jotaro is in the biggest city upon Transcendence, Columbia.

Firstly to build a idea of just how large a city it is you have to understand that it spans multiple levels of the planet, has sectors that look completely different from one another and would cross multiple time zones. It takes up a considerably large part of the surface of the planet so much infact that they say at least 15 percent of it is covered in Columbia and is forever growing, nor does it exist only above ground….

It has grown like a giant root, crawling down into the surface of the shield-world effectively multiplying the overall size of the city many times overs. These levels are used mainly for weapons markets, factories, sleeping quarters, drainage and city wide systems. At the very lowest levels (pictured) live some of the most extreme Loyalist within the Conclave, spending day after day meditating and learning of their gods past and ways, these people have dedicated their entire lives to the teachings effectively making them equal to old Earth’s Buddhist Monks…they spend their time in these hanging subterranean temples that dangle from massive bored out shafts that have existed within Transcendence since its construction, these super deep levels are freakishly quiet, the only sounds being heard are those of the chantings of the zealots. Outsider Loyalists never venture hear nor do they all even know how to get to the place, some don’t even believe that such a level exists and have long since buried the idea. This has had a good effect though as it has allowed the zealots to enjoy a lifetime of peace and quiet without interruption from others. Forever humming chants, reciting quotes and worshipping the god in their swinging temples on the secluded levels until the end of their days

And then we move onto the more diversified sectors of Columbia…

This is just one archetype of the many thousands of different cultures found within the city, however places such as these are only ever usually found on the outskirts of the city and are very peaceful places to live making their populaces are mainly consistent of agricultural workers and beast hunters due to the surrounding wastelands, barrens, grasslands that border the city’s hundreds of thousands kilometre perimeter

And then there are the inner city districts…

Massive towering buildings, huge military bases not to mention the NOL HQ all exist here, dropships and fighter aircraft are a common sight to be seen flying in between the buildings whilst large tanks and walkers are often seen pacing the streets, either in convoys or on patrol. These inner city places always have higher populations that any other district. Density is high and there streets and plateaus are always jam packed with Loyalist going about their business and enjoying their lives.

Columbia’s populace spans all of the species that make of up the Loyalist Conclave and consist mostly if not entirely of battle ready soldiers. The streets are lined with barracks, ammunition depots, look out posts and training camps. Gunfire and shouting can be heard echoing in the background as Loyalist battalions go about training exercised and scientist execute weapon testing drills.

Statues of the crow can be seen scattered around the streets, clichéd phrases such as “Our creator and father” and “Keeping order, infinitely” are etched into their bases. To a heretic or abstainer the whole place is quite unwelcoming, Jotaro would feel like a complete outsider roaming these streets.

One of the biggest corner stones of the crows morales exists throughout the city. Order. Its everywhere, not a thing is out of place and there are no peacekeeping forces to retain order, simply because it is not needed. People here are united and feel no need to rebel nor do they actually know the concept of disorder since there species have lived under the crows faith for thousands of years. The faith is hard wired into them making them unwavering zealots who show not a hint of doubt in their actions. They are the sorta people who would be impossible to have betray their own.

Like previously states all species are apparent within the city, Cabal, Fallen, Awoken, Exo and even Sligs can be seen intermixing and enjoying one another’s company. There are no signs of oppression or negativity, no displays of meaningless murder or vicious demonstrations just a common goal that everyone is striving towards….the satisfaction of their god, the one they owe it all to. This simple goal gives the people unity, averting their minds from the frivolities of the common species…a thing that creates pointless wars..

Back to it. The Envoy approaches Jotaro.

Nothing special. This individual merely serves the Conclave as a representative and spokesperson
He stands there before both Jotaro and the other figure
Envoy: Greetings, the Imperator sent me to personally greet you and to assess your suitability within the city’s embrace. I must first ask, what is it that you are currently seeking?

@Sakuya & Arakune,

Luckily nor the knives or spikes have managed to damage any server modules, everything is okay, for now

A loud banging sound can be heard echoing from the distance, it keeps getting closer and closer before it sounds as if the sounds is coming from right above their heads….suddenly the Bouncer comes crashing straight through the ventilation shaft that Sakuya had previously come through showering pieces of shrapnel around the room, it lands on the ground with a heavy as hell thud before sliding to a stop on its claws producing a series of sparks. It has finally caught back up

Bouncer: Intruders detected. Removing.

Bouncer rears up and prepares to pounce upon Sakuya however it is frozen in position just before the leap

Unbeknownst to all, GW has pulled some behind the scene strings, altering the programming within the Bouncer UG and marking Sakuya as a friendly, Bouncer only see’s Arakune as an enemy now. GW also uploads combat solution data to Bouncer, allowing it to deal with Arakune more effectively

Bouncer: Intruder detected. Removing. Additional data uploaded.

GW: I can see that the toxins are damaging the creature little, rectifying
The ventilation system within the room is reversed, sucking the toxic gasses straight out and restoring the air supply to that of average levels of oxygen

The Bouncer then begins to make full use of its agility yet again, bounding off around the room it dodges the ricocheting knives and spikes and begins deploying prototype liquid nitrogen grenades in an attempt to freeze the liquid like monster

To Sakuya
GW: I advise that you keep your distance from the creature

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Jul 26, 2013 at 04:31PM EDT



So, uh… You don’t have a purpose for Jotaro here? Did you just want to get in on the action aboard Transcendence, or what?

Jul 26, 2013 at 05:15PM EDT

OOC: Yeah, sorta.
I suggest either give him a reason to be there, or get him off transcendence.
It’s your call, really.

Last edited Jul 26, 2013 at 05:35PM EDT
Jul 26, 2013 at 05:32PM EDT

OOC: Well seeing as the planet isn’t really upto much right now Jotaro will be sat around doing mostly nothing. You’d be better having him get involved in either Medics ship or something.. But its your character so its upto you

Jul 26, 2013 at 05:38PM EDT

OOC: Let the kid have fun, the heroes need a lot of avantages to win.. win while being on the top of a pile of corpses
..but what’s a pair of dead guys to save millions of lives?

So sorry guys, I had a bussy day.

Jul 26, 2013 at 05:41PM EDT

OOC: I’d suggest you get him somewhere where other characters are, just so you can actually have him do stuff.

Mage: Not to mention that one of us Order has a somewhat similar power…

…My main character is an aquamancer first and foremost, remember that, fourth wall breaker. There’s a reason it started out as OYH… And the fact he’s rather powerful compared to damn near everyone else in the Order is why the 6 archmages will be getting something to assist them too.

(OOC: You’ve already seen what Granatir in particular will be getting. I already know who is getting what.)

Mage: You mean those Spore creations? You KNOW they only get 4 attacks at most… and even then only the fire one even HAS the fourth attack.

I am not restricting them to what they can do in the Creature Stage. If I did, Tempestia would get very little out of hers as that one’s only attack in that stage is level 1 bite! I’m actually giving them stuff related to the elements they seem to be. And obviously I will be upgrading their glides to full blown flight.

(For those who don’t play Spore, level 1 bite is the absolute minimum attack a creature can have – all mouths come with bite, after all. For RP purposes, these dragons are gonna be getting elemental attacks. That means there will be 6 different ones – and each archmage is getting the corresponding element.)

EDIT: In fact, I’ll describe the 6 dragons.

Earth: You’ve seen it already. Brown, bristling with green crystals except for behind the batlike wings. Its feet are actually closer to hooves.

Water: It’s basically a flying shark with legs. So much so that I even named it Flyshark. The wings extend from limbs and are batlike. The feet are froglike

Fire: Looks a lot like the usual (western) dragon, though there are limbs that extend just so the wings can attach to them.. The feet have one claw rising above the other 2 on each foot.

Air: Like the water and fire dragons, it has limbs for its wings. It has insect-like wings, however, and a frill around its head. Its feet are like paws.

Light: It’s sort of a cross between a dragon with bird wings and the cyan wisp from Sonic Colours (because LASER!) It’s feet are also mismatched – The front feet are the same as the fire dragon, the back like the water dragon. IN ADDITION to these features, it also has hands that close in on what they grab, in a similar manner to those mechanical claws used in those games where you have to pick something up using said claw.

Dark: To be a fitting counterpart to the Dracowisp (the light dragon), it has 2 pairs of small bird wings, powerful attacks, and basically resembles the nega-wisp. (FRENZY!), its feet are good for moving quickly over ground (again, because FRENZY!)

I may find a use for the cave and ice dragons, I may not. I’ll still describe the 2 here.

Cave: It’s more bipedal than the others, with claws instead of front legs. It has black crystals at the back of its head, and its front is lined with bony plates., same feet as fire dragon.

Ice: Yet another with wings extending from limbs, birdlike wings. It has one fin-shaped structure at the top of its head, which would allow heat release, and 6 fins branching off to the side. As previously hinted, these fins are meant to resemble Cirno’s wings. Mismatched feet – the first are bony claws, the back are covered in small spikes.

Fire, water, cave and ice are carnivorous; earth, air and dark are omnivorous, and light is herbivorous. (You probably don’t care for all this detail, but it gives you an idea of what I intend to do.)

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Jul 26, 2013 at 05:52PM EDT

@girls and boys. drunk and not.
after some walking, you end up to the girls dorm house were most of the girls live in. they make their way inside

Gray: well here we are. just follow us in helping put the girls to their rooms. we also have spare rooms for reimu and marisa, and this tsuna chick here if she wants.

Gajeel: this is the first time ive been here. pretty nice.

Gray: yah. but just make sure you just put them in their beds. thats all. juvia groans a bit. damn, look, at the front desk is a list of the girls room numbers, find them, put them in their beds. thats it.

Gajeel: got it. were did natsu go?

Gray: to take lucy back to her place since she has her own place. now lets get this over with so we can all go to bed. i need to show these guys their hotel rooms as well.

*they proceed to take the girls to their rooms. gray puts juvia into her room. gajeel puts wendy, carla and levy in their rooms. as well.

meanwhile natsu just arived to lucys house and puts her into her bed.

Natsu: damn, what a day man. first that green haired punk, eggmans ship thingy. and now this. just glad its all over with.

natsu slowly closes the door and heads back to his place.

happy and pantherlilly drop ragna and nu off in front of the hotel. nu is placed in ragnas arms.

Happy: yah just go in and tell the guy your name. youl be given a room that mirajane reserved earlier.

Pantherlilly: your clothes and such will be sent in by morning all cleaned up and fixed as well as the others staying with us. and also a little something to help with the hangovers as well.

Happy: were gonna see were the others are now. take care ragna.

happy flies to find natsu and pantherlilly flies to the girls dorm were gajeel and the others are.
@spark and friends.
mavis aproaches spark and gives him a slip of paper

Mavis: here is the directions for the hotel for you and your friends to stay in for the time. you guy look like you could use some rest. tomorrow will be a new day and we can begin our preparations for taking on the balloon master. since you know him more than any of us. you can lead the group training and get them fully aware for whats to come. and i bid you all a good night*

makarov pummeled the hell out of both veteran and laxus for fighting in the guild. both unconcious until laxus wakes up.

Laxus: damn that old bastard. how can you not see a giant like that. well fuck this. im out of here.

heads back into the guild hall and into his room in it. veteran is still there unconsious due to makarov beating the stupid out of both of them
mavis floats by and descides to sit right next to hakumen while he looks on at the lake.

Mavis: hello hakumen. mind if i join you? you look like you can use some company.

OOC: just trying to wrap this day up guys so we can move on to the next day were everything begins.

Jul 26, 2013 at 06:57PM EDT

Tsunarmin enters and looks for one of the spare rooms. Upon finding it she closes the door and thinks about what’s happened so far. Obviously this won’t be much, as she’s missed almost all the main events, and the one she was around for happened quite a while ago.

The 4 male Order mages wait to be told where they are going to be staying
Pyralis: What about us, hmm?
Tardises: Pyralis has a point. If we’re going to be joining in the preparations, it’d be easier if we had a place to stay here, instead of back at the Order HQ.

Jul 26, 2013 at 07:10PM EDT

@Happy and Pantherlilly,

Ragna takes Nu in his arms and watches as the two fly away off into the darkness. He then looks down at the unconscious body of her.
Ragna: … What the hell am I going to do with you?
Ragna walks in the hotel carrying Nu in his arms. He then asks for the receptionist to show them to their room.

He happily does this, and shows them to their room.

Once they get to their room, Ragna shuts the door and lays Nu down on a bed. The then flips the lightswitch, gets ready for bed, and goes to sleep for himself.


The eyes on Hakumen’s armor all turn to look at Mavis as she approaches him.
Hakumen: If you wish to join me, very well. I will not stop you.
He continues to stand there with his arms crossed.


Flandre yawns a bit as the tour nears an end.
Sam… I’m tired. Can we go get some rest now?
She looks at him with her big red eyes again.


For now the figure stands silent, waiting for the ambassador to continue.


I’ll wait on Natsuru before I post Arakune.

Jul 26, 2013 at 07:54PM EDT

Doomguy puts the girls in their rooms. He’s still carrying Kenshiro though. He begins to follow Gray and Gajeel to the hotel the guys are staying at

Falcon comes back inside after a long day of training.
Falcon: Alright, I’m going to bed. You three squabble over who gets the couch. And if you fight, take it outside, please.
Falcon heads up to his bed, and the three stand users bicker over who gets to sleep on the couch, before eventually deciding to all sleep on it.

OOC: Honestly, I just want Jotaro to be surrounded by action, you know? you understand what I’m getting at?

Last edited Jul 26, 2013 at 08:19PM EDT
Jul 26, 2013 at 08:18PM EDT


Imperator: … This idiot says that he has nothing to do, but yet he is here. I don’t have time for such trivial matters. Recall Lieutenant Yayoi and the Envoy. Phantom is on its way now.
Her eyes glow red as she speaks in a monotonous tone thinking about this person aboard her planet.


Suddenly he can feel that strange feeling again, the sensation he felt when he was teleported before. A black field surrounds Jotaro as he is teleported off of Transcendence and to Falcon’s pad. Phantom was just sending him to a random location, which happened to be there.

Jul 26, 2013 at 08:58PM EDT

Jotaro looks around his new area, and spots the other three stand users sleeping on the couch.
Jotaro: Well, well. Those three are here.
Jotaro lies down on the floor and falls asleep.

Jul 26, 2013 at 09:25PM EDT

natsu meets up with happy and they go back to their place.

gajeel and gray take the guys to the hotel.

Gray: here you guys are. just keep the rooms in one piece and youll be fine.

Gajeel: im done. lets go pantherlilly.

Pntherlilly: right.

Gray: you guys have a good night as well. we have a long way ahead of us starting tomorrow.

they take off in their own directions to their places were they live an are done for the night.

the girls are all in their beds. trying to sleep off the alcohol.

makarov is done with jin and heads off

mavis keeps hakumen company, enjoying the moonlight on the lake.

OOC: okay next time i post will be dawn of a new day to start the story again.

@yukari and blitz

the go inside of medusas castle. the portal closes behind them and the snake in the boundary wraps around medusas left arm while the other one stays in NM ship.

she leads them down a large coridore to one of her living rooms. it looks rather very furbished for an old castle. there is fancy couches with arrow designs all over them and a table in front in the middle of them all.

Medusa: make yourselves at home. though dont touch anything. please. ill go and get things ready for us. she leaves and goes to get some tea.

asura sits on the corner of the room in isolation while his head is covered in his scarfs. not wanting anything at all.

ooc: ill be gone for most of tomorrow just to let u all know.

Last edited Jul 26, 2013 at 10:32PM EDT
Jul 26, 2013 at 10:31PM EDT

*Jin is thrown out by Makarov, and decides to bum out in the near by woods.*

Jul 27, 2013 at 12:39AM EDT

The 4 male Order mages discuss what has happened, especially in regards to that creature Granatir was with, then go to their respective rooms.

Back at the Order HQ, Granatir has only just finished taming that creature, and is curious as to what it can do. However, it is too late at night to find out what it can do right now…

Jul 27, 2013 at 05:26AM EDT

Ahh the glorious morning, the beginning of the end, sweet fresh air as the sun shows itself, spreading his rays through the Fairy Guild as our heroes sleep, hoping to waste another meaningless day in drink contests, hot springs and forgetting the fact that a evil dictator keeps upgrading himself as they have fun. Spark finally gave up and we can safely say that…he needs to recharge. Haha? Oh well..I am not Mickey Cantor, I’m just the boring narrator who tries to pull out of a over-dramatic presentation of the scene. A dream covered morning in the Guild, birds can be seen flying around and if you close your eyes, you can almost smell the scent of..

Potassium chloride? A loud sound can be heard by every character who was sleeping or just doing normal stuff like standing in the middle of a lake while watching the fish. A explotion covers the sun rays with a black smoke, like ants behind a big mushroom. What kind of psychopath managed to interrupt the dreams of our heroes? Such a evil monster should be vapori-

Oh…Foster…Nevermind…Mister Foster prepares himself for another detonation as Cheston cries in horror and Spark just waits for someone to show up.
Spark: I think that last one was enough my friend. We want to get them out of their beds not out of their hearts!
Foster: But hey, you know the ol’ saying: “When in doubt, SHOOT!”
Spark: Alright but before you press that buttom, let’s wait for a few minutes. Jesus, they are probably trying to figure out what the protons is happening. Hopefully, we will get everyone here to start training…Boy, they have a lot to learn..

So, it turns out this is nothing but the beggining of a long training montage.
Bloodpool: That’s it? Dude! I was hoping to see more plot! Get out here Spark and let Asura show me the BOOBIES! WHAT THE HELL DO I HAVE TO DO TO GET A HD PICTURE OF NAKED JULIAAAAAAAAAA??!? Give me more shipping!! Y’all know that the thread sucks monkey dildos since that guy wanted that training so bloody much..They are going to die anyways! Dude, they don’t even know the amount of shit that the BM cann pull out from his ass! Hurm..He will probably send Blood Falcon the moment they step into Mobius, then Falcon will get his ass kicked and then I eat some tacos and then..Hold on..Anyone else having that weird feeling that someone is looking you? Someone with a beard? Oh wait that’s Asura..Someone in front of a screen?

Bloodpool: Oh It’s you again. The Roleplay Pub missed you Player! REMEMBER THAT TIME WHERE SPARK WANTED TO TAKE OVER THE BAR BUT THEN HE HAD A ENDLESS DISCUSSION WITH MARK?? AND HE WASTED TWO PAGES IN THAT SHIT?? Boy I do remember that, It was hilarious. Anyways I have a few important things to tell you before I get the heck out of this shitty ass place: First..
Hey Ragna..
I’m going to kick your ass so hard, I’m going to punch you in your demon nuts so bloody hard that your kids, your wife and every damn member of your family will feel it. They will feel how my boot arrives to the Penal Zone and hits that pair of sad demon testicles over and over again until you are sterile or until you have a character breakdown over broken balls.

Mark my words fucka..

Your kids will feel it..

The another thing is that I’m bloody leaving! I’m out ‘till tomorrow so have fun! Do post more plot for my decaying brain cells and my little itty bitty tiny mini-Deadpool that wants to be touched! See ya around guys, stay classy, shave damn it, get naked, get bent, eat your vegetables, remember that green people are people too, get mad, make lemonade, with a great power comes a great douchebagness, get bent, stay out of here Falcon, Kenshiro needs more lines, Tardises still lost, Asura glorious beard of victory demands a futile human soul for his almighty miniature painting thread, Natsu needs to draw Bloodpool X Everymaturewomeninthethread, Sam you are boring, get bent, my ass feels itchy and scratchy, the bongos are not hidden inside the Village town, tacos are not recomended for people with heart issues, Spark still not posting anything related to the Balloon Master, get bent, boobs make plot, bikinies too, naked women too, prepare for unforenseen consequences, get bent, get bent, gay bent, gay ben, Gay Ben, GaBen, Gaben.
*TL; DR? I’m leaving and I won’t be back ’til tomorrow so yeah…Go to the Roleplay Pub and do something like dunno…get some hot chicks, drink, get bent and more stuff like that. Last day I tried to catch a flower with pheromones if you catch what I mean hehe! my ass kicked…Well goodbye guys!*

Jul 27, 2013 at 11:32AM EDT



Ragna: I better not have heard what I think I heard coming from your sorry mouth, you over-glorified twat. My balls won’t be broken ‘cause I’ll be busy kickin’ your ASS! Now shut up before I give you another hole to breathe out of!

Jul 27, 2013 at 12:44PM EDT

Tsunarmin: It will be impossible for such drawings of every ‘mature’ woman in this thing to be made and you know it. I know it more than damn near anyone else, as I am one of the few it would be impossible to acquire said drawings of.

Mage: Only because our creator won’t draw such things himself…. Then again, we’re lucky he tries to draw at all.

Pyralis: What do you think he’s doing right now?

Untranslated fightan gaem, that’s what. I’ll give the others on this side of the fourth wall a few guesses as to exactly what I mean by that.

Jul 27, 2013 at 01:03PM EDT


On another note, I’m fine with moving everyone to the RP pub now… I guess I’ll start. And sorry that you have to go, Spark. We will be eagerly awaiting your return.

The BlazBlue crew and Flandre walk into the RP pub, finding it deserted for now.

Kokonoe looks all around at the barren bar with her golden cat eyes.
Kokonoe: Excuse me, but what the hell is this place, Tager?
She looks up at him, standing right beside him.

The Red Devil looks down at her, adjusting his glasses.
Tager: This is the “Roleplay pub.” Essentially it functions like your laboratory when it moves into the Boundary, minus the “chibi” effects. This is where the person that is controlling us bring their characters when there is nothing to do in the main storyline.

Hakumen’s eyes dart up to Tager, and he turns to him.
Hakumen: Impossible. There is no way for someone to be controlling me!

Hakumen suddenly gets a kick in the back by Hazama, and is sent to the ground.
Hazama: Quit holdin’ up the line, damn it!
He walks in the bar, stepping on Hakumen like a doormat as he does so.

Ragna sees Hazama enter the bar, and immediately draws his weapon. He looks at Hazama with rage and malice in his eyes.
Ragna: TERUMI! I thought you were dead, you bastard!

Hazama can only smile back at Ragna for his ignorance.
Hazama: I am dead. Your friends managed to kill me. Yaaaaaay…
He claps his hands and confetti falls down from the ceiling as it showers the BlazBlue crew and Flandre.

Hakumen flips back onto his feet, and stares straight at Hazama.
Hakumen: Your evil deeds end here today, Terumi.
He holds Okami in front of him, and puts a few fingers to the back of the blade.

Hakumen: I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. Wi-

Hakumen’s speech is interrupted by Hazama holding up a hand to him. No one else has ever had the balls to do this before.
Hazama: You just don’t get it, do ya? Let me explain it in a way that you can wrap your feeble minds around it.
He takes off his hat, and just grins at the group.

Hazama: You beat me. Put me out of fucking existence no-less. Twice. I don’t exist there. But here… I do. This isn’t a real universe, but a fabricated one. Fabricated by those people above us.

Nu looks at Hazama curiously.
Nu: You mean like gods?

He turns his head to look at Nu.
Hazama: No. I don’t. I’ve met god before, and he’s nowhere NEAR as godly as you’d think. Hell, he was a backstabbing scumbag. Even by my standards.

Flandre: But what’s a twisted son of a bitch like you doing here?

Hazama glares at Flandre and walks over to her, kneeling down to her level.

Hazama: I may be a “twisted son of a bitch”, young lady. But that doesn’t mean I don’t have feelings.
He sounded angry about this.

Flandre: We’re still going to kill you again, along with your stupid green hair!

Hazama stands back up and laughs.
Hazama: Ohoho! Looks like somebody needs to learn how to respect her elders! I think a SPANKING is in order!
He leans back, and wraps his hands around his head.
Hazama: Restriction 666 released! Dimensional Interference Field deployed!
Hazama grins at Flandre while he has his hands wrapped around his head.
Hazama: How’d you like a special treat?! Well, you’re getting it anyway! Let me show you the TRUE power of the Azure!
He prepares to put his arms down.
Hazama: Code S.O.L.! Azure Grimoire, activate!
He swings his arms down by his side…

And nothing happens.

Hazama looks all around for Meredith.
Hazama: God damn it, where are you?! I’ll have your head!

Flandre just laughs, and proceeds to walk into the bar with the rest of the BlazBlue crew.

Relius walks over to Hazama, followed along by Ignis.
Relius: That was quite a display, Hazama.
Smirking a bit.

Hazama: Shut up.

Then those three walk off to find a table…

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The 5 Order mages walk in

Solarian: I have no idea what this place is…

They find the fourth wall breaker waiting for them

Mage: This is sort of within the fourth wall. Basically every single one of us is being controlled, and the main plot cannot progress. Whatever happens here is non-canon.

Tsunarmin: We’re being controlled?

Mage: Us lot have been outright created – the entire Order is a bunch of OCs.

Tardises: OCs?

Mage: Original Characters.

Granatir wals in, riding the Litholizard – He is sat where there are no crystals

Granatir: I tamed this thing, but have yet to find out what it does.

Mage: If we’re working off basic Spore logic, it should have Jump 1, Glide 4, Sprint 2, sight, a mating call, Bite 4, Charge 3, Sing 4, Charm 4 (from the crystals), Speed 3, and Health 5 – which would give an overall HP of 50. But I guess our creator is not working off basic Spore logic here, and actually making them full blown elemental.

Granatir: That made no sense.

Mage: It doesn’t have to make sense to us.

Tsunarmin: If we truly are created, then I suppose we’d best thank that creator for allowing us to do these things. How would it best be done?

Mage: I think he has a thing for some sort of troll, or was it a fairy, or a time traveller, or a hedgehog? I’m sure images of them would be good…. except those to do with death, ESPECIALLY that troll…

(OOC-ception: Calling it now, SOMEONE’S gonna bring into this OOC thing one of the four characters referred to. If you cannot guess which characters he’s referring to, the troll = Nepeta Leijon, the fairy = Cirno, the time traveller = The Doctor, and the hedgehog = Sonic.)

Granatir: By the way. Solarian, Tsunarmin? You’re gonna be getting suitable elemental dragons the moment we find some for you.

Mage: Even if “Flying Shark” and “totally not a Cyan Wisp” would be more applicable…

Noctan: I see some others are already here…

The 6 mages proceed to look for a couple of tables next to each other

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