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Last posted Mar 09, 2014 at 06:19PM EDT. Added Mar 16, 2013 at 10:40PM EDT
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Finally reached the point where I wanted to give myself a unique name, so here it is, although to the people who have added me on Steam it won’t seem that obscure as Novák has been my display name for well over a year now….I will also be featuring as a new character…..

EDIT: Two consecutive page gets, step it up


Jehuty keeps dodging around the lasers and starts to reduce its altitude until its skidding along the ground on its climbing irons (feet)
Dingo: So…am I allowed to shoot at her too?
ADA: I do not know…
Dingo: Im going to try just to see what happens

Jehuty charges up a ball of pure Metatron energy and launches it at Marisa. Due to Jehuty being V.2 a fully charged orb can cause massive amounts of damage if it hits on target, capable of destroying BAHRAM’s Mummyhead Orbital Frames with one hit, even when shielded, slightly OP to use it on a single human individual to say the least…

Meanwhile over at the desert on Transcendence, the place where AM was dumped…

The blazing sun beats down on Roger as he stands in the middle of the endless desert
Roger (Crow): And I find myself burning my balls off in the middle of some shitty desert armed only with a shovel to dig a hole that’s gonna need to be….like…I dunno…..50 foot deep or somin…..
He picks the shovel up off the ground and stars digging away
Roger (Crow): Oh ah am gonna get tired of this shit so damn fast….the holes just filling back in for crows sake….
He keeps shovelling
Roger (Crow): Jus’ to drag some crappy computer out of the ground…why I am I even doing this, frankly put, couldn’t care less
He takes a step back and wipes the sweat from his brow
Roger (Crow): Might just use it as a foot rest, or some big ass paperweight for a King Kong sized stack of porn….ya hear that?!….
Holes filling in with sand
Roger (Crow):That’s enough…
He clicks his fingers and a massive crater of sand is cleared from in front of him, he jumps in to the hole
Roger (Crow): Knock knock….who’s there?…crow….crow who?….

Live stream extract commence…

Clear video and audio, this time you are looking through a cameras eyes from the corner of the room,. The room itself is rather cramped and quite messy with stacks of paper about the place and grime creeping up the walls, behind the desk near the centre is sat a pretty scruffy youngish man, shaved head and a scar running down his face, resting on the desk in front of him is a medals case and an officers cap. The place wreaks of a faded hero…

And then (he’s back) Pvt.Higgins makes his way into the room, prompting the attention of Major Novak, he is carrying a report folder…
Higgins: S-sir?
I take it that’s the AI’s last log?
Higgins: Yes sir…
Higgins just stays stood in the doorway
Bring it over here then? I wanna read it…
Higgins walks over and nearly drops the folder from his nerves, he places on the desk
Novak flicks through and reads the new log
What the fuck is this shit? so they are bringing that rock aboard???
Higgins: Certainly….l-looks that w-w-way…
Yeah it does, this isn’t good one bit…I don’t know why I even have you bring me these, they just annoy me…
Higgins: What are you going to do?
……is that like some sort of joke?
If I was still a damn General Id march right up there now and choke slam that idiot for authorising something this stupid….big unknown alien world….find a rock thing…yeah let’s bring it aboard, good idea huh? no…
Higgins: Why aren’t you a General anymore?
Dunno really…there were…a few disagreements………

Well here you go..
He closes the folder and hands it back over to Higgins
Put it in the bin or something…
Higgins: Thanks sir…
anyway, cya later, Im gonna go have a few words with my General on this…
Higgins gives a shaky salute and exits the room, Novak gets up not longer after and puts on his officers cap, he then adjusts it to fit perfectly and then leaves too…

Live stream extract terminated ..


>MFW all my keyboards are just plain shit and I have to keep spell checking everything

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Aug 17, 2013 at 08:03PM EDT

Since she went with Reimu’s group, she is stuck dodging the amulets yin-yang orbs, and whatever else Reimu is throwing at the group. She’s actually doing that with relative ease, as she has played Touhou before. She has a really big grin on her face while she is zipping around in the air.

I had almost forgotten how much fun this was!
It appears that her strategy is to keep dodging and to wait for the spellcards to end.

Aug 17, 2013 at 10:10PM EDT

@Group Reimu:

Oh come on.

Reimu shouts at the barrier guys

You know what!? Fine. You want to use Barriers, Barriers it is then!

Dream Land, Super Duplex Barrier!

A thick boundary expands outwards. As a perception fuckery, this field inverts the direction of Reimu’s amulets every other square. She she also aims her additional focused shots at Tardises group

This also makes approaching her VERY hard, not to mention these amulets act as a buffer against magic.

@Group Marisa:

After getting nuked by the Dingo, a large explosion of what appears to be glass flies off of Marisa leaving a giant smoking cloud… more energy seems to charge into it, and when it disperses Marisa seems fine.

“Nice one. Guess it’s time to amp it up to the Constant Fire.”

“And Flandre just play the defending side for once.”

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Aug 17, 2013 at 11:52PM EDT

Tsunarmin: to Reimu You talk as if we weren’t supposed to set up MBarrier. What else were we supposed to do?

Tardises: I… think we may need to also scale up out attacks. Open Your Heart, let’s do this!

OYH appears, and proceeds to split off an arm into a relatively large watery orb. That orb then proceeds to just bounce along the ground towards Reimu. as it is basically made of water, the amulets would just pass straight through this orb. (The main body of OYH is a different matter, of course.)

Solarian takes the hint, and fires a laser imbued with… fire.. (OOC: Yo dawg, I heard you like words so I put some fire in your fire so you can shoot while you burn things) – This laser would of course be weakened, but it would reach Reimu.

Granatir was riding Chasmpound so the two end up basically underneath Reimu. Chasmpound turns its head upwards while flapping its wings to gain a little height… and spits pebbles at Reimu. Granatir, however, casts Razor Leaf himself.

Tsunarmin casts Whirlpool – because of the nature of Order spells, the spell, of course, hits Reimu instantly. (OOC: Remember, not projectile based.)

Noctan casts Darkside… though since this spell takes the form of orbs coming from above and below it COULD theoretically be evaded. It’s still focused squarely on Reimu, of course.

The two fire elementals decide to attack together. Pyralis casts Wildfire then mounts Muscalle. The fire elemental dragon then takes flight, and will attempt to divebomb Reimu. While Muscalle itself probably wouldn’t deal that much damage…. the weapons of the two fire elemental mages probably would. Ignis is not attacking yet himself…

Tempestia casts Twister, which would also slightly throw off a few newly-fired amulets.

(OOC: Yes, I KNOW what they’re supposed to be doing. They don’t realise it’s about evasion, however.)

Aug 18, 2013 at 03:09AM EDT

@reimus bouncing ying yang balls attack

*the bouncing ying yang balls were a bit tricky to deal with. but they seem to manage for a bit.

wendy flies high enough to just avoid them. juvia slips by in between them meanwhile gray uses his ice blades on his arms to parry them enough to avoid them before getting flattened.

leo with ucy hops on top of them, as one reaches high in the air he bounces off of them. one after another instead of being on the ground.

Leo: are you enjoying this as much as i am lucy.

lucy: yah, nothings more fun than trying to dodge giant magical spheres that can flatten you. just keep focus and well be fine.

leo: as you wish my dearest lucy. he says as he hops onto other nearby spheres.

wendy is flying high enough to avoid them entirely.

gildarts just stands there on the spot. he just raises his hand up once more, causing the pheres heading close to him to break apart and disappear without effort.

levy uses her solid scrip magic to create the word hole on the ground. when a cluster of bals land on it, they fall through a giant hole in the ground before closing back up

she and cana are working together to try and evade reimus attacks

@reimus omgwtfbbq duplex attack.

everyone is suddenly having a very difficult time trying to dodge all of those amulets. some of them get hit by one of them very rarely. their magics earnt doing much to evade them accept for gildarts, who continues to destroy the amulets heading his way without moving.

gildarts: there is a pattern in the attacks that you need to follow people. different areas follow certain paths. if you can anticipate their movement of travel and find the pattern in which they travel, than you can evade them accordingly.

gray quickly follows his advice and tries to follow the patterns.

Gray: its very dificult to do…. wait… i got it. here juvia he quickly grabs her hand to have her follow him.

wendy tries to follow the pattern as well, but is still struggling to evade while trying to find it. though she seems to be getting there.

lucy is overwhelmed to see that much firepower heading towards her and leo.

Lucy: what the hell do we do?

Leo: like gildarts said, find the pattern of their traveling and follow accordingly. ive already found it. so hang on.

*leo begins to dance with lucy in almost ballroom fashion. lucy cant tell wether to be freaked out by the amulets or by the dancing. however, the way he seems to be dancing around is working. the two of them manage to slip through certain patterns of amulets flying towards them.


leo: because when we are together, anything is possible.

Lucy: heavy sign just focus on keeping me alive through all of this okay?

Leo: indeed i will. dont you worry. he says as the two of them spin to evade through a large cluster of amulets.

cana and levy can only clear themselves away from the amulets as trying to get closer to reimu makes it even worse. levy uses guard once more to help block the amulets, but theres so many to handle, and cana tries the same to block some of them with her card magic
@marisas light laser attack

Erza rewuips into flight armour which gives her near unmatchable speed and reflexes to evade not only the lasers but the beam of light, or to at least pass across it with very little exposure.

gajeel continues to run towards marisa, the lasers just hit off off of his armour as he does some attempts to dodge the lasers to not overdoo himself. the light beam goes on galeel but only causes his armour to warm up a bit before leaving it.

gajeel: trying to give me a tan, huh?

miragane in her form just focuses on evading the lasers and beam of light, using her talons to deflect some lasers about to hit her.

*natsu is close to the ground while flying with happy on his back. the light beam hits him for a bit, but doesnt scortch his body at all notr does it affect happy due to natsu guarding the beam from him. natsus fire dragonslayer makes him immune to all forms of heat based attacks and all forms of fire. so the light doesnt bother him at all as he gets out of it and continues to evade lasers.

Natsu: this is getting fun huh happy.

Happy: aye natsu. though you shpuld still take it seriously. these people are really strong.

natsu: i know i know.

then after jehutys ranged burst attack hitting marisa and she amps up the laser fire. it just becomes a shitstorm of laser fire for everyone.

Natsu: holy shit happy be careful.

Happy: i ill natsu just try and not head closer to her.

gajeel is a bit surprised to see that much laser fire. he descides to slow down to evade the lasers more to avoid taking on more hits. despite being in iron dragon scales.

his reflexes are much more potent now that hes actually trying to evade the lasers

erza slows down her advance towards marisa so she can focus on deflecting and parrying the lasers. with such lightning reflexes she parries the lasers with some effort.

erza: this is some training. i should train like this more often. im glad you two are here for this.

mirajane is now making more effort to evade the attacks. she takes a few hits in order to counter attack marisa in order to throw her off.

Mirajane: demon blast!

she shoots out a focused beam of pure dark magic at marisa that absorbs the lasers as it travels towards marisa before continuing to evade.
@yukari, medic and remilia
medusa turns to face nightmare medic.

Medusa: my snakes are undetectable. there is no possibility for them to be discovered once inside of a host. only i do so there is no need to worry about them. once the group has left to fight in mobius. we will obtain the emeralds from that blasted horse and her friends when they are most vulnerable. and i also have an ace in the hole to convince them to hand them over without resorting to just brute force. but either way, they will be ours so dont you worry my good doctor.

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Aug 18, 2013 at 02:17PM EDT

Falcon begins to notice a pattern in Reimu’s attacks. He begins dodging through the pattern, and takes A LOT less hits.

By this time Muso Tensei has recharged. Ken activates it again, and just walks towards Reimu, mystically teleporting to a new location every time an amulet is going to hit him. He has also noticed the pattern, but isn’t really caring due to Muso Tensei.

Jotaro notices a pattern too, and begins to follow it. He has to stop time a lot less often now, and isn’t getting hit at all, maybe like once every couple of minutes or so.

Giorno, Josuke, and Okuyasu don’t notice a pattern, and Giorno just puts up a tree for the other three stand users to hide behind. Occasionally he pops out of cover to make a new tree, but he gets hit quite a bit doing that.

Maledict still prowls around the forest, searching for the source of the hallucinations. If any hallucinations are given to it, they’re vague at best.

OOC: Muso Tensei, from this point on, isn’t going to be this lucky. It’s going to expire at bad times.

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Aug 18, 2013 at 02:36PM EDT

The Order mages have alredy acted so cannot attack further… And they hear the advice but cannot really use it. They can’t see a pattern and the way their magic works means they just cannot easily comprehend trying to evade magical attacks,

%{color:blue}Tsunarmin:..You mean we’re not supposed to try and block these with MBarrier?*

(OOC: I’d be just as screwed evasion wise, since the gif shows it’s clearly a Lunatic difficulty spellcard. I have a lot of trouble merely 1ccing any given one of the games on normal, and would be lucky to reach stage 2 on lunatic, let alone 4!)

Aug 18, 2013 at 02:51PM EDT


Dingo: Ha! she’s a tough one!
Jehuty dashes off once more passing through and around the streams of projectiles
Dingo: She’s kicking out some serious fire-power here….
ADA: Do not worry Dingo, I am within my capabilities
Dingo: Im not, my eyes are starting to spin in my head from all this, even Ardjet didn’t put out his much crap!
The mech keeps strafing the shots and letting off Homing Lasers to counter many more
ADA: Dingo…
Dingo: Y-yeah??
ADA: You don’t have to dodge these rounds, Jehuty V.2’s passive shields can absorb these projectiles.
Dingo: That’s really defeating the object here…there’s no skill in just standing there, and besides, absorbing attacks diminishes SUB

GW’s Automated Heaven Activity Log #15


Ship Status

Current Activities: Surveying planet. Extracting “Black Marker”.

Overall Status-------ISSUE’S
Superstructure------OKAY-----------Zero damage, hull integrity at maximum.
Crew--------------------NOTICE---------Many disturbances. Stress levels increased, peace keepers dispatched.
Sy_tems--------------N_TICE---------Systems blackin_ out, unknown cause.
Sensory Arrays-----OKAY-----------Arrays are________to scan planet for any________of unknown info
Communications---NOTICE--------Chatter is at high levels, worried talk, Marker related conversation.
Munit_ons--------------OKAY-----------Mun_tions near maximum.
Main Engines-------INACTIVE-------WARN_NG: Orbital decay due to zero propulsion!
Power Plant---------NOTICE----------Power consumption fluctuating rapidly b_tween extremes.
Slip_pace Core----INACTIVE


2 Minutes ago the heavy lifter vessel pulled the Black Marker from its resting place, however upon its removal I detected numerous immediate changes to….
Information lost
I am suffering numerous issues….please hold…..

Live stream extract commence…

Another security camera feed, this one is overlooking a stretch of hallway. Major Novak can be seen hurriedly walking down the quiet hallway, Higgins following behind….
I take it they have just yanked the thing out of the ground seeing that power outages are pretty infrequent here..shit…
Pvt.Higgins: C-certainly looks that way Major…but how are we gonna stop them??
Well in any moment now we should be at the Generals office, and im gonna put things straight and speak my mind…
Pvt.Higgins: Sure….that should work…I mean they have to take our views in on this right?
Yeah ’course they do, I was a General after all private…
Pvt.Higgins: Y-yeah you sai-
Right, anyway, enough chatter…

They arrive at the entrance to General Barkers office. Firstly Ill give a little bio on the Major, he is in his late 20’s scruffy and very washed up, he speaks in lingual British but has a eastern European accent, slightly Russian. He is also found to be a nuisance by his senior officers and his almost always disregarded in important meetings and decisions due to his messy and unfitting demeanour. Even though he is seen as a pest by his higher ups he still holds the rank of Major, which ofcourse grants him the power to command a large force of troops and receive low level VIP privileges such as his own office. However the cultural divide between Majors and Generals is huge even though the ranks are side by side one another.

To put it simply, Novak isn’t actually that high ranking and takes more orders than he gives

Higgins on the other hand is the Majors personal assistant, he took pity on the thumbing fool and decided to bring him into his own care, however he doesn’t like to admit this and would much rather say that Higgins is his “helper monkey” than revealing that he actually cares for him

As for the force the Major commands, it is standard, they are all Ex-PMC soldiers with basic level training, there isn’t anything special about them.

Anyway, Novak knocks at the Generals office door
General Barker: Yeah! come in!
Truthfully, Novak is afraid of Barker. He opens the door, walks in and salutes
General Barker sir!
He looks to his left and gives Higgins a small hit, he quickly snaps into a salute having forgot
Pvt.Higgins: Si-sir General sir!!
Barker gets up from his seat, his towering and monstrous form dwarfing the pair of visitors
Fucking hell, did he get into the roid storage or somin’!
General Barker: Ah! Comrade Major Novak! what brings your sickening face to my office!
Barker pats Novak on the head, knocking his officers cap to the side
Sorry to be a nuisance sir but I have come to discuss the artefact and bringing it aboard!
General Barker: Little late now aint ya! its on its way
Major Novak is also a coward when it comes down to it, if all else fails…run..and keep running, there are no heroics here that’s for sure.
I-it is??
Novak lowers his hand and re-adjusts his cap, but Barker notices this and knocks it off his head just to spite him some more
General Barker: Sure is matey, dem Fabs are gonna be scanning it like mad when its here….anyways, what’s the problem?
The Major reaches down and picks up his cap and holds it by his side
Permission to speak my mind General?
General Barker: Not really but go ahead anyways, lets hear it….and whats this ape boy doing here?
Novak shoes Higgins away and he quickly makes his way from the office and falls out of the doorway into the hall
I just want to say that’s its a really bad idea, I mean seriously, I used to be a General just like you once and..
Barker spins his eyes at hearing Novaks catch phrase
..a-nd Ive noticed some disturbances on the civ decks that have only just started happening ever since we arrived at this planet, which is surely not a good thing at all. I reckon that if we bring this thing all the way up here we are going to be in some serious shit…
General Barker: Done?
General Barker: We all know your a heavy drinker Major and I can smell it on your breath…
No n-no I swear I
Barker gives Novak a light punch to his stomach, however this nearly cripples the young officer
Im sorry, im sorry sir cough
General Barker: Yep, I know you are son but you can’t stop progress and Im fine as I am, I couldn’t give a crap about some stupid civilians mugging each other on the hab deck….and don’t cut me off mid sentence idiot!
Novak stumbles for the door, knowing he has failed miserably, he then turns around and gives a salute
General Barker: Get the fuck out of here and take a shower, you smell like horse manure
He steps out of the office and closes the door behind him, Higgins is waiting nearby
Pvt.Higgins: How’d it go comrade Major?
That guy is such a massive ass hole its unreal…..seriously…who gave such a meat headed dumb ass that rank??
Pvt.Higgins: What are we to do now Sir?
Well, im not wanted anywhere else right now so I better return to my office…
The pair start walking off down the hall
Pvt.Higgins: Huh?
Did you hear that then? wha was that?
Higgins slowly shakes his head
Pvt.Higgins: Iiii didn’t hear anything comrade Major
Ooooh, that thing is already starting to take effect, I heard some whispers just now, I swear it
Pvt.Higgins: You’re s-s-scaring me sir…
Insane people have to put up with that thing all the time, its no big deal to hear a few voice now and th…
He pauses, Higgins starts to panic
Pvt.Higgins: What sir? what???
…..That one just told me to kill myself…..pfftt….asshole voices in my head….

Live stream extract terminated…

End of activity log #15

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Aug 18, 2013 at 03:19PM EDT


Due to the super computer-esque brain and high adaptation systems of Nu, she quickly figures out the patterns of all of the projectiles, predicting the ways they will be coming from and follows the pattern accordingly. Having switched to her battle mode before the start of this, she raises a hand in front of her and pillars of swords begin heading straight at Reimu’s position.

Since Ragna was so close on the other hand, he gets blasted backwards by the new spell card.
Ragna: Gah… Damn it, that hurt!
He has healed himself of all his previous wounds from taking parts of Reimu’s soul chain, however. The Grim Reaper nimbly bolts up and tries to spot a pattern in the amulets. He finds the pattern shortly, but he still gets hit by a few stray amulets.


Hakumen can see all of the projectiles from all the different angles thanks to the eyes in his armor. He always keeps each one pointed in a separate direction so that he can see everything on the battlefield. The White Knight slashes at the streams of constant fire sent his way, turning them into Fuumajins, sending them back at her, and getting closer to Marisa every moment.

Tager: Entering falling phase of jump.
Tager plummets towards Marisa, landing and creating a crater where he lands. Rocks spike out of the ground up and at her as the Red Devil magnetizes Marisa with an electric ball shot from his gauntlets.

Flandre on the other hand nods at Marisa and flies away to get a good distance from her before moving her hands around and activating a spell card…
Forbidden Barrage “Catadioptric”
A purple mist-like substance begins to form around her hands as she flies around and shoots out a flurry of purple danmakufu that is all bouncy and shit.


A shell of darkness begins to surround Doomguy, dragging him into a deep slumber… In his slumber he wakes up in a dream world that is full of all his worst nightmares come to life.
(I don’t know this. It’s just damn scary and I’m tired. Give me a break.)


Whatever was here is gone now, however it left behind a faint trace of EXTREMELY dark mana lingering behind.

Aug 18, 2013 at 05:42PM EDT

Maledict, sensing that the being causing the hallucinations is gone decides to leave. But nod before doing one thing. It stretches out it’s arm, and utters one word as a ball of energy and mana appears.
Maledict; Absorption.
He straight up absorbs the dark magic that was left behind in the forest, including the dark barrier surrounding Doomguy.
Maledict: We thank you for your generous contribution.
It then disappears, continuing to watch from the sidelines.

Doomguy sees scary things. Demons that can’t even be dropped, no matter how many times he fires his BFG. A figure of 5 men brutally tearing him apart, over and over again. Previous encounters, defeating him. Worst of all, Horrible Singing.

Inside Doomguy’s mind, There is a figure, A dark ball, and a helmet wrapped up in chains. There also is what seems to be like a supercomputer in the area.
???: It seems that the poor man has gotten himself caught up in magical hallucinations.
He walks over to the computer, and presses a few buttons.
???: Initiating Manual Override.

Doomguy… Or shall I say, a NEW doomguy, wakes up, just as maledict absorbs the remaining dark magic.
“Doomguy”: Hmm, from what I could catch of that barrier, it was some pretty powerful magic. But not as powerful as what Maledict can do. I suppose I should head back to the others.
New Doomguy gets up and walks back to the training area.

OOC: This is NOT the normal Doomguy. the normal doomguy is going to be suffering from those hallucinations for the rest of the day.

Aug 18, 2013 at 06:42PM EDT

OOC: I figured one of those hallucinations would be turning into a zombie. “And then Doomguy was a zombie” sort of thing.

Aug 18, 2013 at 06:45PM EDT

OOC: Sorry for my absence today. Shit is happening, I am insanely tired, and probably won’t get around to replying till tomorrow.

Bear with me as this might become a bit regular in the coming weeks. I will cut the thing I have planned in half if I face another day like this.

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Aug 19, 2013 at 12:37AM EDT

Tired of eating? Don’t you thinking this stupid thing called “chewing” is getting reaaally old and overrated? Your jaw will be happier with the “Portable Mouth 2.5”! Portable Mouth is a small device that bites the living daylights of your food, so you don’t have to move your face muscles and the only thing you have to do is swallow! Thanks to Portable Mouth, those days where you had to chew and bite are over! Order one now!
Portable Mouth is a “Happy Farmer” product. Do not steal, copy, clone, attempt to turn into a robot. Portable Mouth might try to bite you, don’t let him taste your blood becouse scientists believe that human blood triggers a cannibalistic effect in the device,It will tr to eat you, your family, your pets, your uncle, maybe your second half cousin and your nephew. A shotgun blast would be enough to end a Portable Mouth but if the device didn’t killed you, be sure to head tothe nearest hospital right now becouse Portable Mouth might infect you with a zombie-

OOC: I’m back y’all crazy roleplayers. I found a pack of sad puppies in the middle of the road in Texas.
“But Spark you don’t have a soul”
Oh yeah? I have 6 puppies running around my bloody house as I type. One of them is in front of the screen right now but I don’t want to push him away becouse he is fucking cute. My cat feels like Wolverine in the middle of a horse of Deadpools..
With or without puppies, I am back and ready to initiate the training montage when you are ready.

Aug 19, 2013 at 12:45PM EDT

OOC: It would be a bit awkward for me to make a post in response to keep the plans going… I would have to upload 3 images for that single post, and my PC’s Internet has not been working right for over 3 days. It would take a while to make that post.

Aug 19, 2013 at 12:57PM EDT


Welcome back. I did a bit of a training hijack, but you can have back all the students in… 4 posts for Reimu’s group and 6 posts for Marisa’s group. Unless if anyone dares the girls to use more powerful attacks that is.

BIC@Reimu Group:

I do remember saying the goal of the exercise was maneuverability and being able to fight while minding your surroundings. But I have been using my much weaker attacks for the sake of the people I said to come here. If you want to keep using the Barriers go over to Marisa’s Side. She will blast right though them. If not, my next attack usually shatters defense anyways.

She invokes her next card.

This is to test reaction from All Sides. Keep watch of my orbs and react when they shatter and scatter.

Spirits of Light! Divine Orbs!

This is a Fantasy Seal spell. Like the others in the series it’s meant for tearing down Magical Defenses and causing a lot of damage (trying to block them usually always ends up in a Sheild Break in the fighting games). Unlike the other ones however, these orbs do not home in.

@Marisa’s Group:

This is indeed fun!

The Demon Blast caused quite a bit of damage, but Flandre’s attack forces Marisa into her next spell

Light Blast, Shoot The Little Moon!

Marisa throws stars around her, causing the ground beneath everyone to turn into an upside-down cloud of laser rain

Blue Beams are Moonlight, over-exposure causes Insanity. They are still powered down so they won’t pierce you (immediately anyways), but they will carry you up.

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Aug 19, 2013 at 02:17PM EDT

Tsunarmin:Well, once they’re activated the only ways to remove them would be to either knock us out – removing any status in effect – or an ability specifically designed for breaking them. Of course, they end at the end of battle anyway. Besides… Your attacks were till going through anyway, just at reduced effectiveness.

(OOC: To reiterate, MBarrier cuts all incoming damage/healing from magic by 50%.)

Solarian: The reason we set o MBarrier is because that’s what we thought we were supposed to do. I’m sure you noticed from our spells hitting you that they are not based around projectiles… Dark side notwithstanding, and even then THAT one comes from above and below…

Tempestia: You watch out for the attacks…. I’ll slip right through them.

When the orbs come, Tempesita proceeds to trigger her special ability – so she just sops right through the spaces beaten the orbs pretty much instantly.

Muscalle is far enough away so that once the orbs scatter the dragon can effortlessly fly between them. Pyralis activates his ability, sending a wave of fire towards Reimu. Ignis waits for Muscalle to get a bit closer – almost getting hit by a few of the orbs – before just swinging his hammer towards Reimu. The hammer swing is particularly fast due to the thrust from the rocket on the back of the head.

on the ground, Chasmoound tries to sit pebbles at the orbs, in an attempt to at least slow them down
(OOC: Of course, it’s probably not going to work, but still…)

Granatir attempts to evade the orbs, but he is causally rather slow and therefore unsuccessful. He does fire off a Stoneslosion at Reimu, however.

For the other 4 Order mages, the situation is not that good. Noctan has also activated his ability, to teleport around, avoiding many off the orbs, but getting hit by any that come from behind. Tsunarmin issimilarly getting hit by those coming from behind, though she can barely evade the ones coming head on. Age has rendered Solarian rather slow as well, so he cannot evade even those Heinz straight n, unless tere is some time between them. He fires a laser back at Reimum however. Tardises… Well, he’s trying to rely on OYH to help, which isn’t working out well at all.

Tardises: How the hell can anyone be expected to deal with this!?

(OOC: Unsurprisingly, most of them ages aren’t good at evading. Tempestia, Pyralis and Ignis (and Muscalle) didn’t get hit, but that’s due to agility for Tempestia, and height for the fire elemental mages. Noctan and Tsunarmin CAN evade, provided they can see them coming… Granatir and Slarian are pretty slow (due to earth element and age respectively)…. And Tardises not only cannot comprehend how anyone can be expect to deal with such bullet hell, but cannot even try to evade (cannot, or will not?)… So…. Yeah. Order mages cannot handle bullet hell well in general.)

Aug 19, 2013 at 02:43PM EDT

“Doomguy” reaches the training area, only to be greeted by MArisa’s spell card.
“Doomguy”: Analyzing shot pattern…

“Doomguy” begins dodging marisa’s shots perfectly. I mean absolutely perfectly. The bullets aren’t even grazing him, even though they’re coming from the ground.

The other guys, however, are actually doing pretty good.

Falcon continues to dodge, being carefully aware of his surroundings, due to him being a racecar driver.

Muso Tensei runs out again. Thankfully, Ken’s eyesight is insanely good, so he can spot even the tiniest projectiles sent towards him. He makes sure to look around to actually see the projectiles.

Jotaro decides to go back to the tried and true method of stopping time every chance he can get to dodge the projectiles. He is relatively aware of his surroundings, so he doesn’t get hit that much.

Giorno, Josuke, and Okuyasu weren’t expecting an attack from behind. After the first wave of projectiles hit them, the proceed to watch each other’s backs and warn about projectiles. They do very well through this, although they do get hit quite a bit.

Aug 19, 2013 at 02:46PM EDT


Nu is fully aware of her surroundings, her sensors being able to sense anything coming at her so she can dodge it perfectly. The Murakumo Unit flies up into the air, still dodging the projectiles. In a few moments she comes down at a staggering speed with both legs pointed straight at Reimu, driving her straight into the ground with great force.

Ragna is doing better than he was, being able to sense the magical energy of the orbs all around him and dodging accordingly to their directions. The Grim Reaper has never done any fighting like this before in his entire life… Occasionally he has to swipe an orb out of midair with Bloodedge but keeps the sword sheathed on his back for the most part to be more nimble.


Tager begins to take advantage of the magnetism he placed on Marisa, her body sparking with electromagnetic energy. The Red Devil’s gauntlets begin to glow a bright yellow color, emitting a dangerous amount of electricity.
Marisa is suddenly drawn in towards Tager at an alarming rate.

While she is being drawn in, Hakumen takes this chance to do a strike on Marisa with his Ookami, jumping up and spinning in midair with his sword extended outwards after he dodged a few of the lasers. Hakumen himself can slice straight through blast doors with ease, and this is a hefty slash.

However that does not stop her from being pulled towards Tager. She reels in close to him…
He delivers a very heavy punch to Marisa’s gut that sends her flying backwards at a fast rate. The Red Devil himself can break through solid rock with a single punch. However this reward did not come without its risk. Tager took a good few shots from the normal bullets, but not the lasers as he did it while they were being set in different places by Marisa.

Flandre also sees this as an opportunity. Seeing Marisa fly backwards she initiates the second part of her spell card. She herself transforms into a purple mist. Then that mist forms into a purple ball… She then rockets towards Marisa, trails of purple orbs are left behind her as she splits off into even more purple orbs that follow her and head straight at the flying Marisa.


Jubei has been watching this entire fight next to Makarov and Mavis. He felt the dark presence in the forest earlier, but decides that he should not go after it for now… He knows what would happen. The cat then turns to look at Makarov.
Jubei: So some of these young’uns are yours, right? I don’t think I properly introduced myself yet… Name’s Jubei.
He smiles, extending a paw to Makarov and wanting to shake his hand.
Jubei: An’ who are you and your lady friend here?

Aug 19, 2013 at 03:09PM EDT


Jehuty continues to dodge around the lasers
Dingo:This is intense! damn!
And then the upward laser shit starts piping up…

Dingo:How much stuff is there?!?! just look at all this!…okay, Ada?
ADA: Yes Dingo?
Dingo: load in the 0-Shift program
ADA: Loaded…
“Zero Shift is an ability unique to high level Orbital Frames, using the space compression abilities of Metatron to transport the entire frame short distances near instantaneously by means of the Urenbeck Catapult. Appearing to the naked eye as outright teleportation, frames using it gain near insurmountable combat advantage due to the massive increase in speed and manoeuvrability, appearing behind their opponents and performing high speed hit and run attacks.”

In appearance it looks as if the Frame is vanishing into a blurred black void and when re-appearing, it looks very similar fashion albeit revered. The sound produced is pretty loud and can only be described as a loud digital thunder clap…with an echo…

Anyway Jehuty starts to 0-Shift all over the place, dodging the upward lasers
Dingo: Phew….I needed that brake…
A few more Homing Laser volleys are fired off here and there also.

Meanwhile, all the way back at the desert, where AM is…
Roger (Crow): HAHA! gotcha!
Roger drags AM out of the ground with his bare hands even though the monolith weighs more than a solid lead bus, he stands it upright in front of himself…

Roger (Crow): Ahhhhh…..
Roger: Silent treatment huh?
He gives AM a boot but it doesn’t even take the shine off of the surface…
Roger: Wake uuuup!
Roger: You wanna know why your worst enemy just came back to drag you out of the ground?
He moves in closer, leaning in with his ear
Roger: “Yes Roger, please enlighten me!” Well sure thing then, listen up!…im trying to get out of this cycle, im gonna break it! but I need to start really fucking some things up
Roger: Woah don’t get too excited! I know its a good idea…because its my idea. But shush now, listen to the rest
Roger:…I know what you can do AM…and I know exactly what you want to do and your reasoning why….and so here we are……
Roger: My logic isn’t flawed at all!
Roger: Ya see! this is the exact reason I stuck you here in the first place, your such a plain dumb ass
Roger: So that’s the plan…fill fate with so much shit that its wheels fall off…and I break free…..from the cycle…somethings telling me that in the end…nothing is gonna be gained….but I sure as hell am gonna see what happens anyway!
AM remains silent…it might be listening or it might still be dormant, nobody knows..

GW’s Automated Heaven Activity Log #16


Ship Status

Current Activities: Surveying planet. Surveying discovery site.

Overall Status-------OKAY
Superstructure------OKAY-----------Zero damage, hull integrity at maximum.
Crew--------------------OKAY-----------Zero disturbances, everything back to normal.
Systems--------------OKAY-----------Systems are back online, black outs corrected, no issues.
Sensory Arrays-----OKAY-----------Arrays are continuing to scan planet for any pieces of unknown info.
Communications---OKAY-----------Chatter is at high levels, Black Marker related talk.
Food supplies-------OKAY-----------Rations near maximum.
Munitions--------------OKAY-----------Munitions near maximum.
Main Engines---------IDLE------------Engines re-activated, orbital distance gained.
Power Plant---------ACTIVE----------Power consumption nominal, no power spikes, no issues.
Slipspace Core----INACTIVE


All problems have been resolved including any problems we had prior to the Markers lift from the planets surface, I am unable to pinpoint the exact cause of the problems but will continue to monitor any minor discrepancies found. This sudden outbreak has caused slight paranoia among the crew adn has bought about a atmosphere of unease and tension.

All personnel have returned to Heaven and Joe Walker has been sent to the Fabricator deck to be refitted with a new body, meanwhile the Black Marker itself has been housed within a very large containment facility upon the Fab deck, this room currently has the highest level security aboard Heaven, even higher than my mainframe room. It can only be accessed by permitted personnel and is guarded consistently by a entire battalion of Tengu’s.

Overall the situation has settled here, the previous tension created by landing on the planet has now dissipated allowing people to relax and resume their normal lives, however trying to ignore the previous power cut is becoming difficult and there has been obvious speculation that the Black Marker may be causing interference with equipment, these accusations have not yet been answered which has led on to cause more unease amongst the civilian decks…

Currently, Lloyd II and his very best Fabricator are inside the Black Marker holding room examining the artefact….

Its dead quiet, freezing cold, and whispers can be heard bouncing around the room….any normal man would be instilled with insurmountable fear if placed in this situation…the object seems to emanate pure fright and horror, it claws into the mind and begins eating away….luckily however Lloyd II nor his friend feel these effects due to them being cyborgs but this doesn’t stop the object from being a physical incarnation of hell…….

Yet it stands there, silent and almost alive… nobody knows its purpose or how it came to be, not much has been found out about it yet other than its given name…

(The bad Voodoo coming off this thing is off the scale yo!)

Live stream extract commence…

We are back at Major Novaks crappy office, he can be seen slumped over his desk in the centre, snoring. Higgins, his assistant, enters….
Pvt.Higgins: Comrade Major??…
He walks over and gives him a nudge
Pvt.Higgins: I’ve got your beef burger here Major sir…
Novak drags his face off the desk and takes the burger
Pvt.Higgins: No problem Major…
Novak sorta begins stuffing his face and leans back in his chair, he speaks with his mouth full, showering poor Higgins in cow…
So…..the problem is…..
Higgins wipes his face…
Is….that I have no idea what to do…….my senior officer is a roided arse hole…..and a Major holds no power over ship control…….if only I was a General….
Pvt.Higgins: I think everything is clearing up now sir, the problems from earlier have been resolved, this Black Marker looks to be fine
Novak places the burger down
What the fuck, no it isn’t at all. Its obvious that it was that that caused all the issues….we went through a magnetic cloud and didn’t take that much shit….and that was a magnetic cloud….
Pvt.Higgins: Errreerrrr…err..
Sometime soon the faecal matter is gonna hit the spinning bladed cooling device and we are gonna need to be prepped for when it does…and so are my troops, Im not gonna get caught with my pants down on this one that’s for definite….

Live stream extract terminated…

End of activity log #16

Aug 19, 2013 at 04:01PM EDT

OOC: Well, when the time comes for the rest of the week to be sped through, I now have the necessary 3 images ready. (I uploaded them to imageshack and saved the direct image urls into a notepad document. Means I won’t waste time waiting then.)

Aug 19, 2013 at 04:21PM EDT

OOC: guys im going to be gone for a little while. natsuru, if your down to end the training soon so that we can do the montage it is up to you. i wouldnt mind at all.

just assume that my characters on reimus side asked for more than they can handle and are struggling to keep up with the spells. it gets to the point were it turns badly for them that gildarts may have to invoke his crash magic to destroy all of the magic flying all over to end the training before everyone really gets hurt.

marisas side looks not as bad as the others, but are giving it their all.

makarov and mavis introduce themselves to jubei and tell them everything about fairy tail that ive already told zarathh.

i also dont have access to my computer cuz my bro has it. so natsuru, its your call and everyone else if you want to end the training for now so we can montage our way through the week of training.

so with that ill leave you all with this:

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Aug 19, 2013 at 05:35PM EDT


I am fine with stopping the training and going through a montage.

Aug 19, 2013 at 05:39PM EDT

OOC: Sure, I don’t mind.


@Reimu’s Group:

After Reimu is beaten down again by an accidental Nu Overdrive, Reimu unleashes one of her Last Words

Lurking Boundary Spirits and the Mysterious Shrine Maiden

Reimu sets up a Quintuple Array of Boundary Barriers around her. Which start by launching large boundary squares at people. This is merely just big and not that hard to dodge if you are fast. Second Stage spams away at Evil Sealing Circle, which is essentially waves of spirit energy formed into thin Lasers. After that a ton of large charms start getting shot out and bounce everywhere until only one barrier remains. After that Reimu sends out “Wing Flapping” waves of Charms and slowly bubbles out Boundary Boxes that flood the field until the spell is finally broken.

@Marisa’s Group:

First Marisa changes her non-spell style to make close-range deflecting a bit harder. Then she uses “Test Slave” which essentially has a magnetic shield ball attached to a Laser that acts like a wire. Then she throws some fire out to only see that Natsu is suddenly going supersayin over that, and then she proceeds to use “Big Crunch” which essentially creates a Gravity Well of black magic, followed by a swarm of Black Magic until…

“One Last Thing!”

LOVE SIGN! MASTER SPARK!” (-like flashlight. This beam can’t kill anyone in her group, but it hurts like hell. Not to mention Marisa is spamming away with the “Cannon Blasts” here.)

Which after sweeping the laser around several times, this prompts Spark to have an unpleasant memory about that one horrible Yaoi fanfic between him and the Balloon Master he read last week. So he comes running to smack everyone with a ceiling fan and take control of the training ground again.

Well, seems quite a few of you went with minimal damage, that’s good.

“Though my guys seem really beat up.”

Reimu’s crows looks mostly clean with a few people seriously beaten up here and there, while Marisa’s crowd looks like a bunch of cartoon characters that had gotten blown up.

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Aug 19, 2013 at 06:57PM EDT

Everyone with Reimu has a tough time. Falcon is dodging like a maniac, Ken is doing the same waiting for Muso tensei to recharge, Jotaro is stopping time a lot, and just brute forcing his way through, although dodging when he can, and the other three stand users hide behind one of Giorno’s trees.

“Doomguy”, on the other hand, has a very easy time with Marisa. He even dodges around the Master Spark like a pro. Something seems… Off about him.

After the training, everyone is pretty happy that they survived. “Doomguy” is keeping to himself, which usually isn’t like him. Falcon is incredibly jovial about the fact that his costume didn’t get messed up TOO bad. Ken is just glad everyone survived. Jotaro is still the same, basically a dull emotionless man, and the other three seem to have not realized the true point of this exercise, seeing as they hid behind a tree Giorno made for most of the time.

Meanwhile, the mysterious figure still searched for a way to break the bubble.
???: This is a very interesting thing he’s trapped in. It seems I can’t penetrate it at all. If only I had some sort of Satanic artifact, I could then MAYBE break this seal… But for now, I’ll just wait and see what happens.
The figure goes back to the computer. The chained up helmet struggles a bit, but settles back down, seeing it can’t escape.

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Aug 19, 2013 at 07:13PM EDT

Which after sweeping the laser around several times, this prompts Spark to have an unpleasant memory about that one horrible Yaoi fanfic between him and the Balloon Master he read last week. So he comes running to smack everyone with a ceiling fan and take control of the training ground again.
>Yaoi fanfic between him and the Balloon Master he read last week
>Spark x BM pair
>Not glorious Johnson x BM

C’mon now..I thought you were a good shipper Natsu..

Aug 19, 2013 at 07:15PM EDT

The Order mages quickly regroup. Muscalle has flown low enough to let Pyralis just drop to the ground safely.

Pyralis: Just how much more of this do we have to deal with!?!?!?

Tempestia: I don’t know…. but we have to press forward before we get overwhelmed. Well, before YOU get overwhelmed. I’m fast enough to cope.

To prove her point, Tempestia effortlessly dodges the first phase without even using her ability. Because the first phase involves large bullets, there is little hope for either Granatir or Solarian to dodge… so they simply take the hits, though they do TRY to evade, and prepare some healing spells.

…At this point a lumimancer Warps in, though he stays well away from everything going on. He has the newly tamed Flyshark with him, and is merely waiting for Tsunarmin to have a moment free

Tempestia proceeds to cast Lightning Storm, in an attempt to move things onto the next phase. Once this happens… well, Tardises actually has an effective counter for the lasers – Ether is the element of the spirit, so he just switches OYH over to Bloom Nobly… This may or may not have been the best idea against Reimu considering exactly who that form resembles… BN just blocks the lasers and responds in a manner reminiscent of its inspiration, by firing off some butterfly bullets. Tsunarmin decides to also take a turn this phase. The two water elemental mages focus their power for a particularly powerful Whirlpool. On the third phase the Order mages decide it’s best to end it quickly- Remembering what he did against some of the bots yesterday, Noctan activates his ability to teleport to Reimu, taking Ignis with him. Noctan teleports around Reimu for the first 9 swings while Ignis charges up a powerful attack – he just swings the hammer overhead twice, hitting for rather large damage. The two do take a few hits from this, but they barely notice in the attempt to end it quickly. Noctan teleports away before Eclipse ends, bringing Ignis back with him. On the final phase only Pyralis is free to attack, so he casts Raging Inferno.

(OOC: If the butterfly bullets and the name didn’t make it obvious, Bloom Nobly is inspired by (and therefore resembles) Yuyuko. And in regards to the montage thing… I feel that we could split it up into some smaller ones, with discussion amongst the characters in between those montages. This would also allow me to gradually introduce the other 3 dragons… And if we’re doing the different-characters-offer-different-training thing… well, the Order mages can’t really offer much in the way of training… (If you can think of something reasonable that they would be able to train, however…. Personally I’m thinking that since I’ve established that there is quite the variety of animal life on the world the Order HQ is on that there could be a bit of a hunt. Maybe something with preset objectives with the purpose of ensuring that they can work together in a group to work towards a common goal, not just in combat.) so…. yeah. That’s what I think could be done. This would allow Spark to really plan out what the heroes are going to be facing – by giving him some time to do so, as well as help the characters get to know each other a bit better – which would be useful since this would help them work with others not from their respective worlds/groups. Hell, I’m sure if we DO go with the whole hunt-with-preset-objectives thing I’m thinking of as possible training led by the Order mages then I could easily whip up a bunch more creatures to work with, Not as if I’m exactly short on them as it is.)

After the training ends, the lumimancer approaches the group with the Flyshark

Lumimancer: I’m looking for one ‘Tsunarmin Wu-Wavarun’ – are they around here?

Tsunarmin: …I take it you’re new. Otherwise you’d know that name as one belonging to the water elemental archmage. I’m the one you’re looking for… and I can tell already why you’re looking.

Tsunarmin runs towards the Flyshark, and makes it known to the water elemental dragon that she owns it now.

Tsunarmin: Now… to think of a name….

(OOC: You can provide suggestions, of course. Remember that it’s meant to be reminiscent of a shark.)

Pyralis: Never mind that for now…. What I want to know is…. HOW THE HELL CAN ANYONE REASONABLY BE EXPECTED TO HANDLE SUCH STUFF!

Tardises: I’m with Pyralis on this one. That was just ridiculous!

Tempestia: To Reimu Don’t mind them too much. They’re just not happy that you were using things they couldn’t easily handle. We don’t have magic like that, though. Magic that can be evaded, I mean. We had to develop nullification spells as a method of protecting ourselves from them.

Last edited Aug 19, 2013 at 07:29PM EDT
Aug 19, 2013 at 07:21PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

Which after sweeping the laser around several times, this prompts Spark to have an unpleasant memory about that one horrible Yaoi fanfic between him and the Balloon Master he read last week. So he comes running to smack everyone with a ceiling fan and take control of the training ground again.
>Yaoi fanfic between him and the Balloon Master he read last week
>Spark x BM pair
>Not glorious Johnson x BM

C’mon now..I thought you were a good shipper Natsu..


Edit then:

Spark runs around like a maniac shouting “THAT’S NOT LEGIT! THAT’S NOT FUCKING LEGIT!!” as people can only cower and sob as he hits everyone over the head with a large box of Johnson x BM Yaoi he has been gathering for the past few years

Aug 19, 2013 at 07:36PM EDT

OOC: Well, it’ll only be limited to one group. The mages are making sure of that.

Tempestia notices Spark running towards the Order mages with what seems to be some stack of papers. Acting quickly she casts Burn on those papers, causing them to catch fire.

Aug 19, 2013 at 07:41PM EDT

OOC: Just a piece of the next post
Spark was bussy with something else for the sake of his mental health. Women should be also unable to comprehend the force of a shirtless Johnson, the manliness would burn everyone’s eyes and melt your hearts as you look at those glorious pecs and them sunglasses.

Aug 19, 2013 at 08:05PM EDT

Nu had the easiest time with the training due to her sensors, coming out relatively unscathed from everything. Just a few marks here and there. Once the training is done, she floats over To Ragna and comes out of her battle-mode, restoring her usual attire.

Ragna had a sort of difficult time with the training, getting hit a good bit. However he’s still in one piece and that is good for him. He then takes a good look at Reimu.
Ragna: Heh… You girls hit like a damned truck.
He straightens the collar of his jacket, which has remained unscathed through this entire ordeal.
Ragna: Good on ya. Hell, I’ve never done anything like that in my life.
He smirks a bit at them.

Hakumen’s armor doesn’t seem to have any scorch markings on it. The White Knight’s eyes look at Marisa and Reimu, him sheathing his sword in one swift motion.

Hakumen: What sort of magic is this…? It is different than from what I have seen before from the likes from our timeline.
And then Hakumen gets a sudden sense of deja’vu.
Hakumen: This feeling… It is familiar.
The eyes on his armor look around for something… He begins to think to himself.
Hakumen: No. It cannot be… A time loop? What is causing this? Takamagahara is not a part of this timeline yet. It was not made… Is this another continuum shift? Whatever is possible can and will happen. Or has it already happened? Whatever is behind this must be stopped…

Tager on the other hand looks like he was just barbecued. Thankfully his gauntlets weren’t damaged in the entire fight. He then establishes a communication with Kokonoe.
Tager: Come in, Kokonoe.

Kokonoe: I read ya, Tager. What’s your status?

Tager: I believe that I’ll need a polishing later…
The hulking form of Tager is scorched and near-black.
Tager: However the mission was a success and our training for the day is complete.

Kokonoe: Good to hear. Oh, and I was picking up some strange readings in the forest earlier. Stay away from it. It looks like magic.

Tager raises an eyebrow.
Tager: Magic? Like what the others have been using?

She looks a bit distressed.
Kokonoe: No. It’s the kind that my mother used… The kind that was in the Dark War. More powerful than all the people here can muster up. TRUE magic.

Tager: … Understood. I will keep an eye out for whatever is causing the disturbances.

Kokonoe: No need to. It’s gone now, whatever it was. Just stay on guard though.
She takes a lick of her lollipop.

Tager: Understood. Is that all?

Kokonoe: Oh, almost forgot. I’m picking up some strange spacial distortions all around. Looks similar to a…

Tager: A continuum shift?

Kokonoe: Precisely.

Tager: But Takamagahara isn’t active. What could be causing it?

Kokonoe: Beats me. That’s all for now though. Kokonoe out.
The beastkin breaks communication with Tager, hanging up on him.

Tager: …
He stands there, unsure of what to think about this entire situation.

Meanwhile, Flandre glomps Marisa from behind and sits on her shoulders laughing.

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Aug 19, 2013 at 08:22PM EDT


Jehuty slows down and comes to a light hover just above the ground…

@The Imperator,

The Superintendent hologram appears…

Superintendent: Imperator, you are wanted at your throne room by a man in a suit calling himself Roger. I have raised the alarm but it has been overridden however I have done a assessment of this individual and it shows that they pose no threat and can be easily dispatched by you alone. I recommend you make your way there now and see what it is they want.

Aug 20, 2013 at 01:46PM EDT


The Imperator looks at the Superintendent hologram.
Imperator: I shall be there immediately…
The Imperator’s gravity chair makes its way to the elevator and to the throne room to meet Roger once again.


While the guards are not watching, Nirvana begins walking in a hunched over position towards the exit of the treasury room, going towards her master… She was activated by Carl’s distress that he had displayed only moments ago.

Aug 20, 2013 at 01:52PM EDT

@The Imperator,

Roger is standing there in the Imperator’s throne room…

On his left shoulder he is holding the multi tonne monolith, AM. His right hand is calmly resting in his trouser pocket…
Roger: Hello there beautiful, your looking well…like a well filled sack of potato’s…..anyway, look what I gooooot….
He slides AM off his shoulder and lets the extremely heavy machine hit the floor with an almighty bang and shake….it stands upright and lifeless but still completely flawless, not a mark on it. Its a good thing that the NOL HQ is extremely well made or else AM would have fell straight through the floor…although a few cracks can be seen spiking out from underneath it…
Roger: Remember dat thing your little monkey computer was telling you about? this is it….AM meet Saya, Saya meet AM….
He stands there with a grin on his face and his arm around AM…he’s just waiting to see Saya’s reaction


She makes it out of the room and into a silent hallway, its dark and grimy but is seemingly unguarded, the cellblock where the BlazBlues are being held isn’t far away…

Last edited Aug 20, 2013 at 02:12PM EDT
Aug 20, 2013 at 02:09PM EDT


The Imperator looks at Roger, then AM, then the cracks that the massive monolith put in the floor. She wasn’t shaken by the bang and shake given off by the device when Roger slammed it down. She then looks back at AM and just stares at it with her cold, dead eyes.
Imperator: I see… So this machine is what the Superintendent was so cowardly enough, is it not?
She then looks at Roger.
Imperator: There was one other matter of importance… We are getting close to the timeline and planet where you are sending us. From here, Takamagahara can observe all that is going on. I see a challenge ahead of us… There is one thing that I must ask of you, my god. Would you return Subject 12 to us? Kusanagi. She will be a crucial part in all of this if we are to destroy them since the subject has abilities similar to your own. Will you bestow this upon us?
She bows her head to him.


Nirvana makes her way down the corridors in a weird sort of hobbling-like stance. She’s hunched over as she walks. It looks very odd to say the least. The machine is currently sensing Carl’s presence, knowing where to go to find him.

Aug 20, 2013 at 02:37PM EDT

@The Imperator,

Roger: Can I? Yes, Will I?…
He scratches his head
Roger: Perhaps…but bare this in mind my little one…she made me some real nice cookies when I was resting my ass, when she’s gone…who’s gonna replace talent such as that?
Roger puts a hand behind AM and begins pushing the thing close to the Imperator as he walks beside it…
Roger: I’m a very transactional kinda man Saya…in dumb ass terms….I REALLY like trades
He stops a few meters in front of her, AM standing taller than them both…
Roger: But yeah this is the machine your AI was shitting himself over….You’re probably wondering why its here and what I’m doing huh? I’m fucking things up! this little dimension is turning into my own play box, something I can use to test stuff out in….the method is to be erratic, random, destructive and doubtful….I don’t wanna say why, I have my reasons…..
He pauses for a few moments and just looks at Saya…
Roger: Subject 12 it is then huh? that’s on the table…
She appears right besides Roger in a small flash…

Roger: Whattya got?


Meanwhile the odd Guard is still sat reading a newspaper on a chair in the middle of the cellblock, he is still humming to himself….

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She raises an eyebrow as he said that Kusanagi made some cookies for him while he was resting.
Imperator: Cookies…? I will see what I can do.
She snaps her fingers.
Imperator: Phantom.

A black mist begins to swirl around by the Imperator. When it disperses after a few seconds, Phantom appears beside the Imperator.

Phantom: …
The Phantom extends one of its appendages at Roger, and all of the sudden he has a batch of 12 chocolate chip cookies on a baking sheet.
Phantom: …
These cookies are the best in the entire omniverse, even better than Crow’s cookies at the beginning of the thread. They have an aroma of such succulence and chocolatey goodness to them.

Imperator: The baking sheet is enchanted. So long as you have it, you will always have fresh, warm, delectable cookies wherever it is. They are also not affected by the Boundary. Phantom made sure of that.


Nirvana comes into the prison cell block, standing right behind the two guards.

Carl looks up from his position in joy, sensing the presence of his sister.
Carl: Ada!

Nirvana slams a massive fist down on one of the guards with a music box, easily breaking his bones and smashing him fully into the ground leaving a crater of from his impact. She then turns and looks at the other music box guard who is getting ready to combat her. The doll extends its “fingers” at the guard, easily piercing through his armor in 5 places and rendering him dead. Once the two guards are dead, she stares at the one in the middle of the room with cold, dead, metallic eyes.

Nirvana: …

The boy smiles, so happy to see his sister coming to rescue him.
Carl: Get him, sis!

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@The Imperator & Phantom,

Roger looks at the Phantom and then down at the cookies, he then snatches the baking tray from the appendages
Roger: Way too fucking long!
He picks one up and eats it whole…
Roger: Mmmm….
He has another
Roger: Damn….
And another…
Roger: Shit…
One more….
Roger: MMMM!
Maybe not…
Roger: Its like a muthafucking party in my mouth!
He pushes Mu-12 forward with his elbow whilst he is still eating the cookies…
Roger: Deese cookies….I mean shitting hell!
Roger is so infatuated and overwhelmed by the doughy goodness that he forgets completely about AM and the deal and instead just vanishes in a cloud of cookie dust…and so ends that….I would see this as a success if anything….

Meanwhile AM is still just stood there, dormant and silent it gives off no evidence of life…


The Odd Guard falls back off his chair and stumbles across the room, his back hits the wall and knocks his traditional Guard mask from his face…

Odd Guard: Stand down you heretic fiend or else I alert the entire level of your escape!
He looks down at the two dead Guards and back up at Nirvana, he is cornered here….

Aug 20, 2013 at 03:51PM EDT

OOC: Since I cannot really do anything with any of the Order mages, have a post of Iblan, Immolan, Arkantos and Suwako instead!

The two mages and the two deities have moved to another world at this point. Not all is well within the group, however…. the deities aren’t exactly getting on.

In fact, they’re currently arguing over things as petty as appearance.

Arkantos: After all the things I’ve seen and faced – the armies of Troy, Erebus, deserts and snow-covered landscapes, even Mount Olympus itself, I was not expecting to see a little girl.
Suwako: You don’t look that impressive yourself. I mean, that electrical aura and those glowing eyes? Youkai could achieve both of those things. Do you even receive any faith?
Arkantos: I do not need such things as ‘faith’. I was awarded divinity for helping keep the Titans where they belong – in Tartarus. And the closest to followers I have would actually be the very same civilisation I was an Admiral of as a mortal – Atlantis.
Suwako: What even is a ‘titan’? Anyway, I don’t really see you doing much. I myself have ruled mortals – ruled by their standards – at least until that purple haired snake came along and stole it from me.
(OOC: Suwako is referring to Kanako here – their backstory is that they were in opposition, and Kanako basically won by rusting all the iron weaponry that Suwako could use. They basically get joint faith, however, because there was an agreement made between the two afterwards.)
Arkantos: You couldn’t even rule a small country? Why that orange-clad man has put us together I do not see.
Suwako: I haven’t even mentioned calling forth the power of the sun itself to aid in gathering faith!
Arkantos: We Atlanteans were doing that before anyone else. You really should see the Fire Siphons some time…
Suwako: The hell raven we gave that power vanished some time ago, however…. I have a feeling a very manipulative – and powerful – youkai is responsible.
(OOC: This one needs no explanation. It’s a nod to what someone else is doing in this very thread, after all.)
Arkantos: If you want to prove that it was not a mistake that you are here, then show me!
The ascended Atlantean and the divine Gensokyoan proceed to prepare their weapons. Lightning crackles around Arkantos’ spear, while Suwako holds out one of her iron rings ready… as well as a card?

Arkantos: Let’s do this.
Suwako: You will see the power of one of the eight million gods! Divine Instrument “Moriya’s Iron Ring”
Upon invoking the spellcard, Suwako leaps into midair and floats there. She then starts throwing large rings of bullets towards Arkantos. These bullets bounce off the ground, and back once they get a certain distance away from Suwako. Each bounce makes the ring smaller and lighter – once the ring is white after two bounces, the ring will just dissipate the next time it contacts something. Arkantos is as slow and as land-bound as he was when he was mortal, so he has difficulty dodging the large rings.

(OOC: Arkantos isn’t the slowest hero, but as he fights in a manner similar to infantry units, he isn’t particularly fast either.)
Iblan: Hey, don’t come to blows, you two!
The two mages turn. Immolan prepares Stonesplosion, Iblan prepares Burn.
Arkantos: I have never seen anything like this, even from the Olympians… Oh well, if it’s a fight you want it’s a fight you get!
A bolt of lightning strikes Suwako.
Arkantos has invoked the Bolt god power!
(OOC: Arkantos’ first appearance in the expansion’s campaign is preceded by a lot of bolts striking – and killing – Atlantean soldiers. This is why he can invoke the god power more or less at will here.)
Suwako: The bolt is powerful enough to end the spellcard right there, and she drops to the ground. I have never seen anyone just tear through a spellcard in a single attac. And my spellcards are typically resistant to the powerful attacks of even that other shrine maiden!
(OOC: Suwako first appeared as an extra boss. All extra boss spellcards are immune to bombs. She didn’t describe the powerful attacks as spellcards as the MoF bomb is just a generic purple circle. Needless to say the sheer power of the Bolt GP would come as a shock (ugh) to her.)
Now that Suwako’s on the ground, Arkantos can close in. Upon reaching her he spins around three times, though the first one is the only one close enough to fling Suwako away.
The two mages cast a spell. Immolan casts Stonesplosion on Suwako, Iblan casts Burn on Arkantos. This gets the attention of both deities.
Arkantos: We were just unclear of each other’s abilities and divinity.
Suwako: To Arkantos I guess we each impressed the other – you were impressed by the danmaku…
Arkantos: And you were impressed by Bolt. That’s the main difference between me as a mortal with the blessing of Zeus, and me as a god.
(OOC: the Blessing of Zeus is a campaign only God Power that makes Arkantos into a truly overpowered hero – it’s meant for the final boss of the original game’s campaign, which has 20000 HP. Arkantos as a god has the exact same stats – it’s basically a palette swap.)
Immolan: I was expecting gods to not be so petty!
Iblan: To be honest I’m not that surprised. The Olympian gods were basically immortal humans in terms of personality – I can see why a god who was formerly a human would be no different. And as for Suwako… well, she’s clearly acting as old as she looks.

OOC: So basically this was a taste of what Arkantos could do…. and to a very limited extent Suwako too.

Aug 20, 2013 at 04:50PM EDT

The Imperator watches Roger leave in a puff of cookie dust.
Imperator: That was… strange.
She summons the Superintendent to her side.
Imperator: Take this “AM” to storage. I will have Commander Clover investigate it soon.
She then turns her attention to Phantom.
Imperator: Phantom. Take Kusanagi to Commander Relius.

The young, beautiful girl looks towards the Phantom. She speaks in a human voice with a robotic undertone. Her eyes are completely blue and lifeless…

Kusanagi: Understood.

Phantom: …
A black vortex surrounds Mu and begins to swirl. After a few moments, it disperses and she is gone. She is now in Relius’ lab…

Imperator: My thanks, Invictus…
The Imperator makes her way back to her quarters.

Phantom: …
A black vortex surrounds Phantom and it disappears as well, leaving the throne room empty and barren.

Kusanagi appears in Relius’ laboratory, unwavering and quiet.

Relius looks up from his research. He had just finished with whatever he was doing with Ignis.
Relius: Ah, number 12. It is a delight seeing you here.
Relius smirks a bit at her.
Relius: However, Captain Hazama has met an untimely demise from some sort of exorcism magic. A quite powerful spell indeed.

Kusanagi: Understood.

Relius: You now work under my supervision since his expiration.

Kusanagi: Understood. Configuring systems for reprogramming…
She closes her eyes. Number 12 begins undergoing reprogramming for Relius and the Imperator being her new masters.
Kusanagi: Reprogramming… complete.
She opens her blue eyes, staring straight at Relius.

Relius: Very good. All is falling into place…
He scratches his chin with a gloved hand before going back to his research.


Nirvana does not speak to the guard, being unable to do so.
Nirvana: …
The machine then rushes at the guard and grabs him by the chest with a single hand. It then holds him up a few feet off the ground. Her fingers are wrapped around both his arms along with his waist, leaving him pinned there.

Carl: Good going, sis!

Nirvana: …

Carl: What do you mean, sis? Why should we let him live?

Nirvana: …

He scratches his head with a chained-up hand.
Carl: … Oh. I guess you’re right, sis.
Carl then turns his attention to the guard.
Carl: My sis says that she’ll let you live if you help us get out of here and not stab our backs on the way out. If you do, she says that she’ll smash you like a bug under her hand. If you call the guards on us, you’re as good as dead too. So what’ll it be mister guard?
Carl says this all rather calmly and quite weirdly for a child at his age.

Nirvana just stares at the guard with eyeless eyes. It’s extremely freaky to say the least.

All the other prisoners have turned their attention to the guard, keeping to themselves for now.

OOC: I’m switching Nu’s color to “dodgerblue” and I am making Kusanagi’s color “blue”.

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@Arkantos & Suwako,

A loud crash is heard and then a tear appears in the very fabric of space itself near the gods…

It flaps its wings about violently and seems to be absolutely caked upto its eyes in biscuit crumbs
The creature takes a flute out from its pocket and starts to play a incomprehensible “tune” as loud as it can
It looks as high as balls…
It skips upto a nearby computer and starts smashing the keyboard with its beak…however a screen actually loads up amongst this chaos..


The crow has a 3D printer hooked upto his pc allowing him to bake millions of cookies in a second, the entire area starts to flood with dough…
Its still stood there….playing the game and its flute simultaneously with its wings sketting out uncontrollably whilst plastered in dough….


The Odd Guard grins…and struggles a bit
Odd Guard: Well it seems you have me here, heretic. I will help you…If I must…
He keeps grinning…

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Reimu scratches the back of her head I guessed that might be the case, heh. Your Jacket seems to have rather good resistance, but besides that my attacks did more to you than anyone else. Then again same was true for that other bloke I killed earlier…


Marisa blows on her Hakkuro to try and cool it down “It doesn’t really have a name. It’s Mage-Craft. Though the Spell System usually forces Wizards and Sorcerers to act like mages, so I get my work cut out for me.”

“And as for familiar things, you probably would have remembered fighting me rather clearly~”


@Tardises: Swako swaps out with a mirage of herself when you use a bomb on her. If she anticipated a Super-Attack she would have outright phased though it rather than taking the hit with a shield like Koishi.

Unless if she was using the Helicoper Cowgirl version of the card from UNL. She doesn’t phase though Spells in that game.

@Crow: Oh Jesus

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ooc: those cookies even made the crow go insane. i must have taken a tactical genius to make….such….

also sorry for being gone yesterday. im just waiting for montage post so if u guys want to talk to my guys about the training, itll be okay for now.

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Ooc: I am just waiting for replies until Spark gets things on the road. Anything to pass the time will be nice.

Aug 20, 2013 at 06:59PM EDT

@marisa and reimu

reimus team is overwhelmed by the whole training. though the sheer volume was a bit too much, fairy tail manages to get by, but not unscathed. the only acception is gildarts who doesnt even have a moved hair on him thanks to his crash magic. marisas group is a bit worn out from all of those attacks, a bit beaten up but still managing to keep themselves in check.

@marisas half
Natsu: damn, that was some training.

Gajeel: and it didnt help that the little vampire girl was doing the same thing. we had to bust our assess of even more than we could.

erza: though this may have been a training excersize, im still bothered by how much this was. if it were a real fight….

mirajane: it would be a lot harder than now. though im still we can manage after this week is done.

Natsu: so is all the other mages like yourselves use all these kinds of spells that just shoot out a bazillion lasers and stuff?

gajeel: you mean to tell me ther is more of these lightshow mages from hell that are like these three?

happy: i would assume so. though i have to admit, its was still fun to just focus on our reflexes and speed rather than just our brute strengths for once.

erza: agreed, if we do this more often, than im positive we can manage on our own in a real fight against others like reimu and marisa. by the way, which other mages liek yourselves are there that we should be worried about? (they dont know who exactly yet)

reimus half

levy, cana, gray, wendy, juvia and carla are exhausted. they have never had to go through such a training like this before in their lives. the volume of firepower, the pattern flow. it was all too much even for them. luckily gildarts had manage to save them from any further injuries by breaking the spells magics before they hit them.

Gildarts: i have got to say, im quite impressed by your magic skills there young girl. youve made some of the best wizards in fairy tail have big run for their money. luckily i had to intervene before it got worse for them. im gildarts by the way.

the others slowly trying to recover from reimus training

gray: you call that training? more like magical hell. it wasnt bad enough covering my own ass from your spells, but it didnt help at all that i had to watch juvias as well.

juvia: she blushes as she covers her mouth with her hands* you were staring at juvias bottom while we were training?

Gray: suddenly recalls his moment with juvia in her room naked. he clenches his head gaaah! damnit. i cant think straight anymore because of you.

juvia: juvia is sorry gray-sama. she tried as hard as she can, but it was too much even for her. thank you for the help.

gray: tries to recollect himself its okay juvia. its just that you need to stop loosing your focus in the middle of a fight. what if something were to happen to me and this was a real fight.

juvia: gets very worried juvia doesnt want to know that… she promises to do better and better so that nothing happens to not only you, but to everyone else. its just about….. what happened…. and….

gray: just forget about it okay. we have much more important things to worry about.

cana: glad you two can finally look past your hormone problems. gotta hand it to you reimu, thats some training. almost kicked the crap out of us.

levy: and that was training. if it were real…

wendy: its still possible to do this with enough work. but tell us. what kind of magic is this exactly. its not like canas card magic. its much more different than that and more powerful than we can imagine.

gildarts: i would like to know that myself as well. were do you and your little friend come from? were did you learn such magic?
*after some conversing between jubei, makarov, and mavis

makarov: heheheh, some training exercise for the young ones huh? it was almost like trying to dodge rain drops in a storm from what it looks like.

mavis: clapping he hands in joy though all the lights were really pretty and colourful. i wish to see more.

makarov: now now there first master. any more and the kids would be done for by now. well anyways jubei. what do you think of all of this. our home and ourt guild?

Aug 20, 2013 at 07:39PM EDT

OOC: The thing about Bolt is it’s instant. I… honestly didn’t know how exactly she handled bombs, seeing as I haven’t even tried to use one against her. The fact Bolt broke the spellcard instantly is more to show just how powerful that god power can be. And I was using the MoF version of that card (though she does have the Hisoutensoku version too. That will be closer to a regular attack with her, because of how cards work in that game. (And before you ask, she is coming along somewhat willingly. Because Iblan chose to summon her to his side. The best part is this doesn’t even prevent anyone else from using her if they wanted to, because she could just split her spirit off into a copy of herself! It’s Arkantos who isn’t exactly willing. And as for the third god alluded to… Well, I have plans for that one.)

The two mages and the two deities look at the creature… and come to an agreement without saying a word.

Ignis: Well, let’s get rid of this thing!
Ignis casts Raging Inferno, Immolan casts Galaxy Burst. Arkantos invokes Bolt again, and Suwako spits a stream of water at it.
Suwako: That looked similar to the crow tengu…
(OOC: That line is phrased that way because all youkai in Touhou look pretty much human. Down to the external anatomy (thank you Mamizou))
Arkantos: You clearly have all manner of creatures where you come from.
Suwako: Well, many of the tengu are alright. But then there’s this one in particular… Suffice to say, she doesn’t respect the privacy of anyone. Maybe I should get her cursed one of these days~
Upon that last sentence, the snakes pop out of the ground again.
Iblan: What are those things?
Suwako: They’re my curse gods, mortal, go find your own~!
Immolan: He didn’t say he wanted to use them, he just wanted to know what they are… I’ll rephrase the question for him, what is their name?
Suwako: They’re the Mishaguji. Curse gods that I subdued centuries ago. As a result, they do whatever I want.

OOC: …I’m just thinking of something which could turn out hilarious. Arkantos is basically surrounded by Greek mythology, which has Charon, a ferryman of the dead. Does that role sound familiar? Gensokyo has a ferrywoman of the dead… even if Komachi is incredibly lazy… Basically, the point is ‘what if Arkantos met Komachi (and Suwako met Charon)?’ Someone with artistic skills make it happen, please.

OOC @Asura: I really wouldn’t know what to say. I still haven’t thought of a name for Tsunarmin’s dragon yet, even! … Wait. That could be something to discuss. Especially since there’s 3 of the damn things tamed so far… (And there’s at least 8 distinct types of dragon on the Order’s world.)

At the training grounds…

Tardises: Why do I get the feeling that we’re missing something? Something important?

(OOC: He’s right. Elemental crystals are something major to worry about.)

Tsunarmin: …It appears that naming things is hard. Any suggestions for what to name this thing, anyone?

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Ragna: … It probably has to do with this damned arm of mine.
He adjusts his arm around a bit, keeping his attention on Reimu.
Ragna: And earlier I saw the same thing on the back of your head. How the hell did you manage to get an Azure Grimoire there? And how the hell did you even get one in the first place?


Hakumen scoffs a bit at Marisa.
Hakumen: Whatever may be the case, it is certainly strange. As for the familiar feeling you had mentioned, something is amiss here…
He keeps his eyes fixated on Marisa.
Hakumen: A continuum shift.

Meanwhile Flandre is hugging the back of Marisa’s head with her wings bent into sort of a weird heart shape.
That was fun! Can we play again, Marisa? Come on!

@Strange Guard,

Carl: I still don’t trust you, but my sis put her faith in you… That’s good enough for me.
He then turns his attention to Nirvana
Carl: Can you help me out here, sis?

The machine walks over to the cell door with the guard still in hand. She approaches the cell door and grabs it with her other hand. With a jerk, she tears the door from the other bars and walks into the cell.

Carl: Thanks, sis! Now could you help me get out of these chains?

The automaton pulls the chains from the wall and frees Carl from them without a word.
Nirvana: …

With his bindings free, he immediately hugs his sister, still overjoyed that they are finally back together.

Carl: Sis… I missed you so much…
After the hug is over, the boy sprints through his cell and out the door, free from the clutches of Persephone prison.

All prisoners in unison: Hey!

Carl: Oh… Should we, sis?

Nirvana: …

Carl: Okay!

In a few minutes, all of the 7 people are out of their cells and free of their bindings. Rachel’s familiars are back with her, Makoto’s tonfas are back with her now, along with Platinum’s Nox Nyctores and Litchi’s battlestaff.

Nirvana places the guard back down on the ground.

The young girl dressed in black gothic lolita clothing takes a good look at the guard. She is not pleased by him.
Rachel: Lead on, you sniveling waste of space.
The girl herself talks with a British accent.

Her butler, Valkenhayn, stands right beside her.
Valkenhayn: I would do as milady says, and reconsider your life while leading us out of here.
This man also speaks with a posh tone of voice.

Rachel: Thank you, Valkenhayn. The sooner we can get out this stifling place of scum, the better.

Valkenhayn: I live to serve, milady.

The guard suddenly gets a slap in the back from a heavy staff. It’s none other than the girl he taunted earlier.

There is a trail of pink hearts left behind from the staff.
Luna: That was for taunting Luna earlier, asshat!

Litchi stands there with her polearm behind her and a small panda bear in her hair.

Litchi: The sooner we get out of here, the better.
She then turns to Carl.
Litchi: Thank you for saving us, Carl. I don’t think we could have gotten out of here if it wasn’t for Ada.

Carl: It was no problem, Miss Litchi. I think my sis just wanted to come rescue me earlier. That’s all.
He smiles at her.

The beastkin smiles as she is freed from her bindings.

Tao: Booby Lady is right! Tao thinks we should get out of this place and go get some food right neow! That icky green stuff hurt Tao’s tummy. Tao also thinks that we should go find Scruffy Man! He could be in a lot of trouble!

Makoto is overjoyed to be free from her bindings and she immediately hugs Carl.

Makoto: Oh thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouTHANKYOU little Carl!

Carl: Wah!
He is startled by the sudden hug.
Carl: It was no problem, Makoto. I’m just glad that everyone is okay. Once we get out of here we should go find Master Bang and make sure he’s okay.

The seven escapees wait for the guard to lead them out of the place.


Jubei: I think it’s a fine place to raise and train a couple’a kids from what ya told me. Someone like you seems fit for the job, Makarov.
The cat smiles again at Makarov before looking back at the training field.

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@Reimu’s Side:

The spells themselves are a mix of magic. I use Charms, Fantasy Orbs, my god’s Yokai Extermination Yin Yang Orbs, and the Boundary Barriers. Those barriers you saw me use was actually inverting the dimension around me to create a pesto-rift. Though I can’t get it anywhere close to as strong as Yukari…

She looks down, clearly troubled, then back up

Though the general rules of magic is just called “The Spellcard System”. It was actually written to prevent potential genocide, as it forces most wizards and sages to channel their power though Bullets like a Mage. If that system where to be removed, I could outright fly in and out of reality whenever I wanted and keep attacking from the safety of another dimension. You can imagine how somebody with a more powerful special ability would do.

She motions at Flandre for this one

As for my home… where I come from all the Yokai and magically capable people where sealed away. We live inside a dream land within the seal.

You get forgotten you are sent to it…

… You get forgotten in the dream world you vanish forever…

You don’t grow strong and make a name for yourself, you don’t get to live. That’s just the way.

@Ragna: Yukari attempted to use me to break down the barriers between all the universes with this. An omnipotent dumbass fixed that minutes afterwards.

@Marisa’s Side:

“If it was a real fight, you would all be steaming piles of Swiss Cheese right now. I wouldn’t have held back the power of my big lasers and I would have skipped a few spells in that group to use stronger ones.”

She outright obliterated Reimu earlier with a much stronger version of the final attack she used on her trainees. Her estimation is justified…

“Of course there are more of us! I deal with this crap at least a few times a month, but then again it’s not often when I meet a person stronger than me or Reimu. More like every year or so. As for people to be worried about….”

She look up trying to remember who Reimu listed

“There is a ton. Yukari, her Familiars, and the Scarlet Devil Mansion Residents are really strong. And if they brought the Netherworld Mistress and Youmu we really would be in trouble. Well, maybe not. But it took 3 of us to beat Yukari and 2 of us to beat the Scarlet Devil Mansion. So as long as we gang up on them and they don’t gang up on us we would be fine. Mostly.”

@Hakumen: “Sounds fancy.”

@Flandre: “I am still tired Flan. I thought 500 year olds where supposed to be low energy.”

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Aug 20, 2013 at 09:20PM EDT

Ah the forest, a peaceful place where birds can fly, where racoons can climb the trees without having to worry about a small kid with fire powers able to burn half of the world’s jungles into dust, a place where the silent finds himself lost, where the intelligent is fascinated, where…Hold on..Racoons in a forest? That’s possible? I don’t even know anymore. Where was I? Oh yes, silent forest, squirrels running away from eagles, a small acorn falls on the ground, the air is fresh and..[LOUD ENGINE SOUNDS] What in the name of mother nature?

Of course, It’s the world’s greatest electric super hero, pun maker, spaghetti lover and justice warrior Captain Spark! With the rest of the goodoers training with something else, Sparky is free to walk around this land and build another training camp with tramps and moving walls, with Engibot quickly following him as turrets are built. Bouncers start to hide, Jackbots return to their “caves”, Gremlins cloak themselves, the bot wave is ready for another day of painful exercise, improving our heroes abilities and forcing them to cooperate. Explotions are heard but this isn’t Mister Foster’ fault..Another unexpected turn of the events in Magnolia and the Captain isn’t there to stop it or to see what is it? Fool! DeSoto quickly heads to this place, carrying the heroes and rabbit.
Spark: Great pulsating protons! I guess nobody missed the electrifying touch from the robots today! Looks like a missed quite a event here…Half of the road is missing, we found a good pair of burning pieces around and thousands of pidgeons were flying away. Great work super chumps, hurm..It would be nice know..train for a few minutes without destroying half of the forest..
Foster: Fuck that, good job fellas! Remember! When in doubt..make it BOOM!
Cheston: My my, calm down for a few nanoseconds you C4 addicted fool!
Foster: Captain Pussy.
Cheston: Masked Freak!
Foster: Evolve you ape!
Cheston: Grow up you human!
Sam: Hey buddies let’s calm down for a second. It doesn’t matter if you are a monkey, or a horse, or a alien trying to conquer a human society, what it really matters is the inside of your hearts. Don’t you remember? Communication is the key to a good tolerance and to sucess. Don’t judge a person becouse he or she is a-
The anthropomorphic dog is unable to talk, his nose caught the smell of a nasty creature, his ancestors greatest’s nemesis, a devil spawn who fought his specie since the beginning of time, a feline hiding behind a hood..Jubei…
Sam:….Well, the two of you could learn something here. (Sam walks towards Jubei, Max naturally follows him. Sam can’t speak, he just grunts and stares at the cat.)
Max: Oh hey total stranger! I guess you must be part of those funny wearing guys dimension! I don’t have anything against the way your people dress, I don’t even wear clothes at all…just don’t ask where I keep my pistol becouse that’s none of your damn business!
Sam: (Grunts)
Max: My name is Max and this is my best friend, pal, mate, bud, detective partner and roommate Sam. Sam? Sam are you there?
Sam: (Bark, bark, bark, bark. Grunts)

Our heroes have been watched by the silent Dagger in the Crowd and the Big Man, the beauty and the beast, Assassin and Venom. Sin had been running around the Guild, sneaking around near our heroes, trying to geta single, a small and unexistant chance to speak with the Captain Spark. However, there is something in her way, not a enemy or something that wants to kill her, just her partner who has a perspective of life. John Coffey wants to initiate a new life, forget everything related to the Balloon Master and his past life as Venom, being a unknown civilian in Magnolia and spend the rest of his days in this town with Pistachio, the fucking cat who likes to climb fucking trees. Every day, Sin would try to convince Coffey who is still waiting for any kind of order from the Prophets. Finally, with a small tablet and using newly adquired memories, John manages to hack inside the Patriots network for a few seconds, enough to see nothing: His profile, Sin’s profile, information, data, everything gone as if [REDACTED] wants to forget the horrors of the Balloon Master.

John Coffey: We are nothing I’m afraid. Without a proper equipment or an advanced piece of technology, I’m afraid we need to initiate a new life here but if you insist, go ahead..go to search your meaningless past and become that thing you always wanted to become, help the “cool kids”, bring the milkshake and go destroy someone else’s life..I really want to forget what I was, Assassin..understand my mind for a few minutes…I was a monster, a crature desgined to kill, to maim, to destroy and just by thinking about it, just thinking of the soldiers I murdered..
Sin: But now we have a chance to change! To forget the dark past and replace it with a bright future! Don’t you think there’s someone out there who needs your help? Someone who needs your knowledge?
Coffey: Someone who needs the mind of a abomination? No one would want to be near me..No one would want to stand near a failed experiment, a giant guinea pig from the Patriots and the Balloon Master…Christ you inmature swine, think for a fucking second of your miserable life! You were a incompetent fucking worm while VENOM did all the work! They sent you to eliminate Computer Lady but instead, you got captured! VENOM had to face soldiers! VENOM had to face little sword man! And now…Venom wants to be alone..FOREVER..But Sneaky lady keeps pissing Venom off..keeping cats..buying horses…just leave Venom alone..
Coffey would slowly walk away, leaving Sin alone with Pistachio and a horse. John’s left arm is now a living muscle, a mass of flesh and meat covered in veins. Assassin slowly follows Coffey as he walks around the forest, trying clear his mind and control his anger before the anger controls him. Suddenly, Pistachio jumps out of the horse and runs away. A robotic roar is heard as Coffey looks around the place, the trees are starting to confuse him, he feels like a rat in a maze.

Loud noises can be heard in the distance as if a pile of metal is being squashed by tank. The ground shakes over and over again. Dead silence.
Training with the Bouncers and waiting for his tag team partner, the Veteran is able to hear the creature’ scream. Five bots who were dropkicked to Android Hell, one of them is hiding, not bad for the second day. He looks around, hoping for the Red Devil to appear..sooner or later…

Bah..he isn’t coming..I guess I’m not professional enough..Maybe my gimmick is getting old? Maybe I am the one getting old? I’ll show him, I’ll show them what the Vet can do when you leave him in the wild jungle..No need for help or anything, the endless abyss will piledrive this screaming jobber…If I ever find him..
Veteran walks inside the jungle as he follows the Big Man’ footsteps

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Solarian: Well, you’ve seen our magic. We use six elem-

Tsunarmin: They already know about the elements.

Ignis: How’s that name coming along?

Tsunarmin: I’ve got a name for it now. I’ll call it ‘Wavesnap’.

Aug 21, 2013 at 04:17AM EDT

One of Spark best friends, the world’s greatest hacker who used to work for the likes of Two Face and the Supreme Garnisher, Skarlet is trying to hack inside the Balloon Master’s network and see if she can deactivate a single Fog Supressor. The Interwebz don’t help her becouse the BM’ technology is quite complex by itself, hard to comprehend even for the smartest man. Becouse of this, Skarlet is forced to use ol’ fashioned techniques: Smash the thing over and over or just bloody burn it, open it and grab the wires. Easy task that would take a day or two but a impossible job if you are being interrupted by a Italian mechanic, a fossil from the High Renaissance, a narcissist luchador, a rutheless general, a robot who believes he is a human and..and..and…and Assault.

Leonardo di ser Piero da Vinci: Beethoven!
Francois “the Support”: Mozart!
Leo: Beethoven!
Support: Mozart!
Leo: By name of all the wonderful miracles across this galaxy and beyond, understand that Beethoven is the greatest composer ever. Mozart doesn’t even compare!
Support: Mozart you STUPIDO!
Leo: Are you seriously trying to compare someone like Mozart with the great Beethoven? Your opinion is not only wrong: It’s a confused mess of words and blind fanatism that doesn’t allow to gain much better thoughts and realize that Ludwig van Beethoven is the greatest composer ever. Mozart doesn’t even have an atom of talent, anyone who thinks otherwise is nothing but a fool! A foolish fool foolishly following a foolish composer with no talent, the great Mustard..See that? I did a “word play”, I’m certainly sure that your precious Mozart doesn’t even know the meaning or the proper description of “word play”!
Support: Scusi signor but if there is a man that knows everything about great ignoranza then must be the primary grade Beethoven! I guess you appreaciate more a man who failed to comprehend the theory of relatività, ignorante since the day he was born to the the day where the “All mighty” called him. High school was too much for the kid I guess or maybe wasting money on instruments wasn’t a good idea after all!
Leo: To hell you fool!
Support: Make me you stupido!
Leo: Beethoven!
Support: Mozart!
Leo: Beethoven!
Support: Mozart!
Skarlet: Hey guys, I’m kinda doing some tough work here and I would appreciate if you could shut the fuck up and get the hell out of here. Or at least talk about something else like..I don’t know..worst composer or something stupid like tha-
Leo: Lil Wayne!
Support: Nickback!
Leo: In the name of the glorious French revolution, who the fuckz is that?
Support: Nickelback I say, they are worst composers ever! No wonder why they committed suicidio!
Leo: Bah, every young idol sucks since the death of the Beatles 2.51! None of them are able to reach the suckyness from the Lil Wayne!
Support: Nickelback!
Leo: Lil Wayne!

El Macho: I am trying to speak with la señorita my uneducated friend. A person like “El Macho” doesn’t have time to talk with fan today. There is a world that requires our help and the “Wrecked Wolverine Wrestling Federation” is willing to send their best luchadors to help the dream of el capitan Spark.
Colonel George “Uncle Sam” Peppard: Listen up you spaintard inbecile son of an immigrant family..You kids don’t know half of the things you need to know when your country is in the middle of a war you are losing. This stupid Resistance thing is burning time, money and my patient as you, pack of asshat maggots, keep waiting for a signal that will never come! Understand the possibilities! Your Captain might be dead or mindslaved right now, that’s why we don’t have a single signal coming from Mobius! What’s so hard to understand you tight underpants? Want me to write down a gigantic pair of notes and then put them up your ass until you get it?
El Macho: Everybody knows what you are trying to do here Peppy, you can’t trick el Macho.
Colonel Peppard: Shut the flying space fuck you cunt!
El Macho: Ha! That’s your war face I guess? Sorry, el Macho only remembers your face when the mayor gave you all that money inside suitcases. I suppose that was completely justified..right?
Colonel Peppard: Business you hairless monkey!
El Macho: Please señorita, allow el Macho to communicate with el capitan, speaking with wise words and a charming accent, once you are done with that thing! He is probably training or doing some stuff just like El Macho would do.
Colonel Peppard: You will learn to shut the flying fuck and let the man with the medals speak! Listen up you computer loser, you WILL not communicate with that helmet wearing freak again. Mobius is gone, everything is gone, this society needs to stay in a single dimension for Doctor Who’ sake!
El Macho: Por dios, what a pendejo barking around..
Colonel Peppard: I am trying to communicate for the sake of this decaying governament and I am not letting a mommy hugger, mask wearing loser ,son of a big pair of sad testicles and broken gonads, a monkey dead fetus who just spawned in front me , barking around like a godamn dog about to get his ass kicked back to the place where he was born with a single boot up his butt! I am a superior person in every aspect you see it you retarded son of a giraffe, make us a favour and search for a real job, stop disgracing your family and your country you walking vomit and kill yourself already!

Announcer: Oh wow! Everyone heard that ridiculously long angry rant? My god! One does not simply insult el Macho and lives! You know exactly what this means! Peppard is distracted, el Macho has the chance, Skarlet doesn’t even care, the crowd goes eleven!
Colonel Peppard: You call that breaking my spine? You bunch of maggots, retrohomosexuals bastards, no one of you know how to properly break a spine even if I put my boot up your-
Colonel Peppard: That’s the best thing you luchakiddos can pull out? A lifeless dog who was hit by a bloody truck that fight much better than half of your sorry asses! What you are hearing is not my spine but your family honor tearing apart becouse of you being a big disgrace to your deaf ancestors you fat-

Assault: Hhahahahhaha HA! HA! HAHA! He ha ho! Ha ha! Hahahaha! I am tripping to Haven and beyooooooooond! Hahahahaha! Ha! Robot guy…you are my best friendy..frend..friend ever ‘cause you get chicks and then I get drinks and then everyone spins around…we gotta go fast..the chicks and the drinks and the angry bouncer and…heheh…HAHA!
Karl: I am currently under the effects of alcohol, finding myself unable to execute a single move without falling into the dizziness becouse of the alcohol’ hydroxyl functional group composition. Much like my human friend, I am currently walking around this very room, about to release body fluids, sleep or walk around without a objective or a purpose in mere drunkenness.
Assault: Who is the bot guy bot guy next to me..? Where am I…? HAHAHAWOW..LOOK AT DAT BOOTY.
Karl: Now I am currently directing my eyes, sending my point of view to a different location and staring at a specific body part of a female, two rounded portions of the anatomy, located on the posterior of the pelvic region of apes and humans. The testosterone is filling my brain as I keep looking at this specific body part, giving me a small amount of sexual satisfaction and the need to copulate inmediatly. Using a complete encyclopedia of terms commonly found in Internet pages, I can safely confirm that this prolonged exposure to the female’s specific body part is "giving a bo-
Skarlet: Karl could you please get him out of here? He is more annoying when he is drunk and my nerves are about to melt. It’s like the craziest kind of people are sent here for some unknown reason.
Karl: I am unable to understand the female’s words becouse of this alcohol’ effect inside my-
Skarlet: You are not a human for the last time- Oh wait..You are supposed to be drunk right? I think your database is a bit outdated becouse most drunkards prefer to walk in the streets instead of getting inside someone’s house..Oh and, they also fight each other.
Karl: This is a known fact right?
Skarlet: Of course! So go ahead, get out of here and punch your best friend’s face until he wakes up or falls into unconsciousness! Just like..A REAL HUMAN!
Karl: Acknowledged. I am currently heading to the outside, leaving the female’s house with my human friend as we enter into the dark night. Saddly I am unable to reposition myself: My human friend is currently releasing a big amount of body fluids from his organism, a forceful expulsion of the contents of one’s stomach through the mouth and sometimes the nose known as “vomit” or “throw up”.
Skarlet: FUCK.

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