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Tardises wrote:

And if we’re doing the different-characters-offer-different-training thing… well, the Order mages can’t really offer much in the way of training… (If you can think of something reasonable that they would be able to train, however…. Personally I’m thinking that since I’ve established that there is quite the variety of animal life on the world the Order HQ is on that there could be a bit of a hunt. Maybe something with preset objectives with the purpose of ensuring that they can work together in a group to work towards a common goal, not just in combat.) so…. yeah. That’s what I think could be done. This would allow Spark to really plan out what the heroes are going to be facing – by giving him some time to do so, as well as help the characters get to know each other a bit better – which would be useful since this would help them work with others not from their respective worlds/groups. Hell, I’m sure if we DO go with the whole hunt-with-preset-objectives thing I’m thinking of as possible training led by the Order mages then I could easily whip up a bunch more creatures to work with, Not as if I’m exactly short on them as it is.

I believe that Spark wants to know if you actually want to do this or not. He said that you could if you wanted to, but if you don’t want to he will just post the training montage later.

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Aug 21, 2013 at 01:01PM EDT


We are leaving to go to Mobius on the final day though…

Aug 21, 2013 at 01:41PM EDT


Just talked to Spark… He said that we could spend the following days in Magnolia and the last 3 days of training in the realm of the Order Mages. Since he’s gone he wanted me to relay the info to the thread. All he wants is everyone’s response on the matter at hand.

Aug 21, 2013 at 02:03PM EDT

I’ve been wanting to say this for a while now so here goes….

Why don’t we just have a big massive Free For All?
Teams/Individuals pitted against each other?

It would get rid of the idea of a load of people waiting on one person and sorta speed things up…

@Arkantos & Suwako,

The crow snaps its head from the computer screen to turn the gods….

The entire realm has now been sufficiently filled with cookies
All of the spells hit the crow, setting it on fire, electrocuting it and dousing it….it falls from its chair and shape shifts…

It explodes in an atomic scale blast….

Crow karma that is…


Meanwhile at Persephone Prison…

The Odd Guard rubs his head after being hit and taunted. He then takes his mask from off the floor and gives it a brush over before placing it back on his face covering his expressions

Odd Guard: I hope you fools realize we are over a kilometre underground

He takes a few steps towards the doorway, over the remains of the other dead Guards

Odd Guard: Follow me….
He walks out into the dull hallway and waves his hand at the group of 7 to follow him…

GW’s Automated Heaven Activity Log #17


Ship Status

Current Activities: Orbiting planet. Resting.

Overall Status-------OKAY
Superstructure------OKAY-----------Zero damage, hull integrity at maximum.
Crew--------------------OKAY-----------Zero disturbances, everything back to normal.
Systems--------------OKAY-----------Systems are in fully working order.
Sensory Arrays-----OKAY-----------Arrays are continuing to scan planet for any pieces of unknown info.
Communications---OKAY-----------Chatter is at high levels, Black Marker related talk.
Food supplies-------OKAY-----------Rations near maximum.
Munitions-------------OKAY-----------Munitions near maximum.
Main Engines---------IDLE------------Engines re-activated, orbital distance gained.
Power Plant---------ACTIVE----------Power consumption nominal, no power spikes, no issues.
Slipspace Core----INACTIVE


The Fabricators have advanced further on Project Peace brining it into a early prototype phase, I am being blocked from accessing any further information concerning the projects actual purpose or contents…

There has been a breakthrough in the Black Marker research lab, they have discovered that it emits high levels of energy, however they are unable to harness this as a form of power and are uncertain as to what energy it actually is. Apart from this there have been no other advances in its research.

Overall the ship has returned to normal, there have been no more disturbances and all electrical systems have been running without interference or black outs, it seems as though whatever was causing the issues I have successful resolved.

The Pioneers, David, Bear and [REDACTED] have all returned to their respectful duties and posts aboard Heaven…

Live stream extract commence…

Its Major Novak’s office once again, he is just like he was last time, slumped up over his desk asleep…Higgins walks through the door and looks over at Novak
Pvt.Higgins: Comrade major?…..
Pvt.Higgins: W-what are you doing sir?
He has his face planted on the desk, all squashed up…
Pvt.Higgins: I’m sorry…but I can’t hear you Major…
He lifts his head up
Im thinking……
Pvt.Higgins: I’ve come to inform you that our battalion has been warned about the upcoming chaos….I sss-sure hope your right sir…
He faceplants the desk
Pvt.Higgins: Are you feeling okay sir?…
Yes please…
Pvt.Higgins: Huh?….I’ll just leave you be Major sir…
Higgins walks back and opens the office door
He exits…

Live stream extract terminated…

End of activity log #17

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Aug 21, 2013 at 02:10PM EDT

Iblan: It’s obvious that thing was crazy.
Arkantos: I have a familiar feeling about that creature…
Suwako: You’ve encountered similar beings?
Arkantos:Once. He was by all appearances an elderly Norseman. He lied to us, nearly getting myself and my forces killed, and when we questioned him he turned into a flock of birds while laughing.
(OOC: That same laugh shows up later in the campaign, implying that the one who tricked Arkantos was actually Loki himself, because the second time, the laugh was attributed to him.)
Immolan: Let’s move on, before any locals find us.

OOC: If we go with multiple days that would be beneficial for most but problematic for Dngo. We know how Solarian feels about letting advanced technology anywhere near the Order… The beneficial part is because it would help teach the others about fulfilling preset objectives which may not necessarily involve killing. (There would certainly be a couple more dragons to capture alive, at least.) There is one main problem with me taking over the training, though – time zones. You’ll all have noticed by now that I’m rarely on when most of the stuff happens. Well, I suppose we could also take the whole teams idea into it as well. That would allow you to at least do something constructive when I’m not on, while still keeping training from the Order mages as a possible thing.

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Aug 21, 2013 at 02:40PM EDT


Ragna: I heard you talk about her before… Bitch tried to steal my arm. Already she gets on my nerves just for that experience…
He sighs a bit.
Ragna: I also heard you stole my kill too.
He’s obviously referring to Terumi.
Ragna: Just be glad that I’m happy he’s gone…


He crosses his arms as he looks at Marisa.
Hakumen: This is no laughing matter, child. A continuum shift is an unstable time loop where anything is possible to happen. Something is trying to manipulate it to get what it wants…


The 7 prisoners follow along the guard, beginning their trek out of the prison…

@Sam and Max,

Jubei turns to face Sam and Max. He raises an eyebrow at Sam, but then turns his attention to Max.
Jubei: Er… Mind keepin’ yer friend here ona leash?
He sighs.
Jubei: Anyways… Name’s Jubei. I’m Ragna the Bloodedge’s master. Reckon ya’ll already got to know each other by now.

@The Veteran,

Tager suddenly remembers that he is supposed to be training with the Veteran today. He just got lost in the sudden onslaught of spell cards.
Tager: Damn it… Sorry for my sudden leaving, but I have to be getting somewhere.
The Red Devil begins making his way towards the forest where the Veteran is. After a bit of travel, he finally reaches the Veteran who is making his way through the woods.

He looks a bit charred from the punishment he was put through.
Tager: Sorry for my late arrival, Veteran. I was preoccupied with a sudden onslaught of magic. I’m here now, though.

Aug 21, 2013 at 03:08PM EDT


It’s nearly impossible to tell what she is doing at any given time. If she is doing this all for chaos this is the biggest thing she has wound up doing…

And the Snake Guy? Oh right. I got rid of him rather permanently.


OOOOOOOOOH! You Mean… Yeah, I actually helped make one before. The moon princess broke it in the end, but at least we stopped her from putting that barrier around the earth.”

The False Moon incident, AKA “Touhou Imperishable Night”, the 8 heros wound up setting the night in an endless loop. And was actually used as the excuse for all the retires in the bad endings.


I am off to IKEA today. Ikea trips usually take all day, so I will likely not be active until tomorrow.

See you lot then.

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Aug 21, 2013 at 03:16PM EDT

@Marisa and Hakumen
Tsunarmin: Would you mind explaining what you’re talking about?
To avoid giving any mistaken ideas of hostility, she dismounts from Wavesnap

Aug 21, 2013 at 03:45PM EDT


The Odd Guard walks off ahead of the group leading them through a series of strangely unguarded hallways, rats run around the BlazBlue’s feet and silence continues to fill the air…

The Guard is starting to quite ahead of the group now…

Aug 21, 2013 at 04:00PM EDT


Hakumen turns to look at Tsunarmin. The eyes on his shoulders stare directly at her while his blank mask meets her gaze.
Hakumen: Hmph. I would assume that I was not being clear enough… For a lack of better words, time is repeating itself with a different outcome each time said loop comes to an end. A continuum shift is a loop where anything can, and possibly will happen. I know not what causes this one.


Rachel notices the Guard getting ahead of the group now.
Rachel: Hmph. Plotting to get away, just like the dog you are.
A red spell circle appears under her, and a sudden gust of wind pushes the guard back to in front of the group not too far away. It didn’t hurt him, it just pushed him back to where he is supposed to be.

Aug 21, 2013 at 04:05PM EDT


He grunts under his breath and continues walking
Odd Guard: …heretics……..What is it you…people….are to do when you are free from here? where are you to go? what are you going to become?

Aug 21, 2013 at 04:23PM EDT

The Red Devil finds himself walking around the forest with the Veteran. There is something extremelly odd here and It’s not related to the lack of Bouncers or the dead silence covering the woods: Veteran is not talking. In fact, when Tager arrived, Veteran sent a distant “hi” while looking around the place searching for something..or maybe waiting for it. As the two behemoths walk deeper and deeper in the forest, thousands of destroyed Bouncers can be seen, scattered around the place, crushed like tin cans and ripped apart like a bag of Doritos.

Veteran: Did you hear some kind of scream in your way here? I did. It sent the coldest shivers down my spine. You think Spark built a cyborg bouncer or something?
Suddenly, the luchador is able to see the silhouette of a giant monster that resembles a humanoid Bouncer. The monster walks around the place covered in darkness as keeps getting closer and closer to the two tanks.

Spark: Ladies, gentlemen, I have some good news and some bad news. Good news is! Great job people, that was quite an amazing show you did today with those projectiles flying around like New Year fireworks in New Jersey and everyone working togheter as a team! Bad news is..if you were expecting to face the Jackbots again, I’m afraid that won’t be possible: The Engibot malfunctioned this morning as a result of a huge data overload. With the bot down, it would take days for a normal human to build a single one of these deadly contrapositions. If someone can come up with a new way to train or some sort of new idea, that would be awesome.

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Aug 21, 2013 at 09:15PM EDT

@The Vet,

Tager looks around at all of the destroyed Bouncers, actually surprised that such a thing destroyed thousands of them. He knows the Veteran’s tendencies, and this isn’t like him to not talk for such a long period of time. The Red Devil’s gauntlets spark with green and yellow electricity. He takes a look at the are one last time.

Tager: I heard the scream through my audio receptors from the training grounds and I realized that you were over here. I came to check and see if everything was alright. I don’t believe that Captain Spark would build a cybernetic Bouncer though.

And then Veteran sees the silhouette moving towards them.

Tager: Telescopic eye: Activate.
Tager activates his telescopic eyes to see exactly what the monster is. Said eyes also have night-vision and can pick up any thermal signatures in the area from up to 2km away. His eyes follow the beast, his gauntlets sparking with more electricity.
Tager: Whatever is out there doesn’t seem to want to make our acquaintance…
He then raises his voice a bit.
Tager: Reveal yourself! We won’t hurt you if you do!


Ragna turns his attention to Spark now, hearing about the Engibot not being able to build any more robots.
Ragna: Well ain’t that a damn shame.
He rolls his eyes a bit.

Nu suddenly perks up a bit.
Nu: Like, captain guy, we could totally go to the color coated people’s place!
She points at the Order Mages.
Nu: Wouldn’t that be totally rad?

Ragna sighs at this.

Kokonoe’s screen suddenly appears too.
Kokonoe: Or I could boot up some holograms and let you people go through them.

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Aug 21, 2013 at 09:49PM EDT

Falcon: Another alternative I can provide is using some of my spare vheicles for some reaction training.
Jotaro: That would be a good idea, speeding up our reaction times, but I think almost none of us know how to drive.
Falcon: The Blue Falcon is very easy to drive, even for a newbie. I mean, you don’t HAVE to take my idea. you could go to the mage’s place, or go into Kokonoe’s simulators. I was just suggesting an alternative.

Aug 21, 2013 at 10:44PM EDT

Tager’ telescopic eyes should be able to see the creature before he gets closer. He looks like a gigantic hulk-like monster with a disproportionate and malformed anatomy: His right arm and left leg look like a inflated chunk of meat and veins covered in scars and lesions. The creature turns around to face the group as he grunts and clenches his teeth furiously. The Red Devil should be able to see a destroyed Bouncer near the monster, a giant hole in the bot’s chest and both arms and legs are missing.

Veteran is frozen with fear, he stands still like a cactus in the middle of the desert as the creature stares at him. The monster picks up the destroyed Bouncer with his left hand, then he proceeds to stare at the Veteran for a good amount of minutes as he keeps growling.
Veteran:…Pst..(whispering) Maybe if we don’t move he will go aw-
No time to react for the luchador, no time to think for the Red Devil. The creature jumps towards the group with incredible speed, delivering a devastating punch to the Veteran, sending him flying through the air and reaching a high altitude before falling to the ground.
???: Venom jumps around jungle after crushing giant bot but blue things keep attacking Venom..Blue man sends blue robots to fight Venom…Blue man and everyone in tiny jungle will learn to leave Venom alone and don’t dare to step into Venom fucking path if they want to keep their lives away from Venom’ fucking hands..Venom reveals! VENOM SMASH!
Says the monster as he tries to crush Tager with both of his arms.

Max: The master of Raggy? Wow you gotta teach me of how defy the very meaning of gravity with all of those rejected Bruce Lee moves he loves to pull out every time we happen to have a small fight with the bad guys of this place. You know the Balloon Guy and his Anti saucers..err..Antimages…Andy subjects..Gosh, It was a really weird name that gets stuck in your brain and never comes out like a fart. Sam you remember those funny guys names?
Sam: (The dog would shake his head a few times and stop grunting and barking) I’m so sorry Jubei but due to my canine nature I tend to bark at the most unusual things such as cars I don’t own, cats and postmen. My name is Samuel, Sam for friends, and this little buddy over here is my friend Max. We are proud and the only members of the Freelance Police. (says Sam as he pulls out his badge from his jacket’ left pocket and shows it to Jubei)

Max: Look! I found a squishy thing deep inside my nose! I wonder what will happen if I squish it- GHEEEEEE..(The white lagomorph just poked his own brain)
Sam: Haven’t seen you around, did you just arrived from another dimension? You will have to excuse me if that question sounds weird but a lot of people seem to arrive from different Earths.

@The guys about to train
Spark: The mages’ place? They have their own planet for us to train? That would be awesome.
Spark would turn around to talk with Tardises
I salute you former aquamancer! Some friends of mine said your Order have their own specific place and that we could use said place for a good ol’ training until the Engibot is repaired.

Aug 21, 2013 at 10:54PM EDT


Renegade: OK… I REALLY hate to ask and seem incredibly stupid when doing so… but I am currently lost on where everyone’s at in LOCAF anymore. I’ve been spending DAYS in the Roleplay Pub, waiting for whatever this asshole who’s ordering me around to do everything to make a move. I think it’s been a fortnight since I last was here…

Renegade: So… uh… where are we in the planet currently?

Aug 21, 2013 at 11:48PM EDT


Everyone except for Tager, Veteran, and Venom are nearby the Fairy Tail guild hall at LOCAF where Marisa and Reimu had a little misunderstanding present day.

Aug 22, 2013 at 12:18AM EDT


Solarian isn’t happy to hear that suggestion
Solarian: Wh-WHAT!

Tsunarmin: That doesn’t seem like such a bad idea, actually…

Solarian: You know how I feel about advanced technology…

Granatir: I’ve thought of something we could do. Since we have all sorts of creatures on our world, how about a bit of a hunt? We could set specific objectives and test how well they can fulfil said objectives.

Tempestia: I don’t see why we can’t do this, it would be interesting.

Solarian: …I’m bringing Pitchurn here. For a decision like this I feel all six of us should be present.

Solarian Warps away, and returns a few moments later with Pitchurn

Pitchurn: So, why am I needed?

Solarian: We’re discussing bringing this group he indicates everyone present who isn’t an Order mage or one of the three dragons over to the HQ. I feel like all six of us should be present for such a decision.

Pitchurn: And why should we allow it?

Tsunarmin: Basically, we can test their skills at fulfilling preset objectives/
Pitchurn: I take it it’ll be involving the variety of creatures on our world? I’ll agree on the condition that capturing those last three dragons is one of those objectives.

Solarian: Looks like I have no choice here, seeing as Tsunarmin, Granatir and Tempestia have already agreed before you…

Solarian then speaks to everyone who isn’t an Order mage in the area.

Solarian: Well, we’ve come to an agreement that you can come, for the purpose of training. I do have a couple of conditions, though. First of all, that thing he points to Jehuty cannot enter the HQ itself, but must remain outside. The pilot is welcome inside the HQ, though. And, secondly…. the woman on the screen must come in person if she wants to see the HQ.

Pitchurn: I’ll give the orders for some guys who know Warp to come, in order to transport everyone.

The dark elemental archmage Warps back for that purpose.


Tardises: Hey, I’m still an aquamancer first and foremost! It will only become ‘former’ once I learn earth, fire, and air magic too! If they ever give me the time to, of course…

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Aug 22, 2013 at 05:11AM EDT

@Hero’s at training place,

Nearby the group of heroes, a good few meters away, a strange and sickly squelching sound can be heard. They turn their heads to the point of origin…

A group of thin and menacing looking figures begin to crawl straight up from the ground itself clutching at the ground around them and dragging themselves out of their otherworldly portal. They give off a heavy atmosphere of depression and guilt as they slowly enter the dimension….

Shadow Creatures
Everything casts a shadow and when an entity exists beyond the mortal realm, a shadow is all men can see…

The 5 creatures stand there and stare straight at the hero’s, their inky and decrepit bodies giving off a black “smoke”…menacing would be the ideal word to summarise these entities in a nutshell…

Who, what, where from and why are all questions that remain unanswered as they remain completely silent and void of life

Then finally, after a few long seconds of giving evil stares they start to move. The group of 5 Shadow Creatures spread out and begin skulking around the local area….however they are slowly moving closer and closer to the group.

It’s an indirect approach yet lacking any hostility….

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Aug 22, 2013 at 03:06PM EDT


Rachel smirks as she twirls her cat umbrella around on her shoulder.
Rachel: Oh wouldn’t you just love to know~

Valkenhayn: Good retort, milady.

Rachel: I know, Valkenhayn.

The rest of the prisoners just keep walking along, following the guard.


Tager jumps backwards out of the way of Venom’s smash. His optics go back to normal, and he looks at the hulking man who is about as tall as him in night-vision.
Tager: I’m guessing you won’t listen to reason!
His gauntlets illuminate the area green with electricity as he charges them up.

He throws punch at the creature’s face, it charged with lethal amounts of electromagnetic energy.

@Sam and Max,

Jubei keeps calm towards them.
Jubei: I guess ya could put it like that. Hate to admit it, but I stowed away in my daughter’s lab when somethin’ came and abducted everythin’.
He then turns around, sensing the presence of the shadow creatures. The cat looks at them, but doesn’t draw his blade. He knows that the kids can handle this. If they pose too big of a threat he will jump in though.

@Shadow things,

The White Knight’s eyes look at all 5 of the shadow creatures.
Hakumen: Evil…
He draws Ookami from the sheath on his back, staring them down. The samurai begins to give off a pure white aura around his body.

He waits for them to make a move…

Ragna takes a look at the shadow people and takes Blood Scythe off his back.
Ragna: Just what the hell are these things anyways? Looks like some sorta…
He stares at their auras.
Ragna: Soul-based things? Can’t I ever get a break?
The Grim Reaper readies himself in a battle stance.

The Murakumo Unit stares at the black things.
Nu: Scanning… Scanning… Complete. Obstruction protocol determined.
The giant sword rockets down from the sky and implants itself into the ground behind her.
Nu: Now engaging battle-mode.
The sword begins to deconstruct itself, all the various pieces attaching itself to her body until she is fully armored.

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Aug 22, 2013 at 03:33PM EDT

Pyralis: What the hell are those things?

Ignis: I don’t know, but just in case they’re hostile….

All 5 archmages as well as Noctan prepare to cast Solar Flare. Pyralis just stands around while Tardises places His World between him and the creatures

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Aug 22, 2013 at 03:34PM EDT

Venom’ enourmous mass of muscle and tissue allow him to take a lot of punishment before going doing. Tager’s attack hits him, sending ridiculous amount of electricity to his head and making him stumble. As electricity hits him, he keeps yelling.

Venom: [REDACTED] hurts Venom, little soldiers hurt Venom, [REDACTED] tries to experiment with Venom’s head and now LITTLE RED MAN TRIES TO HURT VENOM?!?
He creature screams and grunts as he resists the touch of electromagnetic energy.
Then he proceeds to punch Tager and send him to the very same direction where Veteran went. There should be a giant crater with Veteran inside of it..

Aug 22, 2013 at 06:01PM EDT

Ooc: yo guys sorry for not being on as often as i usually am. I cannot have access to my comp because my brother uses it for his music gigs. I didnt want to make posts on my phone because of data usage and time consuming. So all that i ask of is if you want to fast forward through this ehole week so that we can finally go to mobius. I really wish i could make responses to whats going on but i cant, and i dont want to make long posts responding to everything. So what do you guys say. Do you want to skip all of this extra stuff so we can do the montage and just make a post quicky resolving the things you want to get done in the montage.

Last edited Aug 22, 2013 at 06:12PM EDT
Aug 22, 2013 at 06:09PM EDT

OOC: We aint fast forwarding through the entire week. In fact, the training’s going to change up a bit. And it’s going to a different world – that of the Order. Because of time zones, I’ll try to think of a way so that the training can still proceed without me having to be on to provide input on it – just to keep things moving relatively quickly, of course.

Aug 22, 2013 at 06:17PM EDT

“Doomguy” instantly takes notice to the new shadow creatures.
“Doomguy”: Targets unidentifiable. Patterns indicate passive aggressive movement. Engaging defenses as a precaution.
“Doomguy” pulls out the super shotgun.

Falcon: Aww, why does nobody like my ideas? Either way, I like yours.
“Doomguy” finally walks over to the main group.
“Doomguy”: I am Unit-711. I am currently in control of this “Doomguy” you call it. The real doomguy is currently is a magic induced slumber by an unidentified target.
Suddenly, a red beam appears and scans everyone.
Unit-711: DNA Data categorized. Returning to normal personality in 3… 2… 1…
Doomguy: What’s up? I’m still unit-711, but have taken on the human personality. It will only last for like a day, though.
Jotaro: Weird things.
Okuyasu: What.
Josuke: I know what you’re feeling, buddy.
Falcon: Well, that’s an interesting revelation. BACK TO WORK!

Maledict takes a keen interest in the shadowmen.
Maledict: Those souls… So delectable… I shall keep my eye on them for now.

OOC: New Colors!
Captain Falcon: Normal
Ken: Blue
Doomguy: Green
Giorno: Gold
Josuke: Purple
Okuyasu: Lawn Green
Jotaro: Navy
Maledict: Brown
Bit characters will have different colors from these ones.

Aug 22, 2013 at 07:58PM EDT

OOC: If you want, you can give me a good pair of instructions about your characters and I will make a montage. I will need information from every user that has a hero in Meredith’ pocket dimension and their reactions to:
The painful training
The robots
The new members I will later introduce
How much they will improve.
This should be enough to power up those weak guys who feel useless (Tardises and the mages), give some background to those who reaaally need them (Falcon) and reinforce the idea of teamwork. I will go “Stephen King” mode and write a description about everyone’s training in the montage.
It’s up to you of course.

Aug 22, 2013 at 08:21PM EDT

OOC: @Spark:
Bios for:


They’re gonna generally dislike it (Except for Doomguy, who takes joy in the kill), but understand the point that’s being put across.

Really, the only person who will have a lot of trouble against anything except the jackbots in Falcon.(Everyone is strained against the jackbots.) Other than that, the robots will give them some trouble, but not too much.

New Members
Please run through them again. i sort of forgot them.
In general, everyone will accept them with open arms, and tolerate the more annoying ones.
Except for Jotaro. He’ll be annoyed with the annoying ones, maybe smack them around a bit.

They all build teamwork skills.
Falcon will be able to hold his own in a fight.
Ken just sharpens his existing skills.
Jotaro can stop time for like a couple seconds longer.
Doomguy now uses tactics, switching when the enemy catches on.
Josuke and Okuyasu use their stand more effectively.
Giorno discovers new abilities for his stand. (Go wild with this one. I was thinking being able to make a snare trap out of vines.)

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Aug 22, 2013 at 08:39PM EDT


Hello everyone in the RP, what I miss? Sorry if I didn’t post anything, because the evil side is doing nothing…

Aug 22, 2013 at 09:45PM EDT

OOC: Sure Medic..

The evil side is doing nothing, sure, sure..
You missed waaay too much, we would need a gigantic post to explain every damn event that happened while you were missing.

Aug 22, 2013 at 10:02PM EDT


I was talking about my allies (Asura, Medusa, Yukari). There not been any activity for days… And you don’t need to make a huge post to explain me everything, I already read all the post, and I am aware with what you are going to do with your evil team.

Aug 22, 2013 at 10:43PM EDT

OOC: Oh god, I want to punch myself everytime you say “Evil team”
Becouse It sounds like..
Captain Spark and his amazing friends!
Tonight’s episode..
Spark and his super friends face..the EEEEVIL team!

See ya later chumps, I guess everyone is bussy playing games and all and I’m just here..being bussy with university..Go jump up your mom’s ass-

Aug 22, 2013 at 10:47PM EDT

ooc: evil?

medic: not much is going on after meeting with remilia and others. they know the plans, we know what needs to be done next and we just need the week to skip by to continue with medusas experiments with blizt. other than that nothing else is going on im afraid.

like i said ive been away because of other things to do IRL and also doesnt help that my brother uses my comp as much as i do for other important things.

as for the training is the following

The painful training
my characters dont care how rough the training will be. they will do whatever it takes to defeat the balloon masters forces and free the planet from his grasps. they will be more than willing to accept any training and overcome them, regardless of difficulty.

my following characters to be in the training:
Natsu Dragneel
Happy the blue cat
Gray Fullbuster
Lucy Heartfilia
Erza Scarlet
Wendy Marvel
Carla the white cat
Gajeel Redfox
Pantherlilly the black cat
Juvia loxer
Levy Mcgarden
Laxus Dreyar
Mirajane strauss

The robots
so long as you dont make them fight anything close to the size of jehuty and above or as powerful as it, than throw whatever you can at them. i want everyone of my chartacters besides happy and carla to be able to take on a jackbot with at least one other person as a team. but natsu, erza, gray, laxus, mirajane and gajeel to be able to take them on one on one. also training agains dealing with endless swarms of bots would be a good way for them to improve their attrition game, my wizards have a history of problems in attrition fights. they need to improve in this area greatly.

The new members I will later introduce
for the guys you introduced rescently that are in magnolia, so long as theyt are friendly and dont pose a threat to anyone around the city, my guys are cool. however anyone threatens to harm anyone in the city or cause damage to magnolia will be swiftly dealt with. also dont do anything to provoke fighting inside the guild hall otherwise a shitstorm will break out easily thanks to natsu.

How much they will improve.
by the end of this training i want everyone of my characters to be able to cooperate fully with everyones characters as a team. to be able to look after one another and to be sure to provide aupport when needed. another thing i want is for my mages who use elemental based attacks to be able to work with other magic users like tardises group to combine their magical properties in unison raid (magic fusion), just like gray and juvias water and ice unison for example.

also want the following from each of my characters:

Natsu: to be more of a team player as usual so that he doesnt have to always do everything by himself. and to also improve on his skills as normally and to take on a jack bot easily one on one. also to make him work with gray a lot better due to them always having to argue with eachother about petty things.

gray: much more improved ice maker skills and to be able to take on a jackbot solo. also to get along with natsu since they tend to fight with eachother a lot.

lucy: to be able to control up to three spirits at the same time. she can only do two at a time. also she needs a lot more physical training and conditioning. she can barely fight hand to hand at all. teaching her to fight hand to hand would be much help for her in the future.

erza: make her an even greater leader with tactical genius like thinking. also to increase her requiping speed from 1 second to half a second, this makes a world of a difference for her. also have her to be able to control her anger, she can get pissed off real easily.

wendy: make her healing powers much more stronger and to be able to heal physical injuries a lot more effectively. also more combat training like lucy. shes nowhere near natsu or the other dragonslayers fighting skills.

gajeel: to be able to tear through any metals with very little to no problems at all. also needs more teamwork skills and to be able to get along with others a lot more.

pantherlilly: more improved fighting skills with his giant sword and to be able to last longer in his alternate form.

Levy: just like lucy, levy needs a lot more combat training and physical conditioning. she and lucy rely on their magic too much to fight for them. also to be able to write two words with her solid script magic instead of one, that can go a long way for her. also she needs to be able to produce metatron for dingo and jehuty. considering that her magic can create anything, though metatron is completely unknown to her. but with jehutys information from ADA. she can be able to create the metatron desperately needed for dingo and jehuty.

juvia: she needs to control her feeling for gray a lot more and to not get distracted by them, especially in the middle of a fight. more combat training for her as well considering she doesnt use it that much due to her water magic.

laxus: a lot more teamwork skills. hes an asshole to anyone and can easily cause problems with other people he may not have interest in.

mirajane: much more control of her powers. she needs to be able to master her control over her great powers so that they may not go out of control easily. nothing else for her really.

carla and happy: much more improved flying skills, both solo and with their respective partners.

im sorry for not being on as often as i am. this is all that i can come up with for now. im also going to be busy on saturday and friday i wont be able to have my comp to continue. hopefully thing go back to normal on sunday. sorry for any inconveniences i may have brought.

especially u medic.

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Aug 22, 2013 at 11:38PM EDT


Alright, I am getting to the point where I will be packing up my modem soon. I may be away for several days. Though I will be on for a good chuck of tomorrow still.

As for what my characters are to learn throughout the next week; alongside with being instructors Reimu needs to have a good deal of time Meditating to unlock a sealed spell, and Marisa will be busy copying Magic as she Kinda Does That without permission. (People who use Heat related Magic are more prone to her copy-catness. I guess I will just say what spells are added to her deck once I get back.)

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Aug 23, 2013 at 03:24AM EDT

OOC: I take it the montage will only be going up to the world switching? Anyway, the characters in the area would be in this montage (Not Pitchurn as she’s back at the Order HQ already. She would be taking on an instructor role once the others arrive, though. I also think the generic lumimancer is still around, but he’s a generic and therefore not to be trained since he will not be going anyway.) I cannot really provide bios on the characters as they are all a bunch of OCs with more or less the same basic ability set.

Reactions to…
Well, Tahrdan (In OOC stuff I’ll be using my character’s ‘real’ name. Just to avoid confusing with myself.) was pretty willing to go along with it anyway, though that is due to events that you lot may have forgotten due to it happening months ago IRL. Pyralis and Noctan basically volunteered for this **** so they’ll go along with it too. It’s the archmages who may not really go along with it that much. And all of them except Tempestia will be reluctant to do anything particularly physical based.

You saw for yourself how much trouble they would have had against even the weaker ones. The cloaking ones aren’t going to be effective because Ignis is here now, and he has faced the same other cloaking enemies as Solarian did. Obviously these cloaking ones are easier since they don’t effect defense in any way.. The jackbots can be handled because the Order mages will quite readily work together. And no one’s got any idea of the true potential of the dragons yet…. (not even me. I’m sort of making up stuff as I’m going along in regards to them.)

New members
Uhhh, who? Unless they use magic, the Order mages probably won’t care that much.

Well, I can’t really think of that many to make… Well, here’s the spells the characters are lacking, and which they may learn a few of out of combat necessity.

Tahrdan: earth, fire, air, light, dark. If the other stand users (the ones who are more familiar with using them to fight, of course – though this really goes without saying, since they all are) assist OYH could also be improved…. maybe even adapting those last two elements into a few spells for Tahrdan himself. (Remember that Bllom Nobly’s element is that of the spirit (the choice of inspiration should have made that obvious) and Dreams of an Absolution’s element is that of the mind… as if that wasn’t obvious from Tahrdan going full on Silver upon utilising that form’s power directly.)
Pyralis: light, dark, Cleansing Foam
Noctan: earth, water, fire, air
archmages: Cleansing Foam (plus a reasonable special ability for Ignis. You could probably come up with one as long as you let me know the details so that I may add it to my notes. And it MUST BE FIRE ELEMENTAL BECAUSE IGNIS HIMSELF IS FIRE ELEMENTAL.)
Dragons: Well, try to think of reasonable abilities for them. Remember that Chasmpound’s must be earth elemental, Muscalle’s must be fire elemental, and Wavesnap’s must be water elemental.
All of them: Well, they’re more likely to acquire equipment to become more powerful. If any others have any plans for abilities that would also involve the Order mages, then go along with it – within reason. Don’t try to involve obviously advanced technology, for example – Solarian’s the only one who might even have a chance of recognising it as such! And they are possibly the only group here who will not improve teamwork skills – This is because they already have said skills… Well, they could improve them in regards to non-Order members. This will be easier for some than others. (After all, Tahrdan went to help Doomguy… Speaking of which, I wonder what Doomguy thought of that last BFG blast getting amplified by that laser?)

OOC @Natsuru: Well, I have a feeling that no Order spells are going to be copied. For the simple reason that they can’t really be converted to spellcards (Raging Inferno is the most impressive looking, but basically every single attack spell they use will automatically hit. Which makes them unsuitable for spellcards.)

Aug 23, 2013 at 05:36AM EDT

OOC: I’ll post mine in here, mainly because of the social bonding that my characters need, and to see if some things are okay with Asura.

Characters participating in the training:
Iron Tager
Ragna the Bloodedge
Flandre Scarlet

The painful training:
In general they would have an increasingly easier time with the training. However that won’t stop them from doing it. They all have the determination to get through it, just like Fairy Tail. However they will need to develop team tactics, since they are part of Fairy Tail now after all. Flandre wouldn’t give a fuck and would just think it was fun.

The robots:
This is where things start to get tricky… All of my characters except Ragna would do well against the robots. This is because Ragna relies on the soul of their opponents, draining it away during battle and ultimately rendering their future actions useless since he drains their chains of fate/soul chains/life force. Since robots don’t have souls however… Yeah. This is where it gets difficult for him, forcing him to change his tactics for these bots. But by the end of the week… I would say that they would all be able to take on a Jackbot by themselves, along with whatever else.

The new members I will later introduce:
Honestly, I think Ragna would find them annoying. Hakumen would think of their personalities and ways as nonsensical (the silly ones are the ones I’m talking about). He is still very serious. When they start to help out his opinion might change on them. Tager wouldn’t mind them as long as they didn’t interfere with his orders or get on his nerves too much. Kokonoe would probably like Skarlet the most because they seem to have sort of the same attitudes, but think the others were just dumbasses. Nu and Flandre wouldn’t give a fuck.

How much they will improve:

Ragna: To make up for the ginormous amounts of robotic enemies in this thread, Blood Scythe will be able to drain their energy cells and power just like he does with living things and their souls. He would be able to summon bigger parts of the Black Beast. Right now he’s limited to parts his height through about 20 feet tall. He would be able to keep Blood Scythe unsealed for longer periods of time and that would have a bigger impact on the life draining. Ragna’s Azure Grimoire would increase his offensive and defensive capabilities by a multiplier of 3, but he would ultimately use it ONLY when he needs to because his base abilities have gotten stronger. He would also need time-off to meditate to unlock more of the powers of the Azure, which is incomprehensible. (This next thing is only if Asura allows it) Maybe Mirajane could teach Ragna some dark magic spells and be able to participate in a unison raid with the other mages, combining the Black Beasts power with their spells. His Distortion Drives and Astral Heat would be powered up as well… The BlazBlue would have interference on higher levels rather than just a personal level… Oh, and he would be a better team player all around. He’s like Laxus in the sense that he’s an asshole and won’t help out people a lot.

Hakumen: Burner told me that she would boost Hakumen’s power up to 100% at the end of the training (At 100% power he could utterly crush Hazama beneath his foot). He is capped at 20% right now and wouldn’t really be able to progress in power (He can already slice through solid blast doors at 20% power). Hakumen himself at 100% power would be able to learn light magic (again, waiting for Asura’s approval on this). His Distortion Drives and Astral Heat would be powered up to the max. His Drive, Zanshin (the shield thing) would be able to reflect projectiles like a mirror shield back at a person, and would ultimately be stronger. Hakumen would also be able to provide magical shielding to the others, along with making strong barriers. He would be able to use the normal projectile from Summer’s Advance at will, while the actual Summer’s Advance would be much stronger. As for personal relationships, well… He would work better in a team, but still be the same Hakumen you know and love mostly, except to Erza. He would be fond of her more.

Nu-13: Her new power-ups will allow for shielding herself and others, along with actually tearing dimensional rifts open like portals and such… The energy swords, Distortion Drives, and Astral Heat would all be stronger. She wouldn’t cling to Ragna as much as well… She can activate her BlazBlue to receive the same power boost as Ragna, but instead of meditation it would be thanks to her programming. Along with being able to fuse with Ragna to create a Black Beast creature that they can both control and come out of at will. This isn’t the actual thing, mind you and has a limited time too. They can’t fully fuse unless the two of them are thrown into a Cauldron. The BlazBlue would have interference on higher levels rather than just a personal level. She would also be able to create different objects besides swords from the fabric of space. Repairing herself would take a lot less time as well.

Tager: The Red Devil of Sector Seven will be a walking tank. He’ll be able to take a ton of punishment before going down. Thanks to all the training with the Bouncers and Veteran, he will be able to pull off more devastating physical moves. Kokonoe would give him a power boost and durability boost to match the others. He himself would be a strategical genius, just like Erza and Mavis would be. He would also be able to do a slew of more electricity based attacks, and magnetize enemies from far away.

Flandre: Control, control, control. Flandre will learn self control through this. That’s the most important thing she’ll learn in this. She won’t be so rash anymore, running into fights and the likes. She would also spend some time with Reimu in order to unlock 2 spell cards that I have previously never mentioned before. She is actually afraid to use them. Her dodging skills would be improved… She would also be more helpful in teams. Other than that, Flandre is already powerful enough as it is.



Being punched like a rag doll by Venom, Tager goes flying backwards. With a harsh landing in the crater, Tager stands up slowly.
Tager: Damn…
He has a hand on his side. The Red Devil goes over and extends a hand to Veteran, pulling him up off the ground.
Tager: Should we go warn the others of what this thing is? I could contact Kokonoe and tell her what is happening… That thing was strong enough to toss us around like toys. What should we do?

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Aug 23, 2013 at 01:09PM EDT

OOC @Zarathh: I can’t help but notice that bit about learning light magic…. Mainly because I don’t see many users of it in the RP. (It’s, what, just the archmages, Noctan, and Marisa? (and His World of course, but that’s a whole other matter). I’m pretty sure afterthought power up Hakumen can be taught at lead three light elemental attack spells if he can convince hither Order mages to teach him them… (Of course, there may need to be something offered as part of the convincing. The idea by that would be he pays forte he lessons.

…That sort of offer stands for anyone elsewhere would want their characters to learn magic f any if the 6 elements that the Order uses, for the record. Giorno would not even have to offer anything if he wanted to learn aquamancy, because in a way he’s already paid by providing OYH in the first place! (Only aquamancy, though. It would be Tahrdan returning the favour. If he wants to lean any other elements, he would have to offer something…. Of course, how we’ll the Order mages get on with the others may affect how much of an offer would be needed.)

Aug 23, 2013 at 01:55PM EDT


Dingo won’t be getting into the training session…he was the best Frame Runner in BAHRAM and soon went on to defeat its leader who was running a much more superior Orbital Frame.

He honestly could not get any better than he currently is….I mean Jehuty could but that would mean that it would need to be damaged first in order to achieve its apex state, which is something I’m currently saving up for when I need it most…

@Hero’s…LOCAF itself…

The 5 Shadow Creatures slow down their approach and instead begin to spread out around the area, meanwhile however a surge more of the the creatures begin to climb up out of the ground and into the realm, now there are around 50 of these menacing entities skulking around the landscape and leaking inky black vapour into the air and staining everything they touch with a dark energy.

Suddenly, their demeanour snap changes, their bodies begin to lurch over and mutate into even more grotesque and hideous forms. Some of them have wings lurch out from their backs, some have tendrils, others even have extra appendages such as arms sprout from their forms, an odd few have a combination of these deformations. None of them look the same…

But…all of them are effected my two things, horns jutting from their heads and their “eyes” finally opening, revealing dark pits filled with an ethereal blue flame that leaves a trailing afterglow…

They disperse and begin covering the landscape tainting it with darkness that eats away at realm itself and wilts the plant life….due to the large amount of them crawling around the black “smoke” that is leaked from their bodies begins to pollute the air with a thin fog….

More Shadow Creatures continue to emerge from ground portals and scatter around the landscape, they are pretty numerous now to say the least….


The Odd Guard smirks at Rachel’s remark and carries on. Eventually, after walking through a mile stretch of hallways they make it to a massive open chamber, so big is the chamber that the sides cannot be seen due to the dim lighting….
Odd Guard: The exit from this level is on the other side of the room….
He holds his arm out towards the dark chamber
Odd Guard: It is the only way I can assure you…
Unbeknownst to the BlazBlues the Odd Guard is grinning to himself in delight, his mask covering his emotions

To describe the room…
The floor is concrete and grimy, stains can be seen blotched upon its surface and minor cracks can be seen running through
Just like everywhere else on this level, it is silent, The Clock’s ticks being the only thing that breaks the silence
The air is heavy, damp and stale and almost hurts to breathe
The sides of the room can’t be seen, the dim lighting only giving a few meters of visibility

Odd Guard: Go on….

Aug 23, 2013 at 02:20PM EDT

Solarian:Alright, who here can use light attacks?

Tsunarmin:Never mind that, we clearly ALL need to do something to stop them!

7 of the creatures are brought down with Solar Flares.
(OOC:Solar Flare is single target.)

Noctan: There are too many for Solar Flare. We need to cast Galaxy Burst, and use other light based area attacks, if anyone has any!
(OOC: They’re just working off appearance, as am I.)

Many lasers are emitted from His World, just carving through a number of the creatures. As the only Order mage present without access to any light attacks, Pyralis settles for casting Raging Inferno.

Aug 23, 2013 at 02:28PM EDT

Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis wrote:

OOC @Zarathh: I can’t help but notice that bit about learning light magic…. Mainly because I don’t see many users of it in the RP. (It’s, what, just the archmages, Noctan, and Marisa? (and His World of course, but that’s a whole other matter). I’m pretty sure afterthought power up Hakumen can be taught at lead three light elemental attack spells if he can convince hither Order mages to teach him them… (Of course, there may need to be something offered as part of the convincing. The idea by that would be he pays forte he lessons.

…That sort of offer stands for anyone elsewhere would want their characters to learn magic f any if the 6 elements that the Order uses, for the record. Giorno would not even have to offer anything if he wanted to learn aquamancy, because in a way he’s already paid by providing OYH in the first place! (Only aquamancy, though. It would be Tahrdan returning the favour. If he wants to lean any other elements, he would have to offer something…. Of course, how we’ll the Order mages get on with the others may affect how much of an offer would be needed.)

OOC: Well, there are the guild masters of Fairy Tail that are also part of the equation. And a better description that I’m looking for is, um… Anti-corruption magic, like Holy magic or something. Stuff that wards away evil. Light was just the first thing that popped into my head.

Also, Tardises… I feel as if we won’t be able to go to the Order base. People are running out of patience with this. So many posts with so little happening. I think that it’s better to just montage through everything and then head to Mobius.

@Shadow thingies,

Once they begin displaying a different behavior, Nu immediately begins opening rifts around the shadow creatures, firing out orange swords at them and watching their every moves.

His eyes widen as he sees them coming out of the portals and the smoke eating away at the landscape.
Ragna: Just like seithr…
He holds Blood Scythe in front of him.
Ragna: Get ready to die, whatever the hell you are!
The Grim Reaper rushes at a group of the minions, swinging Blood Scythe at them.

Hakumen rushes at a nearby group, swinging Ookami at them with profession and strength.

Since the shadow creatures multiplied, the “paws” on his jacket suddenly jut out EXTREMELY sharp claws. These could cut through solid metal on their own. He waits for a perfect time to strike.


Nirvana suddenly grabs the guard and slams him against the wall.

Carl looks up at the guard.
Carl: Mister guard, sir. My sis says that you’re just leading us here to get us killed.
He crosses his arms a bit.

Rachel begins trying to sense the auras of whatever is in the next room.

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Aug 23, 2013 at 03:49PM EDT

OOC: So basically I have a few more images queued up for nothing. Shazbot. Well, the montage would then have to factor in there being 3 more dragons to be captured. (Well, only the air and light elemental ones matter. I could bring up the dark elemental one later.) I would want the other two dragons to be introduced at a proper time (air me say then light the next.).. Is there anyone I should send the image urls to in particular to ensure that can still happen? And also, that sort of magic you mean is something the Order mages would not know about. Of course, the general offer still stands…

Aug 23, 2013 at 03:59PM EDT

OOC: No thanks, man.
Also, I think you should send the images to spark, seeing as he’s the one orchestrating the entire time skip.

Doomguy sees what the black cratures are doing to the landscape. He instantly goes into a combat stance.
Doomguy: Initiating combat sequence.
*Doomguy begins firing plasma at the creatures, potentially killing them.

Falcon just runs back to the guild, dodging around the creatures.

Jotaro: I’ve noticed an aura of death around them. It would be unwise to attack them with out bare fists. I even believe our stands would be ineffective. I think it’s time.
Giorno: Time for what?
Jotaro: The Joestar secret technique.
Okuyasu: And what’s that?
Jotaro: RUN!
The stand users begin to run back to the guild hall. Ken seems to have noticed the aura surrounding the creatures too, and is also running.

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Aug 23, 2013 at 04:39PM EDT

@Hero’s overall,

The second the creatures were attacked they turned hostile, the ones that have been defeated dissipating into a black vapour that is carried away by the wind however their numbers certainly haven’t diminished. They have tripled in number and are now rushing towards the group in full forces.

They are a small legion of darkness, dragging a foggy cloud in their wake..

Overall, there are about 40 of these creatures in the realm currently…


They don’t know how to react to the rift swords and instead try to clumsily dodge them in vain attempts to keep themselves in the running. more Shadows continue to emerge from ground portals however they crawl straight up into the hellfire. The lucky few who manage to evade the swords make a scrambling dash for Nu, about 15 of them.


Blood Scythe dispatches a large number of the Shadow Creatures but their superior numbers start to show when he is finding himself surrounded by the menacing creatures, each one jabbing out with a inky claw, the whole group of clambering creaturs moving like a wave…


Due to Hakumen’s extreme combat prowess he finds it relatively easy to take down large groups of the creatures with single swings of Okami, but just like Ragna he begins to notice that there are many more emerging from portals to replace the ones he is killing..


The laser fired by His World take out big groups of the Shadows, each one going up in a poof of smoke, but Like Ragna and Hakumen the Mages begin to realize that they are having to deal with more and more of the things, its a never-ending horde with no end in site


With each shot a Shadow Creature is taken out, in some cases two in one but they keep on coming thick and fast in a wave like fashion, slowly pushing closer to Doomguy


The slam knocks the Guards mask off once again, revealing his face. He has a rather emotionless expression however he is baring down on his teeth from the pain of being hit up a wall, he stays quiet for the time being…

Rachel reaches out and tries to sense for aura’s…and she succeeds…somewhere hidden away, deep in the darkness, something big and OTT powerful lies in waiting…but then just like that, the aura vanishes without a trace….and then, a little tune can be heard echoing from far away in the distance, breaking the silence….

At hearing the tune the worlds biggest grin starts to form on the Odd Guards face…

However the tune has a different effect on the the BlazBlues. They will feel that there powers have been completely disabled and rendered unusable, anything magical being made inert and any supernatural strength or power being drawn from their bodies. They have been dragged back to basics. BUT that is the only effect being pressed here, everything else will be fine and seeing as Nirvana is actually robotic she will remain unaffected….

Odd Guard: Well…go on then….

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Aug 23, 2013 at 04:41PM EDT

Spark: Evil shadows…consider yourselves…DISCHARGED!
Says Spark has he pulls out his trusty electric sword, the ol’ Voltage Spike, as he strikes an heroic pose with electrcity spreading around the place. Cheston decides to go gorilla hand to hand combat, Foster just checks his pockets, searching for a good couple of grenades or god knows what and finally, the almighty wolfhound detective finally decides to use the Big Kill, a gigantic revolver he barely uses.

Foster keeps checking his pockets, Sparky follows Ragna and Hakumen, with Sam proving some covering fire. Cheston is too cool for this kind of human techniques so he decides to wait for the perfect moment to strike.

Veteran: Oh..what the..Argh..Did a damn truck just punched me on the middle of my face?..Hurm..SERIOSLY BROTHER? Giving up? WHat are we jobbers running away froma guy who thinks he is superior? Ha! If you want to run, do it. I will stay like a real luchador and-
Veteran: I hope the cat girl has some sort of cage or anything becouse we will need it!
Says Veteran as he runs away.

Aug 23, 2013 at 04:45PM EDT

Doomguy: Current Tactics not working. Switching to Bio Force Gun 9000.
Doomguy launches shot after shot from the BFG, obliterating the creatures, in groups.

Aug 23, 2013 at 05:09PM EDT

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