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From the ship….

Tempestia: Looks like SOME PEOPLE have no concept of emotional moments. she sighs Tahrdan, there are times when you just… shouldn’t say anything. In fact, why do I even need to tell you this? You’re older than me, you should already know this!

(OOC: …Tahrdan is not entirely in touch with these things known as emotions. Neither am I, for that matter. I at least DO understand what emotional moments are like, and while they aren’t common, I do get feels. He…. hasn’t had enough experiences to get even remotely in touch with his.)

EDIT: Another page get? IT KEEPS HAPENING

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Double Spark wrote:

Snow covers another day in Mobius where time is a slow unimportant ghost compared to the good amount of ghosts passing through every man and woman who lives here, most of them being nothing but mere guinea pigs with caged minds and forced to obey the blind will of the Master. As always, the Master ran away from this world to his own fantasy land where everything is silent and calm. A charming melody covers the dark atmosphere of the Hellium Fortress, the core city, where the Master lives, sings and experiments. His toys can be seen around the place in a eternal dance with death and autority, waiting for the worse to happen and for the inminent arrival of a group of unwanted visitors. These group of unknown individuals are a menace to the Master’s progress and they are going to destroy every kind of dream he once had. This is ,of course ,something to worry about but the Master is busy with a matter that requires his full attention. The melody intensifies, the soft touch of a finger on a piano’s key, erratic movements as he follows one of his favourite pieces and excitement filling his cold interior. In the commander room Eric Edgar Cooke, also known as the Balloon Master, also known as the boy who never had the joy of the childhood or the immatureness of the adolescence, the boy who learnt to hate humans beings with the deepest part of his heart. This boy who is currently playing the piano, now, a grown man with a developed sociopathy and the nasty ability to inject helium inside a human rib cage, forcing it to expand itself more and more until..well..

But let’s not talk about such a disgusting process, we are not in the real world after all. We are in a different place becouse in the real world he is unable to express his feelings and emotions. This is the wonderful land of the classical music where we are able to see the spirit of a tragic artist surrounding the injured monster as the piano’s keys are pressed over and over again. Since the dreadful captain left the planet with his group of monkeys, Eric had a lot of time to spend with his thoughts, going back in time or analizying specific events: His life, his lack of emotions, those parents he will never see or miss and, of course, the undying heroic silhuette chasing him. As the melody goes, the main doors open and the Master’s best friend appears. Agent Johnson, the only person who can see this trapped artist deep inside this psycopath monster, slowly heads towards his own piano which is located next to the Master’s for a very good reason: As Johnson sits on the bench and touches the piano’ keyboard, the melody is interrupted. Both men are ready to begin the fight that will make use of their artistic abilities, without the need of physical damage or projectile shooting, using powerful musical notes as their weapons. The two friends start the event known as “piano duel”. Inmediatly reading each other’s move but not wanting to confuse themselves, they agree to play a single piece togheter, without the need to speak or to make signals, they choose Grand Valse Brillante in E flat major, a master piece from Frederic Chopin.

Both men are talented artists, capable of playing for hours and memorizing entire concerts. Johnson is a glorious example of human multitasking: Years with mobsters taught him how to load a weapon, shoot as precisely as a sniper’s bullet, advanced mathematics for business and economics, full knownledge of the american’s legal system, cooking, almost every kind of martials arts and personal defense techniques (Even wrestling), basic swordmanship and, of course, piano and guitar lessons. Just like the Master, the agent never had a family to trust to. Both of his parents were abscent and non-existant, he never cared about them anyways as if his heart was nothing but a black piece of ice. He started his long criminal carrer at the age of six but, unlike nowadays thieves, he had the mind and the complexity of an assassin. His cold persona is something that the Balloon Master admires, being like a father to him. The melody starts to change, we say goodbye to Frederic Chopin, to the Hellium Fortress and to this duel that happened 4 days ago. Let’s arrive to the future, where the Anti subjects quickly head to the Commander Room, hoping to find the Master alone and ready to be ripped into pieces but saddly, the only thing they will find, is the sound of their own screams as Johnson shows the big difference between him and Eric: Johnson was born as a monster, he didn’t became one.
Hopefully, Van will understand this..somehow..

Captain Spark: Well this pack of big fellas need a place to stay and It would be cruel to just melt them. Jacky, miss cat-lady over here has offered to take you and your bothers and sisters to somewhere else. She will upgrade you and get rid of that ridiculous amount of gold Foster stole. Oh that reminds me, I have something serious to discuss with that bomb addict.
Spark pats Jackbot’s hull, then he turns around and salutes Kokonoe and Natsu before heading to the Fairy Guild. A large ship can be seen behind the castle. We are ready to leave.

OOC: We’re currently on LOCAF, if you remember.
Which is currently in falcon’s house, and is very small.
Just going to point that out.

Aug 27, 2013 at 05:16PM EDT

The ship is a gigantic contraposition built by Francois, “The Support”. He is one of the best engineers Spark knows, knowing the theory of relativity and complex mathematical theorems like the palm of his hand but his goofiness outshines his intelligent side. He is italian with a great respect for the tradition and culture of his country, listening to nothing but folk music and eating nothing but traditional dishes. How the heck he ended up in the middle of Magnolia? Spark asked Meredith to teleport the engineer and another couple of friends inside this endless pocket dimension, with their respective equipment and weapons.
The ship is called “Normandi” after a long discussion where everyone wanted a different name such as “Nautilus”, “Flying Thing” and “Love Machine”. The ship is a heavily-armed flying vehicle designed to take great amounts of firepower before going down, able to travel through space and beyond in a matter of second. Requested by Spark, the ship is also able to cloak itself. As our heroes walk around Normandi, the smell of tasty spaghetti should be getting inside their noses, penetrating and hypnotizing their mortal minds, unable to resist the temptation of this delicious pasta, attracting them to the Dinning Room (also known as La Cucina). Folk music is heard as Spark’s crew invites our heroes to take a sit.

OOC: Falcon, your house was in Mobius. Boston I believe. Whatever, the ship is behind the Fairy Guild, nuff ’said

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Aug 27, 2013 at 05:36PM EDT


The one in Mobius if Falcon’s summer home. His actual house is on a planet similar to earth. I had gone over it quite a few posts before.
And the summer house was in New York, dipshit.

When everyone gets inside the ship, ans it;s ready to launch, it will be teleported right in front of Falcon’s non summer house.

Everyone hops in the ship, and makes themselves at home.
Jotaro: I smell… Italian. I suppose I wouldn’t be able to get Fajitas here. Not like it matters. It’s not Tuesday for 2 days.

Falcon: Nice fucking ship! You know, i’d just like to see the cockpit. Just to see if i’d be able to fly this bad boy
pfft, I can fly any machine.

Doomguy sees people migrating to the dining room. He just sticks around.
Doomguy: I hope there’s great food, because I CAN’T SMELL SHIT!
Suddenly, the onboard AI talks to Doomguy
Unit-711: You require no sustenance.
Doomguy: Damn good thing, too. Or else I’d have to show my face.

Giorno: This is pretty snazzy. I’d like to get something like this to use in my mob. Would make work a lot easier.
Giorno takes a sniff of the air.
Giorno: Italian food. Huh.

Okuaysu: Wow, this ship is AMAZING!
Josuke: I know! I can’t wait to see the rest of the ship!

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Aug 27, 2013 at 06:13PM EDT

Most of the Order mages just look around having no idea what to make of the ship. Solarian, however, is actually impressed.

Solarian: OK, even I have to admit this is a pretty nice ship.
Tempestia: This is supposed to be a ship? But aren’t ships made of, you know, wood?

Solarian: Well, uhhh….

Tardises: It’s no use trying to hide it anymore, I can tell you have something about everyone else in the Order having technology. The fact you know vaguely what this is and evne your weapon of choice reveals this.

Ignis: Tahrdan is right. You’re being very hypocritical. You don’t like us having technology, then you go ahead and use those strange weapons yourself – and even let me keep this hammer, which I’m sure you would define as technology!

Solarian: What’s that supposed to mean!?

Tempestia: What it means is that you’re keeping what could potentially be the best possible equipment for the Order overall to yourself, and claiming it won’t mix!

Tardises: …You know what, I have an idea. Let’s work with the others regardless of magical ability. I myself have no problem with it – and if you’re sensible, neither will you. And if I recall the process between you directly, it takes a majority vote… So, how about it?

Tsunarmin: He’s right. That would be for the best.
Ignis: If it goes against what this hypocrite desires, I’m for it.
Granatir: I myself don’t think I would benefit from technology, but this isn’t about me. It’s about the Order as a whole – I think it would be a good idea to work with non-magic users too, and see if we can gather equipment from them for the Order as a whole.
Tempestia: First thing I’m gonna do is ask whoever owns this thing what kind of ship it is! It’s four to one, Solarian, you can’t do anything about it!

Tardises: I guess it’s decided, then.

(OOC: As a result of this, only Solarian would try to stick to working with magic users. The others would try to work with those that could support their abilities nicely – regardless of magical ability. Solarian let slip his own hypocrisy, and the others called him out on it, for the mutual benefit of everyone except him.)

Noctan: Never mind that, something smells good…
Solarian is left fuming as the other Order mages go to the dining room

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Aug 27, 2013 at 06:13PM EDT

In the Dinning Room.

???: I am pleased to welcome you to this room specifically designed to the ingestion of organic materials that are under the category of “tasty” and “delicious” with the proper use of eating utensils. The term used for my identification is Karl and, just like every person present in this area, I am a primate of the family Hominidae, a normal homo sapiens currently greeting you to this air vehicle designed with the objective of transporting and carrying humans to different places.The group of humans, dedicated to the creation of food through a good number of techniques that involve fire and more metalic utensils, have their attention directed towards this organic material you are about to ingest. I suggest to position yourself on a chair in a comfortable way, preparing yourself for a undefined time span where you are going to be forced to remain on this piece of furniture. The humans dedicated to the creation of food should arrive in a couple of minutes. If you wish to request any kind of information about Normandi or about my very person, I will be delighted to answer.

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everyone in fairy tail say their heart felt goodbyes to the other members of their guild. they say goodbye as well to their newfound friends and wishes trhem luck for their miussion to save mobius, despite still being able to communicate through kokonoe and merediths computer systems.

they all head aboard the ship, however natsu looks around for erza.

natsu: hey guys, anyone seen erza around?

Lucy: i think shes inside?

gray: i seen her talking to hakumen back there. not sure what its about though?

lucy: he seems to have like erza a lot more than the rest of us. he comes off as a very cold person. but with her.. i dont know.

gray: maybe he sees something in her that he recognizes, i dunno?

Natsu: well anyway, im sure its not that big of a deal. lets go inside im starvin.

they all continue to head into the normandy.


when hakumen places his hand on her face, she is a bit surprised as she blushes about it. she turns her face away in embarrassment before hearing his request.

Erza: oh… uh sure.. i dont mind at all.

she just sits there listening to his story about his childhood friend. she is fully engaged in the story as he continues to speak about how his selfishness had caused her death. she cant help but to shed a few tears relating to his story. his hand, though warm on her face, still desnt help to hold back her tears.

after he says that he is sorry. erza looks up at his motionless face

Erza: you have nothing to to apologize for. everyone makes mistakes in their lives, its what makes us all human. but through our mistakes we learn to improve ourselves, even if the mistakes are heavy ones. you always followed what you believe was right hakumen. that is what i respect most about you.

she grabs his hand on her face with both of her hands and rests them down and she lets out a small smile, despite her sadness for hakumens past mistakes.

erza: im positive that she understand your trie intentions. you would never do anything to hurt or betray her. and i am sure that she would forgive you. she pauses for a second and recolects her past. her face is saddened once more and tears run down once more. since youve told me your past. i should tell you mine.

erza lets go of his hand as she explains to him about her past. she explains to him all the things mirajane and juvia told both ragna and nu while onboard heaven, but with much more clarity. she tells him about how her village was raided by an evil cult bent on resurrecting an evil sorcerer by building the tower of heaven. a construct meant to generate enogh magic power to raise the dead. she explains how her family and the other friends families were killed while protecvting their home, how the children and elderely were captured to work as slaves. she explains how they were treated with such inhumanity and cruelty, even about how she was blamed for trying to help her friends to escape when it wasnt her fault and how her right eye was removed as punishment.

she gets more emotional the more she explains her story.

she then explains how one day they all had enough and started a rebellion for their freedom. using what they can get their hands on, gthey all fought against therir oppressors, despite their odds of survival or escape. she tells him about how her grandfather, who was her inspiration to be a wizard oneday, sacrificed himself to save her live. by doing so, she managed to unleash her hidden potential through her grief and sorrow over her loss. her wanting to protect those she cared abpout most was what unlocked her magic abilities and she used them to help the others escape while looking for her one friend jellal.

when she found jellal, he had been manipulated by an outside force that made him believe that he should be the one to continue to create the tower. he even told erza that she could be free so long as she kept her mouth shut about the tower as he somehow manipulated the others to stay to finish the tower for the next ten years after. he even told them that erza had left them all behind to stay as she escaped for her freedom, betraying everyone and their trust. the story get a bit uplifting as she tells him how she found her way into fairy tail after wandering for days and how makarov even got her a new eye, though it may be made of a magi crystal to allow her to see through it.

she begins to sob a bit aftert explaining most of her past about him relating too well about the sacrifice of other people for her sake. and briefely explains how they stopped the tower after returning there. she even explains how one of her child hood friends simon sacrificed himself to save erzas life from jellal, who was possessed at the time.

Erza: im always trying to make myself seem strong, so i locked away my heart inside a suite of armour and cried. i never wanted to feel that sorrow or pain for as long as i live, despite the inevitable. all i need is the power to protect those dearest to me and to have the strength to do so. that is all that i ever need. if i can trade that for all the power in the world. i wouldnt care how weak i was compared to the world. she begins to calm down a bit however, out of all that we’ve been through both you and i, could you imagine our lives to be any different had it not for these events to take place. i couldnt imagine my life without Fairy Tail and the friends that we all have now. could you imagine your life had it not been for the sacrifice your friends made for you?

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OOC: >INB4 Spark says he has no soul

Ken has overheard Erza’s story. He’s crying even harder, now, with s steady stream of tears coming down his eyes. He walks towards the two. He speaks.
Ken: Both of you… you had very sad stories. you both stood up after something was lost, even though one took longer than the other to recover. you are still very brave people. I feel that I would not be able to beat you in a fight. Hokuto Shinken is invincible, but that magic you have is better than sheer training. I applaud you both, for I have lost people that I love, too. I managed to get over it, and their souls still carry on with me to this very day.












Most of all, Yuria….

All of those people still follow me to this very day. Their souls are still with me, and I use them with Muso Tensei. The souls of their loved ones that have died should be following them, too.
The souls of those previously mentioned appear around Ken. It is an amazing sight to behold.
Ken: I’m sorry.
Ken is looking down at the ground, and doesn’t even notice the souls. Tears are dripping to the ground now.
Ken: I wish it could be different… We all do, in some way.
The souls disappear, as Ken begins to walk away.

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>MFW reading every kind of futile attempt to make me cry/feel

Stay classy Roleplay Thread, stay classy.
EDIT: I am not kidding, I don’t feel anything. Oh I do feel something..Hunger..can’t wait for that tasty pasta.

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Hakumen looks upon Erza, listening to her story fully and not speaking a word. The White Knight is utterly silent until she is finished speaking.
Hakumen: That is very noble of you, child…
He keeps his hand on Erza’s face for now.
Hakumen: Regardless of what we look like, or what dimension we exist in, deep down, you and I are very much the same.
One of the eyes in his armor shifts around a bit, looking at Kenshiro approaching. He doesn’t react yet, however.
Hakumen: You are very strong, Erza. One such as yourself will be able to overcome any burden that your soul has… I am grateful for meeting you.
He sighs a bit.
Hakumen: I could not imagine my life without those who helped me… I do not think I would be here today if I am honest. The ones who have made their sacrifices for us will be with us forever, and those sacrifices will make us stronger. I am sure that they would all be warm-hearted to see us as we are now…

And then Kenshiro approaches and speaks…

Since Hakumen’s eyes are not human, he is able to see the souls of those that Kenshiro has lost. The White Knight does not speak for a few moments.
Hakumen: The ones who we have lost will continue to make us stronger with each passing day. Their spirits are always with us no matter what.
He then turns back to Erza.
Hakumen: Once again… I am glad to have met you.
The eyes in his armor look over to the Normandy.
Hakumen: The time is fast approaching… Shall we go?

Kokonoe stays behind with the bots, everyone being gone now.
Kokonoe: Alright! Looks like you all are gonna be with me for a while.
She smiles a sinister smile.
Kokonoe: Come on, you’ll love it here!
She then activates teleportation, teleporting all the bots back to the ivory tower of Sector Seven… The hologram also disappears from view.


Ragna, Nu, and Tager all board the Normandy. Flandre is still with Juvia as of now.

The Red Devil walks around the Normandy, looking for Spark. He decides to check the Tech and Devices room. Each step of the hulking beast shakes the ship a little bit. Tager then begins to call out for Spark.
Tager: Captain Spark? Captain? Are you here?
He then reaches the door, finding it closed. The Red Devil opens the door and finds the good captain in the room.
Tager: Oh, there you are. Kokonoe has instructed for me to tell her when she is to hack into the Balloon Master’s “Fog Dispenser” array. If you will let me know when the time is, that would be appreciated.

Meanwhile with Ragna and Nu…

Ragna smells the scent of the Italian food. Having not eaten today, his stomach begins to guide him to the dining hall with Nu following along.


Flandre is still riding on Juvia’s shoulders.
So what was your favorite part of the training, momma? The guy in the mask taught me a special move to do with him!

Aug 27, 2013 at 11:44PM EDT

Tempestia:to ‘Karl’ What exactly is this ‘Normandi’?

While the other Order mages are occupied, SOlarian enters and opts to sit on his own.. This may not bode well in the future…

Aug 28, 2013 at 05:13AM EDT

Meanwhile, on another world…

Iblan: Talking to a raven Nothing to report from that Order that Immolan keeps going on about, then?
The raven is capable of speaking, in a voice that Arkantos finds suspiciously familiar…
“Raven”: No. All I know from my many eyes in this form is that most of the archmages are off somewhere. I think it’s to do with some world called… ‘Mobius’?
Iblan: That hostile due to takeover rock? Whatever business would they have there?
“Raven”: I will not be able to keep an eye there, trickster though I am.
Immolan and the two gods walk (or hop in Suwako’s case, she’s once again playing up the whole ‘frog’ aspect.) up at this moment
Immolan: Why are you talking to a bird, Iblan?
“Raven”: I am no mere bird! If it wasn’t for me… uhhh…. caw?
Arkantos: So we meet again, ‘Skult’, if that was even your real name…
“Raven”: I see you are now divine, so I will put aside all tricks and show you my true form!

A flock of ravens converge upon a single point around the raven that was already there, revealing a man in furs, with pale skin, a greyish beard, yellow pupil-less eyes, and a horned helmet, with some sort of jewel in it.
???: I am called Loki, you would do well to remember that.
Arkantos: Right, Loki, what are you doing here? Last I saw you were trying to get me and my men killed.
Loki: Same reason you’re here, this guy summoned me. Loki points at Iblan
Suwako: You’ve met before~?
Loki: This is our first time meeting with me in my true form, but I hvae come across this one before, back when he was human. How did you become divine, anyway?
Arkantos: I have no reason to trust or tell you.
Iblan: He has done great service gathering information for me. I order you to answer his question truthfully.
Arkantos: It was the will of the Olympian Gods. It was most likely Lord Zeus who arranged it, considering he had been favouring me for the battles beforehand.
Suwako: You’re a god yourself, yet you refer to this other one as ‘Lord’? Not very impressive~
Arkantos: Lord Zeus is the greatest of the Olympian Gods, and he rules the skies.
Loki: Just the skies? Why not all the worlds?
Arkantos: He divided rulership of the world and underworld between him and his brothers after they first sealed the Titans away. He took the sky, Hades took the underworld. Poseidon took the sea, but I have no idea what has happened to him after he conspired against the others…
(OOC: Seriously, it is never mentioned what happens to Poseidon after Fall of the Trident.)
Iblan: Alright, get along, regardless of past events!

OOC: The whole purpose of this post is basically filler – Though it does serve a constructive purpose plotwise, as it reveals exactly how Iblan knew about what was going on at the Order HQ. I really don’t think I have to describe what Loki is capable of, do I? I mean, unlike Suwako and Arkantos, he was not made for a specific game (like Arkantos for AoM) or series (like Suwako for Touhou), but is one of the more well known gods of a mythology.

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Aug 28, 2013 at 06:33PM EDT

@hakumen and kenshiro
erza whipe her eyes with a handkerchief she keeps inside of her armour

Erza: yes, let us be on our way. i dont want the others to worry to much.

she stands up and dusts herself off.

erza: lets go hakumen. we have home to save. she walks off by kenshiros side.

meanwhile the others are dining with the other people inside of the S.S. normandy.

Aug 28, 2013 at 07:06PM EDT


The White Knight also stands up by Erza’s side.
Hakumen: Yes. The time is fast approaching for our trials and tribulations…
He begins to walk with Kenshiro and Erza back to the ship, keeping his stride as the evening sun shines down on the three fighters.

Aug 28, 2013 at 07:13PM EDT

OOC: There are two of us who it’s at least to draw feels out of. Yeah, feels aren’t common for me, either. To be honest, I just want things to get moving. There’s only so much I can think of to pass the time…

Aug 28, 2013 at 07:42PM EDT

OOC: Well Tardy, there’s not much we can do either. The majority of us are waiting for Spark to post.

Aug 28, 2013 at 07:45PM EDT


Karl: The Normandi is a air vehicle designed by the person dedicated to the construction and design of complex contrapositions and mechanisms known as Support. This ship primary function is to assist us in the conquest of the planet Mobius, transporting and carrying us to the different locations where the Fog Supressors, gigantic buildings designed to create a security perimeter around the planet’s atmosphere using the fog, are located. This air vehicle has a good amount of rooms that are dedicated to the satisfaction of our human needs ,such as hunger. It also has a high-strength hull, an advanced weaponry and crew that is willing to sacrifice with the purpose of freeing the slaved population of thsi planet.
Karl notices Nu, Ragna and the Fairy Tail crew approaching the Dinning Room. He quickly walks towards them. He stands in front of Nu as he kneels on his left knee. He gently grabs Nu’s right hand with both of his hands and then he attempts to kiss her hand despite not having any kind of lips. After such a gentleman but incredible awkward moment, he quickly stands up while looking at the group.
I am pleased to welcome you to this room designed to the ingestion of organic materials. The term used for my identification is Karl. Feel free to remain still in a single place as we wait for this organic material you are about to eat.


Mister Foster: So I proposed to her and..she said “Yes”

Cheston:…Is she a human? I am almost sure that she is not a human but a alien overlord instead. Did you saw a tail or a strange looking limb on her back..or another part of her anatomy?

Mister Foster: No, she is a human.

Cheston: Russian? Drunk russian chick you met on the internet?

Mister Foster: No, she is not a russian prostitute. Dude, those years are gone.

Cheston: Sure..gone..AHEM..Is she..?

Mister Foster: No, she is not a whore.

Cheston: Then I demand the identification of this poor woman who just doomed herself. She is probably a unknown peasant from this Middle Aged city-

Mister Foster: She is..Oh look, the important guys of the thread arrived.

Aug 28, 2013 at 09:31PM EDT

Considering she knew that just a spaceship wouldn’t be able to get the ship out where it currently is, she decided to fly up into the atmosphere and place a rather interesting looking object in the path of the Normandi’s flight path

She had also increased the size so that the ship could easily break through it and get to the other side and also return to its actual size and not be a tiny model as it currently is due to being on LOCAF, which is small…
Of course, the question is where the other one is.

It’s right there… right next to Pluto… That end has also been scaled to make sure the ship can break that window open and not get stuck at all.
Because magic and stuff.

Well, that settles that… I think. I guess I should actually go down and check out the ship.

I bet it’s nothing like the Normandy from Mass Effect. Nope, not at all.
And then she actually decided to fly back down and go to look at the ship, because darn it she’s curious now

Aug 28, 2013 at 11:28PM EDT

OOC: Godamn it..I wonder what the hell I was thinking when I decided to pull out fucking Normandi from fucking Ass Effect..Christ..
Lack of models and ideas happened, Normandi is the only good looking ship I have in Gmod, the rest being nothing but flying scrap with some exceptions…
But hey if Sam can use Halo soldiers and if Zarathh can use game mechanics from Blazblue, then I’m free to pull out whatever I want. Speaking of pulling things out..

The peaceful mountains of Turstarkuri, place where meditation is the key instead of the blind and forced use of sorcery. The hidden monastery, omnipotent presence of this cold landscape, stands against the magic covering this different world. Snow tortures the bodies of a group of monks who keep walking towards the doors of this sacred temple, courageously stepping on a decaying wooden bridge, hanging on a endless pit and the only existent path. The wood slowly screams in pain as the monks carefully walk, slowly reaching the entrance of the monastery. Why would anyone live under such a dangerous conditions? The doors slowly open as the cold wind penetrates the entrance. The monks quickly head in, then they proceed to shut down and lock the doors inmediatly. As they proceed to barricade the entrance with furniture and every kind of inanimate object they can find, one of the monks falls on the ground, grunting and blaspheming to the devilish spawn of sorcery that chases the monks. They appeared out of nowhere, murdering innocent peasants with their foul sorcery and destroying the craft market. Magic crusaders with a sinister mandate to replace all local worship with their Unliving Lord’s poisonous nihilosophy, willing to assassinate anyone who opposed to their beliefs. But the monks of Turstarkuri don’t have to worry about these evil magicians…The place isn’t called “hidden monastery” for anything after all. It’s a distant, hard to reach location, impossible for outsiders to reach, deadly for those who get lost. The monk who has fallen slowly looks around the place as he stands once again. He is a young pilgrim who had come as an acolyte, seeking wisdom, but had yet to be admitted to the monastery.

A greenish energy starts to cover the main doors, making the wood scream loudly and crack into a thousand pieces as the monks watch horrified. The young pilgrim is unable to resist the fear: he runs away from the entrance, heading to the main hall only to watch how the greenish energy slowly devours the monastery as he hears the sound of the Satanic chanting, the melody that marks the end for those who are unlucky to hear it. Unable to escape, he hides behind a religious statue as the monks stand still near the entrance door, fearless men waiting for the magicians to appear. The door explodes in a green colored fire as the heretic order reveal themselves: Dark hooded magicians who dare to cast necromancy and another couple of horrendous magic techniques involving nature itself and the very concept of life. Despite being in front of such a fearsome group, the monks are not even reacting to the presence of these creatures. The young pilgrim is forced to watch in horror as the monks to whom he had served tea and nettles are mercilessly slaughtered and then raised as mindless corpses to serve the will of these magicians. With nothing but a few of Turstarkuri’s prized dogmatic scrolls, he crept away to the comparative safety of other lands, swearing to obliterate not only the magic users that took the lifes of the monks..but to put an end to magic altogether.

I vow to end all magic, that none may suffer the torments of this cruel sorcery anymore. To avenge the fallen monastery, I will destroy every magical alliance in this world and beyond using nothing but my blade and mere will. THE MAGIC..ENDS..HERE
The young pilgrim became the “Anti Mage”.Years of meditation and obsession with revenge have hardened Anti Mage’s spirit, making him a unstoppable force to those who dare to cast a spell in front of him. Hundreds of sorcerers have tried, all of them have failed and payed the ultimate price with their deaths at the hands of the Anti Mage. Finally, the Turstarkuri’ warrior faced the vile magicians who committed the unforgivable sin of slaying the monks. Anti Mage was about to deliver the final hit when he was frozen in time and space, kept in these sorcerers’ pockets as a toy to play with. As Van and the Anti S head to the commander room, the Dark Ones meditate, seeking the life of this revenge filled soul and trying to bring it back to life for their own sinister purposes: The Death of Tahrdan and every member of the Order of the Mages.

Aug 29, 2013 at 01:18AM EDT


Ragna just raises an eyebrow at Karl, seeing him “kiss” Nu’s hand.
Ragna: Right… Can you speak in plain English, rust bucket? All I’m hearing from you is just a ginormous string of words that aren’t necessary.
The whiff of Italian food then hits his nose harder than ever.
Ragna: Anyways, what’s for dinner?

Nu looks at Karl, also raising an eyebrow. If it weren’t for her team spirit training, she would have torn Karl apart. She resists the urges for now though.
Nu: Uh… Like, thanks?

Meanwhile with Kenshiro and Erza…

Hakumen arrives at the ship along with Erza and Kenshiro.
Hakumen: It is time to banish this evildoer from existence once and for all…
The eyes in his armor look at both Kenshiro and Erza.
Hakumen: I suggest you get sustenance for the journey that awaits.
He walks off towards the dining hall himself…

Aug 29, 2013 at 01:22AM EDT

Renegade: OK… I can finally get a move on! Let’s get out of this place, folks.

Dreadnought Squad and Renegade turn to leave the RP Pub.

Back in the OFC, the Ponies and Dreadnought make final preparations to take off.
Renegade: OK… I think I got the hang of using this now!

He presses a series of buttons on the console, and a distant humming can be heard. Alongside this humming, the floor shakes steadily, and Renegade laughs to himself in success at turning on the ship’s engines.
Willow: Excellent work, Commander!
Renegade: Yeah… all right… now we just have to wait for the equines to manage their section…

In the main control room of the OFC, the ponies also hear and feel the engines turn over, and Lyra nods.
Lyra: All right, everypony. That’s our cue! Twilight, you’re in charge of navigation. Rainbow Dash, you control the speed of the vessel. Applejack, shields. Pinkie Pie, you man the Orbital Friendship Cannon. Fluttershy, you take care of the special functions and radar. Everypony else, you all keep this station in check for anything. If we’re running low on power, I’ll recharge it. Just monitor everything.
The Mane 6 rush to their stations without hesitation.

Lyra: When we leave the planet, we can set the OFC to autopilot… I need to show you ALL something anyways.
Lyra turns to the other ponies as well.
Lyra: Time Turner, Octavia… manage the aft section of the ship. Make sure the cargo bay and sleeping quarters are maintained to high standards.
Both ponies turn to each other, confused by what high standards meant.

Octavia: Um… what would that be, exactly?
Lyra: No cracks, dents, or damage in ANY of those rooms. Vinyl Scratch, you check the powers supplies on EVERYTHING.
Vinyl raises a hoof to counter.

Vinyl: So just because I’m a DJ, you assume I know everything about technology?
Lyra nods, and Vinyl only shrugs. Lyra turns to Derpy Discord, and Bonbon next.
Lyra: Derpy… and Discord… whatever you do, DO NOT touch anything on this ship! Got it?
Derpy salutes in response, and Discord just poofs himself a new hat.

Lyra: And Bonbon… you… you just… do what you want…
Lyra seems very distant from her now… perhaps because of how long apart they were, what Lyra was now, or some other reason.
Luna: Wait… what do me and Tia do, Miss Lyra?
She turns to the two Alicorns, sighing before answering.
Lyra: Luna, you and Celestia need to stay as close to Renegade as you can. Both of you are too vulnerable to be anywhere outside of his reach. Got it?
Celestia: If we must, then it shall be. Come, Lulu… let’s go find your guardian.
They leave to the second control room. As the final preparations are made and all ponies are where they need to be, Lyra signals Twilight to take off.
Lyra: Mobius, here we come…

Aug 29, 2013 at 02:19AM EDT

Tempestia: I didn’t understand much of that…
Granatir: Not many of us did. Could we have that explanation without so many long words?

OOC: …Bringing a character explicitly to screw over every single character someone has in the plot at this exact moment doesn’t really seem fair to me… I mean seriously, I can only think of ONE CHARACTER at the moment that I cou ld possibly use that is NOT a magic user (and he’s technically already appeared in this thread.)

Aug 29, 2013 at 04:49AM EDT


But hey if Sam can use Halo soldiers and if Zarathh can use game mechanics from Blazblue, then I’m free to pull out whatever I want.

>if Zarathh can use game mechanics from Blazblue, then I’m free to pull out whatever I want
>Zarathh can use game mechanics from Blazblue
>game mechanics

Stop your whining. I NEED to use the game mechanics or else I would barely be able to keep up with anyone else in the thread. They are FIGHTING GAME CHARACTERS. They rely on outsmarting the opponent (which might I say is difficult to do when people pull out surprise BULLSHIT from nowhere!) and devastating combos. I know that I haven’t used combos that often, but I damned need to. I haven’t figured out a good way to put combos into this until last night. And I don’t want you to complain about the life draining either. It is an actual canon thing. It’s not some stupid add on to a weapon that wouldn’t have it otherwise.

I am sorry, but they are fighting game characters. This is how they operate day-to-day. They NEED to operate like this, or else I will have to be forced to make up non-canon bullshit. The main reason why I haven’t showed off a lot of their combos is because I just know that someone would call me out about it and fucking complain about multiple actions from a character in a single post. If you think that: Fuck you.

Another reason why I’m writing this pissed off post is because EVERYONE JUST LOVES TO USE FUCKING ROBOTS! We’ve barely even fought against a group of human enemies before. It’s either been: A. Robots, B. More robots, or C. MORE FUCKING ROBOTS! I can’t even begin to describe how mad that makes me that I’m not able to show off my characters’ true potential against a large group of human enemies, Ragna especially.
From here on, I will display their power better. Believe me… I will. I’m just pissed off at the people who always complain about game mechanics being implemented or multiple actions from a single character in a post. SOME OF US NEED THEM.

Last edited Aug 29, 2013 at 11:19AM EDT
Aug 29, 2013 at 11:03AM EDT

OOC: It would really be impossible for anything I’ve established to really use robots. (Yes, I KNOW they showed up in two of my posts, but those two posts were the flashback sequence, where those robots are actual enemies in the game the flashback sequence was taking place in the world of! ) And yeah, what he’s doing is bull****. He has literally puleld otu a character for the sole purpose of screwing over LITERALLY EVERY CHARACTER I CAN FEASIBLY USE PLOTWISE AT THE MOMENT. (Arkantos and Loki do not count, as they are not part of the current plot events. Arkantos has little more than physical attacks and Loki’s more about deception than combat.). And I’m sure that even without game mechanics, your characters would still be keeping up better than mine are, Zarathh. Hell, it’s basically game mechanics that are keeping Flandre in check. Without the game mechanics she could literally just destroy every opponent in a single action if she wanted to.

Aug 29, 2013 at 12:06PM EDT

OOC: I wasn’t even complaining I was just using your very person as an example…
You know what, make your own Mobius. Give me suggestions and will put them anyways despite being completely shit. Have the fucking planet for your crap, I am done, officially done with ideas and crap I pull out from the deepest part of my ass, stuff that isn’t going to be appreciated , instead thrown into a nearby trash can. Since everyone is unhappy with robots becouse I am certainly sure that isn’t just your opinion Zarathh, I will pull out (Once again, from the deepest part of my ass that is nothing but a endless vortex of ideas) cyborgs and mutants. Shall we proceed to this miserable planet and finally kill half of my characters so you can have “fun” again?
Speaking of fun.

They don’t call him Anti Fun for anything. If you can summon dragons then I’m afraid I have the right to summon a magic-burning warrior. The Order of the Mages’s baddies are FOUR, four assholes that are ready to be the punching bag out of a group of six people plus three dragon? I remember Tardises having a sword at some point..and a stand. From my point of view, It will be a fair fight.
Yeah I’m pissed now. Anger is like a cold, It spreads everywhere specially on the Internet. Feel free to kill yourself with spaghetti.
Alright, I can think clearly again..I feel like Venom in Outer Haven. I will introduce cyborgs not becouse robots are shit, becouse I wanted to introduce cyborgs since the very beginning.
I will make the responses later, I reaally need to get out of here and read something. My nerves are about to explode my own mind and I have more Marx stuff to read for university, I’m not in the mood for a endless discussion about bad guys and fucking robots. Just make it simple and leave suggestions.

Last edited Aug 29, 2013 at 12:37PM EDT
Aug 29, 2013 at 12:33PM EDT


In comparison to the other characters in play, the Order Mages are substantially weaker, we can all see this from the training earlier, right? everyone agree’s…..

So why bring in an Anti-S for them?


This threads problem? it’s simple really….

>Take full control of thread
>Go on holiday/take time away and leave it


Last edited Aug 29, 2013 at 12:59PM EDT
Aug 29, 2013 at 12:34PM EDT

OOC: YOU ARE MISSING THE POINT. ONLY TSUNARMIN IS ABLE TO SUMMON ANYTHING, AND THAT IS DUE TO HER BACKSTORY. THE DRAGONS WERE SENT BACK TO THE ORDER HQ, SO THEY CANNOT BE USED. BECAUSE THEY ARE ACTUAL PHYSICAL CREATURES, AND THERE IS NO WAY FOR AN ORDER MAGE TO WARP TO THE GROUP AT THIS POINT. And no, the sword + stand have not been lost… The thing is, me and Falcon HAVE something worked out in regards for cutting back the forms, but we need a specific item to make it happen. And Tahrdan doesn’t really even DO that much with the sword. It’d be pretty boring to watch. All he can really do with it apart from use it to amplify his aquamancy is a few basic slashes. Well, his shield will help a little, but he is not meant for physical combat. None of them really are. I do have a character in mind that is literally nothing BUT physical attacks, but I can’t really introduce him at this point.

Besides, Novak has it pretty much correct in regards to the Order mages being particularly weak. That’s the reason why I control so many in a single group, just so I can at least keep up. When it comes to facing Iblan and Immolan, I’ll probably narrow it down to just three – Tahrdan because he’s my avatar, Tsunarmin because Iblan has her world’s Water Crystal, and Ignis because of Immolan. And I would find it particularly hard to do much with them, unless they get better equipment, or learn more spells – which for Tsunarmin and Ignis would require others to teach them. (Tahrdan still has a whole 5 elements to learn.)

Aug 29, 2013 at 01:09PM EDT


Deep breath.

I’m sorry, but I just had to get that out of my system. I thought that you were deliberately calling me out, Spark. I apologize. My nerves were just on edge because I had a very stressful day yesterday that I wouldn’t like to talk about over the internet. I usually just let my anger build up and release it whenever something tips me over the edge… That’s something I’m trying to learn how to not do. I also wasn’t talking about just your robots, Spark. I was referring to Eggman’s robots too.

On the topic of suggestions:

I have a few…

1 – I think that the idea of introducing cyborgs and mutants is a good spin on things. We haven’t really fought any mutants yet, and it would be a change of pace. Keep that idea.

2 – You told me once over Steam that it wouldn’t be long to take down the cities, them getting increasingly easier to deal with. Wouldn’t the BM try and fortify his defenses as much as possible with all the fog suppressors going down?

3 – There could be a part where the heroes get separated from Spark and his teammates, leaving us to fend the BM goons off on our own until we find Spark and co again… A survival wave, if you will.

4 – Don’t remove any of the Anti-S guys. They’re fine as they are. Don’t nerf any of them either.

I’ll try and come up with more suggestions later.


Pulling an Asura here…

Don’t argue about meaningless stuff. Get back to the story and forget I ever threw an outburst in the first place.

Aug 29, 2013 at 01:25PM EDT

OOC: I hardly think introducing a character explicitly designed to screw all of mine over and using something he has clearly misunderstood as the justification is meaningless. (He does not understand that the dragons are actual physical creatures, which are back at the Order HQ and therefore unusable.)

Aug 29, 2013 at 01:30PM EDT


Karl: I am not a robotic contraposition as you can see, I belong to the same kind of species almost everyone here belongs to: I’m a human just like you. In case you are wondering what kind of organic material you will ingest, the persons dedicated to the creation of organic material are currently in the process of pasta making. We should wait wait and talk about human things such as reproduction, taxes and how bad the governament is.
Karl quickly heads to the main table, a large piece of furniture covered in a craft tablecloth which has a “italian feel”, with colours and flags around it. Glasses and eating utensils are already there, waiting for someone to pick them up and use them to pierce the flesh of the organic material. In a gentleman way, Karl pulls out Nu’s chair so she has the pleasure to sit down first. The bot attention is inmediatly caught by Hakumen and Erza. He quickly meets them, grabbing Erza’s right hand and kissing it with his lips which don’t even exist.
I would like to welcome you to this place, person with an honorary title of knighthood by a monarch or other political leader for service to the monarch or country. My name is Karl and us, the humans, are currently waiting for the arrival of organic material that can be ingested through our human’s mouths. You are free to wait with us while we talk about human stuff such as reproduction, taxes and female’s anatomy.
The spaghetti smell increases.

The Red Iron met a lot of people in his way to the Tech room. Most of these men and women are wearing a futuristic looking helmet, just like Spark, and ,most of them, speak in a different accent going from Spanish to French. The Tech Room is covered in metallic pieces and spare parts, weapons and Karl’s blueprints. A picture of Support can be seen, shaking the hand of Freddie in the middle of a ol’ fashioned concert. The Captain can be seen at the end of the room, standing in front of a huge monitor that shows the brain’s signals of someone.
The good captain turns around to talk with Tager
Spark: So Kokonoe is ready to hack into the Balloon Master’s network, that’s great news but er..I’m afraid your help today and It’s not related to hacking or smashing.
Spark explains to Tager that the heroes would need a huge mindslaving device too. The contraposition would emit the opposite signals, effectively freeing the minds of every soldier around it. Luckily, two Anti S (Venom and Sin) appeared out of nowhere, willing to help Spark but..but in these past three days, Coffey had a lot of nightmares and dangerous situations where he would turn into the mutated monster that is Venom and proceed to jump away while crushing everything on his way. Almost no one trusts in this Frankenstein monster and some of them are scared. Sin’s body was replaced by the scientists of Haven and the only man that has the key to free the mind of every citizen in Mobius is Coffey.
Spark: I think he is in the tranining room, reading a book probably. Talk to him Tager, convince him if possible..We need those signals if we want to save those civilians. Oh and..(Spark scratches his neck) I gave Veteran the order to train with Sin becouse..well..I hate to judge people but he can be a bit talkative know exactly what I mean.

Last edited Aug 29, 2013 at 01:55PM EDT
Aug 29, 2013 at 01:52PM EDT

Ken sits down and prepares to eat
Ken: I have gone a few days without food. Of course, that doesn’t matter to me. It would be good for me to get some food in me, though.

Falcon happens upon the Tech room, and spots spark.
Falcon: Ah! There you are! I wanted to talk to you!
He runs up to Spark.
Falcon: I was wondering… Maybe if you get some free time, I’d like to be shown to the cockpit. I’m interested in the piloting mechanism for this fine craft you have here.

Aug 29, 2013 at 02:51PM EDT


The Grim Reaper just continues to look at Karl before he goes off to greet Erza and Hakumen.

Ragna: Oh yeah? If you’re human, then why are you made out of this metal?
He knocks his BlazBlue hand against Karl’s metal shoulder plating, the two pieces of metal making a large “CLANG” noise.
Ragna: Thought so. Now stop with this “being human” crap. You’re stratin’ to annoy me.
He then goes over to the table, pulling out a chair and sitting down at it.
Ragna: Italian… The oregano chicken better be good…
It’s surprising to hear words about cooking come out of his mouth, but cooking is one of the things that Ragna loves to do. He was taught by his master, Jubei, to cook on par and better than 5 star restaurants with just home ingredients. His cooking skills rival Phantom’s baking skills.

Nu goes and sits in the chair that was pulled out by Karl, it being next to where Ragna sits.
Nu: What happens now, Ragna?
She looks at him with her big red eye.

Ragna: We wait, Nu. Just sit tight and don’t bug me too much…

The eyes in Hakumen’s armor look at Karl.
Hakumen: Stop with your nonsensical talk, machine. I need not know what you plan to do in that room.
Without another word, Hakumen goes in the dining room and stands in a corner with his arms crossed, observing all… He didn’t even greet Karl back.


Tager listens to what all Spark has to say, listening intently. Taking orders is his job, after all.
Tager: So let me get this straight… You want Kokonoe to build a large anti-mind slaving device if possible? Such a machine would require the Sector’s full attention for days… Time that we do not have.
He adjusts his glasses with a single finger.
Tager: I will see what I can do about talking to Coffey though. The two of us got off on the wrong foot… I will proceed.
The Red Devil walks out of the room after a wave, going off to find Coffey in the ship…

Aug 29, 2013 at 02:52PM EDT

Tempesita: to Ragna There is something DEFINITELY not right about that thing. How can it possibly believe itself to be human? Has it not looked in a mirror?

Tsunarmin:Tempestia, you don’t need to actively seek out people to talk to. I’m sure we’ll work with them just fine once the time comes. (To herself At times I feel like the most sensible one in the entire Order…)

Aug 29, 2013 at 03:03PM EDT

Giorno had been wandering the halls waiting for dinner to be prepared, and stumbles upon Tager.
Giorno: Hey, I’m wondring, Since you work with that woman… “Kokonoe” I think she’s named? I was wondering if you know where a certain item Captain Falcon gave to you is. It looks like an arrow, is gold, has a carving of a beetle on the face… You seen it anywhere?

Aug 29, 2013 at 03:07PM EDT


Sorry for not being that active. I am on vacation to Reno, and I can’t really regularly post or keep up an in-game conversation. I will be back to full swing in a couple of days, so bear with me.

And in regards to Game Mechanics, keep in mind game mechanics are also the obligatory limiters of a character.

Take away a fighting game characters Super-Bar they can spam the fuck out of their Hyper Combo’s.

Take away a Touhou characters Spell Card System, they don’t have to tie their power to bullets and instantly obliterate somebody/some planet without a second thought.

Take away the Ammo Limit of a FPS Character they have Unlimited Ammo.


Last edited Aug 29, 2013 at 03:10PM EDT
Aug 29, 2013 at 03:09PM EDT


Ragna looks at Tempestia, tapping his fingers on the table.
Ragna: Don’t ask me, kid. I bet it wouldn’t even acknowledge that it’s a robot. Probably how the asshole who made the thing programmed it that way too…
He sighs a bit, the red casing of his BlazBlue reflecting some of the light off of it. The mages can tell that it has a dark and sinister feeling to it.


Tager: Oh, you’re that “Giorno” person that I was instructed to give the object to…
He opens a large, brown pouch that is on the rim of the battle-skirt he is wearing and takes out the Stand Arrow.
Tager: With the information you provided her she could be able to replicate the artifact, but it will take a lot longer to do. If you don’t mind my asking, what exactly do you need it for…?

Last edited Aug 29, 2013 at 03:17PM EDT
Aug 29, 2013 at 03:16PM EDT

Giorno: Honestly, I think it’s better off in my hands. Who knows what someone could do with this in the wrong hands… and who knows what has been done.
Giorno grabs the stand arrow and walks off back to the dining hall.

OOC: Now’s your chance, TARDISES.

Aug 29, 2013 at 03:18PM EDT

Tardises notices Giorno walk in, and recognises the arrow

Tardises: I see you’ve got that arrow thing back…

(OOC: He doesn’t really know it can amplify, not just give. Your characters would have to initiate the process…)

Aug 29, 2013 at 03:26PM EDT

Giorno notices Tardises talk to him.
Giorno: Oh. You. How’s your stand? Either way, I want to show you a cool little thing with the arrow. You wanna know how I got my stand?
Giorno steps closer to Tardises
Giorno: I got stabbed with the arrow again.
Josuke pipes in
Josuke: He’s right! I knew this crazy guy we fought! He got stabbed with another one of those arrows! He got some pretty damned cool powers, if I do say so myself. Sadly they were used AGAINST me.
Giorno: So, you want some extra shit for your stand?

Aug 29, 2013 at 03:35PM EDT

Tardises:Uhh, sure.

The other Order mages cannot help but overhear and watch, they were wondering how exactly Tardises got OYH in the first place…

Aug 29, 2013 at 03:44PM EDT

I forgot to mention this earlier, but Tardises should have about a coin sized hole where the stand arrow pierced him.

Giorno stabs TARDISES straight in the chest. As an excruciating pain goes through Tardises’s body, exactly the same as when he first got the stand. When the process is finished, Tardises has a new ability for his stand.

Aug 29, 2013 at 03:53PM EDT

But at the same time time, something goes wrong. After being tabbed with the arrow, elemental energy pours out of Tardises, flying orotund the room… The only elemental energy left for the stand is water. The excess elemental energy then coalesces into elemental s, which the Order mages recognise
Tsunarmin:No one attack them They will hurt you if you try. These beings are rue elemental energy… Does no one have some empty bottles or something to store the energy in?
There are now 105 elemental s floating around the room – 15 of each element except water.

(OOC: OYH has now lost the other elemental forms, but had gas gained a new ability ; “Supporting Me”. This ability allows OYH to split into two individual bodies with the same overall abilities)

Tardises: I don’t think that elemental energy was meant to be released… I also can’t help but notice the only form available now is OYH. Oh we’ll, I suppose it’s more appropriate this way anyway. Best thing to do would be to collect the elementals for research. Seriously, don’t attack them. Their Energy Vortex counterattack will hurt.

(OOC: The elementals look like a bunch of symbols surrounded by a glow matching the element they are. Therefore the elementals are green, orange, yellow, white, black, turquoise and purple. Water would be cyan, in case you’re wondering what water elementals would look like in regards to the Order mages.)

Last edited Aug 29, 2013 at 04:14PM EDT
Aug 29, 2013 at 04:07PM EDT

OOC: Um, would you say that any of these have a “life force” of sorts? Just wondering.

Aug 29, 2013 at 04:29PM EDT

Suddenly, the doors are opened as Francois and a group of helmet-wearing men appear, coming out of the chicken with a ridiculously big plate of tasty spaghetti. A charming folk music can be hear in the background as Support looks around, impressed, scarred, at the same time as one of the soldiers tells him: “They look like a…interesting group.”

Indeed they do. Mamma mia, most of these “heroes” have sharp weapons around as if these deadly objects are nothing but mere tools for them. Worst, they are not even touching their utensils or putting the napkins in their laps, not even the slighest possible manner here. They don’t deserve to taste the culinary talent of Support. But oh..a revelation as Karl speaks to Francois as he points to Ragna and Nu. Oh mia amata Italia! Look at that wonderful couple, spreading the radiant miracle of amore all over the place.
The spaghetti is served, with Ragna and Nu having the honor to taste the pasta first. It is a casual dinner of a cylindrical pasta covered in delicious tomato sauce, a small amount of the finest oregano chicken with a pinch of sweet pepper. As the spaghetti lands on the dishes of our hungry heroes, Support just contemplates the scene.

Support: Bellissimo my comrads! The greatest heroes of all the time deserve nothing but a dish capable of satisfying the hungriest stomachs of the angriest gods across this vast universe. I will leave a small suggestion: try a Sangiovese as you eat the pasta. Sangiovese is a red wine with a dusty earth and orange peel aroma and a sour cherry flavor, the taste of the gods I dare to say!

Last edited Aug 29, 2013 at 04:40PM EDT
Aug 29, 2013 at 04:38PM EDT

OOC @Zarathh: If you mean the elementals, then no. They are just concentrated pockets of elemental energy that leak when disrupted (That’s all their counterattack is.) Why were you asking?

Aug 29, 2013 at 04:48PM EDT

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