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the Order mages completely by chance happen to find their way back to the dining room
Tardises: Well, at least we finally know where we are in this thing…

Granatir: So, how’d it go?
Tsunarmin: I take it you got lost and only found your way back here by chance.

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Aug 31, 2013 at 06:10PM EDT

@BM: I think I sense a little butthurt emanating from you.

Basically, all of my characters are wandering around the ship, trying to find something to do. Eventually, the all meet whee the bedrooms are, if there are any. If there are no bedrooms, put them in some sort of recreation room or something.

Aug 31, 2013 at 06:16PM EDT

Most of the Order mages proceed to leave the dinign room to find something to do. Only Solarian stays behind. Being called out on his hypocrisy has really affected him…
OOC: Since I don’t really know my way around this thing I’ll leave it up to you -within reason – where to put the 7. (remember that Solarian is still in the dining room.)

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Aug 31, 2013 at 06:18PM EDT

OOC: I will go “Sam” style and put a good description of every damn place in this gigantic contraposition but for that..I need time, a lot of time to think, get screenshots and pose, pose and pose. Hopefully, you are able to do something else in the Dinning Room like eat those tasty sundaes Support left there or I could just teleport you to Mobius. Stay classy, hang in there baby and wait. Yeah I’m very butthurt Falcon, Dota 2 is a bitch of a game. I go like “fuck this, I am not playing this anymore” and then I return..My mind is a complex world.
360 TL; DR YOLO SWAG STYLE, 2 FAST 2 ROLEPLAY, GOD LIKE NIGGA: Wait, I will post every damn part of the ship later.

Aug 31, 2013 at 06:25PM EDT

OOC: Okay, I understand, you be real mad. And yes, I can wait.
Though I WILL vocally complain about it, I can wait.
Also, Falcon hates the ship that you made for him because it doesn’t have a cooler. You can make it as fancy and cool as you want, just as long as there isn’t a cooler in there.
But it NEEDS a mini fridge.

Every one of my heroes are hanging out… Somewhere.
Ken: So, what happened with you guys?
Falcon: Nothing much, I got a new ship, it’s pretty nice. Still hate it because it doesn’t have a cooler. every ship need a cooler!
Josuke: Did it have a mini fridge?
Falcon: Oh, yeah, it did. Needs a new coat of paint, though. I mean the ship, not the fridge.
Doomguy: Nothing, really. Just been wandering around the ship, verbally trounced some assholes.
Jotaro: Nothing important to note of happened with us, either.
Giorno: except for the fact I got back my stand arrow.
Okuyasu: And gave that mage guy a new stand.
Falcon: Alright, cool, cool. And now we wait.

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Aug 31, 2013 at 06:45PM EDT

OOC: I wasn’t asking you to describe the overall place, just… decide where the Order mages end up in it for me… Well, MOST of them.

At that last line Tardises happens to walk into the same room.

Tardises: I heard that ine that was referring to me, and… well…. Open Your Heart doesn’t look that much different. A bit more shark-like, but that seems to be all…
Upon being named, the stand appears. True to Tardises’ word, it now looks a bit more bony and shark-like. However, it proceeds to split into two smaller copies of itself.
Open Your Heart: Tahrdan, this ability is named ‘Supporting Me’…
Obviously only the aquamancer heard that line from the stand.
Tardises; I stand corrected. I could find all sorts of clever uses for this ability in battle. My point still stands that it’s not new.

OOC: Hmmm…. I’m actually feeling that the name he goes by doesn’t sound right in comparison to some of the others. Should I just refer to him as Tahrdan from now on, jsut because it sounds better and isn’t just a reference to something?

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Aug 31, 2013 at 06:45PM EDT

This is a nice planet you all have here.

It would be a shame if someone…

conquered it.

Aug 31, 2013 at 07:31PM EDT

Iblan: I’m pretty sure the one who calls upon the gods would reign supreme, and no one would stand in my way!
Tikal: Why is there so much conflict?
Arkantos: It’s just human nature. Some of us do fight for good, though.As I would be if I had any choice in the matter.
Suwako: Some of us would be pretty hard for most of the others to deal with
Loki: What about those two women on the ship – one wearing red and white and the other wearing black and white?
Suwako: Two words. Bomb immunity. They will be unable to break my spellcards with their own~
Immolan: If I didn’t know we wouldn’t remember any of this, I’d ask what a spellcard was.
Chaos just stands there

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Aug 31, 2013 at 07:49PM EDT

So the ship is a gigantic contraposition. Despite not being close to the dinasour size of Outer Haven or the Hellium, Normandi is pretty big since It’s designed not only to travel but to do another couple of things such as traning and experimenting. The first floor is a huge hangar where small air vehicles are kept. Most of these vehicles are exclusively for the soldiers who will use them to strike from the air as our heroes head inside the cities. A small amount of military trucks can be seen around also.

The following 10 floors are nothing but guest rooms and recreational spaces for both the heroes and the soldiers. Some of these soldiers are playing basketball, beating the living daylights of each another in Mortal Kombat or wasting a small amount of time in Half Life 3. It is recommended to not head to the last 5 floors: Almost everyone there is a prison guard that came from Alcatraz, the biggest prison in Spark’s earth where the most dangerous criminals are kept in specially designed cages for their unusual superpowers. A jargonised language rules the place so don’t expect to understand a word here.
The dinning room is in the middle along with the training room and the commander room. The traning room is just a huge hall covered in metallic plates and platforms, small holographic devices hiding behind the walls that combine to create a very realistic war simulator.

Finally, the last floors are nothing but cargo stations, medical assistance, weapon storage and energy maintenance. People travel around using a simple elevator system. Just press a buttom, choose the floor and there we go!

OOC: I’m running out of maps in Gmod so if you were expecting a holy shit looking screenshot, I’m sorry.

Aug 31, 2013 at 08:16PM EDT


most of them are almost finished their sundaes. erza and the others turn to face him

Laxus: damn that place must be a complete mess by now. nice job in controlling those idiots.

erza: the last thing we need is petty squabbling over whos ego is bigger.

Wendy: i should give them a hand at least.

carla: they may need it considering how bad they were screaming.

erza: you go do that wendy.

wendy and carla go off to help natsu and gajeel

@ragna and nu

cana: so everything okay with you man. you looked like you were gonna get a panic attack when you left.

lucy: yah. i didnt think that you two had that much feelings for each other.

gray: he just had a lot of of things he needed to get out of him. im sure hes feeling a lot better now than he was a few minutes ago. hell be alright. right man? he picks up one of the sundaes meant for him and eats it while rejoining juvia.

Juvia: juvia just hopes that those two sort thing out.

mirajane: im sure with time, everything will be alright. right ragna?

meanwhile in the washroom, wendy and carla open the door and see natsu and gajeel in a complete mess inside. the washroom is completely destroyed, however she doesnt seem to be too surprised at this point knowing that those two got what was coming to them.

Carla: idiots. it always has to be this way for them. such thick headed skulls they have.

wendy: sign i gues i should get started then. she goes down and proceeds to use her healing magic on the two of them.

Aug 31, 2013 at 10:22PM EDT

@Erza and Laxus,

Hakumen: The imbeciles should not argue in a time of crisis. This is a very important mission. I shall not let petty rivalries make this mission a failure…
The eyes turn over to Ragna and Nu.

@Cana, Lucy, Gray, and Mirajane,

Ragna: Yeah… I’m fine…
He walks over to one of the sundaes on the table and begins to eat it with a spoon.

Nu looks over to Ragna and her smile increases. She finishes the sundae and immediately glomps him to the floor.
Nu: Where did Ragna go? Did Ragna not to be with Nu?

Everyone can hear Ragna going down with a heavy “OOF” noise that was made by Nu pushing all the air out of him.
Ragna: I told you already, I went to the restrooms. And no… It’s not that, Nu. I just need to have a little talk with you later, that’s all.

Nu: Okay!
The Murakumo Unit gets off of Ragna and is levitating right beside him.

*Ragna gets up from the ground and continues to eat the sundae he managed to get on the table before Nu glomped him.


Since Marisa won’t let Flandre play with the doll, she floats off back to the table and begins eating her sundae. While she’s doing this, she levitates up to Juvia and sits on her shoulders as she eats.

Sep 01, 2013 at 12:35PM EDT

John laughs sarcastically as he keeps writing. He puts the notepad on a nearby desk and he slowly looks around his workplace filled with jars and science equipment before facing Tager.
John Coffey: And now he needs my help. How convenient..fools..There’s no need to apologize Tager, my brain is like a bloody tin can left in a raging fire: A small argument that my big friend doesn’t like and he will try to tear his way from my subconciousness to the real world..
Building a machine capable of sending the opposite signals of the mind controlling devices the Balloon Master has. Quite a difficult task considering the risk of causing a endless headache if the wrong signal is used. Hurm..I would be glad to help the laughable dream Spark follows but there’s a small problem: You will need the signals of a man that is still under that psycopath’s control, the signals of a slave that not even the greatest scientists could remove, you will need Venom’ brain, not mine and before you try to come up with a solution: I am not turning into that freak again. Why is it so hard to understand the gravity of this monstrous infection? Do you think I enjoy to wake up in the middle of the night only to realize I scream while sleeping?
As Coffey talks, his voice starts to sound more and more raspy. He picks up the notepad from the desk again.
You can return to the elevator now, tell him I’m sick or something. I am not turning into that monster just to recover another group of abominations from Mobius..I hope you have some sort of mind erasing device becouse none of these citizens will be able to return to their normal lifes after being in front of death and despair, we should just kill them for their own psychological sake. Look at me, I can’t do anything without raging like a fourth grade kid, I can’t think clearly before getting another painful piece of memory from that monster and I can’t even kill myself..Cursed with inmortality..

Sep 01, 2013 at 04:08PM EDT

ooc: im ready to launch if everyone else is.


  • mack at the dining room.* natsu and gajeel are crawling out of the washroom. wendy healed them as muc as she could.*

wendy: they should be fully healed by tomorrow when we begin our plan to take back mobius.

natsu and gajeel turn to see hakumen

natsu: what the hell….. was that for….

gajeel: i swear…. when this is all done…. im gonna kick your ass.. so badly……

Erza: your lucky i didnt go in there. this is the last thing we need right before going to mobius.

laxus: heheheh. serves you dumbasses right. now how bout we get ready to leave now.

everyone is just about done with their sundaes accept natsu and gajeel, whose sundaes were eaten by happy and pantherlilly.

lucy turns to see support

lucy: so, i think were more than satisfied with your meals, thank you very much.

cana: so were about to take off, were should we go at this point.

mirajane: also if you dont mind me asking, is ther any places for us to stay in for the time being?

Sep 01, 2013 at 05:34PM EDT

OOC: I’m also ready to launch this plan too.

@Natsu and Gajeel,

The White Knight doesn’t respond to the ones crawling on the floor, because he deems them not worthy of his attention at the moment. For the time being he stays silent as he stands against a wall.
Hakumen: …


Tager: How do you know that all the citizens under the Balloon Master’s control will be not be able to live a normal life after freed from his clutches? You have to put your trust in us, Coffey. This advice is coming from someone who has taken orders from people the majority of their life. I put my trust in Kokonoe that she knows the right thing. I put my life in her hands, and am willing to sacrifice everything for her. I am sure that she will be able to build this device and free the innocents from this psychopath.
The evening sunlight shining in from the windows cast a shadow over a half of the Red Devil’s face, and make his spectacles gleam.

Tager: If you’re not going to help then why are you even here? You are the key to this operation succeeding, Coffey. If you can’t understand that, then I am sorry…
Coffey can now clearly see why Tager is called The Red Devil of Sector Seven in this lighting.
Tager: Make your decision. Are you going to help us, or are you going to sit here and cower as billions of people die?

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Sep 01, 2013 at 06:21PM EDT

the Order mages are still walking around the ship.

Tsunarmin: Everything around here seems to be the same thing no matter where we walk…

As if to prove her wrong, the group completely by chance walks into the training room

Pyralis: Now why couldn’t we find this before!? A wide open space? Just perfect for what we were going to do!

???: Got bored of trying to interact with the others, did you?

Tardises: Got bored of just sitting alone, did you?

Solarian: If I had, I wouldn’t be in here, would I? Why are you lot here?

Tempestia: We’re just exploring this place, really.

Ignis: Though most of us were going to practice with physical attacks for a bit, just in case we come into a situation where magic isn’t much good. We would have done so earlier if we could have found somewhere like this room earlier.

Solarian: Which one of your precious non-magic users suggested this?

Tardises: Would you stop being so negative towards them? And none of the others did. We decided amongst ourselves to do this… Well, most of us.

Tsunarmin: Me and Granatir decided to sit out that practice, since our weapons would not be much good anyway.

Solarian: You want me to stop being so negative towards the non-magic users? Make me.

The light elemental archmage is really not acting like his element would suggest. He draws both his guns and aims them at Tardises.

Tardises: If that’s a challenge, then I accept.

The aquamancer draws his sword, which starts glowing blue along the grooves in the blide, and ensures his shield is at the ready.

Tempestia: You don’t need to do this!
Noctan: I think they do, SOMEONE’S got to shut Solarian up. And who knows what that ‘stand’ thing can do?

(OOC: Basically, the training room is turning into a battle site, and it is up to my main character in single combat to stop Solarian being so dickish. Wish him luck.)

Sep 01, 2013 at 06:48PM EDT

Main generators are ready! Energy cells are at one hundred percent! The edible organic dispenser is already working! The Nion thrusters are charged up! The coordinations are set! Main cannon is..Foster, are you seriously trying to steal plutonium from our only weapon? C’mon, leave the cannon alone..Is that a piece of plutonium I see in your pocket? Mobius is waiting and we don’t have a lot of time. As I was saying..Main cannon is ready to roll! Meredith said that Normandi will appear next to Pluto so we need to be quick as a eagle on steriods! Even in the darkest place, moonless night, evil ripping the life apart..Shall the lighting guide us to victory..

And so Normandi slowly flies away from the Fairy Tail, sending dust and rocks to the air as It takes off to the skies. After reaching the Pocket dimension’s atmosphere, the ship’s main engine fails, the thrusters stop inmediatly and the ship starts to fall. The second engine starts to work, making the ship go faster. Normandi tears the dimension’s limits and gets inside those cool vortexes that appear in Sci Fi movies with spinning circles and flashy colors. Finally, our heroes are in space. Pluto can be seen but who cares, that fucker isn’t a planet anymore. If you want a real planet, search for Neptune who is much better than shitty pants Pluto. Yeah, fuck Pluto. Anyways, Normandi travels through the depths of this vast space, slowly approaching Mobius.

Now you can watch how a real planet looks. Fuck you Pluto, Neptune is the real shit.

Coffey turns around to watch the Fairy Guild once again as the ship’s main engine is heard. “I put my life in her hands, and am willing to sacrifice everything for her”. The same words Sin said about Spark which shows that the monster living inside Coffey is making him paranoid, he can’t trust in anyone else, fearing that Venom might try to kill them. He picks up a small syringe lying on the floor as the ship slowly takes off. John turns around to face Tager and he slowly nods while throwing away the notepad.
Coffey: We need to do this quickly, the monster is hard to control. You should call your big friend..and Assassin.

Support: Second floor is all yours to enjoy! You will find the bedrooms there. Careful with that elevator, you don’t want to end in the soldiers’ floor!

The holographic devices start to work inmediatly, turning the place in a post apocaliptic airport, skeletons walking around, sky covered in a redish colors with clouds that would creep the living daylights of everyone. The skeletons quickly notice the mages presence but instead of attacking, they split in two groups: The first group cheers for Tardises, the second cheers for Solarian.
Fitting music:

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Sep 01, 2013 at 07:15PM EDT

The two combatants do not let the suddent change in scenery bother them. An earth glyph appears at Solarian’s feet – he is going to try and exploit elemental weaknesses, clearly. Tardises sees the glyph and quickly starts moving to the side. Towards the end of the training they noticed that sometimes it was in fact possible to evade their magic, He was right to move, the Stonesplosion harmlessly hits air.
Tardises: I see you’re relying on elemental weaknesses… That isn’t going to work if you can’t land a hit… Whereas you have to be wary of your surroundings… Open Your Heart, let’s do this.
A large puddle of water appears, which OYH rises up from. The two then split up into opposite directions. OYH going for Solarian’s right, Tardises going for his left. OYH aims a long range punch at the light elemental archmage as it approaches. Solarian barely manages to evade it – those punches do cover ground pretty quickly.

Solarian: If you’re going to rely on multiple targets, then…
A light glyph appears at Solarian’s feet, and fades as a purple orb surrounds him. He had cast MBarrier, not really being aware of what Tardises was actually trying to do….

Sep 01, 2013 at 07:24PM EDT


Tager nods at Coffey before beginning to lead him out of the room and to the Tech Room where Spark is.

@Assassin and The Veteran,

Tager puts a finger on his ear, activating the codec he was given.
Tager: This is Tager. I’m requesting backup at the Tech Room. I have Coffey with me, and he has agreed to help us.
Assassin has been patched into the call as well for plot reasons, so she can hear what Tager is saying as well.
Tager: That is all. Tager out.
The Red Devil hangs up on the call as he and Coffey get into the elevator together and go up to the tech room floor…

Sep 01, 2013 at 07:47PM EDT

Veteran calls Laxus, requesting some help: Spark wants to build a mindslaving device that emits the opposite signalsof the Balloon Master’s, freeing the citizens who are forced to serve him. For that, we will need Venom’s brain signals and saddly the big guy isn’t friendly. They are planning to hold him until Spark gets the monster’s signals. As Veteran talks with Laxus, he and Sin head to the Tech room which is located in the 35th floor.

The rest of the mages can see a small keyboard floating in the middle of nowhere. This keyboard will send signals to the holographic devices, spawning enemies or adding stuff like wind, lava and more. The enemy list is pretty big, all of them are Spark’s foes.

Sep 01, 2013 at 09:01PM EDT

The stand users, Ken, and Doomguy happen upon the training room, and spot the battle between Solarian and Tardises.
Jotaro: I think the old man would be easy for my stand to beat, once I get close. He looks very frail.
They also take notice to the keyboard used to spawn enemies.
Ken: I wonder if we can get Spark to program in the enemies we’ve encountered throughout our adventures.
Josuke: That’s a very good idea!

Sep 01, 2013 at 09:11PM EDT

You are only able to create “dumb” versions of your respective Anti S and some Spark foes. Do you wish to face them anyways?

Sep 01, 2013 at 09:12PM EDT

The button that intrigue my characters are the ones of the ASE, Jack and [Yet to be revealed. The Anti-S for Doomguy.]
Giorno explains the Anti-S to the other stand users.
Giorno: Those guys are part of a group known as the Anti-S. Designed to kick our asses. You three won’t have one, since the Balloon Master doesn’t even KNOW about you, let alone have your DNA.
Jotaro, Josuke, and Okuyasu continue to watch the fight between Solarian and Tardises. Giorno, Doomguy, and Ken decide to face off against their respective Anti-S.

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Sep 01, 2013 at 09:24PM EDT


vetaran has laxus’ attention.

Laxus: so what is it you want for me to do exactly with this guy? he suppose to help us with something but wont cope with us or somethin? i can make him talk if u want. yah ill help out. so were do we go exactly?

erza: i think we should all head out as well and rest up before we take the fight to mobius.

lucy: right. but we shpould clean up a bit first.

juvia: its the least we can do for what sparks friends did for us with the food.

cana, lucy, mirajane, juvia and wendy collect the empty plates and stuff and pile them neatly on top of each other and put them on the carts nearby to be taken back to the kitchen

mirajane: thank you very much for the meals. they were delicious.

lucy: this is the least we can do for you.

cana: now we should star heading back now.

erza: but first.

erza picks up natsu and gray off of the ground and holds them out in front of hakumen.

erza: think there is something importan you two should say to hakumen here for your childish behaviour.

the two of them look at hakumen for a second and turn away in disgust with themselves

Natsu: were sorry for our behaviour earlier.

gajeel: we promise to behave behave better with each other and everyone else.

they both say in disgust.

Erza: good. im glad you two can look past all of this petty fighting for the benefit of the planet. she lets them go to stand back uo on their feet. now thats settled. we should head to the elevator.

after flandre finished her dessert. juvi helps her clean her face up with a napkin before putting her back on her shoulders.

juvia: so what does flan-flan want to do now?

@everyone else around

everyone in the dining hall begin to proceed to the elevator to go to their perspective areas.

laxus follows veteran to werever he needs to go.

Sep 01, 2013 at 10:16PM EDT

OOC: Nope. Stay in the shame corner Medic. *SHOOOOOO! Bad medic, bad medic! Back to the shame corner I said!

Sep 01, 2013 at 10:56PM EDT

Medic wrote:

You are invading Mobius now?

Ooc: we left our home. And are heading there. But were not actually starting the invasion until everyone and everything is set up and ready to go.


You can respond to my post i made to blitz and medusa

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Sep 01, 2013 at 10:58PM EDT

Tsunarmin: to Jotaro I don’t think Solarian would let you get close if you were to try directly. Tahrdan is in fact trying to give Solarian multiple targets in order to get close. Solarian is a purely ranged attacker, especially with those weapons.

In the battle, Solarian starts backing up slightly. He is trying to keep an eye on both targets but is unable to. OYH proceeds to turn into a large orb of water and bounces along the ground towards Solarian slowly. In this form it cannot be damaged – only knocked back (OOC: This is in fact something that Chaos 2 did – albeit there you could easily knock it back through gliding into it. (you fought Chaos 2 as Knuckles.)) Seeing this, Solarian starts to fire earth bullets at OYH, in an attempt to keep it at bay…. not realising that he should not be focusing on just one!
Tardises: You should pick your targets with more care.
The aquamancer is now close enough to just slash at Solarian. Who only has a second to react since Tardises was right behind him when he spoke and started to slash. One second is not enough and the light elemental archmage is hit..
Solarian: Ah, I see, since you lack versatility by only having access to one element for attacking, you’re trying to fool me. Well it’s not going to work anymore.
Solarian turns, and fires both guns point blank. The earth elemental bullet does a lot more damage than the AP’s light ‘bullet’, and Tardises is forced to back up.

Tempestia: walks up to the keyboard What is this and what does it do?

Sep 02, 2013 at 04:40AM EDT

OOC: Ann has given me control over Jin. He’s told me to put him to good use, so I will.

@Natsu and Gajeel,

The expressionless face of Hakumen looks down on the two idiotic dragonslayers.
Hakumen: I will be looking for improvements in both of your behaviors.
The White Knight walks past the two of them and begins heading towards the elevators with everyone else. However, when he gets in the elevator he presses the button corresponding to the observation deck.


Flandre yawns while riding on Juvia’s shoulders.
I’m tired… Can we go to bed now, momma?
She sort of slumps over on Juvia, scooting down so that she is in more of a piggyback ride position. Her head is right next to Juvia’s now.

Ragna also puts the plates for him and Nu on the cart, sending them to the kitchen.
Ragna: I actually agree with the kid. We should get some rest.
he looks at Nu who is close to him.
Ragna: C’mon. You can stay with me tonight…

Nu sorta blushes at Ragna.
Nu: Okay… Ragna..
She leans on him happily as he leads her out of the kitchen and to the elevator…

But all is not right when the two get in the hallway. Ragna thought that there was a familiar presence on the ship, but he paid no mind to it until now.

The Grim Reaper scowls, putting a hand on the end of Blood Scythe.
Ragna: Damn it, not him too…

???: Hello, brother…

A good-looking and slender young man with short, stylish blond hair and green eyes comes out of an adjacent room in the hallway. He wears the NOL major uniform with a black turtleneck and leggings under a white Japanese-style garment, white gloves, military boots, and a “jolting sapphire” colored jacket with a red lining and very long, detached sleeves. The Elite Praetorian Guard is not holding his sword. It doesn’t seem to be seen anywhere right now.

Jin Kisaragi… Ragna the Bloodedge’s brother… The Hero of Ikaruga and the bearer of the Power of Order. He has been secretly training in the woods near the guild hall, honing his skills so that he could keep up with his brother. He is as strong as Ragna is, and has learned a few more techniques of his own.

The Grim Reaper scowls at Jin.
Ragna: What the hell are you doing here still? I thought the NOL would’ve taught you better than to stow away on a ship.

Jin just shakes his head in disapproval at Ragna.
Jin: Well, brother… The one you call “Meredith” broke Yukianesa’s influence.

Ragna actually looks shocked at this.
Ragna: But… How? How did she break the damn thing’s influence?

Jin just smirks at Ragna.
Jin: How am I supposed to know? I was in pain the whole time… Hehe.
He doesn’t seem to be displaying any murderous intent towards anyone here, actually. Not even his brother…

Ragna: So why are you here anyways? Suddenly get a change of mind that you wanted to help, bastard?
He keeps his eyes on Jin, ready to strike at any moment.

Jin: I’ve had a change of heart, dearest brother.
He holds out a hand for a hand shake.
Jin: From what I’ve heard, this “Balloon Master” person is a big threat on a galactic level… You’ll need all the help you can get. What do you say?

Ragna looks at the hand before hesitantly extending his own and shaking hands with his brother.
Ragna: Look, Jin… The past doesn’t heal easily.
He keeps his eyes locked on Jin.

Jin: I never thought I’d see the day where brother and I would be on the same team…
He laughs a bit.

Sep 02, 2013 at 02:33PM EDT


“Ragna: C’mon. You can stay with me tonight…”

Sep 02, 2013 at 02:58PM EDT

Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis wrote:

Tsunarmin: to Jotaro I don’t think Solarian would let you get close if you were to try directly. Tahrdan is in fact trying to give Solarian multiple targets in order to get close. Solarian is a purely ranged attacker, especially with those weapons.

In the battle, Solarian starts backing up slightly. He is trying to keep an eye on both targets but is unable to. OYH proceeds to turn into a large orb of water and bounces along the ground towards Solarian slowly. In this form it cannot be damaged – only knocked back (OOC: This is in fact something that Chaos 2 did – albeit there you could easily knock it back through gliding into it. (you fought Chaos 2 as Knuckles.)) Seeing this, Solarian starts to fire earth bullets at OYH, in an attempt to keep it at bay…. not realising that he should not be focusing on just one!
Tardises: You should pick your targets with more care.
The aquamancer is now close enough to just slash at Solarian. Who only has a second to react since Tardises was right behind him when he spoke and started to slash. One second is not enough and the light elemental archmage is hit..
Solarian: Ah, I see, since you lack versatility by only having access to one element for attacking, you’re trying to fool me. Well it’s not going to work anymore.
Solarian turns, and fires both guns point blank. The earth elemental bullet does a lot more damage than the AP’s light ‘bullet’, and Tardises is forced to back up.

Tempestia: walks up to the keyboard What is this and what does it do?

Jotaro: With what I can do, that won’t matter. I’ll be near him in no time. Star Platinum: Za Warudo.
Suddenly, it’s as if Jotaro teleports behind Tsunarmin. He taps her on the shoulder.
Jotaro: That stand ability allows me to stop time for a short while. Of course, Another ability I have…
Suddenly, after looking away for a second, Jotaro has a cigarette in his mouth, taken from Doomguy’s pocket.
Jotaro: I can also use my stand to fetch nearby objects. I used that ability to psyche out a seasoned gambler once.

Sep 02, 2013 at 03:09PM EDT


juvia: okay sweetie. juvia will find a lace for us to sleep in. juvia rubs her eye as well. she turns to see gray juvia and flandre re tired gray-sama. are you going to rest as well?

Gray: might as well. i think most of us need some rest after todays training and the food.

most of fairy tail is tired and wish to sleep. the only acceptions are erza, mirjane, and laxus. everyone else head towards the elevators to go to their rooms to rest before the fight in mobius.

@ragna and jin

the group stop as they see ragna and jin talking to each other.

gray: so your his brother?

cana: they look way too diferent to be related to each other. though he is a cutie she says with intrigue.

Erza: i know you two may have had your fair share of hardships in the past. and maybe some sort of rivalry as well. and you spoke of some curse that influenced you in some way. but for the skake of the people on mobius who are enslaved to the balloon master, please make an amends of some sort so that you can move on with your lives. we would be more than happy to have you working with us in all of this. erza reaches her hand out to jin my name is erza scarlet. @-class wizard of fairy tail.

the other members around them greet themselves and specify to him what magics they practice and use. however he takes more intrigue with grays ice magic

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Sep 02, 2013 at 03:23PM EDT

Tsunarmin: Interesting… And, looking at everyone else in general, it seems like the Order’s tendency to have a standardised spell list is actually rather unusual. I’m seriously. And spell that Solarian can cast in the battle, I can cast too. Plus one extra spell which only I am able to cast. The reason I mention Solarian and not Tahrdan is because Tahrdan has only mastered water. Solarian, like most of us you see here, has mastered all 6 elements we use – earth, water, fire, air, light, and dark.

Granatir: There is a reason Solarian is primarily using earth spells right now. Namely, Tahrdan has a natural weakness to earth, because he is water elemental. Every single one of us has an element. I am earth elemental myself, meaning I would be weak to air. Solarian is light elemental, meaning he would be weak to dark…

Ignis: I am not sure whether this elemental stuff applies to any of you yet. I’m fire elemental, for the record, meaning I’m weak to water.

Noctan: I’ll just finish up the elemental explanations. It’s basically earth is strong against water which is strong against fire which is strong against air which is strong against earth. Light a dark are opposites, meaning they are strong against each other in terms of attack spells… Which is literally all dark is right now. Light is more about healing than buffs, but even then it still has a couple of attack spells… On second thought, dark is the easiest to master, as we only know of two dark spells right now!
(OOC: Seriously, just two dark spells. Void and Darkside. It’s a pretty rare element to be used by party members in the flash game series I’m getting the basic inspiration from. I can only think of one actual ability usable by a party member that is dark elemental, and that’s Barrier Break… Hmmm, I suppose I could have Noctan develop that – it’s a physical attack that would destroy Barrier and MBarrier… Though for RP purposes Barrier Beak is more a property that certain attacks may have, and usually powerful attacks. The dedicated ability would be an exception of course)l I’m sure only enemies get the dark elemental attack spells, anyway!)

Solarian: I have the elemental advantage here, just give up!
Tardises: I have not shown everything that OYH could do yet… You may be able to handle two targets, but how about three? Open Your Heart: Supporting Me.

OYH splits into two smaller copies of itself. One becomes an orb of water while the other turns into three smaller orbs at bounce one after the other towards Solarian. Solarian attempts to counter this with a Stonesplosion, but it ends up missing the orbs.

Sep 02, 2013 at 03:28PM EDT

@Falcon and Tardises
The keybord spawns Jack and the Artificial Stand User, along with some unnamed unimportant mobsters thugs. Jack starts to quickly duplicate himself, the ASU quickly calls his stand “Midnight Ride” and the thugs just bloody approach Ken, Doomguy and the mages.

Normandi keeps heading to Mobius. The ship engine is at 80 percent, allowing the heroes to quickly reach Uranus. Feel free to stare at this lifeless planet for a good amount of minutes or make jokes about it..becouse man, It’s so easy to pull out a joke about Uranus.

@Tager and Laxus
The group arrives to the Tech Room, with Assassin and Veteran leading them. There’s something that catches Tager’s attention: The scientists he found the first time he arrived to this room are gone, technicians and engineers too. The entire room is filled with a group of soldiers, all of them are armed with futuristic looking rifles and some of them have small grenades hanging on their belts. Spark is in the middle of the room, checking the gigantic brain scanner he built specifically for Venom. The object itself is like a giant container. Spark explains the plan: With a small neurotransmitter device, he will force Venom to come out as his brain emits the Balloon Master’s signals. If the beast doesn’t destroy the whole ship or the transmitter in this procress, that will take approximately 10 minutes or more, Spark should be able to get a “Anti” signal and be able to free the citizens of Mobius.
Coffey is ready to start. The neutransmitter device is covering his neck and part of his head. Veteran, Tager and Laxus are ordered to stay in front of the container just in case things get out of control.
It begins. Spark activates the machine, starting to emit signals and giving Coffey a endless headache. 3 minutes of a fight between conciousness versus subconciousness, the man against the monster that lives inside him. 5 minutes, the mutation starts, Coffey is unable to stop it, his clothes start to tear apart as his muscles inflate. He starts to grunt and punch the floor over and over again. Venom is extremelly angry. The container starts to shake, metal pieces fly everywhere, loud crushing noises are heard as the cointainer slowly opens.

In a matter of seconds, the cointainer will break. Spark needs another 5 minutes.
The container is torn into pieces as Venom comes out, punching away three soldiers, throwing them like ragdolls into a wall as he stares at Tager. The creature rushes mindlessly towards the Red Devil.

Sep 02, 2013 at 03:32PM EDT

OOC: More like easy to pull a joke out of Uranus. huehuehue

Jotaro: I’ve seen stand users who use the elements you speak about, but it didn’t really mater in the long run. There were no “Elemental weaknesses” or shit like that.

Giorno quickly summons his stand, Gold Experience. He waits for the ASU to make the first move.

Ken and Doomguy begin taking out some basic thugs. Ken also watches Jack closely to try and discern any weaknesses.

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Sep 02, 2013 at 03:43PM EDT

Tsunarmin: Well elemental weaknesses are part of how we operate in battle… Speaking of which…

Most of the Order mages turn to the incoming enemies. Granatir and Tsunarmin activate their AoE effects, causing the others to become more durable and making any magic-based abilities more powerful. Pyralis and Noctan draw their respective weapons and go on the offensive, Pyralis creating a wave of fire as he charges. Noctan merely gets to melee range and starts swinging his axe around. Tempestia and Ignis attempt to figure out the elemental weaknesses of the thugs by trial and error – Ey start off by casting Lightning Bolt and Burn respectively. The only two Order mages not attacking the thugs are, of course, Tardises and Solarian, who are still fighting each other. Of course, it would be a bad idea for any thugs to get in the way of the to, as they would just end up getting attacked by both in the crossfire. or cross-geomancy and OYH to be precise.

Sep 02, 2013 at 03:53PM EDT


Jin, one to usually not accept handshakes, actually does accept the handshake with Erza.
Jin: I am Jin Kisaragi, ex-Praetorian Guard of the Novus Orbis Librarium… Nice to make acquaintances with you.

Ragna raises an eyebrow at Jin’s behavior.
Ragna: Are you sure you’re Jin? You’re not acting like the Jin I know.
He scratches his head a little bit.

Jin: People change, brother.
He stops shaking hands with Erza, and listens to what all the others have to say about their magic, and what all types they use. Gray then says that he uses Ice magic to Jin. This piques his interest. He turns his full attention to Gray.
Jin: Ice magic, eh?
He raises a hand above him.
Jin: Yukianesa, activate.
Ice begins to form around Jin’s gloved hand. The blueish ice begins to elongate into a sort of sword-shape, and a sword actually forms in the ice. Jin then squeezes his hand around the ice. The ice shatters and Jin spins the sword around a few times.

He then holds the sword in one hand, his hand on the blue sheath. This is an awfully odd way to hold a sword.

It has the shape of a Japanese-style sword while looking sort of futuristic with the hilt of it and the blue sheath.
Jin: This is Yukianesa.
He flicks the blade out of the sheath a little bit with his thumb, and suddenly the entire room gets bone-chillingly cold to everyone except for Jin and Gray. Everyone can see a tea cup made completely out of ice form in front of Jin from thin air. Jin catches the cup as a stream of water comes out of thin air and pours into the cup made completely of ice.
Jin: Aaah… I needed that.
The Praetorian Guard shatters the cup in one gloved hand, and an array of flashy sparkles rain down and go out of existence once they hit the floor. He then flicks Yukianesa back into its sheath. The room is less cold than it just was, but is still pretty cold.

Nu, Ragna, and Flandre are all shivering from just the slight exposure of Yukianesa.

He looks at his brother.
Jin: Haha. You never liked the cold, did you brother?

The Grim Reaper is shivering with Nu at his side.
Ragna: Sh-Shut up… Or else the moon will fall on you…

This shuts Jin up for some odd reason.
Jin: Well, what shall we do around this place?


Tager stands his ground and gets interlocked with the beast known as Venom. His training has increased his strength, and he is able to stand up to the beast for a bit. While the two are holding each others hands like they’re playing Ring around the Rosies, Tager loads his gauntlets with a large amount of electricity that should go straight into Venom.
Tager: Requesting assistance!
He tries to push the brute away from him.

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Sep 02, 2013 at 04:11PM EDT

@jin and ragna

some of them earnt as easily affected by his cold as ragna and the others. though still cole enough for them to shiver a bit. accept natsu, gray, erza, and gajeel.

gray has his thumb and finger on his chin, surprised to see another person who uses ice based magic

gray: ahh. you use ice maker magic just like me? im impressed. i wouldnt mind seeing what you can do. my style of magic is called ice maker magic. i make ice and can make it into just about anyt nol living thing i want it to be.

gray puts his hands together like so and prepares to cast his maker magic

Gray: ice make: sword

with a flash of light a sword quicky appears in front of gray. he crafted it to look like an exact replica of jins sword. size, curve, the scabbard. it is a perfect replica. he puts the scabbard on his side and unsheathes the sword in front of him and holds it out in front of him.

gray: not bad for first time dont you think? an exact replica of that sword you have.

juvia: a bit cold from before. but still ogles over gray gray-sama is the best ice wizard. nobody can beat his ice magic.

Gray: sign its not a competition juvia. besides, im a bit tired from this whole day and dont want to waste my energy in a fight of some sort.

Erza: gray makes a good point. we all need some rest so we can all be ready.

gray shatters the sword into tiny shard of ice before they disappear.

Gray: maybe another time. for now, i need some rest.

they all head towards the elevator

@spark and tager

laxus quickly responds to venom and throws his jacket aside. revealing a sleeveles shirt with and a huge build of muscles on his arms. he is enshrouded in his lightning that cracles all around the room

Laxus: time to get this over with. just 5 minutes. give me three.

with a mighty leap forward, he charges venom and headbutts him directly in the chest. knocking him back and freeing tager form his lock with him

Laxus: so all we need to do is hold this guy off for 5 minutes and thats it. sounds easy enough for the two of us. now bring it on you freak so we can can finish this.

laxus charges venom and sends a flying roundhouse at him that would send him back towards the chamber he came out from.

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Sep 02, 2013 at 05:00PM EDT

@Tager and Laxus
(I will make this extremelly quick since nobody wants to stay in bloody space forever)
After 5 minutes of wrestling with a beast, the group is able to hold Venom back as Spark gets the brain signals he needs to build this “Anti” mindslaving device. These signals data are quickly sent to Kokonoe along with a small blueprint Spark did in his spare time.


We say goodbye to Meredith’s pocket dimension, we say goodbye to our friends in the Fairy Guild, in Spark’s earth and we also say goodbye to the planets we find in our way to this dead planet. After five hours of space travelling, Normandi slowly approaches Mobius as Spark contemplates the planet’s atmosphere, the toxic body of water surrounding these gigantic pieces of earth where the Balloon Master’s troops are probably waiting for our heroes to show up. The clouds move in a erratic way, showing how the rules have changed and how difficult and hard this journey will be. The endless wave of wars on this planet’s surface left nothing but a rotting corpse waiting to be killed.

Spark calls everyone to the Commander room to see what’s left of Mobius. Everything began with a plate of chocolate chip cookies and angry elder gods. Organizations and empires made deals and joined forces to fight these hungry monstrosities that were threatening the lives of innocent citizens with their powers beyond human comprehension. They were forced to leave..most of them at last but the planet was going to be the battlefield of another war that was about to begin between these organizations. Days became everlasting months as heroes were born, deadly alliances were made, places were reduced to ashes and half of the world population was lost. The dictator appeared in front of this decaying battlefield and ,with a single ship, he took over the planet in a matter of days ensuring complete global domination. Luckily, the planet managed to survive and It’s ready for the final showdown..An important and excruciating chain of events that will lead to the end…
This path of endless adventures has been a quite entertaining tale to share but It’s time where we put an end to it, don’t you think?
I realize this moment may not be the most convenient for a heart to heart but I had to wait until some of these.. “elders” were occupied.

This cosmical dance has lasted for too long, to the point where some of our employees don’t have a..practical use anymore, staying in a waiting room, hoping for a crowbar or a mystic sword to drop in front of them..letting the door open and allowing them to reach their full potential. Said employees are not ready to leave this unexistant place so..instead of allowing them in, we are forced to..extract those individuals that don’t answer to our interests anymore or those who are no longer required. Some small repayment owed for your own survival.

Free the citizens of Mobius and end with his dear users but..keep in mind that..Hurm..I will use a redundant colloquialism in this special ocassion..
“It ain’t over till the fat lady sings”

Roleplaying Mod version 2.5! Check out the new updates at

OOC: Welcome to Mobius this is the part where the fun begins…for me..
(Mark Hamill laugh in the background)

Sep 02, 2013 at 07:07PM EDT

The battle was interrupted by the ship’s arrival at its destination. After being shown to the comamnder room, the Order mages listen to the explanations… Tardises and Solarian are staying as far away from each other as possible right now. Towards the end it became a battle of attrition, each one trying to outdamage the other’s healing. Even then it wasn’t conclusive – Solarian’s advantage by knowing geomancy was counteracted by OYH, allowing Tardises to heal while OYH attacked – Solarian could just about keep up with the damage OYH was trying to inflict. The battle will be settled later, when there is time. The battle was not for nothing, though – Tardises has gotten used to the new ability of OYH, and every single Order mage except for Tsunarmin and Granatir have had some practice with their weapons. And the only reason those two haven’t is that their weapons would be useless in physical combat anyway.

Meanwhile, in the new Atlantis…

The humans, the gods and the echidna spirit have been taken to the north of the island. There is a town center, two temples to the titan Gaia, who has become the patron goddess of Atlantis after assisting them in defeating Kronos, and a Sky Passage which has never been torn down since the Atlanteans first arrived on the island. There are various other Sky Passages dotted around the island, which are used by the Atlanteans for rapid transportation. A man could enter one Sky Passage and come out of any other that he wishes (OOC: This is seriously how they work. Garrison a unit into one sky passage and you can ungarrison them from any you have. Sky Passages are actually only available to Oranos (the titan of the sky) normally, but these ones simply were never torn down after Gaia became the patron goddess of the Atlanteans)
There is also a man wearing blue armour, is carrying a staff and has two swords sheathed at his sides. A man who Arkantos is glad to see, as the man is his son.

Iblan: I take it you run this place… Uhh, who are you?
Arkantos: He is my son, Kastor.
Kastor: I have to say that this was not quite expected, father. There has been no evidence of Titan activity since we stopped Kronos.
Iblan: He’s with me. I have the power to summon gods, and if I have the right items force them to do my bidding. He found that out the hard way, so he doesn’t try to resist. I don’t tell him everything to do.
Kastor: Who are you to have such a power?
Iblan: I am Iblan Divicall. The guy with me is Immolan Frintos FA-Questorian, he is a magic user. The raven is a god who is not using his true form. You may have heard of him yourself, actually. Loki.
Tikal: I’m Tikal! I’m not a god. I was an echidna until I was sealed into the Master Emerald along with Chaos.
Tikal flies around Chaos after saying this
Tikal: We eventually got out when the Emerald was shattered by some kind of scientist (OOC: We ALL know who that scientist is. And we’re going up against him ourselves later, of course.), and Chaos was consumed by his rage at the Chao being attacked. This is why we were sealed in the first place. It took this blue creature that turned golden with the power of the seven Chaos to calm him down. (OOC: And the battle was much easier than the ones required to unlock that story. Damn you, Egg Viper…). That was it until Iblan summoned Chaos, and I followed.
Kastor: Is there a good reason you’re bringing a little girl with you?
Suwako: Why does everyone just take my appearance into account? I’m actually pretty powerful i you ever face me in battle!
Iblan: Oh, right. I forgot to introduce her. Her name is Suwako Moriya, and she actually is pretty powerful despite her appearance.
Arkantos: Iblan speaks the truth. We ended up fighting ourselves. I still have no idea what sort of power she invoked.
Suwako: That was a spellcard. We have this system of fighting where I am currently living. Basically it is summed up as non-lethal bullet hell. The purpose is to allow humans to have a fighting chance, though I don’t see the point since very few humans are capable of it anyway. I only know of three, and one of them is my distant descendant anyway~
Kastor: Hahaha, another one, eh?
Suwako: What’s that supposed to mean?
Arkantos: My son is most likely referring to the activities of Lord Zeus. He likes to produce heroes by visiting mortal women and conceiving them. Sometimes he visits nymphs and is the father of a number of the other gods on Mount Olympus.
Suwako: That honestly sounds like a bad example to be setting for the humans.
Arkantos: It is, it is. His divine wife, Hera, gets jealous of this, so she has a tendency to hunt down those mortal women that Zeus visits.
Suwako: This discussion makes me think of that descendant. I wonder how Sanae is doing?
Iblan: I take it that’s her name. And as she’s of mortal descent, I would not be able to summon her.
Kastor: I only know two of the gods here. I have indeed heard of Loki, I have visited the Norselands before – We were even stuck there for 10 years after the original Atlantis sank. Where do the other two come from?

Tikal: Chaos comes from what is now known as Angel Island. He lived at the shrine of the Master Emerald, watching over the Chao there.
Suwako: I come from a land known as Japan, though I am currently residing in the sealed land of Gensokyo.
Iblan: We basically travel between worlds, so don’t be surprised if you haven’t heard of either place. I think this case was also a bit of time travel, as Suwako describes the original Atlantis as having sunk centuries ago.

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Sep 02, 2013 at 07:16PM EDT

During the fighting of the Anti-S, the group learned exactly what the Anti-S could do. The stand users somewhat found out exactly what the ASU’s stand could do, and Ken tried to figure out the source of Jack’s cloning ability.

@BM: You don’t have to tell me what the ASU can do, if you changed it from before (The World and Cream’s abilities combined.) and you don’t HAVE to tell me Jack’s weakness. However, I WOULD like to know.

Sep 02, 2013 at 07:26PM EDT


Hue hue Falcon, don’t worry. Eventually, everyone will figure out how to defeat the bag guys but..“Eventually” which means NOT now. Allow me to fix your post.

Kenshiro understood that It’s practically impossible to beat Jack without running out of energy, there must be some sort of original between all of these fake faces right? The Jojo group just learnt that the ASU is dangerous. Should be noted that the holograms are dumb versions of the real enemies so if you are expecting a “I did it already” fight..Don’t

Sep 02, 2013 at 07:36PM EDT

@Command deck,

All of my characters look out to the barren and dead wasteland that was once Mobius. Flandre sheds a single tear. The Murakumo Unit holds tight to the Grim Reaper’s arm as the two of them stand there and stare wide-eyed at what such a monstrosity is capable of. Jin and Hakumen stand beside one another, thinking to themselves why such a monster was allowed to live. They will stop him. Tager stands next to the Veteran. His spectacles show the dead planet’s reflection in them… They all stand their silent for now…

Ragna: That son of a bitch will pay for what he’s done…
He grips his right hand together. A black and red fiery aura begins to emanate from his gauntlet.
Ragna: He’ll pay with his god damn life…

Kokonoe receives the blueprints from Spark and instructs all Sector Seven employees to begin construction on this device immediately.

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Sep 02, 2013 at 07:42PM EDT

All of my characters look over the landscape.
Ken: This looks just as bad as the world which I came from…
Doomguy: Damn, that looks hellish. Too bad there’s no demons there.
Jotaro: I’m just happy this isn’t my world.
Josuke: I’d have to agree there. Morioh’s probably pretty fucked up.
Giorno stays silent.
Falcon finally shows up.
Falcon: Hey what’s going oooh that’s a pretty fucked up planet if I do say so myself.

Giorno finally pipes up to the other stand users.
Giorno: When I was fighting the ASU, he just came at me with his stand and tried to beat the shit out of me. He didn’t use his stand ability at all.
Jotaro: The simulation must not have the full data of the ASU.

Sep 02, 2013 at 07:55PM EDT

Granatir and Tsunarmin join Zarathh’s characters staring out at the barren world.

Granatir: What could have happened to cause ruin on such a scale…?$
Tsunarmin: Whoever is responsible must be killed, for the sake of the ones that are living and would have lived there before such ruin.
Tsunarmin’s grip on her wand tightens, and both her hands (and the wand) glow blue…
Tsunarmin: I, Tsunarmin Wu-Wavarun, archmage of the Order of Mages, descended from Guardians, swear that the monster responsible for this will suffer and die for what he has done!
The other Order mages are shocked. They have never seen Tsunarmin get even remotely angry before. Her childhood has given her an appreciation for life – She knows how fragile it can be, especially since she lived near one of the six crystals on her world that allowed sentient life to flourish there.
Granatir: Tsunarmin, you will not be alone in this. I, the earth elemental archmage Granatir Ea-Flora, will stand by you until that monster is destroyed. As someone with a great respect for life, to the point that my staff is held together by it, I cannot let this ruin go unpunished.
Tardises also joins the two archmages
Tardises: Just know that I will assist as much as I can. I, Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis, will stick this out to the very end. And I will prove that even a mere aquamancer can fight among the great ones who have mastered the elements.
Pyralis: Don’t forget about me and Noctan! We haven’t mastered everything either!
Ignis: I think all of us are willing to see the guy responsible for this dead.
Solarian: After also seeing the ruined world Let’s do this. Tahrdan, let’s forget our differences for now, and work with everyone else here towards a common goal.

(OOC: Solarian’s not going to be QUITE so dickish after this. He still is going to be somewhat dickish towards non-magic users, particularly in choice of words, but he will work with them towards a common goal without question now. All the Order mages are more motivated…. Well, except for Tahrdan himself, of course. He was just helping out those he knew. He does have a few more reasons for sticking through to the end now, of course, though he always was going to.)

Sep 02, 2013 at 08:00PM EDT

@command deck
everyone managed to get some well deserved resting and make their way to the deck to see a grand view of the planet mobius. what they see before them is as heart breaking as it is rage enducing

erza: this is… our home?

gray: how the hell. this has happened after weve been gone for how long?

Lucy: the planet looks like its dying. its…. it so depressing to look at.

levy: how can anyone let something like this happen to the planet.

Juvia: those people… they… juvia doesnt want to imagine the hell they are going through. she says as she puts her head in grays shoulders.

laxus, mirajane and gajeel look at the planet in silently, filled with as much disgust and sadness and well as undying hatred to the balloon master.

natsu walks forward into some hand rails nearby looking closely at the planet. he is filled with such rage and anger over what the balloon master had done that fire slowly engulfs around him

Natsu: balloon master…… you…. you and your empire….. he tears the guard rails up in such rage as fire consumes him


normally the guild is against natsu being so destructive, but right now they all feel the exact same way he feels.

Erza: she clenches her fist in anger hes not going to make it out of this alive. we are going free the people from mobius. we will, defeat his empire of evil, and we will make him pay dearly for what he has done to our planet with his life.

everyone awaits for further instrucions and are more than ready to begin their operations to retake mobius.

Sep 02, 2013 at 08:26PM EDT

Normandi slowly flies inside this dead planet covered in a majestic fog, the eyes and ears of a all seeing AI. Cities can be seen from the distance, they look pretty normal despite being in the middle of a desert. Choppers and weird looking flying vehicles are surrounding this unknown place, unable to catch our heroes signals..for now..As Normandi keeps going through clouds, a chilling wind penetrates the ship: Our heroes end up in the middle of the Arctic, a cold land, frozen like a corpse floating in the water, a shy sky hiding behind black clouds and a gigantic contraposition in the middle of this snow covered field: The first Fog Supressor our heroes will take first, a small city surrounding this metal titan, protecting him, living in his feet as the metal titan releases fog to the the air. In a matter of seconds, the AI could catch Normandi’ signal and drop thousands of troops to destroy everything that doesn’t belong to the Balloon Master. As the ship lands between two giant mountains of ice, Spark calls Kokonoe:

Captain Spark: Alright we arrived. We are in the middle of the Arctic. Try to hack inside his networks and send the signal somewhere else such as..hurm..the middle of the sea since Haven was there. That will confuse him for awhile.
Saprk turns around to talk to everyone.
Everyone gear up. I ordered Support to build specifically designed outfits for all of us. They are not fashionable or anything but they will keep your body warm and protected from this killing cold wind.

Normandi starts to cloak itself, dissapearing into the thin air and undetectable for a few minutes.

Sep 02, 2013 at 08:27PM EDT

The Order mages proceed to follow the instructions, though it does feel awkward for them to not be showing what they are. Well, for most of them. Tahrdan has the water glyph engraved into the blade of his sword, after all.
(OOC: Since he revealed his actual name to everyone on board, I might as well use it, right? It probably sounds more fitting, anyway.)

Sep 02, 2013 at 08:41PM EDT

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