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@Command Deck,

Before we land.

Natsu’s fiery rage has incited an all new emotions in the BlazBlue characters that none of them have ever seen before.

Ragna suddenly bursts out in a black and red aura. He yells as loud as Natsu does when this happens. This feeling of rage is the only kind he has towards against Terumi. The white of his red eye turns completely pitch black and begins to glow as he bears his teeth in anger.

Both of his pupils become slit as his eyes still glow red and green and he looks down at the planet in malice.

The entire ship begins to shake as Hakumen’s rage boils. The White Knight barely ever lets his emotions show, but this is different… Electricity begins to spark around the White Knight. A brilliant white aura surrounds him as his hair parts and begins to flow wildly. Parts of the ship rumble and shake under such power emanating from him.

Hakumen: This demon shall not live to see another day! I will behead him and every single member of his empire! I will reap the sins of this world and cleanse it in the fires of destruction! The end has come for you!

Tager also gets fired up as well… His circuits begin to overload, and a dark orange aura appears around the hulking cyborg.

Tager: We will make sure that this monster never harms another innocent as long as we live!
He breathes heavily after he says this, letting some of the inner rage out that was pent up inside of him.

Nu continues to float there and look at the dead planet with a lifeless eye.

Suddenly the shy girl bursts out into a bright blue aura.

Flandre’s eyes glow red as she continues to look out at the planet. She suddenly screams and bursts out in a bright scarlet aura that is as big as everyone elses.
She clenches her hand tight as she stays close to Juvia.

Once we get to the arctic…


Kokonoe receives the communications with Spark and goes over to her supercomputer.
Kokonoe: On it.
With fast swipes of her fingers, she initiates the hacking process into the BM’s network.

She first sends a highly futuristic virus into the network and attempts to redirect the signal to the Pacific Ocean where Heaven was once housed.

All of the others begin to gear up, readied for the arctic cold…

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Sep 02, 2013 at 08:47PM EDT

A bright white aura glows around Ken after Natsu says what he says. The other don’t change, but are really pumped up for what’s gonna happen.
Ken: Those people do not deserve to suffer like I did. Those epople need a savior… A savior of the tyrany that the Balloon Master puts upon them A savior of their apocalypse. And that savior… Is us.
Giorno: Tyrants like him who do evil things for his own gain do not deserve to live!

Falcon pipes in in a calm voice, which raises with each word.
Falcon: There is a reason why I do what I do. I do this for the people. I do this so people can feel safe in their beds at night. I do this so people don’t have to watch as their family gets slaughtered in front of their eyes. I do this so Justice prevails, Evil is defeated. I do this because I. AM. A HERO! WE’RE ALL HEROES, EVEN THOUGH SOME OF YOU MIGHT BE LESS HEROIC THAN OTHERS! A HERO FIGHTS FOR WHAT IS RIGHT! A HERO IS A MAN THAT GIVES BACK TO HIS COMMUNITY! A HERO IS THAT GUY WHO HELPS AN OLD LADY ACROSS THE STREET! WHETHER IT BE BIG, LIKE SAVING A PLANET, OR SMALL, LIKE JUST BEING NICE TO SOME GUY, WE! ARE! HEROES!

Everyone gets really riled up over that speech. Except for One: Doomguy. Due to his Id being locked up, he can’t express his emotions as well as he used to.
Doomguy: Yay, let’s go guys! let’s kick the guy’s ass!
In Doomguy’s mind, the chain around the Id begin to break more and more with each passing minute.

The heroes suit up.

Sep 02, 2013 at 09:03PM EDT

OOC: remember kids. dont get too emotional, or you might fall victim to asuras


after releasing their built up tensin and anger towards the balloon master, everyone goes to spark and support to collect their gear.

the only people who decline their uniforms is natsu, erza, gajeel, laxus, and gray.

Gray: thanks but no thanks, im sure that i will be fine outside. i trained in much worse weather conditions when i was a kid. my body is immune to cold weather because of it, so what im wearing wont make a difference in any way.

Cana: so your going to go outside in the nude?

gray is standing in the middle of the room naked thanks to his horrible stripping habit he developed from his teacher while training.

erza covers flandres eyes from grays nudity because juvia is fangirling over grays nude body.

Juvia: GRAY-SAMAS HOT BODY! she says as she fangirls

erza: gray, put your clothes on for goodness sakes. theres children around.

gray panicks as he recollects his clothes and hastily puts them back on.


the others however continue to put on their uniforms accept erza, gray, natsu, gajeel, and laxus.

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Sep 02, 2013 at 09:06PM EDT

the Order mages are incapable of such flashy effects, though they do show their elements anyway… OYH appears by Tahrdan, ready for battle. Tsunarmin just starts to glow entirely, and there is a bright water glyph at her feet. Granatir is glowing in much the same way as Tsunarmin is, except he has a green glow and the earth glyph. Pyralis just lets flames start to surround his weapon. It would be unwise for Ignis to do the same thing, however – He instead makes the entire head of his hammer ignite, not just the rocket part of it. There seems to be a localised lightning storm surrounding Tempestia, with clouds moving rapidly. Solarian just glows white for a bit, and Noctan appears to fade into shadows as an aura of darkness surrounds him. This darkness, however, would feel like a protective cloak to those who tried to sense the nature of it. Non-malicious… Well, there is a hint of malice there, but that just shows that Noctan is no less ready to do this than the others.

Tsunarmin: Enough fooling around! LET’S GET GOING!

Sep 02, 2013 at 11:50PM EDT

Spark doesn’t gear up since his suit is self warming, Cheston puts on a good ol’ pimpin’ coat as he head and Foster, Sam and Max decide to stay inside since the weather is way too cold for them, specially to Foster who hates the snow. Veteran joins the “too manly to suit up” group. Everyone should head outside and step into this cold and distant place. A white aura travels with a chilling wind, covering the mountains and everything our heroes can see in a white and endless curtain, snowflakes spreading through the air, shivers penetrating our heroes’ spine and a metal titan that sends fog to the air. The signals are being interfered but the Enhaced Soldier is unable to recognize this virus spreading insde the networks. Units are being sent to the Pacific Ocean as our heroes feel the cold.

Captain Spark: Brr..I should’ve brought a better suit but we don’t have time for that. That metal titan you see is a Fog Supressor, with a city surrounding it. Cities are filled with soldiers and another kind of foes that are willing to shoot everything that doesn’t belong to the Balloon Master..including snipers. Heavy reinforcements could appear out of thin air in any second, we need to be quick, deadly, silent and careful. We will split in two teams: One will stay with the ship and wait until things get out of control, when you can see a single special unit arriving or worst. The other group will infiltrate in the city and secure the place. Once every unit is down, once every citizen is ready to be freed from the Balloon Master control, once we have everything under control, we will deactivate the Fog Supressor and then-
Mister Foster: Blow it up into a thousands of different pieces in the most inhuman way?
Spark: Hurm..yes..Anyways, as I was saying..once the Supressor goes down, I will have a total amount of 15 minutes to teleport in some assistance from my world. This is a decission we will take togheter as a group. Now let’s begin ladies and gentlemen..oh and I don’t know anything about sneaking or hiding so if you were expecting me to be your guide I’m so sorry to dissapoint you! Luckily we have a member of the Anti S among us who knows how to get inside and walk around these deadly cities.
Veteran: Me? I never had the chance to be inside a city cappy.

Assassin: Even if you had such a information, the snipers would be able to see your..“tanky” body, like a walking target, a blue fat dot in the middle of a white blackboard. I will lead the group and I will start by saying the following: Snipers will be watching every move we execute and if we make the smallest mistake, they will torn our heads apart with their bullets. If you can’t keep your mouth closed, stay in the ship, if your weapon makes loud noises, stay in the ship and if you are going to follow me just for your own “heroic” honor, stay in the ship too.
Be quick, before they arrive.

Sep 03, 2013 at 12:58PM EDT

Every single person goes in the ship. Either they have practically no knowledge of stealth, or they don’t trust themselves with this task.

Sep 03, 2013 at 04:07PM EDT

@Spark and co,

All of my characters put on the suits except for Hakumen, Tager, and Nu. They can withstand the cold because of what they are. Jin can’t be exposed to this kind of weather, even though he does have ice powers.

Flandre looks up at Juvia.
I think I’ll stay back at the ship… Most of my spells aren’t close-range, and I don’t really like the cold…

Tager: Activating environmental camouflage.
All of the sudden, Tager’s body begins to slowly change colors from a reddish coloring to a white color so that he blends in perfectly with his surroundings.
Tager: I shall stay behind and guard the ship with Veteran. My size wouldn’t go over well with the amount of snipers that are here.

Hakumen: Yes… The Red Devil is right. Even though I do blend in, my size would not benefit me in any way.
He crosses his arms.
Hakumen: I shall stay behind as well.

Ragna raises an eyebrow.
Ragna: Welp. I’m out. Even though I have an invisibility Ars, I can’t stand the cold. Not to mention that Blood Scythe isn’t a sneaky weapon.
He laughs a bit.

Nu: Like, Nu will stay behind with Ragna. She She’s not the best at stealth either.
Nu was built to be a killing machine, not a stealth machine.

Jin: Hmph. It looks like I’m the only one going with the woman.
Jin does not have Yukianesa with him currently.
Jin: I too have invisibility Ars, and was subjected to stealth training while I was in the NOL.
The Praetorian Guard walks to the group with Assassin, placing a hand on his hip.

Ragna: Enjoy freezing your ass off, Jin.
The Grim Reaper smirks as he goes back into the ship along with the rest of them.

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Sep 03, 2013 at 05:04PM EDT

@command deck

erza stands out from the group of heroes and adresses them

Erza: alright people listen up. herewhat i propose we sugest for the group going into the city.

Gray, juvia, wendy and carla, gajeel, levy, mirajane, and lucy.

gray and juvia, you two can combine your powers to create snow, and wendy can use her sky magic to create a massive snowstorm to hide our approach from the enemy while we sneak aboard unnoticed. gajeel can widstand the cold and any forms of metal based weapons they have, so bullets and any cybernetic enemies wont handle him at all. and lucy can use sagatarius to handle the snipers from a distance once we uncover their locations.

the rest of us will stay behind. me, natsu, happy, pantherlilly, laxus and cana.

Natsu: but why do i have to stay here, i want to kick their asses. im going with them.

erza slaps natsu across the face with her gauntlet hand and knocks him to the ground.

erza: that is the reason why you are staying behind. you have absolutely no subtlety at all, your highly destructive and you cant shut up for ten seconds. you will do more harm than good for the others if you joined them. i will stay behind as well because my magic doesnt fit this situation at all. i will stand out too much. pantherlilly stays so we have some extra support, same goes for cana and laxus.

laxus: whatever. besdes. i dont do well with stealth anyways.

cana: im fine with whatever, so long as im not freezing my ass out there. i can also use my magic to disguise this place to make it harder for them to notice us anyway.


juvia kneels down and pets flandres head

juvia: juvia will go outside andhelp protect the others with gray. you bee a good girl okay?

she plants a quick kiss on er forehead before standing up and facing erza

juvia: juvia accepts your orders. look out for flandre while were gone okay.

erza: i promise. just look out for each other.


Gray: so your joining us as well. it makes sense due to your ice magic. but i guess you cant handle the cold like i can.

Levy: cant wait to see what you can do with your powers.

gajeel: doest seem so tough at all. i can take you on any day.

levy: just focus on the mission okay gajeel. who cares about whos stronger than who.

Gray: lets just work together to end this and save mobius.

Gajeel: i know i know. just teasing. dont disappoint me pal. okay?

@falcon and crew.

erza calls out falcons group and requests their attention before they head back to the ship.

Erza: i know that this is a mission of stealth and all. but im sure at least one of you amongst yourselves can prove more than useful in this. how bout you she points to jotaro from what i understand from your stand. you can stop time. such a power can prove very invaluable. to be able to stop time and move freely around at will is a form of stealth all on its own. you should join the others. iy can also help against the snipers lingering around. if anyone of you want to reconsider, the option is still there.

@spark and assassin and others in stealth party
fairy tails team of gray, juvia, gajeel, wendy, carla, mirajane, and levy join you. meanwhile the rest of the members join the others to guard the ship from counter attacks.

Gray: spark. like erza mentioned, me juvia and wendy can combine our powers to create a massive snowstorm and cover ourselves while we advance towards the city.

wendy: i can mave very stong howling noises to also distrupt any chances of us being heard.

Juvia: however, i think it will be just as difficult to to see around us as well while we use our magic. how will we keep communication with the others and how will we get to the city.

Gray: is there also any ways of causing a distraction to attract the attention of the enemy so that sneaking by is much easier. i think i have a few ideas on how we can do so. if your interested in all of this.

Gajeel: me and wendy have very high senses of smells. we can detect any strong senses like the metals of the enemies weapons and hear them chatting, we can even hear the direction of the sniper fire if necessary.

Lucy: and i can use my spirit Sagittarius to take them out once detected. i also have a spirit gemini who can impersonate others and copy all of thei memories, sappearances, and abilities.

mirajane: i can also impersonate them as well. my main magic is takeover magic after all. the demons i become are just my primary forms i use to fight.

Levy: ill also provide support magic for whatever the situation calls for. my magic is very versatile and can be great for utility purposes.

gray: now that we got all that settled you ready to go ahead?

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Jotaro quickly responds.
Jotaro: I’ll see what I can do to help. But that’s not the only thing i’m good for
He suddenly grabs Doomguy’s pistol, and puts it near his head.
Jotaro: My stand also automatically defends me.
He shoots himself.

Meanwhile, in Hell, Maledict is observing the situation.
Maledict: Hmm, We see the humans are beginning their assault. They should win. I’ve tried to engineer that outcome.

But Jotaro’s still alive. His stand had caught the bullet.
Jotaro: You see, this ability allows my stand to catch bullets, and even move when time is stopped.
The bullet drops to the ground.
Jotaro: Excuse me, i’m going to change into more suitable clothing.
Jotaro changes from this:

To this:

This should help with recon. Even though it probably won’t be seen though the armor, though.

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Instead of putting on the suit, she put son a different coat, looking more like a winter coat version of her pajamas, all yellow and stuff. She doesn’t really need the suit, as her kind aren’t affected by the weather as strong as most people, so her outfit is perfectly acceptable for her.

Hey, I’ll go along too, seeing as how I, too, can turn invisible and, in a really tight spot, can even turn into the wind itself. And just woosh past the enemy. I’ve got quite an array of skills to use… Like

So, I’ll do my best to be of use! Just tell me what to do and when Miss Assassin!
Why she is actually using “miss” when addressing the Assassin is not quite known, maybe she’s kind of afraid of the assassin, or maybe she’s just deciding to be polite. Honestly, the machinations of her mind are an enigma…

Sep 03, 2013 at 11:19PM EDT

MasterBurner wrote:

Instead of putting on the suit, she put son a different coat, looking more like a winter coat version of her pajamas, all yellow and stuff. She doesn’t really need the suit, as her kind aren’t affected by the weather as strong as most people, so her outfit is perfectly acceptable for her.

Hey, I’ll go along too, seeing as how I, too, can turn invisible and, in a really tight spot, can even turn into the wind itself. And just woosh past the enemy. I’ve got quite an array of skills to use… Like

So, I’ll do my best to be of use! Just tell me what to do and when Miss Assassin!
Why she is actually using “miss” when addressing the Assassin is not quite known, maybe she’s kind of afraid of the assassin, or maybe she’s just deciding to be polite. Honestly, the machinations of her mind are an enigma…

such an enigma.

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Jin has changed into a white version of his normal uniform that Support made for him. *

*He smirks at Gray and Gajeel.

Jin: The child is right. We should focus on the mission at hand right now.
He then raises a hand above him, summoning Yukianesa to his hand. He spins it around like last time, and holds onto the scabbard.
Jin: And trust me, I won’t disappoint.
The smirk turns into a sort of creepy smile towards the group.

He then turns to look at Gray.
Jin: And I can handle the cold just fine, thanks.

((OOC: I made a mistake in my last post saying that Jin couldn’t survive in this climate. He’s just like Gray in that aspect.))


Mr. Hero listens in to what all the group has to say. Once they’re done, he chimes in with his own information.
Jin: Since the city is located in between two mountains, it would also be a viable option to cause a small avalanche to cause a distraction while the others make their advance. I only think we should do that if absolutely necessary.
He then begins to tap his foot on the snowy ground.
Jin: So, are we ready to do this?


After Flandre says her goodbyes to Juvia, the vampire goes over to Erza.
Can you hold me, Miss Erza?
She just stares up at her with big red eyes.

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Spark quickly teleports inside the ship and in a total amount of 10 seconds, he is back, wearing the same ol’ sealed suit but this time, It’s blue instead of red so he can bend in the ice..or try to bend at least. Cheston, Foster and the detective duo just stay inside as a group of soldiers, all of them wearing white military uniforms, spread around the place where Normandi landed, searching for some sort of problem or menace.

Captain Spark: Great pulsating protons! Looks like we are already to chill some things up!

Of course, the man with the strongest stand ever decided to show our heroes the fast reactions of the Star Platinium by shooting himself at point blank range but saddly, the demostration was abruptly interrupted by Assassin. The moment Jotaro put the pistol on his forehead, Assassin quickly jumped towards him, landing on top of Kujo’s hat with one hand and stealing his pistol with the other. As she grabs the gun, she lands behind Jotaro.

Assassin: Say whatever you want and I will believe you but please, don’t dare to do that again. Silence is golden, specially in a land watched by snipers.
Captain Spark: Well that’s a great a ability you have there super chump! If you can catch all of those bullets, they won’t be able to harm us and we will easily get inside the city.
Assassin: Yeah…Except floating bullets are suspicious as hell. You think they are plain stupid or something? They are not. If you are forced to use your..stand I believe? Well, if you are forced to use that thing, do it fast and bloody hide the bullet the moment your finger touches it..or pretend to be dead..your call..

Captain Spark: A avalanche would make a lot of noise, catching everyone’s attention and causing chaos. Great idea Mister Jin, if we manage to make a loud noise maybe the whole mountain will crack down and cover our foes in snow-
Assassin: Making noise? Causing chaos? Are you reaaally serious about all of this?
Spark: You have to admit that the avalanche is a great distraction.
Assassin: Sure becouse those snipers in the roof are searching for snowmen! We are totally getting inside a place where people are jumping around becouse some smart guy thought it was a good idea to alert them! C’mon…Seriously now..

Assassin: Stay in the ship since you don’t have a proper uniform.
Spark: But he-

@Gray and Juvia
Spark: A snowstorm will cover our actions, rendering the enemy’ view useless and allowing us to reach the city without the need of sneaking! Great thinking heroes!
Assassin: A storm appearing out of nowhere is suspicious. With the snow spreading everywhere, the temperature will drop faster, it will force us to slow down and..what would happen if they can see us? It’s a neat ability but I’m afraid you will have to wait for the moment where we need it.

Assassin falls on the ground, laughing like kid who just saw one of those videos in Youtube where fat people fall from different places. She quickly stands up as Spark just facepalms and searches for an explanation for such a rude behavior.
Assassin: Strong howling noises? (Chuckles) Tell me folllowing..since we arrived..did you saw any kind of living creature that wasn’t a killing machine or a brainslaved monster? Of course you didn’t, nobody saw a thing here. Not even birds, not even small insects, the planet is dead empty and filled with atrocities. A wolf in the middle of nowhere will give away our location. Cute ability, funny to share maybe but not very useful.

Assassin:(Chuckles) That ridiculously good looking pajamas..(Chuckles)
Spark: Yes ma’am, you can come with us but you will need a proper outfit or else you will be an easy target. Support has a special gear just for you I believe.

I’m afraid I have to do this my friend. Honestly, I don’t share his point of view but if they discover my real intentions, I will die. Don’t worry, not every trick is disabled..just those who are “funny” to me. Now if you excuse me, we are searching for you and your amazing friends in the middle of the ocean. A hacker I believe but oh well..

Group 1..We will strike from behind, we will bend with the shadows, we will punch darkness until she becomes our ally and close friend. I understand some of you have cloaking devices but try to not use them. Why? Snow people. A massive chunk of snow floating in the air will attract these bastard’s attention so we will need to play a endless game of hide and run. Waiting is not an option so pick a friend to follow and don’t lose him and..well…I’m sorry for acting like an asshole..The idea of returning to a place where things like me are being created just sicks me..(Sighs) Alright, let’s roll.
Assassin quickly runs towards the left side of the mountain, leaving a trail small footsteps as she gets close a cave. She looks around slowly for a few seconds before calling the rest of the group to her location. Currently, she is hiding behind a boulder and in front of her, the majestic arctic landscape awaits for our heroes’ arrival.

The rest of the heroes just stay in the ship
Spark: I gave them a good pair of wrist communicators. We will wait for their signal and then we will strike. Make a huge mess and..Hold on..There is someone who can teach you how to make a big mess better than me.

Mister Foster: Alright your books, page 101..“How to blow up a mountain”. Since the very beginning, mountains are the world’s biggest omnipotent creatures. Despite being not alive, humans always feared the presence of this lifeless monsters, offering their own lives or others as a sacrifce to these hungry titans, going as far as walking and reaching their surfaces only to die in the middle of the path. “How the hell do you blow up a moutain without alerting half of the world’s population?” have a lot of firepower here but let me teach you a thing or two about bombs..unless someone has a better idea.

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@Assassin and group,

Jin follows closely behind Assassin once she motions that the coast is clear. He’s actually pretty fast and gets there quickly. He nears Assassin and begins to whisper to her.
Jin: If our cover does get blown, the avalanche idea is still viable. It would be better than letting the maniac in the gas mask blow up everything.


The vampire levitates over to Mr. Foster who’s teaching the heroes about explosives.
Um… I think I have something that could help..
She takes out the Vector Trap and flies above Foster. Flandre opens the Vector Trap, causing a massive mountain of all kinds of grenades to fall into Foster’s lap, along with an RPG to the side and a few other explosives.
Would that help?

Ragna was a terrorist before he got dragged along on this wild ride. He knows a thing or two about explosives, and raises an eyebrow when Flandre dumps all of the stuff over Foster.
Ragna: I used Ars Magus on all the explosives I used to get a more… satisfying result. Show me to your stock of explosives and I’d be able to ramp the destructiveness and area of the explosion up a lot.
He leans back, putting his arms and hands behind his head, making a rest for it.

Sep 04, 2013 at 10:28AM EDT

@Vector Trap,

When in Heaven’s armoury Flandre was provided with every single piece of military combat hardware that they had to offer, from rocket launchers, pistols and rifles to more advanced tech such as Grindell laser cannons, Gauss rifles and electrical arc projectors

The explosives that fall from the hammer space are as follows:
Frag Grenade
WP Grenade
Stun Grenade
Chaff Grenade
Smoke Grenade
S.G. Mine
S.G. Satchel
Petrol Bomb
Grenade launcher rounds
Fragmentation mines
Z-040 Attenuation Field Generator
Type-1 Antipersonnel plasma grenades
Sonic grenade
Napalm grenade
Antimatter charge
Satchel charge
Claymores of MANY different types

The rocket launcher is a simple RPG-7, a few rockets fall out with it too…

The list goes on….however the remaining explosive only vary slightly to what is already provided here.

This are only a small sample of what Flandre has inside the Vector Trap she was given, if it was emptied, she would be dropping an entire sample of a city-sized ships armoury within the Normandi. There are multiple packs of ammunition, many many spare grenades and at least one of every actual weapon. However in this situation just a few of the thrown explosives have been taken out.

Sam made sure she had the kit for the job, even if she didn’t need it…

Sep 04, 2013 at 01:31PM EDT

OOC: So basically very little for even Solarian to recognise… And as of tonight, I will be a lot more limited in time I can post. Fridays and Saturdays I won’t be particularly limited. This does NOT mean outright absence – After all, I had to work to this sort of timing before the absence that was nearly 2 months long, I will still be finding time to post.

Sep 04, 2013 at 04:02PM EDT

@spark and assaassin

gray and juvia pair up.

gajeel and levy pair up as well. pantherlilly descided to force gajeel to wear it just to be save and has it on right now

and lucy, wendy, carla, and mirajane pair up to make teams.

they all follow spark shortly after they get the all clear and hide with the others.

they all also have their codecs that they kept from sam during the battle on ark

all of their talking is done in whispers to prevent any chance of giving away their positions.

Gray: okay, we made our teams spark. we also have our comm devices we got from sam as well. erza had them kept together in kokonoes lab the whole time and had them modded to an extent. (if its possible to do so and is okay with zarath and novak)

mirajane: so we are going to just keep low and follow assassin here throughout the whole way. doesnt sound a easy as it is considering who were up against. remember that our powers are at your disposal. whatever you need for us to do just say so and we wont hesitate to do so.

wendy: also spark, i can use my wind magic to scatter the snow behind us to cover our tracks to prevent being followed.

she puts her hands to cover her mouth and lightly uses her magic to blow a subtle gust of wind that pushes the snow around to cover their tracks. leaving no evidence at all of their positions.

lucy: nice thinking there wendy.

gray: shhhh. talk as little as possible people. if you need to say something, use your codecs, they create no noise at all, wont give out your positions and their frequencies are completely undetectable by anyone outside of them.

everyone agrees with gray and just nod their heads in approval

gray turns to sam and assassin

gray: okay your move now assassin, where to now?

@command deck
the remaining members of the guild approach flandre and her piles of munitions.

erza: sam gave you all of this firepower? and stored all of this in that device your have?

Laxus: thats almost like your requip magic. you store all of your weapons and armours in another dimention and you can swap them out at will.

cana: she picks up one of the C4explosives and looks at it laxus has a point, that device is very much like your style of magic. funny huh?

natsu looks at the pile of junk and hold up and carries an RPG-7 over his shoulder and hand on the trigger. obviously not going to do anything careless. hes actually being careful despite the way he looks holding it.

natsu: i dont get why you need all of this stuff. if you want to create a gigantic explosion that will get everyones attention or to destroy that tower. than your talking to the right guy. besides, im immune to fire, so even if all of these would go off right now. i wouldnt be affected by it at all.
(his immunity to all forms of fire and heat based sources also applies to explosions. the only thing that would affect him the most would be the shockwave of an explosion. not much else of it anyways.)

cana: we dont know much about all of these explosive devices and stuff. but im down to learn a thing or two. and maybe pulls out a couple of cards from her pocket and holds them up. i could add some extra kick into them as well if you want.

Laxus: im pretty much a walking fuse to trigger these things with my lightning. not much else for me. besides, id rather not bother with these.

erza: same here. foster, you can talk to natsu and cana about all of this. well try to follow what your saying, but im afraid thats all we can do for you. just make sure you can make it as simple as possible so that natsu here can understand.

Happy: happy he is a bit on the stupid side anyways.

Laxus: no kidding. also one other thing. is there any forms of defense this ship has to counter any enemies that may come looking for us besudes us ourselves?

erza: what measures of defense do you people have on board here. i see some troops.. us here as well. but not much else to be honest.

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Sep 04, 2013 at 05:44PM EDT

Everyone is back as the ship, waiting for important things to happen. To stop time, jotaro needs to say “Star Platinum: Za Warudo” and that would just draw unwanted attention.

Sep 04, 2013 at 06:19PM EDT


Forgive my absence, but I have been in the middle of moving.

Well, I was moved in a few weeks back, but it’s taken almost a week to set everything up.

I will try to slip back in tomorrow night, so please understand and thanks for your patience.

Sep 04, 2013 at 07:54PM EDT

@Group 2
Foster just happily swims on this wave of powerful weapons and explosives. Literally, he is on one of a hell wet dream, throwing grenades around and spreading explosives everywhere as his messed up mind manages to recognize every explosive and weapon lying on the floor. The soldiers quickly spread around the place as Foster stares at the C4s. Leaving Foster alone would be a very bad decission and these soldiers are expecting the worst to happen. Luckily, nothing happened until one of these soldiers tried to touch a single explosive, only to be knocked out by a single punch from Foster. A single fist. A single fist from a man who NEVER had any kind of physical training. A fist that managed to knock down a soldier who wears a futuristic armor. You just don’t get between Foster and his bombs, grave mistake junior.
Cheston just sips tea, Spark just listens to the rest of the heroes and Sam & Max..where are they? Probably eating ice cream.

Foster: DOSH DOSH DOSH! LODSSS OF CEE FOUUUUURRRRR! BOMBY BOMBY BOMBEEEHHH! CASH CASH CASH! IT’S RAENEEEEEEENG EXPLOSEEEEEVES! Man, and I thought you were just like those creepy vampires from the movies. God bless ya Flandre! Alright wankers, I have enough stuff to make a sonic bomb but It will require a lot of time and a hand or two from eevryone. The Sonic Bomb is a very special kind of explosive becouse if the main part of the explosive isn’t sealed or if the circuits are messed up, I will create a nuclear explotion instead and It MIGHT wipe out half of the world’s population but It’s worth it becouse It’s the only kind of bomb that explodes without making noise or leaving a trail of dust all over the place. The mountain will go down, the snow will cover them and they will be wondering how the hell that happened! Natsu and Cana, follow my ass to the Tech Room. We’ve got some bombs to make.
Spark: The rest of you..Assassin is heading with ther est of the group 1 to the south. Once she is in position, we will strike. Until then, check your gear and prepare yourself. Dismissed!

@Group 1

Silence..dead silence..The sound of the footsteps slowly appears in this cold land. Assassin and the rest of the group 1 quickly hide behind a boulder to get a chance to look at the city, at the skeletons being buried by the snow and at the four black silhuettes walking around the city’s main buildings. Snipers, fearless men who were brainwashed to do nothing but aim and shoot. Assassin slowly points at a nearby skeleton, trying to catch his teammates attention. A closer examination reveals five holes piercing through the skull as if this man or woman was shot at the same time from five different directions, all of them going to the head.
Assassin: Gray..Juvia..Start to cover the place with more snow but do it very slowly..The rest of the top of the mountain..inmediatly…We need to be out of their field of view now..Run..hide..use the trees and the snow itself…If you can’t find a place to hide..use the snow itself…

Sep 04, 2013 at 08:55PM EDT


Cana: alrighty then. lets see whats in store for us.

natsu: still holding the rpg in his hand sweet. lets go make us a bomb.

happy: just be careful with that thing natsu. its very dangerous. remember why we are here.

Natsu: his mood changes your right. were here to free mobius and defeat the balloon masters empire of evil. he places the rpg back on the pile o guns and explosives lets go guys.

cana, happy and natsu follow foster while erza and laxus stay behind with the others.

erza goes to were cheston is sitting and sits down to make herself aquainted.

erza: mind if i join you for some tea? considering there is nothing else to do for the time being.

laxus sits by were ragna and the other blazblue characters are

laxus: so i guess there is not much else to do besides wait for the bad guys to show up eh? i cant wait to get my hands on those bastards and fry them when they do come. ill show them what happens when they mess with our guild.

pantherlilly in his tiny form flies up to flandre

pantherlilly: so what do you want to do in the meantime since we are stuck here miss flandre?

@spark and assassin

the others look at the skeleton. instead of fear overcoming them. determination instead drives them to do what it takes so that the people get their rightful vengeance on the balloon master and their forces.

gray and juvia nod at assassins orders and also turn to face wendy and jin and uses his codec to talk to everyone else around silently

Gray: very quietly juvia, use your rain magic while i use my ice magic to make it snow around all of us. then once it starts to snow. we will make our advance underneath it, slowly making it grow to make it more natural. wndy here will bring in some light wind to cover our tracks. that clear?

the group agrees

gray and juvia hold each others hands and preform a unison raid. completely hidden from the snipers behind the massive boulder. they bring some snow falling over the entire area lightly

everyone is being camouflaged by the snow they brought in and make their advance very cautiously. quickly going from tree to tree. cover to cover as the snow covers their positions.

wendy makes some wind magic to blow the snow around, covering their trails as they advance completely unnoticeable. the light snow storm is looks perfectly natural, the enemy doesnt expect anything out of the ordinary.

lucy tries to contact assassin

lucy: if we get a position to take out the snipers unnoticed, do we have permission to do so? i have a spirit who can take them out easily.

everyone takes cover by some trees and hide inside the snow as they are enshrouded by the snow fall. waiting for further orders

Sep 04, 2013 at 10:04PM EDT


Tager is messing with a strange device that looks like a controller of sorts. He seems completely disconnected from the real world.

Hakumen stands silently against a wall like usual. He is waiting for his assistance to be needed.

Ragna watches as Foster, Natsu, and Cana leave the room. He then turns his attention to Laxus. He’s sitting on a crate of something.
Ragna: I hear ya. These bastards won’t know what hit ‘em when we’re through here.
The Grim Reaper clenches his fist, the red-cap of the gem reflecting the light in the ship.
Ragna: But it’d probably be a bad choice to let Lizard Breath near the explosives…
He sighs a bit.
Ragna: Whatever. Let’s just hope he doesn’t blow up the entire ship.

Nu is leaned up against Ragna on the crate.
Nu: What does Ragna want to do after we eviscerate the Balloon Master?
She looks up at Ragna with her single red eye.

Ragna glances down at her, really unsure of what will happen after this…
Ragna: I don’t know, Nu… I just wanna get my shit back on track after this..
He then turns his attention back to Laxus.

Nu then suddenly looks between Laxus and Ragna.
Nu: Laxus and Ragna sound the same.
Her scanners have picked up nearly the exact same qualities in their voices.

Ragna: Hmph… I don’t see it.
He then turns his attention to Laxus again.
Ragna: By the way, what does it take to become an “S-Class” mage? I was an SS-Class for something else that I’d rather not talk about before all this shit hit the fan…
He is referring to the bounty of 90 trillion dollars on his head in his timeline.


Oooo~ A kitty!
She opens the vector trap once again and pulls out a thing of catnip she snagged from the guild hall and holds it in front of Pantherlilly.
Do you like this?

@Group 1,

Jin looks at the skull, not phased by it at all. He keeps quiet to himself and follows the mages and Assassin through the snow cautiously, going from tree to tree and being camouflaged by the snow and his own uniform. He’s hidden completely from the snipers and is waiting for orders.

Sep 04, 2013 at 10:42PM EDT
After simply palette-swapping her coat to a much whiter version, she has followed the assassin carefully. She looks at the skull for a second, frowns, and then hides in a tree to await further orders.
Sep 04, 2013 at 11:57PM EDT

OOC: So there was I..checking the KYM galleries from Tumblr to Reaction Faces when then this page appears out of nowhere: “Attack on Titan”. Porbably yet another popular anime I will never watch becouse I am not a big fan of japanese cartoons and I find ridiculous the amount of fanservice they put there but..oh boy how WRONG I was. Then I heard some good recommendations and I started to watch it….
My reaction?
Everyone’s reaction to Attack on Titan

Actual picture of Spark watching Attack on Titan

I told you Asura, you can’t make me feel..Where is your god now?

Sep 05, 2013 at 11:41AM EDT

Ooc: spark, i cry tears of joy over how amazing the show is. I dont get feels from the show either because i dont get too attatched to the good characters. In chase of the slight chance of them getting killed.

Im glad that your watching the show either way.

Sep 05, 2013 at 11:49AM EDT

OOC: Back, and I had totally forgot something I should have included during the week training montage.

>Changes based on Foster upgrading Marisa’s Grenades.
~Marisa’s Standard Grenade Projectile Output Triples.
~All Explosive Laser Grenades have Double Output.
~“Deep Ecological Bomb” has Quintuple Output… it can now level a city block.

(Additionally, upgrading Marisa’s Speed doubles the output of all Marisa’s Ramming Attacks. Marisa benefited from the training FAR more than Reimu.)


Reimu and Marisa re-enter the story and pretend they hadn’t just in the bathroom making out

Wholly Shit the light is on!

“You mean it took you this long to figure out how to turn the codek on?”

“Sh-Shut up.”

Reimu and Marisa had stayed on the ship. As the strongest fighters in the force, it was deemed it would be best to keep them hidden until they are needed

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Sep 05, 2013 at 08:06PM EDT

ooc: reimu and marisa making out in the bathroom

claiming to be the strongest fighters in the group.

welcome back anyways. we’ve missed u during your time of leave.

Sep 05, 2013 at 08:42PM EDT


Meanwhile a Murder of Crows begin to gather around the Normandi’s landing site, perching atop dead tree branches and looking down towards the ship…..

@Hellium Fortress,

Even bigger flocks of the Carrion Crow arrive, standing atop buildings, spires and the barrels of gun turrets alike, they are mostly silent, the odd kaw here and there, but they remain watching, their many eyes collectively bearing down on the BM’s soldiers in the streets below….

@Old Desperado HQ,

Now mostly in ruins although it still stands proud, its hallways desolate and abandoned, all it’s windows smashed and some floors collapsed into one another… old edifice of a once proud mercenary faction. But just like other locations around the local area it is being flocked with menacing crows, they scuttle into its hallways and gather, whilst the hundreds more swarm the exterior of the great tower, staring off into the hued lifeless sky…

This isn’t some sort of tea party or annual general meeting, it’s a foreshadowing event…

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Sep 05, 2013 at 08:51PM EDT

OOC: I know I’m not really posting much right now, but what is there to post? I can’t really DO anything with my characters right now… I mean seriously, the only thing of note in the ship is exlosives, which none of them can recognise.

Sep 06, 2013 at 04:32AM EDT

ooc: tardises, getting real tired of your shit posting.

There is always something to do or talk about. commute with the other fucking characters about the mission or something. stop expecting everything to fall on top of your lap so you can do something. its the easiest thing to do but you make it seem like an impossibility. if you have nothing to do, make something to do with the other characters, they dont mind to commute with you about things so long as they are productive. seriously man, there is more than enough characters to discuss about things, but for some reason you make your characters clueless as fuck when it comes these things. for the love of god, please step up the character development in your characters, or just give them a higher intelligence to whats going on around them. im on my last jimmy with you and your characters.


pantherlilly declines the offer of cat nip.

Pantherlilly: oh nooo nononono. im not into that stuff. last time gajeel made me try that. things didnt end well. can you imagine a giant cat with a magic sword that can grow to the size of of our guild hall can do?

he begins to recollect himself.

pantherlilly: lets go find were those other two friends of yours, reimu and marisa, im sure they arearound here somewhere?

erza is sitting at the table were cheston is and serves herself a cup of tea.

Erza: you have a fine taste in tea good sir. she takes a sip of her cup. she seems to rather enjoy it a lot tell me, how is it that you acquired such a taste. its kind of hard to believe that such a being such as yourself could be capable of such ediquette. not like some of our more lesser intelligent guild mates.


Laxus: S-Class Mages are elite members of a Guild, and usually number among the most powerful individuals in the Guild itself. Only officially recognized S-Class Mages are able to undertake difficult S-Class Jobs; lower-ranked Mages may only accept an S-Class mission if an officially recognized S-Class Mage is also participating alongside them. These missions are said to be so dangerous that even the smallest mistake can lead to the Mage’s death. However, in return, the pay is very good, easily going into millions of Jewels

In the Fairy Tail Guild, one must go through a trial and compete to obtain the rank of S-Class. Eight participants are chosen every year by the Guild Master to take part in the trial, and the one who comes out on top is awarded the title of S-Class. The competition is often fierce and difficult, and doing so opens up more difficult and higher paying missions for the Mage. More than strength is important in being selected as an S-Class candidate: heart and brains matter as well.

The S-Class rank from one Guild does not necessarily transfer over when a Mage joins a new Guild, so S-Class Mages who change their Guilds might not retain their past rank, partly due to S-Class levels varying from Guild to Guild. However, Mages who have achieved the S-Class before joining their current Guild are considered prime candidates to regain the lost rank in the new Guild.

thats about all i can say about the s class mages. as you already know, me erza, mirajane, and gildarts are the guilds s- class mages. anything else you want to know since were stuck in this place?

Last edited Sep 06, 2013 at 02:06PM EDT
Sep 06, 2013 at 02:00PM EDT


Okay! I thought I heard them just now.
Flandre grabs Pantherlilly’s hand and flies off to go find Marisa and Reimu.


Ragna: Nah. That’s all I needed to know.
He looks around the ship a little bit, ultimately bored out of his mind.

Tager looks up from his device, looking out a nearby window to see crows covering the wing. He heard a few noises from the crows. The planet is supposed to be dead of life.
Tager: Huh?
He lowers it to his side and walks over to it, still looking out the window. Perplexed, he turns to face Ragna.
Tager: Reaper, come here.

Ragna: Huh? What is it, big guy?
He gets up from his seat and goes over to the window where Tager is standing at, now looking out the window.
Ragna: What?
He raises an eyebrow at all the birds swarming.
Ragna: This isn’t right.
The Grim Reaper looks around the ship a bit, and suddenly his eyes stop an Hakumen.
Ragna: Masky, you got an idea what’s going on?

Hakumen’s faceless mask looks at Ragna.
Hakumen: It is here.
He steps from the wall and unsheathes Ookami.
Hakumen: Be on your guards.

Sep 06, 2013 at 02:38PM EDT


You hear a ominous knocking at a nearby exit door, it sounds more like a tap

Sep 06, 2013 at 03:01PM EDT

“Oh for the love of…”


“The arrogant jackoff’s crew is here.”

“Oh, the god bird thing?”

“Yeah. The damn thing is a Cancer. It attacked us back in the pocket world.”

“Now that you mention it…. why didn’t you do anything during that attack?”

“I was locating the entrance point. I could have halted the attack by closing their gateway forcefully. Otherwise it would have been a waste of Ammo (and the player’s precious time). If they try anything here I have a spell that will easily drive them off.”


“Who is that at the door?”


Reimu and Marisa are located in a Lounge Area. They might not even be anywhere near the air lock the crow is pecking at, it’s just their hearing is that good

Last edited Sep 06, 2013 at 03:31PM EDT
Sep 06, 2013 at 03:25PM EDT


pantherlilly and flandre finally manage to find you after flying around the ship for a little while. they figured that you two would be in the lounge area.

Pantherlilly: there you two are. were have you two been doing this whole time. some of us had split up so that they can destroy the fog tower while we stay here.

knocking on the door

pantherlilly catches the noise on one of the exit doors

Pantherlilly: what? who could that be? reimu and marisa, we need to see who it is. if it is the enemy, we should be ready for a fight.

@people still inside ship

laxus hear the tapping on the door as well thanks to his heightened senses easily.

Laxus: what the hell? theyre here already? it couldnt be… im sure this place has better defenses than that. guys, cover me and prepare for the worst.

laxus goes by the door were the tapping is coming from and places his hand on the latch to open it.

Laxus: okay this is it. laxus opens the door to see who it is. already prepared to face who it is at the door if it is an enemy

Sep 06, 2013 at 03:57PM EDT

OOC: When the characters last asked about the explosives, asking what they even were, no one responded, so…


Tempestia: What was that sound?

Tahrdan: I have no idea. I think we’d best get ready for combat, just in case.

the Order mages proceed to look for the others. They have no idea what could possibly have made the sound.


In Atlantis, not much has changed. The mostly divine group has split up and are currently exploring. Iblan, as the leader of the group, is sticking with Arkantos and Kastor, who are just discussing how things are going. Suddenly, there is a ray of light, and a woman in armour and a helmet appears. She has glowing eyes.

Iblan: There is no way she is human…

The woman turns directly to Arkantos.

???:Arkantos. Why have you departed from Mount Olympus?

Arkantos: It was not my decision, Athena.

Iblan: It was my decision. I summoned him and as such he has to bow to my will, so to speak. When I no longer require the services of the gods at my command, I will release them. (Though I may keep Suwako around as a patron deity, she might like that…)

Athena: I was unaware there were mortals with the ability to directly summon the gods… Though I am unaware of any other gods who may have been summoned already.

Arkantos: If Zeus isn’t too happy with my absence from Olympus, inform him that I will return as soon as I am able.

Iblan proceeds to describe the rest of his group, so that Athena can recognise them.

Immolan had been asked to keep an eye on Loki. The two are currently near the docks in the southeast. Loki, currently in his true form, contemplates secretly messing with a few ships, possibly by taking the form of their captains to make off with them, but then he catches Immolan’s look. A look that says ’Don’t even think about it or else I will hurt you’.

Immolan: Why are we still here?

Athena appears before the two.

Loki: Who in the nine worlds of Yggdrasil is that!?

Athena: Which one of you is ‘Loki’?

Immolan: He is. The mage points at the trickster god, who has already turned into a raven in case he needs to escape.

%{color:gold}Athena: I am just acquainting myself with the… Hold on. Weren’t you one of the gods who ended up nearly releasing the Titans? %

Loki: Did that Atlantean tell you?

Athena: No. I had been watching over Arkantos while he laboured to keep the Titans imprisoned. Your current form gave it away, you nearly got him killed. I have nothing more to say to you.

Suwako is currently observing a training drill being performed by Murmillo, The frog-themed goddess has one of her iron rings taken out from wherever she keeps them, and considers having a bit of fun by sparring with one of the soldiers she sees.

Suwako: I must see about getting a branch shrine set up here~

Athena appears, and the murmillo stop training upon seeing her

Athena: Resume your training, Atlantean soldiers. I am only here to speak to one specific being.

Suwako: More gods? Competition~ Competition~!

As the training drill resumes, Athena turns to Suwako.

Athena: I am just acquainting myself with the visiting gods. I am the Olympian goddess of wisdom, Athena. I have already been told your name, Suwako…

Suwako: I am one of the two gods of the Moriya Shrine in the sealed land of Gensokyo, which is somewhere in Japan. I was just considering sparring with one of these men for a bit of fun.
Suwako spins her iron ring around a bit after saying this

Athena: I can see that you might not want me around, so I will go see about talking to that ‘Chaos’…

Athena vanishes

*Chaos and Tikal are on the smaller island of the two, having used the Sky Passage to get there. They look around to see some of the Atlantean navy sailing around.. *

Tikal: I sure hope that all those ships are only to defend themselves…

Chaos reaches out an arm to the nearest pool of water, and taps it once to cause a single ripple, which Tikal can interpret. Chaos was agreeing with her.

Athena appears at this point, having at this exact moment finished speaking to Suwako.

Athena: Can either of you even speak?

Tikal: I am able to… Please wait a moment, I would like to appear more fitting for this discussion.

There is a flash of light and Tikal no longer appears as a ball of light, but how she did in life. In this form, she is a pale orange young-looking echidna. She is wearing white gloves. She appears to have white markings in her hair, is wearing sandal,s a tribal dress as well as a white shirt that covers her chest and back, but leaves the front of her midriff exposed (which is basically featureless).
Tikal: Chaos here cannot communicate well, and it takes a lot of effort as well as his trust to become able to understand him. I’m Tikal, and you are?

Athena: I am the Olympian goddess of wisdom, Athena.

Tikal: It’s a pleasure to meet you.

Athena: I take it both of you are gods?

Tikal: I’m not, and when was Chaos ever described as one?

Chaos reaches out and makes more ripples, TIkal interprets the sounds.

That scientist that released us from the Master Emerald did? Oh.

Suddenly the ships start heading towards the docks visible in the east. Athena, Chaos and Tikal can see a transport ship and some longboats on the horizon…

Athena: Something is happening.

Athena vanishes, Tikal turns back into a ball of light and both her and Chaos enter the Sky Passage, emerging at the nearest one to the docks. Right after they do, they see Iblan, Kastor and the two gods of Mount Olympus exit after them.

Kastor: What’s happening here!?
He turns to a nearby Destroyer
%{color:blue}Kastor: Go to the training grounds, get those Murmillo down here!

The Destroyer raises his trident in salute and proceeds to use the sky passage to get to the training grounds.

At the training grounds, 30 Murmillo are standing around as the Fanatic who was running the training drill is currently sparring with Suwako.

Fanatic: How can someone so young-looking be so agile?

The fanatic keeps swinging his swords at Suwako, who keeps evading, and then she hides underground, the Atlanteans can only see her hat moving…

Fanatic: What…?

Suwako: Surpriiiiiise~!

Suwako pops out of the ground behind the Fanatic and hits him three times in rapid succession by spinning her iron ring around. The ground is left unmarked despite the fact that Suwako just came out of it

Destroyer: emerges from sky passage Potentially hostile ships coming from the southeast! Get down there now, men!

The Murmillo proceed to follow orders and all gather into the sky passage, to get down to the docks quickly.

Destroyer: What happened here?

Fanatic: A word of advice, never spar with this little girl-OW!
Suwako had just hit him with her iron ring for the ‘little girl’ comment
Suwako: Never spar with a goddess, you mean! Besides, I wasn’t even using danmaku~
Destroyer: I take it she was the one who started the sparring match. Anyway, could you two get down to the southeast docks? Lord Kastor has already gathered the other guests there, too.
The three proceed to enter the sky passage, to get to the docks.

At the very edge of the docks, Loki appears to be waiting for something…
Loki: Come on you fools, hurry up. You don’t want to look suspicious and end up useless to the plans!

Immolan: What plans?
The mage nearly got out his weapon at hearing this…

(OOC: Continued in next post.)

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Sep 06, 2013 at 04:11PM EDT

(OOC: Continued from last post. Damn character limit.)

…Loki: The future plans of Iblan, of course. While we were here I travelled back to the Norselands using one of the ravens split off from myself and have brought some clansmen who worship me over. We could use them.

*At this point Kastor, Athena, and Iblan’s group arrive at the docks.

Kastor: Get away from the edge, in case they try to shoot at you from those longboats!

Loki: Call off your army and navy, Atlantean! They will not harm one of you if I tell those clansmen not to!

%{color:orange}Immolan: Loki’s just told me that the men in those ships are loyal to him, and he has brought them over to serve Iblan.

Kastor: to the destroyer Let the transport ship approach but not the longboats. Just in case.

The destroyer proceeds to relay those orders. Biremes proceed to slip between the transport ship and the longboats. The crews of the longboats proceed to stop the ships.

The transport ship makes shore and the passengers proceed to disembark. There is one impressive looking norseman riding a horse. He is the Jarl that is leading the particular clan that Loki contacted. There are three ulfsarks – axe wielding men clad in furs, two people dressed in clothes with red markings on them, and they also coax out an ox cart. The two people are gatherers. There is also an armoured man carriyng a heavy looking hammer, a hersir.. There are also three more men on horses – Raiding Cavalry. Finally, there is a particularly tall humanoid figure that is wielding two axes and has a horn on its belt. This is one of the Einherjar, the fallen warriors that Odin gathers at Valhalla to fight alongside him at Ragnarok, the final battle..

Jarl: I am Harald Beastkiller, jarl of the Beastkiller clan. Who is the man who rules this island!?

Kastor: I am Kastor, ruler of Atlantis. I would like to know what brings some Norsemen so far from their home.

Harald: Loki, our patron god, visited us in the form of a raven and bade us come here. He told us that we would receive glory and see places that could be spun into epic tales upon our return.

Loki: There is just one thing you need to know, first. I am not the one who will be giving you orders.

Iblan: I will be giving those orders. I am Iblan Divicall, and Loki here is serving me. If you men serve me well you will indeed receive glory and see places like he promised. I do not mean to antagonise you, however, so I may be liable to ask Loki to relay my orders to you.

Iblan proceeds to introduce the rest of the gods

The puddle of water rises up into the form of Chaos, and TIkal flies around him.

Tikal: Chaos cannot speak our language, but if there is some standing water nearby I can interpret for him.

Harald: I’m ready to fight for glory. Just need to attend to one thing first. I need to ensure that the transport ship as well as the longboats are returned to the Norselands. Those longboats were brought as an escort.

Iblan: You have my thanks for having us around here for some time, Kastor, but we must really be off.

Iblan and Immolan cast Warp, taking their group and the Norsemen with them.

Sep 06, 2013 at 04:16PM EDT


Door opens, the cold wind rushes in. Crows can be seen flocked everywhere, matting the ground with a black feathery carpet, there are that many…..stood in amongst them at the doorway however is….

?: Hello there, citizens of A-18273644872872698600001!
The mask and respiration equipment muffle his voice a lot, and he seems to be breathing quite heavily too. He gives a short wave. Meanwhile the massive swarm of crows begin scampering there way into the ship
?: Don’t be bothered by my presence, I am just on my travels around this planet.
He goes to walk in, but the door is blocked
?: I will only be a minute, do not be afraid

Sep 06, 2013 at 04:19PM EDT

The Order mages make it to the other side of the door being blocked, and they all have their weapons at the ready

Pyralis: What the hell is going on here!? WHY ARE THERE SO MANY GODDAMN BIRDS HERE!?

Sep 06, 2013 at 04:25PM EDT


laxus shows no signs of letting him in just yet. he is a very stubborn man who is supposed to be on a mission to help guard this ship from the balloon masters forces. so he doesnt trust this person at all until convinced

Erza: what the hell is up with these damn birds? why are they here?

she pulls her sword out and starts swinging it around to shoo the birds away from her tea time.

Erza: laxus who the hell is that?

Laxus: i have no idea who it is to be honestt. but i sense great power from him. if my guess is correct, this has got to be you know who.

Erza: him. who meredith told us about.

laxus: so can you tell us what it is your doing here anyways. cuz we dont want any more problems than what we already have. and keep your birds from crapping all over this place.

laxus uses his massive arm to move over the other mages and let the man enter unhindered. though everyone is on their maximum alert and are prepared for anything.

Sep 06, 2013 at 05:22PM EDT


Ragna keeps a hand on Blood Scythe, ready to strike at any moment.

Hakumen is in his normal pose with Ookami readied.

Tager on the other hand puts the device away, and his gauntlets begin to spark.

Nu enters battle mode, ready to engage at any moment.

All of them keep quiet as the person enters.

Sep 06, 2013 at 05:28PM EDT

Tahrdan and Pyralis both have their swords drawn. Tahrdan’s sword appears to be glowing brighter than usual, though the grooves are still impossible to mistake. Pyralis’ sword glows orange, because he is prepared to cast a spell at a moment’s notice.Tempestia gets into a stance that would allow her to cover ground quickly, both her daggers at the ready. Ignis holds his hammer at the read, though there appears to be a yellow glow coming from him right now… Noctan gets right up to the front alongside Pyralis (and Tahrdan), with his axe at the ready. If this guy wanted to get at the archmages, he’d have to get through three bladed weapons first. This suits three of them just fine. Granatir and Tsunarmin prepare to cast Stonesplosion and Bubble respectively, while Solarian merely aims both guns at the man.

Solarian: quietly enough so that only the Order mages can hear At the first sign of violence, attack.

Tahrdan: What exactly is going on here?

The Order mages have no idea who the other mages are talking about. They don’t know who, so to speak. None of them have encountered this guy before.

(OOC: Seriously, this is their first encounter with the crow, as far as I can remember.)

Sep 06, 2013 at 05:58PM EDT


?: Woah my friends….please calm down, I do not mean to cause you people harm
He enters into the Normandi and stands in the middle of the room
?: I do not want to be here long, I have 2 more planets on my list today and I don’t want to be late….
He then turns to Erza
?: I’m here because it is apart of what I do…..I won’t go into detail, I don’t want to cause anymore worry
He then looks down at the birds
?: Ah yes, the poultry……..crapping?……..I’ve never witnessed one of these crows defecating before……
He opens a pouch that is attached to his survival harness and takes out a small metal silver box
?: I wanted to ask, do you have anything I can drink? I have travelled far today and have built up a big thirst.
He holds the box by his side and waits for a glass of water. He looks around at everyone from behind his tinted gas mask lenses. He’s feeling just as threatened as they are….but he is good at hiding that…

The crows on the other hand flutter around from Erza’s sword but it doesn’t stop them from scuttling into the ship. They’re all over the place now, standing on seats and pecking around the feet of the hero’s

Sep 06, 2013 at 06:03PM EDT


Ragna keeps his eyes locked on the new arrival. His eyes seem to glow as he keeps his gaze on the man.

Ragna: You better tell us why you’re here, asshole. Else this won’t end pretty…
He takes Blood Scythe off his back and holds it in front of him.
Ragna: Start talkin’ and get these dirty birds outta here.

Tager: I suggest you explain as to why you’re here currently. I’d rather not fight him unless we have to.
He keeps his hands lowered to his side, but his gauntlets still spark occasionally.

Hakumen: State your presence here, insolent being. Now.
He keeps Ookami held in a fighting stance, his faceless mask locked on the man.

Nu scans the man much faster than usual due to her upgrade.
Nu: Scanning… complete. No abnormalities detected in first target or avian life forms. Target identified as a human life-form.

Sep 06, 2013 at 06:48PM EDT

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