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erza intervenes in all of this


she says as she raises her hand to try and calm everyone down

Erza: listen here everyone. if what he says is true and he is just passing by for some reason, than we should just let it be. i know this may sound strange for you all but there is no reason to make things worse than it already is. let him do what he has to do here and he will be off. there is no need for all of this meaningless tension. save your energy for what matters right now. and that is for fighting the baloon masters forces.

Laxus: she has a point. despite how we may feel about all of this, there is a much easier way to deal with all of this. just let him do what he is here to do, give him what he asks for and hell leave us alone. so calm the fuck down everyone!

laxus withdraws his lightning around him as erza unsummons her sword

Erza: we dont know why you are here crow, nor do we wish to fully understand your purpose here. but if it is just a drink that you request than im sure someone here would be able to offer you one for your troubles.

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Sep 06, 2013 at 07:05PM EDT

Only Tsunarmin and Granatir actually respond. The others are still prepared for combat just in case.

Tsunarmin: You lot seem to be familiar with this guy already. Do you mind telling us who he is? Because we have no idea.

Sep 06, 2013 at 07:09PM EDT

?: Crow?…..what?…..hmmmm anyway thankyou, I can spare a moment to wait
He slowly backs away from the group and stands waiting…

You will notice that he isn’t actually carrying any kind of primary weapon, there is just a single pistol in a holster on his waist, apart from that there is nothing else

And he doesn’t just have one of these small metal boxes…he has loads….all in pouches and strapped around his harness and belt

?: I can see your involved in a war here, that is a common occurrence indeed, I wish you luck in your struggle

Sep 06, 2013 at 07:32PM EDT

Falcon suddenly appears with three glasses of water
Falcon: Cold, Warm, or hot? Your choice.
He does not seem to give two shits about the fact that the mysterious figure might be The Crow.

Sep 06, 2013 at 08:03PM EDT

?: I’ll take cold, unusual I know, but it’s very hot inside this suit

Sep 06, 2013 at 08:17PM EDT

Falcon pours the glass with the cold water into the container.
Falcon: There.
Falcon goes back to whatever he was doing before.

Sep 06, 2013 at 08:22PM EDT

He takes the water then pulls a tube out of the side of his head gear and puts it in, he drinks the water quickly and sets the empty glass down nearby
?: Thankyou, I needed that. Now I will be on my way again
He takes a few steps to the exit
?: Goodbye heretics
He walks out into the snow and puts some distance between himself and the Normandi, he stops and opens up the silver box that he had been holding by his side and takes out something from within in. From close observation he can be seen dropping whatever it was into the snow below his feet intentionally, after-which he then makes his way off through the deep snow to continue his travels, leaving the object behind

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Sep 06, 2013 at 08:38PM EDT

Reimu disperses the card she had been prepping, and puts Sakuya’s knife back in her sleeve.

Marisa can only glance at Reimu with a large look of concern, knowing that that card she carried was by far her most dangerous one… and stabbing herself in a vital spot would have been enough to activate it…

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Sep 06, 2013 at 09:32PM EDT

as crow leaves, laxus stares off at the diatance to make sure he is gone. he notices him dropping something on the ground before disappearing.

laxus: hey, what the hell did that bastard drop on the floor? i dont trust that thing one bit. HEY, one of you guys go out and check that thing he dropped.

erza sits back down and continues to drink her tea with cheston

Erza: i dont see why he needed to call us heretics. what the hell have we done wrong to be called such a name. we are the ones trying to save a planet filled with innocent people being enslaved by an evil dictator.


pantherlilly notices reimu holding out the knife and card in her hands before putting them away.

pantherlilly: uh, what was that for? were you prepared to use a spell just in case, but what was the knife for?

Sep 06, 2013 at 10:07PM EDT

The other Order mages get out of their positions for battle, their weapons and sheilds returning to wherever they are kept when not in use

Tsunarmin: Would someone mind explaining what just happened? Who the hell was that guy?

Pyralis: Seriously, we have no idea

Tempestia: That last comment was uncalled for and untrue., though.

*The reason the Order mages have no idea what just happened is that they have not even heard of the crow before. *

Solarian: Apparently he dropped something. They don’t trust him for reasons that would become apparent if we knew who he was, so… someone carefully go and get it, please?

Tempestia: Right.

Tempestia goes outside to check out what the crow had dropped

Sep 06, 2013 at 10:26PM EDT

Doomguy stumbles over to the doorway
Doomguy: I’mma go get it.
Doomguy walks out of the doorway, and pushes tempestia out of the way lightly.
Doomguy: Listen, lady. I don’t want someone like you to get hurt. It’s not that you’re a woman, it’s just that you probably couldn’t take the damage of it if it were a bomb. now get the hell out of here.
He turns to Tempestia
Doomguy: I just want to say that I could very easily bust your skull if I wanted, so don’t fuck with me.
He proceeds to near the object and inspect it.

Jotaro gets close to Erza
Jotaro: Listen: He’s a god. He wants us to believe in him, make him our one true savior. Frankly, i don’t give two shits about it.

OOC: Tardises, me and asura agreed I would get it.

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Sep 06, 2013 at 10:28PM EDT

Doomguy picks the object up out of the snow…

A golf ball sized metal sphere, weighing in at around a pound and perfectly round (C-c-c-combo)

A few taps of upon its surface indicate that it is very solid and hard wearing, obviously built to withstand extreme punishment and environments alike. Doomguy then rotates it in his hands and comes across something….

A red target is emblazoned across a portion of its surface

Sep 06, 2013 at 10:46PM EDT

Doomguy: huh. This thing… target…
aw shit.

Doomguy realized this is probably some sort of tracking device.
Doomguy: Might as well make the most of this.
He throws the sphere in some odd direction away from both the ship and the city. It goes relatively far away from both.
Doomguy: that should take care of that.
Doomguy heads back to the ship, but stops just inside the doorway to watch what’s about to unfold.

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Sep 06, 2013 at 10:53PM EDT

We have already discussed about your long exposure in this reality so..for the sake of our employees survival..we will just pick up those unnecessary papers you left in that steel corridor and put them somewhere else..Now be gone, back to the place where you spawned..little pidgeon…or we will be forced to put a scarecrow in this rice field.

The gorilla slowly sips tea in a very delicate manner as he looks at the gorgeous female in front of him in mere curiosity. For Cheston, humans are interesting yet odd creatures, hard to understand or predict like a small elf with a chainsaw with innocent animals in front of him. You never know what’s going to happen next and that’s something Cheston had to get used to since he learnt to speak English.

Cheston: My dear human, class is something you gain over the years, starting with a suit and then reaching the skies with tea and classical music. Of course, such a class is hard to reach with a pun maker running around, with a little gas mask wearing psycopath with more issues than the villian itself and a hyperkinetic rabbity. Sam being a small exception of this suicide squad..Speaking of that detective..Where is he? Haven’t seen him in awhile..
A soldier appears behind Cheston, holding a teapot and a plate full of cookies.
What took you so long my friend?
Soldier 3: Max is in the kitchen and Support is trying to get rid of him. This explains why my helmet is covered in mustard, with small pieces of spaghetti hanging around like a Rasta hair in the middle of Jamaica. Just don’t head to the kitchen if you value your sanity.

@Group 1
30 minutes since the infiltration started. The group lead by former Anti S member Assassin managed to get behind the Fog Supressor’s city and finally, they can have a good view of these buildings where the snipers are. Assassin takes a small amount of minutes to explain what kind of enemies they will find in this place where the Balloon Master’s will is the law.
Humans are useless. The weakest alien overlord can arrive to the surface of Earth and kill ten of them before going down to the local authorities but here in Mobius, human life is very valuable since It’s easier to reprogram a computer rather than making and developing a whole new mechanism. Most of the citizens were mindslaved and put in the main troops inside the cities but, those who had something “special” such as important abilities like gimnastics, strenght, etc, these citizens are sent to the lab. Weeks are spent as these women and men cry in agony as the Master creates the special units, the Anti S and another countless number of abominations.

Infiltrators: Since the female body is relatively weak compared to the male’s, the Infiltrators are one of the most commonly found special units in Mobius. With the same amount of traning like Assassin, two handguns and a great agility, they were designed to seek, follow and eliminate those who dare to step near a Fog Supressor. Their gigantic visor allows them to see in the night, in the middle of the wild jungle and even in the world’s biggest sandstorm. After a good amount of days stealing and reading Ol’ Desperado files, the Balloon Master was able to duplicate the famous stealth suit these cyborgs loved to employ in battle. Infiltrators are easily spotted since the suit renders them invisible but the red light coming out of their advanced visors makes them look like cyclops ghosts.
Hunter Soldiers: Along with the Slashers, HSoldiers are one of the most dangerous units in Mobius. These units are the result of a long series of experiments with Hunter’s cells and brains. After a numerous amount of failed attempts, the Master was able to mix the human genetic code with a touch of the strenght and wild nature of these creatures. Trained by Johnson, they don’t use guns like the rest of the special units, using their bare hands and brute force instead. Just like their animal counterparts, they travel in packs and they like to “play” with their pray, causing paranoia and fear, inducing the worst kind of psycological torture before they proceed to finish them off.
Snipers: Long ranged special unit, the “heart” and main guard of the Fog Supressors. Mindslaved to the point where the only word they can pronounce is “shoot”, snipers were designed to be as accurate as a bot. Their weapon of choice is a futuristic compound crossbow: A single bullet is able to pierce through flesh, cloth and more. “WARNING: Sniper field” signs can be found around the cities along with piles of corpses, skeletons of soldiers, Eggman robots and citizens who were trying to run away.

Robots are the cheapest way to overpower your enemy and defeat. Good aim, basic programming, logical conclussions and, with a good amount of factories, they are a endless wave that wipes out everything that touches. Bots building bots is the next step that will give you enough troops to cover the entire universe. The Master likes to send the robots as the main troops to face the enemy since they are cheap and effective but..we must go beyond that right..?

Average Robotic Unit: Beep boop maggot. Nasty accuracy, enough strenght to crush a normal human’ bone..As I said, bots are cheap and effective units and, during the war, our heroes will have to face wave of these sentient units.
Cyborgs: Cyborgs are something new, they are the result of what happens when you have a piece of living flesh around who is pretty much useless. They are failed experiments, unlucky test subjects who ended up being nothing but tissue, organs, red blobs of human flesh with a basic inteligence. These blobs are contained in a robotic exoskeleton that allows them to shoot down their opponents. Cyborgs are constantly bleeding, speaking gibberish or mindlessly wandering around the Master facilities, trying to understand this complex world with their brains that are now combined with their lungs and the rest of the organs. Despite not being as smart as the Robotic Units, Cyborgs can take a lot of damage before these blobs explode into pieces. If there is a mind reader around…for your own sake..don’t try to read these creatures minds..

@Group 2
Spark: Alright super chumps! Group 1 is in know what this means. We need to create some sort of distraction and covering fire for them. Foster told me that the Sonic bomb is quite heavy to lift and saddly, we need to put this artifact on the top of the mountain near the Fog Supressor. Once it goes off, we will apporach the city entrance with military vehicles, proving covering fire for Group 1, who will infiltrate and take down the snipers and any units they can find. Our enemies will be defeated one by one and once the place is clear..the Fog Supressor shall go down..
To the trucks! Pick a partner and get ready to roll! Tager, Veteran, Laxus and Hakumen, I will need your help to put that explosive thing on top of the mountain. If anyone else wants to help, please follow us.

There should be a gigantic case where the bomb is kept waiting for someone to pick it up.

Sep 06, 2013 at 10:54PM EDT


Ragna turns to look at Jotaro and laughs.
Ragna: Pfft. A god? What the hell are you going on about? If that guy was a god, you would feel it in your very being. What would a “god” even be doing in the middle of the arctic just to come chit-chat with us? Yeah. My point exactly. Besides, even if there is one it’s moved on.
He scoffs Jotaro off and goes to sit back down.

The White Knight turns to look at Jotaro.
Hakumen: The Beast is right… The person that was just here did not have the presence of a god. If this being was a god, you would all be on your knees from the power irradiating from him…
He keeps standing where he is, arms crossed and having sheathed Ookami.

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Sep 06, 2013 at 10:56PM EDT

Jotaro raises an eyebrow
Jotaro: You wanna know how I know that thing was a god?
He gets closer.
Jotaro: I met it before. Not in that form, however. It was some bald guy in a nice suit with a cane thing on his leg.
Falcon pipes in
Falcon: And it had the same color text as crow and his minions, too!
Jotaro: I’m sorry, what?
Falcon: oh, yeah, you can’t break the fourth wall. Forget I said anything. I could be wrong.
Jotaro: That guy didn’t have the same… vibe as the god, however. I might be wrong.

When Doomguy hears about the heavy lifting, he heads back inside to check out the bomb.
Doomguy: I’m carrying 700 pounds of gear on my back, and can run at like 90 MPH. Who says I can’t lift this?

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Sep 06, 2013 at 11:01PM EDT

Tempestia: …I see your point. She quickly re-enters the ship

After re-entering…

Tempestia: Something happening?

Tahrdan: Yeah. We’re needed. All of us. We are apparently to head to some ‘trucks’…

Solarian: We’ll just follow the others to them, then. And make sure you’re ready for combat at a moment’s notice.

the Order mages proceed to follow the rest, since they do not know where to go themselves.

Tempestia: Did they explain what that guy was?

TsunarminL They claim that he was some sort of god. I do not know whether to believe them or not, though.

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Sep 06, 2013 at 11:11PM EDT

@Group 1,

Jin stays as quiet as ever, just nodding as the descriptions run by him. He doesn’t seem to be phased by any of this. All in his mind is the goal of his.

@Group 2,

Tager goes over to the bomb and picks it up effortlessly with one hand. He then puts it under his arm, carrying it like that.
Tager: I can carry this by myself, but I will need some help getting it up the mountainside. My readings indicate that it is very slippery, and my weight wouldn’t go over well with that.
He turns to the group.
Tager: I need your some assistance for protection and helping me get this up the mountain.
The Red Devil is also completely white, having changed the color of his skin for camouflage.

Ragna turns to look at Nu.
Ragna: You’re comin’ with me.
He holds out a hand for Nu to take.

Nu: Like, okay! I’ll totally go with Ragna!
She smiles up at him as he leads her to the trucks.

Meanwhile, Hakumen makes his way over to Erza.
Hakumen: Captain Spark said that we needed “partners”. Would you join me in this endeavor, Erza?

Flandre pairs up with Reimu and Marisa for this mission since Juvia is gone. She’s sitting on Marisa’s shoulders right now.

Sep 06, 2013 at 11:22PM EDT

Everyone drops what they’re doing, and heads over to the trucks, partnering up.
the pairs are Jotaro and Ken, Josuke and Okuyasu, Doomguy and Falcon. Giorno still needs a partner.

Sep 06, 2013 at 11:26PM EDT


… You obviously can’t feel it’s presence because you have never been trained to be able to. And he wasn’t causing a disturbance inside of you.

“True. But usually the place where we come from it’s rather obvious when something is a god when it starts attacking. That’s when I can feel the energy anyways.”

@Spell Conversation:

Reimu can only look to the side, even a little disturbed about what she was about to do.

Marisa then goes to Pantherlilly

“Upon Death, our most powerful magic activates and revives us as it obliterates the opponent. … She was planning on stabbing herself to use it…. But that card… well, I named it for her. It’s Fantasy Heaven.”

Marisa puts her Hakkuro back in it’s holdster

“With her power to float, she floats away from Reality itself. And from there she unleashes a spell so strong… well… nothing can stop it. Not even Conceptual Empowered Magic. The earth would be erased in about 15 seconds.”

She sits back down

This might be the only spell strong enough to get rid of somebody that strong. But even then… Sorry, I nearly ended you all, that was very rash of me… I need to go lay down for a bit…

Reimu sort of weakly bumps her way down the hall and back to the lounge, where she plops down on the couch and covers her face with a pillow.


Marisa rubs her head, lost in unpleasant thought. Without Suika, she would still be powderized reality….


Proof that Reimu has the energy capacity to destroy the earth.

That Yin-Yang Orb is a manifestation of her power. Self Destructing devoured the earth in a black hole and erased the planet. This feat is possible with a suicide move.

Additionally, using Rinnosuke’s statement that “The Master Spark can Destroy a Mountain [using Mount Aka as his point of reference]”, I was able to find the output of Fantasy Heaven. The Data Matches Up.

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the Order mages arrive at the trucks by following the others…

Solarian: Hmmm…. It might not be possible for us to stick together as one group… this is not good, considering how individually weak we are…

Tsunarmin: We’ll have to think carefully of how we’re going to split up, then.

the Order mages just stand outside the trucks trying to plan out how they’re going to split up

Sep 06, 2013 at 11:47PM EDT


A few seconds pass and not a thing happens, the small object is just sat out there somewhere, lost and inanimate…Nonetheless, what has happened before them is a very significant event that will come to light in the future sometime…

The actual Crows physical manifestation has been busy elsewhere in a whole different time and part of the universe entirely. It is a busy bird and would never meaninglessly squander it’s time trudging around in snow and playing with metal balls on black listed heretical planets….

We find the omniversal super being sat atop a obsidian monolith in space that is orbiting a terran planet that is rife with life

Roger gazes down upon the world below
Roger: This…..this calls for music….
He snaps his fingers (Too godly for finger snapping) a Ghettoblaster Boombox effortlessly appears next to him
Roger: Dooododedoo….“Mega base” huh? yerp!
He presses the MegaBase button in firmly, the blaster gives of a jolt-like hum
Roger: Aaaaand click
Presses play

Roger: I don’t want to set your wooooooorld oooooon fiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiire IIII just want to staaaaaaart a flame in your heeeeearrrrt….In my heart I have but one deeeeesiiiiiiiire and that one is yooooouuu no other will doooo-…..Ah your here, bout damn time too, my ass is getting numb to fuck sitting on this classy floating space rock

A Shadow Creature minion is standing next to him, with glowing lifeless puppy dog eyes….

It looks to be holding something out to Roger…

Roger: What is this…the 4th time today?

The Creature just stands there

Roger: “Yes Mr.Roger sir you must be real fucking tired eh?” Your right there buddy, now hand me that thingy your holding
It stretches its black and inky hands out to Roger and passes him the object before disappearing from site, leaving the god there alone….sat in space….watching down at the world….he carries on singing along…
Roger: I’ve lost all ambition for worldly acclaim, I just want to be the one you love
He looks down at the object

Roger: And with your admission that you feel the same
He places the palm of his hand calmly on the button
Roger: I’ll have reached the goal I’m dreaming of……..sigh….
And with one firm press the entire planet before his eyes his transformed into a blue fireball of instant death and annihilation before quickly becoming a singularity and collapsing in upon itself in a flash of colours….
Roger: oops…hehe….

Sep 06, 2013 at 11:58PM EDT

@team 1.

erza: a god like him doesnt need to show off his powers at all. im sure he is capable of hiding it however he feels like. judging by what hakumen said. such power like that can be easily detected, but he can hide it however he sees fit. i believe he is that powerful.

erza turns to hakumen after hearing about the bomb and plans

erza: sure, the two of us shall be partners then.

laxus notices giorno has no partner and joins him

laxus: normally i dont work well with others that earnt in my team back at my guild. but i guess we have no choice in the matter. im sure well do just fine right …. gio… giorno… corecct?

@marisa and reimu

pantherlilly was shocked to hear about such a spell and how she was mere seconds away from considering its use to destroy everything. he follows them back to the lounge room to speak to them

pantherlilly: how… how could you even consider such a travesty? DO YOU REALIZE WHAT YOU COULD HAVE DONE. he is so angered that he transforms into his fighting form and looks at them by the couch YOU WOULD EVEN CONSIDER THROWING THE LIVES OF YOUR FRIENDS, OUR FRIENDS. AND THE BILLIONS OF INNOCENT PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET. OUR HOME. HAVE YOU NO SHAME? DOES OUR LIVES NOT MEAN ANYTHING TO YOU PEOPLE AT ALL?

OOC: consider pantherlilly the lawful good (stupid) type character in Fairy Tail.

@spark and infiltrating team.
everyone continues to follow the exact movements of spark and assassin. they await further orders

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Sep 07, 2013 at 12:03AM EDT

Gionro: Yes, that’s correct. You’re that “Laxus” guy. the one with the lightning powers.
He turns to face Laxus
Giorno: I want to tell you something that I’ve been meaning to put out. I think you’re all developing stands slowly.
Giorno sits down.
Giorno: you see, when I was with my gang, there was this chick who didn’t have a stand, but when she hanged out with us for a long period of time, she began to see stands. and she developed her own stand. That’s why I think you guys are developing stands of your own. you can see stands. And some of you… have a certain vibe I’ve felt before.
He gets up.
Giorno: Anyways, I hope we make a good team.
the two men walk off.

OOC: Off to bed with me.

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Sep 07, 2013 at 12:12AM EDT

the Order mages have decided how they are going to split up. They’ll be attempting to cover each other’s elemental weaknesses, as such the 4 teams of the Order mages are;

Tahrdan and Pyralis
Noctan and Solarian
Tsunarmin and Ignis
Tempestia and Granatir

Solarian: I hope we can make it through alright…

(OOC: I take it that developing stands thing is something we can choose to act upon? And it would take much longer for the Order mages than the rest, of course. Not to mention I simply don’t have 7 distinct ideas…)

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Sep 07, 2013 at 12:15AM EDT

Reimu looks up

I am well aware of what I can do…

She lets Pantherlilly scream at her for that bit… by the end she is shaking

I… I…

Memories of her actions during Concealed the Conclusion… the catastrophe she caused with her powers…

This… I…

“Reimu, just calm down. You where just reacting on reflex. Besides…”


She loses it for several minutes

Born with a villains power… I am just a bad apple…

Do What You Will Panther. Strike Me Down if you mu-

Marisa then thwacks Reimu across the head with her broom stick, sending Reimu crashing into the wall and leaving a rather nice Reimu-shaped dent in it. Making the mens toilet inaccessible.


“Bad Apple. HAH. Not bad merely different. Like the sour ones used to make pies.”

What kind of analogy is that!?

“One I made up to excuse my thwack over your head.”

“Not like you haven’t used your powers to save the country, no THE WORLD over 20 times! What is one and a maybe compared to that?”

“Just wait! This journey will be over before you know it and you can relax for the whole month!”

Ah…? … yeah, I guess you are right.


Wow. Been a while since I made an emotional bit.

In before Spark laughs his head off.

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Sep 07, 2013 at 04:06AM EDT

OOC: If I was in a position to give her advice, I’d tell her that it’s not her fault she has that power, it’s how it’s used that matters. Which… I guess is pretty much the point that Marisa’s making, too… I guess I’d also remind her that around here there are many who would help her if she felt she needed it.

EDIT: Just so this post has even a little plot relevance….

On another world, there are 19 light glyphs. Iblan and Immolan appear first, followed by the gods (plus Tikal), with the Norsemen appearing last. The area is rather cold, with the soil having traces of frost in it.

Harald: This place feels a bit open. We should establish a settlement here so we can defend ourselves against any potential hostile forces.

Loki: Did you bring enough resources with you?

The two Gatherers respond to Loki by going over to the Ox Cart, and showing that they brought 1000 food, wood, and gold.

Harald: Enough to set up a rough settlement, with enough food left over to call upon one of the other gods.

Iblan: Might I suggest one that would make buildings more durable? Because if we’re setting up a base here, I’d rather we make it secure.

Harald: We can call upon Heimdall to make walls and towers more durable and require fewer resources to build. But I’d rather we conserved gold for training, so we may not be able to build walls…

Suwako: Just leave that to me~. Tell me where you want them and I will raise up the ground beneath our feet to form the walls.

Iblan: Right. We’ll have two gods making our walls durable, then. This ‘Heimdall’ of which you speak will make them more durable, while Suwako here actually makes them.

Hersir: Might I suggest that two of us work on the Town Center, two of us work on the Temple and at the same time those walls are made?%
(OOC: the ‘us’ he is referring to would be himself and the three ulfsarks. Norse infantry (and hersir) do the actual building)

Harald: Right. I will outline where the walls are going to be. For efficiency purposes, I would have the goddess ride with me.

Harald waits for Suwako to mount his horse, and proceeds to ride off to a distance so that the TC (TC = Town Center) under construction is just barely visible on the horizon.

Harald: I would like the wall to form one large circle overall, unless we happen to find any defensive positions which we can exploit. Can you create walls while we ride?

Suwako: Just leave it to me.

Harald proceeds to ride more or less in a very large circle maintaining a constant distance from the TC. The jarl is just barely keeping ahead of the walls that Suwako is bringing up behind him. The walls rise up like cliffs, though are not very thick. They are still four times as durable as a simple wooden wall, however. Harald deviates from the circular path just once when he encounters a forest. He rides around the edge facing away from the TC so that the forest is enclosed in the walls. By the time he finishes riding round, the Temple has been built so all four builders are working on the TC, which is nearly complete.

Gatherers: There dies not seem to be much food or gold here…
Harald: We found a forest, which has been enclosed inside the walls. Take the Ox Cart and go collect wood from it. Once we call upon Heimdall, we’ll start looking into farming, which will leave us set for food. As for gold… We’ll need a market. We can only spare 100 gold of the 600 we have remaining for other things We’ll need 500 gold to call upon either Njord or Bragi, at which point we’ll be able to build the market. (the TC cost 300 and the temple cost 100. advancing to the Heroic Age costs 500… and neither the armory (needed for Heroic Age) or market cost any gold for the Norse. I actively checked the ingame costs.)

The two gatherers proceed to travel over to the forest. The raiding cavalry escort them just in case.

Arkantos: You are certainly a capable comamnder, Harald. If Suwako had not offered to build those walls for you free of resource cost, would you have waited until after you had the market built before you even considered building any?

Harald: You would be correct, Arkantos. I see I am in the presence of one who also knows how to conserve resources well.

Immolan: Considering how few resources there are around here and how well dressed for the environment these ‘Norsemen’ are, I’m not surprised. They probably had to learn those skills well just to survive.

(OOC: Basically, the base is being set up. I may arrange it so that the overall fortification the heroes would have to fight through would involve aspects of all four civilisations in AoM (plus Suwako’s walls, of course.))

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Sep 07, 2013 at 05:12AM EDT

OOC: Too late

It’s worst since I’m not into the Touhuo universe.
Speaking of things going down the sewers..I will post in this afternoon. Some military stuff will be going around and something else.


Sep 07, 2013 at 08:11AM EDT

OOC: Ok, It’s been a long time, and whenever I want to post, I forget what I should write or I’m to lazy because university and work… And now I am dealing with a Karma bomber who was downvoted TARDISES too and lot more…


After the explanation about the new powers, Blitz was skeptical about it. It’s like, he didn’t change so much, only the removal of the blood hunger… B-but, I like the blood, I am a vampire of the AoD, That’s what a vampire do… sucking blood from some living…. He thinking, More physical conditioning than before as a vampire… Soooo… I am not a vampire anymore? What the fuck I am now? Some kind of experiment or a bad clone of Asura? She says I can manipulated my blood, but I can not make the blood harden like Asura… It’s like she did it on purpose just so that I’m not going to be like that freak. *It’s like being a cattle.

Blitz : Good… I am a freak with blood powers…
NMM : You just realized that?
NM :

Blitz turns to NMM and give look at her with his bright reddish eyes.
Blitz : You are going to start again? Mule…
NMM : Well, I was getting bored and you are here, right?
Blitz : I have new powers you know? I can smash your stupid head!
NMM : Ohh, and only for that, you think your are more powerful? And besides, I was thinking that you don’t like your powers.
Blitz : H-how-
NMM : You could made me, but don’t know me at all…

Okay, she is right… I made her with the help of the science and the dark magic of the Boss, but I didn’t know her? I know why she sometimes called the Boss “Father”, because he understand her… Or maybe is the dark magic? I don’t know… For this time, NMM can’t touch Blitz due the experiment with the black blood… Yet.

Blitz : Well, we need to start this now…
NM :
Blitz : Boss…?
NM :
Blitz : Bo-
NM : What?
Blitz : You are right?
NM : Yes…

There is a stranger power coming from Mobius… I can feel it… I hope BM will be fine

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Sep 07, 2013 at 12:13PM EDT


pantherlilly rubs his eyes with his thumb and finer trying to recollect himself from all of this

pantherilly: there is a reason why we are all doing this. we are trying to fight the balloon masters empire that is opressing the people in this world. to just do such a rash move like that just to destroy an entity such as him is a complete betrayal to us all afer everything weve benn through together. that is what hurt the most reimu. i know your heart and mind are set in the right place. but you have to have more self control than that. every single persons life is important, and not one more than the other. you need to understand that. promise me you wont use that card or any other one similar to that. such power should not be used so carelessly. he changes back to his regular cat form and flies to reimu and marisa i hope you learned a valuable lesson how precious life is. not just ours, but everyone elses. now come. the others should be waiting for us outside.

everyone else is partnered up and are awaiting for further orders by the trucks.

@spark and assassin
everyone is ready and prepared for whats to come next and await further orders

@medic and yukari

medusa looks at blitz and NMM and waits for their squabbling to finish.

Medusa: are you two people finished? good. now blitz. do you really want to know what you are becoming? its simple really.

asura enters the room, he has a devilish grin in his face

asura: your becoming a kishin. just like me. a true being of madness. something that few could ever hope to grasp.

medusa: that is right. but right now you had just begun your journey down the path of the kishin. you are what we call a Kishin egg. a being who is just becoming a god of madness. so tyour powers are far fom that of asuras, but your on the way to it. you see, in order to become a fully born Kishin. the consumption of human souls is necessary, thousands of them. from what ive discovered, your vampiric blood hunger prevented your kind from progressing down that path due to your inability to sustain yourselves for long periods of time. which caused deterioration to your powers if not kept nourished. but what ive done is removed that deterioration so that you can fully retain your powers as it grows stronger and stronger without penalty.

asura: besides, your hunger has only changed so that instead of the need to feed. its something that you wish to satisfy and become more powerful. instead of just staying alive anr retaining the powers you creatures have now. and the ability to manipulate your own blood is something entirely obtaining all on its own.

medusa: through just the powers of your thoughts, you can easily manipulate your own blood to how you see fit. becoming a living weapon all on your own. its just about how creative you can be, so long as you dont shoot your blood out and waste it like those dirty guns you people use.

asura: so now that this experiment is finished. are you ready to proceed with the other vampires under NM army?

medusa: yes, ive provided enough sblack blood syringes and medications for each of them. just a matter of distributing them and making sure they take their medications. so whenevey your ready medic. we can proceed to the next step.

the process should take about 5 hours just like it took our other characters 5 hours to get back to mobius on the normandy. hopefully this should get us caught up with the current time considering that this just happened before we left LOCAF.

OOC: like i said, you can be creative with your blood medic. use em as various weapons of sorts, you can mold them into wing so he can fly. whatever. just remember that he cannot harden the blood at will like senator Armstrong and nanomachines to resist physical trauma. i only did that because then it would be very overpowered to have all your vampires like that.

so welcome back and hope to continue the madness.

Sep 07, 2013 at 12:56PM EDT

OOC: Just decided something to do with text colour. Because Loki’s forces are wearing red, they will have red text. (Same logic for the blue text for the Atlanteans. They were wearing blue.) Speaking of those forces…

The Norsemen have invoked Heimdall as a patron minor god, advancing to the Classical Age in the process. The immediate effects of this are now there are two Einherjar, because Heimdall granted the group one for invoking him as a patron minor god, and the ulfsarks and hersir gain a significant increase in the effectiveness of their attacks. (Ulfsarks and hersir only have, what, 2 hack attack in the archaic age?) Less obvious is the fact that the ‘heroes’ of the group become more durable as a result (The ‘heroes’ of the group are of course Iblan’s group… Even Tikal counts and she’s a non-combatant… at least Loki could take the form of something that could do damage.)

Harald: We need some more gatherers. The Town Center will provide one for 50 food. We do not have enough to invoke a second minor god yet anyway, so we need the gatherers to farm. And if we had someone capable of scouting out the area, we could look for a gold mine…

Iblan: Make yourself useful, Tikal, use that form of a ball of light to go scouting for us.

Tikal: Alright.

She proceeds to fly out past Suwako’s walls, in the search for any gold mines. She does not really like being ordered around by Iblan, though. Especially since she doesn’t quite trust the motives that are seemingly becoming apparent…

(OOC: Hmm. I’m not really sure about how to handle Tikal once the inevitable battle comes. Maybe I’ll have her act as an advice giver for the heroes, due to opposing Iblan’s motives of apparent conquest…)

Back at the TC, there are a couple of gatherers, who Harald sets to building a farm each.
(OOC: Farms in AoM are the slowest way of gathering food, but at the same time they are an unlimited source of food. )

Hersir: When we collect more resources, might I suggest we train more Hersir? We wouldn’t live up to the Beastkiller clan name if we didn’t have the men to kill those beasts.

Einherjar: There is also the fact that if there are more men in battle, there are more that are likely to die glorious deaths and join us in Valhalla.

(OOC; Valhalla is basically Norse heaven. The dead selected by the Valkyries are all living in one hall. They can pretty much fight and feast all day and night, and any injuries will be healed. You had to die in battle to have a chance of going there, though. Norse mythology is the most awesome mythology I have come across. And the einherjar has that text colour because the einherjar are the souls of warriors who died in battle, basically. When I introduce truly ether elemental things, they will have the same text colour.)

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OOC: Speaking of your antagonists, when will they show up?

Sep 07, 2013 at 03:20PM EDT

OOC: Not for a while. And when they do they’ll have a built up fortress as well as their own army. The first encounter is going to be accidental on the antagonists’ part.

Sep 07, 2013 at 03:34PM EDT

Loud footsteps, doors are opened and closed over and over again, weapons are being picked up as fast as possible, car engine sounds and even more footsteps. A lot of movement in Normandi as our heroes prepare themselves for the invassion. The bomb is in position and the troops are ready to roll. Group 1 patiently waits for the Captain orders as the snow slowly penetrates their very souls. Everyone gets inside the military trucks, except for Tager and Veteran who are forced to wait in Normandi for obvious reasons. A silent moment, a total amount of 5 minutes before the Captain presses the Sonic Boom’s detonator buttom but nothing is head, one would expect a “kaboom” or something else but nothing can be heard. Spark heads to the outside to see what happened, only to see how the mountain is torn apart, dirty, snow, rocks, the air is covered in a white curtain as a rapid flow of snow descends upon the city.

The Normandi hangar doors are opened and the attack begins. A group of 100 trucks come out of this gigantic air vehicle and head directly to the city, catching the attention of the snipers and the troops surrounding the cities. As the trucks keep get close to the cities, robotic units can be seen. Bullet hell is unleashed from the city. You should cover yourself.

@Erza, Hakumen, Natsu, Jotaro, anyone who was with them in their respective trucks.
Saddly for this group of heroes, the soldiers who were driving were killed by the Snipers with a single headshot. If no one takes control of this vehicle, don’t expect to go anywhere.

@Group 1
And with the distraction set, the group 1 begins their infiltration mission. Assassin orders the group to run directly to the city since the snipers and the troops are busy with something else. Snow keeps falling from the mountain so be careful where you step or you may end up buried in the Arctic.

Packs of Hunter Soldiers are slowly appearing out of nowhere.

Sep 07, 2013 at 04:07PM EDT

the first action of three of the four pairs of Order mages is to cast Barrier. Unfortunately for Tahrdan and Pyralis, neither one of them can cast it. They have to respond in a different manner… which OYH can quickly arrange, by turning into the large orb of water and deflecting any shots from the front. Tahrdan tries to hold OYH in place, for if the stand is knocked off the truck, there goes their protection. Pyralis is unable to really do anything right now…

Sep 07, 2013 at 04:30PM EDT

@Medusa Asura

After hearing that, Blitz makes a grin of confusion.
Blitz : So, That’s make me a demi-god? Like the Boss!?
NMM : I begining to hate this plan…
Blitz turns to Moon.
Blitz : Ha! Who is the demi-god now?
NMM : The Boss…you idiot.
Blitz :

NM : Now Blitz can fly? That can be a good advantage… I want my soldier fly too if you do not mind Medusa
NMM : What! But…
NM : No “buts”… This can be the new generation of the AOD!
Blitz : GREAT! Just a question… How eats a soul? And I don’t know how to use my new powers?

NM was thinking for a brief moment, later NM turns to Asura and them to Blitz. In the end, NM points Asura.
NM : He will teach you some of your new hablities. Asura, can you help this “new Kishin”? I am a Demi-God too, but I don’t know much about the Blood Magic and that things.


So Tarhdan, are you mean that your villans will help us or what?

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Sep 07, 2013 at 04:45PM EDT

OOC: No. I mean they have their own purposes and will be appearing later. The only reason they can have an army at all is because of the Norse clansmen who are loyal to Loki and have him as their patron major god.

Sep 07, 2013 at 05:07PM EDT

Reimu agrees with what Pantherlilly has to say and goes for the trucks.

As the truck Reimu and Marisa are in begins to spin out of control, Marisa grabs the wheel

“How do you accelerate!?”

I don’t know! Press Buttons!

Marisa turns the windsheild wiper on and off, honks the horn several times, turns the radio on and plays highway to hell for a few seconds, and finally figures out there are petals on the floor and floors it, causing the car to accelerate and break at the same time, sending it out of control


She sees a bullet headed straight at her, and she dodges it in time just to cut her cheek. This sends the car spinning out of control again and will probably crash when it enters the city

Yukari finally wakes up Asura and Nightmare Medic talking

Yukari: “Ah, that was a pleasant nap.”

She has been asleep for a week. One shutters to imagine how long she actually sleeps for.

Yukari: “Keep talking angry at each other. The bigger and more confused your emotions are the more energy I get.”

She smiles, realizing she had just dropped a major hint on what she needs to live.

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Sep 07, 2013 at 06:33PM EDT

Since the Order mages have no idea where the snipers are, all they can do is be defensive. This means a lot of healing spells among the four respective trucks that they are in. Tahrdan and Pyralis are the main targets of the 8, it seems. This is due to OYH making that particular truck quite an attractive target – It’s an orb of water in a snowstorm. Not exactly subtle. The other 3 pairs are taking cover in their respective trucks, as that is all they can really do at the moment.

Sep 07, 2013 at 06:51PM EDT

For the other trucks

Falcon takes the wheel and drives the truck like a pro.

Okuyasu takes the helm, and puts his stand’s hand covering his face to absorb the bullets.

Giorno takes the driver’s seat, and uses his stand to basically nullify any shots the snipers take.

Sep 07, 2013 at 07:01PM EDT

@Truck with Hakumen in it,

He had to take the sheath off his back so he could fit in the truck. However he holds it in one hand at his side.

Hakumen: Drive! I will handle this!
He puts both his hands together, starting to glow a blue coloring. He is using one of the moves he developed over the course of the training… the powerful ally shield. This shield expands from Hakumen and over all the nearby vehicles where the heroes are, allowing a safe passage for all of them. However this is eating up Hakumen’s reserves of power. He cannot speak, and is just sat there protecting his allies with the barrier.

@Hunter Soldiers,

Jin looks at the Hunter Soldiers appearing out of nowhere while following Assassin.
Jin: So you are the scum that she told us about?
Ice begins to spike up from the ground and form into a cross shape in front of Jin. The ice contains his sword, Yukianesa. He smiles at the Hunter Soldiers creepily.

He quickly smashes the ice with a single hand, grabbing Yukianesa from inside the ice and holding it at his side.
Jin: This won’t even take a second!
Large amounts of ice begins to form around Jin as he unsheathes Yukianesa from the scabbard.

He then points a hand at a group of Hunter Soldiers, sending a massive blade of highly compact ice that erodes life straight at them.

The massive blade of ice has around 18,900 pounds of force to it, and it is heading straight at them.

@Truck with Reimu and Marisa in it,

Ragna, Nu, and Flandre are unlucky enough to be in the same truck with them. Panic ensues, but then Falcon takes control of the wheel. Currently everyone is inside the barrier of Hakumen’s. However, they all take cover from the bullet storm heading their way

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Sep 07, 2013 at 07:08PM EDT

In a far away dimension and different part of space, Roger sits upon his obsidian throne once more, orbiting the next-on-the-list planet…

He gazes down on the planet from his mighty position and savours it’s final moments…
Roger: Ahead of there time…..modern era of technology…..lots of history……planetary scale worlds wars…..the usual happenings of a world like this….
He leans his elbow on the the arm of his throne, his head propped up by his hand
Roger: Around 5 billion…..multiple nations……inequality….famine in certain regions….not exactly the most perfect planet I’ve ever seen…..These are all problems I could have solved. I would have accelerated there technology….I would have….gifted them my knowledge…..enlightenment, it comes at the simple cost of faith….But ofcourse, they have there own beliefs, I showed them the usual tricks…..creating food from thin air…explaining there ancient history…..even the ol’ walking on water thing……however they are stubborn ones. I declared them heretics right there… the faces of there world leaders, they knew the consequences of their choice……..hehehe……they expect me to arrive with some sort of heavenly armada of angels and chariots of fire. They are sat down there right now, prepared for an attack, anxious and waiting, “united we stand” that sorta thing…….

A figure appears next to Roger….

Oswald the Absolver
Right hand man of The Crow, head of the Crows Church and his absolute confidant when the situation requires it so. He technically takes rank above everyone in the Conclave except the god itself.

He is also the only entity in existence who is capable of absolving heretics of their sins and status as enemies of the Crow, this makes him very unique in his role and a utmost important figure to seek if one wishes to reason with the Crow post-judgement. Due to his place as the almighty gods personal assistant it is evident that Oswald has an unbreakable faith in the Crow and is easily the most devout of all Loyalists when it comes to a test of belief and dedication. As the Loyal Servant he is tasked with many duties such as managing the Loyalist Conclave, dealing with military conflicts, speaking for the Crow in meetings and keeping an ever watchful eye over the faith of the Loyalists, always on the look out for signs of heresy

However Oswald’s history of how he came to attain such a place besides the Crow is hazy. Historians of the Church believe that he was once a meagre mortal who was granted power by the god and risen to his current post to entertain it. This was a long time ago now and over the era’s Crow has come to respect his undying servant and as such has granted him additional powers and tokens of gratitude. The god has made him into an immortal being, someone who will live to serve him forever and throughout the cycle of time but he has never been provided with any offensive abilities or the power to cause hurt to others…..Don’t be mistaken though, this doesn’t make him the 2nd most powerful being, just ONE of the most important ones.

With such a hefty title he chooses to always conduct himself with a high level of sensibility and ritualistic professionalism, always working by the book and never letting his pristine image fade for one moment. He knows what he must do and always goes about it with precision

However there is a twist to this man….on the outside he doesn’t quite fully show his true level of devoutness and can sometimes be perceived as being plagued by The Crow, often sighing at the Crows rash decision making

Oswald: My Lord.
His voice is aged yet very clear and well pronounced
Roger: Ah it’s you Oswald….ya ready to see some fireworks my boy?
Oswald: Indeed I am my Lord, I have brought thy detonation device.
Roger: Gimme dat here…
Oswald passes Roger the big red button
Oswald: I am happy to appease thee.
Roger: Just sit..and watch
He slams the button down, destroying the device in the process. The planet before them is instantly consumed in fires of death and purging pyres of lava, the landscape can be seen stripping away and deforming under the astronomical temperatures. After a few minutes the whole world has been glassed, every speck of life upon its surface vanquished from existence and replaced with seas of flame….

Sep 07, 2013 at 11:00PM EDT

@group a!
noticing the soldiers approaching. everyone begins their attacks on them

Gray: ice make: lance!

dozens of ice lances dart out en mass towards a group of soldiers

Lucy: she puls out two keys Virgo, Sagittarius. open.

as the two spirits are summoned, Sagittarius fires a volley of arrows with unmatched precision at another group of soldiers.

Sagittarius: my aim shall not yield to the likes of you creatures.

virgo was burrowed underground and quickly bursts from it and takes out a soldier from behind with a powerful hammerfist smash that sends him into the ground

juvia uses water slicer and send out multiple blades of water at high speeds to cut through the oncoming soldiers

mirajane had already transformed into satan soul form and unleashes a powerful blast of dark magic at the oncoming soldiers

gajeel unleashes his roar uppon the unsuspecting foe

they are torn to shreds by mirco-frament metal shards in his breathe

Levy follows suit to fight them off with her solid script magic

Levy: solid script: FIRE!

she shoots out a heavy stream of fire that melts the snow as it travels, creating a smoke screen of steam after hitting a hunter directly

wendy uses her sky magic to create a cover for everyone around to help obscure vision from the snipers and any other long ranged threats.

Wendy: sky dragon wing attack!

the area is covered in a snowy mist, making it dificult for long ranged units to interfere with their fighting as the mist covers a very large area while seeming to look natural

the fight has only begun for fairy tail

@group b

natsu is hanging to the side inside the car with happy, giorno and laxus and whoever else in it. his motion sickness leaves him useless as he is unable to do anything.

laxus takes cover while giorno takes over the car

Laxus: i sure hope you know how to drive this thing better than era can. im counting on you to not get us all killed before we even fight.

Erza is in the car with hakumen. she cant stand to just sit there while people are dying around due to the hail of bullets.

erza: hakumen, cover me for a bit, im opening the roof of the car. ill protect everyone around us while you keep me covered from the enemy fire.

she summons her sword and she cuts open the top hatch of the military truck so she can stick her upper body out. she requips into adamantine armour so that she can protect the other cars as they follow behind her. she makes comms with all the other cars still driving around with her codec they still have.


she clamps her two shields together and when this happens, a gigantic magic circle appears in front of her car. its creating a massive shield for her truck and everyone behind her. she is leading the trucks into the city protected from the hail of shots coming their direction

laxus notices this and yells at giorno


@yukari and medic
asura takes a glance at yukari from the corner of his eye. some of his madness hits her lightly, but instead of an invigorating feeling, it causes a twitch.

Asura: so glad for you to join us yukari. hope you had a good sleep.

medusa: yes, im sure she had more than enough rest.

asura turns to medic after his request to train blitz and teach him the ways of the kishin

Asura: so you wish for me to show him the true ways of madness. that i can do. but i can only show him the path, it is he who needs to walk it himself. just because he has a fraction of my power doesnt mean he is capable of fully understanding it. should he prove unable to control this newfound powers. than im afraid he will just fall to insanity. so blitz ready to become something far greater than you could possibly hope?

Medusa: oh, not that you mentioned it. medic, just because your soldiers can become kishins, oesnt mean that they have what it takes to fully grasp the ways of the kishins madness. some will be able to handle it. some wont. though im sure by the time we find out. we would have all the black blood we need. just to let you know in advance. so now, ready to create an army of madness?

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Sep 08, 2013 at 12:38AM EDT

As the car gets filled with holes…



“Open it! I have an idea!”

With some help, Reimu and Marisa open the back door.

“Be certain your seatbelts are buckled! Because HERE WE GOOOO!”

In a flash of light, Marisa fires a giant blue laser propelling the car forwards so fast, it immediately goes off a small bump several feet into the air, barrel rolling at least 15 times mid-flight, and crashes into the city streets up-side-down and skids for 400 feet before lurching to a stop….

Marisa gets out and wobbly falls to the ground laughing her head off

WOO! Lets do that again!”

H-how about no!

They look at their surroundings

Yukari twitches, but smiles afterwards as after a VWORP sound and flips onto her portal

Yukari: “Please do understand, and feel fortunate, because as an immortal I sometimes sleep for hundreds of years just to pass the time. Though there is shit to do so back to work.”

Ran steps from the shadows

Yukari: “Ran. Status Report.”

Ran: “Construction has begun, an entire floor is built along with the main support structure. The workers are like an Ant Colony and work endlessly, though…”

She looks at Nightmare Medic

Ran: “Our Doners are a bit agitated it seems. And grow restless.”

Yukari: “No matter.”

Her portal opens up a bit wider next to her and Yukari looks in.

Yukari: “The Star has accelerated. Okku is doing a good job. It should be here in a matter of weeks.”

She peers into it some more…

Yukari: “Oh dear. Something is headed the same direction~”

She reveals the Crow’s Sheild World to the crowd

Yukari: “They may be on a collision course. Though maybe not, the planet is going faster.”

Ran: “Will we have to take any safety measures to ensure the safety of the star?”

Yukari: “Yes. Populate the star with my personal servants. Also authorize Utsuho to use the suns energy to obliterate the planet if it attacks.”

Ran: “As you wish.”

Ran vanishes into the portal

Yukari: “… well. I am a tiny bit behind schedule. Mr. Crow and his Merry Men will be here before the power supply arrives. How goes the hunt for the Chaos Emeralds?”

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Sep 08, 2013 at 01:28AM EDT

@Marisa and Reimu,

Flandre was cheering throughout the entire ride, not scared about anything. Once the car skids to a stop, she gets out and claps her hands.
Let’s do it again! Come on, kitty! Let’s go!
She smiles wide.

Nu was holding onto Ragna, scared for dear life as the car was propelled that distance. She was yelling as the car took off and skidded to a halt. She’s tightly clamped to his arm.

Ragna screamed louder than them all though. It sounded like he was being stabbed multiple times and couldn’t do anything about it as the truck flew through the air.

He is stuck with that look frozen on his face for a few moments before he stumbles out of the car with Nu attached to his arm. His face looks pale as he looks down at Marisa with dizzy vision. He manages to keep his lunch down as well.
Ragna: Y-You bitch! You could have killed us pulling that stunt!
The Grim Reaper looks furious at her. He raises a hand and smacks Marisa right across the face. This bitchslap feels like she was just hit by a truck and would send her staggering a few feet back. It would also leave one hell of a mark on her face.
Ragna: Don’t you dare do that again!
He looks around and senses the snipers are still perched on their positions.
Ragna: Shit! They’re still there… We don’t have any time to fool around! Come on!
A chain of wobbly characters is created that duck into cover, safe from any sniper fire.


Ragna contacts Lucy over the codec
Ragna: Lucy, right? We just got in the city. These snipers still aren’t down. Have that horse-guy or whatever the hell he is to kill them now!


Hakumen: Understood.
He takes down the barrier around everyone, and puts it around Erza and himself to protect them from any incoming fire.

@Group 1,

The ice-blade from earlier would explode behind the soldiers and shoot out shards of ice if dodged. Jin finds a close group of Hunter Soldiers that are closing in on them. He holds Yukianesa in one hand, and motions for them to come at him.

Jin quickly jumps at the soldiers, delivering a powerful downward kick hard enough to break bone to one of them. Next up is a slice from Yukianesa that sends the group into the air. The freezing blade penetrates their armor and feels like they just got hit with liquid nitrogen. He jumps up after them, making a snowflake aura around his body that would freeze the entire group solid upon being hit by it.

He would then slice downwards at the one nearest to him, breaking the freezing ice and slamming him into the ground while leaving the others in the group encased in a bluish ice that slowly erodes their life. While they are still all around him, he would begin to slash ferociously but elegantly around 8 times. Jin would then jump back, and while in the air he would form a blade of ice under his feet that would propel him towards the group of soldiers. The blades is extremely sharp, and large enough to hit every single one of them.

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Sep 08, 2013 at 02:15AM EDT

Reimu pats Flandre’s head

Guh, what is it with the kitty thing?

Marisa feels the full force of the smack, is sent skipping several feet and turns back around with a crazed look on her face

“You hit like a Dragon Girl, hehehe… ow…”

The crack trip from the Spark wears off. And she goes to vomit in a gutter before walking back up

Yeah, I sense them around too. What do we do?

They all stay behind cover


My previous post in a nutshell:

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After the shield is brought up, OYH is reverted to its regular form. When the enemy soldiers approach, the spells start flying. The soldiers are at particular risk from the trucks with Solarian or Tahrdan in them, as they can be taken out at distance by gunshot or OYH respectively. This in turn lightens the load on Pyralis and Noctan – as two of the three Order mages in the battle who cannot access all 6 elements (even though Pyralis is with the third…), they don’t have to worry as much about anything potentially resisting the elements they can use. Pyralis just casts Wildfire repeatedly, while Noctan casts Darkside to try and take out as many at once as possible. Tsunarmin and Ignis cast Tsunami and Raging Infenro respectively from the truck they are in. Granatir and Tempestia are casting Earthquake and Lightning Storm respectively. It should be clarified that the Earthquake is just the regular geomancy spell, here.

Tahrdan: Well, we have GOT to learn more powerful spells.
Pyralis: What makes you think that?
Tahrdan: Look around, Pyralis. Everyone else is taking out groups more or less individually, or alternatively protecting a lot of us. We can barely take out a few in pairs, and that’s with OYH included. %
%{color:orange}Pyralis: Maybe we could ask the others to help us develop more powerful spells?

Tahrdan: That would be best, especially should one of us end up on their own.

At the Beastkiller clan’s base…

Harald: Where is that scout?
At this point Tikal returns
Tikal: I have found a rather large amount of gold, but it is already being mined. There is this large structure that is mainly square, a few men carrying axes, and some wooden walls around the gold and the miners, however.
Arkantos: Sounds like bandits are enslaving some people to mine gold for them. If we can free the miners they may be willing to mine it for us instead. And if they are not we can always assign some gatherers to mine it for us.
Harald: I give the orders around here, but I suppose it’s hard for someone used to command to just stand back and let someone else give the orders. The problem is we don’t really have any form of siege yet. The only troops we can spare are the Einherjar, anyway.
Einherjar: We will give those axemen a warrior’s death.
Immolan: I will go. I could do with some combat, and I will make sure I torch those walls.
Harald: You? But you don’t seem to have a weapon.
Immolan: We don’t carry our weapons around with us all the time.
At saying this, a spear appears in Immolan’s right hand. The head of the spear is shaped like a couple of flames, and there is an orange jewel embedded near the base of the head.
Iblan: Be careful, you three. Especially you, Immolan. I intend to have you by my side for as long as possible.
Harald: Good point. We’d need to make a gold offering to get more einherjar.

The two warrior souls and the mage proceed to exit the base through a gap that was left to eventually be filled in by a gate. Tikal accompanies them to guide them to the bandit mining operation.

(OOC: You thought they’d get access to about 1000,3000 or 6000 gold that easily? ahahahaha. And this also reveals Immolan’s choice of weapon. It remains to be seen how well that speal would do against that rocket hammer, of course.)

Arkantos: It would probably have been safest for me to go, but I could have accidentally hit the miners if I went to fight those axemen. I just hope those three know what they are doing.

Harald: I agree with those hopes, too. We cannot afford to lose men at this point, we don’t have the resources to replace them.

Iblan: If I know Immolan, he’d bring down the walls with Raging Inferno. And then try to kill those axemen with spells. If he can get those axe-wielding things=

Harald: Don’t you know anything!? Those are the Einherjar, warriors fallen in battle hand-picked to fight at Odin’s side at Ragnarok! They warrant respect!

Iblan: Einherjar, right. If he can get those to attack the building, it should go as well as you hope.

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Zar wanted a recap on the status of his prisoners so he can continue that arc, here it is.

The 7 BlazBlue prisoners are currently on one of the bottom most levels of Persephone prison. At this moment they are trapped inside of a incredibly large and open chamber that is pitch black and seemingly endless

Due to an ominous music that was recently played from an unknown source amongst the shadows they have temporarily lost all their powers and have been reverted to a “human” state

The door behind them has closed, trapping them inside this chamber

The Odd Guard was killed by Nirvana, his headless corpses at there feet

A long pathway is illuminated in front of them by a row of lights, at the very end seems to be a lever jutting from the ground

The room is dead quite, and freezing cold, tension rising

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