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The one chosen to go pull the lever is Nirvana as the prisoners slowly walk into the room, on the highest of guard.

OOC: I would write more, but I am really busy right now.

Sep 08, 2013 at 12:44PM EDT



Gunshots, bullets touching the snow, magazines being shared and metalic footsteps. A small amount of casualties as our heroes try to penetrate the heavy resistance the city has. The robots are really hard to take down for Spark’ troops since they have the nasty ability to rebuild themselves with scrap they find around. Cyborgs are starting to be deployed as Erza leads the group to the entrance of the city. As Reimu, Marisa and Ragna manage to get inside the city, the robotic troops are retreating. The entrance is safe and sound..for a total amount of 45 seconds before a gigantic laser vaporizes Hakumen and Erza shields. A loud robotic screech is heard by everyone near the entrance. Spark orders everyone to spread around the place and be ready for the worst to happen..and that’s exactly what is about to happen. The ground shakes as a gigantic tripod creature shows himself, coming out of a gigantic pile of snow while shooting down a few soldiers around the place. Helicopters are following this creature as he slowly makes his way towards the entrance. It’s a Strider, the first Strider our heroes will encounter.

The Strider is a giant tripod creature, a “living” robot who is used as heavy artillery against rebels and the bases or buildings where they hide. Their main weapon is an anti-personnel pulse cannon. They will try to impale targets who get too close. Weeks have passed and the striders have changed a lot: Their rate of fire is much faster, their accuracy is far better and then can tear their target apart in 8 or 10 shots, doing massive amount of damage and causing dismemberment. As the Strider heads towards the entrance, a wave of robots follows him. Helicopters are starting to fly around the city, seeking for targets or unwanted visitors trying to escape.

Cyborgs are deployed. They have a single pulse cannon and a great amount of strenght to toss you around like a dead puppy. They are heading to the entrance too but some of them are heading to the back of the city since the Hunter Soldiers caught something.

Meanwhile, the group 1 is about to learn why you don’t attack the enemy first since most of the time, the bad guy is always expecting good guy to make the first move and boy, the Hunter Soldiers were totally expecting to get attacked. They have enough strenght to break a normal human arm so think carefully what kind of damage your characters just took. Don’t worry, eventually they will be easier..eventually..I’m enjoying this place as the antagonist way too much, you get no idea. Anyways, time for the Hunters to sweep this sector.

The moment Jin jumps in the air, the soldiers are already waiting for him. Designed to be as deadly as a normal Hunter but with the precision and intelligence of a human, the pack delivers a brutal beatdown, a punch shortly followed by a kick to the knees, shortly followed by a knife strike in the middle of the spine, shortly followed by a uppercut to the chin and more. As the Fairy kids start to blast away some of them, the HSoldiers decide to retreat before It’s too late. The snow near Jin should be covered by his own blood.

@Gray, Lucy, Juvia, Wendy and Levy
The soldiers are able to dodge the ice darts. Small cuts can be seen in their armors. As Lucy summons the spirits, the HSoldiers are literally jumping around the place, majestically flying through the air and creating a effective distraction. Gray is the first target of a HSoldier who just jumps towards him and then he delivers a devastating roundhouse kick, directly to the neck. As Sagittarius starts to shoot arrows around…
Sagittarius: my aim shall not yield to the likes of you creatu-!
Unimportant piece of dialogue quickly interrupted by a sneaky HSoldier who murders the spirit (If It’s possible to murder a non living thing) from behind with a single necksnap. The amount of smoke forces them to run away..after beating the magic out of Gray.

@Group 1 itself
Assassin orders everyone to hide again since the HSoldiers may return with back up.

Sep 08, 2013 at 01:51PM EDT

@Soldiers and Group 1,

Jin lay there for a few moments, beaten and bloodied. This, however, is nowhere close to the punishment that he has endured before. He’s jumped out of an airship that was above a 4,000 foot tall mountain with no parachute and fought a series of very tough opponents all while being an injured man. He staggers back up to his feet and holds a hand out in front of him. A massive wolf head is formed in front of him and heads straight at the hunter soldiers who are retreating.

If the head of the wolf is to hit any of them, they will be turned into hunter-sicles, frozen in time as their life force slowly erodes away. Jin always gets the shit beat out of him, this being no different. Jin would use some healing Ars Magus to cover his wounds so he wouldn’t leave a blood trail to his hiding spot as he ducks for cover, blending in with the white snow.


Ragna gets a good look at the strider from the cover he is hidden behind.
Ragna: Shit. What the hell is that thing? Someone take that thing out!

Nu deep-scans the Strider, acquiring all the knowledge she would need from it.
Nu: Scanning… complete. Engaging battle-mode.

She holds both hands out, and her sword appears behind her. The sword deconstructs itself and begins putting armor all around her body.

Okay Mr. Funny Hair! I’ll play with them!
Flandre flies out of cover, and heads right for the Strider and troops all behind it. She stops a good ways in front of them and invokes a spell card.
And Then There Will Be None!
Her hands begin to glow as a cage of red bullets form under the entirety of the army. The cyborgs and soldiers begin to notice that the bullets rise upwards and sort of form a ball in the middle. The absolute mass of colors twists and turns as it utterly destroys thousands of troops. Every bullet can instantly destroy something. This is something you would not want to be caught in. If you were not trained to dodge, then this is a nightmare. The Strider would be the one to be punished the most by it, as it is the biggest target. Waves upon waves of bullets keep coming and coming.

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Sep 08, 2013 at 02:38PM EDT

@group 1

sagattarius is taken from behind, but not before gajeel helps punch the soldier away before any more harm is caused to the spirit

gajeel: you guys reek of metal. i can smell you a mile away.*

gray manages to block the roundhouse kick with his arms, but thesheer force of the kick leaves a nasty bruise on his arm and sends him flying back a few feet.

juvia his the hsoldier with a water jet in retaliation, sending him into a wall before retreating to grays side

virgo burrows underground once more back to lucy and sagattarius as well, who was luckily saved by gajeel

Lucy: sagatarius are you alright? virgo?

virgo: im fine mistress. though the enemy seems to have retreated, should i be punished for letting them escape?

Lucy: no. they may come back with more forces.

mirajane: we all need to prepare to ambush them back. assassin, we need to do something about those snipers holding our friends back.

sagatarius: ill trake care of them once i get a perfect view of the city.

lucy: virgo: go back in the ground and prepare for an ambush for the reinforcements heading here.

virgo: as you wish mistress. she goes undergoround and prepares for a nasty surprise for the soldiers

meanwhile wendy is bussy healing grays wounds

gray: damn, thats some hell of a kick.

juvia: are you okay gray-sama? those monsters will pay for what they did.

wendy: hell be fine, its just bruises.

Gajeel: even then, they still look like they hurt like hell.

Levy: everyone, we need to quickly prepare for a counter attack. we can use the snow to create a screen so that we can take them by surprise and ambush them.

wendy finishes healing him and goes over to jin and heals him as well.

wendy: we need everyone to be ready.

everyone in fairy tail quicky recover from their ordeal and prepare positions around various trees, rocks, and hillsides, using the snow to conceal themselves. sagitarius and lucy set up in a cluster of snow covered bushes nearby and prepare to take down the snipers they have in view. virgo prepares many large pitfalls for the oncoming soldiers from all over

@group 2

erza continues to hold the shield up, unyielding to the oncoming attacks of the enemy.


the others in the trucks cant do much until they arive in the city.

Sep 08, 2013 at 02:46PM EDT

OOC: Asura read my post again, I just vaporized your godamn shield with the Strider. With all the Touhuo and stuff around, I might upgrade Striders to the point where they will be a giant robotic overlord with OP written all over the place. I need time to think and come up with new ideas, this means I will be abscent for the rest of the day.
See ya later.

Sep 08, 2013 at 02:53PM EDT

the Order mages notice the Strider. Not knowing exactly what it is, only caring that they obviously have to help take it down.

Ignis: Alright, how the hell do we deal with THAT thing!?

Tsunarmin: …Go for the legs, seems obvious to me.

It’s obvious enough for both Tempestia and Tahrdan to come up with the same idea. As for Solarian and Noctan, they are already firing off Solar Flares and Voids respectively towards one of the legs.. Soon enough Razor Leafs, Whirlpools, Wildfires and Twisters are also going towards the legs. Whirlpools and Wildfires are twice as common as the others because both spells have two casters, not just one.

Meanwhile, on the other world…

the two bandit axemen have left the protection of their walls. They are trusting their Migdol Stronghold to keep the slaves mining.
Bandit Axeman #1: I’ve heard that there are a new group of Norsemen around here, with unnaturally tough walls.
Bandit Axeman #2: Might have something to do with that strange ball of light we saw a few minutes ago… Wait a minute, it’s back. And there are three others with it.

Bandit Axeman #1: We can take them. Our leader saw fit to outfit us with iron weaponry, armour and shields, after all.
Bandit Axeman #2: I don’t like the look of two of them. The one with the spear should be easy.
(OOC: The axeman is right to worry about the einherjar. Myth units are effective against human units.)
At this point the four happened to be in earshot. That foolish axeman is about to be proved wrong…
Immolan: The last mistake of your lives was underestimating me!
Immolan casts Raging Inferno. The spell kills the two axemen on the spot, as well as brings down part of the wall since it was close enough.
Einherjar: We’ll tear down that building. Get right next to it, and it will not be able to shoot arrows!
Immolan heeds the advice of the Einherjar and all three start hacking away at the migdol stronghold with their weapons. The slaves appear to keep mining, but that is just keeping up appearances to keep the men in the stronghold from shooting them. Then what looks like a ball of light appears before them.
Slave: What is this?
Tikal: I’m Tikal. Do not mind the ones attacking the building. We need this gold, and figured the best thing to do was to take it for ourselves. I don’t agree with the methods, or violence as a whole, but we decided to destroy the camp. You will be given the choice to remain here and mine gold for us or not, but rest assured you will not be harmed.
Slave: We really have nowhere to go. Ask them to not tear down the mining camp in here, we’ll need it. We’ll mine for you if we can be protected and given homes.
Tikal: I’ll talk to the others about ensuring that happens.
She flies over to the three attacking the building
Tikal: Just one thing. There is a building they call the mining camp here, don’t destroy it as they need it. They have conditions for mining for us, and I need to go and arrange them.

She proceeds to return to the Beastkiller clan base to relay the terms

OOC: It’s hard to balance things, I know. My characters being so weak in comparison to the others does not make things easier, for things need to be balanecd so they can still be useful…

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Sep 08, 2013 at 02:57PM EDT

Ooc: i thought that there was a time before it would actually doo so due to the 45 seconds part. My bad.


the hit from the striders shots were so powerfull that even erzas adamantine shielding wasnt enough to hold it back. Her armour breaks appart before requipping back into her normal armour and fall back into the truck to take cover once more

the other teams await further orders

Sep 08, 2013 at 03:06PM EDT

Meanwhile, Falcon has stopped the truck off in a place where they won’t be seen.
Falcon: ready?
Doomguy: Ready.
Suddenly, Falcon revs up the truck, and starts driving towards the entrance, going ever faster, swerving to avoid any shots that robots or cyborgs might take. Meanwhile, Doomguy takes out his Rocket Launcher, and readies a couple rockets. He also opens the door, ready to jump out.
Falcon: 3…. 2…. 1…. JUMP!
By this point, they’re almost to the entrance. Suddenly, Doomguy jumps out of the truck, firing off a few rockets at the Strider, and landing behind cover. He takes out his chaingun, just in case any cyborgs or the like get near him. (Basically he’s going into overwatch if you’ve ever played XCOM or Space Hulk.)

Meanwhile, in the truck with Giorno and Laxus in it, Giorno speaks to Laxus.
Giorno: Listen: I got a good strategy if anything tries to get close to us. I’ll use my stand to trap it with some vines, and then you course electricity through those vines and fry whatever’s trapped. That sound good?%

Sep 08, 2013 at 03:16PM EDT

Zarathh wrote:


The one chosen to go pull the lever is Nirvana as the prisoners slowly walk into the room, on the highest of guard.

OOC: I would write more, but I am really busy right now.


The lever is further away than thought, the chamber being so big that it gives a slight optical illusion when it comes to judging distance. As the prisoners progress further into the room they hear something, it’s close, and there is only one of it…..It’s footsteps vibrations give off the sign that whatever it is, it’s big

The closer Nirvana gets to the lever the closer the footsteps get

Sep 08, 2013 at 04:51PM EDT

@Group 1

Assassin: Alright I had enough infiltration and sneaky stuff. Gray, Juvia, if you can send me on top of one of those buildings, I will take those long range lovers in a matter of seconds. They have the best accuracy but if there is one thing I learnt from my days as a Anti S is that people under that psycopath control are forced to follow a single task for the rest of their lives. They were designed to camp and shoot, nothing else. I will clean a few buildings so you can get a nice spot to use your arrows err…horse guy..No offense..Hold on a second, did anyone else heard that loud screaming noise? That must be a Strider. Cities have 12 or 20 striders around but this one is too small, It probably has 4 of them. Be quick people! Once the buildings are sniper-free, we will enter in the city and locate the factories.

@Flandre and Tardises
The strider jumps away…A gigantic tripod creature who can also jump like a Hunter. The horror in the faces of Spark’ soldiers who had previous encounters with Striders, they were never expecting such a ridiculous turn of events. The cyborgs protect their robotic brothers with their own power armors, putting in front of them and acting like a barrier between the bullets and the robots. Flandre should be able to see a red liquid coming of the now destroyed armors of these cyborgs. The strider’ main target is now Flandre, pew pew pew.

The entrance is full of soldiers who are trying to hide from the Strider. Since Falcon and Doomguy appeared out of nowhere, mindlessly firing rockets at the creature, the Strider now knows where the troops are hiding. The troops are forced to spread between and inside the buildings as the Strider shoots Flandre.
Soldier 12: Cap is in, he gave away “Main Fox” place. Spread around into “houses”. “Cap”, “Helmet”, get out of those bots range of view unless you want to get shoot at. We need Normandi in 12 minutes, tell Spark to deploy the tanks.

More robots are coming as the soldiers hide

Sep 08, 2013 at 08:19PM EDT

Meanwhile, Maledict is viewing the entire fiasco
Maledict; We oughta just go apeshit on the place, show that bastard who’s boss. But We’d rather see the heroes struggle.

Doomguy is already safely behind cover. However, Falcon is still driving the truck. Falcon promptly turns around, and tries to find some good cover to park his jeep Meanwhile, he contacts Spark.
Falcon: apparently they’e saying the need the giant Normandy ripoff in 12 minutes, and to bust out the tanks.

Sep 08, 2013 at 08:43PM EDT

It’s that time again…

Roger is in space, orbiting another planet from high above whilst sat upon a shard of meteorite rock, his eyes bare down at the glowing world before him. Oswald is stood quietly by his side.

An unfortunate place to live indeed…

Roger: 1 word…cold as fuck….well 3 then…..population around 3 billion, technology is hindered by struggled and strenuous lives……they have recorded very little of their own history…..few wars in the past……a very practical and straight forward group of people who have no time for frivolities, I like ’em….
Oswald nods in acknowledgement
Roger: But…they aren’t ready, they haven’t reached the requirements for a lil visit from me yet, they are much too busy just trying to live….I’ll give them time though, let them grow up some more and advance with their technology….then it will be the time………hmmm…Oswald?

Oswald: My Lord?
Roger: Didn’t we use to have a giant fucking worm thing that ate planets?
Oswald: The worm durst to consume a black hole, it met a untimely demise at the mercy of it’s own insatiable greed.
Roger: Oh yeah, I remember, stupid jack ass thing tried to eat a black hole and got turned inside out then squashed….it was funny to watch though….but it was a handy thing to have about, made getting rid of the heretic planets a breeze
He nods again
Roger:…..anyway, lets move on.
Roger swipes his hand and in a flash they are orbiting a new world

Its surface is barren and polluted…….
Roger: 3.4 billion….very advanced tech….a long and in depth history, but there is a downside to this planet however…it is in a locked state of never-ending perpetual war….2 sides have been fighting one another for almost 600 years and the flames haven’t dies down one bit since they were ignited, nuclear weapons have been widely used turning the surface into a dead zone of acidic pollution and radiation fields. Gasmasks are commonplace here…..I confronted them, and showed them the tricks and you know what?
Oswald perks up
Oswald: Hm?
Roger: About 67 percent of them turned loyal…..they just didn’t want the war anymore, the strife, the short lives…they took faith in me and I granted them their wishes….a few hours ago I had them extracted from the planet in a huge scale evacuation….the heretics ofcourse have been left behind….my new Loyalists are en route to a nice new home….I’m a good man Oswald…
Oswald: Thy kindness is noble my Lord.
Roger: But now I’m left with a dead world and a few billion heretics to deal with…..neither of which are useful to me…where’s the button at?
Oswald: Greatest apo-
Roger: Nononono don’t be sorry, I was jus’ kiddin’ with ya, I didn’t want the button…..but you have my pistol right?
Oswald passes Roger his gun
Roger: Aces…
The Crow does as a matter of fact have a signature weapon although to the god itself it is merely a toy. It has taken many shapes and it’s properties are supposedly infinite making it probably one of the most powerful objects in existence. It has manifested itself in many forms before. As a revolver when incarnated a Pavel, as a magical sword, as a staff and as a Desert Eagle pistol….it’s actual full capabilities are completely unknown….in the end it seems to just be “for show”….but nonetheless it exists.
Roger: Lemme give it a few tweaks……aaaaand…lets try it out….It’s been a while since I’ve fired this ol’ beaut
He takes aim at the planet below
Roger: Watch me shoot this apple…

The single bullet is fired from the pistol and zooms down towards the planet striking the surface..

With this being the weapon of the gods the bullet tears the whole surface off of the planet, wiping out the heretics and any other forms of life. Within moments it is transformed into a ball of molten rock
Roger: I hit that apple smack on the head, did you see that Oswald, did you see that?! crackshot or what eh?! ain’t no scratches on my aiming!
Oswald: Raised to naught my Lord!

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Sep 08, 2013 at 08:53PM EDT

Group 1


Jin unsheathes Yukianesa from its scabbard.
Jin: Allow me.
Suddenly the ground around Assassin begins to freeze and turn into highly compact ice.
Jin: Sayonara.
Assassin is suddenly propelled towards the sniper nests by a giant pillar of ice that shoots her at a trajectory and velocity that would be able to get her there in just a few seconds. He then sheathes Yukianesa back into its scabbard and contacts Assassin over the codec.
Jin: Tell us where to meet you once you have the snipers down.



Getting the Stider’s attention was what Flandre wanted to do intentionally. She just wanted to play a little game of danmakufu with it. The pulse shots whiz by Flandre as she expertly dodges around them. Her advanced speed makes this a lot easier. It’s like she is dodging the shots at the speed of light. The vampire summons Laevateinn to her side as she begins flying around and shooting out bursts of red-crystal projectiles at the Strider and nearby troops.

@Reimu and Marisa,

Ragna notices that the Strider is getting closer and closer to their position. He then makes out an escape and ambush route in his head in just a few seconds.
Ragna: Quick, follow me!
He leads everyone in said group to duck inside a nearby building for cover as the Strider is outside.
Ragna: Once that giant is down, we’ll go in and slaughter all of ’em. Sound like a plan?

Nu nods, as to stay quiet from the Strider.


The car carrying Hakumen and Erza skids and crashes against a wall near a group of cyborgs and robots that were out on the prowl. This is near the entrance, mind you. Anyways… Hakumen kicks the door of the truck clean off and sends it colliding straight into a portion of them that would send them flying back and hitting the wall of the city.
Hakumen: Fall before my blade, vile creatures!
He jumps out of the car and quickly unsheathes Ookami from his side.

Hakumen whips the 6-foot long nodachi out in front of him and slicing a few robots clean in half with a single one-handed swipe, using the other hand to attach the sheath to his back.
Hakumen: Come, Erza! We must hurry!
He puts both hands on his weapon as he runs for absolute cover in the buildings, waiting for the snipers to be taken out by Assassin.

Sep 08, 2013 at 09:42PM EDT

@group a

while everyone is ready for the ambush on the oncoming soldiers

Gray: juvia and i can provide you with cover with another snowstorm.

wendy: i can send carla with you to help you reach their positions much faster to ave our friends*

carla flies behind assassin and grabs on to her back and picks her up a bit

carls: dont worry, i wont let you go. you have full control of the flight. just tell me were to go.
(spark im giving assassin temporary control over carla to help fly you around to were you need to be.)

wendy: just be careful you two, let us know once you do what you need to do assassin okay?

carla flies assassin over towards the city to take out the snipers. meanwhile our heroes prepare an ambush for the oncoming reinforcements while still hidden from the snowstorm juvia and gray have going on right now. they await sparks orders to attack them

@group b

the car pantherlilly skids out of control and so he descides to transform as he flies out of it. he pulls out his sword from his back as it extends to about twenty feet tall and he makes a gicantic sweep of his sword on the ground. clearing out a large group of the enemy soldiers and provide an opening for the other soldiers to arive. he takes cover by reimu and marisa nearby while barely dodging the snipers.

pantherlilly: im glad you two are safe. we need to do something about those snipers. but there isnt much we can do about them from here.

erza slices open the car by slicing the entire roof off of it and flies up in a glowing light. she transforms into heavens wheel armour and summons about a hundred swords and sends them flying in the general direction of the enemy.

shortly after she flies back down to were hakumen is hiding, parrying a couple stray shots along the way with her swords in hand.

erza: those snipers are causing us grief. every second they are alive, more of our forces are lost. ill pay them back a hundred fold for each live lost. but we cant do anything until we get the all clear from the others. she contacts the other team guys, we need those snipers gone. we cant go any further without being hit.*

lucy responds.

Lucy: erza, we have them dealt with soon, assassin, jin and i will take them out and let you know once its done. just hold still for a little bit. we also have others on our way.

erza turns to hakumen.

Erza: they will be gone soon. we just need to hold here for a bit. but we just cant stand here and do nothing to save our forces. she contacts pantherlilly, who she can see from the other side of the gate with the others. pantherlilly, use your sword to provide cover for the forces. theyre too exposed.

with that being said, pantherlilly raises the sword up and extends it to as the length between the two sides and crashes the sword down to provide a wall for others to hide behind. the sword is about 3 feet in width. more than enough to take cover behind

pantherlilly: this is all we can do for now. take cover people.

meanwhile laxus, cana, happy, and natsu are still inside the truck heading towards the gate

laxus: let me know when your ready so that we can give these assholes a taste of our power.

cana: hopefully soon, because natsu cant take any more of this.

*natsus motion sickness leaves him useless in the truck.

Happy: even at a time like this, motion sickness is still his ultimate enemy.

OOC: so falcon, giorno should go to the city gates with everyone else and leave the strider to nu and flandre. we can do a quick hit and run but thats about it. natsu is completely useless untill we get off.

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Sep 08, 2013 at 10:51PM EDT

The Order mages get out of the trucks and group up, before heading towards the gate. Tahrdan and Pyralis now have Barriers up courtesy of Solarian and Noctan, and the group has OYH for protection. This leaves Pyralis Tsunarmin, Ignis, Tempestia and Granatir free to sling spells. At this point they are casting their most powerful spells, meaning Raging Inferno (x2), Tsunami, Lightning Storm and Earthquake.

On the other world…

Harald: They want protection and housing?
Tikal: That’s right.
Harald: Housing is easy, we have enough wood. Protection’s the harder part, they’ll have to do with very little until we have enough gold to build towers.
Arkantos: I’ll serve as their protection for now, then.
The divine Atlantean and Tikal proceed to head towards the nearby camp to let their future miners know the situation. An ulfsark comes along because the clan can spare enough gold to fix up the walls with a gate, and he’s going to build the gate.

Sep 09, 2013 at 12:44PM EDT

Meanwhile back at the Ivory Tower of Sector Seven…

Kokone is pacing around the her quarters, over-viewing the construction of the Anti-Mind control device that Spark had instructed her to build with the signals from Venom’s mind. She is also observing the struggles of everyone on Mobius via-comms array she uses when she hacked into a satellite orbiting Mobius.
Kokonoe: Shit… They aren’t doing so hot.
She then looks around for Jubei, but remembers he went off to go hang around at the Fairy Tail guild hall.
Kokonoe: Good for nothing old man…
The scientist contacts the scientists and engineers working on the machine.
Kokonoe: How’s that machine coming along?

Engineer #1: Progress is being made, but at a slow rate. We’ll need more time before it’s done.

She sighs.
Kokonoe: Fine. Keep up the good work.
She breaks communication with the engineers and scientists, and looks over to a security camera observing a very muscular man deep in the bowels of the ivory tower who is bound by a giant, golden, sealing circle.

His hands are bound by magical chains not even he can break. The circle is sealed by an imaginary number-code that changes its combination 500 times every 5 seconds. No mere mortal can break free of these chains. Kokonoe keeps her eyes locked on that monitor.
Kokonoe: … No… The Sector higher-ups wouldn’t forgive me if I let him out.

The muscled man looks straight at Kokonoe with piercing red eyes, even if he doesn’t know where she is… Or does he? He is a large, powerfully built man with long, flowing, blue hair, a goatee and red eyes. He wears a white coat over his shoulders and white pants, with two belts and a black covering over his left leg. His boots are white as well, with golden steel toes. Much of his visible body is tattooed by an arcane tattoo. You can also see a steel collar around his neck. Meet Azrael, the Mad Dog of Sector Seven.

He is a member of Sector Seven who used to spend most of his time moving from one battlefield to the next in search of a strong opponent. He is entirely obsessed with using his own raw power to fight, and has never used a weapon. However, due to his super-human strength, he cannot go all out in battle; thus, he has imposed a limiter on himself. During the Ikaruga War, he was known as the Mad Dog, who attacked friends and foes indiscriminately for entertainment; his actions resulted in him being thrown in prison for years on end.
Azrael: I can feel your gaze, cat… You cannot hide from me.
He smiles a threatening grin at her.
Azrael: Once the higher-ups of the Sector release me, the Mad Dog will be on the prowl once again.

Kokonoe turns on the loud speakers so she can communicate with him.
Kokonoe: You’re still under the command of the Sector, you flaming asshole. Besides, why the hell would we let you out?

Azrael: Oh, cat… I can taste your fear as these chains hold me tight.
He keeps smiling at her.
Azrael: Only time will tell what reason those idiots have to release me.

Kokonoe scowls at the monitor observing Azrael.
Kokonoe: I’ve had enough of your bullshit.
She turns the loudspeakers off and turns around, putting two fingers to her temples to try to calm herself down.

Azrael can only laugh as he hangs his head back down once again, patiently waiting for that day…

Sep 09, 2013 at 01:18PM EDT

@Both groups

In the buildings, behind the shadows, stabbing the loud noises and protecting the silence the Snipers hide, unable to hear their own thoughts or Carla leaving a single person in the roofs. A sniper quickly notices the flying bitch and takes aim. A single headshot and she will die, her partners will mourn her death and demand revenge, sending themselves in front of the city and being quickly killed by the same rifle that ended Carla’s life. Finger on the trigger, her head is ready to be torn apart, the crossbow is ready to..The crossbow is cut in half and the Sniper recieves a devastating knee to the face, crushing his gas mask and sending him to the world of pain known as “unconciousness”. The cloaking device needs to recharge, revealing a blue feminine silhouette that the rest of the Snipers are able to see. A bullet, another, arrows designed to pierce through flesh and armor are unable to reach this ghost who quickly moves between the shadows, backstabbing and slashing each and everyone of these long range shootters. A crossbow flies through the air and lands in front of the Group 1. With a pile of injured and knocked out Snipers behind her, Assassin gives the group a grateful thumbs up.
A single signal is sent to the soldiers and the heroes.
Assassin: Roofs are clear!

The Strider keeps jumping around and getting hit over and over again. Something interesting: As his green skin shines more and more, his fire rate increases. Since the buildings were not designed to hold the weight of this tripod creature, the buildings near the entrance are starting to slowly fall apart.

@Falcon, Hakumen, Erza, Nu, Ragna, Tardises and Co…and Reimu and Marisa I guess.
Soldier 45: Sin just got the roof safe and sound. Bring in the “Boomsters” from the back of the trucks…Err..Rocket launchers in case you don’t understand the code. We will proceed to the roofs and get a more stategic position against “Legs”. Once Legs is stunned, do your sword thing. Aim for the head and don’t get to the legs.
“Blue dress” , wizards, Hairdo and go to the east with Squad 3. We gotta start spreading around the place to confuse the bots.
Knight and Redhead, you are following me and the Squad 1. Get your stuff ready becouse we will clear the entrance once for all.
“Cap” , Helmet, Red and White midget, you are following Squad 2 to the roofs. Get some rockets for Legs becouse wyou are gonna help Lil’ midget who is distracting Legs.
You got your orders? Nice, NOW GO! GO! GO!

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Sep 09, 2013 at 01:24PM EDT
The lever is further away than thought, the chamber being so big that it gives a slight optical illusion when it comes to judging distance. As the prisoners progress further into the room they hear something, it’s close, and there is only one of it…..It’s footsteps vibrations give off the sign that whatever it is, it’s big

The closer Nirvana gets to the lever the closer the footsteps get

Nirvana keeps closing in on the lever while the others ready their weapons and keep their eyes out for whatever is making that noise.

Sep 09, 2013 at 05:31PM EDT

Falcon and Doomguy head to the rooftops. They prepare to fire at the Strider

The stand users, excluding giorno, and Ken are all packed in one jeep, with Jotaro driving.
Jotaro: You guys ready for this?
Everybody nods.
Once they reach the entrance, Jotaro suddenly turns the car, making it do multiple flips. When it lands, Okuyasu makes a hole in the back with his stand, and everyone climbs out.
Josuke: And now we wait…

Sep 09, 2013 at 06:26PM EDT

Reimu and Marisa run after Ragna like a pair of Cartoon Characters, and listen to the directions via the Codek


Marisa flips onto her broom and blasts off towards the roofs, Reimu following quickly behind

Sep 09, 2013 at 07:28PM EDT


Flandre keeps flying around, dodging the Strider’s shots, and shooting her own bullets back at it. Not much to say here other than that she is distracting it for the others.

@Squad 3,

Ragna: What? Hairdo?
He clenches a fist.
Ragna: You referrin’ to me, pal? Lemme give you a bit of advice here. Don’t ever call me that again. Got that?
His eyes seem to pierce straight into the soldier.
Ragna: Good.
He then begins to head off towards where he is supposed to go.

Nu: Waaaaaaaiiiiit! Raaaaagnaaa!
Nu flies at a fast speed behind Ragna as he runs off to his destination.

@Squad 1,

Hakumen simply nods at the soldier, holding his nodachi in a single hand.
Hakumen: We shall destroy those who oppose us. These mere machines are not going to stop us.
The White Knight trails behind the soldier as he leads the two to their destination.

Sep 09, 2013 at 07:45PM EDT

@group b
laxus, cana, happy and natsu arrive shortly after the call. they make their way out with falcon and the others. however, natsu is still out due to his motion sickness. laxus has to drag his ass out and shoulder him until he recovers.

laxus: so goddamn pathetic. all that tough guy shit, and you throw him in a car, hes useless.

cana: i dont know if i got anything for it. she turns to giorno, falcon and the rest of his crew as they make their way to the roof tops. i dont suppose any of you can help our friend out with his motion sickness can you?

natsu: uuuuuuhhhhhh……… help…. me gurgling noises

happy: hes not going to make it.

laxus:if you dare even think about hurling on my jacket. im sending your ass over the other side of the city.

they continue to follow the others.

erza requips back into her normal get up

erza: understood soldiers. you lead the way, and ill cover you. she contacts pantherlilly are you staying here?

pantherlilly: ill stay down here and provide more cover for the ground forces down here.

erza: just be careful.*

erza quickly follows hakumen and the other soldiers up the buildings while pantherlilly provide support for the troops engaging the enemy forces.

@group a
they all get the okay from assassin about the snipers.

mirajane: via codec snipers are out everyone, we can breathe easier now. though dont drop your guard for a moment.

Gray: just be careful guys. we dont know what they still have to surprise us with so stay alert.

they continue to wait on sparks orders to move

Sep 09, 2013 at 08:36PM EDT

Suddenly, Jotaro, Josuke, Okuaysu, and Ken appear.
Jotaro: God, you were heavy.
Giorno: I was just about to mention you, Josuke.
Josuke: What?
Giorno: You could heal Natsu’s motion sickness.
Josuke: Well, I CAN cure it, it’s just that it won’t go away. Crazy Diamond!
Suddenly, Crazy Diamond appears and puts its hand of Natsu. In a falsh, he’s cured temporarily of his motion sickness…. until he gets on another vehicle, that is.
Ken: I suppose we should begin setting up.
Doomguy: I was ready a LONG while ago!
Doomguy is perched with his Rocket Launcher, waiting for Flandre to lure the strider close to him. The others begin to fortify the position.

Sep 09, 2013 at 09:02PM EDT

The endless duel between the tripod creature and “Lil’ Midget” (Courtesy of “Catraz” soldiers) keeps going on and on in a endless tennis of projectiles. However, the ride finally stops and a building collapses under the Strider’s legs. The creature falls in a cloud of smoke and dust as a loud robotic scream is heard.

@Falcon and Natsuru
As the Strider falls.
Soldier 151: Squad 2 this is your bloody chance! Open fire! go go go! Give him hell boys!
The soldiers are waiting for “Cap”, Helmet and “Red and White Midget” to make the first move.

@Group 2
Assassin: Let’s head to that factory over there. Factories are nothing but bots buildings bots so..we either stay in the shadows and head to the main reactor..or we release the horses and end with a wave of endless machines. Once the factory is down, they will be forced to use the human troops..God help us.

And so the group manages to infiltrate inside the Bot factory. How the hell did they manage to do that? Piercing a hole in a wall since the main entrance of the place is sealed and locked and stuff like sewers are not needed. The factory is cold as steel, souless and sentient as a robot, with generators and wires everywhere. The squad of bots consist in 30 units and 10 cyborgs. Once the squad is complete, the main entrance opens inmediatly and they proceed to the city. Several cyborgs can be seen wandering around the place, leaving blood trails as they walk and randomly punch walls or another cyborgs. A closer examination: You can see a eyeball, probably a hand, human limbs, organs coming out of this red blob covered in a power armor as if the cyborgs are nothing but caged creatures forced to obey the will of the Master. Disturbing. The cameras are unable to notice our heroes’ infiltration. Hide, behind the generators, search for those places that the camera doesn’t reach such as small rooms or behind crates and boxes. And please, don’t stare at the cyborgs for too long for your own mental health. The mission begins.

Sep 09, 2013 at 11:36PM EDT

ALRIGHT! Everyone on my mark! Ready, Set… FIRE!!”

Marisa lets loose a rain of Magic Misses that would make the average D&D Mage shit his robes… they understandably don’t seem to do much to the giant thing as it is by far the most basic of offensive magics, so Marisa suddenly clenches wrist with her other hand and…


The Rain of Green Missiles suddenly becomes a jet of precision Giant Blue Exploding Spikes

Reimu holds two of her Yin-Yang orbs in front of her as well


A Braided Laser shoots forth, and both her and Marisa’s attacks strike the thing along with whatever Rockets are fired at it.

Sep 10, 2013 at 12:53AM EDT



The pace is too slow for me to be able to finish this ark.

Normally the pace is fine for me, as I don’t usually post more than two or three times a day here. However I return to school in 2 weeks, and if this is supposed to be a multi-city event I won’t be able to partake in the finale of this due to the content you have planned out.

I am not saying “Just end it in one post like a retard”, I am just saying please make the Balloon Master and the Anti-Subjects be in this city and increase the amount of time we spend in it, or let us time skip over to the last city soon. Because at least then I can reasonably take part in it without pushing aside college.

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Sep 10, 2013 at 04:55AM EDT


I start back to college tomorrow….and with this being my final year I will have to really focus on my assignments and less on this thread. That means very few or no more late nights, because don’t forget, I live in the UK so I’m about 5 hours ahead of America at the very least.

So when people are up late and posting, I’m in the early hours waiting so that I can participate in what I see as this threads most active hours.

With a slow pacing like this though there is little point, and due to the amount of time it’s taken to reach this point, mine and Zar’s arc (Transcendence) will probs have to go on hold until I reach a break. I just didn’t see this story piece going on for this long….I mean It took like three actual days for the Normandy just to lift off…

I will continue to post, but only really Crow stuff mainly with the prison break on the side

Sep 10, 2013 at 07:00AM EDT


I fear that I feel the same was as Natsuru and Sam. I’m in 11th grade now, and ever since we started back in April the thread has taken up a massive amount of time for me. I have ADD (Attention deficit disorder), and this makes it hard for me to concentrate on a single thing for an extended period of time. Since this thread is more fun than my schoolwork (no shit), I tend to gravitate towards it more and hope that someone will post even though no one is on. This never happens though. I guess there’s still that small sliver of hope left inside of me that someone will post.

I started back to school a few weeks ago, and my schedule is less lenient than it was last grade. Thankfully I am home schooled, but that doesn’t mean that I still want my grades to be good. I’ve always been a straight-A student all my life, and I want to concentrate on my work to keep that record going.

On another note about how fast the thread is going; it’s going at a snail’s pace due to your university and work. It’s ultimately affecting us and our patience is being tried. I don’t mean this in an antagonistic way, but I feel that if you take Natsuru’s suggestion of bringing the Anti-Subjects here or skipping to the last city that this thread would be much less of a burden on your life as well. If you do that you can ultimately focus on your studies more and not have to worry about posting for us every day.

I know that you’ve told me in the past over Steam that you have a ton of ideas you want to implement and I hate to see these ideas go to the trash can like many of your other ideas, but I fear that some sacrifices must be made for the of all of us, both in the thread and in real life. I’ve been keeping quiet about how I feel, but It’s time I said this…

I hope you understand that it’s not us saying that you’re a bad antagonist, but it is us wanting to keep this magnificent story running along like how it once was in the early parts of the thread. I don’t want to see the thread shrivel up and die because people weren’t interested in the current arc, or the fact that said arc was taking too long because the antagonist was busy with real life. This is something I want you to greatly consider doing.

Sep 10, 2013 at 10:05AM EDT

And so the first Fog Supressor goes down after a endless wave of robots, cyborgs and yet another pair of atrocities the master dares to call “His troops”. If there as something really painful for our heroes, It was the fact that they had to face mindslaved civilians and saddly, most of these, so called, “heroes” are not technically good at keeping their opponents alive but with the help of the soldiers and trusting in Spark’s words of wisdom, these mindslaved men and women are now free. Some of them are scared, some of them are unable to remember anything, some of them are unable to resist the pain and try to suicide and some of them decide to join to this quest to end with the Balloon Master’s reign of terror. A short moment to bury those who couldn’t make it this far, such as the Skull Riders and several soldiers who gave their lives for a fair cause. As the Supressor goes down and the city is retaken, a gigantic funky vortex appears in the middle of the sky. This hole between two dimension is green colored with sparks flying around it. Reinforcements are arriving but..who? Kokonoe expected Skarlet, another talented hacker from Spark’ world, Falcon expected hot chicks, Doomguy expected Miss Foster, Tager expected another engineer like Support but saddly..NOBODY EXPECTS ASSAULT BABY, NOBODY EXPECTS THE ASSAULT TO JUMP INTO YO HOOD AND BUST DA MOVES THAT THE CHICKS WANNA SEE AND THE GUYS DREAM TO DO! WOOH! WE ARE BUSTIN SOME BOTS ASSES TODAY!

A pimp, stylish, stylin, funky and fashionable ship that looks like Normandi (But looks much MUCH MUCH better since Assault is best guy ever in the face of earth and another dimensions) penetrates the godamn dimension, releasing ridiculous amount of style and class around as a catchy tune is heard. This pimpin Normandi quickly shoots fireworks as a group of soldiers can be seen in the top of the ship, dancin and bustin some good ol’ moves that you will never understand ‘cause you ain’t part of this groove. This ship bloody barrel rolls around like a damn jellyfish, covering the sky in flashy colors and the kind of stuff you see in the New chinese Year. As the ship lands, two giant speakers are released, along with disco balls and small fireworks. Soldiers quickly get out of the ship as the captain appears. You are wonderin’..who is that captain? Nah It ain’t your Falcunt or your Sparkz..It’s something much better, specially for all the gals out there who are searchin’ for that special man.

And so, my handsome face appears as I walk out of my ride to meet my bro, Sparky, the guys and ,of course, all the ladies out there who are obviously waiting for me.So I walk around, greeting everyone around there like my explosive bro, Mister Foster, and my classy gorilla guy, Cheston. Gotta love to see the old gang here, and now with new members!

So then me and my boys start to bust some robots asses around so Sparky and the gang can catch a breath.

Assault: Bros!..Ladies?..How’s it going? Heck of a job you did here, fist bumps all around. I got a message from that sexy scientist chick. So I told her: “Ma’am, I gotta be dreaming. Scratch me all you want baby but I ain’t waking up of this lovely dream.” So then she screamed at me for like one hour more or less, then I gathered the squad and we got in here. Skarlet had to stay becouse she is into that weird stuff about portals and technology, you know those machines that make funny sounds like “Beep boop”? Ship is packed up with my own personal squad and cool weapons that I like to use such as this wonderful looking rifle that ain’t wonderful enough to overshadow my handsome face. Now never fear, we are ready to roll and bust more of these tin cans around, just tell us where to head and consider the job done.

And then Assault walks around, sharing bro fists with Spark’s troops and greeting every new member he doesn’t know. Assault has a very charismatic, cocky attitude, and suave personality that often sends him in front of the cameras, the showbiz and women, thousands of women. Despite being a bit overconfident and jumpy, he is a great leader and one of Spark’s most trusted friends. As a sign of gratitude, he decides to sing something for the gals..and the rest of those unimportant guys:
(Funny, Assault’s real voice actor actually recorded this. It was never released for some reason..Too funky I guess.)

OOC: Imagine the amount of shit your characters had to go through in this city. React to them, greet / punch /french kiss Assault and then I will proceed to the part where you get your buttcheeks kick- err..Your first batttle with the Anti Guys hehe..Also, dance damn it! It ain’t a Assault’ party ’til everyone is shaking every limb.

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Sep 10, 2013 at 11:08AM EDT

@Assault’s arrival,

Assault can see a figure in the distance, sitting atop rows of bodies that were once the Balloon Master’s soldiers, cyborgs, robots, human troops… all of the above. A massive sword is stabbed into a corpse beside him. He killed them all. Everyone who watched Ragna’s performance in the field is visibly shaken by the sheer brutality he dished out. This is why he is called the Grim Reaper.

Ragna’s powers are nothing but destructive: life stealing, cutting people to bits, dark magic… He tried to hold back on killing them, but it was no use. They just kept coming. His hand was forced, and he had to end their lives. “Besides, they wouldn’t have had a normal life after this even if you did free them…”, he thinks to himself. “It was the right choice to end them here and now before the insanity of their past kicks in…”, he continues to think to himself. He takes a look at his BlazBlue arm, examining it carefully. He didn’t use it in the fight, but it still reminds him of what he is.

Nu floats over to beside Ragna, dis-engaging her battle mode. She looks straight at him with her single red eye.
Nu: Nu doesn’t hate you for what you did, Ragna…

She sits down beside him. Nu isn’t the best at not-killing either. She was made to kill, born to kill. She is a heartless machine, for everything except for Ragna and a few others. The Murakumo Unit helped in the slaughter alongside Ragna.

Ragna looks over to Nu.
Ragna: Of course you wouldn’t hate me for what I did. You wouldn’t understand why though…
He then looks back down at his feet, just wanting to think about what all he has been through up to now. Ragna doesn’t usually act like the way he is now, but something seems off about him…

Meanwhile with Assault

Hakumen ended the life of many cyborgs and robots, but tried to restrain himself on the human causalities. The White Knight sheathes Ookami on his back in one quick motion.

He then looks over to Ragna, shaking his head slowly on the inside. He then looks to Assault before he sings the song, silent as ever. Hakumen sees something Assault… That thing is foolishness. When you are foolish, you do not complete your assignments. You let your guard down so the enemy can stab you in the back. You regret the past if you were foolish then… As Assault comes over to meet Hakumen, he nods at him.
Hakumen: I am Hakumen.
Nothing more than this is said by the stoic knight.

Jin is with Group 1, who regrouped up at the city with all the others. He then looks over to see what his brother has done.
Jin: Oh, brother… Cruel as always, I see…
This line is whispered, so only he himself can hear it. He stays silent as Assault meets and greets everyone. Once Assault comes to meet and greet him, he speaks up.
Jin: I am Jin Kisaragi, Ex-Praetorian Guard.

The Red Devil has arrived also. Tager and Veteran were airdropped from the Normandy over the city. While in the air, they formed into a giant ball of death and dropped straight onto a Strider, going straight through it and killing it in one shot. The duo of dread also took down two other Striders all on their own. All of the forces that Tager had to face he knocked them out with high-voltage shocks. As Assault comes over to meet Tager, he decides against shaking Assaults hand for the fear that he would break it.
Tager: Iron Tager of Sector Seven, pleased to make your acquaintance.

Flandre is on Juvia’s shoulders right now as Assault comes over to meet them. She took down a big chunk of the army all by her lonesome self. Her therapy helped her avoid any casualties of humans though, as she mainly focused on the cyborgs, robots, and heavy artillery.
Hi! My name’s Flandre!

As Assault starts to sing.

SURPRISE INTERRUPTION FROM KOKONOE, MOTHERFUCKERS! The hologram of the scientist appears in front of Assault.
Kokonoe: Just what the hell do you think you’re doing? I swear if I hear you sing that song one more time I’m going to kick you in the balls so hard that your grandchildren can feel it!
Her hologram then turns to everyone in the area.
Kokonoe: The machine is nearly complete, everyone. This is top-priority by the Sector. It should be done once you reach your next destination.
She then gets a devilish grin on her face.
Kokonoe: In the mean time, I have a network to hack into… Kokonoe out.
And so the hologram of the catgirl disappears.

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Sep 10, 2013 at 12:23PM EDT

OOC: I’ve been back at college since yesterday, and am also in the UK. I’m sure you noticed my lack of posts. I am still trying to find time to post, of course, and am more free to post Friday and Saturday.

The Order mages were a lot better than the majority of the others at keeping the mindslaved citizens alive. They do have healing spells, after all. Tsunarmin is visibly shaking ,though. Not from fear or cold, but from anger. She does NOT like such atrocities like what have taken place. The other Order mages wisely give her a bit of distance

Pyralis: So who the hell is this guy?
Solarian opts to address him directly
Solarian: Just letting you know that not all of us are familiar with technology. And a word of advice, stay away from Tsunarmin right now. She’s rather… how do I put it…
Noctan: She’s pissed off at what we had to fight. Even I have to admit that mindslaving is just monstrous, and I’m dark elemental!
At the same time as this discussion Tahrdan, Granatir and Tempestia are going around healing up anyone who needs it after the battle

On the other world the base is looking quite more developed. There are even longhouses and hill forts so that they may train additional troops. A market has been built at the captured camp, which is good because the wood in the actual base has all been collected. There are a few Mountain Giants, Frost Giants and Fire Giants around the base, because the Beastkiller clan invoked Hel as the last minor god, at Loki;s request. They could hardly turn down their major god, could they? A gate has been built in the one gap there is in Suwako’s walls, and there are towers near this gate.

Raiding Cavalry: to Harald Some troops have been sighted heading towards our gates. They are not ours.
Harald: Can you describe these troops? Are they bandits?
Raiding Cavalry: They are cavalry, carrying lances. They are bearing blue…
Arkantos: Atlanteans? Here? Let them in.
The gates are opened for the Atlantean soldiers. They quickly ride to the town center, where Iblan, Arkantos and Harald await them. (Immolan is out exploring for enemies to kill, Chaos and Tikal are scouting, and Suwako is looking for a body of water for the group to take advantage of.)The leader of these cavalry troops has the same sort of glow that the hersir do. Both the rider and the horse have white scaly armour.
Hero Contarius: Praise Gaia, the Beastkiller clan still lives!
Iblan: Did you think they wouldn’t be around what with the gods at my command? You passed evidence of their contribution as you entered the base. See those walls? Suwako made them.
Hero Contarius: I see. Anyway, we have found a Sky Passage leading to this… I think it’s another world, actually… and Lord Kastor sent us to explore. It was coincidence for us to find you.
Harald: I’ll send one of my Raiding Cavalry to inform your lord of your discovery.
Hero Contarius: I’ll ask one of my men to guide him. In the meantime, I would like you to accept our service. We offer for the sake of our lord’s father.
The Hero Contarius nods his head towards Arkantos at saying this.
Arkantos: I don’t see why not. We could really use some archers, though. I know from experience that the Norsemen do not generally fight at range. Their main exception are their counter-infantry unit.
Harald: I think we’d best let our leader decide. Iblan, what say you?
Iblan: You know what they say, the more the merrier! A variety of cultures would be good around here, anyway.
The Contarii recognise the acceptance of their request, and quickly exchange the blue for red as a result.
Hero Contarius: Command us, then.

(OOC: I have a feeling a certain mad scientist is not going to like this post… and also, I’ll explain how Atlantean heroes work. Any human soldier as well as citizens and oracles (the gatherer/builder and scout units respectively) can become a hero unit. They become better at what they did before and also become effective against myth units (the hero oracle is in fact infinitely more capable in combat than a non-hero oracle, because the non-hero oracle cannot attack at all! By ‘better at what they did before’ I mean they retain their original unit counters (and build/gather faster in the case of citizens) but gain higher stats and deal bonus damage to myth units.)

Sep 10, 2013 at 12:57PM EDT

Reimu and Marisa did a good deal of collateral damage during the fight. Mainly Marisa though, the style of the Bullet Hell does not discriminate…

It took several hours just to put the fires out…

“Well! We certainly did a number on them!”

I wasn’t aware outer cities would be so combustible.

“Nah, it’s because the houses back home are so fradgil they fall over even before the attacks hit them. Or wait, maybe I am thinking about your shrine.”

Reimu smacks Marisa for that remark.

Anyways. One city down. An entire planets worth to go.

Both of them had killed their fair share of carnage. Though most the bodies they hit imploded on impact so there was no way to get a proper count. Marisa’s happy-go-lucky mood also makes anyone else question the pairs sanity. They are so Unphased it’s Disturbing


Reimu can only gawk at the amount of Ego the guy is carrying. Marisa seems unphased but when he tries to make a casual advance on them and treats Reimu like a Princess with a kiss on the hand, all he gets in return is a flustered kick of Culture Shock 20 feet into the air as Reimu scolds him about decency. Marisa busting up laughing the whole time.

Sep 10, 2013 at 02:36PM EDT

OOC: You guys..we can’t go around killing people..guys..Spark is the hero..guys..that stupid week we spent in Fairy Guild…guys..guys..anyone..?
guys..realistically, Spark should be insane and sick right now..err..hurm..
Spark vision I guess, It makes everything look heroic and justice-like. This should explain a thing or two..I guess..
I will react later once everyone posted so I can proceed to..we can proceed to that part where I am really OP and I become the most hated user of this damn thread.

EDIT: Assault ain’t into midget women..No offense but that’s the kind of stuff that is way too match for someone like me, baby. If there is one thing I’m totally in, that would be cat chicks..and robo chicks maybe.

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Sep 10, 2013 at 03:58PM EDT

OOC: I guess the Order mages would be among his best friends, then. They didn’t do that much killing and were fighting the mindslaved ones in self defense.

Sep 10, 2013 at 04:04PM EDT

OOC: It’s not about Assault, It’s about Spark himself. What kind of hero allows everyone to happily murder citizens in front of him? I will edit a thing or two for the sake of his boring hero persona and..and the soldiers in Normandi too.

Sep 10, 2013 at 04:10PM EDT

OOC: I was talking about Spark in my last post. And after all that some of them went around healing, to boot! I’m sure Spark would really appreciate some of the Order mages going to the effort of healing his forces.

Sep 10, 2013 at 04:14PM EDT

Meanwhile, Josuke and the other stand users had been effortlessly repairing buildings and clearing debris with their stands. They also got Doomguy and Ken to do the heavy lifting, And Falcon’s off chillaxing.

In terms of the actual fight, Everyone except Doomguy limited the targets to the BM’s troops. Doomguy, however…
Doomguy: Let’s see… 1372 robots, 1324 cyborgs, 100 humans, square on the dot, a strider, and 538 civilians. a new record!
He frankly doesn’t give two shits about who or what he killed, except for kill counts. That’s what going through hell can do to you.

Falcon’s quick to accept Assault, although he thinks Assault is a bit naive.

Doomguy really takes a shining to assault.

Ken just thinks Assault is idiotic, and needs to take shit more serious.

Assault is starting to piss off Jotaro, but Jotaro is only making annoyed grunts. If assault continues his antics, Jotaro will beat the everliving shit out of him.

Giorno, Okuyasu, and Josuke just think Assault is plain annoying.

Meanwhile, in the midst of hell, Maledict has equipped his chariot armor, and enters an arena. Thousands of demons are in the crowd, cheering.
Maledict: we’ve been on a 5 fight winning streak… we think we’ll pick… him.
The “Him” Maledict is referring to is in fact Azrael. He breaks the sealing circle around Azrael, and teleports him to the arena.
Maledict: 500 times per second? pfft. Easy Peasy. Now, 5000 times, that might give us some trouble. Anyways…
He points at Azrael with his rapier
He holsters his rapier.
Maledict; We win, We claim your soul. you win, you go back to the land of the living.

Maledict: >Implying you aren’t already the most hated person in the thread.
The demons just scratch their heads in bewilderment.
Maledict; It’s nothing you all need to worry about.
The demons go back to cheering.

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OOC: I realize I made a bit of an out of character move for Reimu. Marisa is still “Don’t care I kicked the bad guy’s asses” mindset, but Reimu is different.


Taking a break from the victory celebration, Reimu looks back out upon the city…

So many souls with lingering regrets… sorry, I will be out for awhile.

“Okay. Just be back before they leave.”

Don’t worry. I will.

Reimu spends the rest of the day roaming the streets…. performing a seemingly endless number of purification rituals. Stopping nearly every 3 feet on the primary battle area…

It’s not like anyone who has died here will get a proper funeral. At the very least this will let them all rest in peace…

Reimu winds up skipping dinner.

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The Mad Dog has been freed from his cage. Azrael begins to glow with an aura of red fire and darkness all around his body as he smirks at Maledict.

He cracks his knuckles with a sickening crack and swivels his head around to pop his neck as he looks around at his surroundings, wondering where he is while listening to Maledict’s ramblings.
Azrael: You’re the one who broke me free from that circle, hm?
He looks back at Maledict.
Azrael: Don’t disappoint me, demon.
His eyes examine the Chariot form of Maledict, pin-pointing exact locations where the armor is at its weakest, where normal human bones would snap and shatter, along with vital areas of the human body.
Azrael: Tiger Magnum!
He slides forwards to Maledict and delivers a devastating backhand that was so hard a field of fire was made behind it.

Azrael: Cobra Strike!
He kicks Maledict high into the air with a single kick, hitting him in a weak spot that causes some of his armor to break on him. He smirks as Maledict falls back to the ground.

Azrael: Leopard Launcher!
He strikes Maledict with a straight punch forwards while the demon is right in front of Azrael, hitting another weak spot on him. The arena floor was partially torn up due to the charge-up of the punch, rock appearing behind one of Azrael’s feet.

The punch had a colossal 22,216 pounds of force in it that would send Maledict flying towards the outer rim of the arena and through a stone wall. Even though he may be cocky, he has keen senses and is on high-guard for anything that comes his way.


High alert goes off in the sector as Maledict frees Azrael from his prison. Sirens are blaring everywhere throughout the ivory tower, and some of it can be heard from Magnolia.

Kokonoe: Shit shit shit shit shit….
The scientist looks at the monitor, unsure of what broke the seal on Azrael.
Kokonoe: How the hell did he get out of there?! That’s it… Next lock is going to be 5 million combinations in a second.
Kokonoe then contacts Makarov over Codec.
Kokonoe: Old man, listen to me… There’s something serious that’s happening right now. Keep everyone in Magnolia locked up tight until this situation is dealt with. You understand?
She frantically examines the multiple surveillance screens as Sector Seven soldiers begin to trek their way into the deepest parts of the tower which lie deep underground.

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As Maledict hits the wall, a giant explosion occurs. Demons ooh and aah at the spectacle. As the dust clears, a figure pops out. The figure seems to be somewhat translucent.
Maledict: This isn’t going to be as easy as you thought. How can you hit something you can’t see?
Suddenly, Figures of Maledict begin to rush Azrael from all sides, poking, slashing, stabbing, all of the like.
Maledict: That huge explosion? us taking off the outer layer of armor. We are much more… flexible in this form.
When Maledict reappears, there are in fact eight versions of him. They all seem ready to fight.

suddenly, A voice pops into Kokonoe’s head.
Maledict: I got your little friend right here with me. You’re not gonna get him back for a LONG while, dear.

OOC: Be cautious. I might interrupt your attacks during this fight.

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As Maledict begins to slice away at the Mad Dog, his jacket gets cut up a bit. His advanced senses allow him to see where exactly the real Maledict is at, but instead he raises his hands up to look like he is about to give someone a bear hug.
Azrael: Growler Field!
A flaming dark red aura coves all of Azrael’s body for a few seconds.

Strong enough to send a normal human flying a few meters away, this attack hits all the Chariot forms that are close to him at the very moment it goes off. He keeps this up for a few seconds as he gives a menacing grin at Maledict.
Azrael: I never underestimate my meal. Each opponent has different tactics to defend themselves from their predator. You are no different.
He begins to laugh at Maledict.
Azrael: Entertain me as the predator gets closer to slaughtering its prey!

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Time for some planetary purgin’…

We find Roger and Oswald stood upon a diamond slab of which is orbiting high above the next planet on their list…

The planet seems very advanced, but lets leave it to Roger to elaborate on this-

Roger: Big piece of shiny shit eh! whaddya think Ozzy??!

Oswald: ’Tis but a mere of foul heretics my Lord.
He stands behind Roger, his hands cupped behind his back, a proud man he is.
Roger: Right then sooooo…..tak tak tak…..a massive population…we’re looking at about 11 billion all crammed onto this world…..impressive
Roger eyes beaming down at the world below
Roger: Hyper advanced technology that is way ahead of what I’ve seen in a long while….see those little dots?
He points down at the planet, trying to draw attention to the sub-orbital hover traffic that is swarming the skies of the planet. Oswald leans in, his eyes squinting
Roger: Hover cars….you know when they are beefing the tech when they have those little things going about, ya see?
Oswald: I believe so my Lord.
Roger: Anyway, lets move on…’ve got huge cities that take up entire continents…..drastic poverty zones….a bustling but illegal organ trade market….a struggling and weak sense of justice…..few wars….wars being a thing of the past for these people….. the super rich have augmented themselves, extending their lifetimes by decades to centuries…the poor…well they are left to squabble around the lower levels of those big ass cities…….their ancient history?…well they used to record it and keep it…but no more….they stopped giving a fuck about that stuff ages back…literally…..hmmmm and this one is interesting…..this planet never had a form of religion at one point or another, meaning they never developed early uniting cultures……which is a big downside….because it basically means they are all a bunch of faggot arseholes who couldn’t care less about morality……..oceans dried up… is polluted to extreme levels…..most animal species have died out……the crust of the planet is pretty much hollow due to mineral exploitation…….national leaders are corrupt……..what is your opinion here?
Oswald: Filth, my Lord.
Roger:…..soooo….I head down to the planet and I seek audience with their leaders…..the meeting is broadcasted planet wide ofcourse…..“So, what you’re saying is, we submit to you and take up faith, because you apparently created us?”…..he said, that with this big fucking grins slapped right up his shitty face….I coulda punched the guy right then….but I didn’t….instead I roundhouse kicked his bean clean off his shoulders, watched the thing bounce around this conference room for like five minutes…meanwhile everyone watching is pretty shit up, but these people are sadistic, after a while they’ve forgotten about the headless corpse leaking blood all over the floor and they’re back looking at me….course I’m just stood there waiting for a lil’ respect to head my way…..“Do you have any proof of your ridiculous claims?”….I reply with “Yeah sure I do”…so I do the usual tricks….make some cookies out of thin air……clone myself a few times over…clear the skies over the sky of the city….you know….as a little show of my good side……..“Petty. These displays are nothing out of the ordinary, cloning? we can do such, weather alteration? within our capabilities….materialisation of food? not new to us.”… I eyeball this guy and take a bite out of my cookie, and say “I don’t need to prove myself anymore to you, make your choice. You submit, you benefit, you deny my offer and you die…simple as that..” He takes a while to respond to this one, I just stay stood there humming cheerfully to myself…the whole planet watching….“We have never had time for gods, nor are we to start. We will not be submitting to any of your demands” I don’t give him an answer, I just vanish from site…..and here I am….
Oswald: Fascinating tale my Lord.
Roger: I’m pumped for detonating this place…..lemme just grab my gun….
Roger reaches down to his holster….Oswald on the other hand notices something approaching
Oswald: Lo my Lord! the heathens approach!
Roger looks up and see’s…

The USG Nobility
A Dreadnought Class warship sent to destroy the Roger, a proud creation from the engineers of this heretic world. Equipped with heavy weaponry and a well trained crew to much, it has seen many conflicts and is well decorated within this planets navy. Its many crew are confident and focused on the mission at hand, complete professionalism
Roger: Chill it Ozzy, no need to get all up in a fuss over this.
He takes his pistol from his holster and quickdraws the approaching ship….the single shot tears straight through the hull ripping it apart internally
Roger: Wait for it….WAIT FOR IT!
The shot had penetrated the ships main core reactor, the resulting explosion engulfs the entire vessel, disintegrating it within a matter of seconds. The worlds below looks on in horror as the honourable navy ship is so effortlessly cast aside….the world leaders begin to gulp, trying to contain their regrets…
Roger: And now it’s time for you
Roger slowly pans his aim over to the world below
Roger: “Insert epic line here” eh Ozzy?
Oswald: If it were so easy my Lord.
Roger pulls the trigger, the bullet speeds towards the planet and through the hail fire that the heretics are putting out in a desperate attempt to stop it….but it’s to no avail…the bullet strikes the surface and rips away the planets crust in a wave of molten rock miles high. Within moments, the lives of 11 billion are extinguished. The planet reset….the cities reduced to nothingness.

Even with their incredible levels of technological enlightenment they couldn’t do anything to stop the vengeance of the one true god and saviour, The Crow.

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That does literally nothing to stop Maledict. After the aura goes down, Maledict just stops. he is pretty much floating right now.
You shouldn’t underestimate me, either. You’d never kill me, anyways. Not before my minions get you.
*Suddenly, A copy of Maledict appears right in from of Azrael, and delivers a sharp kick, floorbouncing Azrael. He then goes and stabs Azrael a bunch.

Azrael has been pierced about 1000 times with a rapier. Thankfully, it didn’t hit any vitals, but he is pouring out quite a bit of blood.
Maledict: Speaking of my minions, would you like to face one? I have an entire wheel of them.
Suddenly, Maledict disappears and reappears in the grandstands with a giant wheel with a bunch of names on it.
maledict; if you choose to accept, I shall heal all of your wounds.

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the whole day was nothing but hell for the members of fairy tail. for once in their lives they had never bear witness to the brutality and carnage of war. bodies littering the streets, the cries of pain and suffering of dying people, civilian and soldiers alike. this takes a heavy toll on the mental state of the guild members. who are still too young and pure to bear witness to such chaos. they knew what they would be going into, but never had they imagined it to be this horrible. everyone had suffered greatly from this one fight alone. but to continue on like this for other parts of the planet. fairy tails sanity and innocence is at risk right now. but they try and absolve themselves of the guilt they feel from all of this and try to remember what is at stake here. but even then, its weighs heavy on their minds as much as the wounds they bear on themselves.

(here is the current statuses of my members)

Gray and juvia: gray took a stab wound from behind by a human soldier. juvia quickly panicked out of terror over vthe idea of loosing gray, and without thinking, sent out many blades of water slicer at them, completely eviscerating them. this had been the first time she took the life of another person, enemy or not. juvia is horrified by what she had done and cannot try and keep herself together. gray, after the figh, he had already gotten his wound patched up by the medics and covers it with ice just to be sure. gray is trying everything he can to help juvia with her mental stress, she is completely traumatized by what she had done.

gray responds to assault while juvia is burried in his shoulder, his arms wrapped around her as she sobs.

Gray: hey… nice to see yah man. could you just leave us alone for a minute…. this whole thing… its beenn to much for us…. so just… just…

he has no more to say. juvia is too much for him at the moment.

Gajeel and levy
the two of them are helping with falcons crew cleaning up the place. they do it silently however. gajeel breaks apart metals to move debris over while levy uses her magic to push debris aside and to rebuild the surrounding areas. this battle stuck them hard. gajeel is hurt pretty well, but is still fine. while levy isnt that beat up due to gajeel always guarding her from harm.*

gajeel and levy see assault aproaching them. levy tries to greet him in her normal cheery mood, but it comes out feint. theres too much on her mind right now to be happy about all of this.

gajeel: just piss off buddy. im not really in the mood for your crap right now.

this fight made gajeel more bitter than usual. even when levy is around

@cana, wendy, carla, and ,mirajane.

they help around the area were the wounded soldiers and saved civilians are. wendy does everything she can to help ease the pain from the soldiers from the fighting while the medics work as well. carla is nearby for support and to help move people around. cana and mirajane do whatever they can to help people recuperate from their fighting. handing out blankets, rations, judt dong whatever they can to keep their minds off of the reality of al of this fighting. though some of them are beaten up good from pushing themselves to save as many lives as possible from the BM forces. however, even then their efforts are not enough and it weighs heavy on their minds.

Carla: wendy dont overdo your magic. try and rest.

wendy: crying i wont… i wont stop helping these people until theyre all right…. its the least they deserve… ill keep helping them as long as it takes. she finishes with this one soldier who is very grateful while she moves on to another soldier while the medics tend to the one she just helped

cana and mirajane are approached by assault. mirajane speaks with a lot less energy and cheerfulness than she usually does. having been through enough already

mirajane: oh… well hello there. im mirajane. this is m friend cana. were from fairy tail. im sure spark told you about us.

cana: look, i know your trying to lighten the mood with all of this cheery stuff and celebrations. but honestly, its rather disrespectful for the people who suffered and died here. this isnt some party, so have some courtesy.

the two of them leave him and continue to provide aide to the released civilians.

lucy, pantherlilly, and laxus.

lucy, pantherlilly and laxus are by a military truck. lucy is inside sobbing about the carnage she had bear witnessed to and how she couldnt save the lives of a few soldiers who gave their lives to protect her from two hunters who had her pinned before she managed to get taurus to finish them off. but not before the hunters took apart the soldiers. that was the most horrifying thing she had seen. laxus, who is leaning on the truck from the outside, is also scarred internally by all of this, but still manages to keep a level head about all of this as well as pantherlilly. they can hear her sobbing inside the truck while others are cheering around them celebrating victory.

laxus: goddamn will she get over it? we all knew full well what we were getting into. she should have seen that coming.

pantherlilly: how can you be so insensitive to her emotions. this fight is way too much for some of us to handle you know. we all saw people give their lives for the sake of this world and the people still imprisoned by the balloon master. i know its hard taccept the realities of war. but theyre still just kids. this is complete insanity to assume that any of them would be ready for anything like this. even you laxus.

laxus: i know. its just…. its just too hard to get use to something like this. we have an entire planet to save. and to think we suffered this much in this one fight. i cant imagine the second fight. or third one. if any of us are that lucky.

Pantherlilly: we just need to stay true to our selves and remember who we are and why we are doing this. its not an easy path to take. but its one that must be done in order to free these people from this monster.

they are greeted by assault

laxus: im laxus. this is pantherlilly, bout damn time you people showed up. could have used your help a long time ago. and if you dont mind. tell spark to tell us whats next after al this. just want to get all of this over with and move on.

they say no more to assault.

erza had bare witness to much pain and suffering in her life. this whole fight is just like her struggles to free themselves from the captors who imprisoned her and countless others in construction of a building. this time is no different, fighting to free the people of this planet from a dictator bent on conquering this world and many others. erza is siting in exile in aar off area in the city, away from most of the celebration and stuff to be alone. she is in her regular clothes, not bothered by the cold as she cries.

she is sitting next to some debris and around her is a squad of dead soldiers who she rallied by her side and to help lead them to fight the balloon masters forces after a collapsed building separated her from hakumen and the other squad. she did everything she could to preserve their lives, but her efforts and slight hesitation in her abilities costed them their lives during an ambush of hunters and assassins. they fought to the last man to protect her and ended up dying for her sake before she finished off the remaining enemies with great vengeance.

erza: im sorry…. im so sorry… i wish i had done more… but… im so sorry!

remorse and sorrow continues to build up inside of her,

reimu can see erza in a distance sitting by her lonesome with the many bodies around her.

Natsu and happy
anger, nothing but anger and hatred for the balloon master is filled inside natsu. so much that it even scares happy. natsu is near were everyone else is,

happy: natsu. are you alright?

natsu: no happy. im not alright. im gonna make that bastard pay for everything he has done. all of the suffering, all of the pain, all of the death. all of it, im gonna make him know what it really means to suffer once i get my hands on him. and when i do. IM GONNA FUCKING KILL HIM!

natsu punches a nearby truck with an iron fist attack so powerful, it sends it flying into a building, completely wrecking the truck. happy is terrified at this point of him

happy: natsu, i know this has been a lot for everyone. weve been through a lot today. but we need to remember why we are doing this. were doing this for the people of this planet.

natsu: i know that completely. its just… our friends. our comrades. this is too much for me right now. i need to lie down for a while.

natsu walks away for a bit while assault tries and greets him. he doesnt turn around to face him but just makes a quick glance at him. speaking in a much less energetic tone than he always has.

Natsu: hey… bout time you showed up. now hopefully we can end all of this sooner. let me and my friends know when we move on. ill be around. he continues to walk away from all the comotion as happy quickly follows him but not before speaking to assault.

happy: im sorry sir. this is something we earnt use to at all. this whole thing has done enough damage to all of our friends. please understand that and forgive any of their rudeness. we just need some time.

fairy tail is completely torn up by this whole conflict. they fist entered with high hopes and spirits. but after seeing the realities and horrors of such conflicts.

@everyone (very important)

levels of asuras madness slightly increase within everyone who’s more mentally unstable or level headed than the others.

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Reimu slowly marches around. Spotting Erza sitting alone. She changes direction and walks over to her.

Never a natural feeling. Losing a comrade.

She throws her paper about and swings her Gohei. Briefly lighting the place up like a Christmas Tree

Not going to say much about it, but you always see how happy go lucky Marisa is? It hasn’t even been 6 years since that day Mima… er, her Master died. She came evil as they come, but for her apprentice she stepped in and saved her from the creator of hell herself. Huge paridime shift even for me.

She sits down next to her.

And quite surprisingly these guys had very little regret. I was able to send them all off in one go.

The paper on her Gohei blows in the wind.

Not your fault. They chose this path, and that was to protect a comrade they knew very little about.

Hidden behind the endless realms of between the boundaries, Yukari gazes upon the Black Blood Metal construction. This thing is nearly space-worthy.

Ran: “Lady Yukari.”

Yukari: “Ah, you are back.”

Ran: “Yes. The crows planet passed the star with barely even a second thought. The level of life on the star probably wasn’t enough to alert them in the first place.”

Yukari: “I see. Things going on here are fine, though…”

Ran: “What is it?”

Yukari: “Seems the little madness god is starting to test his limits with me. Used one of his insanity waves on me. Unlike the moon, it’s absolutely disgusting.”

Ran: “What will we do about it?”

Yukari: “I already started the preparations. I reinforced Myself, Chen, Patchouli, and Yuyuko. Remelia is hiding and Sakuya is nowhere to be found. We shouldn’t be affected until he decides to push his wavelength into the visible spectrum.”

Ran: “What about Youmu?”

Yukari: “Youmu has been sent to the river of Hades. She is gathering food for the Soul Eaters. I will do it to her as soon as she steps back in.”

Ran: “Is that wise? You do know the consequences of one of them overpowering you.”

Yukari: “I am well prepared. Their general day-to-day activities invigorate me. Oh yes, on that topic. I discovered a clever little power in the white knight and I gave it to one of our friends.”

She reveals a dead fairy

Yukari: “Of course I killed her afterwards. Had that power fully developed this boundary would have caved in within a few seconds.”

Ran: “Did you not use the Nuclear Explosion to send him away?”

Yukari: “True. However he has the power to negate Omnipotent Powers to be used directly on him, if not more. Put on your priority list to rally or destroy him.”

Ran: “And what of Ragna?”

Yukari: “Having him operate in the field is the best choice for now. Though he seems to be a chaotic good type. Perhaps extending him an invitation as well may be wise.”

Ran: “As you wish… though, what is the point of getting involved in this anyways? I thought it took very little chaos to keep you alive, this is just ridiculous.”

Yukari: “True. Though you do know I am an instigator.”

Ran: “… I will depart as soon as the Teleportation Blocker is Disabled.”

Yukari: “Good girl.”

Yukari hits Ran with a boundary, leaving her off balance for just a bit.

Yukari: “Now then. Go about your business.”

Ran: “As you wish.”

Ran bows and leaves.

Yukari: “Now then… time to figure out how to steal the Chaos Emeralds…”

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Ragna sits there on the pile of corpses he slaughtered just to keep his own life from being taken, so he instead took theirs and made their souls mold into the darkness of the Grimoire. He breathes out his mouth as the cold air shows his breath.

The Grim Reaper remembers him being cornered by several Hunter Soldiers at the same time. He thought to himself that it was the end before a bolt of strength ran through his body, and he sliced them all clean in half as blood splattered all over his face and jacket and their souls absorbed into the Azure. He has killed people before, but they were people he hated… These people were just civilians… He kept telling himself that this was for the greater good, and that they wouldn’t have lived normal lives after this anyways if they were spared. Ragna looks down at his BlazBlue arm once again.
Ragna: Sometimes I wonder… Am I really better than the thing that will be born from me?
He puts his arm back on top of his knee. This is different for the Reaper… Something very different…

The Murakumo Unit who is sit beside him looks to Ragna.
Nu: Nu knows that we won’t be able to change.. What’s happened to us defines our lives…
The Murakumo Unit had no trouble taking lives. Her emotionless robotic side took over as she slaughtered the troops of the Balloon Master with bloodied swords and armor. Nu feels no remorse for the people that she killed, nor for the lives of the soldiers lost. She slaughtered hundreds as an emotionless killing machine. Her cape is tattered and her skin-tight suit has a few holes in it. She floats with her legs crossed beside Ragna, her internals being repaired from what damage she had been dealt.

Flandre would be with Juvia and Gray, trying to comfort her silently through what has happened to her. The vampire tried her best not to kill any innocents, but her playful nature got the better of her and she decided to pop a few just to see what would happen… No one was around when this happened, however. Now she feels a feeling she has barely ever felt. Is this guilt coming from her? Maybe… She stays silent as she hugs Juvia around the waist.

Jin is hiding his feelings about what he had experienced in the factory. What he had seen there, and the things that happened shook him somewhat. However, the previous influence of Yukianesa has left his mind rather resilient. Jin thinks to himself about what horrors he saw there…

That horror was seeing what the cyborgs actually were… He felt them pleading for help inside their metal casings. He decided that he should end their lives where they stand… It would be the right thing for him to do. He slashed and froze all of the cyborgs that he could find with extreme precision, even saving a few others every now and again. Nearly the entire time he was doing this, he kept quiet though.

Hakumen has been through the Dark War. He has seen people be destroyed and devoured by the Black Beast. What horrors such a monster could cause, and what all happened to the people it consumed… This battlefield reminds him of the Dark War, but the slaughter of innocents still makes him feel remorse…

He saw soldiers die before his very eyes as he was split apart from Erza during the chaos. He tried to find her, but was ambushed by an overwhelming group of cyborgs he tried to strike down. He spent the entire fight trying to find her… “Does humanity deserve such a thing?”, he thinks to himself. “Have they learned from their mistakes?”, he thinks to himself.
Hakumen: …
He feels Erza’s sadness and despair in the distance, along with feeling her presence. The White Knight solemnly makes his way over to where she is. Erza can see a comforting white glow irradiating from Hakumen as he walks over to her and sits down beside her, taking the sheath off his back and putting it in front of him.

Hakumen: …
Silence from the White Knight seems to penetrate the stagnant and cold air of the arctic.
Hakumen: … I am sorry, child. I feel your pain and what all you must be going through right now. They were good men… What the maiden said is true. They chose to protect a comrade from the good of their hearts.

Tager kept a calm head while greeting Assault, but now things are starting to get to him. He gets flashbacks of what happened in the Ikaruga War, all those people slaughtered like livestock before his very eyes. Buildings were burning, men were yelling, children screaming for their parents and for safety…

He was mortally wounded, lying up against a building for support. There was nothing he could do but watch as his comrades fell before him. This is why he just knocked out the human troops. The city reminds him too much of what happened back then… Veteran would notice that the Red Devil doesn’t feel like himself today.


Azrael spits blood on the ground of the Colosseum floor as he looks up at Maledict.
Azrael: Gah… You nearly destroy me, but leave me alive just to face your minions? Pathetic that you don’t finish the job yourself…
He is bleeding out pretty badly, his coat and pants soaked with blood.
Azrael: Fine. I shall devour your minions to prove myself…
He scowls up at Maledict.

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Maledict: We like to toy with our prey before eating it.
With a great heave, Maledict spins the wheel.
The wheel stops. It lands on the name Pesci. Maledict looks with a bit of disappointment, not that you could see it.
Maledict: Pesci? I could have asked for more, but, here you go.
In a flash, all of Azrael’s wounds are restored, and a man appears in the arena. The man has bright green hair and lips, wears a yellow fur coat, and has a black shirt, pants, and cuffs with a purple heart design on it.
Pesci: Wha? Where am I?
Maledict: Pesci…. He shall be your opponent.
Pesci: y-you want me to fight this guy?
Maledict: If it’s any consolation, he killed Prosciutto. again.
Beach Boy appears as a simple and perhaps physical fishing pole with what appears to be a dragon’s or dinosaur’s skull mounted upon its handle and the words ‘BEACH BOY’ written on top.

Before Azrael has a chance to react, he is hooked on Beach Boy’s line. The hook begins to head for the weakness of Azrael, most likely his heart of another vital organ.

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Before Pesci even notices he is gone, Azrael seems to appear right in front of him with a grin on his face, the line still hooked inside him. He slaps Pesci across the face with a fist, knocking a few of his teeth out with a single blow. He then headbutts Pesci once with massive force, the Tyrant sill feeling able to take his opponent down after this. Azrael then punches Pesci with a Tiger Magnum in a weak point, shortly followed by an upward Cobra Strike to another weak point, and finally a Leapord Launcher punch to send him flying back to the wall of the arena. Oh, but the fight isn’t over yet. After the Leapord Launcher, Azrael immediately appears in front of Pesci, and delivers a string of multiple and powerful kicks straight to his gut. After this, he uses his shoulder to bash into Pesci and drop kick him after that. For the final blow of the combo, Azrael goes in for an overhead smash on Pesci that should ground him.

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Pesci lies battered and bloodies on the ground. He is still holding on to Beach Boy.
He suddenly reels in Beach Boy, and pulls out a knife, attempting to stab Azrael’s heart. He swings.

Sep 10, 2013 at 09:55PM EDT

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