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NM : So… Do you didn’t know how looks the Chaos Emeralds? Well…This is a Chaos Emerald…

NM invokes his dark magic and is immediately surrounded by his dark aura. Then his right hand began to lit up a bright green orb who later takes a gem-like form with a light emerald green color. The emerald was floating on the hand of NM.

NM : Now this…is a Chaos Emerald. As you know, is an ancient relic which have mystical properties and abilities, and the holder of them all can use them for a large variety of things. This emeralds are from another dimension, where the Dr. Eggman lived, BUT he was cheated by a cyan horse and stole them. I got one (for a moment) just like this, but in a different color, but was stolen by a human. I send my army and me to find the emeralds, but was to late… One of my important “men” in the AOD sacrifices his life and destroy the home of the cyan horse and her leaders.

NM turns and and point NMM.

NM : I think she is the only survivor of his land, without my power, she would not have survived.

Then NM levitates a piece of meat and grab it. The meat began to burn out and is throw it to the mouth of Nightmare Moon.

NM : That’s a Chaos Emerald and that’s why I want it… You want to learn more? Or what?

Sep 13, 2013 at 10:43PM EDT

“I merely know it can be used to knock down the dimensional walls pocketing each dimension if applied correctly. That’s all I am really concerned about. I will let your group hold onto them until they are needed, in which I will be borrowing them for the Reality Canon. After that… do what you will with them, though I think Medusa is the type to want to research them.”

Yukari stares at the emerald projection for a long moment

“So like that, but with a different color scheme… different color scheme… AH! AHAH!”

“I See Them I See Them! Oh, but that Cyan Pony is still there, watching over them like her own children, how cute.”

She wipes off the blood dripping from her eye and stands up.

“I feel a little bit bloodthirsty.”

One of her large gaps open up, this time with all the eyes illuminated

“Who wants to watch?”

OOC, what I am about to do is going to be rather open-ended. If Mark winds up wanting to return at some point, there will be a way out for her characters.

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Sep 13, 2013 at 11:20PM EDT

@yukaru and NM EDIT
before yukari leaves
medusa cuts out two chops from the rack as she continues her talk

Medusa: you fail to understand the kishins true nature of his madness. what asura wants is to not turn humanity into mindless creatures hell bent on ravaging each other in insanity. for you see, human beings are already monsters by nature. human beings are very frail creatures, frightened and scared of the unknown possibilities. and this root of all their fears is their imaginations. a collective of all their emotions that can easly go wild and out of control easily over the slightest piece of uncertainty. its their imaginations that makes humans weak, asura wishes only to simply have the madness absolve them of their imaginations, the source of al of humanities fears and weaknesses.

medusa rips the meat off the bones and prepares to feed her snakes on her arms

medusa: asura doesnt imagine, nor do i, and it is because of that we dont fear the unknown or anything really. im a scientist as well as a witch so that i can seek the truth of nature, whatever it may be. i dont let other outcomes get in my way of my research, which is why im good at what i do. oh by the way, i need to feed my two snakes, care to see?

the snake tattoos on her arms start coming to life and become bigger and bigger as they inbin from her arma and reach up to a grand size behind her. the heads transform into actual serpents heads, eyes glowing and tongues flicking out.

she tosses the chops a few meters away, the snakes on her left side snaps out in the blink of an eye and catches the chop with its maw before devouring it. the snakes come back to her and she begins to pet it

medusa: good boys, there there. mommy always takes care of her pets.

after NM and yukaris conversation and yukaris wanting to leave

Medusa: ill suppose ill join you too in this. ill also get asura as well. he seems to have had some troubles in the past with those horses. besides, need to use my newfound powers in a real fight. though i dont consider a complete slaughter a fight. ahahahah. either way, ill be taking off with you. coming asura?

one of medusas portals opens up and asura appears through it and walks into her boundary.

asura: i wouldnt think of any other way than to dispose o those creatures. they have something that belongs to us, and we will not let them get in ou ways of our plans. shall we be off then miss yukari?

medusa and asura join her as well

medusa opens a portal to NM

Medusa: oh by th way medic, here, have some cake. medusa hands him whats left of the strawberry cake to NM dont want it to go to waste.

she then closes it and both medusa and asura take off with yukari

@reimu and marisa
laxus: so your saying it was that bitch who can make all of those boundary portal things?

cana: yah she said that she can do thing like that. so that being said i think she just abused her powers to take our stuff.

lucy: seriously, you use magic like that just to take our food. how low can you be?

erza: that bitch is going to pay for taking my cake. not even the gods themselves will hold me back from having my revenge.

gajeel: its just cake, get over it.

erza kicks gajeel across the face and sends him flying into the wall


levy: erza calm down, there is always more. just relax.

Erza: fine, luckily i brought another one just in case, and support here can replicate it as much as he wants.

gajeel: than why the hell did you kick my?

erza: cuz i felt like it. now if youl excuse me. erza takes off to get another cake

suddenly marisa finds cana lifting her skirt up once more to take a sneak of her panties

cana: nice panties? though im sure you can find something better for that cute ass of yours. i can help you if you want someday.

laxus: im fine with it either way. heheheh.

@everyone else
everyone else is just relaxing and eating, trying to recover their strength and magic energy as they await for further orders from spark and his forces who are planning on their next moves against the Balloon masters empire. natsu finds some more met to cook for himself as the others try and pass time.

elfman is taken by surprise by his brute strength, lisanna and other members of the guild look at the fight outsude, so far it is not something too serious and are cheering for elfman

when elfman is in the air, he invokes his take over magic and transforms into beast form were tiger. this form not only gives him much more strength and durability, but also gives him very fast speeds

elfman: gonna have to do better than that to surprise me.

when azreal tries to catch him with a punch, elfman uses his reflexes to quickly evade it as he lands and while azreal is open, he unleashes a flurry of punches all over him with superhuman strength, and one final punch across azreals face that sends him flying back a great distance.

makarov shortly joins the others and watches this fight go on.

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Sep 13, 2013 at 11:46PM EDT

ooc: for got to mention one other thing and dont care for double posting.

the reason why i didnt accept crows offer of his emeralds is this.

1. im not a sellout.
2. medusa doesnt take shit from nobody, nor does she wish to serve anyone and be their bitch.
3. stealings more fun. wouldnt you agree.

hopefully she returns for a bit to get this all sorted out. but i dont know exactly if she will come back or not. though i hope she does.

Sep 14, 2013 at 12:20AM EDT


Ragna sits back down in his chair, not even giving a shit about what happened to Giorno as he lies in the floor in pain. The Grim Reaper sighs as he sits down and looks around the room, hearing people speak about Yukari.
Ragna: That gap hag needs to be killed once and for all. That bitch tried to steal my BlazBlue… Damn it.
He takes a look at his BlazBlue arm one more time and clenches his fist together.
Ragna: I’m not gonna let her get out of this alive.

Jin doesn’t give Giorno any attention as he lay there and merely turns away, going to take a seat by Reimu and Marisa.
Jin: This person you are talking about seems like quite the predicament to deal with… It would be best if she were taken down immediately.
His eyes glance over to Ragna before back to looking at the two lolis.
Jin: And just how old are you two anyway?


Azrael was taken off guard by the barrage of punches thrown his way, but still manages to block quite a few of them with his arms and hands. He is pushed back by the barrage, but he still has a smug grin on his face.
Azrael: Good, good!
As Elfman throws the last punch, Azrael grabs his Elfman’s fist with a single hand, stopping the punch right there.
Azrael: Aha!
He then takes Elfman by the single hand and smashes him into the ground behind him with a single hand. After this, he would throw Elfman towards a nearby wall with tremendous force.

Sep 14, 2013 at 12:25AM EDT

the Order mages notice that all the fighting has stopped. Tahrdan did not like the look of that burning, however…

Tempestia notices her writing and walks over to her
Tempestia: What are you writing down there?

at the Beasttkiller base…

the bandits are arriving at the gate

Sahure: Sow yourselves, or I will tea this place to the ground!

there is no apparent response…

The gate opens and every named character in the base exits. Iblan and Harald are first, followed by Loki and Immolan, then Arkantos and Suwako, and finally Chaos and Tikal.

Harald: You are a fool to approach with a clearly hostile force.

Sahure: Do you really think this small group can stop us?

Iblan: Arkantos ALONE could kill your army.

Hure: Let’s settle this in single combat, then. I would fight whoever leads your military.

Harald: I accept your challenge!

upon saying this the jarl quickly rides towards the bandit pharaoh. Sahure starts flinging small stones at Harald, who tries to avoid them using his horse. Before melee contact, a priest prepay to heal Sahure while Iblan prepares to heal Harald. Both sides are trying to get an edge in the single combat in this manner.

Tikal: to Arkantos and Suwako Why are humans so eager to fight?
Suwako: You’re one to talk, echidna~
Arkantos: It’s human nature. Many disputes cannot be settled peacefully and result in combat. The gods themselves are rather petty so this could be why.

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Sep 14, 2013 at 06:49AM EDT

After hearing Yukari asking for blood, Blitz makes a sigh and turns to NM.
Blitz : Wow…That what I call, spirit?
NM : Whatever… Well… Yukari, let me tell you something

NM close to Yukari, unfeared by her power, staring her with his bright red eyes.
NM : I like the way in which you demostrate your desire to steal the emeralds from the dead hooves of the cyan horse… I like that… But… let me tell you this, the horse is mine… It’s something personal…

That word caused to NMM to turn to NM, listening with attention.

NM : I sacrifice a lot of my men because the emeralds, because her… I was close, very close… But suddenly, an army of stupid tin robots attacks and the horse and her friends took advantege of the attack to escape from another dimension.

NM close more to Yukari’s face.

NM : So I’ll go to the point, I will kill the horse with my dark and flaming bare hands and send her soul to the abysm…Only me… and you can kill the others, They can give you a lot of fun, if you want that.
Blitz : Boss, don’t forget the leaders, we want them alive, remember?

NM saw that Medusa and Asura joins her

NM : That’s going to you too. You can help Yukari to destroy the God of Chaos and the Angel of the Death.


NM : And I don’t like that “Medic” word, that name is and sounds inferior.
NM grabs the cake and look it, it pink color was enough to make NM to reject it.
NM : And thank you… But I don’t like pink.

NM throw the cake backwards, only to being catched and eaten by NMM.
NMM : Mmmm! That was the best strawberry cake I even eaten!
Blitz : It’s because is your first one in your life?

Asura and Medusa enters to the portal with Yukari, NM later enter, but before that, NM points to Blitz and NMM.
NM : You will stay here! Moon, you will keep an eye on Blitz if he do something stupid
NMM : Of course Fa-

NM : And Blitz, keep an eye on Moon if she do something bad too.
Blitz : Yes Sir!

Said Blitz, giving to NMM a grim smile. *NM makes a sigh and enters to the portal, following Yukari and to others.


Are you kidding right? I not gonna stay, doing nothing while you and Natsuru steals the emeralds…

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Sep 14, 2013 at 03:58PM EDT

OOC: To actually get shit moving….

Maledict: I think i’m going to have a little fun.
Suddenly, Portals open up under Jin and Hakumen’s feet. They fall through the portal.
And now, The World.
Time is stopped thought the entirety of Mobius.
Maledict opens up portals under everyone in the Dining hall, which Basically means every hero on mobius controlled by Asura, Natsuru, Zar, Tardises, and Myself.
As everyone gets their bearings, they see that they’re in a Roman Colosseum. There is a figure cloaked in black robes standing there.
???: Hello, mortals. You have been… invited, shall we say, to a grand tournament, one that will offer an excellent prize at the end.
Falcon: Why the hell should we care?
???: The prize… is whatever you want it to be.
The man pulls off his hood. It is revealed to be Calypso. He has a… bad aura around him.
Calypso: Normally, I would be hosting twisted Metal, but, however, A dear friend asked me to host THIS tournament instead.
Doomguy: Who the hell are you?
Calypso: I AM CALYPSO!
Falcon: I am most likely the only one who recognizes this guy, and that’s because I can break the fourth wall.
Calypso: Anyways, head to that station over there. And don’t try to run, because you’ll get nowhere.
He points to an area with a desk.
My characters begin to head to the desk.

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Sep 14, 2013 at 06:15PM EDT

the Order mages are thrown off by the sudden transportation, which is not at all like what they’re used to from Warp
Ignis: Alright, who’s responsible for THAT one!?
Solarian: I have no idea.

They listen to the instructions

Tsunarmin: I don’t personally see any reason to listen to that guy, but it seems like there’s nothing better to do, so….

the Order mages head to the desk. Back at the single combat, however…

Sahure: I will not die to the likes of you!
The bandit pharaoh is trying to maintain distance from Harald and fling rocks at him. Since he’s basically trying to keep distance from a cavalry unit, this does not work out well. A beam of light starts to shine down upon Sahure, one of his priests is healing him
Harald: Really? You’re relying on something as underhanded as having someone heal you? I’LL SEND YOU TO HELHEIM MYSELF!
(OOC: Helheim is the place in Norse mythology where those who did not die in battle went. It is also where we originally got ‘Hell’ from.)
Sahure: Keep trying. I know from your army composition that you have no means of healing!
The healing from the priest seems unusually effective, it’s actually allowing Sahure to shrug off Harald’s blows like nothing. The jarl starts weakening, though…
Sahure: As I said, I won’t die to the likes of- wait, what’s happening?
some white sparkles appear around Harald, healing him
Iblan: Only evening out the odds, here. They should count themselves lucky that that healer isn’t opting to attack instead of heal. If it turned into two against one, well…. They’d be burning to death already.
Harald: ‘No means of healing’, eh? You just got proven WRONG. GO JOIN THOSE WHO DIDN’T DIE GLORIOUSLY!
The jarl proceeds to charge straight at Sahure. This is an attempt to crush Sahure underneath the hooves of a horse.
(OOC: Obviously this combat is not going the way it would in AoM, but this is not bound by AoM’s game mechanics, so it can be described as something much more than it would have been.)
Sahure: Aren’t you forgetting something, fool?
A crocodile appears at Sahure’s feet, and turns towards the jarl
Harald appears to be… laughing?
Harald:Hahahaha, beast hordes, you say? And you dare threaten the leader of the Beastkiller clan? THE FOOL IS YOU, BANDIT!
Harald resumes charging towards Sahure, his sword dragging beside him. He intends to slay the crocodile as he passes it.
There is some discussion among the spectators, talking amongst each other no matter whether they are a bandit soldier, a Beastkiller warrior, huma or not human.
Axeman: They seem pretty evenly matched even with the healing…
Ulfsark: Indeed they are. If it were the healers fighting though, it would be a completely different story.

Elephant Rider: At least we have quite a show to watch.
Priest: Yes.
(OOC: The ‘elephant rider’ is the man who is keeping one of the War Elephants under control.)

The two sides are even mingling at this point…
Camelry: So, what’s someone as young as you doing on a battlefield?
Suwako: I’m a few thousand years older than you, human. Why does everyone treat me as a human child~?
Immolan: That sort of attitude does not help them treat you otherwise, Suwako.

The more human-like myth units are even getting into a theological discussion!
Einherjar: So, warrior, what is your pantheon like?
Anubite:We arrre serrrvants of Lorrrd Anubis.
The Anubite is a bit hard to understand due to having the head of a jackal. The EInherjar can make out what he is trying to say, though.
Einherjar: Is this ‘Anubis’ anything like Lord Odin?
Anubite: Anubis is one of the lorrrds of judgement. He guides the dead to Osirrris and assists him in the judgement. The judged arrre weighed against the featherrr of trrruth, theirrr hearrrts grrrowing lighterrr or heavierrr depending on theirrr lives. If the hearrrt is heavierrr, it is fed to a crrrocodile, and the soul is cast out into the underrrworrrld. If the hearrrt is lighterrr, the soul will live with Osirrris. What of this ‘Odin’, and yourrrself?
Lord Odin’s shieldmaidens, the Valkyries, handpicked us from the field of battle. We Einherjar are fallen warriors picked to reside with Odin, wisest of the Aesir and the Allfather. He and his brothers created the nine worlds from the body of the great giant Ymir, and the world of Asgard, home of the gods, is near the top of the world tree Yggdrasil. We Einherjar live in the hall of Valhalla, there to reside by his side, on the condition that in the final battle, Ragnarok, we ride forth with him and die again by his side.
Slinger:Anubites are capable of speaking!?
Throwing Axeman: No stranger than hearing a ball of light speak. Speaking of which, it’s here now.
Tikal: I couldn’t help but hear about your respective set of beliefs. The tribe I used to be a part of were just warlike, and taken over by greed. There was this one legend we have, which my grandmother taught me, which went like this… ‘The servers are the seven Chaos. Chaos is power, power is enriched by the heart. The Controller serves to unify the Chaos.’
Ulfsark: What does it mean?
Tikal: I later found out that it was referring to eight powerful jewels in the world I come from. The Seven Chaos were a set, that when brought together could do just about anything. I have never seen any use of them like that blue hedgehog was capable of, though. The Controller was a much larger jewel that I’m sure to this day is guarded by the last of that tribe.
Slinger: Whoever gets a hold of those could probably command armies using the power given.
Tikal: I only hope that no one with dark intent finds the Seven Chaos…

(OOC: This really establishes that the opposing armies are just opponents by circumstance, and would be able to get along. And yes, what Tikal is talking about is a reference to exactly what you think it’s a reference to. Unfortunately for her some with dark intent are already on their way to get them.)

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Sep 14, 2013 at 07:03PM EDT


All my characters fall through their respective portals and end up here.

Ragna looks around hurriedly, trying to find a discernible thing that could have caused this. He then spots Calypso talking to the others.
Ragna: Hey, asshole! You think that it’s just okay for you to come an abduct us? I mean, seriously! Some of us don’t appreciate this, bub.
His eyes are glowing their respective colors while he looks at Calypso.

The expressionless face of Hakumen stares at Calypso, emanating a white aura.
Hakumen: Demon…

He draws Ookami from his back, and suddenly Calyspo would be filled with an immense amount of fear from the holy blade and the powerful White Knight combo.
Hakumen: I shall be the one to destroy you…
All of the sudden, Calypso can feel his knees begin to get weak and his legs begin to tremble just from the presence of Hakumen himself.
Hakumen: Tell me, hellspawn, why have you brought us here?

Nu has equipped into her combat gear already and floats beside Ragna.
Nu: Scanning: complete. Results: No identifiable dimension or spacial presence stored within my databanks. Logging… complete. Commencing defensive protocols.
The swords on floating behind her suddenly get in a defensive position.
Nu: Waiting for confirmation of request…

Tager tries to contact Kokonoe in this place, but finds he cannot.
Tager: Come in, Kokonoe. This is Tager reporting in. Over.
No response. Just static.
Tager: Come in, Kokonoe?
Still no response. He stops trying to connect to Kokonoe, knowing that it won’t work. Calypso then catches his eye.
Tager: Hey! What the hell did you just do? What is this about a tournament?

Jin would be one to remain calm, but observant. He holds Yukianesa by his side.
Jin: … What is the meaning of this abduction? Is this “tournament” just for your own satisfaction? It would be wise to tell us what exactly is going on here.

Flandre is by Juvia, oohing and gawking at the roman architecture. She thinks this is pretty damned cool. She could care less about Calypso right now.


Asura said he would be out for most of the day. I also believe that Natsuru said his brother would be visiting him today, so there is that to deal with as well. Just informing you all.

Sep 14, 2013 at 07:08PM EDT

Calypso is obviously scared by the blazblue characters going towards him, and put up his hands
Calypso: I wasn’t the one that brought you here! I’m only the face of the tournament! To be honest, I don’t even know the guy behind the tournament!
He somehow manages to regain hos composure.
Calypso: Either way, If you do nothing, or walk off, you’re going to be stuck here forever. Also, if you kill me now, you’ll be stuck here forever. The man behind the tournament wouldn’t want me to be dead, you see.
My characters just shrug, seeing as they have to participate to leave, and head to the front desk.

Sep 14, 2013 at 07:19PM EDT

It takes a while, but after a minute, another two portals appear. One being a lot large than the other. Two figures drop from it and land on the ground causing a tremor….

Dragon Slayer Ornstein & Executioner Smough have arrived…
After being cast off from Mobius they were returned to their kingdom but shortly called on for duty once more by the Crow who wanted to see them entered into his allies game…

The duo make their way over to the front desk, each of Smough steps causing a small tremor. Neither of them pay much attention to the other hero’s other than a few morbid stares, nor do they speak.

Upon reaching the desk the pair stand waiting, Smough’s massive figure taking up a bus sized amount of room and Ornstein stood peacefully in front of him. Both of them have their weapons ready, Smough’s hammer resting on his shoulder and Ornstein holding his Slayer Spear down by his side…

Sep 14, 2013 at 08:55PM EDT

@Calypso before Pikachu and Snorlax,

Hakumen just stares at Calypso for a moment. He then sheathes Ookami in its sheath.
Hakumen: Despicable demon.. We have no choice.
He walks over to the desk. One of the eyes in the back of his armor stares straight at Calypso.
Hakumen: You shall pay dearly for this in due time.

Ragna scowls at Calypso.
Ragna: Tch…
He then heads for the desk to sign up.

The Red Devil shrugs.
Tager: I guess that we don’t have a choice in this matter…
He then walks over to the desk to sign up.

Nu: Affirmative. Commencing sign-up protocol.
She follows behind Ragna to the desk to sign up.

Jin scoffs off Calypso without saying a word, heading to the desk and signing his name there.

Flandre hesitantly floats over to the desk to sign her name.

@Pikachu and Snorlax,

Ragna takes a good look at the giants as they drop from the portals.
Ragna: Just who the hell are you two bozos supposed to be? Well? Speak up. I don’t have all day here.

Sep 14, 2013 at 09:08PM EDT

Ornstein does’t react to Ragna, instead he approaches the signing up roster and holds his hand out above it…

Two names are printed out onto the paper, “Sir Ornstein” and simply…“Smough”

Smough on the other hand turns to Ragna and gives out a very deep and slow laugh, he seems amused…

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Sep 14, 2013 at 09:29PM EDT

Suddenly, another portal opens, with a fabulously dressed man falling out. He seems to have been told earlier what to do, and cautiously approaches the table, and signs his name. He then looks around and spots the stand users.
???: Jotaro? Josuke? Okuyasu?
The stand users take notice to the man.
Jotaro: Who’s asking?
???: Joseph Joestar, your grandpa.
Okuyasu: Prove it!
Joseph: Your next words will be “He’s legit.”
Okuyasu: He’s legit. WHAAAAAAAAA?! HOW DID YOU?
Jotaro: yep, that’s my granddad.
Falcon: Pretty nifty trick you got there.
Ken: I have to agree, that is very interesting.
Doomguy: That’s cool.
Josuke: Dad, I though you died!
Joseph: Josuke, I did die! I’m actually a spirit right now!
Giorno: Yeah, and i’m your uncle.
Falcon: You actually ARE his uncle… You see, Giorno is the son of Dio Brando, but Dio had Jonathan’s body at the time, so that makes Giorno technically Joseph’s uncle.
Giorno: what. Guess he’s a spirit, then.

Sep 14, 2013 at 10:26PM EDT

ooc: sorry for being gone guys, friends b day. im just gonna catch up on all of this really quick cuz im tired as fuck.

everyone in fairy tail falls through the portals. they look around and argue and jabber about why they are here. they notice the dragonslayer and executioner and try and talk to them but they say nothing. irritated they walk up to the desk and sign their names to enter the tournament accept for the three cats, who would be joined by their respective partners.

elfman recovers in mid air and his feet catch onto the wall and he springs himself forward and starts to make a dash to him at a fast speed. he jumps from one side from azreal, but very quickly moves to another and catching his blind spot. he makes a single uppercut square on his back and sends him flying into the air. he pounces up and kicks him back to the ground before landing nearby.

Elfman: damn, your pretty good i gotta say. very few could match my strength. lets see what else you can do.

Sep 14, 2013 at 11:15PM EDT

As the final member of Fairy Tail places their name in the book, Calypso’s voice booms.
Calypso: The signups are finished! Please proceed into the door on your left!
Suddenly, a giant gate opens, big enough to even fit Smough inside it.
Calypso: Who you shall be going up against is posted up on the wall in the room.
They see this posted up on the wall

Falcon: Oh, fuck, going up against the big guy.
Josuke: I’m a bit scared.
Doomguy: That girl? This will be easy!
Giorno: I’m going up against the Ice user… I wonder how I’ll fare?
Ken: I am either going up against Captain Falcon or that huge hulking beast with the hammer. Honestly, I hope I fight Falcon.
Jotaro: i’m going up against that girl that can transform into a demon? This will probably be a tough fight.
Joseph: Who’s Hakumen? Eh, who cares? I’ll still kick his ass anyways!
Okuyasu: I’m going up against that drunk chick? This’ll be easy!

OOC: Tell me if anything’s wrong, okay?
Also, here’s a quick message for everyone
Maledict: I just LOVE pointless filler, don’t you?
Shut up.

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Sep 14, 2013 at 11:32PM EDT

@before the Abduction:


Up close this underwear isn’t even something you can buy at the store. Marisa had clearly made these herself. A relic to the fact that Marisa and Reimu come from a place stuck eternally in Feudal Japan.

Reimu: “Where is your Bloomers?”

Marisa: “One of those cyborg guys took them while trying to strap me to medical wires.”

Reimu: “… I think I will have to have a talk with Sam whenever he gets back.”


Marisa: “It’s my personal Grimoire! Nothing special, but I use it to record the fight styles of other magi.”

Reimu: “And completely rip them off.”

Marisa: “Hey, I don’t copy stuff all the time. I just use inspiration to come up with original content.”

Reimu: “Oh really? Non Directional Laser?”

Marisa: “guh”

Reimu: “Orrires Suns?”

Marisa: “Guh”

Reimu: “Oh, and did I mention your ‘signature’ Master Spark?”

Marisa whacks Reimu in the face with the gallon of applejuice she had up her dress earlier.

Marisa: “I beat the crap out of you that day! You saw nothing!”

(Once again a reminder that the version of the Touhou timeline I am using involves Reimu losing to Marisa in Lotus Land Story and Marisa ultimately being the one to fight Yuuka.)

@after getting abducted:

Reimu and Marisa get dragged into the whole mess, and after discussing a few things amongst themselves they sign up and get ready for the fight

Marisa: “Hoo boy. We go against each other first eh?”

Reimu: “I have a feeling whoever arranged this didn’t want to deal with both of us and make himself look better.”

Doll (Alice): “Bias piece of shits. Go march up to the executive offices now and beat the shit out of them for taking bribes.”

Marisa: “Wait, since this is a Filler Season does that mean we get to ignore our Spell Card Ammo and Usage?”

Reimu: “Yes. Go all out.”

Marisa: “Yipee!”

Natsuru: “Oh look, they are in the first bracket. I get to continue… yay for me? Whatever, CHEATING THE WRITING SYSTEM. Have some footage of Touhou Sky Arena Matsuri.”

@Reimu and Marisa’s round:

It looks intense, but it’s clear to anyone with a good eye Reimu isn’t even trying.

By extension, Marisa Wins.


Ooc: Not certain what to do about the ass kicking Yukari and co are about to dish out. Do I delay or…?

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Sep 15, 2013 at 01:47AM EDT

OOC: I actually don’t see Noctan on there at all… And I guess it was somewhat inevitable that some of my characters be paired up against each other seeing as I have so many…

The Order mages read the listings…
Noctan: Huh, looks like I get to sit this one out.
Pyralis: I have no idea who the hell this guy I’m paired up against is…
they had not paid any attention to the names. Pyralis probably has next to no chance of making it past the first round…
%{color:lightgray}Solarian: Who’s this ‘Flandre’ I’m paired up with?

Tsunarmin: I’ll give you a word of advice. Evasion. (if possible, try to make Agility Boost your first action.)
Tempestia is however well aware of who she’s going up against.
Tempestia: Good luck hitting me, though!

The other four notice their particular pairings…

Ignis: Ordinarily I’d say that Granatir has this one easily, but…
Tahrdan: I’m not exactly an ordinary aquamancer at this point. Not to mention he’s honestly rather slow and has no long range physical attack.
Granatir: I can hear you, you know. And in a way, Solarian, Tempestia and Pyralis have it easy. As do I. No Barriers from our respective opponents
Tahrdan: You DO realise that OYH can be more effective than Barrier and MBarrier, right?
Noctan: At least this way two of us are guaranteed to make it past the first round.
Tsunarmin: Only because we’re paired against each other, though. Speaking of which, you’d better be ready, Ignis.
I’ll handle the matchups between my own characters first, and maybe see how the OTHER ‘single’ combat is doing.
Tsunarmin vs. Ignis
It’s the most physical-oriented of the archmages against the most magical-oriented. Both have shields for this, even though Ignis’ will be ineffective because Tsunarmin doesn’t use physical attacks much.
Ignis: It’ll most likely be over if I get in melee range…
Ignis starts to walk towards Tsunarmin. Both are preparing spells. Tsunarmin casts Whirlpool, Ignis casts Razor Leaf. (Whirlpool is basically a swirling orb of water. Razor Leaf is leaves surrounding the target point and cutting them.). Because Tsunarmin is the faster of the two, Whirlpool is the first to go off. Both are trying to go for the other’s weakness. Whirlpool just clips Ignis since he wasn’t running (or utilising the hammer) to approach Tsunarmin quickly. Because she wasn’t moving, however, Razor Leaf hits her easily. And she cannot heal all the damage, either.
Tsunarmin: Are you sure you want to try and get in melee range, Ignis? Remember what I can do!
as Ignis continues to approach, Tsunarmin calls upon the Guardian creature. This ironically makes Ignis’ shield more useful.
Ignis: You just make yourself a larger target by doing that!
Ignis opts to charge at Tsunarmin, holding the hammer to one side with the rocket facing behind him to aid in this.
Tsunarmin: You do realise that this creature is more effective with physical attacks than most of us could ever be, right?
To prove her point, the creature uses its Empty Claw attack. It’s just a physical attack, really so it is unclear why it has its own name.
Ignis: Aren’t you forgetting something yourself?
Ignis steps back and casts Wildfire. If it hits it would weaken the creature’s physical attacks. Tsunarmin realises this and tries to get it to back off. Unfortunately it is too large to evade even a simple spell…
Tsunarmin: Your efforts are futile, Ignis, let’s just end it!
Tsunarmin casts Tsunami. Because she is on the Guadian creature, its power makes the spell twice as powerful as it would have been otherwise. A huge wave rises up behind her and rushes towards Ignis. He attempts to dash out of the way, but it is ultimately futile. The wave hits him full force, and knocks him back.
Ignis: I will…. go on… to the next round…
Noctan: I’m not sure you’d want to, considering… well… I’ve seen the matchups. Whoever of us goes past the first round will be fighting the other one.
Tsunarmin and Ignis: WHAT!?
Ignis: On the… one hand…. it could be Granatir…. and therefore easy…. but, the alternative….
Ignis just collapses there, Tsunarmin is through the first round.

Tahrdan vs. Granatir
Granatir: On paper this is easy for me, but… I know what you have that could make it easy for yourself.
Tahrdan: I just hope we’ll be able of recognising the next round opponent’s attacks.
Noctan runs over to observe the fight and hears that comment.
Noctan: You will. It’s Tsunarmin.
Granatir: So four of us were paired up in such a way so that only one of us will go through to the third round guaranteed?
Noctan: It COULD potentially, but highly unlikely, be three or even four of you.
Tahrdan: I know full well how weak we are in comparison to everyone else, so it’d be surprising indeed.
Granatir: Let’s just get started.
Granatir proceeds to do the same action as Ignis did in his battle and casts Razor Leaf. Tahrdan does the completely predictable thing of summoning OYH, while he runs to evade.
Granatir: And so it begins.
Tahrdan runs in one direction, OYH moves in the other.
Granatir: The same thing you tried against Solarian? I think I know just how to get round it.
Granatir casts Barrier on himself, as OYH tries to punch him.
Tahrdan: Don’t be so sure about that!
upon saying this, he casts Whirlpool on Granatir. He suspects (Rightly so) that the counter Granatir’s thinking of is Earthquake. Because Granatir is slow he gets hit. Barely.
Granatir: You want me to use both variations, then I’ll use both!
Granatir invokes the non-geomancy Earthquake. The ground shakes and the area is wide enough to catch both Tahrdan and OYH in it. This means double damage to Tahrdan… who proceeds to respond with Cleansing Foam. It may not be much but it’s the only healing spell he’s got. The ground is slightly distorted after the Earthquake ends. OYH was still moving, however, and is now more or less behind Granatir. OYH starts to approach the earth elemental archmage…
Granatir: At this rate I might just be going through!
Tahrdan: I don’t think so! Open Your Heart: Supporting Me. Let’s show Granatir that it’s not a good idea to focus on one target all the time!
Behind Granatir, OYH splits into two smaller bodies. The two bodies get to an angle of 120° relative to each other and Tahrdan.
Tahrdan: NOW!
Tahrdan casts Bubble, while OYH’s two bodies turn into 4 small orbs each and bounce towards Granatir. Granatir barely evades the spell, the bubble expanding and contracting harmlessly by his side, just to be hit by the 8 orbs.
Granatir: Bad idea.
He casts the Earthquake spell at his feet. The whole area shakes while brown rocks rise up and replicate Stonesplosion. Both bodies of OYH are hit… but Tahrdan had just enough time to make them the relatively large orbs that can only be knocked back from attacks.
Granatir: Do you REALLY think you can win playing defensively?
Tahrdan: Nope. I don’t really need to, though.
the two bodies of OYH revert to their humanoid forms and reach out to grab Granatir’s arms, basically rendering him immobile. And hurting becasue OYH, like its inspiration Chaos, has collision damage.
Granatir: I. DON’T. THINK. SO.
With a lot of effort he wrenches his arms free and… charges towards Tahrdan? Is he SERIOUSLY trying to use a physical attack with a magic-oriented weapon?
Tahrdan: …Really?
Granatir starts glowing red
Tahrdan: Oh crap.
The red glow indicates the Berserk status. Granatir will only use physical attacks, but they are more powerful. Not very powerful due to the weapon, of course, but more powerful than they are normally.
Tahrdan: Alright.
sword meets staff as the two meet in melee range. Tahrdan is lettign his shield soak up Granatir’s blows while casting Bubble repeatedly. Any evasion by Granatir is just by chance, as he does not care about his surroundings right now. He starts weakening due to getting hit by so many spells, though. The red glow also fades…
Granatir: Alright… You clearly haaave something very powerful to aid you… Just try to make it as far as you can…
Granatir collapses, so Tahrdan is through. It’s the water elemental Order mages facing off against each other next.

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On another world, there is some combat still going on.

Harald: Why…
Sahure: Won’t…
Harald and Sahure: You…. DIE!?
Seriously, they both don’t get it. Logically a jarl should have an edge over a pharaoh anyday. It’s only still going because of the priest and Iblan.
Sahure; This is clearly a stalemate. How about I fight your healer instead?
Harald: Why?
Sahure: Because I think this will break the stalemate.
Harald: If you insist. But if you die, you’re going to Helheim..
Harald steps back so Iblan can step forward
Sahure: This looks like it’s going to be-
Iblan: You should be careful when you speak! Wildfire!
Iblan’s spell is powerful enough to break even through the priest’s healing.
Sahure: Ahhh! Why did I suggest this!?
Iblan: You were right. It breaks the stalemate. Whirlpool!
The water elemental spell is just as powerful as the fire elemental spell was. Sahure cannot survive another one.
Sahure: No… I won’t be killed here….
Iblan: Is that what you think? SOLAR FLARE!
The light elemental spell finishes off the pharaoh, who falls to the ground dead.
Loki: To Helheim with you. He then makes the pharaoh’s corpse vanish. *
Chariot Archer: Well, I guess there’s only one thing to do now.
Hersir: Indeed. The fact we’re not trying to kill each other even now means there is only one viable solution.
Elephant rider: Would you accept us into your army, on the condition that we can honour our pantheon?
Harald: Can anyone here vouch for them?
*As one, the Beastkiller clan does.

Anubite: We arrre not going to kill you.
The two armies become one, the Egyptian units all wearing the red of the clan. The only ones not wearing red at this point are Iblan’s group (and even then Loki’s altering his form to have red markings)
End of intermission
Back at the arena, the Order mages wait for whatever happens next. Tahrdan and Tsunarmin are waiting for their round to begin, but first the rest of round 1 needs to happen.

Sep 15, 2013 at 05:08AM EDT

Ornstein The Dragon Slayer steps into the arena to begin the fight with Pyralis…

He stands across from him still holding his lighting spear down by his side waiting for him to make a move…

Meanwhile Smough is sat up in the stands watching, his colossal hammer leaned up against the seat next to him. Due to his massive size he takes up a whole lotta room….


I saw people moving on so I thought I’d just get to it? if that’s fine? if not then just forget this post…

Sep 15, 2013 at 08:22AM EDT

Pyralis takes a quick observation of his opponent, and thinks of how best to handle him.
Pyralis:(He seems like a physical oriented opponent. If I can keep a distance and whittle away at the power of physical attacks with Wildfire, I might win this…)
The elemancer holds his sword and shield at the ready. An air glyph appears at his feet, as he casts Agility Boost on himself.
(OOC: This means he’ll be faster in the battle than usual.)
Noctan is already watching, as Tahrdan, Tsunarmin, Ignis and Granatir arrive. Ignis and Granatir still seem a little roughed up after their defeats, however.

Sep 15, 2013 at 10:47AM EDT


@Tournament before fighting,

Hakumen walks over to Joseph after seeing the board. He doesn’t know who this fellow is either, but he heard his name.
Hakumen: I shall be your opponent.
He towers over Joseph at a staggering 6 feet and 9 inches tall. His white armor also seems to radiate a blue and white aura to it.
Hakumen: Give it everything, and you might just last a little longer.
His voice is very serious and actually rather intimidating the way he says his words. Hakumen then leads Joseph to their arena.

The Grim Reaper looks at the board, scowling that he has to fight a kid.
Ragna: Damn it…
He makes his way over to Wendy wherever she may be.
Ragna: Just ‘cause you’re a kid doesn’t mean I won’t hold back. Got that?
He leads Wendy to the arena that they will be fighting in.

Jin examines the board closely, trying to figure out who Lucy is. He heard his name a few times and finally remembers. The Praetorian Guard walks over to Lucy after seeing the board.
Jin: So you’re Lucy, eh?
He smiles a bit at her.
Jin: It looks like you’ll be witnessing Yukianesa’s power first hand. Come along.
He leads Lucy to the arena they will be fighting in with Yukianesa in his right hand.

Nu: Scanning… Scanning…
She looks at the board with her visor on, it displaying all sorts of information.
Nu: Complete. Target confirmed.
She looks at Josuke and floats over to him.
Nu: Target is stand user. Activating A-Class threat protocol.
The Murakumo Unit leads Josuke to their arena.

Tager examines the board. He raises an eyebrow seeing that he doesn’t have to fight anyone just yet.
Tager: Hm… It appears that I have a pass.
The Red Devil looks at Natsu and Laxus.
Tager: Good luck, you two.

Flandre looks at the board. She gets a confused look on her face seeing that she has no idea who this is
That’s me!
She summons Laevateinn in its wand form to her side.
But who’s this other guy?
She listens for her name, and hears Solarian say it. Immediately she floats over to Solarian.
Hey! Looks like we’re fighting! Come on, let’s play old man!
Flandre leads Solarian to their respective arena.

Sep 15, 2013 at 10:48AM EDT

Solarian: So I’m facing you? Alright.
Solarian follows. His weapon choice actually makes him the best possible matchup for Flandre out of any of the Order mages because he does not have to get up close ever. Thoughts do run through his head, though.
Solarian:(Evasion is key, right… Also, set up the Barriers.)
Solarian holds both guns at the ready. He is also prepared to cast Agility Boost at a moment’s notice.

Sep 15, 2013 at 10:57AM EDT

Tahrdan Ismeh Wu-Temporis wrote:

Pyralis takes a quick observation of his opponent, and thinks of how best to handle him.
Pyralis:(He seems like a physical oriented opponent. If I can keep a distance and whittle away at the power of physical attacks with Wildfire, I might win this…)
The elemancer holds his sword and shield at the ready. An air glyph appears at his feet, as he casts Agility Boost on himself.
(OOC: This means he’ll be faster in the battle than usual.)
Noctan is already watching, as Tahrdan, Tsunarmin, Ignis and Granatir arrive. Ignis and Granatir still seem a little roughed up after their defeats, however.

Ornstein brings his spear up into both hands and readies himself before crouching slightly and launching himself full pelt towards Pyralis, He skids along the ground at a fast speed and lunges forth with the spear, the sound of lighting crackling about the blade.

After the initial lunge he pulls it back, grabbing closer to the blade and driving forth with a secondary and much more stronger upward strike..

Sep 15, 2013 at 11:34AM EDT

Pyralis notices the lightning, and proceeds to trust the shield. It does offer slight air resistance, after all. He still tries to evade, however, which is easier than it would normally have been due to the Agility Boost. He still gets hit, and it does hurt despite the shield. There’s another thing about Agility Boost… it stacks up to a certain point, which is in fact very high. Knowing this, Pyralis casts Agility Boost again. It seems like this battle is going to be drawn out a bit…

Sep 15, 2013 at 12:09PM EDT

OOC: I just want to say that this was procedurally generated by No BS here.

BIC: (From this point I will be using colored bold text.)
The arenas are just plain training dojos. It is unknown how this manages to exist in what seems to be a Roman Colosseum
Josuke and Nu head to the arena. As they get set up for the fight, Josuke says a few words to Nu.
Josuke: Remember, Don’t kill me. And please, PLEASE don’t touch the hair. CRAZY DIAMOND!
With a flash, Josuke’s stand is brought in front of him.

Joseph just stares quizzically at Hakumen.
Joseph: So, you’re that Hakumen guy. I’m just going to let you know that I’ve pretty much killed an immortal god. And that was without my stand. Hermit Purple!
Suddenly, purple spiky tentacles begin to seemingly sprout out of Joseph’s hand. However, those tentacles are actually his stand. Suddenly, the tentacles are withdrawn.
Joseph: let’s go.

Falcon walks up to Smough, who’s sitting in the grandstands.
Falcon: hey, big guy, cheering for Ornstein over there? Either way, i’m the unlucky motherfucker that’s going up against you. Either way, we have to fight soon. Let’s go.

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OOC:delay…. delay…. delay… delay…


everyone in fairy tail go to their perspective opponents. some with excitement, some with a bit of fear and uncertainty, some with determination to make it to the top.

wendy faces of against ragna, she is trembling a bit. she knows that despite being a dragonslayer, she knows she cannot compete to rangas power.

Wendy: i… i…. i dont think i can do this. i mean, sure, i can fight, but im not really that strong comparable to somebody like you. i dont think it will end well for either of us if i chose to fight you. so that is why i wish to forfeit this match. im sorry ragna. i thought this was a good idea at first, but considering the others fighting in this, i dont stand a chance. im terribly sorry ragna, but i wish you luck in the rest of this tournament.

wendy bows down in respect and embarrasment to ragna and is truly sorry for doing this, but shes just a kid still and against the others, she would probably get get seriously hurt.

lucy walks towards jin to their fighting spot.

lucy: so jin huh. i honestly dont know why we are al doing this stupid tournament in the first place, but it seems to be the only way out of here. even still, i wont be holding back on you.

she pulls out two golden keys from her pouch and readies them.

lucy: ready when you are.

@laxus and natsu

natsu and laxus had been wanting a rematch for the longest time. this fight they will hold nothing back, they will go all out, eatch one determined to beat the other no matter what. this will be the biggest fight of their lives.

Natsu: finally, now we have the chance to settle the score laxus, i hope your ready.

laxus: im going to make you remember that ass whooping i gave you before natsu.

natsu: yyou and i both know that we were two different people back then. now we are as equals, we can finally see once and for all whose truly stronger.

laxus: which is still clearly me you fire haired punk, im going to make you know your place.

natsu is as fired up and as ready as he can ever be.

Natsu: your going to see how powerful i really am laxus. I HOPE YOUR READY!

and with that the fight starts between them

(this is the best video i can find. please ignore gajeel in the vid, it was originally laxus vs the two of them. just try and imagine the scenes without his interference and have natsu only fighting laxus)

this fight is the most brutal fight. the two of them wreak havoc around the arena. the two of them fighting as if their lives were at stake. fire and lightning fly around everywere as the two fought.

however in the end, it was natsu who was triumphant. through sheer force of will and determination, he managed to beat laxus out of all people. this astonishes everyone in fairy tail. he lets out one of the loudest roar of triumph that resonates around the arena.

gray just makes his way to their fighing spot and gets himself ready.

Gray: guess its the two of us then. well okay, lets get this over with. i dont see the whole point of all of this when were trying to save our planet. so ready when you are. he says as he readies to cast his ice magic

@gajeel and juvia
they are confused when they were paired up. they were friends when in the phantom lord guild. and this is the first time they fought each other. juvia and gajeel still didnt hold back. but in the end, it is juvia who is victorius. gajeel couldnt do much to juvias water magic due to his attacks being mostly physical based.

cana makes her way to fight okayusa

cana: hope you dont mind fighting a woman like me noww do you? cuz im a lot more that what you can handle pretty boy. she pulls out a handful of cards and readies to fight him make this fun for us.

with that our fights have begun.

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Sep 15, 2013 at 12:25PM EDT


Being hit by the initial lunge and the follow up causes massive damage (that is a heavy-class double-handed attack after all) and seeing as the spear is imbued with lightning the shield can offer little defence against it

Ornstein relaxes his arms and holds the spear down by his side once more in his right hand. He slowly walks towards Pyralis, slowly closing the gap…


Smough turns his head to Falcon and listens, after which he lets out another of his very deep and freakish belly laughs. He then raises his massive arse from up off the seat and grabs his grand hammer, he swings it up onto his shoulder and makes his way off down towards the arena to face off against Falcon….

Sep 15, 2013 at 12:36PM EDT

Everyone is ready at their respective arenas. The battles start.

Falcon stands there, waiting for Smough to attack first.

Joseph Also waits, hoping to catch Hakumen up in some sort of trap.

Doomguy just begins stripping off his armor and weapons, only leaving the helmet and normal civilian clothes on.
Doomguy: Ah, I feel MUCH more flexible in these clothing!
Doomguy runs towards Tempestia, and punches her right in thew gut. She’s sent flying.
Doomguy: uh… Didn’t know I was THAT powerful. I think I might do this more often.

Jotaro and Mirajane are standing in their arena, waiting for one to make the first move.

Okuyasu, unlike most of his comrades, just straight up lunges at cana, without even pulling his stand out.

Josuke waits for Nu to make the first move.

Giorno doesn’t give Gray a chance to attack, Instead, he summons Gold Experience Requiem and decks Gray right in the side of the head, very similar to the time Giorno punched Buccelatti in the face. Gray feels as if time is slowing down, and the punch is taking forever. It’s actually that his mind can’t catch up with his body, because he’ is being given too much life force.

Sep 15, 2013 at 12:56PM EDT

Pyralis: Ow. Looks like I can’t afford to mess around!
Pyralis starts backing away, though he does cast Twister as he does so. Air energy condenses enough to be visible to everyone, it’s yellow. If Ornstein is hit, he would be slowed down for the rest of the battle.

Tempestia: Ow… If that’s how you want to do things then I hope you know what you’re getting in to in a close range battle!
Tempestia quickly draws both her daggers and gets into a crouching stance. She then slowly starts moving towards Doomguy, prepared to block an incoming blow.

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Ragna looks at Wendy, obviously knowing why she backed down.

After she says that she is sorry, Ragna walks over to her and puts a hand on her back while keenling down to her level. He looks her straight in the eyes.
Ragna: It’s okay, kid. I understand…
He gives her a genuine smile.
Ragna: Thanks…
He stands up from his kneeling position in front of Wendy.
Ragna: Now if you’ll excuse me, I have a tournament to win…
He turns around from Wendy and heads towards Erza. She can still hear these next words from his mouth, however.
Ragna: And a sister to save…
He clenches his fist.
Ragna: Saya…
The Grim Reaper will stop at nothing to get his wish. He knows he will have to go up against Erza… He will give her his all.



As Hakumen enters the arena’ he catches Joseph setting up a trap ever so slightly. He takes the hilt of Ookami and draws the sword. He slashes at whatever the trap was, dismantling it. He then sheathes the massive Nodachi on his back. He stands before Joseph in the arena, emanating a white aura as the ground begins to shake.

Hakumen: Your petty trickery is useless against me, spirit.
The White Knight draws Ookami out of the sheath on his back and gets in a ready position. The Knight has both hands on his nodachi, one at the end of the hilt and one near the blade. The hand near the blade is drumming two fingers on the hilt.

Hakumen: Crimson Lotus!
The next move seems to happen in a split second. A blue circle with many symbols forms behind Hakumen and he seems to slide across the ground at a speed that is too fast to comprehend for the human eye at Joseph with the hilt of his sword pointed at him.

This single hit feels like Joseph was just hit by an 18-wheeler Mac Truck square in the gut. It would have heavily damaged him, sending him flying back against the outer wall of the arena at a high speed.


Jin draws Yukianesa from it’s scabbard and suddenly Lucy feels like she is completely freezing.

Jin: Witness Yukianesa’s power firsthand!
The air begins to get chilly as the very floor and walls of the arena begin to ice over. This makes it extremely slippery for Lucy to even stand. Taking this chance, Jin jumps in the air, and a pointed icicle forms under him. The thing is as fast as a car as he flies at Lucy. Once he gets close, he jumps off the Ice Car, sending it straight at her along with an overhead slash at her from Yukianesa. The force of the Ice Car would send her flying at the wall, and the slash with Yukianesa was so cold that it feels like it burned her.
Jin: That all?
He says mockingly.


The Murakumo Unit surveys Josuke, putting out two hands in front of her.

Nu: Target displaying heavy aggression factor. Set priority to incapacitate target confirmed. Now launching attack.
Nu flies at Josuke with high speed. Once she gets close, she slashes past him with her two arm blades. She repeats this about 3 times before using the swords behind her to shoot out at Josuke and Crazy Diamond.
Nu: Target still stands. Activating defensive protocol. Scanning… complete.
She is ready for whatever Jotaro has to throw at her, on the highest of guard.


Tager gets into the arena with Natsu after witnessing the performance of him fighting Laxus.
Tager: My, that was quite a spectacle to watch. I’m normally not one to fight, but I believe I have no choice.
His gauntlets suddenly spark with electricity.
Tager: All systems green…
The Red Devil smiles at Natsu.
Tager: Just because you’re a teammate now doesn’t mean that I won’t hold back on you. Show me what you’ve got, Natsu!


This will be fun!
Flandre flies up high in the arena.
But I’m supposed to hold back on you! Sorry!
She flies down at Solarian with great speed, and strikes at him across the stomach with the wand form of Laevateinn just to start off the battle.

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Sep 15, 2013 at 01:25PM EDT

Josuke survives the attack, but when he cheks himself up, he notices that Nu had cut off some of his hair.
Crazy Diamond suddenly, launches a gigantic flurry of punches at Nu.
The punches should have harmed nu at the very least somewhat. Josuke is very angry at Nu right now, and will continue fighting for quite a while.

Joseph somehow is still standing after that attack.
Joseph: Clacker Volley!
He tries to throw both of his American Clackers at Hakumen, but misses horribly. In actuality, He is in fact settng up for Clacker Boomerang. One of the clackers is embedded in the roof of the dojo, while the other clacker is caught on the other ball of the first clacker, sending is straight back at Hakumen. Meanwhile, he pops out a Grenade.

Doomguy just calmly walks up to Tempestia
Doomguy: I served is the United States Space marine Corps. You really don’t think I could wrestle a man to the ground? Or disarm him?

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Sep 15, 2013 at 01:37PM EDT

Solarian is knocked back quite some distance from the blow. He then stands up and starts firing at Flandre. He is utilising light elemental bullets.
Solarian:I will not be holding back myself. I really don’t need to, either.

Sep 15, 2013 at 01:41PM EDT

mirajane just in her normal form looking all innocent.

mirajane: i hope this is a good fight. im looking forward to this.

she then is transforms into satan soul halphas, one of her most powerful forms. it grants her enev greater physical abilities than her other forms and much greater magic resistance while focusing less on her magical abilities and spells.

Mirajane: just because i am kind i nature doesnt mean i have a dark spot in me. now lets see how you can do.

she suddenly vanishes from thin air and reappears behind jotaro and gives a fast round-house kick to his ribs that sends him flying. she is incredibly fas and strong that it would have destroyed all of jotaros ribs had he been a normal person.

the moment ger strikes gray, he shatters into ice and the area is covered in an ice cold mist. before giorno realizes tht it was an i ce decoy cleverely deployed by gray

Gray: ice make swords!

gray comes from behind giorno and slashes him with his two ice swords 5 times. then he hit him with both of them at the same time that sends giorno flying back a few meters away.

Gray: not falling for your stands tricks. ive studied you guys long enough to know what you can do with them.

Gray then shoot out a storm of ice shards at giorno

wendy managed to hear ragna mentioning about his sister saya. she then has a smile on her face knowing she did the right thint to let him move on. however, she then has a look of worry on her face cuz she knows that hes going to face erza

Wendy: dont go too hard on him erza.

ragna makes it to the next stage of the tournament. ahead of him he sees one of fairy tails strongest wizards. S-class Wizard Erza Titania Scarlet

Erza: Ragna The may be a member of my guild and a friend, but that doesnt mean that i wont hold back on you. i expect nothing less than your best in this. but just remember that nothing changes between us if anyone of our guild mates looses to one another, we still have a planet to save. now let us begin.

natsu has a grin on his face.

Natsu: wasnt planning on loosing anyway. ive already beaten laxus. who else is there that can beat me. sorry big red, you may be a great guy and all, but on not going to hold back on you, even for a moment.


natsu begins with his roar to start things off.

lucy is freezing her ass off. but manages to summon taurus and slices the ice car in two. his axe also destroys the ice around the area leving it back to what it was.

Lucy: gate of the giant crab: cancer!

she sumons as well one of her zodiac spirits cancer.

cancer is a very skilled barber, but is also extrtermely fast and cut more than just hair with his diamond bladed scissors. he parries jins sword slash and and begins to hack and slash back at jin while taurus follows up with a mighty swing of his axe

meanwhile, virgo had already brought a change of clothes for lucy to adapt to the cold and to the ice all over as the other spirits fend off jin

virgo: will that be all mistress?

Lucy: thanks virgo that will be all.

virgo disappears and lucy is ready to continue the fight unbothered by the cold.

erza uses one of her cards and suddenly she changes into an alternate uniform.

cana: speaking very seductively towards him hey. you know i think your the sexiest out of all the other friends of yours. why dont we forget about all of this and i can show you a really fun time. cana has her hand on the back of her top. looking like shes ready to pull it off, but she actually has a card behind it to spring a trap if it doesnt work considering okuyasu is not the brightest of the bunch.

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Ornstein leaps to the side and evades the attack, he is one of the more nimble ones in the Four Knights of Gwyn…

He continues to pace towards Pyralis before breaking out into a quick dash, upon reaching his position he holds the Dragon Slayer spear in one hand and executes a fully 360 degree sweep which is then followed up with a downward slam attack.

The spear is always charged to some amount with lighting energy meaning it will always cause electrical damage to the victim. It it also said that Ornstein is capable of slicing boulders in half with this divine weapon, so his strength is something worthy of note too


Meanwhile Smough stands across from Falcon….

After stretching his arms out a bit he begins his advance. Smough isn’t the kind who sits around, he enjoys the fight and so is always enthusiastic to put on a relentless assault without cooling down periods…

After getting relatively close to Falcon he plunges the edge of his hammer into the ground before him and charges Falcon head on like a train made of titanium….His hammer tearing a path of earth out behind him as he runs…

Sep 15, 2013 at 03:01PM EDT

Okuyasu just stops. he has a shocked expression on his face.
Okuyasu: y-you shouldn’t be doing this! We’re supposed to be fighting! Although if we weren’t fighting I would gladly take you up on your offer.
He just charges again, this time he remembers to pull out his stand.

Giorno suffers some slash marks from Gray’s attack. Suddenly, Giorno punches the ground, and a tree sprouts up under Gray. Giorno advances, and begins rapidly punching Gray.
With the final blow, Gray is knocked out of the tree

Falcon rolls to the side, and pulls out the Rose nasty bean katanas, which were last mentioned during the fight against Eggman.
Falcon: Heaven or hell, let’s rock!
Falcon comes at Smough, slashing and slashing away at Smough’s armor. It doesn’t seem to be doing anything other than creating red lines on Smough’s armor, but is, in fact, causing damage to Smough.

In fact, Star Platinum, due to it’s faster-than-light defense mechanisms, had blocked Mirajane’s kick. Jotaro then, after sliding back a bit, says four words.
Jotaro: Star Platinum: The World.
And with that, time in the immediate area is stopped. Jotaro goes up to Mirajane and unleashes a barrage of punches.
Jotaro just stands back.
Jotaro: Soshite, toki ga, ugokidasu.
Time is unfrozen, and Mirajane is sent flying towards a wall, and crashes into it.

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Ragna stands before Erza, one of the strongest wizards in all of Fairy Tail. Normal men would have backed down here and now… Ragna stands there, staring Erza down with unbridled determination in his eyes. He has the most serious look on his face ever right now as his green and red eyes pierce into her.

She can feel his very spirit flowing all throughout his very being.
Ragna: Erza…
He draws Blood Scythe from his back, and stands the massive broadsword beside him.
Ragna: I won’t let our friendship get in the way of this fight… I won’t be holding back.
Blood Scythe gets caked up by what can only be described as by a red and black fleshy material.
Ragna: I’ll give it my all! I won’t lose to you or anyone else here!
Blood Scythe begins to create a purple and black mist around it as well… He is ready.
Ragna rushes at Erza with great speed, getting close to her. She can see that the shape of the stuff on Blood Scythe forms into a sort of spiked tail. He then uppercuts Erza with his sword, sending her up into the air and jumping after her. Once they’re both in the air, he slices at her with Blood Scythe again across the chest twice before doing an overhead kick that would send her flying back down at the ground. However, this isn’t the last of it. As Erza flies back down to the ground, Ragna unseals Blood Scythe and swings it downward at her, cutting straight through the armor of her breastplate.


Hakumen sees the clackers from behind him coming straight for him with the eyes in the back of his armor. He ducks to avoid them sending them hurling right at Joseph as he pulls out the grenade. Nimbly, the White Knight closes the gap by jumping in front of Joseph and slashing at him right across the chest with a massive swing of his sword. After this, he would kick Joseph straight in the gut in order to make him drop the grenade on the floor. It is clear that Hakumen will not fall for any of Joseph’s traps as he can see everything on the field.


Nu: Target displaying heavier aggression. Raising threat levels to S-Class.
Since Nu was prepared for this, she blocks the majority of punches from Crazy Diamond with superhuman speed, but the punches were too fast for her to block all of them. After the barrage is over, Nu slams down all 8 of her swords at Josuke before kicking him into the air with both legs. The Murakumo Unit jumps up after him and drives him back down into the ground with pointed legs. The impression would leave a Josuke-sized hole in the ground.


This attack makes Tager put both his arms up in a defensive stance, creating a green barrier that is exerted by himself. Once the roar ends, Tager puts both hands down.
Tager: Not bad.
Without another word, Tager would run at Natsu and smash down both his hands on the poor guy with the gauntlets glowing yellow and charged with an insane amount of electricity. After this, he would grab Natsu with a massive hand to grapple him.
Tager: Gigantic…
He jumps up in the air about 20 feet high.
Tager: TAGER!
He comes back down with Natsu grappled, and slams him against the stone hard ground that would drive him a few deep feet into it. After this, Tager would back away and prep another move.


Since he was parried by Cancer the crab man, he quickly utilizes the scabbard of Yukianesa to block Cancer’s scissor attacks. The scabbard of the sword is unbreakable, as it was made with Yukianesa. Once Taurus slices down at Jin with the gigantic axe, this lets Jin roll out of the way of the axe-swing and shoot a massive wolf-head of ice at Taurus that would freeze him solid immediately.
Jin: I’m impressed, girl.
He then slices back at Cancer with a massive slash of Yukianesa that would send Cancer flying back against a wall in just one hit of the icy sword. With Cancer out of the way, he jumps at Lucy again, slicing at her with Yukianesa multiple times.


Flandre dodges the bullets fired by Solarian’s gun, and comes in for another strike with Laevateinn. However this time she flies at him from overhead before the strike.

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Solarian tries to evade to the side, firing all the time. A direct charge won’t properly work against someone who does of use melee attacks, because they’ll just shoot you as you charge.

OOC: Forgetting someone, Falcon?
Tempestia is still approaching Doomguy. When she gets close enough she leaps at him, daggerpoints first.

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The fire hits Ornstein and due to his armour having a relatively weak resistance to fire type attacks he takes a few points of damage…

He leaps backwards and makes up a little distance before prepping his next attack…

Due to his status as Captain of the Guard and his unbreakable faith in Princess Gwynevere, the one he serves, he has been granted the use of many Miracles, Including Great Lightning Spear

The massive bolt of pure energy forms in his hand, he then holds it high above his head and throws it towards Pyralis like a javelin.

This a very high damage Miracle, not Magic, meaning this is pretty much unblockable


Smoughs armour is THE heaviest and most protective in his entire homeland kingdom, but that being said he still feels the slashes and the pain they are causing…

He drags his hammer up out of the ground and squats down. And then, quite surprisingly…he pounces up into the air about 20 feet and comes falling back down on his humongous arse causing very big splash damage to the surrounding area and creating a small shudder that rocks throughout the arena

During this whole ordeal his strange humming laughs can be heard echoing out of his armour, he’s enjoying it…….and probably picturing Falcon’s bones as seasoning on his next meal

Sep 15, 2013 at 03:37PM EDT

Pyralis attempts to evade to the side, casting Raging Inferno as he moves. It ain’t gonna be easy to evade this spell because it covers a wide area. A burning orange smoke spirals out of a large orb of flame

Sep 15, 2013 at 03:45PM EDT

Joseph is very noticeably hurt. He thinks to himself.
Joseph: Hmm. he’s not falling for any of my traps. I think it’s time to use my stand.
He yells aloud
As soon as he says that, the purple tentacles come out again, only for this time to attempt to bind Hakumen in place. By this time, the grenade blows up. It happens to be a flash-bang grenade, and Joseph had looked away from it and plugged his ears to reduce the disorientation. In the moments where hakumen is presumably blinded according to joseph, He tosses another grenade right at Hakumen. However, he’ll be able to notice a bunch of grenades attached to that one grenade flying over, under, and beside him. Once Joseph releases him from hermit Purple, he will find that Joseph is holding something in his hand.
Joseph: I’m amaziiiing!
He suddenly jerks away, revealing that the thing he was holding was a string connected to the grenade on the front of Hakumen.

Doomguy had prepared for something like this to happen. He quickly grabs tempestia out of mid air, and throws her into the ground, head first. This is liable to give her a concussion.

The shockwave pushes Falcon back, however he is still standing, and ready for Smough to attack.

Sep 15, 2013 at 03:52PM EDT

Tempestia quickly recovers, and decides that there is only one melee eased attack she has that will work. She turns towards Doomguy, and her daggers seem to lengthen and become electrified… One second later she is on the other side of the arena, with only two lines of electricity to mark her movement. One of those lines passes through Doomguy.
Tempestia: Good jack hitting me when I can do that!

Sep 15, 2013 at 03:59PM EDT


before she is hit by ragnas attack, she requips into blackwing armour. this armour is her fastest flying armour and each swing of her sword increases in power with each swing.

erza isnt taken by surprise by ragnas preemptive strike as she manages to guard his attack as it sends her flying due to the sheer force of the attack. she manages to recover mid air and manages to block against his attack as well. though the force of it sends her falling towards the ground. she takes flight and manages to avoid colliding into the ground and skids off of it.

erza: you cant take me by surprise there Bloodedge.

she then makes a fast dash towards him and makes numerous amounts of sword slashes at him.



mirajane colides into the wall after ZA WARUDO. she leaves an implant of herself on it, but manages to shrug herself out of it. she floats back into the air with a grin on her face. that attack did much more than she had expected and hurt quite a lot.

mirajane: sorry, but your gong to have to do much more then that.

she then takes off at blinding speed and unleashes a torrent of punches and kicks at jotaro at the same rate as his punches and with much greater force.

taurus breaks out of the ice using his immense strength. quickly reacting to lucy being in danger, he slaps his axe at one of the broken chunks of ice he was just in at him and sends it flying towards jin.


meanwhile cancer manages to recover from being sent back and rushes over to lucy to throw her on the ground before jin is sent flying by the ice.

Cancer: you okay babe?

lucy: just focus on jin. ill take care of myself.*

the three of them get back together and prepare for jins retaliation.


cana signs as he turns down her offer. she then pulls out the card behind her. and holds it up as it glows.

cana: card magic: floor trap.

suddenly the floor in fron of okuyasu flips up in front of him and crashes into him at full force as he is charging. catching him by surprise as the whole thing stops him in his tracks.

cana: you shouldnt charge blindly towards your opponent if you dont know what they can do. gotta use your head more.

natsu is buried in the rubble from being slammed. once he bursts from it in a fiery blaze.



he explodes forward and delivers a flying kick like a rocket towards Tager that would send him flying back into a nearby wall.

gray is sent flying out of the tree and rolling on the ground. he crawls back up and quickly uses another spell.

Gray: ice make: lance!

he shoots out a large barrage of ice lances with now homing capability thanks to his training and stike giorno multiple times.

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Seeing as Ornstein already has distance between them he simply utilises his supreme agility and dashes off backwards to get out of the range of the spell. Unlike Smough he can handle a little waiting and enjoys a moderate speed of pace….he takes this time to calmly strafe Pyralis, waiting for the flames to die off

Afterwards he charges his spear with the aid of a Miracle and leaps high into the air. Like a living bolt of lightning he thunders down towards Pyralis and slams the spear into the ground sending the Order Mage flying back into the arena wall with a thud…

He return to his relaxed pace and begins walking towards the Mage….


Smough grips his hammer in one hand and charges Falcon, he then lurches back and heaves the big as fuck hammer around in front of him in a 180 degree sweep that rips up the ground and sends clumps of dirt flying about the place

This is quickly followed up by a secondary attack. A heavy downward smash right after the swing…

Sep 15, 2013 at 04:08PM EDT

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