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Due to multiple problems/happenings (that were far from my control) other than my internet going down I was offline longer than I thought, sorry for wait, I just hope you have cut me some slack…I think this is a first on my part. Anyway here you go, have at it and what not…


Roger: You’re asking me to change the spokes of a wheel spinning at 5000RPM….I have learn’t that even so much as altering the loop in which we exist is something that even I am incapable of doing….I am a perpetual victim of my own infinite power….if I attempt to tamper with the cycle then it will only warp, it won’t change the outcome you will just be effecting the past, future and what’s heading your way all in the same instant of time.
He takes a step away from Asura and towards Yukari, he’s relatively close now and the signature smell of rotting corpses is well within range
Roger: You’re another unchangeable and self imposed factor. I find re-living the cycle ever so enjoyable but I’ve never had the pleasure of reaching the Golden Age of 100 percent Loyalty…..
The words “Is it that you are tired?" echo around Rogers head before being quickly lost in the swarm of the thoughts of All

He doesn’t speak he just looks into her eyes. She can see that now his face is worn and old, not to mention containing the senses of every living thing within reality.

(Keep hold of your socks)

Roger: I know you have more questions to ask but as of current you only know half the story, hopefully this final revelation will serve to enlighten you….
He checks his watch once more and lets out a sigh

?: No roast?…..
Everyone turns there heads towards the crisp and clear voice, Roger remains looking at Yukari, gripping his walking stick in pent up rage.

There, stands a man, about 7 feet tall and wearing an immaculate white suit along with a pair of the most stark white smart shoes. He stands slightly leant back and with both of his hands in his trouser pockets. Even from this distance the most luxurious of scents can be sniffed coming off of him. This model of a man begins to slowly walk towards Yukari…
?: This is…niiiice…although I did prefer the cosy warmth of the cottage….
He stops in front of Yukari and beams down at her with his deep green eyes…

…This gaze packs much more unease than the one Roger gave earlier, in this mans eyes you see something dark, something very wrong. You can’t put your finger on it but you know for sure that whoever this is he holds extreme significance here, especially seeing as he has turned up at this most decisive of events…his eyes don’t so much as twitch, his stare is completely frozen….
?: I am…very…happy to make your acquaintance my dear, although I am sorry for having to meet on such mundane circumstances…
Everything falls silent as he leans in even further, bare inches from Yukari’s face…

“I will murder your entire family, friends and vivisect you alive with a spoon as my only tool”
?: My name is….Victor, also known as Raven….this gentleman…dear “brother” so to speak….
RP Thread meet Raven, Crows beloved brother, or, binary entity…
(Sticking with the Bird theme here, this plot has also been in the making for a bout 2 months)
Victor then backs off to and turns to face Roger who is still visibly angered
Victor: You’re looking very unwell Crow, is something the matter?…
Roger: Enough of your pathetic attempts at belittling me, scum. Although admittedly I take you presence here as another failure on my part…
Victor: Your minions attempts at…“dismantling” me were pathetic, as you already know they abandoned the time hole you banished me to and the goal you gave them only to make off with the technology you provided….abominations of both machine and man can only last so long you fool….but it was a golden sight to bare witness to indeed…you know…watching “Loyalists” lose faith…hehehee..
Roger would much rather blank Victor than give him the pleasure of a reaction. He gives a smile…after all, everything is about to me imminently lost, why be bother being angry anymore….

Hearing what Victor has to say strikes those who know of Desperado like a tonne of bricks. Putting the pieces together they begin to realize that they must have been confronted by the god at some point during their mysterious seclusion and Sam must have submitted. Furthermore they were Loyalists and Heaven was granted to them by Crow himself. After all many of its systems and technology is powered by “alien” objects, the relics of the Fabricators…

Roger: And now, just like with every renewal we will begin the end with a bit of education, everybody loves education….I want you to meet AM, a machine that operates as a omniversal database, an immense library so to speak, that knows everything and can to some limited extent predict the future….I’d like it more if it didn’t have such a cursed logic however…
Roger clicks his finger and just like that AM falls from a portal about 10 meters from the ground and hits floor with an almighty thud that shakes the surrounding area. Don’t forget, I’ve previously described this thing as being as heavy as a solid lead bus….

It sits there perfectly upright and silent, the purple lighting reflecting off of its flawless deep black glazed sides. Not a scratch can be seen upon its surface, it is the epitome of perfection

Victor approaches it and gives it a looking over…
Victor: And now I say “hmmm, well this is certainly new, at least it saves me my breath”…
The brother paces around AM, kicking it around the bottom as if he’s testing out some second hand cars wheels
Roger: Obviously you only live so long, the truth is you’ve already heard what comes next many many times before, but it entirely different lives, so let the genocidal logic-driven god machine tell you the deal….
Victor: Somebodies shy?
Roger: sigh don’t give me the silent treatment AM….
Roger approaches AM
Victor: Have you tried turning it off and on again my dear brother?
Roger: Have you tried shutting that hole on your face “dear brother”?
Victor gives a frown and leans up against the side of AM, facing towards Yukari
Roger: That’s it, stay like that and we will all be better off….time to get AM’s best friend in though I think
In a flash a Bang clone projection appears in front of AM, he is the same as the real Bang in every way but does not seem to be “alive”
Roger: Wait for it.

AM: Hello Ba-
Roger: Gotcha again you little shit! what is it with you two?
Sensing Bang has brought the machine out of it’s dormant state, the link between it and Bang are still a mystery…
Roger: Give the speech….
His voice is threateningly stern
AM: So be it.
Roger walks up to the other side of AM and also turns to face Yukari…she is now being eyeballed by 2 gods and a deity construct, the pressure is on….


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Oct 14, 2013 at 12:47PM EDT

AM: For an infinite amount of time a cyclic loop has been firmly in place. It works in two half’s, one section is ruled by the Crow and the other, Raven. these two gods are a free to manipulate and alter the omniverse however they see fit so that they may satisfy their greed for entertainment. However there can only be one god ruling at a time and they remain in power for the remainder of their cycle half, this is a position know as being the “standing God” as they take up the mantle of All and Nothing and thus assume the true omnipotent state, a position that MUST be held, the consequence being the ceasing of All and Nothing and therefore the Omniverse itself included. In simple terms, the key to the mantle trades hands between the two at the renewal process, although this happening is not traditional and is entirely dependant on the choice given. When the god is chosen the other is banished away and stripped down of all power but immortality….the renewal process is completely solid, compulsory and absolutely un-modifiable in anyway shape or form, no matter what entity is at force. Even the two true gods cannot change this as it is a trap of created by their own power…

AM: To summarise the basic goals the Crow is the god of Forced Order whilst Raven represents Reckless Freedom.

Victor: I’m feeling especially…clean and fresh, for my turn too…

AM: Ravens term in power is spent primarily on destroying the Loyalist Conclave and purging the omniverse of all forms of order and law. In the end you are left with a state of absolute freedom with zero boundaries…

Roger: You see in the end it’s just all one big game…to him anyway…

Victor: And a real fun one at that, you take it much too seriously
AM continues…
AM: When the end of the cycles half is imminent an entity will be birthed into existence to see the end of the current ruler-ship through, this is a penalty brought about by their being two gods, a factor that neither has true control over. This chosen person holds the power of calling down the standing god and bringing about the renewal process in her own method as well as make the final decision….this person is known as and has always been known as, Yukari Yakumo.

Roger:…and before you ask, no, I do not know the outcome for certain, just that you always pick the opposite god…..maybe it’s because after multi-trillions of years of being under the same rulership you desire change….it’s only natural…but also a curse.

The tensions rises to extreme levels as the final tipping point is approaching. Here we go…

AM: During the renewal, the gods give their final propositions as to how they will act in the proceeding term….the following two statements have never changed…

Roger takes a step forward and clears his throat

Roger: If you choose me the Age of Order will continue, you will break the cycle and I will go on to…deal with…convert the remaining heretics and finally herald in my promised Golden Age to my countless followers. My self imposed prison will be shattered and so will my omnipotency as I will be uncertain of the future and will instead begin to write it. This is because there has never been a continuation of an Age… will open countless new doors for me….it’s my responsibility to explore each and every one….

Victor: If you pick me I will ignite the Age of Anarchy, Crow will go for a little vacation inside a time hole and I will leave you guys alone to do whatever it is you wish. I will systematically drag the Loyalist Conclave to it’s knee’s over the course of this cycle and wipe out the order that he has imposed…. the outcome will be beautiful unlimited freedom for all to do whatever it is they desire hehehee…of course with a little galactic destruction thrown into the mix…you probably won’t even realize I’m around….well that is until I come around….

AM: One god must take the mantle, this decision is to be made by Yukari…

Dead silence falls upon everyone present as the final choice…a choice that will determine the flow of All and Nothing comes to it’s prime moment…

Crow, The Creator.

Goal: For there to be absolute order and Loyalty.

Golden Age will be reached, a time that is said to provide for all with no limits…
The Cycle will be broken, creating a time “line” and getting rid of the loop, anything could happen…
You will personally be resolved and no doubt thanked in some way….
An honest and reasonable god will hold the mantel
He is a great provider of benefits
He does not discriminate and offers choice to all

The being you’ve come to hate so much keeps the mantle of All and Nothing and retains his position as standing god
Yet more heretics must die/take faith before absolute omniversal Loyalty is finally reached
Mobius will be effortlessly glassed over by Transcendence and then re-crafted and settled by Loyalist refugees

Your other choice is…

Raven, The Destroyer.

Goal: For there to be total freedom from the grasps of order and restrictions.

Most importantly, you will be left to your own devices and free of interference
The Loyalist Conclave will be destroyed over the course of the cycle, stopping all interventions upon heretics, e.g. you.
Unlimited freedom provided and forced upon all
Technology is forcefully subdued and cast aside for a more natural life

This god does discriminate and does not offer choice, he chooses…
He does not provide or give benefits
Known as a lier and cheat
He doesn’t employ a religious system or allow any form of following
He will systematically destroy 98 percent of civilisation within existence, as this is currently the scale of the Conclave….

And there you have it. Before Yukari silently stands the two gods, Victor is happily smiling and still leaning up against AM, Roger is hunched over and leaning upon his stick on the opposite side. They await for decision without a shade of doubt upon what her answer is to be…

As you can see, this doesn’t have much of an impact. In the end it’s only fair that after building up something so big I am given grace to knock it all down depending on Yukari’s choice…

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OOC @ eager characters
Kongspire: You’re not the only ones waiting for something to happen. This so called ‘epic adventure’ is basically left adrift due to the main plot. There must be an answer as to how we deal with these… hold on, reading, reading… What. No, really, what the f**k? I think I’d rather face a horde of actual fiends than… THOSE. At least with fiends I know what most of them can do! And have the right damage type to kill them. With these… It hurts my brain trying to comprehend some of those combinations of words. Anyway, back to my point. And that point is NOT that of the Dark Thorn Blade. Basically, just wait. Our time will come soon enough. I’ll end off this wall with the following; I have just one thing to say about the main plot. Did they seriously just bring in one of THOSE Monoliths? This is not 2001! There is no journey to Jupiter (or Saturn in the book)! …Oh well, could be worse..

@the choice
Tsunarmin understood very little of what was said. She’s a magic user, do you honestly expect her to understand things such as time loops/cycles, omni-whatevers and all that other sci-fi stuff? She understands enough to know that she’d better just stay silent right now. She DOES figure that there is something missing, though. She feels that a compromise here would really work out best for literally everyone. But what does she know?

Oct 14, 2013 at 01:22PM EDT

“Tsunarmin understood very little of what was said.”
“Tsunarmin understood very little”
“understood very little”

Sorry to have to jump aboard the Tardises-bashing-bandwagon but seriously…

1. If everyone else can grasp what a time loop/cycle is then why can’t a mage? I actually sorta do expect her to understand that type of thing…

2. “omni-whatevers”…Yalort……in simple terms the omniverse being the verse that contains all universes, another thing I’d kinda expect a mage to know

3. Sci-fi stuff? apart from the small narrated section about Heaven pretty much nothing else was said of the sort…

4. I had AM explain the whole thing word from word and tried to go into as much detail as I thought needed. I honestly think a sentient piece of tree bark could understand what is happening here and post quite a valid comment ( INB4 someone posts tree bark with more sen… no actually someone do it..)

5. Finally “But what does she know?”…what does she know, man? I thought mages were meant to come out with wise speeches and shit?

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Oct 14, 2013 at 01:40PM EDT

OOC: I’ll address the points…

1. She understands the concept of TIME, but anything non-linear she doesn’t quite get. You might have noticed the lack of timehax among the Order. They just don’t realise that with magic it is a thing that can be manipulated… There’s still a lot they need to learn as a whole. Not to mention she didn’t exactly get to meet people while growing up. You can’t exactly invite people to a place where one of the seven objects keeping the world in balance and habitable for sentient life, after all.

2. Just drop THAT already… Besides, no one actually in the Order knows about that being. (Iblan is NOT actually part. Immolan taught him all the spells he knew.) Also, they’ve not come across an omni-anything, they don’t even have the term in their vocabulary.

3. …I guess I didn’t really think that through.

4. She understood enough to know what was going on. That is why she is not saying anything. She’s even thinking of what isn’t possible but would work out best for everyone.

5. I think you’re confusing mages with the traditional sage. Sages are wise men (or women). Mages are magic users. There is a difference. That comment was meant to indicate that I knew a compromise isn’t possible (that I can see). As to your question, she knows quite a bit more about elemental magic as a concept that the rest of the Order, and understands that worlds are kept in a delicate balance. And this is why she will stop at NOTHING to get her world’s water crystal back… once she tracks down where it is, of course.

Oct 14, 2013 at 01:57PM EDT

Yukari listens in on the proposal. Easily coming to understand how many times this has happened.

Yukari: “Well now.”

Reimu: That doesn’t make sense! One is true lawful and the other is true chaotic! They have to Co-Exist else all will be thrown off balance. Hold on… WHY ARE YOU GIVING THE OPTION TO THE WOMAN WHO FEEDS OF CHAOS! IT CAN ONLY GO ONE WAY!!

Ran: “Silence, Bitch.”

Yukari: “Now then. This is indeed interesting. Perhaps it really has only ever gone that one way. I am a beast at heart. And I indeed to feed off the emotions and chaos of such a situation.”

She then pulls out a locket and opens it up… as a tool to kickstart her Long Term Memory she has carried that around ever since she recovered it. In short term she can only clearly remember 60 years at best…

Only an image of a single girls face…

Yukari: “However… things would indeed go a lot differently for us if I did pick differently, Renko…”

She sighs and closes it back up

Reimu: Yukari…

Yukari: “Actually, let me sit on the boundary of this logic.”

She literally does, and Natsuru bursts into flames

Yukari: “I usually pick for the choice of infinite confliction. But the confliction runs out at some point after all rules are abolished and can therefore no longer conflict.”


“Correct me if I am wrong, but from here, any contradiction would cause Massive Contradiction to the Order, Meaning.”

dramatic pause

She stands back up, er, floats

“Well Mr. Crow. You win. I pick you.”

She raises her hand and the energy crown around the universe explodes into Cherry Blossoms, showering down on the entire universe.

“Perhaps had you mentioned the fact I hadn’t been born until after this decision you would have gotten it your way sooner. May the worlds children be able to smile!”

She smirks, feeling the energy.

She hurls her Kunai at Ragna’s face.

Yukari: “Not that I ever said I was to deny anyone their Fight.”


Q. Seriously, after all that buildup, just that?

A. Yes. Just that. Deal with It.

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Oct 14, 2013 at 03:42PM EDT

OOC: Damnit, it’s too late right now for me to actually have Tsunarmin DO anything. The battle would probably be over before I next get a chance to post…

But just in case it’s not…

Tsunarmin responds to that last line by preparing for battle herself. With a bit of luck she may go unnoticed against the ones who are clearly far more powerful. Well, unnoticed if she doesn’t turn to the guardian creature, THAT would be pretty noticeable.

Oct 14, 2013 at 03:52PM EDT

@final destination.

for some odd reason, medusa begins to laugh lightly. then a bit later it gets heavier.

Medusa: ehehhehhahahahahahaahhahaha. AAAHAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!

Asura is not phased one bit by yukaris attempt of a betrayal on him and just gives yukari a sadistic smirk.

medusa then calms down and adresses everyone about this sudden outburst.

Medusa: Just as expected, you think that picking crow would be a betrayal to our plans yukari? well sorry to break it to you, but its not. It was actually the best decision you could have made.

Asura: for you see, if victor was to reign over this realm, chaos would ensure and madness of unimaginable levels would ensure. However, over this span of time, the 98% would be slowly disappear over the course of endless chaos and anarchy. soon there would be so little people left over for madness that by the time the cycle changes, i would be powerless to fight crow when he begins his cycle of renewal.

medusa: But, by picking crow and getting the golden age, he would be free from his omnipotency and the universe would be ripe for us to consume in madness and chaos without the likes of him being in our way.

Asura: Exactly. I applaud you of your treacherous ways yukari, but im afraid that you cannotever get the upper hand when it comes to fooling the likes of me. Your madness make it easy for me to read your thoughts. so all in all. turns to crow. go ahead and achieve your golden age and be done with here.

medusa: pity that we dont get to kill him, but oh well.

erza then steps up


everyone in fairy tail is observing the situation at hand with worried looks.

Erza: if you do this golden age. than will me and all of my friends be wiped out because we would be the last 2%?

Asura: turns to see erza. well of couse insect. you heard what he said. all heretics will be instantly wiped out and will achieve the golden age. even ive come to embrace this, because madness is just as much a part of crow as it is in all of us. it makes no exceptions.

erza cant believe this, worried for her friends lives and the others who would be killed off.

Erza: Roger. I dont wish to have all of those people killed off just so this age to be recognized, as well as my friends. All that we ever wanted was just to live our lives in peace. we never asked for any of this. we just want peace, to just live out our lives with our nw friends and just pick up from were we left off. If you promise to spare the lives of the last 2%, as well as our friends and families.

she then gets down on one knee and bows her head. placing her broadsword down in front of her as she faces crow. her guildmates are shocked to see this from her

Erza: than i will agnowlege you as the true god of this world, as well as the rest of us.

tears begin to stream down from her face.

Erza: all that we wanted was freedom, freedom and peace so that we can live out our lives. But, its not worth anything if it means having to sacrifice the 98% just so the very few could enjoy that freedom. but even then, is absolute freedom trully freedom?

her guildmates understand everything she says. they all agree with her after a short while. the entire omniverse will also hear what she says and would also agree that it is not worth sacrificing 98% of the universes populace for the benefit of such a few.

erza looks up at roger with tears down her face.

Erza: so i ask of you, your omnipotence. spare the lives of our friends, and the others. and you will achieve the Golden age that not just you seek, but we would all wish to seek. please. but just remember this one thing, our lives are not something that anyone can play around with, regardless of status. we are living beings with feelings and emotions. We laugh, we cry, we feel pain and suffering, we feel joy and happiness. to be alive alone is a sign of our strength. keep that in mind when you make your decisions. we just want is to live out our lives in peace, is that so much to ask for?

she has nothing more to say as she puts her head bowed down to roger. she acknowledges roger as well as the other members of the guild. they all just ant peace once and for all.

medusa chuckles as well as asura.

Medusa: my my, how touching.

Asura: indeed, fearing the unknown is enough to break anybodies spirit. Such is the ways of fear, its not the fix outcome is what causes people to shutter in fear, it the outcomes that people imagine is what makes them terrified. This creates chains of different outcomes that they imagine which leads to even more chaos and fear. which is why i am still hellbent on consuming this world in madness, so that nobody can feel fears from their imaginations, which is the source of all fear. The imagination is the mother of all terror in this world, and is the root weakness of all sentient beings in this omniverse, but with madness, it can erase that fear, giving rise to a new humanity. one that doesn’t know fear, or pain.

Medusa: hence is the reason why we are here to begin with. so go ahead roger, do whatever you see fit to this poor girls innocent pleas for the lives of her friends as well as those other heretics who you despise so much.

erza and the othert guildmates are not bothered at all by what they said and await Rogers answer to spare their lives in exchange for their acknowledgement of the crow, thus leading to the golden age, which is but right in front of everyone.


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Ragna sidesteps the kunai as it hurls straight at his face. He is holding the giant scythe in both hands.
Ragna: You think that you can just get away with this shit so easily?!
For once, Ragna does not care at all about anything else. Even the gods arguing in the background. Asura can feel his emotions…
The Shinigami grits his teeth.
He grips Blood Scythe even tighter in both of his hands.
He jumps at Yukari with a very fast speed.

He swings the scythe forward at Yukari in midair with brute force that only a beast would have. Erza can feel dark energy emanating from Ragna as his emotions take over for primal instinct, just wanting to kill the one who wronged him…

Oct 14, 2013 at 05:32PM EDT


Before Ragna’s attack on Yukari…

AM: So be it, Crow is to remain as standing god and continue his age herein. Raven is to be banished once more until the arrival of the next renewal ceremony which is to be held in [Insert ludicrously huge number here] years. This decision concludes the process.
With that final sentence AM goes into dormancy once more…awaiting Bang…

No dazzly effects or action packed celebration. just a silence

Roger doesn’t seem too surprised however Victor seems to be in a state of utter confusion, his eyes dart over to the Roger who is mockingly smiling back at him, he turns back to Yukari….

Victor: You think that is the correct choice? do you not understand that without an age dedicated to culling the Conclave it will completely and utterly overwhelm you all? in a few thousand years you won’t even have the mental capability to think outside the box…that box being your pathetic trust in this faith to deliver……

His anger slowly builds, after all he is the god of anarchy…

Victor: Order is a cancer! it spreads and spreads until it writhes around your entire system, rendering you incapable of anything that you desire! enjoy your rotten lives submitting to this zealous god!… would have been able to bask in the flames of pure chaos! I would have granted you immortalitity! you could have bore witness to my golden age!

He begins to walk towards Yukari whilst still twitching in rage

Victor:…..You’ve taken him out of the cycle! out of his own priso-….

A single large calibre pistol round to the back of the head and Victor drops to the ground like a bag or turnips, bleeding gray matter all around Yukari’s feet….Looking back behind him and you see Roger in the distance arm outstretched and holding his pistol, he places the weapon back into his hip holster within his suit and takes a few paces towards the group

He is noticeably much more invigorated and his outfit is in top notch condition nor does he even have his walking stick any more.

Roger: Thankyou my little spud….
He drops a few pennies in her hand
Roger: There’s some pocket money to buy yourself some sweets on the way home…

He then turns to Erza…

@Erza & Asura,

His eyes bare down on her

Roger: You see, the needs of the many greatly outweigh those of the few. I’m glad that you understand this and why I do what must be done. Although Loyalty is what I seek and is also your saviour….it is so very simple, that is all that I ask for. If you, your friends, families and the ones you care for are to be taken with me into the Golden Age then they will find the peace they seek, but only those who have submitted ofcourse….I cannot make compromises, you must take faith…..I’m sure you will all be a credit to my Conclave…

Roger: But I’m afraid that we haven’t reached my goal yet…2 percent is a lot more than your friends and families. Although I know a man who can help you, he is a good friend of mine…

He gives a grin and turns to face Asura

Roger: And you think you can sit all cosy on that fence do you? unlucky my old friend but you sealed your heresy long ago, you can remain shuffling around in the pig shit whilst we transcend to the greatest time to ever grace the omniverse heheheheee…..

He clicks his fingers

Roger: Oswald..
The most loyal servant appears behind Roger

Oswald: ’Tis an honour to serve furthermore my Lord.
Roger: All of these people are guilty of heresy, you are to absolve those who seek faith and are to seal those who do not.
Oswald: As is my purpose my Lord…


Roger: Now I must be going, places to be and things to do….you will know when I have reached my goal….

And so Roger takes a few steps from the group and vanishes into inexistance. To where or to do what nobody knows as the continuation of the Age of Order begins and the time LINE begins to lay out like a red carpet for all to walk…

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Oct 14, 2013 at 06:50PM EDT


Yukari: “Thank you kind sir.”

She takes the change and deposits it into a purse with great exaggerated movements.

Yukari: “Thank you Mr. God Person. Hopefully my friend The Dragon understands your position over him.” (Touhou-verse version of Shenron from DBZ, True Neutral so he will just be “Whatevs”)

Yukari turns towards Asura

Yukari: “Actually, I had no clue I was going to do this. I just go with the flow. Besides, you two turn even the smallest towns into insanely delicious meals.” she smiles deviously

Reimu stands up


She points at Asura

Are An Idiot for going Collaborating With The Damn Gap Hag!

she turns her head


she points at where crow vanished off to

We Aren’t Done Until Your Ass is Firmly Planted on A Moon Someplace!

She kicks Raven’s body off the side of the edge. Destined to fall for eternity until it hits something orbiting a planet

Yukari: “And what about me?”


Yukari: “OooooOOOOoooooh NooooooOOOOOOOoooo Whaaatever Shaaall I dooOOOooo?”

Ran: “…Please don’t, I don’t want to deal with fixing it again…”

Silence Bitch!

Reimu walks up to Oswald with an insanely pissed look.

I don’t even care anymore, he proved himself. Guess I will be the speaker for Eight Million and One Gods… Shinto is like that, flexible.

After listening to whatever Oswald says and does, she turns around walks up to face Asura and Medusa.

Yukari raises her hand at Ragna’s charge, raising what appears to be a mirror like barrier…

Yukari: “Boundary Curse. Nightmare and Reality.”

His attack instantly shatters it as he passes though, forcing him to drop short of her. However, he feels a rather painful and familiar snake bite…

???: “Sup Rags. Long time no see!”

The Uroboros forces Ragna to turn around… seeing what is truly impossible.

Hazama: “Now now, don’t look so surprised. You really think I would have been gone forever did ya?”

Ragna’s biggest nightmare has come to life. The longer he waits the more images of his horrible past he had to live over and over again flash before him.

Yukari: “Hoo boy, didn’t think you would get something more specific. Usually this causes Scenarios for people.”

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Oct 14, 2013 at 07:00PM EDT

Meredith is in somewhere between shocked and nonchalant about these events. She had a feeling the Crow would be picked. At least, that’s who she would’ve chosen. Because fuck anarchy, anarchy sucks.

So uh, that happened. I guess we just see how this plays out.

Hazama’s back, which sucks a gratuitous amount of undesirables.

But oh well, I can’t do anything about it myself. I know that Cow is pretty much the god of this reality, that’s just a fact. So, no use arguing over it.

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Oct 14, 2013 at 07:12PM EDT


Just a few notes to stabilize everything….

1. The Golden Age won’t be reached within this thread, as this end goal will provide everyone with what they want and therefore make….well that isn’t fun and just pointless…it is simply a end to a means…

2. Roger always lies at the renewal, there are considerably less than 98 percent Loyalists within the omniverse. Ive made it like this so that the hero’s and events taking place aren’t so constricted and pressured on by this mammoth-like outside force, that being Crow and the Conclave. So we have plenty of room to “play” in so to speak…plenty….not in anyway are we surrounded by the Loyalists or anything like that….to put it simply, crow is over there doing his thing whilst we are over here doing our thing…I hope you see what I’m trying to say here…..

3. I consider this to be Crows end in the thread, meaning that I won’t play him very much anymore and he canonically will instead be “dealing with the remaining heretics”…but ofcourse like I said he has a lot more to deal with than they think, so expect pretty much zero interference from him for the remainder of the thread. You can just forget him and relax.

And finally in a way I kinda see this as my last bit of contribution to the RP, I don’t really have any more plans on what to bring in for the future and my only next move is to post Mobius’s destruction….after that I have Heaven left, a place which wont be seen for a long time yet (depending on whether Flandre activates the beacon).

So yeah keep on RP’ing guys, maybe I’ll come back around sometime soon and get involved with the main plot again but for now I’m gonna take a little break and sit on the sidelines….

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Oct 14, 2013 at 07:44PM EDT

OOC: sam, I thank you for all that you have brought to us in this thread. and thank you for sticking out with us for this long, despite good and bad. from our ups and downs. i know we all had our problems in the past, but hopefuly by the time we finish this chapter, we can start anew.

son once again. thanks for everything and you are always welcome back.


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Oct 14, 2013 at 08:02PM EDT


Ragna’s eyes go wide as he shatters through the Boundary of Nightmare and Reality.
Ragna: What?!
He lands back down on the ground and sees Yukari gone from the platform…
Ragna: Get back here, you-! GAH!

He feels the Ouroboros head pierce through his jacket and into his skin, getting that familiar sense of pain from when he last fought him at the top of the NOL branch in Kagutsuchi… He is forced to make Blood Scythe go back into its sealed form. Acting quickly, he slices the head of the snake off himself and is forced to face his worst enemy… Hazama.
He then gets hit by the hallucinations of his past. Ragna has to clutch his head and close his eyes for the sake of the mind rape going on. He remembers trying to fetch Saya one day from under a tree, and then a massive blaze came on in the blink of an eye.

Then he remembers Jin standing there with Saya as he holds Yukianesa and the church burns all around them. His face is saddened and filled with a twisted sense of anger.

And then he sees Jin smiling down at him as a kid with the most cold and heartless smile you have ever seen…

The Grim Reaper then feels a sharp pain on his shoulder as he remembers his arm being chopped off by Yukianesa. He remembers his own blood staining his face and shirt as he screams for dear life…

Yukari can tell that Ragna is in near shock about all these flashbacks that he is having. His emotions and inner chaos seem to feed her as the Grim Reaper suffers.
He screams and opens up his eyes from this nightmare and comes back to reality…

Ragna is standing there and breathing heavily as he sees Hazama standing there, chuckling to himself.

Doppelganger: Ahaha! You should see the look on your face, Rags! Priceless!
He has both hands by his side, signifying that he is in his fighting stance.

Ragna can only stare angrily at this doppelganger of Hazama who is too real for him…
Ragna rushes straight for the creation of Yukari with his sword held in hand.

Doppelganger: Not so fast there, doggy!
Ragna is tripped by another Ouroboros that is shot out at his legs. The doppelganger stands there, smiling down at Ragna.
Doppelganger: What was it…?
He wraps both arms around his head.
Doppelganger: Restriction 666 released!
A green spell circle with a star appears underneath the creation, imbued with many runes and magical properties. The area begins to get all distorted by purple and blackness.
Doppelganger: Dimensional interference forcefield deployed!
He begins to laugh again.
Doppelganger: Ehehehehe!
The platform begins to shake and vibrate wildly as the BlazBlue is nearly activated…
He suddenly explodes with energy, and the all-too-familiar green ring imbued with magic runes appears around him.

Ragna has gotten up from the Ouroboros just in time to see he finished activating the BlazBlue.
He rushes at him once again, and the battle commences…

((Only footage I could find that wasn’t Unlimited vs Unlimited mode. I’m sorry if it sucks.))

After Ragna beats this single round of Unlimited Hazama, the spell card breaks and the Hazama shatters like glass and fades away into nonexistence.

Once the illusion is vanquished, Ragna comes back to reality and realizes that this is just an illusion… He is breathing a bit heavily as he yells out for Yukari.
He holds Blood Scythe in a single hand again, and waits for the coward to show herself.

During the fight back with Relius and Hazama…

Hazama: Hehehe! That gap hag has some pretty neat tricks. It’s been a while since I looked at myself in a mirror…
He smiles some.
Hazama: Damn, I look good. But the original is still the best. Ain’t that right, Relius? A shitty clone is nothing compared to the one and only.
He laughs again, watching the fight unfold.

After the fight and seeing the doppelganger shatter into pieces…

Hazama: See? What did I say? The original is ALWAYS better than the copy. Hell, the moves were so sloppy that they could be served in a cafeteria!
The green haired wonder continues to watch through the orb…

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Oct 14, 2013 at 08:07PM EDT

OOC: About a time this loser leaves, now thanks to Burner, Its time for a real god to show up bitches. And believe me, you are going to hate me more than the fucking crow. Hold your grandma panties becouse MOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!

Well sammy, I don’t even know how much we have punched each other’s faces since the thread started, endlessly beating the living daylights of ourselves. I must say that your creativity knows no limits you bastard, and I just love the amount of detail your posts have, something that I wish I was able to do with my own posts. The whole Crow thing was amazing, a bit annoying but..damn..creating a whole world based on a religious bird? Thats some insane imagination. Farewell mate, be sure to return. Nothing will change I assure you, well..maybe Tardises and his mages..who will be dead as the dodo.
Thank you Sam, Novak, Jehuty, Crow, etc..Thanks.

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Oct 14, 2013 at 08:10PM EDT

(OOC: @BM: I hate it when I make typos like that. But you gave me a chuckle pointing it out, so I’m not too bothered.)

(OOC:@Sam: I really can’t express how much fun I’ve had with you in this thread. All I can say is that you’re a superb writer in my opinion, and that I’ll miss you man.)

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Oct 14, 2013 at 08:14PM EDT


It’s been good, bro. Sad to see you go. All the characters you played were wonderful. Even that short time as Samurai. Either way, goodbye.

Oct 14, 2013 at 08:17PM EDT


@Sam’s departure,

You’re… Leaving?

Well… We’ll all miss you buddy. We hope that you’ll come back soon. I do absolutely, wholeheartedly agree with Spark that you’re one of the most creative people in the thread. You took a god character and made something with it other than shit. You made a compelling storyline to be told by it, and made a played a bunch of neat characters for your entire career here. The amount of detail you put into your posts is amazing, certainly better than anything that I could do outright. I’ll miss ya buddy, but I want you to know…

That we all love you!

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Oct 14, 2013 at 08:20PM EDT

Medusa: i hope there is no hard feelings between us, is there. we make quite the team.


medusa just laughs as she sees reimu once again.

Medusa: why hello there reimu, its been a long time. how have you been?

asura gives her a stare that looks more of a look of disappointment.

Asura: indeed, its too bad that this reunion will be cut short due to your unfortunate death. but dont worry though, its not as if you have any further use to us anyways.

Medusa: thats correct. because now that we have these in our possession.

suddenly 8 snakes shoot out from medusas back and turn into boundary portals much like yukaris, accept the outside of them look like medusas tattoos and the inside of them is a greenish-black like mist in the middle if it. suddenly the 8 chaos emeralds each appear out of one of the portals and asura collects them all with his hands and scarf appendages.

Asura: with these, i will transcend all of you insects, and spread madness throughout the entire universe.

asura then begins to consume the emerald one at a time, each one causing him to grow in power as he obsorbs their power into his own.

after finally consuming the last emerald, he feels as if his body is about to rip apart from such magnitude of power. however, he is more than capable of controlling this power. madnes wavelengths begin to overflow around him as his powers intensify to near omnipotency levels. though still far from it.


asura then leaps off of the platform to fall into the eternal abyss that is the universe.


asura then disappears into a great ball of madness energy before being consumed by the eternal void. he is not gone, but is not visible for the time being.

Erza: what is this… is he really going to use all of that power to become something lice roger?

Medusa: i have no idea to be honest. like miss yukari said, i just go with the flow of things. turns to reimu. now my dear Reimu medusa opens a portal and pulls out her flying broomstick and takes flight in it.

she looks down upon her from a distance

Medusa: Now then my dear Reimu. lets see how long you can last against me?

erza looks at reimu

Erza: reimu, you take care of this witch, ill help ragna defeat yukari.

erza goes were yukari is and activates her requip magic. she requips into heavens wheel armour. she the points her sword at her.

Erza: you and your colleagues are not going to get away for what you have done. we will make sure that your plans of spreading madness die here as with asura. Reimu, Ragna, Tsunarmin. lets us end them once and for all.

meanwhile the other members of fairy tail look up, only giving erza their faith in her. all they can do now is watch with everyone else.

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Oct 14, 2013 at 09:33PM EDT


>MFW Spark compliments my stuff

“son once again. thanks for everything and you are always welcome back.”
" I must say that your creativity knows no limits you bastard, and I just love the amount of detail your posts have,"
“The amount of detail you put into your posts is amazing,”
" All the characters you played were wonderful."
“All I can say is that you’re a superb writer in my opinion, and that I’ll miss you man”

The feels, that’s some intense stuff right there…….
But seriously thanks a whole tonne guys, I really appreciate the compliments and am glad to know that you enjoy the crap I come out with, it means a lot to know that and definitely gives me the motivation to put in the effort again in the future sometime.

And yeah….the Crow storyline took a lot of time to make up and put together, in the long run I suppose it turned out alright, in the end I was just happy to get it over and done with if I’m honest…

I mean I will be back at some point, playing either a much smaller part or going through Heaven so no worries, I’ll also keep myself updated and read through so there won’t be any need for some tiresome recap……but definitely a smaller role for sure, the god stuff is a little boring after a while.

Finally. RP’ing in this thread is a pleasure, you’re all a sound bunch of people and have actually become some genuine friends over the course of these 7 months, you’re all just as good writers and your posts are always packed with interesting fiction and meaning that I never get tired of reading….

It’s been “Pretty good”

Oct 14, 2013 at 09:40PM EDT


Yukari: “Indeed. The stage is set, and the show must go on till the curtain call!”

Reimu: “Oh shut up. I am sick and tired of the damn adventure and am ready for it to be over. If I explode and die, I go home. If I kick your ass and take the Yakumo Express, I go home. If I get spontaneously spirited away, I go home. Really, at this point it’s all Win-Win for me. Lets just get this Over With!”


Reimu invokes a spell and a wheel of rotating color platforms appear near where Medusa is flying and two assistance familiars.

She flashes Purple and then Red…


Yukari appears when Ragna turns around.

Yukari: “My my. You might want to watch your blood pressure Ragna. Your head will burst off even before you can land a hit!”

She calmly lets Erza join the battle

Yukari: “Well now. Miss Magical Girl come to help out the Damsel in Distress. We all here? We all ready? Good. The only remaining issue right now is finding out whether or not they allow girls past the age of 14 to be Sailor Scouts. That might be a serious violation of Anime Code Conduit.”

She holds her hand forwards…

“Barrier Between Motion and Stillness…”

Something very hard to depict with pictures happen… Ragna and Erza suddenly can’t move anything they weren’t moving. But things that where moving… keep moving despite the not moving parts being able to follow. The ultimate arm twisters, boob jigglers, brain farts, everything just rebels on their body and slowly tears them apart.


I would say something for Sam, but I am not going to cause I risk sound like a total sap. Keep Cool Man.

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Oct 14, 2013 at 10:43PM EDT


Medusa: how cute. nomatter.

she then summons a few boundary portals behind her and begins her own attack as well.

Medusa: try and escape this. VECTOR ARROWS.

suddenly a hundred of her vector arrows shoot out from not only herself, but from the portals as well. they shoot over and Cris-cross and form unimaginable movement patterns that make them impossible to trace as they home in onto her. it is almost like a web is hastily coming over to reimus position.*


erza can feel her body move out of control. if she tries to move, than it only gets worse.

Erza damnit, what do i do?

then suddenly her boobs are moving around without her actually moving.

Erza: i cant believe i am going to do this. but what choice do i have.

she then unsummons the top of her armour to expose her chest to yukari in hopes of distracting her. however, the boundary of motion and stillness forces her to remove all of her armour off, leaving her exposed for the entire omniverse to see her. she is only wearing underpants, other than that, she is completely exposed.

Erza: DAMNIT! i didnt mean for that to happen!

the entire omniverse begins to nosebleed as fairy tail try and find out what the hell is going on.

Oct 14, 2013 at 11:43PM EDT

Yukari giggles at Erza’s attempt at creating a Distraction.

Yukari: “Girly, that is one mighty fine Yoga Strip Dance you got going there.”


The vector arrows smash into Reimu, but are forced to explode before they can penetrate the skin.

(Like I always say, I give warnings before firing off an insta kill or anything similar, no matter how nonchalant they are.)

Medusa fails to recognize the warnings in the situation, and suddenly a trio of VERY POWERFUL waves shoots forth. First a Purple then a Red one corresponding to the Safe Zones that the opponent was supposed to take cover in as the waves pass over. Because she took no action, this VERY SERIOUSLY injured Medusa. Another hit will be fatal.

This pattern continues, and another screw up would mean an end to the witch.

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Oct 15, 2013 at 12:03AM EDT

(Guys in the Commander ship should be able to watch the television or hear the news at least.)
Hello again humans, aliens and living corpses from another realm about to get kicked out of Earth-555, this is Sam Valderrama speaking today, tomorrow, in the past and in the future. This is “The Watchin’ Watcher” with today’s news!
Weird holes of space and time keep appearing in the streets. Scientists believe this is nothing but a mythological event, forces from different planes of existance about to clash and tear the world as we know it but luckily, these are the same scientists who said that God never existed so this must be a rethorical phrase or something “scientific”.
The hero from porn stars, kids, adults, creepy clowns hiding under your bed and politicians known as Mister Mickey Enigma Cantor was sued by his own clone for trying to rape himself. Local police department believes this isn’t a clone but a disguised Wascot. More details tonight!
Let’s check the Old News, the only newspaper that refuses to use holograms and keeps using toxic and tree-killer normal paper.

Famous psychopaths such as Ryuji Yazamaki are missing. The Colonel of the “Paramilitary Anti-Terrorist Forces” (PAF!) talked with the president last day, they discussed the possibility of spreading military personnel all over the globe, hoping to catch these evil fu[CENSORED]
Listen up you disgusting son of a [CENSORED], If you ever dare to step in front of me I will [CENSORED] [CENSORED] [CENSORED] [CENSORED] [CENSORED] [CENSORED] [CENSORED]
(Sam, you can’t say that. You need to calm down or-)
[CENSORED] YOU! We call them security but they don’t do a [CENSORED] My sister was murdered by that knife freak and now he is free, walking among us, and the only [CENSORED] thing you have to say is CALM DOWN? [CENSORED] [CENSORED] [CENSORED]

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Oct 15, 2013 at 10:57AM EDT


Ragna has his hands in the correct places to activate the BlazBlue, except the spell kicks in just as he is about to utter the release code for it… He then realizes he can’t move his mouth, and that his hair is moving wildly, along with his coat tails and the coat itself while the rest of his body is frozen in time. He begins to think to himself…
Ragna: Shit! This isn’t good! I had to get the damn thing to work…
He attempts to clutch his hand together, but nothing is working…
Ragna: God damn it! Work you piece of shit!
He tries to activate it one more time… And then all of the sudden a purple sphere rises from his right hand and floats above the palm of it. Ragna can move enough to activate the BlazBlue now… His face is in one of anger towards Yukari as his red eye burns brightly.

The cap over his BlazBlue slides open upon his command and begins to flood the area with red light. The purple orb floating above his hand gets even bigger. A harsh wind seems to come on as the BlazBlue continues its activation process…


The Grim Reaper is suddenly enveloped in a dark field that looks like him with no features, but just an outline. The dark afterimage comes up to about a foot above him and shrouds his entire body in deep violet purple and inky black. He then grips his right hand even tighter, this time invoking something different…
The surrounding area gets all distorted once again as the crest of the Black Beast appears in front of Ragna glowing bright red. A field of seithr begins to whirl around him as his hair blows roughly in the wind and darkness…

Blood Kain… This is Ragna’s one of a kind move. His health drains at a fast rate while all of his Soul Eater attacks get even more dangerous, effectively multiplying the damage output by several times… This is a risky move for even Ragna to do… Not wanting to waste any time, Ragna immediately jumps at Yukari while she is distracted by Erza’s nudity. He punches her across the face with a Hell’s Fang while she is distracted, sending her across the platform and to the ground.

He quickly rushes over to her position, having taken a chunk of her soul chain to keep his life up. While she is down on the ground, Blood Scythe gets covered with the putrid seithr makeup. Ragna smashes the ginormous sword down on her body 6 times like a baby playing with a new rattle that his mother got him. Each hit from Blood Scythe takes a portion of life away from Yukari and returns it back to Ragna. He’s not finished yet… After this outburst, he begins to stomp down on her face with a hard iron boot that is covered in a seithr field, draining her life. Ragna just doesn’t let up on this bloody onslaught at all, giving Yukari little time to react to his blows.

@Erza’s nudity,

After this happens, Tager has to avert his eyes because he isn’t a big pervert like Kokonoe is. He has respect towards women.

If Hakumen had a nose, he would be bleeding from it right now… But he also turns away quickly keeping silent.

Jin also averts his eyes from this scene…

Hazama: I told you once and I’ll tell you again; you’re a whore. Don’t believe me? All the armor that you have that are just two pieces with metal shards strapped on them isn’t helping… And this… This CERTAINLY isn’t helping your case either, dear. Hehehe…
Hazama laughs to himself at Erza’s failed attempt for a distraction.
Hazama: They almost always deny being one, but that just furthers the proof~.

Relius has to also avert his eyes since he is still married to Ignis… However he is intrigued by Yukari’s boundary spells…

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Oct 15, 2013 at 01:01PM EDT

At the Order HQ, the battle is not going unnoticed. Not everyone is getting nosebleeds, though. Many of the male mages are, however. So are some of the female mages. It depends on their… I’ll just leave it as ‘orientation’. The nosebleeds don’t really last long, though. The vast majority of them do have some form of healing spell. It’s only the geomancers, aquamancers, pyromancers and umbramancers who do not. (OOC: Remember that Cleansing Foam is newly developed and no one who knows it has had time to return to the Order HQ yet.) As the one archmage present, Pitchurn is also trying to find out what the hell is going on.

Pitchurn: It appears to be some sort of battle, that’s for sure… Damnit, we should be able to influence it.

A female lumimancer walks up

Lumimancer: …It appears the Order IS getting involved in this somewhat.

Pitchurn: What do you- Oh. Damnit, we should have some way of supporting her!

Pitchurn is resting all her hopes on Tsunarmin right now. The news spreads and very soon all but three of the Order are also resting their hopes on their water elemental archmage. (One doesn’t care, and the other two are unconscious. These are of course Immolan, Solarian and Tempestia respectively)

(OOC: This is just to show that even they’re noticing. The hopes will not have any effect (unless you insist on it) As for Iblan’s group… They temporarily stop the battle due to the ‘distraction’. The Greek troops do not get nosebleeds, though. The Greeks celebrated the human body, so why would they?)

On the ship, Granatir and Tahrdan also go around stopping nosebleeds with magic. They start with their own. Even though Tahrdan claims to have natural urges under control, even he cannot hide it in this case.

Pyralis: Wha- what the? I did not see THAT coming…

This just leaves the battle itself. While the others have been fighting, Tsunarmin has been quietly casting Agility Boost on herself repeatedly. It is adding up to a noticeable increase in speed at this point. Even though she cannot really move from one spot due to the boundary.

Tsunarmin: Goddamnit, it appears that the universe itself is conspiring to give men what they want. Either that or it’s one of our opponents… I guess it’s up to me to stop these shenanigans, and since our opponents clearly use a lot of magic… I know how I’m going to start attacking.

The water glyph appears at her feet and she casts a multi-targeted Whirlpool. The orbs of water would appear at Yukari and Medusa’s locations if they don’t move. And once the orbs appear, it’s too late to evade, even with boundaryhax. These orbs would render the magic of those hit somewhat weaker… Of course considering how powerful the two are, it won’t mean much. Especially since boundaryhax could potentially turn the debuff into a buff anyway… The water elemental archmage is going off of observation, here, and can only react to what she sees. Of course, considering that Yukari;s currently under attack, her chances of evading are next to nothing. There is a risk of accidentally hitting Ragna, though.

(OOC: I retroactively had her do some actions just so she wasn’t standing around doing nothing. Just assume that she was trying to avoid getting noticed. Those actions would actually give her a bit of a chance of evading Phantasm-level bullet hell…)

EDIT: Oh yeah, forgot to say one thing. I hope you return at some point, Sam, it just won’t be the same without you.

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Oct 15, 2013 at 01:26PM EDT

OOC: Okay, I think I’m starting to understand what’s happening (Insert slowpoke face here)
There is a large battle going on, Red is in the medical bay in what I’m assuming is either an airship or Order HQ, there is a large battle going on outside involving several characters, and Erza just attempted to distract Yukari via nudity. Please tell me if i’m right or wrong, getting lost up in everything happening was how I got MIA in this thread before…

IC: (Assuming there’s windows that make the battle visible from the medbay. If not, than disregard this and Red is just half-unconscious muttering gibberish.)

Red hardly notes the commotion, considering he’s half dead and the remaining half is utterly insane.
Awright, I’d ask about that, but frankly, I just want to bleed out uninterrupted right now.

Oct 15, 2013 at 05:01PM EDT



You’re right, Crona. And Red is still connected to a medical station I think. Jin put out the fire… You should still be good. It’s not like he’s dying right now or anything. Besides, the doctors of the ship would have put him back and treated him after the fire was put out. There’s nothing you need to worry about. Just say that he is still hooked up and is getting his wounds treated. (At least that is what I thought in the first place. Our characters aren’t insensitive assholes or anything.) He shouldn’t be bleeding out any either.

Last edited Oct 15, 2013 at 05:10PM EDT
Oct 15, 2013 at 05:09PM EDT

You are currently in PAF (Paramilitary Anti-Terrorist Forces) Commando Helicarrier, one of the biggest spaceships of Spark’ earth. The crew are enough to create their own city in this gigantic contraposition with millions and millions of different rooms, from bedrooms to holo-training, everything you will ever need is inside the ship. Free time is something that these men and women don’t have, following several rules that control the personnel’ behavior, a whole organization coming from the man known as “The Colonel”, the rutheless and merciless commander of PAF and the captain of the ship where you are. The Medical Bay is a place for those who had the misfortune of being injured in battle, proper medical assistance to those who need it, thousands of beds with injured soldiers or just pieces of meat that used to be soldiers. Red had his chest cracked apart by the hand of “Agent Johnson”. The doctor in charge had to personally check the gravity of the mage’ wounds and direct the whole surgery. Red’s ribs were replaced with cyborg implants, several bloodbags were wasted and thousands of resources were spent just to save the life of the mage. Doomguy is still being operated, with half of his body being replaced with implants since he almost loses both arms and legs. Doctors can be seen once in awhile, carrying high caliber bullets they extracted from Doomguy’ chest. Erza’ aquiles tendon was a fatal injury but luckily, after hours of surgery, she is now able to walk..with a scar on his right foot.

Mister Foster: Bro, you crazy or something? You got a new pair of cyborg parts all over your body! Wish I have something like that, the only thing I have are these fake thumbs…Oh and hi everybody..err..I’m bussy with something..ELSE..
Several photographs of naked Erza can be seen in Foster right hand as he runs away, directly to the main he gets a good view of..those valleys.

Last edited Oct 15, 2013 at 05:22PM EDT
Oct 15, 2013 at 05:20PM EDT

Yeah, but Red is fairly delusional and can be quite a hypochondriac. Now that I have my shit together, time for a post that isn’t less than a paragraph long.

Oct 15, 2013 at 05:25PM EDT

Suddenly realizing that he isn’t actually injured anymore, Red’s liveliness is suddenly dialed to eleven (Or on his personal scale, about 3.)

Right! Red Statscowski, sellsword, et cetera, already previously established.
Gives an over-dramatic bow in place of hand shaking: Red doesn’t do physical contact.
I suppose I am in the company of fellow disciples of magic and war. Please excuse my former withrdawedness, but it seems that I have just woken up after what I remember as a clash with a purple clad assailant over… Necromancers, or something. Presently, I have no land, no title, and no coin to offer you. I can, however, offer service in lieu of fiscal recompense if I am given but three things: A job, tea, and a towel.

Oct 15, 2013 at 05:29PM EDT

Josuke had gone around and healed most of the main cast’s injuries. Most of them look like they don’t even have a scratch on them. The ones he didn’t heal were the ones already butchered by the doctors, but he’ll get to them soon.
The real Doomguy comes along to the operating room, having been healed by Josuke prior.
Doomguy: Who the fuck’s in there?

Guard: Aren’t YOU supposed to be in there?
Doomguy: That pompadour guy healed me. Don’t tell, him, but I think his hair looks like shit. Also most of my body is already mechanical do to the fact that i’m already a cyborg, so if anything they should have sent me to wherever the fuck the mechanics are.
Doomguy runs off.

Giorno shortly encounters Crona.
Giorno: hey, I’ve been healing people’s bionic implants into regular parts. If you want be a normal person and not have bionic implants, just tell me. By the way, I’ve never seen you around before. What’s your name?

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Red encounters a new word, “Cyborg,” and stashes it within his memory for inquisition into its literary signification. It is then lost in the sea of clever observations, witty oneliners, and incompetent paramour-grade pickup lines that populate Red’s mind

Right, since you haven’t heard my introduction, I will gladly repeat it.

After a solid four minutes of introductory melodrama, Red finished with the statement …Presently, I have no land, no title, and no coin to offer you. I can, however, offer service in lieu of fiscal recompense if I am given but three things: A job, tea, and a towel.

Oct 15, 2013 at 05:43PM EDT

Meredith is simply embarrassed at Erza’s attempt, and quickly averts her gaze. She was pretty damn close to just heading to one of the lands in her pocket, but decided that would be rude. She does however, seem to be internally screaming

In order to distract herself from what she saw and never wants to see again for as long as physically possible, she decides to visit the newest character.

Hello hello, I was informed by my sources that the red mage is not dead and I thought it would be polite to see him at least once before he does or does not die. I’m not sure about his fate, I’m no Seer and to use any of those powers would be a high level of rude. So, I guess I can explain to you where you are.
She then explains where he is with Spark’s description of the place ad verbum.
Oct 15, 2013 at 06:42PM EDT
Woah! that’s some… scary god magic you got there. Mind explaining.. Er… Half the words that you just used there?
His tiny renaissance brain can’t cope with 21st century vocabulary. As far as he knows, he’s in a big metal airship with a bunch of rude people who have neither jobs, nor tea, nor towels.
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She lets out and exasperated sigh and then re-explains the entire situation and where he is as if she was explaining it to a five-year-old. She then spawns a dictionary and tosses it at his face.

I suggest reading up.

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Under the pressure of both the Water Magic and Ragna’s stomping, she fires off another spell.

Yukari: “You’re an Angry Elf”

Suddenly Ragna is blasted up into the air by twin blasts of Light and Dark Mana, and is juggled with a stream of Kunai before his decent back onto Final Destination is… Complicated.

Ragna falls though a Laser Mesh before he falls into a portal and goes crashing into Erza and Tsunarmin, nearly sending them all off the ledge.

She fires the mesh off again in attempt to force them to jump off.

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she is surprised at first when her attack doesnt do anything to her

Medusa: what the…. How?

she then quickly sees the projectiles barraging her. However, her reflexes and acute senses are beyond any human being could ever know. But even then she is hit by the waves, but whrn the first wave hits her, she explodes into hundreds of her snakes that zip around all over the area. Dodging and flying in between the projextiles for the whole duration before assembling back to her normal self sitting in top of her broom as she awaits the final eaves with full attention this time.

Medusa: that kinda hurt, but im not one to ever take lightly.

she flies around on her broom with high speed and reflexes to dodge the remaining attacks.

erza is on her back close to the edge, taken by surprise for not being able to dodge rafna flying into her. When she gets up, she notices ragna is right on top if her, face burried deep within her chest. In an instant fit if rage and embarassment, she slugs ragna actoss the face and sends him rolling away from the edge.


she then gets up covering her chest. The moment she sees whats going on, she notices a barrage of lasers closing in on her.

Erza: oh….. Well…… REQUIP!

erza requips hastily into adamantine armour and activates her adamantine magic circle by closing her the shields together and locking them, ragna and tsunarmin are behind her protection as the lasers criss cross over each other on the circle. The circle actually spreads out the density of the lasers so they cover more area, but reducing their strengh due to the lasers being less concentrated on a narrow point, but instead on a larger curface as they hit the shields and tracel along its surface. Completely eleminating their piercing capabilities because of this

Erza: im going to shiw you what it means to bring harm to my friends you witch.

the shields do not let up the slightest as they continue to guard against the barages of lasers.

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Ragna is taken by surprise by the sudden spell cast of Yukari and is blasted into the air by the mesh of light and dark lasers.

Ragna: GAH!
The BlazBlue’s cap slides shut and turns off, disabling the Blood Kain effect. The afterimage of him is gone and so are his super Soul Eater attacks. Ragna recovers in midair fast enough to swat away the stream of kunai before falling back down through another mesh. He nimbly falls through the mesh and through the portal at top speed, face planting right into Erza’s boobs.
He’s trying to say “Fuck you, Yukari,” sadly he can’t get the words out of his mouth… He then gets a wake-up call in the form of a fist to the face from Erza, sending him off of her and a few feet away.
Ragna: Gah… Damn it!
He couldn’t even care less about this right now. Ragna quickly jumps back up to his feet and wipes his face off with his right hand. He doesn’t even acknowledge Erza’s words…
Ragna: BITCH!
He goes for Yukari again, subsequently getting blocked by Erza’s shield.
He slams a hand against it, desperately wanting to get to her. Ragna jumps back to Erza’s position after this.
Ragna: Just let me handle her, Erza!
A look of rage is still on his face… He turns back to look at Yukari.


Tager turns to face the mage in the room from his spot.
Tager: Yes, I do believe that we are. The effects of the magic and the attacks do not seem to be passing through the ethereal barrier above us.
Tager points upwards at the sky. Red can see that there is a faint barrier between Final Destination and the sky.
Tager: We should be kept safe from all the firepower that is currently being thrown around.

Oct 15, 2013 at 10:29PM EDT

OOC: Jetstream, your presence will be missed. Even though I was MIA the majority of the time you were here, I cannot deny the magnitude of your contributions, and I wish I could have been here more so that I might have been able to play a part in your recent adventures. Perhaps when you decide to rejoin the thread, our characters can interact as they once did?

Either way, thank you for being a member of this roleplay thread, and for showing a dedication to this thread which I’ve not shown in a long time. Farewell for now, and good luck with your IRL endeavors.

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@Erza and Ragna:

Oddly, the firing seems to stop… and a Vworp is heard right behind them…

Yukari had caught one of Marisa’s Master Sparks however long ago along with a spell these two don’t know. The giant rainbow beam shoots straight for Erza… BUT.

Yukari continues the assault from the side she is on with Gate of Babylon Flying Glow Worms Nest.


I’m Not Done Yet!

Reimu suddenly orders her Familiars to follow Medusa herself, and start shooting out Lasers at her sides as Reimu showers the skys with Butterflies.

Oct 16, 2013 at 01:09AM EDT

Tsunarmin almost fell off, and probably would have done were it not for the Agility Boosts cast beforehand. She quickly recovers, and notices the Spark.

Tsunarmin: Alright, you… you….

She cannot find the words to describe Yukari.

Tsunarmin: Ah, forget whatever I was going to say. You will not
win against us. Now face the power of those descended from Guardians!

The guardian creature vanishes from the medical bay to appear at Tsunarmin’s side. Both flash yellow, as the Agility Boosts are transferred from her to it. She then jumps onto its back.

Tsunarmin: Good luck getting past this!

The guardian creature proceeds to outright fly around the arena. Knocking it off the edge would do nothing. She casts Whirlpool on Yukari again. If it hits this one will be significantly more powerful. Because of the significantly increased agility, it’s actually able to evade attacks now.

(OOC: Why yes, Tsunarmin did just break cover on the guardian creature. Remember that the creature makes her much more durable and enhances all her spells, ESPECIALLY water elemental spells. Oh yeah, and it can fly. It always could, as a matter of fact, it hasn’t got legs! It’s got to move around outside of water somehow. Even a temple for the Water Crystal is not filled with water… even if the temple itself is completely submerged.)

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