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OOC: I had a really, REALLY, REALLY rough work to day. I wish i did more today, but as yo may have tell, its just not one of those days for me. I will make responses to everyone tomorrow as well.

Oct 23, 2013 at 11:42PM EDT

Natsuru Springfield wrote:


It takes a few seconds… but Renko finally speaks up

Renko: "I… was invited here. And in the middle of the night… there was bursts… and monsters suddenly everywhere! And Mr. Eizenberg… d-d… and Maribel… somehow… an Archer… and…

She looks up

“Wh-what are you!?”


He finds himself in a grand hall. An energy bullet shooting past his shoulder.

Archer: “Well well, if it isn’t the knight from the tournament. It’s been 15 years, so I doubt you remember me.”

He already has another arrow loaded…

Behind him stands a very young girl. At that age, there is no possible way that is Yukari.

And it is most definitely a human.


Kiritsugu: “This is bad. Predators…”

Kiritsugu pulls his Calico M950 and begins spraying the bullets as the wolfs attempt to surround them… He isn’t Supernaturally Enhanced in any way, but he is smart and quick.

Saber shouts back at the werewolf: “In the name of my country I will defeat you!”

Saber on the other hand takes a defensive stance, blocking the werewolf’s attacks and attempting to use a small repulsion blast of wind to knock him away. This momentarily reveals a golden sword hidden underneath the air…

OOC: Quoting so Spark doesn’t miss my Edit.

Will reply to the party tomorrow. Goodnight.

EDIT: You may also refer to Kiritsugu as “Emiya” if you wish, though I would rather not him be associated with his son Captain Obvious for obvious reasons.

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Oct 24, 2013 at 12:25AM EDT

The Order mages just spread out across the party area. Solarian, ever the “serious” one, tries to just find somewhere relatively peaceful. He ends up overlooking the festivities hmself. As he is the most senior mage of the Order, it would be fitting for him to be overlooking things. Seeing others, here, he can still ask the question he is meaning to ask.

Solarian: So… have either of you been told what exactly happened before I woke up on that ship?

Tempestia… actually isn’t anywhere to be seen. She told the others that there was just something she had to attend to, and ran off… back towards the landing site. She will be arriving later.

Granatir is also just walking around the tables. If anyone wants to speak to him, they are free to do so.

Ignis actually heads to the bar, though he doesn’t order anything, just sit there.

Pyralis and Noctan are going around the place together, and just find a table to sit at. They just think about what happened, and how to prevent a repeat in the future.

Tahrdan, however, is actively looking for someone. He is looking for Erza, in order to thank her for what she did towards the end of that last battle… As well as ask her if she or any of the others would be willing to teach the Order mages some spells, should any of the Order mages being willing to learn, of course. He finds her, and proceeds to do just that. He then notices the cats…

Tahrdan: What exactly are they? They look like some kind of cat, but…

(OOC: So… yeah, Direct responses to Solarian and Tahrdan will be necessary. And Tempestia WILL be arriving later, as there is someone I’m sure the other characters would want to see walking around…)

Oct 24, 2013 at 08:42AM EDT


Gii flies back over to where Rachel is. His master grabs him and begins to stretch him around like he was a toy.
Rachel just continues to stretch him around. Once she’s done making Gii make funny faces, lets him go.
Rachel: Hmph.
She looks down at Renko with red eyes.
Rachel: It would seem you know nothing… What a pitiful girl.
She glares down at her.
Rachel: Get off up that dirty ground, will you? I cannot take one such as yourself seriously unless you are standing on your own two feet. I will help you once you find at least a single shred decency in your being.

@Archer and Maribel,

Hakumen’s eyes saw that the arrow was going to miss the moment it fired, so the White Knight did not move an inch.
Hakumen: I see… You seem to be lost in time, bowman. It has been barely a month since that time.
One of the eyes in Hakumen’s armor looks at Maribel. Seeing her, he turns his faceless mask to look at her.
Hakumen: This… No… You cannot be the Demon. You are too young, and your potential has yet to flower. And you are a human…
He turns his head back to Archer.
Hakumen: My apologies.
He sheathes Ookami on his back.
Hakumen: Lower your weapon. I mean you no harm. I have just come to investigate the disturbances in the woods caused by a beast of the night… I was patrolling the woods when I came across this castle… I had decided to investigate to see if the monster was hiding in here.
He keeps one of his eyes focused on Maribel.
Hakumen: I then sensed a familiar presence and followed it to the source… Now I am in your view as we speak.


Jubei begins to explain everything that happened in the time that Solarian was asleep. The fight with Yukari, the Black Beast, Asura being sealed back up. All of that good stuff in a country accent.

Oct 24, 2013 at 01:18PM EDT

Solarian listens to the explanation…

Solarian:…I see. From what I’ve gathered from what little the other mages of our Order would say, I can tell who is responsible in the first place… Heh, I have never seen Tahrdan so angry about, well, anything.

Oct 24, 2013 at 01:23PM EDT

Accurate depiction of life without RP Thread…

Ahem…well anyway, I suppose you could say I’m off my time-out fence and present again seeing as Heaven has been called and Mobius needs fixin’….I have a few things to clear up…I don’t even know if this is me being back or what…

As The Crow, Transcendence and the Loyalist fleets traverse the galaxy destroying Heretic worlds they leave a colossal amount of glassed or semi-destroyed planets in their wake. Because of multitude of these burning worlds a dedicated sect of the Conclave are given the task of reforming or…recycling them and accelerating their evolutionary cycle so that they may once again bear life…..these reformed planet are either re-seeded so that a fresh sentient species may rise or colonised by refugee’s who have chosen loyalty and have therefore been evacuated from a majority vote heretic planet.

And so a single mysterious machine appears upon the surface of Mobius…

They are known as Architects.
Illusive demi-god cybernetic automatons whos only purpose is to recycle destroyed worlds. They are granted a power of planetary moulding by the Crow, the ability to look at a world like as if it were a lump of clay and shape it how they see fit…unfortunately though these powers are limited, the Crow does not like “magic” of sorts and has imposed great restrictions on what these machines are capable of. They can’t hurt you and they can only gain access to their abilities through a very strict clearance system. And besides, they are creators, not destroyers so there is no need to be afraid, they are delicate machines..artisans even..

Like in all these situations it only takes one lone Architect to re-shape a planet…

It steps daintily upon the super-heated glass surface of Mobius and looks upon its surroundings, coincidently it has stepped foot upon the ground where the Black Beast was once destroyed long ago however due to the Armageddon event continents were shifted and entire regions torn apart, you would never recognize it as Mobius…

After a few more final glances and surveys it hovers off from the ground and enters high orbit where it then gets to work…

The glassed over layer of Mobius is stripped off
The magma oceans are dampened out and quelled
The continents are raised above sea level
The massive impact craters from Transcendences bombardment are eroded away
Mountains are reformed
Continents are moulded anew

With the foundations laid down it is time for the next stage

The Architect begins harvesting ice meteorites by the thousands before dumping them into the vast expanses that were once the oceans, it then begins melting them down and crafting new seas,. After this it utilizes its final power, the ability to place life.

In a flicker of time the world is resurrected

Creatures take to land, trees begin to spout oxygen, the atmosphere is regenerated, plant life begins to spread, habitats are formed, jungles rise, wind blows, rain falls, and the strong prey upon the weak…..

It isn’t any different than how it was before all the wars, however it has been changed in a few ways…
1. The landmasses and continents are much closer and compressed into one (Sorta like Pangaea )
2. This leaves just one huge ocean that dominates a large majority of the planet
3. The weather system takes time to settle down meaning that its prone to freak cyclones and quakes
4. There are new animals now, not all of them are exactly friendly…
5. It is split into two main regions (keep reading)
Apart from these modifications the planet is no different than before, it is full of life and in a perfectly healthy state

Just like always the Architect has made a masterpiece in the name of its god, The Crow.

So with the passing of the Balloon Master and the planets armageddon a new age has begun, and with this new age it is only natural that a new name is given to symbolize it…

No longer is it known as Mobius….but instead…Charity…

And Charity is split into two half’s…

High Charity
Also known as the habitable region because of its vast jungles and farming capable grasslands, this place is stuffed with life of many forms and makes for the ideal region for colonization. Friendly creatures roam this half of the planet and take up home it what is otherwise seen as a haven. To compliment this region is a very stable weather system, most of the time it is very humid and warm, perfect for farming….High Charity encompasses the top half of the planet, the border being the equatorial line.

Low Charity
Also known as the hostile region because of its endless deserts, wind blasted planes, magma fields and vicious snow covered mountain ranges. It is uninhabitable to only the most beefcake of lifeforms and is very unsuitable for colonizations by humans. As if this wasn’t any more of a deterrence it is battered by a chaotic weather cycle, sometimes it can be searingly overheated and at others it can be frosted over completely and buried under miles of snow. This is a dangerous place to venture to and the animals that live here are very aggressive…..Low Charity takes up the bottom half of the planet, bordering High Charity at the equator.

The Architect lands upon the surface and looks at the world it has created. It will stay here for a while and continue to make small adjustments before leaving and moving onto to its next planet

So there you have it, I present to you, Charity.

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Oct 24, 2013 at 01:42PM EDT


Red is still wandering around aimlessly, mingling with minimal success. Finally, Red gets sick of wandering and asking rich-looking people if they need and finally decides to resort to his plan B, walking up to the bartender.

Hey! Barkeep! Who’s the guildmaster of this fine establishment?

Oct 24, 2013 at 03:50PM EDT



Do not fret, Crona. Asura shall be online soon. You will finally get to introduce your character and then we can get to know him. I suggest you lay off on the posts until he gets on to respond to everything, or else you will still be wandering around aimlessly with nothing else to do. I am determined for a proper introduction of him, so just hold your horses a tiny bit longer. Okay?

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Oct 24, 2013 at 03:54PM EDT

Ignis: Oh, it’s you. Just look around, I’m sure you’ll find who you’re looking for.

Outside the entrance..

???:Are you sure she’ll be alright?

???:I’m… I’ll be fine.

???: She earned it, like the rest of us.

The three figures enter the hall. They are in fact the last 3 of the Order archmages. Anyone who witnessed the battle and was at the entrance would turn to see them, and would almost certainly be relieved.

Tempestia: Sorry for being a bit late!

Pitchurn: Let’s just… wander around a bit.

Pitchurn, despite not really having done anything to warrant attendance, is dressed up for the occasion. She’s wearing a black dress, which actually sparkles a bit in the light.

Tsunarmin: Sure…

She’s still coping with the loss of the guardian creature, so she’s finding it hard to be cheerful right now. As for what she’s wearing, THIS is where the clothing reminiscent of water would be. She is wearing a translucent blue shirt and skirt, as well as blue boots The look would probably have worked better had things gone somewhat differently in the battle, though..

Their entrance has already been spotted by one of the other Order mages.

Solarian: So THAT’S what was keeping Tempestia… Well, I suppose it’s nice for all 6 of us to be here…

Oct 24, 2013 at 04:02PM EDT

The stand users are all sitting at a table near where the eating contest is going on. Most of them are amazed at how two people can eat so much food.

Doomguy is sitting at the bar, drinking. He seems to not care.

Ken is sitting outside, meditating.

Meanwhile, Falcon… He’s not at the party. He decided to take leave, and go home.

Oct 24, 2013 at 07:10PM EDT

Meredith isn’t really sure what to do at this party. She is not a party person at all, but she decided that it would be good for everyone else to unwind. She just kind of wanders around, wearing a space-themed kimono because she’s thinking that wearing a kimono is basically a requirement.

What do I even do? This is why I don’t go to parties.
She really just ends up wandering around. Mumbling in a confused manner to herself

Oct 24, 2013 at 07:21PM EDT


Before Hakumen had sheathed his blade, Archer had gotten a good long look of it, stuck in a bit of a trance before finally reacting to Hakumen’s words

Archer: “A month!?”

He looks down and to the side

Archer: “I see. One of our worlds timelines are skewed in relation to each other.”

(Similar planets with drastically different timelines where not merged by Yukari, hovering around each other as copies.)

Maribel: “D-demon? What do you mean?”

Archer: “He is referring to somebody else. A family member of yours?”

Archer’s bow and arrow dematerialize into a wireframe that retreats into a glow in his palm, and he rests his arms…

Maribel: “I’m not related to a demon!”

Archer: “Don’t sound so defensive, I will take your word for it.”

Archer turns his attention back to Hakumen

Archer: “You will find… a body on the second floor. He died trying to activate something the girls had recovered from an excavation. Shortly afterwards it instantly turned nighttime and this girls friend informed us that we had been transported to another world entirely. A very helpful power indeed…”


Renko gets up and puts back on her hat…

Renko: “Um…”

She leans down to pick something up…

A pocketwatch with a demonic aura.

Renko: “I came… to this castle, thinking the man here would be able to figure this out. He did… but now he’s dead… and we are in… LOCAF.”

How the hell she figured out the name of the pocket world is quite astonishing, she couldn’t of been here longer than an hour.


Really doesn’t take him that long to locate more of these guys. There is 5 of them all fighting over what is in the fridge. One of the Owl Bears turns around and roars at Valkenhayn, causing the other 5 to turn around as well.


Marisa is insanely drunk now, and Reimu had broken into a dance for a bit until she realized what she was doing.

Yukari: “Awww, I wanted to see you dance more.”

Reimu: hic “Shut up, I am not here to…”

It takes everyone nearly 30 seconds to realize who was sitting there.

Yukari: “I left my tribute to the pot luck over on the table over there. I do believe it’s some sort of cake, though Ran didn’t tell me what type it was.”

That Motherfucking Gate Crasher

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Oct 24, 2013 at 07:46PM EDT

“Man where did I end up this time?” A young man running through the forest with a confused look on his face.
“Where did my Espurr go?” Now spotting a clearing he finally so his Espurr run into a large gate, running into the building.
“Oh man… I hope Espurr doesn’t get in trouble.”
He runs in after his Small gray furry friend.


The Trainer


Oct 24, 2013 at 08:23PM EDT


Natsu engages in the eating contest. Everyone is as shocked as they are disgusted that there is another person out there who can compete against his massive appetite.

Natsu: while eating Hey… your pretty good….. cat lady..

Gray and Juvia are disgusted by the scene until a few of the little munchkin cats climb up the table. Suddenly Juvia gets a cuteness overload attack.


Juvia then snags a couple of them and begins to cuddle and smother them with motherly affection.

Gray: They are kinda cute. BUT WHY THE HELL IS THERE SO MANY OF THEM?

He says as he is swarmed by a dozen of them as well, wanting to play around with him and the others.

The bartender is a beautiful slender woman with a green sleeveless shirt, short violet coloured hair and dark green eyes. She seems busy pouring drinks and opening bottles and such due to the party. As she pours a pitcher of ale she manages to get to you.

???: Oh… sorry… Im a bit busy… If you wish to see master Makarov, hes over there on the second floor points to him with Jubei and Solarian. Just go up those stairs over there points to them on the other side of the room.

In the background.


Kinana: COMING. Finishes pouring. Hope you get what you want.

She then takes off to the other side of the bar.

@Blazblue in the kitchen.

The kitchen is as busy as ever for them. Orders keep piling up, but it seems to be taking it easy as the time goes bye.

Mirajane comes by the order window.

Mirajane: We are all grateful for all your efforts guys. We didn’t know that we would have this many people here. You and your friends have really came through to us.

She recieves two more orders and takes off.

Mirajane: See you all in a bit.

You walk by gildarts at the bar. He sees you a bit out of place in the whole party.

Gildarts: Hey, you don’t seem like your having a good time at all, are yah?

Drinks from his mug of ale.

Gildarts: I think I can tell that this is not your sort of thing. Don’t worry, its not mine either. Why don’t you have a seat here, just relax and take it easy.

@Captain Spark
While inside wherever you are in your ship. Maybe in your room. Mavis magically appears right next to you. She sensed where you are and just wishes to speak with you.

Mavis: Hello? Captain Spark. I would first like to welcome you back to our home. Would you mind letting me in? I wish to speak with you, because I can sense that you are a bit troubled by the turn of events that happened. Could I help you?


Erza gets herself up off of the ground from being burried by the kittens. Meanwhile Wendy is just playing around with them using her wind magic, while Lucy is trying to stop them from groping her boobs.

Erza: Hey Tardhan. Sorry, kinda got attacked by these little guys. eheheheh. she says as she has a couple of them hanging on her arm and one on her head. Yah, I think they are cats of some sort that belong to that cat girl over there, I think her name is Tao, or something….. well… any ways… About Tsunarmin, I’m glad that she is all right. I did what I have to to save her. however… I’m afraid that still not enough, she had lost so much of herself from that fight… and…
she still feels bad about the whole thing. She wished that she never actually went with them to the fight, but whats done is done.

Erza: Well, about learning some magic, we wouldn’t mind teaching you and your friends some new magics. We have many styles of forms of magic that we can be happy to share with you. Maybe I could give you some swordsmanship lessons. Its the least we can do for you all.


Laxus, Bickslow, Freed, Evergreen, and Cana are right there next to Yukari who suddenly had appeared next to them without them noticing. They suddenly realize that it is actually her and it hits them hard.

Laxus: Hey, what the hell do you think your doing here?

Freed: What makes you think your welcome here, after all that you did?

Bickslow: Gotta admit, you got more guts than anyone I’ve ever seen. Though id be care full about making any moves here.

Evergreen: You have a beautiful dress by the way, Purple is definitely your colour.

everyone of them look at her with shocked looks on their faces.

Cana: huh? are you serious?

Evergreen: Just saying.

Laxus cant even.. he just facepalms and turns to Yukari.*

Laxus: What the hell are you doing here anyways?

@Tsunarmin and other mages.

When tsunarmin and the other mages enter, The other mage stop to notice her. The atmosphere in the room begins to change slowly as the music stops playing. They all suddenly remember what had happened to her during Ragnas transformation. A great mix of feelings are in the air as Erza, Lucy, Juvia, and Wendy approach her while the others watch.

They all look at her with saddened looks on their faces. Erza especially, after seeing what had happened to her right in front of her eyes. It still haunts her a bit, but she tries to recollect her self.

Erza: Tsuna. Are. Are you alright? Im sorry for not being able to save you back there. I wish i had prevented all of that.

Lucy: Were all sorry for what happened out there, and about that spirit of yours. It must have been very hard to deal with. I couldnt ever imagine loosing any one of my spirits.

Juvia: As a fellow water mage, Juvia is truly sorry for you. Juvia wishes to do something to help. but…. I hope you don’t blame Ragna-san for what happened back there. It wasn’t his fault.

Wendy: Besides all of what has happened, we are still happy that you are still alive and here with us.

Erza: She then hugs tsunarmin, wraping her arms around her neck gently. We are all happy that your still here with us. Being alive is a sign of strength alone, And you being here with us means a lot to us.

Juvia Lucy and Wendy hug her as well in one big group hug.

Lucy: You look really pretty in that dress as well.

Juvia: Juvia agrees, you still look as pretty as you were before.

Everyone looks at them with smiles and tears. Happy that she is still alive and well. Though still trying to cope with what happened to her, they are just glad to have her here with the others.

@jubei and Solaran
makarov looks at the scene with tsunarmin and the others along side with Jubei and Solaran.

Makarov: Bless that dear girls soul. Despite all that has happened to her, she still has the strength to be here with us tonight. That strength there is true magic.

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Oct 24, 2013 at 09:32PM EDT

She nods and accepts his offer. Then lets out a sigh

Yeah, I’m just not good with parties. Or really large amounts of people in one place. Might have to do with how my… boarding school where I spent most of my life was always so crowded. You really couldn’t get to where you had to go without pushing a few people out your way, and it was always so loud. I even lost sleep over the noise the other students made.
She lets out a slightly awkward chuckle, remembering those days.

She quickly catches sight of the Pokemon walking about, and quickly teleports it so that she’s holding it in her arms. She quickly flips it around and stares at its face. She is a bit shocked by the appearance of a Pokemon of all things.

Huh, if you’re wandering around, that means there’s a Pokemon trainer nearby. Neat. I’ll just hold onto you until they get here, okay?

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Oct 24, 2013 at 09:53PM EDT

Entering the building looking for Espurr, and excusing, and apologizing every time he walks by someone
“Excuse me…. sorry… excuse me… oops sorry”

Finally spotting Espurr in the arms of someone.

That’s weird. He thought Espurr doesn’t usually like strangers.

Making my way downtown towards the young girl
“Oh thank Goodness you found Espurr. It can be a handful sometimes, and wants to wonder around. Thank you for finding it.”

Oct 24, 2013 at 10:35PM EDT

She just gains this huge grin on her face as she hands Espurr back to the trainer

I knew that a trainer was around here if this was walking around. I so do love it when I’m right. Except when it’s about a bad feeling, then it’s bad news.

Mind if I ask what you’re doing here? After all, you basically walked into another world here. You must have some kind of purpose right? Name’s Meredith by the way, what’s your name trainer?

Oct 24, 2013 at 10:54PM EDT


More of the eyes in his armor focus on Maribel.
Hakumen: I was mistaken. You are not the one who was causing all the chaos… Be wary of the forest.
Turning to Archer, he at him.
Hakumen: You have my thanks…
The White Knight begins to walk out of the grand hall and to where Archer was talking about. He wants to see if this could have anything to do with the Night Stalker…


Once Renko pulls out the pocket watch, Rachel looks at it with slight interest. She notices the demonic aura on the trinket as well.
Rachel: What is that? That… watch?

Gii flies back over to in front of Rachel.
Gii: It’s a pocket watch, Princess!
The red bat smiles at her, already having comedic bruises on it.

Rachel’s eyebrow twitches at Gii.
Rachel: You think that I don’t know what a pocket watch is, you pathetic waste of space?
She smacks the bat to the side again.

He’s stuck inside the wall now.

And then suddenly Rachel’s cat umbrella begins to talk.
Nago: I say. The Princess is in a cranky mood today.

Rachel: Silence.
She closes the umbrella and puts it at her side. After this little argument with her familiars, she looks back at Renko. Gii also pops back out of the wall and flies over towards Rachel.
Rachel: I see… Do explain more.

@Owl Bears,

Valkenhayn comes upon the room of Owl Bears that are ransaking the fridge.
Valkenhayn: Do you beasts have absolutely no manners?
He straightens his suit cuffs and dusts off his shirt. After this, his eyes glow an eerie blue and one of his hands transforms into a mighty wolf claw.

Valkenhayn: Allow ME!
The old butler jumps at the nearest bear, slicing it across the face with his hand. Valkenhayn then uses the wall that he is headed towards as a spring-board… Using both hands, he bounces off of it, and rockets back toward the same bear with a mighty kick at the skull from a transformed foot also looking like part of the lycan body.


Tao continues to eat alongside Natsu. The two of them are like vacuum cleaners, scarfing down plate after plate after plate. As Tao eats she makes a sort of loud “Om nom nom nom nom” sound. The two continue to eat like this their last day alive. Tao didn’t actually intend for this to be a challenge. She was just hungry, and is trying to satisfy her hunger.


Mirajane probably sees one of the silliest things in her life when she comes back to the kitchen. To get into the spirit of helping, Bang put on an entire chef’s outfit that is WAAAAAAAAAAY too small for him and all his muscle. The cooks hat rests atop his spiky hair, making the ridiculous getup complete.
He tries to give her a salute, but the suit restricts his movements. He has to jerk his arm a few times to give her a full salute. This partially rips the sleeve of the chef’s suit.

Litchi blushes from embarrassment at this sight. She holds a hand up to her mouth.
Litchi: It’s not a problem at all, miss.
Even she thinks that Bang is a bit of an idiot, but a loveable idiot, but also a friend…
Litchi: I’m glad to help out.

Carl tips his hat at Mirajane.
Carl: I’m glad that you let me and my sis help out. She loves to cook. Isn’t that right, Sis?
The young boy looks up at the robot beside him who is wearing an apron.

Nirvana just stares outwards with dead eyes as she transforms one of her hands into a drill and begins to stir up some batter.

The boy gasps in shock from nothing.
Carl: Sister! Now isn’t the time to be telling inappropriate jokes.
He then turns his attention back to Mirajane.
Carl: Sorry about that, Miss. I’ll make sure she won’t say anything bad while other people are here.


Ragna notices that everyone is gathering towards Tsunarmin as she comes through the doorway. He was conscious during the entire thing… He saw what he did to Tsunarmin. Absorbed her. Ate the majority of her soul. Spit her back out like a meal he didn’t like… What has already been taken cannot be given back… He looks down at the table, not knowing what to do as the others flock towards her. He begins to think to himself…
Ragna: Shit… She’s here. What the hell do I do? I can’t just walk up and say sorry…
He closes his eyes, trying to decide what to do. Finally… Ragna gets up and begins to head over to the group who is currently hugging Tsunarmin.
Ragna: …
He makes it to their location, just staring down at Tsunarmin. Everyone turns to look at Ragna. The pressure is on him…
Ragna: I… I’m sorry for what happened back there.
He clenches his right hand in a ball.
Ragna: I wish things could have worked out differently…
Looking at her the way she is now makes him feel like he had just seen a ghost. He still can’t help but get over the guilt that still haunts him. He couldn’t do anything to restrain himself in that form…
Ragna: I hope… I hope that you forgive me for what happened. I know that I can’t do anything to change what had happened, and I’m sorry about that. I don’t even deserve your forgiveness for what I did…
He looks down at the ground.
Ragna: I’m sorry…

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Oct 24, 2013 at 11:08PM EDT

Laying Espurr on the table, and putting a Puff in front of it. I turn back to the girl
“My name is Terry….. And what?!…. a different world?”

Oct 24, 2013 at 11:20PM EDT

She nods and quickly explains to him that they’re in a pocket dimension and what’s happened to catch him up.

So, yeah, that’s happening. Maybe you’ll be willing to help. Of course, there’s not much to do because of this party other than introduce yourself to people. So why don’t you do that?

But, don’t interrupt the emotional scene that’s going on over here.
She points to the whole thing involving Tsunarmin
That would just be rude, y’know?

Oct 24, 2013 at 11:34PM EDT

OOC: Sorry guys but I’m currently way too bussy to react or to post something like the Holy gospel of Obelis. I had to study and read quite a lot and I baely had a chance to do something with my computer those 3 hours I had..Well..I will leave Gmod a bit..for something else

Sparky managed to pose in SFM! That’s right, I will try to make my very first HD picture with Gaben’s cinema-mod which is very painful and hard to use. Today, I managed to make my first Nighstalker so I wanted to share it with all of you so you get dangerous amounts of hype and you say to yourself “Wow, Spark has no soul and no life also!”
I hope your body is ready becouse years in Gmod teach you a lot about lighting and posing, and damn with SFM now..This is going to rock!

Oct 24, 2013 at 11:43PM EDT

“Okay then, I also think I should introduce all my Pokemon friends.”
Bringing out 5 balls from my bag


It chirps as it comes out, and hides behind my legs
“Shy as always…. Next up, Honedge!”

It stays silent, and just floats next to me wrapping around my arm

It makes happy sounds, and jumps around excited to meet new people

It chirps, and flies a bit around the room to land on my shoulders.

It flexes a bit, and then crosses it’s arms, it smiles with pride.

Goes around meeting everyone, and trying to explain what pokemon are, and introducing them to my friends.

Espurr just stares at everyone.




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Oct 25, 2013 at 12:15AM EDT

OOC: Oh lawd, even greater modelling software. This is gonna be good.

@Erza (1)
Tahrdan: That would be really appreciated. And I can tell that my guess based off of appearance was actually rather accurate…

@Erza (2)
This is after she had gone over to the three latecomers

Tsunarmin: I don’t blame him… I am well aware of what happened, and I know it wasn’t his fault… Also, that creature wasn’t just some spirit… It is actually the main power we used to guard our world’s Water Crystal… What am I supposed to do about that!? If someone takes it…

Pitchurn… looks away from her at this. After all, she knows that someone already has taken it.

Pitchurn: I swear, if the woman responsible ever shows herself around the Order HQ…. She won’t survive.

Tempestia: I think I know who would want to take the first shot at her, seeing how angry he was over what had happened.

Pitchurn: You mentioned this on the way over here. Who could have thought he had such anger in him?

@second floor

Solarian: It’s nice to see her up and about, yes. This does remind me of something though…. why was Pitchurn waiting for us here? She mentioned something about having something to tell us… Ah.

Solarian has noticed the unwelcome guest.

Solarian: She has a lot of nerve…

Solarian actually gets out one of his guns and aims squarely at Yukari’s head.

Solarian: I know that we really shouldn’t bring weapons to such events, but… You can understand why I am doing this, right?

Ignis: You. are not. welcome. here.

Ignis had also reacted to Yukari’s appearance. He actually has the Warmaster Rocket Hammer to hand already.


Everyone nearby hears that last line. Granatir also enters at this moment

Granatir: What’s goin… OH.

Granatir does not get his staff at the ready, what he has in his mind is a lot more physical than using magic.

Granatir: We were here to have a good time. That is not possible with YOU here.

Unless she wants a barfight to occur, Yukari better leave NOW. Especially before Tahrdan notices what is going on. Party or no party, he will try to kill her.

Oct 25, 2013 at 01:45PM EDT

OOC: I’m just going to remind you that Ragna apologized to Tsunarmin too. Take that as you will. I just thought you might not have seen my post.

Oct 25, 2013 at 02:06PM EDT

OOC: You’re right, I didn’t see the post. Thanks for pointing that out.

Tsunarmin; It’s alright… I don’t blame you… It was beyond your control anyway.

Oct 25, 2013 at 02:18PM EDT


(Aw fuck, I forgot I had left behind a character on Mobius. With the interest of the star not going out…)

In the middle of a field… a patch of the ground shifts a bit. And continues to shift for nearly 10 minutes as something desperately digs its way out. And with a final push, out pops the only survivor of the glassing.

Holy Damn this wolf is dirty. It was originally white! Having survived was a miracle unto itself, but it was able to sacrifice an Astral Pouch and use the Fire and Water tablets to swim back up to the surface.

It goes to find some water… passing some Architects as it goes with barely a second thought.


Yukari: “Why thank you darling, you are looking quite fine yourself.”

She laughs politely as the rest of the WTF’s roll in

Yukari: “Why I am here for the celebration of course! Don’t tell me you people don’t do that here.”

Reimu: “Yukari, these people usually kill the person who was causing the trouble.”

Yukari: “Oh? Is that so? What an odd culture. Beating the crap out of people and making them waste all their magic is usually enough to resolve conflicts where I come from. Actually, I invented that system to avoid total genocide back at home, so of course you don’t know it~”

Marisa: “You already knew that so why did you come here…?”

Yukari: “As part of my final agreement with Remelia, I was to reunite the Scarlet Sisters and provide them transport home.”

She sighs

Yukari: “Boy this will sure hit some people hard.”

She takes a drink, despite not being able to get drunk due to the insane number of spells she cast on herself over her past adventure to keep herself from being stopped by anything but firepower.


Visible from Flandre’s location… two very familiar faces.


All 5 of the owl bears rush him at once, swiping their claws and hitting each other a few times in their mindless attack.


Renko kinda cringes at the way the familiars are being treated, not really certain if she should help the little things out or not.

Renko: “We excavated this… people are finding many more like it, but everyone thinks it’s a hoax. They say it’s impossible for something this old to still exist, but here it is.”

She pockets it… not of immediate harm as she had clearly been carrying this around ever since excavating it. She probably can’t even detect the things aura.

Archer: “So… Nox Nyctores Interfectum Malus: Ōkami. Quite an interesting sword there…”

Maribel: “Wait, how do you know it’s name?”

Archer: “All it takes is a single glance… I will explain the full potential of my power once we can sit down with you and Renko.”

They begin to make their way to the entrance… approaching Rachel and Renko. Maribel and Renko quickly run to each other.

Maribel: “Oh thank god you are okay!”


Had he had a nose, the putrid stench of a microwaved dead body would have sent him reeling. This man is already a few weeks rotted… but there is still wet blood everywhere.

A hammer with a peculiar aura is found gripped in his hands. It’s splattered with blood, so he must have used it in self defense before he was killed. In his other hand, he carries a necklace…

And looking up reveals a summoning circle made out of blood. It carries only residual energy, and must have already been cast…

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Oct 25, 2013 at 04:37PM EDT

@Amaterasu(?)…(Oh wait isn’t it on the Lancer adventure?….oh well….its a wolf)

The lone Architect was busy taking air samples when the wolf passed him, ofcourse it caught the machines attention and it turned to watch it as it wandered off.

The Architect has a temporary mental catalogue of every creature it has brought to Charity however wolves currently aren’t on that list, so it takes it by surprise when one walks straight past. It decides to follow, after all this happening is a irregularity in a rather repetitive life, even a machine lacking sentience can hold some form of curiosity

So yeah, the Architect decides to abandon its world crafting duties to follow the wolf…


The Beacon lets out a quiet beep as it begins sending out the recall signal to Heaven. The ship travelled far during its time in FTL so it will no doubt take a reasonable amount of time before it reaches the ship….

Viscera painting the walls, disembowelled corpses, scratches along the walls….this ship has failed its own name….

GW’s Automated Heaven Activity Log #19


Ship Status

Current Activities: [NOT SET]

Overall Status------------WARNING!
Superstructure-----------OKAY-----------Zero damage, hull integrity maximum.
Communications--------V.HIGH-------- COMM STORM, CHANNELS OVERFLOWED
Food supplies---------- CRITICAL-------Rations are being contaminated and squandered
Munitions------------------OKAY-----------Ammunition being spent at a steady rate
Main Engines--------------IDLE------------Engines in low power state, orbit stable
Slipspace Core---------INACTIVE


Civilian decks are still under strict lockdown in an effort to uphold a strategy aimed at containment and minding the safety of others and crew. Peacekeeper squads continue to operate around the clock yet their attempts at stopping the insane homicides are turning into an all out massacre as the civilian crew seem to have completely lost control of their minds and ability to reason, because of this the peackeepers have been recalled and stationed at the deck entrances. They are to shoot anyone who attempts to escape the infected decks on sight….

CCTV feeds that cover the decks continue to operate however the scenes they depict are brutal. Animalistic and sickening murder mixed with suicide make for a combination that burns into the mind of the viewer. To reduce stress levels I have deactivated several hundred cameras, it is for the preservation of sanity that I do this.

The civilian Morgue has recently reached its maximum and is now overpopulated, corpses are being dumped in hallways in body bags as disposal teams are unable to keep up with the spiralling death rate. Hospitals are also reaching their coping threshold, “infected” civilians are now being unofficially rejected and imprisoned in patient rooms as they are out of control and seemingly invulnerable to tranquillizers…nurses are also beginning to show signs of extreme work fatigue and psychological damage. Some are going AWOL and abandoning their posts all together…..these people are to be found and put through mental evaluation to determine suitability for work.

The halls and operating rooms of the hospitals are filled with inhuman screams as madmen lash out at the staff and attempt suicide with medical equipment, the floor is strewn with body parts and organs, the once pristine white walls smeared with blood….even injured soldiers are beginning to show signs of insanity…..they want to die, they reject the treatment….

Military decks are coming under the same influence as the civilian decks, signs of unmotivated violence are beginning to spread, those responsible have been immediately incarcerated and questioned for their actions, this spread of the “infection” must be halted here. The military decks cannot fall.

The upper decks and fore section of Heaven remained sealed off so to protect the high ranking administration and command staff. Entrance to these levels are being guard by Tengu units at all times. Ventilation systems and sewer ways have also been cut off to stop any access.

It seems as though unmodified human personnel are the only ones to suffer from what they call, hallucinations. Cyborgs are showing zero signs of affliction yet are still being caught in the crossfire, this is to be prevented at all costs

Public comm channels are overflowed with screams, they have been deactivated to save energy and processing power, unfortunately this seals the fate of those calling for help…

The Overseer has authorised several Spartan super soldiers to be dispatched to the habitation decks to aid in the suppression effort, they have been given orders to help in any way possible…

Spartans S-001, S-002, S-003, and S-004 have been outfitted with basic close quarters combat gear and sent to the affected decks. These perfect soldiers find themselves gazing upon hordes of knife wielding lunatics as they enter one of the recreational areas. The Spartans do not speak, they do not even think, they just kill, kill and kill some more, not for a single second do they halt their advance as they rush through each room blasting savages away with shotguns and grenades. The way they move and act just comes to prove how much of a success the Overseer has made of the SPARTAN Program. they truly are some of the greatest warriors a man can possibly become…

The Fabrication deck has suffered a lockdown breach, a “patient” has escaped and is currently on the loose, since this happening the deck has been re-sealed to both physical and digital access therefore I am unable to provide any further information on their status. Denying me system access is a capital offence and will result in penalization, the Chief Officer have been notified…

Not just any patient…

The Fury. Upto this point he has been asleep for a long time, experiment upon and tortured mentally. The Fabricators wanted to make him an embodiment of rage…..they didn’t even have to try. After having his squad torn to pieces by the Touhou girls during the Patriot/BM war, his arm twisted and broken, failing to save his friends at his burning military encampment and then being tortured by Relius on Heaven he has become consumed by rage and vengeance. He saw the opportunity for escape and took it, he grabbed an experimental flamethower pack and rocketed out of the Fab deck in a blaze….where he is now nobody knows, this is due to him wearing a fireproof sealed suit and respiration equipment, his body is free of nanomachines…

A retrieval order has been placed upon this escape prisoner, described as wearing a fire retardant suit and wielding “experimental weaponry” he/she is to be found and apprehended, if they resist they are to be killed on site, no hesitation.

Chief Officers are currently at their stations within the Bridge, Mistral, Sundowner and Monsoon are overseeing all operations. The Captain is currently within the Combat Information Centre discussing tactics with the War Council

This concludes the report.

End of activity log #19

The Morgue is quiet and abandoned, the corridors leading to it are now blockaded by filled body bags and open corpses…..but inside something is happening….moving…..the first horror has risen….it has begun…

(I’m just being considerate I suppose)

Just a little info to set this straight.
The Black Marker drives people insane and eventually towards suicide, this primarily because Necromorhps can only be morphed from corpses, the trick here is it has never really been revealed exactly how the process is begun.
1. Black Marker instigates suicide
2. The dead flesh is then somehow transformed into a Infector type Necromorph (How this happens isn’t really explained…..hmmm…but then again a Slasher type managed to initiate a outbreak once (USM Valor’s downfall)…….look, its just a bit of a plot hole in the fiction…maybe some kinda actual microbe life form kicks it off..meh)
3. The Infector begins transforming bodies into various Necro types
4. Necro outbreak and spread

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Oct 25, 2013 at 07:12PM EDT

@Tsunarmin and Yukari,

He gives Tsunarmin a half-way smile. This is hard for him to be confronting her like this, but when she apologizes it makes him feel slightly better about what has happened…
Ragna: Thanks… It means a lot…
But then he notices the presence of Yukari in the room, his anger boiling up from just her being here. Slowly turning his head towards her, he stares her down and begins to walk angrily towards the gap hag.

@Second Floor,

Jubei looks down at Yukari with a calm face. Even in the face of danger, he keeps his cool.
Jubei: She does have a lotta nerve showin’ her face ‘round here. That’s fer sure…

Platinum also looks down at Yukari with a face of shock.

All Sena can do is sigh at Luna’s outburst.
Sena: Look, Luna… I think it’s best not to draw attention to ourselves.

Luna: Sena is acting stupid again! Allow Luna to show this Boobzilla Mk-2 who is boss!
She is about to jump off the top floor and combat Yukari…

Jubei grabs her with one of his paws and keeps her in place so she can’t jump off.
Jubei: Now ain’t the time for that.. Just wait.

Platinum sighs and keeps her ground, holding her staff beside her.

@Remilia and Sakuya,

Flandre just can’t believe her eyes… It’s her big sister, Remilia and Sakuya. Her red eyes light up with happiness as she sees the two standing there. Immediately, she flies towards them and glomps her sister having not seen her this entire ordeal.
Flandre: Where were you?! I was worried about you!
She then quickly looks up at Sakuya and begs to be picked up by her with a smile on her face.

@Dead body,

Hakumen looks down at the dead body, and then the amulet. The eyes in his armor examine his surrounding as his faceless head looks at the two points of interest.
Hakumen: …
He kneels down and takes the amulet from the circle. Having nowhere to put it, he keeps it in his left fist. He then follows Archer’s aura and makes his way back to him.

@Owl Bears,

Dodging the attacks of the Owl Bears, Valkenhayn jumps back quickly and transforms into his entire wolf form. A gray wolf with a bright pink bow in its tail… Valkenhayn immediately growls at the Owl Bears, and jumps at the group entirely once they stop swinging after hitting each other with their attacks. Once he hits one of them, he begins to ricochet like a pinball between the group of five so that he can sufficiently spread them out and keep this tactic going until the job is done.


She did listen to what Renko was saying, and was intrigued by it… But then Archer came along with Maribel. She just stays quiet as the two reunite. Gii puts on a face that looks happy for them, and you can’t really see Nago’s face because he is still an umbrella. Rachel looks extremely bored already just from this short time…

Oct 25, 2013 at 07:35PM EDT

Suddenly, a portal opens up Giorno’s chair, and he’s sucked into it.
The others notice immediately
Jotaro: GIORNO!
However, they can’t get Giorno in time.
Okuyasu: God, I hope i’m not next…
And seemingly on cue, Okuyasu is sucked into another portal.
Josuke is banging on the ground, hoping that Okuyasu will come back. This is to no avail.

Wherever Hazama is, the bodies of Giorno and Okuyasu are dumped. They seem to have a disc-shaped hole in their heads, and are in a comatose state. Maledict rears his ugly head.
Maledict: Feel free to dispose of these two however you see fit. They are of no use to me.

Doomguy slowly turns to Yukari.
Doomguy: Huh. From the name “Gap hag” i expected someone MUCH more ugly.
He takes another sip of beer.
Doomguy: Alright, Bitchtits, listen up: I’m trying to get drunk off my ass, and I don’t want to be disturbed. As long as you don’t touch me, i’m fine with whatever the fuck you do.
Doomguy turns back and continues to drink.
Doomguy: Weak-ass shit, I tell ya…

Oct 25, 2013 at 07:54PM EDT

@EVERYONE (important)

Everyone in Fairy Tail are showing immediate hostility to Yukaris appearance here as well. After all that she did to their guildmates and allies. Letting her go unpunished is out of the question. however, knowing how bad this could escalate, Makarov Yells out an order for Freed to follow.


Makarovs voice is like a giants roar in the guild hall that makes everyone skip a heartbeat.

Freed Quickly abides by his masters orders. He raises his sword up to his face and invokes his magic. One of his eyes glows with dark purple as he casts.

Freed: Dark Ecriture Barrier: ACTIVATE!

Suddenly a large purple magic circle appears underneath the whole guild hall building.

Suddenly, a cube of mystic codes covers the entire guild hall like a box. Some mystical numbers and words flicker here and there inside as well as on the walls of the barrier.

Freed: This is Dark Ecriture. Rune magic, shall I say. My magic allows me to make runes that have effects based on the words i enscribe to them. I can use these words to create these barriers and have “rules” inscribe to them that all must be bound to obey. The power of these rules are absolute and cannot be disobeyed, nor can anyone leave this barrier unless the rules have been uphold, or if I or Master Makarov say so.

He points his sword up in the air. as he does this, a single line of runes appear above.

Freed: There is only one single rule that everyone must abide by. PACIFISM.

Everyone MUST abide by pacifism while they are inside the hall, there is no acceptions but to Freed and Makarov.

Makarov: I normally asked him to use this to stop all of the in guild fights caused by some of the lesser inteligent individials, who we all know who they are, but with the sudden appearance of this gap hag, it must be done.

Though there is some unsettlement inside the guild hall, they all still listen to what she has to say.


When everyone hears about Yukari talking about Flandre and having her returned to her family, they all know exactly who to turn to.

Juvia looks at Flandre with a face that can break anyone’s heart by just looking at it. Tears begin to stream down her face.

Juvia: Flandre….. your…… leaving?….

Gray is right next to her as well and sees the image of Remilia and Sakuya. Gray is a bit saddened by all of this, but nowhere near as bad as Juvia.

Juvia begins to cry out a bit, she loves Flandre as if she were her own daughter. She had brought so much joy to Juvia life that she had always wanted as a child. She gave Flandre all the love and attention she herself had always wanted while growing up, being neglected by everyone.

Gray walks up to her and places his hands on his shoulders

Gray: Its all right. We knew that this would happen one day. Even though we treat each other like our own family here, she still has an actual family to go back to.

Juvia: But… but Juvia loves her. She means everything to me…. She… she is the most precious thing I’ve ever held in my arms. She’s like a daughter to me…. I don’t want her to go..

*Erza and Lucy wank up to her as well.(

Erza: Juvia, i know that it is hard to let go of somebody close to you, but she has a family to go home to, who are probably worried about her and miss her.

Lucy: please Juvia, understand what we are saying. The memories you two spent with each other will always be with you.

Juvia: Juvia understands, she does. But…. Its so hard to let go of her…..

She covers her eyes as she is overwhelmed with sadness. She loves Flandre too much to let her go so easily. This is also as heartbreaking to the other members of the guild, who also had the pleasure of spending time with her. Though she is a vampire, they still look past her and see her as a lovely little girl.

Juvia is embraced by Gray, who is doing all he can to hold back his own sadness and comfort Juvia.

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Mavis arrives to Spark’ room..Thousands of newspapers, endless piles of books, magazines, unofficial biographies, theories, interviews and more and more..Since Spark’ first attempt to save a group of unfortunate teenagers from the claws of Hawk, from the week known as “The Green Event” where half of the world’ population was forced to wear gas masks, the Balloon Master’ first terrorist attack which ended with the destruction of the Worldwide congress, the “West Rampage” where the villian known as the Cremator kidnapped several civilians to experiment with, the days of the past and old glory show themselves to Mavis as Spark stands in the middle of this room, trying to think of where his old nemesis could be hiding.
Goofy dressed hero saves the day
“Governament and society are funny ilussion to play with” says the villian, Balloon Master.
Public outcry against the lack of security
“Wascot, you will be never important. Get a life already dude” says Mickey Cantor.

I’m sorry. I know I’m missing the whole celebration but I just can’t sleep without thinking of what kind of sick plan goes around the mind of my old enemy, what place will be destroyed for his own amusement, what will happen if we don’t find him…Just give me a moment…I need to think…

Cheston: My god, humans are such a weird specie. Ever wonder why do they kill trees just to make small pieces of paper to throw around?
Sam: (grunts)
Cheston: Sam?
Sam: Sorry but I’m having a really hard time with those kitties around. I talked with Jubei last day, he said “Sam, you need to ignore people’ opinions about dog’ behavior, you are the one who decides how to behave” but the thing is..Its part of my nature and inner instinct and I can’t just pretend it doesn’t exist! Its easy for a cat to talk since they don’t have some sort of inner instinct apart from licking themselves and scratching things.
Max: Did anyone said licking?
Sam: About a time you stop playing with those cats Max, can we head inside Normandi already? I’m about to go berserk if another fluffy spawn of hell dares to touch my hat again. (says the detective as he starts to bite his own fedora.)

Mister Foster: So guys..remember the poker match we were supposed to have tonight? Well saddly I will be busy with err..something else..related to the interesting pieces of information I gathered from this party..See ya later..I need to these pictures..
Foster leaves the party with thousands of photos on his left hand, quickly heading to Normandi.
Cheston: As I said..humans are such a weird specie. You get no idea how much I hate when he does THAT
Sam: What do you mean by THAT?
Cheston: Remember my good detective, remember his nasty habit of staying late until midnight and doing..well..THAT
Sam: Oh..THAT…Why would you remember something like that?
Cheston: Becouse of the countless times I saw him with both hands covered in that sticky-
Sam: I get it, I get it! Everyone knows about THAT, you don’t need to be so specific. Does he wash his hands after doing THAT?
Cheston: Are you joking? That poor C4 adict barely knows the meaning of personal hygiene. In fact, remember when we met the Fairy Tail? The day before we had a chance to greet Erza and the rest, he did THAT and didn’t even wash his hands! Then he stretched everyone’s hands!
Sam: Sweet Suffering Saint Sebastian on the Sousaphone in a Short Story by Susan Sontag!
Max: Mind if you tell me what are you doofs talkin’ about?
Cheston: We are talking about THAT, that stupid habit Foster has becouse of HER
Max: Oh..No seriously..The audience is not getting the full meaning of THAT.

Cheston: Since the failure of his 58th remarriage with Mrs Foster, Mister Foster has the habit to bake some pancakes while being covered by the darkness of the midnight. The worst part is that when he makes the god awful vanilla cream, he forgets to wash his hands so he ends up with a blob thing, covered in pieces of bread that barely resembles a pancake. Its a disgusting habit and he has been cooking monster-pancakes since we arrived from Mobius. Who knows what kind of inhumans thoughts lie behind that mask.
Sam: What dreams of chronic and sustained cruelty?

@Saber and Kiritsugu

The blast of wind merely makes the werewolf stumble but despite that, he is still able to block and attack Saber. The wolves hiding in the trees become invisible, dissapearing in thin air. The werewolf chuckles a bit as he keeps attacking Saber, swinging his claws like a bear tearing apart a deer. His fighting style is based on inner instict, embracing the wolf animalistic behavior and striking in the weakest sides of his opponent.
Who sent you here? Why won’t you people listen that the forest belongs to the wolves..
Says the werewolf as he jumps backwards. His inner energy is growing as the sun hides. The werewolf quickly pounches Saber again, swinging both of his claws and trying to strike from the air, so he leaves her wide open for a single strike to the legs..and later, the heart. However, something catches the wolf’ attention: A strange scent in the air. As the sun hides, the woods are not safe anymore and both Saber and Kiritsugu can feel this. Behind his brave and savage body, the scared.

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Oct 25, 2013 at 09:32PM EDT

After greeting everyone, I return my pokemon to my pokeballs. I now sit in the Corner somewhere drinking Juice with Espurr in my lap. It holds a puff and looks far into the distance.

Oct 25, 2013 at 11:18PM EDT


The wolf locates the nearest body of water, drinks a good buttload of Water, and then dives in for a bath.

It dog paddles around with it’s ears down, dunking under a few times before coming back to shore.

After shaking itself off, it emits a divine glow. Drying off near instantly and re-donning it’s markings.

Such is the goddess of Sun, Life, and Screwing Around. She decides to go up and say hi to the architect who followed her. Wagging her tail.

(Yeah, it’s Amaterasu. Her child, Ame no Uzume/Chibiterasu, is the one on the Epic Adventure.)


Yukari: “Ragna Darling~!”

She waves at him as he comes charging up. Flaunting the Pacifist field that was just erected.


Yukari: “People just call me Gap Hag because they are quite jealous.”

She gives a very lady like laugh, knowing that nobody can hit her for this.


Remelia goes flying back upon being glomped, but manages to stay upright by rapidly flapping her wings.

Remelia: “You had me worried Flan, running off like that cause everyone back home quite a bit of trouble. Really now, next time there is a inter-dimensional portal in the crack on the wall, don’t touch it.”

She lets the reluctant Sakuya to take Flandre off her hands, and Flandre is lifted up to Sakuya’s shoulders.

Remelia watches with her glowing red eyes.

Remelia: “True. This world is… massively unsuitable to the supernatural. We retreated to Gensokyo for the very purpose of avoiding human contact.”

With those big red eyes, it’s nearly impossible to tell who she is looking at.

Remelia: “Also… she will outlive you by nearly fifty times. Unless if you want to drop your humanity right now, such a relationship would end before I could even blink.”

Her suggestion was rhetorical. She knows damn well that everyone mature enough to even be suggested that would deny it. Marisa by far isn’t mature, you still haven’t noticed all of those silly hats on those statues around town yet.

Remelia: “Though I do thank you for watching over her. Hopefully she hasn’t been too much of a burden. I can compensate for the expenses if you so desire. Sakuya here can quite easily work that out for you.”

She’s got a bit of a high and mighty rich-girl attitude on here. It’s quite clear she is at least trying to be polite. Though vampires are quite socially inept.

Sakuya: “Where is the cyborgs ship? I was under the impression the Ninja was the one taking care of her.”


Archer: “Now then. It seems we will outnumber those owls in just a bit. Though…”

He spots the gem that Archer has.

Archer: “I see you found his body. I was not able to pact with him in time…”

He knows he really has no right to tell anyone where that gem should go, so he keeps his mouth shut.

Maribel: “So… um… what now? Surely we can’t stay here…”

Renko turns to Rachel and Hakumen

Renko: “Do you two know where we can stay?”


The Owl Bears fall one by one to his onslaught of quick attacks. Before he even notices they are all dead.


Kiritsugu stops firing and looks around for where the wolfs went… he doesn’t’ have to re-load yet thanks to the clip capacity. He spots the last remains of the setting sun…

Kiritsugu: “Crap… Saber, we need to finish this up. The sun is almost down!”

Saber is still too focused on the werewolf…

Saber: “Beastkin! If you are not the person abducting the townsfolk and eating them, stand down!”

Saber expertly blocks the attack and with a second slice sends the wolf flying back.

She however chooses not to strike at his heart.

Saber: “Beastkin, does the monster who dwells by night scare even you? If the forest truly belongs to you, would you not have already drove this beast off?”

She points her sword… if it was visible right now the tip would be shaking.

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Oct 26, 2013 at 12:06AM EDT


Just a quick remark on how weirdly satisfying it is to use a character like Saber. Ya don’t need an insane planet busting power levels or OP magics to feel like a total badass.

Quite a breath of fresh air.

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Oct 26, 2013 at 12:53AM EDT

*Solarian and Ignis are surprised to see that their weapons just vanish. *

Ignis: What.

Solarian: I take it this is only because of the event going on, and next time there will be no one stopping us.

Granatir: So… what now.

Tahrdan approaches the others at this point

Tahrdan: Something happen? … OH. OHHHHHH.

He has noticed Yukari. It is only the magic that is stopping him trying to kill her right now.


Tahrdan, like some of the others, notices the two other SDM residents

Tahrdan: So…. who are those two?

Meanwhile, sat at their own table…

Pyralis: Something’s happening…

Noctan: That last shouted voice was that of Tahrdan. I can guess who’s shown up… Well, not her name, but… yeah.

The two just sit there still. Anyone is free to talk to them (but expect a response to be hours after due to limited time on my part)

At the entrance…

Tempestia: Why don’t we just avoid the others and head upstairs for now?

Pitchurn: I can see what you mean. Besides, isn’t that Solarian up there?

The other two look

Tsunarmin: You’re right… Let’s go.

The three female archmages all head upstares, to where Solarian is, with the others there.

Solarian: You’ve probably figured out what is going on right now…

Pitchurn: And we came up here to stay out of the way.

Oct 26, 2013 at 05:56AM EDT


The Architect looks down at the wolf for a few seconds with its faceless head, for a machine burdened with planetary scale responsibility it is rather lacking in even the most simplest forms of intelligence

The only things it knows in the situation is that animals require sustenance…

It takes a knee in front of the wolf and holds out a can of Pedigree Chums dog food a palm full of berries in offering…

Oct 26, 2013 at 09:17AM EDT


Red looks around at the arcane cluster you-know-what with a rather high degree of concern. Everyone looks either pissed or afraid for their life, and it’s usually not very good to not know why everyone is suddenly pissed and/or afraid after an arcane something-or-other happens. Red decides that he likes his head on his shoulders where it is and sneaks away from the confusion to upstairs, where he infers that there is slightly less of a chance of him getting blown up or insulted.

Oct 26, 2013 at 02:01PM EDT


Before Freed sets in the spell, he broke out into a run. Darkness had engulfed his hand as he was yelling at the top of his lungs… He had a crazed eyes in his gaze.

But then just mere moments away from being able to pummel her right in the face, the barrier is setup and he is standing right in front of her… He can’t find the strength to fight her as the darkness fades from his fist.
Ragna: Grr…
He drops his hand down to his side and scowls angrily at Yukari.

@Owl Bears,

Upon the defeating of the Owl Bears, Valkenhayn lands on the ground and shakes what wet blood he can off his fur coat. He barks once and then transforms back into his human form.
Valkenhayn: Hmph.
He straightens his cuffs and his tie once again, them being slightly moved by the fight that he had just partaken in.
Valkenhayn: I see nothing of value here.
Turning around, a black portal appears in front of Valkenhayn and he walks through it. It abruptly vanishes after he enters it.

@Maribel, Renko, and Archer,

Hakumen is the one to respond to Renko first.
Hakumen: There are quite a few inns in the city just past the woods. The name of the city is Magnolia…
The eyes on Hakumen’s armor keep especially close eyes on Maribel. Even though she isn’t Yukari, he still does not trust her. Renko can also catch the glimpse of eyes turning in their sockets to look at her as well.

Valkenhayn steps out of a black portal next to Rachel.
Valkenhayn: The pests have been disposed of, milday.
He bows towards her.

Rachel looks up at her butler.
Rachel: Thank you, Valkenhayn.
She has taken an interest in Renko’s behavior, and especially the watch that she has in her possession.
Rachel: Valkenhayn.

Valkenhayn: Yes, milady?
He holds a hand in front of him, keeping his posture very gentlemanly.

Rachel: Transport these people to that atrocious party. These woods are not safe at night…
She can also feel the presence of the Night Stalker in the woods.

Valkenhayn: As you wish, milady.
One by one, Valkenhayn goes to each person and lays his hands upon their shoulders. They are teleported into darkness and then find themselves in the guild hall… All except for Hakumen.

Rachel looks up at Hakumen.
Rachel: Go. Complete your task, Mr. Hero. Defeat the monster that lurks in the night.
She then turns her head to Valkenhayn.
Rachel: We shall be going.
And with that said, Rachel, the group of familiars, and Valkenhayn vanish from sight.

Hakumen stays silent… He unsheathes Ookami from his back and leaves the manor, hunting down the Night Stalker once more…


Jubei notices you walk up the stairs. He is a two tailed black and white cat who stands upright like a human being. He wears a jacket with an Eastern motif and a cut in the back where his two tails poke out. He also wears an eyepatch on his right eye. His weapon, the Musashi, is carried on his back via a belt strap.

Jubei: Hey kiddo. Can’t blame ya fer tryin’ ta get away from down there… Whaddya need?


When she sees Juvia being hugged by everyone, Flandre wriggles free from Sakuya’s arms to say her final goodbyes. She got all excited to see her big sister again that she forgot that she had pseduo-family here…
Flandre: Juvia…?
She flies over to her and lands in front of her and everyone else…
Flandre: I’m sorry…
She looks up at her with those big red eyes that shall never leave her memory. She has both hands in front of her.

She appears to be holding something in both of her hands. It’s none other than the vector trap that Sam gave her back on Heaven. She also has the Fortune Device held with it too.
Flandre: I still have something to remember you by, Juvia.
Switching both pieces of tech to one hand, she pulls out the Teru-Teru Bozu doll out from the pocket on her skirt. After showing that she has it to her, she smiles and puts it back in her pocket.
Flandre: And I have something that you’ll remember me by too.
She sets the Vector Trap and the Fortune Device on the ground. Upon opening the Vector Trap, two pieces of paper form from thin air and she takes both of them and holds them out to Juvia.
Flandre: I made you this while we were on the Normandy…
Upon closer inspection from Juvia, the pieces of paper appear to be drawings… The first drawing is a crude picture drawn in crayon. It depicts Juvia on one side, Gray on the other, and Flandre in the middle. From what she can tell they are in front of the Fairy Tail guild hall and all holding hands as they smile.
Flandre: And I made this one for Sam. Once he gets back, please show it to him.
The other drawing depicts yet another bunch of crudely drawn characters. But this time they are different… It’s Flandre by Sam and the rest of the Winds of Destruction all lined up in a row in front of the old Desperado HQ while they are holding hands.
Flandre: I hope you like them, momma Juvia.
She says this as she looks up at Juvia with tears in her eyes from sadness and a smile on her face from happiness.

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Oct 26, 2013 at 06:16PM EDT

Yukari laughs her head off at Ragna’s denied punch. She laughs so hard she eventually tears up and is holding her sides in pain

Yukari: “Hoo! That was by far the most amazing cock-block I have-”

She laughs a bit more, hiding her face in her sleeve

Yukari: “-ha-have ever seen! Nice one!”

She pats Ragna’s shoulder and gives him a quick kiss on the forehead. Knowing full well that he’s going to short circuit with rage and confusion.

And then Maribel, Rekno, and Archer get transported into the room.

Archer: “… Ah, now I am seeing the familiar faces.”

Maribel and Renko just hang tight to each other, using Archer as a human shield.

Yukari just looks past to the two girls, giving a good smirk, and leaning back onto her chair.

Oct 26, 2013 at 08:01PM EDT

Meredith simply observes what is going on. Considering the pacification rule, she feels like she doesn’t have to do much at the moment. Still, she has a bad feeling.

I don’t think this will end well, even with the pacification rule active…

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Oct 26, 2013 at 08:39PM EDT

@Day Walkers
And with the last rays of the sun, the darkness spreads across the land. The last places to hide are no longer available, the shadows are no longer your allies, the dakest corners are now deadly traps, there is no room to hide. As the sun dissapears, those who were unlucky enough to see the Stalker shall start to feel his presence around the town, the skin of those who were unlucky enough to face demons shall shiver and those who stared at Death shall have stare at Death once again. Being covered by a shield, the people that are currently partying at the Fairy Tail should be safe from his demonic presence in the air.

As the sun hides and the moon shows, the werewolf’s speed and strenght drastically increase. He is able to unleash the full savage fury of his claws, strengthened by his lycanthrophy. The scent of the Stalker is around the place and the werewolf is unable to ignore his instincts. The pack of wolves appear from the shadows of the trees and surround his master, as he turns into beast form. The master and his wolves ran away as the darkness covers the woods.

Devil by day, demon by night. The sweet taste of twilight feeds his nocturnal nature. Devil by day, demon by night. The wings of the night slowly arrive. Hide before the hunter arrives, follow the Lycan and run if you can, seek the last pieces of light before the darkness curses your luck. Listen carefully, watch the bushes, see how the leaves fall to the ground, notice the shadow hiding between the trees. From the blackest nights, creeping away from the sunlight, he arrives to serve as a living proof that every child’s worst nightmare….is true. Day walker, NIGHT STALKER!

Oct 26, 2013 at 09:12PM EDT

Watches confused at everything
“Espurr what have we gotten ourselves into?”

Oct 26, 2013 at 09:42PM EDT

Jonathan and Joseph had been attempting to hunt the nightstalker all day, with various amounts of luck, usually managing to spot him for a split second before it ran off. Now that it’s nighttime, Jonathan and Joseph have decided to sit around, waiting for the nightstalker to come to them.
Jonathan: Remind me why we’re doing this?
Joseph: We’re waiting for the monster to come to us. We don’t want to expend our resourced during the night.
And so the two JoJos continue to wait in the dark for the night stalker to come to them.

Oct 26, 2013 at 10:00PM EDT

Well, unless you have a job or a nice cup of tea to offer me, I am fine, thank you. Oh! How rude of me. Red offers a small, hasty bow. His policy on physical contact is still “Strictly banned.” My name is Red Statscowski, pleasure’s mine, et cetera et ceterta.

Oct 26, 2013 at 10:08PM EDT

The guild hall is still quiet as everyone still sees what is going on with flandre and juvia, and also with yukari.



Gildarts: Don’t worry, nothing will happen here. I will make sure of it personally if it does.


As he tries to make a get away, he faceplants into an invisible wall at full force just before reaching the gates.

(nobody can escape the barriers so long as it is up. its how it is.)


Mavis sits right beside Captain spark.

Mavis: I understand how you feel about this, and your actions are justified in defeating the Balloon master. We are all supporting you in this. But I would like to ask you a question, and you don’t have to answer it if you don’t feel like it. I wont force you to, but its just that I can tell deep down that you have been very hurt by him. Whatever he has caused to you is why you wish to defeat him. So my question is this, what did he do to you?

@ Sir Crona
Makarov notices you as you spoke to Jubei. He is the height of a dwarf, but resonates with incredible magic power if you can sense it.

Makarov: Looking for a job you say? Well, if you dont know, this is Fairy Tail, a wizard guild. I’m Makarov Dreyar, Guild master of Fairy tail. If a job is ehat your loking for than we can provide you with one, IF your a member of a wizards guild like us. So tell me, what powers do you have, and why is it that you would wish to join our guild?

Everyone around is getting sick of her shit, except for Bickslow and Evergreen, who are very care free to give a damn enough about all of this.

However, Freed having more pride than them, doesn;t hesitate to punish her for what she has done. He draws his sword and swings it across the air and initiates a new rule for yukari.

Freed: here is another rule just for you Yukari. While in this barrier, there shall be no boundary manipulation of any way, shape or form. Also that boundary with you other friend there with Juvia will still remain open until closed, depending on what they choose to do.

Laxus: No more of your bullshit here, Got it?

Cana: you have caused more than enough problems here already. be glad that your inside this barrier if his.

Bickslow: Play nicely here, or we will make your visit here a very unpleasant one.

Freed: Believe me, i can make the rules much, MUCH worse than they are already, should I choose to.

@Flandre and Remilia

Juvia grabs the pictures she drew and looks at them. the others look at them as well. Juvia’s tears fall even more as her hands tremble a bit. The others cant help but cry as well, this is the most sweetest thing they have ever seen.

Juvia: these…. these are… Beautiful…..

Erza: We will miss you Flandre.

Lucy: You were such a sweetheart, well never forget you.

Juvia than looks up at Remillia, with tears still streaming down.

Juvia: Miss Remillia. I understand that she is your family and all, and you would wish to have her return home, but here, we treat everyone here like family, despite who we are or were we came from. Flandre here brought so much joy to our lives, she was like my own child.

Wendy: We was really fun to play around with, despite who she is, she is just a little girl to us all.

Lucy: She was scary when we first met her, but Juvia somehow managed to bring out her innocent side and bring her back to her old self.

Erza: We know that she would outlive us all at some point, but that doesn’t matter to us. What is important is the memories that we shared with each other. Our memories will live on in our hearts forever. And that is something that time itself cannot take away from us.

Gray: She really is something special to us all. Letting her go is not easy for us all. Thanks to her, she brought all of us closer together, especially me and Juvia here.

Juvia looks at gray with a gleeful smile on her face. She than turns back to Remillia

Juvia: So I ask of you once more, could she stay here a little longer? At least unil the festivities here are over. After that, miss Yukari can take her back home to you. She than hugs Flandre with both arms. She still has both pictures in her hands. Please, let us enjoy one final night with each other as a family, before she goes.

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Oct 26, 2013 at 11:41PM EDT

Red looks surprised that the man supposed to be the leader of this mighty looking guild is less than a foot tall, but the one thing he learned from his adventurer career is that if an unintimidating thing is even close to magic, it will ruin your day to piss it off.

Oh… Erm.. My name is Red Statscowski and, in terms of powers, I am what you’d call a “Red” mage. Equally as good at healing as I am with combat magic and blades. Oh! I had a resume written up. Pats around his coat Oh SHIT, I must have left it at the inn…

Oct 27, 2013 at 01:16AM EDT

(Note: Yukari is now feeding off of the collective chaos of the Omniverse caused by this timeline diverging from an infinite number of other timelines. You literally can’t overpower her with ANYTHING. Not Flandre’s Destruction Ability, Not Rule Re-Wrighting, not Fairy Law, not EA, not Fantasy Heaven, NOTHING. Just be happy that she can now live for the rest of eternities as a completely neutral being.)


Yukari: “My dear boy, it’s like you don’t want me to leave.~ Seems you really don’t want me to give you my parting gifts either, there is literally no way to summon them like this.~”

She opens up an ornate fan and fans herself as she laughs

Yukari: “What portal? We came here by train.”

She motions towards the front door… a light rail car mashed ungracefully to match up to the passenger door with the guild hall door. Again another feat at how nobody seemed to notice her entrance.

Reimu: “Seriously guys, stop provoking her. She’s got Five Different Spell Dissolve compatible partners here. She or her familiars just needs to stab herself with any of the kitchen utensils and the collective magic from everyone here will destroy the town in the brawl…”

Yukari: “Not that I would. Fact is, the amount of Chaos happening right now due to this single universe going against the established order of nearly infinite numbers of universes has made me essentially unstoppable and invincible. Your magic quite literally has not done a damn thing against me.”

She chomps on a roll she yoinked from the other side of the room and lets that soak in, she literally has everyone and everything in checkmate.

Yukari: “Yes, there is rhyme to my madness. Also, attempt to do anything else and I will per-maturely set the spell dissolve off and let you guys all blow up in friendly fire.”

She walks past Archer to Maribel and Renko, smiling before handing a pair of lockets to them identical to the one she had on Final Destination.

Yukari: “Here. These idiots here don’t deserve these. Don’t you agree?”

Maribel: “Wha…?”

Yukari fixes Maribel’s hair and walks to the train

Yukari: “Girls, we going? Reimu, Marisa? Scarlet Devils?”

Ran and Chen are already onboard

Remelia: “Yes, I am rea-”

She is cut short by Sakuya

Sakuya: “Give Flandre just a bit more time.”

Sakuya walks up and gives Juvia a folded up piece of paper. Directions… with an old marked up world map of Mobus inside.

Sakuya: “I doubt miss Yukari will grant you passage, so this is the only other way to bypass your way into the boundary without… well, being forgotten.”

Maribel is just staring at Sakuya now, wide eyed. She escapes the protection of Archer to go talk to her.

Maribel: “Miss Maid! It’s You!”

Sakuya: “Ah, the intruder.”

Remelia just looks PISSED

Remelia: “I will be waiting in the train then. Come on Flandre!”

Remelia storms off as politely as she can.

Maribel: “Um… it’s been awhile, I thought I wouldn’t…”

Sakuya: “You will meet me again, I am sure of it.”

Maribel suddenly offers Sakuya a napkin… it seems rather ornate

Sakuya: “… ah, you still have it. Don’t worry, you can keep it.”

She closes the cloth back into Maribel’s hand

Sakuya: “Just so you have a way to get back.”

Sakuya looks over Maribel’s shoulder to Yukari, Yukari just smiling innocently.

Sakuya: “I bid you adeiu.”

She follows her mistress…

Yukari: “Well, I managed to do what you set me out to do Reimu. Gave the Crow a run for his money. You ready to come home yet?”

Reimu goes quiet… knowing there is one last thing she needs to accomplish before going home… nobody else has the strength to do is.

Reimu: “Sorry, but… I have to fight the Chaos Demon. He will kill you all if I don’t…”

Marisa: “You will come to pick us up after he’s dead right?”

Yukari: “Only obligated to pick Reimu up. If she dies and you live, you are going home with Komachi.”

Marisa: “Why the lack of faith in me!?”

Yukari: “Be quiet theif.”

She turns back at Reimu

Yukari: “Do what you have to. I will pull you out if the goings get tough.”

Yukari: “Be safe.”

And with that Yukari boards the train. The lights inside powering on as she does.


Kiristugu retreats back behind a tree, shooting a flare into the air.

This should alert everyone in the vicinity.

Saber on the other hand, openly challenges the beast.

Saber: “Man Eater! Your crimes deserve no jury, for I shall be the one to judge you!”

She adds power into her sword. The air glowing a bit.


Amaterasu happily eats the berries. She has the ability to eat foods most humans can eat, so fruit is no big deal for her.

She licks up the remaining juice on the bots hand, and goes to find some shade to rest in.

(Ignore Issun)

Ammy can’t communicate with any sort of conventional speech. Having a direct conversation with her requires another animal, beastkin, or God. She usually has Issun with her, but he is MIA at the moment.

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Oct 27, 2013 at 02:20AM EDT

OOC: I’ve realised I’ve been forgetting someone in the festivities.

Before the barrier went up, someone else had entered. Everyone who would have recognised her as she currently is are on different worlds. She is wearing some sort of tribal skirt, a sleeveless white shirt that shows the front of her midriff, sandals that reveal her feet, which oddly enough don’t have any toes, white gloves, and has some other decorations in her hair, which is the same colour as the rest of her (some sort of pale orange) and hangs down like dreadlocks… Her eyes are a pale blue.

(OOC: If you couldn’t figure it out from the description alone, the choice of music would have made it obvious who it is.)
Yes, this is Tikal. For the festivities, she’s taking the form she took in life, instead of just the pink ball of light.

Tikal: What a strange place…

The echidna looks around for a bit, and then decides to follow the closest group, who would happen to be the archmages. After Red had spoken his bit, she opts to step forwards...

Solarian: And who are you?

Tikal: I’m sorry, I forgot that none of you have seen me like this. I’m Tikal.

Pitchurn: Have you met this being before?

Tempestia: We have. It’s a bit of a long story, but to sum it up we were taken to some kind of arena, and we met her there. We knew her as a ball of pink light…

Tsunarmin: Ah yes, she was trying to get away from the group she had arrived there with… Something about the leader dressing like one of us…

Tikal: And he had some kind of… crystal, I think he called it?

Pitchurn: …Ah. This would pose a bit of a problem, because…

Solarian: Because what?

Pitchurn: I can guess exactly what that crystal is and where it’s from. And now that crystal can be taken much more easily in future…

Tsunarmin: You mean… Someone HAS taken it?

Pitchurn: I’m afraid so.

Solarian: Considering what has happened, there is no way I can let you try to recover it alone. I’ll send two other Order mages with you, and if anyone here is willing to help then I won’t stop them. Of course we first have to find out where it could possibly be…

Tikal: Does the name ‘Atlantis’ mean anything to any of you?

Oct 27, 2013 at 06:39AM EDT

@Maledict and Medusa,

Hazama looks down at the two bodies where they were unceremoniously dumped in front of him. He was just showing Medusa to her room too… He then opens his eyes and gets a bit of a smile on his face as he turns his head to Medusa.

Hazama: My baby hasn’t eaten yet… How about we share this meal together, eh?
He takes off his hat and around his feet begins to glow with bright green energy. His entire body also gets a fiery outline of green as an energy snake spirals up from around his feet. The snake stares at the bodies of Okuyasu and Giorno with glowing green eyes.

Hazama: Dinner time.
The snake complies to his master’s wishes. It drops down to the ground and slithers along to the unconscious body of Okuyasu. Unhingin its jaw, the snake slips its mouth over Okuyasu and begins to eat him whole like a boa constrictor. It doesn’t take but mere moments for the snake to have Okuyasu completely within its maw. After this, it clamps its mouth shut and swallows the entire man whole. Medusa can see the shape of a human traveling down the energy creatures gullet that leads back down to the green circle below Hazama… Once Okuyasu gets pushed through the circle, it gets fed to what can only be described as a monstrosity of anyone’s dreams… I won’t go into detail here for the sake of your sanity.
Hazama: The other is yours, gorgeous.
He puts the hat back on his head and closes his eyes back to the slits that they were…

@Night Stalker,

Hakumen had quickly caught onto the Night Stalker’s trail once again. He also caught note of Kiritsugu’s flare that was fired up in the air and decided to head towards it at top speed. In just mere moments, Hakumen jumps through the trees and into the clearing emitting a blue aura and his sword readied.

The voice that comes from the man sounds like it has been lowered a few octaves, making him sound inhuman.
Hakumen: BEAST!
Saber can feel an immense presence coming from this new arrival. His full power hasn’t been truly unlocked yet either, so she can also tell that. All of the eyes on his armor look around win an attempt to find the location of the Night Stalker…
Hakumen: Reveal yourself, coward! This is the time of night! Rear your ugly maw and face us!
He pauses for a moment, pointing his sword towards a pile of brush and trees where he can feel its presence from.

Hakumen: Unless you are… afraid.
He keeps his guard on high all the time. His eyes have every corner of the place covered…


Yukari can see that Ragna is visibly starting to shake after she kissed him on the head.
Ragna: Why you…!
Not being able to fight back, he short circuits on the inside of his body, his emotions going everywhere… He doesn’t writhe on the ground like she was expecting, however.
Ragna: Grr…
Anger boiling up…
He can’t take it anymore and smashes his hand on a table, breaking the thing in-two and shattering it to pieces.

Saya finally gets out of the pile of kittens when she heard her big brother yell.
Saya: Ragna…? It’s okay.
She rubs him on his back to try and calm him down.


Flandre looks at her sister when she said that it was time to go… She wants to stay here, but she also wants to go home with her sister. Her arms are also wrapped around Juvia as the two hug each other.
Flandre: Okay. I’ll stay here until the party is over, mama Juvia.
She smiles up at Juvia like she’s her own mother.

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Oct 27, 2013 at 12:13PM EDT

Ignis is the first to turn to Bang

Ignis: I have no idea who you think you are, but you REALLY don’t want to try anything. Whatever you’re talking about, he is surrounded by friends and comrades. Attempt ANYTHING to harm him and… well, it won’t be pleasant once we all have a chance to get back at you for it.

Were it not for the barrier, Ignis would have had his weapon to hand to prove his point.

Oct 27, 2013 at 12:19PM EDT

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