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Kokonoe successfully establishes a connection with one of the Winds of Destruction. Sundowner, to be more precise. He doesn’t see or hear anything out of the ordinary until…
Kokonoe: Oi. Can you hear me from up there?
She’s currently sitting in her usual swivel chair at her giant super computer, eating a lollipop.

Kokonoe: Good. So it seems that you’re part of that merc group that disbanded after the Black Beast and Balloon Master took up residence here…
She pulls out a folder of files on Sundowner and begins sifting through them.
Kokonoe: Been a while, hasn’t it? 5 or 6 months since you people left on your “journey”… I lost track.
She sits up in her chair and tries to patch her way into GW’s camera systems that are scattered around Heaven.
Kokonoe: I’m curious as to what made you all come back.
She literally has no definition of “personal space” whatsoever.


Noel is happy to make the acquaintances of the mages. She is still a bit shy when it comes to talking to them, however.


Jubei: Yeah… I know the kid. Used ta be my apprentice ‘till he was ready to go off on his own.
He chuckles some.
Jubei: Kid’s got a hard head, I’ll tell ya. Sorta like a, er… Hard’n crusty outside with a soft’n gooey inside that means well.
Turning his attention to Duke, he looks up at him.
Jubei: But somethin’ seems… Different ’bout the kid today.

@Epic Adventure,

Lancer follows the footprints with the map in his hands. Chibi is currently riding on the spear-man’s right shoulder. After a few moments of walking, Lancer comes upon Kongspire and lowers the map from in front of his face.
Lancer: If my bearings are right… We should be on the Island of Promised Treasure as we speak! Captain would be so proud.
And then he notices the gremlins by Kongspire.
Lancer: Who are your friends, comrade?

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Nov 28, 2013 at 04:36PM EST

@ Centaur:
Ken: I came here for your little “Arena of the Warrunners”. I believe a species like you would be a test for my Hokuto Shinken. I understand since this planet was recently created, you don’t know what Hokuto Shinken is. But, by the end of this little tournament, I believe that even species as strong as you will begin to fear it. now, would you kindly show me to your tournament, or do you want me to show you just how dangerous I can be?

@ City:
Josuke: uh, hello… I’m here to do a couple jobs.
He shows the guards the job requests.
Josuke: Could you please let me by to do these requests?

@ Enchantress:
Suddenly, Doomguy and Jotaro walk in on Enchantress cleaning the kitchen.
Jotaro: Okay, About your Pie-making…
Doomguy: Jotaro showed me a guy, and he makes the GREATEST food! MAybe you could get a couple tips and tricks from him!
Suddenly, a large growling sound is heard
Doomguy: Uh… gotta go!
Doomguy rushes out of the room.

Jotaro looks at Doomguy oddly before he leaves the room.
Jotaro: huh, a delayed reaction. Either way, do you want to meet the guy? His name is Tonio Trussardi.

@Epic Adventure:

Before Lancer leaves
Chibi’s barking wakes Travis up
Travis: What the hell? Where am I? Fucking dog… ruined a good nap.
He looks to Lancer.
Travis: Hey, who are you?

After Lancer leaves
Travis begins to follow Lancer, while yelling for him to slow down and wait for him. Eventually, he catches up.
Travis: Okay, I have a bunch of questions. First of all, who the hell are all of you? Second off, where the hell am I? Last I remember I was sitting in my apartment, then I dozed off. Now i’m here! Jesus, what happened?

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@Kokonoe’s hack attempt,

Meanwhile in the Bridge…
GW: Unauthorised system entry detected on the security network, source unknown.
Monsoon: Somebody wants to take a sneak peak inside our house of horrors eh?
GW: I believe I recognise this signal as that of Kokonoe, the person who previously breached my AI and sabotaged the Slipspace core. Since then I have learnt her tactics and have built a completely immunity to her hacking methods.
Engineering Officer: She had my technicians waste hours trying to rectify that issue….a damn menace is all she is…

The GW optic-neural AI alone weighs in with parallel processing capacity of 980 trillion hammets, which is further augmented by the other 4 Patriot AI’s, in this format they operate as a single ultimate super-dupa computer. They are no doubt capable of running MULTIPLE Heavens…..simply put they are more than within their parameters

Electronics Officer: Orders sir?
Monsoon:….Counter-attack them…
Electronics Officer: Will do.
With a number of key presses the Electronics CO begins setting up the attack…

Meanwhile Kokonoe’s computer screens seem to depict a well lit and busy hallway commonly found upon Heaven, nothing seems to be out of the ordinary, every camera she changes to also seem to depict the exact same calm views

She doesn’t know that within the next minute her super computer is about to be struck down by the fullest extent of Heavens cyber warfare tactics


Sundowner continues to walk down the empty hallway whilst listening to Kokonoe…
Sundowner: Dangerous place to be in, my head…..what made us come back huh? hehehe…well after months of floatin’ roun’ space with little to kill and even littler to see you begin to feel a bit homesick ya know?…we though we’d check in and see how things have been going…see how the wars goin’…

Nov 28, 2013 at 07:29PM EST

Red shoots Fira spells everywhere, for crowd control. With his Mana supply draining, Red drinks an ether and takes cover while he copes with the exhaustion of casting so many spells in a short time.
Natsu! Taurus! Cover me, I have to… Recuperate… For a few rounds, I mean, minutes…
Red is visibly unwell, but he’ll probably recover quickly as long as nothing comes and hits him with blunt objects, sharp objects, magic, and/or harsh words for a little while.

Nov 28, 2013 at 08:10PM EST


Troll attack is over, Crona. You’re good for now.

Nov 28, 2013 at 08:22PM EST


Azwraith: We strongly believe that every troll is on their way back to their tribe. We also believe your spells almost burn our skin. Peace is present already my friend, there’s no need for such a sorcery anymore though we appreciate your actions..despite the fact that the opponent left the dock already.

Nov 28, 2013 at 08:25PM EST

Sheeyit, I missed that post, disregard that!
EDIT: Not sure how I missed it, but I did…

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Everyone finishes off the remaining forces before kicking their asses back to the forests. Shortly affter they manage to catch a breath after all of that fighting.


Natsu makes it behind where you are hiding and just pats your back, whick kind of hurts considering how strong he is OR how physically weak you are.

Natsu: Relax man, theyre all gone. No need to overdo it.

Happy: Thats usually your job Natsu.

Gray: The last thing the guild needs is another hothead like you Natsu, other than that, nice job kid. Ya did good.


Erza sends the remaining trolls retreating back into the forest thanks to Archers help.

Erza: You have my gratitude Archer. Than you for your help.

She requips into her normal armour in a quick flash of light.

Erza: If you don’t mind me asking Archer. Where is it that you get your powers from exactly? It’s hard for me to fully understand, I dont sense that its magic in some way, but its something else.

Lucy and Taurus reach Azwrath and help finish off the remaining trolls and free the captive fisherman. Shortly after freeing them, she dismisses Taurus and he vanishes in spectacles of light as Wendy and Carla catch up to her.

Lucy: So, your the famous fisherman that we’ve been hearing around town huh? Well, thank you for helping out our townsfolk, we really appreciate it.

Carla: For a fisherman, you have a lot of power.

Wendy: I haven’t seen anything like that before. What kind of powers is it exactly?

@Guild hall


Since they know she has no where else to go for the time being, Makarov offers her a chance to stay here for as long as she needs with the rest of the blazblue cast in their dorm room out of good will. Though they are stil concerned about Ragna and his sister Saya.

@Enchantress and Jotaro

Mirajane takes you back to the guild hall after that breakdown and everyone is in high spirits once more.

Mirajane: If you want to learn everything there is to know, me and the others in the kitchen would be more than happy to show you.

Then hears his sugestion about chef Tonio.

Mirajane: That sounds interesting, but I think we can be alright for now. Thanks for the kind gesture.


Lisanna is very saddened to see Ragna like this. She and her Brother and sister Elfman and Mirajane are too familiar with the loss of a siblig and all the pain and suffering it brings.

Lisanna: If he can hear her from his position. I understand the pain your going through, more than you may know, but don’t neglect those who are still here for you.

She gets up from the ground and sadly makes her way back to the guild hall.

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Robotnik and Snively remain in the command room of the Final Egg Fortress, reviewing the planet’s geography in order to find a suitable location to set up a base.

Snively: I like the one with the mountain view, sir.

Robotnik: No, no, no! None of these locations will do! I want a place where I can see everything I own; an area which will complement the grand architecture of my new capital city! I want--


Right outside the Fortress lay a beautiful work of nature.

Lush plants, free wildlife, and good weather all touched the region, making it a magnificent green paradise.

Snively: It’s… glorious, sir…

Robotnik: Indeed…

Tear down everything! This is where I’m going to establish my capital city!

Snively: W-what? You just want to tear it down?

Robotnik: Not all of it, just enough so I can build a huge city on top!

Have Egg Robo get the Egg Fleet ready to tear down the forest.

Snively: At once, sir… and the wildlife?

Robotnik: Roboticized, of course!

In the meantime, I’ve got a message to deliver.

Snively: What do you mean, sir?

Robotnik: I mean I’m tired of waiting in the shadows! This is the day I establish my Empire make my presence known to the world! Set up a direct broadcast immediately!

Snively: At once, sir.

After nearly an hour of Eggman going over deforestation plans with Egg Robo via telecom, Snively notifies Robotnik that his broadcast ready.

Snively: Everything is set, sir.

Robotnik: Excellent…

The mad doctor rises from his seat and walks to the middle of the room, and preps himself for his big debut. He can’t help but smile.

Snively: And you’re live in 5… 4… 3… 2…

Snively mouths one and signals to his uncle that the broadcast is running.

Robotnik: OH HO HO HO!!!

Greetings, inhabitants of this newly rejuvenated planet! I am Doctor Robotnik, the world’s greatest scientific genius, and soon to be the world’s greatest ruler!

You all assumed I was dead after that incident on the ARK, didn’t you? WELL YOU WERE WRONG!!! HA!!!

I am still very much around, simply because you all failed to comprehend what I truly am!

However, do not think that what happened up there was any of my intent. I regret to say that my attempt to destroy the world was caused by something which caused Metal Sonic to go awry, and what had I hoped to use to finally defeat the dreaded Kishin, Asura. That thing was the Warpstone. Fortunately, the Warpstone is gone now, and my thoughts have never been clearer!

Do you want to know what I’m thinking? I’m thinking it’s time for me to reconquer the world!


Adieu! The next time you see me, it will be to announce my grand success!

Snively motions to Robotnik that the broadcast has finished.

Robotnik: Now, let’s see about that forest below…

Nov 28, 2013 at 10:24PM EST

With that most recent announcement from the big egg himself, Meredith does the most reasonable thing ever. She steps outside… and begins to scream varying obscenities in Latin. To say her jimmies are rustled is a bit of an understatement. For the sake of things, her words shall be translated for an easy reading experience.

She then sits down and continues to mumble various things of anger to herself.

Sometimes, I hate it when my fortune’s right… Ugh.

Nov 28, 2013 at 10:50PM EST


The moment that Heaven proceeds to launch a counterattack, she disconnects her systems from the halls of Heaven to know that something is up in the walls of the ship.
Kokonoe: Tch… Bastards.

@Sunny D,

Kokonoe: Hm… I can certainly see your predicament there.
She leans back in her chair.
Kokonoe: The war’s over. The bastard ran with his tail between his legs as soon as shit started to hit the fan. Hahaha. Let’s just say some serious shit happened, the old planet got destroyed, and we got a bright and shiny new one…


Kokonoe’s computers pick up every single word of his broadcast. They even record the video feed so that the broadcast can be shown later.


Ragna doesn’t acknowledge her, however he did hear her. He just keeps on walking, leaving her behind to go run back to the Fairy Tail guild hall. Some serious thoughts are going through his head right now.


Noel graciously accepts the offer of staying here since she has nowhere else to go.

OOC: Yo, Sam… I might need to change a few locations on the map of Charity due to me accidentillay sliding over some lore stuff. I haven’t established any solid places yet and I’ll work with the map tomorrow.

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Nov 28, 2013 at 11:21PM EST

>fights war to save planet for god knows how long.
>planet destroyed
>we get new planet to star our new fun adventures
>planet filled with new life and people reestablish their lives.
>new people come and go
>fresh new start to do cool things
>eggman wants to take over the world once more.


Please consider what i just said above. Yes, I know that this is your official return to the story. Yes this is how eggman is. Yes we dont mind to have u back at all, we actually missed u. But just so you know, just try and not go overboard with the planet scale wars and all that jazz or to blow up the planet once more. We done so much to get what we have now, and i am kind of sick of all theplanetary scaled conflicts and all the whole taking over the world or blow it up stuff.

I hope that is not a problem at all, and i am not trying to be an instigator or anything. Im just saying what i feel.

So other than that, welcome to charity. paly nice, and dont make it end up like mobius in just after a weeks worth of our staying here.

and remember: NO FUN ALLOWED.

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Nov 29, 2013 at 12:16AM EST

OOC: I understand your concern, Asura, and I don’t plan on doing anything large-scale just yet. Right now, I’m merely rebuilding my foundations. I’ll likely divert resources towards secret projects and building up military. I might just keep Eggman busy with Sonic for awhile.

That is, if I don’t decide to scrap Sonic from the thread. I’ve been considering doing this because it’s been tedious to try and write for both Eggman and Sonic, and I feel writing for both parts constantly has been taking away from the overall quality of my posts. Then again, maybe I just need time to adjust.

I can personally assure you that I’m not going to pull anything like I did with the ARK. No more planetary destruction.

I mainly did what I just did because I felt as though I had hardly anything else to do, an I felt isolated from the rest of the thread.

Nov 29, 2013 at 02:21AM EST

GW: The intruder has disconnected.
Electronics Officer: I hadn’t enough time to launch the attack, damn.
Engineering Officer: My technicians have nearly arrived at the arrays.
Electronics Officer: Yeah once they’re back up we can begin launching the attacks
Monsoon: And what is the status of the infection?
Habitation Officer: There are multiple alerts across all decks and levels, the entire military is on duty and trying their best to thin the ranks…
Monsoon: Have the standard crew bunker into Safe Rooms, we can’t suffer any more casualties of vital personnel.
Habitation Officer: Okay, sending the orders through now sir…


Sundowner: Dead and a new planet, I coulda guessed….I’m sure we have heard enough long explanations about why things have happened so I’m not gonna be botherin’ with asking hell the damn this all came about….and as for us, ehehe, we’re doing just fine as it is…

Sundowner arrives at a military outpost..
These are makeshift checkpoints, usually a large room that has been emptied out and turned into a temporary base of operations for all soldiers in the area to report back to and stock up on ammo, due to the large scale chaos that Heaven is currently in these outposts are commonplace and scattered all over the decks. Sundowner arrives at what seems to be a barricade in the hallway, he is approached by a elite Tengu unit who gives him a quick salute….
Tengu: Commander Sundowner!
Monsoon, Sundowner and Mistral all share a 2nd in command position…
Sundowner: Has pretty boy been through here?
Tengu: Sir?
Sundowner: Jetstream Sam you dolt
Tengu: Yes sir! he made his way through and departed on one of the trams headed for the lower decks!
Sundowner: Just checkin’
Sundowner continues past and passes over the barricade, due to the incredible discipline of the Tengu’s they doesn’t question his commanders actions or advise him against continuing. they just get back into guard positions and let him go.

Leaving the relative safety of the Tengu guarded command deck behind he boards the inter-ship tram and shuttles off down to the lower and much more chaos enveloped decks….

@Bang Chinese restaurant,

Tim: “I am p-pretty hungry sir, we could do with some breakfast.”
Laika: “Food pouches are the recommended breakfast of a cargo company Navigator, Tim.”
Tim: “B-but we don’t hav-”
Laika hands Tim a delicious food pouch that contains a mush of pasty shit everything your body requires in terms of nutrients and energy. Tim almost breaks a tear…
Tim: “… thanks sir..”
He takes the packet
Laika: “I always carry some spare.”
Tim: “If only y-y-you had some warmer clothes h-handy….”
Tim: “Sir?”
Looking up, they notice Heaven high up in the sky
Tim: “Surely that can’t be them….”
Laika: “No, definitely not, our intended delivery date has not yet arrived so we still have time before they do come…. I have never seen such a large craft before”
Tim: “Things here just get s-s-stranger and stranger huh…”

Nov 29, 2013 at 08:52AM EST

Okay, slight edit to my last post since I’ve broken cardinal rule number one and rushed through a post because I was in a hurry:
-Red was shooting Fira at them to deter straggling.
Red flinches at Natsu’s physical contact, which (as previously established) Red does not do.
Sorry, mate, I just really hate trolls. They ALWAYS go for the fucking healer, the bastards… Anyway, you guys in one piece?

Nov 29, 2013 at 12:52PM EST

@Epic Adventure

Kongspire: I do not know their names, but I know what they are. They are called gremlins, and I am honestly surprised to see them here. Apparently they washed up… wherever here is… and followed my footsteps. Which I had left because I figured some others had also done. They cannot speak a language you can understand. I can understand them because I have a translator… which reminds me. Gremlins in my experience are really good with machinery. I can respect that even though I spend a lot of time smashing it up.

Gremlin 1:(I take it these are the ones the knight was referring to.)

Kongspire: Some of them are… But I am confused about that other guy as he is about us.


Tempestia: Let’s just say that there are more healers in your immediate company than they’d typically be able to pick off. And at least 6 more back at that hall.


Tahrdan: You’re… not really what I was expecting. And I am not just referring to… what even WAS that you just did?

The Order mages have never run into him during the past week, though they have heard of him. Their mental picture based on what they had heard was something a lot more like an actual cat

Tempestia: Just a question… Have you heard of the 3 of us or 6 others elsewhere? We’re part of a separate group, actually…

The three Order mages look up and notice the ship as well, since it is apparently visible form the surface

Tempestia: Make that two questions. What is THAT.

They’ve never seen it from the outside, so they wouldn’t recognise it.

Meanwhile, back at the guild hall, Solarian… is actually considering writing up a request himself. Yes, it is about those Temperances the Order mages fought earlier. After all, they’re not made of what they SHOULD be made of. It may be the only way to get the others to definitely listen, anyway.

Nov 29, 2013 at 01:21PM EST




So………….. He finally showed up………


Hmph… Hm-hm-hm-hm… Excellent……


It’s time to awake………………again……

Nov 29, 2013 at 03:27PM EST

OOC: I hope you know that your characters may have made a lot of enemies through association with Yukari… The characters might not be able to get back at her (ESPECIALLY the Order mages, they have a personal motive now…) but they can take it out on the other villains… (Well, not so much mine because he’s not associated with the others in any way whatsoever..) At least the presence means things are happening.

Nov 29, 2013 at 03:31PM EST

Eggman and Snively watch as the forests below are swiftly destroyed by Eggman’s forces.

Robotnik: Snively! Report!

Snively: Eep! Um, 80% of the original forest has been decimated, sir!

Robotnik: Excellent! And the wildlife?

Snively: Most of them have escaped to surrounding areas, sir…

Robotnik: Bah! No matter! As long as they’re out of my way, I don’t care. Prepare to begin base construction! I want a settlement up before nightfall! Understood?

Snively: Yes, sir!

Robotnik: Also, send out ships to scout the area for resources and other camps. I want a full report ASAP!

Snively: At once, sir.

Robotnik: In the meantime, ready a few of my ships for long-distance travel. I plan on having them search the lower regions of the planet for a suitable location for what I’m going to build. That is, once I’ve established a base here. I plan on reintroducing something soon which I’ve not introduced in a long time…

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Nov 29, 2013 at 03:48PM EST


Kokonoe breaks the connection with Sundowner as she goes to review Robotnik’s broadcast that had just been recorded by her computer.

Meanwhile with Hazama and Relius…

Hazama is teleported back to their base of operations, located somewhere in the northern regions of Charity… He stands in an old, dark and dank room.
Hazama: Heeeeeelllllooooo? You still here, Relius?
He is still carrying Nu under his arm, and has Phantom floating behind him.

That all-too-familiar figure walks out of the shadows without his robotic wife following behind him…

Relius: Excellent… I see that you have brought with you the catalyst.

Hazama: Yup. Got her right here… All those dopes were lying in their vomit. I just snagged her while she was out of it and the bastards couldn’t do shit. Hahaha.

Relius: How amusing…
The Mad Puppeteer puts both his hands together.
Relius: The machine is prepared to salvage the soul of Izanami from the body of the 13th Prime Field.
He claps his hands as lights begin to come on and reveal an old, old machine that was used to create the Prime Field Devices and artificial humans that could access the boundary. The machine bears a striking resemblance to the female reproductive tract. The womb and birth canal can be made out if you have an imagination.

Hazama: Well? What are we waiting for? Let’s get this party started!
He chuckles to himself, jumping towards the machine and beginning the process of hooking up Nu to the giant, white machine.

A golden halo spreads over her head as soon as she is connected to it. Hazama jumps backwards, off the machine, and looks onwards at what is going to happen as he removes his hat.

His hair spikes up as he enters his Terumi persona. Green and black snakes begin to swirl around him. His clothes get all messed up by the vortex of snakes, but he doesn’t care.


And then the scene fades to black for now…

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Nov 29, 2013 at 05:10PM EST


Azwraith: Many of you asking the same questions and many of us willing to answer: Its quite simple, our only power consists in numbers. We are our own legion…
We grow…
We rise…
We fight…
We fade away..
The whole army standing in front of the Fairy Tail, the mages and Archer quickly dissapears, leaving nothing but the same gold dust our heroes saw. Only one lancer remains. As a sign of peace, Azwraith bows to such a brave warriors standing in front of him.
We see a few familiar faces but new ones too. For those who are wondering, we are not mere fishermen.We are AzwraithWe are an armyWe are the Phantom Lancer…We are the protectors and guards of our hometown, a small society, a peaceful, charming and silent place that stayed out of the chaos of the wars for centuries. It was a matter of time until a wizard decided to bring his reign of terror upon us.
Says Azwraith as he turns away to look at the sea again. His eyes are lost in the dephts of the water, his attention is focused on something else but he is still speaking to the group. He looks quite distant. He has a few scratches and minor injuries on his chest and arms.
We prefer to not talk about what happened, we prefer to forget such a painful memories and focus on the future instead. After the emperor perished to my spear, our march was born. We swore to protect our perfect world from evil outsiders but such a thing is impossible, we are far..far away from our place as if some sort of entity ripped us from our own world and sent us to this strange land. I haven’t seen such a skilled and powerful humans for years. We respect that.

@Carl and Mirajane

Enchantress: And everything is clean and fresh as a flower again! I’m sorry, I’m really really sorry..I promise I will never try to cook ever again unless one of you is there to give me a hand or two. To compensate both of you, how about we visit my friends from the woods, the centaurs? Tom said there was a big important event going on and that everyone was invited too! I believe its an arena, some kind of fighting field where the centaurs prove themselves with the edge of their axes and swords..I hate violence and such but I would love to be there just to help these misunderstood creatures..there is a also a old friend of mine who would love to see us! You will like him! Please miss Mira, my dear Carl..pleeeeeaaase go with me! You can invite anyone you want!

Tom: Just be sure that these people you are going to bring don’t have the word magic printed on them. I learned to respect your friends Enchantress, but the members of my kin will understand such a thing. Not everyone is welcomed in my tribe.

Nov 29, 2013 at 11:22PM EST


Archer looks down upon the expanding force.

Archer: “Multiform Magic… quite rare to say in the least.”

Then he hears him refer to himself as “Lancer”… this will certainly cause misunderstood shenanigans later….

Archer: “…”

with a heartthump thump, he tells Maribel and Renko to run away. And after confused looks on their expressions, they hurriedly pick up their bags and run back to the home fort.


Archer watches her land next to him and dematerializes all the weapons he had summoned.

Archer: “It’s a truly complicated matter. Lets just say with my ability to create, I create something much more capable than myself and let that do the work for me. A clever bypass of my… well, disability.”

He pats his chest with two fingers at the heart. Whatever he is creating, it’s literally sitting inside his chest. Though looking at it feels weird… the same feeling Erza got when Reimu pulled her out of the universe. Or a far less bastardized feeling she felt when Yukari hit her with the motion curse.

Archer: “All it takes is once glance, and I have a copy of the object stored away. Not perfectly, but close enough.”

Barebones details indeed. In short, he’s not going to reveal it’s max potential so easily.

Team Emiya@Bang:

The girls watch in awe as pretty much the entire place is dismantled around them and put back together. Within a matter of hours…

Ground Floor:
Essentially the Ninjas got the idea that this was still needed to be used as a warehouse of some kind. The entire place was torn out and effectively modernized. Though Kiritsugu returned and insisted they stopped touching his security equitment. He was going to install that all himself.

The Cars and Motorcycle are now parked in here, and even then there is plenty of room left for martial art training.

Second floor looks like their normal builds, though where set up to the building standards that where outlined.

Whatever other random add ons are up to Zar as long as he is thinking as Bang would.

Touhous@Guild Hall:

Reimu: “Welp, guys. we got an announcement to make. We will be leaving on a trip of exploration in a few days. And likely will be gone for a very long time.”

Marisa: “It’s not that we don’t like hanging out here, but… it feels like something has been calling out to us over the past week.”

Reimu: “We aren’t exactly going to take anyone with us… if it’s just me and Marisa we can cover far more distance in far less time. Not to mention the direction we felt this disturbance from was over the ocean…”

Marisa: “And even after that, we are probably going to help you guys make contact with any other places that have been teleported into this planet.”

Reimu: “So yeah…”

they wait for a response from one of the fairy tail members.


Duke: “So even his heart is closed to his master… that is rather unfortunate.”

He walks towards the Guild Hall

Duke: “I feel the object I had lent within this building. Thank you for leading me here.”

Vesperia@Guild Hall:

The kitchen is now pretty much cleaned up and then some…. namely Vesperia had attempted to remove the food poisoning problem via ingredient re-stocking. Though that probably won’t help much…

Then Duke walks in.

Yuri: “… Hey! It’s Duke!”

Duke: “Yuri Lowell. It has been awhile.”


If I forgot anyone, I will do it tommorow. It’s getting late and after thanksgiving leftover dinner I am ready to collapse.

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Nov 30, 2013 at 01:17AM EST


Jubei: Not a problem, fella.
He walks into the guild hall after Duke.

Ragna got a stern talking-to from Rachel when he went off. There was a lot of cursing from Ragna, but ultimately he came back to the guild hall.


Carl says that he’ll come with Enchantress to go to the Centaur Arena, however, he will be bringing Tao along because of reasons. The Kaka Elder can look over all the kittens right now.

@Epic Adventure,

Shit happens. Lancer tells Travis everything that happened and that they’re currently on an island of some sort. He should be caught up with everything right now.

OOC: I haven’t been feeling good these past few days, and I really don’t feel like making a big post right now because I’m extra tired. I’m sorry that my posts don’t have a lot of emphasis put in them, but I’m feeling less and less inclined to write anything… So, yeah.

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Nov 30, 2013 at 12:22PM EST

@Lancer (Epic Adventure, of course. I’ll refer to Azwraith by name to avoid confusion)

The four used to a clockwork world do not associate islands with landmasses surrounded by water.

Kongspire: What do you mean an island? This place is surrounded by water, not air!


Tempestia: Some of us are significantly more powerful than the others. I am referring to myself and the two similarly dressed to me when I say ‘the others’. We have a LOT of work to do catching up to everyone else, so we can at least pull our weight around here!

@guild hall
The Order mages decide to go wandering around for a bit, heading in the general direction of the town. It has occurred to them to check upon the now-resolved situation as well.

Solarian: We might as well start exploring a wider area of this new world…

Granatir: Are you sure about that? I mean, we could end up running into something we can’t handle.

Solarian: Well what else is there to do? We’re not exactly contributing anything around here, in case you haven’t noticed.

Pyralis: I’m sure we’ll be able to pick up some things from the others soon enough…

The 6 are heading towards the town… Who knows what might happen along the way, considering things seem to be popping in almost at random?

Nov 30, 2013 at 01:13PM EST

OOC: I’m sorry, but today is really not one of those days for me people. I will leave a short response for everyone because i really don’t want to spend god knows how many days or weeks in just a short amount of time in a single day. I don’t want to have a million things happen in one day, we need to learn to space things out to quickly get things done so we can focus on the more immediate stories.*



All of my characters acknowledge the things that everyone they were interacting with said in their usual personas.

They are thankful for Azwraiths help and tell him that if he needs anything from them, he is more than free to come by the guild hall for whatever it is. They can understand his pain in the past and tell him that they know what he is feeling like, they also give him 20 000 jewels as a token of their appretiation of him hhelping out the citizens.

Erza somewhat understands what Archer is saying, and assumes he has a lot more potential than he has.

The chefs are thankful for the help in the kitchen and with the re-stocking of food.

(Also for the guys at the warehouse. I hope those vehicles are either electric or magic powered, cuz there is no gas or fossil fuels here in Fiore. Everything is powered by magic, one form or another. Enchantress would be very proud of how environmentally friendly Fiore is. So yah, enjoy those vehicles while they last or find a way to convert them to be magic powered. there are magic powered vehicles in Fiore, but are in other cities in Fiore, none in magnolia though.)

Mirajane happily agrees to join enchantress to the centaur tribes lands with her to meet her friends, but the distance of it would be too much for just a short visit so they would need some time to prepare a bit it before they would go there. And if she ever want to learn to cook, like she said, they would be more than gracious to help teach her.

The other members in the guild understand and accept Reimu and Marisas going away for a bit. If needed they would lend them some money so that they don’t end up like she did back on Mobius, Grovelling and starving for food.

OOC: I’m sorry, but we need to star making things happen in over longer periods of time. for example, one day, one specific event. I Dont want to spend weeks in just one day in the RP storyline.

If anyone has a problem with it.

Gonna go now for the day, i’ll be online later.

Nov 30, 2013 at 02:53PM EST

Robotnik: Is everything ready, Snively?

Snively: The site has been completely cleared, and has been prepped for the next phase, sir.

Robotnik: Right on schedule. Snively, begin transformation!

Moments after Robotnik says this, the Fortress begins to transform once more. Eggman’s face is moved from the front of the ship to face the ground below. The bridge disappears as it is brought back beneath the ship’s hull, and the entire ship begins to face upward. It begins to look less like a flagship and more like a tower. The Fortress moves from being horizontal to vertical, and, ever so slowly, the entire ship lowers to the ground.

There is a loud, singular rumble of the earth below as the Final Egg Fortress makes contact with the surface of Charity, and then a few deep clicks as the base is secured to the ground.

Robotnik: Finally

I’m leaving now, Snively. I’m going to meet with Egg Robo on-board one of the Egg Carriers to discuss plans for upcoming military activity, as well as a few plans of mine.

((Ignore the following if I decide to scrap Sonic & Knuckles.))

Robotnik: I want you to keep an eye on our “guest.”

Snively: Yes, si--

Snively stops mid-sentence when he notices Robotnik towering over him.

((Ignore the text in the picture.))

Snively: *squeal*

Robotnik lifts Snively by his collar to bring his nephew face-to-face.

Robotnik: I mean it, Snively. If that hedgehog so much as wiggles his ear without your knowledge, why…

Snively was terrified now, and it was a struggle for him not to scream. Robotnik grinned widely.

Robotnik: … I’ll turn you into that paperweight I’ve always wanted…

Snively: Y-y-yes, sir! I won’t let him out of my sight, sir!

Robotnik: Good.

Eggman abruptly drops Snively and walks into an elevator taking him out of the Command Room, which was now located near the bottom of the tower and was sealed off from the rest of the base (other than via secret elevator, of course).

Snively brushes himself off, then he mumbles to himself before boarding the elevator as well.

Robotnik: What did you say, Snively?

Snively: I- erm, nothing, sir!

Robotnik: That’s what I thought.

As Snively boards the elevator and the doors close, Robotnik smiles to himself.

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Nov 30, 2013 at 06:09PM EST

@NorthWest Aer Krene:

Ammy continues to stare at it…as if something is actually down there…

However… she notices her ability to hear has been impaired… and a massive amount of energy seems to be building up underneath her…

Ammy quickly makes a break for it as the Aer Krene Erupts out into a giant sky beam like this:

(Except in the middle of a forest)

which in this evening light is easily visible to any of our heroes.

Shortly afterwards, the quest to investigate that light has been added to every job board in the city.


Yes, this is the opening of a Dungeon. People wanted shit to do, so I provided it. And please, don’t introduce new characters to explore this place. Introducing an out-of-town “power weight” heat sink is kinda needed if things are going to get rolling.

Last edited Nov 30, 2013 at 10:08PM EST
Nov 30, 2013 at 09:45PM EST

Meanwhile with Hazama and Relius…

The process of separating the soul of Saya from Nu’s soul is almost complete. The halo above Nu’s head glows an extremely bright gold coloring that fills the entire area with light. Slowly, a sphere of bright, purple light begins getting pulled out of Nu’s chest.

It swirls and spirals, glowing brilliantly. This is Saya’s soul… But something is off. It doesn’t seem all human. Something greater than our comprehension lies within Saya’s soul to change it to this otherworldly purple coloration… It just floats there, suspended in space.

Hazama has calmed down, and has reverted back to his original persona. His hair is all regular now, and he has tidied up his clothing.
Hazama: Please bring the vessel in, Phantom.

Phantom floats there, motionless as she hears the command of her master.

Phantom: …
All of the sudden, what looks to be a royal purple coffin is teleported into the room…

The coffin-shaped-bed that was just teleported in houses a young woman with very long, violet hair tied into a ponytail. She wears a white and red Japanese-style outfit reminiscent of an empress, tied with a light blue sash, with a golden crown and a dark cape over her shoulders. She stays as still as the night, just being a dead vessel…

Hazama walks over to the coffin and looks down at the girl inside of it. A smile creeps across his face upon seeing the vessel undamaged by that stupid moron’s wish.

Hazama: Now, the time of awakening is here.

The purple orb is drawn to its vessel. It sluggishly floats over to the girl laying in the lavish coffin and goes directly into her chest, disappearing moments after. Life force can suddenly be detected from the body, but it does not move…

Hazama: It’s time to wake up, Mikado… Izanami.

The girl gently opens her eyelids to reveal something horrifying… Her eyes are completely red with black circles…

Upon her awakening, it sends out a pulse around the world that can only be detected by those who are spiritually advanced such as Reimu, Duke, Amaterasu, and anyone else who would be able to sense the awakening of the beast within human flesh.

@Mysterious light,

Ragna walks over to a window in the Fairy Tail guild hall and sees the pylon of blue light sprouting up from the forest.
Ragna: Things just keep on gettin’ weirder and weirder…
He scratches the back of his head, looking to see if anyone else notices it.

From a different window, Platinum is staring out at the pillar of blue light wide-eyed.
Luna: Hey, Sena! Do you see that?

Sena: Yes, I see it, Luna.
Luna: Luna sees treasure, Sena!
Sena: I highly doubt that giant geyser of light is treasure, Luna.
Platinum sighs.

Luna: Well Luna won’t know until she finds out what it is, now will she?
Sena: But, Luna-!
Luna: Shut up, Sena! You’ll never know how Luna feels about this!
And so Platinum runs right out the door and into the forest towards the giant pillar of light.

Ragna: Tch…

With Makoto and Noel…

They both get Ars Magus communications from Kokonoe in their head.

Kokonoe: I need you two girls to look out that window right there.*

Noel: Huh?

Kokonoe: Just do what I tell you to do, kid.

And so the two girls look out another window so they can see the light.

Kokonoe: That’s your mission. Go to the forest and investigate whatever that thing is. I can’t get a clear reading on it because of the interference levels just spiked.

Makoto: Right away, Professor!
She grabs Noel by the hand.
Makoto: Come on, Noellie! It’ll be fun!

Noel: But-!
Too late. Makoto already dragged her out the front door of the guild hall.

Ragna caught note of Noel’s attempted objection. He saw the two go out the front door.
Ragna: Gr… Hey! Wait, damn it!
He goes running after the girls.

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Nov 30, 2013 at 11:02PM EST

Reimu and Marisa take the money, thanking them and set out before any of the other signaling shit can happen. Reimu can only get a minor annoying white noise from Izunami awakening.

Brave Vesperia sees the light and looks out the window

Raven: “Aer Explosion!?”

Rita: “No… not just Aer. Something caused a reaction!”

She runs for the door, followed by everyone else.

Duke: “Yuri. You still have the Dein Nomos Replica, do you not?”

Yuri: “Yeah. Why?”

Duke: “I need the original back.”

He holds out his hand…

Yuri: “… I knew you wouldn’t just come out of the blue for nothing…”

Yuri hands back Dein Nomos to it’s owner, and runs out to the Harbor.

Within minutes, Ba’ul has picked up the boat and is carrying Brave Vesperia to the location.

If you grab their attention before I post again, I will carry whoever there.

Maribel&Renko board the whale airship, leaving Archer behind to guard the castle.

Team Kiritsugu stays behind.

Of my guys, Duke is the only person to know that Izanami was re-awakened…

Duke: “Jubei. It seems I will be leaving sooner than expected. I must normalize the energies powering the Goddess of Death…”

He turns to leave.

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Dec 01, 2013 at 01:11AM EST


The four that I sent after the light flag down the giant dragon airship thingy so that they can get a faster ride there.

Dec 01, 2013 at 02:19AM EST


The already cold temperature of High Charity have continued to drop, they are now well below freezing point, strangely enough though a single snowflake is yet to drop as the environment remains dry and frozen.

The winds that sweep over the land and through the skies are blisteringly cold and probably fatal to those who are caught out unprepared….

…With no ship…no form of transport and zero sense of direction the Navigator and Pilot are left wandering aimlessly about the streets…
Tim: “I c-can’t s-stand it any more sir…it’s way too cold…”
Laika: “It is indeed.”
Tim: “We need to find s-s-shelter….the wind is freezing me half to death…”
Laika: “If we avert our attention we will miss our opportunity at finding our prisoner”
Tim: “P-please sir, We don’t even s-stand a chance of catching that thing…I don’t even think anyone is here anymore anyway..”
Laika: “Hmmm, it has gone quiet…”
Tim: “…They m-must have left to investigate that light…”
Laika: “No doubt”
Tim: “We need to go to a s-s-shop…need some warmer clothes…”
Laika: “….ergh…I have a spare suit if you need one…”
Tim: “S-s-sss..seriously…sir I’ve been dying here, why didn’t you just hand it over?”
Laika: “I do not think you will like it…”
Laika’s space suit is pretty big and has plenty of room for storing equipment, he takes out a suit and chucks it on the floor for Tim. He looks down at it..
Laika: “I thought you would rather tolerate the cold than the bad memories…”
It is a Legionary RIG, the standard soldier RIG of the S.C.A.F
Tim:..sigh “why’d you have this sir?”
Laika: “I suppose you could say that I enjoy collecting things…”
Tim dons the suit with the help of Laika…

The Legionary RIG, a harsh reminder of Tims horrific past in the S.C.A.F
Tim: “These were designed for extreme weather conditions, much warmer, thanks sir..”
Laika: “At least that is less weight I have to carry….”
Tim: “Exactly how were you carrying that anyway?”
Laika: “Well it is a military RIG…they were built so that they could be compacted to make transport easier”
Tim: “Hm, well where to now sir?”
Laika: “No comms, no transport and no leads on the prisoner…you see, the prisoner is a stalker, it will follow the crowd, and if everyone has departed for another land then it will have no doubt followed…”
Tim: “So…it isn’t here anymore huh?”
Laika: “No.”
Tim: “…right, so the prisoner is gone….there is this seemingly unseen ship in the sky and a group of people have departed for a beam of light far away…and here we are stood outside this restaurant….”
Laika: “That is correct, Tim.”

Tim: “Ever feel like you’re just a spare tool in the box?…”

Meanwhile in Heavens Bridge…

Electronics Officer: My technicians have arrived at the comm array and have assessed any damage…there doesn’t seem to be any faults…
Communications Officer: All outgoing transmissions seem to be jammed still, what could be the problem here?
Monsoon: The Black Marker is truly a remarkable artefact
Communications Officer: Sir, do you think it could be responsible for this?
Monsoon: Certainly
Electronics Officer: I am recalling my team now, this issue is out of our hands…

Due to the Black Markers interference, Heaven remains without a voice

Meanwhile with Sam…

He has been making his way through the city-like habitation decks for a while now, encountering numerous horrors and dreadful sights of the chaos and monstrosities that the Black Marker has produced, having already sliced apart nearly 100 Necormorphs he is beginning to lose strength, both mentally and physically. As he is completely human and doesn’t possess an encased brain he is vulnerable to the signals of the infamous Black Marker…

Even though Sam was a roaming merc on Earth and was involved with some of the most brutal street gangs known at the time the things he has seen here don’t compare in the slightest.

Covered in blood and mentally jarred he slowly makes his way quietly down one of the streets, the HF Murasama blade is drawn as he loosely carries it down by his side…
Sam: Hehe….I should have kept my cyborg body…I wasn’t expecting a slaughter of these scales
He can begin to feel his mind slipping, every now and then he hears a faint whisper…maybe even see’s a faint figure out of the corner of his eye but his Will is strong and he shakes them off…

He hasn’t seen a Necro for a while now, it has been a few too many minutes. When he first entered the deck there were oceans of abominations…talons glistening in the dim street lights. He can’t shake the feeling that something is approaching…

He pauses for a moment in the middle of the blood soaked road

Sam: You think I don’t know you’re there, idiot?

And within that instant a large beast smashes through the nearby wall and sends Sam flying across the street and into a wall….

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Dec 01, 2013 at 09:21AM EST

@Tim and Laika,

Kokonoe has been watching the pilot and navigator stand in front of the Chinese Restaurant this for the past 30 minutes.
Kokonoe: GAH!

Kokonoe: I swear, you people are like those Order Mages wandering around like aimless puppies in a big ol’ world you know jack shit about. It makes me sick just to watch you two standing around like that when there’s stuff that needs to be done!
A few deep breaths comes from Kokonoe, trying to calm herself down…
Kokonoe: There… I heard you two talking about a stalker or something. I know that you jackasses aren’t telling the whole story… If you tell me more, I’d be willing to offer your sorry asses something… Maybe since the captain guy left I could give you a job to get your container back…

Kokonoe: What do you say? Info for what I offer.

@Guild Hall,

Kokonoe uses her monitors to look up at Heaven which is still floating in the sky. Looking at it with intention, she knows that something isn’t right up there.

Kokonoe: HEY! PEOPLE!
This should get everyone’s attention in the guild hall.
Kokonoe: There’s a giant damned space ship floating above the country. Did you jackoffs not notice it until I told you about it?
The cat lady sighs some.

Kokonoe: Well, anyways… Something isn’t right. Their engines are blown, and they played off fake video feed to me when I tried to hack into the cameras.
She taps a button on her touch-screen keyboard.

Kokonoe: Since some people already went to investigate that light, I need some of you to go and investigate what the hell is going on up there.
If anyone is paying attention, they can see that a big gunship that could house a lot of members appear in the front of the guild hall via teleportation.

The ship is extremely small, and could just fit the amount of people that can go on the mission. This was the easiest thing Kokonoe could make in this amount of time. Depending on how many people go, it will be a real cram to get inside of it and get out of it.
Kokonoe: That will be your transportation to get up there.
She then turns her attention towards Tager.
Kokonoe: Tager. You’re to go on this mission.

Tager: Affirmative.
Tager walks out into the biting cold air and boards the vessel.

After an argument between Kokonoe and Hakumen, he finally decided to go aboard because Kokonoe insulted him and told him he couldn’t do it just to prove her wrong.

Kokonoe: Anyone else? Your ride is waiting for you.

@Tim and Laika again,

No matter what their previous decision was about what they wanted to do, Kokonoe teleports Laika into the pilots seat and Tim into the area housing the other members.
Kokonoe: Have fun up there.


Jubei’s eyes go wide when he mentions Izanami.
Jubei: Damn it… Just one thing to the next…
He is extremely concerned about this.
Jubei: Be careful.

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Dec 01, 2013 at 12:08PM EST

OOC: i just woke up and am still tired as shit. so here is my characters that are being split up.

Juvia, Gray, and Erza join the others in the gunship to see Sam. They havea lot of questions for him and also some things they need to give to him, if he i worthy of those gifts anyways.

Natsu, Wendy, Lucy, Carla, and Happy join the Vesperia group on their giant floating whale to the light source. Everyone should know that Natsu has the worst case of motion sickness ever as they fly on the whale.

Mirajane, and her sister Lisanna join Enchantress and Carl on their journey to the Centaur tribes. Preparing for a long trip ahead.

Dec 01, 2013 at 01:06PM EST

Since they are all outside, all 9 of the Order mages, in their two separate groups, notice the light…

At the docks…

Ignis: That doesn’t seem normal.

Tempestia: Shall we investigate, then?

Tahrdan: …I think damn near EVERYONE’S going to want it explained. Let’s go.

The three start running towards the light. Tempestia and Ignis cast Agility Boost a few times to allow the three to cover ground more quickly.


Solarian: I… don’t think that’s a good sign.

Pyralis: I take it you’re going to investigate.

Solarian: This also gives me a reason to try something I’ve been thinking about. You know how we use Warp to travel between worlds… But what if we could use it when focusing on a single spot to move to that spot instantly?

Noctan: That’s… worth a try, actually.

The Order mages who know Warp focus on the light, and though it takes a long time they do manage to teleport closer to the light. This time is conveniently enough so that they don’t arrive too long before anyone else. They start running the remaining distance afterwards. The two groups will meet up once they both get there.

Dec 01, 2013 at 01:20PM EST

Cold touch of ice falls on the land. Merciless winter approaches. Quick footsteps appearing on the ground. A gigantic shadow follows them.
He who chases the light of the moon caught the scent of his prey while his enemies are too distracted by a mere useless light piercing through the clouds. Perfect distraction and perfect moment to strike. He who feeds the darkness and the darkness feeds him takes the skies once again, jumping from a building to another, crushing wood and metal with his deadly talons, getting more and more close to his prey. The prey tries to hide in every corner, the prey cries for help. The hunter of the night silently chases him.
Seconds dissapear.
The prey’ throat is ripped.
Blood on the floor.
The Nightstalker claims another victim.

“Like your worst nightmares, I will always return…”

@Fairy Tail and well..everyone I guess..
Oh nevermind..go and have fun with Sammy and the Metal Gear guys. Let Stalker murder a few citizens and eat people, he is not going to bother you or anything. Makarov will get the news that Stalker was seen in the south of Magnolia but by the time these news arrive and by the time the heroes decide to chase the beast, Nighstalker would be far, faaar away from Fiore, flying up in the sky while devouring a piece of meat that used to be a human.

@Carl and Mirajane
Enchantress: Daww…Its too cold out there! Centaurs probably suspended the event..Tom, do you think-?

Tom: There is no way I am fighting against someone in such a harsh weather conditions. I’m sorry my dear but unless you have the fur of a Alpha Wolf, we won’t be able to arrive to the centaur tribe without being frozen.

Enchantres: (She takes a deep breath. Her eyes gaze at the white clouds slowly covering a sky where a sun used to shine, not a cold empty white space.) How unfortunate..I really wanted to pay Brad a visit..well, I guess we will have to wait for the following month or for a much charming day. We can try tomorrow! What do you think?

Arena suspended. Go home. Centaurs kicked your ass back to Hope since they thought you were a Holy knight. Don’t blame them, you literally spitted on the only piece of culture they had so yeah, you deserved that. Centaurs are as strong as Tager and Veteran so, even with the cheapest martial art ever created, they would have still kicked your ass. Giant scars and injuries that Crazy Diamond can heal so Kenshiro doesn’t have to pretty much care about anything right now.

Well shit, a giant centaur arrives to Hope and leaves a unconcious Kenshiro on the ground. Injuries, blood and red squishy parts, you can heal him with your stand and shit. City is getting cold so go to a hotel, steal a box from a hobo, I dunno.

OOC: Do it Samuel, cause a zombie apocalypse. Do it damn it, I bloody dare you. We can have a whole armaggedon like the thread’ first days.

Dec 01, 2013 at 02:02PM EST


I don’t intend to cause a Zombie apocalypse…or a Necromorph one?….hence the reason its so cold…to prevent any Necro’s escaping…

What a annoyingly erratic statement to make

Dec 01, 2013 at 02:41PM EST

OOC: I don’t have a lot of time right now, so a quick response

Josuke grabs Ken, heals him, and rents a hotel for the night for the two of them

Dec 01, 2013 at 02:50PM EST

Red joins the Whale group. Having practically grown up on airships in his hometown of Cornelia, Red hardly even notices the difference between flying and being aground.
Blisters, Natsu, maybe you should drink more fluids to combat your motion sickness. That helped the first week midshipmen on the Highwind.

Dec 01, 2013 at 03:44PM EST

Before teleporting…
Laika’s device: Fine. the prisoner is a dedicated bounty hunter, it has operated across the galaxy, capturing targets and then selling them onto prisons or penal colonies. It is unbelievably skilled and deadly but also harmless if you are not on its list. That is all I am willing to say…

And then teleported…

Laika has the comfort of the pilot seat whilst Tim is stuffed in the back. The BEE VTOL is a small craft and is struggling to hold itself together will all this weight piled in. Laika checks over the controls whilst Tim just awkwardly sits in the back…
Laika: “These controls are very intricate…"
Tim: “S-sir this red demon is in here."
Laika: “Remain still, Tim and do not show fear"
Tim: “R-right.."
Laika: “It seems as though we are to transport these people to that vessel"
Tim: “It doesn’t look like we have got a choice here….but at least we’re doing something we’re skilled in"
Laika: “Indeed."
Laika continues going over the control layout and getting used to it, Tim decides to strike up conversation
Tim: name is Tim Caufman, ship Navigator…

The VTOL stays on the ground for the moment and waits for any more passengers

Dec 01, 2013 at 04:24PM EST

Zar’s and Asura’s group hop onto the Whale Airship and proceed to fly towards the beam eruption.

Archer boards the gunship. Even though his masters are elsewhere, if they are in trouble they have enough command seals to summon him to their sides.


Yuri: “Oh come on guy, if you are going to vomit, do it over the edge!”

Yuri and Raven prop Natsu up on the side to let him empty his stomach

@Ba’ul’s Passengers:

We arrive at the source of the light within 4 hours.

The place looks like a giant crack in the ground, but the light is barely giving off any heat…


Duke: “Thank you, I will.”

he’s surprisingly fast… he seems to “zoom” away completely silently.

Dec 01, 2013 at 06:22PM EST

Robotnik spends the next several hours on-board one of the Egg Carriers going over military data, making plans, reviewing protocol, etc. Meanwhile, Snviely decides to pay a certain blue hedgehog a visit while he is left alone on the Final Egg.

Sonic & Knuckles remain in the prison block where they were put shortly after their capture. Each of them have individual cells which are sealed off with extremely durable glass and are shielded on both the inside and the outside.

As Snively enters the hallway in between the rows of prison cells, he is greeted by an Egg Pawn stationed next to the doors.

Egg Pawn: Greetings, sir.

Sonic looks over at the door expecting to see the Doc himself, but instead, he sees Snively.

Sonic: Well, well, if it isn’t Robotnik’s ol’ nephew. How’s it been, Snoutley?

Snively: It’s Snively, you overgrown rodent.

Sonic: Yeah. Like it matters.

Snively becomes infurated at Sonic’s attitude.

Snively: You’d best watch yourself, you miserable hedgehog! Once Uncle Julian--

Sonic: Uncle Julian? Puh-lease…

Snively: Once Dr. Robotnik finishes reestablishing the Eggman Empire, you’ll become his robotic slave!

Sonic: Pfft, yeah right! You and I both know Eggman’s never gonna’ win, ’cuz he always fights for evil instead of good!

Snively: What a ridiculous notion.

Sonic: Not as ridiculous as that schnoz of yours!

Snively: Robotnik may have let you survive this long, rodent, but don’t push you’re luck! I won’t hesitate to roboticize you myself!

Sonic knew Snively wouldn’t do anything without the Doctor’s permission, and he was about to make a remark about “Uncle Julian,” but just before he does so, he is cut off by Knuckles, who shouts at Robotnik’s lackey.

Knuckles: Hey! You! Snively, right!?

Snively is somewhat less annoyed that Knuckles referred to him by his real name.

Snively: What do you want, echidna?

Knuckles: I want you to let me out of here! NOW!!!

Snively was now on the verge of laughing. He walks over to Knuckles’s cell with a smirk on his face.

Snively: Nice try, echidna, but you’re not to be let out of here until Robotnik is ready for the both of you to be roboticized!

Knuckles: You tell Eggman to let me out of here, or I’ll punch in BOTH of your ugly mugs!!!

Snively: Right. I’ll be sure to tell him that.

Knuckles: Hey, don’t you walk away from me!

Just before Snively exits the prison block, he gets called over once more by Sonic.

Sonic: Yo, Snootley.

Snively: *sigh* What do you want now!?

Sonic: I just want you to give ol’ ’Buttnik my regards when you see him next.

Eh, on second though, don’t bother; I’ll tell him myself when I escape from this place.

Snively: Hmph!

And with this, Snively leaves the prison block.

Dec 01, 2013 at 07:19PM EST


Tager turns his head to look at Tim. He is part of the reason why this craft is so cramped. He is taking up nearly half the space in there.
Tager: Greetings, Tim. You can refer to me as Tager. I am Kokonoe’s assistant.
He can’t adjust his glasses in this space alone.
Tager: I see that Kokonoe put you on this mission as well… There will most definitely be a lot of ground to cover on that ship.

Hakumen scoffs at Tim, giving off a sort of egotistical air to him. He doesn’t respond to Tim’s claims of who he is, nor does he seem to care about who he is at the moment.


Kokonoe: I think that’s everyone. Initiate lift off.

Meanwhile with the other team… As soon as they get up to the freezing atmosphere, the four on my team begin setting up floating balls of white Ars Magus all over the place. This should keep everyone warm and toasty from the cold, harsh winds. During the four hours of the trip, Ragna and Noel talked some about all the stuff that they’ve been through. If anyone was paying attention, Ragna acted like a gruff, older brother to her. After that, Noel and Makoto sat together. Platinum was too busy fantasizing to herself about treasure to care about anything that was going on.

Noel is the first to hop off the airship and get onto the ground. She looks around at the bright light bursting out of the earth and smiles in whimsy. Her teeth begin to chatter at the sudden change in temperature. She wraps her arms around herself.
Noel: H-H-Hey! R-Ragna! M-M-Makoto! C-Come and s-s-see this!!

The two of them hop out of the airship and walk over to where Noel is, immediately feeling the difference in temperature.

Ragna breathes out and sees his own breath in front of him.

Ragna: Damn, it’s cold…
He has both hands in his pockets with Blood Scythe hitched on his back.

Makoto probably has it the worst right now with that outfit of hers…
Makoto: C-C-Can we p-p-please stop standing around?
She has both her arms wrapped around her as she shivers.

Noel begins walking closer to the giant hole in the ground spurting up light… It’s like she’s drawn to it.
Noel: This is really-!
She takes one step too far and trips forward into the blinding light and falls down the rabbit hole.

Ragna: Noel!
Ragna begins to run for the hole that Noel just fell down.

Makoto: Noelly!
She also begins to run towards the hole in the light.

Suddenly Platinum hops out of the ship, having fallen asleep on the ride.
Luna: You’re not stealing Luna’s treasure, you morons! It belongs to Luna and only Luna!
Platinum jumps out of the ship and bolts towards the two faster than they can reach the hole, colliding into them.

Ragna gets the air knocked out of him from Platinum’s hit.
Ragna: Oof!
And he is knocked down the hole…

Makoto: Gah!
Makoto falls down the hole with Ragna, shortly followed by Platinum.

If anyone could see this it would be hilarious. It’s like one conglomeration of 3 people falling down a hole, yelling at each other and for help.


As he runs off to go catch Izanami, the further along he goes, the more the signal is starting to fade… Every minute it gets fainter and fainter until it can no longer be pinpointed any longer. If he is really smart, the most he could do is determine where the pulse came from in the first place, but no residual energy from the goddess.

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@gunship heading to Heaven.

Juvia and Gray just sit their silently throughout the flight, thinking about a lot of things tht had happened since Sams absence. They don’t know what to say to him really if they do meet him again.

Juvia still has the picture for Sam with her as well. The map and the drawing for her is at her dorm room.

Gray: Any idea what to expect from this guy now?

Juvia: Juvia isn’t sure on how to tell him about Flandres leaving.

Gray: To be honest, I don’t care what he thinks. If he had somehow returned for some reason to start up some pointless battles and drag us all into it, than he has another thing coming to him.

Gray still holds some animosity towards Sam and the other desperado members.

Erza is right next to Hakumen. She seems calm about all of this, but she can’t help but get the feeling that something is off.

Erza: Hakumen, Kokonoe said something was off when she tried to get access to Sams ship. After what she said, I can’t get the feeling out that something is off about all of this. Like something isn’t right. I don’t know if it is my instincts speaking to me or I’m just paranoid. She takes a breath in then out What do you think about all of this personally? Besides what Kokonoe said to you.

@Goup in Whale ship and at dungeon.

During the trip, Natsu was hanging on the side of the ship the whole time suffering from his motion sickness. Happy and the others explain that its a side effect of being a dragon slayer. Dragons don’t handle transportation, so it carries over to Dragon slayers. Wendy is the acception because her style of dragonslayer magic makes her immune to most ailments.

They spend the next four hours just mingling amongst themselves and keeping each other warm. Lucy’s spirit provided her and Wendy some clothes for the weather. They all get a chance to introduce themselves to Noel and others who may not know them still.

Once they land, Natsu drags himself over board and lands on the ground, while Wendy heals up whats left of his motion sickness and springs him back to life.

Natsu: Never again am I going back on that thing.

Happy: you say that about every transport you get on and you still fall for it.

Lucy: Whatever, lets just find out what this light is anyways.

They proceed to the light source and look at whats before them.

Wendy: Wow, its so bright.

Carla: Where did this thing suddenly appear from, and what caused it?

Natsu: Welp, no point in sitting around and waiting. Lets find out shall we?

Lucy: Whai what do you mean… Shoved by Natsu and falls into the hole. Wendy shortly follows too. Then Natsu jumps into it in excitement.

Lucy screams out loud as she falls before being caught by happy, and same with Carla with Wendy.

Natsu just continues to slide on the side of the hole with the others.


Happy: I think he wanted to kill me by carrying you, considering your weight and all.


Wendy: Thank you Carla.

Carla: You can thank the idiot for making me do so. Now lets go see what this thing is really.

They all descen down to the hole to see whats going on.

Dec 01, 2013 at 08:29PM EST

@Light Geyser Team:

that hole was totally a giant laser you guys just jumped into. Everyone died trolololol.

The fall feels a lot longer than it actually is, the feeling of gravity vs the energy beam simultaneously pushing giving the sense of floating, but sure enough everyone hits the bottom…

What they find… is shocking.

With this view, it feels like they have just stepped into heaven. Though this most certainly isn’t heaven…

The water they stand upon is merely only an inch deep. However, looking down in it is like looking though a mirror.

Though one thing is for certain. It’s VERY warm down here.

A lone door stands around 40 feet to their left…

The veiw behind it obscured.

Yuri, Rita, Repede, and Estelle jump in.

Yuri: “Wh-whoah!”

Repede barks up at the ceiling, and keeps barking.

Estelle: “Wh-where’s the exit!?”

Rita: “I think it’s still up there. We just can’t see it…”


No responce

Yuri: “… if only we prepped an escape rope.”

Rita: “… this place…”

Yuri: “Yeah. It’s like we just stepped into another world…”

Dec 01, 2013 at 10:48PM EST

On the way down…

Ragna: Gah! Damn it you stupid brats!
Ragna tries to flip himself into a position so that he can make the fall down less miserable. It takes some out of him, but he finally manages to get in the right position. Jamming his hand towards the ground, he creates a bright and ornate sea-green spell circle.

This should allow everyone who is near him to have a safe journey down as he keeps the circle up. It slows their descent until everyone is able to hit the bottom.

When they hit the bottom everyone looks around at the bizarre scene before them.

Noel has one of the stupidest smiles on her faces right now, just in shock and awe about the whole atmosphere of the cave.
Noel: Whoa… It’s like something out of a story book.
But then her gut tells her to look up, and she does. She sees that there is no way out, and the feelings begin to stir up inside of her into one big pile of emotions that she doesn’t know how to feel. She is in awe, but the fact that there’s no way out makes her feel like she’s trapped in a cage.
Noel: M-Makoto…?

Makoto, on the other hand, knows when to be serious and this is the time… Her usual bubbly personality fades away to reveal a more serious side of the squirrel. She walks over to Noel who is standing by the half of Team Brave…
Makoto: … I don’t like this place one bit.
She takes a look at Team Brave, and then looks to her left. She sees the doorway and gets a sinking feeling in her stomach.
Makoto: … Which one of you wants to go first?
She nods her head towards the gateway.

Meanwhile with Ragna…

Ragna is running around like a mad man trying to catch Platinum as she yells profanities at him.
More running. The water splashes up on his pants. By the end of this his pants will likely be stuck to his legs until they dry.

Luna: You’ll never be able to catch Luna, you dirt-eating mongoloid!
Platinum is still outrunning Ragna just by a little bit, but he is gaining on her.

Ragna reaches a hand out to her and grabs her by the collar of her outfit, yoinking the body back towards him. With extreme anger, he hoists the two kids inside one body up to his eye level.
Ragna: Listen here, you little scumbags… You nearly killed all five of us in a mad dash. If it wasn’t for me, all of us would be dead right now!
He looks at the two of them with his hetero-chromatic eyes, staring deep into them.
Ragna: Give me one reason why I shouldn’t kill the both of ya right now.
He holds Platinum out in front of him and takes Blood Scythe off his back, pointing the tip at Platinum’s neck.

The Sena personality takes over for this.
Sena: I can understand why you’re angry at Luna, mister Ragna the Bloodedge, but-

Noel finally calls out to Ragna.
Noel: Ragna! We’re stuck in this place with no way out!

That was in immediate reply to Noel’s comment. He didn’t even know that they were here in the first place. All he cared about was getting his hands on Platinum…
Ragna: Wait a minute…
He looks around at the water below him and the sky above him.
Ragna: Damn it… Where the hell are we?

While Ragna was preoccupied, Luna took the time to make some funny and rude faces at him.

He drops Platinum back onto her feet and leaves her be for now. He hooks Blood Scythe onto his back and walks over to Noel, Makoto and the others with Platinum following closely behind him.
Ragna: Shit… This place… What is it?


Hakumen stays silent as Erza asks her questions to him. When she finishes, he speaks up. His voice is calm and crystal-clear like it always is. He does not seem to be afraid of anything at all.
Hakumen: I do have the feeling that something is amiss aboard the ship, the same as you. Something is… not right. The fact that this upsets the Grimalkin is most curious to me.
He chuckles some.
Hakumen: However…
Hakumen grips his right hand into a fist in front of him.

Hakumen: No corruption shall stand before my blade. It shall tear through the unjust and rotten scum that plagues this existence. For this, I swear.

Dec 01, 2013 at 11:44PM EST

After realizing how much of a mess I am

Terry:Oh God I’m such a mess…. It probably was when Palkia attacked me.

Terry heads to the room they let him use and changes into some other clothes

@Shiny ass light.

Oh my! That was quite a light show. I wonder what that could be?

Finds out people are heading over there. Sees Brave Vesperia offering rides.

@Brave Vesperia.

Terry:Ummm…. can I go to?

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Dec 02, 2013 at 01:29AM EST


Vesperia had pulled him along and he is now inside the mysterious world thingy from my previous post.

Dec 02, 2013 at 01:41AM EST

@Beam of light,

After 4 hours of relentlessly following the airship, sprinting and bounding across the landscape like a panther it finally arrives at the edge of the crevice…

It remains standing there and begins to scan the environment and its surrounding not to mention the bright light. After a few minutes it assess’s its gathering and is left confused at the read outs, becoming wary of entering it hesitates and instead remains skulking around the entrance…

The VTOL ascends high above the clouds and straight up through the freezing winds…
Tim: Hi Tager and yeah…I don’t think we had much choice coming along…
Laika: “Show. No. Fear, Tim”
Tim: “It seems friendly sir..”
Tim: What does Kokonoe do exactly?

Approaching Heaven they will notice that the main engines are half dead and that the whole ship seems to bare much less life than usual…

Laika: “Where do people find the funds and resources to designs ships like these..”
Tim: “Where would you even start…”
Laika flies the ship upto Heavens side, at this proximity the ship is so vast that is simply looks like a giant wall of never-ending steel…
Laika: “Trying to find a landing bay…”
Tim: err….I’m not too sure about this…
After a few minutes of searching a bay is found…it looks very damaged and torn to shreds, the frame is broken and fractured and the blast shield that would normally close over the entrance is missing completely, the stasis field that would normally keep the bay air locked and sealed has also been completely destroyed…
Laika: “It looks like they forgot to seal up before entering FTL…the landing lights have been burnt out too…”
He flies the ship slowly into the dock and lands it on one of the pads which is situated on the end of a pier-like platform…shutting off the engines the cabin of the aircraft is drowned in silence…

The doors are opened up and Tim squeezes out, meanwhile Laika climbs up and out of the cockpit

The landing bay is freezing cold, icicles hang from most surfaces whilst the floor is glazed with a thin layer of frost. Dead silence fills the air as their doesn’t seem to be any other signs of life.

At the end of the pier is a single closed door.

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