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Captain Spark’s amazing tales of the future: Chapter 1…“The path that leads to conflict.”

“All life problems can be solved with the following principle: Heads or Tails. We thought Harvey was crazy when he was the sanest one actually. Our society’ standarts and laws are so fragile, they are constantly being broken and torn apart, constantly being repaired and rebuilt and constantly being rewritten. Once I heard a comedian saying that humans can change everything, the world around them, nature itself, everything except their own minds. We pick a good thought that is believable, we punch a few numbers on it and we put it up in the skies of our society, where people will take it for granted. Take violence…People say that violence is wrong yet when they see a man getting his face punched and slammed into the ground they just look away and keep walking as if said man never existed. Provided that the events and consequences of our changing society and decaying capitalism don’t touch you, you will never care about someone’ else life, someone’s problems, you won’t turn around your head and listen to his life unless you are planning to sell him something or bang his daughter. Digest these concepts..”Undying system"..“Violence monopoly”..“Justice for one at the cost of all”..You better pick a bible or a coin, god knows what awaits for you in this sick game of the dominators and dominated.
“About a time Sparky got this, about a time the hero saw who truly decides whats good and bad for us, what things can be considered dangerous and what things that might be deadly for us but are good in monetary terms for small group of faceless men and women, things that will be allowed to live among us as long as profit increases. Pockets first, blood and culture later. The authority is falling, the president and his league of politicians, normal people just like us but with the power of the green goods and publicity which makes them appear as holy images like Jesus or Buddha, these excelent actors are running away from the theater, a theater about to fall. We got tired, tired of wars, tired of criminals, tired of everything. We got tired of them and they got tired of us. The solution? Animals are amazing aren’t they? Ants work togheter perfectly fine, dolphins hunt in perfect synchronization, but us? We argue, we complain, we end up with a solution that will dissapear later and lead to further discussion..when that fails, we use the force, we use violence, we carve the word “order” in everyone’s faces."

“With the president gone, the cold eyes of the Colonel are free to watch us once again. Our laws allow these green wearing bastards to take control of the situation when the blue book fails. If that wasn’t enough, Eric left a beutiful present for the Colonel’s mood before leaving this place: Alcatraz’ doors no more, rutheless bastards on the streets and Harvey and co. running everywhere. Thats when the Colonel decided to punch peace and justice, when the standarts of freedom went down, when speech and opinion became a crime, when the man became the monster he swore to kill. The captain showed up..I told him about this..War once again..We are lost..We don’t know what to do anymore…”
Calm down kiddo, pick up the holy book, the one that your parents bought, the one that you were never really interested to read but you read it anyways becouse your teacher told you so..The forgotten book hidden in your desk or in your bookshelf..Read a few paraghraps and believe in something..or better, get a coin from your wallet, stare at the nothingness, at the future, at everything you wish and then ask to yourself..“Heads or Tails?”
“Heads chaos and madness become a true reality..Tails humans finally realize that they can create a perfect community..I have been tossing the damn coin for months..and I always get heads..”
“What about you?”

Next chapter: “The songs of sociopathy.”

@The Fairy Guild
Saddly for the cold and dark weather, the happiness and charm of Enchantress shall pierce all the heavens and go beyond the darkest clouds and the most ferocious rains. Despite not being able to tell what time of the year is exactly, Enchantress knows exactly what happends when the rivers are frozen, when the Hellbears hibernate, when the trolls desperatly fight each other just to keep a single piece of meat and when the Alpha Wolves leave their respective habitats and search for warmer places to stay. Its the merriest of the times for Enchantress who hops around the Guild, decorating the place and spreading the magic of “FROSTIVUS”.

One may dare to ask, what the hell is FROSTIVUS? And by one I mean Carl, Mirajane and pretty much everyone who stayed behind.

Enchantress: Woah, you have never ever heard of Frostivus? How do you even manage to live without Frostivus? I am really sorry for all you..really…you are missing a really important part of the culture of these lands if you don’t know what is Frostivus. It is the joyest celebration of the year which happens on the coldest time of the year! Rejoice as the tradition of peace over war spreads and the truce between good and evil raises from the grave just like every year! Can you hear that? That lovely sound in the air? The centaurs are not fighting wolves anymore, the trolls are not stealing, the most heartless creatures are now retreating and the only thing that remains is joy and happiness! No magical ancient demon or anything shall stop this celebration! The truest essence of Frostivus, the heart of this joyful event, is the spirit of givening. Let the spirit of Frostivus captivate your hearts my friends and let the givening begin!

There is literally a horde of animals from the woods helping Enchantress as she spreads the Frostivus in the Guild. Snowflakes trimmings on the walls, the traditional colours of Frostivus (evergreen, cold blue and wooden brown) present in even the smallest piece of decoration, a ridiculous amount of wreaths in the entrance, the celebration begins. The hall is filled with gifts that Enchantress bought with the huge amount of gold she has. As a creature of the forest, she was the first one to feel the cold touch of winter on her skin and that pie was just the very beginning of the event known as FROSTIVUS.

Enchantress: Don’t open them until the Frostivus ends or else you will attract the Greevil!

@Ken and Josuke
Well the hotel looks like a traditional gothic building, something out of the Middles Ages. Its quite cheap to stay and the food is delicious. Too bad that the hotel crew is quite small and that with the bloody winter arriving, the lack of air conditioner and the extremelly old heater in the room become a huge problem for Josuke and Kenshiro who literally have to stay in bed for the rest of the knight. If there is something you will love from Hope is the lack of chaos and senseless fighting, Its dead silent.

OOC: le pageget. Anyways, the ghost of Marx is back and I will not be able to post. Maybe I can react tonight, I’m not so sure. good luck

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Right after the others enter, the Order mages arrive… they do see what they have to do, though, and they follow the rest down. They waste no time in the cold… even though it seems that the fire elemental mages are more affected by the cold and the water elemental mages affected less for some reason…

(OOC: The reason is that ice (and by extension cold) is considered to be water for resistance purposes with these guys.)

They hear the last few words as they land…

@Team Brave

Solarian: Heh, getting out of places like this. That was the ORIGINAL purpose of Warp, until we managed to adapt it to travelling between worlds.

The thoughts of this take him back to when he was a mere lumimancer himself, decades ago… He wasn’t the most popular of lumimancers, mainly due to his weapon of choice.

@the area in general…

Tempestia: quietly Damn, it’s warm here… should have brought my lighter clothing, even though there’s nowhere to change into it…

(For warm areas, however, it is the fire elemental guys who have the advantage and the air elementals who have a disadvantage.)

Pyralis: I don’t feel it. Makes a nice change compared to outside, though. How the hell the water elementals didn’t feel it as much I don’t know…

Noctan: Think about it. They didn’t feel the cold and you don’t feel the heat… it seems that our elemental properties even apply to weather conditions and such…

Tahrdan: Moving on…

The aquamancer looks around

Tahrdan: We’ve got… something that seems like water, and an arch which we cannot see beyond for some reason. I feel as if we should proceed carefully and just react to things as they come.

Solarian: That’s a good idea, actually. We don’t know what could be lurking here… there may even be enough miasma floating around for… well, random battles.

Dec 02, 2013 at 01:18PM EST

Long post warning! Most of this is just me trying to further establish Red’s character, go ahead and skim the first bit if you don’t like long posts.

[S] Red: Descend
In the bottom of the light well, Red is unusually fidgety and quiet. Although this certainly isn’t the same place, it bears a strong resemblance to the mythic realm of his patron goddess, Cosmos.

Red can’t help but smile as he remembers his sacred quest all those years ago to his sacred quest bestowed upon him by Cosmos as one of the “Warriors of Light,” but such memories only pain him when he remembers what happened to his home, Cornelia…
In an attempt to shake those memories, Red decides to do what he does best, and charges into a situation with little knowledge of said situation. He is indeed more intelligent than his actions suggest, but, to put it in his own words: in the battlefield of logic, Red fights unarmed.

I’ll scout ahead, since my versatility will allow me to handle pretty much any situation.
A hint of cockiness creeps into Red’s voice at that last line. Before anyone can object, Red half-walk half-runs to the doorway.

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Dec 02, 2013 at 06:00PM EST

Falcon, Josuke, and Jotaro are the last ones down, and that’s because Falcon had spent a lot of time preparing for the trip. When they land, they have a bag full of canned goods and rations with them.
Falcon: Jesus, that took a while. Anyways, everyone ready? Because we are.

Dec 02, 2013 at 06:58PM EST


Shortly after reaching the inside hanger of one of heavens many docking ports. Erza, Gray, and Juvia make their way out of the ship and into the freezing cold that is Heavens bowels. What they see before them is just only the beginning of a nightmare.

They look around the docks to see everything is covered in ice and frost. From one of the ships already docked there to the walls and ceilings.

Gray: ERza, I think you may be right about that instinct of yours.

Juvia: What happened here, and why is it so cold Gray-Sama? She says as she shivers.

Erza: What the hell happened here? This is not good, not good at all.

Erza reaches to her codec to contact Kokonoe.

Erza: Kokonoe, are you seeing this right now? Do you have any idea of what might have happend here?

Gray goes up to Tager with a cold Juvia’s holding onto his arm as if it were a rope of life.

Gray: Tager, is there any way to get a hold onto Sam and the others in here? If not try and see if you can at least get access to the ships systems from here.

Juvia: Trying to get warm. I’m also afraid of what might have happened to the other people here that were refugees from Mobius.

Gray: Whatever may be the chase, everyone stick together, keep close and keep an eye out for anything. God knows what me might have gotten ourselves into.

@Light dungeon.
Natsu and them make it to the bottom and see the entire place the way it is.

Natsu: Damn, wasn’t expecting this honestly.

Happy: Me neither, well at least its warm here.

Wendy: aahhh.. It’s so pretty here. So peaceful.

Carla: Still, this is much rather too strange to be just at the bottom of a crevice.*

Lucy: Hey whats that?

They then see the empty archway near them. Then they see Red going towards it.

Natsu: HAHAH, THATS THE SPIRIT RED, ILL JOIN YOU TOO. Natsu runs towards it as well with Red.

Lucy: Natsu, Red, wait. You dont know what might happen.

Natsu: Only one way to find out! Happy flies along side them.

Lucy: ughhh.. This guy sometimes…

Wendy: I gues we dont have another choice but to follow them.

Carla: Especially since it doesn’t seem like a way out from here from were we came from by the looks of things.

Lucy: Great…. Okay everyone, lets go.

They make their way towards the door way while Natsu and happy are at a high pace towards it with Red.

@Enchantress and the guild hall

With the sudden appearance of all of the animals and the cheerful festivities brought over by Enchantress. Everyone in the hall seems really excited about all of it and are also descide to help decorate the hall for Frostivus.

Makarov: My my, such a lovely festivity going on here.

Mirajane: I know, isnt this exciting?

Lisanna: Yah it is. I dont think I could ever imagine this place without Aiushtha here. She just brings so much life to the town.

Makarov: Yah… Life… Still trying to forget the pie that plagued the guild hall

Makarov: Well then, I’ll leave everything in your hands then Mira and Enchantress. Just dont destroy the guild hall in the process.

Mirajane: Dont worry we wont.

They than have presents for all of them from Enchantress.

Makarov: oh… Presents? How kind of you dear.

Mirajane: Hmm. what could it be exactly?

Lisanna: well, like she said, we gotta wait. So lets put them aside for now and see how this all works out exactly. Aiushtha, you lead the way.

They then begin preparations once more for Frostivus in Magnolia.

Dec 02, 2013 at 08:00PM EST


The instant Red steps though the archway, he seems to vanish from the view of the other characters. Now he is in a slightly chilly tower like area on the top floor. There is only one way to go down here… and that is Down.

Vesperia step though into this room as well…

Yuri: “This place just gets weirder and weirder…”

Rita: “And no guards…”

As soon as everyone reaches the bottom of the stairs, reaching a pair of doors.

Writing is found below the doors. Reading out…

If one seeks the right to enter, from this point onwards you shall show the integrity to lead yourself onwards.
If one does not wish to face the trials, stand upon the golden plate in the middle of the stairs. Though bear in mind you will never be able to enter this place again.
Hesitation is not an option. The Guardians Await You.

Estelle: “That… is a bit unsettling.”

Yuri: “I wonder what they meant by not to hesitate…?”


Archer is hanging around Erza and Hakumen in Spirit Form. His presence should have already been known, but he did it to conserve energy.

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Tager: Professor Kokonoe is one of the head scientists of an organization called Sector Seven. She’s also a genius in nearly ever field of scientific research, as well as my superior.


Hakumen and Tager both step off the ship to see what lies before them… The two are thrust into this nightmarish land, not knowing what lies ahead of them on their journey.

Tager begins looking around the place. He spots what the normal eyes couldn’t see. He sees the icicles frozen solid on the ceiling, not dripping a single drip of water. Tager also paid attention to the exterior of Heaven, every single detail. He steps out of the ship, clearing out some room for everyone else.
Tager: Temperature appears to be negative 5 degrees Celsius, well below freezing…
He activates his telescopic eye and scans around the room once again, trying to find any signs of life…
Tager: No signs of life within the vicinity. What the hell happened to this place…?
He is then asked by Gray if there is any way to contact Sam… He feels as if there is something very wrong going on around here.
Tager: I’ll put out a scan to see if there is a way. There aren’t any guarantees, though.
His glasses begin to glow blue as he puts out a scan for anything of interest, any electromagnetic fields that would disrupt communication, any heat signatures or signs of life.

Hakumen stays quiet as he steps out of the gunship.
Hakumen: …
He crosses his arms and walks forwards towards the group, not saying a word. The lights in the docking bay area go out for a split second, and you are all greeted to this image of the White Knight standing in the pitch blackness.

If you weren’t expecting it, you would have nearly shit your pants. The eyes in his armor swivel around in their sockets, getting a good layout of the room.
Hakumen: This place is dead and cold… The visage of death has reared it’s ugly head here.
His ominous words really aren’t helping the moods here.
Hakumen: Stay close. Do not stray from each other, whatever you may do.
Hakumen drops both hands back down to his sides. He is on high alert for whatever is to come.


When you try to contact Kokonoe…

A loud static bursts into your ear and you have to turn it down… You still hear the static, but something else begins to play and work it’s way into your head.

Twinkle, twinkle, little star,
How I wonder what you are!
Up above the world so high,
Like a diamond in the sky!

When the blazing sun is gone,
When the nothing shines upon,
Then you show your little light,
Twinkle, twinkle, all the night.

Then the traveler in the dark,
Thanks you for your little spark,
He could not see which way to go,
If you did not twinkle so.

When the blazing sun is gone,
When the nothing shines upon,
Though I know not what you are,
Twinkle, twinkle, little star.

This is beyond creepy.


All of my characters step into the archway and follow the stairs downward to the giant door.

Ragna: …
He walks up to the doorway, standing a good few feet away from the golden pressure plate. He reads the words in front of the doors and raises an eyebrow.
Ragna: … What kind of psycho built this place?

Luna has ideas of treasure in her mind…
Platinum: Let’s grill this bitch!
She points her staff at the doorway and just fires a giant Bullet Bill missile that si decorated in a girly way at the door. It had a cat face and pink bow on it.

Everyone ducks and rolls out of the way of the mad lunatic of a kid’s shot.

@Guild Hall,

Carl looks up at Enchantress, after having the event of Frostivus explained to him.
Carl: So… It’s like Christmas, Miss Aiushtha?
He has no idea that she knows nothing about Christmas, but it’s worth a shot anyways.

Tao and all the little ones are helping decorate the place. Tao is jumping from place-to-place with streamers and wreathes and stuff. The tiny ones are carrying boxes of ornaments around the guild hall and trying their best to help out too.


Lycan has felt something watching him for the past few hours. Whenever he tried to catch a glimpse of whatever it is, he never gets to see it. It just watches and observes him and his pack, wherever they may be.

Dec 02, 2013 at 10:10PM EST


Before anyone could react, the bullet bill magic missle cat bullet smashes the door open. The door is merely covered in a layer of Cartoon Soot, as despite it being insanely strong, it wasn’t locked at all.

Stranger and stranger. Now the scenery has changed yet again, and you all now stand in a giant elaborate park.

Notably, there are many ceramic lizards of various sizes attached to various surfaces around the place.

Rita: “And suddenly it’s warm again. Lets hope there isn’t a room that freezes us instantly.”

Estelle: “Wow, this place is pretty!”

Estelle wanders ahead in wonder

Yuri: “I guess this is the intended starting of this place. Be careful for Death Traps or Monsters.”


Maribel, Renko, and Terry are all still up in the heaven “room”

Renko: “Um…”

Renko checks her ammo. She was able to buy some off Kiritsugu earlier… 22 shots.

Maribel: “Come on, lets follow them.”

the two go running down the tower the fighters of the group just cleared, Terry in figurative tow

@Hakumen & Erza:

Archers voice echos from around them

Archer: “A rather serious tragedy has befallen this place. I do believe I read something my father wrote regarding things like this.”

He seems to dissolve in.

Archer: “…And if I am correct, everyone who was here is still standing. Keep your guard up.”

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@ Everyone else

Ahhh?! Ahh?!…. Ummm don’t leave me behind!

Terry not wanting to be left behind decides to run after Maribel, and Renko

Ahhh! W-wait for me!

Terry hauls ass trying to follow everyone. He has his pokeballs ready for any situation.

Dec 03, 2013 at 02:03AM EST


Your scans bring up signs of anomalous electromagnetic signals….from two distinct sources…these sources seem to branch out thousands of times over like the roots of a extremely complex tree…


All outbound communications are currently blocked when aboard Heaven, any attempts will of course be met with a ominous static…

@Heaven Team,

Laika and Tim take a few steps down the pier dock and examine the other shuttle…
Laika: “Ablative plating has been cracked…stripped off completely in some places…frozen fuel lines too no doubt…..definitely unfit for space flight….”
It is a standard civ shuttle used for basic transport and inter-ship transfers when in a flotilla formation, it is considerably larger than the BEE VTOL and could comfortably hold the entire team with some room to spare however noting Laika’s examination the hull and systems have taken considerable damage and will need heavy repair to be brought back to a flight worthy status. Unknown to Laika however (as he comes from a different tech universe) is that the shuttle is outfitted with a Slipspace drive (Shockpoint in Dead Space terms, literally the same thing) meaning that it is capable of FTL flight.

Tim just looks around the dock itself, the sight of this icy wonderland unsettles him greatly, more so than the others…
Tim: “Remind me why we are here again s-sir?”
Laika: “It is simple, there is nothing else to do and this is the only job we are qualified for to such an extent that we actually become a valuable asset….well I like to think so…”
Tim walks over to the hand railing opposite the shuttle and grasps it tightly, the ice crackles under the padded gloves of his suit as he stares down into the empty bay, deep down…at the back of his mind…he knows he is about to relive the very same horror that caused him to go AWOL all that time ago. It’s the cold air, the Legionary RIG, the deathly silence…the dead ship…it is like he is back on the expedition… Hakumens words only increase the creeping panic slowly eating away at the back of his mind.

Tim manages to shake the trance as Laika’s voice slowly comes back into hearing…
Laika: “-In the end I would just have it scrapped….”
He turns to face Tim
Laika: “Watch leaning on those bars, the FTL exposure has weakened this entire bay…”
The Nav quickly backs off the bars, it turned out he was actually holding them up ever since he touched them, a meter long strip of hang railing snaps from the pier and falls down into the empty bay causing a rather loud “clang”
Laika: “See. I told you.”
Tim: “S-sorry s-sir…”
Laika turns to the others and begins tapping away at his translator
Laika’s device: We should continue quickly as this place has taken heavy structural damage, I suggest that you tread lightly…
Laika is a very curious person, he is always interested in seeing new sights and has a undying thirst for knowledge, in reality he is actually quite excited about what he is to find within the ship. Tim on the other hand is completely the other way inclined.

Laika makes his way towards the armoured door at the end of the dock and gives it a look over. It appears to be a double door design, opening horizontally, the only problem is, is that it’s frozen up and therefore jammed solid
Laika: “Tim, we require the brute strength of the red demon, you have befriended it so you can coax it no doubt..”
Tim: sigh Err…Tager..the door through is frozen shut, I think my friend needs a hand getting it open…
Looking towards the door you will see Laika battling with opening mechanism whilst spouting foreign profanities…

@Beam of light,

The bounty hunter has decided it will instead wait at the edge of the crevice on the logic that what has gone in will probably come out the same way…


As I have the Dead Space, Metal Gear Solid and Halo fictions all running simultaneously side by side here I am writing out this little summary so that they tie together in some sort of coherent form.

At the moment the crew is a hybrid between Halo and MGS. The CO’s are all from the Haloverse whilst 90% of the rest of Heavens crew are from MGS, for example the PMC’s, the Metal Gears, the Tengu’s. Of course the Spartan Deck and the Spartans themselves are all completely untouched Halo entities. The civilians themselves are just generic faceless NPC’s.

Now this is slightly more tricky but when you look at it the MGS and Halo universe fit together nicely, seeing as Halo lacks proper cyborgs and body augmentations the MGS guys have done a good job at filling the spot. Overall However Heaven has become a cross-breed between Halo and DS architecture but to simplify this..all the upper deck areas are high tech and have a Haloverse setting whilst the city like districts of the hab decks take the form of the grisly corridors and colonies of DS.

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The Order mages follow everyone else,and are already prepared for combat at a moment’s notice.

Granatir: Hmm….

The earth elemental mage is looking at the lizards with some interest…

Granatir: What purpose do you think they serve?

Dec 03, 2013 at 01:12PM EST

Red pokes his head out of the door.
It’s not a death trap, guys! Probably. Haven’t gotten very far. Focal point is that you won’t die via stepping through the door.
*Red descends the staircase carefully, using his keen dungeoneer senses to look for some kind of chamber, switch, or burial place on his way down.%

Dec 03, 2013 at 04:58PM EST


The results from Tager’s scan come back. High electromagnetic fields from two separate spots of the ship branching off like root systems to completely cover the ship in an electromagnetic field that cannot let communications get out or come in.
Tager: … Scan complete. There are two separate sources of electromagnetic energy on the ship that cover it in some sort of barrier, like the root structure of a convoluted plant. Don’t bother try and getting any communications out of here… It seems like we’re on our own from here on out.
When Tim asks him to open the door, Tager is on it. He begins to walk towards the doorway. His heavy steps aren’t helping the structure of the landing bay. It seems to shake with every step that he makes.
Tager: Hm…
He gets close to the door and examines it. Seeing that it’s frozen over, there is no possible way to get through this other than force.
Tager: Stand back.
He moves Laika behind him with a gentle sweep of his giant arm. Turning his attention back to the door, he punches straight through the door in one swift motion. His fist goes straight through, breaking the ice off the door and leaving a gaping hole in it. Taking both hands, he grabs the ends of the metal pieces and rips them out of their structure, tossing them to the side after he is finished with them.
Tager: Clear. Come along.
He and the rest of the team go through the door and begin their journey down the accursed halls of Heaven.

@Dungeon and people in it,

The four of my characters enter through to the park, beyond the cartoonishly blown open doors. The light beams down on them from above as they look around the place.

Ragna: …
He keeps his distance from the structures that have the decorative lizards on them, mainly just looking around. Rather lately, he responds to Red’s question without even looking at him.

Ragna: It’s not one now, but it doesn’t mean that it could up and change on us. I don’t want to be the babysitter here. Your life, not mine.

Noel is looking around the place at all of the trees and pillars of rock that line the sides of the pathway.
Noel: Heh.This reminds me of a place that Tsubaki would take us to-…
She seems to be stood there in a sort of trance-like state.
Noel: Tsubaki…
Her voice has becomed saddened now, thinking about someone…

Makoto makes her way over to Noel after she’s just standing there and lost in thought.
Makoto: Noel, both you and Tsubaki are my most precious and closest friends. That’s why…
She has to choke up her next words.
Makoto: We won’t give up until we find her, wherever she is.

Noel: You’re right, Makoto.
She tried her hardest not to let tears surface, and she puts on a smile of hope for the future. She won’t let her friends, the people she cares the most deeply for, suffer any longer.

Meanwhile with Platinum…
Luna: What the hell, Sena?! These lizards aren’t made of real gems! They’re just cheap-ass knockoffs!
She smashes her staff into one of the lizards on a pillar, completely shattering it into ceramic bits.

Sena: Calm down, Luna. We’re sure to find treasure around here soon enough. You just have to be patient…*

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Erza hears the song playing in her codec and it is quite very disturbing to her. She Is quite disturbed by it and has a look of cold fear on her face.

Erza: …

Gray: Erza, you okay? did you contact her?

Erza: All I got was static, then something started to play through my device. A song. A really creepy song.

Juvia: Juvia doesnt want to be here anymore Gray.

Gray: As messed up as it is, we have no choice but to follow through with this. We need to find sam and find out what the hell is going on here.

Erza: After catching her breath in relief of the fear inducing song. Okay…. I’m alright. It just surprised me that’s all. Since Tager says any communication is void in here, we need to stick close together and keep an eye out for each other and one another.

Juvia hold on to Grays arm even tighter as they all follow Tager and the rest of the group into the depths of Heaven.

Once again, everyone is still tripped out over this place shortly after going through the destroyed door.

Lucy: This place just gets weirder and weirder.

Wendy: At least its still pretty. But still, what kind of place is this.

Carla: who knows how long such a place existed for.

Natsu: Welp, like I said earlier, only one way to find out. Lets go Happy. You too Red, Just stick close to me and you’ll be alright.

Happy: Aye!

The two of them proceed down the garden, looking at the surroundings for any sort of clue or anything of interest.

Lucy: sign Well guys. Lets play follow the idiot, considering we don’t know what to do from here.

Wendy: Just be careful around here guys, who knows whats in this place.

Lucy: Or who.

Carla: Everyone look around for anything that might give us any clue as to how to get out of here, or at least to fid out what this place is.*

The rest of them begin to follow Natsu and Happy.

Dec 03, 2013 at 07:13PM EST

@Dungeon Team:


Shortly after smashing that lizard, Luna suddenly feels something bite her ankle…

Upon looking down, one of the much larger lizards now has her entire ankle clamped down on.

All the various little reptiles on the wall are all looking at Luna, and begin to come to life as they make their revenge charge at her.

The big lizard that originally got her seems to freeze back up, trapping her leg as others start climbing on her and begin biting down insanely hard. She only has a few seconds before her bones start to break and these things tear her apart.

Rita: “Where you not thinking!? Didn’t everyone say be careful for traps!?”

Yuri: “Now is not the time to scold her!”

Yuri runs up

Yuri: “Destruction Field!”

This smashes the big one anchoring down on her ankle, but it’s head is still firmly strapped onto it, and it tightens its jaw with all intents on shattering that ankle.

If nobody else acts she is going to be crushed in the jaws of a dozen stone lizards.


Archer quietly follows along. Eyes darting left and right. His senses are heightened for long range firing, so he can hear most of the stuff going on in that sector of the ship. And that amount of activity scares him.

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Enchantress: On window panes, the icy frost, leaves feathered patterns, crissed and crossed but in our house the Frostibus tree is decorated festively with tiny dots of colored light, that cozy up this winter night. Happy Frostivus everyone!

And so the joyful celebration known as Frostivus spreads all over Magnolia, in every dark and small corner, in the most distant houses, the happiness of this event knows no limits and every citizen should be giving away presents to each other. Rivalries, fights, conflicts, the ol’ battle between the good and the evil are put to an end as part of a truce that Frostivus has where none may cause trouble during the givening. Everyone is invited to the Fairy Guild to rejoice and celebrate, a giant party no one asked for and a celebration no one truly understands. The eyes of the Enchantress are sparkling as she decorated the Guild with the help of his friends from the forest. The doors of the hall are opened and a gigantic bird-like creature steps in. Its a member from the Wildwing tribe. As Enchantress greets him, the bird merely bows at her as a flock of wildwings approach the doors. The most wisest and oldest members of the Wildwing tribe decided to bless Aiushtha and her companions, bowing to each and every member of the Fairy Tail present and giving all of them a very special present: Wildwings have a small degree of magic and they can use their own wings to control the wind itself but saddly, they are unable to fly long distances. Becouse of this, they consider their feathers to be more valuable than diamonds and gold, they will often look after their plumage as if it was some sort of royal uniform and they treasure their lost feathers, saving them to line the nests where they raise their young. It speaks of their deep respect for Enchantress that they gifted her these feathers for her bangles. These ancient members of the Wildwing gifted everyone with their own feathers, artisan pieces for you to wear such as bangles and necklaces that show their true great respect. The Windwing quickly leave after bowing to Enchantress once more, taking the white skies with their huge red wings.

Enchantress: This shall be the greatest and most memorable Frostivus of the entire century, I’m sure of it! The centaurs of Maraudine should arrive in any moment with the most delicious turkey you have ever eaten and ogres from the South said that they just figured out how to properly pick fruits and food! We better get a huge table becouse I invited all of my friends here! Azwraith promised to come with a huge bag of fish and I heard that every fishermen will follow him! Remember to not open the presents until the last bit of snow dissapears unless you are searching the company of the greevil! Happy Frostivus!

Of course the silly doe is happy, she still doesn’t realize that this world is unknown territory for her..

After a week of nothing but travelling on a surface he doesn’t even know, Banehallow’ journey finally ended after going through the entire planet and finding the answers he wanted so bloody much. Said answers only gave him even more questions. The lack of food and the harsh weather conditions forced the Lycanthrope to sleep in a Hellbear cave near Hope. Alpha is not sleeping unlike his parents and the rest of the pack of wolves, instead he is running around and barking at his own shadow. Bane dreams, dreams with revenge, dreams with murdering the man who turned him into a monster and killed every member of his family. His nose twitches, his eyes are opened inmediatly, he howls like a feracious beast about to strike and quickly gets up from the floor only to find Alpha, who is still barking at his own shadow. Bane stares at the nothingness for a few seconds.

If you are searching for the company of the wolves, you got it. Show yourself.

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In surprise and pain, Luna begins to feel the karma that she just dished out.
Luna: Owowowow! Someone help Luna!

Sena: I’ll try and keep her restrained next time, but please help us!
The body cannot move thanks to the stone lizards clamping down on her. They’re about as long as the length from the wrist to the elbow.

Ragna: God damn it…
He jumps backwards and faces the direction that the biggest chunk of them are coming from.
Ragna: Dead Spike!
He slices his sword upward, and a ground-laser of seithr heads for the biggest group of lizards, wherever they’re at. Upon contact with the group, it explodes with a deadly force and ran through any smaller ones.

After this, Ragna jumps over to Platinum and smashes Blood Scythe down onto the head of the lizard, shattering it completely.
Ragna: You’re lucky I’m in a good mood today, you brats!
He punches one of the lizards that is clamped down on her arm with a heavy jab. This should break it. He continues to hold off the bigger lizards by firing off Dead Spikes for the big ones, and stomping on the smaller ones.

Makoto: Come on, Noel!
She tosses off her Sector Seven labcoat to reveal her outfit once again. It would be terrible if the guys were looking right now.
Makoto: HYA!
Her right tonfa glows, and she smashes it down on one of the lizards on Platinum, shattering it instantly and making a sort of shockwave after the punch.

She keeps this up, quickly shattering the lizards off Platinum with help from the others before they can break Platinum’s bones.

Noel draws Bolverk out of the holsters on her back.

Bolverk is the name of a pair of two white handguns that are ridiculously large. She raises Bolverk at a group of the bigger lizards. Her eyes seem to glow a bright gold as she sets her target and fires a golden shot at the statues.

The one shot from Bolverk set off a large explosion that blasted the little guys clean into obliteration, while taking out large chunks of the big lizards. With the other handgun, she fires more shots into a different group to keep them at bay so Ragna can fend off the ones that she can’t see.


The night is silently still. No birds are calling, the wind is stable, and no smell fills the air… When Lycan wakes up, he still sees nothing other than Alpha barking at his own shadow. No creature dares to disturb him in his cave, except for one…
The wind begins to blow gently as the branches outside shift and sway, like dancing ballerinas. Lycan can smell the faint scent of roses fill his nostrils. He takes a moment to blink, but when he opens his eyes, the creature is already there standing before him.

He sees before him a young girl with pale skin, long blonde hair tied into two pigtails with black ribbons, and red eyes. She wears Gothic Lolita fashion with a frilly black gown and jacket, red ribbon bow tie, a red bat symbol design cross from the front to the back on her dress, another red cross on her shawl and bottom half, high heeled black boots with a red cross, and a red ribbon on her left ankle. Beside her is a giant black cat, and a floating, red pig-bat thingy.
Rachel: How dreadful… Having to stay in a cave like the savage that sleeps inside you. It would be laughable if it wasn’t so sad.
She keeps her bright red eyes locked on him, not wavering.
Rachel: The son of a noble, with your beloved friends and family taken away from you and murdered one grizzly day… You fought for what you believed was right, and were cursed with a terrible spell by the magicians of your kingdom’s court. Expected to eat your own father, you had the will to rebel and kill all the king’s vassals and all the king’s men.
She begins to toy with her hair as she tells him his life’s story in her own words.
Rachel: Your family, your traditions, your honor, everything that you once held dear was lost in the blink of an eye… Yet, you still remain to fight for what you believe is “right”.
She begins to float off the ground with the very wind itself bending to her will.
Rachel: And now, only the wolf remains. Hmph. How unsightly… I wonder to myself how a creature such as yourself even manages to remember to even breathe with the two natures of beast and man pulling at one another like a fierce fight for dominance.

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Narsu begins destroying the lizards en masses due to his powerful fire dragonslayer magic and his sheer superhuman like strength.

Lucy summons sagatarrius and fires volleys of arrows that easily pierce their ceramic hides and teara them asunder.

Wendy channels her sky magic to add buffs to peoples magical powers, amplifying their spells strengths.


[Frostimas intensifies]

(Insert relivant gif here)

Ooc: all for today, dont give a shit. Tired as fuck and pissed off as hell.

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@ Ceramic Lizards

Uh… oh… Tch…
Bringing out two of his pokeballs, Terry sends out both Totodile, and Machop

Okay you two lets do this!

Machop use Cross Chop!

Totodile use Water Gun on those things!

Dec 03, 2013 at 11:35PM EST

Lizard Attack@Dungoneers:

(Yeah, going to throw out a reminder that I balanced this challenge for the group who went in. And the difficulty will reflect as such. Don’t expect ANY fight to last less then two circles.)

What is made insanely apparent is that these things have a great amount of Magic Defense on top of their cement builds

Unfortunately, had Ragna decided to avoid hitting Platinum, his Dead Spike only hit two of the big lizards. The second of which is still walking on his front legs towards more delicious human ankles.

Makoto winds up freeing Platinum, though Platinum’s right arm broke at the wrist.

Noel’s bullet fire helps get rid of the annoying little guys, and leaving large fist sized holes in the big guys.

Natsu’s rampage isn’t as effective as Asura makes it out to be, as Rock Type > Fire Type. Though most of his punches work in crippling the big things. Once again two big lizards in that timeframe.

Sagittarius’s arrows do not have the shattering effect, as arrows can’t do more than temporarily pin these things to the ground. They still run around with arrows stuck in them like a bunch of porcupines

Reading things in sequential order, Wendy’s Buffs don’t take effect until now.

Machop and Totodile’s attacks are Super Effective! They take down one of the big lizards together!

Yuri: “Alright! Keep it up!”

Yuri does the attack that was never localized.

Rita: “O caprice of innocent waters… Champagne!”

The advantage Water has over Rock + the earlier Buff causes a lot of decay in the lizard.

Yuri: “That’s it that’s it!”
Yuri uses Shining Fang, causing the lizard to go into Fatal Strike Blue, which Yuri takes.

Completely shattering the lizard to gravel


Estelle: “A-are you okay!? First Aid!”

(This but with target being Platinum)

She feels her broken arm completely healed.

Around half the big lizards have been slain, however the other half mindlessly charge at everyone else, taking bone shattering bites at peoples legs, arms, and shoulders.

At least everyone has 5-12 of the smaller lizards attached to them, leaving bruise inducing pinches.

Maribel and Renko are chased in circles by one of the big guys.

Makoto has two of the large lizards she just broke in half latched onto her legs now. While she is surprised she gets another full one bite onto her shoulder inducing an accidental Vulcan neck pinch.

Ragna notices some of the bits and pieces he destroyed rolling up hill…

Wendy and Estelle get one large lizard latched to their knees apiece.

(BLeh, could go on but there is three more that need to react.)

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@Land of Memes
OOC: Welcome toRoleplay Thread, after over 169 pages in development,hopefully, It will be worth the waait. To introduce your characters, please PM someone like Novak, Zarathh, etc, pretty much everyone. If you are here just to see what is this thread about, well..



Since the Fairy Tail are too surprised (or maybe they just “intensify”) to react to the Wildwing present, Enchantress just picks up the artisan bracers and necklaces the ancient members of this small community left and as she hops and jumps around the main hall, she shares the blessing of the forest eagles with her friends, opening these necklaces and putting them on the necks of her lucky companions, starting with Carl. Her eyes are basically two shiny gems and the charm around her is increasing.

Enchantress: Its not Christmas, Its Frostivus my dear Carl! Let the wisdom of the Wildwing iluminate your path of dark past and painful memories and I really hope you and your sister can join me in this wonderful celebration.

Says Enchantress as she puts a necklace covered in feathers around Carl’s neck. She kisses his right cheek before doing the exact same thing with Ada. She doesn’t care if the sentient puppet doesn’t even inch. Provided that the happiness of Frostivus is spread and the forest is still alive, Enchantress will do her best to spread the spirit of givening around Magnolia.

At the end everyone should be wearing necklaces, bracers, earrings, basically a whole custome designed by the greatest artisans of the woods.

The Lycanthrope’ eyes are sharpened as Rachel spits painful memories that Banehallow left behind years ago. He grunts, his teeth start to grow and his hands start to turn into wolf’ paws. However, the transformation stops and Lycan’ blindly stares at the vampire. With his scent, he can basically smell where Rachel comes from and what kind of specie she is. The first thing that Lycan catches is the smell of the forest’s happiness but he quickly scratches his nose and tries to ignore it.

Banehallow: I thought your kind were extinct for years. You revealed yourself to make prediction or you came here for something else? Mind your own business, talking-corpse. Follow your instincts and go drink blood somewhere else..

Says Bane as he merely turns away and lies on the cold ground of the cave again. Alpha is still barking at his own shadow but finally, he catches the smell of a vampire. Glorious Alpha is now barking at Rachel. Alpha is bigger now, his claws are not harmless anymore and his body looks stronger but he still lacks discipline and the hunting skills that the rest of the pack. Speaking of the pack, the rest of the wolves (Probably 8 of them) are sleeping around his master.

Dec 04, 2013 at 07:30AM EST



Come in, sit down.

@Heaven Team,

With the frozen door smashed and out of the way you are free to continue. After passing through the doorway you are greeted with a large open lobby area…

Your eyes graze around the room as your senses greet the rotten-ish smell in the air. The place is completely empty, quiet and seems void of life, the nearby buildings seem to be deserted as many of their windows have been smashed.

The lobby itself looks to have been evacuated in a rush, news papers, clothing, personal belongings, even pieces of food are left lying around the place….however the most worrying of sights are the blood pools that are dotted about the centre of the room…..not only does it seem like an evac had taken place here but also a massacre of some scale, upon closer inspection there are streaks of blood leading away from the pools and off and out of the lobby area, as if the bodies that would have been here were dragged away…most of the surfaces of this place are also covered in bullet holes meaning that a firefight had taken place at some point…

Directly across from the team and on the other side of the lobby is a police station, the windows, like everywhere else, are shattered and some seem to bare bloodstains. The doorway in seems closed but operational…

On the left hand side of the team is a civilian medical bay, this place looks to have seen some serious horror recently as the doorway leading in has been broken clean from its hinges and then soaked with yet more blood not to mention their interior sides of the windows are covered with scratches, as if some sort of animal was kept trapped inside. The door is missing, so entry is unhindered, unfortunately though it is pitch black inside as the lighting seems to be out…

On the right side of the team is a long hallway leading off into the distance, above it is a lit up sign saying “Residential” this will take you directly into the main deck itself where you will find the accommodation facilities that house the thousand upon thousands of civilians…

In the centre of the lobby is a small food stand and dining area, from earlier observation this is the place that had bore witness to a massacre. Resting on the counter is a disembodied hand…

Overall there are still no signs of immediate threat or danger, it is still silent…

Laika and Tim enter the lobby area…
Laika: “Well…”
Tim: They didn’t want to stick around….
They both head off and begin investigating the room as a pair…

Dec 04, 2013 at 08:24AM EST

OOC: Wow. So much dungeon and Heaven related stuff then SUDDENLY NEPETA. I appurrove of the appearance of my favourite Homestuck character. (And yes, that cat pun was intentional.).. Anyway, very few characters are actually in a position for Nepeta to interact with right now… Shall we just make her yet another random arrival and stick her near the guild hall?


Granatir: Oh, it’s a trap.

The Order mages quickly notice that the lizards seem to resist magic… Very bad news for Granatir and Tsunarmin as they have next to no effectiveness with physical combat. Solarian, on the other hand, is firing off air elemental bullets at them, expecting the lizards to be weak to air. The others just slash/hammer away at them… The fact the lizards are technically ceramic means that they shatter easily from single blows of the Warmaster Rocket Hammer.

Ignis: It’s a shame I’m the only one with a blunt weapon, these things shatter on hammer impact.

Tahrdan: If it’s blunt objects that work, then…

Tahrdan summons OYH. OYH starts punching lizards. The two most magic oriented mages just throw around Healing Winds.

Dec 04, 2013 at 01:15PM EST

OOC: In all likeliness the user won’t come back, unless he actually does. People usually just post once and then leave.



When her wrist is broken, Luna cries out in pain and nearly drops to the ground.
Luna: P-Please help Luna!
But then she is freed from the lizards with the help of Makoto, and she feels her arm be healed by Estelle.
Luna: Thanks, girly!
She raises her staff in the air, and it begins to glow.
Luna: You made Luna mad! I’mma smash you to pieces for what you did!
The head of the staff forms into a gigantic golden hammer with the letters “16T”, standing for 16 tons, painted on it with pink. Platinum jumps up in the air with the giant hammer held in both hands, and smashes it down on two of the big lizards which should shatter instantly. It also sets off a quake around the area.

Luna: Take that, you ankle-biters!
But then she gets swarmed with small lizards again once she lands back on the ground, who bite her and try even harder to break her bones.
Luna: Get off of Luna right now!
She then turns her staff into a pink and gold pogo stick and hops around in hopes that they will fly off of her.

When the two big lizards latch onto her ankles, she is surprised and in pain, which gives the smaller lizard a chance to bite onto her shoulder that carries with it a devastating reaction.
Makoto: Gaaaaaah!
She can’t do anything right now. Her body tenses up in the pain and she can’t move a muscle.

Noel: M-Makoto!
Noel decides that it’s time to stop playing around. She gains a black after-image instantly, seemingly sliding across the ground towards Makoto at high speeds that should get all the small lizards off of her.
Noel: Chain Revolver!
Upon nearing Makoto, she blasts an explosive shot at the lizard clamped on at Makoto’s shoulder.

Still having the afterimage up, she then throws both her guns at the bigger lizards heads like a close-range boomerang. Both guns hit the lizards multiple times and should cause them to shatter, shortly turning to Noel’s hands after. She continues to fire more shots from Bolverk around the place, weakening the big ones and destroying the smaller ones on some of the other people.

Ragna has about 10 of the small fires clamped onto him.
Ragna: Get the hell off of me! You’re really creepy!
He crushes the lizards off of his upper body with both hands, flinging some into walls. The one on his legs he deals with by kicking them off of him.
Ragna: Dead Spike!
He anticipates the movements of the lizard chasing Maribel and Renko, swinging Blood Scythe at it, which causes a line of seithr to head straight for it and hopefully break it. And then he notices the pieces rolling back up-hill.
Ragna: Shit…
He quickly jumps over to Wendy and Estelle’s position. Ragna leans forward and brings his sword down on the head of the one attached to Estelle, and then turning to Wendy so that he can do the same for her.


Tager enters the lobby area of Heaven. Seeing the immediate signs of a firefight, he goes to investigate what happened here.
Tager: … A shooting took place here. From the placing of the bullet holes, it seems that whoever was holding the gun was trying to get away from something as fast as humanly possible.
He looks down at the stains of blood on the floor, and the streaks of it leading away from the pools.

Tager: The ones who were killed here appear to have been dragged off by someone, or something… They were most likely quickly disposed of in some fashion.
The Red Devil then turns his attention towards the medical bay, and he can feel his stomach sink some.
Tager: Fresher blood on the doorway to the medical bay than the pools out here… Lighting seems to be out… I’ll see if I can get a closer look.
His glasses glow a green coloring as he activates night-vision mode, along with his telescopic eye to see if he can see anything in the inky black of the medical bay.

Hakumen on the other hand goes to investigate the food stand. Upon investigating, the first thing he notices is the disembodied hand. The eyes in his shoulders look at it to try and determine what caused this.

Hakumen: The gates of Hell are still open aboard this accursed vessel.
Done over here, he walks towards the medical bay that Tager is investigating, not going in it however.


Rachel stops playing with her hair when Banehallow starts to talk back to her.
Rachel: Sucking blood? You dare mistake me for a savage beast such as yourself? I have more class than that.
Her tone is condescending towards Banehallow and makes him want to just get rid of the vampire once and for all. When Alpha starts barking at her, the wolf can see her pupils turn into menacing slits. Without even a wave of her hand, Rachel creates a gust of wind that pushes Alpha out of the cave and into the night.
Rachel: How grueling it must be to look over a pack of foolish wolves, Banehallow. I’m positive that it must get on every nerve of yours sometimes…
She finally stops insulting Banehallow and gets to the point of why she is here.
Rachel: If you must know, I am here for something that you wish to rid from this world… A blemish, if you will. The beast of the night. I am willing to help you rid it from this world merely because I am oh so bored…
She snaps her fingers.
Rachel: Valkenhayn.

Valkenhayn teleports to beside his master.
Valkenhayn: Yes, milady?

Lycan can immediately tell that Valkenhayn is a werewolf just by smell alone. However, he is different in some way that he can’t put his finger on…

Rachel: You are to accompany me on this journey, Valkenhayn.

Valkenhayn: I live to serve only you, Madame Rachel.
He bows to her.

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Due to Asura’ messed up stressful mood, we won’t be able to continue until he chills the fuck out. Angry steam messages all over the place, screaming for a “break” of this thread.
Since Mister Madness wants a break, I suggest we start a small adventure (such as Lancer’s) but with different characters. We will return to the normal plot once Asura returns.
Its up to you guys.

Dec 04, 2013 at 04:27PM EST

%{color:green}*Doomguy has followed without a word. He seems anxious for some reason.*
Doomguy: I wonder what’s in here…

Joseph, Jotaro, and Falcon finally join up, and instantly they are grabbed by the lizards. Falcon and Joseph writhe in pain, but Jotaro just… stands there.
Falcon: Don’t… you… feel… these?
Jotaro: Feel What?
Joseph: The…Pain…
Jotaro: What is pain?
Jotaro suddenly gets a wide-eyed expression as the lizards bite down harder.
Jotaro: Okay, I can feel them now.

Jotaro quickly uses Star Platinum to pry off the small ones, and smash the big ones into bits. He quickly gets to work prying off and smashing the lizards on Falcon and Joseph. Joseph manages to get a few off him with Hermit Purple but Falcon has no luck.

OOC: Honestly, I can feel the feels of those who want to stop RPing for a while, and those who don’t. Honestly, I’m getting somewhat sick of the RP, but I can understand the people who want to continue playing it.

Dec 04, 2013 at 04:46PM EST

@Asura’s Stress
I’m cool with that. If he wants to take a break, that’s his choice. I’m cool with the side adventure ON ONE CONDITION: We don’t let it branch off into a huge plotline that gives people in this thread more stuff to deal with when Asura comes back.

@Lizard attack

Pincer attack!
>Thundara lv. 2
OOC note: I’ll be rolling dice when Red attacks, dodges, etc. with no coherent rules nor easily translatable outcomes. This is partially because Red’s shtick in 8BT is his fourth wall breaking RPG character mannerisms. It’s also because I haven’t played pathfinder in a while and my precious babies dice are getting a little dusty…

>Roll: 1d12(9)-1d4(4)= 5

Red casts Thundara, a small thunderstorm that branches out in unpredictable ways. 5 bolts of lighting hit the ground all around his feet. Since the little lizards are so small, one bolt should take out several in one hit.

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Dec 04, 2013 at 05:17PM EST

OOC: Just for a size reference on the lizards for everyone, the small lizards are as long as the length from the wrist to the elbow, while the big lizards are about as large as fully grown crocodiles.

Dec 04, 2013 at 05:22PM EST

OOC: okay first off

@Land of memes homesucks fag.


@my stress.

Look im sorry about all of this guys, its just that work had been a living hell for me since we moved to a new location. Everything’s a big fucking mess over there and never had i wanted to quit. I may have taken it out a bit on you guys by throwing on the stress i get from this thread on top of it. Im sorry for what I did and for what i have said to you people. Though still keep in mind some of the more important points i have mentioned about my current position in the thread. I have a lot to deal with ffor everyones characters in it and it takes a lot out of me to do so much for everyone at once. so once again, im sorry fo my stressful breakdown, i will d better to keep control of my emotions.

So now that is out of the way, lets return to the story.


what they see before them completely mortifies the three wizards in crippling shock and fear.

Juvia just looks with eyes wide open and grabs her head with both hands as she shakes at the sight of all the blood.

Gray: What…. What the hell happened…. This looks like a slaughterhouse…

Erza: I can’t… I can’t.. She grabs her mouth with one hand and runs towards a nearby garbage can and just vomits in it. This sight is too much even for her.

Juvia: she crouches down in complete shock Ju.. Ju.. Juvia wants to get out of here….

Erza finishes vomiting for a minute before getting her mind back together.

Erza: Oh god…

Gray: I dont blame you for that Erza.

Erza: I had some pie from the guild hall before coming here, It was terrible, but somehow I managed to last this long considering how much it did to the others.

It was Enchantresses pie that made her throw up actually, not the sight of the room. She somehow managed to stomach it down for that long.

Gray: And you still ate it? Look, forget about that, look around us. What the hell happened. here. Its a fucking nightmare.

Juvia: Juvia wants to go.. Juvia wants to go…

Erza: As much as this is horrifying, we need to find out about this. Gray, take care of Juvia for now. Keep your eyes open and calm her down.

She turns to archer.

Erza: Archer, help me look around the other areas that Tager and Hakumen havent covered yet.

She walks towards the other side of the room while Gray and Juvia sit on a nearby couch that is somehow still clean from any blood stains to help calm Juvia down and comfort her.


Natsu is on a rampage fighting the Stone lizards. His fire attacks, are still more than enough to shatter the living rocks. It’s not just regular fire he uses. The fire he possessed is that of an actual fire dragon. Flames so powerful that it can melt anything. With many fire punches and spinning kicks, he destroys another giant lizard. One clamps down on his right arm.

Natsu: OH NO YOU DON’T. Using his raw strength, he slowly pries the lizards mouth open to free his arm, but doesnt stop. He opens it so wide to the point that it shatters its jaw. shortly after the throws it over his shoulder and into a group of smaller ones rushing him.

Natsu: MY FLAMES ARE MORE POWERFUL THAN ANY STUPID ROCK! He prepares one of his signature dragonslayer spells.


The roar attack engulfs the swarms of lizards in his fire that shortly causes a gigantic explosion, destroying all of them in a single spell.

Meanwhile Wendy and Red are attacked by the one lizard.

Wendy: GAAAHH!! Lucy, Natsu! Help.

Her wind magic has little effect on rock types.

Lucy: GO, Virgo. She summons another one of her spirits. Zodiac Spirit Virgo. She has the power to burrow and attack her opponents, so she easily has the strength to destroy the stomne lizards. She is also the greatest maid a person could ever have.

She appears from the ground next to wendy and with one single punch, shatters the entire stone lizard on her knee before roundhousing another one about to jump her, cracking it to pieces as well.

Wendy crouches on one knee as she heals her wounds up as Virgo protects her from the other lizards.

Sagittarius is a zodiac spirit that is an unmatched archer. His skills are literally beyond this world.

With uncanny precision, he snipes off all of the lizards all over and around Red. Freeing him from their bites.
@Magnolia and guild hall

Thety continue the festivities of Frostivus with Enchantress and all of her friends, as well with the people of Magnolia too. They all like the necklaces and the other things they recieved from them, once again, the guild hall is as lively as it can be with everyone in it. Drinks and food are being served around as well by Mirajane ad Lisanna, as well as a few others. Fairy Tail continues to do what it does best. Having a good time.
@Nightstalker, Racheal, and Lycan

In the regions around were the Nightstalker was “found”, one of Fairy Tails own wizards is on the S-class job to bring an end to the nightstalkers life. For the past few days, he had been looking around for any signs of the Nightstalkers location. Its starting to sunset over the horizon as snow begins to fall over the area lightly.


He continues to search for the Nightstalker, in the last known region it was spotted in, ever vigilant and determined to stop it.

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Dec 04, 2013 at 08:24PM EST

@Tager & Hakumen,

With the aid of night vision Tager gets a clear view of the entrance room of the Medical Bay building. It is a real mess, the reception desk has been destroyed, and the floor has been smashed apart and is, of course, drenched in yet more blood, infact there is even blood on the ceiling and walls more so than the rest of the lobby….it looks as if this place suffered with a sudden fluctuation of patients…at the back of reception area of the Medical Bay is another open door…


As you approach the armoured door leading into the Police Station a small holographic projector above the doorway quickly scans you over…then, right after it is finished, the door locks up disallowing entry

Dec 05, 2013 at 11:58AM EST

OOC: Regarding the thing about my dice rolls, does anybody care whether or not I put what I roll in the post?

>XL Lizard
Red tries to flank a croc-sized Lizard, but looses his footing and stumbles a bit. The lizard has enough time to take notice of him as he slashes three times at the thing’s spine. The first one gashes deep enough, but the other two merely graze the beast. He’s also wide open to counter attack.

Dec 05, 2013 at 04:08PM EST

OOC: If your character has questionable accuracy, or varying levels of power, go ahead and stick with the dice roll. However, you will have to convert those numbers into something tangible for me to work with.

In short: You can use the dice, but describe what the roll means.

OOC: Sorry for not updating yesterday, I was a bit short of sleep and braincells. I will try to post again after I get back from class.

Dec 05, 2013 at 04:16PM EST

OOC: I’m doing the rolls anyway, my question was if you wanted to see them in the post or not (or if you cared.) For instance, I rolled a d4 to decide Red’s amount of attacks he was able to get in (I rolled a 3) and then I rolled a d20+3 skill for red’s flanking attempt (Natural 6 for a total of 9) and finally, the hit chance 1d100 (+15 for red’s Weapon competency.) Like I said, no discernible reason.

Dec 05, 2013 at 05:34PM EST


Tager surveys the medical bay entrance room. He sees that there’s more blood here than in the rest of the lobby.
Tager: What happened here to cause such a blood bath…?

Hakumen walks away after a few moments of staring into the pitch black and goes over to the door.
Hakumen: What have you found here?

Dec 05, 2013 at 06:08PM EST


Erza is scanned by the door and it reveals to her that it is locked and will not allow entry.

Erza: Damn, somehow this door only recognizes certain people for clearance. There has to be another way through.

Meanwhile, Gray and Juvia are sitting on one of the lobby seats trying to recollect themselves from this entire scene. Juvia is still terrified by the scene, but is suddenly brought back to her normal self when Gray decides to give her a quick kiss. Shortly affer, she is back to her normal self.

Gray: Don’t be scared Juvia, Well be fine so long as we stick together through this. Just stay close by my side and the others and we will get to the bottom of all of this. Just try and gain the strength to overcome this okay?

Juvia: Blushes whie having a smile on her face as she whipes a tear way with her hand. Okay. Juvia promises to. Lets go see the others now.

Gray: You sure?

Juvia: Yes.

They both make their way to Erza Shortly after and see the giant door in front of them.

Gray: So anything?

Erza: Nothing, this door wont grant me access through. It only allows certain people to enter through some sort of scanning system.

Gray: Can’t you just break it open or something?

Erza: No, I wouldn’t recomend it. These doors could be holding someone, or something out of this room. Since this is were our ship is, I would rather have an escape rout clear, just in case. Lets leave the door for now and go to where Tager is. He may have found another way.

Gray: Makes sense. Lets go Juvia.

Juvia: Right.

They make their way to were Tager is. They still are a bit bothered by all the blood, but continue to move on.

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Dec 05, 2013 at 07:00PM EST


Lizards are defeated!

Yuri: “Alright!”

Estelle: “We Did It!”

But then you all notice the rocks all clumping together over the entrance of the place…

Yuri uselessly attempts to slash the newly formed pile of moleten glass like scales, bouncing off with every slash. He’s using his fell arm, and that’s not managing to cut it.

Yuri: “SHIT!”

Rita: “Don’t worry, I got this!”

She casts Fireball that the thing, getting EVERYTHING reflected back at her.

Rita: “GAH!”

she steps out of the way as the fireballs to sailing off into the distance

Maribel: “Oh Oh no! We are trapped!”

Renko: “It’s all that magical girls fault! If she didn’t anger the lizards we wouldn’t have been attacked!”

She pulls one of the remaing lizards off her butt and throws it at Platinum.

Yuri: “Really? Is mindless property damage your quirk, cause I am pretty damn certain had this been far later in this… Dungeon, we would have all been dead!”

Estelle: “Yuri…”

Rita: “Lets get moving. I think Ragna looks like he has a bigger verbal beating than we can all dish out together.”

She brushes past everyone with the rest of Vesperia in tow.


Archer: “Alright, I will be over here then…”

He heads off to the medical bay. He doesn’t expect to find anyone there anymore… though he doesn’t take any chances and summons a pair of longswords to his hands.


Saber is the only one here… Kiritsugu went to go restock on his gun supply someplace far off.

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Dec 05, 2013 at 08:32PM EST

Seeing as everyone is moving over to the Medical Bay, Laika and Tim decide it would be best to follow. They enter and stay near Tager as he looks through the next door…waiting for a heads-up on what’s inside

As you peek your head into the next room of the Medical Bay the automatic lighting flickers, illuminating the interior with a very bright white light…

(Same layout, very different state…)
You eyes fall upon nothing but pure horror…body parts, viscera and giblets lay about the place as blood covers just about every surface. A strong metallic smell hits your senses as the rotten air of the bay is disturbed. This place is the epitome of grimness, a mind shattering visage of death…Any normal person witnessing this nightmarish sight would most likely be shattered…

If you manage to break the trance brought about by this display you will probably catch several notable things about this room:

There is a single other door leading out from this place on the other side of the room, unfortunately though it seems to have been welded shut, plated over, then welded again, and then barricaded up with medical beds and other heavy equipment…stencilled down the side of the doorway is the word “QUARANTINE”…it’s quite obvious that they wanted to keep whatever is on the other side…on the other side…

All the air vent covers see to be smashed from their frames and missing, blood can be seen painted up the inside of the vent shaft within…

Medical utensils and trolleys are strewn about the place, a big effort was made to save lives here however it evidently fell into chaos and failed…

No solid bodies are in sight, just disembodied arms and legs, the wounds that the people must have suffered when brought here were probably catastrophic…but…surely everyone didn’t need amputations…

There are around 15 body bags lying in the corner nearby, every one of them has been torn open and the corpses inside seemingly removed….

Like the entry lobby, there are bullet holes dotted about the room, so many that it is likely that a large scale fire fight took place here….strangely, the bullet holes follow right up to the vents….

As you take the time to absorb this fresh slice of hell your thought is suddenly interrupted by a dull bang coming from across the room…directly opposite you…

A man bearing an extreme level of lacerations and deep gashes is standing facing the wall, his clothes are torn to shreds and he doesn’t seem to have noticed, or be bothered, by your entry. He rears his head back far and brings it crashing against the wall, spluttering blood as it makes impact….judging by the amount there is on the wall leaves the impression that he has been stood here for a very long time…banging his head….still showing no sign of acknowledgement he continues to smash his face up against the panelling, over and over…

And let the horrifically horrific horror…begin!

Dec 05, 2013 at 09:21PM EST

>Curaga lv. 3

Red casts Curaga, a potent health spell that heals all but the most severe flesh wounds and trauma. Like other level 2 and 3 spells (Anything that ends with -ra or -aga) it affects everyone, but leaves him slightly worn out.
Alright. New rule: Don’t touch anything unless you roll a successful appraisal check on it…
Red acts as if everyone else already knows what an appraisal check is. He ignores the looks he undoubtedly gets.
Move it or loose it! There’s treasure in this place… I can smell it.

Dec 05, 2013 at 09:37PM EST


Before everyone decides to gripe on Platinum.

Noel: Yeah! Great job, everyone!
She raises her right hand sky-high with Bolverk still in it. But then she sees something unsettling happening. The rocks from the lizards rolling over to the doorway and barricading it up.
Noel: Eh?! Wait!
Pointing both her guns at the wall of molten glass, she fires several golden shots at it… Which ricochet straight back at her just as fast. She jumps out of the way of her shots before looking dumbfounded.

Makoto also saw the doorway get covered over with the molten glass and rock. She immediately runs towards it alongside Yuri. Her right tonfa begins to glow a bright blue color.
Makoto: Astral impact!
She punches straight at the scales with the end of her tonfa. It doesn’t do anything at all, and she even used a full charge for it combined with her beastkin strength. She didn’t even manage to scratch it. On top of that, she feels the force of the punch echo back throughout her like a cartoon.
Makoto: Damn it…
She dizzily stumbles away from the rock and back towards the group.

And that’s when everyone starts to bash on Platinum.

The Sena personality takes over quickly, swinging her staff at the lizard that was thrown at the body and smashes it.
Sena: Please try your hardest to forgive her. I’ll try my best to keep her calm in the future.

To anyone who has not yet noticed, two voices have been coming out of the single body this entire time. One of them is a polite young boy named Sena, and the other is a bratty and bad-mouthed young girl named Sena. To anyone who can detect it, there is also a faint third aura coming off the bell on her neck.

Ragna knows that this trying to break out thing is futile. He didn’t even try and break the scales on the wall. Ragna just stands there, staring at Platinum angrily while his eyebrow twitches.

After a few more moments, he finally pipes up.
Ragna: I’m so sick of your shit, you damn freaks! When the hell will you learn to grow up?!

The Luna personality takes back over, and so begins the longest argument the thread has ever seen…

Noel and Makoto decide to sneak off without them, following the rest of the group. They’re at it for a few good minutes, throwing insults and death threats at each other… After a few minutes of mindlessly yelling, they finally catch up with the group and continue on with the dungeon.


No one else can see what is going on through the doorway thanks to Tager’s hulking mass. The Red Devil peers inside, and what he sees is horrifying.
Tager: Anyone with a weak stomach, close your eyes and cover your nose. It’s disturbing in here.
He walks through the doors, turning his night-vision off because the lights are on in this part of the medical bay. Quite curious to say the least.
Looking around, he spots the quarantined door that is barricaded up thoroughly.

Tager: …
Then he notices the medical tools lying around the place on trays.
Tager: At least they tried to save them…
Keeping a steady pace, his steps shake the room ever so slightly.

Hakumen follows in after Tager. The White Knight keeps silent, looking around at the viscera and blood scattered around the entire room.
Hakumen: …
He raises a hand to grab the hilt of Ookami. Slowly, he unsheathes it at the side. The blade seems to phase out of the red sheath on his back.

Hearing the dull banging noise, Hakumen slowly walks towards the man banging his head against the wall. He’s about a foot taller than the unnamed man.

Tager: Hakumen? What did you fi-…
After seeing what Hakumen has found, Tager cautiously walks towards both of their positions.
Tager: Sir…?

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Dec 05, 2013 at 10:28PM EST

As Hakumen approaches the man he see’s him rear his head back much further than before, giving a short pause he then brings it smashing against the wall for a final time thus killing himself. The corpse slides down the wall and comes to a rest on the floor in a pool of blood. Upon closer inspection this persons entire abdomen area was gaping wide open so much so that his rib-cage and vital organs were fully exposed, his face was practically bashed into oblivion….how this person was managing to remain alive is anyone’s guess…

Dec 05, 2013 at 10:44PM EST


Everyone manages to finally defeat the lizards. Their victory is shrt lived when they reform to block the exit which they came from.

Natsu repeadedly punches the rocks several times before giving up with a pissed off look on his face.

Natsu: Great, thanks to midget kid over here and her stupid staff, were stuck here.

Happy: What do we do now?

Lucy: Look, everyone just calm down for a minute.

Wendy: lets just continue with exploring this place, we might find another way out.

Carla: So stop wasting your energy on each other and start finding out what this place really is.


Natsu: right right.

They all make their way down with the others.

@Heavens medical bay.

What they see before them is even worse then before. More blood, More dismembered bodies, more carnage and chaos. It is just like back on Mobius fighting off the Balloon masters forces. However, so much death and destruction all over the place had somewhat made them more resistant to such sights and excessive gore, but still it does a lot to them.

They look around the room with such horror that it causes Juva to get a panic attack, but not before Gray grabs a hold on her hand and holds it close to her. This alone eases her down to the sight. Erza manages to stomach this sight once again, for she had been in the thickest of fighting when back on Mobius.

They cringe at each time the man slams his head on the wall and look away when he kills himself. They dont bother to look at it after as they try to make their way around the room.

Erza: What nightmare is this. What the hell could have caused all of this?

Gray: I swear, if it had something to do with Sams experiments or whatever the hell his people do, I’ll freeze him and his entire goon squads to the core of their lifeless bodies.

Juvia: We don’t know exacly if it was him. But.. But…. Juvi can’t stand this smell anymore.

With a quick incantation of her Water magic, she shoots out some water and manipulates it to wash aside most of the blood and jibs all around the group and sends it off to the sides so it goes down nearby drains if any. Though the room smells a bit stronger, there is less pools of blood and stains around them, making it somewhat more easy to go around the place for now.

Gray: Thats somewhat better.

Juvia: Juvia can’’t stand all of this. She looks at the door. Quarantine?

Erza: I guess whatever is behind this door will lead to whatever may have caused this. What do we do?

Gray: Go back to the other door and cut it open, or do we try and open this one? Either way, we gotta open one of them.

Juvia: The other one wasn’t sealed up like this one was…. Juvia doesn’t know what to do.

Erza: Neither of us do… She grabs her head trying to think of a solution to this. Everyone, we should take a vote on which door to open. Though we dont know what lies behind either of the doors, we need to at least find out what is going on here from Samuel and the others.

Gray: If thats the chase, I pick the door in the lobby. Its not baricaded or sealed up like this one is.

Juvia: Juvia agrees.

Erza: Okay, two for the other door. Which one do you all pick, its not like we have any other way to descide on which one to pick. So hakumen, Tager, Archer, which door do you think we should open?

A vote to decide which one to open is the best option in this situation. And quite possibly the only way to decide.

Dec 05, 2013 at 11:39PM EST


This place is damn big, but soon they come across a building…

(This without people)

And within it…

There is a room with several columbs. With two gates hidden within.

The second one reading the word “Down” in Latin.

Archer looks upon the complete carnage… used to the smell but he walks over to the mutilated corpse of a young boy…

Archer: “…”

Archer: “…..”

Archer: “……….”

Archer: “…As he looked for but one survivor…”

He snaps out of it.

Archer: “Don’t bother opening them yet. I can return to spirit form and have a look on the other side.”

he walks to the door about to make the motion needed to fade away.

Dec 06, 2013 at 01:59AM EST

The blood is washed over to the side of the room, the drains are blocked badly though so the gory mess just forms into a pool…

Laika and Tim enter the room…
Laika’s device: In our company protocol…any protocol anywhere it is advised not to open quarantine sealed doors
Tim: And breaking into a Police Station…wouldn’t that cause a alert?…


On the other side of the quarantine door is a heavily beaten hallway, scratches cover the walls, floor and ceiling and strange red writings are drawn on the surfaces with what seems to be blood and oil. Other than that the hallway is empty…

Dec 06, 2013 at 07:02AM EST

@hueg lizard

The Order mages notice that attacking it is futile, but they aren’t worried, unless it somehow generates a field that blocks Warp. They follow the others, leaving the argument to happen.

(OOC: Remember that Warp is a teleportation spell. And remember what Solarian said upon entering, about what the original purpose of Warp was. Basically, the Order mages do have a way to get out… but they can only take three others with them per spell.)


Granatir: So… which way now?

Tahrdan:…These markings have to mean something, or why would they be here?

The aquamancer is indicating the word ‘down’. Needless to say the Order mages do not know Latin. It’s a language not found on the worlds any of them come from.

Solarian: Let me see.

The light elemental archamge looks at the markings for a moment, but cannot make sense of them.

Solarian: to everyone in the area Can anyone make sense of these markings?

Dec 06, 2013 at 12:19PM EST


Both Tager and Hakumen watch as the man bashes his head into oblivion. Tager cringes, while Hakumen merely steps aside and lets the lifeless corpse hit the floor. Tager cringes at this. He was only trying to get a status report on the guy, but instead the poor man killed himself. Hakumen feels no remorse for the fallen. The White Knight simply turns around and faces the rest of the group.

Hakumen: I shall be the one to purify that corrupted soul of his. There is no fate for this vessel other than destruction. I cannot allow whatever has caused this to go free…

Tager turns back to face the group as well.
Tager: I saw that there was a hallway on the right side of the lobby. It looked like it led to the main deck.

Hakumen: We shall go that way after we clear this area, Devil. However, the two men are right… If we forcibly open the door, we will attract whatever lurks in the shadows to our position. We must find a way around it or face the consequences.

@Dungeon arches,

Ragna walks up to the two arches. Looking up at them, he sees that one has writing on it…
Ragna: You’re telling me that you can’t read this?
He sighs and points his right hand at the words on the archway. As he does this, the words glow brightly and sparkle and shine. Everyone can see the words bending around until the words are replaced with “Down”.
Ragna: There. Please tell me that you can read plain English.

Noel looks perplexed that the Order Mages didn’t know how to do this.
Noel: You don’t know how to use language Ars Magus?
Seeing as there is no immediate threat, she puts Bolverk back into the holsters on her back as she looks at them, perplexed.

Dec 06, 2013 at 02:27PM EST


Solarian: That makes it perfectly clear now. thank you. Of course, now there’s a matter of figuring out what ‘down’ could possibly indicate in this case… At a guess, I’d say it’d take us deeper into this place.


Tempestia: Oh, right, someone who doesn’t know that a lot of this stuff is new to us… What are you talking about?

(OOC: Predictable response is predictable.)

Tahrdan: What is this ‘language whatever you said’, basically.

(OOC: the ‘whatever you said’ is because I have no idea how to fully pronounce that myself.)

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Dec 06, 2013 at 02:31PM EST



It’s pronounced: Are-s Ma-gus.


@Order Mages,

Noel: Um… Ars Magus?
She holds a gloved hand forward in front of her.
Noel: It’s like using science to manipulate the seithr in the area. Science so strong that it looks like magic.
When she says this, a ball of light with several seals orbiting around it appears in her hand.
Noel: There’s only a given amount of seithr in the area you’re in. Once that’s gone, no more Ars Magus.
The ball of light poofs away.
Noel: The seithr will refill over time though, so there’s nothing to really worry about.

Makoto: If our friend was here, she would be giving you an earful about it right now. Hahaha.
She remembers all the stuff that they had to go through in the NOL Military Academy.

Makoto: The pain of having to read through all those books…

Noel: They weren’t that bad, Makoto.


Ragna: No shit, Sherlock.
*He sighs some and looks back up at the archways.
Ragna: Alright, people. There’s two doorways here. One of ’em looks like it goes down, while the other one seems to lead off to god knows where… The other one probably leads to another “room” on this “floor”.

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Dec 06, 2013 at 04:39PM EST


Rita: “It seems almost no diffrent than Blastia. Though we use an element called Aer.”

She points at her necklace…

Yuri: “Yeah…”

He brushes his hair aside.


Yuri: “… I am just going to throw this out here, but this isn’t the first time we have encountered a dungeon such as this.”

Rita: “Yeah…. if it’s anything like that dungeon, there should be a way out, though…”

Repede whines

Yuri: “… Somebody was waiting for us at the end of that one. Don’t be surprised if somebody is waiting for us at the end here too.”

Estelle: “… hopefully it won’t be anything like The Traitor to Heaven…”

(OOC: @Crona: Gonna let the players choose.)


Archer turns around and becomes solid again

Archer: “Nothing is back there. Immediately anyways.”

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Dec 06, 2013 at 06:21PM EST

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