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Natsu does not hesitate to order all they got from the menu’s. He just asks for mountains of food to be delivered to both Tao and him because he knows well enough how much of an eater she is. And so begins the wallet apocalypse.

Natsu is right across from Tao and the others devouring anything that is brought to them that is eatable. It is still a disgusting sight for people to see who are still not used to it. It seems as if the food just dissolves into his mouth instead of chewing. Happy has a plate of raw fish next to him as he is eating one right now. He begins eating a bowl of noodles as he looks across the table at the people whose eating as well.

Natsu: Man you guys have no idea how hungry I am. Being on that flying death trap for a week made me build up a monstrous appetite.

Happy: And don’t worry about our pay. We got it all covered on our end.

Natsu: Yep. Traveling the world, we gotta at least have some money on us. Especially for all the different kinds of food were gonna eat. Though I Wonder if this place accepts jewels.

Wendy is there eating as well. Carla and Lucy are with the others shopping.

Wendy: I don’t think they would accept our money Natsu, but I’m sure they would accept the diamonds we got from that weird place were we fought the man with the sword and shield.

Natsu: Luckily I got that on me too. So were all set. All you can eat buffet, here we come.

Natsu devours more plates of food, as well as Happy devours more fish.

Wendy: Sign But this isn’t a buffet Natsu.

Goes back to peacefully eating her food with Ragna and the others.

Lucy is with Carla as well as the others looking at all of the items they have. She really doesn’t have interest in the armours and weapons due to her being a celestial wizard and all. She just descides to look at the exxpendable items with the others. The one thing that catches her eye the most is the life bottle. In Fiore, any magic that revolves around bringing someone back to life is considered forbidden black magic.

She goes up to Noel and Makoto and snags one of the life bottles from them and looks at it with a very worried expression.

Lucy: Wait, hold on a second here. This is the thing that was used to revive Yuri from that fight in that dungeon a month ago. This kind of stuff is forbidden in our home. Anything that involves bringing back someone to life is considered Black Magic.

Carla: But the thing is, you people sell these things as if if it was nothing. So this place may have found a way to revive people through some medical means? I honestly don’t know what to say or think about this?

Lucy: I don’t either, if we were to find out how these things are made, and share them back at home? I can’t even imagine how people would react to something like this? Would they accept it or forbid it? But still…

Carla: Lets just forget about it for now and just worry about the other things right now. Personally, I would still find those life bottles invaluable if we ever need them. And those other items may be useful later on.

Lucy: Okay. Luckily we all still have those pouches of diamonds so that we can sel them for whatever currency they have here.

She continues to look around for anything else that they may need. Lucy Has an eye on the Silk Robe and the Bronze Circlet. looking at them more as fashion accessories.

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Namechange because of reasons and as a way of entering the new year with a bit of change.
But then again when you combine terrier breed dogs and space travel, two of my favourite things, it doesn’t take long before the name grows on you.

Also, no the name isn’t going to be attached to this RP in anyway.

Over the course of the past month Heaven underwent some of the biggest modifications and changes in its service yet. Decks were re-purposed the rank structure of the military was scrapped and the purpose and function of the ship was changed completely.

*Thanks to the cybernetic crew these changes were carried out with lightning speed and precision…

The Pyrrhic Victory

*The fighting continued long after the disappearance of the team of hero’s, hundreds more lives were lost as the army strenuously gained ground at a snail paced, gore drenched rate.

It wasn’t long that Sam became dissatisfied and angered by these constant failures. He ordered a single and almighty final attack targeted at the heart of The Corruption with the primary goal of wiping out the source of the Signal, routing together the remaining Tengu Elite he created a incredible counter attack force that was further bolstered by the full support of the Four Prophets and several hundred militant Fabricators, a rare sight indeed…

Rolling through the decks as one giant mass of troops they rushed forth into the Corrupted area of Heaven and deep into the bowls of the Necromorphs territory…communications were lost as the biggest fight yet broke out…The Necromorphs acted in self defence, pitting everything they had at this sudden and unexpected attack…but with willpower, discipline and loyalty the Tengu pushed on and mercilessly cut down the abominations…

After several more days of non-stop panic filled battling and a rise in the death toll they had finally arrived at the source of the Signal, the heart of the infection….bloodied, battered and mentally destabilized they marched forth…into the finale….

It was a Nexus..
The Signal Source was a Nexus….
A gargantuan Necromorph composed of thousands of corpses, a living work of evolutionary art. This beast possessed the unique ability of receiving the Necromorphs Signal from an unknown source lightyears away and relaying it onto the environment… With this ability it assumed the role of a command and control unit, directing Necromorph movements and attacks about Heaven….

The battle began and it only took a few minutes for the Nexus to proves itself as the most powerful and destructive Necro yet….hundreds more lives were lost as the fight went on for hours. In the end, 2 of the Four Prophets had been destroyed, a few hundred Fabs had been devoured and the Tengu’s were all but nearly wiped out….

It took the additional aide of the Sundowner to finish it off and bring an end to this chapter

With the the Black Marker sealed away and the Nexus dead the Signal was all but no more, the remaining Necromorph straddlers were exterminated and disposed of. When word had reached high command, Sam wasted no time in ushering in the next phase of Heaven’s rebirth….

The Reparations

When The Corruption was finally cleared and the corpses dumped and disposed of the crew were left looking at over 100 decks of mangled destruction and wreckage….Hallways had collapsed, tram systems were blocked, entire areas crushed….The Corruption had grown throughout the place like a great unstoppable root network, jamming and destroying everything in its way to allow ease of movement for the Necromorphs. The scale of the damage was astronomical and took a lot of brain power to fully comprehend…

Due to Heaven’s crew being entirely cybernetic they require only electrolyte paste as a form of sustenance allowing them to work around the clock with no breaks or pauses. After forming a plan of action they got straight to work and for 2 solid weeks didn’t stop for a moment…

Long story short the Habitation decks were stripped out and rebuilt from the ground up, in the end not a drop of blood or scratch could be found to show proof for the chaotic fighting that had taken place only a few weeks prior. The cyborg crew were well celebrated for their gratuitous work and received longer break period as a reward for the outstanding work

Heaven looked brand new…Sam was pleased…

The Reformation

I need you to zoom in….and enhance
(OOC: I’d say the chart is an organised mess, I have MS Word to give my thanks to for that. (will probs just remake this in an image editing program soon))
The personnel structure of Heaven was redefined altogether and ordered into a coherent command chain. But the newest addition to the ship was the establishment of a military academy. When the ship underwent its repairs the Habitation decks were repurposed for that of education…only students were permitted to live aboard Heaven as civilians were also forced into the academy for training. Refugees were no longer welcome unless they wished to enrol within the academy…for Sam it wasn’t enough to be simply recruited into the Heaven military, you had to be taught the values and develop you own understanding of what being a soldier meant and the pride that goes with it. Soon enough the ranks of the military will be replenished with a fresh graduation of new soldiers…

At one point everyone aboard the ship was stripped of their rank bringing about a rather peaceful period of anarchy, nobody held superiority over anyone and so they were all on the same ground as one each other. From this pool of soldiers people were plucked out depending on their actions during the Necromorph outbreak, The most loyal were rewarded with officer ranks and positions of power within the ship whilst the people who previously occupied the positions were shamed and dumped at the bottom of chain of command. This effectively built a rank structure where only the most loyal held the highest positions which in turn made them role models for the undisciplined troops who fought poorly during the Necro outbreak

A number of Battalions were born from this reformation, each one being lead by a selected Colonel who answered only to the General above them. These new officers are fiercely dedicated and will openly kill a man who questions their authority or the actions of Heaven

The Landing

With so much time spent in flight above the clouds of Charity, GW had built up an accurate map of the surrounding regions, pinpointing locations and marking down areas.

After the reformation period was over Heaven finally landed and took up home near the cities of Fuyuki and Misaki

With the ship no longer in flight the Chief Officers were retired and the Bridge was closed up as it was no longer needed. Sam, eager to begin rounding up new students for his academy immediately made the presence of Heaven well known amongst the 2 nearby populaces…

The Recruitment Campaign

The streets of the cities saw vast parades and leaflet drops as the military rolled through, showing off every piece of their technological might and worth in the process

Recruitment teams begin setting up stations about the streets of the cities in an widespread attempt at gathering together new students. They promise things such as exciting military careers, new and highly sought after skills for trades, accommodation aboard Heaven and vast pay and support for their families back home. It soon became apparent that a divide was starting to take form between those who entered the academy and the general population as students were beginning to ascend the social classes as they were practically drowned in pride and honour for work at the academy. Students are easily identifiable as they all wear a basic RIG which they must have on at all times, whether aboard the ship or not.

At this current point in time Heaven has become generally accepted amongst the two cities and is known partially as a place of promise. Due to this success the academy has become overflowed with students as accommodation aboard the ship fills up. Around 2 thirds of the students live aboard Heaven whilst the remainder make a daily commute from their homes.

The Present

It is around noon and the academy is on break, students roam the streets before heading back to the ship.

The Military are stable once more

The Fabricators are shacked up as always

The SPARTAN Program continues onwards with Dr. Halsey at its helm

The Winds of Destruction are currently walking the hallways of the academy

Sam is busy inside his private room, finishing off any left over issues from the reformation

I’m still trying to recover from new years so I apologize for my shitty writing

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@discussion of resurrection magic

Noctan: Why would you consider that sort of stuff black magic? I really don’t get it. I mean, where I come from, that magic is light elemental!

(OOC: Note, I have not tested to see if it would instantly kill an undead… I really should at some point.)

Noctan: As a result of this, all but two in our group can cast it. The sword users, actually…

Noctan proceeds to look over the stuff for sale at this point…

Noctan: Hmm… None of the weapons would really suit me… but that I like the look of…

He expresses interest in the Thief’s Jacket. Hey, it is black, it would blend in nicely with the clothes he’s already wearing, and he could arrange it so that the dark glyph on said clothing is not obscured. Even if there were an axe for sale, he’d probably stick with his own anyway, since it amplifies two out of the three elements he can use.

Noctan: …How much for the trenchcoat?

Meanwhile Solarian has joined the others at… is it a restaurant, or what? He joined the foodgoers, basically…

Solarian: Would it be alright with everyone if I brought someone else in to take my place? I’m concerned about how things are doing back at my order’s HQ, since there’s been no one managing things there for over a month…

The other 4 are just wandering around, with Tempestia trying to keep out of the rain.

Jan 02, 2014 at 01:54PM EST


There stands a lonesome church on a hill in a rather secluded place of the city. There is a thick of trees behind the lone building, and no other buildings are on the premises of the small church. But from its location it can see the parades through the streets, as well as the students of the military academy walking around in the city… Even though it’s winter, the bushes that line the cobblestone walkway that leads to the church.

The church remains untouched by the military recruitment of Heaven. It’s unknown how they missed this single building for the time that they’ve been here. They haven’t even noticed it, or paid any attention to it… It just sits there as still as the water, as quiet as the wind, and as undisturbed as the forests.

Jan 02, 2014 at 02:25PM EST

Ahh..It is the beginning of a new age of knowledge, magic and trouble. Let the cold grace of winter bless this frozen land as the sun rays slowly start to penetrate this endless dark cloud known as winter and paint the planet green once again. The carefree protector of the woods and guardian of all the small and giant creatures of the forest, the fawn centaur known as Enchantress happily spent 3 months with the people of Magnolia, a strange land of humans she has never ever seen around in this vile planet she barely knows. Out of all the people she met and befriended, Carl would be the person she is truly fond of. The amount of remorse and compassion she feels for the young warrior, lack of parents and the current state of his sister really touched Enchantress’ heart. The holidays just made the friendship between them even stronger but as the cold torned the surface of this planet apart, nature screamed in pain, asking for its guardian to arrive. At first she ignored it becouse she refused to leave the people of Magnolia behind but the pleas for help from the life hidden deep inside the leafy canopy are stronger as time passes. As she greeted the people who just arrived from a unknown place called “Heaven”, her words started to become more distant and she would spend most of her time in the woods, returning in the evening with her horns completely frozen. Of course, her friends warned her twice about the dangers of going alone in the night but the suffering of the green world increases as more trees are sacrificed for the building of contrapositions. One night, crying and sobbing repeatedly, Enchantress announces her departure from Fiore to everyone.

Don’t see it as a final goodbye my dear Carl! As long as there is a flower sprout emerging from the smallest of all the plants, a big sun shining upon us and a shady forest that can act as a home for all the living beings that were born in this green world, I shall bring the majestic touch of autumn with me, its blusting wind and the falling leaves ,which you will see blowing from the trees, and share once again the tales that nature can offer! I wish I had spent more time talking with all of you, there are so many things I would love to learn and share but I was a bit confused. I love all of you and there will be always a place in my heart for each and everyone of you. Thank you Makarov for allowing me to stay, your solidarity is as golden as your heart and I will never ever forget what you did for me! Thank you Natsu, Gray and the rest of the Fairy Tail that showed me the wonders that this city can offer. Thank you Mister Bang, your heroism is something that could inspire every warrior that seeks the meaning of justice! T-thanks to all you actually! I’m..I’m deeply sorry if someone felt rejected from my words, I..I-I just can’t express how much I will miss this land! Time is sometimes so unfair, it changes so quick like wind blows in fresh air…Goodbye to all of you…I love all of you…

“I will return I promise! Wish me the best of the lucks out there! Bye my friends!”

And so, after helping a young man to recover from his injuries after a wild beast punched him and broke his ribs, after dancing and singing in the middle of the rain as his new friends proceeded to guide her towards a lovely castle, after meeting several citizens, swordsmen, scientists, wrestlers…after these wonderful times filled with joy and happiness, Enchantress only looks back at the Fairy Guild to wave and shed a single tear before stepping between the bushes. A bright light brought by the pure spirit of summer can be seen around the woods as healing and happiness are spread in the air. Without her charming aura, the forest feel rather dreary and empty and the people of Magnolia would feel that there is a big part of their hearts that just dissapeared in thin air…

After one month, Enchantress is still missing but oh boy, the forest is greater than ever as the ghost of winter leaves. Curiously enough, a single centaur or a small group of them would visit the town once in awhile. So it seems they are slowly getting used to humans and their culture, some, most of them arrive out of mere curiosity or just get a small job in the city and buy food and resources with the money they gained. Alpha Wolves ran away to the north while searching for food, Ogres are still around and they finally discovered that fire will melt your skin and Wildwings started to build ceremonial nests.

Hope is closed. It is said that they are now enslaving dragons. More rumors about the Holy Knight and the true intentions. People now need a special identification document to access to every service in Hope. Don’t dare to step here unless you have a very good reason.

After a endless fight, the power of the night and the weather gave Nightstalker the advantage he needed against Rachel, Val and Lycanthrope. The group was getting a really hard time, with Stalker constantly predicting Val moves and rendering Lycan useless with a single claw strike. But the weather got much worse, the wind started to blow and the trees started to shake. With his last remaining forces, Lycanthrope transformed himself in his wolf form and distracted Stalker enough to Rachel and Val could escape. Stalker fought at full strenght, that means getting silenced every damn second and proyectiles being useless. Not a single clue of both of them.

@My reaction to more fighting and cry baby responses

Oh lovely irony..

Happy (LATE) new years guys. My internet connection completely died and I managed to get it back today. However, the predictable thing about life is that its unpredictable: I will go to [PLACE] with my parents and we will be travelling around the [PLACE] for the next 10 days. Until then, I will not reponse to anything. (Maybe a thing or two if I manage to gte internet connection in [PLACE] but I’m not so sure)

And with this last words, see ya guys.

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OOC: All I can say to that last gif is…. wouldn’t it be awesome if someone were to use it as a character? Of course, it would be up to the player to determine whether it is a reprogrammed one or not, but still, A Terminator in this is something I’d like to see.

Jan 03, 2014 at 01:10PM EST

OOC: Head’s a bit clearer now and I’m in the mood for doing some nice descriptive elaboration…so here it comes…

The almighty Heaven, Infinity Class warship has come to rest upon the outskirts of the two cities in a position where it can easily cater to both populaces unbiased. Just over 1 kilometre in height this colossal beast is almost viewable from any place within a couple of miles, casting a imposing shadow over the streets like the ominous watcher it is. With the ship no longer in flight the Chief Officers are dismissed and the Bridge closed up, this itself signifies that the ship has transitioned from that of a craft to that of a city itself, it is finally beginning to truly live upto its classification….

The vast area around it has been cleared out and landscaped flat making it into a giant plateau. A perimeter fence topped with razor wire and dotted with watchtowers has been erected about the entire ship to further add to the security. Patrol teams calmly roam the perimeter, they aren’t hostile to people who approach as they wish to keep a calm atmosphere but nonetheless their job is to prevent unwarranted access, that, they will enforce.

To give the ship some breathing room the fence has been pushed back far from the ship itself creating a large open zone allowing plenty of free space to amass troops and store equipment, it is basically a massive dusty is a relatively free area to the subordinates of Heaven, for example soldiers can be seen engaging in physical exercises whilst every now and then large squads will emerge to carry out routine marching drills. It is relaxed but still very ordered.

Access to the Heaven grounds courtyard is currently only possible via a single main entrance. 2 large and heavily armoured double gates guarded around the clock by a small team of soldiers and 1 Gekko UG, the UG of which is on standby and in a folded up state, since there has been no big hostilities it is yet to be activated. This gate is open throughout the day to allow academy students easy access and for soldier to take some break time, it is only closed during late evening. Gaining entry is easy, if you are a student that is….

As it is currently sometime around noon the main gates are open and Heaven is on break. In an effort to stretch their legs and get some fresh air, students and soldiers alike can be seen roaming the local streets…
(OOC: This being the RIG uniform that students wear)


A single lone Heaven student stops in front of the Churchs entrance, he looks down the path and at the quaint building untainted by the influence of the new arrival..

This lone person is as a matter of fact, Tim.
Somehow him and Laika were left behind during the Necromorph incident, dragged along with the counter attack they had no choice but to fight and not stop fighting. The duo were even present at the final battle with the Nexus…sadly when the creature was killed it didn’t take long for the attention of the Tengu Elite to turn and focus upon them. Unable to escape or fightback they were at the mercy of the soldiers….Luck struck though and since they had displayed some impressive tactics during the battle they were graced with a few choices by the officers…
1. Ejection from the ship…that was still in flight at the time…
2. Forced cybernetic enhancement and assimilation into the ships crew
3. Join our new academy
*Seeing the other two options as death they had to take up the last offer and join the ranks of the students. Since the big reformation they have since been attending the academy and living aboard Heaven. Life isn’t great at this point in time but Tim doesn’t have any other choice

Being somewhat religious the sight of a noble Church took to his liking in a snap. He checks his watch to see how much break time he has left…

Tim: Huh..about 20 minutes…

He sets off up the path towards the Church and enters through the door…

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On his way down the path, Tim could see the trees sway gently in the winter breeze. He can’t pick up on sounds of nature other than the step of his feet against the cobblestone and the gentle breeze of the wind that whistles through the leaves.

When Tim makes it to the front door of the church, he passes through a tall archway that has a stone statue of a man with long hair with both his hands clasped together, looking like he is praying to a higher power. The statue is finely constructed and chiseled. It looks like it was made by an expert.

Passing by the statue, Tim comes to a set of large, wooden double doors with iron crosses decorating the doors…

Upon opening the double doors, Tim is greeted by a large impressive chapel. There are four rows of mahogany pews that stretch from the alter all the way to the back walls. A wave of comfort washes over the recruit as he sees the sun shine through the stain-glass windows. The majority of the chapel is painted a ghostly white color, with wooden pillars and trimming to compliment this. There is a golden cross, framed and adorned on the wall that is right of the altar. Looking closer, Tim can see one door on each side of the altar that leads into another part of the church. On some of the wooden pillars, he can see texts of Scripture embedded on plaques and hung for all to see. There are also various furnishings to make it look more inviting, such as a table with a vase of flowers on it, a piano, plaques hanging on the walls, and what appears to be a safe that’s locked up tight.

Since it’s so large, many people must come here to worship during the week. If he’s been entrusted with such a church, the priest here must be a man of character… but he’s nowhere to be seen right now. In fact, the church is plain empty. The comforting yet quiet and lonely atmosphere makes Tim feel a bit strange right now. He can even hear the wooden floorboards creek ever so slightly under his feet whenever he takes a step.

Jan 03, 2014 at 04:20PM EST

(OOC:Just a quick post, sorry for my inactivity.)

After the events of Heaven, Meredith managed to find a place to set up her own base. In the middle of the ocean can you find her white tower just kind of sitting there.

She hasn’t been seen or heard from since, choosing to stay out of the affairs going on outside. She still manages to keep up with the worldly events, though.
Jan 03, 2014 at 04:54PM EST


Tim, finding it hard to shake the feeling of intrusiveness, cautiously makes his way into the church and down the aisle. He takes some time to absorb his surroundings and is taken back by the exquisite design and decoration, it gives him a warm feeling of slight comfort.

He eyeballs the safe for a moment, confused at how out-of-place it looks in somewhere such as this

Standing near the front of the church he decides to call out

Tim: Er..h-hello?…anyone here?

Jan 03, 2014 at 06:28PM EST


No response from anyone just yet. Tim starts to think that no one is even here… but then the door left of the altar creeks open and out walks a tall priest, standing at about 6 feet 3 inches tall. He has brown hair that reaches down to the back of his neck with a part in the front. He has brown eyes and a gentle smile on his face. The priest has on a normal black priest garb with a dark blue robe over it. He also has on a necklace with a real golden cross on it.

The priests eyes look at Tim, now standing in the middle of the aisle.
Kirei: Greetings, child.

Tim recognizes the voice instantly. The guy sounds an awfully lot like Tager, if not exactly the same. There’s something more to his voice that Tim can’t quite put his finger on yet, however.
Kirei: You are from the new military academy in Fuyuki, yes?
He then notices that Tim looks a little scared…
Kirei: There is no need to be afraid. All are welcome in this church. What is it that you seek?
His words are soothing and inviting, trying to lull Tim into a calm state.

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At first, Tim is a little unsure of Kirei but after a while he warms to him and his relaxing tone of voice. Afterall he found security in Tager, hearing a voice that is so similar is pleasing…

Tim: Yeah..yeah I’m a er, recruit…well…student..
Even Tim himself of unsure of what he is actually searching for..
Tim: I was looking for a quiet break away from the city…I’m a little surprised to see a place like this though, I mean I come from a far part of space..that..has the same religion…I think….“For God and the Colonies”…I was soldier in a sovereign army, that was our motto
After suffering the Necromorphs TWICE in his lifetime he is very jarred, the memories and stress will plague him for the rest of his life. This leaves his slightly less talkative these days, he just looks towards Kirei, unsure of where to take the conversation

Jan 03, 2014 at 07:51PM EST

OOC: Come on guys, where are you? I’m kinda stuck here… (Seriously, unless I make filler posts focusing on the blue tribe, I cannot do anything IC!)

Jan 04, 2014 at 01:03PM EST

OOC: Natsuru was traveling home ever since his last post. He was super exhausted yesterday, and I’m just waiting for him too. We should be able to get to the dungeon today once he posts though. Just be patient.

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OOC: That… pretty much means I’ll have to wait until tomorrow, though, due to timezones and limitations which are beyond my control. Oh well, hopefully said limitations will be gone by the end of this month as I’ll be back to being able to use my PC on the internet…

Jan 04, 2014 at 01:49PM EST

OOC: I WAS going to make a post when I got to my hotel, buuut.. It’s 1:50 AM and I’m hallucinating tiny Marissa Kirisames flying around the room, so I’ll just wait till Natsuru posts to make one.

Jan 05, 2014 at 01:51AM EST

OOC: Yeah, sorry for my absence. Yesterday and day before wasn’t the best of my days. I just caught up, so here we go…

@The Fuyuki Area:


Fuyuki City and Misaki Town:
Population: 65,000
City Type: Modern Day Coastal and Modern Day Mountains. Fuyuki is jammed up against the coast while a large cliff and waterfall divides it from Misaki. Roads and Transportation is being constructed to connect the two.
Average Strength of Population: Human.

In the month these two major populations had been unwillingly transported into this strange new world, chaos slowly erupted and continued to escalate until the Alien Ship Heaven had landed. The crew of Heaven helped regain order and restored power to the governing body. Immediately, agercultural bodies expanded in all directions outwards and many of the lower class citizens migrated to help sustain their little place in the world, Heaven being the silent high-tech guardian.

Fuyuki is jammed up near the coast, like so:

There are many character residences scattered throughout the town, so those won’t become important until I actually have the time to do so.

There doesn’t exist a map of Misaki Town, but it’s considerably smaller. Heaven would have likely parked on the Fuyuki Side.

Notably about these two towns where it’s former wealth’s. Many large mansions decorate the landscape around these cities, and even a small castle lies hidden in the forests near the Fuyuki Temple.

The most notable of these buildings lies in Misaki Town, where a massive unfinished Skyscraper known as Misaki Shrine towers over the rest of the town. Had it been finished it would even exceed the height of Heaven itself, but the construction was not finished and is the last of anyone’s worries at the moment. People are hungry.


Everyone buys and eats their stuff

[Scene Missing]

They are in the next entrance room

Flynn, Raven, Judith, and Karol join you all this time.

Flynn: “This place seems a lot more peaceful than Rita described.”

Karol: “That’s because Rita can’t see beauty. So many years of being jealous of pretty girls.”

Raven: “My boy, beauty is a thing in the eye of the beho-”

Flynn: “Okay, we get it. Lets get going.”

Raven: “Aw come on…”

Judith: “My my.”


Duke: “Seither Contamination? I have never heard if it, but…”

He looks at his sword… the energy wind quietly swirling around it

Duke: “I guess I should ask before attempting. How does Seither normally act?”

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Red takes a spot at the right flank of the entire party. If anything tries to charge or outflank the party, Red will catch it.
You lead, I’ll follow.

Jan 05, 2014 at 11:02PM EST

OOC: I’ll be assuming that Solarian been allowed to switch out with a lesser mage, here, so… new character time. I’m still controlling 6 in the group, though.*

The Order mages take up varying positions. Granatir and the newcomer are both at the back, the other four towards the front. The newcomer, Divilux El-Prominar, is merely a lumimancer… HOWEVER, he can use any handheld weapon. The reason he’s at the back is his current weapon – Solarian actually gave him the Argent Peacemaker to use. So he is effectively a gunner right now. The only other thing of note is that Noctan is wearing the trenchcoat, having paid for it with GGP.

Divilux: So, what can we expect?

Granatir: These places are not predictable. I just hope you don’t have any crippling fears, any high places are a problem…

Divilux: Why?

Granatir: Ask him.

Granatir points out Tahrdan to the newcomer.

(OOC: The newcomer is actually rather more physically-oriented. That’s the benefit of being proficient with any handheld weapon…. On the downside, though, he learns magic of elements other than light slowly… and even then, the only reason he can learn light magic at any decent rate is he is light elemental.)

Tempestia: There is a lot of water here, hmmm…

She’s basically thinking that if the water indicates anything, not everyone’s going to be effective in this particular area.

Jan 06, 2014 at 01:15PM EST

This time, Falcon and Joseph stay behind, with Ken, Doomguy, and Josuke filling in the gaps.
Ken: This place looks… Peaceful.
Jotaro: I think I should take the lead this time for our littel group, since I’ve been the only one here with experience with these.
Josuke: Alright, then. I sorta like this place.
Doomguy: So… Where the hell do we go now?
Jotaro: There WAS a gate that appeared last time…
Doomguy: So where is it?
Jotaro: Fuck if I know.

Jan 06, 2014 at 04:17PM EST


Kirei: From a different part of space? Intriguing…
The priest turns his back to Tim.
Kirei: Take your time to look around the church. Linger here or simply leave. I have some pressing matters to attend to right now…
He starts to walk towards the door that he came out of earlier, entering it and shutting it behind him. Tim is left alone in the empty church…


Kagura: Seithr is just as real as the air you breathe around you. It’s what me and a bunch of others use as a source for power.
Kagura holds out his right hand, and two crests with circles around them appear on both sides of his hand.

The crests glow a bright whitish silver coloring before moving outwards from his hand in opposite directions. As the two crests move, Duke can see a rectangular slab of black metal with two red lines running up and down it appear. When the process is complete, Kagura is holding a giant, black zweihander. It’s unlike any sword that he’s ever seen before. After spinning the sword around like it was a toy, he holds it behind his back.

Kagura: There’s only a given amount of seithr in every area.
Holding out his left hand, Kagura summons a ball of jet-black and purple flames.
Kagura: Better be careful though. It can also bite back at you.
He tosses the ball up in the air and grips the sword in both hands. As the ball of black fire descends back down, Kagura hits the orb with the sword. This sends it flying towards one of the desecrated buildings.
Kagura: Just try not to stay in a place with a lot of it for too long without protection. I’d hate to see the sorry sap who didn’t die from seithr poisoning.
He slams the sword on the ground next to him, leaning on the sword using his elbow.
Kagura: Death by sword is a better way to go than death by seithr poisoning. Or no death at all…


The Crimson Rebel examines his surroundings with Tao at his side. Blood Scythe is on his back, and a single hand is on his hip.

He decides to speak out to all the newcomers of the dungeon.
Ragna: Just don’t touch anything and we won’t have any problems. Got that?

Tao: Aye-aye, Good Guy!
Tao gives Ragna another salute before looking around at the enchanting atmosphere of the dungeon.

Jan 06, 2014 at 04:42PM EST

OOC: Adjusting to Nats post.

Heaven landed and set up base upon the outskirts of Fuyuki City. As previously stated the area has been landscaped flat and transformed into dry dusty plateau that is protected by a perimeter fence.

Order was restored to the city and town via means of temporary marshal law brought about by Heaven, for several days soldier roamed the streets in an effort to settle down the population and deter crime. The parades afterwards and recruitment campaign built up a sense of security with the citizens, who now saw the ship as a friendly entity instead of a hostile force. When order was restored marshal law was lifted and governorship of the cities handed back over to those who held the positions prior. With things back in shape the armies receded back into the barracks of the ship, their presence no longer noticeable upon the streets.

Heaven simply sits there by itself, it doesn’t interfere with the affairs of the city nor does it wish to. Its doors remain open for all who wish to join the academy and as food is currently running low, Heaven has put extra emphasis on its plentiful ration stocks. Anyone who joins the ranks of the ship are given not only enough food to feed themselves but their families also. Student numbers have increased dramatically because of this.

Even though it wishes not to interfere it will act if provoked.

An incredibly loud booming fog horn roars out across the city from Heaven, break time is now officially over and its time to return to the ship and get on with class/training. Hordes of students begin making their way back whilst squads of soldiers follow behind.

The damn horn was so loud it could probably be heard from a fair few miles away, a little OP for a simple recess bell but then again it is a starship

Hearing the horn, Tim unenthusiastically takes his leave from the church and joins the masses as they all head back…

The streets back to the ship are currently like rivers of white RIG’s

Meanwhile, atop the ship….

(But without any of the crew or Broadsword fighters, just empty)
Around the middle section (or it might be nearer the front, hmph technicalities technicalities) of top of the ship there is a large open piece of the hull that has been domesticated and made so that it is accessible for personnel. When it atmosphere it is, somewhat seldom, used to give speeches or to host ceremonies. As it is obviously outside of the ship and only really accessible through the high decks of the ship it is area restricted to top level personnel only. The people you will find here will mainly be either officers of the military or admin staff crew members.

Gracing this lonesome and expansive piece of the hull is a deck chair positioned near the edge of the massive platform, sat in it is Sam. The now addressed “Ruler of Heaven”. Standing to attention at his side is General Miller, the absolute top dog of the military, the man in charge of all battalions and to a certain extent the academy too. Also present is Major Raikov, leader of the Tengu Elite….

These are the only people who are currently on the observation platform at this point in time…

From this height the trio are capable of viewing a vast area of the city below them, an invigorating experience indeed. Right now the student horde can be seen making their way through the streets, but it isn’t this that attracts Sam attention, it is more so the unfinished tower…

Sam: It’s good to see things are getting back on their feet again…for Heaven I mean…
Not speaking until spoken to the two officers remain silent
Sam: You can talk you know, anything to fill in the silence
General Miller: Ahem! student numbers are on the rise sir! military servicemen have also settled into their new positions. Apart from this there is nothing left to report on the matter, everything is a should be.
Major Raikov: Our ranks took a big hit during the civil war. I have teams scouting for new potential recruits but….we have high standards and require sufficient time, I only want the very best in my elite force.
Sam: If you have any issues with that just take soldiers from the battalions…
General Miller is displeased at hearing this, handwork has been put into the reformation and having troops plucked out and moved around will only serve to damage the perfection of it all
Major Raikov: I can see the General isn’t too fond of that idea…
General Miller: The Captain has given you permission, Major.
Major Raikov: Don’t worry yourself, I intend to take from the student pool anyway, shaping a new slate is much easier than trying to rewire a grunt trooper
General Miller: Hm!
Sam: Any word from the Fabricators?
Major Raikov: The security squads that patrol that area haven’t reported anything of interest
Sam: So the Black Marker is secure, good. What about the S-Deck?
General Miller: Dr. Halsey requested that I gather together new trainees for her program. No doubt they will only be killed by that hapless woman’s desires for “super soldier”
Sam: The Spartans are some of the best fighters I’ve seen. I agree though, their are more people dying than anything. I’ll leave the decision with you, send her soldiers if you want…
General Miller: It makes me proud when I see one of my loyal soldiers become a Spartan but it is greatly outweighed by those who I have lost to its cause. This is what makes me uncertain.
Major Raikov: I believe one of them was killed ruing the previous conflict, one of my teams found a half melted chestplate and a dismembered arm when clearing the decks, both of them registered to S-004.
Sam: So no corpse?
Major Raikov: I was curious at the time so I went through the clean up logs and fatality record. Still nothing, somewhere out there is a 1 armed Spartan…
Sam: Will be interesting to see where he pops up hehehee…
General Miller: You do now that Spartans are never recorded as killed, Major Raikov?
Major Raikov: I used higher level clearance when searching the logs, I know she doesn’t list them publicly
General Miller: Dr. Halsey only ever has them marked as WIA or MIA.
Major Raikov: I searched it all…
General Miller: The notion that the Spartans never die is an effective morale booster for those who are seeking to take up training on the program. I give her credit for that.
Major Raikov: Sounds like the building blocks of arrogance to me…..
Sam: I nearly forgot. Do we have any leads on Reimu and her friend, Marisa?
General Miller: Sorry sir, who are these people?
Sam: Mobius, BM war, magical girls…
General Miller: Ah yes, apologies Captain. The Touhou Capture Team is ready and on standby unfortunately though we don’t have data on their whereabouts.
Sam: It was that long ago that I forgot exactly why I was even trying to catch them…
Major Raikov: The Fabrcators will be interested in them.
The three take a moment to appreciate the impeccable view, the winds is surprisingly gentle up here
Sam: Get used to this view…Heavens gonna be sat here for a very long time
General Miller: It will be several years before we reach a respectably sized force even with the high student numbers we have.
Major Raikov: Tengu training takes multiple years pass…
Sam: This is the beginning of something great…
The three continue to chatter to one another as they look down on the world below…

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Lucy bought that silk robe and circlet at the shop just shortly after exchanging one diamond piece for the cities currency.

Natsu felt generous for once and paid for everyones meals at the resturant, especially since he and tao ate the place until they had nothing left. But they were compensated for two diamond pieces which should be more than enough for them.

At the new dungeon, Lucy and Wendy continue to be amazed by the atmosphere of the place.

Lucy: I can’t get over how pretty this place is still.

Wendy: I know. It’s just so relaxing, so calm and peaceful.

Natsu suddenly interupts the mood with a loud burp.

Natsu: oh sorry guys, man that food was great. Now I am really fired up now.

Lucy: Gee, way to be dignified Natsu.

Happy: He said sorry.

Natsu: Yah, that food was the least I deserve after flying for a week on that giant death trap. I thought I was actually gonna die in that thing from motion sickness.

Lucy: sign Whatever, Lets just stick together for now.

Carla: Keep an eye out for anything of interest.


Natsu and Happy: Aye sir!

They proceed to go with the others. Waiting for whatever Natsuru has planned.
@Juvia, Gray, and Erza

They have been traveling around the outer lands of Fiore and observing the new world. Making their own recording of all the new life there, from the bsic animals there to the Trolls, Satyre tribes, and Centaur tribes. It is a bit rough for them being so far away from home, but this adventure is something worth the efforts.
Medusa had been observing everything that has been going on around the world thanks to the powers of boundary manipulation given to her by Yukari. She still wonders where she is or what she is doing. She was quite fond of her, but oh well, life moves on. She had been doing a lot of observing of all the new life as well. She had been also keeping a close eye on Heaven and all of the military stuff going on there by hiding amongst the civilians. She still has her snakes aboard heaven from when she escaped with Yukari. God knows how much information she has gotten from them about all of Heavens classified information. She has observed Chen and the knights of the fold as well and the city of Hope. She pretty much has all she needs and more to keep herself busy with any future plans with Hazama and Relius.

Medusa is currently on a beach by one of the resorts in Fiore, relaxing underneath an umbrella and writing down notes on a notebook. She has her soul protect on so nobody of importance could detect her presence. She is pretty much a normal everyday human on the beach.

Medusa: Oh what a lovely new world we live in. So many exciting thing just waiting to happen. So many new things to study, but I don’t know where to start. Luckily I have nothing but time on my hands, so there’s no need to be in a rush for these sort of things.

She takes her drink from a small table near her and drinks from it before putting it down.

Medusa: Ah, I could really get used to this.

Continues jotting down notes on her book, She is currently writing about the magic of Fiore that uses ethernano and the Blazblue magic that uses Seithr.

Jan 06, 2014 at 08:36PM EST

It’s been one month since Dr. Robotnik (the evil super-genius also known as “Dr. Eggman”) first began his plans on the new world of Charity.

Robotnik sits in the main chair of the Command Room in his Final Egg, which towers above the surrounding city which has been built around it.

Robotnik: Finally… after merely one month, the Eggman Empire is fully operational again! Now, I can finally begin my schemes to rid myself of that meddlesome hedgehog and conquer the world once-and-for-all!

Snively (Robotnik’s nephew) holds barely any interest in his uncle’s agenda, which is revealed by the apathetic response he gives to his uncle’s speech whilst straightening his own uniform (the uniform is identical to his uncle’s save its green color).

Snively: Very good, sir.

Robotnik is currently far too excited in his goals to care whether or not Snively supports his ambition, and he continues on with his speech as though Snively weren’t even there.

Robotnik: And only one such as I could have possibly accomplished what I’ve been able to thus far! And only one with my genius could match what I’ve got planned for the near future!

Finally, Dr. Eggman acknowledges his nephew’s presence.

Robotnik: Snively!

Snively, who was barely paying attention to his uncle’s preening, snaps to attention.

Snively: Yes, sir?

Robotnik: Ready my hovercraft. We’re going to take a little trip to--

Suddenly, a mini-alarm sounds from one of the screens, which prompts Snively to rush to it and check its readings.

Robotnik: Well…?

Snively: It’s a report from one of your spy orbs… Priority One alert! The hedgehog has been spotted!

Robotnik: What!? Where!?

Snively: He’s trailing one of our supply convoys on its way to the Southern Hemisphere.

Robotnik: What!? That’s where my new zone is located! Divert the convoy! Change its direction!

Snively: Where to, sir?

Robotnik: Anywhere other than its current destination! If that hedgehog discovers my project already…

After a few more moments spent getting into contact with the convoy, Snively addresses his uncle once more.

Snively: The convoy has been successfully diverted, sir. Should I give an order to engage?

Robotnik: No! Let the hedgehog think we haven’t detected him, yet.

Snively: But sir, won’t the hedgehog be suspicious if he sees the ships suddenly change direction?

Robotnik: Perhaps… but I’d rather take a chance that he doesn’t than to risk revealing that which I do not intend to be revealed just yet!

Sonic and Knuckles, who have been trailing several smaller ships which obviously belonged to the Egg Fleet, become confused as the fleet suddenly changes direction, and they stop.

Sonic: What the--? What’s going on?

Knuckles: Looks like Eggman’s ships are changing direction!

Sonic: Yeah, but why?

Knuckles: I dunno… Sonic, we need to find out what Eggman’s up to! The sooner we do…

Knuckles smashes his fists together.

Knuckles: … the sooner I’ll be able to locate the Master Emerald!

Sonic: Sure thing! Let’s blast through with Sonic speed!

Sonic grabs Knuckle’s wrist, who begrudgingly allows the hedgehog to do so, and they take off with extreme speed.

Jan 06, 2014 at 09:35PM EST


Divilux: That sounds like common sense. Why are we being told this?

Granatir: Some people lack it.


The three would have occasionally seen a blue hot air balloon with some wave-like patterns on it flying around. One of the buildings in the blue tribe’s settlement is oddly shaped… It is seen from above to be a large octagon with a circle to one side and a ramp. The circle is actually shown to be a dome and the building entrance from another angle. This is the Balloon Hut, where the hot-air balloon was built. these balloons only carry two followers, but can move over any terrain. This balloon is currently in use by the Shaman and one firewarrior.

Anyway, on this particular occasion, the firewarrior sees the three, and the balloon is flown towards them. Normally he’d shoot anything not of the tribe that isn’t a wildman on sight, but the Shaman recognises the fact that there are likely to be undiscovered individuals, as such there is no war between them, hence the firewarrior holds his fire.
Jan 07, 2014 at 04:53AM EST

OOC: Sorry to burst your bubble, Tardises. Asura says that he won’t be responding to more than two things at once. He’s already got the dungeon and Medusa. He just doesn’t want to be responding to a bajillion things at once.

Jan 07, 2014 at 12:34PM EST


Standing on the highest point of Heaven, the King of Heroes overlooks the land. This time around he has on more casual attire to entertain himself with. A black jacket with white stripes, a white button-up shirt under it, along with a pair of black pants and shiny black shoes.

His hair gently blows in the wind as he looks down at just a portion of his new garden. Even though the destruction of Mobius and reconstruction of Charity was detrimental to him, he has remained strong throughout all of it. Gilgamesh has claimed Charity as his own. No ruler, king, nor god shall defy him and his glory.
Gilgamesh has spent the month time-skip going all over the continent, looking for new items of interest for his treasury. When he returned to Fuyuki, he found the colossal ship nearby his city.

Needless to say, Gilgamesh has noticed the mongrels standing on top of the ship with him, but has taken no interest in them. Right now he’s just getting a new vantage point of the city. To them he looks like just another civilian.

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For the few odd seconds of going unnoticed you would have overhead conversation concerning the Chief Officers of the navy section of Heaven…

But it doesn’t take long before the keen senses of Major Raikov catch onto the presence of Gil. Unlike standard Tengu’s he is armed only with an extremely high quality custom HF Blade, he turns to look up at the passive intruder…his hand steadily resting upon the hilt of his undrawn officers sword, ready to strike at any given moment…
Major Raikov: General Miller sir!
General Miller: Hm?
Turning around he spots Raikov in a ready stance and then he too spots Gil
General Miller: Captain! it seems as though we have a intruder on deck! permission to rid your presence of it?!
Remaining seated, Sam turns his head to catch glimpse of this shameful trespasser
Sam: Another Hazama-type except this one doesn’t look to be much of a talker huh?
Major Raikov draws his blade and readies himself for combat, he is ready to prove his capabilities to Sam if a hostile situation were to occur. Meanwhile General Miller calls upon the Bouncer UG via his Codec.
Raikov shouts upto Gilgamesh…

Major Raikov: Identify yourself immediately!
Sam stays sat down leaving his two officers to deal with the problem

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Gilgamesh doesn’t even acknowledge Raikov at first. It’s only when he asks for his identification that Gilgamesh acknowledges the Tengu elite. Turning around, they can all see that Gilgamesh has both his hands in his jacket pockets. To them it doesn’t look like he means any harm, but one thing that sets them off are his bloody red eyes.
Gilgamesh: Mongrels.
With the word said, his pupils seem to expand outwards like a cats.

They are visibly not those of a human and give off a mysterious radiance that makes people wither.
The strange man only has words to say. He doesn’t have any weapons on him that the guards can see. He doesn’t seem to move from the pedestal that he is on. Even though he’s kept to himself all this time, he is still pretty pissed about the destruction of his garden by Transcendence. He doesn’t let onto his anger though.
Gilgamesh: I see that you have parked your ship upon my glorious new garden… Ships belong in the sky, do they not?
He glances at the three men standing on top of the ship.
Gilgamesh: What purpose do you have here, mongrels? It will amuse me to know your motives.

@Blue tribe,

The scent of roses fills the air around the central encampment. This is very peculiar, especially since there aren’t any rosebushes growing nearby. The smell is faint, but still strong enough to make you question where it is coming from.

Rachel is sitting on a tree branch outside the encampment of the Blue Tribe. The young vampire is merely observing their settlement, stretching her red bat familiar, Gii, to amuse herself as she watches them.

Rachel: It seems that this particular group of people is getting along quite nicely in this world. It will only be a matter of time before each group will find another and begin beating each other over the heads with neanderthal-like clubs and waging war over land…
The vampire sighs a dainty sigh.
Rachel: Such is the way ruin will be brought.

Jan 07, 2014 at 06:30PM EST


Leaping from out a nearby ventilation duct appears the Bouncer…

In a few bounds and hops it comes to rest at the side of General Miller. It was almost destroyed during the Necromorph outbreak but since has been practically rebuilt and upgraded several times over, now it boasts a much more powerful railgun and is twice as strong aswell as fast. It is currently ready to pounce when given the order…

Meanwhile Sam gets up from his seat and steps into the spotlight, both Raikov and Miller are on high alert now that their Captain is on point…

Outfitted in a very smart and pristine looking suit he stands there with his signature shit eating grin across his face. Full of pride and ambition he looks towards Gilgamesh
Sam: And I see that you have parked your feet on my ship you ask what my purpose here is. You know, it gets boring after a while, having random people show up with no goods to bring to the table other than their irritating attempts at belittlement…
The Major and General just remain silent, not wanting to interrupt their leader in any way

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Gilgamesh turns away from the group of men. He doesn’t seem to have listened to a single word that Sam has said.
Gilgamesh: I see, mongrel…
A golden mist begins to form around his hand. This looks suspicious, but after a few moments they can see a sack made of cloth materialize in his right hand. It looks filled to the brim with something…
Gilgamesh: Take these and leave. This is more wealth than any of you are worth.
He tosses the bag behind him, aiming for Sam and the generals. When it lands, it spills in front of them. Gold bars, coins, jewels of all sorts, and wealth of all kinds scatter about the top of Heaven.
Gilgamesh: If you do not heed my warning, so be it.
He shrugs his shoulders.
Gilgamesh: I expect you mongrels to remember that there will be consequences for this.
He turns back around to face the soldiers.

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Nor Sam, Major Raikov or the General move an inch as Gil tosses the satchel, instead it is caught merely moments from hitting the ground by the Bouncer UG. Holding the sack with its manipulator “tail” it passes it over to Sam. He takes it and pours some of the contents out into his hand…
Sam: The only use this gold is to me is that it’s a handy electrical conductor, I’m sure the tech engineers will be happy with it at least. And the jewels..what am I supposed to do with these? make a pretty necklace?…
He takes a mild liking to one of the coins and holds it between his fingers
Sam: I’ll be sure to take it with me when I head back in time..
Pocketing the coin he pours the valuable items back into the bag and hands them back over to the Bouncer, the UG takes them and returns to its position besides General Miller. Both he and the Major remain quiet, still waiting on Sam’s commands..

To break the silence a large elevator appears rising up through the hull behind them. When it comes to a stop its doors quickly jut open. Exiting out onto the deck appears…

Monsoon…and following behind him..

The Four Prophets
The General and Major relax their stances slightly, relieved at the arrival of some elite level back up in this tense situation. The reinforcements begin making their way over to Sam.
Monsoon:What do we have? a perfect example of a carrier of memes. Greed, envy, despair, he cannot help but pass them along….
The Cyborg Ninja comes to a stop besides Sam whilst the Four Prophets remain behind them, ready and primed for combat

Monsoon: Not even this false..god can fight nature as he tries to pass on age old and worthless riches. Truly a fish out of water…but it isn’t his fault.
Sam: General, Major, you’re both dismissed, get out of here.
They both give a final salute before quickly scuttling into the elevator that Monsoon arrived in, within the next moments its doors have closed as it descends back down into the hull of the ship therefore removing two very important people from this quite hostile situation

Monsoon turns his head to Sam.
Monsoon: May I?
Sam: Why not…
He enthusiastically steps forward and draws his signature Sai’s, Dystopia….

Now fully prepared for battle Sam leaves him to it as the Four Prophets take up position behind Monsoon however strangely enough they are yet to draw their HF Blades and are instead stood in a perfect line at his back, looking up at Gilgamesh with their hands down by their sides
Monsoon: You can’t fight nature!

The Bouncer UG begins charging up its rail gun, in the next post it will fire an un-dodgable and EXTREMELY hard to block solid projectile. The charging period is the only chunk of time that you have to react and prepare for the shot, if you don’t react with movement or preparation it will hit instantaneously. Simply put, if the sights are on you, and it fires uninterrupted, it hits.

As a recap:
The people currently present are as follows….
Monsoon, he is upfront and the nearest to you.
The Four Prophets, they are behind his back and seemingly prepared for combat.
The Bouncer UG, it is offside the Prophets and is currently seconds from firing its primary weapon.
Sam, he is taking a back seat and is behind everyone else, not to mention completely unarmed and in a stance you would deem unready for direct assault….

Jan 08, 2014 at 09:58PM EST


Before Monsoon comes.

The King of Heroes looks down at the Bouncer who caught the bag of jewels that he so generously threw to them. Gilgamesh keeps the same composure that he always has when dealing with mongrels, high and mighty. The King puts his hands back into his pockets.
Gilgamesh: Do not treat the luxuries that I bestow upon you as if they were nothing.
He takes his right hand out of his pocket and snaps his fingers together. All of the sudden, the bag of riches and the single coin both disappear in a flash from their respective holders.
Gilgamesh: For all may be gone before you should know it…

And then Monsoon comes out.

Gilgamesh glances over to where the elevator comes up from. The King’s glare bares down upon them like the sun on a summer’s day. It’s difficult for them to not feel the holiness and burden that he bears.
Gilgamesh: Who gave you permission to gaze upon me and speak to me as if I were a beggar? Greed? Envy? Despair? I have all that I could ever need, and more!
The King of Heroes crosses his arms, and in a golden flash…

He equips a flawless suit of ornate golden armor. His golden hair now stands up like a blazing flame, and his majesty increases by ten-fold. It’s enough to have to make Monsoon and the Prophets step back from him. A luxurious, red cape that blankets the space behind him with crimson is around his waist. Gilgamesh now has on a pair of golden earrings too. Make of that what you will. A golden aura outlines the King of Heroes to complete his attire.
Gilgamesh: You have forced my hand, worthless dogs!

And so the fight begins…

As soon as the Bouncer targets him, Gilgamesh snaps his fingers. When he does this, a red flash of red light appears where he snapped them. A short burst appears in front of the Bouncer, followed by a pin-point energy shot that heads straight for it. This should skewer right through it.

Even if the shot still manages to go off, Gilgamesh surrounds himself with a golden aura. Surrounded by the holy light, he makes a jump to get a good distance between himself and the rest. When he lands, he has his left hand on his hip – looking casual as fuck.

Gilgamesh: Gate of… Babylon.

A red line immediately shoots up from behind Gilgamesh and travels upwards as far as the eye can see. The red line begins to pulsate with intense energy as a pink aura seems to convulse around it. As the “gate” opens, the entire ship begins to heavily shake. The portal gets wider and wider until it covers a good length of the visible area behind him… A golden glow replaces the harsh red light spewing from the opened gate.

Gilgamesh now stands in front of this monstrosity of a portal. Even if you are the most hardened of veterans, you cannot help but feel the least bit intimidated by this.
One of the Prophets spots that Gilgamesh has a strange dagger in his right hand… But it’s too late. Gilgamesh dips his head, and casually swings the white dagger in front of him, whipping up a whirlwind of icy cold air towards the attackers and Sam.

The cold air also seems to lightly freeze the top of the ship with a sheet of ice.

Jan 09, 2014 at 10:43PM EST

OOC: Filler post time. Just so it’s apparent I’m waiting on some of you to post.

The blue tribe just proceeds on as it has since arrival. The vampire is noticed but they just leave her be. (OOC: Huh, I only just noticed you actually used one of the music embeds I did. We might as well just go with that game’s various BGMs as the tribe’s theme, alternating to not get too repetitive)

Let’s see what two braves think of Charity… Speech translated to their ‘mana language’ (english) for our convenience.

Brave 1:(Doesn’t it seem a bit unusual here?)

Brave 2:(What do you mean?)

Brave 1:(We’ve been here for quite some time, yet there have been no signs of any of our enemies. Not even one brave of the Dakini, or the Chumara, or the Matak…)

Brave 2:(Maybe our Shaman and her divine predecessor have finally wiped them all out?)

Brave 1:(No, I don’t think it’s that simple…)

A warrior walks up at this point

Warrior:(Shouldn’t you two be in a hut, to generate mana for our Shaman?)

Brave 2;(We’ve just been talking about the lack of presence of any of our enemies. Not even whatever it was that forced her to reincarnate shortly after we arrived. Besides, all her spells are fully charged at this point.)

Warrior:(Yes, it is too peaceful here for my liking.)

Brave 1:(Maybe we could explore this world? I have a feeling it’s much larger than any we’ve seen before, after all. Why else would the Shaman be away for so long?)

Warrior:(Seems a good idea as any. After all, they COULD be on this world, we could merely not have encountered them yet. I shall ask a few of my fellow warriors and some firewarriors to join us… 12 should do for exploring, I believe.)

After this, the Warrior walks off to assemble an exploration party. This isn’t something to be done lightly, especially with just over 5% of the tribe off on it…

(OOC: Basically, if I am next forced to do a filler post, I’ll be sending 2 braves, 5 warriors and 5 firewarriors to explore the world. This is so I can at least post SOMETHING while waiting for the time when I can have the main characters do something.)

Jan 10, 2014 at 07:01AM EST


The cyborgs have little reaction to the transformation, after all, the Prophets are hardly human in any sense and Monsoon is a very twisted individual to begin with, layer on everything he has experienced in the past few months and you have man that has seen just about every kind of shitty situation possible, from exterminations to mutations…Sam on the other hand is surprised by the change in outfit but is anticipating the battle much more. To Sam, Gilgamesh is just another unreasonable thorn in his side, he has reached a point where forgiveness is impossible and lethal punishment is the sentence given to those who step in the way of his cause..

Not wanting to be speared, the Bouncer dives out of the way of the red bolt causing it to lose a chunk of its built up energy…..

Instead of wasting its shot it regains its footing and blasts off a set of smoke canisters that are attached to its sides, within an instant a large area surrounding it has been completely covered in a cloud of very dense white gas. Due to the Bouncers body being completely sealed it does not irradiate heat or any of emissions therefore it is impossible to find it amongst the expansive smoke bomb cloud, it is totally hidden.

Now out of sight it makes use of its special weapon, the olfactory sensors built into its armor. This gives it the ability to “smell” Gilgamesh from a very very far distance like a wolf, even if the air is heavily polluted to the extent of a blizzard, no matter what the Bouncer can see you by your scent. Stabilizing its primary weapon it takes up aim once more, with an accurate idea of Gilgamesh’s position it flicks on its thermal vision on the weapons scope and begins taking precise aim. Now hidden amongst a massive cloud of smoke it will fire its railgun in the next post…

When the gust of wind is swept towards the team they standfast in their positions and brace themselves. Monsoon surrounds himself with energy and shakes off the attack whilst also blocking with his Sai’s…

The Four Prophets on the other hand just stand motionless in front of Sam, their bodies like impenetrable shields against the cold wind…
(OOC: Don’t forget that the Prophets actually share the same chassis as the cyborg who guarded the lift to the ocean base, as this is like the.. first time they have been majority involved in battle I felt the need to remind)

(But with their respective heads ofcourse)
Doing a good job of representing the freakish element of Heaven they are still silent

With the attack finished, Monsoon raises his hand and throws a smoke bomb to the ground, deploying a tactic similar to that of the Bouncer. Then within the next instant he leaps up into the air…

And separates his unique body into separate parts, each one being held together by an incredible electromagnetic force, positioning pieces of himself about the place he forms a path of hovering stepping stones, within an instant all Four Prophets have darted off, 2 run up the cyborg stepping stones to gain big height before leaping down upon Gilgamesh, still without their swords drawn BUT with their hands grasping the handles of their unrevealed weapons. The other 2 Prophets take Gil’s flanks.

Monsoon pulls himself back together and lands upon the deck of hull… a true cyborg master of magnetic fields

Joining the assault he sprints off directly towards Gilgamesh, Dystopia drawn and glowing with energy.

At this current moment in time you have two cyborgs diving down upon you, they are in mid flight, whilst you are also being sprinted at from your left and right. Monsoon is charging you directly whilst off in the distance the Bouncer is moments away from firing a precise as hell rail round

Team tactics and strikes are the methods of which Monsoon is determined to deploy in this fight, the stakes are high as Gil is on top of Heaven and Sam is present. An unrelenting group assault is to be the least expected.

Jan 10, 2014 at 10:15AM EST


Gilgamesh is trying to play a zoning game with everyone… It’s not apparent to them at the moment, though. He sees this as more of a game that they are playing, rather than an actual fight that’s going on.

When the Bouncer is about to fire its shot, Gilgamesh surrounds himself in a golden aura and jumps high up and backwards, landing on an antenna to give him a vantage point on everything, while also keeping the opposing team in the kill zone.

Gilgamesh flicks his hand forward… The cyborgs should have lost track of him when he went through the gate, as it looks like a solid wall. All of the sudden, the hilts of weapons can be seen protruding out of ripples that are formed in the portal. No hilt looks the same as the one next to it. Each one is unique. These ripples appear all over the gate from top to bottom, with each one having a hilt protruding from it. It looks like a massive climbing wall…

In an instant, these hilts begin to shake, rumble, and glow with a bright gold light.
Gilgamesh: Begone.

In the next millisecond, this weaponry is shot out at blinding speeds. Each shot carries with it the ability to leave dents and somewhat pierce through the titanium armor of Heaven. If a normal human was hit by a single shot, it would be like getting impaled by a thick, metal cylinder. These shots, however, leave behind no weaponry…

Everyone on top of the ship, save for Gilgamesh, is in danger of this rain of weapons straight from hell.

Meanwhile, Gilgamesh is on top of the antenna tower while everyone is dealing with the shots… Gilgamesh extends his right hand in front of him, pointing forwards at everyone. This summons miniature gates, each with a single weapon hilt coming out of them. These gates look more like golden ripples in the air than anything else.

Gilgamesh: I am the only true king; and I do not deem you worthy to even gaze upon me, mongrels!
He crosses his arms.

Gilgamesh has another volley of shots ready for whoever comes at him next. They will be fired upon again as soon as his eyes set on one of the opposition.

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Jan 10, 2014 at 07:08PM EST

The Bouncer once again saves its valuable shot. In an attempt to escape the killzone it sprints off and away from the battle ground across the deck of the ship before taking up a new position. Now at a very good distance it blasts off another set of smoke canisters that once again mask its appearance…bolstering down it sniffs out Gils position and then takes up aim through the scope of the railgun before beginning a recharge sequence

The Prophets are currently out of sight and are nowhere to be seen, you look about the deck but there is no evidence of their position whatsoever to be found…

Monsoon halts his sprint and slows to that of a walking pace as he watches the weapon hilts emerge from the golden portals. A smile begins to slowly creep across his face as he prepares himself…

Monsoon: You play a weak game…
He comes to a stop and stands upright, looking up at the fast approach of weaponry

The central generator of his power kicks in, signalled by the extension of the unit from his visor
Monsoon: Lorentz force!!
Monsoon possesses the powerful ability of electromagnetism manipulation, using Dystopia as a kind of conduit he can lift incredibly huge metallic objects such as tanks and helicopters and throw them around like toys, his power is also incredibly refined and is capable of controlling objects with very small metallic content

All of Gilgamesh’s projectiles are frozen in mid flight and brought to a stand still as Monsoons power takes ahold within an instant
Monsoon: My thanks.
He repositions the hilts about the area and launches them all right back at Gil and the surrounding area, the attack has quite effectively been completely reversed upon him.

Jan 11, 2014 at 02:14PM EST


Upon entering the dungeon, they immediately get thrusted into this place.

If memory serves correctly, none of these characters have stepped foot into this place. But even if they did recognize it they would clearly know that this room is just like the many others they have entered before.

Flynn: “… nothing is here.”

He starts leading the group though the room… it’s quiet enough to be unsettling…



Flynn: “Wh-?”

In mere seconds all the statues heads explode like frag grenades, shrapnel burying itself deep inside various parts of the unsuspecting party.

All of Vesperia is hit and falls to the floor in pain. Miraculously alive.


Delays like this hopefully won’t be regular.

Jan 12, 2014 at 06:21AM EST

OOC: Next time that sort of delay happens, I’ll be starting my next filler post with the Sonic ’06 loading screen.

The Order mages, due to being towards the edges of the group, were all hit. Not as badly as they could have been, all things considered. Being at the back protected Granatir and Divilux from the worst of it…

Divilux: Is that normal?

Granatir: There is no such thing as ‘normal’ in these places. Each one is different. That said, give me a hand with the healing here, alright?

*Granatir and Divilux pick out some of the shards and then start casting Healing Wind and Heal respectively… though they would have to cast Resurrection on Tempestia (due to lack of durability) and Tahrdan (Elemental weakness. The clay shrapnel was considered to be earth damage.). As for Pyralis and Noctan… They’re still standing, but are in too much pain to concentrate on casting a spell. *

Divilux: So… how many of us overall have access to healing spells?

Granatir: Well, at least us 2 and the other 4 at the front, do… Tahrdan, that aquamancer, actually created one. And some of the others do, too, though I’ve not noted down exactly who, yet.

Jan 12, 2014 at 08:40AM EST

When the Statues Explode, Jotaro stops time, and moves Josuke, Doomguy, and Kenshiro to where the blasts won’t hit them, or at least cause minimal damage to the four.

OOC: Don’t have much time, so a short post this time.

Jan 12, 2014 at 05:35PM EST

OOC: I’m back fuckers and you know what? I quit. Fuck this thread and everyone inside of it. Fuck you Sam, fuck you too Zarathh, fuck you Tardhan and fuck you Falcon, you are the king of the fuckers.
Such a sad event, such a dark storm brought to earth, such a pain can only be gone with the happiness hidden in our hearts that only manifests itself once we learn to appreciate the path of Obelis and the congregation of Chen and the Knights of the Fold, men and women who only want the best of the best to the people of the world but due to the cloud of ignorance that naturally habitates in the human’ mind, they were rejected. But its our chance brother, a chance to get close to the words of Obelis and the Fold, a chance to listen to lord Chen’ wise advice and majestic words. Its time to pray, its time to raise your voices in honor to the grace of Obelis and the final reward that awaits for us..
It is time my dear users, It is time to listen to Chen, to recognize his voice, to remember every small word he says..It is time..
The Holy Gospel of Obelis, the one who shall show us the path to our final reward.

“My dear brothers, my sisters..children of Obelis..followers and seekers of this final reward that shall be brought to us..Thou shall fear not to the unimportant modifications that Obelis himself made to our simple lives in the paridise free from the heretic world surrounding us, the city of Hope. Tis is heaven brought to the ground, tis the result of the vast knowledge that Obelis used to guide us when this land was as empty as a desert, tis is the purest evidence that shows how much the Fold has grown and how much Obelis’ love and wisdom can be spread. He who calls himself a brother but doesn’t trust to the word of the Fold, She who embraces another cult that is against Obelis’ will, They who still believe in the empty words of the members of the so called “Fairy Tail”, to those traitors I have four simple words that should basically clear any doubt you have: I hear thee not. The Fold didn’t appeared in thin air, it didn’t came from the very ground or a distant land…WE made the Fold..WE are the Knights of the Fold..togheter, WE made this city come true…We built every street, every dark corner, every detail and every contraposition..We built everything as a group of brothers that seek salvation! Praise Obelis and his word!"
Civilians: Follow the dream of a new world!
“Death to the pagans ways”
Civilians: Thee with false god to praise.
“Let us rejoice because Obelis has finally showed us his love and grace. Rejoice my brothers and sisters.”
Civilians: REJOICE!
“Today, those I have mentioned shall trouble no more. I was merciful enough to give them a respectful amount of time to reconsider their choises but I’m afraid that if we truly wish for salvation, the only way to deal with them is through conversion…”
The city of Hope is ILUMINATED by the very skies of Heaven. Obelis allows Chen to use his pure form of magic and punish the souls who are not infused with the Fold yet. After raising his staff and as his body is covered in a powerful magic aura, Chen spreads his fanaticism and coverts each and every civilian living in Hope, spreading a powerful holy wave of magic around Hope and leaving huge golden clouds in the sky that resemble the form of a hand, the hand of a god.

I infuse you all..with the spirit…

Information that the Fairy Tail gathered from the local tribes/ groups / bastards that are togheter for some damn reason:
The four-legged clans of Druud also known as the centaur tribe.

Nothing new from the man-like beasts. Their culture is small and almost unexistant, the highest form of art and expression is the battle itself, most of them despise magicians and humans and their territories are constantly changing according to the weather and their needs such as food. Infiltrating to their territories would be basically impossible and they are not such a friendly neighbors, however, despite their rude and merciless nature, a centaur never fights without a good reason to. Their leader is Bradwarden, the Centaur Warruner, old friend from Enchantress and the most fearsome gladiator and warrior of his kind.
“Selfish brute creatures that see violence as a game.” as described by the Holy Knight, Chen.

The ancient Satyr clan
Natsu and Co. would probably had a hard time with this particular tribe. Unlike centaurs and the rest of the creeps in the forest, the Satyr dont have a specific place where they stay, using temporary campaments that they shortly destroy once they leave. The Satyr culture consists in the cult of “He whose name must not be pronounced”, a religious organization based on sacrifices and offerings to a Dead God that shall bless them with good luck, fortune and inmortality. Nobody is truly sure whether that god is nothing but a mere myth or maybe Its just a selfish entity that merely grants its followers the power of sorcery. Every Satyr member has a small degree of magic, small and pathetic compared to the sorcerers inside Charity but Its unique on its kind.
“Heretic abominations and mistakes of nature’s grace that act as mere parasites, constantly abducting our brothers and sisters for their vile purposes” as described by Chen.

The extremelly and supremely important clan of all the clans, beasts of all the beasts, creatures of all the creatures, the lords of war: the Trolls of the Hoven.
If there is something impressive about this tribe is not only the ugly and fearsome appearance of its members, tough red skinned trolls, their “rip everything ’til you drop” fighting style or their loud, over-the-top and annoying voices, the thing that amazes anyone who is unlucky to visit the troll main campament is how much the trolls complain, argue and fight against each other opinion in a endless vortex of words, fist fighting and yelling, missing no excuse to raise their voices in dispute. Even the world’s smallest problem, such as deciding who eats first, is enough to cause a gigantic discussion between them. Trolls are the most intolerable creatures in the woods.
“Pathetic raiders and scum subspecie, not even belonging to the term “scum” itself. In fact, the word “scum” becomes obsolete. They do nothing, nor for their own lives or for anyone else." as described by Chen.

@Juvia, Gray, and Erza

So, since they visited the centaurs and trolls already, the group should be inside the Wildkin territories. Normally, these huge eagle are very territorial and they hate the smell of a intruder near their recently created nests. These nests are literally on top of the highest trees. However, since they stepped in, not a single wildkin member attacked. Loud footsteps are heard, branches are torn apart and leaves fall on the ground. With both of her arms holding two small newborn Wildkin chicks and several wisps following her, the protector of nature makes her appeareance once again in front of Juvia, Gray and Erza. As radiant as the sun in the very beginning of spring and summer, Aiushtha slowly steps out from the shadows that the woods gladly offer, petting and hugging the newborn animals.

Enchantress: May nature bless the glorious paths of the twisted and ever changing destiny! Oh how much I missed all of you! Several friends of mine saw your arrival to these distant lands beyond Fiore but I couldn’t believe it. As you can see, life emerges in every form and every size in this time of the year for the Wildkin tribe and I wanted to make sure that these poor and misunderstood lords of the skies had their territories free from the presence of unwanted visitors that could risk the lives of the new generations that shall take their parents’ tasks and maybe give the Wildkin the reputation they truly deserve. I couldn’t miss the miracle of a new life being brought to the woods, I’m deeply sorry.

The mother of the two Wildkin chicks happens to land right behind Gray. The enourmous eagle merely stares at the visitors for a few seconds before bowing respectfully to each and every one of them. After Enchantress kisses the heads of the innocent newborn creatures, they jump on her mother’ back as she takes off and leaves the place. A curious person would notice that the eagle didn’t directly used her wings and that she casted a small spell under her talons. Once the eagle dissapears in the sky, Enchantress talks once again with the group.

So what brings you to the ancient tribe of the Wildkin? Is it the weather? Did something bad happened to the lovely Magnolia and its residents?

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Jan 12, 2014 at 09:44PM EST

OOC: I take it she has not noticed the balloon coming yet… Ah well, may as well have the Shaman directly interact with someone for the first time. No music because, well, there’s only two of the 200 of the blue tribe here, and 4 not of the tribe.


At this point, the balloon arives, and the Shaman… jumps out. She is completely unharmed by the landing, somehow…

She tries speaking in her tribe’s language first, to all four

Shaman: (Greetings. I am the…)

She then notices that they do not understand her and as such tries the other language she knows

Shaman: Greetings. I am the Shaman of a local, blue-clad tribe. We do not refer to ourselves by a name or know what any other tribe refers to us as. I saw your group from this balloon and was curious as to who you were. This world is rather new to me, and much larger than those I am used to.

If any of the four can sense magical power, they would feel a lot of it coming from the Shaman – to the point that even those who cannot would be able to see it in her eyes

Jan 13, 2014 at 04:13AM EST


Stay mad

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Jan 13, 2014 at 08:23AM EST


C’mon, accept Chen in your life already.
Err Tardy, the Wildkin territory is filled with huge ass trees so I doubt anyone could ever see a balloon in the middle of the sky. Also, I said that the Wildwings are territorial creatures and anyone who is not related to Enchantress would be inmediatly attacked (and maybe killed)
That being said..

The blue tribe balloon was spotted the moment they decided to step in the Wildkin territory by the tribe’ main warriors. These unknown visitors could be potential enemies and evil bastards that will murder every newborn child in the nests. Not wanting to take any risks. Wildwing warriors take the skies and start to focus their energy in the very clouds surrounding the balloon: They create a powerful magic tornado that WILL catch the balloon and send it to the another side of the planet unless the Shaman somehow managed to fight this wild sorcery.

Jan 13, 2014 at 10:17AM EST


The Firewarrior responds by jumping out. There is a strange sound and then a Magical Shield appears around him. This shield blocks many spells, reflecting any cast directly on the target into another location, with a few exceptions. Tornado is not one of those exceptions. The balloon may be lost, but not the firewarrior or Shaman. The Shaman cannot cast it on herself, however, so she merely tries to keep out of the way.

Shaman: A Tornado spell? here? But… I haven’t sensed any of the other three tribes. What’s going on?

Yes, Tornado is one of the spells the Shaman knows of. It’s also one that she cannot cast on Charity for some reason.

(OOC: If either one were to be swept up into the tornado… Well, it’d probably kill them. As for the strange sound… Well, Magical Shield is one of the spells which lacks a proper incantation. And one I actually rarely use in gameplay myself, though this is due to the whole can’t cast on Shaman thing.)

Jan 13, 2014 at 10:37AM EST

OOC: This is the music I thought of when I read “tornado”:

By the way, I’ve got another post in the works which will include details regarding the new “Zone” I mentioned earlier. Just a heads-up.

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Jan 13, 2014 at 06:23PM EST


When the attack is struck back on Gilgamesh, he actually looks surprised. However, he is angered that such filth would turn his own treasures against him.
Gilgamesh: You are to use the treasures of the King as your own?! Impudent filth!
The King of Heroes summons forth invisible swords to deflect away the incoming projectiles in order to leave him unharmed.

But then something hits Gilgamesh like an anvil to the head. It’s unknown to the members of Heaven why he turns so serious all of the sudden.

Gilgamesh: You’ve got some nerve, Kirei…
He lifts his arm up and waves it to the side, dispelling all of the projectiles on the field. All of the weapons disappear into a bright, golden dust.

After doing this, Gilgamesh looks down at everyone on top of the ship with his eyes closed.
Gilgamesh: You are fortunate, dogs…
He opens his eyes and starts to yell down at everyone.
Gilgamesh: Mongrels! See that you’ve culled your numbers by our next meeting. Only a true hero is worthy of gazing upon my glory.
The Hero King glows with a golden aura once again, and vanishes into a sparkling gold dust leaving nothing behind him.


When the statues explode, every member of my group gets hit. Tao, Noel, Makoto, and Ragna.

Ragna is the one who was hurt the least by the shrapnel in my group because of his battle jacket deflecting some of it off of him. Needless to say, he is still trying to get up.

Ragna: You… bastards…

The others barely had a moment to scream or yell before they were put on the ground. Right now the three girls are alive, but are in about as much pain as the Vesperia group.


Rachel merely sits in the tree and watches the tornado approaching her position since she was sitting in one of the trees nearby where the Blue tribe is.
Rachel: How dreadful… A day ruined by an influx of weather.
She yawns and blinks her eyes, watching it get even closer. After a few moments, she teleports away in a burst of roses from the tree branch she was sitting upon.

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Jan 13, 2014 at 06:30PM EST


As the group was walking down the hallway, Natsu and Wendy suddenly catch a scent of something. They have heightened senses of smell thanks to their dragonslayers and pick up the scent of the explosives.

Wendy: Do you smell that Natsu?

Natsu: Yah I do. It smells like…

Natsu then hears the string being pulled and the mechanisms of beginning to move. He and Wendy already realize whats about to happen and quickly react.


Natsu dives at Wendy and Lucy and covers their bodies with his own as suddeny…

Thanks to his quick reflexes and his keen senses. Natsu had prevented most damage to Wendy and Lucy. Happy and Carla were hit by one, but still hurt them a lot. Natsu on the other hand is in a seriously messed up condition. He is in just a messed up shape as Ragna and the others.

Natsu: You guys… Okay?

Lucy: Natsu! she says as she moves his bloodied body off of her and next to her. Oh my god… Wendy… Help him..

Wendy: Just recovered from her slight injuries with her healing magic. Okay I will. She then makes her way over to Natsu and begins to heal him.

Lucy: Natsu.. Will you be alright?

Natsu: Yah… cough I’ll be alright. How is everyone.

Lucy: They are just as bad as you.

Happy: They need help too.

Carla: Heal Flyn if you can after, he and a few others have healing magic too.

Wendy: Okay.

Wendy does a quick fix on Natsu and goes over to Flynn and begins to heal him to with her Sky magic. Natsu is very much stable, but his body feels very beaten because she didn’t finish him fully so she can help the others quickly.

Juvia, Gray and Erza are more than excited to see her once again. The had not expected her to be here at all. Juvia runs u to her after she lets go of the two wildwing newborns and hugs her.

Juvia: Aaawww we missed you so much. The guild wasn’t much the same after you left.

Erza: I would have to agree on that. You made everyone so cheerful and happy not only in the guild, but in our city too.

Gray: Great to see you again. As for us being here. Were here on a job request to help explore the new lands and regions outside of Fiore for a scholar that we are also guarding as well. Since these lands are as dangerous as Fiore, we took the request to help him out. He is somewhere nearby in wagon were we travel in.

Erza: It also doesn’t hurt to see the new world. We actually have been having an amazing time journeying the lands. So much life and beauty to see. I especially loved the Centaur tribes.

Juvia: Erza was challenged to prove her strength to them in combat.

Gray: Yah. Lets just say that she surprised every one of them.

Erza: They really know how to fight. So Enchantress, No that we are hare together again, what do you think we shall do here?

Suddenly the tornado hits.

Gray: Ah, what the hell, a tornado?

Juvia: How did it happen so suddenly?

Erza: Whats worse, the scholar is still nearby. We have to help him.

Gray: Right, Enchantress, can you help us?

They would make their way to their traveling wagon right after.

Jan 13, 2014 at 07:43PM EST


Upon his last words the Bouncer’s railgun fires, an almighty bang is heard as the solid round is sent towards Gilgamesh at lightning fast speeds. It passes by his head by a matter of inches, the force of its wake almost tearing his head from his shoulders. The door really did hit him on the way out…

The Prophets were actually running up the sides of the antenna Gilgamesh was stood atop, if he had stayed any longer then some actual close range combat might have broken out.

Monsoon casually spins his sai..

Monsoon: It seems our guest was all talk and no show.
Seeing Gilgamesh disappear Sam has already retaken his seat in his deckchair overlooking the city
Sam: I didn’t even hear one sword clash…
The Prophets land with a heavy thud upon the deck after leaping from the antenna

Regret: Not
Truth: a
Pity: blade
Tolerance: was drawn…
Monsoon sheaths Dystopia and turns to the Prophets
Monsoon: You’re done here, begone…
Without saying a word the four cyborgs make their way from the deck along with the Bouncer thus leaving only leaving Sam and Monsoon up top.
Sam: That was disappointing…
Monsoon: These people fear death too much to be taken seriously…
Sam: sigh
Monsoon stands there over watching the city beside Sam, his hands clasped behind his back and a smile on his face.
Sam: GW.
Appearing almost instantly is the hologram of GW, being projected from Sams Codec

GW: Captain.
Sam: Are those scout drones ready? I need some eyes in the sky
GW: Yes, The Fabricators have completed work on several nuclear powered Cyphers
Sam: Extra long battery life eh? hehe
GW: Indeed. On board communication suites have also been upgraded to allow long range communication with Heaven.
Sam: Have ’em sent out
GW: I will notify Lloyd II immediately.
Sam: I also want some standard models sent out to watch over this city, we could do with some surveillance.
GW: Understood.
The hologram disappears

Sam and Monsoon remain on deck, chatting to one another…

The students of the Heaven Military Academy have returned to the ship and class is now back in session

Meanwhile the Cypher drones have been dispatched

Several nuclear versions of the Cypher drone are directed outward and to the surrounding regions whilst a group of standard ones are given orders to patrol the skies of the city

Jan 14, 2014 at 12:04PM EST

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