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Double Spark wrote:

>Random God Crow appears out of nowhere
>Gman appeared at page 29, not my fault if you ignore everything I say…Speaking of that
>Having troops despite Balloon Master’ rampage just ended
>Going around the world like “fuck you all, ignore every helicopter and every kind of unit”
>In the words of the Devil

Devil: Dark Stuff! Unlimited troops!
You don’t need those things to survive!

Fact: Most BM units are ROBOTIC, my humans don’t respawn…Can’t say the same about yours Samuel, they have respawn points around motherfucking Mobius

So Sam, the BM invades Outer Haven and NOPE!
So Sam, Spark goes to Outer Haven and NOPE!
So Sam, Assassin steals a sandwich NOPE!
So Sam, Johnson NOPE!

Samrolling everyday…

2 sentences, a word, and your off…. senseless ranting

May 21, 2013 at 11:40PM EDT

fuck you asshole, so glad your finally dead.

i still would have prefered that crow would just die and be gone from this thread. but you know what, whatever. jehuty, just leave him out of this thread for good now. he is no longer needed and is just an asshole.


the members of fairy tail try and recuperate accept for gray and wendy. lucy and pantherlilly finally make it.

Panther lilly: is everyone okay?

lucy makes it to were wendy and Gray are. she is horrified by the scene. she slowly cries when she sees both wendy and gray injured, but gray being in a worse state from before.

Lucy: oh…oh god WENDY,GRAY…. i have to do something she brings out one of her gate keys. GATE OF THE GOLDEN TWINS: GEMINI!
Gemini is one of the 12 zodiac spirits. gemi, the one on the left, has the ability to replicate a persons body, personalities and memories. mini, the other one, has the ability to mimic a persons magic powers and abilities if they have any. they work together to create an exact copy of anyone that is nearby them.

*she uses their ability to create an exact copy of wendy so she can use her healing powers to help both gray and wendy

Lucy: GEMINI…. save wendy…. and gray… please save them….she cries

Gemini wendy: okay, ill do what i can for them.
gemini uses wendys healing magic to restore the original wendy back to a stable condition as she wakes up.

Wendy: uuhhh.. my body is so sore. thank you gemini. but weres…… GRAY!!!!she quickly notices gray and right away continues to heal gray despite her injuriesGEMINI, PLEASE HELP ME SAVE HIM WITH ME!

gemini wendy quickly responds and they both work together to try and save gray.

meanwhile with the other members trying to get themselves together.

Natsu: man that last one hurt a bit. my hands are still sore from holding that things mouth until i burnt it all.

Gaajeel: no kidding. that asshole managed to crack through my armour. no matter. he takes off a few pieces of his armour and begins to eat them like light snacks

Erza: is everyone alright? weres wendy and gra……… Juvia?

she notices juvia. the rain still pouring down, washing away the blood from everyones injuries.

the look on juvias face is that of heartbreak and devastation to see gray in his condition. with tears in her eyes.

juvia notices gray in the distance with lucy and wendy. trying to heal him. in a panic she runs towards gray.

Juvia: GRAY-SAMA!!!! she yells as she makes her way towards him.

Her scream in panic gets the attention of others around, especially the other members of fairy tail who quickly make pace towards Gray.

as she runs, juvia trips on a rock and falls forward, her hair unfolds into long a very long flow due to the rainwater. she recovers in a haste and crawls quickly towards gray as she picks him up in both her arms. she sees that his breathing is very soft. his chest barely moving. she notices that wendy and gemini wendy are both working together to save him

the others manage to make it as well but are shocked to see gray like this. and juvia this distressed.

Juvia: gray-sama please…….. wake up. wendy, lucy save him….PLEASE!!! she says as her tears drop down on grays body.

Wendy: i wont give up on him juvia. i wont stop until he wakes up…. i promise. wendy is getting weaker due to using her magic while too injured

Gemini wendy: Lucy ordered me to help save gray no matter what, and that is what ill do.

juvia grabs onto one of grays hands and clutches it tightly.

%{color:darkblue}Juvia: PLEASE GRAY-SAMA, WAKE UP!!!!her sorrow slowly makes their wat to the others around. they cannot help but feel her pain at the sight of a guild mate in this state.

juvia lightly shakes gray a bit, still trying to encourage him to wake up. she cant but feel helpless to do anything in this situation but hope for the best. the man she loves lays in her arm, and she cant do anything to save him.

%{color:darkblue} Juvia: gray, juvia knows that your going to come back to her. please….. PLEASE JUST WAKE UP, SHE DOESNT WANT TO LOOSE YOU! JUST WAKE UUUP! she screams towards the sky

suddenly a miracle happens
(que music now)

grays eyes slowly begin to move. the look on juvias face changes from sorrow to a look of joy. gray had finally woken up. the other members are overjoyed as well to have gray back.

still trying to recuperate
Juvia: Gray-sama….. juvia knew, juvia knew that you…. you’ld come back.

gray slowly turns his head towards juvia. a smile appears on his face as he looks at her
Gray: you can stop crying now juvia, their is already enough water here thanks to you.he says jokingly as he wipes away one of juvias tears with his thumb

Juvia: juvia lightly smiles juvia is sorry. she just couldn’t help it. we all thought that we were going to loose you. she couldn’t bear to imagine that thought.

Gray: well im sorry for making you all worry so much. but thats okay, im still here with you guys right?

juvia is overwhelmed with emotions right now. she wraps her arms around him and hugs him with all of her being. gray slowly respond by hugging her back due to his injuries.

everyone is overjoyed to see gray return and juvia back to her olds self again

OOC: final post for the night guys, hope you enjoyed this last one. c yah tomorrow.

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May 21, 2013 at 11:53PM EDT

Hazama: So glad I’m finally dead? You can’t be dead when you’re a smooth criminal like me.

Joking, he really is dead.

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May 22, 2013 at 12:02AM EDT

Troops in the transport with Reimu feel an unsettling presence. One even swears he saw a ghostly double in the corner of his eye and sees nothing when starring directly…

Marisa on the other hand sleeps soundly, though a Small Doll drops from her. One of the troops pick it up to put it back in her pocket, but he nearly drops it when it opens it’s eyes.

Trooper: “Gah. Damn. They don’t even look like they are supposed to open and close.”

After playing with the eyelids for a bit, and getting weird looks from the guy with him, he quickly puts it back in her pocket

May 22, 2013 at 12:08AM EDT

asura lands in front of the convoy carying reimu, flandre and marisa. bringing them to a halt.

Asura: were do you think your taking them now?

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May 22, 2013 at 12:12AM EDT

Falcon contacts the GSF again
Yeah, Bring some military stuff, too. Enough for an entire planet.
Now what do we do?
We wait.
OOC: 1 Post until the GSF forces arrive.
And by that, I mean they’ll arrive next post. I suggest you prepare for them.
But then again, I won’t be posting until like 3:00 EST, so.. yeah.

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May 22, 2013 at 07:42AM EDT

Well, after my heartbreaking post, I’m waiting for Medic… time to lighten the mood with some funny GIFs!

Ah, the good ol’ days of yore…

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May 22, 2013 at 08:49AM EDT

OOC: I haven’t forgotten… Just find a way to get to everyone if you want to be involved more. You can say that they have been walking a while, and have just now stumbled upon the current events.

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May 22, 2013 at 10:35AM EDT

@Sam and Asura
They never wondered of why the path was so clean, so dead empty, so suspicious. With no time to realize that they just walked into the fangs of the wolf…This is the part where he kills you.

The place where the vehicle was standing was in fact a giant platform. A large floor opening appears behind the convoy, “sucking” the APCs into the ground, leaving the Gekkos alone in the surface. The vehicle lands in a specifically built room, with metal plates around it, no room to drive as spike plates slowly crush the vehicle like a tin can. Those who have the opportunity to escape from the vehicles will notice a lighting pathway, leading to the surface…Where something awaits for them…

After a long fight, the Gekkos are defeated by Striders, that come out of similar platforms around the place. A single strider remains in the field.

Meanwhile, Asura is rendered useless by a psychic shield created by advisors, giving Van enough time to charge a single chaotic beam and blast his counterpart away. The chaos and madness shall clash…

With a lot of activity around the globe, the EES decided to reprogram the Fog Supressors functions. Now, instead of repeling these toxics away, they purify them with a specific formula with the single purpose of “powering up” those units who are lucky to have a Order of the Balloon official gas masks. With that, human foot soldiers are improved. The mechanical units are also improved, thanks to the generous gray matter donation by Patriot’ soldiers, courtesy of Advisors.

We now observe a rare specie, a young “Honterisch Greenbound”, truly a majestic creature to see around this dead, dry land. Notice how desesperate he is, this little guy might have found the last cactus in the whole planet. They don’t like meat, they love plants and vegetables actually. Most of them are forced to eat meat, human meat specially, but, in their natural habitat, their favourite food is the cactus….Holy…Do you hear that? He is actually purring! My god, I thought I would never live enough to hear a Honterish purr! Not everyone knows that these creatures purr when happy or excited about something, It must be that cactus. The next week, he will observe Strider’s mating techniques, do not miss it! By now, let us leave this place and let that poor hungry animal eat the hell out of that damn cactus.

@Fairy Tail..or tale…or male…or Hale Or whatever
DeSoto out of nowhere! A police car approaches the group, a antropomorphic dog driving it. And so the hero and the rabbit meet the group. They look quite tired.

Captain Spark: Great greatest protons! People, everything is fine over here? Is someone hurt or wounded?
Max: C’mon Sam! OUCH! Come out of that car already you doof!
Sam: No way, my knees are killing me. In fact, why are you walking around like nothing happened? We just got hit by a power greenish snake, I almost lose my hat and DeSoto got a huge scratch..
Max: I’m fine, good thing I’m OUCH! Indestructible..!
Sam: Was that a pain sound I just heard?
Max: Can’t a rabbit sing a Michael Jackson song?

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May 22, 2013 at 10:51AM EDT

The captives (Marisa, Flandre and Reimu) are picked up and evacuated out of the vehicles, everyone makes it to the surface

Sam, Mistral, Sundowner (who is now half awake) the captives and 15 soldiers assemble outside the exit, the “secret weapon” has also arrived which was in fact Jehuty, he hovers above the Winds

Im glad to be back here and out of that cold
Sam: Did you deal with the target?
…..Er well yeah, it just stayed down, and was incinerated by one of my attacks…I waited for ages…

Last edited May 22, 2013 at 12:17PM EDT
May 22, 2013 at 12:15PM EDT

Ooc: fuck spark, never expected that one. Ill post all responses when i get back from work. So dont do too much while im out okay.

May 22, 2013 at 12:15PM EDT



This master plan is what happends when the Balloon Master and the Elite Enhaced Soldier work togheter. No room for mistakes or doubt, just fast placed unexpected events with tragic consequences. Johnson and his crew were able to escape from Jehuty, bringing interesting information about a giant robot flying around Mobius. With the Fog Supressors detecting every kind of suspicious activity around the globe, you are unable to escape from the eyes of the bot. Before arrriving to meet his friends, the giant mecha is intercepted by a group of three Carriers. In case you don’t remember, Carriers were introduced at the very beginning of the invasion. They are giant robots capable of carrying around the Fog Supressors, protecting them also with their ridiculous huge brute strenght. They are able to take tons of damage before going down, this should be a interesting match for Jehuty don’t you think?

Meanwhile, those who made it to the surface are now the prey of the Red Beast, yet another succesfully part of this plan. The Red Beast, also known as Nothingness, has the same abilities of the Black Beast, courtesy of adaptation powers. Thanks to Sam, it has also the power of a hydrogen bomb. She is a child, trapped inside her own mind by a Van’s curse. A red circle floats around her as the place slowly starts to turn into hell brought to Earth.

You are unable to call for help too Sammy. Without Mistral, the EES disabled codec communications and general transmisions. You are unable to ask for help, you are unable to fight back, you are unable to pull something out…Outer Haven you say? The bot already took care of that too. A helicopter just dropped a toxin bomb inside the sea. Designed by the Balloon Master, this bomb attacks the water itself. The sea is already contaminated but with this bomb, It will turn into an potential acid, dangerous enough to slowly melt everything. Despite this, the acid only lasts 24 hours before losing It’s effectiveness. Outer Haven WON’T be instantly destroyed, this bomb is just a distraction so the crew inside this submarine will be too bussy to attend someone’s call.

OOC: I AM NOT DONE! MUAHAHAHA! TROOPS AROUND YOU SAY? NOPE! Every city around you has been taken over by the Balloon Master himself! His rampage wasn’t a human hunting event, It was, in fact, part of a complex plan! There’s no escape mate! No bloody card saving your pathetic game! Not a single piece of chess to assure a instant checkmate! Not a single Spy killing my Razorback Huntsman snipers!

TODAY SAMTODAY YOU DIE…Literally speaking, I’m not planning to kill you…The Balloon Master is in fact interested in someone else…
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May 22, 2013 at 02:06PM EDT

OOC: Spark is pulling out? Nope! Pay attention kids! Just got this beauty from page 58 from this very thread, when the BM invasion began.

Fourt Part Plan..I love how it sounds…

May 22, 2013 at 02:23PM EDT

Your making me face a Black Beast remake with 15 soldiers and Winds? not only that but you denying me and defence…

“Johnson and his crew were able to escape from Jehuty”- Ive been waiting over 10 pages for you to conclude this fight with my central character then the second I bring it back you say they escaped?
You just waited for me to lose interest….

Im bored of NPC proxy battles now, and taking on another Black Beast is just…..pfft….You might aswell just kill them now and remove me from the thread

May 22, 2013 at 03:02PM EDT

Marisa opens her eyes, having been faking her unconsciousness.

“Yeah Yeah… I’m fine. Put me down. If you want to live anyways.”

She jumps to the ground, wobbling a bit as she is still poisoned. The effects have almost nearly completely worn off due to the nanomachines though. Snapping a few times, her broom comes flying from the trap and into her hands.

“Thank goodness. If this was broken I would of had to use my wings. Now then… that’s one giant ass evil thing…”

She summons a card to her hand

Irony in 3… 2… 1…


She shoots an insanely massive laser, rainbow and strobing this time, at the Red Beast, with intents on obliterating it in one shot.

May 22, 2013 at 03:08PM EDT

Well then seeing as Jehuty can’t come to aid he stays in the Arctic….and waits on Johnson to do something in retaliation

The Winds can’t provide any sort of help and neither can the 15 troops, although luckily the 5 minute relay safety beacon that was transmitting ever since The Winds departure from General Karver was cut off signalling something wrong, because of this, Nomad re-adjusted its course before landing and plotted a path for a high fly over there position, after waiting (6 pages) out the course of the Terumi battle he is very determined to have all his prisoners bought back alive to Heaven

Sam looks towards Marisa fighting the BM he signals to have her tranq darted again, an eager soldier takes the shot and it strikes her in the neck (im sorry man, but look on the bright side, she must be high as a kite) A squad rushes out and picks her up aswell as Reimu and Flandre, one of the troopers notice an odd device in Flandre’s hand and quickly pockets it, another see’s her sword, Laevateinn, lying on the floor and hauls that up to, its quite a large sword and awkward for the troop to carry, he is slightly confused by its gentle warmth.
Mistral: It is time to ready ourselves Sam
Luckily the APC’s were carrying a full compliment of FULTON systems, seeing as the situation was looking quite daunting from the start the troops and winds took one each

Fulton surface-to-air recovery system
“The Fulton system involves using an overall-type harness and a self-inflating balloon which carries an attached lift line. An MC-130E engages the line with its V-shaped yoke and the individual is reeled on board. Red flags on the lift line guide the pilot during daylight recoveries; lights on the lift line are used for night recoveries. Recovery kits were designed for one and two-man recoveries. Helium is activated upon the kits being delivered, with the process taking 20 minutes. In addition, the shock of activating a Fulton balloon is less than that of a parachute opening, and the arm equipped on aircraft for Fulton recoveries is also capable of lifting as heavy an object as 500 lbs.”
Sam gives one last look at the unbeatable storm of enemies before him
Sam: I won’t be having by work undone here..
Soon after those words he clips on his harness, the soldiers fasten up too, the prisoners are extracted by being strapped to a trooper with a working harness himself…..

The troops and Winds aswell as the captives get dragged up into the sky at quite a good speed and in a matter of minutes Nomad passes by, catching them all on its hook and bringing them onboard

The Nomad jet aircraft is a completely unique vehicle in that it is very fast and acts as a mobile HQ in the skies, additionally it has all the facilities need to live comfortably when on large journeys, for example an open dining room and kitchen. When it comes to storage capabilities it can hold a single heavy military transport helicopter in its bay, which can be deployed mid flight.
To finish it off it has been enhanced my the new tech meaning its entire body is clad in Octo-Camo and thermal camo making it invisible to the naked eye and camera systems.
Sam: sigh Finally out of it..
Reimu and Marisa are put down on a nearby bed Flandre on another, a medical team then quickly rushes in and resumes the surgery on their wounds, Sam walks over to Flandre and see’s her deep cuts, he is sad inside but obviously can’t show it, although he does shed a single tear
Sam: At least your coming home now. No more going out for you.
He then Walks over to the other two
Sam: And you two will be given an offer that you can’t refuse

  • The Nomad heads towards Heaven*

Heaven however is untouched by the acidic waters, being 5 miles underwater means its superstructure and shell are incredibly reinforced and layered with masses of protective material

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May 22, 2013 at 03:43PM EDT

A voice responds over the transciever
We copy that, Falcon. How fast are you going to need the troops?
Use near light speeds, if possible.
Copy that.

May 22, 2013 at 04:36PM EDT

Well, with Sam magically summoning a plane out of nowhere..The Red Beast is now free to wipe out every kind of unit around the world. Every Anti-S is ordered to maim opponents, no survivors or anything. The situation is under control for the Balloon Master, who now returns to his fortress, hoping to play a poker match with his best friend.
With the Anti-S around and no one giving a flying fuck about them, with the Fog Supressors powering the units AND with Advisors sucking the brain cells out of every enemy soldier, well, do I really have to explain what’s happening?

OOC: Johnson escaped, nothing else. Sam style, invisible ship and stuff. I am not making Gmod images to repeat the same situation over and over and over, rickrolling forever.

May 22, 2013 at 04:57PM EDT

OOC: Okay everyone. I am going to see what I can do here. I suggest we void the posts that were right after Natsuru’s post of making Marisa fire the Master Spark at the Red Beast. Let’s say that the ship never came, and Sam and co are still there with everyone else. If we keep on arguing like this, the thread will descend into further chaos and just completely end because everyone will be so god damned mad at each other. I don’t want that to happen.
This is just my suggestion though.
If no one can get along, we might as well call it quits and have Flandre destroy the concept of “ALL”.
YOUR DECISION. ((I really don’t want to end it all.))

Last edited May 22, 2013 at 05:28PM EDT
May 22, 2013 at 05:20PM EDT

OOC: I was mainly referring to Sam and Spark who have been arguing since page… 60 something.

May 22, 2013 at 05:30PM EDT

OOC: I have a perfect idea. And so the Balloon Master realizes how fucked up Mobius is and flies away, the whole Order faces the cold space, searching for better worlds to conquer. Happy ending and shit, no NPCs fighting, no pulling outs, no ignoring, just a “well I’m out” ending….Better than Mass effect’s.
Sam got diabeetus, Sundowner spent the rest of his days as a morbid obese samurai, Assassin is now GLaDOS and Falcon got laid by the space hot chicks I mentioned at the very beginning of this war. The Medic and morph became beer pals, same goes for Veteran and Tager, and cancer killed everyone….Fin?
I’m out, becouse real life is serious business and becouse I’m a bit tired about this thread, the whole idea of possing for hours just to get rejected almost instantly. Bye people…and Jehuty…

May 22, 2013 at 05:38PM EDT

1. NPC proxy battles bore the life out of me

2. I don’t have characters strong enough to fight all these unkillable NPC’s, I tried to step up onto there level with the 17 year timehole but that didn’t work for toffee

3. With Sparks sweeping generalisations-
“Red Beast is now free to wipe out every kind of unit around the world”
“no survivors or anything.”
“sucking the brain cells out of every enemy soldier”
Heaven and The Patriots have no purpose anymore and the planet is dead

4. The war is pretty much lost seeing as the infinite supply of BM NPC’s only gets bigger the PMC’s stay the same creating a huge imbalance

5. Random sporadic happenings like earlier that come out of nowhere are something that just completely screws up the plot

6. Ill say it again. You forgot about my central character for over a week Spark

7. Things took a huge scale again, this thread was probably at its prime when it only consisted of central characters battling it out with one another but now the notion of actually killing the Balloon Master himself seems like a far cry, a very far cry……

8. God dammit I enjoyed it so much more when it was small scale conflict…..

And these points are part of my basis for why im getting to the end of my tether with this thread.
I am practically on the verge of leaving.

Last edited May 22, 2013 at 05:42PM EDT
May 22, 2013 at 05:41PM EDT

OOC: If you do that, prepare for the giant space army coming your way.
They’ll probably get past though.
And by they, I mean the balloon master.

And, I very well think we should do a full on unimportant NPC culling. Like maybe limit it to 2 or 3 NPCs per character.

Last edited May 22, 2013 at 05:44PM EDT
May 22, 2013 at 05:42PM EDT

People, I don’t think you should be reminded that this is a thread in which you act as your avatar. The idea behind it is nonsensical to begin with. There’s no reason to argue over trivial matters when the thread itself is built up on the premise of nonsense.

May 22, 2013 at 05:52PM EDT

HolyCrapItsBob wrote:

People, I don’t think you should be reminded that this is a thread in which you act as your avatar. The idea behind it is nonsensical to begin with. There’s no reason to argue over trivial matters when the thread itself is built up on the premise of nonsense.

nah, just kidding. But yeah, I sort of have to agree with you there.

May 22, 2013 at 05:53PM EDT


@Everyone as a general tip:

Even though resources and energy for combat is nice, all fun is lost when somebody gives themselves an unlimited number of resources and/or energy.

Balloon Master has a ton of resources, this is reasonable since he is a stand alone villain. However, denying other players any sort or resources needed to fight back against said villain is unreasonable. It’s like throwing somebody into a Pokemon Game with no Pokemon Centers or Healing Items/moves. The challenge is so great the person can’t possibly win.

So yes, I am fine with Sam crippling himself to have a resistance force as long as he can keep track of how they are doing. It’s not an unbeatable force, Marisa killed off 6 of them with one round her absolute weakest attack.

What I am not fine with is when people decide they can give themselves an unlimited number of resources. Comparing it to Pokemon again, it’s like going into the game with unlimited Rare Candies and Master Balls. It’s not fun either.

I already harped on players for Deus Ex Machina so I don’t feel like wasting my time writing about it. Deus Ex Machina is the worst case scenario of Unlimited Resources and Power.

I have been keeping a REALLY LOW number of active characters. I never have more than 2 directly active more at a time. And to top it off, I have been keeping track of Ammunition and only adding in Non-Cannon elements when it is either agreeable Fan Speculation (Reimu’s Goddess being a mirror of her due to Reimu being her Avatar) or Fan Media that draws up a strong argument of Fan Speculation (any element I took from Concealed the Conclusion).

Nobody else has done this for any longer than they deemed necessary.


@Spark: If you are going to give yourself an insane amount of resources, you have to allow all the other players enough resources to combat you. Otherwise we are hopeless.

@Sam: Yes, we get it, you need resources in order to fight now that you are a cripple. Just keep in mind that your troops don’t grow from the ground.

@Everyone Else: Keep calm and don’t play God.

Last edited May 22, 2013 at 06:18PM EDT
May 22, 2013 at 05:55PM EDT

I’m going to only need the engineer team and the Medical team to come close. The army should stay on the outskirts of the galaxy, near Pluto.
Copy that.
Suddenly, 2 ships appear through almost light speed travel.
Well, damn, that was fast.
A medical team pops out, and so does a team of repairmen. A commander looking person steps out, too.
Commander: What do you need, Falcon?
I need to the those people into a medbay,
Points to the Fairy Tail crew
I need my ship fixed,
Points to his destroyed ship
and I’m probably going to need the small army when things get hectic.
Done, done, and done. ALRIGHT MEN!
The repairmen begin work on repairing the Falcon Flyer. A radio message is sent to the fleet telling them not to engage until Falcon gives the order. A medical team hurries over to the Fairy Tail crew.
Medic: Have any wounded people that need healing? That guy,
Points to Falcon
Told me that you guys needed healing.
The conversation zooms back to Falcon and his allies
Nice, man! calling in some favors to save our asses!
well, yeah, I sorta had to.

Really important OOC: I’m not bring in the army unless things get bad. like, real bad. like, needs-an-intergalactic-army bad.

Last edited May 22, 2013 at 06:12PM EDT
May 22, 2013 at 06:11PM EDT

I can’t return to how it was and continue playing along, things have gotten way to entrenched and mundane, something new needs to happen, maybe…

1. New planet?

2. New characters?

3. New teams?

4. limited NPC’s?

5. Small scale?

6. Simple goals?

7. For it to actually be fun instead of tasking.

Last edited May 22, 2013 at 06:14PM EDT
May 22, 2013 at 06:11PM EDT

1. No.
2. No.
3. No.
5. No.
6. No.
About an NPC limit:
I’m thinking maybe 2-3 extra hero characters, and one villan character.
I’m currently obeying that, with Ken and Doomguy ad my extra heroes, and Dr. Letz Shake as an extra villain.
The Doom Demons don’t really count in my book, since they’re just a raving bunch of Cannon Fodder.

Last edited May 22, 2013 at 06:16PM EDT
May 22, 2013 at 06:13PM EDT


New Planet? No. This happened 3 times already and I was yelled at for trying to end those shenanigans. So no. Keep this on the planetary level of distress please.

New Characters? This is purely up to the players, but again with my resource argument, I would rather have a player commit to a character until the very end.

New Teams? This hasn’t been a problem. So no comment.

Limited NPCs? Once again up to a player. I already gave my rant on Resource Management, and NPC’s are a Resource.

Scale? The instant we brought in an Omnipotent Character things immediately jumped to the universal level of conflict. By limiting us to one planet we have actually done just fine.

Simple goals? Defining a goal would mean we would also have to define a Dungeon Master. If somebody where to take up a dungeon master role, I would prefer them to merely be able to judge if somebody has won or not and give their judgement.

No Tasking? That’s the polar opposite of defining a goal. We would be back to Square One and spewing Catchphases.

I just say, make do with what we have for now and let the final showdowns begin.

May 22, 2013 at 06:42PM EDT

OOC: okay guys i got on a little while ago and read all of your comments. before i say my opinion on what we should do.

I would like to say i am sorry to sam for snapping at him yesterday. the reason why i got mad was because after that fight i realized the whole asura crow conflict was a complete waste of time since there was no possible way of killing crow because of his omnipotent power bullcrap. i put in a lot of effort and was actually excited to get a chance to finish him off since he had no relevance to the stories plot anyomore, i just got hit by a huge NOPE.AVI. so thats why i got mad.

i would also like to apologize for all of my bullshit plays i may have played on you guys in the past since day one of this silly war starting. i really never intended to be an OP powerhouse of a character. i was just simply playing along as my avatar. but now it seems things had changed back then. so that is why i switched to fairy tail. i wanted to be a normal group of humans with personalities that can add more plot and flavour to this thread.

i enjoy using them a lot and that is why i want too happy of when you wanted to off some of them. however i made up for it with my last major post after hazamas death with gray on the brink of death but pulling through. i tend to make sure that i dont just recover injuries instantly. i like to add some drama a bit here and there. i enjoy it and i hope you guys do too.

now for my opinions on what to do now.

1. i believe the scale needs to be drastically downsized. instead of a whole world in conflict. id say a small country. cuz if you think about it, i s all the room we’ll ever need to fight in. how the hell are we supposed to fight all over the world?

2. limited nps shouldnt be a factor as long as you can micro manage all of the ones you have. but you shouldnt throw in random ones just for the sake of it. im going to stick to fairy tail guild as my main character but leave asura as a primary antagonist.

3. resources need a limit. its not a problem for me at all since im only controlling a small guild of wizards who dont need tecnology or armies or shit like that. asura defenitely doesnt need a resource limit. he tats souls and thats it.

4. here is an idea for goals to finally put an end to this thread.

1# ballon masters forces are defeated

2# the eggmann empire and robotnik need to be defeated as well

3# nightmare medic and his nazi vampire legions must be killed

4# sam and all of desperado need to be brought to justice for their crimes. killed off or not is whatever he descides.

5# a final climactic showdown between asura and the primary avatars of the thread and thus conclude a happy ending with lols and joy.

once again i appologize on my part in this mess. i hope we reconcile all of this soon and move on.

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May 22, 2013 at 07:18PM EDT

OOC: @Asura:
About your points:
1. I mean, for the armies the global scale is required, but for everyone else, yeah, I agree with that.
2. Agreed. no point in changing that.
3. Same as 2.
4. Same as 2.
also, I must repeat, I want the Final Hit on Kishin Asura to be a Falcon Punch.

May 22, 2013 at 07:23PM EDT

OOC: I will just stop posting anything related to the BM and Spark. I’m tired..REALLY tired of getting punched out of the plot. So, since I can’t keep the story going along with you guys, I will make my own group of miniseries with blackjack and hookers. Kidding, these series will feature Sam & Max, making tons of references to this thread, you are free to jump in or not, I really don’t care at this point.
The BM returned to his home planet for some reason, Spark too. A epic finale, where Spark sacrifices himself. The end. Rest in peace Captain, hope heaven is filled with electricity. Eggman is free to dominate the world, same goes for the Patriots and shit.

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May 22, 2013 at 07:29PM EDT

The GSF sees The BM’s forces pulling out
Falcon, We spot troops pulling out of the vicinity of the galaxy! suggested course of action?
Let them go.

May 22, 2013 at 07:38PM EDT

OOC: I… I honestly feel too terrible to continue on with the thread today. I really tried my hardest to help, but I guess you just can’t please everyone… This will most likely be my last post for the day if things don’t change.

May 22, 2013 at 07:39PM EDT

OOC: plz dunt leave.
We’ve almost got everything sorted out, man. We can continue on with the thread. I mean, spark left, but it’s his choice. If he wanted to leave, he can leave.

May 22, 2013 at 07:43PM EDT

OOC: i was going to continue with asura vs van to see were it may have led. also i would have like to have fairy tail, ken and co and spark to be together for once. i was really looking forward to working with spark.

i think i may have an offer for spark to keep him here;

Erza: captain spark, if you stay with us ill show you a very special requip i never shown anyone. what do you say?

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May 22, 2013 at 07:46PM EDT

There’s a few problems with that.

1. I have no idea where the hell I am.

2. I don’t plan on leaving the thread. I plan on leaving for the day.
((Though… I don’t know what we will do with the Balloon Master gone.))

3. I genuinely feel sick to my stomach right now, seeing as I tried to help everyone out… but then this happened. God, I feel terrible not being to help.

I don’t know what will happen, man. With the Balloon Master gone… there’s basically nothing else TO do in this thread. Unless if someone else came along with another antagonist that isn’t evil just for the sake of being evil, that is…

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May 22, 2013 at 07:52PM EDT

OOC: @Zar: Solving your problems:
1. You’re on an undetectable aircraft carrier with Reimu, Marisa, and sam’s characters except for Jehuty.
2. I fokkin kno that m8
3. …Okay I con’t solve that one.

And, About the Antagonist problem:
1. You still have robotnik. (If he ever comes back)
2. You know how I introduced Dr. Letz Shake?
Well, just imagine more NMH characters, with us fighting through the UAA, with some sort of incentive to keep us going.
If all else fails, I can send the GSF to do an orbital bombardment of the planet, and end the thread right there.

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May 22, 2013 at 07:58PM EDT

If we do end the thread, I would rather have Flandre destroy the concept of “all”. It would be much simpler to do it that way. Just the simultaneous silencing of everything, so that nothing can ever happen again.

May 22, 2013 at 08:02PM EDT

lets not just end the thread with everyone dying, just stop it and open up a new one. this time with a fixed plot and not a random series of events.

May 22, 2013 at 08:03PM EDT

OOC: Can we get the thread back on track, please?
Medic: I said, do you need any medical attention? It’s more like do you WANT any medical attention, to me.
Directed towards Fairy Tail

May 22, 2013 at 08:07PM EDT


Jeez. What can I say beyond what you guys have been doing wrong and how to potentially fix it? I don’t even get acknowledgement from the two guys I was direct that post at.

I would prefer to wrap things up properly, but as contrary to Spark’s delusion, he was in charge of the central villain. (And before you argue with me Asura, you haven’t done anything antagonistic in Ages. Balloon Master has the title.)

Well… there is really no reasonable way to continue this I think.

Either Sam and Spark come to some sort of agreement or we lock this and go start a new one.

May 22, 2013 at 08:09PM EDT

OOC: I have just one more thing to say.

I suggest we void the posts that were right after Natsuru’s post of making Marisa fire the Master Spark at the Red Beast. Let’s say that the ship never came, and Sam and co are still there with everyone else.

This would be the best course of action for us to do, but Spark and Jehuty will have to agree with it. I suggest we all take a vote on what we do want to do though, like last time something like this happened. Does this sound reasonable to everyone?

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May 22, 2013 at 08:10PM EDT

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