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OOC: Spark aint coming back.
At least, I don’t think.
As always, these RP threads end up in failure…..
Not even a proper conclusion…..
I’m a sad panda now.

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May 22, 2013 at 08:11PM EDT

Zarathh wrote:

OOC: I have just one more thing to say.

I suggest we void the posts that were right after Natsuru’s post of making Marisa fire the Master Spark at the Red Beast. Let’s say that the ship never came, and Sam and co are still there with everyone else.

This would be the best course of action for us to do, but Spark and Jehuty will have to agree with it. I suggest we all take a vote on what we do want to do though, like last time something like this happened. Does this sound reasonable to everyone?

OOC: Quoting this so it doesn’t get overlooked.

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May 22, 2013 at 08:13PM EDT

OOC: Before posting, I would say the following:
“A villian isn’t a villian by killing goons and minions, a villian is a villian when he makes heroes suffer, when he brutally murders the beloved ones, when terror is spread around the hearts of the gooddoers.”
So far, the BM killed NPCs…and NPCs….And even more NPCs..Actually important Characters who were killed by him? None, so far.

May 22, 2013 at 08:16PM EDT

OOC: Yeah.
But, really, If you leave, the only person to fight is Asura.
I mean, robotnik’s been gone for who knows how long, and there are no other villains.

May 22, 2013 at 08:19PM EDT

OOC: You know why I made the Anti-S characters? Becouse I noticed a huge amount of characters per user. The Anti-S were supposed to kill a few of them, characters who are useless or do nothing. Remember Venom? He was supposed to die, after breaking Sam’s back, leaving some sort of injury or at last do something. What happened? He killed NPCs and got chopped into pieces in a matter of seconds.
Same goes for Van, for Bloodpool, for the Artificial Stand User, and for every Anti-S. Made to kill a single target, and currently screwing around with NPCs.

May 22, 2013 at 08:25PM EDT

OOC: you know what?
HAVE the anti-S fight their target.
HAVE the Anti-S strike at the first chance they get.
HAVE them be actual villains instead of just funny characters.
Just Do It.
(Well, except for the ASU. he can’t really do anything, considering his double is long gone, into tome far off universe. BUT! but! you could retool him to suit off against Doomguy. HE doesn’t really have a double yet.

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May 22, 2013 at 08:29PM EDT

ooc: guys look i know things have been rough and all. ive been having a really shitty day at work. i just want to get things back to the way they were and continue to enjoy this thread. i know, everyone is frustrated and all with the strange turn of events. spark you have every right to be upset. im sorry that you feel like this. you have done some of the best work on this thread and i dont want it to go away. i had plans for asura against van that would have been interesting. also i was looking forward to fairy tail working with spark and co. we could have done so much together.

falcon, id sugest that you just bring in a single transport ship that picks up everyone still in the desert and try and recover from the ordeals in the desert and we all work together to come up with a plan to fight the other baddies.

remember my other post with erzas special offer if you choose to stay with us.

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May 22, 2013 at 08:46PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

OOC Hurm…Just leaving something to refresh everyone’s memories..err..

Meanwhile, in the Hellium Fortress…

Van: Hurm…the madness presence is growing…That idiot must be about to show up…Finally, after weeks of vaporizing futile human flesh, he shall show up…And once I have the chance to face him in combat, I will wipe out his very concept of existance, I will terminate his life once for all, and when there’s no madness no stop the chaos, I will personally eliminate my so called “Master” and these pair of imbecils surrounding me, leaving nothing but energy spreading out of their corpses as I finally take the place as the only governor of this giant piece of dirt!…
He sighs, he takes a sip of his drink. He is the first Anti-S to arrive to the Admi’s bar. He needs to calm down, his chaotic energy is about to melt the chair he is sitting on.
He hears a scream and a laughter, sounds like a underaged female brat crying for his progenitor and a psychotic teenager. God her voice is annoying. Van’s anger grows. He breaks the glass with his left hand, his chaotic energy flying around and vaporizing every shred. He doesn’t feel Asura, he feels something else…A powerful magic presence around Mobius, in a desert, It’s growing.
Van: It must be the vampire…(chuckles) Her playtime is about to begin…
He heads to the Commander Room. In his way he finds fellow Anti Subjects, he just walks past them, they disgust him. He blows Bloodpool’s head into pieces. Why? Ever talked to Bloodpool for more than just 15 minutes? It’s one of the levels of hell, his non-sense will make you comit suicide or wonder about the meaning of your life. The door is open, the talking begins:

“Look at him…Using the dismembered pieces of a useless psychokinetic to build his own pair of toys..Once Asura is dead, he shall have the pleasure to be the next” Van thinks to himself as the finds the Balloon Master with the advisors, gathering the data these disturbing creatures sucked out from the enemy soldiers’ brains.
Van: Sir, I came here with a request.
Balloon Master: It has something to do with those screams and laughs everyone heard?
Van: Yes sir, you see. I recognize the voice of this female individual. Subject 54-
Balloon Master: Flandre Scarlet…I know. The hunters had the chance to analyze her enough to discover something amazing. A hidden potential deep inside this lady’s organism, a power greater than yours and mine, capable of destroying anything and anyone. Not even her respective A can adapt to such a thing. Head to her location, I know that you can sense her. Take the R.B with you, once everyone is busy fighting it and eventually defeating it, we will have a perfect chance to capture the vampire…
Van: Affirmative.
Balloon Master: Something else Van.
Van: Yes sir?
Balloon Master: If this laughering idiot appears along with her too and no one is capable of defeating him, annihilate him. Am I understood?
Van: Her gift shall be delivered and no one will disturb the opening of it.
BM: You are free to go.

And so Van, along with a mysterious pod, head togheter to Flandre location. Van annihilate this, return to this place, I require your assistance in this place…Van’ anger keeps growing and growing. On his way, he destroys a few cities in furious chaotic charged beams.

>Funny villian
Van must be the funniest Anti-S ever…I mean lol, murdering his own master and ruling the Earth. Funny stuff.
The only “funny” asshole is Bloodpool, the rest of them are sadistic/uninterested/neutral

May 22, 2013 at 08:49PM EDT

OOC: Okay, maybe I worded that wrong.
Also, I fully understand, spark, that you have a bad taste in your mouth right now, but just deal with it, and move on.
The repairmen finish repairing the Falcon Flyer. It looks good as new, if not better.
The medic just decdes to let The Fairy Tail crew onto the medical ship, and leave them be for now. All three ships lift off into low orbit, the repair ship leaving to head back to Earth-2.

Last edited May 22, 2013 at 08:57PM EDT
May 22, 2013 at 08:56PM EDT

the fairy tail crew are very thankful for the medical assistance and make their way onto falcons ship. gray and wendy are in medical beds having their wounds treated. juvia is sitting next to gray. the other members that are alreaty treated are waiting nearby.

OOC: ill continue on my end.

May 22, 2013 at 09:16PM EDT

Meanwhile, in another time, in a less complicated Earth, where violence and discrimination are gone, we follow the adventures of a detective duo. A weird duo, able to solve the world’s weirdest crimes such as “The Ice Cream monster of 2012” and “The Space Apeman invasion”. An anthropomorphic irish wolfhound with a calm and passive aggressive personality, with a hyperkinetic rabbity thing aggresive as hell. Togheter, they solve crimes who normal cops are unable to solve, togheter, they spent hours and hours searching for clues leading to the perpetrator of such a crime, togheter they are the Freelance Police…Not joking, they are the only members of this inexistent group….Bastards

Sam: “Evil despair” street, near Taco Bell.
Max: Finally, been wasting all the day long around the city. I want mine with chocolate and extra sausages!
Sam: What? No! We will later have enough time for a taco break. Something happened in the Evil Street, probably a minor crime or a complex villian trying to strike terror in the hearts of the citizens, preparing himself for a huge war that will end in submarines, toxic fog, omnipotent entities, swords, axes and complaining.
Max: Let me drive.

Sam: Hurm…This is the third time we are called to check this street. Do you think there’s-
Max: Let me drive.
Sam: There’s something suspicious around these series of unfortunate events? Maybe part of-
Max: Let me drive.
Sam: Part of a plan coming from a evilish mastermind.
Sam: You crack me up little buddy.

Max: CYBUUUUURGGGG…(Max starts to make creppy faces, poking his nose over and over again, annoying this unnamed Cyborg)
Sam: Hey, that’s just rude! What’s with you and your obsession with cyborgs?
Max: I’m not obsessed, they just annoy me! They are not organic or organic, they just walk around every street, prancing about their fake organs and superior skills! They have the best organs and squishy parts from the organics and the best mechanics and techniques from the non-organics! It’s unfair!
Sam: But Max, cybernetics improved the way people lives today. With the synthetic limbs, people who had lost their arms or legs can replace them.
Max: (A devilish grin starts to slowly appear in the rabbit face..God knows what he is thinking.)
Sam: …Hurm, synthetic limbs are pretty expensive too.
Max: (sighs) Oh man…

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May 22, 2013 at 09:17PM EDT

OOC: So, in other words… no.
I’d like to see come cosbyspeak one last time, spark. Just one… last… time.
In general terms, I think the thread has dragged on for too long, and it’s time for another story. Everyone’s tired and sick of this one.
So, i was thinking of 2 different themes for the story:
1. ITT our avatars are F-zero drivers
2. a No More Heroes-type plot (you know the plot to NMH, right?)
Or you guys could choose.

Last edited May 22, 2013 at 09:27PM EDT
May 22, 2013 at 09:20PM EDT

Let’s not be too rash here yet. I still want to get to the end of this one, and I think the others do too. Anyways… I have been working on a way to resolve the plot issues, and I believe I have a solution. I will need to wait on Sam to post again though before I can bring it into action.

May 22, 2013 at 09:31PM EDT


In a nutshelly shell nuts nutshell:
And then, everyooooone keeps adding even more characters. Kill the boy? Nah! Kill the girl? Nio! Kill something that isn’t a ZIP ZAP NPC? Yikes! Yipers! War is just NPC killing, nothing else! No fun!

May 22, 2013 at 09:32PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:


In a nutshelly shell nuts nutshell:
And then, everyooooone keeps adding even more characters. Kill the boy? Nah! Kill the girl? Nio! Kill something that isn’t a ZIP ZAP NPC? Yikes! Yipers! War is just NPC killing, nothing else! No fun!


@Zar: ..Fine. I’ll let you handle this. If it doesn’t get fixed, it’s on to a new thread.

May 22, 2013 at 09:40PM EDT


Blitz: Gentlemen, The night fallen!

NM: Invincible and cruel men, Old and new recruits! The night that will grant your wishes has come! Welcome to the night of the war!

Blitz: Now please pay attention to your guides

Blitz: The guide “Landing Operation seelöwe 2 Vs. Equestria”. Go to page three, Section two, “Equestria is on fire! Let’s kill them all”

NM: …

Blitz: Sir, where is your guide?

NM: I don’t need one, I have my own plans…

Blitz: Your…own plans, sir?

NM: I’ll explain later…Standartenführer Herzog!

Herzog: Zu Ihren Diensten …

NM: Unser Hauptziel ist die königliche Burg, sowie die Niederlage der Prinzessinnen… Ich gebe die Cruzero Zeppelin II, III und IV.

Herzog: Verstanden, Sir.

NM: And Blitz…

Blitz: Yes sir!

NM: I’ll give the Cruise Zeppelin I, V and VI.

Blitz Understoo-

NM: But avoid hitting them very strong! Wait until the Herzog Troops arrive.

Blitz: Do not worry sir, Those horses are nothing compared to us.

NM moves his head, giving denial while giving a small laugh

_Blitz: Wha..?

NM: Never underestimate those little horses, especially their leaders. Celestia and Luna

Blitz: …

NM: The Princess Celestia…is the co-ruler of Equestria, and it is also the most powerful. She is holding the most powerful relics throughout the kingdom. And The Little Princess Luna, the Celestia’s sister… She was a basket case, with the attack I launched to the moon, she will be a minor problem. I heard she tried to conquer the kingdom itself, after his dearest sister banish her to the moon… HA! that is unstable family…

Blitz: Hehe, How fun could be?

NM: And we have ther Elements… Being generally ordinary seven little horses…
They are frighteningly incomplete and inexperienced… But I appreciate the same level as Lyra, which contains the seven Chaos Emeralds.

Vampire Soldier: So we’re at a disadvantage?

NM: Haha, No, Everyone have in your sistem The…Agent… Bah! I forgive it’s name, The Virus causes youto have more fast reflexes, able to dodge a bullet, And with my power, you will be temporarily vulnerable to the stupid magic of horses.

Blitz: This will be very easy… I want to kill Lyra and every ho-

NM: But I’ll say it again, Blitz. Don’t hit them very strong. You are vulnerable to beheadings and explosions. Wait for the arrival of Herzog

Blitz: Understood, Herr Commandant.

NM: Very well !Now, Destroy the dam, the first goal is all Canterlor!

Blitz: And What about the others Cruise Zeppelins, Sir?

NM: The Zeppelin Cruise VII and VIII have permission to attack any Equestria settlements… It could be Trottingham, Dodge Junction, Galloping Gorge, Baltimare, Tall Tale Tail, Las Pegasus, Hollow Shades… Burn it all

Vampire Soldier: What about the city of clouds?

NM: Cloudsdale? Use the Air Force… Transform the city into a hurricane… It bothers me.

Ghoul Soldier: What about that old western town?

NM: Appleloosa… Burn it all, don’t let any survivors

Vampire Soldier: Sir, what about that city like Manhattan

NM: Yess, Manehatten, Do it explode, burst out of course. Destroy the statue also, make it drop like a song…

Who cares… Destroy all that bother you, leave nothing behind… Drink and eat everything you see… All the kingdom will be your dinner tonight…Slay or be killed, die or cause death

NM: Gentlemen, Herren! Finally, at this time and on this night, the party started!



OOC: Okay Marks… I am so tired, My fingers hurts and my head hurts too, I need to sleep. Good Night!

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May 22, 2013 at 10:38PM EDT

MEANWHILE, Marisa’s Master Spark is deflected off a giant pillar of what might be a mix of Plot Armor, the Opponent Suddenly Losing his will to React, or quite likely this is a time loop forever stated to happen because this thing refuses to feel the power of PURE SADISTIC LOVE. It quite clearly didn’t dodge like a normal person.

Very likley the endless time loop caused by the opponent losing it’s will to react

And that laser’s diameter is twice as large as an average Oak Tree. Dodging it was probably out of the question at the moment.

Last edited May 22, 2013 at 11:47PM EDT
May 22, 2013 at 11:41PM EDT

OOC: If anyone is still there (I doubt it), I’ll be fixing this tomorrow. Goodnight everyone.

May 22, 2013 at 11:49PM EDT

OOC: I’m guessing since Spark’s out, Skull and Whiskers are as well…

Lyra heads into safe house in Ponyville, hopelessness in her

Lyra: I… I need to try… at least…
horn glows bright gold, trying to connect…
Lyra: Renegade… come on! Say something… anything…
stops glowing, lays head in sadness
Lyra: He could’ve helped us… all of us… and I made him disintegrate… he wasn’t evil… like the others were…
hears static, then crackle, then warbling
Lyra: What?

meanwhile, Ash and the Mane 6 continue making preparations…
Twilight: Princess Celestia is going to come… right?
Ash: Not sure… I don’t even think any else is gonna make it out there…
Pinkie: Oh, don’t be such a downer! We ponies always have a way to survive!
Ash: Really?
Pinkie: No… but it made you feel better, right?
Ash: You’re joking, right?
Discord: OK… so what do I do after readying the plans?
Twilight: Head to Canterlot… give warning to Princess Celestia to arm themselves with these…
hands Discord documents
and teleport back here immediately.

Discord salutes, teleports away
Ash: The perimeter’s done here… let’s head to town hall to get the next step…
all head to central Ponyville

?: What…?
faint purple glow

: Wait… I’ve been here before…
looks downwards to gray fog
?: Yes… I have been here before… but where is here?
hears familiar voice…
: What… Lyra?
Lyra: What?
???: Lyra… it’s me… Renegade.
hears only static and crackling
Renegade: WAIT!
heads to central platform, clearer reception
Renegade: Lyra… don’t… don’t leave…
Lyra: Renegade? Is… is that you?
Renegade: Yeah… I did what you said… and now I’m here, except I don’t know where here is…
Lyra: Wait… let me get a good look…
waits a moment
why… you’re in Purgatory! That means you are still alive!

Renegade: Purgatory? What do you mean?
When you became immortal… you lost the ability to die in the mortal plane by normal means such as age and sickness… but when an immortal like you dies by other means, you’re sent to Purgatory rather than harvested by Death. If you should die in there, however, you will be harvested…
Renegade: So… I’m still dead?
Lyra: No… you’re just trapped in Purgatory… but you can make you’re way out…
Renegade: Make my way out? You sound as though you need me to make my way out.
Lyra: Because we do… we need your help in Equestria. You have the power to take on the Nightmare directly…
Renegade: Are you talking about that light bomb I created?
Lyra: No… not the Big Bang… but perhaps you’re other abilities…
Renegade: Other abilities!?
Lyra: Yes… I’ve placed into you nine abilities, including the Big Bang. Some vary in power from that of a unicorn’s magic to that of destroying the dimension. I can help you handle those powers… if you’ll help us in our conflict.
Renegade: Of course… this monster needs to be put out. But where do I head first in Purgatory?
Lyra: Search for your other dimensional self… he seems to be in the same predicament as you, and he’s been to Purgatory more than once.
Renegade: OK… I’ll do that… and help you all.
looks around the high platforms of Purgatory for other self…

May 23, 2013 at 05:28AM EDT


“When did things get so out-of-hand, Snively?”

“I don’t know, sir.”

“… neither do I, Snively. Neither do I.”

“Is it time for you to reveal your secret project, sir?

“Not yet, Snively. Let everyone straighten this out, first. Then, I’ll strike… after all, I want everyone to be prepared for my BIG SURPRISE!!! OH HO HO HO HO!!!”

May 23, 2013 at 10:03AM EDT

As Flandre is being carried away in Sam’s ship unconscious recovering from her wounds, she begins dreaming with a smile on her face…

Though her smile quickly fades until she is sent to a new location. In her dream-state now, she is in the basement of the Scarlet Devil Mansion again… waiting.
Suddenly the double doors are kicked open, and Terumi strolls in with blood trailing on his footprints. His hair is spiky, and his eyes are wide open. The tie he has on is torn and disheveled, along with his suit.
Terumi: Your big sister didn’t put up much a fight. She actually went down easily. You know… I just loved tearing that bitch’s soul out. Felt gooood. Those other bitches put up WAY more of a fight. I already took care of the one in purple. I think her name was… Yukari? Yeah. That’s it. Your precious little Gensokyo doesn’t have its boundaries anymore. They’re all dead. Gone. Every last one of ‘em. But I’ve been saving you, Flandre… Come on and play with Terumi.

Flandre suddenly turns around to face Terumi, and backs up until she hits the back wall.
Wh-What!? You killed everyone!? I thought we killed you! You’re supposed to be dead!
Terumi: Me? Dead? AHAHAHAHAHA! I’m a ghost. I’m already dead.
Terumi continues to walk towards Flandre.
Terumi: What? You’re not going to strike back at me? You’re just going to stare at me like a deer caught in the headlights until I end you too? You’re making this too easy on me.

Flandre begins to cry as she is cornered against Terumi. She looks around for her spell cards and Laevateinn, but the two are nowhere to be found.
Terumi: Let me feel your despair, Flandre.
A yellow chain of light begins to snake its way out from Terumi’s middle. He is just about 10 feet away from her now.
Terumi: Try and stop me now!

In this moment, Flandre finally realizes she still has her ability. In a flash of terror, a big white orb appears in her hand in both the real world, and her dream world. This is the concept of “then to now”.
Terumi: WHAT?! NO!
Flandre crushes the orb in her dream, and reflexively crushes it in the outside world. Her last memory was Marisa firing the Master Spark, as she heard it go off. The crushing of this concept suddenly transports everyone back to where they were when Marisa fired off the Master Spark. They have no memories of anything that happened between then and now.

TL;DR: Reset the whole thread back to Natsuru’s post where Marisa fired off the Master Spark on the last page. Nothing that happened after that is relevant now. Marisa just finished firing off the spell. Flandre, and Reimu are still unconscious. Sam and co are still there with them after the APC’s getting crushed. The Red Beast is still nearby them. Fairy Tail crew, Sam (dog), Max, Spark, Falcon, Kenshiro, and Doomguy are all still at the crater.
NOTE: Only applies to this dimension, meaning that this didn’t intrude on Mark and Medic’s current story. Though… This is such a big event, everyone will most likely have dejavu. Mark and Medic’s forces could also tell that something beyond their comprehension was destroyed, however.

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May 23, 2013 at 01:02PM EDT

%alcon finds himself put back in time
Wait, what the hell? Wait…
God damnit, Flandre.
Falcon speaks into the radio
Alright. Come on. Hurry up, though, I don’t have all day here.
The events that happened with Falcon and the Fairy Tail crew happen again, but the army is instead orbiting the planet.

May 23, 2013 at 02:33PM EDT


Okay, for a start I want to state my name change.
I have changed my name from “Jehuty” back to “Jetstream Sam”. I have done this because the name Sam is something that has stuck amongst you guys when you refer to me, but also because Sam is my actual name. Some of you probably knew but that already but anyway there you go.
Another reason is because the character Jehuty has been pretty much forgotten and because of recent events and the introduction of the PMC’s he is no longer relevant in the slightest, im sure his removal will effect no one. I won’t be bothering with a canonical reason for his removal, he is just no more.

Secondly, I want to apologize to Captain Spark.
I was originally going to send this to you through private message but I thought otherwise.
Well to kick this off im sorry for my actions towards you, it might seem that I don’t acknowledge you sometimes you might feel like I downright ignore you, this isn’t true however. I DO read your posts and I do pay attention to them just as much as everyone else’s, I just find them difficult to reply to, to me you look like a behemoth of an army, when im given such odds I find it difficult to bother getting involved with them.

You see my aggro with you began all the way back at my involvement in the war with my AI’s, I noticed that the war was primarily between Balloon Master and the Eggman Empire but I also noticed that Eggman’s presence both IRL and thread-wise was beginning to diminish.

I decided to step up to the challenge myself using the fiction of MGS2 and MGS4 and in my own way began thinking of ways to get involved with the war and your posts. However seeing as I was miles behind in power and you already had the BM firmly established I gave myself a boost, I advanced myself 17 years and bought about the Patriot AI’s, I put quite a lot of effort and thought into writing up those posts that pioneered my involvement in the war (I also know you put effort into your Gmod posing) then finally I decided to start my attack and state my position as a world power.

But you didn’t take well to it, at all, I saw your OOC post responding to it before I logged off and it put me in a mixed negative mood, I felt like I was intruding on your battle but I also was annoyed and saw the war as being an elitist thing that was exclusive, which is something I personally hate but It was from that point that I grew a bit of a distaste for you. I pushed more and more though and put my all in to try and establish a foothold mainly because I really wanted to bring some more MGS fiction to the table and for you to finally feel like you had someone taking on your main antagonist. But you kept counter acting my posts and on top of that you took my PMC’s as a direct action against you. You had effectively made any further involvement in the war from anyone else failsafe when it came to a global scale army idea. There were multiple times where I felt like leaving the thread because of it.

And I do remember your posts about the brainwashing and the initial take over, my liberation of the public was a impossible move that I forced I know. If every bit of the canon was taken in then the PMC’s wouldn’t exist but I really wanted them to, its no fun having that many restrictions on what you can and can’t do now is it. Besides I apologize for that.

I also believe we clashed because of something relatively simple. I don’t take this thread seriously, its all just a game, but my posts reflect a certain serious side in my personality, im short on humour and words but plenty on actions whilst your effectively the opposite. Maybe I found it patronizing or something…

You have gotten mad at me a lot during the last few pages now because of my actions. Your also the type who vents his anger and disagreement through the thread itself, having a massive rant at people. Now believe me when I say that I get just as annoyed, very annoyed, but I don’t say anything because I put my frustration into my posts themselves, I make purposely annoying actions to get back at you and ignore you to annoy you even more, that’s how I deal with it, I know, maybe its childish but its just my way. I started seeing it as “you give a stupid post, you (don’t)get a stupid post” mainly because you were bringing in endless amounts of things to screw me over whilst I was staying the same. Anyway…

The reasons why ive currently been off with you is because I have a big dislike of NPC proxy fights, and at the rate you bring them in I lose all interest in an instant, I mean I used to make charts to keep track of them but recently I haven’t been able to keep track of anything let alone peoples locations and characters, one of my biggest gripes was Johnson being stuck with Jehuty for multiple pages, your priorities switched from him and instead went to something else, maybe that was a purposeful move to get back at me, who knows….

To finish up
Im sorry I forced my way into this war, I was just trying to provide BM with an adversary in Eggmans absence.
Im sorry I ignore a lot of your posts.
I hope we can properly move on, and put this behind us now you know what started my grudge.
Just stay in it man, don’t leave because of me.

Secondly I want to apologize to Asura.
This will be relatively short. Now me and you get on well I believe but recently we did have that big scrap over the god battle a while back, I don’t want there to be any sort of tension between us left over from that hence why im writing this. Ill make it quick and simple.

Im sorry about dropping Asura’s death on you, I should have elaborated on the Crows status as a true god before getting into a proper fight maybe then Asura’s action would have been slightly more hesitant towards him, either way I should have stated that I would be killing him if he was forced to…

Third, I want to apologize to everyone else.
Im doing this because I have been feeling like people have grew significantly less fond of me because of these clashes over the past few days, I just get a sorta vibe that im very unwanted in this thread anymore. So…

Im sorry if I have annoyed you in some way or another, maybe I have no relevance in this thread anymore myself.

To conclude that, I just hope pretty much everyone can forgive me…..

Last edited May 23, 2013 at 04:11PM EDT
May 23, 2013 at 04:07PM EDT

Finally, seeing as my armies are practically wiped out by BM im going to be bringing in something big, but also it will be something that will put a bit more enthusiasm back into this thread for me personally.

I think its about time I got back into character but before I do im going to shift Sam, Mistral and Sundowner to Heaven (Monsoon is till in fairy tails possession), they escaped on Nomad without the 3 captives, Marisa, Flandre nor Reimu.

A new chapter for The Winds of Change has begun
Heavens Departure

Finally after a long trip they are back within Heavens cold walls once more, the resonance in the floor is much higher than normal and the cyborgs around the base are prepping up for something big.
(Sam is now central character don’t forget)
its about time we got back to the Think Tank, without our captives this planets situation has grew very very bleak indeed
Sundowner: Yes indeed, we have been gone for some time now
Mistral: I advise that we return as quickly as possible
They return to the Think Tank, things seem very off at the main door in
Hmmm, im getting some very bad vibes here….
The door slides open, its dark for a moment then the light flickers on…..
Dammit! Lloyd!

They quickly rush into the room, Lloyd is on the floor, dead
sigh He was a very valuable asset
Mistral leans down next to him, scanning him over
Mistral: It seems that is two brains were fried by the massive workload of the SOP system and the Patriot System, he was unable to handle them
Sundowner: Mistral quickly connect to the system!! check there status’s!!!
She quickly runs over to the control orb, plugging in all her cables
Mistral: There has been a critical system wide failure on every task and command and control module we have

The room falls into silence, nearly everything is lost
And the SOP System?….. ((Sons of the Patriots system, the one that controls, improves and monitors the PMC’s))
Mistral: Offline……………..

With every soldier in every PMC under the influence of the nanomachines things quickly begin falling apart, without someone at the helm of the SOP system for time any longer than a second the aggressive withdrawal symptoms begin taking effect immediately, driving the majority of people insane whilst they are disengaged from the nano’s. What the Winds don’t know is that Lloyd has been dead for some hours now, during the transit in Nomad. Things have gotten seriously out of hand.

Not only this but the Patriot system ((the one that controls information flow and tactical censorship aswell as pretty much everything else in government)) has also been disconnected meaning order amongst the cities and the armed populaces has quickly deteriorated.

It seem like we are losing this war, we can’t keep propping it up with our tech when it is doomed to fail
Sundowner: This is a battle we simply can not win, even with the worlds people we are unable to crush them
Our role of governiship to a new world has been denied meaning there is no longer a need to stay
Mistral: I am capable of connecting and maintaining one system
The SOP system ((PMC one))
Mistral: I am through, the PMC’s should stabilize soon however they have taken significant damage, I suggest liquifing them all and reforming them into a single force, one master PMC
Well it wouldn’t be a PMC anymore, just an old fashioned army
Sundowner: An army with the tech of all 5 PMC’s combined Sam, it is worth thinking about
The room falls silent again
The oceans are poisoned our soldiers mentally wrecked and whatever is left of the cities, if anything, is now a criminal nightmare vs BM troops.
The room falls silent once more, its the truth, however there is one last plan they have to play
We have failed here, therefore there is no need for us to hide, we must now depart….
Sundowner: I see Sam, I see…

Heaven and what it actually is has never been fully revealed, nor has how it grew in size. The time Hole is something that is still very unexplained but it allowed for giant leaps in technology, although this tech has never actually been shown, up until this point
Mistral: With the death of Lloyd and our failure Heaven has already prepared itself for launch
We will continue to fight with our current resources but this planet is no longer a worthy prize nor something to be kept, its cities are husks, its oceans dead and discoloured and its people persecuted and ravaged….
Heaven, in preparation for its *launch begins to hum loudly, the running footsteps of Cyborgs can be heard as they scatter about the halls, its slightly chaotic but systematic.*
Sundowner: Where will we go?
We will find somewhere Sundowner….
Mistrals voice echoes round Heaven, booming over the intercom system, the ground begins to shake wildly
For now we have our arc, Launch!

And so it does, Heaven rockets upwards towards the surface of the water
I haven’t felt this happy to have a new toy since Outer Haven!!
Sundowner: Hahaahahahahaaaaa!!!

With the biggest darn watery explosion you could ever possibly imagine Heaven emerges from the waters of the ocean like a great leviathan producing a colossal tidal wave and jetting off upwards into the sky

Heaven in all its true glory
The culmination of GW’s research and findings in the time hole, this was what people worked on in there absence this masterpiece creation was the sum of all there effort,
Heaven was infact made into a 5.6km long warship as a last ditch method of keeping The Winds alive and giving them the ability to evacuate off of the planet if needs be, it is monstrously huge…

Its main purpose is to act as an arc, its goal is to escape. Which it is fully capable of doing, being the size that it is it can support multiple thousands of passenger with ease as with its extensive space and facilities on board.
In its interior you will find the apex tech that has been kept a secret from the world, it also has a slightly different atmosphere now, the cyborgs are more normal and responsive an the areas are well lit, there is no more bazaar floor resonance and the temperature is perfectly comfortable
It also has a list of specifications such as
Advanced energy shielding
490cm Titanium-A3 armor plating
Multiple Sensor systems
XR2 Borlin Fields: S81/X-DFR as a power plant
And finally a
Mark X Macedon/Z-PROTOTYPE #78720HDS Slipspace Drive although it is currently out of commission and still requires a missing piece yet to be found

The Winds make there way out of the old Think Tank and into the new Bridge

It feels good to see the sky in all its glory.
Sundowner: This is a much more positive attitude do you not think?
I agree, but we need control, Mistral connect to systems
Mistral: I no longer have to…..

GW: Greetings, as part of this ships launch protocol my interface was unshackled allowing me to handle process and communicate verbally
This is not something I wish for…
GW: Please understand that I am capable of overseeing both the SOP & Patriot systems aswell as handling Heavens multiple tasks, now it is airborne the task rate will increase 1532 percent
You are free to continue, any deviation will result in termination
GW: I will not disobey
Sundowner: Hmmm im still not sure
Mistral: I have it on a leash, it cannot go haywire. Apart from that GW will make a very good ship AI
So be it then, ascend to orbit GW, when we make it there we will discuss our next step.
Heaven jets off upwards into the sky, whilst on its trip it flies over Flans position shaking the ground as it goes

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May 23, 2013 at 04:08PM EDT

the Army contacts Falcon
What the hell is THAT thing?
Referring to Outer Haven, which just ascended into space
I dunno. Try contacting it.
Alright, but… eh, fuck it. Let’s just do it.
The Commanding ship in the fleet sends a message to Outer Haven:

May 23, 2013 at 04:45PM EDT

Marisa tries to identify if her attack did anything or not, but quickly kneels down as soon as the Earth starts shaking. Looking to the horizon, she see’s Outer Haven approach.

“What in the world!? Another Treasure Ship!?!”

*It’s shadow is cast over the desert, Marisa floats over to Reimu and pulls out a syryinge she stole from the transport truck labeled “Adrenaline”, and injects it into Reimu’s arm. After a few second.

Ahbaha!?! WHA!?!

“Welcome back sleepy. You really got to keep off the Tranquilizer.”

… uhg…

Reimu slowly leans up as Marisa runs over to Flandre

“Come on, wake up sweetheart.”

She injects the remaining fluid into Flandre and waits for her to wake up

May 23, 2013 at 05:14PM EDT

As the last of the adrenaline is injected into her, Flandre’s eyes slowly open.
Wha… Where are we?
Terumi: Morning sleepyhead… or night. Whatever it is.
He looks up at Outer Haven flying over them.

Her attention immediately turns towards Terumi, although to everyone around it just looks like she’s staring at nothing.
WHAT?! You’re supposed to-
Flandre notices the huge shadow, and hears the rumbling of the ship above them, then she immediately gets up onto her feet. The vampire then looks towards the sky to see Outer Haven flying above them all.
What is that?
She summons Laevateinn to her side, and points up at Outer Haven with her other hand.
She suddenly falls to her knees, and clutches her head. She’s finally hit by the powerful presence of the Red Beast.
She’s here…

May 23, 2013 at 05:51PM EDT



i accept your appology. but let me say these few things.

my only problem with crow was his imortality. all of our struggles were for nothing but wasting time and effort because it turns out that i cannot kill him ever. thats what caused me to snap. what you choose to do with him is up to you. id prefer if you discontinue him from this thread or allow asura a rematch some time later on and let him kill crow. up to you.

I want the old desperado members back. i miss sundowners pedosmile and sams suave. i also got metal gear rising the other day, I FUCKING LOVE IT!

dont dismiss jehuty so suddenly, keep him in reserve in heaven and unleash him when it is necessary. all i wanted was a single vector cannon blast annihilate an eggman fleet in one salvo.

these are my opinions though. its up to you to descide. if you want any ideas for the thread later on, feel free to send me a pm. ill be more than happy to help.



asura is taken by suprise when he notices the area move around him. before he can make an escape from the trap, the three advisors use their psychic powers to hinder asura enough time for van to make a move. he is brought to his knees with his hands together to retain his stance. he struggles with all of his being to resists their powers by counterattacking with his madness wavelengths. it now becomes a struggle of wills to see who would win. he looks at van with a smile on his face

Asura: so we finally get to meet in person, strugling i was wondering when you would show up. tell me, what purpose is all of this for. do you honestly believe that you can defeat me? he says as he continues his to hold his ground against the advisors

@Spark, sam, and max.
Erza walks up to spark.

Erza: Hello Captain spark, I’m Erza scarlet of fairy tail. weve heard about ou from meredith if you dont know her. we thank yo for your assistance, our friends here Gray and Wendy are serious hurt. the rest of us will be fine for now. is there any way we can get out of here and find a place to heal up and think of our next move. we be glad to help in fighting this ballon master with you if you wish.

OOC: now is a good time for our characters to get acquainted spark.

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May 23, 2013 at 06:23PM EDT

Outer Haven is quite a fast vessel and by now is above the clouds in space, it sits there gracefully, engines off, orbiting Mobius

GW pops up on the holographic map as a 3D figure
GW: We have received a message
Simplify it, tell me
GW: A faction claiming to be the “rightful owners” of Mobius are demanding that we vacate the planets well
Who are these people?
GW: They are a heavily armed space fleet, they have only recently appeared
Reply to them
A message is sent to the fleet admiral
This is warship class ‘Outer Haven’, we have no quarrel with you and do not wish to have to engage, the planet and its cities are ravaged, its populace maimed and its waters poisoned to an acidic level, if you wish to claim this planet, then so be it, it no longer poses a use to us.

As for leaving this area, we are unable to comply, we have unfinished business here before we can depart.

Engaging us is highly counter productive.
Sam stands and looks out the observation window down onto Mobius below
GW: The message has been sent
Good. Also, ive been meaning to say…….
GW: Yes?
You will address me as Captain herein
GW: Yes Captain
Good, and what I was really going to ask is, what is the status of the Slipspace drive?
GW: I apologize, during our time away I was unable to fully complete it, It requires a final component to get into operational order, until then we will have to rely on our primary propulsion
What is this final component? we need it, we must escape this place.
GW: I apologize Captain, I have no recollection of my research during its development
Sam sighs, he is stay facing out the window, like one of those bad as sorta guys you get
Mistral: Yes Captain?
The AI’s, we need them retrieved and bought aboard, such supreme technology cannot be left to waste
Mistral: We can start with JD as it is in orbit
Right good okay
Sundowner: What of the PMC remnants Sam?
We will have them all disperse and reform as one. Heaven is perfectly capable of holding them all so we shall have them evacuated.
Sundowner: Good choice there
Mistral: Which objective first Captain?
Rescue the PMC’s?
Retrieve the AI’s?
Search for the slipspace component?

The component is still unknown, we cannot blindly search for such a thing, We need to rescue the PMC’s first.
Sundowner: Very good.
GW, have all the PMC’s group in Paris, France.
GW: The order has been sent
And so the PMC Generals being issuing orders to the troops, they evacuate the cities and begin descending on Paris as part of the evacuation plan

Its funny you should say about bringing them back because ive been planning it for a few days now mate, Im getting bored of them too, I also want to use my old Jetstream pictures and gifs, they were cool as.
So no worries they will be coming back, and getting there old bodies and weapons back and everything.

And yeah I know right man its a very very good game in my opinion and I highly recommend the Jetstream DLC, its been out for months now and I still play it often

As for Jehuty he might return, might, not certainly yet, I need a good use for him

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May 23, 2013 at 06:46PM EDT

A message is received
This is warship class ‘Outer Haven’, we have no quarrel with you and do not wish to have to engage, the planet and its cities are ravaged, its populace maimed and its waters poisoned to an acidic level, if you wish to claim this planet, then so be it, it no longer poses a use to us.
As for leaving this area, we are unable to comply, we have unfinished business here before we can depart.
Engaging us is highly counter productive.

God damn… What now, Falcon?
I’m going to try to request Access onto Outer Haven. Send troops down onto land. Avoid Paris, though. Take over as many cities as you possibly can, except for Paris, France. Use orbital bombardment of the cities if necessary.
We’ll get right on it.
Now, as for the Onboard A.I., It’s pretty fucked up and glitchy. I’ve had to go into manual mode. hey… how about that cybernetic brain that was brought aboard with us? You know, the one that Sammy-boy had! why not install that as the AI motherboard?

OOC: Sam, are you OK with Monsoon being put oReplacing my busted Onboard AI?
also, the thread has reached 50 000 views! hooray!

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May 23, 2013 at 07:01PM EDT

You could do if you want, however you will have to talk to Fairy Tail because I think he’s in their possession, you have a few things to consider though..
1. He is linked up with Outer Haven still, he could be commanded to do anything
2. Who knows what he’s like now but he did try and overthrow the Winds back in the timehole
3. He doesn’t like Sam nor Sundowner
4. When Sam, Mistral and Sunny D do return to being normal they will no doubt be wondering where he got to and wanting him back

Its upto you to be honest, but like I say I think Pantherlily has it

May 23, 2013 at 07:14PM EDT

ooc: first off. fairy tail and spark and co should be in together with falcon and co for the time being. lets not split up and work together for a change.

@ sam, yah, pantherlilly is still holding onto monsoons head jar. we can use this as an opprotunity for more plot development with monsoon and fairy tail to find out what happened this whole time.

also about the 50 000k views

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May 23, 2013 at 07:16PM EDT

OOC: What this thread looks like….
…To the average outsider who took a wrong turn in the hall and found this thread

…To us roleplayin’ swagsters

EDIT: And yeah plot development with him would be a very good idea, Monsoon hasn’t spoken in years now, he holds a lot of secrets

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May 23, 2013 at 07:24PM EDT

…Nah, it’s probably a bad idea. I’ll just get the repair guys to fix it.
Falcon calls the repair guys again, and they fix the on board computer.
Computer: Jacked up and good to go!
This computer is smarter, but is more masculine than the last one.
Computer, send a video message to Outer Haven.
{color:grey} Recording. And the message?
To the current Captain of Outer Haven, Jetstream Sam, codename Minuano. I’m Captain Falcon, if you do not remember me. I just want to say, I’m willing to help you with what you want to do, and send the army that I have under my command to help you. I will do this on one condition: That I be allowed to board Outer Haven, or whatever you call it now. End Recording.
Now, send it to Outer Haven.
Right on it.
Falcon turns to face everyone
So, how are you all doing?
OOC: The Fiary Tail crew and spark are on the Falcon Flyer. i repeated my actions before the Reset.

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May 23, 2013 at 07:26PM EDT


after entering the ship, wendy and gray went to the medical area to be treated. carla is with wendy and gray. juvia is feeling depressed in a corner looking at the floor. natsu and gajeel are hit with motion sickness again.
Erza: were fine for now thank you. that was a really close call back there. is gray and wendy being treated right now? they were hurt really badly, we thought that we were gonna… looks at juvia sitting on a chair by the corner ….nevermind. thank you.

natsu and gajeel are on the floor passed out due to motion sickness

the only people who can talk are erza, lucy, happy, and pantherlilly who is still in his other form carrying monsoon still. juvia is somewhat approachable.

lucy bends down to looks at monsoon in the jar.

Lucy: by the way pantherlilly, what is this thing your carrying anyway, looks creepy.

Pantherlilly: im not too sure myself. those old people left it behind when they were getting away.

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May 23, 2013 at 07:42PM EDT

Im sure anyone that who has played Halo 4 will know that the ship im using as Heaven is in actual fact the UNSC Infinity, now if you think about all the ships in Halo and then think that this one is bigger than the biggest by a long shot, then you can build a picture of just how large it is,.

Just wanted to put that out there so people don’t think its some random sci-fi pic ive found off of Deviantart or anything…..

GW: We have received a reply, it is a video message
Sam turns around to face the command table, the video flicks up from the holographic screen and plays
Captain Falcon….I believe I have met him before
Sundowner: Minuano?
Yes, it is my codename, and by you not knowing you can see that I keep it very secret, few if any people know it, except this Captain Falcon, he must be an old ally I cannot remember….
Sundowner: We are to escape this planet don’t forget, not make teams
We need to extract our PMC’s and AI’s first, help is something im not going to downright deny
Sundowner: He requests permission to be able to board, this is a risky move to make allowing him such a thing
Heaven (or Outer Haven, whatever you want to refer to it as doesn’t bother me) is a colossally defended machine, he wouldn’t come by himself just to attack us. Besides he is offering support
Sundowner: Hmpf, fine, if you persist….
GW send another message
He dictates to GW what he wants in the message
It reads
I agree to your request, you have permission to dock in Heaven.
In return I will offer you limited ordnance support whilst you attempt to take the cities, meanwhile we will be evacuating the remnants of the PMC’s onto Heaven.
Do what you wish with your armies, but have them know that we are allies now.
GW: Message sent, JD is getting into range, it is orbiting at a higher speed
We will send out a retrieval craft and have it bought aboard sooner when it is within range
Sam turns to face out the window once more, Heaven is a lot more lively now, where as before thing were silent and boring things are much more energized and active, the Bridge, where the Winds are is filled with multiple cyborg pilots and crew, the chatter between them never ceases, a much better more interesting atmosphere all round

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May 23, 2013 at 08:12PM EDT

Falcon receives the message
Well, lookee here. We’re in!
Falcon gets the Falcon Flyer near Outer Haven.
Well, more like he landed the Falcon Flyer on top of it.
Well, how do we get into this place?
I dunno.
Contacts the Fleet Admiral
How is the invasion going? I got those guys on the ship to help.
Fleet Admiral: We currently have taken control of 10 cities.
We had to destroy 8 of them, though.

Well, You guys are making pretty good progress.
Towards everyone on the Falcon Flyer
When we board the ship, I want everyone else to stay inside. I’ll handle this alone.

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May 23, 2013 at 08:43PM EDT

One of the massive docking bay doors in Heavens side opens up, the Flyer lands within…….

Cyborgs can be seen running about, talking to one another and operating panels and moving freight around with cranes, its pretty calm with a sense of urgency and preparation
GW: Falcon has docked in bay A-64
See to it that he is bought up
From across the bay a group of 4 cyborgs can be seen making there way over to the Flyer, they are the escorts

OOC: That’s me done, G’night all, be back tommorow

May 23, 2013 at 08:57PM EDT

OOC: I can’t really post anything until Spark gets back here… So I’ll just be waiting.

May 23, 2013 at 09:03PM EDT

Falcon walks out of the Falcon Flyer, and goes to the escorts
So… Where the hell we going?
Letz Shake spots some PMC refugees heading towards Paris
The PMC soldiers start Shooting at Letz Shake, doing practically nothing. Letz Shake raises his mechanical legs up.

Letz Shake fires the earthquake maker, sending pieces of ground up, and killing most of the PMC soldiers, and injuring the rest. It wanders around aimlessly, searching for more targets.
OOC: G’night Sam.
Also, He’s back!
@Zar: You wanna fight Letz Shake while you wait for spark?

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May 23, 2013 at 09:08PM EDT

Reimu, Marisa, and Flandre are currently about to engage battle with the Red Beast. Maybe later. I also think we’re about to be hit with a big ass tidal wave too.

May 23, 2013 at 09:16PM EDT

Devil: Empty pages….What are we posting for?
Abandoned scenes..I guess we know the score..
On and on!
Does anybody know what we are looking for?
Another hero…another mindless crime….
Behind the curtain…in the pantomime….
Hold the line!
Does anybody want to take it anymore?

Devil: Were you really expecting me to keep singing this song? Well no!
Locking is evil!
Not this thread!
We will never find a way to replace these feels!
Nice job my players! Giving this thread all my prayers!
Lets keep going with this story at once!

OOC: I will post later, too tired now.

May 23, 2013 at 09:18PM EDT

OOC: Last post for tonight, And I won’t be able to get on much tomorrow because I have an overnight thing at my school.

May 23, 2013 at 11:02PM EDT

Glad to see the discord between you all has died down.

I’ll be caught up on my IRL stuff really soon, so maybe then I can finally make my return a good one. Thank you all for being able to resolve this conflict without rage quitting for good. I’m glad Spark is back, and I’m also glad we’re all on equal terms (I hope).

I should be able to actually start major posting this Saturday, maybe Friday afternoon, if I’m lucky, so be expecting that.

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May 23, 2013 at 11:13PM EDT

Just as a minor detail, the area that Marisa wound up Master Sparking in attempt to obliterate the Red Beast is now a massive trail of Molten Rock and Fire leading up to it. This completely justifies why nobody has been able to tell if she got it yet.

May 24, 2013 at 03:07AM EDT

Meanwhile in Heavens bridge…

…Sam is feeling quite confused, an odd rush of memories comes flooding in, he turns away from the window to face Sunny and Mistral
I have this odd feeling of deja-vu
Sundowner: That is never a good thing with a cybernetic brain…
Earlier……when we evaced to Nomad via FULTON im sure that we had Flandre and the two captives with us…
Sundowner:…..Ive been feeling the same….we made our way to Heaven without them, we were unable to extract them before being attacked, do you not remember?
I also recall that too however, its like, I lived that section of time twice over….
Mistral: Dejavu in a brain such as ours is impossible, our memories are kept stored in a digital format, the sounds, sights, and sensations are all a part of them.
Then how do you explain this?
Mistral: It is quite possibly a cranium schism caused by the great stresses of being on the surface after a 17 year seclusion
The time reset has caused a bit of damage to the memories of the Winds
Why would I leave…Flandre behind…I would…..
Sundowner: She looked capable of handling herself
Wasn’t she unconscious? I left her there….outcold….im so confused…why would I do such a thing……
Mistral: Confusion is also a impossible occurrence for a modified brain, Sam I believe you have had a processing failure, I suggest seeing the Fabricators (Heavens cybernetic engineers)
I will be fine…..I believe…..

Meanwhile down in the docking bay which Falcon is in, The Prophets make there way over

Regret, Truth, Pity & Tolerance: Greetings and welcome to Heaven.
Truth: We are the Prophets of Heaven.
Tolerance: One of our many responsibilities is corresponding with new visitors.
Regret: Hence why we are here.
Pity: We won’t take long.
Truth: You requested entry and were given it although you haven’t stated your reasons for coming aboard nor who you wish to see.
Tolerance: You are a friend of our leader giving you a lot of free reign although not without our supervision.
Truth: What/who is it you wish to see?

Meanwhile the hanger crew have been waiting on the satellite AI, JD, to get into range of recapture. Finally after a few more hours of waiting it finally gets within reach, a small transport craft is flown out of one of Heavens vast hangers and plucks JD out of orbit, after being very carefully place into a transport cradle it is bought back aboard.
Currently, it is sat in a hanger (not Falcons one) being checked over by the Fabricator cyborgs…

JD is the most powerful and the most important AI of them all, it acts as a supervisor and security firewall for the Patriot network, hence why so much effort was put into hiding it in space, disguised as debris

May 24, 2013 at 12:36PM EDT

the fairy tail crew still remain inside the ship. awaiting further notice from falcon

OOC: im waiting on falcon and sam to post to continue.

May 24, 2013 at 12:55PM EDT

With Outer Haven gone, with the Eggman Empire bussy with the mechanical troops, with no one to oppose him, the Order of the Balloon is getting closer and closer to world conquest and domination. The last hope for Mobius just ran away and the only minor menace is Asura. With no possible interruptions, the Balloon Master realized how ruined the cities look, product of endless fighting and unnecessary use of the force. It’s time to rebuild…It’s time to remake…It’s time…It’s time to reconstruct.

Metal clashing, traps being spread around the place, units being relocated and places being secured. Corpse incineration, debris destruction, general cleaning for the sake of science is being done in every retaken city or places where cities used to be. Crushers are a new lovely addition that the Elite Enhaced Soldier decided to put, along with high security and spy cameras.
Let’s arrive to the Hellium Fortress, now a giant armaggeddon ship. To the commander’s room we arrive, where the Balloon Master is talking with Johnson, who just arrived from a winter forest.

Balloon Master: Hurm…So they are not defeated yet?
Johnson: They are probably planning their next move as we talk. Asura, a couple of magicians and Eggman remain.
Balloon Master: Hurm…Keep the skies clean and release the Scanners, I want watchmen of my watchmen, I want security for my security, every dark corner must be observed. They won’t be pulling out unknown strategies again, we shall be ready for everything they can come up with…By now, there’s something else I need from you Johnson.
Johnson: A mission I presume.
B.M: Indeed…Details later, right now I have a problem I can’t solve with brainwashing or killing.
Johnson: What exactly?
B.M: I can’t find a proper guitarist inside this place. And without him, I can’t interpret one of my favourite “old school” songs.
Both men laugh. The advisors have no idea of what are they laughing at.
Johnson: Johnny B Good?
B.M: Pick up that guitar already, I hate your talent.

In the dead desert, two battles take place. Earth cries and shakes, the skies start to bleed and chaos covers the place.
@Marisa, Reimu and Flandre
The Red Beast stumbles and roars. Tentacles and tendrils start to grow in the monster’s back. Ground being endlessly smashes, rumbling sounds, red smoke covering the place. The monster stares at Marisa…then and Reimu…and finally…Flandre…A slowly sphere of energy grows in the monster’s mouth, It’s charging a huge beam..
The chaos energy grows and grows around the place, as Van looks at the advisors. He fires a single beam at one of them, easily penetrating the creature’s flesh and revealing a yellow blood flow…The advisor cries in pain, the sound is horrifying. The last advisors look at his dead friend, then at Van, who laughs hysterically. They understand the message…They are no longer holding Asura, they let him free and quickly retreat.

Van laughs hysterically…his laugh starts to turn into something out of the mind of a psycho killer…The Real Van reveals himself, the insanest and most dangerous member of the Anti-S.
YOU were wondering when I would show up?” He laughs I was the one playing a mindless and meaningless waiting game…I had to waste weeks of useless flesh deleting and buildings destruction..I had to toy around with worthless individuals until you finally decided to show up…Finally…After centuries of waiting for your disgusting and sorry madness presence..My purpose? To incinerate you, to erase your very concept from existance…To claim my place as the real ruler this world deserves once your corpse starts to irradiate chaos energy from every hole! This place will become your grave Kishin! Madness Maker…MEET YOUR DOOM!
Van steps back and fires a huge chaotic beam at Asura.

OOC: Spark would be getting his wounds patched up, same goes for Sam & Max

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