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Last posted Mar 09, 2014 at 06:19PM EDT. Added Mar 16, 2013 at 10:40PM EDT
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>Mfw second page get in a row

Meanwhile in Heaven….
Sam is still listening in on the audio feed from the Prophets
What’s with all this commotion…….then he hears Yukari’s voice
!!!!, I know that voice! she’s back already!
The shouting attracts some attention
Monsoon: What is it Sam?
Its a chance at revenge, im going this one alone
Sundowner: Huh? where you goin’
Sam begins running out of the room
Just stay here and keep watch over things, Captains orders!
Mistral: Sigh
Sam quickly races out into the hall, he takes a few steps down the corridor and hops into a bridge crew emergency escape pod
Im not gonna waste this opportunity that’s for sure……
Its ejected from Heaven and begins rocketing down towards the Guild Hall
Sundowner: Well that was quick
Warfare Officer: Shall I dispatch soldiers to back him up?
Sundowner: Naaaah just leave him to it, you know what he’s like, he’d hate that sorta thing
Mistral, Monsoon and Sundowner remain on the bridge watching the situation unfold down below

Emergency escape pods are fast, even faster when fired in atmosphere
It crashes a small distance from the battle outside the Hall kicking up a load of smoke and crap as it embeds itself in the ground, Instead of pulling the lid ejection handle Sam just boots the hatch clean off its hinges and sends it flying through the air, he then quickly jumps out and begins approaching, sword still sheathed
He points at Yukari
You took my daughter from me, I know you did.

I suggest you give her back before I have to stretch off 17 years of muscle aches

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Jun 04, 2013 at 09:29PM EDT


Ragna yells in pain as he is sent literally flying by the impact of the train. He flies through around 30 buildings and houses, punching a man sized hole in all the walls of the ones he went through. He lands in a nearby forest clearing.
Ragna: Gah… Y-You bitch…
He looks up to see Yukari standing there waiting for him. He slowly but surely gets up off the ground. He coughs up some blood.
Ragna: Well if that’s how you want to play it, I’ll give you a taste of your own damn medicine!
Ragna dashes at Yukari, and when he gets close to her, he swings his sword upwards, and then back down. Following the downward swing resembles one of the heads of the Black Beast. If she gets hit by the first one, she gets sent up into the air. If she is hit by the second attack, she gets a portion of her life drained and gets ground-bounced.

There is a sudden pillar of blue and white spiraling flames that appear nearby.

Once the flames and smoke disperse, there is a familiar face with no actual face at all…

Hakumen draws Okami from his back, and puts it at his side. Yukari can see a huge, raging blue and white aura around the new arrival.
Hakumen: I am the white void. I am the cold steel. I am the just sword. With blade in hand shall I reap the sins of this world, and cleanse it in the fires of destruction!

Hakumen charges at Yukari at a fast pace, using his clawed feet to propel him forward.
Hakumen: I am Hakumen!
He raises Okami above his head.
Hakumen: The end has come!
He does a massive downward slash at Yukari.

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Jun 04, 2013 at 09:49PM EDT

everyone is confused beyond belief by what just happened. a train appearing out of nowhere and such. however makarov quickly mends the confusion.


OOC: everyone in the guild hall right now just disregard the whole fighting and continue on with your bussiness. inside the hall.

Jun 04, 2013 at 10:06PM EDT

Tager saw Ragna get smashed through the wall with the train and go flying
Tager: Kokonoe, we need to do something!

Kokonoe: Calm down, Tager. His thick skull probably broke the landing.
Tager: B-But Kokonoe-!
Kokonoe: I said not to worry about him, Tager! He’ll be fine. He’s Ragna the god damn Bloodedge.
Tager stays silent for a few moments before consulting with Kokonoe again.
Tager: Very well…

Kokonoe: Now, let’s talk to the short old man over here and see about those plans of his.
Tager walks over to Makarov. Every step he takes seemingly shakes the floor because of his weight.
Tager: Greetings. The professor and myself were wondering about the plans you all have made to combat the mad scientist in space.

Kokonoe looks down at Makarov from her screen
Kokonoe: Yeah, just tell us about it already if we want to stop him. I can hack into the bastard’s systems, but it might take some time.

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Jun 04, 2013 at 10:12PM EDT

Meanwhile in reality. Juvia, a member of the Fairy Tail, is talking with Spark, a bit creeped out by the Foster.

Juvia: Uh, who is this creepy guy in the mask?
Spark: Miss Juvia, meet one of the best bomb makers of my planet, Mister Foster! One of my best friends and easily one of the best resistance soldiers….(Spark waits for some sort of response) Err…Foster? Foster are you there?

Meanwhile….In the mind of the Foster. Juvia, one of the most beautiful Russian porn stars wants to bloody ignore that electric asshole and satisfy her need for touch with this mysterious extremelly handsome masked man.

Juvia: Niet Spark, you are not amusing. Your american accent is disgusting…But your friend over here…His mask is quite charming…
Spark: Bla bla bla bla…Electric puns and stupid stuff…bla bla bla bla bla..

Back in reality, both Spark and Julia wait for Foster to say something.

Mister Foster: Pst…Captain…I think she is hitting on me.
Spark: Ahaha…what…
Foster: Should have told me she was here before, I would have arrived earlier.
Spark: Hurm..I think the mask is tightening your neck too much my friend, not allowing any oxygen in.

Foster:И яркий свет зари небесной
И новый день с рассвета до заката
И девы юной взгляд прелестный
Всё образует миг чудесный

Ведь встреча всё же произошла

И только дева отвернулась
И над горой луна взошла
Spark: (he pats his friend back) That’s not a ushanka.
Foster: (he shakes his head a bit) Oh..I was possesed or something. So sorry gal, name is Mister Foster, everyone called me Mister Foster so bloody much that “Mister” became my official name. As Sparky said, I’m the best demolition expert around: grenades, bombs, homemade explosives, lemon grenades, apple C4s, you choose!

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Jun 04, 2013 at 10:13PM EDT

@Asura and Spark,

Terumi busts out laughing

Jun 04, 2013 at 10:23PM EDT


Fatman: Haha! Mister Foster, I built my first atomic bomb at the age of 10! get on my level!

And with that im done for tonight, G’night all

Jun 04, 2013 at 10:23PM EDT


Mister Foster: I built homemade C4s, bombs and smart mines…In space…with a box of scraps…while waiting for Asura to put his godamn barrier down.
Also…Guys check out what I just found in Fatty wiki page:
“guidebook on the internet”
Poor amateur checking the webz to get the info. You don’t choose the bombs…the bombs choose you..Follow the way of the potassium chloride and trust in your instincts…
And have one hell of a good health insurance…

Goodnight Sam…And no…nobody can get in Foster level..

Jun 04, 2013 at 10:35PM EDT

@tager and kokonoe
Makarov: nice to meet you both. yes, we will be discussing our plans shortly. but your hacking skills is just what we need to get further information about his vessel. here come with me.

he take the two of them to were the others are.

Makarov: guys we may have our solution to our problem here. points to kokonoe she says she can hack into eggmans ark and do what she can for us from the inside.

Erza: that can actually prove useful. she can get inside his network and extract the schematics of the ark. we can get fully displayed maps of the arks inside and find out the key points that we need to destroy eggmans empire once and for all. bites into the strawberry cake

Mavis: we will be working with outer heavens forces to help open up a gap in eggmans fleet so that those who are participating in the boarding in falcons flyer and any of heavens troops if they choose to follow suite. once they are in. you can hack the inside of ark and feed us information through heavens officers and through merediths computer were ill be monitoring and coordinating every move against his fleet.

Laxus: yeah, but how can we be sure if we can make it inside without being swarmed by eggmans lackeys. that is an entire moon of those things.

Mirajane: dont worry, im pretty sure she is more than capable of getting us inside eggmans systems and sending us data of the arks structure. if we can get those, than we can use merediths teleportation magic to take us to the key points so that we dont go far from the objectives.

Erza: correct. there are a few key things we can think of to destroy the ark and take down eggman for good.

1. we need to take out the arks main weapon and destroy it before it fires. if it actually has one.

2. we need to disable the arks primary power supply. im pretty sure that its what keeps the arks weapon systems optional. however. considering its size. we dont know how big a task it will be to do once inside.

3. we need to destroy eggmans manufactories that produce his vile machines and robots that swell with numbers each passing moment. his army must be crushed and to make sure that they can never come back.

4. last but not least. eggman must die. his very existence in this world is nothing but a cancer.

we will also leave behind a group of people to stay and guard the falcon flyer once inside to secure a getaway once all is finished or in case of the worst.

Mirajene: normally we would be against taking the life of another to save others but..

Laxus: that asshole is threatening to blow up the entire goddamn planet. if hes allowed to live god knows when hell continue to do this. that fucker must die.

Makarov: for each of these objectives. we will be splitting up the groups into teams of four and arange them to take on each task based upon specialities and skills. we will go further into the teams once we are ready to present. we will also be open to others opinions if they see fit.

Mavis: beyond that, there is nothing more we can think of to do. kokonoe, tager. will you join the boarding party and help obtain the information we need to pull this all of. there is not much we can do without your expertise. so please, will you work together with us and help bring this menace to humanity down once and for all?

ooc: and last post for tonight people. gnite all.

Jun 04, 2013 at 10:52PM EDT

Yukari deploys a very thin barrier that takes off much of the impact of Ragna’s strike, but she still takes damage. Reacting to Sam’s sudden appearance….

“Well Well, if it isn’t the Mad Scientist Himself, come to say hello~! And yes, I am quite certain I was the one who stole Flandre this time. Poor girl, it happens so often I might just have to dress her up in Pink and call her Peach~!”

A stop sign pops out under Hakumen’s foot before he can even reach her, causing him to trip and fall flat.

“I will play with you three boys then.”

She invokes Photon, Doppler effect

Hopping up into the air, waves of light orbs start shooting from around her, and start searing whatever they touch. It’s easy to dodge and not get hurt, but as players of Youmu’s storymode in SWR, this is VERY hard to deal with a sword.

Jun 04, 2013 at 11:00PM EDT



Blitz was very surprised to see the monstrous transformation of Discord. But he was happy to see that and then smiled again. Then a sound distracted him, brought his hands to his ear and gave a sign of affirmation


Suddenly, a white aura surrounded Blitz and takes a big leap, reaching the top of a tower, so facing Draconecord.
Blitz : I ALSO HAVE MY TRICKS, YOU KNOW?! I am the Captain because…
Then teleports to the Draconecord face, landing on his face
Then, quickly, Blitz pulls out his gun and shoots him in the nose of the furious god of chaos

Blitz : Want to eat me? COME AN GET ME IF YOU CAN! “JOKE”!
Blit took another leap and was surrounded by a white aura, becoming light. Then the light is in within the ruins of Canterlot, bouncing off the walls

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Jun 04, 2013 at 11:01PM EDT


Draconecord gets shot in the nose, but due to sheer size feels no harm, speaks in a deep, low voice
Draconecord: I assume you’re using your toys to pester me. You should have done your obsessive research more thoroughly…

Draconecord spins his tail at extremely fast speeds, though for whatever reason is unknown at the moment
Draconecord: I hope you don’t believe your ball of light can protect you from this…
his tail spins even more rapidly, creating a vacuum effect that stops Blitz from bouncing, and causes him to crash into the floor hard as he is pulled by the winds
Draconecord: I’m sorry to say… but you’re visit will now be over… permanently.

OOC: @ Medic
I won’t make this fight easy… but I’ll only use abilities this form of Discord has, as depicted by MOV, which isn’t very many compared to his original form. But just know you have to do the same as well for your side of the fight.

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Jun 04, 2013 at 11:25PM EDT

She lets out a hefty sigh
Hey, you guys, y’know… I could just teleport all of you onto the ark-thingy. You’ll be sent to the very center area of the place, but I can get you all there in one piece…
Of course, you’d have to fight all the robots and stuff.
She rubs her forehead, and stares at the monitor
Of course, if you’d rather do what you just said, go for it.
I’m just here to help you guys give this “game” a happy ending..

Jun 04, 2013 at 11:32PM EDT

OOC: masterburner. i thought about that, but thats waaay too easy. it would take away the excitement and epicness of the flight to enter ark and breaching the egg fleet with heaven by just poofing them from guild hall to ark. but dont worry. once were inside and we get the info about the ark. you can teleport the guys around inside since well know were to go. its just to make things fair. also its gonna be impossible to travel around in the ark without the teleporting. tommorow everything shall be revealed. just hope everyone is there by then.


Makarov: that can work. however.

Erza: we dont know anything about the inside of the ark. wel be going in blind. who knows were well end up. once we fly in with the falcon flyer, kokonoe will hack the ark and send all sorts of data of the arks structure and mapping to your computer and heavens officers. once we have that. than can we teleport the teams to their objectives.

Mavis: dont worry. you will play an important roll in all this as well. just wait until we go into the full details soon meredith.

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Jun 04, 2013 at 11:37PM EDT

OOC: @Asura Okay.
She simply nods her head
I’m okay with that.
She returns to her monitors, watching the fight involving Yukari and the BlazBlue characters

Jun 04, 2013 at 11:57PM EDT

Sam is down at the Guild hall fighting Yukari….
He quickly reacts to the light orbs and takes off ninja dashing across market stalls and buildings whilst having the cover shredded apart around him by the attack, the speed at which he travels is lighting fast and with his now fully cybernetic body its doubly improved. When its over he slides to a halt…
He does a few stretches and gets limbered up
…..That was a nice start but your too slow hehehee, Now!…

Sam charges Yukari in ninja dash tearing his blade along the pavement, heating it up

Jun 05, 2013 at 09:00AM EDT


To get out of the orbs, Ragna runs, jumps, and air dashes to get out of the way of them.

He gets up from his failure of an attack, and sees the orbs coming at him. Hakumen also runs around, avoiding the orbs headed at him. He streaks between them, and activates Zanshin, his drive, when one gets close to him. This effectively negates the orbs that are headed at him when he activates it.

Once the card is over…

Ragna: Now you’re really startin’ to annoy me, bitch!
He gets a look of anger on his face, and charges at Yukari.
Ragna leaps upward in a spiraling motion while uppercutting with a huge sword slash. This attack should have a life draining property if it hits.

Once Ragna finishes his attack, Hakumen charges at Yukari again. This time, Hakumen also leaps up to Yukari. He gathers power from the Boundary and his armor to make this attack even more devastating.
Hakumen: You shall know the cleansing powers of the White Void, Dark One!
He then does a massive overhead slash at Yukari, followed by a quick horizontal double slash.


Kokonoe: Yeah sure, why not? We’ll help.
Kokonoe turns her attention towards Tager
Kokonoe: Tager, you’re to do whatever they say. You got that?

Tager: Understood, Kokonoe.
Tager turns his attention back down to Makarov.
Tager: It would be wise to let me handle the robots aboard the ship.
His gauntlets spark with electric and magnetic energy
Tager: I can easily dispatch them.

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Jun 05, 2013 at 02:51PM EDT

Seeing all 3 of the men charging at her at once, she steps back and gets clipped by Ragna and slashed by Hakumen, but in a strategic backstep Yukari passes though one of her portals and slams it shut. Looking past her shoulder reveals the backs of the 3 attackers…

Yukari’s wound has an eye looking out of it, and it frantically looks around before it shuts. A large mark is still visible though.

“Seems the longest sword has reality ripping properties. I guess I should step up my game here~ Lets solve the too slow problem shall we?”

Yukari points her fan and a small boundary barrier (Like a foot wide energy cube) in between the 3 men with an odd bit of energy on the inside…

Suddenly streaks of light everywhere coming and going in all directions

(That screenshot should give you a good idea how much damage a successful hit does)

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Jun 05, 2013 at 03:22PM EDT

Their everywhere….
Sam is currently travelling at around 80mph, breaking isn’t an option at this point so to defend himself he cuts chunks out of the ground around him and due to his velocity the pieces of rock are dragged along in his slipstream which he promptly kicks at the incoming streaks of light
Almost ran out of ideas heheheeee!

He gets within very close range of Yukari and takes a leap into the air, the storm of dragged earth continues rocketing forward towards her like a train made out of stone

Jun 05, 2013 at 03:46PM EDT


Ragna nimbly dashes to the side of the cube, continuously moving and staying alert…. Though he gets struck in the back and sides by a few of the lasers, and grunts in pain.
Ragna: GYAH!
Though this doesn’t stop him. He continues to do his best to dodge all of them until the card ends.

Hakumen is quick to jump back from the cube. Using his limitless stamina from his armor, he jumps back about 15 feet on the first go. Hakumen then uses Zanshin to block the lasers coming towards him from the front, and the eyes on the back of his armor help him dodge out of the ones that come from behind, and from the sides. He may have no face, but he still has eyes everywhere.

Jun 05, 2013 at 04:03PM EDT

As the large trail of rocks go streaming at her, she a free hand and holds it out in front of her

The rocks powderize upon hitting the quadruple barrier

“Impressive. Made me use a barrier for once.”

She starts whispering under her breath…

Jun 05, 2013 at 05:02PM EDT

Falcon and co. finally reach where the Battle between Yukari, Ragna, Hakumen, and Sam is.
Better not interfere for now.
He readies the home run bat.

Jun 05, 2013 at 05:08PM EDT

Sam rockets down from his leap delivering a massive vertical cut which is quickly followed by a flurry of horizontal slashes, the speed at which he makes the cuts are blindingly fast, speed and technique being his speciality

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Jun 05, 2013 at 05:14PM EDT

OOC: Also going to mention this to Sam: Even at your newfound high speed of about 80 MPH, Doomguy could STILL beat you in a foot race.

Jun 05, 2013 at 05:17PM EDT


Once the spell card finishes, Ragna stands there for a few moments, catching his breath.
Ragna’s crest appears behind him, and glows red for a second or two.

He dashes at Yukari again at a blinding speed.
Ragna: Carnage…
He dashing sword strike first. After the initial strike, he spins around.
The blade of Blood Scythe cocks itself. he then spins around again. While doing so, he slashes the ground and then upwards. Two crossing spikes of dark energy come bursting out of the sword, and straight at her.

Hakumen also takes this time to charge up an attack… Hakumen’s crest appears behind him, and it glows a white and blue aura.

Hakumen: Empty Sky, True Form…
He raises his sword in front of him, and puts two fingers and a thumb near it. His hair blows upwards into nine separate tails. Yukari would see this as familiar, due to Ran’s tails…

Hakumen: Light of judgment!
Nine blue squares with symbols appear behind Hakumen also for a split second. With this active. Hakumen’s aura grows twice its size. It becomes like a massive, raging pillar of blue and white fire, spreading around him in a 20 foot diameter, and upwards 30 feet.

Hakumen: The end has come!
Hakumen raises his sword high above him. A blue and white vortex begins to swirl around Okami…

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Jun 05, 2013 at 05:31PM EDT

Captain Douglas J Falcon wrote:

OOC: Also going to mention this to Sam: Even at your newfound high speed of about 80 MPH, Doomguy could STILL beat you in a foot race.

OOC: Run all you want my friends, someday…someday you might get a small chance to be as fast as I am.

You will need to outrun a giant mecha controlled by one of the best pilots around, travel around a white forest and murder everyone there in 12 minutes and another amount of easy last for me..
Hey, see the good side, piano and guitar lessons aren’t required! Unless you are planning to live with a sociopath scientist enemy of heroic electric-pun lover guy.

Incoming BM post later guys, RL business to deal with. See ya later.

Jun 05, 2013 at 05:39PM EDT

Upon being hit by all the blade mode attack and sent flying by the carnage scissors, it’s amazing that Yukari is managed to keep herself together…

She looks up at Hakumen as he prepares his city leveling attack

“Welp. Seems it’s about time to use that Hydrogen Bomb Blast I saved up.”

A large portal opens up in front of her. Ragna and Sam can get out of the way, but Hakumen is too far into his charge up to cancel

The focused collective energy that Yukari had saved up from the Flandre Black Beast Bombardment comes erupting out of the portal, blasting Hakumen clear to obliteration or carry him far out into the distance.

“That was immensely satisfying.”


Oh snap, I hope Crow didn’t copyright that trick.

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Jun 05, 2013 at 06:37PM EDT

suddenly lightning begins to ripple in the sky. flashes burst around the clouds. then suddenly one grand bolt of lighning shoots straight down to the ground in front of falcon and the others with him. it is Laxus, the grandson of makarov. arks of lightning still rippling around him

Laxus: hey, dipshits. makarov said to stay out of this fight and remain in the guild hall. you better turn back now. were about to start the meeting back at the hall with the others so you better get your asses moving now. im only going to send the message once, dont make it into a delivery if you catch my drift.

the lightning around him moves around him even more to make the message clear

Crows a fag, who cares :P

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Jun 05, 2013 at 06:51PM EDT

OOC: Guys, have we even thought about how this thread should end? Cause it needs to go out with a bang. And then at the end, we have all the characters head into this huge, Academy Awards type ceremony, naming the best, the worst, the most devoted, and many other fantastic awards!

I nominate Captain Spark as host, since I believe he’s the most devoted to the thread. I would have said 0.9999…=1, but I don’t think he would have been following this thread’s constant changing wars.
What do you guys think?

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Jun 05, 2013 at 07:17PM EDT


When the blast from the hydrogen bomb heads towards him, it is stopped for just a few seconds. His aura holds it in place for a few moments, until the aura completely shatters. Blue and white flames go everywhere, and it a bright white light erupts from Hakumen. This took out the lethal portion of the blast, but it still heads at him. Hakumen has little time to say anything since it continues to rush at him. Once the remaining portion of the blast hits him, he is sent flying at near mach-speed towards the snow-capped mountains a few miles away… He continues to fly until he begins to hit objects. He pummels through multiple trees, and solid rocks in the mountains before finally getting slammed into a rock face… He stays silent, and weakly lifts his head to look at his surroundings.
Hakumen: Impossible! Beaten… by the likes of a demon…
Hakumen hangs his head, and puts stabs Okami into the snowy ground next to him, using it as a prop to stand up.
Hakumen: She… shall perish…
Hakumen looks up, and forward, then sighs.
Hakumen: She shall be cleansed from this world with my blade…
Hakumen leans on Okami, regaining his balance rather quickly due to his armor. He then sheathes Okami on his back, and begins to walk back towards the guild hall.

Ragna dodges out of the way of the hydrogen bomb laser, then runs at Yukari
Ragna: I’m not done with you!
There is a look of malice and anger in his eyes.
Ragna: Take this!
He wraps his arms around himself. Ragna’s crest appears behind him for a brief second again, and glows red.

Ragna: I’ll show you… the power of the Azure!
Ragna takes Blood Scythe, and does an upward slash at Yukari, stunning her.
Ragna: I’ll show you fear!
He holds Blood Scythe in both hands. The hilt begins to spark with blue energy. The blade and hilt rise up. The blade springs outwards. A blood red energy blade comes from the opposite side of the original blade, now looking like an actual scythe.

Ragna then begins to slice away at Yukari with his scythe. He swings it horizontally downwards, then upwards, then he goes in for an overhead slice.
Ragna: There is no hell, only darkness!
Ragna repeats the process once more, continuing to swing away at Yukari. Each hit drains away a portion of Yukari’s life. On the last hit, Ragna becomes completely ink black. The scythe seems to form to his body as he pulls it away from her. Red life chains fly from Yukari, and are absorbed into the middle of the scythe in a big red ball. After a few moments, Ragna swings the massive black scythe straight at her middle inflicting heavy damage. A trail of red streaks behind the scythe as it swings. Once the final strike hits, and stays connected for a second, the blackness off Ragna fades away. Upon the darkness falling off, this reveals Yukari being impaled with the massive sword, and Ragna smirking at her straight in the face.
Ragna: This is the power of darkness.

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Jun 05, 2013 at 07:19PM EDT

Yukari looks up and smiles at Ragna in a very creepy way. A crest appears behind her…

“My turn… Yakumo’s Nest!”

She melts away but then takes a center stage, all of her wounds forming back together as a spiderweb like array of lasers start to pulsate out of her in waves as energy pulsates though the main support “Webs”

This array is endless, and must be broken if you wish to survive it…

I am not very good at describing it so here is a link to a video of it.

Last edited Jun 05, 2013 at 07:40PM EDT
Jun 05, 2013 at 07:37PM EDT

@Asura & Natsuru,

Before Nats post…
Sam gets some distance between Yukari and himself and watches as Ragna beats the toffee out of her as well as watching Hakumen fly into a mountain…..he sheaths the Murasama Blade

Well, looks like Hakumen got a grilling……
He contacts the Heaven Bridge via Codec
Nav, have a Pelican sent down here right away to pick up my friend Hakumen, have him transported back to the Guild Hall.
Navigation Officer: Aye Captain.
Sam closes the Codec and within a a few moments a Pelican Dropship is launched from one of the docking bays, it jets off heading over to Hakumen
Sam then turns his attention back to the impaled Yukari
Well this isn’t a bad turnout but…
He quickly makes his way over and stands near Ragna
Return my daughter.

After Nats post…
Sam notices that somethings up the second Yukari moves her head, thankfully due to having legs that are like industrial jack-hammers he launches himself into a backflip and lands behind a rock

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Jun 05, 2013 at 07:44PM EDT


Do not interfer…

OOC: Post delayed due to injured right thumb. As I type, the pain grows. So sorry fellas, I will try to pose quick as a godamn rabbit.

Jun 05, 2013 at 07:50PM EDT

…Fine. It’s not like I WANT to, but whatever. You three stay here, okay?
…I’d actually rather come with you.
Okay, fine. ken, you can tag along. But you two stay here. Oh, Yeah, John: The girl’s a Demon.
When do I start the killing?
Whenever you want.
Falcon and Ken head off back to the Guild, while John and Henry stay back at the battle

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Jun 05, 2013 at 07:59PM EDT


Ragna looks up at Yukari, stunned that she survived that.
Ragna: Just what the hell are you?!
The waves after waves coming at him hit him continuously, him not knowing how to counter it. He grunts in pain every time one hits him. Eventually he finds a pseudo safe spot between the main webbing, and stays there for a few moments, recuperating and trying to come up with a plan on how to beat her quickly.

Jun 05, 2013 at 08:02PM EDT

In a low whisper, you hear her voice echo in sad lonliness

What am I? What am I? What am I?

“I am the Yokai of Boundaries. And protector of my own little world.”

The waves of energy keep coming, eventually angling so they can hit Sam’s hiding place

“And I haven’t even started exercising my powers yet.”

Jun 05, 2013 at 08:36PM EDT

Sam is still hidden behind his rock, he gets a hold of Heaven again on Codec
The energy waves start bending round the the cover
Sam draws his sword once more and begins cutting away at the waves but seeing as it is energy it doesn’t really hold an effect
What do I even do here?!
He quickly bounds back off and begins dashing amongst the forest weaving through the waves, however it is getting quite edgy and he manages to take a few grazes from near misses
Warfare! Prep the archer missiles! no, actually!……. charge up one of MAC cannons!
Warfare Officer: Sir the gun is being charged! target?
Aim for the girl!
Warfare Officer: Okay Captain please clear away from the area!
Sam continues running but this time starts to take a more aversive path giving him more distance from Yukari
I can’t deflect or block these attacks and dodging them is getting more more tasking…..time for a change in tactic…

Meanwhile up upon Heaven 1 of the 4 primary weapons, a Magnetic Accelerator Cannon, begins charging, once ready it will be able to commence firing a volley of mega accurate ferric tungsten shells. This weapon is feared for being a number one killer of capital class ships, it is said that if the situation is right then a single shot can punch through upto 3 ships that are aligned, destroying the first, crippling the second and badly damaging the third. This very same gun is about to begin shooting at a single human target…..


The Pelican descends and hovers next to Hakumen, the hatch lowers and a Soldier is standing by
Soldier: Transport to the Guild Hall, compliments of the Captain.
Hakumen jumps aboard and in a quick few minutes their back at the Guild, the Pelican lowers close to the ground and Hakumen hops out
Soldier: Cya later man
The dropship makes its way back upto Heaven where it docks

OOC: And that’s me done for tonight, won’t start firing the cannon yet until tomorrow so that your still free to act, G’night all!

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(One of the most active JFF threads ever seen, lengthy posts no less than common, yet not a Feature. Hold on, let me fix that.)

(With you people being the posters here, if you all want to I can change the title of the thread into something more normal like “Avatar Roleplay Thread”, I can understand if the current title feels a bit weird at times.)

Jun 05, 2013 at 09:44PM EDT

OOC: this page has been featured.

thanks randomman. im down for a title change as well.


still outside of the guild hall, juvia and gray see hakumen leave the ship.

Gray: hey your that samurai guy from before. what was all that about.

Juvia: he looks hurt lets help him out.

they both go to hakumen and try and help him to the guild hall


Laxus: look, i dont want to hurt you ladies. we need to be saving our strength for kicking that eggmans ass. and we need you to fly the lot of us to the ark to do so. so i once again recomend you turn back to the hall. were gonna start and we need everyone there. is that understood?

OOC: also, i would like tto thank everyone here for all of their work on this thread. i know we been through some ups and downs in the thread. but im glad were able to make it this far. and i am proud to say that the amount of time i wasted on this thread was worth every moment. thanks you guys.

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Jun 05, 2013 at 10:00PM EDT

After a few minutes of speaking with Juvia, explaning a few reasons and arguments of why Mister Foster isn’t a stalker or a creep, the group heads to the hall where everyone is planning the steps in the great defeat of the Doctor Eggman. Meanwhile, back in the main hall, both Cheston and Veteran found themselves cleaning the floor. The luchador shows that despite being created by the merciless Balloon Master, he is a pretty good guy, thanking Wendy for healing his damaged stomach and quickly starting to clean the living mess left as a result of a eating contest. Sam & Max are looking around the place.

Back in Haven, Assassin quickly follows private Higgins, who is as quick as a TF2 Heavy without a leg. The soldier is so bloody nervous, he keeps bumping into people, mistaking directions and forgetting his purpose. At one point, she thinks to herself “Keep playing along but I swear..If he says something stupid I will probably kill him.”

(Screaming internally)

Before leaving, Mister Foster handed something to Ash. THE BOOK, that’s the title of this book..literally It’s a book called “The Book”. Clever huh?

The bravest members of the Skull Riders say that the book was written with nitroglycerin, that the pages were once used to make a C4, that the very definition of “bomb making” shall penetrate the mind of those who dare to gaze upon the words that come from this very book. Thou shall read it, thou shall learn how to make everything blow up. 2850 pages of bomb manufacturing, materials gathering, resources and where to find them, small notes and the “diary of a demoman”.
The Skull Riders and a few unknown ponies gather around Ashley, who is about to read the first page. His personal experience with a similar BOOK is making him lose control of his own hands and say random gibberish: “Mocimonorcen eht dessop gnieb refta deid dneirflrig ym.” He slaps himself, his past is trying to torment his mind again. Everyone sighs and observes how Williams reveals the content of the very first page of “The Book”.
“Everything can explode…Well except oxygen…”
Mister Foster

The spontaneous appearance of the Nightmare Medic was inmediatly caught by the EES’s sensors, spread through the fog surrounding Mobius. Quickly, a group of troops, four Omega Hunters and a pack of Striders force the evil doctor into surrendering (You just teleported into the wolf’s fangs, you can’t possibly fight back. Unless you want to be vaporized of course). A carrier ship arrives and the doctor is taken into the Hellium Fortress, his actions being observed by a single advisors who temporally blinds the Medic as the carrier travels around these demonic city, this huge moving ship covered in death and despair, where science and evil work togheter for a single cause: Mindslaving.
The doctor’s eyesight is recovered once he is left in a small room. The place is quite charming, computers and monitors around, a corridor where advisors are seen and a small device on a table in front of the Medic. It’s a rather old disc player, a phonograph record emitting a catchy melody around the room.

The doctor turns around to find the Balloon Master himself, sitting next to a small table where the almost dead private Phill lies, coughing and holding his neck in pain, injuries done by Agent Johnson who isn’t surprised to see the doctor.

Balloon Master: Good evening my good doctor. You will have to apologize my children, we don’t expect any kind of tourists in this side of Mobius. We do expect invaders, mindless worms following a lost cause, thinking that they are in the winning side of the war, ignoring completely that while they can’t see us, we can see them.
Elite Enhaced Soldier: Satelite transmissions redirected, comunications followed, codec transmissions intervened.
B.M: Thank you EES, take your time to analize Outer Haven situation and our troops progress. Please my good doctor, take a seat over here. (He looks at Johnson) A chair is what we need now my good friend, Phill has provided us with enough information about the Patriots.
The soldier coughs several times, leaving blood all over the table as he keeps holding his neck.
Phill: Go fuck yourself…You and your organization..I ain’t going to tell you a shi-
The soldier’s words are interrupted by a pair of five fingers holding a neck. Johnson chuckles as he presses his victim’s throat, making him shake around like a sheep being torn apart by a pack of wolves. The agent looks at the Master.
Johnson: Nanomachines son?
Balloon Master: Indeed…Since they managed to add such a disgusting piece of technology in their organisms, It’s hard to pull out anything from these closed caskets. But, to open such a difficult crate, sometimes you need the right crowbar.
Johnson: Hey Phill, know the meaning of "Advisor’ kiss?
The Advisor kiss…The soldier scream in horror, trying to break free and begging for mercy as Johnson drags him away from the room.

OOC: Marry me RandomMan…Togheter we will have Featured babies with giant amount of SWAG.
Damn, so bloody happy. I bloody love you all guys.

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>TFW You and a group of awesome roleplayers helped to create a featured thread…

Excellent work guys! 91 pages of awesomeness, epicness, wars, battles, deaths, heartwarming moments, comedy, drama, horror, suspense, and downright randomness has brought us far, and for that, I’d like to thank everyone who helped out and participated in the thread, as well as RandomMan for featuring it! You’ve brought me happiness to this site that you can’t really replicate anywhere else.

I’m down for the name change too! After all, it is more roleplay since we introduced characters other than our avatars as well.

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Holy shit the thread was featured.

>MFW when Asura told me about the thread over Steam, and decided to check it out

Holy shit. I just can’t believe this. Thanks everyone for all the hard work on the thread. This is now officially THE GREATEST THREAD ON THE INTERNET EVER! Now… We all know what this means. Thank you RandomMan, and a big thanks to everyone else for making this thread survive for this long.

Now without further ado…

We dance!

I really do love you all so much. I mean it. Keep up the good work. On another note: I do not mind if there is a name change. I would prefer it though.


Hakumen accepts their courtesy, and allows himself to be escorted into the guild hall. Once he gets back into the guild hall, he turns his attention towards Gray.
Hakumen: I… I was beaten by that demon who can manipulate the boundaries of reality. She used her black magic to nearly obliterate me with nuclear energy… I need to rest.
This is actually very strange for Hakumen to say. His armor allows him limitless energy and power, but Yukari took a lot out of him…

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Jun 05, 2013 at 10:19PM EDT

Wow the thread was featured. I’m surprised that any mod would read all of this if he hasn’t been participating.

Jun 05, 2013 at 10:40PM EDT

Ann, weren’t you supposed to be a banana? C’mon, so much potential!
Goodnight ladies and gentlemen..I will drop a surprise for you later…
A real surprise…
With tragic consequences…
And REAL confetti this time…

Jun 05, 2013 at 10:54PM EDT

>mfw thread was featured

Thank you, RandomMan.

And welcome back, Zarathh. I’m sorry to hear of your illness, though.


Egg Robo: Sir, several more of our ships have arrived to defend the station.

Robotnik: Good. I want all guards on high alert until I say otherwise, both on my ships and the Space Colony.

Egg Robo: Understood, sir. Also, the countdown has officially reached the half-way point. We have 3 hours until the Eclipse Cannon fires, which will eradicate Mobius, along with all of the lifeforms inhabiting the planet.

Robotnik: The clock is ticking, Mobius.

Make your move.

OOC: I also like markhoax14’s idea of an award ceremony after all of this is done.

Jun 05, 2013 at 10:56PM EDT

@ every bloody person in the guild hall, outer heaven and the winds of destruction.

makarov puts his finger on the codec he got and sets it to reach everyone nearby,




OOC: last post guys. im out. tomorow. we prepare for our counterattack. make sure your all here by then.

and robotnik and markhoax.

i mentioned doing a ceremony after all of this a long tome ago. and also markhoax. i already have a list of plans on how this will lead up to the end of this current adventure of ours. so dont you worry. i got it under control.

and also, asura will also co-host the award ceremony, hes the one who lead the thread to this direction anyway. and i also have a list of awards to use as well. dont worry, ill bring up guest stars to present the awards to the winners.

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Jun 05, 2013 at 11:11PM EDT

OOC: This thread was featured? SUCCESS!
She selects her camera to focus on what Makarov requested, and increases the size of the screen so that everyone could see it
Should I bring Yukari and those fighting her here? Or do you want me to turn off the combat until you finish your speech? OR do you want both? I don’t think anyone should be fighting until you get to space.

Jun 05, 2013 at 11:24PM EDT

Makarov: its okay. let them finish their fight. they are welcome back here once they are done. just get us a visual of the ark and the eggfleet, and the leaders of outer heaven. that is all. we need to unite as one if were going to defeat him.

Jun 05, 2013 at 11:28PM EDT

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