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(OOC: Aw yeah, page get.)
I’ve already got a visual of the Ark and the Eggfleet
points at the screen currently having that in view
Now, the leaders of Outer Heaven? ’Kay…
She pulls up another screen, having a visual of the leaders of Outer Heaven in a sort of split-screen fashion
There, now I guess we wait…

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Jun 05, 2013 at 11:32PM EDT

Natsuru Springfield wrote:

In a low whisper, you hear her voice echo in sad lonliness

What am I? What am I? What am I?

“I am the Yokai of Boundaries. And protector of my own little world.”

The waves of energy keep coming, eventually angling so they can hit Sam’s hiding place

“And I haven’t even started exercising my powers yet.”

Ragna finally stands up, and stares straight at Yukari.

Ragna: You know what?! I don’t care about you, or your “little world” you’re trying to “protect”! You don’t have any god damn right to come and try to take my GOD DAMN GAUNTLET FOR WHATEVER LITTLE PLAN YOU HAVE! YOU HEAR ME LOUD AND CLEAR, YOU BITCH?! I WON’T FUCKING STAND FOR IT!
Ragna’s eyes become filled with rage, like he’s staring straight at her soul. He knows just by her aura that she means trouble.
Ragna: Yukari… Yukari… (he heard Reimu and Marisa call her that) I WILL NEVER FORGIVE YOU!
Ragna does an badass point at Yukari. He then grabs his right wrist with his left hand, and holds it up towards her.
Ragna: Restriction 666 released!
The top of the BlazBlue comes off to reveal a very bright pinkish-red shining light. A black and red aura then appears around Ragna, completely shielding him.
Ragna: Dimensional Interference Field deployed!
The aura rages even more harshly, like a massive forest fire around him.
Ragna: Now engaging the Idea Engine!
A bright pinkish-red outline envelops Ragna inside the blackness.
Ragna: It’s time I showed you the TRUE power of the Azure!
Ragna makes his right hand into a fist.
Ragna: BlazBlue, activate!

The crest of Ragna comes out of the BlazBlue, and stays in front of him for a second.
Ragna: Time to die, you degenerate bitch!
His aura is raging like a wild fire right now. Ragna grabs Blood Scythe off his back, and rushes over at Yukari. He shrugs off all the waves that are headed towards him. It looks a little something like this…

Ragna jumps up at Yukari, and does a backwards slash with Blood Scythe. A massive black and red claw forms, MUCH bigger than normal. The attack has a much more punishing life drain effect to it.

After this, Ragna spins around and begins to combo into Yukari with multiple fast paced life-draining slashes. He’s dishing out very heavy damage to her.

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Jun 05, 2013 at 11:34PM EDT

The spell is broken and Yukari goes flying, crashing into a nearby building

“Nice Speech. Though if you did kill me the girl wouldn’t come back.”

She clearly directs the later at Sam, and stands up. She looks dirty but not hurt.

“Or I could escalate things. There are back doors to reality force fields. And a new Fuck You Blast would be a charming thing to add to my collection.”

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Jun 06, 2013 at 12:15AM EDT

Pretty awesome that this thread has been featured, feels good to know that you have been in it from the very start too, to say the least it’s been a pleasure to be involved in such a thing and I’ve really enjoyed sharing the fiction that I love with you all.

As for the reward ceremony, it’s a good idea but I believe that without the effort of us all we wouldn’t be where we are, we made this what it is together.

I will be back on later this evening to have Heaven address Makarov and Sam to solve things with Yukari

Jun 06, 2013 at 03:51AM EDT

Asura, The Anti-Fun. wrote:

OOC: this page has been featured.

thanks randomman. im down for a title change as well.


still outside of the guild hall, juvia and gray see hakumen leave the ship.

Gray: hey your that samurai guy from before. what was all that about.

Juvia: he looks hurt lets help him out.

they both go to hakumen and try and help him to the guild hall


Laxus: look, i dont want to hurt you ladies. we need to be saving our strength for kicking that eggmans ass. and we need you to fly the lot of us to the ark to do so. so i once again recomend you turn back to the hall. were gonna start and we need everyone there. is that understood?

OOC: also, i would like tto thank everyone here for all of their work on this thread. i know we been through some ups and downs in the thread. but im glad were able to make it this far. and i am proud to say that the amount of time i wasted on this thread was worth every moment. thanks you guys.

John looks at the fight and sees what happened
Hey, it’s not like i’m going to get INVOLVED in the fight, I’m just watching. and it’s FUCKING. AWESOME. I’ll be there in a bit.
Yeah, I think i’m just going to head along now, no sense getting a guy like you angry.
Henry head off to the Guild.

Jun 06, 2013 at 07:47AM EDT

Ann Hiro wrote:

Wow the thread was featured. I’m surprised that any mod would read all of this if he hasn’t been participating.


(I’m just running on assumptions here, this would be way too much to read through. The fact that people are still making lengthy posts is just a good assumption that the roleplay is still holding up well, which is all the confirmation I need. Reading a few posts, I don’t even know how many seperate stories are going on at the same time now. Then again, it’s a lot of OOC.)

(Anyways, the title change, have at you.)

(If you come to the shared decision that something else might work out better, just shoot me a PM.)

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Jun 06, 2013 at 09:01AM EDT

OOC: Deploying surprise in 3…2…1

This was a triumph
I’m making a note here: HUGE SUCCESS
Impossible to contain my satisfaction.

Be your AVATAR
Roleplaying around ’cause we can
For the good of all of us
except for the ones who are dead

But there’s no fun in making a pretty normal thread.
We just keep posting, adventure is bloody ahead!
And the drama gets done and armies use neat guns!
For the people who are still alive.

I’m pretty angry
Never going canon, not even right now.
Even though I sung something for the good ol’ Sammy*
I torn him into pieces
And threw every piece into a fire
As he burned it hurt because I was so happy for you!
I will be the antagonist, maybe sometime.
Murder and killing, or just a perfect crime!
Too bad no one is concerned
Think of all the things you learned
For the people that are still alive

Go ahead and leave me
I think I prefer to stay outside
Maybe you’ll find someone else to fight you
Maybe the Eggman
That was a joke, ha ha, fat chance
Anyway this cake is great, it’s so delicious and moist

Look at me posting, when there’s a lot plot to do
Looking back at the first pages, I’m proud of all of you.
I’ve adventures to run, there is background to be done
On the characters who are still alive

And believe me I am still alive
I’m singing around and I’m still alive
I feel FANTASTIC and I’m still alive
While you are dying I’ll be still alive
And when you’re dead I’ll be still alive
still alive…

God bless this thread.

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Jun 06, 2013 at 10:26AM EDT

Sam see’s Yukari get launched into the building and makes his way over the rooftops towards her, He still has a communication line open with Heaven
Warfare, hold the MAC.
Warfare Officer: MAC charged and on standby, ready for fire on your command captain!
Sam already has his intentions set in concrete when it comes to Yukari, he doesn’t want her dead….well not yet. Sam attempts a more civil approach, He jumps off of the rooftop and makes his way over to her

….Look, I don’t want to have to fight you, I only want Flandre back, now yes, obviously you captured her for a reason, I know, and your probably going to use her for some sort of………odd magic person thing……BUT, here’s the leverage….

I reckon if I was quick enough…….
Sam reconsiders for a moment again, yet another approach to this seemingly peculiar situation, threats? or compromises? maybe both?
What it it you want for her return? I have some of the most advanced technology the world has ever seen, the ship itself….
he points upwards
…Is made from systems and tech that shouldn’t even be around until the 26th century, and on top of that I have a teams of scientists, The Fabricators, who are the artisans of gadgetry, I have biochemically enhanced super soldiers, cybernetics, telepathy, neuro AI’s, the ability to travel at the speed of light… just name something you want for her return…..however if this situation turns violent once more you will be struck down with something you would only be able to compare to the vengeance of God in the form of a physically hammering fist……I highly recommend you cease fighting….you will not survive the shot or be able to escape it, that’s a certainty

Sam also hopes she stops fighting, Yukari doesn’t know this and due to cybernetics, Sam doesn’t let on that no matter how bad the situation he would never fire such a weapon in atmosphere.

The CR-08 Series-8 MAC is so powerful that It can create craters several miles wide and the projectile itself travels at a fraction of the speed of light, ((In Halo there were massive orbital defence platforms that were built around just one of these guns but even that was a weaker version, a much weaker version of what Heaven uses)) If you thought the Purified Hydrogen Bomb was bad then…well….

Meanwhile back in the Bridge of Heaven….

As Sam is vacant, GW holds top priority over Heaven, he is actually placed above the other Winds when it comes to commands but only whilst Sam is gone
Communications Officer: We are being hailed by the people down below, it seems that they wish to talk with us themselves
Sundowner: Answer th-
GW interrupts
GW: Open the comm line
Sundowner: Your gettin’ a bit too big for those holographic boots
GW: I apologize Sundowner but I must perform my duties as Acting-Captain and make decisions that would correlate with Sam’s choices
Sundowner: Hmmmm….
The video feed opens and whoever is viewing will receive a clear picture of the Bridge aswell as Sundowner, Mistral, Monsoon and all the other 5 Chief Officers who are currently seated at their workstations, at the centre of the picture is a 3D hologram of GW

GW: Hello, I am GW, the handling AI of Heaven, I am currently Acting-Captain as the true Captain, Samuel Rodrigues is currently unavailable, I assume you wish to discuss the attack upon the Ark?

Higgins eventually leads you to the training room/gym but…just like always, the massive beefcakin’ Biff Brothers are at the doorway in and they really do enjoy seeing Higgins
Higgins: Oh damn oh damn, stuck in between some weird girl holding a head and the damn Biffs, could this shit get any worse seriously….
He plucks up some courage and begins speed walking forward aiming for the doorway with his head down
Bobby Biff: Well if it isn’t little Higgy!
He blocks the doorway with his boulder sized armage, Higgins face bounces off
Higgins: Hi guys…
Billy Biff: Shut up you little faggot!
He smacks Higgins over the back of the head, he nearly facepalms the floor from the force
Bobby Biff: Since when do you even lift bro?
Higgins: Lieutenant says-
Bobby smacks him again
Billy Biff: He don’t say shit! the generals are the guys in charge now
The Biff Brothers then notice Assassin
Bobby Biff: Well well Higgsy you sure have caught a fine fish here huh!
Higgins: She isn’t my gir-
He gets another smacking however this time he goes flying a few yards the Biffs stand around Assassin trying to indirectly show off every bit of swole possible
Billy Biff: Hey there…
Bobby Biff: Haven’t seen you around here before, must be new
Billy Biff: How ’bout you follow me, ill show my ro….the ropes heheheehee
His sweaty man breath fogs up Assassins face as he lets off his little laugh

Welcome to Barracks Deck #5 gym #3

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Jun 06, 2013 at 01:18PM EDT

OOC: In the Roleplaying Pub, where characters who are idle at the moment can converse and not actually kill each other for once while enjoying a drink and entertainment, Ash drowns his sorrows while waiting to be used.
Ash: Goddammit, Mark! When will I get to go next? It’s been more than five pages!

The bartender, RandomMan (he deserves ownership to the bar), hands a phone to Ash, who finishes his drink quickly
Ash: Finally! Sorry guys, but I gotta go f*ck some monsters up!
Everyone idle in the pub says farewell, and Ash exits the pub back into the fight
Ash: Guess who’s back in business?

In Ponyville, Ash, the Skull Riders, and the Mane 6 are all looking through a mysterious book titled… “The Book!”
Ash: Everything can explode… I honestly didn’t think everything could.
Twilight, anxious to get her hands… er… hooves… on the book, approaches him
Twilight: Wait… if it’s OK with you… could I perhaps see this?
Ash: Go right ahead… just read it out loud so we can hear.
Twilight: Oh, wonderful!
hands book to Twilight, who claps her hooves together in joy, and immediately reads “The Book”
Twilight: “Dummy’s Guide: Creating a Sticky Bomb Launcher…
Find these objects:
One metal pipe, approximately 45 centimeters (a foot and a half) in length.
Two wheelbarrow handles, cut to 15 centimeters (six inches)
One metal cylinder, 20 centimeters in diameter
One bolt
And one trigger.”

Ash: OK… you know the town… can you other horses go get ’em while she reads?
Rainbow: We aren’t horses! We’re ponies… there’s a huge difference!
the other Mane 6 ponies set off to find the supplies, while Twilight reads on

@ Captain Spark
Could you perhaps create pics and scenes with the characters for the pub for when we get OOC? It would add some hilarity to the seriousness of this thread and its wars.

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Jun 06, 2013 at 01:59PM EDT

Yukari casually listens to his boasts of power, remaining surprisingly calm throughout it.

“I guess I will let you in on this tidbit. For what I am doing I need a source of energy. A really strong one that can warp reality.”

She points at Ragna

“Such as the black beasts egg.”

She crosses her arms

“Unless if you have something else in mind. The last one I took broke and is rooted in my friends skull and probably her brain. And before you remark on my power being able to grant myself potentially unlimited energy… I am uncomfortable with changing myself.”

Activity in the portal… Flandre’s sleeping body is shown off.

“Well then Mr. Samurai. What you got? Or what can you give me?”

She holds Flandre in her arms, this probably being the greatest defense on the planet.

Jun 06, 2013 at 02:36PM EDT


Sam thinks for a moment to himself
The Slipspace Drive? no, that only punches holes in space…….
Back to reality
Of all the resources we have, of all the boundaries of possibilities we have pushed we have never contemplated warping reality itself……Why would you even need something like that? what for?…hmm then again im not too bothered, only Flandre matters to me here
He takes a look at a super pissed off Ragna
Errrgghhhhh….Yeah he doesn’t look like he is going to just hand it over Yukari, im not about to start fighting your battles for you either….
Then Flandre appears, Sams demeanour changes quite a lot, he is much more defensive now and placid
Sam keeps is trying to keep his cool
……Huh? what can I give you?…..
He reaches into one of his pockets and pulls out the little contained black hole from the old Syphon device, he’s been carrying it for quite some time now

Look at this thing, if you consider reality to be space and time then you might be able to put this little trinket to good use as you energy source
He takes another glance at Ragna, he doesn’t want to become Yuakari’s errand boy but yet again he would do anything for Flans return, he holds his hand out with it in his palm
Whaddya say?

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“Quite interesting… indeed, with a bit of tinkering this will work. Quite a bit of energy was absorbed into this before as well… I see. This is what caused so much damage to my boundary. This will work.”

She places Flandre down

“Well then. You have yourself a deal.”

She points and the contained black hole falls into her portal. Sam gets a few eye turns and blinks before the portal closes

“I have an Oni to go talk to.”

She falls though the ground with a high VWEEP

Reimu drinks more Sake

“Why didn’t we go after her again?”

The instant she used the train I knew she was toying around with them. If she wanted to kill Ragna she would have started out by turning his nightmares into reality.

“… yeaaaaaaaaaah… what does a Badass have Nightmares about?”


Sidestepped the Return of Hazama there. Or worse, Ragna getting raped in the ass by his younger brother.

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Jun 06, 2013 at 03:35PM EDT

I was expecting “What the fuck is this piece of shit!” only to have it melted in my palm. This is some success right here, even if I have aided her in going about her possibly evil antics. Sidestepped Hazama you say? well I deserve a medal for sparing us all from his shit

Your serious? fine have it then…..And thanks, im glad we sorted this out the easy way, I got rid of a useless paperweight and you got your energy source, but more importantly, I have Flandre back
Sam gives a wink back as she disappears
Its a good thing I pick these random items up, I mean I kept hold of the Syphon for days and Flandres hat for weeks…..
He calmly makes his way over to Flandre and picks her up, she seems unconscious still
Over the Codec
GW, I need a Pelican down here right away, the situation has been dealt with and I need to get back
GW: One is being dispatched to your position, ETA 5 minutes
Okay good
He takes a seat on a nearby rock still cradling Flan
Maybe I should have told Yukari to not put her fingers within the cage…..

Meanwhile back at the Guild Hall the Prophets have made an exit, seeing as Heaven has been contacted itself their role as envoys is now obsolete, they stand around outside hall
Truth: We will wait here and over watch things, we are also the recon team so we still have purpose to be down here

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Ragna’s aura blazes up, and he charges over to Sam as he yells.
He then tackles Sam against against the rock while still in a berserk mode.

The impact of Ragna causes Flandre to fly out of Sam’s arms.
Ragna could give less of a fuck about Flandre, and begins slamming Sam against the rock with both hands so hard that the initial strike cracks the rock.
Sam can see the pure anger in Ragna’s eyes right now. Ragna then tosses Sam away with one hand, and takes Blood Scythe off his back. The weapon cocks itself, and extends. The blade springs out, and reveals a crimson red energy blade on one side.
Ragna charges at Sam again like a mad boar with the scythe held high.

The sudden impact with the ground is enough to wake Flandre up. She flips up, and sees the fight with Sam and Ragna.
Wha-? No!
She flies over towards them, but due to her just waking up she’s not as fast as usual…

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Jun 06, 2013 at 04:52PM EDT

Being tackled and slammed into the rock caused a BMI error which stuns Sam for a few moments before finally coming back to reality

He quickly draws his blade and locks with Ragna’s scythe

Who do you think you are?!!
He then spots Flan
Stay back! ill deal with this one alone!
Sam isn’t your extremist traditionalist when it comes to the way of the Samurai, his style is a mix of fighting and sword schools, he delivers a quick forward kick to Ragna’s abdomen, and with the force of a ships engine piston he is sent flying back
You knocked my daughter from my hands! what sort of person even does such a thing!
He re-sheaths Murasama and keeps his finger well placed on the scabbards trigger
Now it begins

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Jun 06, 2013 at 05:13PM EDT


Ragna quickly swings Blood Scythe over his head in front of him to slow him down, and eventually stop him. Chunks of dirt and rock fly to the sides as the scythe digs its energy blade into the ground.
Ragna: Your “daughter” isn’t human, asshole! I can tell by her aura that she’s a monster… like me. Monsters are feral. So why don’t you just come to your damn senses already?!
Ragna holds Blood Scythe to the side of him, and holds his left hand in front of him, and motions for Sam to come to him.
Ragna: Come get some!
He swings Blood Scythe in front of him a few times, then holds it in an offensive stance. Ragna was taught by Jubei since he was a teenager. Jubei is the strongest being where he comes from… He had the ability to slice rips through the fabric of time and space. He was one of the Six Heroes along with Hakumen and Terumi.

Flandre looks around, unsure of why the two men are fighting. She overhears Ragna’s words, and a sadness mixed with anger builds up in her eyes, and she summons Laevateinn to her side…

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@flandre, sam and ranga
laxus manages to walk to flandre and adresses sam and range as they fight.
Laxus: look, i dont care what your problems are right now. all i know is that this goddamn planet is going to go to shit unless we work on a way to destroy that egg asshole in that ark. so get your shit together both of you, and get your priorities straitened out. once hes dealt with and the world has been saved from the eggman, do whatever the hell you want after. we need, everyone in on this if we want this plan to work, and you fucking squabbling right now isnt helping anyone. is that clear?

he bends down and tells flandre
Laxus: look, little girl. we need these two here if we want to save this world right now. over there at the guild hall you see. everyone is there, including juvia. apparently shes seems to be close to you. so is it possible if you can go there. were all waiting for these two.

OOC: guys just go along with it. theres enough shit to deal with right now.

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Renegade: The hell happened here?
Rogue: Soul harvesting… Death collects the pure ones everyday.
Renegade: I thought he could only harvest if they died again… in here.
Rogue: Exactly… which means there’s ghost harvesters nearby…
Renegade: Ghost harvesters?

Rogue nods
Rogue: Souls who seek others to send to harvest. The more you head towards the exit, the more mutated they become…
Renegade: Is there any way to avoid them?
Rogue: No… you can kill them back, though, with the Volumes.
Renegade: Got it… anything else to know about them?
Rogue shakes her head
Renegade: Then let’s get going…
both continue through the cave, and come across a group of the harvesters

Renegade: Shite!
Rogue: Use Hellfire!
Renegade: Right! Gehénnam!
creates Hellfire

tosses it into the harvesters

burns the entire group, but more come in

Renegade tosses Hellfire again, but to no avail

Renegade: Shite! What now!?
Rogue tosses him something; Volume #2: Zeus’s Wrath. Renegade opens it, and reads it quickly
Renegade: Iupiter iram!

creates staff of lightning; Zeus’s Wrath, and uses it against the harvesters

he yells in fury as he swings Zeus’s Wrath at the harvesters

as he hits one, the lightning connects to another, and another, until all are hit and fall over, dead

Renegade: F*ck… that’s some serious shite.
Rogue nods, and they leave the cave through to Purgatory’s next sector

Jun 06, 2013 at 06:32PM EDT

I didn’t even start this damn fight! I actually dealt with the issue
Sam stays where he is then finally the Pelican arrives and slowly comes to a hover above him
Pilot: Ready Captain!
I shall be making my way to this hall promptly then, I needn’t waste electrolytes here
The Pelican rear hatch drops down and Sam steps backwards onto it
Flandre? we should get things dealt with over there
He waves at her to step inside

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Jun 06, 2013 at 07:03PM EDT


Ragna looks at Laxus angrily.

Suddenly Kokonoe’s screen appears in front of Ragna.
Kokonoe: Yes you are. You’re backing down, asshole. We have a god damn planet that needs to be saved, and you’re Ragna the god damn Bloodedge!

Ragna looks surprised at Kokonoe’s sudden intervention.
Ragna: Out of my way, Kokonoe!

Kokonoe gives Ragna a stern look of disapproval.
Kokonoe: No. Do you want to be the guy that makes this planet go to shit just because he wouldn’t cooperate? No? Then I suggest you get your sorry ass back to the guild hall. Kokonoe out.
The screen disappears from in front of Ragna.

Ragna has a look of anger on his face still, but it slowly fades away to spite. Blood Scythe retracts, and forms back into a sword. He then sheathes it on his back.
Ragna: … Fine…
He walks over towards Flandre, Laxus, and the Pelican dropship.

Flandre looks up at Ragna.
What’s your name?
Ragna scowls down at Flandre for a few moments.
Ragna: Ragna… the Bloodedge.

Flandre smiles a bit at him.
That’s a neat name!
She then flies up, and latches onto his back like she is demanding a piggy back ride.
Ragna: Whoa! Hey! Get offa me!
He begins to squirm around, but to no avail. Ragna then takes a deep sigh.
Ragna: Fine…
He walks up the ramp and onto the Pelican with Flandre on his back.

Flandre just laughs to herself.

Meanwhile in a hidden facility at an unknown place in a highly decorated room, almost like a court room… There is a conversation between two unknown people going on… There is a man who looks to be about in his 30’s about 6’1" tall, and taller pink Robot is standing behind him and to the side. The man has a long dark magenta cape, a purple undershirt, a golden opera mask, and bright blonde spiky hair. The robot has extremely sharp claws that look like they can tear through anything with ease, and soulless blue eyes.

Standing in front of the two is a young woman with long purple hair, and inhuman, large red eyes. She is dressed in high robes… almost like royalty. She is also wearing a sort of crown adorned on her head.

Man: You called me, Imperator?
The man bows to her like she is royalty, while the robot just stands there behind him.

Woman: Yes… I did. Terumi has been reported dead by our resources. They said that the phantom was eradicated from existence by a priestess. The very priestess that was here some time ago. The one dressed in red.
Man: I see… Terumi is dead. What do you wish for me to do, Imperator?
Woman: I need you to get him back if we wish for our plans to work… along with the vampire he was after.
Man: Flandre Scarlet?
Woman: Yes.
Man: Very well, Imperator. Your wishes are my command.
Woman: Now, begone.
She waves a hand for the man to leave her presence.

The strange man and the robot back away into the darkness, and vanish into the nothingness…

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Jun 06, 2013 at 07:28PM EDT

laxus goes over to the pelican were the others are.
Laxus: looks like shes been through a lot. look, i know who you are okay. we dont care about what you guys did in the past right now. were all past that because this planet is going to get destroyed by robotnik and his ark thing. we want you to listen to or plans, give us some input, get our facts straight, and then take him on. i hope you understand that much though.

oh and if your worried about electrolytes.

he taps sams chest with two fingers and shoots out an ark of lightning that sam absorbs to restore his strength.

im a lightning dragon slayer, thats not a problem at all for me. see you guys at the guild hall, were waiting for you all.

laxus enshrouds himself in lightning magic and in an instant, bolts off into the air and lands into the guild hall. it happens within a span of a couple seconds

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Jun 06, 2013 at 07:30PM EDT

Thanks for that jolt there, Im feeling a fair amount better
With everyone aboard the Pelican it takes off and heads to the guild hall, it doesn’t take long before it arrives, everyone is offloaded and it sets back off upto Heaven to dock, Sam along with all the others make there way into the meeting room inside the Guild

Right, You can call me Sam I am the Captain of Heaven, Now these plans, lets get them over with, I need to form a war meeting with my generals you see but I need to know the basics of your tactics before I can start

Jun 06, 2013 at 07:45PM EDT

when you enter inside the hall. everyone is seated at various tables in the hall. at tha end of the hall, there is a preformance stage, were makarov, mavis, erza,mirajane, laxus, and meredith are. behind them is many holo-projectors. one grand one is of the ark with many battleships surrounding it. and other screens of various battle data and such. everyone in fairy tail look back at sam. the tension rises in the air for a bit, until mavis speaks

Mavis: we thank you for your being here. my name is mavis vermillion, the deceased founder and first guild master of fairy tail. with us on the stage is makarov Dreyar, the current and 6th guild master of fairy tail. Meredith is here as well, im sure you two have met in the past. and behind us are the three S-class wizards of our guild.

Erza, Mirajane, and Laxus.

Makarov: please you guys. have a seat, we dont have much time for any more distractions at this point.

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Jun 06, 2013 at 08:02PM EDT

Falcon and co. are seated at one of the back tables, just doing general discussion and waiting for the planning to start. John is missing from the group.
Where’s john?
Suddenly, the doors burst open, with John walking in.
Sorry i’m late.
John goes and sits down with Falcon and the others.

Jun 06, 2013 at 08:09PM EDT

Sam nods at Meredith
Its good to see that your well Meredith, you still owe me those multi trillions don’t forget hehehe
Sam is all too happy to take a sit, he looks around the room
You all seem pretty pissed off seeing me here….Now, lets hear it….
He leans right back in his chair

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Jun 06, 2013 at 08:11PM EDT

Ragna takes a seat next to Hakumen who is sitting on the inner side of the right table.
Hakumen stays silent, waiting for Makarov to announce everything.
Flandre is still attached to Ragna’s back, and she looks at Makarov on the stage with her big red eyes.
Tager is standing next to Hakumen and Ragna.
Kokonoe’s screen is floating by Tager. She then looks around, seeing if everyone is here.
Kokonoe: Yeah, we’re ready!

Jun 06, 2013 at 08:16PM EDT

Marisa sits up and pays attention as Reimu just relaxes on her shoulder

“Yeah, we are ready.”

Jun 06, 2013 at 08:22PM EDT

makarov adresses everyone in the hall.



ERZA: she pulls out a ten foot long polearm from a magic circle with one arm and uses it to point out at certain parts on the giant display. the fleet, as most of you can tell has an unrelenting amount of firepower that can tear apart any transport crafts that even dare to try and fly past them. so what we need are two thing.

we need sam and his ship above us and any other weapons he may have to punch a gigantic hole in the fleet, and we need as much covering fire to hold them off until we can get captain falcon here to fly the boarding teams into an aircraft hangar inside the ark. while falcon is flying the ship. we need to have as much protection magic on his ship as possible so that we can make it though the remaining ships firepower without any hassle, is that clear.

Mavis: while this is all happening, i will need heavens officers to feed me as much battle data as they can to merediths computer so that i can analyse every possible calculation to the slightest inch. we will be working together to coordinate every move that we make to minimize any damage to the boarding team and to outer heaven and its forces.

Mirajane: does anybody have any questions that they wish to ask before we move on to the next plan and the boarding teams. were open to any suggestions right now.

Jun 06, 2013 at 08:43PM EDT

Ragna looks up at the stage.
Ragna: No questions. We have a planet to save here, get going.

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Jun 06, 2013 at 08:45PM EDT

John suddenly sees a red aura around Mavis. A voice whispers to him. Only he can hear the voice.
Take the soul… do it…
Uhh… Where are the bathrooms around here?

Hey, I’m the best f-zero pilot in the galaxy, who says I can’t dodge an entire fleet’s worth of lasers? I actually managed to mostly evade a meteor shower once.

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Jun 06, 2013 at 08:49PM EDT

Heavens shield are so strong that I will just plow straight through the fleet whilst nailing them with the MAC’s, they won’t even scratch the paint job……. ill need to hold a council with my Generals when this meeting is dealt with…. no questions

Jun 06, 2013 at 08:49PM EDT

Makarov: impressive. though still, take every precaution seriously. who knows what he may have up his sleeve.

Erza: were getting on it, but we need to plan this out. we cant just charge in blindly. every move we make counts.

OOC: dont do anything to mavis. her powers are beyond imagining for a dead girl.
Mirajane: points to a door on the right side of the guild hall mens room is over there first door you see. make sure to wash after.

Mavis: we understand that your flying skills are without match. the barriers to protect the ship are an extra precaution we need to take to guarantee the safety of your ship and everyone inside. i hope you understand. i will also be giving you marks on your ship on weak points to travel through least amount of resistance. from then on its all up to your piloting skills.

Makarov: is that clear for everybody? good, now on to the second phase. and for this part, we need kokonoe and her big friend to come up to the stage. kokonoe is key to this next part of the plan.

OOC: send her up and tager as well zarathh. then after ill go into the next step of the plans and make the teams to tackle the different objectives.

Jun 06, 2013 at 09:08PM EDT


Sorry I did not post yesterday! I’ll be busy until Saturday and will probably not post until Sunday.


Finally! The best thread of KYM is featured! Thanks RandomMan! and thanks for the name change! And thank you all for making this thread the best thread EVEEER!!



Blitz : WHA-!? :

Blitz falls down sharply due to the suction

Blitz : Ohh…What now…SHIT! :

The wind tugged at Blitz to Draconecord. Hit the ground almost stunned him, but quickly, Blitz is held in a column destroyed.

Blitz : Damn!

Quickly, Blitz took out his large caliber handgun and pointed toward the face Draconecord, shooting in his eyes

The giant creature stopped for a while, giving Blitz the chance to direct his hand to his ear


A little laughter is heard in the microphone

??? : Hehehe, ich bin hier vor langer Zeit, aber ich wollte nicht die erste Startreihe Funktion vermissen…Blitz…


Nightmare Medic took a seat, later he was looking around the room, it was cozy. After watching for a while, He saw Balloon Master sitting on a chair … Listening to a song that was heard throughout the room. Then he saw several computers, monitors, then he reminded the metal creatures who escorted NM, being captured on purpose. It was the only way to enter in the Hellium Fortress, What he was going to do? ring the bell? knock on the door?

NM : Looks like you’ve been busy lately … Balloon Master

Balloon Master apologizes for his “children”. Upon hearing this, Nightmare Medic gave a gloomy smile.

NM : Hehe…“Children”…You have not gone quite in the outside world, right? Hiding behind screens and speakers, I notice that you are not accustomed to visits, even from fellow…Hehe…if your “children” do that again, I swear-

Then he saw the guy, the man in suit with a ridiculous helmet, Nightmare Medic immediately reminded him, he gave him *The Nerve Agent, a biological weapon that promised him victory and death. NM hear his name… Johnson… Now, he was torturing a man, holding his neck with his hands, pressing his throat. Nightmare Medic smiled, looked as the man shaking like a chihuahua*

NM : Ohhhh…seems I’m not the only visitor here … I can smell his fear…

Then the man cries after hearing the word “The Advisor’ Kiss”. NM smiled more, giving a strong demonic laughter, both looked to NM. Then Nightmare Medic stretched his arm and with his finger, take some blood shed and puts it in her mouth

NM : HHAHAHAHAA!!…Hehe… Sorry, forgive me…Long ago I did not see this kind of thing. Reminds me of that camp…Okay, enough of laughter, you know why I’m here? No?… Okay, First, you seem to have conflicts with that fake doctor who calls Eggs…man, I can not remember his pathetic name, so I came here to make you a deal, I will help you to destroy him if you help me. Second, you have some weapons of mass destruction? enough to open a shield, but not any shield…

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Jun 06, 2013 at 09:17PM EDT

Doomguy quickly heads off to the washroom. One he’s inside the washroom, he pulls The Artifact out.
Come on… That girl would give us power beyond power! think of the possibilities!
No! I’m not going to do it!
Doomguy throws the artifact, which crashes through the front door and outwards into the town
I’m good.
Doomguy sits back down.

Jun 06, 2013 at 09:20PM EDT

Tager walks onto the stage. Every step he takes shakes the ground, and it’s a little awkward for him to get up the stairs… but he makes it anyways after a few attempts of nearly breaking the stairs under his weight.
Kokonoe’s screen follows Tager onto the stage, her snickering at Tager’s near-failure.
Tager looks down at Makarov, who doesn’t even come up to his knee, and looks at him for a moment.

Tager: …I have a name too. It’s Tager. Iron Tager.

Kokonoe looks down at Makarov, and then at the audience.
Kokonoe: Yeah, I’ll hack into the bastard’s systems and wish he never even thought of the damn idea in the first place. I’ll obtain all the schematics of everything on board that ark… How many robots he has, the oxygen pressure, you name it and I’ll get it for you.

Meanwhile back at the facility…

The Imperator is sitting in a chair hovering above the ground in a throne room of sorts.
A lone man dressed in a captain’s uniform of the NOL briskly walks in, and kneels before her.
Imperator: What is it, captain?
She looks down at him with her soulless red eyes.

The man trembles from her gaze, even though he doesn’t see her, he can still feel the Imperator’s gaze.
Captain: We are preparing to launch Take-Mikazuchi, Imperator… per your command.
Imperator: Good.
The young woman displays no emotions whatsoever.
Imperator: Upgrade it to be more… destructive.

The captain’s eyes freeze in fear, knowing that if he says no he’ll be decommissioned and beheaded.
Captain: Y-Yes ma’am, though it will take some time to upgrade the satellite for more destructive capabilities. May I ask… (he gulps) why you need it?
Imperator: Such reasons should not be handed out so foolishly by me to one such as yourself, captain.
She continues to stare him straight in the soul while he is still bowed.

He can feel her gaze penetrating his very being.
Captain: Y-Yes… S-Sorry I asked, Imperator. Please forgive me.
Imperator: You are forgiven, but the next time… you will not be as lucky. Begone.
She waves a hand for him to stand up, and exit the room.

The captain does just so, and heads back to the base where they are preparing Take-Mikazuchi to tell them all of the Imperator’s orders…

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Kokone looks down at Falcon from the stage.
Kokonoe: Don’t worry about it. I can deal with it just fine.
She then turns her attention back to the audience.

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Jun 06, 2013 at 09:51PM EDT

Makarov: sorry about that.

@everyone in guild hall

Laxus: alright people. here is the next step:

Once the falcon flyer is inside. chances are theyll be some hostiles in the area. we get out and we clean up real quick. this hologram chick right here…..

erza: kokonoe laxus.

Laxus: fine whatever. Kokonoe here will get inside the arks systems and will pretty much dissect every square inch of its interior and she will transmit all the data she gets to merediths computer here and to outer heavens officers so we may proceed to the next plan.

Erza: there will be four main objectives inside the ark that must be carried out in order to save the planet.

1. the main weapon of the ark that threatens the whole planet must be destroyed. we dont know how this may be done until we get the info from kokonoes data. however, its destruction is key nonetheless.


2. we need to shut down its main power supply of ark whatever it may be. it could be powering the main weapon or the other weapons on the ship. this must be handled with care because we may not know what source of power it may be until we know from kokonoe.

3. the main factories that produce and control all of eggmans weapons and robots must be destroyed. its important that he does not make any more weapons that can pose as a threat to us. for this job, its going to be simple, destroy everything in the factories. im sure some people here will fit the bill well.


laxus fries natsu with a bolt of lightining to shut him up.

gajeel laughs at his misfortune.

laxus arks the lightning onto gajeel as well. frying them both


Gajeel and natsu: okay…..

Laxus: and the final mission. and also the most critical one of them all….

Erza: we kill dr robotnik.

everyone in fairy tail mumble around for a bit on that last one


mavis: she puts her head down as much as most of you are against this, as such is our ways, this is not an option. the longer he exists, the greater the threat he poses. so that is why we must go through with this.

Mirajane: also, once inside, we need to leave behind a team dedicated to protecting the falcon flyer so that we can make our escape once were done.
OOC: this is so that we can leave behind characters that we dont want to use so that we dont have to manage as much guys since most peoples characters will be split up into teams.

Makarov: also one thing. Samuel, would you also be lending any of your forces that you may have in assisting in the boarding party to help carry out these missions.

Erza: does anyone else have any questions about the mission objectives we have before we go into teams.

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Jun 06, 2013 at 10:04PM EDT

Me and Marisa can take on high profile targets onboard. We can breath in space so we can slip in wherever there is an airlock.

“I have plenty of Spark Spells left, even if there isn’t an Airlock I can blast my way in.”

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Jun 06, 2013 at 10:06PM EDT

I will be sending in a squad of my very best, the Spartans, a team of super soldiers. They will be carrying a single nuclear warhead with them, the warhead is compact and highly mobile so there is no hauling it around, this single squad is the only thing I need to send as they alone equal an army of normal foot soldiers.

The Spartans will be handled by my AI, GW, any info fed to Heaven will end up aiding the Spartans in navigating the Ark aswell as placing the warhead. The warhead itself is high yielding and will destroy a large portion of the Ark, I will probably have it planted in either the power plant of factories, either way once they have finished there objective they will make their way to Eggman

OOC: That’s me done for tonight, G’night everyone

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Jun 06, 2013 at 10:13PM EDT


I’ll go with Marisa and our pet!
Flandre points towards her two friends, and unlatches off Ragna’s back to fly towards them. She then latches onto Marisa’s back, and begins to play with her hair.
Ragna stretches as Flandre flies off of him.
Ragna: I can take out the guy’s power generator. I need a workout from all that food I ate earlier…

She immediately turns her attention to Ragna, and gives him a glare.

Ragna: Sheesh, fine.
He looks back up at Makarov.
Ragna: I can take out the power supply rather easily like I said.

Hakumen speaks up towards Makarov.
Hakumen: If you say that this man is as evil as he is… I wish to return him to nothing. My blade is as righteous as my soul.

Tager looks down at Makarov once again.
Tager: I will be able to override his main weapon with either force, or my intellect. Whichever is needed, I’ll do.

Kokonoe: Alright, that’s seven of us accounted for. I’ll stay back at the ship and hack into his systems. Either that, or I could tag along with Tager. I’ll still be able to send the data to you all either way. I’ll decide once we get there.

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Jun 06, 2013 at 10:19PM EDT

Draconecord is shot in the eyes, blinding him for a moment, but feels no pain
Draconecord: Though I do admit you’re trick spared you some time, you’re only delaying the inevitable.
he uses his tail once more to swing at Blitz as he reaches for his ear piece
Draconecord: You see… you’re only an artificial… a bootleg. You’re looking at the real thing, vampire!

his tail connects with Blitz, and he is sent flying again
Draconecord: I don’t enjoy you mocking part of my bloodline… everybody knows I’m a motherf*cking monster!
he raises his tail to strike again

Meanwhile in Ponyville…
Ash: OK… I think we got it!

Twilight: Yes! Wonderful! Now to make… munitions? What’s that?
Ash at first is about to speak up, but then remembered where he was
Ash: OK… what do we need?
she flips through some pages until she finds the right one
%{color:purple}Twilight: This one might be useful… “The… Ag Rounds?”

Ash: Ag? The f*ck is that?
Twilight: These require at least a couple kilos of silver, a couple kilos of explosives, and nails. Oh… Ag… silver!
Ash nods, and assigns the others to find the supplies
Ash: What else?
Twilight flips through the book, and finds something else interesting
%{color:purple}Twilight: What about these?

shows book to Ash, who nods impressed
Ash: Definently… let’s see here… need casing… explosives… and holy water.
Lyra emerges from the town hall
Lyra: I’ll get that… I need to head somewhere important anyways for some unfinished business… R-Dash!
about ten R-Dash units follow her
Lyra: Let’s get going…
she opens a portal to another dimension, and goes through along with the androids
Ash: While she does that, we should finish with whatever else needs done for defenses.

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Jun 06, 2013 at 10:31PM EDT


Asura: i cant seem to find whats funnier: discords hideous appearance to the idea he seems to claim himself as a god of chaos.

whatever, both are just as laughable.

last post for the night guys, ill finish off the rest of the plan tommorrow. eggman, your going down.

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Jun 06, 2013 at 10:44PM EDT

@ Windigo
You’re forgetting the fact he’s done more damage to Ponyville than you ever did.

And he still decided to work with us after being reformed. That’s a bit more laughable, isn’t it Windigo?

Jun 06, 2013 at 11:07PM EDT

OOC: Did someone say chaos?

Too bussy IRL to post guys, I will make a huge thread later. So sorry fellas!
Spark out and goodnight!

Jun 06, 2013 at 11:14PM EDT

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