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She stares up at all the screens that are on public display, and back at the one on her laptop
Just letting everyone know, in the event that Falcon’s ship is destroyed, I can try and teleport everyone back here. I can also supply medical support and stat boosts for everyone. When this is over, we’ll have to take out the next two “bosses” and we should be good.
She thinks about telling everyone about her resurrection abilities, but decides to hold off on it
It’s nice to see you not being an old guy anymore. I’ll be sure to pay you that money when you all get back.

Jun 06, 2013 at 11:18PM EDT

A figure stands in the shadows, in the darkness of Hellsing HQ

?: So… I take it that bastard Blitz and his platoon of vampire ghouls aren’t dead… that’ll soon change.
he gets up, and walks to a secret chamber inside the HQ
?: They’ve seemed to forgot who the only true blood is here…
the figure looks up, his blood red eyes glowing intensely
Alucard: ME!

Alucard places on his glasses, holsters his pistols, and leaves the HQ, heading towards the one place he knew where he could get to the Millennium Forces

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Jun 06, 2013 at 11:29PM EDT

Hello, I’ve been out of this thread for a couple of thousand posts, but I’m back and learned psychokinetic abilities that might be of use.
Can someone be so kind as to entreaty me on the status of this dimension?

Jun 07, 2013 at 01:44AM EDT

@ Digoxin

God, where to begin… basically, everyone except for me and Medic are fighting each other in one of the Earths, while Medic and I are duking it out in Equestria. So there’s wars on both fronts. Wanna bring Lyra some cookies?

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Jun 07, 2013 at 07:13AM EDT

You know, I just figured out something. now, I’m not going to list my sources, but the Eclipse cannon, the main weapon of the ARK, is powered by the chaos emeralds. Now, currently the Egghead doesn’t have the chaos emeralds. so that means, either he found an alternative power source, or he’s straight up bluffing!

Now, My group is mainly going to be guarding the Flyer, but John here is going to play a part: The Distraction. While you guys are doing the important stuff, He’ll be gaining the robot’s attention to make your job easier. Also, I must inform you about a weapon he has: The roboticizer.

The roboticizer can make any single one of you into one of his robotic minions, so watch out for that.

Jun 07, 2013 at 07:53AM EDT

Digoxin wrote:

Hello, I’ve been out of this thread for a couple of thousand posts, but I’m back and learned psychokinetic abilities that might be of use.
Can someone be so kind as to entreaty me on the status of this dimension?

OOC: Look! It’s Digoxyn! Can you make some cookies for everyone? I miss your cookies :)

Jun 07, 2013 at 08:23AM EDT

Ooc: Falcon lyra has all the emeralds, not eggman.

@ lyra
Dont you think alucard is a bit much. Hes an immortal vampire that can summon a legion of the dead. Besides, you have the emralds.

Last edited Jun 07, 2013 at 09:39AM EDT
Jun 07, 2013 at 09:33AM EDT

Asura, The Anti-Fun. wrote:

Ooc: Falcon lyra has all the emeralds, not eggman.

@ lyra
Dont you think alucard is a bit much. Hes an immortal vampire that can summon a legion of the dead. Besides, you have the emralds.

OOC: @Mark, Asura is right, Alucar is to much for me. If you realize, your team is made up with a God of Chaos, A pony (Lyra) with unlimited power (Chaos emeralds), You have an inmortal soldier (Renegade) with superpowers, silver ammo, holy water, ultimate weapons (Sticky Launcher)… with silver ammo, A demon Slayer… with silver ammo too. AND What I have? A inmortal demi-god demon with supernatural power and the Army of Darkness…

Jun 07, 2013 at 10:13AM EDT

Asura, The Anti-Fun. wrote:

Ooc: Falcon lyra has all the emeralds, not eggman.

@ lyra
Dont you think alucard is a bit much. Hes an immortal vampire that can summon a legion of the dead. Besides, you have the emralds.

OOC: *my Emeralds, you mean.

And I plan on revealing the power source to the actual characters before your attack, so please hold off on that until I’ve… well, I’ll let it be a surprise.

I’m off to destroy the world! The wonderful world of Mobius!

@Digoxin: Which reminds me, the planet where we had originally fought over cookies was all but destroyed by the Omnipotent Crow due to the constant fighting. Crow then rebuilt the world, where Asura began fighting us again. Somehow Lyra (markhoax14) ended up in Equestria, and after one of my battles with Asura, I ended up there, too. Long story short, Lyra stole my Chaos Emeralds, despite claiming to be my “ally”. I was cut off back on Earth, and then there was an invasion of an Alternate Earth involving the Balloon Master and lizard-men. Well, everyone except Medic and Meredith (MasterBurner) went to Alternate Earth. During their absence, I conquered the world fairly easily and renamed it “Mobius.” Alt. Earth was eventually destroyed by Flandre (Zarathh). Then you had a whole bunch of factions fighting for Mobius, along a whole mess of new characters. At one point, Reimu (correct me if I’m wrong, Natsuru) merged several worlds together, which was quickly reversed by Crow and Captain Falcon. TARDISES was involved with his mages, and I eventually got caught in a shield barrier with Asura, Mr. Foster and Chester, and the mages. I was eventually destroyed, but now I’m back attempting to destroy the world.

Medic entered Equestria sometime after everyone left for Alt. Earth, and he and Lyra have been battling for control over Equestria and my Chaos Emeralds ever since.

This is just a rough history of our battles. If I included every single detail, well, you’d have 90+ pages of text to read through.

TL;DR: Earth is now “Mobius,” Alt. Earth is all but destroyed, I’m attempting to destroy Mobius, and Medic (and minions) and Lyra (and allies) are fighting each other for control over Equestria and my Chaos Emeralds. (note that I italicized “my”)

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Jun 07, 2013 at 10:44AM EDT

>tfw people only remember you for cookies…

OOC: I destroyed one of the emeralds (and one portion of old earth) when I put it in the microwave.

Anyways, I’m going to Equestria and side with the ponies, since psychokinesis is a valuable ability among unicorns.
How do I get there?

Jun 07, 2013 at 12:30PM EDT

With only 2 hours and 50 minutes left until the destruction of Mobius, a traceable distress signal is sent from the Space Colony ARK. It is sent to anyone who would receive it regardless of their alliance. The message that comes with the signal is the voice of… Snively!?

Snively: Attention anyone who hears this! I have vital information regarding the Space Colony ARK! I don’t have much time, so listen up!

Julian does have the means to destroy the world. He’s using the Warpstone to power the ARK! I’m certain that the Warpstone has adversly affected his cybernetic components, and now his only goal is the destruction of Mobius!

Multiple Shadowbot voices can be heard in the background.

Shadowbot #1: The prisoner has escaped!

Shadowbot #2: Sound the alarm and notify Dr. Robotnik!

Snively: I don’t have much time!

You can’t destroy the stone! If you do, you’ll likely cause the ARK to go unstable, which could cause it to crash into the planet, or worse yet, explode in orbit! An explosion that size could possibly damage Mobius permanently, along with the damage caused by chunks of the ARK crashing back down to Mobius!

And believe me, you do not want something that big crashing into Mobius!

You’ll have to neutralize the Warpstone to remove it from the ARK, after which emergency generator systems will kick in, which will allow the ARK to remain in orbit, but render it completely harmless to Mobius!

Please, I know Robotnik has been a villain in the past, but he’s not like this! Please don’t blame him for the trouble that the Warpstone has caused.

I believe neutralizing the Warpstone would also reverse the effect it has had on Julian! You have to of that Warps--

Shadowbot #2: There he is!

Shadowbot #3: Halt in the name of Dr. Robotnik!

Snively: *squeal* Oh no! I must go! I’ll try to get in contact as soon as I--


The transmission is cut for unknown reasons.

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Jun 07, 2013 at 12:44PM EDT

You know what, I’m going to ARK.
After all, I’ve beaten the game before, and you can breathe in space.
Lifts himself into ARK with telekinesis

Jun 07, 2013 at 12:54PM EDT

@ Medic and Asura
Hmm… true… hold on…

Alucard: Hahaha… AHAHAHA!
hears phone ringing, picks it up annoyed
Alucard: Yes, Hellsing?
waits a moment, growls in hate
Alucard: F*ck the ghouls! I’m heading after Blitz!
waits another moment
Alucard: I don’t give a shit if he’s not anywhere in this world!
waits more
Alucard: Goddamn these helpless humans… I’ll go kill them then!
crashes down phone
Alucard: Seras! We’re off to kill some ghouls instead!

OOC: @ Robotnik
Oh… someone still hasn’t gotten over the fact? I’ll be right with you…

Lyra teleports herself and her androids directly into the ARK, where she runs into Shadowbots
Lyra: Please… R-Dash, disable them!

the R-Dash’s use lasers to immediately bring down the Shadowbots

Lyra smiles deviously, and teleports herself yet again into the control room, R-Dash’s replicating to increase firepower
Lyra: Hello, Robotnik… long time no see…

Jun 07, 2013 at 02:01PM EDT

Meanwhile back at the facility where Take-Mikazuchi is being prepped for launch…

The captain rushes in, and gives the orders to all of the engineers.
Captain: Alright! The Imperator Librarius wants Take-Mikazuchi to be tampered with to make more destructive!
There is a lot of chatter amongst the workers suddenly.
Worker #1: B-But that’s unheard of! It’s nigh impossible to make a Nox Nyctores more powerful than it already is! It would require tampering with the spirit itself!
Worker #2: Yeah, that’s impossi-
Voice from the shadows: IGNIS!
Worker #2: Wha-? GYAH!
The worker is suddenly grabbed around the head by a giant clawed hand from the shadows, and lifted up 2 feet off the ground.
Man: Do not say “impossible”. Nothing is impossible.
The man walks out of the shadows, along with his robot still carrying the man by the head.

Captain: R-Relius, sir!
Everyone else in the room suddenly kneels down at the sight of him.
Relius: Your efforts are mediocre.
The battle-doll suddenly clamps it’s hand down, and the top of the man’s head explodes from the sheer pressure.

His body falls to the ground in front of the robot, and all the others flinch at the sound of brain matter flying everywhere, and splattering all over everything.

Relius: The Imperator does not just want Take-Mikazuchi to be more powerful… she also wants the cool down time removed from the satellite.
Worker #3: Now I know that’s im- he suddenly shuts his mouth as Relius turns towards him. The soldier cannot see behind the mask… no one has ever seen Relius’ true face.
Relius: What of the communications device, and the dimensional cutter to get Take-Mikazuchi into place?
Everyone stays kneeling towards Relius.
Captain: We will get back to work on them as soon as possible, sir!
Relius: Good…
Relius surveys the room to see that they were working extremely hard on Take-Mikazuchi.
Relius: I have to be going. There’s an old friend who is just dying to see me…
Relius grins a smug and sinister grin.
Relius: All of you, back to work.

(All the workers in unison): Yes, sir!
Relius and Ignis turn around and walk into the shadows, disappearing again…
All of the workers immediately get back to work on the three projects. Who knows what they will be using them for…


What. What are you doing. Just… what. We had a bunch of this stuff planned out.

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Jun 07, 2013 at 02:07PM EDT

Ooc: markhoax, please for the love of god dont do anything that would mess up the main plot. Ive worked too hard planning all of this out and bringing everyone together only for something to suddenly change it all. Please just deal with medic and his guys.

Last edited Jun 07, 2013 at 02:11PM EDT
Jun 07, 2013 at 02:08PM EDT

@The Meeting,
Sam interrupts the meeting by standing up from his chair, the following statement is directed at everyone in the room

We don’t have much time left now, we had 6 hours left about 3 hours ago and I really need to organise Heaven and prepare my soldiers for combat, not too mention bunker down all 5 of the civilian decks and hold a tactics meeting with my War Council.

Ascending to orbit in a ship as big as that takes time and so does preparing the escort fleet that will provide it with additional protection, If things get rough I will be releasing all 10 of my Charon-class light frigates to keep Heaven protected, arming all of them in just 3 hours is a nigh on impossible task yet has to be done…….. Now, I have to be leaving this meeting and returning to my ship…..

Sam makes his way towards the exit…….

By now I believe you would have a good idea of Heavens scale, It isn’t just a single vessel that travels by its self, it actually has enough room on board to bring its entire escort fleet along with it on its travels and launch them when needed, its just that overly large…

These Charon-class light frigates are the compliment that it carries. They are quite large themselves and very well equipped, but not only are they used for Heavens defence but also as very large troop carriers for missions such as boarding parties or planet recon. Heaven when at its very best and with its aircraft and frigates deployed is practically its own attack fleet in its own right, an entire fleet folding out from one enormous ship

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Jun 07, 2013 at 02:28PM EDT

OOC: OK, before you guys even downvote (Windigo or Zarathh!), I was not to change the main plot at all! Shit, I was planning, however, to request something of Robotnik… so I’m waiting on him.

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Jun 07, 2013 at 02:39PM EDT


Kokonoe’s screen flies over to Sam faster than it ever moved before.

Tager: Kokonoe, could you please return to the stage so Makarov can address everyone else?
Kokonoe: SHUT UP, TAGER!
Tager: Yes ma’am…
She turns her attention back to Sam
She looks furious



I didn’t downvote you. I actually upvoted your post to balance it out. I was just asking what you were doing. That was all.

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Jun 07, 2013 at 02:44PM EDT

OOC: @ Zarathh
Don’t worry, I didn’t blame you (Windigo!). But I wasn’t going to sabotage your entire story like that. I’m not a dick… I know how hard all of you worked at this. Now I’m just waiting for Robotnik in the Roleplay Pub…

Jun 07, 2013 at 02:52PM EDT

Sam is slightly taken back by all of Kokonoes anger and doesn’t quite know what to say
Don’t you shout a-!…….busy schedule!…..gotta go fast………..
He feels like a told off kid and speaks in a quite tone
But…but…I wanna be at the big tactics meeting…….
He glances back at Kokonoe, her eyes are still glaring at him with rage

Okay…ill stay….
He turns around and makes his way back to his chair whilst shuffling his feet along the floor, me begins mumbling to himself
Stupid magic….pink haired cat women……doesn’t know anything…bout complex space ship tactics stuff………I would like her to say that all to my face, hehehee yeeeah, then it would be a different story heheheheee
He sits back down in his seat and makes a quick call to GW at Heaven
GW, your going to have to hold the tactics meeting without me
GW: But Sam-
Look I jsut can’t come right now, call the Generals to the CIC, have Monsoon present the meeting
GW: Okay Sam, they have been summoned, it will take place upon their arrival to the CIC
Okay good
He closes the Codec and waits for the meeting to resume

Jun 07, 2013 at 03:03PM EDT


Can I join in?

I’ll bring the vodka.

Jun 07, 2013 at 03:07PM EDT

@ Zarathh

Of course! In fact, I asked Spark if he could make a couple of pics for the pub scenes for when we’re OOC, and I believe he’s working hard at making them for us. I used the one for Ash on the last page, and I asked for more.
BTW, RandomMan owns the bar, and he shoots any character who doesn’t give tribute to him…

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Jun 07, 2013 at 03:20PM EDT

Digoxin arrives at ARK and is greeted by a buttload of robots
Robot: Target aquired.
Even if Digoxin was able to handle that much (and he can) he needed to save energy and health for whatever event came up later, so he made a risky move…
Digoxin: Catch this!

Digoxin threw the sandwich to another room, and the robots followed. After a long fight, one robot got the sandwich, but realized they had been locked in the room.
Digoxin: Teehee!
Anouncer: Intruder alert! Last spotted on corridor 5S on sector SRX! Terminate on sight!
Digoxin: Heck…
Digoxin flies and tries finding his way to any important room

OOC: Don’t worry, I won’t take place on any major event (unless I’m asked) but I do have something minor planned.

Jun 07, 2013 at 03:46PM EDT

I pose what I want you can’t control me, there’s no point in posing if everyone knows what I am about to pose..Like, explaining the joke basically. Also, I’m not in the mood to search for Lyra model, I’m against the brony’ side of GMod who keeps filling the game with useless models (I mean seriously, 5 pages of nothing but “OC” ponies, what da fuck)

Jun 07, 2013 at 03:48PM EDT

Space Colony ARK
Canon countdown: 2 hours 44 minutes

Robotnik: Tell me… who is this creature and why hasn’t it been roboticized yet?

Egg Robo: Doctor, that is Lyra, the unicorn from the land known as “Equestria.”

Robotnik: I’m supposed to recognize some fantasy creature whom I’ve never even met!?

Egg Robo: This is the creature which stole your Chaos Emeralds.

Robotnik: Do I look like I need those blasted “Chaos Emeralds” or whatever you called them!? In case you haven’t noticed, I’m about to destroy the world! And I’ve got a new gem to do it with! HA!

But I don’t appreciate thievery… especially from me! You have 30 seconds to explain why you came back here, creature, before I throw you in my roboticizer and turn you into my robotic slave!!!

Last edited Jun 07, 2013 at 04:09PM EDT
Jun 07, 2013 at 04:09PM EDT

Lyra: In case you haven’t noticed…
Lyra removes sleeves from her “forelegs”, revealing a pair of arms

places sleeves back on
Lyra: While you I notice your amnesia, I’m surprised you claimed the Emeralds as yours earlier. You haven’t forgotten them entirely, and I know it.

Lyra: I actually came to request your forces to help defend Equestria. And I suggest you consider your options closely and carefully… these humans aren’t the only ones to be after you. Should Equestria fall, something greater than them will be after you and them. Of course… I don’t expect you to offer assistance without something in return… and I’ll let you decide whatever that is should you agree. Should you disagree, my units and I will leave immediately, no chance of attacking from either of us.

Elsewhere on the ARK, some R-Dash unit find a cat
R-Dash: Cat Alert! Pet… Cuddle… Stroke… Swag!
the unit approaches the cat, and extends an arm towards it

Jun 07, 2013 at 04:31PM EDT

OOC: I don’t catch your drift, Spark. How do you find smaller versions of photos, because these are the smallest I could find.

Jun 07, 2013 at 04:48PM EDT

OOC: Resizing them? I resize unimportant pictures. You can do it even with Paint
Steam went full retard and half of my textures in Gmod are missing. I won’t be posting until 10 PM, more or less. Middle fingers to the stupid validating files system, but no…I can’t complain..After all, I have hats in TF2. So sorry guys, see ya later!
Spark out!

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Jun 07, 2013 at 05:07PM EDT

Robotnik: Perhaps no chance of you attacking me…

*Robotnik presses a button on the control panel, which causes a large metal ro

… but a 100% chance of roboticization for you!

I have no interest in “helping” you, nor whatever you have to offer, including the “Chaos Emeralds!” I have what I need to eradicate Mobius, and that’s ALL I need!


The chamber around Lyra rises.

… this “Equestria” intrigues me…

Tell me…

What is it like? And who is there?

Jun 07, 2013 at 05:26PM EDT

Meanwhile with the Imperator……

The young woman sits in her throne, and sips on some tea with her eyes closed.
Suddenly a private-class NOL runs into her throne room.
Private: Imperator, Ragna the Bloodedge has been reported missing!
She stops sipping on her tea, and calmly puts her cup back onto the plate. She then opens her eyes, and stares straight at him.

Without hesitation, the private kneels before her.
Imperator: Ragna… the Bloodedge?
Private: Yes ma’am.
Imperator: Find him, and his whereabouts. Have everyone who is working with him executed.
She says this so emotionless, just like a robot.

Private: Y-Yes, Imperator.
Imperator: What of the status of Take-Mikazushi?
Private: The spirit inside it is currently being tampered with to see if we can remove the cool-down time, and make the satellite itself more destructive.
Imperator: Tell me of the other devices.
Private: The communications array is currently being worked on and developed. It should be done very soon.
The private gulps as he gives her the next bit of information.
Private: The dimensional ripper is still in the works, and should not be done for a while now. It will be done before the launching of Take-Mikazushi. We promise.
She stays silent for a moment before addressing him again.
Imperator: Good. You had best upkeep your promise for all of them as well as yourself, private.

Private: Yes ma’am.
Imperator: Begone.
The private dismisses himself from the throne room, and goes to return back to the facility.
Once the private is gone, and she is all alone, she whispers something to herself under her breath.
Imperator: Ragna…

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Jun 07, 2013 at 05:29PM EDT

Lyra sees the metal chambers rise, and immediately uses her robotic limbs to break two holes into it
Lyra: Forget it then… I have no need for you any longer…
she breaks out, and casually leaves the room
Lyra: R-Dash’s!
all of them come, one of them bringing a cat, holding it gently, and petting it
Lyra: Who’s that?

OOC: Meanwhile in the Roleplay Pub, Renegade awaits to be used.

Waitress: What’ll you be having?

Renegade: Nothing… I don’t drink. I’ll have a smoke, though.
Punk: Pussy…

Renegade turns to him, but ignores
Punk: That’s right, bitch. I’m speaking to you…
Renegade stands up, and approaches him

Renegade: You talk a lot of shite… you don’t know me… I don’t know you. Let’s keep it at that.

Punk: Go back to the shithole you came from, you f*cking cockney. We don’t allow your kind here…
Renegade immediately gets angry that
Renegade: What do you mean… “my kind?”
Punk: Brit fags like you!
Renegade: All right… let’s go!

immediately throws the first punch

Punk: You done goofed now, Brit!
pulls out a gun, Renegade acts quickly

Renegade punches the gun out of his hand, and kicks it away
Renegade: This is fist-to-fist, you f*cking arsehole!
Punk pulls out a knife, and Renegade backs away

Punk: That’s right… back away…
Renegade then yells and quickly rushes him, and tightens a grip on the punk

Punk: Why you little!
he pushes Renegade to the ground, and stands over him

Punk: This’ll all be over in a second…
he thrusts a knife downward, but Renegade rolls out of the way and stands up, seething in rage
Renegade: You call that a knife?

Renegade: This is a f*cking knife!
punk cowers, and Renegade swings quickly


Renegade breathes calmly, sheathes his katana, and sits back down calmly

Renegade: Sorry about the mess… send RandomMan my apologies.

Waitress: No worries… want a drink?
Renegade: Fine…
picks up bottle of Guinness
Renegade: Come on, Mark… any day now.

Last edited Jun 07, 2013 at 07:18PM EDT
Jun 07, 2013 at 07:14PM EDT

ooc: okay im back first things first. markhoax.
1. stop calling me windigo, its not funny and its starting to annoy the crap out of me.
2. im sorry for the downvote. the reason i did it was because you just popped out of nowhere and and i didnt know what you were doing. so i got pissed off because i worked so hard to bring everyone together in one spot just to have something ruin it. so thats why. next time. make your actions more clear next time.
3. the reason i said that i would bring asura in to fight you was because to balance out the sides if you were to bring alucard in. he is beyond OP and he and seras victoria could take on the NM and army by themselves. you have more than enough resources to fight NM, but it may seem even too much for him. so i actually might consider asura joining in if it seems that way.

now off to the main plot again


after hearing snively message. the guild members start talking amongst themselves trying to comprehend the message.

Makarov: Quiet! everyone quickly quiets down it appears it seems to be a slight problem here. thanks to that persons message.

Makarov: listen. there is no need to be in such a hurry. we are almost done. now just stay put until the meeting is concluded. once were done, you may be dismissed to join your other members. and we are also appreciative of your spartan troops that you are willing to send out inside ark. we will find a proper place to set off that explosive that they may have, the warpstone is extremely unstable and must be taken care of with surgical percision.

@kokonoe, tager, ranga, and hakumen
Erza: thats good to hear from you all. we will assemble the teams once we are all in an agreement to the mission objectives. hakumen, i dont know if what that snively said about eggman being corrupted by the stones radiance. We still dont believe that is so. what other purpose would he pursue such an enormous amount of destructive power than not causing destruction and mayhem. your mission to kill eggman doesnt change. he has still caused enough grief and harm to this planet.

Mavis: your roles in this will be as follows: you two will escort the falcon flyer into the hanger bay inside ark. you will protect it with your magic by any means necessary. once they are safely inside the ark. you will then join hakumen in eleminating eggman once and for all. exactly like erza said. what other purpose would he have to pursue such enormous amounts of power if not for evil intentions? he must be brought to justice.

Makarov: and your other friend over the…. uuuuh, juvia what are you doing?

juvia is snuggling with flandre and rubbing her cheek against her. flandre laughs cutely as she also tickles her a bit.

Juvia: aaawww, whose a good girl? yess you are my little flan flan. flandre continues to laugh, everyone is not sure to be confused or to be adoring this situation oh momma juvia missed you so much.

everyone in the guild hall suddenly freak out


Happy: DID SHE..

Makarov: JUST SAY..


gray fumbles for words


OOC: wait for responses before going into teams.

Jun 07, 2013 at 07:18PM EDT

@ Asura
1. It’s a f*cking joke. Learn how to take ‘em… cause you post about my characters and I don’t say shit. If you want me to stop, I’ll stop, but you stop calling markhoax instead of markhaox… I don’t like being called a liar. And stop posting about my characters, because I only reply to you when you speak about me or my characters.
2. Next time, I’ll learn to state what my intentions are, but like I said, don’t immediately downvote someone if they haven’t even done anything to ruin the story. Glad Zarathh was nice to me to upvote me AND not immediately downvote my post.
3. Yeah… I know. When I posted Alucard, I was honestly in my “F*CK YEAH, MOTHERF*CKER” zone, and I finished watching Dawn. I was thinking “Wouldn’t it be cool to bring Alucard in?” And when I did post, I realized later… “He’d probably murder EVERYONE in Equestria…” but by then, it was too late, so I posted Hellsing sending him off somewhere else.

Last edited Jun 07, 2013 at 07:47PM EDT
Jun 07, 2013 at 07:25PM EDT

Sam just stays sat there listening, he seems slightly agitated at Juvia but he doesn’t act

Jun 07, 2013 at 07:28PM EDT

Hakumen nods his head
Hakumen: Understood. His taint shall be wiped away from this world. The unjust do not deserve to live.

Kokonoe’s screen floats back up to the stage
Kokonoe: Wow, I can’t believe you got the big white grump to agree with you all.

Hakumen: Do not dare interrupt me, Grimalkin!
He balls his hand into a fist

Kokonoe: I’m not scared of you. I was the one who brought you back from the god damn Boundary after 90 years. You listen to me.
Ragna can’t help but laugh to himself at the situation.
Tager stays silent, and waits for Makarov to continue onto stating the teams.

Flandre cuddles back against her, and hugs her
Momma Juvia makes Flan happy~ Ahahahaha~
She continues to do all the cute things with Juvia, and laugh as she tickles her

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OOC: Pathetic attempt gentlemen, me and Sam shall show you how to correctly start a shitstorm, right Sammy?
Kidding, my huge post got delayed by a delicius steak. So sorry but I am a human and kinda need to eat things, such as meat, vegetables, etc.

Jun 07, 2013 at 08:29PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

OOC: Pathetic attempt gentlemen, me and Sam shall show you how to correctly start a shitstorm, right Sammy?
Kidding, my huge post got delayed by a delicius steak. So sorry but I am a human and kinda need to eat things, such as meat, vegetables, etc.


Jun 07, 2013 at 08:46PM EDT

Blitz is recovered from the blow of Draconercord


Herzog : Okay, okay, wir helfen … Vampir…All ihre Positionen! funktionieren vorbei!

Then, on the horizon, hundreds of helicopters appeared out of nowhere. Red helicopters were armed with heavy machine guns and high-powered missiles. All reached in Canterlot in minutes.

Herzog : Sagen Sie uns, Blitz, hat die Prinzessinnen gefangen?

Blitz : What the hell I have to know!? My troops should take care of it for hours and they haven’t reported me ! ! !

Herzog : Huhuhu, wird der Chef wütend auf dich sein.

Draconecord attacks Blitz again. This time almost hit him


Herzog : Hehe…

Herzog draws Draconecord and snaps his fingers.

Herzog : Schießen…

Jun 07, 2013 at 10:13PM EDT

@everyone in guild hall
after everyone calms after gray explains the whole flandre juvia thing.

Makarov: phew, you had me worried there for a moment.

erza bites down on a nearby cloth in anger, hoping that they were finally together,but instead shes disappointed

Erza: whispers damnit, so close juvia and gray…. OH. UUMM. yeah, alright. since there is no further questions. here is how the teams will be made. each team will be lead by each of us S-class wizards. we will all be working toggether on this as we make our way inside the ark.

Laxus: team one will be lead by me. i will be leading the lot of you to destroy the factories that produce eggmans weapons and such. and here are the assigned members that will be under me.

team 1:
Gajeel Redfox
Natsu Dragneel
Captain Spark
Doomguy (john)

since we are probably the most volatile bunch, this job will suit us well. besides, some of you guys dont have the brains for the other jobs. he gives an evil glare to natsu and gajeel daring them to open their mouths. they just stay quiet.

Mirajane: team two will be with me in taking out the power supply. since it is a warpstone generator. extra percautions must be made since it emits radiation. these will be the people with me.

team two:
juvia lockser
Gray fullbuster
and Sam and max

Erza: i will lead team three on disabling the main weapon of ark. though it may be heavily defended. we still need to stop it from firing. wether it be destroying it or disabling the power generator. either or is still a must. so here is the people who will join me.

Team 3:

Makarov: also one other thing we forgot to mention. flandre, considering your great amount of power, you may choose what you see fit. wether it may be destroying the egg fleet. or with providing assisstance with the other objectives. its your choice my dear.

Also one more thing. i will be leading team four into stopping eggman. i wont stand by and watch as he continues to exist. i will see to it personally that he is no more if i must.

with me will be as follows:
Team 4

Reimu and marisa, once you have escorded the flyer to the ark safely. you can choose as to either help with the fleet or with any other mission assignment since your powers are versatile. just like flandre, the choices are yours to make.

Mirajane: we will also need a team to stay behind and guard the hangar and the flyer as the other teams accomplish their objectives.

heres as follows:
Guard team
Lucy heartfillia
wendy marvel
and cana alberona

Also just to let you guys know. wendy and lucy will work as medics just in case any of you get too hurt to fight. message meredith and she will swap you with one of the others guarding the flyer. also anyone is free to guard the flyer if they choose to. we need to secure our escape after we are finished, jus in case.

Mavis: if any of you have any objections to your assigned teams, or if you have any questions you may have about the teams. please dont hesitate to ask. we can rearrange the teams if it needs to be.

Laxus: also if we may have missed anyone out please speak out so that you may be assigned a team. the more the merrier.

Makarov: samuel, your spartans will stay on guard with falcon flyer and their ship until we get a collusive discussion on were we should plant the bomb. i highly suggest not the generator room. that would destroy everything. does that sound fair?

OOC: last post for night guys. im out.

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Flandre smiles as she hears her name, and seeing that she gets free roam. She then looks up at Juvia.
I’ll be right back, Juvia.
She flies away from Juvia, and over to Sam. Without warning she latches onto the cyborg’s back, and wraps her arms around him.
Don’t think I’ve forgotten about you, silly daddy!
She smiles again, and climbs up to sit on his shoulders.
I’ll help escort the big ship, and do whatever Marisa and her pet want me to do!
Flandre laughs again.

Kokonoe: I’ll be going with Tager. This group will need both of our brains.
Tager: I second Kokonoe.
Ragna: Yeah yeah, I’m fine with that. The BlazBlue can protect me from the warpstone.
Hakumen: I am satisfied with my current position.

Ragna gets up from his seat, and walks over to Juvia and Gray. He sits down beside them.
Ragna: So it looks like I’m with you guys. Don’t do anything that’ll get us all killed.

Tager walks off the stage, and over to Veteran, Cheston, and Mr. Foster
Tager: Greetings once again, Veteran. It seems that we’ll be working together instead of against each other now. I look forward to it.

Hakumen gets up from his seat. He then walks over to Marisa and Reimu, and sits beside them.
Hakumen: It seems that we are working together, young ones. Can you not feel the process starting already?

Kokonoe’s screen continues to float up on the stage next to Makarov
Kokonoe: Alright, so does everyone understand your positions? Yes? Good! We’re leaving in just a few moments, so make the chatter amongst yourselves quick!
Kokonoe’s screen floats down off the stage, and over next to Tager.

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The SPARTAN Program gave birth to one man army super soldiers not…guards, even without an objective I will have them travelling the ark and causing damage as this is going to be treated as a field test and besides you already have 6 people guarding the flyer, as for the nuclear device its an addition to the team it doesn’t have to be used and Id prefer it if it wasn’t, they are incredibly complex due to there small scale and costly to produce.
They will board and begin destroying bots, when you need help you only have to call and they will come running

Sam is very happy to have Flandre back with him once more
Its good to see you again missy you had me wondering where you had gotten to heheheee aaaand you can stay with me on this mission, I don’t want you going missing again im running out of ways of saving you

Jun 07, 2013 at 11:40PM EDT

Ooc: Was gone all day, sorry if I accidentally missed any dailouge regarding me but that is a lot of posts.

“Alright. From what I saw the Falcon Flyer is pretty fast. I can summon an array of Orrires Suns, but the flyer needs to maintain a constant speed if you want to keep them in orbit.”

I also have trouble shooting at high speeds. But I can probably repeatedly outrace it to make up for it.


“I have a feeling this will be a short battle with so much firepower going in.”

Don’t let your guard down.

Hakumen can feel a similar power to Yukari within Reimu. A not fully awakened Boundary Control ability…

(Note: Reimu can go beyond Mach 5 if she focuses on it, and technically even faster with teleportation. But the only spell that allows her to attack at that speed is Fantasy Seal Blink, which requires a fatal blow against her.)

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Jun 08, 2013 at 12:50AM EDT

Spark quickly meets every member of the Team 1, shaking hands and presenting himself. He is happy to see Natsu, and a bit disturbed after shaking John’s hand.

Sam & Max stand akwardly in front of their team, waiting for some sort of question such as “Why the hell did you send me with the dog and the rabbit?”. Max is poking his own eye as Sam bites his hat nervously, he has no idea of what to say to start a conversation.

Veteran’s laugh is heard by everyone in the guild. He quickly chest-bumps the Red Devil, patting his back, still laughing.
Veteran: I guess you were right pal, guess I can make my own path, different from my Anti-S brothers out there. Ha! Now get your fists ready, we are going to Robotmania and wrestle some of those tin cans and send them directly to the bloody android hell!..Oh and err…Sorry about that first impression..I had no idea what the heck I was doing.
Cheston and Foster are gone, no one saw them running away or hiding, they just dissapeared. Wood cracking noises, crowbar hitting sounds, packages are open, metal items hit the floor, sounds like a army loading his weapons and preparing their equipment. The noises come from a maintenance room in the guild.
The doors explode into pieces, sun rays reveal the duo…A duo who appeared when Asura was fighting Dr Robotnik…A duo who had to spend 5 days in space, floating, playing poker and even chess…They never liked each other but after surviving several near-death moments, a friendship was forged…and finally…the narcissist gorilla and the bomb lover masked man get back to work, ready to do the only thing they know…Blowing the living daylights of everything around them and bringing back their popular comedy reels…

Cheston: Prepare for trouble!
Mister Foster: Place is full of rubble!
Cheston: …We had the perfect chance to say a recognizable dialogue.
Mister Foster: Pff..We will have enough time to say nostalgic stuff later.
Cheston: But space is dark and empty, we will never get this kind of background there, this is only happends once in a lifetime! It’s our last chance! Allow me to name this team at last!
Mister Foster: Alright alright!
Cheston: How about…“The Almighty Cheston and his goofy helpers”.
Mister Foster: Here’s a better one…“*My foot and your ape buttchecks”.*
So Cheston and the Veteran stare at each another, incoming discussion about the next eating context involving bananas and tacos.
Meanwhile as the luchador screams at the ape’s face, Foster requests Tager help. He needs a hand or two with all of the explosive ammunition he made in his own. Tager should be able to see several frag grenades, pipe bombs, grenade launchers, sensor bombs, C4s, explosive ammo, Tommy Gun ammunition boxes and important tools such as a screwdriver, a hammer, a small scissor to cut wires, etc.

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Jun 08, 2013 at 02:05AM EDT

Tager: It is quite alright, my friend. I knew that you were just putting on a guise, so I decided to play along.
Tager laughs some too.

Tager: Alright, I’ll help you. By my calculations, this many explosives should be able to take out a good square mile or more of the space station
Tager examines all of the explosives, getting every single ingredient that Foster put into them.
Tager: I am no demolitions expert myself, I am a scientist. Nonetheless, I can say that we will all get along just fine.
The Red Devil begins with picking up some of the boxes of munitions and explosives, loading them onto the Flyer. He then repeats this process until all of Foster’s equipment is on the Flyer.

Hakumen turns his head to look at Reimu. His white mask is utterly intimidating, and she can feel his aura roar to a blaze.
Hakumen: You… You have the same ungodly power as the wench I was doing battle with. It has not yet awoken inside of you…
Hakumen (To himself): The wench needs to be eradicated once and for all…

@Sam and Max,
Ragna takes a look at Sam and Max. He sees Sam biting his hat, and Max poking his own eye. Ragna facepalms.
Ragna: Alright, is this some kind of joke? Why the hell are you sending us with the talking dog and the rabbit thing? Can someone please tell me what their skills are? Someone?
Ragna examines the two again.
Ragna: Alright you two… Tell me what you can do.
He crosses his arms and waits for them to speak up.

I’ll be cautious and safe this time! I promise!
She smiles at him again.
Please let me go with Marisa and our pet! Pleasepleasepleasepleaseplease!!!! I’ll keep close watch over our little kitty.

Meanwhile with Relius….

The Mad Puppeteer is sitting in a chair with Ignis beside him. The room that they are in is ungodly… There are bodies hanging on hooks from the ceiling. These are subjects that were freshly experimented on. The walls are also extremely bloodied, and the windows are blacked out. There is only a single light hanging from the ceiling that illuminates the room…
Before Relius is a man in only a loin cloth, and nothing else. He is strapped to a pole, and is kept in place by some sort of purple barrier below him. He is extremely bloodied with cuts all over him that were inflicted by Ignis.
Relius: So… tell me about your encounter with the priestess. Reimu, her name was.
Man: I-I-I don’t know! I was just walking down the street that one day, a-a-and Captain Hazama was there with her!
Relius: Ignis.
Relius snaps, and the doll moves from Relius’ side. It goes over to the man tied to the pole.

Ignis slices at the man’s abdomen with one of her claws, and blood sprays out of him.
The poor man is crying from the pain now
Relius: Terumi was after the vampire because of her powers, but failed in his mission. I am telling you this now because you won’t be living after this encounter.
The man’s face turns from pain, to complete and utter shock
Relius: No can do, I’m afraid. I already have all the information I need on them. I just needed their location, that was all.
Relius just sits in his chair, and adjusts his sleeves. He doesn’t even feel any emotion for this man.
Relius: Ignis, please escort our guest from here.
Relius snaps once more.

Ignis grabs the man by the neck. She stares at him with her soulless blue eyes before digging her claws fully into him, and tearing his vocal cords straight from his neck. She then drops the innards on the ground beside her.
The man dies from pain and blood loss right then and there.
Relius smirks, and looks at the gruesome sight for a few moments.
Relius: Come, Ignis. We have work to do.
The doll obediently complies, and goes over to Relius. The light in the middle of the room turns off by itself leaving nothing but blackness…

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Sam is apprehensive about letting her go especially after all the mental suffering he’s been through protecting her, its unsurprising that he is getting protective
If you really have to……I mean you could stay safe with me on Heaven and help me out……..
Flandre keeps begging at him to go
……Okay then but don’t get too involved…just please stay safe……and come back when your done because ill be worrying if you don’t……
Sam turns his attention back to the group

@Falcon, Makarov, Marisa & Reimu,
If your going to have trouble making your way through the fleet why not stay docked in Heaven until we breach through their forces and arrive at the Ark, then you can depart and land there safely without danger from attacking ships, the entirety of Heavens defence systems will keep you covered whilst you quickly make your way into one of the Arks hangers.

This way the Flyer will remain completely undamaged during the actual breach through Eggmans fleet of ships, additonally the Flyer is considerably faster than Heaven, we couldn’t possible keep up with you to give you support, its only a suggestion……

Sams head then snaps to Kokonoe he looks her dead in the eyes
I would be able to increase the power of Heavens main propulsion if my systems weren’t hacked a few hours ago leading to the disabling of my Slipspace Drive………..if it were to be reactivated Heaven would be a much more capable ship………much more capable hehehee
He gives Kokonoe a ominous grin…

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@ranga, sam and max
mirajane walks up to ranga
Mirajane: i asked to have these two on my team. they may not look like it, but they can be very helpful to us. besides, theyre just so adorable. she bends down and starts petting sam and max on their heads.*

OOC: i mentioned earlier if i forgot anyone, speak out. to make it simple. you can put him on any mission you want. there is just too many people to keep track of right now. also if you have any objections to were your characters are in the other teams, you can ask to change teams.
Mavis: falcon, sam has a good poin in what he said just now. once we are loaded inside your flyer. dock inside outer heaven. once i give the signal, proceed to ark. we will cover you with everything we got. understood.

natsu is excited to have spark on their team. gajeel is meh, about it the whole team. laxus walks up to spark after.
Laxus: heh, lets see what you can do little man. dont worry, you can always have a use as my portable battery if anything else. so dont feel to worried about being useless alright. laxus being a dick as usual

@hakumen, marisa, and reimu.
makarov walks up to the three of them.
Makarov: it seems that you feel uneasy working with these two. dont worry about a thing though. i understand about the great power they possess inside themselves. lets just focus on the mission task at hand, okay? he reaches his hand out to shake his hand. due to his height, his hand barely reaches out above hakumens knee

@tager, kokonoe, kenshiro, foster, cheston
erza walks up to them all
Erza: foster, cheston, that sure seems like a lot of firepower your packing there. may prove very useful in destroying the weapon, or anything else that might stray in your way. nonetheless, im glad to have you guys with us. Kenshiro, im quite to say the honour is all mine. your skills are legendary around Fiore and i would love to work with you in stopping this mess. tager, lets help load these things into the ship. she picks up a giant crate of explosives with one hand and simply carries it inside the ship as if it weighed nothing to her

@flandre and sam
juvia walks up to the two of them as gray is with her as well.
Juvia: look sam, juvia can see that you as well have great affection towards flandre just like juvia. juvia just want nothing more than to make her happy, she has been through so much in the past, not just with you, but before then. Juvia understand the pains that she went through of being alone and unwanted. i felt it when juvia first embraced her in my arms. that is why we will do everything we can so that she doesnt have to suffer anymore, so that is why we all are fighting. juvia lover her like her own, even though she is not human, shes still a living being with a soul. just like you sam. so lets try and work together so that we can keep that beautiful smile on her face forever. isnt that what you want as well?

Mavis: alright everyone. that concludes the meeting. make sure you know your team members, repare your spells, equipment and whatever it is that you need to do. we take off at 5 minutes.
while on your mission. if you have any requests, contact meredith or i for assistance in whatever it is that it may be.

mavis walks up to her
Mavis: meredith, i want you to set up your equipment on the stage. i want a display of everything we need on this mission. outer heaven, the egg fleet, ark, the boarding crew, everything. i want you to also establish a connection with the forces of outer heaven and i want you and them to feed me as much data as you possibly can. i will calculate every move that is made and respond accordingly. i hope you can keep up.

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Honestly, I’d much rather be on the defence force.
Yeah, Let’s switch places, then.
Ken is now on the Defense team, and Henry is now on Team 3.

Jun 08, 2013 at 01:54PM EDT

OOC: I apologize for this post, Im just bumping the page get so my post doesn’t get split between two pages

Jun 08, 2013 at 03:11PM EDT

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