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OOC: Like I said before, I sure do enjoy writing fiction about my favourite stuff, problem is I write so much crap it takes two posts sometimes….

Keeping that beautiful smile on Flandre’s face has only ever been my true goal, I try my very best to protect her and always have done…..there have been some bad times….and I regret those , but I hope one day she will understand and forgive me because getting her back from Yukari is no where near redeeming enough for what ive done to her mind……
Sam gets up from his chair and places Flandre down, he then kneels down to her level
Ive got to go now, please stay safe Flandre and let me know if anything at all is worrying you…….
He gets back upto his feet and speaks in a dead serious tone, almost frighteningly unlike himself

…..Next time there will be no mercy for the people who threaten to hurt you or take you from me, only rows and rows of corpses lying in my bloodied and unstoppable wake will be what remains………
And then he goes back to his normal self
Please stay safe now and goodbye…..oh and one more thing…
He pulls out a new Codec which is effectively a single small earbud that sits inside the ear
My frequency is already saved to it, just push the button on the side to call me….right, now im off….
He gets to his feet and makes his way out of the hall. It looks as if it wouldn’t take much more to push Sam over the edge into becoming a revenge fuelled lone maniac on a war path. He gets outside, the Prophets are waiting by the Pelican they arrived in earlier

Truth: Samuel, are you ready to depart this place?
Yes c’mon thet’s not waste anymore time here we have quite a lot to get done
Tolerance: Of course Samuel
Pity: We understand
The Prophets and Sam quickly load onto the Pelican, the rear hatch closes and it slowly hovers up from the ground before rocketing off upwards towards the ship
GW can you hear me?
GW: I am always connected to your Codec, what is it Sam?
Are the Generals in the CIC?
GW: Yes Sam
Good, I will be there shortly, and have Heaven prepped from ascension
GW: Navigation has been notified, he is currently currently initiating the engines
The Pelican continues on its way

Meanwhile back at Heaven…….

The dropship arrives and lands on a pad in the dock, The Prophets and Sam step out
Truth: What is it that you won’t us to do Samuel, we are without purpose
I want you to see to the Military barracks, organise a rally of some sort and provide them with information on the situation
Tolerance: We will see to it now Captain
Good but make it quick we do not have long
Pity: We understand Sam
The Prophets quickly make their way to the elevator where they descend to the Barracks deck
Sam makes his way through the bay, the maintenance cyborgs salute him as he passes by, he arrives at the nearby tram station and shuttles off to the fore of Heaven, when he arrives he makes his way through the heavily guarded hallways and finally arrives back at the Bridge but instead of heading into the bridge itself he makes his way into the CIC which is right opposite

The CIC (Combat Information Center) is a small room with a table in the middle, the 5 Generals, which are known collectively as the ‘War Council’, are gathered around and are happy to see that Sam has arrived but also enthusiastic to get started

The War Council, from left to right, Barker, Adams, Hamilton, Karver and Solodkaya

Right, we have many things to discuss but to begin with I will give you a summary of the situation.
As you have probably already heard we have been dragged into this conflict, they say that once Eggman and the BM have been dealt with the world can return to normal by using the powers of Meredith, our previous contractor, once these two are gone we can re assume our positions of power over Mobius, which will be achieved through the use of the Patriot Network AI’s, then we can usher in our era of stability and control, any comments Council?

They remain silent but nod there heads in acknowledgement

Okay good, now for the second issue.
You already know of the immediate situation I believe, the destruction of the Ark. The meeting I have just returned from was successful in organising efficient teams and handing out objectives, with such planning on their part they will no doubt succeed in there mission and have it destroyed and Eggman bought to justice or execution as it seems. Our part in this is relatively simple….

1. We are to clear a path through the enemy fleet all the way to the Ark, I am authorising the use of Frigates if the situation turns tough, this shouldn’t be an issue with the weapons that we have.

2. Upon arriving at the Ark we are to defend the Flyer during its transit between us and and the enemy ship, the Flyer is of critical importance as it will be holding all the people who are unable to survive in the vacuum of space, the Flyer can not be destroyed whilst they are inside of it…

3. Once they have arrived and the defending fleet have been dealt with we are to make our own entrance into the Ark by punching a hole using a single MAC shot, the Spartans will then be launched into the breach via drop pod to begin their testing.

4. Heaven will remain stationed near the Ark until these objectives have been accomplished and Eggman has been dealt with, upon completion we are to extract the teams and discuss our next move

This is our current plan of action, although it will be open to changes if oddities appear in this mission, Comments Generals? please feel free to give your opinion….

General Adams: This seems like a working plan Captain, I can’t spot any flaws as of yet

General Barker: Seems fine to me…

General Solodkaya: A perfect plan, Eggmans downfall will be swift

General Hamilton: Captain, what preparations do you want us to make to the military?

Currently I plan on only having the Spartans landing on the Ark I really do not want military personnel getting killed, especially when they are Heavens only form of defence against infantry. however I want fighter scrambled immediately if our AA is overwhelmed, this is very unlikely however as we have over 800 turrets to protect us, but have the Pilots readied nonetheless

General Solodkaya: Will do Captain, I will have my very best pilots prepared.

OOC: Continued below…

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Jun 08, 2013 at 03:13PM EDT

OOC: Aaaand here it is

Good, now onto the third big issue…..
GW, how many civilians do we have aboard heaven?
GW: 7,120 civilian inhabitants aboard Captain
He turns his attention back to the Generals
You see, we cannot fail this, nor can we let the people know that we are at war whilst they are aboard. GW, get the Habitation Chief Officer in here….
GW: He has been notified
In only a few seconds he arrives at the CIC, the bridge is only just opposite
Habitation Officer: Captain?
Please come in I have something to discuss
He takes a place next to the Generals
Habitation Officer: Okay sir, what is the issue?
The civilians cannot, at any cost, know we are at war, therefore you are to send out fake alerts of an impending meteor storm to all 5 Civ accommodation decks, have the decks sealed down and the blast shields closed over all the windows, If they were to find out, riots would ensue and then we will have a whole other problem in our hands.
Habitation Officer: I will go about these actions immediately Captain, they will be made completely unaware of the situation
Good, you may return to the Bridge
The Officer gives a salute and quickly makes his way out of the room and back to the Bridge

Now, onto the 4th and final issue….
We need to discuss the Spartans, and what equipment they will be taking aswell as their roles in this mission.

General Barker: They’re good soldiers sir, and highly flexible for most tasks, ive been watching them lately and I can confidently say that they won’t take any shit

Good, that is what I expect from such a highly funded and secretive program, now, thet’s get to it, we have 5 Spartans to outfit and designate specialisations

General Hamilton: Firstly one of them should be designated medic, and equipped with healing supplies.

We shall have them him carry a regeneration orb for that purpose

General Barker: And I highly recommend we have one guy who is anti-armour, give him a Spartan Laser or something

The M6 Grindell/Galilean Nonlinear Rifle will do fine for such a role

General Solodkaya: We should have a sharpshooter too, I suggest they are equipped with a SRS99C-S2 Anti material rifle.

That’s a good idea General, any more specialities?

General Karver: Not that I can think of Sir

Well I will also be giving the one of the Spartans a HAVOK Tactical Nuke in case they need to destroy a part of the Arks superstructure or some other large part of the station, as you already know the device is about the size of a rugby ball and is kept on the back of the waste of the chosen Spartan.

General Adams: Good idea Sir, Im sure that will come in handy if the situation calls for large scale destructive power.

Well then to finish the final Spartan will be made close quarters and armed with a heavy duty shotgun, the Squad and their specialisations are as follows….

S-001 “Anti Armour”
S-002 “Medic”
S-003 “Pointman”
S-004 “TacNuke”
S-005 “CQC

General Karver: I will have them prepared and outfitted immediately Captain, they will be ready in minutes

Good, this brings this meeting to a close, report any further problems to the Bridge which is where ill be staying for most of this mission.

The Generals give a salute and make their way out of the room, Sam goes to the Bridge
Sundowner: Ah there you are, been wonderin’ where you have been
Its good to be back in the saddle, now thets get out of this place, Nav! its time to ascend to orbit
Navigation Officer: Engines are revved and course is plotted, we should be out of atmosphere shortly Captain!

Heaven slowly thunders off upwards through the clouds, its sudden departure rocks the Guild below

OOC: tl;dr Heaven took off

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Jun 08, 2013 at 03:14PM EDT

Before Sam leaves

Hakumen just stares down at Makarov as if he had just insulted him, though his white mask doesn’t show it… although his aura does.
Hakumen: Uneasy? Myself? HA! I am not uneasy about working with these two… sorcerers. I was just stating that she had the same power as that gap hag. Come to think of it… Jubei possessed a similar power, but now is not the time for that talk.
He doesn’t even acknowledge Makarov’s handshake.
Hakumen: Come. Let us be on our way.
He gets up from his seat, and begins to walk towards the Flyer…

@Makarov and Sam,
Kokonoe’s screen then floats over to Makarov
Kokonoe: Alright. When we’re in range, I’ll begin hacking into his systems and sending the data to everyone. If things don’t go well, I also have a little… surprise for everyone.
Her screen then floats over to Sam.
Kokonoe: You know what? I don’t give a shit. If I didn’t shut off your warp drive, you would have jumped the hell out of here. I’m not going to reactivate the damn thing yet. That’s final.

Ragna: Alright, I have two questions for you kid.
He stands up from his seat
Ragna: What the hell can these two do? It doesn’t look like they can deliver much of a beating, or take one for that matter.
Ragna looks at Mirajane patting the two on the head.
Ragna: And what do you mean by “cute”? I just don’t see it.
Ragna sighs.
Ragna: You know what? Whatever. Let’s just get going already.

@Erza and Foster,
Tager has finished loading all of Foster’s explosives onto the Flyer with the help of Erza. Once the two are together again, Tager looks down at her.
Tager: Much appreciated for the help. Now that we have everything, we should be on our way.
Tager begins to head off towards the Flyer…

Flandre just smiles at Juvia, then looks back at Sam
Thanks a lot, Sam! I’ll be really careful!

Meanwhile with the Imperator…

The Captain from earlier runs back into the throne room with a small golden device in his hands. It looks like a pocket watch.
Captain: Imperator! The communications device has been completed! It may be small, but the reason it’s so small is that it can be portable. It has all of the specs of our others, and more.
The Imperator opens her eyes, and stares down at him from her throne.
Imperator: Give it here.
The device is suddenly lifted from his hands by magic, and it levitates over to the Imperator who is still sitting in her throne. She didn’t even move a finger. The Imperator holds out a hand, and takes the device. She then examines the device, and then her eyes go back to the Captain.
Imperator: You may leave.

Captain: Are you sure?
Imperator: I said for you to begone.
She waves her free hand at him, but this time the Captain is blown backwards through the open doors by an extremely strong force. The doors shut themselves immediately after he is flung through them.
Imperator: Incompetence is your worst trait, Captain.
Her eyes look back down at the device. She presses a button on the side of it, and the device flips open. A holographic keyboard, microphone, screen, dimension finder, and much more sprawl out before her.
Imperator: Good.
She begins to type away on the keyboard, selecting the dimension that everyone is currently in, and selects her target…

@Reimu and Marisa,
Suddenly Reimu and Marisa both get a terrible migraine, so much so that it forces them to their hands and knees. The pain is intense. It feels like their head is literally being slowly split in half. They begin to hear a clear voice inside of their heads… it sounds like a young woman speaking to them, but it sounds so emotionless.
Imperator: This is the Imperator of the Novus Orbis Librarium speaking. Reimu Hakurei, keeper of the Hakurei Shrine, and Marisa Kirisame, witch… You have been charged with the murder of Captain Hazama of the NOL’s Intelligence Department. This is rights for execution on sight. You have also both been charged with working with the world-class criminal, Ragna the Bloodedge. By the Librarium’s law, this makes you his accomplices. Surrender, or else. This is a warning.
The message cuts off there, and the pain slowly goes away.

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@Hakumen’s mention of Yukari:

Yukari? Well, I guess so. My shrine sits on a boundary gate she created and my goddess is essentially a maintenance girl.

… not to mention I already know how to phase between that boundary. But only as a last resort.

@Mind Telephone:


“What the hell is a Captain Hazama? Actually, I don’t think I have killed anyone since I have arrived.” (True Story)

It’s talking about the ghost we fought.

“What kind of idiot puts a Crazy Murderous Pedophile in charge of a Military Division?”

I honestly don’t care. They are in for a world of hurt if they ever come here.

“And why only us? Flandre did more damage than I did.”

If Flandre gets a simmilar note, tell her to destroy “The Person Talking To Me.”

“Gotcha. Hey Flandre! Some creep might try to break into your mind to talk to you! Blow her up the instant she starts talking to you!”

@the situation:

Alright, we are ready to go.

Jun 08, 2013 at 06:08PM EDT

@Marisa and Marisa,

Okay! I’ll make sure of it!
Flandre flies from her position of near Juvia, and over to Marisa. She latches onto her back again like she is demanding a piggyback ride. She then looks at Reimu.
Come on. kitty! Let’s go!
She summons Laevateinn in her hand, and is ready to roll.

Jun 08, 2013 at 06:23PM EDT


Max:Hold your F-strikes ya rip off from THAT poor emo demon slayer guy from THAT franchise that was ruined since THAT company decided to chance THAT character design!
Sam: Yes!…Erm…That reference was completely unnecessary…
Max: We are capable of a lot of things like…like..Sam, your gun for example!
Sam: (The dogs pulls out a ridiculous big revolver from his right pocket) You are right Max…We can offer this weapon as sign of peace to the Doctor Eggman, trade it for the code of the ARK blaster and save the day!
Sam: Or we can use it like a normal revolver and shoot tin cans, and robots too.

@Jetstream Sam
Welcome to Barracks Deck number 5 , Gym number 3. Inside this educational facility , our best and renowned officers shall teach the young newcomers the basic and advanced techniques to survive in the wild Mobius, currently controlled by the “B.M”.
The word “BM” echoed in Assassin’s head like a small rock hitting the bottom of the deepest cave, the sound ricocheting between the rocks. Finally, two members of the first team of Anti Subjects are able to make amends for the actions that took place in the past, both of them have brutally murdered several Desperado soldiers, with Venom gaining reputation inside the Outer Haven’s database and Assassin sneaking around the submarine. A new life, free from the Master and the Enhaced bot’ eyes…
Saddly, the gym will have to wait: There is some sort of boulder in front of her, it smells like roasted onions and Jack Daniels. Oh wait, that’s not a boulder, that’s just another soldier..Spooky…He keeps staring at her, smiling just like the good ol’ creep face Sundowner..In fact, not even Sundowner had such a disturbing smile.

Ill show my ro….the ropes heheheehee?, what’s that supposed to mean? She thinks to herself. Assassin turns around for a few seconds, whispering to Venom:
I guess this is how people say “Hi” here. A little weird but they look more normal than our goofy tour guide. What do you think?
Hurm…They employed something called “Innuedo”,It’s a term which describes figures of speech that indicate an indirect or subtle, usually derogatory implication in expression; an insinuation.
And what are they implying?
Err…It’s a man-thing only..I think you wouldn’t like to hear it….
Is it about that thing between your le-
AHEM No It’s not…It’s related to but not exactly..I will just tell you the short meaning of the sentence these soldiers said…[CENSORED DIALOGUE FOR THE SAKE OF CENSORING]

Assassin slowly turns around, anger in her face and her left eye quickly twitching. The Biffs keep laughing and laughing…Suddenly…

+500 XP +Level 50!

Lyra smell not here…We shall enter in the town…Follow my steps…
Morph says as he walks towards a stream, entering in the cold depths of the water with his personal group of soldiers. The undead squad penetrates in the peace of the underwater world, attracting unwanted attention from several scavenger fishes. For them, the rotten flesh is delicious but saddly, they are quite tasty for the vampires too. The ghouls get a nice pair of snacks, fresh and alive, as they keep walking towards, following the mutant. They stop. Morph starts to look around, he is lost. One of the ghouls has the wonderful idea to defy his leadership. A quick struggle, neck snapping sounds, the vampire dies as his corpse shows in the surface. No point in hiding anymore…
The undead emerge from the stream, a stream close to a unknown pony Village. Saliva endlessly coming out from the ghouls’ mouths as they approach a small horse-like creature…God help that poor animal…

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Well okay. This is some pretty sensitive equipment, though, so if you want anything from it, ask me first, okay?
She places her fully upgraded Alchemiter on the stage, along with a Punch Designix and a Totem Lathe. She then pulls up screens showing the things Mavis requested.
I’ll try calling Haven now, but you’re the master tactic-person, right? So here.
She hands Mavis a strange-looking headset.
Wear that thing on your head, and I’ll start up the connection to them. You’ll start speaking directly into their minds. Now then, as for all the data that you’ll need, the headset will update you with every action they take. Those are actually my portable means of keeping track of what’s going on, but I have my laptop here.
She smiles, and sits down.
Need anything else? If not, I wish you luck.

Jun 08, 2013 at 07:43PM EDT

OOC: Your move Eggman

Heaven ascends and reaches orbit, it begins its approach upon the Ark

In the Bridge
GW, man all weapons
Warfare, feed GW target when they arrive
Nav, keep at cruising speed, head straight for the Ark
Electronics, prepare the cyber warfare packages
Officers before we engage give me a status report on the ship….

Engineering Officer: Hull integrity at 100 percent, zero breaches, nothing to note

Electronics Officer: Advanced shielding fully raised, systems are fine

Warfare Officer: All weapons readied, all 4 MAC are charged, munitions are of no concern

Communications Officer: Comms are fine, we have open communication between the teams and they can report to us also

Habitation Officer: Civilian decks are sealed, to them, we are passing through a asteroid belt

Okay everything is looking good here, What of the Spartans?

GW: They are retrieving their equipment as well as the HAVOK nuke, they will be in their drop pods in 5 minutes

Sam walks over to the window and looks out
We’ve got this one….
Sundowner: Course we have Sam, just looka this thing we’re in, has plenty more guns than that old submarine that’s for sure
Monsoon: We are 5 steps ahead here, victory is a certainty
Sundowner: I wouldn’t mind getting off this ship for a bit though, maybe get stuck in on the Ark
Yeah you could do with getting rid of that steam…
Sundowner takes out one of his machetes and runs his finger down the blade
Sundowner: Its feedin’ time
Mistral: I could do with some exercise, sat in this chair all day long is really starting to bore me, I think I might follow Sunny when we arrive at this place
Sure thing go for it

Heaven remains fearlessly jetting straight towards Eggmans fleet, the Bridge crew are tense about the engagement, the AA guns are loaded, the Pilots are waiting, the engineers are on alert, and the soldiers are ready to combat any attempt at a boarding attempt.

Thanks to Assassins new incredibly strong prototype body the punch sends the oafish potato of a man straight through on of the windows of the Gym
Billy Biff: Woah! Bobby! are you alright man!?
He quickly enters the gym to find that Bobby had actually knocked Dwayne off his exercise bike, now, the Biffs are just bullies, but Dwayne, he’s massive, he’s a bear of a man, he is the guy that nobody messes with, and due to his stumped mental power he is usually very unforgiving, the other people in the gym look on in pure fear of what’s about to unfold….
Bobby Biff: Woah! Dwayne look am sorry man! I ddin’t me-
Dwayne picks him up by the top of his heaad with his ogrish hand
Bobby, Billy and every other swole guy in the gym let out girlish screams as Dwayne gets mashing, An armed rapid response team quickly turn up and barge past Assassin and into the Gym
Multiple rubber bullets are fired but they are to know avail, a riot soon brakes out in the small gym room and all hell brakes loose, the sounds of grown men screaming and Dwaynes roaring make for a bit of a terrifying scene although just what is happening Assassin will never know, being stood outside and everything, Higgins quickly recovers from his concussion and gets up
Higgins: Hey quick! we need to get out of here!
He waves his hand at her to follow

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ooc: okay guys im back.

Before we go straight into the fight i am declaring the calm before the storm. what that means is you guys get any other dialogue that you want to do right now before starting the fight. prepare yourselves for whats about to come. i have some dialogue i want to get out of the way before proceeding into the action. it involves Gray and Juvia, which i find is necessary at this point.

back at the guild hall, mavis is analysing every piece of information at a supernatural speed. making calculations and exchanging them to the officers in outer heaven. they are quite surprised at the amount of data they are recieving from suc an unlikely source such as herself.

mavis makes a quick anouncement through the codec to reach everybody

Mavis: the current time we have left is 2 hours and 40 minutes. Sam, when your ready, launch mission when it reaches 2 hours and 30 minutes. make sure that every single person is prepared for this fight. make no miscalculations or pass over anything that might endanger the mission. i expect nothing but 100% from all of you. Good luck to you all and may you be successful in this mission.

meanwhile inside the hanar of outer heaven, everyone in fairy tail is inside the falcon flyers lounge are mingling with the other team members discussing the mission and such.

gray is in a hallway when suddenly juvia walks around a corner, she has a look of sadness on her face that bothers gray

Gray: hey juvia, whats wrong with you. dont tell me your having second thought on this are you. you know theres no going back now.

Juvia: no thats not it gray. juvia knows that we need to do this in order to save our home. its just… Gray… could i talk to you in private for a moment. there is something i need to confess that i have been holding back for a long time. and im afraid that i might not get another chance to do so.

Gray: gray bit worried at first, but goes along with her request uhh. sure why not.

juvia and gray go inside a nearby room and close the door

after they close the door, erza peeks her head out of the corner, she has a grand smile on her face and a glow in her eyes

Erza inside of her head could this be it? is this the moment were they finally confess? oh boy oh boy OH BOYYY!!!! THIS MUST BE IT. I HAVE TO TELL EVERYONE!!!

she take off into the lunge room were everyone is and makes scene about it.

with excitement


everyone inside the room look t her like shes crazy or something


erza tapping her codec in excitement trying to contact meredith


everyone begins to get excited for whats aout to happen.

OOC:okay guys, waiting for responses then ill get right into the happy feels.

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John heads to the cockpit and tells Falcon the news
Hey, Falcon. Something big’s going down.
I’ll watch it over the security cameras.
John heads back to the lounge room.
I seriously wonder what’s going to happen.
I don’t know, but it’s pretty big.

Jun 08, 2013 at 10:03PM EDT

She hears Erza’s request and has this look that says “why” on it
Well, I’m not going to ask why, because I’m not sure I want to know the details… but…
She turns to those in hall
I’m so sorry for this…
She pulls up Erza’s request on a smaller screen, making it a smaller priority than the main visuals, and sits down covering her face as if she’s embarrassed for something. Although she made sure only members of Fairy Tail could see and hear the screen.

Jun 08, 2013 at 10:06PM EDT

Flandre looks over to the door that they went into
What is momma Juvia doing in that room with Gray?
Ragna is sitting on the same couch as Flandre.
Ragna: I dunno kid. You might be a bit too young for it though.
Ragna keeps a dull look on his face.

Kokonoe: Gah. This isn’t the time to be doing this shit. We have a damn planet to save.
Tager: Let them enjoy each other, Kokonoe. We might not all be coming out of here alive.
Kokonoe: Fine, whatever.
Hakumen is standing against a wall, staying completely silent. He doesn’t seem to be interested at all.

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Jun 08, 2013 at 10:08PM EDT

OOC: dont get any wrong ideas people. its just dialogue, not fanfiction. the post may be a bit long. but i hope its worth it.

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Jun 08, 2013 at 10:09PM EDT

Asura, The Anti-Fun. wrote:

OOC: dont get any wrong ideas people. its just dialogue, not fanfiction. the post may be a bit long. but i hope its worth it.

OOC: My character really can’t handle romance scenes, ever.

Jun 08, 2013 at 10:11PM EDT

In the middle of the city where the Fairy Tail guild is situated at, (Forgot the name of the city) The Artifact lies in a dark alley. A hobo goes up to it, and begins to investigate. The artifact suddenly grows appendages out of it, and plants itself where the hobo’s heart used to be, which is now lying on the ground. The hobo suddenly loses all of his facial hair, and his clothes change so he’s dressed like a normal person would dress. He promptly murders the three hobos who witnessed the transformation. He then sticks his hand out, and drains their souls.
???: These souls shall suffice for now. I’ll have to get my hands on the soul of that one woman, though. I suppose I should get out of here before anyone notices…
The man quietly blends into the townsfolk, heading towards the Fairy tail guild.

OOC: I’m setting up something, this isn’t entirely irrelevant.

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Jun 08, 2013 at 10:13PM EDT

OOC: Falcon, touch mavis and she’ll destroy the heart and the evil soul in it. he is a master of light an life magic and can destroy any evil but a mere though. pull away from her now. im sorry. i dont want anything disturbing the main plot until after eggman.

Jun 08, 2013 at 10:30PM EDT

OOC: okay fair enough. as long as it doesnt disturb the main plot. im glad you can understand.

im still working on the post you guys. please be patient. trying to make it as feels worthy as i can.

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Jun 08, 2013 at 10:38PM EDT

everyone in the lounge room and guild hall are looking at the screens. erza is eating a bag of popcorn as she intensely looks at the screen hoping for the best.

inside the room juvia looks out at the window as gray is standing by the door.

Gray: so. what is it that you want to say juvia?

she turns to face him
Juvia: gray. do you care about juvia?

gray is surprised to suddenly hear her say that.

Gray: what are you talking about. yeah of course i do care about you.

Juvia: juvia knows. but how much do you care about her though? because juvia wants to know.

gray getting confused

Gray:uh i dont know. a lot i guess. what more do you want me to say.

juvia begins to cry a bit.

Gray: woah, juvia why now. theres no need to cry.

Juvia: i cant help it now. juvia just… J…. she cant find the right words to say

getting frustrated
Gray: look juvia, i dont understand what your getting at with all of this. yeah i like you, what more do you want me to say? what is your trying to get at?

Juvia: juvia is trying to say….. say that i… i…..i cannot bring herself to talk properly. her emotions are overwhelming for her

Gray: look, we can talk about this another time. i dont understand what your trying to say, but just say it alri….

juvia suddenly interrupts him
Juvia: I LOVE YOU GRAY! begins to breath heavily.

it hits gray like a ton of bricks. he is speechless for words to hear juvia finally confess her true feelings for him

meanwhile everyone in fairy tail is stunned to hear her. Erza begins fangirling as she drops whats left of the popcorn on the ground. she looks more intensely at the screen

back to gray and juvia

Gray: juvia. do you honestly mean that?

Juvia: of course juvia does. after all that we have been through in the past. when you fought and beat juvia the first we met, juvia was willing to accept death, but you saved me and gave me a second chance on life. since she joined fairy tail. juvia actually felt like she was a part of a family, something she always wanted. and its.. AND IT AS ALL THANKS TO YOU GRAY. YOU SAVED MY LIFE AND GAVE IT NEW MEANING. YOU BROUGHT JOY AND HAPPINESS BACK TO JUVIAS LIFE. I LOVE YOU GRAY FULLBUSTER. HOW COULD I NOT AFTER ALL THAT YOU DID FOR ME? I NEED TO SAY THIS BECAUSE JUVIA IS AFRAID OF LOOSING YOU. FIRST IN THE CITY AFTER THE GRAND MAGIC GAMES. I THOUGHT THAT I HAD LOST YOU. AND THE FIGHT WITH THAT GREEN MAN, JUVIA COULDN’T BEAR THE IDEA OF LOOSING YOU AGAIN. JUVIA WOULDN’T HAVE THE WILL TO LIVE ON IF SHE DID.

she begins sobbing with all of her emotions as she covers her face with her hands

Juvia: i love you gray. i always will. she falls onto her knees as she continues to sob

(cue music here)

gray is overwhelmed by juvias affection towards him. he cant help but recall all of the memories he had of her. from the time of the tower of heaven. to tenrou island and the seven year ark. the events that took place at the grand magic games, and after when the city was attacked by a grand enemy. he had lost his life back there and juvia was beyond devastated before he was brought back to life by another mage who sacrificed her life in the process to do so. then recalling the events with terumi. after all of that they had been through while in the guild. it hit him as well

gray loved juvia as well. how he had not known it sooner makes him feel guilty for putting juvia though all of this. he knew that juvia had strong feeling for him the whole time. but somehow he felt the need to neglect them. for he was afraid of loosing juvia as well at some point

gray goes down to his kees right in front of juvia. juvia pulls her hands away from her face and they look at each other

Gray: juvia….. im sorry.

trying to recollect herself
Juvia: gray-samaaa…

Gray: im sorry… for not telling you sooner. but….but i think i…. i think love you too.
gray proceeds to wrap his arms around juvia. then begins to slowly pull her in slowly.

juvia is taken by surprise. everyone in the guild and loung room are excited for what comes next. erzas hands are shaking in excitement as the other watch what unfolds in front of them

Juvia: gray-sama?

then it finally happens. they both finally embrace themselves in a kiss that juvia had thought impossible to believe.

(this is the best one i can find)

suddenly all of juvias sadness and sorrows within her begin to vanish from herself. finally after a long time coming, gray finally confesses his true feeling towards juvia. she cant help but put her arms around him as well.

Meanwhile everyone in fairy tail is cheering and overjoyed by gray and juvia. having been waiting for a long time to finally witness this magical moment. erza and the other girls are shedding tears of joy. while the guys are just happy to see them happily together now.

Gray and Juvia continue to embrace each other in their arms. with not a care in the world anymore.

all these happy feels

i hope you like it.

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Jun 09, 2013 at 12:25AM EDT

The reaction of my characters Towards what just happened

Quite a happy moment in their lives.
Quite amazing, falling in love.

Jun 09, 2013 at 12:31AM EDT

She sighs, and shuts off the screen focused on Juvia and Gray, while not looking at it. She lets out a sigh
Okay… that happened…
She slaps herself across the face to regain focus, and lets out a heavy sigh
Okay! Romance scene over!

Jun 09, 2013 at 12:36AM EDT

Flandre just stares at the screen, not sure what to say, but then smiles a little bit.
Ragna looks away, not wanting to see all the lovey-dovey stuff before the mission. He does feel sort of happy for them though… somewhere deep down inside him.
Kokonoe gags some, but holds back from vomiting.
Tager isn’t really phased, or doesn’t have anything to say. He never knew them that well, but he does give a thumbs up that they are together.
Hakumen could give less of a fuck right now, and continues to stand against the wall.

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As Digoxin proceeded through the almost endless sections of ARK, he encountered a handless robot with rainbow colored hair.
Digoxin: Don’t make me crush you!
The robot grabbed Digoxin in half a second
Digoxin: Oh, you asked for it…
But suddenly, the robot starts to caress Digoxin.
Digoxin: Oh, that spot… purrr…
Moments later, he was taken to a room with a Mint colored pony.

OOC: Sorry for late posting. And here I just wait for some kind of cue, since I don’t want to ruin anything.

Jun 09, 2013 at 12:53AM EDT

OOC: Wait… Lyra still in the ARK? She is not in Equestria?

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Jun 09, 2013 at 01:12AM EDT

Everyone laughs and cheers…Foster isn’t. He pokes Cheston’s back trying to get his attention. The gorilla turns around as the masked man tells him something. Both of them look around, Spark is gone. “Oh no” Cheston whispers to himself. The duo start to walk around the Falcon Flier as everyone keeps clapping for the couple..celebrating the happiness that only the love can give. Sam & Max join the team, looking around the lounge and the captain’s room. Where are you Spark?

Upper Floor, Cheston finds the Captain. He is looks quite distant, sitting on the floor and watching the clouds covering the sky, thinking. Foster quickly arrives, shortly followed by the detective duo. The group returns to the lounge, someone would ask “Is Spark okay?”
Time (Says Cheston) He will be alright once we arrive to the Eggman fleet but right now, he just needs time. I’m pretty sure he is happy for this lovely couple, the Captain himself felt once the cosmic charm inside his heart…

Hold me close and hold me fast…The magic spell you cast
…This is la vie en rose

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OOC: Who’s BM?

Lyra: Well, if you’re bringing your new cat along, we gotta go now!
Shadowbots close in on them, Lyra uses her magic and the Seven Emeralds, but not before leaving without a final message

she says as she flips off the robots with her limbs, and teleports along with R-Dash’s and the cat back to Ponyville, which is still shielded, but barely due to Lyra gone for the moment
Lyra: Damn! Need to repair it…

she uses her magic and the Seven Emeralds quickly to reinforce the shield back to impenetrable state
Lyra: Phew! Close one…
she turns to the edge of the shield to catch a glimpse of the ugliest motherfcker in existance outside*

Lyra: OH MY GOD!!!

the creature tries to approach her, but to no avail due to shield, where Lyra, the androids, and the cat leave to Town Hall
Lyra: Almost forgot…
uses magic to bring in gallons of holy water, she then turns her attention to the cat, still being caressed by an R-Dash

Lyra: So tell me, strange and peculiar creature… what is your name and purpose? I knew you as the one who launched the Chaos Emerald to Equestria during the First Wars, and the godly creator of cookies, but never knew who you were…

Jun 09, 2013 at 05:29AM EDT

OOC: The calm before the storm?……

Meanwhile in the busy hallways near the bridge……

Sundowner: WOOOOOOOOO!
Monsoon: How nice it was for the Fabricators to make us this in their spare time, and look, no legs!
Woah! crew up ahead…
The Winds are actually travelling at quite a fast speed
Sundowner: Hold on ive got dis
Sundowner holds his legs out, ploughing the crew down like skittles
Sundowner: Hahahahaaa! I am sorry but that was too gooood an opportunity
Mistral: My legs are aching…..
They take a turning in the hall and head towards the tram station
This is the most fun Ive had in….well….years actually…
A GW hologram projects up alongside Sam and follows them down the hallway
GW: Sam I highly advise that you return to the Bri-
Not now GW!
He quickly swipes the hologram away
Mistral: We should get back I suppose
Sundowner: Will you quit with your moanin’
Oh now this is gonna get fun, up ahead guys!
They rocket through the tram station sending cyborgs flying and begin cycling on the uni-rail itself, their balance is astounding
Sundowner: Uh S-Sam?! im not too sure ’bout this Sam….
Monsoon: This is getting dangerous!
I never knew the great Winds of Destruction were so fearful of a little bike ride hehehe!
Sparks fly up from the rail as they pick up more speed and the rubber burns off the tires, they stay on the line for a few minutes longer but then Sam decides it would be a good idea to race the trams, which ends with everyone getting badly mangled and Sundowner saying….
Sundowner: ah told you Saaam!

They return to the Bridge a little while later…

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OOC: Sorry for my absence, but I’ve been off visiting relatives this weekend.

After looking over my most previous post, I realized I made a HUGE error.


I realize now that my post was incomplete, and it made it sound like I was attempting to imprison Lyra. Believe me, that was not my intent. I’ll now post a revised version, but I don’t expect markhaox14 to change his actions this late into my blunder:


Robotnik: Perhaps no chance of you attacking me…

Robotnik presses a button on the control panel, which causes a large glass tube to lower around Lyra, trapping her.

… but a 100% chance of roboticization for you!

I have no interest in “helping” you, nor whatever you have to offer, including the “Chaos Emeralds!” I have what I need to eradicate Mobius, and that’s ALL I need!


The chamber around Lyra rises, freeing her.

… this “Equestria” intrigues me…

Tell me…

What is it like? And who is there?

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OOC: @Lyra
>Page 94
>PAGE 94
>He managed to slave every citizen in Mobius
>Made evil counterparts of everyone around.
>“Who’s BM?”

BM, also known as the Balloon Master. Jeez It’s like you missed thousand of pages of this thread.

Jun 09, 2013 at 12:11PM EDT


Just as a note, I won’t be on today and will likely not be back until tomorrow. See ya then.

Jun 09, 2013 at 03:00PM EDT

mavis and the others are very happy with gray and juvia. she notices something bothering meredith.

Mavis: even in the darkest hour, love can still bloom. like a beacon of hope in a dark tunnel. we should be happy for their newfound love. wouldnt you say meredith?

gray and juvia finally finish. they pull away from each other with smiles on their faces. they both pick themselves up as juvia picks up her hat from the floor.

Gray: so, feeling better?

she holds grays hand and wraps her other arm around his arm. she then puts her head on his shoulder.

Juvia: Juvia couldnt be any happier gray. thank you.

Gray: lets head back to the others i think were about to start the mission soon. what do you say.

Juvia: yeah, lets go.

they both make their way back down to the lounge room, still holding onto each others hands.

when they make their way to the lounge room. everyone is looking at them. some are happy. some are crying. some dont bother to care. either way, gray and juvia are confused.

Gray: uh. so i guess you guys saw the whole thing right?

erza walks up to the two of them sobbing

Erza: im so happy for the two of you. though it took this long, im still happy you two. she hugs the both of them

natsu rushes up to gray looking mad


gajeel laughing out loud in the back as he counts the money he got


*erza kicks natsu while still holding gray and juvia, sending him flying. the other members go up to the two of them and congratulate them as well.

OOC: okay guys. now im just waiting for the others now.

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And so begins…..
Chapter 94: The Attack on the Ark

Heaven continues cruising straight at the Eggman fleet, In the Bridge the Officers are very tense and so are The Winds

GW: Combat range in only a few seconds Sam

Electronics Officer: Multiple vessels detected via LIDAR Sir!

Don’t stop now keep pressing on but hold back the Pilots, don’t launch any ships, we will fight this with Heavens own armaments alone!

Warfare Officer: MAC’s charged!

Electronics Officer: EMP’s ready!

Engineering Officer: Repair crews ready to jump to it!

GW: Sam we are within range, commence firing?

Yes! fire!

A massive bang can be heard as the MAC’s begin firing away

Warfare Officer: Primary guns firing sir!

Engage all missile pods! redirect engine power to shields!

Electronics Officer: Working on it Captain

Warfare Officer: Missile pods locking on!

Firing status’s GW!

All 350 M42 Archer Missile pods are active
All 250 M75 Rapier Missile pods are active
All 500 M96 Howler Missile pods are active
All 830 70mm M965 Point Defence Anti Air Turrets are active
I am currently locking target and attacking multiple incoming hostiles, my current workload is well within my handling threshold

Good, don’t stop engaging. Warfare, be ready to have gunners take control if GW is overwhelmed

Warfare Officer: Aye!

And with the processing power of GW alone the AI assumes control of all Heavens armaments and begins striking down enemy ships, the AI’s reflexes are incredible and it easily manages to govern every turret with a higher skill than even the best trained gunners known, with the sensory equipment and feedback from the Electronics Officer GW manages to actually snipe enemy ships

The MAC’s alone are capable of destroying ships with a single shot, every time one of the 4 fires they are sending a 4000-ton ultra dense ferric-tungsten projectile down range at over 15,000 kilometres a second, nothing is capable of stopping such a highly powered shot point blank, they simply continue into space until they hit a planet that is big enough to slow it down meaning if GW is lucky to find any ships that are aligned a MAC shot will be able to javelin straight through all of them, no matter about there armour or how many their are, the shot is simply unstoppable

And with all this fire-power being let off from Heaven it nobly strives on through the Eggman fleet

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Before Sam’s post

The moemnt that Juvia comes out of the room, Flandre flies off the couch at mach speed at Juvia, and glomps her.
Hehehehe~ I’m happy for you, momma~
She smiles, and pushes herself up against Juvia.
Ragna looks at the two from his seat.
Ragna: Nice job, I guess. We’re nearly there though.

Kokonoe: I can reach his systems from here. I’ll begin the process.
Kokonoe goes over to her computer, and begins hacking into the systems of the ARK.

Hakumen says nothing.
Tager: Let us focus on the mission now. It is nice that you two are together though.

Meanwhile with the Imperator…

She keeps the device closed, and in one hand.
The Captain comes back to her throne room.
She still has her eyes closed.
Imperator: What of the devices?

Captain: We have successfully removed the cool-down period of Take-Mikazuchi, allowing it to fire multiple times. The damage output is still being accounted for, and will take more time. The dimensional ripper has been successfully installed onto Take-Mikazuchi. You shall be given control of all of the satellites actions, Imperator. In the case that you lose control, it will retreat to here.
She opens her eyes and stares down at him with her soulless red eyes.

Imperator: Good. Finish your work. Begone.

The Captain rushes out of the throne room, not wanting to be thrown out like last time.
She closes her eyes once again, and begins to think of the plans ahead…

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OOC: I hate to nitpick, Jestream, but I believe the MACs you are describing are the Super MACs only used on Orbital Defense Platforms, not the regular type used in ships like the UNSC Infinity.

“A standard ship-based MAC fires slugs of either ferric Tungsten or depleted Uranium and approximately 9.1 meters long at around 30,000 meters per second. The high muzzle speed gives the 600-ton slug the kinetic energy and momentum necessary to damage a target and partially mitigates the unguided nature of the slug and its lack of maneuverability.

“Orbital Defense Platforms fire a 3,000-ton slug at four-hundredths, or 4% of, the speed of light, around 12,000 kilometers per second.”

-Halo Nation

I’m not denying that the MAC Cannon is indeed powerful. I have 2 games in the Halo series; I know MACs are pretty darn powerful. But the Infinity only carries regular MAC Cannons, not Super MACs.

Jun 09, 2013 at 04:43PM EDT

The UNSC Infinity’s primary weapons were 4 Series-8 “Super-Heavy MAC’s” whist the Orbital defence platforms were Mark V “Super MAC’s” Infinity’s guns were the most powerful built yet unique to the vessel.

Being the flagship of the UNSC the last thing its gonna use as its primary weapons is a regular MAC, I mean yeah it does have them also but its main guns are “Super-Heavys”

Infinity is beyond regular hence why I chose it

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Jun 09, 2013 at 04:55PM EDT


After doing some more research, I found the Series-8’s on the MAC article. The UNSC Infinity did carry those. My mistake.

Alrighty, I’ll get to typing my post (after I eat supper, that is).

And sorry for the misunderstanding.

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juvia sees flandre fly up to her and hg her. she smothers her as well.

Juvia: thank you my dear, it means so much to juvia. she kisses her forehead.

suddenly they all hear a loud bang go off. everyone is startled. by all the commotion.

mavis goes on to the codec and reaches everyone inside heaven.

Mavis: everyone, prepare yourselves for boarding soon. sam has just begun his assault on the egg fleet. prepare to move out. take your stations and remember your team members.


everyone begins to ready themselves and scramble to parts of the ship to prepare for the flight.

juvia tells to flandre.

Juvia: okay flandre, were going to go to our missions. please stay safe and contact me if you need anything. okay sweetie? she kisses her once more on the cheek

mavis observes the arks and the fleet on the screen. she continues to see the battle data feed as she processes the information. she goes onto her codec and contacts sam.

Mavis: sam, i am sending you coordinates for were to fire your next shots at. aim at these specific points in the fleet. it will cause the most damage to the fleet as well as creating an opening inside the ark for your spartan troops to enter in. im sending you the data now.

through meredith, the data feed and coordinates are sent directly to the officers on the deck and it appears on their holo-table. they analyze it and are in agreement to the info recieved.

Mavis: you also have the command to launch the crew inside the falcon flyer when you are close enough to the ark. once they are launched, i will continue to coordinate the entire engagement and send data to your officers so they may maximise their resources.

OOC: remember sam, she are tactical genius like castellan creed.

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Jun 09, 2013 at 05:42PM EDT

Outside Space Colony ARK
Canon countdown: 2 hours 10 minutes

Robotnik walks briskly down the corridors of the Space Colony ARK while the Egg Robo fills Robotnik in on the details of the attack.

Robotnik: Ah, it begins. How is my Egg Fleet holding up?

Egg Robo: Our fleet was caught off-guard by the initial attack, Doctor, and several of our Egg Carriers were either destroyed or crippled, along with a large number of our smaller cruisers.

Robotnik: That was to be expected. Despite these losses, I still believe that this attack is merely a diversion. Move several squads of Egg Pawns to the hangar areas to intercept any spacecraft coming in, and station Shadowbots in a perimeter around the Power Room where the Warpstone is located. Are my new prototype “SWATbombers” ready for action?

Egg Robo: Development has proceeded according to schedule, Dr. Robotnik.

*The two enter the Observation Room, where a fierce battle is taking place between the Haven and Eggman’s forces.

Robotnik: Good! Draw the Haven’s missile-fire towards my cruisers, and while the Haven is distracted, my cloaked stealth bombers will target vital exterior systems! After that, send in several squadrons of boarding ships to fill the Haven with Egg Pawns.

Egg Robo: As you command, Doctor.

Robotnik: And one more thing.

Egg Robo: Yes, Doctor?

Robotnik: Have the Shadowbots located my dearest nephew?

Egg Robo: Snively was last spotted near the Engine Room, and our forces are still in pursuit.

Robotnik: What!? The Engine Room!? That’s not too far from the Warpstone!

Send in all available units after that miserable runt!!!

Egg Robo: Yes, Doctor.

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Jun 09, 2013 at 06:15PM EDT


Kokonoe continues hacking into all of Robotnik’s systems, and ships. Her expertise is next to none.
Kokonoe: The bastard has some strong systems. I’ve gotten past several firewalls so far… I can’t shut off the main power source yet, it’s heavily protected. Though what I can do is jam his intercom systems with music, and disable them if they try to turn it off.
Kokonoe does just so. The advanced technology of her supercomputer allows her to hack into Robotnik’s system, and put extremely loud music on. This next song begins to play at extremely loud volume all over the ARK, and all of his ships. It is also put on repeat. The only way to shut it off is to permanently disable the intercom systems on all his ships.

Kokonoe: I’ll continue seeing what I can do about shutting off everything.
She goes back to trying to get deeper in Robotnik’s systems.

@The crew on the Flyer,
Flandre goes over to the air lock of the Falcon Flyer, ready to be deployed into space. She can breathe in space, so there is no problem for her.
Ragna goes over to his group, and begins to yell at Falcon from there.
Ragna: Launch us already, damn it! Do you want to take him down or not?!

Hakumen goes over to his group and waits.
Hakumen: It is beginning.

Tager goes over to his group, and waits patiently for orders.

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Jun 09, 2013 at 06:29PM EDT

mavis watches the screen were the battle is taking place. she sees an unknown threat aproaching the east side of the cruiser. she makes calculations and contacts sam once more

Mavis: there is an unknown enemy aproaching through the east. i believe he may have invisible ships approaching your way. im sending you marked targets onto your officers so they can take them out.

she sends the target marks of the invisible ships to heaven.

Mavis: my magic allows me to see all. nothing can hide from my vision. so dont worry if it appears to be nothing. also, send a counterattack to the western front. some other ships are approaching you fast. handle with care.

she sends more battle data and coordinates to the officers in heaven.

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Jun 09, 2013 at 06:33PM EDT

Communications Officer: Captain, I am receiving live data from Mavis!
Good news Officer
Communications Officer: She is providing target acquisition data, which I am feeding to GW
His attention then turns back to Mavis herself
Communications Officer: Fast approaching Invisible ships you say?
Electronics are you picking anything up on LIDAR?
Electronics Officer: Nothing Captain!
Warfare Officer: Mavis, I am slaving GW to your command, he will fire upon all your targets that you feed to him!

GW’s targets are ramped up massively, it begins shooting down everything that comes within range, nothing can hide from its new found all seeing vision

Heaven continues flying straight at the Ark, ramming through ships with its incredible shields and spearing others with its MAC’s, currently the battle is a field of complete chaos and destruction as massive chunks of burning ship get thrown around the area and smash against the hulls of other craft, huge explosions can be seen as vessel are torn in half and screams of missiles as hundreds of pods begin opening up on more incoming ships

We have this crew…we just need to stay focused and ready
Sam continues to view from the Bridge window

GW: Controller switch from Chief Officer Franklin to Mavis, Welcome Mavis to inter-ship combat control, my target acquisition priority is now yours to command

An automated voice speaks calmly over the hanger intercom
Intercom: Please strap in and prepare for powered launch
A crane lifts the Flyer and locks it into a Pelican launching tunnel, a charging sound can be heard getting slowly louder….
Intercom: Estimated time to launch, 5 minutes, please hold.

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Jun 09, 2013 at 06:49PM EDT

OOC: Hold on, I’m almost done with my post.

Last edited Jun 09, 2013 at 07:24PM EDT
Jun 09, 2013 at 07:01PM EDT

@ sam and GW
mavis sees GW on her screen

Mavis: GW, i am sending you these target markers on your ships radar. the coordinates of the aproaching vessels are as follows.

she transmits data onto heaven through GW and suddenly on their scanners appear multiple red dots on their 3D display. though no actuall sigh of the ships in clear vision. the ships are traced on to their radar.

here are the locations of the approaching ships. ready your weapons to fire a counterattack. then fter i want you to combat the ships that will be approaching from your flank.

she sends further data of the tragectory of the concoming ships on the otherside as well as their speed, time of arrival and their class size.

Mavis: eggman will not have his way in this fight. GW, fire when ready.

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Jun 09, 2013 at 07:02PM EDT


Morph stared at the pony, not even knowing where he was. Drooling from his mouth like a retard, trying to analyze what was going on, look at his subordinates and then looked at the pony again.

Morph : UGH….MORPH

Then one of the Ghoul grabbed his head, looked at the group after the giant

Ghoul Soldier : Wait a minute…

The Ghoul approached another, and whispered in the ears.

Ghoul Soldier : Is that horse that the boss is trying to capture and kill because she have magical jewels ? ?

The other ghoul whispered in the ears and scratches his head

Another Ghoul Soldier : I don’t know…I’ll check the photo…wait a minute.

Then they all looked the pony again

Another Ghoul Soldier : …………..No………..She is not the horse the boss is looking for…

Ghoul Soldier : How do you know? ?

The ghoul roll his whitish eyes

Another Ghoul Soldier : DAAHH! Do not you realize? The horse that we seek is turquoise, and the photos shows us that black is white

The other ghoul opens his eyes in surprise, looked at the pony, then look at the picture for the last time.

Ghoul Soldier : You’re right, it’s not the horse!

Morph turned to see the photo too and repeated his name

Morph : MORPH

Ghoul Soldier : Okay, everyone! She is not the horse

They all look with statement

Ghoul Soldier : Sorry for the suspicion, little mare! We, somewhat empty from our head.

The pony sigh of relief, Then the troops went on their way.

Ghoul Soldier : Wow! I can not believe that we confuse the horse!

Another Ghoul Soldier : Yeah, Poor horse, being alone, carrying that bag full of holy water

Morph : MORPH…!

Another Ghoul Soldier : Haha, I ask was going to do with all that holy water?

Ghoul Soldier : I do not know, We almost kill that horse! In what were we thinking!.

Another Ghoul Soldier : Yeah! Kill a horse, that is barbaric!

Ghoul Soldier : Yeah, I know, let’s forget about it and go our way. The Village is close!

Another Ghoul Soldier : Yeah! Let’s Kill some horses!

Ghoul Soldier : Let’s unload lead in their little heads!

Morph : MORPH…!

The troop moves away from the area, leaving the pony behind.

Jun 09, 2013 at 07:30PM EDT

OOC: Renegade is still drinking in the Roleplay Pub, after having shut up an annoying punk

his Pip-Boy 3000 beeps, and he looks at it
Renegade: Well, I’m out for the moment. Thanks for the drinks… and the entertainment.
the waitress giggles
Waitress: No… you made it entertaining.
Renegade leaves caps and heads out

OOC: I really wanted to add some feels to Renegade’s side of the story… because he’s had a troubled past these last few days, and it needs to affect him.

In the next sector of Purgatory, Renegade encounters a large harvester
Renegade: What the f*ck is that!?
Rogue: Don’t worry about him… he’s an ugly one… but he’s a pure soul.

Rogue: Here… take the next Volume.
hands Renegade Volume #3: Blue Fire, who reads the text within
Renegade: Hyacinthum ignis.
a small, blue flame appears, frightening the damned soul.

Rogue approaches it. comforting it.
Rogue: It’s OK, Butch… He’s friendly… OK?
the ghoul groans in understanding, and Rogue lowers her head
Renegade: Something wrong?
she doesn’t answer at first, still looking down to the floor. She then removes her mask, and looks back up to Butch

with tears in her eyes, she turns to Renegade
Rogue: Have you ever known someone… someone who you did everything for… and yet… it wasn’t enough?
Renegade turns a bit, and shakes his head slowly
Renegade: No…
she looks away sadly, and turns back to Butch
Rogue: That’s Butch… he was my smaller brother. In my universe… the situation was worse than others I’ve been to. The world was destroyed… by a demonic being…
she sits down sadly
Rogue: I survived because I was already in Purgatory at the time… but my brother… my only reason left for living there… got mutated… and killed. That’s how he ended… like this…
she breaks down, sobbing on the floor. Renegade slowly walks towards her, and attempts to comfort her
Renegade: I… I do know that feeling. Before I ended up here… I had led some of the only people I knew… all to their deaths… and… it was my fault.
reaches hands for sides of head. removes his mask
Renegade: And now… another mass of lives is at the brink of death… and I can’t do anything about it.
she looks back up to him, and looks back down, but he still continues
Renegade: But that doesn’t mean I won’t go through Hell… and back… to try to help them… at any cost. And I know you can do the same as well, Rogue.
she looks back up to him, hearing his confidence in both himself and her. She nods, and they embrace each other warmly

Rogue: OK…
she places her mask back on, and points up to a broken hole in the wall above them
Rogue: That’s the only way out of here… you have to climb the wall for it.
Renegade: No problem…
he puts his mask on, and begins to leap

he lands on a pillar

and jumps again

he lands on the ledge, and almost falls back down, but a hand reaches him just in time
Rogue: Tell your mother I saved you.
Renegade: Thanks… how did you get up here so quickly?

Rogue: Master Assassin… it has its perks…
she looks back down into the hole, and waves sadly at Butch
Butch: Good… bye… sis.
she tears up a bit more, but wipes them away
Rogue: I love you too, Butch…
she then leads Renegade more into the sector, and stops him
Rogue: There’s many harvesters here… mutated ones…
she hands him Volume #4: Eradication. He takes it, and reads it
Renegade: Exstirpatione.
his hands then create a green ball of light and energy

Rogue nods
Rogue: Let’s get going…
they continue onwards

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