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Robotnik sits in the Command Room now, observing the ongoing battle between the Haven and the Egg Fleet on the main computer screen. The Egg Robo flies into the room.

Robotnik: Status update?

Egg Robo: It seems as though the Haven was able to detect our SWATbombers, and has eradicated a good majority of them.

Robotnik: …

Egg Robo: …

Robotnik stood slowly.

Robotnik: What was the point in sending in CLOAKED bombers…

Robotnik paced slowly towards the Egg Robo, who now floated backwards at the same rate as Robotnik walked.


Egg Robo: By all accounts, this does not make any sense. However, we are still unsure of the level of technology the Ha--

Robotnik smacks the Egg Robo into the wall, causing the Robo’s jet-pack to deactivate, which makes the Robo fall to the ground. Obvious exterior damage to the Robo has occurred.


Robotnik’s pupils now glowed a bright red, so bright that the black part of his eyes surrounding his pupils were now drowned out in redness.

The Egg Robo’s jet-pack reactivates, though the Robo has some difficulty rising back into the air. Along with several scratches to his metallic shell, one of the Egg Robo’s eyes is hanging loose from his head by a few wires. Electric sparks emit occasionally from various loose wires.

Egg Robo: Doct… bzch-- an unknown transmis-- zchh has been detec-- zch detected in the interco--


An Egg Pawn takes over for the Egg Robo.

Egg Pawn: Sir, a transmission of unknown origin has been detected.

Robotnik: A transmission? What kind of transmission!?

Egg Pawn: A virus or program of some sort has bypassed our outer layer of firewalls.

Robotnik: Impossible…

Egg Pawn: Negative. It appears to be targeting the intercom sys--

Suddenly, “The Fastest Thing Alive” begins playing across the ARK, much to the annoyance and hatred of Dr. Robotnik.


Robotnik’s eyes glowed red bright again.


The Egg Pawn is forced to shout for Robotnik to be able to hear him.


Robotnik: THEN DO IT, YOU FOOL!!!

The music stops after a few seconds.

Robotnik walks over to his chair and sits down, thinking.

Egg Pawn: Sir…?

Robotnik: … Those Freedom Fighters…

Egg Pawn: …

Robotnik: Those Freedom Fighters are behind this!!!

Egg Pawn: Sir, I do not think--

Robotnik: That’s right, YOU DON’T THINK!!! YOU DO AS I SAY!!!

Now, send in the order for all ship--

Egg Pawn: Impossible. The intercom systems have been breached, sir.


Robotnik begins ranting about the Freedom Fighters and Sonic and Knothole and how they were all out to get him, much to the confusion of the Egg Pawns standing at their posts.


Egg Pawn: ???


Robotnik destroys all Egg Pawns in the Command Room with his bare hands surprisingly swiftly.

Robotnik: … I HATE THAT HEDGEHOG!!!!

A new set of Egg Pawns takes over the old ones’ posts.

Robotnik: *sigh* Find out where that signal is coming from…

Egg Pawn: Yes, Doctor!

Robotnik: … and implant a virus in his computer. That should slow him down for awhile… And there is nothing to be feared. The Egg Robos will figure things out soon enough without my help.


Now, if you’ll excuse me, I have a nephew to catch.

Oh, and someone see about having this Egg Robo repaired.

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Jun 09, 2013 at 07:37PM EDT

Heaven continues thrashing through the fleet and finally makes it to the Ark, Heavens shield is covered in the wreckage of ships and its thousands of missiles pods are glowing red hot from the rapid and constant launching of rockets, the ship comes to a stop besides the Ark, its MAC’s finally cease firing….

Now quickly! its time to act men! Ready the Broadsword pilots and launch the Falcon Flyer, have them escorted!
Warfare Officer: F-41 XMSF Broadswords Pilots have been scrambled sir!
And the Spartans! are they ready?!
GW: They are in their pods and awaiting launch Sam
Keep them on hold, we need to focus on getting the Flyer in first, Fire upon anything that comes within range!
GW: Understood
Status updates also!

Electronics Officer: All systems fine, zero breaches, sensory array in working order, shielding active

Communications Officer: Comms fine all chat lines are open and un-interrupted

Engineering Officer: Hull untouched, zero physical impact nor damage

Navigation Officer: Currently stationed alongside the Ark

Warfare Officer: Ammunition at 95 percent weapons slaved to Mavis through GW, GW is still within her handling threshold

Habitation Officer: Civilians frightened yet stable, all life support systems are unscathed

Contact the Generals, I want an update on our army
Comms quickly taps away at his keyboard, a comm lin is opened between the Generals and Sam
Communications Officer: Done Captain
General Karver: Sam can you hear us?
Yes Karver, what is the status of Havens Army?
General Barker: All soldiers are on high alert and ready to combat any boarding attempts
Keep me notified, Comms get me a link to the Flyer
Communications Officer: line open

@Everyone inside Flyer,
Sam speaks over the Codecs he handed to everyone earlier
Its time for you to go, I will keep you protected the best I can and dont forget to request help if you need it,

Meanwhile in the Broadsword hangers….

The cybernetically enhanced pilots are quickly climbing into their broadsword jets and are firing up the engines, the cranes which are cradling them quickly move towards the hanger bay openings, the afterburners begins heating up…

GW: I am currently registering all your given targets and firing

The hundreds of AA point defence turrets begin hailing down there rounds upon the targets given by Mavis, nothing can survive this hailstorm

@Falcon Flyer,
Intercom: Please hold, please hold…………..firing sequence initiated, God speed.
The Flyer is fired clean out of the tunnel and into what can only be described as a total flaming shit storm, Sam contacts Falcon over Codec
Im sending Broadsword to keep you covered, you shouldn’t receive any resistance from Eggman however so quickly make your way

As the Flyer is launched so are the Broadswords….

They begin following after the Flyer shooting debris out of the way and intercepting any incoming hostiles, due to the cybernetic pilots they are flown incredibly well

Meanwhile on the sealed off civilian decks

People are panicking at the loud thumps they can hear but due to the sealing of the entire deck they can’t here enough to say that its a battle. LCD screens dotted around the decks constantly reassure people that its just a asteroid belt and that it will soon pass by

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Jun 09, 2013 at 08:10PM EDT

Medic wrote:


Morph stared at the pony, not even knowing where he was. Drooling from his mouth like a retard, trying to analyze what was going on, look at his subordinates and then looked at the pony again.

Morph : UGH….MORPH

Then one of the Ghoul grabbed his head, looked at the group after the giant

Ghoul Soldier : Wait a minute…

The Ghoul approached another, and whispered in the ears.

Ghoul Soldier : Is that horse that the boss is trying to capture and kill because she have magical jewels ? ?

The other ghoul whispered in the ears and scratches his head

Another Ghoul Soldier : I don’t know…I’ll check the photo…wait a minute.

Then they all looked the pony again

Another Ghoul Soldier : …………..No………..She is not the horse the boss is looking for…

Ghoul Soldier : How do you know? ?

The ghoul roll his whitish eyes

Another Ghoul Soldier : DAAHH! Do not you realize? The horse that we seek is turquoise, and the photos shows us that black is white

The other ghoul opens his eyes in surprise, looked at the pony, then look at the picture for the last time.

Ghoul Soldier : You’re right, it’s not the horse!

Morph turned to see the photo too and repeated his name

Morph : MORPH

Ghoul Soldier : Okay, everyone! She is not the horse

They all look with statement

Ghoul Soldier : Sorry for the suspicion, little mare! We, somewhat empty from our head.

The pony sigh of relief, Then the troops went on their way.

Ghoul Soldier : Wow! I can not believe that we confuse the horse!

Another Ghoul Soldier : Yeah, Poor horse, being alone, carrying that bag full of holy water

Morph : MORPH…!

Another Ghoul Soldier : Haha, I ask was going to do with all that holy water?

Ghoul Soldier : I do not know, We almost kill that horse! In what were we thinking!.

Another Ghoul Soldier : Yeah! Kill a horse, that is barbaric!

Ghoul Soldier : Yeah, I know, let’s forget about it and go our way. The Village is close!

Another Ghoul Soldier : Yeah! Let’s Kill some horses!

Ghoul Soldier : Let’s unload lead in their little heads!

Morph : MORPH…!

The troop moves away from the area, leaving the pony behind.

@Oh Medic…
Drooling from his mouth like…a retard…not even knowing where he was…?
You dare to treat me…like that..and you are dissapointing me…doctor…

I am not retarded…Much to your surprise…
Why? Simple…This thread already had a retarded brute…So….To change a bit, I was designed as a slow talking character…Not stupid….That is the difference between Venom and me…
The next time you dare to control me……that…I will make up some sort of excuse….to help Lyra and pound every tiny…vampire of yours…

Instead of acting like a brainless zombie, Morph approaches the shield. He slowly raises his left hand, forming a fist and growling. Finally, the monster punches the shield, making a loud crushing noise. Despite hitting the object with his full strenght, the shield manages to resist the force.
Angry, the monster stares at Lyra as he touches the shield.

Remember…this face…becouse…This will be the face of death…the face that many of your…friends…will see…once I open the gates of hell…for each..and everyone of them…
The group walks away.

Jun 09, 2013 at 08:19PM EDT

Alright, strap yourselves in. This is going to be a bit of a bumpy ride.
Now, that MIGHT be an understatement.
The Falcon Flyer is sent launching out, as falcon takes the controls. The Flyer weaves and dodges at breakneck speeds, with Falcon effortlessly dodging lasers and bombs scattered about. Falcon heads straight for the wreckage of one of the Carriers.
Falcon weaves in and out of wreckage, going through tight hallways, maneuvering around space debris, and still dodging lasers that are attempting to hit the fast little machine. Eventually, it nears a fully operational carrier.
Ooh, I’m going to be cutting it close with this one. Still haven’t even broken a sweat, though.
Falcon heads stright through one of the hangar bay doors, weaving in and out through tight hallways, knocking over hundreds of bots, which, while attempting to shoot at the machine, are missing because it’s going SO GODDAMNED FAST.
This is a bit easier then I expected. Just solidifies the fact that I’m the best pilot in the galaxy.
Falcon eventually pops out, having very well neared the ARK, with only a few remaining ships standing in his way.. He slows down somewhat. Falcon looks backwards to see a gigantic pile of puke on the floor.
Falcon speeds up again, and makes a beeline for one of the ARK’s hangars.
Could someone put a protective shield up or something? thanks.
Falcon contacts Sam on the Codec
That was WAY to easy, man. I should have been launched at the start! now THAT would have been a challenge!

OOC: Yes, I know that what just happened would be well near impossible. I’m just going to point out that Falcon beat THE GODS in a race. he’s THAT DAMNED GOOD.

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Flandre heads out the airlock and into the space. Flandre’s never been in space before. She tries to laugh, but she doesn’t hear anything. She summons Laevateinn to her side. The wand doesn’t freeze in space because of the obscene amount of heat it is giving off.
(In head): This place is strange… I can’t hear myself.
Flandre then looks to see a lot of massive carriers from Eggman’s fleet move directly in front of the course of the Flyer, completely blocking it for the time being. A look appears on Flandre’s face that looks like she just accepted a challenge.
(In head): I’ll do my job!
She beelines in front of the Flyer, faster than it even. Once she gets a clear distance between the Flyer and the ships, she looks back and holds out a hand to tell them to stop. Flandre then pulls out a spell card, and invokes it. She mouths the words “Counter Clock”.
She smiles, and holds both hands out in front of her. A massive red spell circle appears in front of her, and begins firing out a storm of red danmakufu at the incoming ships. To couple with that storm, humungous purple crosses form on both sides of her. One spins clockwise, and the other spins counter clockwise. Everything is headed straight for the ships. Slowly more purple crosses form, and begin spinning as well.


Upon further research, the Egg Robos find that the transmission is coming from a different dimension, and not from this one. Though the place where it is being sent through is the Falcon Flyer.

Kokonoe looks back at the screen.
Kokonoe: The intercom systems are disabled unless they really like music, which I’m assuming they don’t. I’ll see what I can do about opening the hangar doors for landing.
Kokonoe’s virus continues to go deeper into the system of the ARK, looking for the hangar bay controls.
Kokonoe: He keeps them deeper in the system… Hey bird brain! (she is referring to Falcon) See what you can do to keep him busy while I open the doors!

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Meanwhile in the bridge, things have calmed down a bit now that the fleet has been breached
GW: The Flyer has been launched and is heading towards the Ark
Okay good…..sigh….
He stays by the window looking out
We made it, which was highly expected if im completely honest, this ship was designed to defend the last remnants of the human race by itself….
Sundowner: Yeah….good job Sam..
Sundowner gives Sam a pat on the back
Sundowner: Was a breeze
Yeah but thet’s not get too ahead of ourselves now Sunny we still have a lot left to do
Communications Officer: Incoming transmission from Broadsword team leader
Pilot: Im seeing storms of red particles here Captain.
That can only mean one of those girls is at work using that danmakufu magic of theirs
Pilot: She seems to be taking good care of enemy carriers and holding a bent piece of metal
…..Bent metal?
Pilot: Er yes Captain.
That’s Flandre, I can tell because that is actually her wand, I told her to be safe….
Pilot: She seems to be handling herself sir.
Keep an eye on her
Pilot: Will do sir.
The Winds remain looking out the window, the Officers are slightly more relaxed now that the main fleet breach is over and done with

Don’t be too risky now, we don’t you smashing into something…

The Broadswords continue to follow the Flyer

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Jun 09, 2013 at 08:52PM EDT

ooc: back earlier than I expected.


“Alright, I am heading out”

Marisa exits though a rooftop airlock, and her feet seal to the top of the ship with Magic

“Woo, good clear clusterfuck happening out here.”

Unlike Flandre, Marisa knows full well how to talk in space

“Alright, Ritual Sign, Orrires Solar System!”

5 Multicolored Orbs emerge and begin to orbit her. Soon after they reach their orbit they unleash a thick torrent of mini-star bullets

“Just don’t knock me off and we will be fine!”

Reimu sits ready at the airlock just in case things go badly

Jun 09, 2013 at 09:42PM EDT

Space Colony ARK
Cannon Countdown: 1 hour 56 minutes

Robotnik walks over to the repair ward to visit the Egg Robo.

Egg Robo: Greetings, Doctor-- D-d-d-d-Doc-c-c-c-c-ttttt-- bzchh

A repair robot which resembles an Egg Pawn (though these are white) explains the situation.

Repair Pawn: Though we have managed to repair most of his exterior shell, we have not yet done repairs on the damage to his inner circuits. Repairs could take another hour, at least.

Robotnik: Make it a half-hour.

Repair Pawn: Yes, sir.

Robotnik’s cybernetic ear, which ran on a private frequency and thus was not affected by whatever was causing the intercom malfunctions on the ARK, picked up a message sent via comlink from the Command Room.

Egg Pawn: Sir, we have rooted out the “virus,” but there is nothing we could do to stop it. It is unlike anything we’ve seen, almost “otherworldly.”

Robotnik: Those blasted Freedom Fighters…

Egg Pawn: … Sir?…

Robotnik: *ahem* Have you traced it to it’s source?

Egg Pawn: Not exactly.

Robotnik: What do you mean “not exactly”? Either you have, or you haven’t.

Egg Pawn: The signal is being transmitted from just outside the ARK, but as I said, it is almost “otherworldly.”

Robotnik: … from a separate dimension…

Egg Pawn: Sir?

Robotnik: It’s irrelevant. What is the virus trying to do now?

Egg Pawn: It appears as though it is attempting to open the hangar doors.

Robotnik: Let them. I’ve got a surprise in store for them… but I want the rest of the ARK placed under lock-down. All electronic and digital systems are to be shut down, except for the main systems which run the countdown timers and power the ARK. All doors have to be opened manually from within the ARK. No outside source will be able to interfere. After this, reset the system and bring it back online ASAP.

Egg Pawn: That could take up to 15 minutes, sir. We’ll be going blind save individual communication systems.

Robotnik: It doesn’t matter. Well still be able to communicate individually, and I don’t expect that I have many ships left to communicate with. How many do I have, by the way?

Egg Pawn: 3 Egg Carriers remai-- scratch that, 2 Egg Carriers remain in battle. Only a handful of cruisers remain. All SWATbombers have been eradicated.

Robotnik: Curse those Freedom Fighters…

… It’s time.

Begin lock-down.

The entire ARK begins shutdown. Back-up generators keep the place lit, albeit dimly, and the countdown timer continues. The generators also prevent the ARK from falling from the sky, which would cause major surface and atmospheric damage to the planet above.

OOC: I apologize for the delay. I was trying to finish my TV show and type this post at the same time.

Jun 09, 2013 at 10:03PM EDT

@falcon and others in space

mavis notices the change in the arks power. she contacts sam, falcon, flandre, marisa, and reimu

Mavis: everyone, there has been a shift of power inside the ark. by the looks of it, it is on emergency generators. now is the opportunity to go inside the hangar.

Marisa, Reimu, continue to protect the flyer once it has entered the hangar. there may be an ambush or worse.

Flandre. go inside the hangar and secure it for the others. we cannot take any chances of what is inside. im positive you can handle it. make juvia and sam proud.

Sam, finish up with the remaining ships inside the egg fleet. once whipped out. launch your spartans inside one of the breaches made earlier. have them take over key point inside the ark.

Jun 09, 2013 at 10:19PM EDT


NM : Ohhh, I’m sorry if that hurt your feelings…Okay, I will not consider you a retard. You are very strong and I appreciate that, you are a great help to my army, and you are true to my orders like Blitz and Herzog…
NM : BUT!!
NM : If you commit the serious stupidity to betray my army AND ME! I will POUND you again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again, and again until I get bored and send your remains TO THE SUN!! DO YOU HEAR ME! N͎͇͖̖ͫ̑ͮ̊̌̃͆O̺̲ͯͭͨ͆͟W̱̬̳̻̠͓͑̋͆̍ͪ ͉̻͎̺̞̽͠C̶̼̲̪͖ͦͫ̈̅̓R̶͇̩̂͂͐̐ͮU̬͉̫̤ͨ͆̏̑ͤ͌̚S͍͉ͦ̉̓͒̑H͔̥̺̘̩ͅĔ̮͉̯̥̻̹̆̇̕S̝̲̻͚͎͍͚̎̈ͯ̕ ̟S͌ͨ̐̉̂͋ͯÖ͔̲̣̱́͝M̽́̾ͭ҉̞͚̟̳͉͍Ĕ̮̪̯̩̥ ̎̈́̈̈́̆̑Ĥ̷̳͍̔ͮ̔͗̚ͅȌ̼̻̙̜̦̜̈̔̌̇Rͩ̏̎͐S̭͍̣̭̚E̟ͥ̇̋̽́̎S͑̃͌ͩ҉̦ ̭̪̺͓̯̎̒ͬͅͅF̟̔͑͋Ȏ̻͈͖̹̩̙ͣ̊͐̂R̲̽ͮͧ̈ ̧͉̯ͨM̳͗E̜͉͊͂͒̚ ̛̱̗̥͇̻̜̰̓̃͂̌ ̝̩̯̓̆̎͑͗̏ͪA̴ͯN̪̺̤̞͚̐̄̓̑̀̌́D̥̗ͪ ̥ͬͪB̯̜͔͚̗̼͆̂ͣ̅̿̎͑̕R̝̝͖̘̟ͮ͗I̸͍̜̮̱͍͔ͯͪ̓̾͐̓̓N͔̓ͮ̔̔͠G̝̈́ͧ̚ ̻T̼͍̉͡H̰̝͍͍̱̯ͮͭ̋̑͛̇E̕I͓ͨ̀̾͛R̪̪̗͖͍ͧ͆̈ ̮͉̟̺ͨͯͅH̪̳͓̟̞̙̣ͧ̏ͣ̀ͬE͏̠̯A͈͓̣̎D̳̹̙̝̭̤͌̎ͧ̇͡S̢̝͇̳͓̬̲ͧͅ!͚̳̘̓̅͜ ͎̀͋W̨͇͈̃͒͐Ï͉̔ͫͫ̐ͬ̍̀L̵Ļ̠̣͓̩ͭͅ ̄̍̽ͤ͗̀B͖͕̣̰̦̮͎ͦE̮͎ ̒ͮ̓ͨ͗̍̀͠G̨͙̳̗̟̩ͣͫ̆̎Ǒ̷͔̪ͪ́̊̌̄͑O͎̼̳͛́D̘̘̥̮̞̅ͧ͗̒ͣ͐ͅͅ ̤̼̮͈̓ͫD̙͜Ė̴̬͚̬̘̚Cͥ̎̂̅͏̟O̴̅ͫ̋̎ͪ̎̓R̼̩͈̖̩̫̯̓̐̑̾̈́A̩̓Ť̰̰̈ͤ̅͠I͍̹͈O̦͓͠N̘ͭͩ͒ͦͧ̍̏S͎̬̦̝̱̣̈ ̫̩̈́͡F̙͔͔̼̗̓ͣ̂̋̅͞O̔R̙̩̙͙̙͒͗͐͂ ̫̠́M͐̽̾ͬ́Y̢̲ ̼̺̫̟̞̿̎ͥL͈̩ͬI̳̦̮̟͋ͮ͌V͍̪͚̦̗͎͓ͤ͌Ĩ̸̭͇̒ͫN̛̥̦͓̪G̨͐̂ͫͮ͊ͥ͌ ͙ͭͅȐ̳̪͚͈̪̔̑O͚̗̣̗͚͢Ở̪̞̹̻̤̫̐ͅM̟̝̮͔̦̥̔̌̀̆́͂̋́ͅ!̉̒ͧ͑̂̒

Meawhile in Equestria…

The Ghoul squad, along with Morph, are waiting outside the magic shield. Morph’s punches were doing shake the shield like glass

Ghoul Soldier : How long it takes this?

Another Ghoul Soldier : I don’t know…Maybe three or four…

Ghoul Soldier : three or four what?…Hours? Days? Weeks?…Months?…

Another Ghoul Soldier : Maybe five…

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Jun 09, 2013 at 10:35PM EDT

@Mavis and Robotnik,

Flandre can’t respond to Maivis since she can’t speak in space. Her spell card ends, and the remnants of what was several cruisers float there in dead space. Flandre quickly bolts through the wreckage, and makes her way to a hangar that is being closed. She focuses, and suddenly she gains a burst of speed which sends her propelling through the open hangar bay doors like a speeding bullet. She passed through the energy field that prevented oxygen from escaping (I’m just assuming you have one).
Phew! I can talk again!
She looks around the dimly lit hangar bay area, and transforms Laevateinn into its broadsword form. She can see perfectly fine, seeing as how she is a vampire and has low-light vision.

The sword glows with a red light surrounding it. Either there’s no ambush here, or these bots are just plain sneaky. She waits for something to happen.

Kokonoe looks up from her computer again, and at the screen.
Kokonoe: He shut off all electronic systems. I can’t get back into the system until this shit is over with. I’ll work on prepping my surprise in the meantime…
She gets up from her seat, and walks off screen.

Jun 09, 2013 at 10:36PM EDT

Boston, USA, yet another city under the control of the merciless Balloon Master. Most citizens were captured by a single squad. This squad consists in a group of fairly new cyborgs, designed to slash and cut through their enemies, imitating the samurai cyborgs from the now-gone Desperado. Their only objective? Replace the Hunters in the job of locating and neutralizing possible resistance, hidden in the sewers, in distant locations, in every kind of dark or unknown land the foot soldiers don’t step in. But now, with the situation under control, the Fox looks at the sky covered in dark fog as his soldiers battle for survival: Only the best of the best are allowed to live in this squad, they constantly duel each another, clashing their swords as the sun shines, only one shall survive…

Orders from the EES arrive, the Fox and the Slashers are given the coordinates of their next targets. A unknown place inside “Magnolia”, free from the fog influence, where Outer Haven presence was detected. The squad requests a helicopter.
They arrive to the outsides of a small town. The squad quickly activate their cloaking devices and approach the city. In a matter of seconds, the Slashers are jumping from building to building, making use of their athletic capabilities, watching the citizens before they are ready to strike.

It was a success…It was until a Slasher hit a wall and felt off a building. He lands on a table, breaking it as his face hits floor. A lot of people scream, some of them run away. The Fox quickly arrives to the scene, before the Slasher can properly stand up. He momentarily steals the injured soldier’s sword, enough to stab him with his own weapon. The rest of the squad jumps away from the shadows, hitting citizens with the back of their katanas and stabbing those who were running away, some of them are still waiting for orders.

Capture every citizen in this place. We are advanced cyborgs, we are not mindless hunters, we seek conquest not mindless killing. Those who oppose against us shall recieve the touch of our swords. Do not fail me, failure is not an option, but death if you want to follow the steps of this fellow friend of yours. Enough talking, move out!

OOC: I think you skipped something. Read my post again, the shield is strong even for Morph. There is no point in punching soemthing that can’t be broken. As I said:
The group walks away

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Jun 09, 2013 at 11:00PM EDT

mavis suddenly detects a threat inside the city. she uses her farsight magic to see what is going on. she is horrified by what she sees. a group of armed cyborgs with swords are cutting odwn innocent people and capturing those alive.

she contacts sam


everyone inside the guild hall is horrified to hear that as well.

Elfman: we need to go help them out. we need to man up and stop them from doing this.

Mavis: NO, i will take care of this myself. everyone, stay inside the hall were it is safe. they wont be able to come near the building. i will take care of them myself.

Meredith. watch over things from here. you re in charge until i get back. and no matter what happens make sure that nobody leaves the hall. we dont know what were dealing with here.

mavis takes off into the air and heads towards the main part of the city to stop the enemy

OOC: last post of the day.

BTW nice choice of map for the city spark. awesome. really captures magnolia really well.

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Jun 09, 2013 at 11:21PM EDT

She nods, and scream on the inside, she calls up everyone out in space
Okay, bad news everyone. Mavis is going to out for a bit and I’ve been put in charge. I’m no master-of-strategy and thus will probably only provide immediate assistance and update things for you.
She sighs, and places a wall of some strange, unbreakable material on all of the exits
I’ve gotta keep you guys in here. Those walls are made of bedrock from a different realm where it is unbreakable by all means. I’ll get rid of it once Mavis returns. Y’know, with my magic
She turns back to the screens and watches, waiting for any major developments or calls

Jun 09, 2013 at 11:38PM EDT

Emergency generators have been running for the past five minutes. Robotnik strolls through the dimly-lit hallways with two Shadowbots, which were larger than Robotnik and heavily armored and armed.

Robotnik: Snively was last seen near this area, correct?

Shadowbot #1: Yes, sir.

Robotnik: Good. Spread out and find him!

Shadowbots #1 & #2: Yes, sir!

The group spreads out with the intent of meeting inside the actual room with the Warpstone.

Robotnik: Oh, Snively, come out, come out, wherever you are!

Robotnik’s cybernetic ear buzzes, indicating he is being contacted.

Robotnik: What is it!?

Egg Pawn: We have 10 minutes until the electrical systems reset, sir.

Robotnik: Good… what about my fleet?

Egg Pawn: Hardly any ships remain, and a boarding party has been spotted heading towards the hangar.

Robotnik: I trust that my army of Egg Pawns are still alert and ready to intercept the intruders?

Egg Pawn: Yes, sir.

Robotnik: Good… I don’t want to make this too easy.

Egg Pawn: Understood, sir.

The comlink clicks off as Robotnik slowly step through the corridor, searching for his missing nephew.

Robotnik: I know you’re hiding from me…

… What did I ever do to you?

Robotnik utters a menacing laugh.

Robotnik: You’re missing out on all of the fun!

After all, don’t you want to watch your dearest uncle destroy his own planet?

A dash of footsteps can be heard in the distance. The short, quick beeping noises indicates that a passcode was being inputted into a control panel, followed by the sound of a door sliding open and shut.

Robotnik: SNIVELY!!! I know you’re in there!!! What are you doing with my Warpstone!?

Robotnik’s heavy steps grow louder has he approaches the door Snively had went through. Rather than simply inputting the code as Snively did, Robotnik smashes through the door with his cybernetic arm, which rips apart with little effort.

Robotnik: Crude, but effective. Now, Snively, I know you’re hiding in here.

Robotnik enters the Power Room slowly. The Room was dimly illuminated by the green light shining directly from the Warpstone.

Robotnik: You know, if you surrender right now, I’ll let you watch the show! And I won’t roboticize you! How does that sound?

Snively: Like a big fat lie, you pig-faced freak!

Robotnik: Ah! And I suppose you reject my offer then?

Snively: What do you think, you ugly boil!?

Robotnik: Luckily for me, I’ve already found you.

Robotnik, who had been tracing Snively’s voice through the echo of the rather large chamber, turns to directly face Snively. Robotnik’s pupil glow a bright red, this time to expose a now-terrified Snively hiding behind a few crates.

Robotnik: Such a shame. You were a fine nephew…

for a sniveling runt.

Snively: N-no! Stay back! I’ve rigged the whole thing to blow!

Robotnik: And risk your own skin in the process? Give me a break, Snively.

Snively, knowing he had been called out on a bluff, begins running in the opposite direction of Robotnik.

However, as Snively is punching in the code, the door opens, revealing a Shadowbot.

Snively: N-n-no!!!

Snively turns around and sprints in the opposite direction, only to pale and nearly faint at the site of his uncle.

Robotnik: Poor child. SNIVELY!!!

Snively suddenly jerks and begins to squeal as Robotnik lifts him by his collar.

Robotnik: And where do you think you’re going, Snively? You’ve simply got to stick around and enjoy the show!

“What show, sir?”, you may ask?

Why, the destruction of Mobius, of course! And then I’ll roboticize you. Free of charge!

Robotnik begins to laugh, and as he does, the Warpstone begins to glow brighter, a fact which Robotnik is oblivious to.

Suddenly, as the Warpstone glows ever-so-brighter, it unleashes a shock-wave. Robotnik, though shaken, held his grip on Snively. The Shadowbot simply deactivates and remains standing.

Robotnik was furious.


Snively: I-I did not! I’ve done nothing! This is the cause of your own stupidity! If you don’t stop now, you’ll blow the whole Space Colony apart!

Robotnik now looked ready to explode. Before he could unleash his wrath upon Snively, however, he is stopped by a robotic voice.

Shadowbot #2: Halt!

It was the voice of the Shadowbot who had just deactivated moments ago. The Shadowbot was now reactivated…

And he had his sights set right on Robotnik!

Shadowbot #2: In the name of Dr. Robotnik, you are under arrest.

The Shadowbot, rather than waiting for a response, shoots his laser-wrists at Robotnik. Though the attack only glazed his cybernetic arm, the attack makes Robotnik lose his grip on Snively, who slips away and runs out the door.

Robotnik, in a fit of rage, yells and attacks the Shadowbot head-on. Despite the Shadowbot’s larger size, Robotnik is able to overpower the Shadowbot fairly easily, and begins to push it back. Robotnik grabs for the Shadowbot’s left arm. Robotnik punches his fist inside of the Shadowbot’s shoulder and rips out the shoulder joint connecting the Shadowbot’s arm to its torso. Robotnik proceeds to pull the Shadowbot’s left arm until it tears completely off. The Shadowbot aims at Robotnik with his right arm and fires, but Robotnik already had a hold on the Shadowbot’s arm. The Shadowbot’s right arm is pulled off in a similar fashion.

The armless Shadowbot backed up a few steps as Robotnik lept onto him, using his bare hands to tear the heavily-armored robot apart.

The first Shadowbot walks in behind Robotnik, confused.

Shadowbot #1: …?

Robotnik, who had just finished off the Shadowbot, turns to the first one.

Robotnik: Spread out and find Snively!!! NOW!!!

Shadowbot #1: Yes, sir.

OOC: This will be my last post for tonight. Good night, everyone.

Jun 10, 2013 at 12:46AM EDT

OOC: So there’s nothing in the hangars? No bots even? Cause one of my characters is there already.

Jun 10, 2013 at 12:49AM EDT

The man with the artifact previously mentioned earlier happens to stumble upon Fox and the slashers
What’s this?
The man investigates more closely, and notices that the slashers, even though they ARE killing some, tent to more often then not capture the citizens.
These… I don’t even KNOW what these are, are stealing valuable souls for my demonic army! I’ll have to deal with them myself, then.
He addresses the slashers directly.
Now then. I suggest you get out of the city, or I might just have to show you the true power of the artifact hidden inside me.

Yeah, Yeah, I know.
Falcon is almost at the ARK now. He begins to slow down the ship, preparing for a landing.
In fact, i’m landing right now.
As Falcon lands, Marisa’s attack begins shredding all of the robots in the room that were prepared to ambush the flyer. The ship hovers, as there are still some robots on the floor.
Still got some tangos on the floor. I can’t land yet.
Another ship, which wasn’t spotted during the chaos, lands in the hangar. It’s occupant gets out, and begins tearing the bots to shreds with a katana before they even get a chance to attack.
???: You owe me one, Falcon.
The Falcon Flyer lands.
Goroh!? What the hell are YOU doing here?
Samurai Goroh: I heard you were heading after this Eggman guy, so I decided to come, and try to beat you to the job. Seeing as we got here at the same time, I’m going to be heading off ahead now. Bye Bye!
Goroh heads off inside the ARK.
Well. At least we have someone AGAINST Eggman. Get out. All of you.

Jun 10, 2013 at 07:50AM EDT

Wait… title change? What? Featured? Wha… what? Greatest thread in JFF history? WHAT?

Thanks for making this place a glorious success, guys. Maybe you should get together and type up an extremely condensed summary so someone like me, who lost track after the first few pages, can understand what the hell’s gone on here.

Long live Roleplay General!

Jun 10, 2013 at 10:44AM EDT

If you want a basic summary, go to page 93 and find my post (with the Wizard of Oz characters).

I gave a basic rundown of this thread’s events in one single paragraph, so there were obviously a lot of details which I had to leave out.

As I said in that post:

“If I included every single detail, well, you’d have 90+ pages of text to read through.”

Jun 10, 2013 at 11:33AM EDT

I am here im just a little busy watching E3 is all, Ill post when I can

Jun 10, 2013 at 12:00PM EDT

Stumbling upon the Fox and the Slashers is basically impossible since they are jumping around, from building to building, covering the roofs and stalking the shadows, they are also spread around the city, you won’t be finding them in the same place standing. However, the “Mister Artifact” is found by two slashers.

After hearing the man’s words, the slashers are quite confused.

The fact that the man completely ignored that they are obviously Balloon Master soldiers and told them directly about a powerful energy deep inside him.

The fact that he appeared out of nowhere.

The fact that he revealed his plans.
The slashers jump away, covered by a small smoke bomb. From the roof, kunais are thrown, like arrows covering a medieval sky, ready to pierce unlucky knights that walk around the battlefield.
Speaking of the sky..

The clouds provide a great cover for Mavis, who arrives to the city, which is nothing but agony, suffered by the citizens who were captured by the Fox and his squad. Mavis would notice that most citizens are alive, handcuffed and “stored” inside small buildings. Something horrible happened:
A slasher is handcuffing a few civilians.It seems like a family, everyone’s eyes covered in tears as the cyborg orders them to stay down. The father’s eyes aren’t covered in tears, but anger. He picks up a nearby axe and rushes towards the cyborg’s back. The slasher quickly turns around, he pulls out his deadly katana and cuts off the man’s arm. Everyone around is horrified by such a gruesome scene, blood painting the floor and the walls as the father keeps bleeding to death.

Last edited Jun 10, 2013 at 01:02PM EDT
Jun 10, 2013 at 01:01PM EDT

Meanwhile in the Heaven Bridge….
Communications Officer: The Flyer has landed sir, the boarding of the Ark has begun
Good now send in the Spartans, its time for them to start there live fire testing, and GW…
GW: Yes Sam?
I want you to oversee them, give them objectives make sure that they stay on task
GW: Yes Sam.
How is the Eggman fleet?
Warfare Officer: Its pretty much destroyed Captain, very little remains
Clear the remnants, and keep your eyes peeled for any possible counter attacks
Electronics Officer: Will do Sir
Nav, keep us steady, idle the engines
Navigation Officer: We are currently sitting still, no heading, zero drift
Okay that’s fine, and comms, keep all channels open to the attack teams, I want to know if they need help the second they ask
Communications Officer: All frequency’s opens Sir, no interference

Heaven remains sitting still, every now and then one of its guns will shoot down a crippled vessel or aircraft that comes within range meaning its currently surrounded by a massive debris field consisting of cruiser and carrier wreckages, its relatively calm now but that doesn’t mean that things aren’t any less tense

Mavis’s voice comes straight through to the Bridge
Im afraid I can’t provide you with any assistance right now your going to have to try and hold them off until we are finished up here, Im very sorry Mavis but im strapped for what I can do

The Spartans are finally launched from the side of Heaven, they rocket towards the Ark individually in their own drop pods

Thanks to GW’s super fast course corrections she manages to guide the pods around and through the space junk before finally getting into range of Ark, GW does a quick broadcast to the Spartans whilst they are still in flight
GW: Welcome to your first true live fire field test, you are to perform to your highest capabilities and are being given zero restrictions on your actions, I am GW and I will be overwatching you during this trial, please feel free to contact me for any information concerning the mission or the world around you. S-004, you are only to arm and detonate the HAVOK nuke with authorisation from the Captain himself, you are to protect it at all costs. Do you understand?

S-004 “TacNuke”: I understand GW.

GW: Upon landing you are all to proceed towards the Falcon Flyer and insure that its docking area is secure, I will contact you about your next objective once this has been completed, do you all understand?

All Spartans: Yes GW, we understand.

GW: Please brace for impact, and good luck.

The drop pods blasts straight through a previously created hole and embed into the hall, the sheer force from the impact creates a shockwave which shakes the surrounding area, tons of flaming scrap metal is thrown out into space from the landing
The Spartans landed very close to each other thanks to GW’s piloting meaning there is no need for a regroup, they all begin kicking the hatches off of their pods and stepping out, picking up their specialised weapon and equipment as they do

S-004 picks up his HAVOK nuke and places it onto his back, its held on by a heavy electro magnet
GW: A waypoint to your current objective has been marked in the HUD on your VISR, please proceed

The 5 Spartans who are….
S-001 “Anti Armour”
S-002 “Medic”
S-003 “Pointman”
S-004 “TacNuke”
S-005 “CQC
…All begin making their way towards the Falcon Flyer

@The assault teams via Codec,

The Spartans have landed they are heading towards you now to help out, if you need any ordnance support please contact me and ill try do the best I can

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Jun 10, 2013 at 03:27PM EDT


Flandre continues to look around in the hangar, and seeing that everything was taken out for her. She sighs, and keeps Laevateinn held.
I’ll go further along then. I’ll make sure everything is clear for everyone~!
Flandre runs through a nearby door, and into the hallway where the Spartans are.
Oh, uh… are you those super soldier thingies that Sam was telling me about? I might need all of your help with something… Will you help me?

Ragna hops off the Falcon Flyer, and looks around inside the hangar bay.
Ragna: Man this place is a fucking dump. Can’t even afford to light the place correctly.
He then turns back to the Flyer and yells into it again
Ragna: HEY! Guys! We’re here! Get out, get with your teams, then look for your objective!
Ragna takes Blood Scythe off of his back, and waits for Sam, Max, and Mirajane to come out.

Hakumen also walks off the Falcon Flyer, and unsheathes Okami from his back. The sword seems to provide a bit of luminance in the dimness of the ARK. He then turns back to the Flyer.
Hakumen: Come. We must be going.
Hakumen waits for Makarov, Reimu, and Marisa.

Tager walks off the Falcon Flyer with Kokonoe’s screen following him. He then looks around at all the debris from the destroyed robots.
Tager: It appears that the Doctor’s models are not up to par with us.

Kokonoe walks back onto her screen, and looks at the damage.
Kokonoe: Heh, yeah. Hopefully this isn’t all the bastard has to offer.

Tager waits for Henry, Erza, Cheston, Mr. Foster, and Veteran to get off the ship.

Last edited Jun 10, 2013 at 03:56PM EDT
Jun 10, 2013 at 03:39PM EDT

The Spartans quickly halt in front of Flandre and stand completely straight to attention

S-005 “CQC”: We will help you Flandre, please guide the way.
GW: Why have you stopped? please continue
S-005 “CQC”: Flandre is requesting that we help her, we must obey her demands
GW: I see, so be it, contact me when required

Fearless loyalty to Flandre is hard wired into ALL of Heavens personnel, she is effectively second in command when it comes to rank putting her just underneath Sam in the structure, giving her full use of all Heavens resources, This is entirely because she is Sams foster daughter and during the seclusion in the time hole she became a sort of icon to all which led to the creation of an odd church-like religion which The Prophets unsurprising founded and still run. The Spartans silently stand by Flandre ready to follow

Last edited Jun 10, 2013 at 03:57PM EDT
Jun 10, 2013 at 03:56PM EDT

Well, I guess we better get going.
Yep. I really can’t keep them all waiting.
Let’s go.
Ken, John, and Henry all step out of the ship and head to their respective groups.
Hey, Ragna! I just want to tell you to watch out for a certain “Samurai Goroh”! He’s a bounty hunter, and is most likely out for your head!

The artifact, inside the man’s body, suddenly begins pumping at an insanely fast rate.
???: Now I show you the TRUE POWER OF THE ARTIFACT!
Time seems to slow down for the man. He promptly catches the kunai aimed at him, while letting the others go abound.. He then throws the kunai back at about the same speed as they were thrown at him.
Betruger goes up to one of the knights that died during the flechette storm, and absorbs his soul.
Betruger: Ah, fully charged!

Goroh is wandering around, trying to find his way to Eggman. He happens upon Flandre and the spartans.
Hey, do you guys know where I could find an… Eggman? If you do, that would be great.

Jun 10, 2013 at 04:14PM EDT


As Flandre was greeting the Spartans, a Shadowbot was spying on their conversation from all the way down the dimly lit hallway. He then contacts Robotnik on the private frequency.
Shadowbot: Dr. Robotnik, the adversaries have breached our defenses. So far there is a child dressed in red, blonde hair, a sort of cap, a ponytail on the side of her head, and a gigantic broadsword that is giving off a very high amount of heat. Said amount could melt a human being just by stabbing it into them. It is also enough to breach through any of the walls aboard the ARK.
The Shadowbout continues to look, and spots the Spartans.
Shadowbot: Sir, there are also five unidentified soldiers in the same hallway. They seem to be from Haven. One is carrying a nuclear explosive on their back, and they are all in power armor. Said adversaries are armed with the following: shotgun, heavy duty sniper rifle, a laser of some-kind, assault rifle with what appears to be orbs at his side, assault rifle with a nuclear explosive on their back, a high amount of grenades, and all have thick energy shields.
It continues to scan, seeing nothing else.
Shadowbot: They are near Hangar #36 in the hallway beside it.
A few more Shadowbots round the corner, and accompany the original one now.
Shadowbot: Engaging.


Shadowbots in unison: Halt in the name of Dr. Robotnik. Surrender, or be roboticized.
They raise their wrist blasters, and begin firing a flurry of lasers down the hallway at the Spartans and Flandre.

Flandre had already turned around due to the chatter of the first one, and begins dodging the lasers. She grazes against them, but none hit her.
Get them!
She points at the array of five Shadowbots down the hall, and then charges in herself while dodging all the lasers that are thrown at her. Once she nears, Flandre begins cutting the Shadowbots in-two one after the other, but she needs some help… as there are more coming. The ones that Flandre cut immediately begin to melt away from where they were sliced. The heat is so intense that molten metal drips from their bodies from just one slice.

Last edited Jun 10, 2013 at 04:24PM EDT
Jun 10, 2013 at 04:15PM EDT

More of them? God,these guy just don’t know when to quit!
Goroh begins helping Flandre slice and dice the bots, but just ends up clanging his sword off the bots.
Well, crap.
Goroh runs off towards the hangar.

Last edited Jun 10, 2013 at 04:34PM EDT
Jun 10, 2013 at 04:22PM EDT

OOC: I’ve never read any of the Sonic comics, but I did watch Sonic SatAM some. I don’t know how big the Shadowbots are, but they are bigger and bulkier than the regular SWATbots. I’m going to say that these fellas that we’re fighting right now are around 7 to 8 feet tall. They also have more armor than regular SWATbots, and the wrist mounted laser cannons are better in combat.

Jun 10, 2013 at 04:32PM EDT

The Spartans instantly spot the bots and dive apart, dodging the incoming shots, they then quickly raise there weapons and begin laying down a storm of bullets upon the bots

S-002 “Medic” lays down a regeneration device which quickly increases the shields

S-001 “Anti Armour” hoists out his Grindel laser and fires…

The shot punches straight through one of them which leads to it burning up on the spot, S-001 then gets back behind cover and begins recharging the laser for another shot

S-005 “CQC” does a series of barrel rolls and manoeuvres to get closer and closer to one of the other remaining bots, he dives in and out narrowly missing the heavy incoming fire when close enough…..

(Replace Brute with Shadowbot)
Upon landing he quickly brings up his shotgun and rapid fires straight into the dazed Shadowbots chest

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Jun 10, 2013 at 04:36PM EDT

Goroh reaches the hangar, undetected by anybody in the room. He approaches the group.
To himself
Hmm… That’s a nice lightsaber that Falcon’s got there. Well, I AM a master thief… I’ll just… Borrow it.
Goroh reaches and grabs the Peony, without Falcon even realizing he stole it. He quietly snakes back to the fight.
Yes! I got it!

Jun 10, 2013 at 04:42PM EDT

Reimu exits the Blue Falcon, looking around as Marisa jumps down next to her. The Orrires Suns are still in orbit, but on standby.

“See any life?”

No… there is some sort of interference.

“Large amount of wireless signals, though the place still seems to be on standby.”

Really cold too. Not like Robots can feel temperature though.

As the two walk away from the Blue Falcon, Marisa looks back at it.


What is it?

“Nothing, but it would be a bitch move if there was heavy turrets in this hanger.”

We still have an escape.

“Yeah, going for a fly out in space. Woo, how fun.”

Marisa takes point, being that she still has the protection from the Suns, though is heading obviously in the wrong direction to anyone paying attention

“On second thought that might be a wiser choice. If the place is set to self destruct I will Master Spark a hole out or break a window.”

Only one issue with that, Grandpa can’t breath in space.

“If only I could get in contact with Patchouli… I could have had her use Jellyfish Princess on him and he would of been able to make it back though the atmosphere.”

She looks at the interdimensional codec and sighs

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Jun 10, 2013 at 05:00PM EDT

OOC: Yo falcon…“Like arrows covering a medieval sky, ready to pierce unlucky knights that walk around the battlefield”…that was just a phrase dude…I mean what the hell, arrow shooter cyborgs are beyond bizarre

The Slashers easily dodge the kunai, they are impressed and confused at the same time. The Fox is quickly informed thanks to codec transmissions. They look at each other again as the man keeps adding even more information about himself.

Cloaking devices are activated as the slashers dissapear.
OOC: Guys I don’t have time to post the rest of my character reactions, RL is keeping me quite bussy, sorry!

Jun 10, 2013 at 05:33PM EDT


The Shadowbots that were running towards the Spartans from around the corner suddenly got an emergency call saying that one of the bots spotted Snively’s whereabouts. The bots about face, and run off in the direction that they were told.

Flandre finishes cutting the ones that were already in battle down with Laevateinn. There are piles of liquid metal on the floor in front of her, along with the Shadowbot with a gaping hole in his chest that was shot by S-001. The one that S-005 fired into is also on the ground, inactive from the punishment of the shotgun. She then turns back to the Spartans.
Come on, let’s go play with my new toys!
She begins flying after the Shadowbots at top speed, not even giving the Spartans a chance to respond to her.


Hakumen grabs Marisa with one hand on the shoulder, and holds her in place.
Hakumen: We are supposed to be finding Dr. Robotnik. You are heading towards the air lock. I shall take point.
Hakumen gets in front of Marisa, and holds Okami in both hands again. He proceeds the group in the right direction now.

@Team 2,
Ragna goes back inside the Flyer, and drags Mirajane, Juvia, Gray, Sam, and Max out of it by hand.
Ragna: Alright, I don’t know why the hell you all were still on the god damn ship, but you aren’t now. Let’s get going.
Ragna begins to lead the group towards the Warpstone, just leaving the hangar.

@Team 3,
Tager does the same as Ragna, and drags his team off the ship too.
Tager: Our mission awaits us. My calculations of this ship indicate that the main weapon of the space colony should be this way.
Tager begins to lead Team 3 towards the main weapon.

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Jun 10, 2013 at 05:33PM EDT

Double Spark wrote:

OOC: Yo falcon…“Like arrows covering a medieval sky, ready to pierce unlucky knights that walk around the battlefield”…that was just a phrase dude…I mean what the hell, arrow shooter cyborgs are beyond bizarre

The Slashers easily dodge the kunai, they are impressed and confused at the same time. The Fox is quickly informed thanks to codec transmissions. They look at each other again as the man keeps adding even more information about himself.

Cloaking devices are activated as the slashers dissapear.
OOC: Guys I don’t have time to post the rest of my character reactions, RL is keeping me quite bussy, sorry!

Damn. Might as well go find more humans to kill for my demon army.
Betruger heads off to go kill people.

Jun 10, 2013 at 05:36PM EDT

The Spartans quickly pack their weapons onto their backs and take off running after Flandre, luckily they have her locked onto their HUD’s meaning they can track her down but are only capable of travelling at around 30 kmh and that’s at full sprint…

Jun 10, 2013 at 05:55PM EDT

Draconecord looks at the helicopters that have appeared in the horizon
Draconecord: Oh, you dirty bitch, work the shaft!
the helicopters all fire missiles and bullets upon him, hitting him and creating a bog
Draconecord: NO!!!
the smoke thickens, and no movement or sound is heard
Draconecord: You know I was joking, right?
suddenly, a large beam of light bursts from the fog, travelling faster than light and hitting a helicopter, exploding it immediately
Draconecord: Godzilla ain’t got shit on me!
the bog clears to reveal a smiling Draconecord

he opens his mouth again

a beam of light forms in his mouth, and he fires it yet again, hitting another helicopter
Draconecord: What’s the matter, vampire? You were talking all that good shit just moments ago… so hit me! HIT ME!!!
he fires more beams of light, hitting more helicopters and making a fire storm

Draconecord: Now… which one of your birds has the ghoul inside… let’s make a game of it!
shoots more beams of light, blasting more helicopters

Jun 10, 2013 at 05:59PM EDT

“Jeez, I was just… examining my exits.”

Marisa jumps ahead again for similar reasons as before




She walks head first into a group of Shadowbots



Reimu throws a ton of Homing Amulets everywhere as Marisa starts to warm up the suns again

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Jun 10, 2013 at 06:28PM EDT

ooc: sorry im late guys. just hold up a second alright. dont be rushing out in a hurry.


mirajane passed out for a bit while on board the flyer. falcons flying made her bump her head on the side.

after leaving the ship and being dragged outside of the hangar thanks to ranga. she quickly re awakens.

Mirajane: sorry for that, ranga. falcon made a sharp turn and i hit my head on the side pretty hard. but ill be fine though. ALRIGHT. GRAY, JUVIA, SAM AND MAX, AND RANGA, WITH ME. WERE GONNA TAKE OUT THE WARPSTONE GENERATOR.

@Tager and crew.
Erza is shouldering both Natsu and gajeel. they both suffered from the motion sicknedss wile on board. she tosses their bodies out like ragdolls and wendy rushes out to heal them. laxus follows up shortly.

Erza: im sure you know what your doing right. keep these two in check alright.


Erza walks up to tager and crew.
Erza: sorry for the wait. i had to take care of some useless bagage on board. make sure that everyone is in their teams before wo move out. also kokonoe. how long before you can get through eggmans systems and get the data we need?

OOC: everyone. go to your teams first. make sure you know which people you are with before continuing.

Last edited Jun 10, 2013 at 07:08PM EDT
Jun 10, 2013 at 06:54PM EDT

Falcon blasts over the intercom





FREELANCE MEMBERS (Basically, do what you want)
Captain Falcon


OOC: You’re welcome.
If I made any mistakes, tell me. I used the debriefing on page 93 to do this.

Last edited Jun 10, 2013 at 07:06PM EDT
Jun 10, 2013 at 07:05PM EDT

OOC: wow. thanks a lot man. im working on a post with zarathh. once its been taken care of. than well continue okay.

Jun 10, 2013 at 07:09PM EDT


Flandre catches up to all of the Shadowbots that were running to help with the backup of the others. There appear to be about 13 of them running.
Flandre speeds straight into the back one that is lagging behind, and skewers it with Laevateinn. The bot’s circuits begin to melt away as the intense heat burns the metal and wiring inside of it. The bot deactivates, and Flandre pulls Laevateinn out.
The 12 remaining Shadowbots stop in their tracks, and turn around to face the attackers.
Shadowbots in unison: Halt in the name of Dr. Robotnik. Surrender, or be roboticized.
They raise their wrists, and begin firing a flurry of lasers at the Spartans and Flandre.

The vampire smiles, and flies backwards towards the Spartans. She dodges the lasers headed at her. Flandre morphs Laevateinn back into its wand form, and begins to fire out a flurry of red-crystal projectiles at the Shadowbots as she dodges the incoming fire. Their armor is pierced, but this isn’t a spell card. It will take longer to penetrate their armor with these.

@Reimu, Marisa, and Makarov,

There is a group of 8 Shadowbots standing there. They face the group.
Shadowbots in unison: Halt in the name of Dr. Robotnik! Surrender, or be roboticized.
A few run to take cover, and fire massive wrist lasers from there while the others back up and begin firing their lasers at the group of four.

Hakumen charges into the Shadowbots, and begins tearing into the ones out in the open with Okami. The sword cuts through the armor easily thanks to Hakumen’s advanced strength.
One of the Shadowbots throws a punch at Hakumen after he finishes cutting one of the bots up.
Hakumen puts his forearm up in a defensive stance, and a blue barrier with a symbol on it intercepts negates the punch. Hakumen takes this chance to grab the Shadowbot’s hand, and fling it over his head and to the ground. He then stabs Okami into the center of it, and makes a straight vertical cut in the robot. This effectively slices it like butter.
The bots continue to fire on all of the group.


Ragna looks at Mirajane.
Ragna: Alright, why the hell are you the team leader? I can sense that you’re pretty powerful, but you’re just too bubbly and happy. Something’s off with you. I’ll handle this if you want, thank you.


Kokonoe: He shut off all electronics. The virus is still in the systems of the station, but I can’t do anything until he turns it back on. I DO have a little surprise prepared in the event that everyone gets absolutely creamed by this bastard though.
Tager looks down at Erza.
Tager: Right. Let’s get going.
The Red Devil begins to walk off in the way of the Eclipse Cannon with Kokonoe’s screen following him.

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The Spartans quickly catch up and see Flandre moving back towards them followed by a hail of heavy gunfire, S-002, S-004 and S-005 all deploy their hard light shielding, making a wall of almost impenetrable cover….

This gives S-003 “Pointman” a good chance to start taking shots at weak points on the bots with his anti material rifle, he manages to strike a few down using his finely tuned skills, sending solid 50cal shots straight through the machines

S-001 “Anti Armour” fires off another massive laser which spears straight one which then goes onto reflect off the wall behind it and strike another cutting a groove out of its head, he then continues his attack by drawing a few grenades and throwing them downwards towards the bots, he is struck a few times from the gunfire but his shields hold up well

The fire fight continues, the Spartans are fearless and silent….

Jun 10, 2013 at 08:27PM EDT

Marisa quickly looks around, and after realizing the orreiries suns powers where low, she uses their last bit of power for aimed focused beams

This nearly instantly takes out 5 of the 8 shadow bots. The suns seem to fall to the ground and fade away afterwards.

“Told ya I had it under control.”

Reimu’s amulets split up into 16 and outright destroys the remaining bot.


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