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Jun 20, 2013 at 08:45PM EDT

Being a supernatural being, I’m not to excited about this sudden get.
I’m here to cure.

..still waiting for patients…

Jun 20, 2013 at 08:45PM EDT


Pretty good..


@RP Pub,
There is only so much interference a omniversal all existing true god can tolerate to his business
He draws his revolver from its holster

Pavel: Little sukka!!
He shoots the thing with a weapon forged by the crow himself, its properties are infinite and cause instantaneous death
Pavel: I only came here to strike a deal sheeeyet…
He makes his way over to Yukari yet again

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Jun 20, 2013 at 08:49PM EDT

Two Face would quickly walk towards the group. He looks around, place is filled with trash and tin cans. His left eye starts to twitch as he talks.

Just what the hell is going on right here?

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Jun 20, 2013 at 08:50PM EDT


Congrats to everyone who managed to not shoot themselves over the headaches this thread has caused. Party Hard!

Yukari smirks as a portal closes up above where Hazama was standing

“Nice one. Seems you even hid my eyes from the common view.”

Her eyes are glowing red, a somewhat uncontrollable side effect to Madness in a Touhou Character. Though the level it affects her is very minor if at all.

“I do have my own personal subspace we can hide in. Only my familiars and a handful of prisoners in there. Either that or I can just take you to the Nether, nobody tends to listen there either.”

She turns to Pavel

“You seem like a charitable fellow and there is in fact a few things I need. Though a multitask like this is a bit farfetched at the moment, I leave you in the capeable hands of my Familiar, Ran.”

A portal opens and a Kitsune Girl drops into the room

Ran: “Yes I memorized what was needed.”

Yukari: “Good, now then.”

Another portal opens behind her

“My World or the Nether Madness Boy?”

Jun 20, 2013 at 08:50PM EDT

the bullet hits excalibur. but it seems to do nothing to him.

Excalibur: fine, if you want to be like that than ill leave you to your business. he walks back to his booth.
OOC: Excalibur cannot be destroyed or killed. PERIOD.

Asura: your world seems nice. just as long as were away from this filthy place. so shal we be off then?

Jun 20, 2013 at 09:04PM EDT

OOC: One hundred pages…

You cannot take this thread away from us, Internet! We’ve made it into what it is, and for that, congrats! Let’s go to the Pub and pop some champagne!

Jun 20, 2013 at 09:14PM EDT

Turns out Pavel fired a dummy round ((im not having a god crafted insta killer weapon dashed like this))

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Jun 20, 2013 at 09:15PM EDT

Yukari leads Asura into her portal, and winds up in a peculiar place. She seems to be able to spy on various places here, and jump to them if need be.

“Have a seat.”

She plops onto her couch and a red rip opens up across from it. Apparently Solid.

Jun 20, 2013 at 09:44PM EDT

@The RP pub,

Hazama makes his way out of the attic, and up through the hatch to the roof. He scratches his head, thinking to himself why his head hurt all the sudden as he poured garbage all over the bottom floor.
Hazama: Eh, whatever.
He walks over to the edge of the roof, and jumps down in front of the entrance to the pub. He proceeds to then kick open the doors again, and walk right on in.

Jun 20, 2013 at 09:45PM EDT

Now, that kind of teleportation is very impractical. Me, I can just snap my fingers…
Maledict suddenly teleports to a barstool
And be anywhere I want. It’s that simple, really. But then again, I AM the equivalent to the devil, and all…
Suddenly, the door is kicked open yet again by a certain Samurai Goroh
I hear that Falcon is here! Where the hell is he?
Right Here, Goroh.
I’ve just come to say that I AM going to beat you in the next F-Zaro Grand Prix! Also-
No, you’re not.
grr… YES I AM! DON’T YOU DENY IT! I’m going to get a drink.
Goroh sits down on a barstool, and orders some drinks.
The door pops open again, as three people enter the bar. One is in a hood that goes down to his legs, one is in a grey trenchcoat, with the long collar covering his face, and one is wearing robes that have a hood on them. They all sit down next to each other, in a relatively secluded spot, and start chatting. This totally isn’t an important plot point.

Jun 20, 2013 at 10:03PM EDT

asura looks around the place. he is fascinated by it, but not by much.

Asura: hm, not bad. at least were away from crow and the others. i just want to be sure that nobody else knows about this other than you.

asura sits down, he still has the bottle of whisky in his hand, still halfway to go in it. he places the bottle down on the table.

now. lets begin shall we.

OOC: natsuru, i want this whole conversation to be done over private messaging if that is okay with you. its actually important to the plot of the thread later on.

Jun 20, 2013 at 11:14PM EDT

“For the last time you are not getting inside the pub lad.”

One wonders…what would happend if a unknown man gives you the power of “Not dying”? What would happend if, for some reason, you are turned into a psycopath with 5 different voices inside your mind constantly telling you what to do?
Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different result…
Not-Bloodpool: Hola señores, vengo por la..err…vengo por la fiesta. Soy un invitado de honor…el mariachi oficial de este establecimiento…err..Encargado oficial de las naranjas.
Chains: I think this is by far his worst attempt, remember that time when he dressed as Flandre?
Hoxton: Aw hell nah! My eyes are still recovering after looking at THAT! Yo Bloodpool guy, you are not allowed to get in so yeah, just go away.
Not-Bloodpool: Perdon, no los puedo entender.
Chains: Stop acting like a motherfucker, even a dead monkey recognizes you. Now, I’ll give ya 20 seconds to get lost or I will shot your brains out of your head and put that fish up your “penal zone.”
Bloodpool: Alright alright you got me..Jeez..Party poopers…But please guys, PLEASE! Let me share my last orange with you! Do you have any idea of how important is to get your dialy dosis of vitamin C? It’s just orange don’t worry.
Hoxton: Hold on a sec. Hoxton quickly pulls out a small pistol Hands in the air mate and put that fish where I can see it. Chains, check if that thing isn’t a gun or something, last time he got a C4 inside a piñata.
Suddenly Wolf comes out of the pub.
Wolf: Guys I feel like something is in the air! MONEY! Place is filled with the main protagonists and all of them are spending precious cash around! I tell ya, the pony was right: People bloody love this place!
Bloodpool: It was nice to meet you guys again but I really must go! After all, anyfin is possible when you have some tuna!
The merc quickly slaps the three bouncers’ faces and then he jumps in the air, throwing the orange-smoke bomb. A loud sound is heard as the bomb hits the floor, unleashing enough smoke to cover the entrance. The three bouncers quickly start to shoot around, trying to guess Bloodpool’ position. As the smoke dissapears, they can be see a sombrero flying out of the roof.

Meanwhile, Two Face is still drinking in the bar corner of the “Good Side”. Doors are kicked, the Green Snake walks and shortly, gun shots are heard. Two Face’ left eye twitches. He walks towards Hazama ,but before he has a chance to say anything, a man interrupts his path.
Two Face: What happened now Dallas?
Dallas: Oh nothing, just a small, reaaally small problem that will be fixed once me and the guys check the roo-
Two Face: Don’t try to fool us, everyone around the place heard the gunshots. “He” managed to pass through our so called “professional” security, you and your goons, and now he is free to repeat the same events of the last week. Look at my face and answer us, “he” is here right? He grabs Dallas by the tie and pulls him towards his disfigured face. He is here…right?
Dallas:Shivers. Well…Clears his throat. Technically he isn’t inside the place but there is a small possibility of-

Two Face: Unlucky you, we can’t hold the coin and the gun at the same time so we will let our dark side decide. Luck is fair and essential but we can’t allow that creep get inside the place. Your luck is running out Dallas, such as my patience and my inability to hold a gun near someone’s face without wanting to pull the trigger. Last question…He is here…Right?
Dallas slowly nods. Two Face instantly strikes his face with the back of his pistol, sending Dallas’ mask flying away and breaking his jaw at the same time. The bouncer falls to the floor, covering his mouth with both hands as he keeps bleeding. The rest of the bouncers arrive..
Two Face:I don’t want any kind of explanation or excuse, just head to the roof and seek him, kill him, shoot him down, do what you were supposed to do, get rid of him.

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Jun 21, 2013 at 03:59AM EDT

@RP Pub,
He takes a few looks around the place, and at the familiar
Pavel: Back to snap….
Pavel vanishes in a quick flash of light

Jun 21, 2013 at 11:21AM EDT

Well then. Seeing as there is practically nothing to do…
Maledict teleports out JUST as Doomguy walks into the bar
Well what do we have here?
John takes a seat

Jun 21, 2013 at 11:52AM EDT

@ Dio

A wild group of Giant Mantises Appears!
What will Dio do?


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Jun 21, 2013 at 04:53PM EDT

Dio promptly activates his stand. He then gets about 10 meters away, and starts using his stand to generally punch the Giant Mantises, rip their heads off, pound them into dust, and the like.

OOC: No, you can’t see or hurt his stand. Only Stand users can see stand, and only stands can hurt stands.
Also, Bio on Dio’s stand

Jun 21, 2013 at 05:56PM EDT

Dio uses Stand!

It’s super effective!

Wild Mantises faint die.

Dio gains 200 XP a new weapon; whomping stick!

@ Falcon
What is his Stand?

Jun 21, 2013 at 06:02PM EDT


Ran is thrown out rather easily and goes crashing into the trash cans

“Lady Yukariiiiii…”

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Jun 21, 2013 at 06:49PM EDT

OOC: Not much happening so I thought I might as well give a little more backstory on the prison

The mega-prison, Persephone, location: Transcendence…

Its mighty structure of which only a fraction is visible sits in a wasteland of dried black rock that stretches on for thousands of miles of Transcendences artificial surface, a gentle breeze constantly blows across the arid ground which coats everything in a fine layer of dust whilst at other times massive sand storms wash through the land forcing the prison to batten down and seal up, the storms can be so vicious that they have been know to eviscerate any caught out patrol teams who fail to make it back to the prison in time

To make things even more dull, throughout the entire area, below and above ground, can be heard a very low ticking that always stays to a 3 second tempo, it never seem to sop and never changes in speed and is noticeable when in any part of Persephone, its low tick tock echoing through out the halls and enclosed spaces. You quickly get used to the constant tick after a few days of being within the prison and soon enough build up an immunity to it keeping you awake at night on your concrete bed however the prisoners believe it to be a sort of slow torture technique used to drive everyone eventually insane but the actual truth is the ticking is just the sound produced by an even greater machine, one of a mystical and clockwork design
It is simply known as “The Clock” mainly because the machine itself is hidden deep within Persephone, very few people have seen it so the name is the only thing that people could logically come up with, especially when it is only identifiable by a ticking sound.

Apart from it hardly ever being seen and the mystery surrounding it one sure fact is known about The Clock…

It completely stops ALL attempts at teleportation and inter-dimensional distortion within and around the prison

Meaning once you are inside the hellish wasteland that it calls its home or inside the bowels of the structure itself no attempts at trying to simply jump out of the prison through the use of magic will be possible. It is a true prison, built for all

Moving on. The people who enforce order within the prison are also unsurprisingly very evil and sadistic, they carry out un-hesitating executions and torture without as much as a flinch or glimmer of regret and because Persephone is basically a massive crate full of worthless heretics they find great joy in their roles as prison guards and make extensive use of the amount of freedom they are given within their duties, random public murders and “incineration days” are a common occurrence and almost always happen on impulse.

These maniacs have many different kinds of names, however all of them are vein attempts at trying to summarise these walking nightmares. For now people have settled on just calling them The Prison Guards

They are ofcourse Loyalist like the rest and they have gained their simple names because they are only ever seen around the halls of Persephone and because people gave up trying to think of something as equally evil as their actions. They are never deployed onto the front-line and are never really tampered with mainly because hey seem to be happy enough within their jobs as it is however this is only judged by the lacking care of others lives they possess. They are short on words and rarely speak.

Although a lot of questions are raised about what species they are? what sort of twisted world do they reign from? why are such madmen running a prison? then atop these question there is an ongoing rumour that the crow himself engineered the race from birth in an attempt to make the most simple and murderous one around with the prime goal being to use them as prison guards and torturers, however these rumours are widespread and vary from person to person….

Now, the problem of people teleporting in and out of Persephone is a matter long gone thanks to The Clock but the problem of people using magic other than inter-dimensional interference is a problem that has to be dealt with in a different fashion…..

Which is what these guys are for. Since the The Clock itself is ancient and mostly unknown it could only be reverse engineered to a certain extent meaning only inferior and smaller scale copies could be made eventually bringing about the creation of the “Music Box” which is a slightly cumbersome device which has to be strapped to a Guards front, the handle on the side is then wound which produces a sound which is just a jumble of incoherent notes and static…….

However the sound produced is just a bi-product of its true effect, which is when the Guard is winding the Music Box….

No magical abilities of ANY type can be used within its range, literally nothing

The Music Boxes are rarely used lately as all the prisoners, except the Vigilantes, are not magical to any extent, but like previously mentioned, the cells of the Vigilantes always have a Music Box Guard stationed outside who only has to wind the box to fill the surrounding area with mind numbing suppression, which unsurprisingly has zero effect on the Guards themselves….

Now that is out of the way and cleared up we are going to follow the story of your average heretic prisoner within Persephone…

Prisoner #823754, real name Jack
There is little to say, his species reached the space fairing era and was visited by the god crow, it demanded worship and respect, they denied and were subsequently pummelled back into the ground of their homeworld, the civilisation was slaughtered and the planet “reset” a small minority were taken prisoner, Jack obviously being part of that ever so lucky bunch. This story is commonplace

Anyway we find Jack entering the mess hall, its meal time and the rats are out in full force, snatching food from your plate and biting at your bare feet, he tries his best to stay to his normal routine of keeping clear of others and sitting by himself, he hasn’t spoken in over 34 days now, not because of the inability to but because there is simply no need nor reason, he just sits there, eating his soylent green whilst staring at the diseased crowd……



Pavel quite comedically poofs back in but only his head is showing, he laughs at Ran
Pavel: I onlyeee wanted to talk to Yukari

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Jun 21, 2013 at 07:14PM EDT

Two Face would quickly appear in front of Ran, offering his hand to help. His left eye is disturbing but at last he isn’t twitching anymore, he looks quite calm.

Heads or Tails kitty cat? Hope you are not part of tonight’s club “We hate trash cans”. I swear, if someone else drops into one of these things again, I’m going to get rid of them forever and people will have to literally eat their own litter.

Jun 21, 2013 at 07:17PM EDT

(100 pages ! ! ! YAY)


NM enter to “Nightmare Mode”.


Nightmare Medic levitates Hazama with his telekinesis, then push him to the wall.

NM : So… you like to be funny, pretty boy?

NM eyes turns a redish color. Them, NM narrow one hand, and grabs Hazama from his neck.

NM : Ok, I going to be funny with you…Yūki…

Nightmare throws Hazama away to the other side of the bar, colliding with a table with such force that it destroyed into pieces.

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Jun 21, 2013 at 07:24PM EDT

@hazama and medic
OOC: it seems asuras plan worked, but nobody knows that at all.

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Jun 21, 2013 at 07:32PM EDT


Hazama crashes into the bar, and lay in the debris of the shattered wood. He quickly jumps back up to his feet, and dusts himself off.
A green and black portal opens up above Hazama, and a metal snake head attached to a chain snakes out of it.

The metal snake head lunges at the Medic and clamps onto him at the neck. It then draws Hazama in towards Medic, where he delivers a powerful kick to his face that sends him flying back into a wall.
Hazama: Oh don’t think I’m done with you!
While the good doctor is stunned Hazama opens up another Ouroboros portal that shoots the snake head out at him and latches onto Medic. With this one, however, Hazama controls it like a massive flail, and begins swinging the demonic doctor around like a toddler in a tantrum. Medic crashes into the bar, various tables, and the walls among many other things.
Hazama: Hyahahaha!

@Ran, Two Face, and Pavel,

Meanwhile outside the bar, a new face walks up… This man is a young adult man with spiky swift back, slightly long brown hair, and amber eyes. He has a long, X-shaped scar across his face. He wears a dark green modified ninja outfit with a big red scarf, silver gauntlets, black fingerless gloves, dark green harama pants that expose his tights. He carries a giant nail on his back.

The man sees Ran laying in the trashcan accompanied by Two Face standing next to her. He rushes over to the scene, and confronts Two Face. He then does an epic point at him, with his finger being only inches away from his face.
He doesn’t even let Two Face tell his side of the story of how he got out here. The man then turns towards Ran.
He stops shouting, and grabs her hand to hoist her back up.
Bang: Did this man with the silly mask do this to you? I must know. It is my job to fight evil, and protect the weak.
He then turns to Pavel, and crosses his arms.
Bang: How could you not protect this woman from this man with the strange mask on?! It is despicable that an adult male such as yourself would do such a thing! EXPLAIN YOURSELF!

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Jun 21, 2013 at 07:43PM EDT

Asura, The Anti-Fun. wrote:

ooc: he hates bell peppers? well guess who doesnt hate them?

OOC: God damn Iron Chef was amazing.

Jun 21, 2013 at 08:04PM EDT


NMedic recovers quickly, removes the rubble of his suit and gets up, teleporting front Hazama.

NM : Ahh… the little mortal suffers amnesia? Ok, fine… I am a “doctor”, remember?

NM : Because I’m not done with you too!
NM take impulse and charge against Hazama, grabbing him from his face and throw him against the floor, making a hole. Later, NM grabs one of Hazama’s leg and levitate, leaving Hazama floating in the air.
Nightmare Medic enter to “Blood Mode”. A black aura surrounding his body, and his hands begin to heat hot. Suddenly, a burst of fire in the form of a creature appears and attack Hazama in the middle of the air

NM : I̶̩̋ͦ̀’̱̮̼͉͎̌̍͑ͪ̇̎̎͡l̯̯͓̺̪͙͐ͥ͜lͮ͋ͦ͏͚͈̬͘ ̶͋̂̌̅ͩ҉̦̺̪t͒̒̅̾͏̯̩ǫ̖ͦ͑͋́͡å̗͚̗͕̹͉̫ͨ̒s̸̶̳̙͍̏̄̎̊̒ͪ̚ț͈̎̔̆̾͡ ͂ͣ̈ͩ̄҉̢̘͓̹̦̞y̸̙͍̳͙̰̰͍̽ͨ͡ő̢̫̖̙̫̙̖̹ͨͮ̋ͨ̽͒̚ͅu̴̵͓͌ͩ̈̃ͬ̿́͠r̭̟̮͉̚ ̛̛̲̼̬̺̘̈́̈ͣḅ͍̪̤͉̟̩̞̓̑ͧ̒̃ͣ̾̒̀͡õ̧͐̓ͦ͌ͭ̄̋҉̯̙̩̪̞̺͍͍̝n͚̬̠ͬ͆͑̂̈́͒ͤ̈́͘ë̬͎̖̹͖̫̻̽̌ͥ̍̃̃́͘s̨̓̈̿ͭ̇̇͗ͪ҉̗͉͍͔̬̪̠͓ͅ ̢̛̦ͨ͌̈́͗͝ͅa̰̯̬̝͖̯ͩ̌ͩ̑̒̍ͫͭ͠͡ň̮̝̼͕̼͈dͬͧͥ̇̉ͮ͌̕͏̡̜̰̺͕̰͈͔̺ ̛̹͖͈͍ͣ̾ͪ̚͞͝I̧̗̱̬ͫ͋͌ ̡̛͈̩͂̋͛̒̃̒ͮ̏͆͡w̵͔̯̺̖̐ͥ͢͝iͥ̐ͨ͏͏̥͍̹̜̜̳̫̥͟l̡̥̟͍̲̣̉̂ͣ͢͟ͅl̸̹̻͇̲̈́͌ͧ̿̕ ̯̟̬̉̾͆̾͐͂ͦ̓͘͡g̨̩͖͒ͥͥͫ̓̐͞ͅi̷̞̩̫̣̫͌̓͌͢v̡͔̥͉̥͎̤̘͛ͮͯ͠͡e̲̭͖̥̪̯͙̺͖̐ͫͮ̊̅ͯ̕ ̴̬̫̂̈́ͅṯ̱̄̑ͮ͟h̻̮͎̬͓̓̇ͪ͗͠ȇ̴̮̞͂̍ͫ̚͟͢m̷̨̡̹̩̖̼̅ͭ̇ͅ ̶̦̣̖̋ͤͫ́͂͢t̹͕͇͈͇̖̤̺̽̌̀ͫ̏̅ͪ̾̑ͅo̡̙̣͕͕̟͇̘̖̜̅ͧ͑͊ͥͥ͆̕͟ ̴̻͕ͯ̓̈͞f̟̩̳̞̲̣̦̱͋̾͝e̙̪̘̳̲͖͔̦͛̿̒ͥͅẽ̢͎̺̼͇͍͈̪̹̏ͧͥ͌d͇̟̟̮̤̼̠͇̆ͨ ̹̥͙̼̹̝̱̙͗t̗̳̤̝̮̝̝͋̈̄o̷̫̦̦̮̲̱̦ͧ̌ͅ ͙̻̟̟̼̣̞̹̍ͫ̚ͅm̭̫̱̪͖̬͔̹͒̎̒̌̀y̡̪̬͙̙̣̫̥̫ͮͨ̒̄ ̛̬͎̲͖̲̺̆ͬͫ̆͑ͦ̋̈́̆͝a̵̯̗̜͉̺̯͔͒ͧ͂̑̏̚͡ṛ̩̱͍̹̠̾͆ͫ͛m̬̰̹͈̥̮̗̒̏͗̋̌ͧ̍́̚yͤ͏̜̻̮̺͘͟!̶̮̗̊ͨ́̐̀̐͞

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Jun 21, 2013 at 09:42PM EDT

@The good doctor,

Hazama: Hothothothot!
The green haired lunatic quickly opens up a portal in front of him, shooting out another Ouroboros at the Medic. The snake head latches onto his arm and Hazama swings the portal towards the fire beast, taking the Medic in tow with it (I am assuming that this would break focus). Hazama then air-dashes to the right, and lands on top of a table. He then leans back, and wraps both his hands around his head. The entirety of the bar is covered in a distorted purple mist as he does this.
Hazama: Restriction 666 released!
The mist gets even more distorted, and an glowing green outline appears around Hazama.

Hazama: Dimensional Interference Field Deployed!
A black aura begins to manifest itself around Hazama, and the green outlining that surrounds him grows bigger and glows brighter.
Hazama: Code S.O.L., BlazBlue, Activate!
Hazama’s aura is raging now, and all of the sudden a massive green ring with symbols all around it appear in about a 20 foot diameter of the bar. This is an interdimensional force field that prevents any reality altering of any sorts in the are while it is active. This field also drains the life force, and souls of all who are in the field.
Hazama then unwraps his hands from around his head, and stares straight at the Medic who is in the fire beast.
Hazama: Let me show you, the power of the Azure!
Hazama’s aura is now twice the size of what it was a few moments ago.
Hazama: Now, let’s play!

He shoots out another Ouroboros at Medic that drags him over here. While stunned, he pulls out his knives and begins to unload with a variety of fast slashes, and not to mention taking life draining aspect of the BlazBlue into effect. After a multitude of slashes from his knives, Hazama delivers a powerful kick to the Medic to send back at the fire beast and flying straight through the pub wall.

Jun 21, 2013 at 10:10PM EDT

The whole chaos caused by the fight between Hazama and the Nightmare Medic caught the unnecesary attention of the villians from “The Devil Side”. Most of these criminals just drink and wait for the oppotunity, for any kind of chance and for every kind of poor excuse to start a bar fight. Agustus silently watches the fight, holding his glass and thinking “To take off the helmet or not.”

Two Face quickly turns around.
Mask? You little average joe, stop jumping with senseless conclusions based on what your eyes see. Your kind of people is what makes this place a miserable hole. Acting before thinking should be a crime. Why would I ever throw someone to a bunch of useless trash cans despite being the man in charge of the security of this place?
Loud sound, the Doctor crashes into a pub wall, a table breaks into pieces, along with the drink of the known supervillian “The Cremator”. He is a tall emotionless man with a powerful beam ray that drains the energy of his enemies.
Dallas: Holy shit! Boss, they just angered the Cremator!
The Cremator snaps. He punches the Medic away and he then proceeds to fire his weapon, blasting everyone around him. Every villian goes nuts, most of them start to punch each other and the smart ones take on the guys from the “Good side”. Chairs being used as improvised melee weapons, table smashing, bottle fighting, place is a chaos.
The Cremator quickly approaches Two Face, Dallas and Bang as he blasts away a random character from a random fighting game series.

A few heroes are knocked out, villians follow the Medic’ steps in basic lessons of “Wall hitting”, beams fly everywhere as Two Face’ left eye twitches.
Loud footsteps as the ground shakes.

The Rocket Man starts to run around the place, punching the living daylights of anyone unlucky to be in his path, sending people flying around as his fists strikes their mouths.

Jun 21, 2013 at 10:23PM EDT

As the Epic Bar Fight starts, Falcon and Goroh spring into action, pulling out their Beam Katanas.
Alright, let’s go!
This is going to be fun!
Doomguy pulls out a plasma rifle and starts going to town.
Suddenly, two of the concealed men unmask themselves. The one in the small hood, who turns out to be Ken, and the one in the Trenchcoat, who turns out to be Henry
You are already dead.
It’s time to say goodnight.
The one in the long robes just sits there, waiting to strike.

Ah, I do love a good barfight. I think I’ll send a few Mancubi with a few Arch-Viles in there.
Suddenly, a demonic portal opens up inside the bar, with about 8 Mancubi and 8 Arch-Viles showing up out of the portals.

Mancubus and Arch-Vile bios.

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Jun 21, 2013 at 10:53PM EDT

“Th-thanks. And no, I only eat well prepared food.”

Ran is about to take Twofaces Hand, squeaking a bit when she is hoisted up by Bang instead

“It was the managers of this bar. They threw me out… "

And then as the chaos ensues, Ran just stares in amusement, a Card in her hand just in case…

At the door

Captain: “Awwwww, but it looks like they are having so much fun in there!”

Bouncer: “Shut up kid, you barely look 5 let alone 21. Get lost.”

The annoying brat is punted away

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Jun 21, 2013 at 11:09PM EDT

@Two Face,

Bang gets a furious look on his face when called “Average Joe”, but before he can open his mouth he is spoken to by Ran.

@Ran and people in the bar,

Bang takes a deep breath from all the shouting.
He then looks down at Ran.
Bang: Fear not, beastkin. I, Bang Shishigami, shall avenge you and stop all of the violence that is going on in the place that reeks of alcohol and evil!
He holds a fist up to seemingly nothing.

Bang quickly rushes at the bar. He knocks down all 3 of the bouncers, breaks down the doors, and tackles the Cremator who is draining the energy of the unnamed fighting game character.
Bang: YOU! You have been attacking my student!
Bang’s hand catches on fire, and raises it high above him.
Bang: Pulverizing Fist!
He delivers a powerful flaming double palm-strike to The Creamtor’s abdomen. The attack is strong enough to the bones in an area of a normal human.

Last edited Jun 21, 2013 at 11:53PM EDT
Jun 21, 2013 at 11:28PM EDT

As the Cremator is sent flying across the room, Falcon intercepts him with a Falcon punch.

The Cremator is sent off flying…
straight towards Hazama.

Jun 21, 2013 at 11:32PM EDT

@The Cremator


NM grabs The Cremator from his throat and gives him a powerful punch to his face that sends “the emotionless man” flying through the air.

@The pretty boy…


Nightmare Medic through the wall, creating another hole at the bar. His body turns dark and is surrounded by a red and black aura. Unlike the previous one, the aura was more chaotic, unstable, trying to manifest.

NM : This is fascinating, is so funny …Hehe hehe…

Nightmare enter to “Nightmare Mode”. The full bar starts shaking, the black and red aura became more bigger like Hazama’s aura. The light begins to fade, leaving total darkness.

NM : I never have so much fun…HeHe…Right? Yūki…

Nightmare Medic crosses his arms as a sign of invocation. His redish eye bright more than usual

NM : Releasing Control Art Restriction Systems!

Then Nightmare Medic open his arms and makes a sign of the cross

NM : Commencing the Erzdämon Invocation

And finally points Hazama with his fingers full of blood. Later, in the floor, five tentacles in fire starts to emerges from the ground. with a large of 25 meters, begins to attack Hazama. One of them grab him from his leg and throw away trought the pub wall. One tentacle grab again Hazama and hit him to the ground.

NM : One more change…

The fire beast begins to change, taking the form of a dragon

NM : Spray the green-haired man…Noooow…

The Dragon rushes against Hazama and hits him with his tail, burning part of Hazama’s chest.

OOC: Poor “The Cremator”, everyone is punch him…

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Jun 21, 2013 at 11:55PM EDT

suddenly a new person arives inside the door shortly after bang gets inside.

he looks around the place to see everyone fighting. he cant but smile with excitement at the place

Natsu: wel it looks like theres a party going on here happy, and we weren’t invited.

happy: just dont destroy the place natsu.

natsus fists are enshrouded in flames

Natsu: not making any promises on that one happy. NOW LETS GO!

natsu bursts into an inferno.


meanwhile excalibur is in the corner booth

Excalibur: sips tea aaaahh, nothing beats an herbal tea at night.

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Jun 21, 2013 at 11:58PM EDT

Meanwhile, not at the bar, Meredith is just watching everything that is occurring at the RP Pub from the Guild Hall, and is seriously debating casting Ceasefire on the place to stop it from getting wrecked. She decides to consult everyone at said bar, her voice being heard by all present as if it was from a loudspeaker.
You guys, I thought that pub was a place to rest up and get drunk and what-not, Not as a place to get into fights. Do I have to cast Ceasefire on that place? Seriously you guys, I thought you were more mature than this.
…I’m kind of disappointed of you all.

Last edited Jun 22, 2013 at 12:18AM EDT
Jun 22, 2013 at 12:15AM EDT

NO. Also, Don’t blame me. Hazama started it by dumping garbage on a death god’s head.
Not at all.
The robed figure just shakes its head, as if saying yes.

Maledict, observing the entire universe, sees Meredith send her message, and contacts her.
There’s an arena downstairs. Why don’t you teleport everyone down there? I mean there’s the whole “Dio is going through all the monsters in the arena” Thing, but that’ll just be more FUN!

Last edited Jun 22, 2013 at 12:21AM EDT
Jun 22, 2013 at 12:20AM EDT


Hazama is hit by all the attacks, the fire from the tentacles having singed his clothing. He lay in a man-sized hole in the ground outside the bar, but he jumps out of it and back onto solid ground. He smiles as he sees the pub in the utter chaos of everything that is going on at the moment.
Hazama: That’s it, doctor! Let me feel your HATE!
He tips his hat as he looks up at the dragon.
Hazama: Seems that you need a playmate… I have just the thing for you.
Hazama’s crest appears behind him, glowing black and green. The clouds begins to swirl around, and create a sort of hazy black vortex in the sky.

Hazama: Hungry Darkness of a Thousand Souls!
A massive, green, 75 feet in diameter portal opens up under Hazama. The heads of snakes made of green and black energy then begin to shoot up from the portal and into the air.
Hazama: Oh undead serpent who slew a thousand in a single night…
The snakes between to intertwine together, coiling and slithering around each other… forming into one massive snake. It is nearly three times the height of the bar, and reaches way up high in the sky.
Hazama: Open thine jaw, and consume mine enemies!
The snake opens its mouth and begins to fight the massive fire dragon, biting it with deadly fangs and the likes.

Hazama: Ehehehehehe…. AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!
Hazama rushes back into the bar as he laughs like a madman, and sees the Medic there.
Hazama: Just roll over and die, okay?!
Hazama seems to teleport right in front of Medic.

Hazama delivers a very powerful upward kick to the Medic, followed by a green and black energy beam spiking up from the ground. This kick sends the Medic flying out of the bar, through the roof, and high into the sky.


Hazama: Who the hell invited you, you whiny bitch?! Get the hell out of my head! Let us have our damn fun!

Last edited Jun 22, 2013 at 12:32AM EDT
Jun 22, 2013 at 12:29AM EDT

OOC: Sorry guys, I don’t have time to pose. Goodnight everyone..expect the Cremator tragic backstory so you bastards can feel bad for him…

Last edited Jun 22, 2013 at 12:38AM EDT
Jun 22, 2013 at 12:37AM EDT

Natsu hears your comment about meredith

natsu prepares an attack


he unleashes his breath attack with such power that it sends hazama crashing through the puband down onto the fight club dungeon. the impact causes an explosion of flames around hazama.

natsu runs out into the arena and jumps upp into the air


natsus arms are enshrouded in flames and become like wings as he sends them crashing down onto hazamas while still on the ground. after the last attack. the wing attack causes another explosion of fire that not only puts hazama in a crater but also destroys a section of the dungeon


Jun 22, 2013 at 12:44AM EDT

You appear to have called me a “whiny bitch” Hazama…Terumi… whatever it is you want to be called, if that’s how I sounded.. well there’s nothing I can do about that now.
She laughs a bit for apparently no reason
Besides: until I get all of the votes in, I’m not going to do a thing, and even then it doesn’t look like the majority wants me to stop the fighting. So, I guess you’ll get to keep on fighting, just.. try not to destroy the place, please?

Jun 22, 2013 at 12:48AM EDT

Renegade: Come on, then! Have at it… get it over with!

Skippy: I fully intend to…
Skippy rushes out of the water at a frightening pace, causing Renegade to flee

Renegade: F*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck f*ck!
he runs quickly, but is cornered at a rock
Renegade: Why the f*ck did I run!?
he turns, and sees Skippy above him. he slashes down on his leg

Skippy: That tickles…
Renegade stares in shock and fear, and remembers about using the Volumes in sync with the sword… he pulls out Volume #7 quickly, and reads it
Renegade: Nova eximius… nova eximius… nova eximius… nova eximius!
his sword glows a bright blue as he says it, and he doesn’t hesitate to slash down, yelling as he does

he completely severs Skippy’s legs, sending him falling down with a large crash. Renegade breathes heavily as he does, out of complete relief and fright
Renegade: Oh my… oh my god… that… that was f*cking close…*
he approaches Skippy, and climbs on his front shell

he notices Skippy breathing heavily and with trouble, and Renegade stands surprised
Renegade: You’re… you’re still alive!?
Skippy: Fool… I… I will kill you still… even without my legs!

he swipes at Renegade, sending him flying across the water into a hard rock. He falls over, but Renegade recovers, rubbing his head. He notices Skippy diving into the water, and readies Super Nova in his hand this time, sheathing his katana
Renegade: No… NOT ANYMORE!!!

he throws Super Nova into Skippy, and Skippy recoils after he is hit. All of a sudden, Skippy’s head bursts completely from his body, sending giblets flying high into the sky

Skippy’s corpse slowly sinks, and Renegade breathes heavily seeing this. He then musters enough courage to dive into the depths, and see if he finished the job

upon seeing Skippy’s headless corpse, Renegade begins to feel himself growing lighter and lighter, and he sees himself glowing brightly… he then disappears completely

Renegade, done for the day, reenters the Pub
Renegade: Hey everyone! How’s the… Pub… doing… right…

he notices the destruction of the Pub, and everyone fighting
Renegade: Hey hey hey! Didn’t I f*cking say to take your fights to the Grotto? What the f*ck are you all doing!?

Renegade: Stop this now and head down there, or so help me I will use the Volumes to completely knock you all out!

Last edited Jun 22, 2013 at 01:08AM EDT
Jun 22, 2013 at 01:05AM EDT

@Renegade at the Pub
Well, I’m not sure how effective your flaming sword would be against them, but I’m just waiting for the people to tell if they want me to cast Ceasefire on the place. So far, the answer is looking like a “no.”
You can almost hear her smiling

Jun 22, 2013 at 01:34AM EDT


Hazama gets up and just brushes himself off. His clothes are singed by all of the fire attacks he has been put through. Hazama then jumps out of the crater, and lands backwards. Hazama then looks over his shoulder and summons three Ouroboros which coil around him.

Hazama: Well if it isn’t the annoying pink-haired brat from the desert. You know, I don’t have time for you right now. So let’s just play a little game of…
Hazama leans backwards, and a green ring begins to circle around him.
Hazama: Slice and dice!
Hazama then teleports above Natsu, and delivers a downward kick to his head, leaving a green and black trail that looks like a snake behind it. This kick sends Natsu to the ground. While he’s on the ground, Hazama kicks him back up into the air where he proceeds to launch Ouroboros at Natsu, slam him into the opposite side of him on the ground with so much force that it lets him bounce back up into the air. Hazama then shoots out another Ouroboros and does the same thing multiple times.
After the final hit to the ground is done, Natsu lay right in front of Hazama. Hazama then shouts the following:
Hazama: Face plant!
He then proceeds to kick Natsu in the head, which sends him sliding across the floor. Hazama then proceeds to laugh at Natsu’s misfortune.

Hazama: Hehehehe…

OOC: Refer to this video for the attack.


Hazama then walks over to Natsu who is lying on the ground, and squats down beside him. He then proceeds to take off his hat and twirl it around on his finger.

Hazama: Oh this isn’t over yet, kid.
Hazama then stands back up and puts his hat back on his head.
He delivers a very powerful kick to Natsu’s jaw that sends him flying sky high through the roof of the bar. This kick is followed by a green and black energy beam that hits Natsu multiple times as he flies up into the air sky high. He’s at about 300 feet.

After this, Hazama jumps back up through a hole in the floor and back into the bar.
Hazama: Heh heh heh… Someone’s gonna have to clean this up.

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Jun 22, 2013 at 01:50AM EDT

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