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Yessss page 101 get


Meanwhile Heaven is still parked up outside the Ark, everything is quiet and peaceful…

In the bridge most of the chief officers are asleep and sprawled over there consoles, Monsoon and Mistral are also asleep and cuddled up together on a sofa looking out the main observation window

The Bridge is calmly quiet, rested and free of the tension from earlier, the only people who are up are Sam and Sundowner, they are currently sat on either side of the command table playing a chilled out game of snap ((good ol’ snap)) GW deals their cards with a small servo arm

GW lays down Sams card

Then Sunny D’s

Sam again


Sundowner: SNAP!
Sam had actually already placed his hand down but Sunny doesn’t realise and continues to slam his massive hand on top of his
Sundowner ive already won, look….
Sundowner: Wait what?
He lifts his hand
Sundowner: sigh
Now now, I am quite good you know, im sure you will get me sometime…
Sundowner: Hmpf….c’mon one more time…
Alright then….we’ll start over, first one wins the game..
GW takes the cards, shuffles and deals out then places down their cards to make it fair

Sam’s card is placed


Sams again

A few cards later and tension is building, things are getting serious, well for Sundowner they are, Sam is relaxed as ever….

Sunny card goes down

Sams card, super tense, Sunny breaks a sweat, out of all 44 games of snap he has to win at least one

A matching card is placed! hory shit! que the slow mo!
Sam’s mega fast reflexes kick in and his hand begins making its way over to the pile
Sundowner begins reaching out frantically
But its to no avail Sam has won again and has placed down his hand down but this does not stop Sunny for a second, his gigantic sausage fingered hands come clobbering down ontop of Sams with such force that it cracks the table, judders the Bridge slightly and makes the lights flicker
I am Samuel Rodrigues, Winds of Destruction snap master heheheheheee….
However Sundowner pulls a sneaky grin
Sundowner: Heeeeheeeeheee
He raises his hand and underneath is Sams completely mangles cybernetic one, it has been embedded into the table and looks completely destroyed
….Oh er, Sundowner!
He tries to pull his hand out but because its so damaged it just completely tears off leaving him with a stump
Sundowner: Heheheee

Sundowner: Now ah would definitely call dat a win on my part pretty boy hehehehee
That isnt funny look at what you have done
Sundowner: Stop with yer whinin’ and take it like a man
Sam gives out a sigh and gets up from the table, he then makes his way out of the Bridge and over to the Fabricator deck to get a new hand
Sundowner: Strength over speed

Meanwhile we turn back to Jack, he is still within the mess hall down in one of the extremely low levels of Persephone

He continues looking around the crowd around him, there is little talk and when there is it is only uncomprehending murmurs or half insane ramblings, the only other sounds are that of screeching rats, but hold on, that isn’t a rat in the background thats…

He looks down at his soup to find three of the damn things sipping from his bowl, he quickly hits them off but they are very vicious and give him a few bites back, after this he quickly finished up his food and gets up from his lonesome table where he then dumps his tray in a nearby chute and makes his way out of the mess hall and into the dank corridors. He continues down the passageways on his way back to his cell, In Persephone your cell is probably the safest place you could be, out of the scrutinising view of the guards and rabid hounds that patrol the halls, however the walk back is never pleasant.

He passes a T junction and looks right to see guards carrying out a execution on some poor whimpering soul, he is sat in a pool of blood and has a gun held to the back of his head, Jack quickly carries on and gets out of the view, a few seconds later a shot is heard along with the thud of a body. This would have a detrimental effect on his mentality if this wasn’t the hundredth time he had witnessed such a scene, and due to his sever depression he isn’t really phased.

He eventually makes it back to his cell block where it looks as if yet another murder has taken place, a corpse lies in front of him which is quickly being eaten by the rats. He takes a quick jog past and gets back into his cell

The rats are a big problem in the prison and it is said that the ratio between rat and prisoners is in the thousands to one category, not only are they about the size of a small cat and crazy as hell but they are also incredibly numerous and are easily able to take down a fully grown adult male if there are enough of them. Even though they are such an issue there are zero attempts at pest control, the Guards don’t even bother killing them on site instead they let them be, in a way they see them as helpful little pets because of their ability to devour bodies at a astounding rate which saves the prison a lot of labour effort in having to deal with thousands of corpse on a weekly basis.

It is unsurprising to reveal that they also carry a deadly plague of which all prisoners fall victim to once they have been around them long enough or bitten, the disease is a slow killing one and is pretty much identical to the Bubonic Plague of the dark ages except the boils are much smaller and carry a more infectious liquid, this horrific plague is everywhere to be see around the prison and suffering its symptoms are just a part of life that everyone has to tolerate. Eventually it is this disease that claims the lucky few who have managed to survive the ruthless Guards.

Jack hunches up on his concrete bed whilst the damned little four legged devils scurry around his cell floor

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Jun 22, 2013 at 10:09AM EDT

while in the air, happy, natsus cat gets him in the air. hes holding on to his back in the air. allowing him to fly.

Happy: wow that looked like it hurt.

Natsu: heh, hes good. but hes not going to win this. were just getting started. lets go happy.

Happy: AYE SIR.

natsu and happy flies back down towards hazama in the pub. flying at high speed, he drops a flaming dive kick on his chest. the flames streak through the air as he comes down on him

Natsu: were not finished here. we have long way to go before were done.

natsus kick sends hazama crashing back down onto the arena floor were they were before.

Happy. nice one natsu. ill be off to help find the others. happy flies out of the pub.

natsu then picks upp hazama off the floor and throws him over the shoulder into the wall. then follows up with a series of rapid flaming punches and kicks that could easily break steel on him. as he does this, it slowly sends hazama deeper into the wall with each hit on him. then with one final punch.


with that one punch, it hits hazama with the force of a meteor across his face. causing an explosion of fire that sends him through the wall and into a deeper section of the arena.

Natsu: its just between you and me now.

OOC: he not even mad, just really fired up. FYI

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Jun 22, 2013 at 10:56AM EDT

Natsu and Hazama have unknowingly crashed into the Fight Club, where Dio is currently challenging a bunch of monsters.
Well now. Is there a god damned bar fight going on? I’m surprised I didn’t notice your antics earlier.
Dio activates his stand. Seeing as only stand users can see stands, Hazama and Natsu see nothing out of the ordinary.
Well now. Let’s make it a Mêlée à Trois, shall we?

Jun 22, 2013 at 11:24AM EDT

natsu goes through the wall and sees dio.

Natsu: sorry pal, but this ones mine. he hurt my friends in the past and now its payback time. if yo want a fight, you can either wait or you can go to the pub upstairs. seems everyone is having a blast up there. but this guy. points at the rubble were hazama is. it just between me and…. WAIT WATCH OUT!!!!

natsu sees a giant mantis sneak up behind dio while talking to him. natsu explodes forward and sends an iron fist punch at the mantis. causing it to crashing into the wall and explode into fiery bits.

Natsu: damn what the hell are these things? bad enough i have this green haired freak to deal with.

Jun 22, 2013 at 11:47AM EDT

Dio seems enraged at what Natsu said. He sends his stand to knock around Natsu.
Natsu is sent flying towards Hazama.
Suddenly, another familiar face comes into the room.
Ken points to where Hazama is
You will truly pay for your crimes. Your sins cannot be forgiven.
Dio rushes at Ken, but Ken swiftly intercepts him, and tosses him to the side.
Who is this “Joestar” You’re talking about?
Oh. I’m sorry, I, Dio, think I, Dio, mistook you for someone else. On a closer look, you look nothing like him.
Dio climbs back up, and gets back into a battle stance, as so does Ken.
Suddenly, a wave of 30 Radscorpions pops out.

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Jun 22, 2013 at 12:15PM EDT

@Natsu, Dio, & Ken,

Suddenly all of the rubble that Hazama is lying under goes flying everywhere with a burst of energy that Hazama sent out. You all notice that the force field is bigger, and if you are in it, drains your life a lot more quickly. Hazama then straightens his tie as he opens his snake-like eyes.
Hazama: Well well well. Looks like we have some fight in this one.
He smirks at Natsu, and then looks at Ken.
Hazama: Oh well if it isn’t Mr. Roid Rage. I just KNEW I smelled you coming down here!
He then turns his attention to Dio.
Hazama: And if it isn’t the shitty vampire from earlier! I am Captain Hazama from Intelligence. A pleasure to make your acquaintance.
He takes his hat off as his aura literally bursts in size again, resulting in it taking up a massive portion of the room.

Hazama then turns his attention back to Natsu and Ken while he puts his hat back on. Hazama then thrusts his hand forward, and the three Ouroboros shoot out. Two shoot out at Natsu while one shoots out at Ken.

One latches onto Natsu’s neck, while the other one latches onto the front of Natsu’s face. The one that latches onto Ken bites down on his neck, restricting breathing. The colors of their vision begin to get inverted, and all the sound around them drowns out… except for Hazama’s voice along with a high-pitched ringing in their ears.
Hazama: Might I ask you, annoying brat, what friends you do have?
Hazama is currently draining the memories of Natsu and Ken… the memories of their friends, what all they has accomplished, Natsu’s times with the guild, Ken’s love, all of their acquaintances… Chomp. Chomp. Chomp. Natsu and Ken then both feel an overwhelming wave of despair and fear wash over them from seemingly nowhere. This is the Ouroboros playing with their minds and feelings. The two then start to feel weaker beyond belief as the poison slowly seeps into them. Not to mention the fact that the BlazBlue is slowly draining away their life force and giving it back to Hazama.
Hazama: These are delicious… You two are going to be my own personal little meat puppets! Hyahahahahaha!

@The RP Pub & Renegade,

While all of the stuff has gone on downstairs, Bang has been upstairs beating the shit out of every villain up there. He hasn’t killed any, of course. He has just knocked them out. He then stands over the unconscious body of one.
Bang: I, Bang Shishigami, hero of justice and protector of love, have finished the job!
Villains everywhere are all KO’d from Bang’s attacks, though some are just pretending to play unconscious simply because they do not want to deal with him. Bang then goes over to Renegade.
Bang: You can thank me later, young man. But now… I must be going back to the plot!
He then turns around to face all the villains who are lying on the floor.
Bang: Do not forget the day that I, Bang Shishigami, have freed this place that smells of alcohol from evil!
Bang then makes his way out of the front entrance, and back into the plot.

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Jun 22, 2013 at 01:35PM EDT

Dio just watches, standing inside the aura, seemingly unaffected by the Aura.
Pretty nifty attacks you got there. But I’m sure I, Dio, could do better than that.
Suddenly, Hazama fees as though he’s being hit by hundreds of fists, when in fact, it’s The World, Dio’s Stand, throwing those punches. Hazama is sent flying back, with the Ouroboros getting ripped off of Ken and Natsu.
How do you like that, punk?
Dio walks up to a nearby wall, and begins to walk up it towards Hazama, walking straight into the life energy absorbing field, seemingly unaffected by it.

Jun 22, 2013 at 02:03PM EDT


Hazama falls off the wall, and to the ground where he lands on his feet.
Hazama: You’re… weaker than I expected. You’re even weaker than that rabbit! Good effort though…
Hazama shoots out the Ouroboros again at Natsu and Ken, continuing the process of draining their memories and life. Hazama then turns his attention back to Dio.
Hazama: Do me a favor and just die!
Hazama shoots an Ouroboros up at Dio, it latching onto him. With this, Hazama yanks the portal and Dio comes flying towards Hazama. Hazama’s leg then begins to glow green…
Hazama delivers a powerful kick to Dio’s jaw, followed by a green and black energy spike that hits him multiple times. This attack sends him through the roof of the Grotto and the bar and high into the sky.

Jun 22, 2013 at 02:15PM EDT

Dio crashes back through the bar, and lands back where the fight is. He gets up, and dusts himself off.
You’re not half bad. But yet you still have done jack shit to I, Dio.
Dio shoots two pressurized fluid jets from his eyes at Hazama. These jets are strong enough to cut through a stone column.

Jun 22, 2013 at 02:23PM EDT


Hazama jumps above the stream of fluid shot at him, opens another portal, and shoots an Ouroboros at Dio. Hazama then yanks the portal backwards, which in turn, sends Dio flying towards a wall. He then puts up a barrier for anything else that might be thrown at him.

Jun 22, 2013 at 02:31PM EDT

OOC: Just a note, Im kicking off Bangs proper plot introduction so I can describe the situation he is currently in

Meanwhile in Persephone

On one of the mega low levels of the prison which is easily over 5 miles down a group of Guards armed with electric cattle prods and magic boxes approach a heavily reinforced cell, the rats scatter out as they make there way into the block
They look into the main cell, the old and dusty digital screen which is next to the door reads out…
Prisoner #489432 / Name: Bang Shishigami / Notes: Magic Box required

(((But with hair)))
The air pumped into the room is laced with chemicals that cause drowsiness and slight delirium so Bang is quite placid when three Guards enter the room, they attach chains to multiple parts of his body and lead him out of the cell where all 6 chains are then then grasped by Guards, they then proceed to lead Bang out of the cell block whilst a Music Box winder follows behind from a good distance

Bang will notice that the area is relatively silent and pretty lifeless, grime and damp is on every surface and the lights are very dim, it is like this everywhere, hard concrete floors covered in rats and flickering lights hanging from the cracked ceiling. He passes a lot of cells that have no occupants and large open mess halls that are completely empty, it is obvious that he is being kept in a part of the facility that deal with people of his sort and therefore have dedicated the whole portion of the prison to them. Every doorway he passes through the words…
Are stamped into metal plates and mounted above the entrances and exits, on his journey he see’s this phrase easily over 30 times, maybe it is some sort of slogan for the prison or another one of those attempts to demoralise the inmates

The Guards remain silent as they continue through the wide passages and abandoned and bloodied hallways, the place just screams dread and imminent doom, the feeling of worthlessness is unreal and the Guards themselves have such a cold way in which they act it shows that they have very little care for the lives of others. The whole situation feels surreal but it doesn’t help that Bang has been suppressed through the use of drugs, every now and then he is budged forward with the use of cattle prods which send a quick electrical shock through his body, even when he is complying they do it, just for pleasure yet they don’t even laugh or show it

In the end they make it to their destination….

The torture room, he is sat down in the chair where the chains that are attached around his neck are then hooked to rings that are anchored into the ground surrounding him, the Guards then back off as the Torturer himself makes his way into the chamber, he is a massive bold brutish looking man who’s face is covered in scars and disfigurements, he looks as if he himself has endured the worst torture possible which gives a certain sense of irony to the situation but also shows that the man is full of vengeance for whatever treatment he has been subjected to in his past years

The Torturer makes his way over to a open fire at the side of the room near Bang, he then picks up a nearby branding iron and places the end within the flames, he then turns and walks over to Bang whilst dragging a rattling trolley, he pushes it up to the side of the torture chair and leaves it sitting, on top of it can be seen scalpels, saws, syringes, drills, and rusting nails

As if the intensity couldn’t get worse he then goes and gets yet another trolley and pulls it over, this one looks more high tech and sort of out of place with the oldy timy decor, it looks like some sort of generator….but he then begins winding the lever on the side….charging the dynamo….

Meanwhile Jack the prisoner is alone in his cell sat on his bed which puts him just out of reach of the vicious rats, they can smell the imminent death on him and are always hungry for a fresh corpse, he just stares down at screeching crowd with his head resting on his knee’s, hopefully they will go away soon so he can go for toilet. Its a simple life

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Jun 22, 2013 at 02:38PM EDT

Zarathh wrote:


Hazama jumps above the stream of fluid shot at him, opens another portal, and shoots an Ouroboros at Dio. Hazama then yanks the portal backwards, which in turn, sends Dio flying towards a wall. He then puts up a barrier for anything else that might be thrown at him.

Dio smashes into the wall, feet first, and stands on it.
I didn’t feel anything at all. TRY HARDER, BOY!
Suddenly, Ken manages to muster up a few words.
Muso… Tensei…
Suddenly, Ken seemingly disappears. He reappears, except he is seemingly in a transparent state.
Hokuto Shinken is invincible. It has existed for 2000 years, and the line will not end against scum like you.

Jun 22, 2013 at 02:53PM EDT

@The Torturer,

Bang begins to struggle a bit as he sees the torturer charging the dynamo, and clacking the sticks together. He shortly stops after this because it takes up too much strength.
Bang: You… You fiends! You get your joy from the torture of innocent people! This sickens me! I, Bang Shishigami, shall not stand for this!
He repeats this sentence every time he comes here. Every. Time. Though he believes this to be true.
Bang: You all shall know what it feels like to be scorched in the fires of JUSTICE soon enough!
He struggles a bit more as the Torturer nears his position.

@Dio and Ken,

Hazama pulls out a silver pocket watch from inside his jacket, flips it open, and checks the time.
Hazama: I’ve wasted enough time with you people.
He looks back up at Dio.
Hazama: I haven’t felt anything either, shitty vampire. At least I don’t look like a clothes shop threw up on me.
He then turns his attention to Ken. Ken’s vision would still be color-inverted.
Hazama: Looks like you’ll just have to wait. Please don’t touch me. I’m sure that your skin is probably secreting some fluid that I would not want to have dirty my suit.
Hazama then sighs.
Hazama: Welp! I have a world to take over soon! Ta-ta!
A green and black vortex appears behind Hazama. He walks through it and back into the plot.

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Jun 22, 2013 at 03:05PM EDT


Torturer: Shhhhhhhhhhh…
He gets nearer to Bang and gently places the tips of both the stun rods into his chest, even though he is wearing a straight jacket the current is so great that is goes through it all and blasts him with a massive surge of electricity, he holds the rods against him for as long as the machine has charge which is about 10 seconds of pure burning pain, after the shock is delivered he puts the rods back down on the battery trolley and turns back to Bang
Torturer: You are not innocent, you are a heretic, an enemy of the universe and its order
He speaks with a clear, well mannered and coherent voice, definitely not the sort expected to come from a man of his appearance
Torturer: Not only are you a heretic, but you are also one who has abilities beyond the norm, people like you are of greater threat to our gods order than any other. We do not wish to be like you, and we do not wish to learn from you…
He then starts winding the dynamo again
Torturer: We want you to know your failings before we take your life
((Mild 1984 reference there))
He then starts inspecting the medical utensils on the other trolley
Torturer: But whilst we are here, for the 4th time, why don’t you share with us some information about your friends that were brought in alongside you, what else do you know?

Jun 22, 2013 at 03:19PM EDT

Dio suddenly teleports up to the front door of the bar. He promptly walks back outside and into the main plot.
Ken just walks back upstairs, and leaves the bar. Henry and Goroh follow suit.
Falcon nears the robed figure.
Giorno: Huh?
Giorno takes off the robes, revealing his familiar costume.
There are many, many, powerful opponents in this realm. Stay cautious.
Giorno: And why should I trust you?
You can’t. That’s the entire point of it! Heh, heh.
Falcon suddenly turns and walks out of the bar, with Giorno following afterwards.

Ah, I fully well know that Crow is going to try an invasion soon. He should see what I have in store for him.
On Mobius, there are Billions upon Billions of Demons of every shape and sort just waiting to do things.
This is going to be good…

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Jun 22, 2013 at 03:23PM EDT

ooc: billions upon billions of demons. eart you overexagerating a bit much there falcon?
natsu about to free himself of the ourobouros snake on his neck falls down onto the ground and lnds on his feet. the snake disappears as well.

Natsu: DAMNIT! WERE DID HE GO? i was just getting warmed up until that coward leaves.

looks around to see who is still here in the arena. natsus flames enshroud him again as he yells

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Jun 22, 2013 at 03:35PM EDT

@The Torturer,

Bang yells in pain as he is shocked, and begins breathing heavily. This does not stop him from shouting, however.
Bang: I shall never speak to the likes of you about my friends!
Bang begins to struggle a bit more.
Bang: We are not heretics! We fight for what is just and right! If your god cannot see this, then he is a fool! We wish to protect the weak!
Bang begins to struggle even harder, trying to rip out of his straightjacket.
Bang: We will never break! For our hearts are made of gold, and our spirits are ablaze with the fires of justice and love!
He finally stops struggling, and breathes even heavier.

Jun 22, 2013 at 03:41PM EDT

OOC: Billions upon billions of demons….wtaf…..
1: How do you know “full well” that crows army is coming?
2: You do realise BM still has full control over Mobius right?
Im not having some massive random demon army dumping all over this from out of the blue its just too out of place

Torturer: Our god creates safe order for those who submit and in return it only demands faith, if even something as little as that cannot be given then they shall be reclaimed and punished
He gives a nod to the Magic Box Guard who then begins winding the handle producing a numbing jumble of sounds that completely damper out all of Bangs strength, the Torturer then electrocutes him again with a massive shock from the rods
Torturer: Tell me who they are
He shocks him again
Torturer: Tell me how they tick
Then another big shock
Torturer: Tell me about the others
He delivers one more massive shock
Torturer: In the end we will get our answers, we just prefer that you say instead of us having to use the serum

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Jun 22, 2013 at 03:55PM EDT

To explain everything:
1. Maledict can basically “See” everything that’s going on.
2. I just though he had control over the cities.
3. “Billions upon Billions” Was an exaggeration.

Jun 22, 2013 at 03:59PM EDT

@The Torturer,

Bang yells in pain as he is shocked multiple times.
Despite being shocked multiple times, and the music box playing in the background, he does not stop shouting. He continues to shout, but he has stopped struggling completely. Bang then yells even louder than previously.

Jun 22, 2013 at 04:14PM EDT

ooc: falcon. just to make it simple, hold on to maledict unti after the balloon master or eggman cuz with this new faction of zarathh. its going to be a massive chapter that will take place a month after the balloon master. well see when he can come into the plot as another threat. i just dont want multiple hostile factions fighting in many fronts that will cause massive confusion. one part at a time. hope you understand.

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Jun 22, 2013 at 04:16PM EDT

OOC: Two Face introduction and Spark’ villians in the Roleplay Pub where just a small hint for you guys of the whole Balloon Master chapter I have in my mind….A devilish plan I had to postpose like 10 times already so please, allow me to be first one to release the wild horses once the Eggman cannon goes kaboom…
Speaking of wild horses, you can make your ship of destruction and stuff arrive to Mobius Sam, It will give me the perfect opportunity to show the Balloon Master secret WMD.

Jun 22, 2013 at 04:24PM EDT

OOC: K brah.

You know what? Fuck it. When the people on the planet are dead, I’ll have more souls to claim.
All of the demons are recalled back into hell.

Jun 22, 2013 at 04:24PM EDT

OOC: If your going to play that card then crow too see’s the demon and will be prepared accordingly.
Asura is also right here, you would have
Crows forces which consist of:
Balloon master
These masses of demons
It would be a mess.
And the shield-world wont be turning up until Eggman is dealt with, for simplicities sake

His shouts are heard by no one and simply echo around the empty halls outside, the Music Box Guard begins winding faster, which increases the volume of the sound and its intense effects
Torturer: It is no issue if you do not wish to share secrets
He puts down the two electro rods and proceeds to punch Bang in the face with his bare fists
Torturer: Filthy heretic stop with your shouts of madness.
He stops throwing punches and heads over to the fire where he withdraws the red hot glowing branding iron, he then walks back over to Bang with it firmly in his grasp

He turns his attention to the Guards
Torturer: His arm….
They move in and loosen one of the straps on his wrists, pulling back the sleeve revealing his bare arm
Torturer: Surprisingly you have not even been treated to the basics of being a heretic, all prisoners are subjected to branding, and it is usually applied to the face but in your case I will be putting it to your arm, your face looks ruined enough as it is.

He slowly brings the iron in closer and closer then firmly presses it down, its ridiculously hot and singes away at his skin, he keeps it pressed down firmly not letting it off
Torturer: Whistles
The Guards continue to watch
Torturer: Hmmm whistles some more
He then lifts off the iron, the damage caused is pretty darn horrific and leaves a very visible odd looking 3 pronged H upon his skin
Torturer: It only took you a few minute for me to lose my patience today and for that I applaud you, I will also be happy to inform that this certain brand used is a special pattern that is only used for your kind, the regular prisoners just have a H……..but its not over yet…
He puts on some gloves, winds up the dynamo once more, places the still burning hot brand against his skin with his left hand and then with his right he touches one of the rods against the iron, so not only is he being terribly burnt but also electrocuted though the brand that is burning him, what a combination of pain
Torturer: I can be very imaginative…
He keeps it like this for a further 10 seconds before releasing
Torturer: Do you have anything left to tell?

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Jun 22, 2013 at 04:46PM EDT

OOC: My current thought on the matter is that the heroes are greatly outnombered and outmatched. It seems nearly hopeless for them.

Jun 22, 2013 at 05:08PM EDT

@The Torturer,

Bang yells again as the electricity runs through his body while the brand burns his skin. The music box scrambles his thoughts as it is playing, but he can still speak. Bang breathes heavily once again.
Bang: This marking that you have just branded upon me shall give me strength to triumph over you, and defeat you in battle one day… This marking is a symbol of what I have been through! It shall be a reminder of this very moment of the burden I now bear, and knowing that I shall overcome it!
Bang’s eyes then stare straight into the Torturer’s. He can feel a fiery blaze coming from his amber eyes.
Bang: This is all I will say.
Bang then goes quiet and stops speaking.

Jun 22, 2013 at 05:14PM EDT

The entrance of the pub was completely destroyed by the NM’s powers.


NM looks around the bar, without seeing any sign of Hazama

NM : …Coward, If you ever come here, I swear I’ll rip off your legs, and I will use them as HATS!

Them Nightmare Medic looks Natsu, giving yells in rage. NM gives him a menacing look and points Natsu.

NM : YOU! Mortal with a stupid pink hair! Your fault that he escaped! Why mortals get into what they should not! It was *MY fight! Not your fight, not vampire’s fight or Bruce Lee’s fight!

In a fit of rage, NM hits the wall of the pub, creating another big hole. Them walks outside the pub and teleports to the main plot, leaving a dark and red mist.

Jun 22, 2013 at 05:16PM EDT

OOC: I get your point Falcon, maybe the characters need to think about siding with factions instead of being independent, its just a thought, that sorta has me wanting to make another grid actually….its been a while….but then again we all know who they are

The Torturer raises his hand and the Guard ceases winding the Music Box
Torturer: That is enough for today, I have had enough of your heretic drivel, take him back to his cell
The Torturer makes his way out of the chamber as the Guards move in and release him from the chair, they then unhook his chains from the ground anchors and take a hold, he is then lead from the room and all the way back to his cell where he is locked up once more, still in his straight jacket

He is left alone at the mercy of the silence and flickering lights, the cell is quite small and completely blank and empty

A bunch of rats begin gather at the bars of the cell…..

Meanwhile Jack the prisoner is finally free to leave his bed, the crowd of rats finally losing interesting and scampering off, he makes his way out of his cell and down the hall towards the toilets when suddenly from around the corner in front of him appear three Guards, they point at him and begin running straight towards his direction, blind fear takes over and he immediately turns around and frantically runs in the opposite direction, the last things Guard want to do is talk, they only ever want to kill you or torture you

He runs for a full 5 minutes before nearly having a heart attack from the exhaustion, his frail body no longer capable of holding his own weight he falls to the floor and sits up, he wonders to himself what they want and if he needs to still be worrying.

Unfortunately for Jack they appear once more coming down the hallway, however he is unable to clime to his feet in time before being struck in his branded face and rendered unconscious

Jun 22, 2013 at 05:44PM EDT


Bang sits with his back up against the wall, looking at the rats that are scuttling to get in the cell. He then looks up at the flickering light.
Bang: Forgive me, Lord Tenjō… I shall escape from this place and fulfill my destiny for you. I shall recover Rettenjō from the bowels of this pit and reclaim my honor.
Bang then hangs his head.
Bang: I shall not break. I will not break as long as life goes on, and love and justice are in everyone’s hearts.
Bang closes his eyes and begins to think…

Jun 22, 2013 at 05:57PM EDT


The rats remain outside the cell, even though they plentiful they do not have the courage to enter, their usual prey being normal prisoners or corpses

About 6 hours of silence pass before the sound of footsteps and dragging can be heard coming from outside, the sudden new sounds break Bangs deep thought and he looks up to the bars, the rat gathering has vanished now leaving the floor stained in vermin grease and disease.

Then the sounds get closer and closer, before a group of 3 Guards dragging what seem to be a average prisoner pass by in front of the cell, the door of the next cell down can be heard opening, then a thud then the door closing, the Guards then walk back past Bangs cell and exit the block entirely leaving the unconscious person behind nextdoor

((To clear up confusion, it is Jack))

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Jun 22, 2013 at 06:08PM EDT


Broken from his deep thoughts, Bang is now fully alert. He saw Jack being dragged along the ground by the guards, and was disgusted that they would have such little care for human life. Bang then suddenly gets an idea and begins to shout at Jack, hoping that he will wake up…
Bang: Ho! You there in the next cell down! I am Bang Shishigami, hero of love and justice, and protector of the weak! Are you conscious, my newly found friend?! Please speak up so that I know that there is still life in you! You can help us escape from this hole in the bowels of the earth! Quickly, what is your name?
Bang begins to smile under his muzzle, knowing that he has been blessed.
Bang: There is no time to waste, young man! Please speak to me!
He then begins to whisper to himself.
Bang: Thank you, Lord Tenjō…

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Jun 22, 2013 at 06:20PM EDT

OOC: I believe he was. Just give him time. I’m sure that he’s a very busy person.

Jun 22, 2013 at 06:26PM EDT

OOC: Yeah he was actually, that is true


Nothing can be heard coming from the next cell down, until a massive heard of rats goes running past Bangs cell and into Jacks, a loud yelp can be heard followed by a hurried sound of feet and another thud

He is definitely awake now, Bang can be sure of that

Jun 22, 2013 at 06:30PM EDT

OOC: Yeah. I mean he’s sorta plot relevant right now, but that’s his fault.

Maledict contacts Crow
%{color:brown}Ah, Crow. I see you’re trying to invade the universe which I’m currently residing in.

Have fun with that!

I’m not going to try and stop you or anything. Not my problem, really. I DID have a bunch of demons out there, but I recalled them to give you an easier time. I really hope that when you take over, IF you take over, we can coexist peacefully.

Jun 22, 2013 at 06:30PM EDT


Bang attempts to struggle aginst his chains, trying to break free of them because of the swarm of rats he just saw run towards Jack’s cell.
Bang: Do not fear, young man! I am here to help you!
Bang continues to struggle against his chains, but cannot break free since his strength has been drained.
Bang: Please, speak to me! You must talk if we wish to get out of here alive!
Bang goes quiet for a few moments, waiting for a response.
Bang: And what are all of these… rats about?

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Jun 22, 2013 at 06:49PM EDT


And after 34 days of not speaking he clears his throat and out comes the most beaten down and groggy tone of voice imaginable, it sounds like that of a 60 year old man with a sever throat infection
Jack: My name is Jack……I don’t need helping…..
A trail of rats continue to make there way into Jacks room, it is very large and numerous amount, quite odd
Jack: Get out of here? we can’t do that….we are here to stay
He then looks down at the rabid swarm of damned vermin below him, he is hunched up on the bed just out of their reach
Jack: The rats…….
This part of the prison, like previously is stated dedicated to handling people with abilities or magical abnormalities, Jack however is slightly different yet falls into the same category
Jack:….They just like me so it seems…..ever since I arrived here they have been everywhere, always following me and bothering me, maybe it is a curse of sorts……yet they see something in me……but also wish to feast upon me….it is something I have never truly understood
Jack is noted by the Guards as being cursed and abnormal due to the sole fact that the rats seem to have some kind of yet to be understood fascination with the poor man, they follow him everywhere and appear from every alcove when he is nearby

OOC: This is a preferable turn of events for sure

His message to the crow is echoed throughout the omniverse and eventually falls upon the gods ears, he hears but doesn’t reply

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Jun 22, 2013 at 06:58PM EDT


Bang stops struggling, having tired himself out from trying to escape.
Bang: … I see… I can feel the fires of justice burning in your heart and soul! You shall be my new protege! For we shall escape this prison and uncover your true power! But first, we must do something about my bindings and strength if we wish to get out.
Bang looks around his cell before staring out it again.
Bang: I believe that they are keeping my weaponry in the lower parts of this prison. If I can somehow get out of this straightjacket and wait for these drugs to wear off we can escape from here, and go warn the others!
Bang then sighs in his cell.
Bang: But I fear that we will be stuck here a while before our plan comes to fruition… So, Jack was it? Tell me about yourself. I shall go first.
Bang takes a deep breath.
Bang: I AM BANG SHISHIGAMI, HERO OF LOVE AND JUSTICE! I am the legendary ninja of Ikaruga, one who has triumphed in many battles over our foes. I fight for what is right and just. People usually just say that I’m “stupid” or “ignorant” but their words do not hurt, because I know who I am and what is right! All evil shall be wiped from the worlds and brought into the light of good!

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Jun 22, 2013 at 07:31PM EDT


Jack: You sound like a madman…… all madmen begin talking of escape….it is a sign….
Jack takes a piece of chalky stone from his pocket and begins drawing away at the wall, something to try and avert his attention from the rats but also a obsession gained from his ruined mental state
Jack: You have an interesting past… for me….I have nothing to say… memory failed me long ago…..
He drugged air supply and heavy duty straight jacket mean that Bang doesn’t stand a chance at escape without help

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Jun 22, 2013 at 07:46PM EDT


Bang: I have been called that many times, and they just do not understand! Do living beings not understand what it means to have spirit anymore?! Tell me, Jack! Do you wish to help the others that are in need of saving from this menace known simply as “The Crow”? My master has taught me many things before his death… this is one of them. Accepting help from people you do not know to overcome an even greater foe. He has taught me the values of love, righteousness, justice, good-will, and many other things! I am asking you right now to extend your help to a person who you have never met before. This person shall help you back. You need only think about it… I shall be waiting.

Jun 22, 2013 at 08:01PM EDT


Jack:…this talk of escape will have us killed….even though I suffer greatly I do not wish to die….
He looks down at his badly ruined hands, his ring finger on his left hand is actually missing altogether
Jack: Even though each breath I take rips at my lungs I will persist to survive… afraid you are alone on your endeavours…..this place is my home now…..and I possess no powers in which to help myself let alone others….

Jun 22, 2013 at 08:13PM EDT


Bang: You say you have no magical power, yet you are here with me. They obviously see something hidden away in you, along with myself! You are special, Jack! You say they follow you everywhere… Maybe they see you as a sort of… leader! Try controlling the pack of rats to leave you alone! There is only one way to find out, and that is for you to try this! I await the results. Do not move from where you are though.

Jun 22, 2013 at 08:18PM EDT


Jack: This accursed obsession the vermin have with me is nothing but a hindrance, the Guards lock me up down here because the halls start getting overpopulated with them……I don’t understand why they do not kill me and feed my corpse to my knawing followers….
He turns around on his bed, he is now facing out the cell, the swarm of rats is pretty big now, easily over a hundred of them are scratching at his bedside
Jack: Controlling them…..if I could….then they would be long gone… my many years of incarceration I have already contemplated if I could somehow command them…….
He slowly lowers his hand down to the swarm, as it gets closer the rats get even more frantic
Jack:….they hate me……
He continues to tease them with his hand, but it only angers them and attracts more to his bedside

Jun 22, 2013 at 08:30PM EDT


Bang: Look at it this way, Jack. If you wish to help me, we can both get far away from this prison and leave this accursed planet! You shall be free from your rat plague if you do this. You are my protege, and I shall do what is best for you… even offer my own life to protect your own.
Bang looks down at the cell floor.
Bang: You do have the ability to control these vermin somewhere deep down. I can feel it hidden deep inside you. All we need to do is devise a plan of escape. I do admit myself to being an… idiot. This is why I need your help, Jack. I know that we can do this! I just need you to work with me to overcome this place!

Jun 22, 2013 at 08:42PM EDT


Jack: I must thank you for offering your life…….even though I am not worthy of such…….but if there is one single thing I wish for it is to be free from the scrutiny of my-….the rats…….the idea of escape feels like a far cry……you do not understand the scale of this place….and besides, this is home….I have no where else….
He keeps looking down at the rats
Jack: How do I control these….

Jun 22, 2013 at 08:53PM EDT


Bang: You… you shall stay with me, Jack. We shall find you a place to live as soon as we break free from the evil clutches of this prison. All I need is your trust in me, and we shall accomplish this. Do you trust me to help you, Jack? I trust that you will help me.

Jun 22, 2013 at 09:07PM EDT


Jack: You truly believe that there is a place…for me…up there?………….It seems like I am going to have to take your offer…..I must escape these rats Bang….but…even though they are my greatest enemy surely they can be my greatest tool…..but we will never escape here….we are lost……
He stares at them intently, more than he ever has done before
Jack: I trust you Bang….
The rats stop and there screeching with it, they all stand on their hind legs and stare back at Jack
Jack: Is this real……
They look straight back at him with their beady eyes, their whiskers twitching, Jack seems to be entering a state of delirium brought about by the plague
Jack: Leave me you disgusting creature
The rats then begin moving backwards and spreading out around the room away from his bedside
Jack: This can’t be real….
He takes a step off of his bed and walks into the centre of the cell, the rats surround him and watch him closely, obviously submitting to the devouring swarm is something he has never tried before so he has never seen how they would react

Footsteps can be heard coming from down the hall…

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Jun 22, 2013 at 09:24PM EDT


Bang: That’s great! I cannot hear the scuttling of tiny animals anymore! You have discovered your power, now you just need to learn how to control it… Thank you for trusting me, Jack. We shall be free in no time. I first need my strength and Nox Nyctores back from the depths of the prison first…
Bang then hears the footsteps coming down the hallway.
Bang: Here they come! Just act natural, Jack!
Bang begins to whistle his theme song, Gale, to himself awaiting the guards to come.

Jun 22, 2013 at 09:31PM EDT

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