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Tsunarmin: I have a feeling that Solarian would be of more help here…

(OOC:And of course the page get is a one-line post. Not really mc I can type right now,after all…)

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Jul 09, 2013 at 01:20PM EDT

I have no questions.
Suddenly, Giorno Giovanna, Josuke Higashikata, and Okuyasu Nijimura come throttling through a wormhole at high speeds. They slam into a wall, denting it.

NOW I have a question: WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT!?

Jul 09, 2013 at 01:25PM EDT

The BlazBlue cast have been following Fairy Tail out of the Flyer.

@The Stand users,

Tager looks down at one of the Prophets, about to open his mouth to ask a question. Then the Stand users come out of nowhere and he spins around to face them.
Tager: Err… Hello there.
He adjusts his glasses with a single finger.
Tager: This is strange indeed.

Kokonoe’s screen spins around to look at the Stand users.
Kokonoe: Just where the hell did you all come from?! I swear to shit that this planet has more dimensional instabilities than anything I have ever seen!

Nu has kept silent this entire time, just enjoying being nest to Ragna.
Ragna: Just where the hell did you assholes come from anyways?
He takes Blood Scythe off his back.

@Juvia, Marisa, and Reimu,

Flandre wakes up from the sudden crash of the Stand users. Marisa and Reimu are standing right behind them.
I’m hungry…
Flandre’s stomach growls. The two know exactly what this means. Youkai eat humans, which is a staple part of their diet… Even though Flandre is a vampire, she does not know how to drink blood, and just winds up obliterating any of her prey that she hunts for. To solve that solution, while Flandre was locked in the basement of the Scarlet Devil Mansion, she was fed cooked humans by the maids with her food in order to keep her healthy and not starving. The worst part is, is that she never knew that she was being fed humans because they never told her. If her hunger gets a lot worse, she might go into a predator-like state and hunt down the humans aboard Heaven.

@The Prophets,

The eyes on Hakumen’s gauntlets keep a close watch on the Stand users while Hakumen looks at the Prophet Tolerance.
Hakumen: Where is this meeting room?


Saya: I am sorry, my god. I shall only call you whenever it is best.
She closes her eyes and bows down a little while she sits in her chair.
Saya: Though there if there is one thing that I might ask of you now… What is the heretic, Bang Shishigami, doing as of this moment?

@The Loyalists,

The NOL do the same, returning to their bases since they have ordered a stand down.

The Phantom’s spell breaks on everyone, not having invincibility anymore.

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Jul 09, 2013 at 03:14PM EDT


Tolerance turns to Hakumen and gives him a smile
Tolerance: Greetings Hakumen, firstly I must apologise for the misleading name, although its official name is the Meeting Room it is actually a very large and empty hanger-like room situated on a upper deck in the aft section of the ship, it is often used as a presentation hall where new weapons or machines are revealed. We need only take one tram journey to get there as it has its own in built station. I hope this has dealt with your query sufficiently.

@The Imperator,

Roger (Crow): Right now? like this exact point? he’s thinking about more names for his dumb self and other weird shit to do with that girl he likes, seriously though he is sat outside a inactive Communications Outpost with……
Roger is visibly annoyed at what he is about to say, really peeved although he tries not to show it
Roger (Crow):….with that thing……..that’s enough for now, if you want to find him now you can, there are only a few of those comm stations around Prydain so just get out there and do some searchin’

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Jul 09, 2013 at 03:55PM EDT

@reimu, marisa, and flandre
Juvia: aw, you must be really hungry after all of this.

Gray: hm, well, now that she mentioned that im kind of getting there myself. but im wonderng what she eats, considering who she is.

Juvia: she turns to marisa and reimu who are nearby since you two know her more than all of us. you might be able to tell us what she eats for sustenance.
lucy, erza, laxus and makarov walk up to the prophets

Lucy: hey, nice to see you guys again, specially since your all more cheerful than when we first met you guys.

Erza: same here. by the way, when would be best for us to head to the meeting room. very soon, or within a few hours.

makarov: we dont want to keep you guysd from waiting, but we dont want to rush you either.

Laxus: i wouldnt mind crashing here for a bit either. just to check this place out , see whats going on here.

Lucy: now that you mention it, i could go for a nice bath right now.

Erza: that i couldnt agree more.

Makarov: now now, lets just wait and see whats going to happen once were in the meeting.
@jojo crew
natsu and gajeel, after recovering from their motion sickness thanks to wendy, walk up to were the jojo crew are.

Natsu: were the heck did these guys come from? they just pop out of nowhere.

Gajeel: th.. i dont know either and i dont really care. besides, they look like a bunch of clowns with what they look like.

Happy: flies up to natsu. who ar these weeirdos natsu?

Natsu: i dont know. turns to face them hey, who are you guys and how the hell did you appear all of a sudden?

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Jul 09, 2013 at 05:16PM EDT

Reimu makes a face while Marisa sweats a bit



“Didn’t Sakuya once say how she did that once?”

That one memory when the vampire’s maid, Sakuya, had accidentally swapped Reimu’s and Remelia’s food plates and Reimu had taken a bite lingers…

Don’t remind me… at the very least Remelia could potentially leave her victims alive but…

“We can’t just ask them to take a sacrifice and grill one of their survivors!”

They look down at Flandre, and then up at one of the prophets

Um… we could just get a doner or something and get Flandre to drink it like Juice…

“That might be the best way…”

Jul 09, 2013 at 05:28PM EDT

juvia and gray look at her with a bit of confusion and concern

Juvia: wait, what do you mean by doner?

Gray: and what do you mean by a sacrifice? he thinks to himself for a bit wait wait! hold on a sec. are you thinking what i am thinking about.

Juvia: gray what do you mean?

Gray: are you telling me that she needs to eat….. gray begins to tremble a bit and sweat.

Juvia: what are you saying? your telling us that flandre…. she realizes it as well as gray. she begins to tremble a bit as well. she turns to face reimu is it true about what gray is implying. the doner, a sacrifice. are you telling us that she needs to eat….. people?

gray and her cant believ this either and it attrackts the attention of the others around

Jul 09, 2013 at 05:40PM EDT

Says Spark as he appears out of nowhere with Gray and Juvia. Foster and Cheston are having a small discussion: The bomb maniac wants to talk with one of the Prophets and see if there is a empty slot in the Patriots for him. Veteran is sleeping..on the floor. Meanwhile, Sam is searching for Max who is lost in the Falcon Flyer.

Jul 09, 2013 at 05:48PM EDT

OOC: @Asura: Are you thinking what I’m thinking?

Falcon: I mean, come on! Flandre’s a vampire! Haven’t you read the legends? geez.

Suddenly, the three stand users wake up all of a sudden.
Okuyasu: What the hell? Where are we?
Falcon: You’re in a parallel universe. Now, I’d like you to explain how you gut here, and who you are.*
Josuke: Okay. I really don’t know how to put this to you, but in where we come from, there are these manifestations of the spirit called “Stands”. Stands can only be seen by stand users. We managed to get teleported here by a rogue “stand” user.
Giorno: And I believe a few of use have met before. To all the new guys, I’m Giorno.
Josuke: I’m Josuke Higashikata.
Okuyasu: And I’m Okyausu.

Josuke looks like this
Okuyasu looks like this
And this is Giorno, for a refresher.

The three stand users climb out of the dent that they made, and look at themselves. They look like shit, having been sent through high speeds into a wall.
Crazy Diamond looks like This
Crazy Diamond goes to quick work healing Giorno and Okuyasu’s wounds.
Kenshiro: Hey… If only Stand Users can see stands, then why can I see it? Also, my name is Kenshiro.
Josuke: Huh? I thought only stand users could see stands!
Captain Falcon: The properties of this universe must be affecting the stands, causing them to be seen.
Okuyasu: That’s a good of a guess as any.
Doomguy: Allow me to introduce myself. I’m Doomguy. Just Doomguy.
Henry: And I’m Henry Cooldown. Nice to meet you three fellows.
Josuke: can I be taken to an infirmary or something? My stand can’t heal myself.
Captain falcon: Ah, forgot to introduce myself. I’m Captain Falcon.
Nice to meet you, Captain.
Falcon: Please, just call me Falcon.
Suddenly, Samurai Goroh bursts out of the door of the Flyer.
Falcon: Goroh, why the hell did you follow me?
Goroh: Because I wanted to know what you were up to! I mean, We ARE rivals!
Falcon: And just HOW are you getting home?
Goroh: Definitely not on the Falcon Flyer.
Now come on everyone, introduce yourselves to these fine men.

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Jul 09, 2013 at 05:54PM EDT

Tsunarmin: Well, she’s not having either of us!

Tardises:I think we should get everything sorted out, and also someone explain to us two what exactly is going on!

@other newcomers

Tardises: Some of you may remember me, and if not… I’m sure Open Your Heart here could remind you. The mentioned watery stand steps forward I’ve not been idle, I have figured out what that temple had the elemental glyphs were for – OYH now has 8 separate forms, though I’ve only seen – and know the names of – 7 of them.

Tsunarmin: All I see is a group of guys, what are these ‘stand’ things they’re talking about?

(OOC: I’ll still have Tsunarmin be unable to see them for now…)

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Jul 09, 2013 at 05:56PM EDT

Giorno: This guy is TARDISES.
Falcon: I think you haven’t adjusted to the physics of this universe yet, Tsunarmin.
Don’t ask how I know your name.

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Jul 09, 2013 at 06:03PM EDT

@Juvia and Gray,

Hakumen turns away from the Prophets, and unsheathes Okami from his back. He had overheard the conversation. He then walks over, and points the tip of his sword at Flandre.
Hakumen: The child is the monster. It is just that the side of her has not awoken unless she hungers.

Flandre gulps, and shuts her eyes as the blunt tip of the sword is just a few inches away from her face.
Ragna had overheard the conversation as well, and comes over to the group. He had put Blood Scythe back on his back. He then looks at Flandre with an expression of strange remorse on his face.
Ragna: So she is like the rabbit… A monster… just like me…

Kokonoe’s screen floats over to beside Hakumen.
Kokonoe: I knew you were cold, but you just threatened the kids life. Way to be a dick.

Hakumen: This child will devour all of the humans on the ship if I do not put an end to this right now, Grimalkin. Surely you are not this blind.
Kokonoe: TAGER!
The Red Devil walks over to Hakumen and puts his hand on the Okami, lowering it down to the floor.
Tager: There is no need for violence now, Hakumen.

Hakumen yanks his sword from Tager’s grasp, and his eyes look at Kokonoe’s screen.
Hakumen: You are letting this… monster… get away with slaughtering everything on this ship, Grimalkin?

Kokonoe: Look you big white asshole, she’s just a kid! Just gotta feed her, and she won’t do any of this shit you’re talking about.
Kokonoe’s looking rather angry at Hakumen right now.

Tager adjusts his glasses once again, and turns his attention to Juvia and Gray.
Tager: I apologize for his behavior…

Hakumen sheathes the sword on his back, and just watches for now.
Kokonoe’s screen floats back over to the two.
Kokonoe: Yeah, sorry about that.

Flandre’s stomach growls again, signaling that she is still hungry.


Saya: The heretic shall be apprehended. Thank you for this information, my god. This is all that I ask of you now. I shall also be sure to rest, since you have instructed me to do so…


Bang: Why is this place abandoned, and why do you need me to insert you into a console for the REAL reason.?

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Jul 09, 2013 at 06:06PM EDT

Yeah, she usually eats people prepared into cakes and pastries and the like.

“Not like she knows how to eat a human. She outright told me prior to meeting us she had never even seen one before.”

Guh… yeah, Vampires….

Meanwhile… in the Netherworld.

Yukari: “Home I guess…. just to pick up a friend… Curse these stairs.”

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Jul 09, 2013 at 06:17PM EDT

Spark stays silent. He lost it. He looks around. Cheston and Foster are lost too.


Mister Foster: What the living zombie jesus in a relaxing Spa with Buddha football fuck? What’s wrong with you people? And then people call me a maniac! A monster! Ha! Jokes on them, they probably have no idea of what’s going on here! They say I’m crazy!..Wow..Eating people..Really? What the fuck seriously? What are we fighting for? What the bloody hell is going on here? Why? What? How? Someone, please…Human cakes? Man, this is soooo messed up..You know when something went bananas when I’m the only one talking.

Jul 09, 2013 at 06:27PM EDT

@Everyone here,

Tolerance turns his attention to lucy, erza, laxus and makarov
Tolerance: We can attend the meeting whenever you wish, however before taking up accommodation I advise that you attend the meeting beforehand.

The Prophets then look at Reimu and Flandre closely, lets not forget that these four are about as soulless and cold as any other time hole victim.

Truth: We can provide the food you need, if that is human flesh then so be it

When Hakumen draws his sword the Prophets take a step forward and ready themselves, as part of the religious-esque manner of Heavens background Flandre is seen as a idol
Truth: It is strictly forbidden to draw your weapon here

Pity: Even more so when you have the intention of harming our dear Flandre

Tolerance: We are here to keep the peace

Regret: Which is something we will enforce with utmost determination and prejudice

And then all four Prophets approach the mages, their eyes bearing down on them. All the questions are starting to fry their swedes

Truth: We are here to have a meeting, to discuss our next move, that is all.

They then turn their attention back to the group as a whole

Truth: Shall we make our way to the meeting now?


Roger (Crow): Well aren’t you just a good girl
Roger gives Saya a part on the head
Roger (Crow): Right now! bye!
Roger then turns to dust on the spot, carried away by the wind


AM: It is not abandoned, it is in a controlled dormancy as it is uneeded as of this current time. It my current state I am isolated and powerless, communication is the only external effect I can emit. upon taking me to the console within I shall be able to hail you a craft and engage its auto-pilot, I will then shut down Persephone. We must hurry Bang, we have little time

Jul 09, 2013 at 06:30PM EDT

@everyone around flandre

Juvia: how could you threaten a child like her. its not her fault in any way on who she is. im sure with some help we can help her control herself from such a thing from happening. and juvia will do anything to make sure that you nor anyone else can hurt her. isnt that right gray… gray?

gray looks at hakumen in his eyes. he puts his hands together to make his ice maker magic. after a few seconds of glowing he creates a cup made of ice with an ice straw in it.

Gray: so you think that killing her is the only option huh. like juvia said, she never asked for this. (inb4 deus ex adam Jenson) she didsnt choose to be what she is. but the least we can do for her is to help her to control herself. so that nobody can get killed.

he then creates a small knife in his other hand and grabs onto the makeshift handle of it.

Juvia: gray what are you planning with that?

he puts the blade on his lower right side of his body, were two scars are from a fight a long time ago. and then drags the blade right over one of the two scars, opening them up and places the cup right next to it to let his own blood into it. it slowly begins to fill up.

Gray: hakumen, not every choice in life needs to be made based on life or death. there is always an alternate solution to everything.

the cup continues to slowly fill up. little by little

Juvia: Gray-sama…. a tear flows down each of her eyes as she holds on tighter to flandre.
@jojo crew.

OOC: not now, later. after we all get a chance to meet up and relax aftr the meeting. dont want shit to escalate too quickly since the comotion going on around flandre. just some tension between us until sombody breaks it up.

BTW, make highly detailed posts like that from now on. it helps everyone out a lot!!!

Natsu: refering to the stand man what the hell is that thing, i know lucy can summon spirits with her keys. but that thing, what the hell is that?

Happy: your guess is as good as mine.

Pantherlilly: walks up to them as well i dont know either, but they seem to have an extraordinary amount of power coming from them.

Gajeel: either that is it is their lack of style that is extraordinary. that thing looks no worse than the rest of those clowns over there. sign why do we always meet up with freaks all the damn time.

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Jul 09, 2013 at 06:37PM EDT

Tsunarmin: I guess we’ll find out there, then.

the mages are prepared to go to that meeting

Tardises: Don’t think I didn’t hear that ‘freaks’ comment… we might have something to settle later – when the time is right, of course.

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Jul 09, 2013 at 06:37PM EDT

Spark is out of his mind, he is lost, completely lost: Erza gave him a small piece of information about the controversial experiments around Haven…and now this..A little, innocent looking girl in Spark’s eyes shows her need of human flesh, tasty human cakes? Years fighting assassins, murderers, souless monsters like the Agent Johnson, psycopaths like the Balloon Master, mobsters like Two Face and bioterrorists like Poison. Spark was ready for everything, but not for this. Spark quickly turns around to face the Prophets.
What the living daylights did you just say? Hold on, we are not murdering a few innocents just to feed a monst-…
The Captain is finally lost in his own mind. What to do? But she was…? Probably a inside agent..?

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Jul 09, 2013 at 06:41PM EDT


Hakumen continues to stay silent as Gray talks to him, but he finally speaks up.
Hakumen: Very well. If you see this as an “alternative” for all of the lives here, I shall not question it.
He crosses his arms, and watches onward.

Flandre opens her eyes up, and watches as the blood pour into the cup. She seems distracted by it.


Kokonoe’s screen floats over to Spark.
Kokonoe: Look guy, would you rather it be that we sacrifice a few lives or the entire ship? She is a monster. I want you to answer me that.

Saya makes her way back to her headquarters in her gravity throne…


Bang: I CAN SENSE THAT YOU ARE NOT TELLING ME WHAT IS HAPPENING TRULY! Tell me what it is you plan to do! Your feeble lies shall get you nowhere!

Jul 09, 2013 at 07:10PM EDT


Truth: You people must understand.

Pity: No one will be intentionally killed for the purpose of feeding Flandre.

Tolerance: We have a large stock of in-stasis replacement body parts that can be used.

Regret: This is a small matter.


AM: I am incapable of lying. Your rash words are unjustified and confuse me. It is only by your own action that I am here. I was sat upon a pressure plate when in Prydain, they will know of my escape and are no doubt seeking us out. The longer you press these un-educated accusations they move closer I must urge that we continue.

Jul 09, 2013 at 07:25PM EDT

The bomb’s explosion is not large enough to reach Ponyville, but the shockwave sure is… it is the last thing seen by Lyra before she is transported by the Ground Bridge.

The strong winds are enough to send everyone and everything outside the barrier flying erratically. Ash is among those sent whisked away… deep into Everfree…

Draconecord is immediately disintegrated by the bomb, being so close to it. In his ashes, however, Discord rises once more, back to his original form.
Discord: Well, those were surely some last words… didn’t bother using Google Translate for that…
He views the landscape, completely devastated by the bomb. He nods, and turns to where Ponyville was, still standing somehow. He dusts himself off, and teleports out of Ground Zero

Renegade notices Luna waking up, and he waits for her to collect herself.
Renegade: Hey… Luna… you ready to go?
She yawns peacefully, and turns to him.
Luna: Where are we going?
As he is about to explain, he notices a burst of light in the corner of his eye, and he turns to see Discord standing there.
Renegade: What kept you?
Discord: A dead man… where are you planning to go?
Renegade: Some old castle in the forest… know anything about that?
Discord: Yes… it’s where I turned to stone the first time… why there?
Renegade: I need to take the little one there…
Discord nods, and they all teleport once more out of Ponyville and into Everfree
Discord: Here we are!
They all stand in front of the castle, covered in moss, rot, and plant life, and the three enter…

Jul 09, 2013 at 07:39PM EDT

Spark silently heads to the Meeting Room, followed by Cheston and Foster.

Jul 09, 2013 at 07:58PM EDT

All of my characters head off to the meeting room, too.
Josuke: Hey, you guys still haven’t said your names.
He’s talking to EVERYONE except for Falcon and TARDISES’s characters.

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Jul 09, 2013 at 08:01PM EDT

Guys the tram? remember?….Infinity Class ships e.g. Heaven, have 895 decks, so good luck with that one

Jul 09, 2013 at 08:13PM EDT

Makarov: honestly i have no idea what is going on. though if you have an alternative means of satisfying her hunger, than so be it. just make sure no actual human lives are involved.

Erza: this whole idea sickens me, however. its better this way than just letting her starve.

Lucy: yeah, but is gray honestly trying to feed her. hes giving her his own blood. thats just… just…
she turns away

Laxus: gotta say, hes got a shitload of guts for pulling that off il give him that. well anyways lets just get this damn meeting over with.

Makarov: lets discuss all of this while in the meeting room. lets go.
they make their way with the tram.
gray finishes filling the cup with his blood. he takes the knife in his hand and places it on his wound and freezes it closed. preventing further loss of blood. he then puts the ice blade in the cup and places both hands on it. using his magic he breaks the blade down and mixes it with the blood as the cup glows a red hue. when he finishes, he had created a slushy like drink made of his blood with a straw in it.

Gray: there…. that should do for now. he turns down to flandre and hands her the cup. i hope this is will be enough for now. just dont drink it too fast or youll get brain freeze okay.

Juvia: your wound though. will you be alright?

Gray: its nothing. ive done worse. so, i think we should head to the meeting now. dont you all agree?

Juvia: okay, lets go.

her and gray begin going to the meeting room with spark, cheston and foster to the tram.
@jojo crew and tardise
Gajeel: ohm so you want a piece of us huh. you guys are amateur mages compared to us.

Natsu: yeah, so if you want a fight right now bring it o….. suddenly mirajane hits natsu from the back of the head and sends him slamming into the ground. she is in her satan soul halphas form again

Happy: hey why would you….. oh..

gajeel: well… this is new… uh, well.. see… THEY STARTED IT points to jojo crew

she backhands gajeel and knocks him out. she then turns to the mages. the amount of power they can feel within her is so great it ts almost like it infects the very air in the hangar.

Mirajane: im sorry, if you have a problem with us. take it somewhere else and at another time. right now we need to go to a meeting to discuss what to do next. is that understood? she says as she picks up both natsu and gajeel from the floor by the back of their shirts.

Happy: aaa..a.a.a.aa.aye s.sir he says as terrified as he is and flies at fast speed with pantherlilly to the tram were everyone else is going.
OOC: so is everyone gone from the barrier. whose here and whose not cuz i lost track.

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Jul 09, 2013 at 08:25PM EDT

Okuyasu: Eh. We have nothing to do, so I guess we’ll just follow everyone around, then.
The three stand users catch up with the group.

Jul 09, 2013 at 08:38PM EDT


Bang: I do not trust you. We shall go into hiding and speak more of this matter.
Bang puts AM on his back, and begins to carry him into the station.


Saya arrives back to her room, floating out of the elevator on her chair.
Saya: Have teams dispatched all across the Prydian Desert. The heretic is still alive, and I will not stop until I have his head served to me on a silver platter. Our god said that he was at a communications outpost with… that thing
Saya gets out of her chair, and places her crown on a stand.
Saya: I shall be resting. Do not disturb me unless there is something urgent.
Saya goes off to go get changed…


She looks really peeved, and the screen makes its way back to the group.%

@Gray and Juvia,

Flandre happily takes the cup from Gray, and gives him a smile.
She then begins to drink away from it.

Hakumen watches as the vampire drinks Gray’s blood.
Hakumen: This vampire must be different than the rabbit. For I know that she hates her vampiric urges.

Ragna: Speaking of that bitch, just where the hell is she?
Kokonoe: I haven’t seen her around since that anomaly happened…
Ragna: That’s not like her… She always likes to get in the way of people. Hmph. Whatever. We’ll figure this shit out later.

The BlazBlue cast follows the group to the meeting room.

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Jul 09, 2013 at 09:08PM EDT


Several explosions were heard inside the ship, dark and red lights lit up the windows, screams of mercy and help. Inside, All the persola was hiding from his boss, Blitz was hiding under a chair.

Blitz : B-boss you need to- AHHHHH!

A dark energy orb passes over Blitz, hitting the wall and desintegrate it.

NM : I͖̠͉̼͌ͤͨ̿ͫ̄ͩ ̙̞̱̗̘͑͂͂͆̓̒̇t̠̼͙̠̞̪̦o͕͚̬͈̣̝̤ͭ͛̚l̘̳͈͇͕ͅd̾́̎͊̓ͭ͞ ͖̯̭̠ͩ͑̋͆́͒͢y̴̽̏̐̓o͚̥̘u̷͚̰̥ͮ ̠̱͚̌̅̋̅̿͛̓͡t̼̞͍̮͕̩̤̏ͣ̈͋͆̄w͂͑̉ͪi̩̠̺̠̓c͓̰͇̗ȇ̼̙̈̌͋͜!̨̣̩͖̙̹̹͕͂͑̑ͤ ̵̪̼̺̝̺̟̭̂͆D̼̭͎ͪ̽̿ͤͭ̽̓̕o͇͔̬͎̬̖̜ͩ̏n͚͕̱̣̞͛̔̂’̨̹̱̹̤̬̪͛͑͒̎̄͒ṱ̓ͭ͆̒ͤ̅̐ ̬ͣ͑͒̍h̟̝͎̣͓̲́̊̋̇ͬͧ͟í͎͕͍̈́t̸̥̖͆̇̉̿ ̩͉̹̐̇t̒̀́h̤̞ͮ̈̒e̥̞̻̻͎ͧ̊͢m͔̬̺͐ͦͣ̓̚ͅ ͛̇ͭ͏̜͍̹̥̳v̥͍̟̓̇ͣ͐̍́͠ĕ͇̥͚̖̯̀ͨͧ̇r̪̤̬̣̳̼̋̅̀y̸̫̖̅ ̥͖̒̈̍̚h̓a̰ͥ͛ͨ̚r̛̳̖̥͎̳͎̎̓ͬ͗̉̔ͅd̝͔͔̪̿!̖͉̲̱̱͕̚ͅ

NM raises his hand, and with his telekinesis, levitates Blitz and lanches a dark energy that surrounds Blitz body like, makeing him scream.


NM : you dê̙f͍͓̟̙̲̽̈̊͑i̗̮̊̽̍̈ͨ̒͡ḛ̘͒̅̌ͅd͍̗͎͎̺͍̩̾͆̈́ ͕̫̞̭̰̋ͨͥă̠̞̐̌ ̈͠P̬̫̠͇̮̜̪͆̑̈́͑ͯ͒̔r̡̐i̒ͮ͆҉͔̖̲̻̟m̤̠̮̱̘̦̜̒ͥ̎͒ͮ́a̴͈̔̒̚l̠͔͉͇͖̯̏̈͌ͯ̾ ͤͦ̊G̠͇̻ͩ̆̊ͭ̽͊o͙̫̜̲̐́͆ͩ͑͛d͛͋,̮̼̆͐ͩ̀ ͈̺͚̒̓͑̎ͨͨ̌y̷͙͊̈́ͭo̫͓͚͇̠̤ͮ̒̋̒͢ṵͭ͆ ̡̪̩͂̈ͤͦͯͧ̚ã̬̥͚̘͈ͪ̆b̝͔̖ͦ͒a͉̼̮̠ͭ̒n̼̟̦̝̫̉ͭ͆̏͟d͇͎̺͍̮̬̿̅ͫ͒̄̏͘ő̪̄n͉̙̈́ͮ̀̍ͣ̄͝ḛ̸̩̰͕̻̙̪d̻̰͚̤̮͆̎̌͐̀͡ͅ ̨͔̯̏̔̔̈́ͬH̫̭̪̜̟͓̟̉̋͒͋ͣ̈͊e͎̞̝͐́r̙͔͍͈̥͡z̏ͮ̅҉͓͔̼o̦̭͂ͫ̇ͯ̌ͮ͗̕g̛͖̈́̀̚ ̙͈̩̣aͯ͐̓̃͏̖̩͖n̍̅ͧͮ͌҉͖̳̫̩̖d̗͍͙̘͂ͤ͆͊̀ͧ ͍͈͍̬̣͋̆h͙͇̗̦͓̮͚ͧ̈͌̃̾ͭͪi̢͕͍̣̱ͧ̔s͔̖̹̫̣̔̕ ̷̜ͨͩ͒b͖̜̯̫̯ͩ͡a̶̱͖t̫̘̓ͥ̒ͥt̺̩̍ͤ̉͛̎́ͅa̵͉̫͆͌ͪ̎̆̚l̲̀ͨ̊̍̆͑ï̹ͫ̉̐ͯ̾̚o̐͗҉̟n͓̘̞̖̱͖̏ͩ̉́,̾͂͌͘ ̛͇̞̈̓͒y̞̞̙͈͚̟̑͗̓͌ͥ̃ͅo̠̥̦̐̓͗͂u̝͇̘ ̡̎c̞̞̰͓̘͒ͪ̂̍ͮ̑a̧͈͔͖̩u̮̙͓se͓͕͘d̫̱ͬͣͧ̂ ̬̤̝̰̠ͦͭ̍̂̕m͎͔͉̜̤͙ͥ̓ͣaͪ̓̍ͩ̆̀͏͎̹ͅn̮͈̝͇̅͐̋̿y̥̆ ͊ͣ͐͂ͣ͑҉c͐̂̎̽҉̯̲ä̈̄̃͂͋s̱̟̼ͬ̏͂̀͟u͇̹͎͚̖̍a͉̟̠̺͂͆̿ͬ͑͘ͅl̲͓̬̳̔ͥ̌ͩ̍ͥ̉̕ț̢̳͒ͥ̉ͭ̈ie̫̱̺͉̖̖̓͂ͭ̌ͨ͗̉s̨̓̋̊ ̸̘̤̰̯̠̖̽ͬ̇͒̊i̞ͬ͛̒̍͑̆ͯn͉̺͚͕̑̊ͨͤͧ ̖̼̻̐̉̓P̱̥͕̼̘̯͑̓̌̆͋̾́oͥ̓͗ͭ͠n͕͉ͧi̝v̖̲̟̞̞͕͗̈ͣ̽̐̾i̛̦̬̗͙̘͉ͣḷ̙͎ͩ̃l͚̖͉̗e̻ͪͫ!̼͇̱̠̙͎ͤͯ̿͢ ͖͉̻̬̀A͓̔̿ͧ͒̓N̰̬̙̭̪̦̿̚ͅD̶̘͇̮̣̊̉̓̏̍ͫͮ ͎͙ͫͨ̾̒ͯ̋Y̕O͙̻͓ͨͪ͗ͯ̈́͋̑U͍͇̲͑̽ ͏̳̭̬S̩͖̘̝̲̘͈̈́ͦA̺͇̳̟̫̲̞͘Y͚͍ ͇͓̦̥͎͓̓I̪̫̪͙ͮ͑̓ͨ̃̀S̝̯̝̭̭̲̒͛͆ ̯̟̫̞͒̓̄N̹̻͎̙̳̖̮ͤ̚Ǒ̭̿̄ͨ̈́̿T̡͚͎̥̳̒̿ͬ͑ ̂͛̕Y̻̣͍̯̆ͦ̏̿O͓̣̪̣̩ͧ͂U͔̦̬ͯ͒ͬ̾̅͑ͤ͝ ͬ̃͌̅̔F͙̯͕̖̝̳̍A͍U̢̘̯̺͊̎L̗͇͔̱͐T̡̥͋!̶͇̹̩̳ͣ ̰̤͐̇͆͌̃ͪ̍D̯͉͇ͮ̋ͬͫ̄͡U̲̦ͥM̪̹̳̱͕ͮ̈̈́ͧ̆M̹͈̟̹̱̤̫̽ͫͫ̊Ḱ̙̙͖̱̞̻̋͊ͬ͠Ỏ̤̹̱̳͈ͤ̄̿̔̚P̻̬̮̀͒̾̉F͙͉͔̖̄̾͒̇̋̿ͭ!̤̖͔͚͉

The dark energy begins to intensify, NM’s red eyes begin to bright. and his black aura was unstable, powerful, with chaotic black tendrils on in, hitting everything close to him.

NM : I̡̘̪̳̱̪̳ṭ̞̲̩̗͕̝ ̽͒̏ͧͤ̏̀i̘̯͚͚͇̩̩ͧ͑͜s̰͉̖̭͇ͬ͢ ͧ̓͌̑ͨ̇̈́eͨ̋̒ͩͭͣn̩̤͌͗ͧͣ̈͞ơ̰̟̘̻̗͕͖ụ̧̘̦͍̗̗g̙̼̫͆͆ͪ͒̑ͭͮh̘̭͢ ̝͕͖̭͖tͧͫ̔͒͏̻̤ͅo̍̋̆̐̌ ̷̟̤̝̜̬̟̃ͬ͆͆ŝ̹̐̂̏͐̚͞ę͔̫͚̞̜̏̈́̿͋ͪn͋̉ͥ̅d̘̖͋͂̽̅̔̿ ̜̠͉̂͗͋̈́͗y͚͕̣̮̘͍̖͘ó͈͚̰̪̹̜̞̑ͣͪͫu͓̇͘ ̩̜̗̰ͨͬ̅́͢t̞̯͍̤̖͔̰ͧ̇̑ͤ͆̚̕o̧̖ͧ̑̑ͪͭͨ ̨̲͍̤̻̒͐h̗͇̱̥̲͌̾͂̈́̓͐e̠͉͔̞͝l̳͎̯͉͆͆̏̇̀̽̽l̞ͧ̒̉̒̚!̰̼̖̩͈̔ͧ͊


Suddenly the NM’s dark aura subsides , the tendrils disappear. The dark aura in Blitz disappears, dropping to the floor.

NM : Unfortunately, you are the only one in the high command of the Army…

Blitz : (Cough) (Cough)… T-thank Y-you boss..

NM : And I can’t resurrect Herzog because I feel his soul in this planet.

Say NM, while Blitz tried to stand

NM : But he was his faut too. He attack the Primal God and sacrifices in vain.

Blitz : I-in vain s-sir?

NM crosses his hands and looks the consoles… Memories.

NM : A Primal God is very difficult to defeat, You can’t destroy them, but you can neutralized them.

Blitz : Y-you mean boss, that big explosion did’t kill that bastard?

NM turns to Blitz and give him a little laught.

NM : He…Of course not… I think Herzog also knew that it wouldn’t destroy him. You need more than a nuclear explosion to destroy an identity like Discord.

Blitz : S-so… What are we going to do?

With a hand, NM make a red orb. The orb was an stable pure energy, pure dark enery, Enough to empower someone.

NM : One cientific told me about the experiment…

Blitz : They do sir?

Blitz grabs the red orb. Inside, a strange spirit without form bounced around the walls, wanted out of it.

NM : “The NM-2” if I’m not mistaken. You will stay here to continue with the experiment…

Blitz : Stay? Here boss? But why?

NM rolled his eyes and looks Blitz.

NM : Because you are essential from the Army, and I don’t want to loose more men. Send a message to the rest of the Last Batallion. Tell them to retreat.

Blitz : RETREAT sir! But-

Intantly, NM grabs Blitz from his throad and elevates him with his hand.

NM : Lͦ̏́ͤ͏͔͙͇̞̮i̶͇͖̩ͅs̔̀́ͭ҉̰̩t̥͙̩͔ͅͅĕ̷͎͖̮͓̅ṇ̱͇̩͖̗̉͒̎̂ ̹̤̪̲̬̠̭ͧͣͩ͑́t̞͊o͗̈́ͮ͢ ͙̎̋̉̌̆̉m̚e̸̟͖̲͕͖̝͗̇ͥ̈́! Very few of your troops have fallen, my army is still standing, so obey me, or I’ll break in you in half and burned up your remains! CAPICHE!

Blitz : Y-yes sir.

NM drops Blitz to the floor

NM : I going outside…

Blitz : Outside! B-but sir, there is an strange virus who makes someone-

NM : crazy? Is not a virus, Is madness

Blitz : Madness? Madness from what?

NM disappears in a dark cloud, leaving Blitz in the SS Zeus. Later in the doors, vampires and ghouls begin to appear

Vamp Operator : Whas’s happen sir?

Blitz : Nothing… Ok, Operator, I need you to send this message to all the “Letzte Battalion”

Vamp Operator : What type of message sir?

Blitz : Tell them to retreat, ALL OF THEM!

All command kept silent , before someone asks something, Blitz moved toward the exit door, going to the labs, with the red orb in his hands. The main control started working, sending radio messages with the word “retreat” in it.


Explosions and Shoots are in everywhere, Morph was fighting with the human Ash while the Army of Darkness and the Letzet Battalion was fighting with the Decepticons, or each other because the madness. With the explosion, all the Army was using gas masks, protecting them from the radiation.


Yells while the vampire shoots a Decepticon with another vampire in his side.


Vamp Soldier : WHAAAT!?

The Soldier grabs the radio, hearing the words from the main control, his face turns to desperation


Jul 09, 2013 at 10:13PM EDT

Reimu and Marisa follow the group

… Yukari still has Remelia and everyone living at the Mansion held captive…


Don’t know, but sometimes if somebody is held captive for long enough…

“Remelia getting involved in anything won’t be good. Fate Manipulation and all that…”

Jul 09, 2013 at 10:41PM EDT

Oh yeah, well, what was the price again? I can’t recall… Also, was there any interest? And do you guys still have my Skeleton Key?
She notices the commotion about Flandre and her vampire habits, and decides to chime in

You know, I could just spawn these nifty potions that are essentially bottles of blood. It’s time like these where I’m more than glad that I got that DLC.
While she’s following the group, she turns to Makarov

Do you think I should bring Mavis here? She’s a much better strategist than I am, and I’m sure she would want to be here for this in person.
Jul 09, 2013 at 11:44PM EDT

Tsunarmin:I wonder just how large this place is?… Oh, and Tahrdan…


Tsunarmin:Why did you respond to that ‘freaks’ comment?

Tardises: It would be insulting to everyone here… And then the one who made that comment called us amateurs! If it does come to blows, I may allow OYH to go all out…

Tsunarmin:If that happens… Well, we really must find out which element our opponent would be, and hit them with the corresponding weakness. They will regret calling me an amateur. This meeting comes first, of course.

Jul 10, 2013 at 01:17PM EDT


The Prophets make their way out of the hanger bay with the heroes close behind

Truth: We will now take you to the inter-deck tram system, one of our primary forms of transport around Heaven.
The Heroes are led to a station, where a waiting and ready tram has its doors open
Truth: Please, step in
He gestures his hand out to the group and they make their way on board with the four Prophets close behind….

Its pretty spacious, well lit, has a few holographic screens here and there displaying ship info and looks very sturdily built not to mention very heavily used. Also, it is empty of any other crew.

Tolerance walks over to a nearby console and punches in a few keys which shudder the cart straight into motion, he then turns around and stands besides his other three identical brothers

Tolerance: It should only take a few minutes to get there so please be patient.
The tram runs on a electromagnetic monorail making it a very fast and very efficient form of transport, Like Tolerance says, it will arrive at the meeting room in a minute or two. The tram rumbles and shakes around a little as it flies down the track…


Truth: I believe the Skeleton Key was handed over to the Fabricators during our seclusion, its current status is unknown to us but is most likely being studied to further our technology.


Tolerance then turns to the mage, hearing his comment about Heavens scale
Tolerance: I see you are new aboard. You wish to know of Heavens physical size? then so be it..

Regret: Heaven, a Infinity Colony Class and Slipspace capable star ship. 5,694 metres in length, 833 metres in width and 1,041 meters in depth, it is a incredibly large vessel that is so massive that it dwarfs cities entirely, casting a shadow over the populace with its almighty bulk. Additional it has a immense holding capacity that is capable of transporting its escort fleet, 8 Charon-class light frigates . In addition to almost five meters of Titanium-A3 armor, Heaven also boast incredibly strong energy shields reverse-engineered from alien anomalies found in the time hole. The warships boasts four series 8 super-heavy MACs, a single shot travelling at a fraction of the speed of light, allowing them to destroy entire cities in a single round, (OP incarnate to put it frankly) in addition to hundreds of point-defense guns, thousands of missile pods and experimental artillery. Heaven has at least 895 decks, with the most prominent ones being the command, barracks, habitation, and engineering. All of which are occupied by 26,021 crew members (that is not a random number, im keeping tabs on my guys)

Pity: These are only the basics of the ship, there is much more to tell however time does not permit.

Meanwhile back at the hanger, the Lead Fab Lloyd II, is still looking over the mainframe by himself

Lloyd II: We shall take this.
A disc like object materializes in his hand, he places it upon the machine, it seems to fix to it magnetically. Lloyd II then picks it up with one hand as if it was a feather, the disc seemingly nullifying the weight.

Lloyd II disappears completely out of sight along with the mainframe, most likely returning to the Fabricator deck…

(Completely forgot about my Spartans wtf)

Upon landing they immediately head back to the mega secret SPARTAN Program deck. They arrive and enter into a massive open facility filled with Spartan maintenance stations however at this current moment in time they are unmanned and empty. the place is relatively quiet until the Spartans are then confronted by a team of Program engineers who silent guide them like sheep to a their respective bays, obviously the Spartans follow willingly and without any hesitation

From every corner of the hall, by every camera and every engineer, their movements and actions are being closely monitored and recorded, not for fear of a sudden hostile movement but because they are taking down vital information that will go on to improve the program as a whole and hopefully make the Spartans viable for mass production once the process has been fully understood and perfected. Until then, only small and exclusive squads such as the ones currently alive will exist

Each Spartan is taken to a individual bay and confronted by a group of clipboard holding scientist types however they are towered over by the super soldiers epic size difference…

Currently we will focus on S-001
Scientist: You completed your goal, congratulations.
His voice is monotone and without emotion
Scientist: What is your name?
S-001: S-001.
Scientist: What was your specialisation during this deployment?
S-001: Anti Armour
Scientist: Would you deem your given weapons efficient for your tasks?
S-001 nods
Scientist: Did working with team mates improve the your abilities within the mission?
S-001 nods again
Scientist: Tell us about Eggman.
S-001: I do not know this name.
The scientist write down a few notes and turn to one another for a second…
Scientist: ?
Scientist #2: Do not forget that they were given no objectives concerning Eggman himself nor was he mentioned to the Spartans specifically prior or during the mission. it seems that because of this he was completely overlooked and shunned aside as irrelevant.
Scientist: Flawless and focused dedication to the given task.
Scientist #2: Indeed
They then turn back to S-001
Scientist: When your command authority was overridden by Flandre from GW did you find this acceptable?
S-001: Yes.
Scientist: Why?
S-001: She holds a higher ranking.
Scientist: What if Flandre gave you the order to commit suicide, would you do as such?
S-001 nods
S-001: Yes
Scientist: What if she authorised the instantaneous detonation of the HAVOK portable nuclear device, would you do as such knowing that the ARK and everyone aboard including yourselves would be instantly killed?
S-001 nods
The Scientists turn towards each other once more
Scientist: Everything is as should, it is simply given the command and see’s it through
The questioning continues….

The following is at Transcendence…

@The Imperator,

The Superintendent hologram appears
Superintendent: I will have search squads sent out immediately, Imperator.

Superintendent: “That thing”? please hold
The AI scans trough its database concerning Persephone and Prydain Desert, it cross searches for objects and people, looking for what the god crow could be talking about but it is to no avail. there are simply way too many possibilities to who are what Bang could be with
Superintendent: I apologize Imperator but I cannot accurately identify the possibilities of what our god was insinuating upon

Meanwhile the search crews begin their mission of finding Bang…

There are multiple squads, each one consisting of a very highly trained and extremely experienced team of soldiers who specialise in tracking techniques and reconnaissance, they are some of the best scouts in the Loyalist Conclave and are well celebrated for their successes in infiltration, assassinations, and path finding. To put it simply they are one of the more sophisticated and much more deadlier sections of Loyalists. It is believed that the home planet where the scouts originate from works on a modernised tribal system, meaning that everyone takes up hunting and survival as part of their highly valued and never-fading culture. Basically modernised hunter-gather tribesmen.

Feared and respected by all and for good reason as it is due to their efforts that countless heretical leader have fallen by their hand leading to the eventual onslaught of the offending race

The groups are split up and begin covering Prydain Desert and its surrounding bases at a fast rate. It won’t be long before they start scouring the comm stations on the border…


You enter into the station, its interior is very large, open and is constructed with stability in mind as metal struts and armour plating coat the ceiling and walls
AM: If you do not trust me and do not connect me to the console then I will dis-continue our correspondence and return to my dormant state, you will not receive my assistance or unlimited knowledge, your friends will remain imprisoned and you will not escape

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Jul 10, 2013 at 03:13PM EDT

OOC: Tsunarmin’s female.

Tsunarmin:That went right over my head… all I understood was the size and the fact it’s some kind of ship. (OOC:Solarian would have understood better, as he comes from a somewhat technological background. But unfortunately for your NPCs, Solarian isn’t on board.)

Jul 10, 2013 at 03:28PM EDT

Mister Foster: Hold on a second. The magician guy called Tsunarmin is a chick? How…did I miss…THAT?

Cheston: Becouse she is not russian.

Mister Foster: Nevermind.

Jul 10, 2013 at 04:16PM EDT

OOC: What the hell made you think Tsunarmin was male? Did you not look at that image of the archmages that I posted over 2 months ago? (and I know both of you were around back then.)

Jul 10, 2013 at 06:10PM EDT

“Did you not look at that image of the archmages that I posted over 2 months ago?”

2 months ago

Man that was 2 months ago….

Jul 10, 2013 at 06:17PM EDT


Bang: … You do know very much knowledge, but are not telling me everything I need to know. Maybe I am not asking you the correct questions. Very well. Are they after us right now? What is your true intention? Do you plan on doing anything else once I plug you into a console? If so, what else do you plan on doing?
Bang continues to carry AM.


Saya comes out with her hair down, and dressed in a simple purple nightgown. She eyes the Superintendent hologram.
Saya: Do not disturb me unless you see it as necessary. Report to Colonel Relius if there are any other matters pending.
She claps her hands, and the lights turn off.
Saya: For now, I will rest.
She goes over to her bed and proceeds to get in. Once she is there, she lay on her side and closes her eyes…

@Everyone on the tram,

Flandre has fallen asleep again on Juvia’s shoulder and has finished drinking her blood slushy that Gray made her. She is still holding the cup in her hand and hasn’t dropped it yet.

The Red Devil had a very difficult time getting himself aboard this tiny tram. He cannot sit down, and is forced to stand in the middle of it. He also weighs around half a ton, so there is that matter too. Long story short, the big guy is miserable. This is just like the elevators.

Hakumen is leaned up against a wall like always, not seeming to care for anything currently.

Ragna and Nu are both seated next to each other.

Kokonoe’s screen is floating next to Tager, the professor not saying anything.

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Jul 10, 2013 at 06:46PM EDT

the 2 mages just wait quietly. OYH has turned to water surrounding Tardises’ sword, because Tardises does not know how to unsummon the stand – Chaos Mode is the best way he can thikn of to keep OYH out of the way.

(OOC: …Yeah, the different elemental weapon effects caused by the shapeshifting are usually a nod to whatever the inspiration was. In this case, OYH was inspired by Chaos, therefore Chaos Mode. I have names for 6 of the modes – not sure of a suitable name for the air mode weapon, and I don’t even have an ether form in mind and I cannot name the mode without an inspiration for the form in the first place…)

Jul 10, 2013 at 07:38PM EDT

everyone in fairy tail are inside the tram.

everyone is seated in various parts of it waiting to go to the meeting

juvia has flandre sleeping on her with gray next to her on one side. gray takes the cup of ice and uses his magic to fiddle around with it to pass time by making various objects out of it.

natsu and gajeel are passed out on the tram due to their motion sickness. mirajane is back in her normal form sitting right next to them with makarov and erza.

they wait for the tram to reach their destination.

Jul 10, 2013 at 08:43PM EDT

With the last battalion in the withdrawal, Qudan Poniville outside abandoned, leaving only corpses into dust, shrapnel holes explosions destroyed Decepticon bodies, destroyed or riddled Riders Skull and vampiric bodies burning. Only from the area, only a thin undead , listless, prostrate on the ground.

Morph : Morph feels weak… Needs help…

Then, the winds begin to blow, causing the smoke clears. It was a black helicopter, wich carried only 5 men. Four of these leave the ship, going to Morph.

Vampire Soldier : Over Here!

The next thing that happens is that the four men ups the Morph’s battered body on a stretcher, then sending him on the ship along with the men, finally moving away from the place.

Vampire Soldier1 : Why the Captain need this thing?

Vampire Soldier2 : I don’t know… I just follow orders…

The helicopter going towards the “SS Zeus”.


Blitz : …You finally bring it?

Blitz was in the surgery room, seeing every move the doctors and scientifics are doing in the NM-2

Vampire Doctor : Yes sir, Morph is the other room.

Blitz : Good…bring me a DNA sample of him, now.

Vampire Doctor : Yes sir

The doctor goes to the other room. What was heard later, were monstrous screams from Morph. His strength had returned to normal due to excess undead in the area. Blitz have the Red orb in his hands.

Blitz : With the sample of Morph, the experiment will be a total success! The Boss reward me with anything!

Later, the door opens. A doctor with a sample with the blood of Morph Inside a syringe was in his hands.

Vampire Doctor : (cough) Morph resisted a little, but we draw a sample sir.

Blitz : Thats good…

Quickly, Blitz snatches the syringe with blood sample and and inject it into the orb.

Blitz : With the regeneration of that monster, the strenge and inmortality from the vampire blood and the dark energy from the Boss, The NM-2 will be the perferct weapon!

And as a blender, Blitz begins to shake the orb with all the ingredients inside. Suddenly, the reddish color of the orb changes to blackish color.

Blitz : Quick! Insert this in the body of the NM-2 NOW!

Vampire Doctor : Yes sir!

The doctor grabs the black orb. The doc turns to the body with no life of Nightmare Moon. All the personal began to see what will happen next.

Vampire Doctor : Inserting the “object” in her system.

Suddenly, the black orb transforms into a mass of chaotic smoke, all were terrified to what they saw, except Blitz, that looked excited. Later, the smoke began to enter in the body of NM-2, until after a few seconds, disappears totally in the body.

Blitz : It’s works?

The NM-2 no response

Vampire Doctor : No sir, we don’t find any vital signals.


Vampire Doctor : I-I so sorry s-sir, but I think-


Vampire Doctor : Sir! Watch out! The body may be damaged!

Vampire Doctor : DAMAGED!? LIKE THIS?!

With a strong punch, Blitz hits the heart of NM-2. Suddenly, one sound was heared from the machines.


The sound was slow, but was sufficient to make Blitz looking surprised.

Vampire Doctor : S-sir… It’s alive!

Blitz : A-and I-I not ever a doctor…. Hehe.

Jul 10, 2013 at 10:38PM EDT

The captain looks lost, out from his own mind, endlessly staring at the wall as Cheston and Foster talk. Why he suddenly avoids everyone? What made him adopt this particular attitude towards Flandre? Is he scared? Is he dissapointed? Angry maybe? What kind of painful memory is torturing Spark’s mind?

The last days of September, Autumm is in the air as Victor Robbins faces destiny: The fate of his sons, Edward and Cody ,who are the last alive members of his family after a long-term exposure to the unique physiology Robbins’ body has. Time keeps flowing, the end of the year is close at hand and the Cremator is running out of resources to keep his children alive. The virus acts like a pack of piranhas, slowly devouring every kind of living tissue inside these kids and, if their organs are not transplanted inmediatly, they will die.
If this isn’t enough,his children have a strange blood type, hard to find around the city. The Cremator has no time for a organ transplant waiting list or to finally pay for his crimes, no one will be able to understand the gravity of the situation and no one will be able to handle the virus.

“22 Malcolm, the house of the luck, in the garden” said Two Face. The personality disorder mobster isn’t known for his brute strenght or twitching left eye, he is known for his ability to negotiate. He is also the only one with a contact inside the Mercy hospital, the biggest health care institution of the whole city.
“Heartwarming story Victor, but pulling out a single file out of a hospital will cost you. I get the list, you get the greens, nothing more, nothing else. Next Monday, the entrance of the Dual Boxes warehouse.” says Two Face as he keeps flipping his coin. Since a terrorist hacked into the patients’ files to search for a single target, hospitals databases are a tough cookie to break into. It’s easier to have a double agent inside, a contact in the middle or the whole nursery show, a thorn in a flower..

Rain in this Monday’s morning, place is dead, silent, not a single soul around. A quick exchange, both criminals know that a small worm might be watching them. Victor reads the list, then he looks back at Two Face waiting for some sort explanation as the emotionless man monotone voice dissapears with the raindrops. Everything screams anger. Andrea, the mobster’s double agent, was unable to find possible donors in Mercy and the rest of the hospitals in the city…However..This doesn’t mean that there is not a single human with the precious blood type that the Cremator wants. 25 citizens, most of them living in in Westside.

Out of nowhere, the sun hits the place and the Captain Spark appears. “I hope you enjoy those greens. I never had the chance to enjoy anything, even this.” says the Cremator. A single punch in the middle of the two sides of Harvey Dent, quickly sending the mobster flying around the air. Meanwhile, his clown goons fight against Spark, giving the Cremator enough time to drive away. Six jeeps from the Police Department arrrive to the scene, four of them parked near the hero and the rest of them blocked the only possible escape route. Saddly, the Cremator’s vehicle isn’t a golf car..

Almost arrested, Spark following him, what else will happen? Wet paper.
Curse the water effects on paper. 10 citizens now, in Westside, names are impossible to see and the rest of the list is a mess. Time keeps flowing, the end of the year is close at hand and the Cremator is desperate, worried and willing to do anything for the health of Edward and Cody.
An abandoned factory in the city limits is the place where Spark found Robbins and his children.

“This whole idea sickens me Spark…however, It’s better this way than just letting them die becouse of me…”
“I am a monster…A monster who killed everyone around him..A monster with a single urge..A small need for someone else’s survival…”
“I need this..I wish there was another way..”

Sam:Humans are so difficult to understand. They’re always lost in past events before taking decisions in the present. The dogs on the other hand, we barely remember what we did last year! Do you want to become a dog Spark? It would be much easier.
Says the detective as he pats Spark’s back.

Jul 10, 2013 at 10:57PM EDT

There isn’t much noise throughout the tram, except for various whispers, and the like. Falcon breaks the near silence with a hum.

(Except with only one guy)
He continues to hum that little tune, slowly, but surely, annoying the shit out of everyone.

Jul 10, 2013 at 11:15PM EDT

juvia notices that falcons humming is bothering flandres sleeping a bit. she sees him whos a few seats away.

Juvia: uh mister falcon sir. do you mind if you stopped humming? flandre is sleeping and its bothering her.

Gray: yah pal so keep it down will yah.

falcon disregards juvia and gray

erza notices this and suddenly gets mad at his complete disregard to their request. she was also getting irritated by the humming as well

Erza: flandres not the only one bothered by him.

she stands from her seat and activates her requip magic. her body glows until she changes her armour into her Heavens wheel armour

as she does this she summons about a hundred swords all around captain falcons body that are about an inch away from him. he has absolutely no room to move around due to the many swords surrounding him at such a close range

she looks at him with one of the most sinister stares that almost feels like it can pierce his very soul

Erza: she told you to stop. now, im going to tell you to as well. is that a problem at all? or do you wish for me to make it more clear?

Laxus: well, that escalated quickly.

Mirajane: thats erza for yah.

Last edited Jul 10, 2013 at 11:57PM EDT
Jul 10, 2013 at 11:46PM EDT

Okay, jesus, you don’t have to escalate it THAT far as to threaten me with violence. I didn’t hear you the first time, that’s all.
Falcon stops humming
we SHOULD be getting there, soon.

Jul 10, 2013 at 11:50PM EDT

Reimu looks up at the number of swords

… Finally, somebody in this world with magic similar to ours.

“Looks like Easy Mode still.”

At least it’s a start. And mind the 4th wall.

The two reorganize their spell decks via spell type and strength.

Jul 11, 2013 at 03:52AM EDT

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